Emerald Dream

Dec 30, 2015 You're to blame if you're killed by Prepared I see a ton of people just sitting there. Not looking at the vendor stuff. Just sitting there chatting away in trade chat about politics and arguing with one another. So if you're killed by Prepared because you chose to sit in a hot zone where he goes for about 20 mins, then well....blame yourself. Now you might disagree and I'm sure there is going to be that player that posts something witty or that guy that types a long !@#$ page on why I'm wrong, but meh, it's just an opinion.Rukane19 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 How bad is the multiboxing issue on ED? ED used to be my main server until I transferred off, but I was thinking of leveling up one of my old toons to 100 for some pvp fun on the server But I'm worried about how bad the multiboxing issue is there. I've seen the posts on general discussion and it doesn't sound good, but any details would be appreciatedWazulz53 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 HEWWO! Hewwo fwiends my name is Cheezebuwgaw, I wike bunnies, fwiends, and ummmm...... stuff. Wiww you be my fwiend? I am the powtaw mastew for Wowd Awes Steewheawt and I give fwee powtaws to aww my fwiends! So ummm......... otay bye I wuv you. OH OH OH OH OH , HEWWO to Bwehaven and Kitty and mage lady!Cheezeburgar169 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 Holiday Wpvp Really love it when i get a few good fights that arent 10v1 :P but then multiboxers show up and kill the wpvp... its a shame cause its can be so spontaneous. Special shout out to the jerks of technique who keep going after me!Lazarou107 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 Let this thread die Part One: You’ve been a vocal critic of my Arena Rating posts and although I am NOT going to stop making them but perhaps I can better explain why I do so that we can settle this diplomatically. You see when came back WoW during mid MoP I moved to Emerald Dream because I liked the idea of having a RP server with a PvP ruleset especially after coming back from MMO Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic which had IMO a amazing single player leveling experience. I had played WoW for many years but because I was on a nobody server Aegwynn and a alliance dominated Server Darkspear before that. (And the server Narator was on before, Darkspear has been alliance dominated since forever and remember, this was before we had group finder, Realid or Cross Realm.) Thus I was never was really able to meet anyone to push arenas because I could never meet anyone even though I think I could at the time push at least 2k+ maybe a little higher give ratings were more inflated then they were now especially during Cata/mid-Wraith when I first discovered key binds and macros especially with the lower overall skill level. Hell, Emerald Dream was my first experience on a High Population Realm and being in WSB was the first time I got a chance to enjoy the befits of a PvP guild and a strong Horde PvP presence especially in the context of MoP where Horde PvP actually existed. *Edit* Please just let this post die its purpose had been furfilled. I tested out Sixgodtko and have concluded he is trolling and harassing and has no intention of trying to engage and stand his ground. Im posting this here because I'm not bumping this thread. Of course you can bump it anyway but the point of this thread was for me to get a feel for my enemy and now I have it.Narator99 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 im a rogue Hey kids I've missed yaZeales25 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 [RP] A trip to Voldrune "Do I have to write a report for the wizards in dresses about our findings?" Karok whined. "Yes, ya should NOW DO IT" Arn yelled at the shaman. "But I hate writing, especially with pen, atleast if it was with blood it'd look cool, can't you do it" "No ya fool! I wasn't even dere! Now write it and i'll make sure one of de dress people gets it!" Arn stormed out of the room. Karok grumbled and sat down at a desk inside the Filthy Animal(inn in dalaran) and started writing. ... The Shaman called Oomdar over to him to deliver the letter to the spire. "Oomdar make sure this letter reaches the important dress people safely, id do it myself but I have a lot of important sleeping to do." Oomdar nodded his head slowly, took the letter and zoomed off. Karok promptly fell asleep.Slëdgehammer7 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 What offended YOU most this year? In 2015 everyone seemed to get offended by everything, so what were you offended by Emerald Dream?Ganlord55 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 [rp] A new cure “So you could have three more of your ranks running around infected!?” Tarenor was insistent there was only one. “The others were checked for signs....” His voice slowly faded to a mumble as her mind raced with all this new information. The “sickness” from Draenor had made its way out of the jungle. Just one, so far, just one. Shoita glanced up at the paladin as he continued to speak. Sure it's just one right now, that is how all outbreaks begin isn't it. Well rehearsed at keeping his demeanor, he was very hard to read as they stood ankle deep in snow. If he had any feelings towards the matter it would take more prying to find out. “How many others know of the cure?” “Only two Lieutenants and a few others” It was just a few weeks ago that a former Laughing Skull clansman came to her with the information. The so called “cure”, that took away the walking nightmares of the infected Highguard. At the time she simply wanted to put it off as another crazy skull story but the look on this orcs face was dead serious. The Laughing Skull knew the sickness well enough and they knew the cost. “So high a cost” she thought to herself. Shoita had come to confront Liniadel but instead was brought out to the middle of the frozen tundra by Tarenor. The act of pulling her away from prying eyes and ears spoke volumes. He knew the cost and did not want anymore than necessary to find out. “Where is she now?” “We don't know. She left her communication stone and tabard behind” She had to find her and question her. Yet now she is no where to be found. It was under her command that the innocent was sacrificed for the greater good. Hmph, the greater good, Shoita heard the speech in her mind already, the usual political maneuvering and excuses. The meanderings of her mind stopped abruptly when she heard the next statement. “She wanted to kill him but we would not allow it. After that she vanished” Hmph, this didn't sound like the former commander she knew. Maybe the infection had found her as well, that means even more chance of it spreading. Shoita grinned when the idea finally hit her, she knew exactly what had to be done. There is no way she was going to allow them to make the cure again. It would be impossible to convince them not to use it, no, one orc couldn't stop an entire order trying to save their own. “There is another way, a way I can help with the cure.” Tarenor turned quick to this new information. Even through his calm demeanor you could tell there was sympathy and care there. He wanted to save his people from going through the turmoil and pain they already experienced. Shoita sighed at this, knowing her answer would not be well received. “It will be quick and I can guarantee nearly painless. I am going to find any infected and kill them” “They will kill you if you try. Do not make me watch two friends die” The shaman genuinely grinned at the paladin. All they had been through, such an unlikely friendship. “Then do not be there to see it” It was final and her mind was set. She turned from the silent commander and began the journey back. “I will have to warn them you are coming” Head swimming and snow crunching underfoot she stopped to hear his last comment. The words hit hard coming from him and she bared her teeth into a snarl and did not bother to look back. “Do what you feel is right”Shoita5 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 QotN: Whats your favorite tea? Hello there fellow Dreamers. I want to know what some of your favorite teas are. We all love our coffee (except for the heathen scumlords) but what about tea? Favorite brands, roasts, regions and types, all fair game! For me I have always been a Black Tea fan first and foremost with things like Assam and Earl Grey being some of my favorites but I have recently moved to Herbal Tea just to mix some things up. I've found 2 I really enjoy from a brand called Puka. The first one is a Ginger, Cardamom and Cinnamon one that is really well balanced and has a much more powerful flavor than a lot of other herbal teas I have come across. The Cardamom balances out the Ginger/Cinnamon heat and spice with a nice earthy note. The other tea from Puka I recently tried was also a Ginger Herbal tea but this one was Ginger, Galangal and Turmeric. This one has a MUCH stronger taste of ginger and gives off a good amount of heat on the pallet (Probably from the Galangal boosting the Ginger's flavor) but the Turmeric was actually a really good balance to it. It makes it so each sip you get this bolt of heat then a nice soothing nutty/floral taste to finish it. So those are just 2 recent ones I thought I'd share. Now its your turn! ))Dårius52 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 (RP) "Happy Winters Veil, Jax" Booty Bay, nice climate, quiet, and a good crowd of shady characters all respecting one another desire to be anonymous, and to allow anonymity. The less questions asked, the less lies told. Everyone has a past, here, and the few are open about their past are the few who don't last long. Booty Bay respects shady characters who don't flaunt their past. And Jax was home here. The beaches are white sandy, and warm. The fishing is excellent. In fact, an Orc or Troll, or Goblin could spend their entire life living off the produce of the ocean and the jungle that hovers on the edge of the beach. Jax had left the Draenor of Ice and Snow, the Draenor where his Draenor self and his father joined the Iron Horde and met their fates together on the docks of the Iron Docks. He had meant to talk to his former self, to warn him against Gul'dan...but no, no he never anticipated the draw of Grommash Hellscream. Sighing, he dug his toes into the warm, white sand. his fishing pole set up, and line out in the ocean. but no bait. He really wasn't wanting to catch anything but some nice sunshine. The sun felt good on the knees, and stomach. Looking to his right at about forty or so yards off a pair of Trolls were sharing some form of jungle juice from a bottle, watching the ocean, while fishing as well. To his left were a few Orcs strung out along the beach like himself, warming their bodies, and "fishing" as none had buckets to hold any "caught" fish. He didn't know any of their names, and they didn't know his. In fact, short lived was the one who got interested in Booty Bay's denizens names. It is a good place to retire. A while later, when the sun was three-quarters through the sky, and little more than a fist width above the horizon, he heard the tramp of booted feet through the underbrush as someone crashed along the edge of the jungle and beach. Heads turned to see who or what would be making such a racket. Jax turned around to see an armored Orc female hefting a burdensome satchel over her shoulder staring at each Orc she passed, and looking down at a sheet of paper in her hand. Finally, she locked eyes with Jax, looked down, nodded, and marched straight towards him. Jax's eyes widened...how the hell did anyone find me? She drew closer as the sand was making forward progress tricky. His mind raced, he was careful, he knew he was careful. He made no contacts, he had slipped through Orgrimmar without one person recognizing him. So how did this Orc find him? "You're Jax, yes?" Jax could only swallow. "Yeah, here you go." The female Orc, who now Jax realized was a Death knight handed over the satchel, "I have a letter for you from Wolf." Jax frowned, Wolf? Who is Wolf? The Female Death Knight Orc looked back down at the letter, "Wolfstrike." Then handed over the letter. The letter, little more than a sheet of parchment folded, was written, "Not to worry, they were paid extra to keep your location secret. Happy Winters Veil. Shoita Wolfstrike." Jax opened the slightly heavy satchel, and found bottles of alcohol. Lavastone pale ale, Thunderstone mead, and an Ogre concoction that grew hair on bald Orcs, and female Orcs arms. The Death Knight had left, trudging through the sand back towards the main part of Booty Bay. Jax leaned back on his make shift kit seat, cracked open a bottle of the Lavastone pale ale, and toasted the setting sun underscored by the lazy waves lapping the shores of Booty Bay, "Happy Winters Veil, Shoita."Shadowjax4 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 loque'nahak tamed @10:47 server time i found him and listed it in LFG. tamed at 10:47 server time for any1 whos camping him.Llynux7 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 Hi, I'm Bebbit. http://imgur.com/a/zA3lg More to come.Bebbit18 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 [A][Sargeras] 11/13M T/W/Th 6-9CST LFM! Hi there! I'm Arycys from <Adventure Time>. Excuse the cross-realm recruitment message. A quick note on our trial period for cross-realm recruits: We understand that server transferring is a big commitment; one that you may not be ready to make to find that you don't like the fit of a new guild. For that reason, we are more than willing to offer a 1-2 week transparent trial period with you staying on your "home" server. At the end of 1 week, if we agree that you and <Adventure Time> are a mutual fit, you'll be offered a raiding spot and asked to transfer. If you or our officers need more time to decide, we're willing to extend our trial period to 2 weeks. About us: <Adventure Time> is a "hardcore casual" 11/13m raiding guild on US-Sargeras. We are a group of skilled and progression driven players on a 9 hour a week schedule. We promote a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, however, when it comes to progression all of our raiders know how to buckle down and get serious in order to accomplish our goals. Our website is: adventuretimeguild.enjin.com We are primarily searching for another healer (preferably with a competent DPS offpsec), 1-2 melee *with* a tank offspec (backup tank style), and ranged DPS Your main spec's legendary ring and at least 715 equipped ilvl are heavily recommended to be considered. Current Recruitment Needs, up to date as of 6 JAN: Core spots available in the following positions: Paladin - Holy Monk - Mistweaver Deathknight - DPS (ability to play blood would be nice but not necessary) Mage - DPS Recruiting the following at normal priority levels: Shaman - Resto/Ele/Enh Druid - Resto Rogue - DPS Warrior - DPS Warlock - DPS Even if your class is not listed above, please remember that all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply even if you do not see your class or spec listed above. We are always looking for great players to add to our roster. Our logs are public and easily searchable; if you feel you're significantly better than one of our mains and have the logs to back it up, put in an app! Raiding Schedule: Tuesday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) Thursday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) We raid three times a week, and while we understand real life does happen, we expect 90% attendance or higher out of our raiders. In the event that you must miss a raid night, we expect for you to warn the officers ahead of time via our forums or an in-game whisper so that the guild can plan accordingly. What you can expect from <Adventure Time> Joining Adventure Time is not only joining a raiding guild, but joining a community and group of friends. On off-nights, we host achievement runs, alt raids, and other fun yet optional events. During raid, you can expect a professional and skilled environment that is not only fun to be apart of, but allows you to kill the bosses and experience all of the content for yourself, rather than just hearing about someone else doing it. Further, we offer repairs for raiders, and a supply of flasks, food, potions, and other necessary consumables for raiding. What we expect from you In order to maintain a successful raid on only 9 hours a week, as well as a fun atmosphere, we do have some expectations out of each and every one of our raiders. 1) We expect all of our raiders to come to raid prepared, having read the strategy we will be using for each boss beforehand, and equipped with all of the necessary gear and consumables to last the entire night. 2) We use ventrilo for communication during raid and we expect all raiders to be able to be on ventrilo, and we strongly prefer that our raiders have a microphone and are both able to and willing to talk. 3) We also expect you to put forth all of your effort in properly understanding not only the fights, but your own class and spec, so that we can maintain a high level of skill during our raids to continue our progression. Applying to the Guild If you would like to apply to our guild, please go to adventuretimeguild.enjin.com and click on recruitment at the top of the page to fill out an application. Once you submit an application, an officer will contact you shortly to discuss your potential membership. Contact Information If you have any further questions or you would like to speak with an officer directly, please feel free to contact via forum PM at our website, or at either of the battle tags listed below. Recruitment officers on the forums are Mina, Arycys, and Cas. adventuretimeguild.enjin.com Casayan#1119 Serival#1762 Mina#1850Arycys7 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 Prepareds Guild roster http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/emerald-dream/Bring_Alliance_Death/roster?sort=rank&dir=a Whuuuuutttt????? Food for thought.Isû21 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 What gifts did you give/receive? So curious to see how ED'ers spent the holidays and what they gave their families, and what they received in return. Im unoriginal.. I just gave my parents and my brother 50 dollars each. "Here you go, heres 50 dollars, because idk what to get anyone" I tried to give them more, but they wouldnt accept any :/ I also plan on giving out some more gifts in january to Verelina, Dementrius, Syrara, Kiyona and Nayadri, but.. im currently broke \_(@_@)_/ For gifts I got a 200 dollar purse made from real leather (I have only ever owned fake leather stuff before, so this was special) and a regular 500 dollar 'Vanessa' jacket for 250 dollars made of lamb leather. But I have to pay my parents back for the jacket. I also fulfilled the prophecy as Skavanah said of getting a purse and a phone and becoming Purse-Phone (Persephone ;p) But honestly the gifts that made me smile the most and warmed my heart was getting the movie "A christmas story" on dvd. its been my favorite part of christmas since childhood. "you'l shoot your eye out, kid" ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一Trisîtella80 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 Firetree Tribe (H) Rp/Pvp guild Looking to get people interested in a Dark Horde Troll guild, we will have joint rp/pvp/pve events with blackrock clan, I'm hoping this takes off to create a Dark horde set of guilds to work with :) Join the first Dark Horde troll guild on Emerald Dream. Hit me up at BloodFlag#1373Zuajzibin0 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 >:) https://youtu.be/jCfl6uMtzMIAgrar73 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Greetings Knaves. I require a moment. Champions, Knaves, Peons. I Lord Düllahan, Regent Lord of Dalaran Crater., ESQ. need to take a moment of your attention. In recent weeks, a new plague has breached and bled into the world that we love. These creatures, they call themselves Multiboxers. They are a compassionless breed., taking our world, our customs and our culture a stomping it for no other reason than their own personal enjoyment. You may argue, "But Lord Düllahan, that does not break the rules set forth by Blizzard." And you would be right, egomania isnt against the rules. But then, when we saw them actually breaking the rules doing things like this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CWtID3BUYAAVAvx.jpg to individuals we were shocked by the callous and underwhelming attention that was given from the CM and GM team. But enough of that, its neither here nor there. What I brought you here for, is to tell you about a man I would call a true blue patriot. That person is Eldruin, a paladin from here on the Emerald Dream. This man has founded a petition to Blizzard regarding these egomaniacs, the tos violations they make and how they negatively affect the play of the rest of the server, He has set time and effort aside to create a way for us to unite as one voice to blizzard and their inaction in these cases. The link to this petition is as follows http://bringbackthedream.com Citizens of Emerald Dream. Whether your skin is green or pale. Your tusks long or your feet hooved. I implore you, raise your voice to be heard. That our server stands as its own community and we will not tolerate those who seek to destroy it for their own fun. TL;DR: Multiboxers suck, go to this petition http://bringbackthedream.com and give Eldruin a hug next you see him online for giving us this.Düllahan32 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Lets stop whining and do something. Hi there! The other day I created a reddit thread that was highly popular about multiboxing. Lots of people shared their stories and posted about why they think multiboxing needs to be changed. You can see that post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/3vpr17/champion_emerald_dream_needs_your_help/ The post made it to the front page of the subreddit and was very popular, so I know I'm not alone in my opinion. That post alone was not enough, and sharing on the forums is also not enough. We need to come together and do something more. So I created a place for you to share your opinion, and with enough popularity, Blizzard will take notice. www.BringBackTheDream.com Please note that if you sign the petition, you MUST verify your email! It's very important. You do not have to use the same email as your Battle.net of course, but please check your SPAM folder for the email for the verification link. This is to show Blizzard that each vote is individual. I told you I wouldn't stop fighting until something is done. I intend to live up to that. A question I get asked a lot is "Isn't this a dead horse? Is there anything that we can actually do? Blizzard doesn't care." The answer to that is yes they do care, and yes something can be done with enough feedback! I need your help. Blizzard has said this regarding multiboxing: ... Light be with you, Eldruin Edit: PS, I said I this would be the last thread I'd make until a success post was made, but because of the number of reports, if this thread is deleted, I will be making another. I will only have ONE active thread at one time. :)Eldruín48 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 (A) Fallen Tyranny - PVE/RP Hello, We are a new guild with some old individuals on Emerald Dream(US). As in game friends, we are tired of looking for new guilds and so forth. So we decided to come back together as individuals to form Fallen Tyranny. Our main focus will be mostly PVE - RP as we get older, our interests do change. As for PVE, we know we are too late in this expansion to do competitive raiding or doing at least Heroic Hellfire, so we are building for Legion. Our theme is mostly Old School MMORPG guild in the present day. We are currently looking for all classes and specs as of right now. We are looking for an off tank and a backup tank just in case one of the tanks can't make it for the raid. As mention in the previous paragraph, we are building for Legion. We are planning to raid Saturday - Sunday for 3 hours. Roughly 6:00 pm CST til 9:00pm CST as of right now, but nothing is finalize. Loot distribution is still in the air, but we are thinking of a DKP system as that is the most "fair" way to distributing loot with a decaying system to prevent major hoarding. DBM and recount will be require for raiding purposes. BiS gear is great but not require if coming back or a new raider. We can help you. RP wise, we are currently working on the idea so please be patient as good things don't come right away. (I will post a RP backstory sometime this week for the RPers to get an idea what we are RP wise.) TRP(Total Roleplaying) is require to the latest version. Ranking system is going to be merit based on what you give to the guild and such. Bringing flasks and consumables are require for raiding and having great attendance is so. Non RP names are fine, as long you have TRP with a legit RP name. If you are interested you can contact me in-game via Therle or my battle tag which is godcow#1113 or speak to Iraani regarding more information.Therle2 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Official Emerald Dream Twitch Streamer list We need a official list of Twitch Streamers for this great server of ours! If you would like to be added to the list, please list what factions and content you play as and also include your twitch link! Hope to see you all on Twitch! Dizee - [Alliance/Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/thedizee Mortiginis - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/mortignis Epidemicdk - [Horde, PVE] - http://www.twitch.tv/epidemicbcf Monty - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/montysp Takota - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/MachikED Cretus - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/Cretus360 Brofist - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/brofistx Mfd - [Alliance, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/hold_my_weave Aeterna - [Alliance, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/brickez Attice - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/keyliet Bullkakki - [Horde, PVP] - http://www.twitch.tv/Bullkakki_EDDizeê36 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 [RP] Aida Whitlock: Cool Adventure Haver ((I got a surprise story of my character for christmas and I MUST SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The amazingly talented Ebonaire wrote this, shower him with your praise! This is the first part!)) It was a cool night in Stormwind City, with a briskness to the air that was just cold enough to be refreshing. The few clouds that wafted through the sky did little to mar the starry heavens above, and the crescent moon cast a gentle light on the world below. It was an unusually quiet evening, and while the city was as busy as usual, it somehow felt more relaxed; certainly, most of the many people who lived there were glad for the peaceful reprieve. Aida, unfortunately, was not among them. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate the subtle beauties of the night. From her perch atop the city’s grand harbor, she had been enjoying a spectacular view of the sea, lulled by its shadowy and shimmering waters. For a time, she had been pleasantly entertained by it; sadly, she had found that there was only so much one could enjoy a picturesque scene of nature’s majesty before it became somewhat dull. With a great, languid yawn – the sort of yawn she was a bit disappointed no one was around to witness – she pulled herself up from the cobblestone. She waved goodbye to the seagulls that had been keeping her company and, after a long stretch, turned to make her way back into the city proper. There was always something going on in Stormwind, and she intended to find out what it was tonight. Growing up an urchin, remaining unseen – or more importantly, unnoticed - was a skill that you learned early and employed frequently. For Aida, it had become a natural thing to sneak about the streets, even when she had no need for discretion. She knew the best way to slink along an alley to avoid being noticed, or the right shortcut to take if you needed to get away; with a little effort, she was confident she could get across the entire city without being seen. But not tonight. Tonight, she stuck to more traditional paths through Stormwind; they were often the most entertaining, after all. No one paid her any mind as she weaved her way through the evening crowds, her eyes darting around for something that piqued her interest. She made her way over the canals and through several of the city’s districts, making stops at her usual haunts to see if they offered anything. Sadly, her circuit around the city proved to be disappointingly dull. There was one incident where she had bumped into a particularly large, particularly grumpy looking guard – and only partially on purpose – but even that failed to distract her long, with the man just muttering something under his breath before stalking away. She thought she had heard him mumble something about cabbage, but it was hard to tell with his words all muffled by his silly helmet. Frustrated and very nearly defeated, Aida wandered towards the Dwarven District of the city. Perhaps she would just take an early night back to Ironforge. She felt another deep yawn growing in her throat when she thought of her favorite blanket, and – “Good evening, Whitlock.” Aida spun about in an impressively lithe display – one that was only somewhat spoiled by her jumping four inches from the ground. She found herself facing a familiar, dark-looking man leaning inside the doorway of a nearby shop. He sported the fine clothes of someone who was well acquainted with wealth, and his face wore the sort of stern indifference that only came with practice. He was clearly a noble or, barring that, someone who took themselves entirely too seriously; he certainly didn’t look like the sort of person who would be chatting in the street with an urchin. “Hello, Crow!” she answered in a cheery voice. His facial expression didn’t change, but he gave her a slight nod at the mention of his alias. She ran a hand through her short, dark hair to make sure it was tidy – a token effort of making herself presentable – and took a long step towards him. “That’s close enough,” Crow said, though not harshly. He was a man who always seemed entirely too collected; Aida thought he could probably use a hug. “It’s good to see that you survived your trip to the Plaguelands. I hope you don’t take offense to my saying that our meeting again is something of an unexpected event.” He straightened himself from the doorway, idly tiding the cufflinks of his coat as he spoke. “I’m impressed – and I do not offer such praise undeservingly.” Aida tried not to show her discomfort at the mention of her ill-fated trip to the haunted, ruined lands of Lordaeron. “Oh, that? Wasn’t so bad. I made a friend, even.” She stopped a brief moment to consider if a giant, trained bat could be considered a friend – and then unwittingly nodded to herself as she concluded that it absolutely could.Chibbsly7 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Santa was nice this year. Santa gave us gifts in org under the tree. Wait just more dead alliance :D https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CXI8RrUU0AA5hlW.jpgHatedone15 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Iron Man Challenge Monty told me to do the Iron Man challenge, so I'm gonna do it. Rolled a random class/race generator, ended up with night elf hunter. Will be streaming the attempt with a 30 minute delay, twitch.tv/smuggsgaming Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays fam, hope everyone is enjoying themselves!Sixgodtko4 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Demon Hunter RP guild? Is anyone starting an all DH guild?Santharis15 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 [RP] The First Azeroth Christmas. ((Sorry, I'm a day late. Regardless, this is my 100% EPIC, grammatically flawless, Blizzard endorsed and totally lore compliant WoW Christmas story. Enjoy!)) The old Dwarven Priest, wisps of his ashen beard nearly sweeping the stone floor of the temple, looked at each of the chairs opposite the table he approached with his milky, granite eyes. The best he could do is make out a form in each, but that was enough, as the most junior member of this convocation had been the sole occupant of his given seat for nearly four decades now. A lengthy display of pomp eventually degraded into habitual invocations which morphed into a lullaby of indiscernible mumbling until the eldest of the Priests cleared his throat with an awakening effect. "At the age of three she came to us, and for the last nine years we have taught her all we can," he fell silent for much longer than a pause, "we owe her more than our temple can offer, so we will remain here today until a proper life can be found for her." "She should go to the Wildhammers, there are many in their clan of acceptable station in need of wife," another Priest offered, which was the first of a list of recommendations limited only by the vast number of clans known to this gathering of elders. Once the acceptable clans had been whittled down, specific names were offered, which inspired lengthy recollections of the sins and pieties of the recorded lines of each until a consensus was met. The young Dwarf arrived at the second home she had ever known with little fanfare, her white temple robes had been replaced by a grey woolen dress, and for the first time she could remember people called her by name rather than title. "Vedma," her betrothed looked at her with an expressionless face as he placed his gnarled old hand on her shoulder, "welcome to our clan, once you are of age, together we will bring new life into it, and Light willing you will grow old here with more grandchildren than you can keep track of." At least an hour was spent calling the names of those present, who each briefly explained their new relationship to her, then the feast was had. She sat among the men and old women as all the girls of her age to decades older served course after course and kept mugs full of ale. In the days to follow she would work with the other girls, and from them learn more of her betrothed. Somewhere around 90 years of age, he took his first wife some 50 odd years ago. From their union 6 Dwarfs were born, the youngest of which had taken worst the death of his mom just a year ago, explaining his disdain for his new mother in law 30 years his younger. Vedma did her best to avoid him at first, but as the days turned into weeks her resolve grew into defiance and she confronted the Dwarf. A polite explanation of her position and its inevitability drew from him angry recounts of an irreplaceable mother's love which turned into mournful tears that were consoled by the young mother in law until an awkward lock of eyes sent them each scurrying off in opposite directions. Cautioned minds found way to polite and proper interactions in the future, but always boiling beneath was an unspeakable passion with no possible outcome short of great dishonor to the clan and the death of them both. Vedma's betrothed left one day, months passed since her arrival, on a voyage to sell his prized religious carvings during a festival at the great Iron Forge. Little did he know the moral shackles of his patriarchy departed with him, for in his absence Vedma and his son would turn blind to caution and convention and share his bed, the result of which was apparent to him upon his return in the belly protruding from under Vedma's grey woolen dress. His first thought was to kill them both in a scheme to hide this great shame from others. Questions would be asked though, and as little as he was attached to his new bride, he could not bear to extinguish his own son. The church would not settle for whatever explanation he might give for the loss of their child either, and he could not trust the silence of those in his clan when confronted by an inquiry from the Light, so he did what any good Dwarf would do. In early hours of the morning, well into his third pony keg, a stumbling old Dwarf pulled Vedma from her bed with his just awoken and rightfully nervous son in tow. He told them both of his vision with true conviction. He profusely apologized for the vile accusations of debauchery and dishonor that plagued his thoughts towards them, then professed a miracle. He had wondered why the church had given an old Dwarf a young bride he was incapable of bearing children with, and the mysterious ways of the Light had finally been revealed. It was an immaculate conception!Vedma12 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 [A] The Greenhammer Company <The Greenhamer Company> is recruiting! We are a recently founded mercenary unit with the intention of becoming elite airborne Dwarven infantry, specializing in aerial assault from behind enemy lines as well as light air assault tactics. If this appeals to you, we are seeking able bodied Dwarves. Contact Ulfgarde if you think you're up to the task or want more information. If he's nowhere to be found feel free to drop him a letter and he'll be sure to get back to you. Captain Ulfgarde Greenhammer ((Planning on being a med-heavy RP guild, Dwarven mercenary theme. Thanks!))Ulfgarde0 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 HI HI IM OWEN THE FERAL DRUIDOwèn24 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 [RP] Dreams. Part 1. The winds raged against the walls of Undercity. Such a howling sound it made. A comforting velvet texture lined the innards of Mortignis as he lay wondering. His memory beckoned him to the recklessness. This time he made it a mission to recollect the situation he hesitated to change. It is what it is he told himself. Like a crowd the thoughts erupted. You knew what was unfolding. You knew what you were doing. It was your choice. Did you think you would have changed anything? This madness was your choice. He sprang forth from his bed. No. This was merely the way it was supposed to happen. It wasn't my choice. I was merely the observer. I was the one who watched. Such a freedom this dream was. The chains which beckoned him to the source, they called once again. Simple as ownership and will these hopes beaked. It is what it is he repeated. Yet the seed he had sewn had grown. It was only now that he had decided time to look upon his creation. The other little dreams he had fruited were stepping stones to the penultimate goal. Perhaps they would have ended his loneliness. Such a mirroring hope; merely there to season the dreams his heart had grown to want. There was nothing to be done. There was no pure answer to this question. What do I do now? Her skin was blaring with the energies. Perhaps in his recklessness he felt that the reward would pale in comparison. More so in time he had developed this desperate hope. By now there was nothing to be done. He was a Warlock, not a healer. He who sews the seeds yet fears the day he must reap them. Silvermoon was his challenge. To beat the loneliness with dirty games. Across the planes of darkness and void he traveled. Rouket was it's name. Mortignis felt like a child in this inhospitable place. Years of research had lead him to such a place of unholy council. Such power he thought. It all had it's price. Someone was paying the bill and they all knew their part of it. Hah. You seek the power of the mighty ones? I didn't come here to be flexed, demon. You know what business I am here for. You know how much time I've wasted to arrive here. What I've done. Very well, mortal. You have sought the greatness which we sell...at it's cost. Yes...demon. I seek a flask of your "greatness." HAH! Greatness! It is not a word your filth- Silence you mongrel! I told you not to waste your time. Tell me your price and we'll begin. Such commerce with a demon the warlock rehearsed over and over in his mind. I won't be driven a fool by such a disgusting race of impurity. I won't allow it, no matter the circumstances. They would have destroyed me at any sign of weakness. It won't happen. I won't let them. The demon spat on Mortignis. He smiled. They both smiled. "You know....I can use some of your liquids. Maybe there is a market for this one." He said, wiping it from his face. This wasn't a place for harsh words. The warlock was in no place for bargaining yet he continued. In such a whisper-like tone to his words worried the demons. "I've seen what wonders you and your kind can bestow. The kind of beauty the mortal spirit entwines on your architect enthralls me. I suppose your kind could call me an artist." The demon smoked from his pipe. His eyes wandered as if in a dismissive attitude. They both stood on the same plane however. The warlock hung to his staff in a collected stance, appearing to be ready to strike at any moment. His experience with demons left him alone in this world. The warlock continued, observing the demon and his servants. "There is another mortal, much like myself in dire need of teaching. An elf. The Sin'dorei drank upon your willing reward before. I am quite confident she would only need a push to set her off the edge. She is young and like the Sin'dorei before...willing." He watched as the demon drew his eyes to the others. All became silent as he checked in with the others. They seemed to be in agreement. Rouket returned his attention to the warlock. "Very well. Tell me what has brought you here to this unfamiliar place, human."Mortignis1 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Supreme Lord Kazzak is up right now Just saying. I'm sitting here with my bonfire waiting for people to help kill him. Help would be appreciated :/Fatherchaos10 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 multiboxers are scum alliance and horde alike CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!Lóvê45 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Hi I doubt any of you remember me. Especially not by this name, but that's not the point of this... How are things? Has balance gotten any better? Skimming these forums I've heard things about multiboxers, in particular one called prepared. How's he?Rixo21 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 SO, Fartsniffer is refusing to fight me. Yet again. He refused to fight me at Sunrock Retreat. Again.Freshsmith12 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 [RP] RP for the RP gods! All RP is special Critiquing any RP Is never allowedXeer28 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Bar Night News and New Location! Bar Night is cancelled tonight. I need to take a mental health day, and since starting to kick into being a very busy time of year, I'd rather just give it a breather and get us all going fresh again after the holidays. (It's also cancelled next Saturday, as Dargarok's final race will be happening!) THAT SAID! Beginning 12/26/2015, Bar Night will be held in Dalaran, at the Legerdemain Lounge every Saturday at 10pm server! That means...y'know, ya'll Alliance can come. I obviously can't trade you actual alcohol IC, but there are more than enough vendors that cater to the Alliance alcoholics to make it worthwhile to extend a hand to you all for the duration of the Vengeance of the Vrykul plot. The rules, for those of you who don't attend bar nights, are very simple: no fighting in the bar itself, and don't be a ding dong griefier pee face. Also, since there may end up being a lot of us in attendance, given the neutrality of the area, try to keep your text responses to not paragraphs out of courtesy to your fellow roleplayer. If there are any issues that arise, I will not hesitate to move the bar elsewhere, but it is my hope that, for the duration of this multi-faction campaign, we can see about getting roleplayers on either side hanging out at a scheduled event. See you all on the 26th!Juzmik13 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Happy birthday, Acadiana! Hope you have a good one, brother!Agrar7 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 Narator's demon hunter date!(:-o) Rated M... ... For MANLY! ....Velmaice swooned in his arm as her sister, Milialia fainted in the other as the orc rode off into the sunset over black temple, and into then into the Den of Mortal on his flying warlord's death wheel with his latest conquests.... .... .... .... Oh wait thats the wrong story set in the wrong timeline! MY BAD GUYS! Ok lets rewind and go back to a story from the proper Warcraft timeline where, I NARATOR LONEWOLF help two lovely demon hunters SLAUGHTER hundreds of demons and MURDER a high ranking ERADAR OVERLORD demons on some unknown and uncharted demonic WORLD! YEAH... But seriously don't mind my SUPER MANLY IN CAPS writing and get to the REAL BEEF of my tale as this isn't really in character but its AWESOME AND TOTALY GOT YOUR ATTENTION! YEAH! And yes pardon my editing problems as this was just hashed up two minutes ago and I will worry about them when I find a editor and take time to sit down and fix things up after I finish the damn thing up! Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lady, The Lord and the General It was a suicide mission, but one which Velmaice Sindweller relished and savored with her every breath. It was a luxury to know the end was near as she scaled the ramparts of a dark demonic temple, which drifted on the remains of a Fel-shattered landmass, which groaned and crumbled into the abyss of the Twisting Nether. Though her eyes had been scorched blind the blood elf could still see them organizing in vast and seemingly unending legions on the grounds bellow. There were hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of them, pouring up into a vile green portal which burned like a star in the heart of the cursed temple. Vast cohorts of Fel-Guards marched behind their Doomguard Centurions in endless columns that stretched further then what the eye could see and above, vast armadas of demonic ships and swarms of demonic fliers blackened the skies into a perpetual night. 
 The thought of death comforted Velmaice as the memory of a child teetered and then faded from her mind as her consciousness ascended to a higher plane free of fear, grief and anger. Her only passion, the sweet taste of vengeance just waiting to be savored upon her soon to be bloodied lips. “So this is how it ends…” said Milialia Shadowfury with an eager chuckle as she gave a quick swing with her two glaives. “General Fandath, handsome fellow if you’d believe Velmaice! Shame we have to kill him!” A cruel grin furled across Velmaice’s lips. “Indeed! I would prefer to have some fun with him first to give that !@#$% Baala a good sting! But I suppose we’ll have to settle with making her weep over his mangled corpse!” 
The taller her night elf chortled with approval as she trailed behind her blood elf sister, her nose tuned only to the succulent stench of her prey. The forces of the burning legion on this unknown demonic world were led by the Eradar Lady Balaa and her two paramours, General Fandath and Lord Luclat. It was a charming affair full of feuding and underhanded betrayals that warmed the otherwise gelid hearts of the two demon hunters as they clattered up the winding spires. Illidan Stormrage himself personally gave both of them the order to track down and assassinate General Fandath and to put a stop to his mistress’s invasion plans. Although the world which Baala was invading was unknown and largely irreverent to the fate of Azeroth and Outland, any attack which could stop the burning legion from annihilating yet another world was a crippling blow whose long term benefit could not be ignored. And if destroying the temple’s portal could stop one invasion, the death of General Fandath, one of the Burning Legions rising strategic proteges would surely slow down the destruction of a hundred more. A gain which alone was worth the certain and heroic deaths of the two demon hunters for indeed, once the temple portal was destroyed and General Fandath lay dead, there would be no reinforcements or plan for escape. There was only enough time to send the two of them through the portal leaving any hope for transport or communication back to the Black Temple long past. They would die this day here, far away from the eyes of Outland or Azeroth, their sacrifice to be unknown and unsung. But here they would be remembered in hearts and minds of the legion as they plunged and slashed their war glaives through the endless horde until their bodies lay broken and shattered among the legion’s dead. Or so they hoped as doom and fate were after all fickle things. 
 Near the very top of the spire a hooded orc sat staring in trance at the endless hordes of the Burning Legion which flooded into the temple’s portal. He sang with a voice that drifted through the fel-touched cinders which blew through the air.Narator16 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 [H] Troll (returning player) LF RP guild Hi all, I know there is a listing and such stickied at the top, but if there are any proactive RP guilds out there with high activity levels that are recruiting, I would like to try and join your guild! I realize I don't have the most RPish type name but I could change that with TRP3. Another thing you should know is I've never RP'd before .. especially not a troll, so I would be a RP noob. I just want to get in there and start writing and try something different. Please hit me up in game or on the forums. Thanks!Rygortv11 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 Best Horde PVP Guild A few of my friends as well as myself are rolling horde on ED for WoD trying to get a jump start and acclimated to the environment looking for the best horde guild for pvp. So far the spam guilds are prevalent. But what guilds are best? Why?Azok59 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 Steam Summer (Winter) Sale What did you get? Newly added to my list so far: Bioshock 2 Age of Empires III Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Oblivion Sword Coast Legends Call of Duty: Ghosts Rebel Galaxy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Total AnnihilationBebbit36 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 Hey! Fartsniffer, meet me at ratchet pus. Ill woop you anytime anyplace. You little scared piece of !@#$.Freshsmith17 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 {H} Reroll Hunter Looking for Weekday Raid Hi all I wanted to find out if there are any raiding guilds that raid 2-3 days Monday through Thursday nights who would be interested in a hunter re-roll on ED. I have been raiding as a hunter since BC and when I have raided in the past it has been higher end progression (Kreepwood on Kilrogg). Have done no real raiding in WOD as my old home server and guild is dead so I am decided to re-roll over here. Mostly interested in PVE with some world PVP, RP sounds interesting but is not required. I will be working on getting my ring once I hit 100 but I know that will take time. Gearing should not be hard with flying and Tanaan. Thanks for looking and I hope I picked the right server :)Deadwood0 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 Panda Trade for Nemesis I have a horde panda I need alliance panda kills, if you need horde panda kills we can work out a deal send me a message or letter in game.Libertus0 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 <Medieval Carnage> PVP-WPVP <Medieval Carnage> Is a fast past raptly growing pvp guild. We offer many types of PVP including the following. -Rbgs -Ashrans -Arenas -Premade Avs -small and Midscale Wpvp We aslo plan to start doings sum Rp wpvp in the near future. We have our very own teamspeak growing each and everyday we also plan to start doing the other in guild activities -Xmog Contest -Dueling Tournaments -Activities giveaways -WoD flying rep grinding days Our basic goal for the guild atm is get to know our fast growing community and help everyone get the gear/achievements they need. We are almost out of the building stages and now comes the gear stages once we get that part done COME THE ABSOLUTE CARNAGE of ED all the barbarians will Fear the day they crossed paths with the True Knights of Emerald Dream. We also have PVP officer spots open ATM so come be an officer in the new growing big thing on ally Ed. All who wish to be knights are welcome to join the ranks. Only guild requirements is that you have teamspeak and be active. If you liked what you read please give us a thumbs up!! any question leave them in the comments below or ingame pst me im not hard to find just /who Kthree on ally side. sincerely Medieval CarnageKthreerulez1 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 28, 2015 An Old RP story. (Narator gets some <3) (Due to recent activities of trolls and my Christmas RP efforts I decided to repost an old RP story in fears it will get necroed by trolls like what happened here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19973 instead of putting a link to it. But yes this is a story I have to show how the restraint of using power can be more badass then the liberal use of it. Classic case of Narator being unable to defend himself due to his responsibilities and in context is a post-WoW Narator story. Not a shot was fired but still badass all around.) Like Old Times The song and flutter of birds filled rolling hills and dense tree-branches of the pre-dawn Elwynn countryside. Narator slid off his grey hood and sniffed the crisp air. “A fine morning is it my Lady Mason! I don’t think I’ve ever walked the roads of Elwynn Forest without sound of battle crashing in my ears! Or the stench of mangled corpses reeking in my nose.” Said Narator scratching his fingers through his grey hair. Samiya tilted her head towards the faint red glow of the pre-dawn sun rising in the east. “Indeed! It’s been along time since I’ve just wandered the countryside! Brings back old memories of younger days when the world seemed so vast!” Narator nodded and shook his head. “I just have the memories of the many bloody battles here. Most I would rather just forget.” A small smile furled across Samiya’s lips “I understand, but it does feel good to be home if only briefly.” Narator shifted his glance towards Samiya. “I understand that sentiment my Lady Mason. But has there been any word from Era from the Blasted Lands?” Samiya furled her fingers around her hands. “I’ve already been briefed on Era’s report before I left the Blasted Lands for Stormwind. Heroes and champions have already gathered at the Dark Portal and are making preparations to take the fight to Draenor.” Narator nodded. “Then it seems events are unfolding as they were intended. But I’ve also heard you’ve taken some of our best agents through the Dark Portal and I am wary of such a bold decision. Have they reported back?” “Despite the risks that Era pointed out, we both ultimately agreed it was best to send several agents through the Dark Portal to eliminate potential interlopers infiltrated within the Iron Horde in the Tanaan Jungle. Our agents uncovered and foiled a plot aimed at eliminating several key characters who are predestined to lead the Assault on the Dark Portal before their time and another plot aimed at killing your past self. Even Era despite her predisposition to discretion agreed that it was best to keep some of our agents on the other side of the portal to monitor the impending assault. For all we know there could be additional unforeseeable contingencies and complications that we haven’t rooted out on the other side of the Portal.”Narator22 Dec 28, 2015
Dec 27, 2015 Looking for HFC carry! Hey all! Currsed here. I recently purchased a heroic manno/archi kill for the mount and acheive. But what I'd really like is some heroic teir peices and to learn the fights so I can pug them in the future on this character and on alts. My current guild is in a constant state of gearing for raids and rated bgs, so I won't be able to get any teir peices through them. I just wanted to see if there were any guilds that could/would take me along for a learning experience and some gear. I have gold to offer, and i can sustain 40-50k dps in my current gear on the normal mode boss or two ive done. Im usually one of the top dps in lfg as well. Thanks all! I'm free most evenings (except mondays, trivia night) and will make time for the raid if need be! Send me an in-game mail or reply here. Idk what this would cost. But I'm willing to spend plenty of gold if i can get some gear and knowledge. Plus my guild would appreciate having someone who knows the fights and can help us progress if we ever get to that point. Help make me that someone!Currsed4 Dec 27, 2015
Dec 27, 2015 [RP] Im done ((i never post short stories less than 2-3 posts long, so merry crimmus )) “I’d say ‘give me one good reason to stay’ but I already know the reasons. I just have better reasons to go.” Antorias gripped the tabard in his hands so tightly he was afraid it would rip. He clenched his jaw, reminding himself to curb his anger, to rein it in. He forced himself to loosen his grip on the tabard, smoothing out the wrinkles in the well-loved cloth. “You can’t just leave everyone. They look up to you. Don’t you dare let them down.” “They look up to a false idol.” His eyes narrowed at the woman with her back to him, her hair hanging limply in wet layers down her back, seeming to lose it’s firey luster in the dim light of the sewers. Everything about her seemed downtrodden, from her slumped shoulders, to her wet hair. “Tell them the truth, at least. Don’t end your service with a lie. Don’t stain your legacy.” “My legacy is nothing but stains.” Every complaint, rebuffed, redirected. He grit his teeth angrily, and shoved her tabard into his bag. He couldn’t say anything else, and watched as she let her commstone fall to the wooden floors with a dull crack. “This isn’t the end. Just the part where I say enough is enough.”Liniadel47 Dec 27, 2015
Dec 27, 2015 Subterfuge http://subterfuge-game.com/ This game is fun and addictive. Probably the best app game I've ever seen/played.Vairal3 Dec 27, 2015
Dec 27, 2015 Medieval Carnage Rp back story Medieval Carnage Where do we start we might as well start with the leader background story himself. Long ago there was a Barbarian Taruen druid named Kthree this druid was full of rage as he was unbalanced with the nature that flowed thru his veins and beating heart. The mighty power of the solar was fueling is rage to slay all the alliance scums in his path. The mighty Kthree fought hard and slayed many of the alliance but even the greatest barbarians fall. It was a cold summer morning Kthree had hatred for a Night Elf than tried to assassinate him while he was the great village of Orgrimmar. So Kthree set out to Darnassus to avenge the tempted murder on himself as he flew in he went stealth searching everywhere for the coward who ran from him in Org. As he was waiting patiently by the bank out of no where came High Priestess Tyrande a high warlord of the alliance and one of the leaders of the Night elf race. Kthree had a choice to make sacrifice his greater glory to make and strong push for the horde or let the priest go and look after his own. Few seconds past by and Kthree made his choice to kill the Priest as he open with pure rage the Priest was smart and quickly Dominated kthree’s mind making him completely useless…. Firelord Kthree was defeated and taken prisoner. After a few months went by the Alliance and Horde grew and the balance was starting to shift to the Horde. The mighty King Varian Wrynn was force to start taking prisoners and making them joins the legion. One cold dark night in Darnassus a high lord night elf was recruiting able bodies to join the Division Academy. He walked up to Kthree who has been weak out of rage since he hasn’t seen or felt the sun in month’s and asked him “If he was whiling to give up the Savage barbarian life style and take part and be reborn as a Night Elf and join the Academy.” Kthree laugh at the thought of being able to be reborn as a night elf… Than thought about it, All the great Balanced druids in the past have all embraced the Lunar nature and what better way than to be reborn as a Night Elf. So after thinking long and hard Kthree decided to accept the ways of the Alliance and surrender his Old Barbarian ways and joined the Academy. After Kthree finished his basic training in the Academy he was assigned to Division VII his new home and legion the Might Kthree than took up the ways of the Knighthood and honorable respectable way of his new Night Elf people he than slayed many of Barbarian taking back the lands one day at a time from the people he once called his own. Often the Warlord of the Division VII Spartanics would call up the troops for battle and the Barbarian horde legion known as Warsong Battalion and their fierce and savage leader Himanshu. Both sides took heavy losses each day the Balance of the world would be off set no side could manage to take a battle victory and win the war with it. Than one winter the very pits of Deepholm shook the ground as a dark wizard’s known to the lands as Melseph and Prepared to Multi-Boxers came down from the North destroy both Alliance and Horde Settlements. The Might Horde Legion WSB fought back the Evil Meselph keeping him at bay from any of their cities. Division VII as well had their hands full with the Scumlord Prepared as well both sides made no ground on each other for a whole winter. After winter was over and the multi-boxer’s Vanished Tension on both sides was near a breaking point again no truce was ever signed both sides still heavily at war with each other. Kthree grew impatient he wanted to purge the land of the Horde for good not be at a stand still he temper with the Division start to get high. One day Kthree went to the King Varian Wrynn and asked to be assigned his own division let him lead his own legion. The King thought hard and went over it with the war council and after a long hour they agreed it was time the Alliance had a elite force of Knight’s to Purge and help lead the assault in taking back the lands. Now Go and purge the land give em Carnage!!!” Once Kthree was assigned his own Division he had to give it a name. He thought long and hard often Sitting hours In the Inn. Than he thought of the perfect name for his Division Medieval Carnage this is the name that will be feared by the horde for this time in Medieval history Carnage the Might Alliance Elite Knight Division will be feared and always known in history. This is yet just the Beginning on how they was made stay tuned for what happen after the Legion Era began…..Kthreesir10 Dec 27, 2015