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Dec 9, 2015 Do you want to improve? Hi friends, so back when I first started doing arena, I had a fantastic group of friends who gave me tips, and played games with me, instructing me along the way and telling me what I needed to do better in a constructive, friendly way. Eventually, I was able to find partners on my own and use the knowledge they gave me to push CR. Without them, it would have taken me forever to reach my goals; I might not have even reached the, Their kindness and willingness to invest time in my growth as a player has really inspired me to reach out and see if there's anyone out there who'd like to play some games, or is just starting out and would like some tips on reaching where they want to be! I love helping people reach their goals, and I like to think I'm at least fairly knowledgeable when it comes to arena. Exp *Does not* matter, I'm more than happy to play with anyone who would like to push, or has an interest in learning! I can queue with you on my Resto Druid or Mage if Alliance, or Resto Druid or Afflic Lock on Horde! I'll be boosting a second warrior w/ my Legion boost soon, as well, so Alliance will be able to queue with that as well. I'm very chill, and won't rage or get upset if someone (including myself), makes a mistake- it's part of learning, and mistakes are something we can use to learn and grow from. I know I'm probably not the most popular on the ED forums ( ; ] ), but this is me being pretty genuine and asking if anyone would like to learn or just play some games. If I don't play your class, I'm sure I can still give some tips, and connect you with someone who DOES, and is willing to help you out. Looking forward to hopefully hearing from a few people, feel free to add my btag Happy#1248Sixgodtko40 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 List of official forum days. The following is the official list of forum specific holidays as voted on by the 2015 Emerald Dream Server Convention of Bi-Factional Correspondence (EDSCBFC): Sunday- @ thread day. [This day has been officially established in regards to the high levels of toxicity on this server. Through numerous scientific studies it has been noted that a healthy amount of rivalry to start out a new week benefits server productivity.] Monday- Thread necro day. [This day has been officially established in order to keep bringing up past drama to allow those involved to never live it down. It has also been cited that 50% of all transfers to Emerald Dream initially become interested on Mondays. This day will allow for Emerald Dream to cloak itself in a manner of self defense in order to keep further transfers from coming to the server.] Tuesday- Up vote day. [This day has been officially established in order to boost the confidence of those who were disappointed and/or "butt hurt" from Monday, and or Sunday. This will allow them to feel as though they are still a desired part of the community, and also boost morale server wide.] Wednesday- Down vote day. [This day has been officially established in order to take all the confidence that was made on Tuesday, and completely crush it. The result of an effective Wednesday should be the complete obliteration of any feelings still associated with Emerald Dream, thus desensitizing the server as a whole. This will essentially destroy any A) friends bringing friends to Emerald Dream, B) recommended transfers to Emerald Dream , C) emotional attachment to stay on Emerald Dream, D) etc.] Thursday- Open Friday- Imgur SS PVP happened day. [This day has been officially established to allow the denizens of ED to see the most recent kills against both A) those transfers who saw through the camouflaging self defense mechanism on Monday, B) those who have been deemed "undesirables" by at least 30% of the Emerald Dream population.] Saturday- Open Note: All specific holidays listed are subject to to change due to the following: A) Server wide special forum days. B) Officially regarded RP days. C) In the event of sad news. Note: The Emerald Dream Server Convention of Bi-Factional Correspondence (EDSCBFC) shall be convened again at the start of the new year (2016), topics discussed shall be as follows: A) Noted changes to holidays that should be taken into account. B) Officially dubbing all days listen as "Open". Signed 12/08/2015, Askari, chairman and spokesperson of the Emerald Dream Server Convention of Bi-Factional Correspondence (EDSCBFC).Askari17 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 LF guild (Alliance) would much prefer one that dabbles in everything (RP, PvE, PvP, but I'd much prefer a decent chunk of it being wpvp). -LF one that welcomes newly PvErs -Casual PvP is fine imo -Casual RP as i do enjoy dabbling into it from time to time but i dont mind if the guild doesnt include it -Id much rather stray away from the large-scale wpvp guilds as its just laggy and boring. I have a Ret/X, MW/WW, Boomy/X, and a rogue.Sebastius8 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 new to this realm hello everyone im really looking into RP/PVP realm and this is the only high pop realm. anyways, how is this realm? is it a good realm to play on? my main is on iilidan as horde (pvp realm) and i want to try emerald dream now for something newFakeyou9 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 Multiboxer again... This is becoming a terrible problem and Blizzard will not doing anything about it. it is ruining the game experience for thousands of people not many Alliance want to be on this server anymore because of this one person. Blizzard, please! Do something! Lore?! Anyone?!Tylmink22 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 New player Hello everyone I'm new to the game just downloaded it today and am very interested in the rp/pvp/pve aspect of the game. I was planning on going with a blood elf paladin and was wondering what the community/ guilds are like.Thenrgo12 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Returning player Looking for RP and PvP guild I've played WoW off and on since open beta. Long story short, I've come back to the game and I'm determined to go from scratch. I love RP, PvP, and having a good community of friends. Emerald Dream is where I'm settling. I'm looking to find a new 'family.' I prefer Horde, however if my quest for great RP and PvP deems me go Alliance, I'm open to it. Please take a moment to point me in the right direction or tell me about your RP/PvP guild. Thanks!Demortius4 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Ferrata (Emerald Dream Alliance) We are a newly formed guild looking for people to join our laid back community, Whether you're into ranked pvp, world pvp, dungeons, raids, or just hanging out with some cool people and enjoying your time in game. We have knowledgeable players willing to help recruits out. We have people with RBG experience. and just general knowledge of WoW and its workings. To anyone who may be interested in joining the ranks. Rise from the mists and earn yourself the right to be counted among the Ironclad.Vennarissa1 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Kingdom of the North RBGS Hello! We at Kingdom of the North are looking for a few more active players for our RBG/Arena teams. We are currently played at 1700 MMR back when we were Kingdom of Arathor. But all experience and current ratings are welcome! Here is the "What is needed now!" list. Healers: Mistweavers/RDruids Ranged DPS: Locks/Mages/Hunters/SPriest Melee DPS: Arm Warriors and DK's(Either Frost or Unholy). As we are on Emerald Dream, RP names or using TRP3 is recommended. If you enjoy Kingdom roleplay, check us out at www.kingdomofthenorth.net. If any questions, contact Grymar/Avici/Heiddi with any questions. Or contact me via btag: godcow#1113Grymar32 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 can we all agree on one thing? all male humans look the sameJazz26 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 GRIMMERS Is he here?!Xycron0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 So... about Feralas. I was informed, thanks for the help.Phen131 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 LF WPVP guild! Hunter looking for a world PVP guild. Don't really want to do massive 40v40 groups where it's just a lag fest. Looking for an active guild that participates in regular (once a week atleast) small/medium scale world PVP! I also would like to be apart of a guild that will actively do Ashran and more importantly Battlegrounds. I've always played PVP on all of my characters. But would like to actually get in on some rated battlegrounds. The most I've done with PVP was getting 1650 rating in 2v2 on my paladin healer! But my focus is now on the Hunter and rated battlegrounds.Keenshot2 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Just to be clear. Who is angiush? I thought he was preparedwows alliance alt or something. I know he and malsuck are budds. His twitter is galtherion or something, he hangs out with people from don't tell your mother and D7. I been seeing him around lately so I am just curious.Fenghuo120 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 So, playing WoW again. Need people in game to PvP with who want to be my friend. I'll probably be incredibly drunk.Propedal27 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 @Askari If the pen is mightier than the sword, why do actions speak louder than words?ßullseye9 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Help this cause people of emerald dream http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20043025320Ëder0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Alliance RP Hubs? Howdy, Checked all the usual places (Cath Disc, Blue Recluse, Cutthroat Alley) and didn't find any active RP. Does ED have a specific spot where people can have casual walk-up rp? It seems all the RP I've found is guild-oriented. Thanks. - MondoMondo4 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 @Sixgod Sixgodtko13 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 Feralas I'm really loving the server's RP guilds' participation in Feralas' RP-PVP battles. Good job to everyone who's made this a central RP hub for pvp and have been following the preset RP rules of engagement. Love it! Hope this remains a thing until Legion and isn't corrupted into something that it isn't meant to be. Keep it up guys!Nayrock8 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 Medieval Carnage <Medieval Carnage> Is looking for loyal members to join our rank, we're a social pvp guild that plans on doing Wpvp, Rbgs,Premade ashrans and Av. All are welcome to join officers spots not open just ingame whisper any members for a invite. Come be apart of a growing fast past community. We start doing events and all in the next two weeks Officers are still in great demand so as always give em Hell or give em Carnage!!! \m/Kthreerulez18 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 Better looking then me? Doubt it :P http://imgur.com/0gHOhAe PS: Also looking for a core rbg team on Allie and some nerds for arena! :)Homicidex29 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 @sixgodtko Wanna do 2s/BGs? I am drunk as balls atm, IDC what you do.Propedal3 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 HPally LF RBG Team Setting at 1500 from pugs this season, looking to hop on a team that runs regularly to push higher rating. Been playing off and on sense vanilla so I have a good sense of my class and others. Swerve #1445Swerve4 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 @Baëlroc So you get pooped on by my undergeared hunter, then complain about it, but won't fight me in an even match on our mains? Come on, you said you'd eat me on your Ret, but then ignore me. All I want is a fair fight. -With love, another character who uses an "ë".Rëppz8 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 [A-Open RP] Feathermoon Stronghold RP Hub! If you’re looking for a new place for your walk-up RP, try out Feathermoon Stronghold! Rich in lore and flexible adventuring themes, Feralas is a prime location for all your RP needs. With the community in mind, several guilds such as <Warbringer> and <House Valron> seek to make Feathermoon Stronghold an RP hub. In order to do this, we’ll need to spread the word and make it easy for people to get involved. There is also an optional (but encouraged!) RP-PvP theme headed by the two aforementioned guilds, so be on your toes! Much like <Resolve>’s successful efforts to make Grom’gol Outpost an awesome RP hotspot in the past, Feathermoon as an RP hub will only be as fun as people make it. If you haven’t already, type in “/join RP” to get better connected to the community and don’t be afraid to chat with other people. The RP channel should be used to as a sort of “global General channel” to get RP rolling. Included in this thread is an RP post that can help give characters a decent reason for being in the region. The IC post was left intentionally vague, so that you're able to craft original storylines around it! In fact, you don't need to have your character have a reason to be there at all! Just feel it out, and have your character meet some new people. Feathermoon has a lot of neat, empty rooms and cool areas. Let’s have fun with this! Feralas/Desolace RP-PvP Campaign Rules (Updated 11/21) 1. No Flying. No flying is allowed if you’re participating. This is set in place in order to make fights reasonably fair. No one likes fights being provoked only to disengage and get complete immunity and safety from PvP. No exceptions. 2. Don't be a jerk. Being a jerk could mean different things to different people, but one should ask themselves “do I want to be sap spammed by some scrub while I’m emoting who I could eat alive?” Remember: do onto others what you would to yourself. But here are a few examples that can help you adhere to rule 2: Don’t camp a small band of roleplayers with a raid triple it’s size without hope of them being able to fight back. General etiquette. Avoid emote spam, entity spam (tents, feasts). They spam the chat and make it harder for raid leaders on each faction to co-ordinate, or for RP’ers to emote between fights. Respect roleplay. A large part as to what is making the Feralas/Desolace campaign so successful is the wonderful context that can be provided only through roleplay. 3. Open communication to resolve conflict, avoid inciting it. Ganking is allowed in this campaign, with no safe zones and no warning required. However, with so many people coming into the campaign, wires will definitely be crossed. If there is conflict, get in contact with a member of the attacking raid and resolve problems there. Taking screenshots of rulebreaking and publicly posting them on Twitter or on the Emerald Dream forums without speaking to the offenders only makes things worse. RP-PVP Campaign info thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19891109020Sharp76 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 So... What should we talk about, I've been so stinkin' bored recently. Between studying for my finals, and not having a twitter anymore, I have nothing to completely WASTE my time on. There's no appeal to play WOW atm. Like, idk, even RP bores me these days. Ganking has gotten old. I guess I still log on every now and then, but that's just to see if anyone I hate is online so I can hunt them down. I might actually try watching this show called "One Punch Man" or something. I've always hated anime, but I figure it's worth a shot. Idk tho, this dude wears spandex. I hate spandex.Askari11 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 Even wolves howl with their jaws half shut. Everything is meaningless. Nobody cares about your damn toothpaste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecTZHtHPmioAshishishe13 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 [Story] Homeward Bound (And Bonus Snippet) ((Just a little thing to get me going on this solitary plot for Juz and Zinki.)) Juzmik let loose a cry of pain, hand clutching his chest as he collapsed backward onto the damp Shadowprey turf. The others watched with varying expressions as he succumbed to the incredibly forceful blow he had been dealt. Zinki let out a cry of anguish, hands over her mouth as the victor continued to wail on the Amani’s prone body with his tiny, tiny fists. With a grin, Juzmik cracked open an eye and lunged for the small child, who let out a wail of excitement as the older troll counterattacked with a suitable amount of tickles. “You think you beat me, huh, lil man?” Riska screeched and kicked the air as Juzmik rolled his feet, tucking the small child under his arm. “You’re my kid now, aiite?” The small child cried out a laughing wail of woe. “I’m gonna teach you how to make sandwiches n’ pick up hot people, how’s that sound?” Zinki swung her feet back and forth, perched on the railing nearby, carefully watching the pair. She had been asked by the chief to watch his boy, and had been teaching him how to tumble when her interloping brother had arrived, Taz’jin and Umcha on either side. The shadow hunter and the druid had settled down nearby, speaking in low tones about Gonk and shrines, but the restless kitten of a boy had crept ever closer as Juzmik and Riska had grown ever louder. A tug at her skirt drew her eye down to a meaty looking Goblin with a missive clutched tightly in his gauntleted hand. “You, eh, you wid this G’Warth outfit?” Across the way, the kicking toddler landed a blow to the real wound on Juzmik’s left side, leaving the Amani on the floor while Riska relished his actual victory. “I, um. Yes. Who look for?” She began as Taz’jin approached, leaning against her railing. She muttered quietly to him for direction, smiling gratefully as he took over, fielding the collection and the courier payment. The Darkspear pulled a small dagger from seemingly nowhere, slitting open the envelope with a careful, quick hand. After a moment, he raised his eyes toward Juzmik and called him over, holding out the letter with a solemn set to his lined face. He spared Zinki a quick, sympathetic glance that she didn’t quite understand before retreating back toward Umcha. Her brother skimmed the letter, his frown deepening. “What is it?” Zinki asked, leaning forward to peer at the strange Orcish symbols. Juzmik bit his lip, not looking up. “Mama’s sick.” --- ((I started writing this the other day and then got bored.)) “Dance wid me, c’mooooon.” The stumble in his step and the panicked intensity with which Juzmik clutched at Sarjen’s shoulders to catch himself suggested enough; the half-empty bottle dropped with careless abandon and the glazed look in his eyes just adds fuel to the fire. Silvermoon is cold, a winter storm caught by the normally tepid breeze, and the knight had been reading by the light of a candle when the pink tinged lilac face had fallen against the doorframe. A nuzzle against his cheek, a muttered, “I meant to do that”; artificially warmed affection intensifying the boy’s touch. “C’mon.” He whispers, not quite as lowly as he thinks. The older troll turned, just enough, book abandoned with a neatly placed thread of a mark. Mud-colored hands, patchwork scars of artificially healed stitches, wrap around narrow hips, pulling his scout closer. “There’s no music.” He began, pressing his face close to Juzmik’s ear. He felt the smile tug around curved tusks, fancies a recollection of what wine must smell like on his breath.Juzmik5 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 Dark Iron Dwarves Are there any Dark Iron Dwarf ( or related ) guilds ?Direforge4 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 The End of the World tomorrow !! Patch 4.0.3a will be deployed on live servers this week and will change the world of Azeroth forever http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/ We should have a world end party on realm tonight. Borsdeganis25 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 Less is more You guys do realize all of these @posts and CTA threads over on the general forums are like a homing signal for other multiboxers, right? Talk about a prime example illustrating the "law of unintended consequences."Xeer3 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Gnome Hunt Contest Entries Post Here! IMGUR.com Create Album Post the link here In screenshot include Combat Log showing that YOU killed the disgusting beast. Ingame clock and calendar should be in screenshot to. No entries before Dec 5th 0001 in the morning. No double entries for a single hunter. ( example. Gnomhunter kills Bwok. GnomHunter kills bwok again...only one is worth the points. ) SCREENSHOTS WITH YOU IN A GROUP/ANY OF THE GROUP UI UP WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND NOT COUNTED. ONLY SOLO KILLS. GNOMES YOU ARE ALLOWED TO GROUP UP. 6- up from 3, Rare/Boss gnomes worth triple points : Bwok, Gizex, Vexlander, Hebro, Tinksy,Tigglespark Official rule/promotion thread http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20043674609 @faggyaggy (twitter) if need me during day--will be on my gnome tigglesparkAglaica24 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 RP back story question. So, I was thinking of making Phen a villain of sorts, say a Monk that practices the art of meditation and martial arts in hand to hand combat, but uses it for her own twisted purposes. How far is "too" far to go with this? Basically I want to turn Phen into a crazy murderer.Phen25 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Lore Question: Who is the highest Highlord? WARNING: Spoilers for Legion below, turn back now. So recently, Blizzard made the controversial decision to make Ashbringer the artifact weapon for retribution paladins, granting the title of Highlord to any and all ret paladins who take part in the quest line. Most role players have decided to simply ignore this fact for obvious reasons, though an important question still remains... Who are we as role players supposed to refer to as the Highlord from this point onward? We now no longer know the name, gender, race, or even faction of our own Highlord, and are now forced to simply refer to this character as "The Highlord" and nothing else. So I ask you, ED, for myself and all other paladin role players, who is the highest lord of all?Tinksy26 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @Tinksy I wanted one too.Tinksy12 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 For those of you that like PvP videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RooLrh8oFik Found this this morning, actually like it A LOT it's pre 6.1 Ele pvpPhen1 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @Ganlord NO!Keybuh8 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 The Abduction of Donkey Day 3 I tried to free him from Meeps Jail for Donkeys but as you can see she put two very geared galloping guards in with him. I will mine all night for some Diamond Armor and try the rescue again tomorrow. http://imgur.com/PYpoOP1Catalinamoon6 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 LF Moose Run - 40k Not looking to pay much more than that. Willing to stick with a guild afterward and pay more that way. deltrigger#1419Anathemata1 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @monty Its official now bro. Your own call out thread not made by you dawg.Askari12 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @[insert name here] Hope you had a lovely Saturday and an equally nice Sunday, you [insert adjective of choice].Juzmik2 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @ED For now on Sundays will be referred to as @thread-day Thanks.Askari1 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 So many @ threads tonight Can I get one too?Ganlord3 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @Coulie dont be mad....be glad! :D :D :DCrøøkz8 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Lol http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20042985124?page=1#0Moonnmoon4 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 @Taelyrenenennen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIfbghHdG1sAskari39 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Someone to play with Hey, I'm looking for someone to start a new character with, leveling only by questing. Possibly go through and discuss the quests, use our professions to help each other as we progress, maybe get a little into character. I will be rolling a human rogue, but If you roll a different Alliance race we could meet up after the starting zones and start from wherever. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing. Dolus#1232Dolos2 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Gnome Hunt! - Contest- Dec 5 Saturday DEC 5th from 1201 am - Dec 5th 1159PM winners announced on the 6th. Have your albums posted by 1159 PM Server time (Cst) To celebrate the gnomish menace getting Hunters, they once again become the hunted. What use to be a monthly event held by Maggotspine, is being expanded horde wide, with some more stipulations. Screenshot with clear calendar date and time and target focused BEFORE released. must be sent to imgur...please make a specific album for your gnome adventures. All gnomes (minus 3 select few *rare* or boss mob type gnome players) will be worth 5 points...rare/boss gnomes will be worth 15 points Rare/Boss gnomes will be announced prior to contest. (Hebro, Tinksy , Gizex ) Only one death will count towards total. (cannot get multiple points for killing same players gnome over and over) ENTRY ALBUMS SHOULD BE POSTED TO ENTRY THREAD: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20042845007 Cannot be in a group when killing the gnome - No ashran/bg/ city raid counts Prizes come from donations. will update prizes as donations come in: Aglaica donated 2 elekk plushies, 2 hexweave bags, 3750g donated. Bitrathean donated 4 hexweave bags Vile- 10,000 First place: Elekk Plushie, 4 Hexweave Bags and 5000g Second Place: 2Hexweave Bag, Elekk Plushie and 2000g Third Place: 1750gAglaica62 Dec 6, 2015