Emerald Dream

1d [RP] Party's Over ((Meet Vincent Blackbolt. Vince has been undead, human, and goblin (never the same character, mind you, just shared name) and I gotta say I enjoy the goblin persona the best. So enjoy dear readers. This was a short little story to somewhat introduce him. I'll have something regarding the past or something soon enough.)) The sun crowned its way over the sky of Bilgewater Harbor. It was high noon in the island-city that never slept. It was the shining - if greasy - diamond of Azshara. Close enough to Orgrimmar for major trade and just far enough away that no rules applied. Coin and one's word were the currency. Something Vincent enjoyed dearly. It had all recently been disturbed with the rise of the Legion and the invasion. Of course, this only impeded the metropolis for a short while. The fel lingered in the air, but the major threats had been cleared out. Still, work popped up from time to time making people of Vincent's particular skill set valuable. And with every vice contained with the harbor, it was easy for him to spend his pay. The sound of gentle waves crashing against the nearby shore could be heard, if they weren't drowned out by the sound of the Vincent's snoring. He had shacked up near the shoreline and had spent the better part of his life living in and out of the shoddy looking building. It was just large enough to host a party, which he enjoyed having every time he got a large sum of gold. The previous night was no exception. Bodies were strewn about the abode. Male and female of Horde races. Most had begun to stir and were scrambling for their clothes or something to kill the hangover. Atop a pile of pillows surrounded by what were clearly courtesans was Vincent, happiy snoring with a bottle in one hand, and in nothing but his boxers. At his feet was an imp, staring with a palm full of felfire and a wicked grin. It held the flame close and got a groan followed by "toasty", which was then followed by "hot... hot..." and a yelp of pain. Vincent shot awake and rolled off the pillows, rudely waking a blood elf woman whom was off to his immediate right. He laid there a moment, gathering his bearings, his head buried in her chest. He chuckled and looked up at her. "So hey hot stuff, up for round two?" The response was a swift slap to the face. Vincent slid to the ground and groaned. "Okay. I think I deserved that." "You had round two last night. It was with Tami," the elf finally responded with stern words. "Oh. Is that jealousy I hear? Nothin' personal, Lindsey. She's a goblin, I'm a goblin. She just really knows how to grind gears, ya'know?" Lindsey rolled her eyes at the joke. "Not jealous. It's your coin. You paid for the full time. Just because round one didn't last very long is on you." Vincent reeled in pain. Her words stung much like his feet did. It was all nothing compared to his splitting headache. He let another groan as he sat up and looked about the room. "I feel like I ask this every time, but what the fu--" "The same thing that happens every time you decide to blow your coin, Vince," a high pitched voice said. The imp that was obscured by the pillows stepped from behind them and strode up to its groggy master. "Oh. Hey Guz. Hey, fetch me somethin' to get rid of this hangover, would ya? Something... tropical tasting. I think we still have a half bottle of rum and a coconut or two laying around. And I'm asking nicely since you just burned my feet." "Yeah, yeah, I'm going... I'm going. Ask nicely my tail. You woulda just ordered me around anyway!" "That's my faithful assistant." Vincent chuckled. He sat there a moment, breathing and gathering himself as the imp mixed a drink off in the distance. He held up the bottle he was still clutching onto. Empty. He shrugged and began tapping on the glass loudly with a long nail. Just hard enough to make a light noise and did it long enough to annoy all those still slumbering. "Yo. Wake up ya sleazeballs. Get out! Party's ova! Don't make me get the grimoire out!"Vince1 1d
2d [A]Returning EN raider looking for guild! Hey ED, haven't really played WoW since Emerald Nightmare release but I quit since my computer was crap. Seeing as how I've replaced it recently I'm looking to get back into raiding! I've got a pretty open schedule for evening raids, so if you guild could use a Holy Paladin shoot me a whisper in game. My ilvl is ~855 since I'm a content patch behind but gearing up ain't no thang. I'm looking for a solid group on normal NH preferably but really just one to gear up with. A lil about me I've been playing on ED since WoD and I've been pally healing since wrath. I'm currently in college so making raid times ain't a big deal I'm just usually unavailable during the day time hours. :DYrondir7 2d
2d [A][3/10M]<Persistent>, LFM We're a guild that likes to down the hardest content available when it's relevant. We're as focused as we possibly can be while keeping a relaxed environment during raids and keystones. We currently do not have an urgency for any class or role. However, we are always considering exceptional players, regardless of class or role. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 8:00-11:00 PM CST -Attendance is crucial, and as close to 100% attendance is preferred. -Any raid experience in the current tier is preferred. -You should be knowledgeable of your class and role. This being said, you should be open for criticism if required. Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/225194 Wowprog: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Persistent If you think we may be a good fit for you, then do not hesitate to contact one of the officers. Luqqy (GETMAD#1761) [GM/Raidlead] Nookers (solsgriz#1647) Realcareless (Realcareless#1175) AstaarLuqqy6 2d
2d [A] LIONCREST (Heavy RP) THE LIONCREST WELCOMES YOU TO THE ALLIANCE! RECRUITMENT THREAD ... The Lioncrest is an Alliance guild on the Emerald Dream server that heavily emphasizes roleplay while also offering a variety of PvP content to its members. Our player base is filled with a diverse group of friendly, tight-knit members that all share a common interest for the game and a sense of respect for its players new and old. Accompanying that base is an experienced and dedicated officer core that works every day to ensure the vision of the guild is accomplished. When you are brought into the guild, you are welcomed with open arms as if you have always been a friend to us! Our goal in The Lioncrest is to provide a fun, unique, and enriched roleplay experience, keeping to the canon of the Warcraft lore while also offering our knowledge and valuable resources to you, as well as be a source of PvP & WPvP encounters. ... Roleplay Theme The Lioncrest serves their world and its people as an independent order from its faction, to fight back the threats that loom over their world. They play their own part in pivotal moments to impact Azeroth' s future. For those who inquire more information about our story, please check out our lore archives! http://www.thelioncrest.com/lore Roleplay Information The Lioncrest always has the main mission to deliver the most immersive roleplay experience for our members and the Emerald Dream community as a whole. We strive for quality and offer a constant fount of roleplay with ongoing story progression. Our roleplay basis comes from the game itself. With a vast amount of lore within the Warcraft world, the Lioncrest uses the in-game history to its advantage in order to create content to satisfy those who have a true passion for creative writing and storytelling. We offer many different styles of roleplay. Whether you enjoy freestyle roleplay, or thoroughly thought-out story arcs, we encourage our members to constantly progress their stories with not only the guild and its members but throughout the entire realms community. Here are just some of the different types of roleplay you can expect within the Lioncrest: Personal Progressive RP; individual or through small groups Main Lioncrest story progression Side stories through our several organization storylines D20 inspired mechanics (offered with some of our storylines) Emerald Dream community roleplay Exclusive organizations that bring side story campaigns to the guild The Lioncrest looks forward to being constantly involved within the roleplay community! We also hope to inspire people to roleplay with each other inside and outside of the guild and allow their character personal growth beyond their home within the Lioncrest.Jacuren85 2d
2d [A/H-RP] Orchid Hollow ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ EDITED 2/17/17 ... ✿ Out of Character Information ✿ ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- ✿About Orchid Hollow ✿ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Orchid Hollow started as a band of pandaren. Our oracle of chi-ji had a vision of things to come. At the time we didn't know it was the legion, but we knew it was bad. That we had to get our people safely out of Pandaria. In doing so we settled across Azeroth, becoming the strong, dedicated force we are today. We built alliances with other families, and a name for ourselves. Many of our founding members have lived through the terrors of the Mogu, the Mantid, and tyrant leaders. Never before had we seen the threat of the Legion. Our emperor made sure that our race had time to grow. Thus, we reached out to the other races of the world, learning from them as they learned from us. We preserved our way of life and taught it to them. Pandaren love food, family, and comfort, but we also know what it's like to be slaves, fight our entire lives, and live for something more. The beginning forces of Orchid Hollow have been around since early WoD, going under a different name then. Since the beginning, we have held together as one and upheld the meaning of being a pandaren roleplayer on this server. The guild has a sense of friendship and loyalty that can't be beat, and holds quality, but also learning, to a standard. As a community, we have held OOC classes teaching the culture of the Pandaren, had one on one time with people helping them with their character, and making friends across the server. We hold our own personal guild campaigns, but try to focus on individual roleplay as well. We try to attend all major server rp events, and keep an ear on what is happening in our circles. whether that be horde or alliance. Something that I think is unique is that we love forum-style writing. We hold a weekly write-up on our website forums each week with a different prompt, allowing the creative juices to flow. We like to keep in contact with members out of the game if they so choose, through facebook, steam, Discord, and even a blog! Orchid Hollow is committed to providing a fun, safe, low-stress environment for all of our members. To that end we have a Code of Conduct that all members of the guild are expected to adhere to.Cranesong96 2d
2d World of Warcraft audio books Free. I was looking to buy them but found them here free, thought I would share this. https://www.youtube.com/user/AudioWarcraft/videosJestt7 2d
2d [RP]The Book Thief: Chapter 3 (conclusion) Chapter 1 : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753115787 Chapter 2 : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753327146 Silverpine Forest. The morning sun hints first light over the mourning forest triggering the diseased wolves to begin howling at one another. Ambermill’s arcane shield hums in the background. The Forsaken patrol continues down the main road with each step thumping harder into the cobblestone. An elder hippogryph enters the town with it’s head hanging low and a parchment finely rolled into an enchanted ring. The same ring worn by all members of the Spellguard. The parchment read… ... ----- 12 hours earlier, New Tinkertown, Scribbleton’s Estate. “Puck Scribbleton, by the order of the Gnomish guard you are under arrest for treason!” voiced the first of two well equipped gnomes as the other forces shackles around his wrists. Across the room lies his irradiated son wearing matching shackles. The officers continued listing Puck’s sentence, but he did not comprehend a word. His eyes were too fixated on his son screeching in fear. “What do you say we terminate this monster once and for all?” Says one of the gnomes in uniform as he aims his ginormous rifle at the leper gnome. Time seemed to slow down as Puck turned his trembling head towards the speaker watching as he readies his firearm and places his finger on the trigger. “BANG!” In an instant, the apartment began to quake. Lights started flickering into complete darkness and whispers filled the air. Scribbleton dispersed into a shadow and circled the room cackling maniacally. This unnatural phenomenon ended after some time. Puck Scribbleton was nowhere to be seen. All that remain in the apartment are three corpses. The two guards and his son.Scribbleton2 2d
2d No Quarter (Twilight RP) ((Wanted to do a little story idk, but here's some stuff that happened!)) "The Deathstalker is right. they are traitors to the Horde and corrupted zealots of the cult. They will be given no quarter. " Tarenor's voice rung out over the small gathering of Highguard and Deathstalkers in the gloom of the ghostlands. The blood and arcane constructs they had brought along with them moved impassively as mindless golems do, but some of the highguard frowned at the order. Others nodded in agreement, but the command was given. They would march of the Farstriders that had turned their backs on Azeroth and accepted the teachings of the Twilight's Hammer willingly into their souls. Despite part of him disliking the order, it was practical. Few ever turned away from the madness that was the various cults to the Old Gods and it was too dangerous to let them live and spread it's influence. These weren't just heretics, no, they were Traitors. Traitors to beloved Quel'thalas,. from their own people. They deserve nothing less then annihilation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The battle had been bloody, but their main objective had gotten away, the vile caravan hauling crystals filled to the brim with vile shadow magic siphoned from the dead scar and countless scourge. But the orders had been completed to perfection as best they could, though some fled to Light knows where with the caravan. the corrupted contingent of Farstriders had been purged and not one lived. Tarenor nodded to the Deathstalker-Captain Zachriah Stormbane as he approached. the Forsaken leaned in and mutter. "There are troubling rumors to the south, in both the twilight and Arathi Highands. if those crystals get to the other cultists in the regions this will only get worse." Tare frowned but nodded quietly, he knew the forsaken would continue the search. And so would the Phoenix Highguard, This was caused by their fallen kin in the farstriders. They would see it to the end, whatever that may be. There were so many questions left unanswered as his eyes strayed down to the orb on his belt. It was wrapped in Light-forged chainmail covered with seals and runes. it's dark magics would not affect him but it's presence still came with shroud of mystery. After the cult had ransacked his living quarters in Silvermoon, looking for the Orb he kept it near. Until he knew more about it's purpose or if there were more like it. Only then would he destroy it and what evil is contained inside it. The Highguard marched back to Tarren Mill, many still reeling from wounds. He had hope tonight would spell the near end of the cult. but it seems the climax may yet just be around the corner.Tarenor0 2d
2d (UPDATED 3-8-17) Phoenix Highguard H-RP-PVP (The Second and Third posts will soon be updated with current events and plots We will update them every other week with storys and such as well as Public Events! keep tabs for more! ... [/b] A note is tacked onto the message boards of the main cities, lavishly designed and written, and enchanted to protect from the elements. It is obviously Elven in origin and reads thus: ... Who we are: The Phoenix Highguard is a military RP-PvP guild focused in the affairs of the Sin’Dorei; We are over 3 years old and continue to offer a home to veterans and new roleplayers alike! Our roleplay is militaristic in nature, with a rigid chain of Command, several RP-PvP engagements, and several military missions. We accept all races into our guild, but our interview process is much more strict on races outside of Blood Elves. Upon joining this guild, you should be expecting for your character to behave as they would in a military, follow orders, or face the consequences. PvP is expected in the guild, as we respond to many Defense Pings depending on allies and where we are stationed at the time and take part in several RP-PvP battles. RP is first and foremost in our guild, and we host several events throughout the month, which include: Highguard Trials: Hosted every friday night, the Highguard gathers to learn lessons and work on military discipline and tactics, most of the time there is a theme behind each gathering, whether it's learning to discipline yourself or to learn about your enemies! Champion battle: this is an opportunity for the best of the Highguard Soldiers to fight each other for a reward of 3,000 gold, and the rank of ‘Champion’ for a month, along with the title and reward money, the Champion is also given the Honor to carry the Standard of the Phoenix Highguard into battle Icly! Table Tops (Dungeon Masters): Something that has become Staple in many of our plots and events, where we create our own scenarios and fight monsters or deal with situations Icly! (much like Dungeons and Dragons) IC-WPVP: we do multiple times a month and take the fight to the Alliance scum. Usually followed by lots of booze at a bar! Or mender RP. Heheh. Phoenix PVEguard: Progressing through Nighthold Normal! (All pve raiding is OOC so don't worry) Ranks: High-Commander (GM) Lieutenant-Commander (Co-GM) Lieutenant (Officers) Centurions (Squad leaders) Champion (Monthly 1-man rank for whoever wins the championship battle) Sin'Serrar (Our stealthies/intelligence operatives and tacticians) Sin'Rethore (Our front line soldiers and heavy melee hitters) Dor'ano (Trainees and new recruits) How to apply: Visit our website, phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com, and read up on our rules and codes of conduct before submitting an application. Our recruitment officers will look it over and then contact you for an in-character interview. All applicants must be 18 years or older. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of our officer core for further details. Officers: High Commander Tarenor Swiftdawn (Tarenor) GM Lieutenant-Commander Nossavyara Falthrien (Nossavyara) Co-GM/Recruitment Lieutenant Astilaldan Bloodsinger (Astilaldan) PVP Officer Lieutenant Ophiraeda Alah'Zaram (Ophiraeda) Recruitment Artwork of the Highguard: (Done by our immensely talented artists!!) http://i.imgur.com/gGwVdj8.gif http://i.imgur.com/V4OfxcO.png http://i.imgur.com/9rgPtr6.png http://i.imgur.com/R3D1VcT.png http://i.imgur.com/cuK3aHM.png http://i.imgur.com/4h6r9XR.png https://24.media.tumblr.com/42cd63102e3f5e96e751ca6b7b20226f/tumblr_n2nx3bSYnP1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg https://31.media.tumblr.com/931f2c6df10293ac9b24da3d90c2e284/tumblr_n2pf5h0Jmv1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg Video: Highguard assaults Darnassus and accidentally pulls tyrande. Terrorized screaming and slaughter ensues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WEfv161BhcTarenor119 2d
2d Last Breath (Twilight Campaign RP Story) ((These events take place after the events of the phase 2 campaign for Hammer's Fall Questline)) Even though he feels his eye lids as open all he can see is darkness. with strains of colors dancing around representing the spirits of the elements. He grew accustomed to this over the past month or so. everything about his body was sore and tired. it took way too much energy to do anything.. even his breathing became heavy. The old bull knew he was laying in the inn at Hammerfall. In the background he can hear voices. "...Rest now, sweet, peaceful rest.." but in his mind wants to say words but the strain to do anything is greater than trying to speak. Tanahroks mind drifts in and out to his surroundings. soon the swirls of colors that he could see in a distance were erratic as distant fighting must be happening. He hopes that if the twilight wins that they make his death quick and not be a puppet again. in his mind he thinks of his life mate and his son that he left behind in Mulgore. but he knows she is safe and his son should be safe after he sent him back to the bluff before he disappeared. the hours felt like days when the spirits began to calm. "there is a winner" he thought. soon I will meet with them. The sound of hooves come up the stairs of the Inn, heavy and with deep care. "High..Mountain?" the chieftain tried to squeeze out of his chest. "Aye it is I chieftain. The battle calms down and I stayed behind to make sure none would get past the gate. We may have won this day.." He said with a stern grunt. "One...can....hope... But ... you....must care.....re ...on. Chief...." taking so much of his breath. Abrahof sighed as he knew this might have happened. "What of your son? he should take up this burden..." trying to see if he could pass off the title. "Too young...need time." he says sadly. "I understand. You will be missed by everyone. I would hope you could stay to make your words known to them." Trying to inspire the chieftain to hold on longer. "I will....But.... you....are....chieftain...Grow like Redwood, be sturdy like high mountain." Smiling to himself. he reaches out to hopefully shake Abrahofs hand. Abrahof looked on as others started making their way into the inn. "they come" A brief exchange is made and Abrahof leaves the room as the warriors lead by Nynaevve gathers around him. "Fight....done?" he asked though he probably knew the answer. He was answered with a yes. A smile came across his face faintly. "Then....I ..... Rest now." Others cried for him to stay. But gentle words of reassurance were given to all of them. "Earth mother....ca...aaa.....lllllll....." his words fall silent as all the air escapes his body. Like a burden taken off of him. he feels like he drifts into a deep sleep where he rests. waiting for the moment when his spirit will find its way back to mulgore again. and rejoin his ancestors of old. He did not die with hate, or die in combat. his heart was not heavy with sorrow or sadness of any kind. the ones he cared about were safe and that was a lift to him to allow himself to go. to no longer be bound to strain of the body. For the shu'halo, life does not end when the body dies. it is a transition into the dream or to be with the earth mother. the spirits of ancestors can see each other. there is not true sadness in this. While the living can feel this. it is a reminder that nothing is eternal. all life is precious. no matter how big.. small... young or extremely old... the legacy of the chieftain will be carried on through his people and their teachings. ~Good Journey ; Tanah'rok Chieftain of the Redwood Tribe; Former shaman to the Firetotem Tribe. Friend to all life and spirits.Tanahrok7 2d
2d Who's Your Favorite Minor NPC? Just wondering. No Thralls or Garroshes or Tyrandes. Little guys only! Whether it was because of a quest chain, or some stupid line of dialogue they had, or seeing them pop up over and over again. Share your favorite minor NPC(s)! I love Dalar Dawnweaver personally. Named after Dalaran, suspects himself of being sociopath. His quests are pretty typical "kill 14 bears and collect their butts", but his lines are so good. Shoutout to Tholo/Anren and Belmont, the #1 homeboy.Rasek79 2d
3d [H] <The Wraith Guard> Forsaken RP-PVP Walking up to the rotting, wooden board, the cowled figure grunts quietly. Unrolling a piece of parchment, he examines it quickly before nodding once - tacking it onto the board. Without another word, he turns the moment his task is complete - walking back to his undead steed. It was time to report back. ... OOC Hello! We are a new heavy Forsaken RP-PVP guild that covers the branches of magic, the Apothecary, the Deathstalkers, and the Deathguard. Although we do focus a bit more on the militant aspects of each due to the nature of RP-PVP, we still will have RPs of all kinds after a while. Overall, we are building up the Guard to act as a sort of 'Blade and Shield' for the Forsaken. We'll be setting up campaigns against the Alliance and any other enemy to the Dark Lady, but we'll also still have a bit of a focus on internal growth and defense - preventing those who would strike at our heart from landing the killing blow, so to speak. So, in turn, what we're looking for are undead RPers interested in serving the Dark Lady in the many wars to come. As a given, we'll accept all the classes of the undead that you can play as ingame. But we will also certainly accept blood elf RPers that are interested in RPing themselves as undead quel'dorei rather than as living sin'dorei. After all, in lore, humans weren't the only ones to serve in the Forsaken! And of the blood elf classes, we will accept all but demon hunters. And so what do we offer? RP. RP. And RP! Whilst we don't put much focus on rank progression - we are all servants of the Dark Lady no matter our rank, after all! - we will certianly offer various types of RP, ranging from research and development with the Apothecaries of the Wraith Guard to recon and assassination with the Deathstalkers. Advancing our knowledge of the arcane with the Deathcasters, and striking fear into the hearts of our enemies with the Deathguard. No matter the branch, no matter the rank - we all have a role to play, and the living shall soon beware! In addition, although it may not be at the start as we are still a bit in the preparation phases, we will also offer the occasional sub-factions in the Guard, such as my Duskstriders that I ICly mentioned in the notice above. They are entirely optional and there for the advancement of RP! More information about these are to come! In an OOC stance, we offer two out of game services as well! A guild site that you can find at thewraithguard.enjin.com and a guild Discord that any member is more than welcome to join! A module for that can be found in the lower-right hand side of our site's homepage! With the Guard, there are three addons we highly encourage our members to make use of! The usual TRP3 being one, but we also encourage use of TRP3: Extended. We'll be using this here and there with the occasional RP or the creation of reports or notices for guild RPs! In addition, we also highly recommend the addon called Tongues. With such, blood elf and undead RPers can have access to Gutterspeak and Thalassian alike! And as for guild rules, we pretty much hold to the common rules of keeping IC and OOC separate, no camping people who are just trying to level, no disrupting RP, no ERP, and so-on. Overall, we're just people who enjoy RPing as Forsaken and we want this to be a place where people can have a good time. Basically, so long as you use common sense and common courtesy, you'll be fine! If you would like to contact us, below is a list of Wraith Watcher (the highest officer rank in the guild) and the Wraith Lord (the guild master) - we'll gladly help however we can! Wraith Watchers: Naedris, Ephexis Wraith Lord: MalganethNaedris8 3d
3d MW / WW Monk LF Guild. PLEASE READ! I like being brief and to the point. So here is a snapshot of me as a player. - Multiple level 110 Toons. -Been Playing since vanilla, Almost every expansion I have 2k + Arena / BG as well as all current raid content down while its relevant. -Very versatile player, very smart, very dedicated. -Lots of GM / Officer exp in guilds that were very competitive. -Currently Maining a MW monk / WW offspec. Prefer to WW for PvE and MW for PvP. But can do whatever. Who really am I though? I'm a dual business owner so any schedule I can make. I make my own rules and times IRL. I am 24, married with children. Army veteran. I am the guy in BGs that is always looking out of the corner of my eye. I am the healer that can get CONSTANT ninja caps in AB, and BOG. I am the MW monk in WSG and TP that puts my ports on the roofs, carrys the flag, and can kite ALL 10 horde at once while still having 10 stacks. I'm the guy that will always have the most objective points earned in ANY bg all while healing the most... I am the guy in mythics and raids that notices the adds not getting picked up, taunts them, and runs them to the tanks. I am the guy in raids that is always on time and has best enchants, gems, flask, foods. I am the guy who is always reading up on my classes and specs to make sure I am in the top 1% of my class performance. with that being said, I am the bees knees when it comes to a guildie, Super active, funny, and smart alecy in discord / any voice. Love talking to my guildmates and smashing thru some content. Always a good time :-) I am looking for just a SUPER active guild, I don't care if its Pvp, Pve, or what. I prefer both. I love the game too much to not do it all... Please message me in game as I will get those quicker. Kevmiester#1574. Also IRL friends will be coming with too, they are identical to my exp and my capabilities, Warrior, priest, rogue mostly TL;DR If you don't want to read all of this, then you may not be what I'm looking for. TLDR are for the lazy. Lol still love you though.Stocktrader9 3d
3d [A] Tall Tales ( Alliance Side) I would like to thank those on horde side who put this on, I've loved it so much I wanted to let Alliance side experience it! SO! Tuesday March 21'st at 7pm server time hosting Alliance version of Tall Tales! In Pandaria please be seated on the stairs when ported to the city. Speaker will have her/his back to the door. Please respect others while they are sharing their story. ( I am also open to moving the event. As well I can explain the event if you are unsure about it. You can also tell a joke or riddle! )Jarthillon5 3d
3d Backing to WoW Hi, I have been distant from WoW since probably 2012 (actually played more in 2006 and 07) I am backing now, more casually (1 to 2 hours a day). I was wondering how is the best way to start playing again (,and find friends :)). I got Legion and the boost, I am doing the quests, and I hope I will get 110 soon, but I am quite solitary. Is there any cooperative action before reaching level 110? Best, daemonDaimones9 3d
3d How is ED? ((Howdy all, It has been a long while since I played on ED, a long while. Wanted to pop in and see how everyone was doing, crept in the forums on and off for about a week and didn't see some names I was used to. Like, where is Zeals, Heltor, or Sledge and if <Blackwald Wardens> is still around?))Kristiara37 3d
3d Qotd: why did ruin gaming Fail on this server while the alliance empire is thriving and beating up on wsb and the sludgehammer of the world?Arashicage59 3d
3d [H] <The Dagger Hills> rp.wpvp [H RP-WPvP] The Dagger Hills Guild information & History: The Dagger Hills is focused on special operations RP-WPVP. With The People’s Militia & the Defias Brotherhood no longer controlling Southern Westfall, The Dagger Hills was founded. Our day to day activities and operations exploit this region of Westfall. At one time profits from this operation were kicked back to Forsaken leadership in Arathi as well as the greater Forsaken War Machine in the Undercity - but that has changed. No longer confined to the loyalties of any Forsaken leadership, The Dagger Hills is open to all races and classes. We seek Scouts, Associates, Operatives, and Agents to help us with current operations and extortion missions local to Westfall, Elwynn Forest, Strangethorn Vale, Duskwood, and Redridge. We also need scouts and field agents to assist with intelligence of regions ripe for extortion. Examples such as key trade routes or places with information on resources being imported, as well as Booty Bay or other areas close to trade routes in Kalimdor. Of course talented assassins are needed for theft within the walls of Stormwind or paid missions to make alliances citizens disappear. If you have experience or an interest in extortion, intimidation, theft, quick and quiet assignations, or if you can lend a hand with scouting for intelligence across Azeroth, then The Dagger Hills is for you. We have missions/quests within the guild already available on the website for all of those types of members, and we encourage you to write yourself into those missions for further character development. Summary: The Dagger Hills is an operation, compiled of agents who carry out their missions with confidence – all contributing to our control of vital regions within Azeroth. We seek out and control/exploit areas where resources, wealth & influence can be obtained. We can then leverage this power as needed with different factions and groups across Azeroth. What we Offer: A strong, mature, RP-PvP focused group to give you both world pvp experience and fun but also RP opportunities in-game and in your writings. With 6+ missions available on the website, and a forum to post your other stories for the guild, we encourage and assist all of our PvP activity to revolve around our overall RP as a guild. You are encouraged to share your stories on our forums and on the ED forums. Agents have access to a special part of the Forums for vital intelligence with respect to field operations.Achzay53 3d
3d HI FRIENDS ! :D hi friends ! farnkseeking farnkfamily for server emerald dream ;o farnklevel 10 priest !Farnk8 3d
3d <Old School Academy > Enroll today ! Enrollment starts now! Over the last few months I've heard a lot of people missing how guilds used to be. How the community was in them. How friendly, helpful and talkative guilds were. Old School Academy is aiming to be just that with little to no drama .Because lets face it no one comes into the game to be in all that mess. We game, for the most part to escape RL and enjoy ourselves. So far we have about 160 some odd members. (yes i use sgi because these days its super hard to get a guild going without some help of friends. I'm kinda the only person getting this guild going. so please no negative comments tnx.) Every member is allowed to set up guild events on the calendar and once given the cadet rank you'll be able to access the guild repairs. Promos are giving based on contributing to the guild. Examples: partaking in guild events, being helpful, joining discord, joining FB and chatting in guild. We ask that raiders give 100% raid attendance. Guild events are not mandatory yet those that do come will get special gratitude for help making the community grow into a more enjoyable one. The more members that partake in events the better the event will be. The guild is only as good as its members. ^.^ I understand that everyone has RL and cant be at every raid so its on a first come first get bases. If you sign up for something please make sure you can attend that event otherwise please just mark tentative. I work with another guild cross realm for the raids and our goal is to help our members get geared and see end game content. We are looking for the talkers, active pvpers and pvers, the weridos, shy ones, no lifers, rejects and pretty much any one that is wanting to help us grow into an old school type environment to game in. we have all ages from 18+ . We are kinda a blue collar family type casual guild and some of use don't have a sensor. We drink and enjoy the game as it should be. We do all aspects of the game and don't expect people to play a class or spec they aren't comfortable with. Mains and alts are welcome. All unactive members within 2 months get booted unless noted for a legit reason as to why they are AFK for so long. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. if you're looking for a new start, a place for your alt or a change of atmosphere by all means come give us a try :) Founder Siyue aka HeartstringsHeartstrìngs0 3d
3d [H]<Shatterspear Offensive> (PvE & PvP) Shatterspear Offensive is seeking new members to add to our PvE and PvP rosters! About us: SSO isn't just a WoW guild, we're a tight-knit community that understands it's more fun to play games with friends. Our guild's mission statement is a simple one: we believe in helping each person play their game(s) in whatever way they choose; "if all you want to do is fish, we'll hand you a fishing pole." PvE Shatterspear Offensive is now 10/10 in Heroic Nighthold (nice job raid team!) and looking to begin Mythic progression. We are currently seeking competitive dps to complete our 20-man roster; a Hunter would be great, but as long as you can play your class at a competitive level we will give you a shot. We're a bit tight on Melee at the moment but we'd really like to recruit a competent Fury Warrior as well. Current raid times are Tuesday & Thursday, 8-10:30pm Eastern. Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Shatterspear+Offensive If you are interested in our raid team, please message one of our PvE officers: Jnx Johnnybravo Metaledd myself (#Hedonismbot11969) PvP When Shatterspear Offensive was originally created ~3 years ago it was intended to be a PvP-focused guild taking the fight to the Alliance in smaller skirmishes. While we have expanded our interests since then, PvP remains a core part of our idenity as a guild. We are currently seeking anyone interested in participating in PvP activities. If you are interested in casual or organized PvP, please message one of our PvP officers: Jnx Ryuzukh Eioiz Sÿph Community Being a gaming community means that we play all kinds of stuff together. If you're getting a little burned out on WoW you can probably find a few people in the guild to play other games with - we only ask that it doesn't interfere with other guild events. Some of our most-played side games at the moment include: Overwatch Conan Exiles (Guild server - relaxed pvp & no admin abuse) Heroes of the Storm Elder Scrolls Online Conan server: "Shatterspear Offensive Tribal Warfare Relaxed" - anyone is welcome https://topconanservers.com/server/ Raid times & Calendar events: (Time zone: EST) Tuesday: Progression Raid 8:00pm - 10:30pm Thursday: Progression Raid 8:00pm - 10:30pm Friday: Shattered Hour (meeting, games, trivia, etc) 8:00pm - ?? Saturday: Casual Raids + Other multiplayer games. Time flexible. Sunday: Organized RBGs 8:00pm - ?? Guild website: http://shatterspearoffensive.com Brand new guild Twitter! https://twitter.com/SSO_Gaming?lang=en Come join the community!Voljah7 3d
3d RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCXy1srPndoArashicage8 3d
3d National Panda day I did not know this until now but apparently there is a national Panda day. How are my fellow ED Pandaren Celebrating this day? :3Zhii11 3d
4d RP intro thingy. Hi. I'm not an RP'er. But I think I'd like to try my hand at it. Without further ado, here is a little something I've written up. Feel free to offer any and all relevant constructive criticism. Thank you. "Sequestered off by himself in some lonely corner of Acherus, the heavily-armored human knight peers into a lovingly hand-crafted mirror. Some elven thing, a little piece of vanity he'd discovered in the aftermath of a skirmish in some Azsunan ruins. If anyone else in the Ebon Hold had witnessed his mirror-musing, they might have thought him vain indeed (or perhaps defective), for the mirror had been enchanted by its original owner; that the beholder's visage would be subtely altered in the reflection as to appear more pleasing. A wry smirk crossed his pale features. He couldn't imagine why a naga would have hoarded such a trinket. Enchantment notwithstanding, the dread-knight's unholy aura and energies rendered the simple spellwork inert, offering him an undistorted view of himself within the mirror's surface. Removing his helm, he takes note and stock of his features. The wan, corpse-like pallor of his flesh; the unearthly blue, glowing gaze that mark him as a Death Knight. He inclines his head, dipping gently to grasp at the strands of his long, flowing hair. Where once a fiery shock of a mane had dwelled, now lingered a long-since faded, ruined cascade of color-drained, almost.. Pink, hair: Changed with the rest of him when he'd been reborn into the Scourge as the Death Knight, Malphaestus. That was the name he'd been given, when he was risen. No more the paladin, the man he'd once been in his mortal life. Just another proud, noble son of Lordaeron pulled into and changed within the abyssal, gaping maw of something greater. Something darker. As his musings shift from self-absorbed vanity to philosophical, existential questions, he thinks to himself that perhaps these ethereal, ghostly night elves of Azsuna are not so unlike he and his once-beloved Lordaeron; That he is but one relic of a now-defunct, long-dead civilization, gazing into another. The thought amuses him, and he laughs aloud. A bitter, mirthful noise, twisted by the inexorable death-march of time upon its source's mind and body. At this tiny, microcosmic eruption of emotion from the monolithic knight, the mirror's clear surface similarly erupts into a spiderweb of cracks, shadowy tendrils of dark, smoke-like energy escaping through the cracks before dissipating into the air. The now-shattered mirror catches and reflects many pleased, wolfish grins. Perhaps he is a little vain, after all. With his helm under one arm, and the mirror in his other gauntleted hand down at his side, he calmly strides to one of the open-air, balcony-like ledges with Acherus, staring off into the distance at the tell-tale patches of green fel glow, dotting the horizon's landscapes. With something between careful reverence and deliberate callous, carelessness, he drops the ruined mirror over the side. He does not look down to see where it lands. "It would appear," he thinks to himself, "That death and ruin come to all things eventually. That there is an end to all that has a beginning. People. Ways of life. Kingdoms and empires. Any of them may be put to the sword and torch at any moment, swallowed up and torn apart by a fury greater than their own. And even those who perpetuate this, are not exempt from it." He punctuates this line of thinking with a grim, determined gaze at a green pillar of cascading felflame, smashing down into the Broken Isles, clenching his jaw in anger. He closes his eyes as he dons his helm, focusing on the mental command of the summons, one of many gifts, birthrights from the Scourge, as he vaults over the bannister, leaping from the ledge and free-falling for several seconds before landing into the saddle atop a screeching Scourge Gryphon, soaring swiftly towards the menacing green glow. Time to go spread the good word." Thank you for your time and patience. Please share your critique with me.Malphaestus20 4d
4d [A] <Dissociation> Recruiting for H NH <Dissociation> is recruiting for their core raid team and M+ dungeon teams. We are 9/10 Heroic Nighthold and looking to start Mythic progression. We are in the top 10 PvE guilds on our server (Emerald Dream). Need RDPS and Heals for our core raid team. Minimum iLvl: 880 We are also taking: People that are wanting to raid, but need to be geared up more Casuals PVPers to start an RBG team Server: Emerald Dream Heroic/Mythic Raid Days: Tuesday & Thursday Normal Raid Days: Sunday & Monday M+ Dungeon Days: Friday & Saturday Time: 8pmST - 11pmST (CST) Voice: Discord Links: GuildOx: http://guildox.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Dissociation Guild Page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/emerald-dream/Dissociation/ Message Dethelocke#1816 or Palyn#1236Detheknighte8 4d
4d <Saronite Squad> RP/PvP Who are we? We are a RP World PvP guild that operates on both the Horde and Alliance side to accommodate for similar interests under one banner. What's the theme? As the name indicates we will be a Scourge based military organization working for the greatest of Kings, Bolvar! That's right, under the new Lich King we shall unite all of Azeroth under one banner and finally put an end to suffering, to senseless wars, under the Scourge we shall all be made equals and defend Azeroth from the perils of the Burning Legion. So is it DK only? Absolutely not! We welcome all who would worship Bolvar as their savior. Be ye a Priest, a Warlock, or even a filthy paladin, we welcome you into our fold. We will have 2 branches that will work in union with each other to carry out the will of the Lich King. The neo Cult of the Damned, and the Lichborne. EDIT: WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWING DEMON HUNTERS! Warlocks are hard enough to explain, but they at least use necromancy. Demon Hunters are Fel specific and due to their masters attacks on our Throne in the past we have not forgotten, and we will not forgive. Ok but what are the requirements? We're accepting of most playstyles. If you have a backstory or any RP questions to see how you'd fit in we would be happy to do a background check! All we ask for everyone to be respectful of each other and be willing to learn what we're about. EDIT: To reiterate, we are RP first and foremost! Do not join just for the PvP, come with an interest to RP and a desire to learn more about the new Scourge that Bolvar is raising. Ok we get it, you RP, but what about PvP? If you want to do RBGs, random BGs, Premades, Rated Arenas, then come on in! The hope and dream is that we foster an environment that is focused on building each other up, learn to lead others, and most importantly we will be focused on WPVP. That's right folks, picture it now! A battalion of DK's backed with healers, spellcasters, and soldiers of the Scourge, it will be glorious. Sounds pretty scummy. Zerg guild confirmed? Not at all, the dream I have is to have 32 DKs and 8 healers all in one group to BREAK zergs. Think of it as an Anti Zerg Battalion! Most of our WPvP will be broken down into groups of 2,5, and 10. We like it small to medium sized (wink wink, nudge nudge). Interesting, so how do I join? Hit up anyone in guild! And if you're interested I also have an Alliance version of this guild up and running named <Bolvars Vanguard> "In Death, all will serve."Tylissius64 4d
5d [Open RP] The Twilight Campaign (Phase 2) Now that we’re a few months into Legion, and the dust on the Nighthold has begun to settle, we decided it was prime time for a new RP campaign, in the vein of previous events such as the Silver Sickness, Uldum, and Northrend events. Those familiar with Uldum may remember the “Run-It-Your-Way” system, which was created specifically to allow DMs to run events how they wanted, without being forced into a specific system of d10 or d20. This system will return for this campaign, and we’ll be expanding and building upon it using lessons learned from prior events. To help foster a sense of community during the event, we plan on creating two walk-up RP hubs- one for each faction. The Alliance hub will be Thelsamar, a dwarven town in Loch Modan on the edge of the wilds. The Horde hub will be Tarren Mill. Background: “I pray that purging the Nightmare’s corruption buys us enough time to defeat the Legion and catch our breath before the black armies rise up from the depths!” -Malfurion Stormrage As the armies of the elves and the insurgency lay siege to the Nighthold, and the Gilneans clash with the Forsaken in Stormheim, the eyes of Azeroth are fixated on the Broken Isles and the Legion incursion there. The demons have left devastation in their wake, however, as the battle rages against the Legion, the ground beneath them trembles with the weight of destiny, stirring Things that should not be woken, beings of madness. A cult, once thought dead, crawls back from their hidden places, eager to resume their dark designs for Azeroth. Their victory is all but assured, provided the focus of the world remains upon the Broken Isles and not upon lands thought to be peaceful. In their lairs, they whisper of only one thing- Ny’alotha, the sleeping city. They see it in their mind’s eye every waking hour, and each night, they dream of it. They are so close now, so very close to carrying out their plan... The Quest System Whispers in the Dark is split off into a handful of batches of quests, known as “phases.” Each phase will last roughly ten days, to give plenty of time for events to take place. Quests are intended for entire guilds to take on- and how they play out depends largely on your guild’s DM. You could have one single event, or play the events of your quest out over a series of d20s across the 10 days of the phase. At the beginning of each phase, an Adventure Map will be posted with markers that detail the rough locations and give details about each quest. It’s strongly recommended that guilds work together to select their quest for next week. Quests will be given out based on a first come, first serve basis, with other factors taken into account. The adventure map will be posted on the forums as well as Twitter, and selection will be handled through the 73rd Discord. More details will be provided to all interested GMs and officers. Quests for each phase depend largely on the phase before them, so your actions do have an effect on the conflict with the cultists! Something to note is that you need not be a large guild to participate- in fact, we’d love to have as many smaller guilds involved in the event as we can! If you’re a solo/guildless player, we’d love to see if we can set you up with guilds that are running events for the campaign. We have no content planned specifically for guildless players outside of the walkup hub, but we’d love to have some input and see if that can change. The Call to Adventure - Faction Hubs In the wild lands to the north and east of Ironforge, only dwarven settlements and the remnants of the once-proud Arathor remain. War and disaster have ravaged the lands, which are not what they once were. Bandits prey on travelers and merchants, wanderers explore the ruins of what once was, and darker things lurk just out of sight here. Thelsamar and Tarren Mill situated on either side of this great wilderness, will be the respective hubs for Alliance and Horde for this campaign. Both of these towns are intended to be the hubs for walk-up roleplay, and are where the factions listed below are based out of. Most quests will be situated in the zones between those areas, but the Twilight Cult is insidious and difficult to root out from all the places it lingers. There may be the chance that quests in other, more far-flung places will open up.Demitassie134 5d
5d RP QOTD: Zelda Edition Hello friends, my name's Rasek. Today I'd like to delve straight into our new lame RP QOTD: What would your character do in the Legend of Zelda? Would they be a Hylian in town, or a hobo in the woods, or Ganondorf, or what? Pls share with me since I am bored, or spit on my grave, whatever.Rasek34 5d
5d St. Patrick's Day Happy http://i.imgur.com/IaiCROr.jpgBebbit7 5d
5d [A]<The Päck> Still Wants You! IC: The mystically pristine city of Dalaran hovered high over the seas. The foreboding beacon of the Tomb of Sargeras still shone in the distance. Its gloom overtook the once whimsical nature of the city. Any music that played, any laughter heard, any smiles seen, all felt forced. There was only one who seemed genuinely happy. A gnome, armed with a push broom slung about his shoulder, strolled along the ever clean walls of the city. He hummed a happy tune, showing no signs of displeasure. That was, until he saw it. His head spun on a swivel. Several feet up the wall, a smudge tainted what was otherwise perfection. With a snap of his fingers the broom bounced to life. Another snap summoned a ripple in space near the wall’s imperfection. A bucket of soapy water faded into existence and splashed its contents against the grime before it vanished. The broom flew up where the water hit and hesitated. The gnome raised his hands, still humming the happy tune. As a gentle flutter his hand’s proceeded to wave his hands as a musical conductor. The broom danced along to the 4/4 time as it scrubbed and it scrubbed with exact harmony. When the song was finished, the wall shone free of imperfection. “Excellent.” The gnome spoke with a cheek-to-cheek grin. “That makes the last wall. The city is clean for another day!” He held aloft his hand, and the broom flew into his grip. It was slung over his shoulder and he happily marched around the corner. SPLAT! The sickening sound brought a twitch to the gnome’s eye. His head turned as though the gears in his neck were rusted. There, towering over him was a worgen. He wore the white wolf’s paw of the Päck on a red cloak. The crinkle of paper could be heard as he spread a large poster over the glue that had befouled the walls that were just cleaned. From the mouth of the lupine figure the same jaunty tune that had been hummed by the gnome a moment ago. The worgen picked up his bucket of glue and satchel of fliers and continued about his business, leaving a furious janitor behind. The gnome gazed up at the poster (( http://i.imgur.com/KIvFzXV.jpg )). He could hear the splat of glue once more from around the corner. He turned in the direction the worgen had come from and his heart sank. The same poster littered the walls of the city every few feet. “Why can’t they just cram these on the call boards like everyone else?!” The gnome shouted before slamming his broom into the paved ground with a snap. Now his precious cleaning utensil lay on the path in two pieces. He lets out a final cry of rage at his predicament. OOC: The Päck is an all Worgen RP-PVP guild, now over five years strong. We have been running wild across Azeroth since September 9th, 2011. We have grown and prospered on the Emerald Dream server and we will continue to grow to bolster the great ED RP Community. Whether it be light and casual roleplay, to long term complex story arcs, we have it. We have developed a strong PVP presence and recently, thanks to Laernyx, have formed a solid casual raid team which cleared Emerald Nightmare Normal within the first few weeks of its release. We provide a mature environment to help our members both grow and have fun. Whether you are fully geared at max level, or just starting your way through the Gilneas starting zone, we can offer you a home. Here is our current activity for each aspect of the game. RP We have regular RP ranging from casual gatherings to D20 events. Currently we are stationed on the Broken Isle, our forces travel mostly between Dalaran, Greywatch, and Bradensbrook. Long time and experienced with RP? Welcome, we have a home for you as we unite in this curse to protect our fellow worgen everywhere. New to RP? We welcome you as well, we are more than happy to assist any and all new roleplayers to build confidence and develop their characters to be as interesting as possible. We are also proud of our involvement in large community events. Our five-year anniversary party was a blast, with thousands of fireworks launched and countless prizes given away to the community. We were active in several RP PVP campaigns, and we were an integral part of the Silver Sickness campaign, the multi-server, cross faction, plague style RP campaign. PVP Arena partners are never hard to find among our ranks. Ask around and we can help you get that strongbox you want or even push rating. Every week we join forces with Clan Battlehammer and engage in larger scale PVP, both WPVP and Pre-made Alterac Valley. Of course we also have our own Casual PVP. Ask for BGs and you will almost always be able to get a group together. PVE Our raiding team has recently become something to be truly proud of thanks to Laernyx’s leadership and the hard work of everyone who came together. We were able to have a guild group clear Normal Emerald Nightmare and are now moving onto Heroic.Nemò156 5d
5d Introduction and Transmog Contest!!! Hello everyone. My character name is Asherizara, I doubt anyone knows me, but I am new to this server. Now let me preface this post by stating what will become obvious. I am a multiboxer. *takes a deep breath*. Ok that's all said and done. I will be handling about ten accounts, all Draenei and most of them Paladins for lore reasons. I've started a guild called Shield of Velen which is in reference to Prophet Velen's guard, which I will be roleplaying as for the most part. (I am still in the process of leveling and creating the backstory). Anyways...I understand this server had a massive problem with multiboxers in the past. However I am a PvE person, but really like RP. And I have tried Moonguard but it wasn't for me. So Emerald Dream seemed to be the next best option, also it's closest to home in terms of datacenter. Now I understand roleplaying ten different characters may be hard, but I figured they would be roleplayed as a "unit" instead of individuals. (Like how Justice League is mostly Batman/Superman and friends). That seems to be the best approach. Anyways Im going to test it out and would love to get involved in events and see if it goes over well. Maybe you're having an event and need some NPC guards. I can provide that and may still be able to take some small role in the RP event. Stuff like that. One thing from my basic understanding of Roleplay is that sometimes the more bodies the better the immersion feels! So, if for your events you ever need some extra bodies, please just give me a tell and I'll try to help you out. :) ************* Finally!!!!! Transmog contest. I love transmog and have some already in-mind for my characters when they get to 110 (eventually). So next Saturday 3/25/2017 at 8:00pm server time, I would like to hold a transmog contest in old Shatt. (Figured this would be a good place to allow for both sides to compete). PRIZES: 1st: Store mount ($25) 2/3rd: Store pet ($10) (Open to suggestions for prizes as well). Hopefully this transmog contest will be sort of an olive branch.(And something I do in the future if it goes over well) I'm hoping I can call this server home and have some civility along with it. But I understand and have seen the problems that this server has faced when it comes to my playstyle. I dont intend to partake in PVP, unless it's for an RP event of some sorts. So please don't be nervous about that. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in game. :)Asherizara13 5d
5d [H]<Money In the Bank> 10/10H recruiting <Money in the Bank>, est. 2007, is a medium sized semihardcore raiding guild, with a growing interest in PvP. We strive to maintain a progression raiding atmosphere while keeping a casual schedule. We are currently looking for certain roles and classes for both PvE and PvP content going forward in our battle against the Legion. We are also open to larger groups of players, IE smaller guilds, looking for a new place to call home as to move into Mythic Raid content. We currently field two raid teams looking to grow in size as progression moves forward into (M)Nighthold and further: Bravo Team, 7/7H, 3/3H, 9/10H runs Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6PM-9PM ST. Can run long sometimes. Looking for ranged DPS. Healers also welcome. Delta Team, 7/7H, 3/3H, 10/10H runs Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:30PM-2:30AM ST. Also runs long on occasion. Looking for DPS and Healers. As for PvE content outside of raiding, if you're looking for people to have solid Mythic+ groups ranging from +1 to +18, casual groups within the guild normally form outside of raid times and days, so if you're online between 4PM and 4AM server, having reliable teammates for higher levels won't be an issue. As for PvP, we are accepting all PvPers looking to be competing in RBG groups rated 1750+, as well as arena players. If you're interested in more info and to see better how you could fit with us and we could with you, please visit www.mitbgaming.com, and always feel free to contact someone in the guild online if you'd like. Please add one of the names below if you are interested, if one of us isn't on feel free to add the other. (Bravo)GuruFTP#1604 (Bravo)Nepthyss#1453 (Delta)Noxx#1634Vanstin17 5d
5d The Seventy Third needs YOU! ((Heavy RP/PVP)) <As you check your mail, you notice a recruitment pamphlet. Someone has taken interest in your skills!> NOTICE! ALLIANCE MILITARY CALL TO ARMS! THE SEVENTY THIRD NEEDS YOU! The 73rd and the Alliance Military are issuing a Call to Arms to all able bodied members of the Alliance seeking Companionship, Comradarie, Soldiery, or simply to aid the Alliance and her People. In these perilous times, with threats of the Horde on our very DOORSTEP, the defense of our Great Alliance is now, more than ever, in need of citizens to make the transformation from citizen to soldier, and are willing to take arms and fight the Alliance's enemies! The 73rd is a Land-Air-Water based elite Corps. of Soldiers, with soldiers holding positions in nearly everything: From Snipers, Pilots, Spec-Ops, Infantry, Naval Operations, to the Medical Corps, Chaplaincy, and more! The clarion call has been given. Your peers, your countrymen, children, and indeed, the Alliance as a whole are all counting on you. Will it be YOU who takes up the call? Will it be YOU who will aid the Alliance and her Military in a time of great need? The Legacy of the Alliance will always be borne by the soldiers who carry it forth. Speak to a 73rd Soldier TODAY and BE that Legacy! 73rd Company/7th Legion Central Leadership Roster: Commanding Officer/Company Commander: Captain Branngas Stouthammer Executive Officer/Company XO: 1st Lieutenant Demitassie Rayneclaw ----------------------------------------- 1st Platoon (Combat Arms) Platoon Commander: 2nd Lieutenant Gielnorian Dawnseeker Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Lasaedius Valoris Example Military Occupations: Foot Infantry, Cavalry, Magi Infantry, ----------------------------------------- 2nd Platoon (Support Operations) Platoon Commander 2nd Lieutenant Gidgett Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Ino'lis Example Military Occupations: Combat Engineer, Medic, Chaplaincy, Military Guardsman ----------------------------------------- 3rd Platoon (Special Operations) Platoon Commander: 2nd Lieutenant Serilan Furymane Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Tinksy Mekkagon Example Military Occupations: Special Forces, Military Intelligence, Scouting & Reconnaissance ----------------------------------------- Training NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer): <VACANT> ----------------------------------------- "The Seventy Third Company: Reforging the Alliance, one soldier at a time." --Captain Branngas Stouthammer 73rd Company, 7th Legion Commanding Officer Grand Alliance Military ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ OOC Information: The Seventy Third has been in existence for a little over 7 years--originally coming from the Twisting Nether RP PvP Server. We have a strong focus in Military Role-Play, as well as our highly active PvP membership base (we frequently get together for PvP, even when it is not set as an event!) The 73rd hosts two events a week: 1 RP event, and one PvP event--these events are posted on our calender and in our MOTD. PvP and PvE are not required, however, RP is generally encouraged and you are required to be an RPer in order to join. Even if you're just picking up RP for the first time, don't b afraid--we help our members with their story and RP skills to help them get the most out of their character, WoW experience, and story. There are many RP opportunities when you enlist, be it at: Guild Events, Casually (such as at the Pig and Whistle), or simply in Guild Chat. Participation is also encouraged, even if it is something as simple as talking to people in our Out of Character channel. The Seventy Third has no race limitations, or level limitations. Our most important goal as a Guild is to enjoy the time we spend together, regardless of what level you may be. We understand many people do not have the time to come to some events, and will not penalize people for not showing to events, like one may be forced to do at work. The Seventy Third plays the game to have fun and enjoy one another's company: Not force people to do things they do not want to do by stipulating they have to show to a PvP event, "or else". However, showing to Events will help with promotions and the gaining of rank, including PvP events. Expect to be asked to attend a PvP event or RP event if you're around! Speak to any 73rd member, even myself, if you have any questions. I can be contacted in the game on "Branngas" by mail or by whispers in WoW. Demitassie, the 2nd in command and 1st Lieutenant of the 73rd can also be contacted--but feel free to contact any member of the 73rd to get started on recruitment, and they'll point you to a Sergeant First Class or 2nd Lieutenant if myself or Demitassie is not available. Thank you, hope to see you soon! Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_2OhRq7f_4 --Captain BranngasBranngas399 5d
5d [A] <Sworn Enemy> PVP WPVP PVE RP ? Charfang sat motionless , momentarily mesmerized by the wisp of smoke without any obvious origin swirling about in front of his face. Sinister anomaly ? Horde witchcraft ? Just a wayward innocent byproduct of the goings on down below ? A slight panic set in...."perhaps I should cancel this meeting" he thought... it was too late....the sound of stairs creaking under the weight of someone in a full set of armor crept in and pushed those silly notions out of his head. He regained his composure just as the silhouette of a large man dressed for war filled the doorway.... Charfang motioned for the man to come in. He did so and quickly took a seat at the table ,opposite from his host. "I've heard nothing about you " Charfang joked nervously....."and that is exactly what we are looking for. We need people like you. People that cannot be traced....aren't afraid to leave friends and family behind for a cause.....aren't afraid to risk getting a little blood on their hands....literally and figuratively.... While our Alliance brethren are downstairs getting smashed, the Horde are taking over flight paths, hubs and towns. The few of us that are still "awake" need to mobilize and do whatever it takes to slow them down. We don't need an army. In fact, I think we can work better in small groups. We may not be able to outnumber them, but we can outsmart them. They are dumb, clumsy and easily tricked and fooled. I asked you to meet me here after seeing your tactics in Azsuna that day. You fought like a man who had lost everything and yet still had something to lose . I don't need to know your story. Your actions were loud and clear. The plan is to find more like us...men and women who even after being cut deeply by the Horde have learned to control our emotions in battle. There has to be more like us out there and with your help we can find them and wage war against our sworn enemy. What say you ? You don't talk much do you ......" (( Sworn Enemy is a small new guild formed by a group of friends who have played together since Vanilla. We want to try and operate within the "acceptable practices" set forth on an RP-PVP server. I won't even pretend to be an RP'er, yet I want Sworn Enemy to be respectful of the community and server as best we can and still have fun killing Horde. Don't have a backstory ? That's ok, we don't need to know who you are and who you lost to the Horde. Our controlled hatred of the Horde is what binds us. We want more players that would like to go out and make the world safer for fellow Alliance. PVP: We are considering small and large scale attacks. We want to be somewhat disciplined and use some discretion. Notice I said some. We will try and be selective in our targeting however there will be some collateral damage and at times lowbies may be sacrificed for the greater good. Ultimately, we will employ whatever tactics we deem necessary to slow down the Horde. PVE and RP Nothing is off the table . For now we are running some Mythic Keystone dungeons to get our guys and gals some gear. RP could be possible within the guild but not a requirement. We want players who : Like to kill Horde. Act mature in game ( for the most part) Respect RP We will not accept : RP griefing QQ-ing on forums about getting killed. Talking about politics in Trade. People using Horde alts to attack guildies. Emote spamming,t-bagging We use Discord . For the Alliance ! ))Charfang5 5d
5d Transmog rate thread Just your basic transmog thread 1-10 gogoNekomamushi49 5d
5d Acheiving Hard Things [H] Guild Recruiting Hi everyone, I'll keep this short and to the point. I've played WoW on and off for 6 years now, I came back to experience end game raiding and finding a team of people who want to take PvE and RBG's progression seriously but also have fun while doing it, discuss strategies etc.. We are a very "goal oriented" guild, trying to improve ourselves and achievements further every week. We have low member counts right now but I'm actively recruiting and helping new members. Message me in game - Vahram if you're interested. Vahram <The Kraklings>Vahram0 5d
6d [A] <And My Axe> (PvE) <And My Axe> is an Alliance PvE guild currently working through Heroic Nighthold content. We are presently seeking seasoned raiders of every role for our raiding team. Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday nights, 9pm - midnight server time. We are very active other nights (and most daytime hours) in Mythic+ dungeons together or pugging older content. Our discord is active, obscene, passive-aggressively teasing.... and (almost) always fun. :) Most of us consider the rest of the guild to be friends. Things that matter to us: * Skillful, intelligent play * A desire to progress with friends * Mature attitude about learning and beating content * Getting along with persons not oneself * Pleasant sense of humor, witty without meanness Special consideration given to those who: * Are more like Merry than Thorin * Enjoy or tolerate those who enjoy inhaling something skunky * Enjoy saying or tolerating those who say many short words that begin with "c" 0.o For further information, please contact Chengiskhan, Proletariat, or Burnthesky.Lollidoll2 6d
6d [RP] Returning ((I'm coming back finally after seven-ish months of not being able to play, so here's sort of an intro to The Return of Eldatha, mwahahah <3 )) Eldatha’s nervousness grew as she rode Mirren across the Grizzly Hills-Howling Fjord border. She was getting closer to Westguard Keep where her company was stationed, although she knew that most of them wouldn’t be there at the moment. Still, it was intimidating go back after all that had happened. When she had left, it had been because all of her problems had come to a head. Her PTSD, the brutal death of her father, and the channeling of her rage into drinking and fighting—everything had culminated in a sort of meltdown, and she had realized that she would never get better staying where she was. So she had arranged for leave from the 73rd, left Lasaedius—dear Lasaedius, who she was afraid she’d harmed more than helped during their short relationship—and had gone up to Icecrown. As a much younger paladin years ago, it was the place where her anger had really grown, where she had let it out for the first time and indulged in it, fostered it, and allowed it to become what it was. It was the place where the darkness that was inside of her had truly matured and become the awful demon that kept her locked into her grief and rage. She needed to go back there if she wanted any hope of fixing herself. In Icecrown, she had, at first, resigned herself to her failure—as a paladin, as a wife, as everything. Her drinking had reached its peak and she was that person in the taverns: the crazed, drunk veteran with the temper and the bags under the eyes. But then one of the captains stationed there had found her and helped her. By locking her up. Now, as Eldatha rode through the thick woods of Howling Fjord, she smiled to herself. She had been in that cell for a month, and despite her rantings and ravings the Captain came every day, prayed with her, and seemed unaffected by her mindset and the way she spoke to him. Finally, after the alcohol withdrawals had faded and she was back to normal, the Captain had sent her off to Northshire. She had spent the last five months either in counseling with the priests at Northshire Abbey, or training young paladins who wished to defend their people and who had not yet been ruined by war and loss. And now, she felt like a completely different person than the one who had ridden off to Icecrown seven months before. For the first time since before her father had been killed by Arthas’s men in the massacre on Stratholme, she felt a quiet, inner peace that kept her grounded. But how would her old company react to her return? She shifted her weight in the saddle, taking in a deep, calming breath. And Lasaedius. Eldatha knew that they could not be together again—too many things had happened and she was too changed, and at the same time she knew she needed time by herself. It could never be the same, but she hoped that they could at least be friends, if he could forgive her. And as for everyone else…she did not know how she would find her place among them again, or even if they would still welcome her as one of their own. It had been so long…and so much had happened. Finally she rode through the gates at the Keep and went to the stables, dismounting and stretching her weary body. She took another deep breath, removed her helm and shook out her hair. Bracing herself, she walked towards the inn. There was only one way to find out.Eldatha0 6d
6d [RP Event Calendar] Swimsuit Edition [~Introduction~] Heyo, my name's Tinksy, but you don't care about that. This is where you will be able to find out when RP events/contests will be happening this month, all in one concise forum thread. If you are hosting an event, or know of one coming up, please post it here in this topic, along with the date and time (or even a link to its personal thread) and I'll add them to the list! Credit to Liniadel for the initial idea. Unfortunately, I believe she moved to a different server and is no longer maintaining the old thread, so I've decided to assume the mantle. Thank you!Tinksy173 6d
6d [A] <Coast to Coast> 5/10M R Sham and All DPS At <Coast to Coast> we have 3 successful raid teams who have been active since WoD. Both teams are currently recruiting all classes but tanks. The way our teams work is it is a ladder system. Depending on your skill level you will be put into a group from there the better you become the higher raid team you can personally progress to. This gives raiders a chance to raid in content they can handle with the ability to move up harder difficulties when they are ready. Team 1 Recruit high priority recruitment needs: -Resto Shammy -Another aoe healer -All DPS *All players of every class will have a chance to prove themselves spots are open Team 2 High priority needs: -[b]DPS -[b]H Pal Come join us for Heroic Nighthold Farm for a tryout! If you class is not listed that's ok! We tryout all skilled players! If interested please apply on our website, post below or pm an officer in game. Our website is http://coast2coast.enjin.com Main/Second Team Raid times (all other teams raid times on website): Tuesday: 8-12 server Thursday: 8-12 server Sunday: 8-12 server In C2C we are a relaxed group of players. The goal we had when building this guild was to find players who just wanted to kill mythic bosses in a fun relaxed environment. Throughout HFC and EN we started to find players with this similar goal. We never thought we would be server first due to the fact we never took raiding super hardcore by removing/benching people consistently. In C2C we have two mythic teams and two heroic teams. After every tier the first team takes the 20 best players in the guild and the second team takes the next best 20 and we go on from there. If you have any more questions please let me know!Marshmallon92 6d
6d [H] Scarredmaw Tribe [All-Tauren RP-PVP] A manifesto appears on Call Boards across major Horde outposts almost overnight. The letter, hand-stamped into what appears to be kodohide leather, reads: ...The missive ends with a stamped sigil: a great totem, carved in the shape of a tauren's head, with three scars across its snout. For better or worse, it would appear the Scarredmaw have returned. WHO WE ARE: <The Scarredmaw Tribe> was a tauren-centric RP-PvP guild, originally founded by Yorrem in the last stretch of Cataclysm. The guild gained a fair amount of traction midway through Mists of Pandaria, eventually growing into the largest tauren-centric guild of the expansion. Real-life events drew many of us away from the guild for a very long time (officers included), and so the original guild was usurped and lost. The tribe reformed in the Legion pre-patch as <Scarredmaw Tribe>, and after a cycle of real life once again kicking us all down, we're stepping back to the plate with our own flavour of spicy, 100% all-beef tauren RP! WHAT WE DO: /moo. In all seriousness: we roleplay, we do world PvP, and we'll be doing Mythic+ content (maybe even... raids...). One distinct thing we hope to do in this (third?) iteration of Scarredmaw is to continue to improve on what I feel was our strongest point in Mists of Pandaria: aggressive, honourable tauren RP-PVP. That doesn't mean there will be any lack of Rites, rituals, peaceful gatherings, or infamous Scarredmaw peace pipe parties. It just means we'll be striving to always act in accordance to our end goals of protecting & preserving everything tauren. The original Scarredmaw Tribe made much of its name as guardians of Kalimdor: the Stonehoof Warpath & our constant (and incredibly fun) war with Sentinels of the Blade were evidence of this goal. Today's Scarredmaw Tribe are still guardians- not just of Kalimdor, but of tauren and tauren interests across Azeroth. Whether it's pushing back Alliance insurgents in the Barrens or cleaving through drogbar traitors in Highmountain, Scarredmaw will endeavour to have its agents serving tauren interests across this world (and beyond).Matohe21 6d
6d [A] <Three Sheets to The Wind> LFM Dropped out early to spend more time in the auction house? Made a poor decision when you were younger and now you find yourself struggling to keep up with your friends? Your girlfriend running rated BGs with 9 other guys while you are getting the gank in Redridge? Just realize that it’s no coincidence that your girlfriend happens to giggle after every time you get one-shotted? Are you a frequent target of the I-just-logged-on-2-seconds-ago /w epic link? [Mom]: Hey son! Check it out biotch!! [Flayers of the Epic Gloves] Wooootttt!111 [Son]: Nice mom. Real nice. [Mom]: :O U still in greens?? My bad. [Mom]: Clean up your room loser. PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE WITH 3SW! A rewarding career in 3SW just around the corner! Our 187 years of combined WoW experience are standing by ready to bring you up from the depths of your once great ED standing! We have classes and programs in almost every highly sought after ability in today’s WoW! Exciting, rewarding programs such as; Owned Flag Planting - PvP Owned Flag Planting - PvE Summoning Stone World Domination Understanding The Perfect “That’s what she said” Moment Complex Behavioral Horde Analysis Effective Coding of Your /sit Spam Macro Psychoanalyzing The PuG in Today’s WoW Effective And Believable Excuses The Art of Pretending to be AFK That Lowbie is Farming Nodes – How Long Do I Camp? Alcohol, Vent, and You Grandma Knows When To Kick AND MANY MORE! Like…. Understanding The Canadian In Your Group Stabbie – Statistical Analysis of The Chances That He Is Really “Doing” One of Your Relatives Stabbie – History of Medical Advice Modern Forum Literature Fraps’ing And The Global Economy Advanced Numerology With Key Binding Face To Face With /spit OMG Bees! Mech Said What? An Emotional Discourse Everyone Rolled Need – Coping With Loss AFK BBIAB – What’s A Bit? It’s Not You, You’re On Mute It Is You, You’re Not On Mute AND THAT’S NOT ALL!! Static, Silence, Weird Buzzing Sound – Exploring Your Vent Settings World History - It Was Only Funny The First time kan I Has Sum Guld? The Raid Started at Seven Server. What Time Is It Now And Where Are You? AH’ing, DE’ing, & Farm’ing – Financial Planning For Retirement You’re Having A Baby! Advanced Coding Techniques Blizzard Uses To Screw Just You STFU – Fight Explanations And You 17 Inappropriate Words That Rhyme With Gamel Opps! M/T – Religion And You Three Sheets To The Wind is a close knit group featuring small class sizes and two unsettlingly erotic Worgens. 3SW has been on Emerald Dream as long as you can remember and we have proof. We pride ourselves on being relaxed, laughing in the face of certain doom and trying anyway, helping each other out, instantaneous forming of alt protection squads, killing horde until we are positive someone is crying, and minor sexual innuendos. Above all, we stick together through thick and thin. 3SW members are members for life*. Arenas, BGs, heroics, 10-mans, PvP, PvE….it’s all done right here at 3SW! We are hoping to fill in the spots to field 10-man PvE & 10-man rated BGs at almost any time we wish but stay the same old 3SW. <Our target 10-man class times will be 2 nights a week (Sun-Thu) approx. from 8:00 to 11:00 server. Once our classes fill up we will determine the best course of action.> We are currently accepting applications for all our Spring programs and beyond. You MUST be able to properly fill out the 3SW application, have completed your primary education, pass the Mech test, and have a more than slightly twisted sense of humor. We expect you to gloss over this forum post and forget everything if: - Within the last 12 months mom made you get off the computer. - You have concerns about 3SW’s course load conflicting with Justin Bieber’s media tour this Summer. - You find basic human anatomy terms cause milk to come out of your nose when you spam them in /trade chat. - You cry when you see rainbows. (Women excluded.) - You still have 1-2 left to serve for your conviction. (Women excluded.) - You are done with lurnin because you know everything. - You are unable to practice standard morals and ethics on a daily basis. - You just rushed to google ‘morals and ethics’ and were disappointed to learn it is not a new edgy cartoon that spams basic human anatomy terms on your TV. This could turn into something beautiful if: - You have less than 1-2 left to serve for your conviction. - You dated at least one of your teachers and nobody ever found out. - Your priorities are something along the lines of: help guildie > kill horde > resuscitate grandma > flee bee swarm - You live in the continental US or Canada. - Are drama free. At 3SW you will earn degrees in PvE and PvP. Why wait? Your mom has a 2150 rating. Shouldn’t you? Visit us at: http://3swguild.com/ in the application forum TODAY! * Unless you quit. Then you are not a member. Stabbie47 6d
Mar 17 Summary of RP OOC Disclaimer: ((So, I have been gone for six months or more and I'm planning on coming back soon. This summary is more for me and my RP than anything else, and I plan to expand on it later. Writing this whole RP in great detail would be a short story in and of itself and I just don't have the energy for that right now. This brief summary covers my character, Duncan Lightheart's past six months and why he's going to show up with a Radiant Weapon. **Which is a purely head cannon thing of an Ashbringer/Light's Wrath type of weapon. Not trying to be OP, I just think they are badass.** Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this anyway, even though it is a bit dry.)) It was after the Ebon Blade’s unexpected attack on Light’s Hope Chapel. Most of the senior knights had gone to Netherlight temple to protect the priest’s order against an attack by the Burning Legion. Duncan had fought bravely against the Death Knights of the Ebon Blade, but their numbers were too great and eventually they overwhelmed the Silver Hand. But the Light itself intervened and stopped their insidious plan of resurrecting Tirion into undeath. Back at his home in Old Town, Duncan looked at his blade. It had been shattered by a Death Knight’s Rune Blade. The half-elf frowned at the shards. The great claymore had been given to him for exemplary service as a knight during the third war and he earned it several times over in the years to come. But there was hope yet for an even greater weapon. During the fighting, after Duncan’s blade had been broken, he channeled the full force of the Light against his adversary. It shattered the Death Knight’s blade and forced her to retreat. In those corrupted shards was a crystal filled with evil as dense as a black hole. As powerful in the Light as Duncan was, he wasn’t able to touch it at all. But he was able to magically seal the stone in a box and he took it with him. The rumors of the Ashbringer had long been discussed by scholars of the Light. Where had that original stone come from? Even more disturbing was the rumor floating around that the Scarlet Crusade managed to find a similar object. Was this stone Duncan now had a similar artifact of evil? Could it be purified and used as a catalyst for a Radiant Blade? The Paladin had no idea but with the Legion invading and his own supposed allies attacking, Duncan wasn’t sure who to trust. All he knew is that for the moment, he wanted to keep this dark stone a secret. For weeks he toiled over studying the stone. Like the rumors had suggested, he attempted to purify the stone with the Light. Nothing happened, however, and he figured that this stone either was not the right kind, or he simply wasn’t enough. But could he go to anyone else? Could he trust anyone at the moment? He thought he could trust Arthas, but it was his own prince who laid waste to both his homes. He thought he could trust his fellow Paladins, but they turned against him in their quest for vengeance and formed the Scarlet Crusade. And more recently, he thought he could trust the Ebon Blade, but they turned against the Silver Hand also out of fear and desperation. No, this was a task he must complete himself. The Legion had to be stopped, but their agents were everywhere, sowing fear and doubt. If word of this reached the Legion, Duncan’s plan to create a Radiant Blade would fail. With no other ideas, Duncan finally decided to pray over the stone day and night for fourteen days. In that time he did not eat. He did not drink. He did not sleep. All his attention and focus was purely on the stone as he channeled the Light into it non-stop. No matter how tired he felt or how exhausted, he carried on. A weapon like this could turn the tide of the battle. Finally, at the end of the fourteenth day, he looked up from his prayer and saw the once evil stone gleaming pure Light. He remembered feeling a sense of jubilation right before he fell into a coma. A friend of his and comrade in the 73rd Company, Aydamaris, was growing increasingly worried at Duncan’s disappearance. She went to look for him in his home and found him lying there, mostly dead. She ignored the stone and took Duncan to a healer. For six months, Duncan lay in a coma. Ayda visited him often and tried to talk to him but the noble knight could not be reached. Then one day, he awoke from his seemingly endless sleep. Ayda was at his side at the time and when she saw him wake, she threw her arms around him tightly.Clärk2 Mar 17
Mar 17 Permanent Rp hubs Heya there! I was wondering if there would be anyway we could create a permanent rp hub like we are doing in the campaign. I know we have SMC and Blue recluse. What do you guys think of making cathedrial district a nice little hub as well, we could promote guilds and have guild banners up. ( I know WRA and MG do this) it is nice for new comers from those RP servers to come see our rp. For Horde maybe Orgimmar where the Pandaria portal is in the district? I would love to see it happen in IF instead of SW for alliance if anyone has a preference.Jarthillon72 Mar 17
Mar 17 <Blackrock Clan> Heavy Rp-PvP (2017) "Gone are the days of glory, when orcs drank blood from the skull of their enemy. You have forsaken the Old Horde... I knew this day would come; but my clan will not submit, we will reach up Stormwind's skirt and take her ourself! We will summon deamons of old and spill their blood over cup! So bow down to your new Warchief Sylvanas, bend over and forget you are orc! The Dark Horde will never die, Azeroth is ours! " Warlord Ripgut <Blackrock Clan> www.blackrockclan.co Heavy RpPvP All Orc (War Themed / Chaotic Evil) Blackrock Clan is currently recruiting. We are a group of friends who love Rp and World PvP. Long time loyal fans of Warcraft that love the nostalgia of an old era. We offer a deep experience rich in lore in the life of a Blackrock Orc. We offer a website that our writers fill up with plenty of RP and we look forward to new faces. We are a member of the Rebuilt Dark Horde. Warchief Ripgut leads the united armies of: Blackrock Clan (All Orc) Skullreaver Clan (Orc, Troll, Goblin) Defilers of Arathor (Undead - Multi Race) The Dark Horde (Multi Race) Weekly Events Include: MEETING AT THE KEEP We reside in Stonewatch Keep of the Redridge Mountains. New member initiations, promotions, new reports, and plans of strikes on nearby Alliance cities. Weekly missions assigned to different Ranks. BLACKROCK BURLESQUE The working girls provide a night of entertainment for the clan. The Filthy Animal provides the location for gambling, drinking and dancers, come all guilds of the realm to a Blackrock hosted party and spend a night unwinding after a long week of war... TALES OF BLACKROCK Tales of a proud Orc history. Not all honorable Orcs were Blackrock come sit and listen to the tale of great and heroic lore only at the Tales of Blackrock... SONS OF BLACKROCK Weekly ride of Blackrock Bikers. Fire up your hog and bring your own Ale. Alliance scum are gonna be slaughtered on a path of terror as we crash bars from coast to coast killing and drinking and ridin'... Other events included on a less regular basis include Rituals at the Altar of Storms, Strikes and wpvp raids on Lakeshire and other Alliance cities, and makeshift RP at Stonewatch Keep. If you have further interest in joning Blackrock Clan visit our website then contact Co-GMs Ripgut and Jillah or a Raider (officer) to setup an In Character Interview. Bonekraka, Goretogg, Doggroth, Gromroxxar, Toothgrinn, Omargg, or Asho... Blood and Thunder Blackrock Bastards. May we serve mayhem and murder to all who oppose the glory of old. Long live the Dark Horde!Ripgut90 Mar 17
Mar 17 [H][Rp] Redwood Tribe <Recruitment> ((Edit: Updated for August 2016)) T'shehalo friends. I am Chieftain Tanahrok Redwood of the Redwood Tribe. There are those who know of me. I am here to see out others from the stonetalon region. all of the old tribes have become scattered and we wish to reuinite. My brother and I once lived with the Firetotem tribe of northern stonetalon. after the constant attacks from centaurs and undead from the 3rd war forced the tribe to scatter and flee their home. years later we are seeking to reclaim the land. Though I myself do not encourage combat between horde and alliance. We are currently at war with pink skins who are threatening to take over our lands. (( What we do. Here in the Tribe we focus on tauren based RP and RP events. That we do on Emerald Dream server but also expand to other realms that are semi connected to us. Having such rp allows us to make relations with other RP based guilds on this server and focus on community and individual story telling. Community as we stated before is part of our overall function as tauren culture is focused on community so are we. but not just us. it is the rest of the server as well. as mutual respect is given to those in the RP community and often do we look out for others who are looking to get involved with RP. PvP- With a growing active group PvP is going to happen on a server such as this so active training as well as grouped pvp is encouraged to our members, and not just with us but with friends in other guilds as well so you will always have a partner to kick some butt with. Even with the alliance (death to you all), it is important to show respect to those on the other side. There is nothing wrong with being competitive just as long as you keep it in the battlefield. were all here to have fun. PvE - Still working out days for this. but they will be posted. Legion will be our first time organizing some active times for raiding. so we will update this later. Ranks: While this is not military like other groups. We have ranks to show ones status while traveling through their life. from youth to adulthood and into elder. These ranks are attained by completing rites of passages which there are 3. Each rites quest are done catering to an individuals needs to better them with in the tribe. RP purpose of this series of quests is a passage into adulthood and to know where one sits in the tribe. while this varies from tribes in what is required. we focus on 3 rites of passage. Youngling- Just joining the tribe it is a basic rank to everyone. people who want to try out the guild will do so in this rank. it does not offer much but company and conversation. it allows a person to get used to how things are run. Initiate- You are a youngling who is not quite an adult. though much of your actions are a bit restricted its because they need to be. Not allowed to wear the tabard yet. this rank is achieved after doing an rp meeting with an elder to chieftain of the tribe. Tribesman- After passing the first passage into adulthood you are now a basic adult in the tribe. benefits are given but now you begin to have more say within the tribe as adults we take your voices and concerns more seriously. Allowed to wear Tabard at events Warrior/Mystic - Proving ones self again through the rights of passage. You find yourself elevated over the regular tribesman. Proving you are capable of not only taking care of yourself but others within the tribe or on the bluff. You are valued for all that you give. Can wear tabard regularly, and has access to Elite tabard for events. Elder- A great status indeed. reaching a pinnacle of your life you reach elder. either elder through combat or elder through age. you carry alot of weight with the younglings and it is an important position to teach the young ones all that you have learned. Can use Elite Tabard anytime and can run younglings and tribesmen through their rites of passage. often able to know of notes made by the council and can bring up ideas for events. (Limit: 14) Oshkibi- This is given to those who wish to watch or are ambassadors from other groups or regions. This is great for Non Tauren characters who would like to be more involved in the tauren community as a whole. (limit:10) Champion- Temporary title given to those who prove themselves in the staging grounds of tribal competitions. be it from the great hunt, Brawling Arena, or other events. This tends to last a week before you return to your previous title. But TONS of benefits would be had because of it. (limit: 1)Tanahrok77 Mar 17
Mar 17 [A] <Rebel Alliance> 2-night/week recruiting! *******Now Recruiting for Heroic Gul'dan******* We group of experienced raiders and friends that have decided to start our own guild after years of progression raiding; we are trying to enjoy the game and raid on a semi-causal level. Although we have fun, we are serious and dedicated raiders that want to get things done. Our officers and main raiders have mythic and heroic experience, and we are hoping to get through as much content as we can, while still having fun. Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7H Trials of Valor: 2/3H Nighthold: 9/10H Raid Days & Times Wed 9-12 CST Thur 9-12 CST Sunday (optional fun day) 9-12 CST Current Needs: All DPS Everyone is welcome to join! https://goo.gl/forms/FqdKEP23lGef79Hj2 Contact information: GM- Bonekitty - Gypsysavage#1220 Raid Leader- Deky - Deki#11290 Feel free to add us anytime! We're awesome!Deky15 Mar 17
Mar 17 Beltway 8 Toll: I hate you Houston.Saelindine11 Mar 17
Mar 17 North East Snow Storm To those enduring this brutal snow storm in the north east, best of wishes from CNY. Driving to and from work is like traveling through a warzone, with abandoned cars and tractor trailers all over the place, yet they are nearly a part of the landscape as the snow drifts overtake the smaller vehicles.Tolvashoc29 Mar 17
Mar 17 From The Tales of Biblebro, Vol IV High health provides certainty, however low health provides possibility.Biblebro5 Mar 17