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Sep 28, 2015 The Purple Wizard returns to Emerald Dream! (Yes, I, The Purple Wizard returns. I came back to ED enjoying all the great travelers! All my friends, family and of course.. The Travelers!) (I try my hardest to make everyone laugh, yes I'll be that one that'll act like a moron just to make you laugh, brighten your day, I would gladly sacrifice my image just to put a smile on a face. I'll accept anyone, I'd gladly role play with anyone, anything, or whatever you are. I don't care if you're a troll or a serious role player! I don't care! Now, to shorten this post a tad, I've been called overrated by someone, claims that I put no effort towards Jason Brander, I'll let you know that 75% of my time of playing World of Warcraft, and role playing that I am on The Purple Wizard. You can nearly ask anyone on the Alliance Rping community about The Purple Wizard, and they'll tell you all about Jason! I'm friends with everyone, 73rd, TCU, some other people that I can't think of.. Because I'm half asleep and drunk, but everyone! Well... I love you all, I accept you all.. Besides that person who called me overrated, I don't like you. :<) HUHUHU! I AM BACK THE LEGENDARY PURPLE WIZARD OF AZEROTH! And.. Calum The Messenger Moth.Jasonbrander22 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Server Problems? Is anyone else having problems when logging into the server. Some times I can log in but I get disconnected, other times it won't even show my characters. All of the other servers I play on works with no problem. My friend on the same server is having the same problem as well. Anyone have any insight?Tikicleave9 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Where my anime/manga bros at So, with wod being complete garbage, I've been enjoying my other hobbies a bit more. What are you guys watching/reading? Excited about the new season starting next week? Who are your waifus? Will guts ever get off the boat? idk wow sucks lolDjricoswaze48 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP Day] Secrets in the Grass (A Vignette) (( I'd written this as an exercise where several writers in the RP community on Ravenholdt would 'swap' characters for a story, trying to match the tone, behavior and experiences that the original author used with the character, but given the natural perception of the author writing the current story. )) -- One might call it a standoff. In reality, his opponent was winning. Black eyes like oily pits of malice and corruption glared back at him, mocking his weakness. An inhuman chatter that sounded suspiciously like laughter rained down from the boughs of the tree just overhead, where he knew the vile demonic creature he faced was watching, waiting. He could hear its sinister, sharp claws digging into the bark of the tree as it moved to better conceal itself. Soon, it would attack again. He felt a growl begin low in his own belly. Its vibration spread as his frustration and fear built, the pitch finally becoming audible. Come on! I'm ready for you! Time started to constrict as he felt the edge of battle sliding under his feet. Soon he would topple over the precipice into a fighting rage, and it would be on -- jaws snapping and claws rending, both his and the monster's above him. A rasping noise -- was he yelling? The pitch kept climbing, furious and staccato, daring the beast to come down and confront him. He was... he was... was he barking? Behind him, a quiet cough brought Tyrgarde fully back to himself. His ears, which had lain flat against his skull came up as he turned. "Boof?" A pair of Stormwind guards had stopped to watch the spectacle. He felt one ear drooping with embarrassment. Oh gods, he'd been yapping again, hadn't he? He pointed back at the tree, "Squirrel." The guard nodded and nudged his partner who fell into step beside him as they continued their patrol. Tyrgarde noticed the sunlight gleaming off their armor. He wondered how they got it so shiny. Then, something on the ground caught his attention. His quarrel with the squirrel was momentarily forgotten as he picked up a battered top hat and put it on. Today would be a good day to look for secrets in the grass! He started to whistle a merry tune, but it came out a bit more like, "Pthtpthpthp!" He remembered whistling From Before, but he was forgetting something. He tried pursing the front of his muzzle and breathed out. He managed a little hiss. Next he tried sticking out his tongue. This time he got a reedy little squeak. It was better than nothing. Squeak. Squeak. A trio of pretty girls on their way to the Mage tower giggled as they passed. Squeak. "Thello ladieth!" Squeak. Another peal of giggles. Oh yeah. Tongue. Tyrgarde pulled his tongue back in. Maybe he needed lips? But birds whistled and they didn't have lips. Being a bird would be fun. What would it be like to fly? That must be magnificent! Did birds ever get bored with flying? Did they ever wish they could ride horses? Would horses actually go where they wanted to go? Tyrgarde pondered this as he walked, paws in pockets, through the tunnel leading to the canals. By the time the wet, fishy smell of the canals reached his nose, he'd decided that horses or no, being a bird would be awesome. Especially if he were a bird that ate squirrels! He stopped himself mid-growl. Coins jingled in his pocket. His battle with the little furry menace would wait. The candy lady liked coins. And he liked candy. Yes, candy was good. And so were big, fluffy biscuits. Maybe later he would pick some flowers. The barmaid at the Blue Recluse liked flowers, and usually gave him a biscuit when he brought them. Content with his plans, Tyrgarde stuck out his tongue and started whistling again. Squeak. Squeak....Landrêth6 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP]Im late for RP day and don't have a title ((This is probably not great, here's an intro story for my newest character for the cross-server event coming up called Silver sickness. This story isn't really about the sickness itself but about my character I'll be using for it. Find out more at: silversickness.tumblr.com )) It was a noisy day in Dalaran. Polymatha sat within her airy classroom, her eyes peering over her half-moon spectacles at the papers on her desk. A quill in her hand scribbled back and forth on the parchment before her. The room of students around her was silent, save for the scratching of pens on paper, the occasional cough, or shifting of garments. Outside the walls of the classroom, a faint commotion could be heard- though the students and their instructor paid no attention to it. It seemed there was always something going on in Dalaran these days. The Professor’s ear twitched as the door to the chamber opened suddenly, flooding the room with the sheer volume of the commotion outside. “Professor!” Came the cry from the doorway, causing the woman’s head to look upwards at the raggard Sin’dorei youth hanging in the doorway. “T- The Kirin Tor! There’s-” As the youth stuttered, Polymatha finally registered exactly what she was hearing from outside her sanctum. Steel clashing upon steel, whistles and pulls of magic being drawn from the air, the unmistakable screams of death and agony. She stood, and the rest of the class soon began to recognize the noises as well, growing unnerved. The Professor had heard fighting before in Dalaran, and that day had stuck with her across the years. For a tense moment she stood, studying the noises as the students murmured in worry to each other. Finally, she turned, and as easily as she had demonstrated within the classroom, opened a shimmering portal before her. “Class dismissed.” Polymatha spoke curtly. “You have no homework.” Though her tone remained calm, the students eagerly rushed to stand and reach the portal as she closed the doors once more with a flick of her wrist. Her eyes sharply examined each student over the rim of her glasses as they evacuated through the portal, silently noting as the footsteps outside grew closer and closer. The doors shuddered as the outside forces pounded against them. The Students gasped in fear, and Polymatha simply responded by shoving the last two into the portal, and closing it before they could even protest. Not a moment too soon, as the doors swiftly opened, the Kirin Tor agents flooding the classroom and surrounding the Professor. “Hands up, Sunreaver. Surrender and come quietly, and you will not be harmed.” The professor turned slowly, her aged eyes settling on the purple clad humans and High Elves, looking as if they had just disrupted an important lecture. “I am nothing but a simple teacher. I have no interest in this war and pose no threat.” “Our orders from the Lady Proudmoore are final. All Sunreavers are to be confiscated. Those who resist will be put down like the dogs you are.” “I am no dog, nor will I be placed in chains.” Polymatha tipped her chin upwards. “I will repeat myself- I am no threat to you, and have no place in this war. I am but a simple teacher, leave me be.” The battlemages tensed, holding their staves and blades ready, the arcane fields around their fingers tensing. When they did not stand down, Polymatha let out a wearied sigh, and reached up to remove the half-moon spectacles from her face. “I had worried it would come to this.” A fearsome roar, and a blinding blue light filled the chamber. —- In the clearing of the woods below the floating city, the students of Polymatha Leylight sat, shivering in the chill of the Northrend air, and wondering their fate. They did not have to wait for long, as moments later a portal opened once more, and out stepped their professor, placing her spectacles upon her nose once more. “Professor! How did you…” “How did I what?” She spoke sharply towards the Sin’dorei. “Get out of Dalaran!They-” “Well it’s quite obvious, isn’t it?” Polymatha scoffed, adjusting her cloak primly, beginning to walk forward among the students. “I simply walked out.”Polymatha1 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP Day] Noodles and beads (( Links to my two previous stories RP Backstory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18194085381 Last RP day - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18724763954 )) "That'll be ten gold." "Ten gold?! Dat be too much fo' dis soup of yas. Dis just be some noodles and some wata." "Sorry mister, but these are the prices. We at the Halfhill Market make sure our prices aren't too high or too low to ensure the best for both the customer and business parties. We all..." At this time Zalanjo had already lost interest in the conversation, as the female pandaren continues her speech about the price, the troll takes some gold from his pocket and places it in the merchant's hand. Zalanjo takes his bowl of soup and walks towards a nearby tree to enjoy his meal away from the rest of the rambling people. With both the horde and the alliance settling on the land of Pandaria the Halfhill Market can be seen with people of all races shopping, chatting, cooking and eating. "Ten gold fo' dis soup, BAH!" Zalanjo picks up some of the noodles with his fingers and places them in his mouth while sipping the broth inbetween chews. "If I knew da ways of dis kinda cookin' ya damn well be bettin' I neva charge dat much. Sure dis be pretty good, but no where near da kinda price she be askin' fo'." Zalanjo continues to eat his meal and an elderly Pandaren walks up to him. "Excuse me son, but I couldn't help but over hear that you seem interested in the art of Pandaren Noodle Soups?" The pandaren asked with a smile on his face. "Uh, I jus' wanna eat dis soup. Whatcha wan' bear?" The troll asks as he continues to eat his meal, the broth of the soup can be seen dripping from his face. "Well I happen to agree with what you have said, while I am capable of calling everyone here my friend. I don't agree with how my friends are handling the market, what with you and your "horde" and this "alliance" here attempting to trade and learn. I feel as though I must do something to help you and your fellow people out." The Pandaren sits next to the Troll as he eats his meal. "Hmm." The troll finishes the noodles and begins to chug the broth of the soup. After finishing, he places the bowl on the ground next to him. "Sounds ta me like ya had someting in mind. So I be askin' ya again, whatcha wan' mon?" He begins to pick at his teeth with his fingers. "Well, you see. I use to be a noodle soup chef myself. I'm actually the one who brought the recipe to Halfhill Market. Over the years things began to change in the Market. I won't go into further details, you seem like the type of person who wouldn't be.. interested" Zalanjo can be seen picking at the inside of his ear with a finger. Barely paying attention to the conversation. "So I'm looking for someone to teach what I know so that when I pass on, my teachings can still be alive beyond my years." "Ya, why not." Zalanjo stands up and dusts himself off. "Really? That didn't take much convincing." "I'm not one ta tink too much about tings. let's get goin' mon." "Very well then, my name is Bolin Alefur. What shall I call you friend?" The Pandaren extends his hand out towards the Troll. "Da name be Zalanjo." The two shake hands and walk towards Alefur's home. "So tell me Zalanjo, what experience do you have in cooking?" "Nutin'." "Really?" "Ya mon, nutin'." "Hmm, well I guess we should begin from the basics. Follow me." The two spend the next few days discussing recipes and the art of Noodle crafting and cooking. *Insert montage music*Dustfingur10 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Oh, baby! So here's the thing. Yeah!Myis17 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Happy Monday Have a splendid day making $$$$$$$$ or whatever it is you do.Jazz4 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] Advisory Regarding Draenor Supplies Due to several reports from Alliance supply depots claiming to be experiencing unusual phenomena, there will be a temporary reduction in supplies transported to the off-world frontlines of Tanaan Jungle. Senior Alliance officers on Draenor will receive orders in the coming days containing new rationing mandates. The following military installations in Draenor will see a reduction of supplies and raw material from Azeroth: Fort Wrynn Southport Lunarfall Garrison Stormshield Despite these supply reductions, all Alliance personnel should carry on, as victory in Tanaan still lies within our grasp. We have seen several decisive victories in the battle against the Fel Iron Horde, and Hellfire Citadel is besieged. Existing supplies should carry us through to seeing the Burning Legion repelled from Draenor. For the Alliance, and for Azeroth! Sollin Dawnsong Commander, 31st Logistics Division “Thoradin’s Will” ((This IC advisory is directly related to the Silver Sickness, a multi-server multi-faction month-long event. Find out how to join, be involved, and join in at the ground level at silversickness.tumblr.com. This RP is also a follow up to a previous post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19072537945#1 ))Sharp2 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [Contest Story] Hex Aura ((I don't have an RP character to post this on since it's a short story with characters I made up. 2 for 1 contest entry and RP day stuff. Didn't proofread either so might have some odd mistakes here and there. Enjoy.)) ----------------------------------------------------- The wizard went through the notes in his head over and over. So many reports, strange occurences, tales and rumors were concentrated in this particular town, it almost seemed like a story of a dream told by the local drunk. Reports of seemingly random lashes of harsh violence, threats, people wandering out of their homes at night and standing still. Even rumors of evil cackling in the hills were made and distributed amongst the locals. Something was afoot. Step by step, the wizard made progress in his journey to the now infamous town on the plains of Westfall. It had been years since he last smelled the grass of the farmland, colliding with the thick and humid ocean air. Leaky oil and gas mixed itself with the ocean breeze as the farmers crudely built somewhat effective harvest golems which made gleans and strokes across the soil. They dug into the earth and turned it over, creating the very rows which farmers used for tending. They were the lifeblood of humanity, these farms. This city dweller understood and respected the processes. The wizard had passed several farms and their homes before taking a very minimal break. Sure, he could see the now fully built Sentinel Hill, his destination, in the distance but he felt the urge to take a moment. A moment to have a chat with the locals and request a sip of the fine farmland well water. He made his way to the fence surrounding a farmer's freshly tilled field and quickly spotted the owner of the land. "Dear sir!" The wizard began to maintain a sweat under the Westfall sun. He raised his voice. "May I bother you for a small drink of your land's water. From the well, specifically?" "Are you going to p-pay for it?" The farmer shouted back. "Pay? For well water?" The old man scratched his chin. "If I must!" "Have the coin ready at h-hand!" Paying for a small drink of countryside water? From the well? This is already a ridiculous place. "Here you go." The farmer held a small drinking mug in one hand. He extended the other hand, palm out, waiting for his payment. "T-t-twenty-five silver coins. I need it. I'm exactly t-t-twenty-five pieces away from trading a gold p-p-piece in for a Clarence Coin." "Excuse me, I'm new around these parts. Did you say a Clarence Coin? What the blazes could that be?" Twenty-five silver coins fell out of the wizard's hand as they dropped into the farmer's palm. The mug of water reached the old man's grip. The farmer made eye contact with the wizard. Deep confusion danced around in his eyes while his lips quivered and his voice stuttered. He attempted to answer, "W-w-well, it all started when bunch of fancy m-m-men came strolling into town. A bank they says they is. They gonna help us get out of the rut of Westfall. T-t-told us to bring us all our gold so we exchange it for their own money. T-they have a good system and all but it's just bad news for the regular folk. Ever since everything's been in place, everyone has been real different. Some good different and some bad different. We aren't supposed ta talk about it much." A stream of water fell out of the rim of the mug and quenched the thirst of the bald wizard. He felt some droplets landing on the collar of his elegent black and grey robes and wiped them away before turning to the farmer. "Oh? Why is that?" "Well, like I said, The Hill's been great with the eco-nammy---" "Economy." "Ya. That. Except people are d-d-disappearin' at all hours of day and night. Sometimes other people, good folk, outright murderin' and h-hurtin' each other at the marketplace. Some of the fellas be talkin' about some magical stuff bein' in the coins. We aint supposed ta talk about it 'cause of how well tha bank been treatin' the land. The bank fellas take care of the b-bad ones." Rogue Mage? Possibly a warlock in disguise? These coins, as ridiculous as they are named, must be the object of interest in a massive hex aura. I need to get to Sentinel Hill. Now. "Interesting." The wizard took another swig of the refreshing water. "Well I do hope the coin will do your land well." The farmer's eyes suddenly grew joyous, vanquishing confusion and fear from before. "Ahh yea, the Clarence Coins been great for me, sir. Me children been wearin' somewhat fancy clothes for the market days and me wife lookin' prettier than ever. Them coins sure have been a blessin'. They aren't so bad if they bringin' you good luck." "I'll be on my way." The wizard returned the mug and made a nod. "Thank you for the drink, good sir." "Yep, yep."Graphite8 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] Trinkets and Treasures ((Lith used to do other things before becoming a monk, so here's a really short thing about that. I didn't proofread because I'm lazy sorry.)) Sitting at the edge of a rooftop, near the open balcony of a pricey Silvermoon apartment, Felithran shut her eyes, listening. Murmured voices, some laughter, soft music. The sounds all drifted out into the night’s sky, coasting along the breeze. Often she wondered what these types of parties were like, to actually attend a social function that required fine clothes, sparkling jewelry and similarly costly wines. What did they talk about, even? Business? Politics? Or maybe they did little else but discuss those same fine clothes, jewelry and wines for hours. An idle curiosity, in truth, that masked subtle jealousy. Her fingers toyed with the trinket that dangled off her bracelet, a nervous habit. The little hour-glass charm with it’s gem-dust ‘sand’ had been a gift, from Felithran’s father, and while she didn’t like to consider herself sentimental, it was like an anchor. It kept her grounded, kept her level headed. With a deep breath, she pulled dark leather gloves back on, securely tucking the trinket inside. Best to keep good luck safe, keep it close. She’d certainly need it. The voices went faint, the light coming from the balcony went dim. Time to go. She shifted her body on the edge, for a moment dangling, then hopping to the balcony. She landed at a crouch, slipping closer, standing and pressing her back to the wall. Listening for voices, listening for footsteps in case anyone decided to come back into the room. Lith gave it a moment, counting mentally, before moving. Lith didn’t step into the room just yet, that’d be silly. Any high-end residence in Silvermoon had various brands of security measures in place to protect valuables, of course. In the city, everything hummed with arcane, this was no different. Quietly, the redhead looked around the frame of the entrance, ghosting her hands around the edges. The wards were familiar, she’d seen them before in other apartments. For being a pricey living space, they certainly skimped on the security. Perhaps they thought the place was guarded enough by status alone to let them use low end wards. Disabling them was a short task. Even though Lith’s knowledge of the arcane was limited to basics of any Sin’dorei, you picked up a trick or two when it came to alarm and protection wards if you made the right friends. Typically shady friends, but it was all relative. She snuck into the dimly lit room, the voices of the inhabitants distant and muffled. A quick glance around, slow and cautious steps further before again she paused. Additional wards would be wise to place near valuables, and the item on a gaudy pedestal was certainly worth a lot. Relics and antiques were often a show of wealth for some, but Lith knew the reliquary would definitely pay a hefty sum of gold for it as well. And what good was a relic doing in some snobby Sin’dorei’s home, anyway? Better left to those that’d study it properly and earn Lith some gold at the same time. Crouching slightly, she examined the pedestal itself, pulling a small device from her pocket, checking the base and along the wall behind it. Another ward, she could see the very faint arcane runes glow and pulse. Slightly more complex, but in the grand scheme of things, unimpressive. Using the small tinkering device, she disabled this ward as well. Standing upright, she quietly looked to the relic as it sat there, partly chipped and worn from age, but it seemed to be a glowing tome. What it contained, she wasn’t sure nor did she really care. All she knew was that it was worth gold if sold to the right people. Smiling quietly, she picked up the heavy tome, turning it over in her hands. An old, dusty book with tattered pages, a faint green glow coming from a symbol etched into the cover. For a split second she had to wonder where it came from, but the thought left her mind quickly enough. Why should she care where some moldy book came from? She shoved the tome into her pack and started for the balcony again. Hoisting herself up on the railing, she glanced over her shoulder to confirm the emptiness of the room before taking the jump. Once on the ground, she started off at a brisk pace. It was best not to be seen loitering in an area outside of her social status, particularly when it may be mere hours before the party’s host would realize they’d had an uninvited guest. Such a pity their party would be marred by a theft, and the gossip that would follow. Without realizing, a slightly smug grin surfaced on her features. Absolutely dreadful.Felithran6 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] A Few Questions ((This is writing that's roughly a year old, very lightly revised. Couldn't get myself together enough this week to write anything new for Selynth, but still wanted to post for her. I take liberties when writing about the relationship between the forsaken and the light, so personal interpretation is here. )) Reading was such a wonderful escape at times, truly. If one looked in the right places, they could get their hands on various different types of books. Tomes dealing with history, research about Azeroth and beyond, even simple stories. When you had as much time as anyone who no longer drew breath, it made it easy to become a bit of a bibliophile. She paced slowly, a book held open in one hand as the other was gently pressed to her own cheek. Softly, she read to herself, voice a barely-there whisper, words easily lost in the quiet stillness of her ‘study’. Short lived stillness, anyway. The silence was broken violently, the rattling of chains and the sound of thrashing limbs hitting heavily against the unforgivably hard slab of the table across the room. This didn’t startle her, though it did send a little white rat squeaking in a frantic manner from his perch on that same table’s edge and off the surface entirely. The creature she’d affectionately named ‘Whiskers’ was a bit of a coward. He tended only to dare get close to Selynth’s ‘guests’ if they weren’t moving. As such, once this guest began convulsing it sent him running. Scampering across the floor, he smacked into the side of Selynth’s foot. Squeaking still, the rat gripped the edges of her robes and began to hoist himself up. He climbed without much hindrance, settling cautiously on the priestess’ shoulder. As if forgetting he’d been spooked, he started nosing at Selynth’s hand, which was still idly pressed to her cheek. She’d stopped pacing but still kept reading, scanning over the text. Almost distractedly, she pet at Whiskers and the rat leaned into the attention. For a moment, the little thing was calm. He did jolt and cling to her shoulder when the noise began anew, however. Selynth’s eyes hadn’t left the book just yet. “It’s dreadfully rude to act out in such a manner while I’m reading. You can get my attention successfully with a more polite approach.” She waved her free hand. “Simply saying 'Pardon me,’ would do wonders.” She finally looked over to the source of the noise. Her guest was thrashing again, before going still. A low, gurgling sound was barely audible. Even if he tried speaking, such an action was hindered by the fact that she’d already relieved him of his tongue. The priestess blinked, and laughed lightly, shaking her head. “Oh, that’s right. How silly of me, for all I know you're currently trying to be polite.” She snapped the book closed. The sound was like a sudden crack of lightning that further broke the silence and stillness of before. Gently placing the book on her desk, she ran slender fingertips against the aged cover almost pensively. “Silly indeed.” As if sensing what was to come, Whiskers jumped off her shoulder, to the desk, then to the floor. He hid. With slow, calm steps she approached the table, hands clasped behind herself. Wordlessly, she regarded the forsaken chained to the slab. More rattling of chains, desperate, perhaps angry movements in a futile attempt to get free. Considering the strength of them, it was likely his limbs would break before the chains. Such a spiteful glare was fixed upon her, but all it did was prompt a disinterested look from her own similarly glowing eyes. “Now then, it appears we are at an impasse.” She mused. Briefly, she looked over her handiwork, which was written on the his form rather gruesomely. In life, Selynth had been a healer. She’d been a priestess of the light, and upon rising, for some reason the light had not fully left her. She was still able to wield it, to a degree. So she utilized it as a Confessor. In all honesty the removal of his tongue had been minimal compared to the rest of the interrogation, and in truth was only done because he was just so damned noisy. His rotting flesh was burned in many places, then healed over by her skills. Cauterized. Then it was torn asunder again and again. When Selynth asked a question, she had nothing but time to draw out an answer no matter how agonizingly slow the process. Few things really hurt a forsaken, truly. The light, however, happened to be one of those things. “You see, I know I said if you cooperated, however eventual that cooperation was, I would let you go.” She tilted her head to the side. “However it is worth noting that I…I say a lot of things.” She smiled. “Not all of them true, in fact. And let’s be serious, if I let you go, I wouldn’t be doing my duty to the Undercity.”Sélynth5 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] On the Bonnie Banks of Lake Mereldar (( Though it's speculated that the Crusader's in Tyr's Hand were killed and raised by Balnazzar, there is no actual lore on what actually happened to them. This story was originally intended for Uri's contest, but it just didn't want to be written in a way that adhered to the rules. I hope you guys enjoy my interpretation of what may have happened in Tyr's Hand despite that! And, if you'd like to know what Eldie is singing at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feLT7Btuqpc )) They all felt the world tremble as what would eventually be rumoured to be a dragon erupted from its prison, and the only words that would come to Eldraeda Sommer’s mind were: The Light is not enough. It was, in all truthfulness, sacrilegious. If she had said the words aloud, there would have been a dear price to pay; but they were safe, tucked away in the bowels of her brain, hidden from the prying eyes of her fellow Crusaders in their red and white tabards. In the end, however, she was right. Outside Tyr’s Hand, the wind shifted. It carried a faint mist on its breeze, a quiet haze that hid the putrid stench and sight of the land that had once been called Lordaeron. Now, it was simply called the Eastern Plaguelands, and the rot it had become was a far cry from its once lush, green hills. Eldraeda had grown up in what was now the Wastern Plaguelands, on an island in the middle of a lake. Caer Darrow had withstood the plague far longer than the neighboring hamlets and villages, but the young Crusader had left its welcoming arms to try and rid the world of the Scourge long ago. The Crusaders who remained at Tyr’s Hand no longer got their water from the lake; it had become a festering pit of plague, and even the fish inside it were undead. Instead, their water came from a small well at the back of their territory, dug deep enough that the sickness of the topsoil had yet to reach it. Days for Eldraeda passed slowly, now. Gone was the time when her order was a threat to anything other than rotting bears and bats; the Horde and the Alliance both had crushed them between their armies and adventurers, and Tyr’s Hand had become one of the last remaining strongholds of a once-great Crusade. Armour was polished, spars were had, the occasional trainee was broken in, and the Scarlet Crusade passed its days in lethargy. When the first trainee fell ill, the signs of the plague had been forgotten. A decade had passed since the plague’s original incarnation had been used widely, and symptoms of the sickness were though of as nothing more than a yearly flu. Shaking, fever, aches and pains; it all seemed to line up. Plague was no longer spread through water and grains, after all; the Undead preferred bombs and ancient creatures to raise their new thralls. By the time the trainees’ wretching brought up the black goop of their rotting innards, too many were infected. There was no one left to purge the ill, no one left to keep the disease from spreading or find that their once-pure well had finally been tainted, to see that the dragon’s damage to the world had brought topsoil down and let it intermingle with the pure dirt below. They dropped in their red and white tabards, in their bloody plate, and rose again as the one thing they detested most. Eldie wakes to silence. Her head tilts, a fog of confusion setting in as quickly as awareness, memories slipping away into the recesses of her mind. The quiet is wrong, worrisome, and she slips up and out of her bed, not noticing the dark muck that coats the floor of her room. A distant memory tries to push itself forward, of sickness and fear and pain, but the tiny Crusader lets it slip away before it takes root. She pulls her long, long hair into two ponytails, the edges of which brush the ground, and dresses herself in dingy plate. A red and white tabard goes over it, reverently smoothed and kept as nice as she can. Outside, bodies line the Hand. She steps over them carefully, but her eyes dance over the sight. The small undead sings a quiet song as she makes her way through the compound and out the gate, headed anywhere that isn’t there. The tune brightens the Plaguelands only a little, but the old words bring Eldie what passes for comfort, now.Eldie6 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] Avast, Ye Ookers! (( This story takes place during the Domination Point patch, 5.1 I think. Criticisms welcome! )) "Work, work!" Lum grunted happily, unloading a heavy box from the ship and lifting with his legs like the overseer yelled at him to do. Peon life was grand, he thought, tromping down the dock toward the spiky new Horde keep. All the work work any orc could ask for, two bowls of slop a day, and almost a full mat of straw at day's end for when he was feeling lazy and could work work no more. And now he was work working in a lovely new land called Pandaria, far away from Durotar and the dangerous harpies, scorpions, and Alliance raiding parties. Nothing could ruin this day. A hozen riding a barrel crashed into Lum, killing him instantly. Howling and hooting pierced the morning mist, and over the rise more barrel riders rolled. Some hoots gave way to screams as hozen slipped from their barrels and were steamrolled by riders behind. The squishing bumps caused the others to lose control, and by midmorning several bruised and despondent hozen limped to victory on the Krasarang beach. Nuk Nuk surveyed the damage. Almost nipty hozen had followed him down from the Jade Forest, and now only... he pointed furry fingers at each survivor... jerbenteen remained. And that was a big ookin' ship, he thought grimly, probably crawling with wikkets. But he had not come this far to give up, and there were jerbenteed more hozen to throw at this problem before he would run away. Ignoring the moans and whimpers of his comrades, Nuk Nuk scampered atop a pile of crates and started into the Big Speech. "Alright you ookers, lissen up! I am SICK and TIRED of these wikkets dookin' up our nooks! They come flyin' in here on their giant horks like they own the place! They ooked the Big Dook! They nerbed all over the jeeps! Now we have no jeeps for winter! Herk, one of 'em even stuck his manker in the wooloo, while Granny Minky was watchin'! Well I think it's time WE stuck OUR mankers in THEIR wooloos! I think it's time WE dooked up THEIR nooks! Startin' with this big water ook right here!" he gestured grandly at the Horde destroyer docked behind him. Weak cheers of approval and scattered clapping drifted from the bleeding crowd. Close enough, Nuk Nuk thought. A low horn sounded from the direction of the spiked keep. Nuk Nuk scrunched his eyes and peered to the nookwest, and his herpbeat quickened at the sight of wolf riders thundering toward them. "Get movin' you ookers!" he shouted, hooting and pointing at the ship. The other hozen had heard it too, and fear put a skrook in their step. They hopped across the dock and up the ramp while Nuk Nuk shouted orders like the wikkets he had seen riding these big ooks. "Batten down the herches! All ooks on derk! Raise the gritchy! Mister Jik, set a course for, uh... " he glanced nervously at the approaching horde of Horde. "Just get this ookin' thing movin'!" The hozen hollered and smashed, throwing axes and crates over the side. Some began climbing the mast, and in their haste accidentally unfurled the sail. With a whump and a whoosh the red fabric caught the wind, and as an errant axe severed the rope tying Nazgrim's Fury to dock, she lurched out to sea. "Captaaaain! Horde destroyer comin' in fast!" Captain Mehoff turned on his heel and strode to the bow, eyes searching the horizon. "Seaman Inyebeard, what does your Far Sight see?" he called up to the crow's nest. "It's SHAMAN Inyebeard, Jack." the salty dwarf shouted. The captain peered upward as the shaman stretched out his hands and rocked gently with the warship, his ritual begun. "It's... there ain't no Horde on board, Cap. Just a bunch o' them ugly monkeys like they got in th' Jade Forest. They're just... drinkin' an' breakin' stuff. I think tha' one's tryn' t' hump a cannonball." The dwarf tipped forward as the ritual completed and caught himself abruptly on the railing. "False alarm sir, they couldn't hurt us if they wanted to." Captain Mehoff twirled his moustache. "Jerkins, hard to starboard. We've got a fight on our hands! Ensign Gregg, go below and see that every cannon is manned. I want that ship sunk so deep Neptulon himself couldn't find it."Viktorgraves5 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Question Hi so I have been playing on ED off and on since about 2013. I had 2 ally chars here and then xferred them back to Moonguard. Then I xfered my rogue here and then my friend joined WSB so I transferred my lock here. Been playing in WSB for about a year now, minus about 3 months I was on EU WoW. I live in Turkey so I am never on during the WPVP stuff. So I never fight anyone outside of smallscale WPVP calls from 12 to 5pm EST. (If I"m online) On my lock I just do ashran and on my rogue (alliance) I just do random BGs. The other day I got invited to Warforged Legion on my rogue and I accepted the invitation. Do you guys think this is a bad idea? Being in WFL and WSB at the same time? I wont' do any spying or anything like that. Or should I leave one of the guilds? It's pretty obvious who I am cos my rogue and warlock names are almost the same ;)Dankatorious9 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] Reborn into Undeath He walked along a long stone tunnel, footfalls echoing off the stone walls. At the end of the tunnel he was facing was a cold white light. Behind him was the inky blackness of the Void. With each step towards the light, his senses returned, only slightly. A raspy voice spoke, seemingly issuing from the walls of the tunnel itself. “Walk your path once more, exalted one.” A vision overwhelmed him, forcing him down to his knees. A cottage in the woods. Elwynn Forest. The name came back to him easily enough. A woman sat in a rocking chair, knitting socks and humming to herself. Two young boys battled with their wooden swords on the porch. A man walked up, and the two boys ran to see him. He set down his travelling gear, and unveiled an impressive display of magical fireworks, causing the boys to laugh in delight. The woman walked up, and embraced the man passionately — then came only darkness. “It is the true path, the only one that remains for you.” The scene changed. The cottage was in flames. The two boys were dead, their lifeless corpses bloodied and facedown next to the rocking chair. A man stood facing the door, his skin as white as snow. The man beat the door mercilessly with his staff, before incinerating it with a fireball. The woman from before was inside the burning cottage. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She saw the man enter, and screamed. It was not a scream of fear, but one of the purest despair. Her face and body contorted as her soul was slowly consumed, the light leaving her eyes— He was back in the tunnel once again, breathing heavily. He rose, using the wall for support. One foot in front of another. Each step, bringing him closer to the cold light. More images assaulted him as he walked. Armies of undead, chanting a name that he couldn’t hear. Robed people, bowing before him. A cursed land of endless darkness. “Return now. Command your legions.” Another vision assaulted him. He saw a jeweled urn atop a stone dais. Four intricately carved posts surrounded it, made of the bones of a red dragon. A man ascended the stairs to the dais. He began to chant, his words thrumming with power. Souls flew out of the urn, only to be bound to the posts. Their blue light seemed to evaporate, and the carved runes started to glow. More and more souls spilled out of the jar, empowering the posts. The man cackled with glee, and his chanting became frantic, faster and faster. Blue spheres glowed over each post, beams of power connecting them to the urn. The man stopped, and a great ripping sound was heard. A vibrant green light poured of of the man’s chest— “Come back to us, master!” He shook the vision away. His face was determined now. He charged forward, the end of the tunnel was in sight. He stumbled, and tripped. He was close now, so close. A hand caught his, and pulled him back. It was the woman from his first vision. Her form was now ghostly and ethereal. Her face was pleading, and she looked to be on the verge of tears. She spoke, very softly. “Please, don’t. It isn’t too late. Come back…” He hesitated for the briefest moment, but then pushed her back, tearing out of her grasp. He picked up his pace once again, but then he stopped, inches from the end of the tunnel. The raspy voice spoke once more, closer and more urgently. “They slew your weak, frail form. But none can oppose your new body! None can match your iron will!” A final vision overcame him, but then he realized it. They were memories. He allowed them to wash over him once again. A sharp-looking man and a woman with a large gun stood hunched over a table, plotting against him. Soldiers of the Alliance stood next to men and women clad in black armor. An emerald portal, to a Dream. The memories came faster and faster. A kaldorei death knight, standing back to back with a tall paladin and a shadowy priestess, their weapons drawn against his skeletal soldiers. Then, explosions, a vicious robotic gnome, and the sound of rockets whistling overhead. The feeling of death overcame him, but then… He snapped out of the memory, forcing himself the last few inches into the cold light... The starry night sky came spinning into view. He looked around. A familiar altar, on top of a hill. The light of two moons shone down on it. This time, he was surrounded by a crowd of figures robed in black. All of them were cheering. The familiar cold, raspy voice spoke again, echoing in the hills. “He is returned]! Hail the Dark Lich! Hail the Render of Souls! Bow down before Haron'Azaug!"Gielnorian2 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] Moving Day ((Both Juzmik and myself have moving day stories YE BOI. Also I didn't proof read and it is small...)) Tiombi stood at the edge of the zeppelin dock, hands twisted in her skirts as the dust and wind kicked up around her. Her hair, long now and tied back in a messy braid, tickled the back of her neck, and she squared her shoulders to ignore it. Maybe she’d get it cut in Silvermoon. The monster at her side was hers and not hers, curious and new and dead. He wiggled his toes against the wood. Hefted her hammer in each hand before giving it back. Rubbed his tusks along iron supports and clamps and bolts. His hair, he mentioned several times, was his own. Blood red and thick. Tiombi smiled at him. He walked the way he always had; confident and powerful, with no regard for anyone but the shapely woman at his side. A Goblin cursed at the two of them as they stepped onto the deck. Ezzran bared his teeth, and they were left alone. “I missed Sunnymoon.” Tiombi hummed, settling down near the bow, skirts around her knees. Ezzran stayed standing. “But we have to be careful, Ezzran.” “Mando.” He corrected her. It was a different voice. Deeper, darker. It still echoed frost and steel, but it belonged to the Amani boy who’d owned the body before him. She was still adjusting to the change. “Mando.” She repeated. Ezzran wasn’t subtle, not to her anyway. How fitting that he’d named himself after the very Blood Lord who’d got her started on this quest. Anyone else would have been suspicious, but elves were elves, and could hardly tell two trolls apart, much less recognize their names. Still, she worried over familiar faces. Someone who’d seen him up close, or heard his laugh, or felt his blade against theirs. Too many elves had died outside the gates of Silvermoon to keep them above suspicion. It was a blessing that the Highguard was still on Draenor. Ezzran stood up on his toes as the ship departed its dock, lungs filled with red dust and desert air, his hands wrapped around the rigging. “Feels like new!” He smiled, bouncing on his toes. It was still him. Tiombi smiled. He looked different, sounded different, but it was him. Brave and bold and holding an inner boyish nature that made her warm and sweet despite his never-ending cold. Her fears made way for happiness, at least for a little while, as she rested her hand on the back of his leg. It was fine. Ezzran was home, and everything was going to be just fine.Rasek12 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP Day] Until Only the Tree Remains ((Continued from: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18705072295 Kinda wrote this to coincide with the last grace of elune event (Thanks again Roraealis!) Sorry if the language is all over the place and feel free to give me any suggestions! ALSO: always looking for Night Elf rp, hit me up :D )) Eight Night Elves and three nightsabers stalked through the Silithus desert, a standard patrol. Among them Neme scooted along on foot. Moving silently always came easily to her and her kind but out there in that bleak sandy wasteland it hardly mattered. If anything was going to find you, it would do so by sight. The sun beat down harshly and even after years of living in it, it still felt unnatural for the Night Elf. She would have preferred a night patrol anytime, but it hardly impacted anything important. Just a minor irksome frustration. Neme stopped to scan the horizon and spotted a strange fast moving cloud on the horizon. Of course she knew exactly what it was. A swarm of silithid wasps. They moved to and fro between the hives regularly and were certainly known to attack anything in their way. Neme studied it for a few seconds more. It was moving directly at them. And fast. Neme looked to the others and spoke calmly while taking the bow off of her back. "Trouble." The rest of the patrol stopped. Looked at Neme, then looked at the horizon. Thydrus was the ranking soldier and the others looked to him and watched the split second judgment call that was being made. Thydrus was thin and tall and quiet but trustworthy and no one had any trouble following his orders. "They're too fast and too close for us to run. Get the sabers covered and find something to hide behind. Be ready but only attack if you're immediately threatened. Don't want to start a fight unless it's absolutely necessary." Neme was stringing her bow by this time and was glancing over at Elin, another markswoman and someone closer than family to Neme. She was moving down to sit behind a chest high boulder. Neme made sure to watch her get to safety, took one more glance at the incoming swarm, and trotted over and crouched behind a large jutting crystal. Minutes passed in silence. Neme just gripped the wood of her bow fiercely and stared at the sand. Hiding this way worked most of the time. The wasps were ravenous but mostly stupid. The wall of sound drew closer until finally the swarm was upon them. The sound was deafening, the air was filled with the sound of frantically beating wings and the sunlight was dimmed by the massive number of insects flying by. Neme slowly picked her head up and scanned the passing swarm, watching for a threat. The shiny sand colored carapace blurred with their giant black claws and blue wings and Neme kept watching. None of them stopped. And slowly the swarm thinned out and the noise died down. She heard Thydrus' voice quietly call out. "Hold it. Wait for them to pass well clear." A straggler buzzed by on the left and slowly the night elves started to poke their heads out of their cover. Neme quickly stood and walked over to the boulder Elin was hiding behind. She could see her distinct deep blue hair peaking up over the boulder. Neme spoke to her, trying to sound cheerful despite the adrenaline coursing through her. "That will get the blood flowing everytime." Neme approached and slowly started to notice something wrong. She passed the side of the boulder and was immediatly frozed with fear. Elin was sitting there, her head hanging to one side and to her left lay the scattered dead remains of one of the wasps. Neme quickly cradled her friends body and gently eased her friend into lying down on the sand. Elin's side was a large wet smear of purple blood. The wounded night elf glanced up at Neme and managed a weak smile while speaking in between ragged breathing. "Don't worry, I got it." Neme tried to call out but her vocal chords seemed frozen, for a few seconds only a croak escaped her mouth. The croak grew into screams for help. Her voice blown out ragged and cracking. All her training and soldierly protocol disappeared in an instant. "S-somebody help. I need help over here! SOMEBODY HELP!" Their position behind the boulder meant that no one saw Elin fight with the wasp or get injured and it wasn't until Neme yelled out that the others burst into action. Elin's eyes were still open and her breathing was ragged. Neme cradled the injured elf's head in her lap and just quietly stared into her pained looking face.Nemé2 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 [RP] The Craftsman ((Ayyyyyy it's small...)) The last one hadn’t been so good. Its stitching was loose in several places and the joints weren’t done properly. Even with a geist’s lopsided gait he looked broken; tripping over his own hands and feet. On the field he was obedient but near useless, and Sarjen found himself using the thing as a shield far too often to ignore. He could do better. Nothing went to waste. There were extra supplies back in Acherus, but the higher ups always encouraged everyone to conserve. Death, while a limitless resource, was closely watched by the living. It was becoming more difficult to harvest parts from cadavers under the sentimental spirituality of the Horde, and the light-loving self-righteousness that permeated every fabric of the Alliance. The previous geist, of course, gave itself willingly. Or rather, didn’t know it was going to die and didn’t question it when Sarjen came at him with his sword in hand. Sarjen always had his sword in hand. Some of it was simply unusable. The joints he set wrong the first time and caused serious damage to the bone, enough that if he tried to use them again he’d run into another worthless jumper. But the hands were good, the feet were good, most of the skin was good. It didn’t really need a face, which was fine since the one it had under the hood had started rotting several weeks earlier. He had the parts all laid out in front of him. Most of it was taken from pirates that nobody really missed, stitched together with a loving hand into a bulging, misshapen human copy. Its legs were too long, its arms were too long, its torso was too short. The head was a real head, a new head, with a mop of curly red hair and something that used to be freckles, probably. The face itself was caved in beyond recognition; something Sarjen regretted but had no control over at the time. It was very hard to keep control during those times. Still, with his head under the sack it wouldn’t really be a problem. Nobody would know exactly what it looked like or exactly how it was made except the other knights, and in all the years he’d been in the Horde, no one had ever asked. The runes took the longest. They were similar to the ones he had on his chest and arms, but the patterns were different. The commands were different. His were to control the power he needed to stay alive. The geist’s were to be controlled. He left a shallow well of cold, blue light in every carving, covering the thing’s legs and arms with them to ensure he wouldn’t be another mistake. No stealing this time. Not too smart this time. Just a weapon. The runes on his hands would ensure that. The symbol Sarjen used for himself bound to life, strength, subservience to the scourge. A plume of blue smoke poured out of the hole in the creatures face as it came into unlife and it screamed, clawing at its chest and neck like there was fire beneath the skin. They always did that. Sarjen wondered if they were feeling the last few moments of their previous lives, or if the first step into being a wretched husk of a being was really that painful. Not that it mattered. The scourge magic took hold, and in a matter of minutes it was sitting up on the table, making clicking noises and flexing its fingers as the old knight sewed its ragged coverings in place. He stepped back, hands clasped together in front of him, his apron stained with blood and ichor and wayward needles. From what he could tell, it was assembled to perfection. No wayward limbs, no demented shambling, no sign of independent thought. As it slid off the table and crouched low to the ground, swiveling its covered head in every direction, he felt a flicker of pride begin to grow in his chest. He was ready, finally, to show his very best geist to the rest of the warband. “Come here.” His voice, metal and ice, was as low and as smooth as he could make it. To his delight, the geist came forward and stopped by his side, its curiosity at the world around it diminished into nothing. Sarjen smiled. “You must be hungry.”Rasek5 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 @Phoenix Highguard So, do all of you ignore walk up RP or just the uppity officers?Khargul22 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 World of Warcraft Showcase - Foodies welcome. (( In just over 2 months 3 of us ED'ers are going to Disney World. One of the things we will be doing is the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot's World Showcase. For those who don't know what World Showcase is, its a part of the park that pays tribute to countries around the world, even going so far as hiring natives to work there. Its about as authentic of an experience as you can get without actually going to the respective country. During the IFWF, there will be kiosks representing even more countries and cultures. The countries/cultures represented along with the foods they will be offering are listed here: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2015-epcot-food-and-wine-festival-booths-menus-and-food-photos/ I will be trying foods that remind me of some of you and I will be tweeting about it as I go along. I will be updating the list as I have more time to go over it. These will all be "first time" foods/drinks for me. Hope this turns out to be a lot of fun! Inc - World Showcase into World of Warcraft Showcase. Africa - (updated below) Australia (For Hazel) - Lamington: Yellow cake dipped in chocolate and shredded coconut . Though we've had a few words in the past, I see Hazel as a very sweet person and I'm very much looking forward to trying this dessert. Plus, she is Aussie. Belgium - (For Vesker) –Belgium waffle with warm chocolate ganache and whipped cream. Who couldn't imagine Vesker while eating this? Brazil - (For Brincus) –Cocada: Brazilian coconut candy. Something about Brincus' flashy Paladin reminds me of being on a deserted beach with Fabio. Canada (For Jig0watt) - Canadian cheddar cheese soup and “Le Cellier” wild mushroom beef filet mignon with truffle butter sauce. I had to pick 2 on this one because, my God, who can pass these up? Jig has always been cool with my cheesy rp and to Kitty, he will always be a piece of steak. China (#1 Chinese Warrior, G00chacabra) - Beijing roasted duck in steamed bun with hoisin sauce. Never had duck and Ive done a lot of ducking when Kitty has seen him out in the world. It only seemed fitting. Dominican Republic - (For Bebbit) –Caramel flan with rum-roasted pineapple. They didn't have bear on the menu so this was the next best choice. France (For Frinkls)- Crème brûlée vanille chocolat: Vanilla & chocolate crème brûlée topped with caramelized sugar. My beloved Frinkls hails from France I do believe and what better excuse to have my very first creme brulee ever than to have it remind me of him. Vanilla AND chocolate? I'm in love already. The only thing better would be hearing Frinkls talk while I'm eating it. Germany - (For Agrar) –Schinkennudeln: Pasta gratin with ham and cheese and –Apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Agrar is Germany. They always seem to be yelling. Hopefully, my food wont yell back at me. Hawaii (For Ankor) - Kālua pork slider with sweet and sour Dole® Pineapple chutney and spicy mayonnaise. I dont think he plays anymore but Ankor gets all the credit for Kittylicious ever happening. I also believe he hails from Hawaii. Nothing reminds me of Ankor like spicy mayonnaise. Ireland - (updated below) Italy (For Birathen) - Cannoli al cioccolato: Chocolate-covered cannoli filled with sweet ricotta, chocolate and candied fruit. I had no idea Bacon (Birathen) is Italian. He recommended the Cannoli to me then showed me a pic. I always thought Cannoli was pasta but its a DESSERT! I'm sold! Japan (For Zendarien) –Sake – Suigei Drunken Whale. Japan. Haiku. Zendarien. They go hand in hand. Zen has been wonderful to me, offering proper critique and praise. I envy his literary knowledge and always imagine him in a robe drinking a fine wine while reading the forums. Though its not wine, I've never had a Sake in my life and will probably feel like a Drunken Whale by the time I finish all this food. Mexico - Morocco - New Zealand - Patagonia - Poland (For Urivial) - Frozen Szarlotka Apple Pie featuring Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka. Urivial was the first person to ever (kindly) teach me about rp. He gave me warm fuzzies. I think this drink will do the same. Scotland (For Charax) –The Tipsy Laird: Whiskey-soaked cake with lemon cream and toasted oats. Charax entertains me more than whiskey ever could so I'm gonna have t his nice whiskey cake in his honor! South Korea (For Himanshu) - –Korean Barbecue Short Rib with Steamed Rice and Cucumber Kimchi. Though its North Korea with the massive military, South Korea doesn't lag far behind. No one can run a guild like Hiimanshu so this one was deserving for him. NO idea what a Kimchi even is. Hope I don't die. Desserts and Champagne (For Bacon) - Chocolate Cherry Explosion. *refer to date video. nuff said* ))Stablemare18 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Looking for likeminded folks Howdy, folks. I fancy myself a light to medium roleplayer with an after midnight CST schedule. Interested in all aspects of WoW from planned RP events, arenas, raiding, WPVP, RPpvp, etc. My buddy and I have created a guild ( though the name itself is not super RP friendly, it was just too funny for us to pass up so you will have to forgive me in that regard ) to house those who fit this bill. I am in my late twenties and played WoW back in Vanilla to WoTLK before taking an extended hiatus but am looking to jump back in. We also play a crankload of steam games and have a fairly active community for our multiplayer what-nots. Just add me on battlenet if you want to did your toes into the stream that is us ! (Intentionally awkward sounding)Jorym2 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 ORC RP Hey all um wondering if people still are interested in orc clan rp and what happened to the clans on ED?Oathgar20 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Ingame deaths, out of curiosity. Post your total deaths ingame on your main character, you can find this under statistics. I'm at 4306. Edit: Make that 4307 Resolve ganked me when I was tabbed out making this post. *Shakes fist*Phen43 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 RP Event Calendar Can someone point me in the right direction to find an RP Event calendar? Thanks:) NVM FOUND ITAleylah0 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 sup wit all deez rp threads lmao 4 real, sup wit datDeadtaco15 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 [RP] Memories Memories of a life in past poured into a semi-conscious mind, but why, then, did they feel so recent? The realities of the actions of a time ago began to prove comprehensible as the collection of memoirs began to play in sequence, going back to a setting thousands of years before the present—a time in which a façade of peace ran rampant among those of the proud race of the Draenei. A time in which hope took precedent and perseverance always proved fruitful. Water fell from the skies of a world whose name had been ultimately lost to time, as four small hooves began to prance about a field of knee-high grass, water and mud sloshing about as the giggles of youth could be heard what seemed like miles away. “You can’t catch me!” the higher-pitched of the two voices rang in a native tongue, only to be followed by the playful roar of the other. A loud crash clamored in the distance, a stream of light present in the cloudy skies only moments before. Almost as if in understood succession, a maternal call shot through the still air, “Come, you two. Let us get you dried up before tonight’s meeting. The Prophet is said to have important news!” The two children looked upon the matronly figure with bright eyes, displaying a mixture of excitement and anticipation as the news of a gathering reached their small, blue and white ears, prompting them to run toward the figure and find shelter from the unyielding atmosphere. Several hours passed, a large gathering now present in the center of the town, the crowd harboring an aura of uneasiness as the bearded figure spoke with a booming voice. The children gazed upon the elderly character with awe, captivated by his words, yet possessing little understanding for what was being discussed. “Why must we continue to flee? It is time to fight for what we have here! We have a life—a future that we cannot just simply be asked to leave behind!” a female shouted from the crowd, the gathering falling silent as the Prophet stood, looking for the source of the voice. Another shouted, this time a broad chested male, “What of our children? How many generations must endure this cycle into which you have dragged us, Velen?” The mass erupted, instigating fear from the children as an air of uncertainty overtook the area. The wise, hooved figure at the center remained silent as those present grumbled about themselves. The boy, though startled, took notice of a hooded individual approaching the center, somehow finding peace in doing so. Suddenly, a shout impaled the chatter, “Enough!” A crash of thunder interrupted their quarreling, superficially providing authority to the voice. The space fell silent, all eyes landing upon the hooded individual adorned in plated regalia, a crystalline mace held securely on his back. The figure removed his hood, his eyes showing bright as he extended his arms, addressing the crowd. “Do not lose faith, my brothers and sisters! The Light has not forsaken us, and neither has our Prophet! Stand firm in your convictions, and obedient in your actions. We can overcome any obstacle we face, but we must remain united, for ourselves and for our future!” The rest of the world seemed to disappear as the boy watched the Draenei speak, transfixed by this figure’s demeanor and authoritative presentation of himself. A shout from another in the crowd garnered attention, “The vindicator is right! Let the Prophet speak!” A great number of others joined in by repeating the phrase. “Let the Prophet speak!” The child became startled by a sudden tap on his shoulder, spinning around to be greeted by his friend from earlier in the day, a smile showing bright on her face, “Iri! Let’s get close to the center!” The boy nodded in response. “Are you sure there is enough room for us toward the front, Amel?” ((Continued in next post.))Iriaas4 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 [RP] DAY HAS BEGUUUUUUUNN AAAAHHHH!?!!!!!?!?! As I lower my sunglasses and raise an eyebrow to the ED forums at least fifteen times a day, I have decided we are in need of another [RP] day! Well gee, Taelryni. What the heckoozles is an {PD) day???? Hohoho you silly you! [RP] day is a set date and time where the one goal, as a community, is to fill the Emerald Dream forums with nothing but [RP]! That means we take our creativity and love for the game, combine it with some grueling time in front of a keyboard and some hot pockets, and post super stories about our characters! Or other characters! Who cares! It's your [RP], you go crazy with it! (Don't go too crazy. I won't take responsibility if you get banned, kid.) Well alright, Taeliryen, when is it? It's Taelyren... and we're looking at the 27th on September! Wam bam boom! The last two [RP] days have been gigantic successes! We've filled the first three pages with [RP] both times! Let's do it again, as a community! We all might want to tear each other's eyes out, but let's do that after we represent the best [RP] our server has to offer! Please continue to bump this thread throughout the week. The most important part of [RP] day, other than being directly involved, is to spread the word so others know to get directly involved! Thanks, champ! SEPTEMBER 27TH, ALL DAY. POST DAT [RP]!Taelyren47 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 I have no Internet but I read good books! So being away for business in a hotel with terrrrrrrible internet has allowed me to re-read The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher Sooooooooo Gooooooooooood Read them.Hebro23 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 More ED hearthstone cards? Was late to the party http://www.hearthcards.net/cards/7e455c8d.pngGrue12 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 [RP] The Hunt of Desperation(Villain contest) A simple dwelling and a pin of domestic boar reside amongst others in a small village. This village lay well beyond the outskirts of Orgrimmar, sparing itself the dusty, crowded corridors. Hunting and sustenance were their way of life, but this life was becoming ever the more difficult as of lately. The Horde demanded much food and resource from its citizens to fight their war efforts, leaving some hungry, others desperate for food and game. The local game had dried up, and the livestock, dwindling. The village hunters traveled further and further in search of resource, hunting more exotic game each passing month, risking their lives to provide. An orc child tugged at his mother’s hand and demanded, “I’m hungry, mommy!” The young child’s eyes, glassy and clear amid the brown dust, were ravenous for another scrap. Tears stung Surgha’s eyes as she regarded her son. “I’m sorry, Xurl, you’ll have to wait,” she replied, voice a bit colder than she meant. Truth was there were a few more scraps of dried meat hidden in her secret cupboard. Children knew nothing of rations, and she knew her mate may be gone longer than he promised. The child, frustrated, broke eye contact, pupils traversing the interior of their mud and stick hut. “Tomorrow,” she promised, pressing a finger to his lips before he could protest. “The Horde needs a lot from its people right now. That includes the food we must give to aid our warriors. They need to eat too!” The child immediately replaced one concern with another. “When’s daddy going to be back?” Surgha frowned, fear uncoiling in her gut. Mahk was a good father, a strong orc, not arrogant like most. He cared for Xurl as he cared for her, and she cared deeply for him. “Soon,” she replied, admittedly realizing the lack of truth in her voice. “Where is he?” Surgha’s lips tightened around her tusks. How many more questions would the child have? “He’s hunting.” The child’s eyes sparkled with curiosity. “Hunting what?” Mahk had promised to take Xurl hunting when he returned, and the child was anxious to learn. Surgha tried to keep the concern from her tone. ”Frostsabers.” She spoke quickly, hoping the child might not connect the danger. “F-F-…” The boy’s face froze and his pupils dilated. He turned and ran off, coming to sulking in the warm corner of their dwelling. He wept over his father, and assumed the worst. Eventually she calmed the boy down. His nerves were easier to calm than hers, as he believed the fibs told for this exact purpose. Surgha wished she too could enjoy the blissful ignorance of childhood once again. Her husband had roamed deep into dangerous territory, territory rumored to have a guardian, a guardian named Predatoria. *** Surgha lie restless that night. Perhaps she shouldn’t’ve told him about the Frostsabers. She could have just as easily told her child his father was out on a boar hunting venture but he’d have to grow up some day. Sheltering the boy needlessly does not make a strong orc, especially one who may very well be fatherless if Mahk failed to return. Her thoughts were interrupted when the very child who so preoccupied her mind came running into her room of their hut. He leapt on top of her and hugged his mother tight, nuzzling his head into her shoulder. “Mommy? Mommy!” “What, dear?” she inquired warmly. “Predatoria! Here! She’s here!” The child quivered and hugged tighter. “No. That’s impossible. Here is safe. Here is good. I’ll look.” Surgha lifted her child off the animal-skin bed and gently rocked him side to side as she carried him back towards his bed. “Now, what scared you?” she soothed. Xurl tucked his head into his mother’s bosom and pointed over his shoulder at the corner of the hut. His mother glanced over and saw their neighbor’s cat Ulam had entered and taken refuge. She chuckled warmly and sat with her son, telling him stories of none other than the very Predatoria of which he so feared. They had both heard the stories before. She went by many names; the Ice Demon, Snowfury, Deathclaw, but most commonly, Predatoria. The stories and beliefs varied amongst individuals in the community.Predatoria9 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Nevermind Forget it.Vorrinth20 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Your favorite kitty form! What is your favorite race's cat form (NOT Claws of Shirvallah!) Night Elf: 17.5 ----White: 7.5 ----Black: 5 ----Purple: 4 ----Blue: 1 Tauren: 8 ----Brown: 3 ----Black: 2.5 ----Red:1.5 ----White: 1 Worgen: 6.5 ----Grey: 4 ----Black: 1.5 Troll: 6 ----Red: 3 ----White: 1 CoS: 2 Dead Feral Druids: 3 Tallied to post #66 Also, which color do you like the most? For me, Night Elf, White.Predatoria68 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 The Defector of the Iron Vanguard (RP Story) -The following is a role-play story for a character on the Emerald Dream server. The Defector of the Iron Vanguard. This worgan was never given a name, but was often called mutt, hound, dog, and many other names. He was taken at a very young age with several others to be trained as assassin's for the Iron Vanguard, a ruthless division from the Iron Horde. This worgan was the pack leader, responsible for his team and their well-being. He taught his team to be stealth killers, consisting of rogues, hunters, and even a druid. This was not just his team, this was his friends, his only family. Most of their missions were those put on outposts of the Alliance and Horde, although the team felt remorse for these attacks, it was the mission or their lives. 'Defector' led his men into every battle, the first one in and the last one out, he made sure all of his missions were completed with a 0% mortality rate. He never lost a single team-mate. On one fateful night the leader of the Iron Vanguard told "Defector" his mission...to slay the Men, Women, and Children of Goldshire, a town very close to Stormwind, to hit the Alliance very close to home. Enraged he left the commander's tent and riled up his team. That night they would no longer be a tool for the Iron Vanguard, they would be free. That night they started like any other, Clean and sharpening their blades, re-stringing their bows and making fresh arrows, this was the night. 'Defector' led his men out of the encampment, they hid outside of it for a few hours, waiting for the nightly guards to change shift, they knew the times they should be changing after all. The time came, guards came out to relieve the tired ones. With the fresh guards being taken care of first, the guards tired from their long daily shift wouldn't stand a chance. 'Defector' made the order, his men were to follow in after he took out the front guards. He used his natural abilities of stealth to sneak back towards the encampment, he signaled to one of his marksmen to light an arrow and shoot at some nearby brush, lighting it ablaze. The bush bursted into flame, guards leaping to take care of this mysterious fire that appeared, as they turned their backs the sound of a single bow strong released. Two arrows a piece stood out of the back of the head of each of the guards, they were both dead. 'Defectors' men then moved in behind him, they would take the camp by sections, leaving the Commander's tent for last. They sneaked back in through the gates, they seemed undetected. Halfway into the base, all of the braziers around the encampment were set ablaze! The stealth group had found themselves in the middle of a giant flare. "You think you had a chance of killing the Iron Vanguard? A chance to be free? HAHAHA!" the Commander laughed. 'Defector' could not believe it...there was no way they could have known. "Come mutt, you will be spared, not like the rest of them.." the commander said as one of 'Defectors' men stepped out of line to go join by the Commanders side. "Traitor!" snarled Defector, "how could you!?" The other worgan looked back and said "You fooled with forces bigger than yourself, this mission was a failure from the beginning, I'm just going to come out of it alive." the traitor worgan said. "Hahahaha!" the commander laughed. The worgan walked to his side, "You see what a good pup this one is?" patting his hands on the worgan's cheeks, "still, there are no places for traitors in my camp!" *CRACK!* as the Commander swiftly snapped the worgans neck. "No!" Defector shouted. "Guards, kill the rest of them, they are no longer of any use to us, but keep that one alive.." pointing to Defector. Arrows loosed from dozens of bows around the encampment, killing all of the worgan, but one...His allies, his friends, his family. They had trusted him and he ended up leading them to their death. Defector was then captured and held prisoner for months. They force fed him the flesh and meat of his dead allies, they broke his arms, and legs repeatedly, one day they cut his eye from his head while several others pinned him down. Brutal torture was put on this worgan for months. When it was time for the encampment to move on they left him broken, beaten, left to die. A warrior on his adventures found Defector on the edge of life and death. The kind warrior set up camp, not to move the broken worgan. He nurtured him, fed him, and supplied him with the physical therapy he needed to get back to his feet. After several years Defector had made a full recovery. "Warrior....I owe you my life, you have done so much for me and I have nothing to repay you for it..." said Defector.Defector2 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 @ Brewfest Why is it every Brewfest, its always Dwarven Ale?! Where is the Pandaren Plume Wine or something that is not dwarven?!Grishel2 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Other games Since this game is pretty sub par right now i was just curious what everyone has been playing besides this, i just finished playing through the wolf among us and GTA 5 finally. Thinking about grabbing Evolve and The Killing Floor 2 off steam this week since they are both on sale.Jazz73 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 LF a PVE guild fraction doesn't matter. I am currently in a PVP guild and its just getting boring for me so i hear PVE is really fun and willing to give it a shot however i need to find a guild to do this. I have characters on both fraction so that doesn't matter i just want an active guild who can show me the ropesDemues3 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 LF Horde PVP Guild Hello, I'm looking for a somewhat smaller pvp guild (None of the massive wPvP guilds) that runs RBGs as well as arenas. I'm currently a MW Monk and Enh shaman with a Hpal in training. I'm a decent player but nothing too great (1900+ EXP) Mainly I'm looking for cool people to play with who want to push some rating but also like to have fun and not create a toxic environment to play in. Everyone I used to play with has basically left. If your guild is looking for another pvp player and not just a roster number let me know. Thanks for reading.Katojune3 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 @ Deyonna, were you at girl? Now as i recall, I've been "scentenced to five deaths" and frankly I feel a bit stood up. Surely a no-name unrated scrub like me would be easy pickin's for the likes of you no? As sore as you were with me after our last encounter I was certain I was in for some entertainment. I've even shadowed you all through Tannan, surely I'd not be that hard to find. Im waiting deary.Curonue20 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Newbie RP Workshop: Da Third! As I browse /r/wow on subreddit, I've been seeing a lot of posts that have expressed interest in exploring roleplay and dipping their toes into the scene. Questions such as, "What's the difference between Moon Guard/Wyrmrest/Emerald Dream" are extremely common, and the comments sections never provide enough insight for people to really get started. It takes really hearing people out to really paint a proper picture as to how passionate the community can really be. At this point in WoD's lifespan, we can really bring in new people to the roleplay scene. Make lemons out of lemonade! Hosting two previous Newbie RP Workshops, I've really learned a few things when it comes to the logistics of running an event that mixes OOC explanation with in-game examples. They were both successful, and actually did some good: Moorwhelp's event last week made it onto the front page of /r/wow because someone from the second Newbie RP Workshop attended and took the picture! The best thing that came out of past workshops was a genuine excitement to get started. We need more of that! Time for another Newbie RP Workshop! In this Newbie RP Workshop, we'll be covering vital topics to get newbies (or those who are eager to learn more) started on the wonderful, wonderful world of roleplay. These include: The In-Charcter/Out of Character Divide Roleplaying etiquette and common knowledge Basic lore, and how to swing it! Which addons to use, and why Emote mechanics One of the best parts of previous Workshops were our guest speakers! These events are purely neutral, and anyone is allowed to weigh in and add insight and answer questions. If you're experienced in roleplay, come on in and join in, your perspective really helps people get a bigger grasp on the scene as a whole. The Nitty Gritty Event will take place on Friday, September 25th at 9PM Emerald Dream server time (7PM PST). Past workshops have lasted roughly an hour, to an hour and a half. Try and stick around for the afterparties, they're usually very amusing. To join: Simply contact "Sharp" on Emerald Dream (Alliance) the day of the event to recieve an invite to the raid group. There will be instructions posted on a Do Not Disturb message for anyone past the scheduled starting time. Being late is fine, too! In-game Avatars will be Alliance-only, for the sake of logistics. Don't worry, even lowbies will be able to join in on the activities, and will be summoned. We will be using TeamSpeak3 as an avenue to handle the majority of the Out of Character speaking, and in-game channels for roleplay examples and exercises. You do not need to have a microphone, nor do you need to speak, but listening in is practically required to enjoy it. Newbie volunteers are especially loved by the group! Please try to have Total Role Play 3 installed and ready to go, though it is not required. Other addons will be talked about in the Workshop itself. Guest speakers can add me on Twitter (@PatchYourselfUp) or add me on Bnet (Patch#1139) and can request to speak up till the day of the event. There will be room for you to add in your input and thoughts. Here's hoping this event is successful, and breath more life into the wonderful World of Warcraft. -SharpSharp25 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 I would like to buy a BoP item. I would like to buy the 2h Mace that drops from Blackhand in BRF, Normal, or Heroic, or Mythic, I don't care which, since I just want it for RP/Transmog, to go with my blackrock cosmetic armor. I am available primarily on Saturdays/Sundays as I work Mon-Fri second shift. Please let me know the price, and contact information you would like me to use. Thank you.Valintina14 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 PM WPvP night 9/25/2015 (video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwdAlhNoDy4 thanks cbh, chaos and that life low multiboxer also thanks resolve and phoenix highguardDeadtaco17 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 How is the RP on this server? I'm thinking of switching to an RP server. I love tabletop RPGs and I think having a place to RP in WoW would be a lot of fun. I've heard good things about the RP community in WrA and Moon Guard, but I know that ED is known for its wPvP which I think is pretty cool. All in all, I'm curious how the RP is, because that's the more important factor to me. I'm not sure if I wanna roll ally or horde yet, but I've already got a couple of ideas for backstory, personalities, and goals. So I guess I'd like some opinions on the current state of the RP and wPvP community on this server. Thanks!Rakteraz6 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 whats up Been gone for half a year,Thinking of coming back so just wanna know whats new in regards to wpvp and zergtallion and whats the balance looking like?Headsmusha240 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 ED Hearthstone Cards Bored? Me too. Let's make ED Hearthstone cards. ->  http://www.hearthcards.net/  <- I'll keep the cards updated in the OP. Variations and doubles encouraged. Vote for the best ones. --------- Album 1:  http://imgur.com/a/Ro4DK ( Pachyderm, Zavee, Kagrenac, Bohr, Unholy, Kittylicious, Predatoria, Andrew, Garo, Xeer, Arn, Malissa, Bacon, Charax, CBH CTA) Arn made some of these as well ;) Annoyed: http://www.hearthcards.net/cards/e9ff0539.png Fenghuo: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CPm16w6WEAEfCH7.jpg:large Mary: http://www.hearthcards.net/cards/ade8ce19.png Sev7n's Contributions: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19071947511?page=1#19 --------- Le Zerg: http://i.imgur.com/iB7suAt.png Logic: http://i.imgur.com/HaPuYWF.png Call to Arms: http://i.imgur.com/ga6eFQE.png Aviana's Feather: http://i.imgur.com/wtVETC9.png Phase Line Abuse: http://i.imgur.com/Z78w2Rr.png Realm Transfers: http://www.hearthcards.net/cards/0bd849b8.pngPachyderm240 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 WTB Full Normal HFC clear - all warlock loot Looking to buy a full HFC clear for my lock, paying for all warlock loot. Pst me in game on my btag mojo#1118 or post here.Javier3 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 Trade Chat Raid So i got my roomate to join Pansers (from trade chat), raid guild. Dont care if anyone doesnt care, i just think its cool seeing him raid with a WoW celeb.Ivysâur10 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 Hey guys, I'm in the market. I'm looking for a top-tier boyfriend who is good at PvP, and who is okay with emotional instability. If I have to, I'll compensate with ingame gold. Please drop off your applications in this thread, promptly. ABSOLUTELY NO ESTONIAN CITIZENS!Myis33 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 Anyone else getting a lot of world lag? Even though my internet connection seems fine, I'm getting a lot of world lag? I haven't been on this server for very long but I don't recall getting so much world lag. my latency meter has been showing like 70-80 ms for both home and world but sometimes it leaps to rediculously high numbers for world when home stays the same.Blazemelody7 Sep 26, 2015