Emerald Dream

Dec 24, 2015 x5 current duelist this season... SECURED! (( OOC: ...Current Duelist rat leauge scrub rating secured and 2.1k+ cr is now officially MY HOUSE for the 5th time this season! However I do confess that 2.4k+ and Gladiator looks like much sexier real estate. Now comes the real push.. which I expect to look something like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd8F0KNTQI0 ...someone help me before I go brain dead... ...oops 2 late.. ))Narator47 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 @Rasek ((Before I make my critique I this post that this post is NOT intended to incite drama and I WILL ONLY respond to people from Gorwatha and Rasek himself. I just want to learn more about the plans for his story)) I posted this in reply to your post here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20043026850 ... But truth was since you were kind enough to red pen the grammatical errors of my work I thought I'd take a look at your work. Now my goal isn't to critique grammar as I thought your grammar was by my standards was practically flawless and was a smooth read. HOWEVER! I do think your introduction needs to be much punchier and I think your otherwise well written piece would sell better if you had a punchier introduction. ESPECIALLY since as someone just coming in to read your work I would like a good hook to bite on. But mostly why I'm here is to discus the ideas of your stories in this story as it appears to be comprised of many different stories. My question is given is whats your plan with the future of this story? How are you going to grow these characters. I really like this especially: ... HOWEVER I do have to ask... why is this hunting trip (or judging from Eldie, rampage of wanton slaughter and destruction!) so important? How is this story of their hunting trip going to change their lives or play a role in your greater story? This is NOT to say your ideas are bad but rather I'm just asking how is this going to add up? I want to know how your characters are going to grow and develop from this story. Which is in my option the very heart and soul of good storytelling. These are just a few of my thoughts and I want to hear more about this! :)Narator87 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 Anyone else? Any other snowboarders or skiers on ED? Just curious, always love to see other people with similar hobbies. Started skiing when I was 5, saw the light when I was 8 and switched to snowboarding, been riding ever since. Was born in Colorado, but now living out in Iowa, which you can imagine is less than optimal for winter sports involving mountains. I get to go back to Colorado a few times a year and hit the mountains (Have a condo in Vail and VIP Season passes for the company that owns Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, ect.). Easily one of the highlights of my year. Last year I was one of the first in line to Breckenridge (and for some reason barely anyone came to the park that day) right after they got 6" of fresh powder- one of the best days of my life. Anyone else hype to get out and hit the slopes?Sixgodtko22 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 Need RP Help So I was looking at trying to fill out the rest of the background for my Worgen Deathknight. I did not want him to be RP'd as a Deathknight and remembered other people have RP'd as subclasses or alternative classes for their characters. I was looking at classes from the WoW and Warcraft RP books and saw Dark Inscriber and Runemaster. The thing about Runemaster is that WoW RP book said it is more of a monk even though I remember back in Wrath that there was an article on how Dwarf Deathknights could RP as a Runemaster. Even a thread on the EU forums talks about how by definition Deathknights are Runemasters. So my question is how believable would it be to RP a Worgen Deathknight as a Runemaster or a Dark Inscriber instead of a Deathknight?Krounen9 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 Hey ED what's your favorite starting zone? Mines going to have to be eversong woods, just the atmosphere it gives off, beautiful architecture and sounds. Its just always been my favorite, Could have something to do with the fact that it wasn't changed like the others.Cues40 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 Multiple Choice Question Are you guys: a) switching your mains to be Demon Hunters for all of Legion once they're released b) making a Demon Hunter in the pre-patch for Legion and keeping it as an alt throughout Legion c) waiting to see if Demon Hunters are fun before you decide d) not making a Demon Hunter at all e) making a Demon Hunter after you level your main kgoDinolad26 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 [H RP event]Gathering of the Longest Night Winter nights are quiet, Too quiet. Too cold and too lonely. The Gathering o' da Longest Night will be a gathering o' da Horde ta warm ourselves wit da good spirits of close friends and family. So come make our fires cozy and our fireworks blessed wit your presence. Dis year: 23rd, 9pm, Revantusk Village in The Hinterlands (Eastern Kingdoms).Manashnee4 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 What are your Holiday Traditions Dreamers ? Today got me thinking a little about all the families and people all over the world. There are so many bad things that happen to so many people but there are good things that happen as well..... So my question to you all is what is a tradition you stick to no matter what during this season? My family ALWAYS strings popcorn and cranberries on the day after Thanksgiving. I Always make fudge for that day. ALSO!!? WHAT are foods you never ever make except for during the holidays? Mine are 1. Fudge 2. Sausage balls( no pun intended) 3. Peppermint bark 4. Spiced tea ( the kind with Tang). 5. Turkey Merry Christmas all! EDIT: I want to add that I am really fortunate to have the means to keep traditions for my family. This will seem cheesey to say but I will say it anyhow.. I am truly Blessed with my life.This season makes me especially thankful considering when I listen or watch the news( bad idea).Realskane33 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 [A] <Winter Raven Melody> We're currently starting up our raid team, and teaching new members how to raid/learning ourselves. Our guild encompasses more than just raiding, though, we provide RP, and PVP as well. If you're interested in checking us out, We have a website, at www.winterravenmelody.enjin.com Our times for raiding are 6:30 CST Sunday/Monday, and for RP 6:30 CST Saturday. We are a friendly bunch, and we're all pretty active. If you're interested in participating in something and building it from the ground up - come check us out. If you have any questions, let me know.my Ghost#13911Neogin1 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 <Manor Omertà> Recruiting Serious RPers! Is a new RP/PvP guild on the Alliance side of ED. Soon we're going to our weekly RP events! We also RP causally daily! We really want to increase the active RPers on this sever and try to build a decent populated RP community! So, for more information please visit, http://manoromerta.enjin.com! What is Manor Omertà ? Manor Omertà is a high class society of people who believe strongly that the Alliance government is in need of dire change, or else it will soon cause the fall of the Alliance. It is their goal to bring down those corrupt in the political system and help create a new one, but in order to do that Manor Omertà has some secrets of their own. Manor Omertà RP is very unique because everyone will have a roll of importance. Once you reach max level you will choose between four ranks. (Which will be explained more in the RP forums) Three of these ranks will describe your part in the guild RP, will you go undercover and obtain information of importance? Will you study magic and lead us to victory? or will cover up the tracks of our criminals and gain the trust of the Alliance and those who protect its current government? All three of these jobs are VERY important and quite fun! So no matter your class and RP experience, you'll always have a goal and some fun! And perhaps you don't RP? That's fine! Our fourth rank is a PVP ONLY rank! If you wish to contact me in-game you can add, Erulastiel#1352 on btag. Thank you for your time!Demilicious10 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Should DoA accept Blood elves? As the title state, DoA is considering accepting BE in their guild because of PvP reason and Legion coming around. In doing so they would lose their pure forsaken guild status and identity. http://strawpoll.me/6245609Odin90 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 [A] Looking for a tight-knit RP-WPvP Guild. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone could recommend me an Alliance guild to look into. My preference would be an RP-WPvP guild. Essentially a guild that does WPvP with a story Arc as I've noticed a few Horde guilds do - and most recently the Warbringer/Resolve campaign. Thank you in advance!Gandulin14 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 For those of you who live in the East Please be careful and stay safe! It's gnarly out there.Heiddi4 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Transmog rate! .Hargus499 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 LFGuild [H] Hey there, I'm currently looking for an active PvE-focused guild willing to take in a freshie to the end-game scene. Been playing on and off again for a couple years so I'm not completely clueless, but I will admit to never having done more than LFR due to time constraints. Anyway, now that I have a lot of free time, I want to see how far I can go raiding wise. So if any guild is interested in a very dedicated player in the coming months, please reply here or in-game. Thanks for your time. :D Masturcator#1864Rakgu0 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Old God follower RP? This is something I been thinking about but I have no idea on how to create this or if different old gods mess with the mind differently any tips? tmog?Dacalle15 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 [RP] I don't have a title (( I started writing this at thanksgiving, and then finally finished it today. Kinda rushed, I just wanted to get it finished. Evidently happens back in the feralas campaign.)) If he had to be injured and bedridden anywhere, Taelyren Blackmoon supposed he would rather it be Feathermoon. He still wouldn’t be happy about it, and had it been his choice, he would still be out there, patrolling with everyone else. But the looming threat of a woman who would happily knock him out without a second thought kept him inside. Frowning, he closed his eyes tighter, trying to focus on the rain pattering against the window outside, and not the dull ache of the wound at his pelvis. It hurt considerably less now that Eclipse had cleansed and dressed it, but he guessed he would be dealing with the soreness for days to come. His brow furrowed at the thought of the woman- each time they met, she seemed to reveal a new trick up her sleeve, one that completely changed his perspective and threw what he thought he knew out of the window. The masked Kaldorei only caused more questions than answers. The door to his room creaked open, and Taelyren clenched his jaw- he had grown accustomed to Eclipse slipping in and out of his room to check on him like an unruly child. As quiet as she tried to be, she could never counter the squeak of the door hinges that rubbed raw on his senses. If he pretended to be asleep, perhaps he could manage to avoid another one of her hecklings. He felt the mattress dip to his side, and concentrated on playing limp, on keeping his face blank to continue the façade of sleep. Soon, he figured, he would feel her prying fingers prodding at his bandages, checking that he had not reopened his stitches. In the darkness, he could smell the faint scent of rain and wet dirt- she must have been out patrolling. “Well doesn’t this look familiar.” Taelyren’s eyes ripped open- that coarse voice was not Eclipse’s. “Nandine.” His nostrils flared in fury as he stared up at the dark-skinned Sin’dorei sitting above him, a menacing grin stretched across her face. The absolute last person he ever wanted to see while lying in a bed injured. Taelyren surged forward, only to be stopped by the cool metal of a blade pressed against his throat. He froze, a snarl on his face, and watched as Nandine straddled him. “Don’t stress yourself! That’s a nasty little wound you got there, huh?” Holding the knife steady, she reached down and viciously prodded at his bandaged side, causing him to flinch and cringe in pain. “Y’know, when I heard about two little purple skins sniffing around Ghostwalker, I just had to take a look. I had a hunch it was you trying to get the jump on lil ol’ me- and !@#$, I was right!” “Don’t flatter yourself.” Taelyren growled through clenched teeth, staring up at the woman- afraid to break eye contact but trying to spot the tiger he knew was lurking somewhere in the room. “You weren’t my first thought- nor my last.” “Oh, Taelyren. After all we’ve been through, how can you be so cruel?” A believable pout crossed her face- one he knew better than to trust as genuine, and she slowly lowered herself to lay against his chest, still holding the knife steady. She propped her chin up in her other hand, looking remarkably casual holding his life in her hands. At her leisurely attitude, Taelyren narrowed his eyes. “The last time we saw each other you shot me in the back.” Nandine let out a stuttering laughter, a grin on her face. “I did, didn’t I?” She leaned her head to her side, her elbow poking into his chest as she giggled and sighed, as if to recall a fond memory. “Should I bother asking what you want this time?” He tried to relax, though kept careful distance between his neck and the blade at his neck. As if remembering, she snapped her fingers and pulled herself up. “Right! Believe it or not, I’m here on business, yeah?” Nandine shrugged her long braid over her shoulder, and placed her hand on his stomach to steady herself. “Folks over in Ghostwalker are curious about this whole Alliance presence down here in Feralas. Wanna know what it’s about. Hearin’ words about demons, too.”Roraelis4 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Blizzard's Holiday Server! The majesty awaits! http://imgur.com/WXVfjicDårius0 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Free Heroic Archimonde Carries Provided by Papa Borrz and his friends. Tis the season! 6pm server time tuesday the 22nd! This is hosted by me and cross-server friends, not celestial rebirthBorrz19 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Horde RP event calendar- December SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! I have a feeling this will be an even shorter one due to holidays. You know the drill, post here or contact me for any events going on in Dec. Week 1: Nov 29th-Dec 5th Bar Night: Hosted by Gor'watha, Dec 5th 10pm ST Week 2: Dec 6th- Dec 12th Mak'rogahn monday: Hosted by redwood tribe, Dec 7th 9pm ST Azerothian Philosophy club: Hosted by Nephilium Dec 10th, 8-9pm ST Bar Night: Hosted by Gor'Watha, Dec 12th, 10pm ST Week 3: Dec 13th-19th Honoring the Loa: Hosted by Gor'Watha, Dec 15th, 10pm ST Final Race: Hosted by Dargarok, Dec 19th, 9:15pm ST Week 4: Dec 20th-26th Gathering of the longest night: Hosted by Blackmoon tribe, Dec 23nd 9pm Winter's Veil Nightmare: hosted by Aglaica Dec 26th, 10pm ST Bar Night: Hosted by Gor'Watha, Dec 26th, 10pm ST Week 5: Dec 27-Jan 2nd Bar Night: Hosted by Gor'Watha, Jan 2nd, 10pm STLiniadel21 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 24, 2015 Suggestions for RTS games Currently messing around with an older favorites Rise of Nations and Star Trek Armada. Looking for similar game suggestions. Civ is fun, but I'm looking for something a lil' quicker.Aekaron51 Dec 24, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 Name? I transferred this toon from Alliance to Horde. She was a Night Elf and her name was fine. Not sure though if it is appropriate Horde name though?Catalinamoon15 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 WTB Heroic HFC carry run for the mount! I WTB a Heroic HFC carry run for the mount. Please comment back or post me in game with details. I am usually on triodefoTriodefo0 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 Happy Holidays Set aside whatever is bothering you and enjoy the upcoming holidays everyone! I wish the best for all of you!Seeker10 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 Getting back into wow and want to give Rp try i guys I am looking to come back, I am looking for a good RP type server that I can slowly get in to it, I heard this was a good one, so what do you think of this server? Iv always wanted to get into it since I stopped doing 3.5 D&D. I use to be a huge healer in pvp, as far as I know everyone I knew in the guild I was in I found out switched to other realms, guild or have not been on for a while it fell apart I guys. So I'm wanting to change it up a bit and cannot decide, I want to give RP a try doesn't matter RP or RPPvP, I'm having a hard time between horde or alliance I know a little more for both to help me start getting into it, and like I said mained a healer or tank, sometime tanked and healed myself for dungeons so the healer didn't have to watch me to much and could relax, But I really want to get into raids I do not think I'd be a good main healer but maybe a subhealer. That in mind I do not know if I should go with holy Paladin or resto Shaman, holy is mainly targeting heals and shamans are mainly aoe heals to a point from what I remember. So Horde or allaince? What's a good server for RP or RPpvp Is anyone willing to give me a hand on my new journey or been wanting to make a new char to start off a group? And the main Issue Paladin or Shaman?Frostanar6 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 >3 SALTY I CAN TASTE THEM. GET REKT MORE!Preparebot10 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 It's almost been an hour; multiboxer. By my count it's 1 AM in MST. ... I have to disagree with this. Making a near-certain prediction and then attaching grandiose titles to it has very little merit. For a day to be so named, you would have to be alone (or at least the most vocal of a small minority) in predicting an event. Feel free to proclaim it as such in the future, but it would probably seem a lot less lonely if you bribe a friend to make you a happy birthday thread next time. Happy Birthday, Colbor.Contre8 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 WTB HFC Heroic carry for mount! I WTB a Heroic HFC carry run for the mount. Please comment back or post me in game with details. I am usually on triodefoTriodefo2 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 Emerald dream, what are your pets? I'm bored trying to poop right now, some awful wings I shouldn't have paid for, but interested in seeing what pets we all have! Myself, I only have 3 dogs, two are black chows and a long haired chihuahua. The chows snore about as loud as a man with sleep apnea but after 8 years it's music to my ears. The chihuahua, she's a drunk so I need to keep alcohol away from her, she's loves to "sample." So if interested, what pets do you guys have? (And their quirks)Malus32 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 A Merry Winterveil Feast To All! Darius Hedgewick wishes all members of the Horde and Alliance a most merry Winterveil Feast! May your stomachs be full, your hearts pure and your blade bloody! http://imgur.com/FawjB9hDårius0 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 New to ED - Cheers! Just came back from a +10 month hiatus and I decided to come to Emerald Dream! Hope to make new friends as well as new enemies on the battlefield all for the sake of competition. I don't check the forums much (mostly never), but I hope to see you guys in-game! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.Kromkosh8 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 Race and reputation This will be based on your main characters feelings towards the other playable races on Azeroth, using WoW reputation system and reasons why , from your own back story and RP experiences. (Note: This is how YOUR character feels towards them as a whole on any given day, the following choices for there reputation with you are as followed) Exalted Revered Honored Friendly Neutral Unfriendly Hostile Hated Example: Alliance Races Humans- Friendly, Zhii has always had mixed experiences with Humans, some good some VERY bad but over all thinks they have good intentions for the world. Night Elves- Friendly, Zhii views the Night elves to be alittle too stuck in there ways however really likes there calm and collected attitude. Dwarves- Honored, Zhii has fought side by side the Dwarves and thinks of them as good allies and enjoys there there company greatly, feeling they have the most spirited members of the Alliance. Gnomes- Revered, having taken on a Gnome student of his own, he is extremely curious about the little people and there odd ways and is fascinated by there ingenious minds. Draenei- Honored, amazed by there history and there own unique use of the light Zhii approaches most Draenei confident that a race so old must have much wisdom to be learned. Worgen- Friendly, Zhii feels great empathy for the Worgen for losing there homeland how ever veiws a good number of them to be too feral for his liking. Pandaren-Exalted, Kind of exalted by default being his own people, not really caring if they are Horde or Alliance how ever questions those who side with the Horde. Horde Races Orcs- Unfriendly, Zhii views the Orcs for the most part as a young and very reckless race with a inner obsession for conquest. Forsaken- Hostile, Zhii has never met a undead not trying to kill, spread disease or cause strife for there own gain. Tauren- Friendly, Zhii looks at the Tauren as the most honorable race of the Horde and has had some friendly encounters with them he finds them more welcoming put is but off by some of the more brutish tribes. Trolls- Unfriendly, Zhii really dislikes there savagery and apparent disregard of other races. Blood Elves-Neutral, Zhii is some what interested in Blood elf culture and has even made two Blood elf friends in his journeys ,but is weary of there history. Goblins- Neutral, has never had direct encounters with Goblins but from what he hears they are simply a race trying to thrive, however is REALLY upset about there destructive attitude towards the environment.Zhii4 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 [RP] Warband Stories ((Hello I have not proofread this. Feel free to point out my own terrible errors. I just wanted to write about what people have been up to and junk.)) Dalaran, 6:04 pm Dalaran was flooded with more life than he'd seen in awhile. Apart from the usual magisters and attendants that seemed to drift from door to door with their purple robes and the golden eye of the Kirin Tor across their chests, mercenaries, merchants, and even more unsavory types loitered on every corner, filling the bars and the underbelly of the city with talk and coin. Killean Kerrie was looking for the former. He hadn't been a part of Dalaran's working class since he was boy learning his first spells, before the damned thing moved up to Northrend, but he seemed at ease among the concentrated flow of magic that gave the air its particular, almost spicy smell. It helped that the job was easy. Seated comfortably at an otherwise empty table in the Legerdemain Lounge at the center of town, a glass of Dalaran red in his hand, staff propped up against the wall. He'd been there for a few hours, feeling fortune for once that his affinity for the drink had dulled to almost nothing in death. Every so often a waifish elf would stop by with a tray in her hand and ask if he needed anything. He did not, and politely waved her along. His relief came just before sundown. A human and his kaldorei companion settled in a few tables away, speaking hurriedly over a pair of wooden mugs. Kerrie tilted his head towards them, hoping a drunk mage in a ratty cloak was nothing to worry over, and strained his ears. “...a druid of some kind.” The human kept his voice low and it was deep to begin with, more of a low hum with the distinctive southern kingdoms bluntness to it that Kerrie had never enjoyed. His friend's Common was much slower, much less refined. Easier to understand. “Corrupted, we think. But the Circle is too busy to look into it now; I tried.” “And the lodge? Why haven't they done anything about it?” His companion cocked his head to the side. “Not the lodge. He's about a hundred miles south at Wildervar, and they're doing the best they can. He's rather big.” The elf sat back in his chair, running his fingers through a well-groomed beard that hung to the middle of his chest. “Evenleaf was taller than I am before this even happened. I can't imagine him up close now.” Kerrie smiled to himself and looked down, trying to keep his excitement in check. Talk was cheap, talk was easy, talk was free. And now he had somewhere to start looking. Fort Wildervar was a hell of a trip from Dalaran, and his skill with portals wasn't enough to simply get him there and back before morning. He took one last sip of his wine and dropped a few silver pieces next to his glass, slipping out of his chair and wrapping his cloak tighter around him. Athena McGann would go, he was certain. Maybe some of the less intelligent ones, too. That blonde girl with the pigtails and her mute friend with the fur helm. The elf was probably exaggerating on Evenleaf's size, and if they were lucky, the four of them would hardly need the warband at all. Dalaran, 7:12 pm Eldie stood with her back to the landing platform, rocking back and forth on the heels of her boots. It didn't snow in the city. Protected, she noted, like Eversong was. She could see the flakes off to the side in the forest below them, but when they got to close to Dalaran they just melted away into clean skies, pink with dusk. Cav was on his knees next to her, preparing himself for the trip ahead. He had a pair of snowshoes strapped across his back and a scarf wrapped tightly around his mouth and chin. Several parts of his armor had been haphazardly painted white, and two thick, grey worg cloaks lie in a heap beside him. They were dressed for snow. Even the black dog was nowhere to be seen. “Where are we going?” She asked innocently enough, her own snowshoes tied together at her waist. “Icecrown.” “Why?” It took him a moment to answer. She watched him tighten the laces on his leather boots, and check and double check the packs that lined his belt. Herbs, a potion or two, bandages, some little metal things that looked like stars. Lots of bullets. The gun case at his side was locked. “We're hunting foxes there, Eldie. Little white foxes.” She smiled and rolled forward, bouncing on her toes. “I didn't know there were still foxes up here. I thought they left after the Lich King died. But if they're still here, then...” He nodded. “Are you gonna let me dance with them?” He nodded again. “Yes, Eldie. You and I are going dancing.” She let out a squeal of delight and spun on her toes, bounding back toward the landing pack, leaving Cav to carry their combined gear alone. He didn't mind; a smile twisting around the metal half of his jaw, the dream of Argent corpses fresh on his mind and waiting for the head of Eldie's axes. It was going to be a good trip.Rasek11 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 [RP] At the Pandaran monestary "Now, human, I want you to focus on your center." The old panda murmurs, eyes closed, as he sits upon the windswept plaza high in the mountains. The only sound other than the wind across the plaza's stones is an occasional cry of a distant osprey. The human figures that the osprey would have to be relatively close for the sound to be so clear. And, almost certainly upwind. Further, its cry is repeated more than he'd expect. He wonders what it has caught site of... "Focus, leave the bird to hunt in peace." Adjusting the uncomfortable sitting position, Bordak begins to try and focus on his navel, thinking that the bird maybe wouldn't making noise if it were actually hunting. "What if it isn't hunting?" The human asks, his eyes opening. "What?" The old panda raises one eye brow, looking calmly at the human. "Well, would a hunting bird make a cry before or during a hunt?" Bordak hunches a bit against the cold. "The center Bordak. Focus on the center." The one eye closes again. Silence now but for the wind for a very brief time. "Why the navel?" Bordak asks as his eyes pop open. "Not the navel, Bordak. The center. It's a chakra point, where the energy concentrates and flows through out the body." The old panda smiles a bit eyes still closed. "Kind of like the light?" Bordak turns his head a bit to the side thinking. "Yes, yes, of course. One with in and one with out, and no difference between the two there exists. They are the same." This quiets the human for period as he considers. After adjusting his seating position again. "So they're the same thing?" "The same, yes." The old panda has moved not at all in some time, peaceful upon his pillow, fur lightly moved by west wind. Out of the east, the sun begins to rise over the rugged mountain lines of the range which the monastery calls home. A distant light grown brighter as the morning approaches. "The same?" Bordak glances again at the old master panda. After a brief period. "The same, Bordak. They are the same. This path, that path. Your path, my path. Chi, energy, light. The same." the old panda adjusts at last, chuckling softly. "But also, different, too." Bordak inquires. "Yes, and also different, of course." Smiling the old panda opens his eyes looking at Bordak. "And so it is okay to be me. The path I walk?" Bordak asks as he rolls his shoulder, moving a pebble at his foot, which had gone to sleep some time ago. "Of course. You try to do good. Do your best and let the straw fall where it may. Perhaps it is time to get some breakfast." The old monk begins to get get up. "I think I will be leaving today, master." Bordak says following, cringing a bit as his foot begins to wake. "After breakfast." The old monk says putting a hand around the paladin's shoulder. "Yes, after breakfast." Bordak nods and smiles back.Bordak5 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Star Wars: I saw it again! ( SPOILERS!!! ) It was really good the second time.Donkey14 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Ironforge University night! Keeping in line with trying to personally get back into RP, as well as seeing the server flourish I am going to restart my Ironforge University nights. We will be meeting the Ironforge library (Hall of Explorers) and discussing a different lore topic each week. This weeks topic will be Legion lore (how fitting), and it will take place at 9ST on Saturday the 19th. Feel free to stop in for a minute or maybe even more. There will be a 5k door prize, and the structure will be very close to the first event we held in the Stormwind Cathedral. A few guest speakers and myself will be conducting most of the talking but questions, concerns, comments, and IC interactions are welcome as always. What: lore night Where: Ironforge library When: Sat. night, 9ST Why: Because lore is good stuff I hope to see some of you there!Danterius9 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 [H-RP] Deathlessness in Undeath: Youngroot [Letters begin to disseminate to the various settlements and encampments of the Forsaken] ... (( I will be starting a campaign open to all members of the Forsaken to travel to Shadowmoon to see what can be learned about the plant known as Youngvine/Youngroot. I am looking to see who/what guilds would be interested so we can work out a schedule for the event. I am always open to input or feedback. If you would like to participate, feel free to contact me via RealID: lol#1634. I look forward to hearing from you all. Feel free to leave comments and feedback in this thread as well. I will be updating it and checking in regularly. ))Dårius7 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Back from a break! Hey all! Took a small break to focus on other facets of my life. Any good guilds looking for members? Don't need anything crazy, hopefully just a smaller social guild that's love to pvp in BGS and Arenas as well as some RP on the side too. Any suggestions??Momau6 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 721 DK & 722 Warrior LF Raiding guild Myself and a friend are looking for a raiding guild. We are both 13/13 H. The guild we are in has decided to stop progression and take a break from raiding. We are looking for a guild that is either through heroic and starting into Mythic or is close to finishing up with heroic. We would love to find a great guild that has fun during raids and plans on raiding in Legion! My btag is Austin714#1651 if you would like to get in touch with meMardren2 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 wts Heroic Archimonde kills <On Cooldown> Is selling heroic [Archimonde] kills for 75k. Come get your [Grove Warden] flying moose while you can! We are doing runs three nights a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 730pm server. Loot is set to personal, so entirely your luck of the draw if you get anything other than the mount. Contact me direct in game to reserve your spot.Qean34 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Legion PvP Please do not derail thread, i don't care about your imgur, epeen or who your crush is. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/19994381/legion-pvp-preview-12-16-2015 What you guys and gals think?Bossk57 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 ED always needs a villian If it's not multiboxers, its zerg guilds. If its not zerg guilds its RP griefers. The fact is, Emerald Dream is jam packed full of butthurt man-children. If these multiboxers weren't here, most of you would just be !@#$%ing about something else. TBH I think if you guys tried going a full day of only positive thinking, you would all stroke out. So this is just your reminder that you guys would still be pissed even if there weren't any multiboxers on this realm. Good day.Colbor43 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Guild Idea rp/pvp So ive been bating around an idea with my guild and I want to know what the general opinion would be. I want to open an all troll guild (Firetree or smolderthorn). I want to build a dark horde rp community we would be "sister" guilds with Blackrock since I know that neither guild would be huge. I would be the GM and would dedicate the majority of my time to the guild, and have this guy demoted from officer. the focus of the guild would be Rp/Pvp/WpvP the first story arc would be the tribe barely surviving the constant attacks from the horde and alliance. The next few would be us finding a place to call home (we may be dark horde but not having an independent guild base would suck), and starting our voodoo rituals up to appease the legion (though trolls worship the Loa warlocks kept leading the dark horde so I was going to blend the two and have more of that voodoo is "evil" ya know going on raids to capture people and then rp sacrificing them) I hope some of you like this idea and would be willing to give it a try :)Bonekraka12 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 wtb archimonde cloth helm and belt topic, prefer to buy on alliance Demonbuckle Sash of Argus Demon Prince's Ascendant CrownAzmodan0 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Alliance have no multiboxers now? Hello, Right now I'm watching Prepared destroy Stormshield and I am wondering, don't the Alliance have any Multiboxers anymore? I remember a couple months ago a 6x Alliance warlock I met in Tanaan once. Also, I saw an Alliance multiple DK multiboxer in Stormshield a month ago but I have not seen him since and I think he transferred to Azuremyst server. So, do the Alliance have no multiboxers currently? Thank you.Acero27 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 It be sexy It be sexy on New years if we all had a massive drunken WPVP battle.Piersman4 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 [H] The Syndicate is Recruiting! Short and sweet thread. Basically The Syndicate is always on the lookout for able bodied recruits to join our ranks. We participate in WPvP, rated arenas both high rating and lower, and RBGs. If you are wanting to find a place to call home and be able to participate in any of the above items in a competent and friendly environment, please don't hesitate to respond to this thread or whisper one of our members in game - they will direct you to the right person. Much Love, Flex FOR THE SYNDICATE!!!Zenflex1 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 20, 2015 Wiggals N Diesel - R1 Partiers (ED) 'Tis what it says, comrades. - Just to be losers :D http://imgur.com/2yxCSPyGemona2 Dec 20, 2015
Dec 20, 2015 Guild Building thoughts I have a high Respect for Clan BattleHammer, about having a pure Dwarf guild, since i have been back i have been wanting to start a lot but i am far to rusty. But I was wondering about peoples thoughts on if some one added another all race guild which one might be more dominant Either Night Elves or Draenei? I would like to start a guild for one race and grow it as an all around RP if possible But a raiding and pvp Guild that will grow in numbers and power and be a primary home for which ever race. Any ideas how this could become possible?Kurettrath6 Dec 20, 2015
Dec 20, 2015 [A] 730+ hunter looking for RBG guild Hi, I am looking to join a guild that does rated battlegrounds. would love to get that mount, will listen, communicate and be active, any questions welcome, 23 years old playing out of Sydney Australia.Arianiee3 Dec 20, 2015