Emerald Dream

1d [H]Interest Check Checking to see if there would be anyone interested in a Reroll project, horde side. Guild project would be a PvP/PvE/RPlite guild, depending on player interest. No heirlooms that give xp boost, weapons and the horde trinket are acceptable. The wow anniversary boost is also acceptable. Would prefer DKs wait until the majority of members are at 58+, Likewise, would prefer DHs wait until the majority of members are at 100. This would be a leveling project, preparing to go into BfA, you'd be welcome to commit as much or as little time as you'd like. After the PvE/PvE distinction is removed, we would still, as a group, remain PvP toggled. If anyone is interested, please feel free to respond here, and/or join the Sunrage (at work, in a hurry, don't judge me) discord. I'll reply via text channel as much as I'm able. https://discord.gg/3kPpDgSunrage0 1d
1d <The Sylvanae> ; Horde RP-PvP Guild OOC: Checking for interest here before Moonguard to see where I may or may not have the best environment to make this work. I have been on both servers regularly for over 10 years and would like to share this with which ever group is more receptive to help this idea flourish and grow. I've always been a fan of RP-PvP synergy. As some of you may or may not remember RP-PvP servers were opened back in 2005 at subscribers’ request. Prior to the opening of this type, players had to choose between Role-play PvE servers or straight PvP servers, often splitting time between realm types to satisfy both areas of interest. When I found ED I was hooked and would like to stay here and share the experience with others as those before shared with me. THE SYLVANAE What are we: Publicly We are an elite fighting force of The Horde under our Queen and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner. We are fiercely loyal to our Queen, and to The Horde, and consider ourselves blessed to be agents of The Crown. Many of our agents would even find it an honor to die and be resurrected as undead that we may continue our service. Privately We have darker devotions, ceremonies, rights of passage, and secret cabal leaning RP for those who seek to enter the upper echelons of our ranks. Including questlines for becoming recruits, members, and officers. Once you have passed these rights you must earn the rights to: -A Moniker (True-name/code-name that you may choose [known only to other members] that we will refer to you as) -An RP forged and named weapon(s) -Both RP guild mounts and a third for Officers (flying and ground which if you dont already have we will help you to obtain) -And ultimately induction and ascension through our ranks to become an Agent of The Crown. We actively seek PvP and will often venture into enemy territory to stir the pot. Depending on the mission, ceremony, or rank, we utilize both the Undercity and our Guild Tabard. Similar to the Queenguards, Dreadguards, Deathguards, and other militant organizations that serve and protect the Queen and her interests we fight zealously and serve with a religious fervor in the name of The Horde. We differ in that we accept all races of The Horde, living or dead, and require oaths of fealty to our Royal Warchief. We are devoted, selfless, fearless. We are The Sylvanae. "Long live The Queen... For The Horde."Alías30 1d
1d [A] <Coldridge Company> RP/PvP The RP The Artists Formerly Known as BBV are now recruiting all races/classes to join us on our newest adventure: running a business! Now, I know what you're thinking... "That sounds pretty boring." WELL YOU'RE WRONG. This isn't just any business, you see. It's a trading company with the best private army that money can buy (that's you, potentially). Simply put, we're in the business of business: imports, exports, security details, resource acquisitions...we do it all. Are you a soldier looking for a life outside the bureaucracy of the Alliance military? Or perhaps a priest looking for a job as a field medic? Better yet, are you simply an individual looking for work in these troubled times? Oh boy, have we got just the job for you! *Druid consultants to oversee excavations and logging operations. Someone has to make sure nature is being respected along the way (we aren't dirty, low-down goblins, after all)! *Military personnel of all types. *Salesmen to get our name out there to potential clients. If you've got resources/equipment/valuables to trade, we want to handle the shipment and sales (for a share of the profit, of course). *Job site managers, accountants, couriers, sea captains, office workers, cooks, flight masters...if you can think of it, we're probably hiring for it! Founded by our CEO, Fozle Fizzlefort, along with the former members of the Bronzebeard Vanguard as our acting Board of Directors, we strive to uphold Alliance values while providing the best service available. No longer shall we toil under the oppressive whims of the goblin cartels! Finally, there's a trustworthy trading company with Alliance interests at heart! Apply today! OOC We're the same rowdy bunch we've always been, we're just allowing elves and furry pandas and #@!$ (I know...). With enough active participation, we offer weekly RBGs, casual raiding, and weekly D20 events/random tavern nights for RP. We're a fairly laid back guild. Not all of us RP, and not all of us are outstanding at PvP, but as a whole we do enjoy both aspects of the server (we even have some filthy PvEers in the lot). Our only requirement is, as it was before, don't be a jackwagon. If you grief* RP (*We mean actively griefing RP. We don't mean ganked. See: Don't Be A Jackwagon rule), you're gone. If anyone has a problem with one of our members, feel free to contact an officer and we'll get it taken care of. Current Needs We're currently recruiting for RBGs, and as always we'd love to have more RPers as well. This section will be updated as specific RBG class/spec needs arise. Also in need of a second DM capable of co-DMing events and running their own independently. Disclaimer *Coldridge Company is not responsible for the words and/or actions of Drehn/Testiklese. Any interaction with said individual will be at your own risk. You've been warned.*Krohgin399 1d
1d [H] <MarWatha> Troll-Themed RP Guild Small bands of Trolls can be seen walking around major cities, their armor decorated heavily with skulls and/or leather wrappings. Occasionally, one of the group will stop and nail a piece of parchment to a rock, pillar, post, or onto the bulletin board. Once they’ve finished what appears to be a patrol, they return to their mounts and head off in the direction of Desolace. Upon approaching the parchment, purple writing can be seen scrawled onto the vellum. Mar’Watha ‘as been established. Trolls, Orcs, Forsaken… Headhunters, Shaman, Priests… All are welcome ta Mar’Watha, as long as you ‘ave what it takes ta survive not only as a race, but as a community. If you t’ink you have what it takes, feel free ta write ta us, Or meet us face-to-face at our outpost ((Shadowprey Village)) in Desolace. Fair warning: If you come lookin’ for a fight, be prepared ta experience da full weight of Mar’Watha. At the bottom of the page is a small list of names, each with a different handwriting. OOC: Mar’Watha is a community built upon the formation of Trolls and other members of the Horde that may be outcasts, or people who don’t feel that they’ve been able to find a “home” within any other guild up until this point. We’re a Medium-Heavy RP guild with a Troll theme but an open mind for all forms of RP and characters alike. We’re willing to help out if you’re new to RP or experienced and just need a little help. If you’re interested, please feel free to reach out to Feyanji / Calisandria - Co-GM (Toast#12407) Jupaljin / Ghulazzi - GM Zathuk - Officer Jagondo - OfficerWe will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! We will also be having a more lengthy OOC post next, so stick around for that!Feyanji48 1d
2d So, Who's Excited? So who's excited about these new allied races and what class will you be picking for your new Zandalari troll? I'm thinking about making a fury warrior to play on the whole berserker theme.Leybinder25 2d
2d Unable to log in Anyone else having this issue? If I cannot log in my event will be rescheduled see original post.Alías14 2d
2d [H] <Hold My Weave> Recruiting for Antorus <Hold My Weave> is a PvP focus guild on the Horde side on Emerald Dream. However, we are looking to fill core spots for our raid team. This will be a semi-casual group looking to progress through normal and possibly into heroic. We are currently open in accepting all classes and roles from Healers, DPS, and Tanks. The only requirements for the raid team will be discord, attendance, knowledge of raid mechanics, and familiarity with your class/role. Because the group will be semi-casual, we will be lenient with sub-par performance at first. We will work with you to help you improve. If we are unable to fill the group, we will at least try pug in LFG instead of cancelling. If you are interested, please feel free to add and message me. Fettywap#11744. Outside of raiding, we also run RBGs. These are more serious and have additional requirements. If you would like more information on the RBGS team, please feel free to message Eazyj. Raiding days and times will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm ST. RBGs will also be ran on Wednesdays and Fridays.Jujuondat3 2d
2d :Wave: It's 1:30AM for me, what are you doing up at these hours?Corejò11 2d
2d [A] <The Pride of Lothar> Lordaeron/EK RPWPvP <The Pride of Lothar> has returned after suffering greatly at the hands of the Legion invasion. Many were lost but those that remain are filled with a fiery resolve to rebuild and retake all that was lost. With our forces devastated by the war with the Burning Legion the Pride has lost control of the vast majority of its former territorial claims known to many as the Free Northern Territories. Warden Ironheart and the remaining members of The Pride cling to Caer Darrow and Chillwind with hopes of breaking the hold of Lordaeron's foes once again. To accomplish this goal The Pride of Lothar has set up a recruiting station in Elwynn Forest based out of the barracks in Westbrook Garrison. While they are allowed to house in this area The Pride has offered its aid to all the surrounding territories to show its commitment to the safety of the peoples of Stormwind Kingdom. Today we rebuild. Tomorrow we take the fight back home. For Lordaeron! For the Alliance! If you are interested in taking part in the revival of The Pride of Lothar leave your contact information in this thread or contact someone online for more information. ----------------- Guild Goals -A tight-knit, social guild with a primary interest in RPWPvP. <PoL> is not ideal for wallflowers or players not looking to actively interact on a frequent basis with guild mates. -Roleplay (Walk-up, scheduled events [guild only and server-wide], WPvP campaigns [with IC interactions/motivations], etc.) - WPvP (IC and OOC, 1v1-~15v15 ideal maximum; smaller to mid-range groups preferred) -Misc. Events proposed and hosted by both officers and members ------------------ Recruitment Race Restrictions: None RP Restrictions: No obviously "evil" characters Level Requirement: 100 Min. ILvl Requirement: None Voice: Discord(Mandatory for WPvP/Certain events) Addons: TRP3 or equivalent Recruitment is currently open. New members are expected to understand that with the state of the game PoL is in the process of rebuilding its online presence meaning there will not be daily events in WoW. PoL is committed to contributing to many forms of RP but do not feel overwhelmed as we are happy to help newer RPers get their feet wet and get comfortable.Zenal63 2d
2d [H][Rp] Redwood Tribe <Recruitment> The breeze of Thunder Bluff hit against his face, the wind causing his braids to fly along with it. He stood before the group gathered at the ceremonial fire among the highest bluff. He softly cleared his voice before addressing the crowd; "I am Abrahof Highmountain, son of Hannurk of the Eastern Highmountain, Veteran of the Horde now Chieftain of the Redwood Tribe after the passing of late Chieftain Tanahrok. The Redwood, a tribe created of those less fortunate, alienated, dismissed, and left alone who's only goal has ever been to defend our people. Our strength lies in each of our individual skills and the bonds we form as new brothers and sisters among the tribe. I come to you today to offer you all an opportunity to join us among the Redwood to fight back the Legion as they taint the land the Earth Mother has so graciously given to us. The privilege to destroy any and all Alliance who dare trample on our ancestral homes across the world! Be it here in Mulgore, the Taunken villages of Northrend, the Highmountain of the Isles, or the Yon'gol of Pandaria, the shu'halo will not be pushed back behind a wall like before! For the tribes, For the Horde!" ((Guild Site: https://www.redwoodgaming.com/ What we do. Here in the Tribe we focus on tauren based RP and RP events. We prefer to make relations with other RP based guilds on the server and focus on community as well as individual story telling. Community is part of our overall function just as it is in the tauren culture. Hoping to include as many as possible, our events are open all who wish to join in. We are RP first and foremost, with most other things taking a back seat. We have our weekly IC meeting Tuesdays, as well as free RP days on the weekends and any other time we are not doing anything. PvP- With a growing active group PvP is going to happen on a server such as this. Because of this, active training as well as grouped pvp is encouraged to our members, and not just with us but with friends in other guilds as well so you will always have a partner to kick some butt with. Even with the alliance (death to you all), it is important to show respect to those on the other side. There is nothing wrong with being competitive just as long as you keep it in the battlefield. We're all here to have fun. We have also just recently dedicated Wednesdays to RBG/arena night. PvE - We have dedicated Friday normally to Mythic+ and ToS Normal for casual PvE usually at around 8pm server or later. It is completely dependent on the amount of people available and what we are feeling though normally defaulting to ToS. Currently 2/9 Ranks: While this is not like the military as with other groups, we have ranks to show ones status while traveling through their life or time with the tribe. These ranks are attained by completing rites of passage, which there are 4. Each rite is done by catering to an individuals needs to better them with in the tribe. RP purpose of this series of quests is for passage into membership and to know where one sits in the tribe. While this varies from tribes in what is required, we focus on 4 rites of passage. Youngling/OOC - Achieved by joining the tribe, it's a basic rank to everyone. People who want to try out the guild will do so in this rank. it does not offer much but company and conversation. it allows a person to get used to how things are run. Initiate - You are a new member who is not quite a Tribesman. Though much of your actions are a bit restricted its because they need to be. One is not allowed to wear the tabard yet. This rank is achieved after doing an rp meeting with anyone from elder to chieftain of the tribe. Tribesman - After passing the first rite of passage into the tribe you are now a basic member. Benefits are given and you begin to have more say within the tribe as Tribesman. We take your voices and concerns more seriously and are allowed to wear Tabard at events Oshkibi - This is given to those who wish to watch or are ambassadors from other groups or regions. This is great for Non Tauren characters who would like to be more involved in the tauren community or guild as a whole. (limit:10) Brave/Mystic - A Tribesman must again prove themselves within a rite of passage. You find yourself elevated over the regular tribesman proving you are capable of not only taking care of yourself but others within the tribe or on the bluff. You are valued for all that you give. Can wear tabard regularly, and has access to Elite tabard for events.Abrahof79 2d
2d [A] <Warbringer> 5/9 M ToS Alliance For all of my fellow Alliance guilds and independents we come to your aid in this dark hour as horde guilds pillage our home. If you want to join in on some of our world player versus player Guild Leaders please try and make an effort to contact Jalen to organize a time where we can discuss possible epic events and have them planned properly. Without proper organization Warbringer will not show, this isn't because we believe that we are better but simply because it is a lot more fun when things aren't such as mess. For the Alliance, Hail Warbringer! - - Legion Mission Statement - - As the expansion continues to roll, we've shifted our attention to the raiding scene. Our goal for the upcoming raids is to push as hard as we can to have 2 teams. 1 for Mythic, and 1 for casual play. We're also shifting our gears to being more open to making events for other games as well to avoid getting burnt out on Legion. Join us! We'd love to have you on board! - - Guild Information - - - Warbringer started on Emerald Dream in December of 2012 with a small group of Venture Co transfers. We quickly swelled up with the Emerald Dream Guild hopping crowd and plowed our way into the epic scale WPVP that this server is known for. After about a half of a year Warbringer’s image began to take shape. Unlike most guilds Warbringer’s emphasis was put in Community Involvement (Inside of the guild). Not every raid went perfectly, but in time we eventually earned our status on server due to the amazing officers and community members that we had. With strict rule enforcement and strong leadership Warbringer has managed to maintain a low-level of drama within the community allowing players to focus on actually playing the game. During MoP Azuma (A Lt. at the time) took 9 other WPVP'ers and went from LFR to Heroic level raiding content surpassing everyone’s expectations. Warbringer’s officers have shaped and controlled the communities’ events leading us to have 2k RBG teams, Mythic Raid Progression, Role Playing Storylines, epic WPVP, and many silly nights in Discord improving ourselves in game. Warbringer is a safe haven for gamers who look to participate in a moderately-serious WoW guild with standards on membership that place us all around the same social level of maturity. - - Our Current Officers - - Jalen - GM Mariessa - Co-GM (Director of Recruitment) Sully - Captain (Human Resources) Monzaligar - Captain (Raid Progression Leader) Lexavik - Lt. (Recruiter/2nd Raid Team Leader) Fieryflame - Lt. (WPVP) Greedydwarf - Lt. (Recruiter/WPVP) Impirius - Lt. (Recruiter/WPVP) Manodeldio - Lt. (Community Events)Jalën146 2d
2d Draenei Shaman Searches For RP I am looking for a Heavy RP guild on this server. Draenei focus would be preferable but anything with a non-evil focus would be good.Vohda2 2d
2d Horde RP Guilds I am planning on leveling a troll from scratch in preparation for BFA and I am trying to decide between staying here or going to WRA. So I was just wondering since the Guild thread is no longer up to date. Are there any Troll RP guilds, "Horde Race" (Orc, Troll, Tauren) guilds, and or War focused Guilds? If you know of a guild that is similar to that or you are in one i would love to know about it.Taleryn4 2d
2d <Starborne Legacy> Kaldorei RP/PvP (cont.) Legacy... What does this mean to us. By definition legacy means something received from an ancestor from the past, but what does it mean for us? Our legacy is in our blood, it is the wind whispering our name, the water cleansing our soul, the ground lifting us to new heights. Legacy is indeed our blood. From the dragon riders that gave their last breath defending land and friend, to the love sparked between two of our most gracious, legacy is in our blood. It is now time to write our own legacy, a song of sorts to pass down to Kaldorei in the ages to come. We are Legacy... We are Starborne. Starborne Legacy is a RP/PvP guild Contact Information Teef, Layilea, Kyrraen (contact anyone in guild to find out where these slackers are hiding) Guild Base Astranaar - Friend and foe alike feel free to show us a visit. Darnassus - If not in Astranaar we can usually be found here. Most active times Weekdays late evening to late night and all weekend Recruitment We are recruiting all night elves with ic interviews. All night elf classes are accepted. Voice Starborne uses Discord for all guild events Addons TRP 3 is highly recommended to get the most from interactions within guild and beyond. Message Boards is also recommended. Other info Guild mounts are Swift Frostsaber and Twilight Drake Guild chat is ooc Please note, all levels of RP are welcome as we have everything from novice to loremasters. We are all learning and growing together. So begins a new cycle. Link to old post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20744264488?page=1Imfyros247 2d
2d Bleeding Hollow reject server? I'm legit curious if this is where all of the BH kids went. Emerald Dream has always attracted those who aren't welcome on the hollow. I heard A/V and the Griefers went here so that would make sense.Zombie31 2d
2d WPvP actually enjoyable now? Ever since the fact everyone re-rolled legion rogue and thought they were super-sick gods of WPvP because of one shotting anyone without any semblance of effort, fights actually kind of last more than the microsecond. Fights are kind of fair-- dare I say maybe fun? I'm actually able to pull off proper 1v2+'s now with the fact you don't die on impact.Jereyne12 2d
2d Thoughts on the new wpvp changes? How effective were they? Is Blizzard on the right track? Is WPVP 'saved'?Roderek27 2d
2d Sticky Renewal Effort Hey all. As I was browsing the forums as I often do when I'm bored at work I figured I'd look at the stickies we have cause, well, boredom. In doing so I've found that many of the characters/accounts that originally posted them are no longer active, not at max level (which isnt exactly a bad thing, it just gives the impression of no longer cared for/active), and the posts themselves haven't been updated in some years. So I present you all with this idea before I go about doing anything just yet, and with the success of the guild bases of operation sticky, we can probably do this as well, Earthmother willing. I am willing, as someone who has been around forever and consistently to gather these old threads and repost them with updated information. Once created, and enough requests have been submitted/support shown (preferably in the method of likes) we can report the old stickies as, well, old and get them taken down and the new ones up. My only reservation is if god forbid I drop dead one day, move servers, you nerds piss me off and I spitefully let them stagnate, etc, that my account has a 'monopoly' on the server. Let me know what you think. Obviously I support the idea, but I think its import to keep these things up to date, especially if we want to draw even more people to the server and kinda build back our objectively declining population. Thanks everyone, Abrahof (Immy) First Updated Post: Mostly grammar and old references: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759222806 Second Updated Post: Grammar, updated information, greater clarification: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759435982Abrahof20 2d
2d RP-PvP Guilds for Classic Don't know if they will have a dedicated server but anyone else interested? It would be cool to have at least one RP-PvP guild on each faction For the Alliance mother !@#$ers!Jimmirus21 2d
2d A<Dark Empire>PVP/Raiding Faction: Alliance Normal Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, 6-9PM CST, Weekend Alt runs RBG on Weekends times are not set as yet. Dark Empire of Emerald Dream is a casual Raiding/PVP guild. We are a new Raiding/PVP guild that was formed in late WOTLK as a 10M raiding guild and is looking to rebuild our team. We are a friendly and mature group of people who likes to have fun and progress at the same time love to pvp and run RBG, Mythics + when not raiding. We are currently recruiting experienced active player with the same interest as us to push serious raid/pvp Currently Recruiting any of the listed class for core group/RBG Team: (Recruitment officer needed) (Raid Leader with Heroic/Mythic xp needed) Mage: (Any) High Priest: (Shadow/Holy): High Shaman: (Resto/Elemental): Very High Monk: (Mistweaver/Windwalker ): Very High DH: (Any) High Warrior: (Any) High Death Knight: (Any) High Healers and Tanks must have a reliable DPS off spec when needed. Post contact info if interested.Backoo3 2d
3d I'm depressed /Ziffreak12 3d
3d [A/H-RP] Orchid Hollow ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ... ✿ Out of Character Information ✿ ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- ✿About Orchid Hollow ✿ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Orchid Hollow started as a band of pandaren. Our oracle of chi-ji had a vision of things to come. At the time we didn't know it was the legion, but we knew it was bad. That we had to get our people safely out of Pandaria. In doing so we settled across Azeroth, becoming the strong, dedicated force we are today. We built alliances with other families, and a name for ourselves. Many of our founding members have lived through the terrors of the Mogu, the Mantid, and tyrant leaders. Never before had we seen the threat of the Legion. Our emperor made sure that our race had time to grow. Thus, we reached out to the other races of the world, learning from them as they learned from us. We preserved our way of life and taught it to them. Pandaren love food, family, and comfort, but we also know what it's like to be slaves, fight our entire lives, and live for something more. The beginning forces of Orchid Hollow have been around since early WoD, going under a different name then. Since the beginning, we have held together as one and upheld the meaning of being a pandaren roleplayer on this server. The guild has a sense of friendship and loyalty that can't be beat, and holds quality, but also learning, to a standard. As a community, we have held OOC classes teaching the culture of the Pandaren, had one on one time with people helping them with their character, and making friends across the server. We hold our own personal guild campaigns, but try to focus on individual roleplay as well. We try to attend all major server rp events, and keep an ear on what is happening in our circles. whether that be horde or alliance. Something that I think is unique is that we love forum-style writing. We hold a weekly write-up on our website forums each week with a different prompt, allowing the creative juices to flow. We like to keep in contact with members out of the game if they so choose, through facebook, steam, Discord, and even a blog! Orchid Hollow is committed to providing a fun, safe, low-stress environment for all of our members. To that end we have a Code of Conduct that all members of the guild are expected to adhere to.Cranesong153 3d
3d BfA PVP Sharding on RPPvP/ RP Servers Our question got answered on today's Q&A with Ion and Josh. It is confirmed they DO NOT want to shard us with people from other pvp servers like tich; Unless it is absolute necessity. https://clips.twitch.tv/AwkwardGorgeousPoultryKappaRoss Going forward with that statement. Now that we will only see other flagged from our realm (or possibly other RPPvP realms) what are your thoughts on the flagging mechanic? In my personal opinion now that we wont be grouped with other realms I think its a great change. (hated the thought of losing our server community to sharding at first) It'll give people the option to take a step back and relax if they want to level or something while giving me the option to PvP with people who actually want to be fighting back.Charnym28 3d
3d Q&A Thursday Link to the questions post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759372068?page=1 Can also get them on twitter. I'm never totally sure how they pick the questions. It seems right when I figure it out, they change it. Though they will typically go for high rated questions. Hop in there on your free time, scroll through, and give some of your fellow EDers a little support and thumbs up. There are some real good ones in there.Abrahof3 3d
3d <Final Haven> is recruiting for Antorus! Hey Emerald Dreamers, Antorus is opening on the 28th of November, and <Final Haven> is recruiting raiders! We're looking for a TANK and DPS! I'm filling the 2nd tank spot but we're looking for a permanent tank. As for DPS, we would prefer range. Raid Schedule: Tue and Thu from 9PM-Midnight server time! We're 9/9H. Our current active roster is a 13-man (2/3/8). This obviously means that we don't have the numbers to run mythic raids just yet. This group formed 5 years ago and and we always ran as a 10-man and could always push the hardest content, but since WoD, we've been forced to expand. Just a heads up. We use personal loot. More than half of us come from the hardest content progression. You'll find that this raid offers an ideal balance for players that wish to not make raiding just a 2nd job. Yet, we strive to uphold each other to a desirable standard, and focus on clearing heroic out of the gate. We use Warcraftlogs to find improvements. Constructive criticism may happen, and player must be able to answer this with stride to succeed in the raid. Accountability is also another necessity if you want to raid with us. We understand real life takes priority over WoW, we just ask that you communicate that to us as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to send Dolrok or myself a message in wow or on discord -- Dolrok's discord tag is HeroProc#7681 and mine is Jaike#1412. Our website is finalhavenguild.com. For the Alliance!Jaike3 3d
3d World PVP Changes Incoming! ...Nexius113 3d
3d [A]<The Päck> Still Wants You! IC: The mystically pristine city of Dalaran hovered high over the seas. The foreboding beacon of the Tomb of Sargeras still shone in the distance. Its gloom overtook the once whimsical nature of the city. Any music that played, any laughter heard, any smiles seen, all felt forced. There was only one who seemed genuinely happy. A gnome, armed with a push broom slung about his shoulder, strolled along the ever clean walls of the city. He hummed a happy tune, showing no signs of displeasure. That was, until he saw it. His head spun on a swivel. Several feet up the wall, a smudge tainted what was otherwise perfection. With a snap of his fingers the broom bounced to life. Another snap summoned a ripple in space near the wall’s imperfection. A bucket of soapy water faded into existence and splashed its contents against the grime before it vanished. The broom flew up where the water hit and hesitated. The gnome raised his hands, still humming the happy tune. As a gentle flutter his hand’s proceeded to wave his hands as a musical conductor. The broom danced along to the 4/4 time as it scrubbed and it scrubbed with exact harmony. When the song was finished, the wall shone free of imperfection. “Excellent.” The gnome spoke with a cheek-to-cheek grin. “That makes the last wall. The city is clean for another day!” He held aloft his hand, and the broom flew into his grip. It was slung over his shoulder and he happily marched around the corner. SPLAT! The sickening sound brought a twitch to the gnome’s eye. His head turned as though the gears in his neck were rusted. There, towering over him was a worgen. He wore the white wolf’s paw of the Päck on a red cloak. The crinkle of paper could be heard as he spread a large poster over the glue that had befouled the walls that were just cleaned. From the mouth of the lupine figure the same jaunty tune that had been hummed by the gnome a moment ago. The worgen picked up his bucket of glue and satchel of fliers and continued about his business, leaving a furious janitor behind. The gnome gazed up at the poster (( http://i.imgur.com/KIvFzXV.jpg )). He could hear the splat of glue once more from around the corner. He turned in the direction the worgen had come from and his heart sank. The same poster littered the walls of the city every few feet. “Why can’t they just cram these on the call boards like everyone else?!” The gnome shouted before slamming his broom into the paved ground with a snap. Now his precious cleaning utensil lay on the path in two pieces. He lets out a final cry of rage at his predicament. OOC: The Päck is an all Worgen RP-PVP guild, now over five years strong. We have been running wild across Azeroth since September 9th, 2011. We have grown and prospered on the Emerald Dream server and we will continue to grow to bolster the great ED RP Community. Whether it be light and casual roleplay, to long term complex story arcs, we have it. We have developed a strong PVP presence and recently, thanks to Laernyx, have formed a solid casual raid team which cleared Emerald Nightmare Normal within the first few weeks of its release. We provide a mature environment to help our members both grow and have fun. Whether you are fully geared at max level, or just starting your way through the Gilneas starting zone, we can offer you a home. Here is our current activity for each aspect of the game. RP We have regular RP ranging from casual gatherings to D20 events. Currently we are stationed on the Broken Isle, our forces travel mostly between Dalaran, Greywatch, and Bradensbrook. Long time and experienced with RP? Welcome, we have a home for you as we unite in this curse to protect our fellow worgen everywhere. New to RP? We welcome you as well, we are more than happy to assist any and all new roleplayers to build confidence and develop their characters to be as interesting as possible. We are also proud of our involvement in large community events. Our five-year anniversary party was a blast, with thousands of fireworks launched and countless prizes given away to the community. We were active in several RP PVP campaigns, and we were an integral part of the Silver Sickness campaign, the multi-server, cross faction, plague style RP campaign. PVP Arena partners are never hard to find among our ranks. Ask around and we can help you get that strongbox you want or even push rating. Every week we join forces with Clan Battlehammer and engage in larger scale PVP, both WPVP and Pre-made Alterac Valley. Of course we also have our own Casual PVP. Ask for BGs and you will almost always be able to get a group together. PVE Our raiding team has recently become something to be truly proud of thanks to Laernyx’s leadership and the hard work of everyone who came together. We were able to have a guild group clear Normal Emerald Nightmare and are now moving onto Heroic.Nemò253 3d
3d [A]<Clan Battlehammer> WPVP/PVP/RP Who are we *zzzZZTTKKRAACKK* Crackling Thunder rang out as the Lightening bolt just barely missed its mark, setting ablaze a nearby tree instead. "Behin' yeh Bruenor!" Shouted Rhusty as he threw up his shield, empowered by the light, deflecting another incoming bolt ment for Bruenor. Who's that you ask, oh at this point he was just a lost Dwarf fighting for his life in a land that wasn't his home, but he was to become the Warrior King of one of Azeroths mightiest Dwarven Clans, Clan Battlehammer. But for now, back to the story... This was the third time in as many nights tha' the small Dwarven band had been set upon by the Horde. Outnumbered and ambushed along the road the newly formed party had barely survived the previous battles and this one wasn't looking to good. However, the discipline and fortitude of the Dwarfs saw them through and only a days travel more saw them through the Mighty Gates of Ironforge and a new home. Thus began the epic journey of wonderous battles and timeless adventures of Clan Battlehammer. That was the beginning, but today, over eight years later, we still strive with that same kind of grit and determination. King Bruenor came to ED with a vision of fielding a massive all Dwarven army, charging across the battlefields of Azeroth with a true Clan of Dwarfs. A family that would fight and die, if need be, beside one another and that is exactly what Clan Battlehammer is today. We've had times of nearly fielding two raids and some darker days barely mustering a full party(mostly due to blizzard screwing pvp over). But through all the years we've held true to the Alliance and the ED community. That is who we are. A determined and honor bound Clan of Dwarfs set on defending the weak and vulnerable good people of Azeroth against any and all threats that may come. What we do. WPVP: Clan Battlehammer has a storied history of city attacks, outpost defenses, and general world skirmishes. Today is much the same. Due to many of blizzards foul ups with sharding and breaking world defense we find it a bit more difficult to find the more organic battles of yesteryear but still, a few times a month, CBH will have a call to arms involving some wpvp. Be that attacking a Horde capital, rp base, or just charging across the Broken isle until we find a Horde band to tangle with. PVP: Again, a brief YouTube search will quickly let you know our history with Alterac Valley. It's a staple of CBH's CTAs today that typically ends in a Hammer victory and a great battle. Besides that currently CBH is in a casual setting. Only running Yolo RBGs and running random bgs when any online Hammers are interested. RP: With an 8 year history I'm not about to fill this up with it all, but we are a light RP guild with a few medium to hardcore RP centric players. Currently working on a few projects for in guild RP and encourage any interested members to reach out in the greater ED RP community and participate where available. PVE: What's less than light? Almost zero history with PVE in CBH. We have many experienced pve'ers we just don't spend guild time on it much. Unless gearing up a returning player or new member and as always anyone can start a group up for mythics and so forth. Bargrim64 3d
3d Your character's voice If you had the option to have your character voice acted, who would it be by? For Zhii I think his personality would best be portrayed by Dom Deluise. He voice acted a bunch of older cartoon movies, one being a character called Tiger in American tail which I think fits Zhii perfectly.Zhii60 3d
4d [A]<Reforged Glory> Calling all Warlocks! About us: We are a Heroic focused guild who will probably dabble in Mythic content after Heroic content is easily farmed. No current ambition to become a Mythic raiding guild. Current progress: 9/9H 1/9M TOS (All previous AOTC as well) Schedule: Tuesday 8 to 11 Server time (CST) - Mandatory Thursday 8 to 11 Server time (CST) - Mandatory Monday 8 to 11 Server time (CST) - Optional farm/alt raid Recruitment needs: We are currently looking for 1 to 2 Warlocks as full time raiders meaning Tuesday/Thursday As well accepting any exceptional raider or those looking to be casual. Are we for you? We are welcoming any new or veteran players regardless of your class desire or currently ilvl. Whether you are returning to the game or have been here the entire time we encourage you to give us a look. All we ask for is dedication to the guild/raid and competency on your class and role. We aim to create and maintain a consistent raid environment that progresses quickly and cleanly through current and upcoming content while having fun in the process. Contact info: If you have any other inquiries please contact myself in game or on battlenet. Rojax#1908 or Magistrate#1908 I am happy to answer any questions you may have and set a time to speak over Discord!Røjax25 4d
4d [A] Failure currently recruiting! <Failure> is new to Emerald Dream, but not new to the game! Failure is run by a husband/wife (Saykred and Bubbli). We have run our guild since WoTLK and have been pretty successful in the past, and plan to continue with the future. We chose to move to Emerald Dream from Zul’jin because we want more of a community atmosphere that we just weren't finding on Zul’jin. Currently, we are looking for players of all roles interested in progressing Mythic raid content. Obviously we won't be able to jump headfirst into Mythic until we build our roster up! However, we prefer that you have some raid experience, preferably heroic/mythic. You will be expected to know about your class and role, though help will be provided if we see that it is needed. While PvE is Failures “primary” focus, we are also looking for experienced pvpers for WPvP and RBGs. For off nights and defence of world quest areas. Our progression:<strong/> Tomb of Sargeras- 8/9 Heroic 9/9 Normal NightHold- 8/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Normal Emerald Nightmare- 7/7 Mythic (Cutting Edge) 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Trial of Valor- 3/3 Mythic (Cutting Edge) 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic Previous Expansions! MoP- ToT- 7/12 Heroic SoO- 10/14 Heroic before nerf, 14/14M after WoD- Highmaul- 4/7 Mythic BRF - 10/10 Heroic before we took a break We also have 13/13 heroic experience in HFC, though we did not run our guild at this time. Main Team Raid times - Tuesday, Thursday, Monday -- 8pm-11pm server time. Monday will be optional farm night. We are looking for raiders who will be able to make these days consistently. Current needs - Tanks- Currently full, but accepting applications! Healers- Resto Shaman Ranged DPS- Currently accepting all applications! Melee DPS- Currently accepting all applications! If your class/role is not listed currently, we encourage you to apply anyway. We are always looking for talented players and competition is always enjoyed. Here at Failure, our spots are earned, not given. Please visit our discord for more information and to apply- https://discord.gg/BFYrXmM Or contact us in-game! Tellu#11210 Haytred#1922Bubbli12 4d
4d Hey ...Maekur20 4d
4d [H] <Skin and Earth> Recruitment Greetings Adventurers! <Skin and Earth> is a council-based guild made up of a tight-knit, laid back, well-rounded group of friends. We're looking for more like-minded players to build our PVE/RBG teams and prepare for WPvP in Battle for Azeroth. Role Playing is encouraged but not required! Our casual RP typically consists of us attending horde-wide RP events or spontaneous fun with toys and other players in cities during queues. We would love to expand on our RP in areas including(but not limited to): group RP leveling/questing, making Machinima-style videos and/or taking creative screen shots to be turned into artwork. Story telling and character profile building is also something we encourage but only if you're interested. To join, please contact/mail Mastawulf, Enaia, or Tigerlune in game. We have 5 GMs around to help, an active Discord, Facebook page, and are growing fast! The name "Skin & Earth" was inspired by Lights' comic/music album. For more information on that, check out music.iamlights.comEnaia1 4d
4d Creativity Thread Show me the kind of things you do outside of Warcraft, specifically those that take a bit of creativity. Don't care what. Virtual/Electronic art, poetry, wood works, metal works, short stories, arts & crafts, drawing and paintings etc. Me? I like to create stuff on my wrestling game, fictional characters, real people whatever. Nice way to kill time for me. Here's Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. Did the best I could with the in-game limitations but it was fun anyway. https://youtu.be/yOfD_vVm4oYAgrar53 4d
4d [RP] The Oath ((I finally got the story writing itch again, so I finished up something I started a few months ago, back when SMC was kicking off. It’s about how my troll meets Agrar the orc. I’m always looking to improve, and I’m not very sensitive, so please give me your honest critique and what you think I can do to make the next story a little better. Hope you enjoy.)) Cool, rejuvenating water drained from one end of the severed vine to the other, landing in the back of Zuhuled's parched throat. After three days spent clearing foliage and rescuing trapped wildlife in the wilds of Gorgrond, it was time for a well deserved break. The troll squatted with his back against the trunk of a towering tree, soaking in as much shade as possible before he and his partner would resume their daily work. The Laughing Skull Clan didn't offer much in way of hard earned gold, but their stock of cured skull visages and other trinkets were far to appealing for his inner collector to pass on. Zuhuled turned to the elf that had accompanied him and offered some vine water. Solaneas grimaced before revealing a flask of his own from his satchel. "Just because we're in the wild doesn't mean we have to live like animals." He held the flask out to Zuhuled, motioning him to put the vine down. Zuhuled shook his head. "Save da good stuff for when we really need it." He hated being paired up with someone, but the Laughing Skull merchant insisted that the two should team up for their own survival. So far Solaneas seemed to only slow him down. The elf wasn't terribly quiet or graceful, and more than once had drawn the attention of the nearby botani, who nearly captured them twice already. If there were Loas of luck, surely they had been showering the pair with blessings. Rested and rejuvenated, the two got back to work. The overwhelming growth of plant life was put to the torch, as well as any creature found to be infested by their deadly spores. Zuhuled tried his best to give any infected animals a merciful death before burning them, but in many cases that meant putting himself in danger of being tangled up in the thick tentacles of nature. Solaneas burned brush and creatures indiscriminately, caring little for the feelings of lesser creatures. They moved quickly from patch to patch, as the scent of scorched earth would surely alert the protectors of the land. As the sun began to make its descent beyond the horizon, the pair journeyed towards the perimeter of the wilds, where a good night’s sleep awaited them. They moved in silence for a few miles, until they could see a blurry campsite in the distance. The adventurers allowed themselves a sigh of relief and for their senses to slow. Solaneas was the first to speak, but was quickly silenced by large troll hand across his mouth. “Shhhh! Ya be hearin what I be hearin?” Zuhuled whispered. Solaneas quieted down and listened intently. Something was near, but he couldn’t make out what it was. He shifted his gaze to the direction of the camp site, and as the area came into focus, he could see movement. “Botani” was the only word Solaneas spoke, but it was enough information for both to know that they wouldn’t be resting much that night. They decided that the best course of action would be to set up a temporary rest area away from the danger. Each would take a watch so that the other could get at least a half night’s rest. “Ok, who gets the first watch?” Solaneas asked, secretly hoping that Zuhuled would volunteer himself. “Let’s be settlin dis with an old game of stone, parchment, letter opener” the clever troll retorted. “Best two of tree.” “Fine, but let’s be quick about this,” the elf snapped back.Zuhuled9 4d
4d <Nascent> Savage team 8/9M 6hrs LF RDPS Nascent's Savage raid team is recruiting talented and passionate raiders. Spots are for progression- not the bench. Website: https://nascent.gg/ ➡ Raid Times Tuesday 5:30-8:30PM PST Thursday 5:30-8:30PM PST ➡ Progression Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 8/9M ➡ Recruitment needs Holy Priest Mage Shadow Priest ➡ Social media Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHoAmi0vQkPyQ2igY68fLA Twitter: http://twitter.com/nascentgg Facebook: http://facebook.com/nascentgg ➡ About us The Savage raid team emerged at the end of Nighthold, where we climbed our way to 8/10M in only 8 weeks. We pride ourselves in a friendly raid environment that is not compromised by the thirst to complete Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. We embrace competition for all raid spots on our team. Progression spots are given to the top performing raiders on the roster after considering composition. We do not have a large bench, therefore as a trial you should expect to be participating in progression. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-8:30 PM PST. That is only 6 hours a week. We never add an extra day, never "stay late if close to a kill", have a "clean up day". Our logs are public so you can go see for yourself. We do have an alt night (Sunday), but those are simply for the enjoyment of having an alt and are voluntary. We don’t run split groups, but having a viable off-spec is helpful. We run a tight roster and having the ability to swap roles is important for optimizing around a fight. Showing up prepared and knowing how to optimize around a fight is how we clear content. We have an open feedback policy so that everything is kept on the table. We have no cliques, no seniority, and therefore no drama. Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. It keeps us all on our toes. Nascent is unique amidst a sea of poorly managed guilds that lack focus and direction. If you're looking for a new home that you can grow in and feel valuable as part of a team: come talk to us. Please submit an application on our website if interested. Or contact one of our officers below to learn more: Ehkamo - Ehkano#1260 Erazul - Erazul#1964Ehkamo48 4d
4d [RP] On Rasek's Reacquisition of Groove ((Hey friends, I haven't written anything in a really long time, so take it easy on me here. And as usual, I didn't proof read or do literally anything, so feel free to call me out etc. IT'S A SMALL RASK STORY YAY.)) Touching down in the Undercity was never pleasant. The air stank of bats and old dirt, mildew and mold, and something markedly foreign that stung the nose and eyes almost immediately. What little light there was came from eerie gas lamps and clung to the stonework like moss, throwing deep shadows across the stonework beneath them. It wasn’t a strikingly friendly place, but Rasek was there to make friends just the same. His small time schemes in Orgrimmar had served him well in building a minor cushion where once his purse was just an empty hole, but there was a limit to how successful one could be pushing junk to people who didn’t know any better, at least in the slums, and his ambition had outgrown it. He needed more than that to fund a warband, small as it may be. One of his remaining contacts had set him up with a meeting here in Lorderon, on the mid-level of the sewer city with a man called Schenk, who apparently specialized in acquisitions only slightly outside of the law. Normally he didn’t care to deal with trolls, but was assured Gor’Watha was as reputable as disreputable could come, and agreed to meet with its representative as a favor. Rasek was almost embarrassed to be his only representative. Years ago, he would have sent some green kid with high ambitions out with one of the other forsaken to act as an emissary; a reminder than they didn’t NEED to be there, but chose to be as an act of goodwill. These days, he needed all the help he could get. Pride goes before a man, and humility can bring him back. The office was easy enough to find. The name ADRIEN SCHENK was written clearly on a wooden door, with a word in gutterspeak and orcish below it: Loans. Rasek knocked twice and entered. He was greeted by a man and a woman behind the only desk in the room; the former sitting down in a plush leather chair with the latter standing by his side. The man, presumed Schenk, was as Rasek imagined most forsaken to be. Mottled grey skin stretched over a wiry frame, sandy blonde hair kept short and combed back. Robes. Pretty much all forsaken seemed to wear robes. His assistant, a slender blood elf who didn’t look like she’d seen the sun in weeks, gestured to a chair facing away from the door. “I take it you’re here for the two o’clock appointment with Mr. Schenk?” Her voice was too quiet and too hoarse to be inviting. Rasek idly wondered if she was dead too. “I am. Mr. Kerrie tells me you de guy I wanna talk to about getting in on de ground floor of a venture ya got brewin up top.” The forsaken nodded, waving his assistant away. She skirted the desk and disappeared into a side room without a sound. “You don’t waste time, do you? No “how do you do”, or anything like that. Conversation with your kind is like cracking open a safe with a hammer. But no matter, the answer is yes, and I assume you have the gold to invest in such a thing and you’d like me to put it into the right hands for you.” “I got enough wit me to grease some palms, an a voucher from de Bank a Orgrimmar statin dat I’m good on my debts an good for a loan wort’ at least a hunnert grand, an udda references from places all ova if dat ain’t good enough for ya. I’m lookin to invest long term.” Schenk leaned forward in his desk, peering at Rasek over a pair of glasses balanced on the bridge of his nose. The number didn’t seem to impress him in the slightest. All things considered, a cool hundred thousand gold wasn’t that much, compared to the budget for orcish siege weaponry, or the budget for war mages opening portals to every corner of Azeroth. It was the equivalent of Dalaran’s garden budget: unimpressive, and probably not even necessary. But every little bit helped. “And tell me, Master Rasek, what interest does a troll have in Forsaken warfare? Aren’t your kind usually gallivanting around under palm trees, talking to raptors and building little shrines all over the place? I understand that the Banshee Queen has curried us some favor in the Horde spotlight, but it has earned us a fair bit of animosity as well, especially from those who consider themselves, shall we say, ethical.” The troll sat a moment in silence, a well-practiced look of thoughtful contemplation had very carefully taken over his face. When he spoke, his voice was much deeper than the forsaken’s and much younger, but as earnest as a man like Rasek could ever sound.Rasek24 4d
4d WTB Hero Kil'jaeden kill Just subbed back, I've 895 IL, there's two weeks until the newest tier opens, and there's probably no time for getting a legitimate H Kil'jaeden kill, so I'm buying one for gold. Tell me your offers here, or just add me to Btag: Blordoh#1674.Xuxu1 4d
4d (UPDATED 7-30-17) Phoenix Highguard H-RP-PVP (The Second and Third posts will soon be updated with current events and plots We will update them every other week with storys and such as well as Public Events! keep tabs for more! ... [/b] A note is tacked onto the message boards of the main cities, lavishly designed and written, and enchanted to protect from the elements. It is obviously Elven in origin and reads thus: ... Who we are: The Phoenix Highguard is a military RP-PvP guild focused in the affairs of the Sin’Dorei; We are over 4 years old and continue to offer a home to veterans and new roleplayers alike! Our roleplay is militaristic in nature, with a rigid chain of Command, several RP-PvP engagements, and several military missions. We accept all races into our guild, but our interview process is much more strict on races outside of Blood Elves. Upon joining this guild, you should be expecting for your character to behave as they would in a military, follow orders, or face the consequences. PvP is expected in the guild, as we respond to many Defense Pings depending on allies and where we are stationed at the time and take part in several RP-PvP battles. RP is first and foremost in our guild, and we host several events throughout the month, which include: Highguard Trials: Hosted every friday night, the Highguard gathers to learn lessons and work on military discipline and tactics, most of the time there is a theme behind each gathering, whether it's learning to discipline yourself or to learn about your enemies! Champion battle: this is an opportunity for the best of the Highguard Soldiers to fight each other for a reward of 3,000 gold, and the rank of ‘Champion’ for a month, along with the title and reward money, the Champion is also given the Honor to carry the Standard of the Phoenix Highguard into battle Icly! Table Tops (Dungeon Masters): Something that has become Staple in many of our plots and events, where we create our own scenarios and fight monsters or deal with situations Icly! (much like Dungeons and Dragons) IC-WPVP: we do multiple times a month and take the fight to the Alliance scum. Usually followed by lots of booze at a bar! Or mender RP. Heheh. Phoenix PVEguard: Progressing through Nighthold Normal! (All pve raiding is OOC so don't worry) Ranks: High-Commander (GM) Lieutenant-Commander (Co-GM) Lieutenant (Officers) Centurions (Squad leaders) Champion (Monthly 1-man rank for whoever wins the championship battle) Sin'Serrar (Our stealthies/intelligence operatives and tacticians) Sin'Rethore (Our front line soldiers and heavy melee hitters) Dor'ano (Trainees and new recruits) How to apply: Visit our website, phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com, and read up on our rules and codes of conduct before submitting an application. Our recruitment officers will look it over and then contact you for an in-character interview. All applicants must be 18 years or older. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of our officer core for further details. Officers: High Commander Tarenor Swiftdawn (Tarenor) GM Lieutenant-Commander Nossavyara Falthrien (Nossavyara) Co-GM/Recruitment Lieutenant Astilaldan Bloodsinger (Astilaldan) PVP Officer Lieutenant Ophiraeda Alah'Zaram (Ophiraeda) Recruitment Artwork of the Highguard: (Done by our immensely talented artists!!) http://i.imgur.com/gGwVdj8.gif http://i.imgur.com/V4OfxcO.png http://i.imgur.com/9rgPtr6.png http://i.imgur.com/R3D1VcT.png http://i.imgur.com/cuK3aHM.png http://i.imgur.com/4h6r9XR.png https://24.media.tumblr.com/42cd63102e3f5e96e751ca6b7b20226f/tumblr_n2nx3bSYnP1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg https://31.media.tumblr.com/931f2c6df10293ac9b24da3d90c2e284/tumblr_n2pf5h0Jmv1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg Video: Highguard assaults Darnassus and accidentally pulls tyrande. Terrorized screaming and slaughter ensues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WEfv161BhcTarenor141 4d
5d [A/H]Looking for a fresh start on ED Hello folks, my guild server transfered and I kinda decided it was time to try something different. Who am I? I have been playing WoW since Pandaria with some people I've befriended along the way. We only raided Heroic because our server was kinda low pop and we never had 20 commited players to try Mythic. From there to now I've played (and mained) Frost Mage, Balance Druid (and did some healing when needed) and tried DH. I've been playing Legion since the start and aside from raids I tend to do the highest Mythic+ in the week as possible. I am an open-minded 25y old brazilian, and a little bit shy at first, who's in college so my free time to play is between 4pm-10pm server time on the week and I usually play during all day in the weekends unless I have some text, work, etc to do. What do I seek? I'm mostly looking for an active, peaciful and non raging guild to call home, specially with mature, selfless people just as myself who'd like to help each other and progress in Antorus and beyond. I'd like to do some mythic raiding in the future, but totally understand if the guild doesn't wants me right now. What do I bring to the guild? The commitment with the schedule. Unless something dire comes, I've never missed a progression raid night as I take it seriously. An individual who's always seeking to improve. When not playing, and with some time to spare I'll always look into forums, discord and check logs to better understand what am I lacking to do better the next time. As a brazilian, I can understand the speaking of english well enough to not compromise the raid team as well can speak in a good manner to the understandment of others. If Horde, I could bring my Mage, Druid or DH after I see that the liking is mutual between me and the guild. I'd also be willing to fill any dps position needed. Why I don't play in a brazilian server instead? To summarize, most guilds have some kind of toxic behaviour, it's either bashing on others for some minor mistake to a negative environment where players do not speak to others or have some grudge between them, thus making raiding a stressful time. I know there are some cool guilds out there with good people, but mostly are in a dead server or won't do Mythic Raiding. This is why I'm looking out for ED, because I like to play both factions as it has a good A/H ratio and with good pop. Thanks in advance.Aranthil2 5d
5d I miss WSB They treated me great as a member and I miss playing with them.Keeledor35 5d
5d Hargus AMA (I am only buzzed) .Härgus173 5d
5d late night guilds? Are there any late night horde guilds needing playersAthose1 5d
5d Hello Emerald Dream How are you doing today?Luminite17 5d
5d Argus Wpvp Snip Lets hope next x-pac isn't like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8PFHJptRzwDestrey13 5d
6d DoA recruiting for Raid Team Defilers of Arathor is looking working on a raid team, we have a few spots to fill though. Raid Time: Looking at Tuesday and Thursday (possible Saturday too) 7pm CST Spots Available: - 1 Tank (Preferably not a warrior) - DPS Multiple spots open - 2 healers We are also looking for 1 more person for our mythic team. We are no longer Forsaken only for those who have known us as such previously. Feel free to whisper me in game or add me Teirvel#1158Teirvel0 6d
6d Who is <Starborne Legacy>? "Who are you?" We are leaves on the branch of the World Tree In the greater hive, a single bee All, and nobody. We are steadfast stones in a raging river Arrows, loaded in a quiver Justice, delivered. We are a leopard's teeth, still moist with blood A rosebush as it begins to bud Tracks, in the mud. We are a constellation of stars in the sky One that clearly caught your eye Linger-you may yet die. Beware the beauty,fury,supremacy of those gathered here: Starborne Legacy. Written by our own Gholbine Riverstone Video version: https://youtu.be/9h91dBTJ-VwJimmirus45 6d
6d Update on The Horde Conquest Over the course of this week I have scanned the situation and evaluated the problem at hand and that is there is way too many of you dang alliance running around as herds of zombies. So my solution to this is to kill off the outcast and work my way into the ranks till you either are dead by wait time on re spawn or starved of gold for armor repair. Either way you will all perish even the individuals who belong to "World PvP Finest" You will be the first to go and the rest will follow suit. It might not be tomorrow or next week or even months from now. But I do swear you this, The Horde Armada is coming and we will return the server back to its rightful owners one Alliance corpse body at a time. Unless your a rogue, then i'm screwed.Zingfer18 6d
6d [RP] Nowhere to Be Found ((Got a prompt from someone and decided to write something short. may go somewhere, maybe not. Mostly just trying to get back in the groove of writing since I haven't done it regularly in so long)) “Stab him.” Helena’s small hands wrung the knife handle. The warm blood squelched between her fingers and ran down her arms, staining her favorite white night gown. A man lay on his stomach in front of her, bleeding from a myriad of small stab wounds. “Stab him again.” The knife rose up in answer and plunged into flesh again, and was rewarded with a cry of agony. “Again.” Blood splattered across her face and the cries collapsed into a low groan. “Let him crawl.” Blood-soaked hands reached out, painting the floor red. She watched him make a trail of desperate hand prints leading into the dining room. “not too far now.” “Not too far now,” she repeated, her mousy voice echoing in the entryway. She followed him inside the pristine room, where she had never been permitted to play. “Please, Helena! Stop!” Before she could answer there was a squeak behind her. She turned to see Aliah-precious little sister Aliah clutching her stuffed horse tightly. “You should be in bed,” Helena cooed. “Aliah, run. Go get your uncle! He-” “We told him to be quiet.” “You’re supposed to be quiet.” She strode forward and plunged the knife into his throat, and he grasped feebly at her arm as the blade slid deeper and deeper, and she forced all her weight on the end of the handle. Helena felt a hand on her shoulder and the walls shuddered in confusion. “Helena dear,” the familiar voice of her forsaken caretaker rang in her head, and the hand on her shoulder tightened. “What are you looking at?” The dining room collapsed and then she was sitting safely in her chair again tucked in the corner of her room; the lamp-light gaze of Selynth staring down at her. “Oh, nothing.” She shrugged and turned to look out the window. Rain tapped lightly on the glass and she reached out her hand to tap in reply. Selynth smiled and cupped the forsaken woman’s chin in her palm and Helena jutted out her lower jaw, and made a silent chewing motion. “I thought maybe you’d managed to fall asleep, you were staring into the fireplace for a long while.” Helena glanced over at the cold, dark fireplace across the room and shook her head, blonde pigtails bouncing around. “Maybe. I dun-no,” she replied, still sticking out her lower jaw. Selynth let out a soft chuckle. “An Orc today, are we?” she asked, tapping Helena’s exposed teeth. “Zug zug,” Helena grunted, brow furrowing and shoulders hunching. Selynth knelt down before her young ward and pulled the blanket from her lap, exposing her badly mangled body. “Well let us see how my little orc is doing today, hm?” The confessor leaned in closer, examining her handiwork. A new arm had been attached at the elbow, and two new legs attached mid-thigh. With a careful hand she tested the staples and stitches, searching for any sign of weakness. “Do you feel any breaks or cracks?” Helena paused a moment, tongue pressed against her upper lip. “Nope. But I can’t move my arm.” Selynth lifted the new arm gingerly, and pressed on it at various points.Phyrexial1 6d
6d [RP]: Altar of Sacrifice ((This story is co-authored by Embershield and me. Edited with useful advice from Rasek. )) [RP]: Altar of Sacrifice A gentle rocking pulled me softly from my slumber. Through the porthole, I could see the morning sun seep through my curtains. So as not to awaken the one in my bed, I dressed myself promptly and quietly. A dreamlike feeling compelled to take this morning to myself. I slid on my boots and made my way up the stair. A wave crashed along the bow, spraying my face with cool ocean water. Closing my eyes, the wind buffeted my face as I took in the warmth of the morning sun. The fine mist of seaspray washed over my skin. The taste of salt formed around my lips. I clenched my jaw, and opened my eyes. The acerbic eye of Inquisitor Telfiq dazzled in front of me. Like being plunged in a winter lake, the illusion withdrew from my mind. All of my senses were replaced with the relentless inclination towards pain and the compulsion to cause it. Gazing upon my withered flesh, instant awareness drew to the conclusion that I was a figure of undead terror. "I think I have begun to understand how you tick, you disturbed creature. That should be enough for now," the inquisitor smiled. "Ah, but before I go, a gift." Two figures dressed in rags were ushered in by a host of strong guards. One I knew, the Blood Knight Kael'Than Embershield. The other was one of the Lightforged Draenei, his icon of the light gleamed so faintly. They too had been taken prisoner. The two were fitted into manacles on the wall beside me and the gate slammed shut. The procession of demons went off to fulfill their other duties. "Sir Embershield," I said. "Tidemourne," the elf responded. "We will be freed of this prison," said the unidentified Draenei. "The Light still shines in my chest. My brethren will free me yet." I regarded the Draenei curiously. The Lightforged were a unique stock, and one which I had yet to fully assess. "Perhaps they are honor bound to rescue you. Ah, but honor has other compulsions to attend to. I rather suspect we will be killed before we are offered rescue." Embershield looked up, offering the Draenei a weak smile. Smiling is a small kindness, a reassurance. A false promise. The Draenei smiled back and said, "I'm Tora'dat, champion for the Naaru. This adversity will only serve to make us stronger." He turned his head to me, "and we will be rescued. I can feel it." "Benedictions, my friend. May it be so," Embershield whispered. The cold stone swallowed his words. So began our confinement. Our only comfort was our fellowship behind these bars. Time would pass in the darkness. Inquisitors would strip our minds and bring us to dark places. A realization crept over us, the faltering will of those who shared my fate.Drakalys11 6d