Emerald Dream

Sep 3, 2015 WW buffs. In light of the recent WW buffs, I'd like to discuss a few things about the Monk class overall in comparison to other classes, currently FoF, our main damaging ability is insane and needs to be nerfed imo by at least 10% to bring it where it should be, but honestly, people are screaming OP left and right with the new change, we're still the same people, we just have an unneccessary amount of damage in FoF now. Our survivability hasn't changed, we still just fall over against a competant team of any sort, but honestly, I'm finding immense joy in this, I can't remember the last time I've ever seen people in such an uproar about a spec, and I completely agree with them, FoF needs to be hotfixed, its stupid right now, absolutely stupid, but unfortunately, all this damage even if it stayed how it is isn't going to change anything, god comp is still going to 100-0 us every landed sheep, php is still going to run at us and bop karma. I just wish for once we'd get a buff we actually needed, survivability, buffs like these worry me, I played this spec in not only 5.0, but I also played it through 6.0, WW has the Warrior syndrome, they get over buffed, one particular ability becomes insane, that ability gets hotfixed nerfed, along with 6 or 7 other abilities that didn't even need to be nerfed, low and behold unviable yet again, I mean am I the only one tired of seeing this pattern? What're your thoughts other WW's from ED? Personally, I'm tired of getting buffed in the wrong areas, then being nerfed all around.Phen71 Sep 3, 2015
Sep 3, 2015 Battle Tag Names listed under Forum Avatar? (( In the past few days I've noticed certain peoples Battle Tag names ( Priest#1441, etc) being listed underneath their forum avatar. Its only a few people though. Graphite is one, and I've seen 3 or 4 more. Is this something you opt in/out of? Not sure why Im only seeing a few people with it. ))Stablemare30 Sep 3, 2015
Sep 3, 2015 are any of you even real. ???????Jazz38 Sep 3, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 'Deap' in the Jungle a 'Division' Exists. She had spent weeks traveling into the jungle late at night to perform missives which would gain her a license of flight. The prior night, however, had awakened her to just how dangerous the veil of the night had become. The night bore a chill of silence. It was eerie. She surveyed the area for movement but saw none. A device she needed lay at the base of a tree inside the swamp. Her booted hoof touched the water slowly, her arms were out at each side to help with her balance. As the water broke, she looked around to check for movement. Nothing. All was clear. She trotted quickly across the swamp towards the trunk of the tree but the sounds of her footsteps caught the attention of a giant python. It came at her from behind. "Piggys, go!" she screamed out. Her faithful pet, Piggylicious, ran towards the snake and ripped into its flesh with her tusks. Kitty tried to run but couldn't. She was stunned, frozen in her tracks. Her body wobbled from side to side. She could think but she couldn't speak. She knew this wasn't the work of the snake. A Horde was nearby....and her pet pig was busy taking down the snake. As soon as her body would let her, she ran inside the hollowed out tree trunk. Breathing heavily, she turned around to see what was behind her. Nothing. "Piggyyys!" she yelled. "Hurrys!" Frantically she looked around. The only sounds to be heard were that of the dripping swamp water from her armor as it splashed back into itself. The droplets echoed upwards into the hollow tree. She reached for her SELFIE cam in her backpack and started snapping photos hoping something...a shadow....anything...would be caught in its view. Then as if a ghost appeared....an image was captured.... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CN4aB8nW8AAbiSh.jpg:large .....but she didn't know it at the time. Before she could even turn around a dagger pushed into her back and a squeal emitted from her body. A rogue had been right there with her the whole time. She dropped her SELFIE cam and tried to draw her gun but the excruciating pain made it difficult. The droplets of swamp water dripping from her armor were now met with drops of her own blood. "Piggys! Halps! Brings the snakes with yous!" she screamed, hoping the python would turn on the Horde instead. But the snake was already dead. Pigglylicous rounded the opening of the tree trunk and went straight for the Rogue allowing Kitty enough time to draw her gun. She fired a shot but missed. The Rogue just stood staring at her, unphased by anything she or her pet were doing. He even smiled as if to let her know she was about to die. Thinking quickly, she threw down a trap to freeze him in place. "Runs, Piggys! Runs!" she motioned for the pig to flee the swamps and Kitty followed closely behind. The Rogue vanished shortly thereafter, leaving Kitty feeling scared and anxious for she knew he could be right on her footsteps. Why didn't he kill her? He could have. As she made her way back towards Lion's Watch she had to pause. "Waits.....Piggys....I's needs halps. I's lose lots of bloods. Comes....sits close." A pact only seen between hunter and pet, Piggylicious nuzzled her snout between Kittys arm and side as if to hug her. The Spirit Bond between the two helped to rejuvenate the Huntress but its effects were minimal. "Alrights, I's thinks I's can makes it backs to camps now." she said as she stood up. But within seconds, another blow came at her. Spinning around from the blunt force she noticed it wasn't the Rogue this time. It was a Paladin. His hammer crushed down on her time and time again. She was no match. He senselessly brutalized her every time she moved. The pain was unbearable and memories of Old Draenor crept into her mind....but this time it wasn't an Orc....it was a Sin'dorei. As she lay there face down in the mud taking the beating, she thought about the Sunwell and how forgiving her people had been. Remembering the ways of the first Paladins, who were Draenei, she rolled over to face her enemy. Her weapon could not harm him, her feet were too weak to kick him, but maybe her words would slice him.... "Yous....is DISGRACE.... to Paladins!" she said before spitting on his shins. His hammer came crashing down one last time across her forehead. And then everything went dark. Kitty awoke sometime later, being pulled on a makeshift wooden sled. There were Alliance walking at her side as Piggylicious dragged her into Lion's Watch to receive treatment. Once secured, a woman handed her a note, her SELFIE cam and a photo. "Your pet pig retrieved these items." The Rogue had been identified in the photo as a member of Divisino VII. Intelligence had identified the Paladin as a member of Cruel Hand who ran under the name 'Deap'. "Get some rest, Ms. Kitty. We've got men on the trail of these two right now." "Please marks them as Kills on Sights." Kitty replied. "Theys no deserves to lives."Kittys3 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 [H-RP] Light's Ruin - Forsaken Guild ... Good evening my fellow role-players. I have played in a lot of Forsaken guilds and am now seriously considering starting my own little project on the wonderful realm of Emerald Dream.Ctrlx9 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 mayo or miracle whip? which do you prefer? personally, im a fan of miracle whip except for on tuna fish sandwiches.Agrar40 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 @Turwinkle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrlTcehHmdY I was part of the WSB that hit your event and I know what Im about to say is going to stir up some controversy: But frankly I did to Warbringer exactly as I would want Warbringer to do to me! Dropping a 40 man raid to kill me! And if I didn't want to live with the possibility I could be killed by a 40 main raid of alliance the second I step out of a sanctuary or my Garrison I wouldn't be on a Server that has "PvP" in its description. And I do ask warbringer to feel free to take their revenge on me the next time I head out to Taanan Jungle for my participation in a WSB Zerg! :) Although I do confess that dropping a 40 man raid to kill 6 people was more then slightly exessive and was definitely unnecessary! But alas! Thats World PvP baby! When in doubt! Bring more friends! Because the only fair fight is the one you win! ***EDIT*** Remember the Golden rules of WPvP: 1) The only fair fight is the one you win. (This is why a failed RP crash is called RP PvP and a successful RP crash is called RP griefing!) 2) Accept the social conquences for your PvP actions because the punishment for most social offenses on the other faction is death. 3) Accept death because you WILL die due to the better skill, gear and numbers of your oppoent or all 3 at once. 4) Never trinket sap. It makes you look like a idiot.Narator75 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Question for division 7. So i got a question theres division 7? but who the hell is division 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6? STOP BEING ILLOGICAL! NOW!Kineticsurge4 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 I need moar Crit! RNG Box Question Hi all, I would bring this to the mage or Ashran forums.... but i figured someone here could probably answer the question. Trying to gear up my Fire Mage....If you know anything about the spec they are very crit dependent!!!!! With that being said, I do not think it is possible for me to have all slots filled with gear that has CRIT on it, So does Tremblade Lock Box drop RNG crit chest?Shoulders? etc.. The Conquest vendor does not offer what i am looking for, is my perfect combo gated behind this BS RNG? or maybe its just not an option at all..and i have to run a haste multi piece or two to maintain 4pc bonus.. Thanks in Advanced!Isûnami3 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Bring back cash flow Dear blizzard....I'm not sure what others take on this is but when you have many high ranking players in your guild it becomes very difficult to help each member out with repairs, or the cost of armour, flying and any oyher charecter needs as players process through wow as a GUILD without the help of "Cash Flow" or a variation of the same. As a Guild Leader I can not afford to pay for everything out of my own pocket. I don't have the time or resources to grind gold when there is so much other content my guild and I could be doing. Please bring back "Cash Flow" or some variation I understand why it was removed but it is desperately required.Dorriia13 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 LF Hardcore Alliance PvP guild Returning to the game on a new character. Haven't played since TBC. Used to have a Grand Marshal Warrior on Kil'Jae before cross server BGs. If you're old school enough to understand what that takes you'll have an idea how many kills that took. I'm looking for a tight knit crew to Pvp with. Not interested in Pve, Rp, Achievements, hand holding ect. I want to slay bodies with cats who know their ish and take no prisoners. Coms and chemistry is a must. About me. I'm 29, work full time doing armed security, live in Portland OR with GF and our 2 dogs. Usually have time to game after 10pm PST when I'm not working night shift. I enjoy bull ishing, slaying bodies, and long c***s on the beach. Do I sound like a good fit for your crew? Holler backAshbore28 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Debating to multibox. So i did just bought a ton of wow accounts think i should multibox booty bay rpers??Kineticsurge1 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 [RP] My Banana Review ((As required, Meeps)) As the lilting notes of her whistle echoed amongst the marble columns, Arrosraine shielded her eyes against the setting sun. She looked into the lush shadows of the Stormwind Keep courtyard, scanning the foliage for a familiar shape. Suddenly, a big blue beast sprang out of the growing darkness with a roar and leapt at her, knocking her to the ground. "There you are, you silly kitty," she laughed, as Late licked her face enthusiastically, happy to see her. "What kind of trouble have you been getting in now?" Arrosraine asked as she rubbed the spirit tiger's head. "Mmmmmrrrrrrmmmm," came a soft growl from Late's throat in reply. "Well, let's go see if the Stormwind Book Review Board has any missions for us tonight," she said as she stood and brushed the grass and twigs from her armor. The twilight deepened as Arrosraine and Late strode across the courtyard towards the Library. The flickering light of the torches set into the walls on either side of the entrance cast a warm welcome glow. The pair walked into the Library, Late's nails clicking on the stones of the floor as they passed through the rows of shelves. "That's weird, there's no one else here," she mused out loud. This was meeting night, when the Board got together and handed out missions for "rare manuscripts" or "hard to get books" that customers paid good money for the Stormwind Book Review Board to retrieve. This was how they supported themselves, because although the members all loved books and enjoyed reading, reviewing books didn't pay very well. Late padded over to a royal green area rug trimmed with gold where a low polished wooden table and chairs sat in the middle, looking back at Arrosraine expectantly. "Yes, Late, this is where everyone should be," she said. The cat's whiskers twitched as he sniffed the air, as if trying to pick up the scent of the missing Members. Perplexed, she looked around the room, trying to remember if anyone had said anything about changing the date of the meeting. She had drank quite a few flagons of mead last night in Old Town. Ohhh, if only she hadn't been trying to keep up with Hollyforest and Litehammer! Humans have a different tolerance for alcoholic beverages than Night Elves and she always seemed to forget that when they all start drinking and dancing and reminiscing! Oh well, since I'm here I might as well make myself useful, she thought. Plopping down into one of the chairs, she reached out to pull a candelabra closer to the stack of parchment paper in front of her. Manuscripts and books were piled on the table, waiting for review. Arrosraine looked over the piles, in search of something interesting to read. A small brown leather book caught her eye. She saw a glint of something sparkle on the corner of the cover. "What's this?" She asked herself, picking up the book and marveling in how soft the worn weight felt in her hand. 'The Alliance of Lordaeron' was embossed in gold on the spine of the book. The only other marking was a small raised golden banana on the right bottom corner of the front cover. "What does a golden banana have to do with The Alliance of Lordaeron?" Arrosraine mused. Late nudged her elbow, as if to answer her, then sprawled on the rug beside her chair. Arrosraine settled back and opened the strange little book, pulling the candelabra closer on the table to shed more light on it's yellowing pages. The script was written small in neat rows and she had to squint to read it. The harder she tried to read the words, the blurrier they became, until a fine mist started to rise from the page. She dropped the book on the table in disbelief and rubbed her eyes, looking back to the page. Sure enough, the mist was still rising from the book, more now spilling over the table and down to the floor. The sound of swords clashing startled her so much so let out a little shriek. She looked around to see where it came from and noticed that Late hadn't moved. By this time the mist was pouring from the book, obscuring the book and the table that it lay on. Arrosraine started hearing what sounded like faint whispers. "Who's there?" She looked all around her and there was no one to be seen, and Late had not even twitched. What in the world is going on? Just what was this book? She peered down into the mist to see if she could find it. A pair of red orbs appeared in the mist. Arrosraine blinked, the red orbs grew brighter and larger and closer. As she stared, transfixed, the red orbs turned into malevolent eyes looking right at her, and attached to a huge red lizard like face, complete with razor sharp teeth dripping with saliva! Alexstrasza!!! The dragon lunged at her and she scrambled backwards, flinging the chair against the wall and stumbling over Late. Late came to his feet with a growl.Arrosraine5 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 [rp] this time i saved this blood elf chick so i was chilling on my stone couch in my stone orc house when i could hear someone crying outside. it was like nails on a chalk board. had no idea if someone was stepping on a cat or what. so i go peak out my stone orc house window which was really just some sticks that i wedged together and there's this sleezy looking red haired blood elf sitting on the curb. well i aint ever gonna get any rest if this chick won't be quiet so i head out the front door and cough to get her attention. i didnt wanna scare the broken lil' runt too much. i walked over to her and i'm like "yo, whats your problem and why dont you pipe down?" and through her sobs, she's trying to tell me about how she's a writer and how she felt like she didn't get enough recognition while people who tried less got more. she kept crying and crying and then she started repeating herself so i started getting annoyed. and not annoyed, the awesome rogue that i know from by the train tracks. us orcs arent "sposed" to be friends with humans but i do what i want. anyway, i was losing my patience with this elf so i told her 'if you want attention, why dont you just get on the goblin internet and start posting nudes of yourself for some easy attention?' and she said 'i already did that but people still read and reply more to work i think sucks and they barely read mine!" i said, 'well sugar, i dont know what to tell you. get the hell off my block." and i iffed at her so she was scared and fell off the curb. hit her face all on the concrete and then ran away. i went back in my house, though 'wow, what a rough day' and turned on that 12 inch black n' white television and dozed off.Agrar5 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 [rp] my neighbor sucks so i was sitting on my couch and its made of rock cuz im an orc. pillows and blankets and all that jazz is too fancy for us. leave that garbage to the sissy blood elves. anyway, im flipping channels on my 12 inch black n white tv and i'm trying to watch honey boo boo but my neighbor cutting his grass. its like 11pm and my orclets got school in the morning so i'm like 'what the hell is your problem'? but he's a troll so he don't give a crap. i said 'alright dude, i gotcha' and i walk back in my rock house. i unplugged my tv, walked out the back door and chucked it at him. think i killed him. gonna steal that lawnmower tomorrow. the endAgrar10 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 [H] <foul>OM NOM NOM NOM That's right I'm taking back my thread!!!!!! <foul> Our main focus is PvP: WPvP, arenas (carries available), guild-hosted tournaments and events, BGs, and RBGs. <foul> dabbles in light role-play as well, and while we encourage our members to partake in RP, it isn’t a requirement to join our ranks (though it is to be respected). We also have an amazingly creepy mumble. This guild is all about our laid back atmosphere and our ability to have fun. We are players who wanted the freedom to make our own decisions on how we respond to our gaming environments. Everyone has a voice in <foul> and we’d love to hear from you. How do you know if <foul> is the right fit for you? First, check out this recruitment video. It highlights most of the things this guild has to offer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4PIlnOjs0k You like friendly competition. We don’t just fight the Alliance – we like to fight each other too. On the last Friday of every month, <foul> holds a randomized 2v2 tournament and will often reward the winner(s) with prizes. In addition, we are initiating duel nights that will occur once or twice a month in our guild’s stronghold of Stonard. Several of us also have Alliance toons, and we will gank each other at the drop of a hat. c: You are comfortable enough to chat with us in mumble. We hardly use our gchat and it’s probably not the best way to grab our attention. ONLY ANTI-SOCIALS USE G-CHAT. Mumble is a better way for us to get to know the person behind the character. It is also a must if you wish to join any of our teams. You must also not have a problem with creepy noises and laughing in mumble. Yammi gets a bit carried away sometimes. Ok, all the time. You have thick-skin. We like to poke fun at Jig and each other a lot, and our jokes can be morally questionable at times. If you are easily insulted run the other way. Very fast. We'll still probably catch you though. Have some standards. We will not tolerate the crashing of RP events. Most RP events are obvious and you’d have to be stupid not to realize it. You will be booted from the guild if you do so. You’re more than welcome to forum-PVP with whoever (lord knows Dnasis does), just don’t wish cancer on someone’s children or something. You can be a tool or a troll, just don’t start tossing out IRL insults that make us look bad. Initiation process Know the difference between Ganlord and Gaylord. Or is it Grandel? You will be required to put Dustfingur in his place at any given time. Remember he speaks to no one unless spoken too.RBG Teams! We're currently recruiting Healers for our RBGs. Specifically MW monks, and Rdruids. Also one more Target Caller, or vocal plate melee. We are currently not recruiting kids who cannot "git gud". So if you fail to meet this criteria, please: git gud kid. Please be aware that upon signing up for a <foul> RBG, you are expected to be present and on time. Failure may result in disintegration and your loved ones notified of their loss. Sorry, not sorry. RP! The great thing about <foul> RP is that we really give you the freedom to operate in mostly whatever fashion you see fit! Our story is a Mercenary group, but as with any group we have need of everyone from a Chef all the way up to Aggressively passive drug addict! Which is right for you? Guild defense is set up in Stonard. Will respond to pings if we feel like it. (Which is never) RP background posted by Hoskold (we miss you Hoskold! TwT). http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9881949241 Stromgaurd story line. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10497759771 Bebbit's story line. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11297039603 Writing contest some members hosted last year. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14058727314#1 <Other Games> We also play a lot of other games together, such as Minecraft, H1Z1 and Team Fortress 2. Ask in guild and see who else plays! Members & joining! Resident Asian: Third leg Yammi Co-GM: Lexandriah (Just here to look pretty.), Tazral (Claims to own "Get fisted Son!" but mostly just a liar.) Officers: Rutee (Opens her spellbook in arenas.), Booze (Wargame initiator.), Kelgar (Has no green fire), Bacon (WHAT WE HAVEN'T KICKED HIM YET?), Vorinthe (Wallowitz) Interested in joining our ranks? Either whisper an officer for an in-game interview, or fill out the app on our guild website (see below). (foul.shivtr.com.)Lexandriah500 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Kittys Fashions Spooktaculars! "Goods mornings. In lights of recents fashions craze across Azeroths, I's feels compels to halps continues this trends by offers Kittys expertise in yous Hallows Eves Trickys Treats evenings wears. I's has my staffs prepares informations for yous readings enjoyments. Thanks yous." *She begins to hand out parchments to all who would like one while sending a courier to tack one on each Heroes Call Board. ...Kittys5 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 [H] <Dont Make Me Level> Twink Guild Good morning all. Remember those days where we played this game without the stress? Where we just had tons of fun and laughs!!! You know the days when we all Twinked!!! Ahh, those days when we were geared, when we had those hard to get weapons and enchants. We were death, laughing as we destroyed all those who apposed us. Do you remember entering the lvl 20-24 and 25- 29 brackets, finding out that the opposing team were premades and/or had other twinks! You were excited to fight other twinks just to see who was better and who could get the most kills. It was fun, exciting and carefree. I am bring those days back! Don't Make Me Level, is looking for like minded people who just want to have fun at the 20-29 bracket. We are going to have TS3 for organized bgs. We will engage in low lvl wpvp if possible and create fun events with rp'ing if you want. So, if you have a 29 or want to make one to just to have some fun please hit me up in game. Our GOAL is simple, to create a name for ourselves in the twink community! Thank you.Orghotts15 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 Shadows of Lordaeron LF dedicated officers+ simple....looking for few officers interested in Cultist and Apothecary Forsaken RP. Guild being reformed so will be slow going for a bit. Even if do it all myself, SoL will be risen again. GM- Aglaica Officers -Aglaica21 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 [RP ] Emergence from Tirisfal Woods. WORK IN PROGRESS *started on EDRP facebook but workin on it here too included part writen by a defiler* The shadowy figure moved silently onto the decaying cobblestone road leading out of the Tirisfal woods towards Brill..."Home..." she whispered as she gazed forward at the guards outside the gate. "Alone..." another voice sounded though direction could not be found. Aglaica continued her slow walk towards thegates of Brill to find what was left of the brotherhood. *Pestifyer wrote* Duke Pestifer and the Defilers rode hard to brill wanting to survey the damage wrought by the alliance during an attack two days ago. As they neared the town they felt the presence of Forsaken all around it seems the dark lady had called reinforcements to secure this non vital non strategic town. Pestifer held a clenched armored hand up signaling the Defilers to halt. " Defilers scout the buildings and secure the road we shall hold this position before finishing our burning of western plague lands stock up on supplies and grab a wagon for the prisoners we will be taking." Pestifer noticed a wandering forsaken walking towards the Legion from the Tirisfal woods. The fog was in layers seeming to roll up as Aglaica made it to the gate. She kept her eyes fixed upon the forsaken staring her down, staying silent as she sauntered past him into the small ministry building where she had decided to wait for her comrades to emerge and gather.Aglaica11 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 Fire Mage World PvP Video Since WW became somewhat useless this expansion (until recently) I decided to do a lot more with my alts, and I ended up picking up fire mage a few weeks ago. Its been the most fun I've had this expansion so far, and so I decided to record some stuff, make a video out of it, and try some new(ish) editing effects. This is not a claim of skill. Its just for fun. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUv3SYHWuMA Edit: Going to take the potentially naive route here: to all the dislikes on the video, let me know what you didn't like! I can't improve if I don't know what I did wrong.Treízar20 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 [MOG] Shattered Sun Hail, adventurers! The MOG EMPEROR is releasing a new mog (coming to a store near you)... the Shattered Sun! http://i.imgur.com/REIk3nR.jpg The WoD helm is a great complement to the shield and tabard (both released in TBC). There are some Vanilla and Cata items also mixed in. This isn't a complete mog... I will eventually adjust several pieces over time, but the overall theme will be consistent. As always, please express your feelings of anger towards the MOG EMPEROR.Charax48 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 I want a thread of love. what do you love, post your youtube link, you will not be judged EXPRESS URSELF.Litehammer29 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 10 years worth of footage in 5 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpKra5okd8cMuffjøhnson26 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 Voice comms...? Ok, I split my time between WoW and various FPS games on Xbox. The wife and I were talking about it and this is what we discovered: FPS games like CoD and Halo allow you to hear your victims rage/fear/frustration ect.. over the built in voice comms, for a few seconds after you kill them. It makes me giggle sometimes and not a day goes by when I don't learn a new insult. I've found that, I've made most of my friends on xbox from this little feature. Whether it's an insult like "EFFF YOU NOOOB" or a complement on a nice kill, you can tell a lot about a person in those few seconds. The bad thing about these games would have to be the repetitive nature in only having 10-15 maps to play on. I find, repeating them over and over and over again, very tiresome. WoW is a completely different beast. Sure we can have "Team Comms" in the way of VOIP (Vent, teamspeak, mumble, ect...) but the one built into the game is laggy and buggy and I've never heard a peep from anyone while using it and I'm fairly certain that it doesn't have the "Open Death Mic" like FPS games. The best I can hope for is a rage tell or an @thread, which doesn't really have the same feel. However, I never find WoWs PVP very repetitive (because I mainly do WPVP). I could be out in Panda land, run across a few people and have a nice heated fight. The next day, go somewhere else and find a few people to bait off a cliff. I could literally find somewhere different to fight, every day, and never see the same landscape more than once. Add that to the 11 (soon to be 12) different classes and all of their specs and PVP could stay as fresh as you'd like it to. Would any of you like to see the built in voice system revamped so that it worked better (or more like the console voice system)? Would anyone be interested in the "Open Death Mic" being added?Keybuh26 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 how is emerald dream so is this server active and popular in pvp groups doing missions wpvp and friendlyFirestarwolf47 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 @Ceralium Just want to say congratulations to Ceralium on earning Glad. I know no one has played as many games and worked as hard as you did and you deserve it dude. From the time I met you 3 years ago back on KJ, you were honestly and sadly the worst mage I had ever seen and you know that’s true. Yet each season you got better and better, climbing the ranks, one season Challenger, the next Rival, Dueilst and finally your goal of Gladiator. You earned it, you never cheated, never played with anyone you thought cheated and you were an honest player and a blast to play with and always willing to play with me even though you were leagues bettar than me, I’m glad we became friends. Congratulations again bud.Vdlol89 Sep 1, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 New to the Server Hi guys!!! I am new to the server, I come from Bleeding Hollow (I am pretty sure you have never heard of that server) Anyways, my name over there is Partz, from Alliance Vanguard: and I have to say I have been enjoying this server so far, it is pretty nice. Just wanted to say hello to all, and any questions you want to ask or anything you want to know about me, I have a website for that http://ask.fm/PartzkDeadalienboy13 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 I'm actually embarassed. That the Alliance had to call for help from the multiboxer to defend their city of IronForge. The days of the Alliance running this server are over. LOK'TAR OGAR. FOR THE HORDE. We are superior.Lucciian111 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Dear Kittys is BACKS! I's likes to announces returns of Dear Kittys. Its has comes to Kittys attentions that many members of ours communitys is in needs of halps. Please feels frees to submits yous questions, in confidentialitys, to newspaper forums and Kittys will offers advice, supports, or otherwise address yous concerns. This service is provides frees of charges and no will be use to discriminates on bases of whats flavors of cakes yous likes bests. Please use as much details as possibles so I's can betters understands yous situations. Sincerelys, Ladys Kittylicious of Stormwinds, Duchess of Draenors, Certifies Fashionistas, Professionals Advice ColumnistsKittys55 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Gurubashi RP FFA (also event brainstorming) I hope everyone had fun I definitely did! Thank you to gorwatha/foul/BBC etc for attending, if anyone has any ideas for any other events like this, post em in here then folks can get together and we can figure something out. Also thanks nayadri for helping me organize it and juzmik for being amazing.Arn24 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Warsong Empire-RP ((Tonight at 6:00 Server Time WSB will hold a meeting in Stormwind.)) Overlord Himanshu, and his advisors will engage the Stormwind citizens in discussion on how to improve this city. We know that the people are starving, and are turning on each other but we will provide aid to those that ask for it. Warsong Empire will also implement some laws in order to prevent crime, and to improve quality of life in this great Warsong city. Curfew- There will be a city wide curfew starting today. All citizens must be in their homes by (9:00 pm) and cannot leave until (8:00 am). Those that do not obey this curfew will be severely punished. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for you and your families. Aid- We will provide clean water and food to those that need it. All you have to do is to acknowledge the Warsong Empire as your saviors, and Champions. Suspicious activity- You can help yourself, and us to eliminate the Alliance criminals by reporting all suspicious activities to Master Zendarien, and General Frnkls. If we work together we can eliminate these cave dwelling rebels, and in turn you will get safety after we are done with them. We will answer all of your questions tonight. Thank You, Arashicage Blade of the WarchiefArashicage170 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Considering Transferring to ED I've had many good experiences on MG, and some bad as in any case of a community. However recently I've been having trouble with Horde side. My Alliance toons are doing perfectly fine with the RP community as well as integrating into it flawlessly and doing well in PvP and other activities. I am considering transferring some of my Horde toons to Emerald Dream, as I've heard plenty of good things about them, But i'm a bit worried, as I love RP, and I cannot wait for Legion to hit as well. But with resentment I'm having trouble coming to terms with the state of the Horde on MG, it doesn't seem to lively even in regards to RP. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on the state of Emerald Dream? How about RP? I've heard the World PvP is absolutely fantastic on ED and PvP is my favorite playstyle next to RP. Would love some advice! Thanks! Appreciate it!Líëf7 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Mog Feedback (( Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted any of my mogs, and I'm kinda... unsure if I like most of these. Some of them I love, some of them I kinda hate, but I wanted to see what you guys thought about them! All the blood elf ones are being modeled by my hunter because I'm too lazy to switch between characters, I guess. Purple Hunter Set https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNwtUOsVAAAN5FW.png Priest Thing https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNwtUMuUkAA5Mty.png Star Priest https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNwtULUUwAQlnU_.png Yellow Robe https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNwtUJ0VEAEFWdx.png Troll Water Shaman https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNm8uBwWcAAfcfx.jpg Undead Crusader https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CMBiHt6WIAAluAe.jpg Troll Scout https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CLlOoyjWsAEyybH.png Okay, sorry that there's so many! What do you guys think? ))Umcha10 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 New Youtuber in town! Been wanting to make Youtube videos for a long time now, mostly because I enjoy the whole editing thing and it's nice to be able to sort of immortalize my 'finer' moments (such as they are xD). That said here is posted my first Youtube PvP vid for your viewing pleasure! https://youtu.be/qTTGaPnxtXA Just a bit of 1v1/1v2 action with an occasional sprinkling of "skill" here and there set to a bit of music that seems to fit well with the whole hunter thing. Enjoy!Zabamat57 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 6.2.2 Live This Week http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/5114-Patch-6-2-2-Live-This-Week And I know we all already knew this, but I wanted to make this thread to springboard a discussion. I can't be bothered to do the research, so if anyone else wants to check out the facts that'd be cool but basically: Is it just me, or does 6.2.2 alone have more content in it than 6.1 did?Vairal31 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Has anyone thought about a DH and rp yet? Just curious, anyone thought about a Demon Hunter background story, creating an all DH guild, or anything related to the DH?Slyke66 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Status Update I made this thread 15 days ago: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18716981965?page=1 This is where I'm at now: http://imgur.com/a/CAoQi I think I might hit 3k items before Legion.Vairal8 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 MUSIC! Alright folks , since we fight over everything ingame and on the forums... Let's fight eachother (or not) over music shall we? post what you are currently listening to and be judged by others.Videogamer36 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 [A] <GnomeTech> Recruiting New Students! GnomeTech at a Glance - Full Name: The Gnomeregan Technical Institute - Premise: A gnomish research university for magic and engineering - Roleplay: Emphasis on creativity and fun. Known for public events. Beginners welcome. - PvE: Leveling, dungeons, old-world content, and just-for-fun casual raids. - PvP: Fun-focused world PvP, casual arena and battleground teams. Occasional all-gnome rated battlegrounds. - Requirements: You must be a roleplayer and you must be nice. All races, classes, levels, and play styles are welcome. Introduction Do you enjoy blowing things up? Homicidal robots? Armies of demonic murlocs? Comparative analysis of pre-war gnomish literary poetry? Delicious grilled tauren burgers? Then GnomeTech might be for you! The Gnomeregan Technical Institute, or GnomeTech for short, Azeroth's premier technical research institution. At GnomeTech, you’ll study with world-renowned faculty, in state-of-the-art facilities, with the brightest young minds of the Alliance. At GnomeTech, you can study anything you want, from pyrotechnic engineering to troll anthropology. We’re always looking for new talent, so don’t hesitate to apply any time of the semester. GnomeTech accepts students from all backgrounds, not just gnomes. After all, diversity is key to intellectual growth. Besides, we need humans and elves to reach things on high shelves when our claw machines break down. Roleplaying at GnomeTech GnomeTech is Emerald Dream’s oldest roleplaying guild, founded at the server’s opening in September 2005. We’re a well known and respected part of the Alliance roleplaying community. GnomeTech is best known for its regular public roleplay events, including parties, parades, dances, banquets, races, raids, mock trials, plays, stand-up comedy, summits, and many more. Our annual GnomeTech Prom and Winter Veil formal regularly draw hundreds of players. Roleplay is GnomeTech’s primary objective. As a member, you’ll be invited to participate in creative, original storylines, conversations, and events. Our focus is always on fun, and we never take ourselves too seriously; at GnomeTech, outrageous, outlandish, unrealistic stories are the norm. We’re never afraid to bend the rules for the sake of fun and originality, though never at the expense of quality and courtesy. We strive to be as welcoming, friendly, and helpful as possible, especially for motivated beginners. Other Opportunities While our focus is on roleplay, GnomeTech brings its unique eccentric passion to all areas of gameplay. GnomeTech will never be a serious endgame progressive guild, but our max-level plays often group together for quests, dungeons, and tavern-crawls. GnomeTech has recently begun to focus more on PvP, including story-driven world PvP with our allied guilds, battleground and arena groups, and even all-gnome rated battlegrounds. With the introduction of Flex raiding, we've started a just-for-fun raiding team. Joining GnomeTech Our requirements are as follows: 1. You must be an enthusiastic roleplayer, and 2. You must be a generally pleasant and agreeable person. That’s it! We accept any races, classes, levels, play styles, experience levels, and backgrounds. We welcome beginners who are eager to learn. If you have a passion for the wacky and eccentric, you’ll find a place in GnomeTech. There are two ways to apply: 1. Fill out a brief, simple application form on our website, linked below, or 2. Conduct an in-game, in-character interview with an officer. To learn more about GnomeTech or apply online, visit our website: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=50847 And remember kids, just say no to goblin engineering!Zappie85 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 [RP] Squeezin' the Cheese Merry bar patrons flood out onto the winding streets of Stormwind as 2:00 A.M. hit Elwynn Forest. Elling Trias is the last to stumble out from The Pig and Whistle, "Heeey, I didn't finish my drink, wench!" He yells while turning back to the busty bar maiden who so eagerly pushed him out. "Well ya shouldn't of ordered 6 of them at last call ya lush! SLEEP IT OFF!" With that she splashes him with a flagon of Foote Tripel and smashes a snifter of Hearthglen Ambrosia at the cheese merchant's feet before slamming the door. "RRREEAALLL MATURE ELLY! I'M SURE THE BLUE RECLUSE WOULD LOOOOOVEEE MY BUSINESS! YA NOT THE ONLY TAVERN IN TOWN!!!!!" Trias grabs some pebbles from the gutter and throws them at the wooden door in frustration, " *mumble* business...*grumble mumble* stupid wench.." He stumbled about Old Town's back alleys. Although drunk he remembers Elaine's fight with him earlier when he'd told her he was going out to the pubs. She was the first women that hadn't treated him properly this night by slamming the door in his face when he left, "Sleep..at store..*continues to make incoherent muttering* grAWW!! BY ANDUIN'S VIRGIN PECKER!" He screams as a loud thunderclap rolls over the city and a deluge of rain begins. After fiddling with the lock the door to Trias' Cheese bursts open, "Hate..the rain.." The floorboards creak as he walks heavily without much purpose. With hazed vision he clumsily feels about his shelves. There's a loud pop of a wine bottle being uncorked, "heh heh ha ha ha...yesss..." He chuckles into a victories laugh as he pours himself a drink into used kafa mug. The former career rogue digs greedily into his own cheese while continuing to drink drink all the while oblivious to the fact he left the door open. "Excuse me, sir? Are you Elling Trias, Master of Cheese and the owner of Trias' Cheese here in Stormwind?" A small figure stands in the doorway. "We're closed, sod off!" He bellows while rather pleased with himself from using a phrase he'd learned from a Gilnean earlier. "Great, glad I could meetcha at such an opportune time!" The tiny figure steps in and begins closing the door, "EEEKKK!" there's a loud feminine squealed of surprise as a dagger flies by her head. By pure instinct from years of misdeeds Elling Trias had reached under the counter and thrown a dagger at the mysterious figure, "Ahh damn, *hic* seems I hit the wrong one o' yah..." Elling reaches beneath the counter again but is suddenly electrocuted vigorously by a primitive taser. The wet clothing helped conduct the blast and effectively disabling Elling into passing out. "Bah, stupid gnomish technology!" The trespasser shook her hand from getting shocked herself by the gadget. She slammed it down and aggressively stomped until it was disassembled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Wake up! come on...wake up! *prods with finger* WAKE UP! *slap*" Elling comes to while still drunk. He shifts back and forth and realized he's disabled, "W-where..why..what?" his eyes unblur and he sees the masked individual standing in front of him. "I apologize for the excessive rope..I'm not good at knots or doing this sort of thing..first time." Elling's hands were fastened and he had a rope coiled around his entire upper body like a snake. It continued to criss-cross from shoulder to waist over and over again until it formed an elaborate bow with the excess in front of him, "Now, this isn't how I had planned this so act like this part just now did not happen, you were just going to sleep until tomorrow afternoon if I didn't do somethin'. Alright, in 3 seconds I'll say start again and pretend you came to on your own, alright?" The women hustled to a chair opposite of Elling. She lays a few random objects in front of her by the candle light with one leg crossed over the other. "What the hell are ya doing?" Elling mutters while being slightly confused. "Editing my Hearthstone deck, I'm reeeaaally bad at it and trying to get the concept behind a Warrior style deck." She stares intensely at the pile of cards before her and begins making cuts. "NO, I mean what are you doing here right now!" He bellows and squirms in the chair. " *sigh* Editing my Hearthstone deck, I'm really bad at it and trying to get the concept behind a warrior style deck!" The individual's brow clearly frowns beneath her mask. She reaches up and unclasps the mouth guard revealing her green goblin skin. Her lips are pursed while staring down at her deck. It appears a blood vessel hadl burst in Elling's brain, "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME IN MY STORE ON THIS EVENING!!!!!!" He yells loudly but his voice is muffled to the surroundings by the loud rain storm outside. The chair rocks aggressively beneath the powerful man.Lòckette7 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Wrestling spoof vines (rko, johncena! etc) I have been finding these really funny lately. Anyone else have some to share that were just too good? Here is one of my favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ99BJLNdTsYelton3 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 To our ED'ers in the path of Erika. (( Heres hoping you are able to brave the storm safely or evacuate as necessary. Stay in touch as much as you can to let us know you're ok. I know Bacon lives in this storms path, not sure of anyone else but if there are others, I hope it passes over quickly with minimal damage. Tropical storm Erika heads for Florida after killing 20 on island of Dominica. Video and pics here: http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/29/us/tropical-weather-erika/ ))Stablemare36 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 Hey D&D nerds 10:30 server - twitch - the moment I wait for all year - the live streamed pax prime D&D game! On twitch or the link below. http://www.polygon.com/2015/8/27/9215687/pax-prime-acquisitions-inc-dungeons-and-dragons-live If you have no idea what's happening, get some idea in this snippet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3v94HfnGMMReturnlol8 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 [Guild Recruitment X-Post] <The Fourth Wall> Blizzard’s recent announcement of a record low 5.6 million subscribers is something few of us needed official confirmation of - we see the decline every day. My RealID is a bleak sight this evening. When once there was a bustling list of well over one hundred friends, now there are maybe a dozen at peak times, half of which are playing Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm. We’re left with scattered remnants of our previous communities. Last Online 186 Days Ago. And as the pool is drying up the environment is getting more caustic, more hateful, and more elitist. The Looking For Group pane reads like an MMO dystopia; “2400 Achievement or !@#$ off”, “no downies”, “i700 bads cn go die”. Empowered by the casual nature of cross-realm grouping and utter lack of consequence for otherwise disgraceful behavior, “no downies” is not only tolerated but almost expected. We can do better. Although the game has evolved to include numerous catch-up mechanics, both for PvE and for PvP, it can feel overwhelming to be staring down the barrel of those grinds. What’s worse is doing it alone. Hours of farming Apexis Crystals to empower gear that will still leave you miles behind the curve, plaintively trying to find your place amongst established guilds or exclusive parties. Do you want more than that? Welcome to <The Fourth Wall>. We’re an Alliance Re-roll Guild on the high-population RP-PvP Realm Emerald Dream (CST). Our founders come from many backgrounds; 2400+ PvPers, bleeding edge progression raiders, and dedicated role-players. We’ve come together to embark on an ambitious project – to create an invested, diverse and lasting community of like-minded individuals to weather this exodus of players, and this long winter before the release of Legion. We’re hedging on a powerful prediction; that we’re not alone. That there is a small army of talented and dedicated players that feel the same way we do. That the game has far more potential than we’re currently realizing. That the secret to success isn’t dictated by an ilvl or an arena rating, but rather the people you surround yourself with. <The Fourth Wall> offers you more than just a fresh start. You can do that anywhere. We offer you the chance to be part of a new community. A community that extends well beyond the borders of Azeroth. (Our primary guild recruitment post, and the one that will be routinely updated, is in the Guild Recruitment Forums at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18705073700?page=1#1. This cross post is for visibility and to introduce ourselves to your fine community. Any specific questions about recruitment, scheduling or roster can be directed to the primary thread or TheFourthWallGuild@gmail.com. Any other thoughts or concerns feel free to leave here! Thanks for your time, Emerald Dream. Looking forward to seeing you out in the world :D)Palewind1 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 Project Mayhem's "SPIT COMMANDO" Coming soon to your mobile devices! http://i.imgur.com/ssX4uSb.pngVaporelli22 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 LF Raiding Guild, Can I do this here? Hello, I didn't see anything against this in the stickies. Forgive me if I'm not supposed to post these here. I'm getting back into wow, in full 660 pvp gear where I last took a break from the game, but I'm working on getting the tanaan gear to start tanking. I'm looking for a guild that can help me with that and also only raids weekday nights since I'm out most weekends. If anyone can point me the right direction at least it would help a lot!Loobiwan0 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 OOC question about Spiderman ((When the Michael Douglas's terrible acting ended with the death of Ben Parker, were you as relieved as i was that the torture was over? or is it just me?))Bradrad17 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 Orc Clan RP Hello people of ED. I am simply asking what happened to orc clan RP on this server, and is it even out there still?Oathgar15 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 Goodbye Emerald Dream forums.. I want to say good bye to all of you fellow forum warriors and simple forum readers out here on the Emerald Dream forums. But even more so I want to say a few other things. I want to say that I am sorry to every single person who I may have caused any form of negative emotion or offense, to apologize for any behavior or words I have taken that may have caused even the slightest of negative thought. I want to specifically mention the members of Warsong Battalion as well. I don't know how I may have affected you or anyone else here but what I do know is that I have said some very negative things. I have had many disagreements and have had arguments here and have gone on calling out words that should never have been typed by me. I am truly deeply sorry. I also want to thank every one here for all of the enjoyment that I have had be it fighting alongside you in game or on forums as well if we had been on the opposing sides. Something has occurred, something that has changed my life entirely. No it is not a relationship issue or a death of someone close, but something far more than I can simply say. I'd be lying to you right now if I said that I was not in a form of shock, that every fiber of my being, who I am, is not shivering in such a high mixture of emotions that I cannot even begin to explain it. I just want to say that due to this event if you will call it that, that I will no longer be posting on the Emerald Dream forums nor any other Warcraft forum for that matter. I will still remain playing the game with what little time I will have but I will no longer be a voice here for a small list of reasons, reasons that are very deep to me. Before I press this submit button one last time, I want to tell you all that I am thankful for everything and that I love you all each and every one. If this post saddens any of you for any reason then I am sorry. I will not be publicly speaking my reasons nor the specific event that has caused this but if you would like to question or speak with me more feel free to whisper/message me in Twitter @Mithrenvar (best choice being my phone receives alerts from it) or adding me on Bnet Magni#1975. I may or may not post one other forum topic in the honor of Dwarf fest as my warrior Magni, if I still hold it when the time comes. But I will not be outward of my opinions and emotions here any longer. Thank you all for reading this. Good Bye. *The dwarf leaves the tavern table behind with a tankard full of untouched dwarven stout. Taking his last steps out of the tavern that has always represented these forums to him.*Ironblood28 Aug 30, 2015