Emerald Dream

May 13 Crashin' Thrashin' Fashion Cogspark's eyes set on the drone, a scoff can be heard from the gnome as he walks up to the little thing. As if sentient the machine turns its head to the gnome and chimes in a high tone in a greetings of sort. The only thing Cogspark can think of how much he's going to regret taking the time to do this and why he is even bothering with it. He swore off engineering awhile ago and has no reason to come back to it, but here he is in front of a last reminder from a parted Spellguard. Without hesitation Cogspark begins to search for a off mechanism or button. After a few moments he is able to shut the drone down, it gives off a sad low beep as it goes to sleep. With Arcanite spanner in hand, Cog begins to go to work. He starts with the limbs and leaves the torso on a table. Every part he came across was a sort of foreign design, a horrid abomination of gnomish, golem and Mimiron's head knows what. He does his best to replace each part of the limbs, not much could be improved only replaced with newer parts. After he managed to replace the arms and legs he moved onto the chest. Within the compact little box mostly it was packed with a distress beacon, limited ammunition and possibly a battery reserve. With a small crazed gleam in his eye, this what Cogspark was hoping for. Not known to most, ever since he was a little gnome Cogspark LOVED the Crashin' Thrashin' brand. With no delay he began to organize the mess of wires in the little torso, re-aligning the wires and moving components fighting with the very machine to make room in the tiny chest. Within seconds hundreds of ideas came to him but he knew that it would be best to design the drone to fight just like its original owner. A tribute some would call it, he began with the Shredder controller. He managed to figure out the module for the "Servo-Jump" and lodged it onto the bottom of the torso section for less wiring to the feet. His next modification was the "Racer Rocket Slam", a original favorite but maybe for the best to leave the exploding part out of it. As neat it would be to have the drone crash into enemies and blow up, its a royal pain to clean up. "Now its time for the big boys." Cogspark muttered to himself as he began to shuffle through a box. A new branch of toys came out in recent years, The "Iron Armada" Set. With these he could give the drone a minor lethal state to it. He goes for the favorite of the bunch, "Flamer". With little effort the gnome dismantles the Flamer toy and begins to implement the "Flame vents" module to the inner front of the drone to connect easily to the arm- wait.... After a mental face palm, Cogspark goes back and begins to adjust the drone's arms. Back from setting tubes and wires as well as "vents" for the flames, he finishes wiring the module in place. After setting the torso, legs and arms together, it was time for the head. He wasn't sure what to expect. Maybe a secret switch to tell the drone to kill all the Spellguard, or maybe a mini mana bomb to level half of Ambermill. With whatever care his four fingered hands can give, he manages to muddle around with the drones head. After establishing the new "features" into its rather simplistic programming, he notices a small memory storage, arcane inscribed to hold small holograms to playback said memories. 'Rather odd for a drone to keep such a thing' Cogspark thought. With not much thought the gnome begins to play the little device, it doesn't take much to realize what the memories are. Each seems to be a memory of the original robot's owners. The last being the one and only "Morgan Halt", it doesn't take long at that point for Cogspark to shut the device down and silently store the disc back into the drone's head. It takes rather quick time to rebuild the drone, within minutes the drone manages to boot back up. A small beep is heard from it as if it was to wake up from a nap. Without a word the gnome gives the machine a hug, within a second his imagination takes hold. As the drone beeps it gets replaced with a single word in a metallic tone "Meatbag.". With a small sniffle the gnome lets go and begins to walk off, leaving the drone to watch quietly watch and wait for its master to come back from treating his patients.Cogspark1 May 13
May 13 [Introduction/LFG] Maydlynn Swifthammer The toppled Windmill blew in the cool fall air of Northeron as a pale but beautiful old Dwarf women stepped over the remains of her house, the sounds of groaning could be heard somewhere beneath the rubble as someone tried to snake out of the decimated home. The women turned her head to the sound and with a snap of her fingers and the muttering of a spell, the groan turned to a final gasp and the ruined farmstead fell silent. In the distance the great Twilight Bastion's purple spire glowed in the evening sun as the Dwarf headed towards it. (( Maydlynn Swifthammer is a dark character who is totally related to Bhaelfury Swifthammer. I am currently seeking a home for her that does RP Events on any days but Sunday and Monday. Hours can vary but I prefer events to be over by 9pm EST. If you are interested in taking on a Twilight Cultist with Void Magic Knowledge and contacts within the cult, hit me up in the thread or on Battle.net at PaulaDeen#11981. If for some reason you are on another RP Server and interested in having me, I would be willing to transfer as well. ))Maydlynn2 May 13
May 13 @ Speedbarge *pokes the unconcious troll and orc with his foot* I found these two circling the inn. I saw the goblin running around tautning guards. (( it was fun, i got so sloppy at the end of it.)) Edit: ((wpvp*))Anisam5 May 13
May 13 Need help with a slow cooker So I wanna just toss in a !@#$ton of chicken breasts and rice into a slow cooker and just eat that for lunch and dinner every day because I'm lazy and dont give a %^-*. I'm out of the house for like 10 hours a day though. Can !@#$ like that stay in a slow cooker for that long? I've never had a slow cooker and I dont wanna ruin the %^-*in thing.Smokey12 May 13
May 13 Looking for a guild to get started in RP Hello ED! I am curently a bit bored with WoW, not raiding and the like, and I wish to explore new aspect of the game that I never explored before: RP and PvP. I hear that this server is the best for both of those things, so here I am! I tried to just start a character for the get go but it seem hard to find a place among existing guilds. I guess that forums would be a good way to find active, dedicated people that can help me get started. I wish to play a toon that would be more of a scholar with naga lore as his domain of expertise (probably a mage, maybe a warlock or a shaman), and I can play either Alliance or Horde (I would play human, dwarf or gnome as the former, and undead or goblin for the latter). As I would probably use this as a way to just waste time and deconnect from reality, I just wish to do RP event or casual RP, play some BG and WPvP and enjoy the slow grind of WoW leveling. Any guild that would be interested to have a low level welp with no WoW RP/WPvP experience in their rank, I would love to be a part of the community and explore these new aspect of the game (IT'S NEW TO ME!)Rustmane6 May 13
May 13 (RP- Awakening) ((this is my first attempt at writing about any of my toons.)) Shadows fall. The suns rise, winds whirl and Azeroth shifts. Its all the same to me. Truths spoken in abstracts and extremes. The endless void conveys voices of Old Gods that have fallen and lay hidden. Their time has passed I suppose. I've learned. Starlight sets the stage; dawn- the backdrop. The rising sun's shadow an echo of light on the ceiling on the edge of Lordaeron's sewers this early. The light, once a measure of respite against the dark now makes me cringe. Wiggling, the bony remains of my feet serve, projecting tendrils, echoing from what was... what should be the toes of a human. Hanging down, I am reminded. These arent mine. Well, they were mine, but now, they belong to another. Voluntary movements of an involuntary host. Perhaps the tendrils project me. Its all so confusing. A common cockroach, bravely climbing to the pinnacle of what once was my large toe, has a moment to bask in its ascent before being flicked down to its watery grave below. Y'shaarj calls. I am reminded. How I have become can not be described as an awakening, and I doubt the opposite would suffice. I linger. I dwell. Here at the edge of the sewer, surrounded by maggots, plague, and disease- my defiled mind embraces a clarity renewed. I long to serve. I no longer search for what I once held. I no longer love what once captivated. The dreams of mine will now become the nightmare of others.Larvae0 May 13
May 13 <Final Haven> is recruiting 2 raiders! Hey Emerald Dreamers, <Final Haven> is currently recruiting raiders! It looks like we got the tank spot filled! We will test out a mage this Tuesday, but the spot is still potentially open, so do whisper us if you're interested. We would prefer a boomkin, spriest, or mm/bm. Raid Schedule: Tue and Thu from 9PM-Midnight server time! We're 10/10H. Our current roster is 2/3/7. We use personal loot. More than half of us come from the hardest content progression. You'll find that this raid offers an ideal balance for players that wish to not make raid nights just a 2nd job. Yet, we strive to uphold each other to a desirable standard. We use Warcraftlogs to find improvements. Constructive criticism may happen, and player must be able to answer this with stride to succeed in the raid. Accountability is also another necessity if you want to raid with us. We understand real life takes priority over WoW, we just ask that you communicate that to us as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to send Dolrok or myself a message in wow or on discord -- Dolrok's discord tag is HeroProc#7681 and mine is Jaike#1412. Our website is finalhavenguild.com. For the Alliance!Jaike10 May 13
May 13 ED Active Forum Posters Hey y'all. Are the usuals still around or did the forum activity take a nosedive over the last several months? Also, while I'm posting, how are things going on ED? I've been kicking around the idea of resurrecting my alts here and was wondering how active each side is these days.Mitch42 May 13
May 12 (A) Looking for guild. Hey Alliance, I'm looking to join a social guild-trying to find a group of relaxed, more mature individuals to enjoy the game with. I'm more of a casual gamer, as I'm in the office 40 hours a week and get on some nights and most weekends. Raid/dungeon progression is something I'm interested in but not on the top of my list of concerns, given my limited time over the week. It would depend on the situation. Not sure if there's a group of casual players with professional careers who are in the same boat as myself-it seems like younger players sometimes have more free time during the day which I simply do not have. The forums may not be the best place to find a guild to join, but figured I'd check to see if anything sounded compatible.Xaterian9 May 12
May 12 Might try tank Thinking of rolling a tank alt but having trouble what class I want to play as. Anyone have any suggestions class/race combo.Marahas28 May 12
May 12 [RP] The Feast of the Insects(rip zend) ((zend and some friends attempted to mess with the resolve/watha power team down in STV while we were RPin, it didn't go well)) Gimianax looked at Harakis nervously "Here ya go bug, TAKE EVERYTIN" Gimianax emptied his pack of food and left it on the ground for the ravenous silithid. "Careful dere bug, don't be eatin to much else ya get sick!" Arn watched with amusement as Harakis devoured the food. "Don't worry Gimianax she aint to mean!" A shadow passed over the small camp on Yojamba Isle. Arn and the gathering of gorwatha trolls looked up to the sky spying a pair of alliance raiders descending down onto them. Taz'jin thinking swiftly, grabbed a dagger and hurled it at the first warrior, catching him in the shoulder. The alliance warrior crashed to the ground writhing in agony. He was half on his feet before Gimianax's axe met his face. The second alliance warrior was actually a female priest who was swiftly assailed by the rest of the group, she was brought down as well but unknown to them was barely alive. The group looked down at the knocked out priest and noticed something odd on her robes, the sigil of a black eagle on a red field. "Da hell, dis be da same sigil dat dose Warsong crazy cultists wear, dey 'ave alliance assasins too. Of course I wondah why dey come here" "LOOK TO DE SKY!" Taz'jin frantically waved his daggers about as more alliance soldiers flooded the skies. "Dis be stupid, lets be gettin outa here!" "Good idea Gimianax!" Arn and the rest of Gorwatha (along with a Calvin Blightbane!) mounted up and flew south to Booty Bay with the crazed cultists in pursuit. "Surely dey won't be attackin us dere, Gimi? I wanna hear Sul's story about de dead gods!" "Taz, I not be sure, dey be pretty deteremined" Gimianax sighed "I just wanna tell ma story" Sul grunted, he wasn't very pleased. Arn grinned wickedly "Nah I tink dey be dere fa me, I pissed off some o de crazy cultists before. Dey want me, dey gonna have ta try hardah dan dat. Besides I got de watha alon' wit a pissed off bug an' Blightbane wit me." The small party of landed in Booty Bay where they met a few more troops of their respective guilds. They sat up on the docks while Sul continued his story about the fallen gods with Taz'jin wonderin where dead gods go in bwonsamdi's realm. For the most part they were left alone but every now and then an alliance soldier would try to kill Umcha(maybe because she is missin an arm?) only to perish to guards. At one point a female priest wearin the cultist sigil tried to mind control Blightbane, but his willpower overpowered hers allowing him to shake off the weak spell, but before he could retaliate the guards apprehended her. "Dey be pretty dumb!" Taz'jin exclaimed "I haven't seen a larger group of imbeciles since the last gathering of the blood congress" Blightbane muttered. "Incomin!" Taz'jin leap up grabbing his daggers as the alliance attacked again. Gimianax grabbed an axe barely parrying one strike from an alliance assassin as another human lept at Sul. Sul brought his staff up and bonked the human on the head knocking him out. A night elf deathknight charged Rasek who was immediately brought down by an arrow from Arn. The night elf rolled to his side only to see a raging silithid scything her claws into his chest. A paladin attempted to heal the dying elf only to get met by a bullet from Roddrek, a new guy in town who was aiming to make a name for himself one alliance at a time. The same female priest who had tried to mind control Blightbane(the guards let her go) lept into the water trying to escape the vengeful group however he was not swift enough! She was slammed in the leg by an arrow, hacked in the chest by Gimi's axe, then knocked down by an enraged Sul. "YA INTERRUPTED MY STORY!" He bonked her on the head with his staff stunning her. Arn looked down at the fallen priest, gathered saliva in his mouth and spit at her. Roddrek followed suit then Harakis finished off the priest with her claws. Harakis put her claws to work, rend and tearing the flesh, splaying blood in every which direction. After chopping and tearing the corpse to pieces she picked each piece up with her claws and devoured them whole. "Atleast de bug ain't hungry no more!" "Ya I know right Arn, damn ting ate all de food in my pack, cept de bits Sul stole!" "Maybe de bug share wit ya next time eh Gimi?"Arn48 May 12
May 12 LoreCraft Challenge Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you something our guild chapter, Mog Nation [H], is getting ready to start! See below for the details. If you'd like to participate with us during this 18-week event let us know and we will get you in the guild. For more information on Mog Nation visit our guild post here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753916784#post-4 EDIT: Here is a list of officers including my alt that can get you in the guild! - Uhglok - Dorturo - Jawpa - Heyzeuz - Martzlock - Chenge - ScubahSteve - Loremaven Overview Start a character from Level 1 and take it to max level the old fashion way. Our goal with this challenge is to simply play WoW and enjoy the amazing story Blizzard wrote for us, the players. Exploration, reading quest text, researching the lore and finding the road less travelled is what this all about. Since these are not our main characters, we can take our time and soak it all in. The Rules: 1. Let's get the RP requirement out of the way: Your character must have a lore-centric backstory. That's the worst of it. We don't expect you to talk like a troll. 2. Absolutely no heirloom gear can be used. 3. No character boosts may be used (rested experience is fine) 4. You may not mail gear, potions, materials, etc. from your other toons to your Lorecraft toon. 5. All skills and professions will be leveled up manually. 6. You may trade items amongst other Lorecraft participants. For example, gear trading after dungeon runs or finding a piece in your travels that may work for a friend's spec. 7. Lorecraft characters may craft items and gear for other participants. 8. Due to the difficulty in making money at low levels, you can start your toon with 5,000 gold maximum sent from another character. More: Characters can advance solo or as a group. Participants should download and install the AddOn Total RP3 to add your backstory. After the first week (where we reach Level 10), participants shouldn't advance more than 5 levels in a week. This will keep the group together in the same level range. If you've maxed out your levels for the week, but you still want to play your Lorecraft toon, you can grind rep, gather, fish or craft all you want. To halt your experience gains visit simply visit Orgrimmar and talk to the NPC "Slahtz" <Experience Eliminator>. He is located in the 3rd floor of the Hall of the Brave, in the Valley of Honor (74.3,44.3). Pay the 10G fee and your experience will be frozen until you undo it for the same fee. Dungeons should always be run with other Lorecraft participants. Respecs and character deletions are totally up to you. If you hate your character and want to restart and catch up, regardless of level, no problem. AddOns are open game. No restrictions here. After each week, if you're inclined, write about your character's travels in the Lorecraft forums. This is totally voluntary, but could be really cool. Groups: Depending on the response we get, we may establish groups for leveling/dungeons/PvP. If you want to pre-arrange your groups, go for it. Just let us know who is in your groups. Just make sure to keep in mind your group make-up of classes to ensure your success in dungeons! This is on the honor system. Nobody is going to check up on you. But we will verbally ruin you if you cheat. Even if you play a Goblin  Just have fun with it! Leveling Schedule WEEK 1 (5/15): Level 1-10 WEEK 2 (5/22): Level 10-15 WEEK 3 (5/29): Level 15-20 WEEK 4 (6/5): Level 20-25 WEEK 5 (6/12): Level 25-30 WEEK 6 (6/19): Level 30-35 WEEK 7 (6/26): Level 35-45 WEEK 8 (7/3): Level 45-50 WEEK 9 (7/10): Level 55-60 WEEK 10 (7/17): Level 60-65 WEEK 11 (7/24): Level 65-70 WEEK 12 (7/31): Level 70-75 WEEK 13 (8/7): Level 75-80 WEEK 14 (8/14): Level 80-85 WEEK 15 (8/21): Level 85-90 WEEK 16 (8/28): Level 95-100 WEEK 17 (9/4): Level 100-105 WEEK 18 (9/11): Level 105-110 Event ideas: Achievement Nights: We pick an achievement (or several) and complete it together. PvP Nights Dungeon Nights Heirloom Day: Wear your heirlooms for a day! Scavenger Hunts: First person to find, loot and link an item in guild chat wins. Prizes: Best Character Backstory Best Dungeon Save of the Week PvP Medal of Honor (Most kills, Highest healing, clutch flag cap, etc.) Auction House Entrepreneur Possible prizes for completing the challenge (taking the character to max level)Uhglok28 May 12
May 12 Sometimes i wonder Why i go on twitter. https://twitter.com/TwitterMoments/status/862329897636831232 I lose faith in humanity everytime i log in.Marahas16 May 12
May 12 Dinkel-status! Hey folks! So I promise I've been working on the next comic, but recently I just started a new job!! (Yay!) So alot of time has been spent working on learning the new programs I use. (If you were curious, I'm learning a new CAM based program, well new to me..) Back to topic, the latest comic should be out either Saturday or Sunday..So stay tuned for the latest issue of the Dinkelburg Chronicles: The Need for a Hero!Dinkelburg7 May 12
May 12 Alliance are clearly the victors. Bounties500 May 12
May 12 ED Altoholics: What are you playing? I know there are more of you out there. Have you become a one character player or are you still drawn to the stories of all classes and races? Entering Legion with 14 or 15 max level characters was interesting, and made the choice of class to focus on all the more difficult. I've been playing a little shaman, leveling my warlock, spending time with two monks and a demon hunter and the last 30% of my time I divide between the other 20 characters. I'm absolutely without focus, other than the leveling of the warlock, and that will probably skip to the next one on the list. This expansion and it's focus of artifact improvement is really a main-only expansion. It has cut me off at the knees for my lack of dialing in a main. Leveling professions is a huge chore too. I like the content overall, and I'm seeing more RP sprout up in unexpected spots. What are the rest of you doing? Zigra, it's blurry out thereZigra74 May 12
May 11 New to the Server. Yo! people of Emerald Dreams! I've been gone away from WoW for 4 YEARS! Now I'm back and in search for a Server to call home for myself AND for my Bae/healbot lol jk jk!. Even though it's been awhile I am still a decent tank, (even though my main is a rogue, i am good at tanking as a Pally and War.) and my friend a awesome healer, (on pretty much every healing class I can think of). We love to pvp, pve, and were both new to RP and willing to learn. So tell me folks, how is this server as a community, new rp friendly? Horde side in particular. And any guilds recruiting? Thank you for reading!Tikua64 May 11
May 11 [A]Race Condition - 7/7M 2/3M 3/10M Website: http://www.race-condition.org Server: Emerald Dream-US (Alliance) Focus: Mythic Raiding Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday, 10:30pm - 2:30am EST Status: Recruitment for Mythic Nighthold Progression Recruitment: Exceptional players of all classes and roles Race Condition is a competitive, progression-based raiding guild located on Emeraild Dream-US Alliance. As a guild we emphasize strong teamwork, camaraderie, and shared purpose to ensure continued excellence while maintaining a two-day raid schedule spanning Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30pm EST to 2:30am EST. Our membership have participated in a variety of games spanning the breadth of the MMO genre and beyond. World of Warcraft, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, Star Wars: The Old Republic, RIFT, and Wildstar are just a few examples. Throughout our time in each, we have continually demonstrated excellence in various server first kills and high-end analysis of end-game mechanics. After a short break from Warcraft, Race Condition has returned with the express intent of perfecting our understanding of the highest tiers of PvE content available. Our Expectations Personal Excellence - There is no such thing as, "Good Enough." Our members play hard, but they work even harder. Logging, sims, and theorycrafting sites are our bread and butter. They should be yours too. When those don't cut it, our raiders are always prepared with flasks, potions, and other consumables on hand. Social Involvement - Being a part of Race Condition isn’t just showing up for raid nights. We consistently run dungeons, do world quests, and play other games together. Fostering a sense of team takes time, and that starts with being willing to make friends. Guild Contribution - Our members step up: They understand that not everyone will figure out or complete something on their own. Form a group for a mythic keystone dungeon, help find issues in someone's logs, or contribute to the efforts of our profession masters. Positive Attitude - If you’re someone who needs to put others down to feel better about themselves, only interested in personal progression, or can’t maintain a positive attitude in raid, Race Condition isn’t the place for you. Raiding is a team activity, and you should feel that to your very core. What We Offer We Value Your Time: Because we all have lives and careers outside of raiding, the use of time is critical to us. We don't have long to work, often only two nights a week. To keep that effective, our members are always ready to start pulling right at raid start. Gamer First: Gamers can have a really poor attitude. Sexist, highly-polarized comments can be made far too often. We guarantee you will be respected and treated like what you are - a damn good player - regardless of skin tone, religious belief, gender, or sexual orientation. Those things don't matter here. Memes.. Oh the Memes: We are a guild of adults, for adults. On a typical raid night between pulls, expect a group that doesn't take themselves too seriously. If you can enjoy Cards Against Humanity, dumb dad jokes, and silly double entendre, you'll fit in just fine. Does This Sound Like You? Great, check out our website, http://www.race-condition.org. We are always looking for exceptional players, regardless of class. Please feel free to apply, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our GM at the battletag below. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you! Riizu#1378Siizu19 May 11
May 11 LF the Owner of the name, "Savoy" For the past two expansions I've been randomly trying to make a character with this name. It doesn't show up on the WoW armory so I presume it's a level 1 character. And due to Blizzard's updated rules I'm assuming the account in question has been active since MoP at the very latest. So in the very minuscule chance that one of you fine visitors of this esteemed forums knows the person in question or are the person in question who has the name reserved, please know or pass on that I'm willing to pay a hefty sum of gold in exchange for this name. I'm also willing to pay with one of my world-renowned drawings that's totally not awful in any way, shape or form. In case any of you recommend me to open a ticket, Blizzard customer service no longer cares to respond to name requests. When I asked for the name of one of the account's potentially active higher level characters in order for me to contact them about the name, they turned me down. It may be due to privacy concerns which is understandable, but still a bummer nonetheless since they may never ever log on their level 1 character to see my mail. Tl;dr: Wtb name Savoy, contact me @ Courser#1193Courser3 May 11
May 11 Confession: I secretly wish I was a Goblin Too bad the Goblin models are total !@#$. I know Worgen models are %^-* too but at least I have the option to turn into something that doesn't look like !@#$ when I'm not in combat. Goblins are stuck in their %^-*ty models permanently. I would switch to Goblin immediately if they'd update the model.Smokey14 May 11
May 11 Can we have WPVP back :( *lays on floor imagining the pit of nothingness known as the current state of WoW* SighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAskari127 May 11
May 11 [A] <Force of Will> Recruiting! <Force of WiIl> Emerald Dream is looking for active raiders to fill out our roster for weekly Heroic NH runs. Currently seeking healers, preferably druid, priest, shammies. Ilvl req: 890+. Also looking for solid rdps. We run high m+ over the course of the week, and some of our members enjoy pvp. We raid Sundays and Mondays 7:30 Server time. If you're looking to raid with a stable roster of fun people who communicate on Discord and generally are looking for a fun raiding atmosphere that gets things done, <Force of Will> would love to have you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.Nithraeus4 May 11
May 11 (A) Division VII is LFM - PvE/PvP/RP Hello everyone! Division VII is currently recruiting. We are looking for active, social players to round out spots in our PvE/PvP teams. We accept all level 110s and will help you to get gear, if you are not as geared as you would like to be! We do require a minimum item level for our PvE raids but have members doing mythics daily which is a great place to get gear without doing raids. What you can expect from us: Premade Battleground Groups/Prestige Farming. PvE raids with skilled, dedicated and veteran WoW players. 10/10 N NH. Active gaming community of multiple games. Longevity. Almost 6 years since Division VII was born. Active Discord with 10-20 people on daily who would love to get to know you. WPvP - Ganksquads, Stealth Ops, City Defense and more! Events on the calender including fun events as well as upcoming RP events. What we expect from you: - Discord installed, it is the voice communication that we use when we are in a group and important for us to be able to communicate with each other. - We don't have an application for the guild. However, we do ask that once you join the guild you attend a new members meeting. This is how new people get to know some people of D7 and learn about the guild. - Be active and be ready to fight the Horde. We understand if you can't play everyday but we are looking for people who are interested in playing with other people in the guild rather than by themselves. If you are looking for a new home, if your guild isn't active, if you are looking for a place to make new friends or want to give Emerald Dream a try, look no further. If you have any questions feel free to whisper an officer from Division VII or whisper me if you would like! We look forward to meeting you, Champion of the Alliance. We are also interested in other guilds who are looking to set up events together, RP - RP/WPvP - hangout events.Kotya9 May 11
May 10 Trouble coming up with a Warlock name... Horde, sorry alliance haha...I'm having trouble coming up with a appropriate name. I'm not sure how in depth I'll be with the RP but I don't want a silly name. Any suggestions?Viruse4 May 10
May 10 LF RP Guild with PvE Presence Hey all! I'm in search of an RP Guild that does PvE content, particularly raiding, on week nights. I'm a casual player that's still quite new to but enjoys RP, and likes partaking in PvP as well even if the result is a hard loss haha. I'm just looking for a laid back, at least semi-mature social environment to hang out with some folks, hopefully down some bosses, and roleplay a bit. Thanks!Felreaper12 May 10
May 10 (H) <Money in the Bank> 10/10H 1/10M Website: http://www.mitbgaming.com/ <Money in the Bank> Established in 2007 with close friends with the goal to clear end game content while it is current. This goal was consistently reached throughout the guilds history, downing the likes of Kael'Thas, Illidan, Yogg-Saron, The Lich King and all the rest! Moving into Legion the guild created two raid teams, Bravo and Delta (due to work schedules). We are currently actively recruiting for our Bravo raid team, and are choosing select individuals to join our Delta raid times. We have a good attitude and friendship among the guild members and healthy competition in the raid setting to try and out heal, or out dps one another. Our groups are very active and we always have players online running mythic + dungeons for those beloved weekly caches that drop loot nobody needs! Currently recruiting with special interest in: Mage Shadow Priest Holy Priest (with dps offspec) Warlock Ele Shaman Resto Shaman (With dps offspec) Balance Druid Hunter Raid Times: Bravo (10/10H 1/10M) - Tuesday/Thursday 6:00PM CST - 9:00PM CST Delta (10/10H 1/10M) - Tuesday/Wednesday 11:30PM CST - 2:30AM CST Money in the Bank has stood the test of time and kept many of it's core players throughout its conception. If you are looking for a long standing guild that will keep running until WoW shuts down, you will find a comfortable home here with us. So come and put some Money in the Bank! We are also interested in any potential guild mergers to bolster numbers and raid performance. If your guild is looking to get into end content raiding and shares a similar atmosphere as ours, we can discuss the possibilities of forming together. Please add one of the names below if you are interested, if one of us isn't on feel free to add the other. (Bravo)GuruFTP#1604 (Bravo)Nepthyss#1453 (Delta)Noxx#1634Drsicknasty17 May 10
May 10 [RP] The Ghost in my Lungs Old town was quiet, save for the soft hum of people talking inside a tavern. A blindfolded night elf walked up the door, pushing it open. The Illidari walked up to the bar with an awkward gait, fitting for a man who didn’t belong. The tavernkeep looked up from the glass he was polishing, his eyes widening just a hair at the night elf lumbering towards him. Daifan’s glaives hung from his shoulders, braced by a tattered strip of leather across his chest. His belt was falling apart, a set of various blades clinging desperately to the ragged hide. His skin was scarred, and the soft incandescence of his tattoos glowed beneath his robe. “I uh, I’d like the garlic steak with potatoes.” The tavernkeep raised an eyebrow, “That’s um, that’s expensive.” “I have gold, I-” The demon hunter began. “Okay, okay, take it easy, one garlic steak.” “No, I’m not- I didn’t mean-” he sighed, and handed over a small pouch of gold. The night elf found a seat in the corner of the tavern, set his glaives against the table, and waited patiently for his food. A barmaid soon arrived with a plate of Elwynn steak, braised and topped with a mushroom sauce and oven-roasted potatoes. Daifan couldn’t recognize the smells. “Here you go!” the barmaid squeaked, placing the plate in front of him and heading back to the kitchen as if she’d rather be anywhere else. Daifan picked up the knife and fork and began eating. Slowly, trying to savor the meal. The illidari rations had no taste, or he didn’t. He couldn’t help a soft smile of relief as the food did not, in fact, turn to soot in his mouth. It was delicious. And yet, he found it difficult to enjoy. The tavern had become quiet and still, no less than forty eyes fixed to his back. He finished the meal, grabbed his glaives, and walked outside for some air. He stepped out into a deserted Old Town, save for one man leaning against the wall of the tavern. His long hair was tied back into a messy ponytail, with an eyepatch over his right eye. Daifan eyed the pistol holstered on the man’s belt, bracing himself for any kind of movement. The man peered at him, a lit cigarette burning away between his fingers. The one-eyed man moved with unexpected swiftness, a flicker of a motion, and Daifan moved his own hand to his glaive. “Easy, champ,” the man spoke, his hand inches from Daifan’s face, holding another cigarette. “Helps good food go down. It’s cheap tobacco, but it gets the job done.” He offered Daifan a smile. Daifan moved his hand down from his weapon, in no small way disturbed that, had it been the gun, he’d be dead already, and took the cigarette. He looked at it for almost half a minute, before looking back up, “Thank you, I-” The man was gone, and Old Town was deserted once again. Daifan walked down the street and into an alley, sitting on the cobblestones and leaning against the wall. He conjured a small spark of felfire between his finger and thumb and put the cigarette between his lips, lighting it and taking a long drag. Do you miss it, mortal? She was back. “Miss what,” Daifan muttered under his breath. Being weak. Being a slave to your vices. Gorging yourself on sweetmeats while a thousand miles away your cities burn. “I guess I do.” This is why the Legion will save you from yourselves. Even when given my absolute power, you refuse to accept it wholly. You would rather live and die in the streets than be a god. “I accepted your power.” You call upon it when you need it, as if I am some relic to be switched on and off at your whim. “You are at my whim.” And how fortuitous for you. I, on the other hand, am at the beck and call of a man sitting in the gutter. And you call yourself Illidari. Daifan took another drag of the cigarette, letting the smoke pour from his nostrils and mouth as he sighed. “Don’t you ever get tired of having this conversation?” You are blind. I will make you see, one way or another. “Great.” Ungrateful rat. You’d be dead a thousand-thousand times. You were weak. What, pray tell, would you do without my power? Daifan flashed a fanged grin. “I can’t wait to find out.” Daifan took a final drag. He exhaled, the calming sensations washing over him. He made a mental note to thank the man if he ever saw him again, and stubbed the cigarette out on the pavement. You know, those things will kill you. Old Town was quiet, save for the soft hum of people talking inside a tavern, and the cackling of a demon hunter in an alley, laughing alone.Tzero7 May 10
May 10 Highest Mountain on Azeroth? With some exploring and lore reading, I know the highest on each continent. Eastern Kingdoms - Ironforge Summit, Dun Morough Kalimdor - Hyjal Peak, Mount Hyjal Northrend - Temple of Storms, Storm Peaks Pandaria - Mount Neverest, Kun-Lai Summit Broken Isles - Highmountain Summit, Highmountain The question is, which is the highest?Jordrend5 May 10
May 9 Nine Tenths of the Law [RP] Jareth Daysworn could feel their eyes upon his warband. It was a perfect day in Quel'thalas. His Farstriders trod silently along a winding brook as the sun shone gently through the branches of majestic ash onto the forest floor. Arcanists had woven a tapestry of magic over this vale for hundreds of years, granting it an eternal springtime. Perhaps it was the silence of the fauna that set his mind to caution. The enemy erupted from the trees with great fury and numbers. Scores of the Amani tribe were upon them. Garbed in tribal battle gear, elven finger bones rattled from the ends of spears. Blood was splattered across the troll's reed armor. These monster's had just left an attack in their wake. We were at war. Jareth raised his bow, blocking a vicious overhand swing from a lean, painted headhunter. His bow was ruined, but his lithe blades leapt from their sheaths, scoring a shallow cut on the troll's thigh. Blood ran out over the stylized bone design. The Amani were never known for their subtlety. An elf lay unmoving on the bank; a spear lodged between his shoulders. The rangers were quickly losing ground to a superior force. Amid the din of battle, a shrill and feral screeching erupted along with a slow, deliberate pounding and the sound of splintered wood. Something big was coming. The unnatural thing crashed through the tree line; it's enormous bulk felling timber. It's massive body was a nightmare of fur, scales and feathers, topped with a leering skull rictus, it reached down and grabbed a nearby combatant, gobbling it down without apparent regard that it was Amani. The loa had joined the Siege of Quel'thalas. Gods walked Azeroth again.Hatesworn2 May 9
May 9 Eyeing server... I hail from WrA, and I've had an exploration itch to alt on other servers. While originally having an undead warrior here during the early days of the server back in 2005... I am curious on what has changed since then and what I should expect. So.. What should I expect?Domína19 May 9
May 9 [RP] A Hermit's Descent 1. ‘A Hermit’s Gamble’ - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752671293 2. ‘A Hermit’s Good Will’ - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754505524 A water droplet quietly dripped to the floor, echoing in the silent air. Darkness, pure pitch black darkness, swarmed on all sides, the soft howl of a distant wind was the only noise that could be heard besides the footfalls of four feet, walking on the hardend stone surface. As quickly as the darkness overtake the area, the soft flick of a match could be heard as it lit a small fire on the ground. Eteska and Bhaelfury sat, pulling out supplies and preparing camp, deep inside the Caverns below Highmountain. “So you say that the Twilight have been down here, aye?” Bhaelfury asked the Tauren as she pulled out a fruit from her pack. “Yes, I have seen some strange Humans come and go, I think I even saw a Dwarf once or twice, quite odd, especially when you consider that the Drogbar are supposed to be down here,” Eteska takes a bite from the fruit in her hand as she leans back on one hand. Bhaelfury looked around the cave, now brightend by the fire in between the two. Above him was a mass of bridges and Drogbar homes. Strangely not a single noise could be heard or a single Drogbar could be seen above. The wind was still the loudest thing the two heard in the cave, “Perhaps resting here for the night isn’t such a wise idea Eteska,” Eteska swallowed some of the fruit in her hand and looked to Bhael, “Whats wrong… scared?” she grinned and started to cluck like a chicken. Bhael’s face grew quite red. “Now listen here lady, I told ye I would help ye clear out what were down here, I didn’t say I would sleep down here, a bit too dark and dank for that I think,” Bhael shuddered as a chill blew in from the outside. “Perhaps you are right Bhael,” Eteska stood and kicked the fire out as she picked up her pack, “Lets keep moving then, I am sure its not much farther to the back of this place.” - - - As the two marched forward, deeper into the cave the assumed night dragged on. The cave seemed to be never ending and kept going deeper. The two set up numerous points to repel deeper and deeper but everytime they never reached an end. The only thing that changed was the noise. Gusts of wind became silence. Bhaelfury held a torch in his hand as the two walked forward, finally a dead end. “Is that it then? Nothing is here, its just a wall,” Bhaelfury cursed and kicked the wall. “Now little one, its possible its a trap door of some kind, maybe a hidden room is beyond?” Eteska felt around the room for some kind of button or lever. As she placed her hand on a wall a soft click sounded throughout the cave as the floor below the two gave out, sending them rushing down a waterfall that shot them around and deeper into the cave. As the two reached the bottom they noticed a bright fire and many tents around the cave before them. Shadowy figures worked tirelessy digging further into the cave and the unmistakable sounds of whispers began to flood Bhaelfury’s ears. “This is it lass!” Bhaelfury pulled a heavy mace from his waist, “Thats gotta be the camp,” Bhael flicked at his right ear, “ I can hear ‘em talkin’ again. This really is them!” Eteska pulled a staff from her back and pulled out a heavy breastplate from her pack, taking time to armor up her lightly dressed form, “Lets go then Bhael,” The two walked further into the cave and as they approached the tents a horn sounded from beyond. The whispers stopped. The digging stopped. Silence. With a gust of wind Bhaelfury’s torch went out and in the distance a single person could be heard walking towards them. “A Dwarf and his girlfriend I assume?” a soft spoken women tried to sarcastically speak as best she could, “To what do we have the displeasure of speaking with you about,” the sounds of a weapon being slowly drawn from a hilt could be heard somewhere in the distance, although Bhaelfury couldn’t tell where from. “Ye have been terrorizin’ Highmountain long enough lass. Me friend Eteska and I are ‘ere to stop ye.” Bhaelfury clutched his mace tight as the sounds of many more weapons became quite clear in his ear. “You want to fight then? Over this….. mountain?” the women laughed as her eyes began to glow an intense amber. “You have no idea who you are dealing with children,” the women clapped and a torch lit near her face. Bhaelfury dropped his weapon and collapsed backwards, “It cannae be!” Bhael stood back up and wondered closer to the Dwarf in front of him, “Mom?”Bhaelfury2 May 9
May 9 does horde outnumber on here ? I have alliance on ED.. I feel like all i run into are horde... ):Jikul6 May 9
May 9 EXP raider LF raiding guild to join been playing on and off since Vanilla ive raided top 100 us once at 2nd half of MOP top 1000 most other expacs , did skip Cata and WoD tho. last time i played was when Trial was released, Played Paladin named Feoro on Emerald Dream horde ina friends guild Guild fell apart i didnt want to come back and play a tank nor did i want to play ret so i rerolled a DH. hit 110 on this character on late friday night so i still have catching up to do Not looking for a Hardcore guild or even top 1000, just a guild who can clear heroic and dabble into Mythics for fun. I am willing to send in applications and such just drop some spam and ill check it out.Ildaran5 May 9
May 9 Winter is coming. <The Wildlings II> are coming.Szn3 May 9
May 9 [RP] Opposing forces The Dalaran sewers, a place most people avoided found one curious Human walking its dripping tunnels. His long robes indicated that he was a Mage and with an orb of floating water following him close behind would signal that he specializes in the art of Aquamency, but what was a studious water wizard doing in a place like this? As he strolled along, he would soon find himself in a large open area with water run off from the streets above flowing though the room. The Aquamencer bent down, took out a flask and with a wave of his hand, pulled the water though the air into the glass. After filling the glass the man would take out a small radiating arcane crystal and drop it in, slowly but surely the glow would fade. "Just as I thought, a dampening agent is being poured into the sewers, enough for it to potently damage the lay-lines" he said before tucking the sample away "If my theory is right, with enough of this affecting the waters below, Dalarans lay-energies could destabilize and the floating city could fall right out of the sky. I must bring my findings to the Kirin'tor" he thought before making his way back. "Lahil!" his name was shouted in a panic, he turned around to find his Pandaren friend Zhii running up to him "Zhii? What are you doing down-" Lahil was cut short as the huge Pandaren tackled him to the ground just in time for a fire ball coming up from behind to miss them both. After they both got to there feet, an Undead Mage with balls of fire dancing around his shoulders could be seen in the clearing. Lahil noticed the Pandarens fur had been slightly burnt and his healing mists were starting to fade from multiple attacks. Lahil handed Zhii his flask "Take this and go now, you are too weak to battle, I will handle him..." Zhii let out a whine and reluctantly made his way past him, using his staff to support his wounded body. Lahil turned his attention to the Undead Pyromencer who now seemed to be waiting for him. With out warning, the fire Mage flashed a stream of fire towards Lahil which was countered by a quick spell of ice armor. Lahil now being on the offensive casted a water bolt which found its mark, knocking the fire Mage backwards. Angered, the Undeads feet began to light up and quickly ran circles around Lahil firing off blasts of fire and smoke in his direction. Lahil was only able to counter so much before using his water form spell and blinking behind a crate, after which he reemerged and froze the Undeads feet in place on the ground before launching a torrent of water, ice and even snow at his direction. Appearing in front of Lahil in a flash, the Undead bursted a heat wave to temporarily blind him "Gaaah!" Lahil screamed stumbling around. The Pyromencer grined as he started to channel a massive fire ball to crash down over the Human in an attempt to incinerate him. Just as the spell was cast however Lahil encased himself in a block of ice that took most of the force from the massive pyro blast. Quickly melting the ice off him, Lahil used it as a wave to crash down over the Undead and trap him in a water ball. The fire Mage struggled for some time inside before using his fire form to boil all the water away falling back to the ground. The Undead got back up and would send forth a beam of fire, leaving Lahil to counter with a jet stream of water. The two were locked in magical combat as both streams collided in an attempt to push back the other for the killing blow. Things would not look good for Lahil as the fire beam seemed to over come and turn his water into steam filling the air above them. At the final moment before he would have been engulfed in fire Lahil used his free arm to take hold of the steam filling the room and send it forth at the apposing Mage in a flash, melting the Undeads flesh down to the bone in a blink of an eye, leaving only a skeleton. The magical battle was over and with a heavy sigh, Lahil would make his way out of the sewers to find Zhii and continue his mission.Lahil2 May 9
May 8 A case for Warcraft's death. I know I just posted a !@#$post thread but this has really been bugging me so I want to throw my words out. I, as much as anyone, loves and appreciates this game for what it is and for what it has been for so many of us. I know that sounds like a silly and melodramatic thing to say, but we've all built friendships and relationships on this internet video game that will probably last and impact our entire lives, yet Blizzard has been increasingly bloating and milking the thing we've all built these relationships on. All good things need to have ends, and World of Warcraft isn't an exception. Imagine if Lord of the Rings was a twelve book series and by book eleven Space Sauron opened a portal from Nega-Middle Earth and flooded in an army of Space Orcs and Aragorn (now 400 years old) had to lead the peoples of Middle Earth and the newly allied Cloud Elves in a laser beam battle to save the world for the sixth time. It would cheapen and water away anything that came before. I'm starting to feel that with Warcraft, more so than ever before. We've been at this %^-* for 13 !@#$ing years and the feature creep and the bloat is just washing over everything. No MMO has had even a glimmer of a chance because of this bloated behemoth shadowing over the entire MMO market, consuming everything in its path like the computer video game embodiment of gluttony. I just don't understand why people still want this old horse to continue to be wiped. Is it habit? Is it fear of something new? Are we actually still enjoying this? Do we want to quit in 10 years when there's finally not enough people to support server costs after everyone has drifted out because of the fatigue overwhelming the habit? I don't want this %^-*ing game to twitch away on life support as we all cling and continue to think, "One more expansion. That'll change everything. That'll breath in new life." WoW isn't going to get a second wind. It's going to continue to be drained of whatever life it has until all interest is lost and we'll all remember how tired we are of it instead of the fun we actually had with it. I know this same soap box message has been said about almost every expansion, but there's a reason Blizzard is no longer releasing quarterly sub numbers. I love you Warcraft, and I wish Blizzard loved you enough to let you go, soon. We all know which game is your main profit margin now. It isn't WoW. I want to see this !@#$ end with grace and dignity. For us to remember and for the video game development community to learn from what it achieved so something new can finally have a sliver of a chance at gaining ground. There's a reason Game of Thrones isn't having 10 more seasons. There's a reason you don't want to eat a dozen donuts every day for a week. There's a reason we vote for a new president every 4 or so years. I don't want to see it go the way of every other dead MMO that was bastardized and abused until the very end. I don't want us to remember it like that, and I'm so tired of this %^-*ing god damn game holding back whatever the next adventure could be. After 13 !@#$ing years there still isn't a company out there that dares to have ambition because of this %^-*ing boulder in the road dictating and blocking everything. You need to death if you're going to have life. I know it won't end any time soon, but I want it to. I want Warcraft to die, and I want the servers to go up in flames, because I love the game.Myis54 May 8
May 8 Battlehammer Report A fine CTA with 13 Hammers able to make it. We gathered our forces and headed to the bareback brawl in stormheim and after couple minutes with it just being us the Horde finally showed up and gave us something fun to swing at besides fellow Hammers. Followed up with three AV runs, two loses then a great Victory. First run 13 strong Hammers lead by our King Bruenor took all we wanted including one push from the north side of icewing all the way past balinda. Was an epic March as we pressed, almost without slowing at all, trusting our four strong healers. Great fight, but alas there were 27 mercenaries a long with us and they just weren't fighting with much conviction or strategy and every victory we won the mercs quickly seceded as we moved to the next battle objective. Ultimately ending in a lose though our troop more than held its own with many impressive battles where we were out numbered significantly and still pressed the Horde into our boot tread. Much of that if not all that was made possible by Our healers. Next battle was a boring blitz race and Horde ended up victorious in one of those 7 minute AVs. Final round our Mercenaries headed south and actually did a decent job in burning 3/4 towers and downing Galv. Meanwhile ten Hammers held the bridge defense for a good five/six minutes before even giving ground. Followed that with another three minutes of back and forth on the bridge before being pushed back. It was at this point our southern mercenaries were wiped and sent north. Bruenor made the strategic decision for us ten to bypass the Horde and go secure that one remaining tower. So we headed south and our rezing mercenaries took up base defense in about as fluid a transition you can imagine with no communication between us. Gotta give those soldiers their props too as they held the Horde for several minutes and only lost north tower control as we were finishing iceblood tower off. Left Horde with 27 soldiers remaining and we headed back north. Horde had secured both our base bunkers at this point and as we rode in our allies we're pinned down at the relief hut. So we went to work, ten Hammers charged down their raid from behind cutting them down one after the other. But, north tower went up in flames at this point killing nearly all our Mercs and left us with 25 to hordes 15 and south bunker was only 40 seconds from burning. A furious group of Hammers and Alliance went red eyed and swung with abandon, spells let loose with more power than they'd seen all engagement, and the Horde force fell. Twenty one of our original six hundred strong army was all that still drew breath but the Valley was ours. Long Live ClanBattlehammer!! BargrimBargrim3 May 8
May 8 Why Is Warsong Battalion Hated So Much? So, being a pretty active Roleplayer; a couple weeks ago I joined the RP channel and was looking for Walk-Up Roleplay. Well, skipping forward, I was told through Whispers that Warsong Battalion, my Guild was toxic due to zerging Stormwind and, "making the server lag out". I understand on why some people would think that's a very toxic way of matter, but hear me out. A couple days ago it came to my knowledge that the Alliance despite they can't push us out of anything, started pulling in this guy by the name of Melseph. A multiboxer that runs 20 Unholy Death Knights and 4 Restoration Shamans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb5g0ifoBqI ^ Here's a video to show what he does. As you can see through the video, he's made the server lag out worst than what I've ever seen through all the World PvP Events Warsong Battalion has ever hosted. (If you look around the sides toward the healers, you can see me there.) Also, another thing I want to add is that by what I've heard through Teamspeak from a past experience I want to say about a week or two ago is that the Alliance tried to make us phase into a completely different server to fight them rather than fighting on our own server. Like seriously, what is this. Now, my question to the RP community and Emerald Dream community in general is why are we hated so much among the community when the Alliance does stuff like this almost every time we try to go to do a World PvP Event toward Main Capitals, Wintergrasp, or Tol Borad? I could probably speak for everyone that RP's in Warsong Battalion that it's pretty discouraging and hard to try to make friends among the RP Community when I'm even in this Guild despite I like everyone in it. P.S. By my knowledge we didn't use a multiboxer at all. I might be wrong though, feel free to point out who multiboxes for us on the Horde because I honestly don't know of them; or they're not even in our Teamspeak or our GMs don't mention them at all.Numsgil281 May 8
May 8 <The Sobeit Union> RP/PVP/PVE <The Sobeit Union> RP/PVP/PVE We love bad puns! If you're interested in a smaller guild that is trying to work it's way up, this might be the guild for you. We accept everyone, and love everyone. We help each other as much as we can and provide what we can for the guild. If you're looking for a laid back guild this might be the one for you! Currently we only have 14 members but I know we can break that easy. Once we get things situated with population we can designate a raid lead, and a pvp lead, and they can both be in charge of events in those regards. I love watching things grow and this guild is my project, and my baby. If you're interested in joining please let me know! Future plans: Raids Dungeon groups RP groups Designating our own Guild Tavern Filling the bank Helping with professions Having Fun :)Dryadamus3 May 8
May 8 Tori Returns Friday Happy to report I'm out of Afghanistan after my fourth tour down range. I'll be back online Friday. See you all on the battlefield.Toriavon12 May 8
May 8 <The Farm> is recruiting All multi-glad/r1/tourny players join for insane world pvp and rated action. Edit: were probably changing the guild name Edit: we disbandedZìffy6 May 8
May 8 Is AnFash the ideology ED needs? It is basically like WPVP • everyone hates it • nobody really knows how it works • borderline nonexistentPlaguedrool18 May 8
May 8 Incoming!! Hey vawr tell me something cool about the American Revolutionary War! Then about ducksGinjow20 May 8
May 8 Botting Boomies in Isle of Thunder There are at least six Druids botting in Conqueror's Terrace on the Isle of Thunder as we speak. It would be nice if a GM could go check out the situation and get them banned. I reported them over a week ago, and they're still farming. If you want free HK's as Horde, you know what to do.Shiezko4 May 8
May 8 How is ED for Alliance? Thinking of doing a transfer because I have not been on any kind of pvp server in years. I don't want to join a server that is slanted drastically to one side(even if my side benefits) and I heard this server was somewhat balanced? But besides faction balance, is it generally a good experience as an Alliance or is it just corpse running? Another side issue is how is the economy there? Can I expect to find most things I'd need in the AH or trade? I am all for pvp, but I also want to be able to make progress while doing so. So I obviously expect it.Vaelada21 May 8
May 7 @Bloodsworn Command Thanks for coming through Astranaar, good fights! But seriously? What was wrong with the initial 9v10-12. Astranaar ain't Stormwind. Thanks though good times! No salt just FITE!Jimmira2 May 7
May 7 Clan Battlehammer's 6th Anniversary!!! ooc Hello ED! I started to write an origin story and ran out of time. It's short notice so I am going to declare a week long dwarven celebration for the guild. I will add the story and then events that we will plan over the coming week so stay tuned. (and here it starts... warning this will be a long read) Wow.... Let me say that again... WOW! I find it hard to believe that Clan Battlehammer still remains after 6 amazing years. My son was 2 when I started this guild and now finishing 3rd grade. I do think his love of minecraft and nerf guns overshadows his desire to play WoW and I'm not entirely sure I want to fully expose him to this game's addictive power. For those who would care to know, I thought I would go ahead and share my story with the community on how and why cbh came into existence. This is not our backstory, this is a record of the events leading up to its creation.... Ursin | 2005 I started a gaming store as a pet project and had 10 custom built gaming machines for rent, along with comic books, trading cards, and collectibles. WoW was still in vanilla, but Guild Wars arrived with the idea of not paying a monthly fee, so we I played GW with a friend for a couple months and lost interest. At that time I was intrigued by the dedication of WoW players meeting at the shop for scheduled 'raid' times, and they would pay and play for hours on end. One day they finally convinced me to play and my very first toon was a forsaken warlock on some server I can't recall. I liked the whole idea of summoning demons and using forbidden magic... but no thought of rp. Around that time my son was born and I left the game for a period of time to bask in the joys of fatherhood. After things settled into a normal groove again, I returned to WoW this time with my best friend (btw both fans of fantasy novels) and after watching the opening cinematic - dwarf hunters were the obvious choice. Leveling together was fun but I found myself dying more often than I like and I didn't like the fact that I couldn't heal myself (bad hunter right? lol), so I rolled pally and raced to catch up to my buddy around level 40. Venturing on my own one day I came across a dwarf warrior named MacDeath. I found myself healing for him and Reddwarf until we capped at 60 and then the end game content started with raiding. 40 man raids were tough and a huge time commitment, but good healers were hard find and they always had a spot for me. Loot was nearly impossible to get and not being apart of the guilds sponsoring the runs became such a drag that I went looking for something else after a few months. I think that same feeling was shared by MacDeath and as BC started, the game was new and fresh again and we joined a medium sized raiding guild and made an effort to progress through content. It's hard to argue with the deep satisfaction you get when you and your friends clear dungeons and raid together. However, the high level dungeons always required better gear and that ever increasing time commitment. Ursin was a low pop pvp server and when a few of us were not raiding we would pick fights until we were eventually overwhelmed. I remember this warlock in our guild named Tripsix who was practicaly unstoppable, especially with a pocket pally healer. Mind you pvp gear didn' exist at this time and we would take 6 v 2 and win. Though I might be a causuality near the end. lol Raiding with them went on for a couple more years and a expansion where pvp gear was instroduced and ret pallies had come into their own. I played a hybrid shockadin and could handle most classes. I didn't think too much of the pvp gear until a pally in the guild I could always beat, turned the tables and I struggled to get a win. Arena was new, but I didn't engage because I was a raider. As it turns out, raiding guilds are rife with drama, gear !@#$%s, egos, etc.... and just when you had a dungeon (Kara or Nax) on farm status then your geared players would leave for a high progression guild and those that were loyal had to retrain new recruits... 2 years of this cycle and I had had enough. WoW had lost it's magic and I was tired of the time commitment to stay geared and current. MacDeath had left a year earlier and started a guild on a RP-PVE server and I tracked him down. I rolled a night elf name drizzt lol and leveled to about 16 before I couldn't take the care bear environment. I wanted that thrill of danger and combat and knew a pvp server was a better fit. During my brief stint on that server I was greeted by walk up rp and shared channels to promote RP. The game felt new with a level of immersion I didn't expect. So.. I had one final idea I would try out or leave WoW for good.Brúenor61 May 7
May 7 [C-RP] A New Warchief Heya guys! In case you didn't see it, a new comic came out last night! Hope you guys enjoy!!! http://imgur.com/a/4F3SjDinkelburg20 May 7
May 7 Umbreon is my favorite Pokémon What's yours?Monty51 May 7