Emerald Dream

Jan 4 Horde Role Playing Guild? A goblin in his own little world is not much fun. I am looking to join other adventurers in this great land of adventure. I am looking for a guild that makes Role Play a priority. I would offer the guild a great service. Not only am I very amusing, but in my back pocket, tucked behind my Goblin Jumper Cables, I have a great Mage. (Well he is not great yet, but soon will be.) Me and him will be adventuring together. He is a Blood Elf, but do not let that offend you. Besides the fact that he is always speaking that Mumbo Jumbo magic stuff, he is actually very pleasant to talk with. (As long as you can keep him quite for most of your conversation!) So, if you are a group of Adventurers like us, and looking to fill your ranks, just send me an invite. Make sure to mention the mage, and I will join! The mage will join soon after. We currently only play on Sundays, but have alts we play at other times. Thanks again. QarkzogazzleQarkzogazzle5 Jan 4
Jan 4 Looking to get started in RP Looking for a guild that would be willing to let me (and possibly some other guild mates) tag along with their RP events. We are all fairly new to RP and would like to see how a true RP guild does it! We were thinking of maybe being mercenaries working solely for the horde. My character is Ouray Whisperwind Tauren Monk Has a happy disposition and reeaaaaly enjoys his drink. Always happy to see a fellow monk out in the wild. My Bnet is Taintedhalo#1140 I hope to hear from someone and look forward to the chance ^_^Taintedmists4 Jan 4
Jan 4 [H] <Fallen Titans> LF Healers for M EN Hey everyone, <Fallen Titans> [H] is a guild that developed from 4 different guilds merging together. We are currently 7/7 H EN, 2/3 H TOV, 1/7 M EN. We have a solid core group of players that play well and are dedicated to progressing. We run 10-12 mythic+ every week. We are currently seeking some more healers to help with our progression. We would like to get ilvl 875+ MW Monk Resto Druid Holy Paly Our raid times are Tues (optional) / Thurs (progression)/ Sunday (progression), 8pm (server time) - 10pm (server time) PST me with any questions Druid#1419Cuando3 Jan 4
Jan 4 All That I Am (Part 5 - Finale) Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for following this short series, chronicling the events taking place in my warlock’s life. This is the last part of the series. I hope to be back in game in the near future, where who knows what will happen next! If you liked this story, and are interested in more, follow me on Twitter at #AkianaStone. Links to previous stories are there as well. Here are the links to the previous parts of this series: Part 1: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747314820 Part 2: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749085145 Part 3: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749087986 Part 4: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749747764 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It was real,” the young woman on the bed whispered, drawing her bare knees to her chest while bowing her head. “It was a nightmare,” the old man replied, striking a match in order to light his pipe. “I saw him,” the woman continued to whisper, fighting back tears. “You wanted to see him,” the old man retorted nonchalantly as he puffed on his pipe. The woman shook her head defiantly. “He was alive, and I was his demonic guard dog! I had no other purpose than to ensure he was not threatened,” she sobbed. The old man let out a sigh, exhaling a faint plume of smoke. “Now listen, child,” he started, rising from the rocking chair in the corner in order to sit on the bed with the young woman. “He’s dead, and you are not that demon anymore… Your heart is beginning to discover what real love is and you’re afraid of the ‘what ifs’. What if he was still alive, what if you never defeated the demon. What if, what if…I may sound a bit unsympathetic when I say this, but he is a part of your past that you need to let go. There are more important things in the present to focus on.” With that the young woman glanced over at the crib on the far side of the room. The sleeping boy within was undisturbed by the voices that conversed nearby. “Remember,” the old man continued, drawing the woman’s attention once more, “dreams are only as powerful as you let them be… Now, do try to get some rest.” He gave the young woman’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze before retreating from the room. The woman sat in silence for a while before she climbed out of bed and went to the crib to check on her son. He was sprawled out on his stomach, breathing deeply, oblivious to his mother’s unrest. “They keep telling me they are just dreams, but after the last one…” she whispered, reaching down to tuck a strand of the boy’s black hair away from his face. The last dream she had had been of an attack on herself while out for a walk. She’d gone alone since her son was taking a nap, when a small pack of imps had found her. The demons were easily defeated but the entire incident played out as it had in a dream a few nights earlier. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hemingsmith agreed it was just a coincidence. Legion attacks were becoming more frequent everywhere, and that it was just a matter of time before they came to Ratchett. But the woman didn’t believe in coincidences, and as she looked at the dagger that rested on her nightstand she began to believe that her dreams were more than just nightmares. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Several months later~ The sun had reached the highest point in the sky over the Barrens as the warlock drew the Soulbound dagger from her boot and laid it to rest on a flat rock. The midday heat didn’t faze her as she slowly paced around the rock. Every attempt she had made to separate her soul from the dagger had failed. It was a complication that was beyond her power. Taking a seat on an adjacent rock, she considered her options carefully. There was more at stake now than just her own fate. The wind blew through her black hair and teased the hem of her dress as she looked up from the dagger to where her son was playing. She smiled to herself as she watched him. At the moment, a lazy little lizard had his attention, one that didn’t mind the occasional poke. Eventually, the lizard scurried away to a less than adequate hiding place and the toddler had no trouble hunting it down in order to resume the curious poking. No matter what the warlock did, she had to keep in mind that her decisions would affect him too. Rising to her feet, the warlock brushed some dirt from her dress and looked up towards the sky. A bird circled overhead and the warlock let out a dejected sigh. She collected the dagger in one hand and approached her son. He pointed at the lizard and look up at his mother. “Bug!” he pronounced excitedly.Akianastone3 Jan 4
Jan 4 RP-Guild vs Guild WPvP Presence on ED How is it? Is it as alive as it was during WoD?(serious question)... I've been somewhat away leveling alts on tich for rated pvp, but rated pvp is broke as ever...So I'm honestly missing the RP-WPvP on ED.Aswang27 Jan 4
Jan 4 [A] Coalition Hello, I am looking to make a little coalition between a few smaller guilds on alliance that would like to raid and don't quite have the people to. I have about 8-10 solid players that deserve mythic raiding but recruitment isn't the easiest thing in the world. I was made GM by the previous GM getting banned and am waiting for the actual rank to pass down in another 3 weeks. So I cannot use the ingame recruitment system and trade chat is now just a political discussion at all times so I am resorting to the forums. The people that I can provide are all mechanically sound and geared well from M+. I am looking to find some other guilds that have people ready for M raiding by means of M+ so that we can jump right in together. This may be a long shot but I figured it would be a pretty cool thing to orchestrate if we can get something rolling. Please feel free to add me at kylecorp#1324. Also if you are just looking for a guild we have a bunch of really cool people and still clear H EN, N ToV and are getting into H ToV weekly. We also push keystones pretty high every week for thats the content we have been doing the most of recently. I look forward to hopefully getting in touch with some of you in the near future and hope your all having a fantastic start to the New Year. Thank you, CiricintraCiricintra0 Jan 4
Jan 4 [H] Highbourne 7/7M 2/3H Raid days are Thur/Fri/Sat 7-11pm server (CST) Looking for a couple 350k+ dps, one tank, and another really high performing healer for our mythic progression group. We are currently recruiting mainly for our sub roster, though you can earn a spot on our main roster if you perform well and have a good personality. We are also looking for lesser experienced players for our 2nd team that runs Friday/Saturday nights, all spots open. Add Holypaladin#1947 for more info.Healbotuser18 Jan 4
Jan 3 Origins of Adventure [RP/PVP/PVE] In-Character Letter: Dear fellow adventurer, I am here today to invite you to join my cause in exploring the world of Azeorth and other potential worlds with my companions and I. We wish to discover more about the land and it’s people, culture, languages, history, geography, leaders, and so much more that we possibly can’t even dream of. We are equipped and geared for taking on any challenge or threat that stops us from learning or potentially harming the land. I’m asking you to join us on our conquest to gain knowledge of this universe and keep it safe from the hands of those who wish to corrupt and take control of this power. We abide by these words…”Knowledge is power…” So join my fellow adventurers...We are waiting for your arrival. By Samadar Quannor Who we are: We are a new Roleplay guild (With potential elements of PVP and PVE) and recruiting for Legion. The Theme: The theme of this guild is a group of adventurers who are on the case to discovering the wonders of Azeorth in many unique and fun ways. With The Burning Legion returning for a third time to spread the wrath of Sargeras, these will be tough times for these characters, but they will pull through. Requirments: -Must have TotalRoleplay 3 Addon, it is a must for Roleplay -Must have at least the general information filled out alongside a Backstory, it must be at least a paragraph long -Backstory must be acceptable in a Roleplay standpoint. Examples an unacceptable Backstory: “I fell out of Sargeras’ A** Hole and Gul’Dan is my Uncle.” “Illidan passed me the Warglaives of Azzinoth in his dying last words.” “I am half-Demon, half-Blood Elf,half-Worgen, half-Gnome, and half-Murloc.” “I was best friends with Arthas before he became The Lich King.” As long as it is believable it is acceptable, we do occasionally accept some things that may be out of the ordinary, but as long as it makes sense it will most likely be fine. -To get out of the OOC Rank, you must fill out all these requirements and join an event and a meeting, then you will be put as a Wanderer, which is the starting In Character rank. PVP and PVE: Because of Legion approaching in a couple of weeks, we are also accepting people who wish to do Dungeons,Raids,Leveling,PVP,Arenas,Rated BG’s/Random BG’s ,WPVP,etc. We wish to do Mythic Dungeons are our best, Normal/Heroic Raids, and High-Ranked PVP. How to Join: Whisper an Officer or I and we shall do an OOC Interview for you, ASAP. After that, we shall observe if you have all the requirements. After this you need to be part of an RP Event and Meeting to become an IC Member. Ranks: The Captain- Top Explorer- Strategist- Battle Lord- Hero- Adventurer- Thrill-Seeker- Wanderer- Shiny- OOC/Alt- The Leaders of the guild: Leader:Samadar Officers:Corgouth,Johncena(Aston),Quickshot,Whïspèr.Samadar5 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H] <Dawn of the Horde> Northern EK RP/WPVP <Dawn of the Horde> Northern Eastern Kingdoms RP-WPVP Contacts Guild Master: Luuof Officers: Durgulia, Raeni, Jinstar, Soulstrings, Zandramadas, Veliryn Battle Tags: Argonuz#1270, Durg#1312, Zandramadas#1591 Times of Activity Mid Afternoon to Late Evening Day to Day Events: Monday, Wednesday, Friday with one on the weekend. Guild Base: Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest ------------------ Meet The Dawn The focus of the Dawn has been unity and camaraderie among the various races of the Horde. We are one of the only non-race specific RP Guilds operating Horde side on Emerald Dream. That focal point comes from what our name references, the ideals and goals set forth by Thrall when he reformed the Horde alongside Cairne and Vol'jin. Our interests are divided into two groups for RP and WPVP respectively. The Lorewalkers are our RP/Lore-centric members that discuss, learn and teach Lore as well as shape the story lines of the guild. These meetings will also be where we will dedicate time to helping members develop their own character back stories and learn the Ins and Outs of RP. Our second, and largest, group is The Blood Riders. They helm our WPVP ventures both at home and abroad. Within the Blood Riders are four unique sects depending on your area of interest. The Marauders The Marauders are our main attack force that pursue Dawn interest into contested lands and defend our homes from Alliance attacks. The Menders are a support group of healers attached to either the the Marauders or the Wardens. The Stalkers are the intelligence gathering arm of the Blood Riders. They report on Alliance movement and infiltrate the enemy to better support the Marauders or Wardens. The Blade of the Black Dawn is a Rogue-only sub-group that carries out assassinations. ------------------ Recruitment Character Class and/or Race Restrictions: None Alignment: Darker characters are welcomed, but none can be against a fellow Horde race. Levels: We have no technical level requirement, but many of our events will be inaccessible or have limited opportunity for participation if below 100. Alts are welcome providing your main is in guild. Communication: Discord. We have a Guild Discord server and utilize its voice and chat functions regularly. Talking is not required but for many things, such as WPVP, being able to listen in for instructions will be necessary. Add Ons: Total Roleplay 3 (TRP3) is our main addon of choice. All Stalkers must have Spy, as well. ------------------ Miscellaneous - Guild Mounts: Garn Nighthowl (we can provide) and Wyvern Flying Mount - We always relish helping people interested in RP learn. - The Dawn is very open to partnerships on Horde or understandings cross-faction for events and campaigns. Contact an Officer if interested.Durgulia47 Jan 3
Jan 3 You know those 1000 degree knife videos? They should make a !@#$ parody of that. 1000 degree wiener vs like 3 girls at the same time.Smokey6 Jan 3
Jan 3 New years resolutions. So I resolved to quit wow for good this year, but it seems I made the same resolution the past 10 years, so I doubt anything will come of it.Vod17 Jan 3
Jan 3 Mediocre at Best - Casualcore Prog Raiding <Mediocre at Best> is a guild formed by players who are looking to down content on a 2 night basis. The leadership of the guild has been in the cutting edge guilds before(seriously casual, premonition, Unholy Trinity, Infallible, etc), but are looking at a more lax schedule while still obtaining "cutting edge" achievements. **Goals of the Guild** The goal of the guild is simple...we want to be a "Casualcore" guild that can still accomplish all content before nerfs while only raiding 2 nights a week 3 hours a night. At this point most of you are probably asking "Don't all guilds say this? Why are you different?", and to that all i can say is...once you experience the atmosphere of us when we are in a raid and outside of a raid i guarantee you will want to stick around for the long term! Our raid environment is a no BS environment, but also we joke around ALOT, mostly at my expense, but it's still a blast and something to look forward to each week! We also believe in being as social as possible! Outside of raids expect us to be on Discord as much as possible outside of work and RL, and to be running M+'s, Xmog runs, and the AP grind! **Who We Are Looking For** We are looking for : *Progression minded players *Players who do their research and feel like they can compete with the best *Always prepared for each night of raids *Social outside of raiding *Non flaky members...i can't stress this one enough. Right now the guild is forming so its not super populated, but we do expect to be raiding by 7.1.5 and want people who are willing to be patient until then **What to Expect From Us** *A stable raid environment *A "Casualcore" approach to raiding *A social environment outside of raiding *A fair loot council *Gems/Enchants/Repairs on the guild(once we get established) *PLENTY of sell runs *And sweet sweet purples to make you look cooler in Ironforge **Raid Days/Times** Tuesday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST Wednesday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST Thursday(Optional) - Will be sell runs/heroic farms If all of this sounds interesting to you in the least, feel free to jump in our discord and chat with me, or add my RF ID and we can go from there! Lyric#1368 https://discord.gg/9TYzfaxLyriks1 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H] Clan Stormfist (RPPVP) An unrolled parchment is tacked up over old announcements on the board. The top is decorated with a red fist holding a lighting bolt. ... ((Today is the clans 4th birthday!! To celebrate we are opening our doors once again. Thats right, we are back!!! We are orc only at this time and will consider other races on a one on one basis. We are currently camped out in the Stonedark Grotto in Highmountain. Contact any officer for more information))Shoita63 Jan 3
Jan 3 lack of pvp drama threads please fixMonty32 Jan 3
Jan 3 ED Wpvp Used to play on ED years ago. How is it leveling a lowbie up nowadays? Still max level ganking at Redridge, Darkshire n stuff? Or have the horde grown up any? Thinking of coming back but only if you leave my lowbie alone. Thanks.Baccarin6 Jan 3
Jan 3 In 2016... Happy new year ED! Today, as we're celebrating, remembering, and mentally preparing ourselves for 2017, why not share some of those memories and resolutions with us? For players with older characters, where was your character this time last year? How far have they progressed (or otherwise changed) in that time? What are some good things that came out of the year for them. For those that haven't played a character on ED that long, grats on your first New Years with us! Tell us what server or game you were on this time last year. And of course, New Years day wouldn't be the same without some "new years resolutions" that we're going to fail in under a month. Got any o' those?Raedolf4 Jan 3
Jan 3 Food for Laughes Do you have one thousand spiced breads!? two thousand pounds of cooked fish!? Do you not know what to do with it? We here at Blackrock have a great idea send your food. One to twenty at a time of any level you have to our GM Ripgut. So we can all have a good laugh at him.Bonekraka3 Jan 3
Jan 3 What happened to Pride of Lothar? I been gone for some months.Dowsonger6 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H] <Xen of Onslaught> 4/7M 3/3H LFM! <Xen of Onslaught> is a raiding guild on Emerald Dream – US (RPPVP). Although we are on an RP server, we are not an RP guild. We are currently recruiting exceptional players for our core raid team. Current Progression: 4/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor Website: xoohq.com Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30-10:30 Server (CT) About us: <Xen of Onslaught> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the server Emerald Dream that is currently progressing through Emerald Nightmare. We’re not just a guild, but also an entire community spanning over many games. We're a guild of personalities, semi inappropriate humor, and just regular people looking to push progression together in the World of Warcraft. Invites for raid go out 30 minutes before first pull. Loot is done via a Loot Council. LC is based upon performance, attendance, attitude, and main spec. Outside of our raids we have many players that do BGs, RBGs, Mythic Dungeons, Timewalkers, World PVP, among many other things. What we expect from you: - Come to raid prepared with an idea of the fights ahead. - Correct gems and enchants for your spec. - Have the required add-ons (DBM or BigWigs, Weakauras, Angry Assignments, Exorsus Raid Tools, RCLootCouncil, TeamSpeak 3) - Be able to listen and communicate on TeamSpeak. - Invites start at 7:00-7:15 server and first pull is at 7:30 server. - 90% Raid attendance, absences should be posted on the forums as early as possible. - Keep drama out of the guild. Problems between raiders should be handled outside of guild chat like adults or brought to the attention of an officer. - Trial period is for two weeks, in which time core raiders will have priority on gear however this does not mean you are exempt from receiving gear. Trials will be judged on performance, attendance, and attitude. - We expect our raiders to be maximizing their performance by flasks and food ready as well as pre-potting and potting at the appropriate time for every pull. - We can provide health pots and you are expected to use these to your advantage in staying alive. - Stable internet connection Currently Recruiting: Rogue (High) Druid [Feral] (High) Hunter (High) Mage (High) Shadow Priest (High) Any exceptional players are encouraged to apply. To apply please go to our website: xoohq.com For additional questions please contact us in game or via Battletag: Kuulin (Kuulin#1631) Baé (krishatcher1#1967) Jasmine (Jasmine#1999) Kyoshe (Lokou#1689)Bäe17 Jan 3
Jan 3 KITTY CAT CUDDLE CLUB RECRUITMENT (ALLIANCE) Kitty Cat Cuddle Club is looking for HEALERS and RDPS for MYTHIC EN/NIGHTHOLD. Raid days and times are TUES/THURS/FRI 7-10 serve(core raid team is 4/7M EN) Currently in need of two healers and a few ranged. (locks, mages hunters elesham)Redsappleale24 Jan 3
Jan 3 Why won't my stupid mog update My armory remains the same. I spent all day making a new one and it won't update. This is a literal slap to the face. I demand that blizzard update my mog.Dárìus17 Jan 3
Jan 3 Fake Twiter account It came to my attention tonight that someone has been running a fake account with Leglis_ED. This person has been saying and sending inappropriate pictures to Rp'ers of this community. I have enjoyed Rp for almost a year on this server and never had a problem, currently I'm trying to figure out who would even do this, but please understand that I would never ever do something like this and didn't believe when I heard it. If you have any information about this person please tell me. I will keep updating this post if I figure out anything myself. Deepest apologies. - Leglis Redstalker Edit: I understand why people would hate on the fake Leglis twitter account but I'm going out of my way to confirm it's not me, so I don't understand why people are banding together and disliking all my posts. I'm just trying to clear my name for someone who is trolling me.Leglis111 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H-Event End Notice] Farewell to Bar Night Hi friends, Juzmik here. It's been a great many years since I started bar night, and, barring a period where my good friends in Clan Stormfist hosted it on my behalf, it's been a pretty consistent thing. Well, maybe not this year - and that's why we're here. Bar Night was a fun event for me, and I know it's fun for a lot of people (based on what feedback I've gotten), but it's become more and more of a job - and I only log on to do this job, now. I don't really play Warcraft much anymore, and the event has become a stressful obligation. I get grouchy at people and guilds about it, I get defensive when there's no call for it - it's just not fun for me or anyone who has to be around me when I'm preparing to host it anymore. So, I'm going to start 2017 off by moving in a better direction for myself, and that means no longer doing things that cause me stress when, at the end of the day, it's just an event on a game. That means I will be stepping back from bar night. I love you all and thank you very much for your support over the years. If you or your guild would like to host bar night, or do whatever really, you've got my blessing, no questions asked. Just make sure that it's fun for you, and fun for the community. Have a wonderful and safe New Year everyone!Juzmik14 Jan 3
Jan 3 Exist looking for dedicated and fun players. Hello! Are you looking for a progression guild but always get let down or placed on the benched because you're not quite as hardcore as the rest? Come check out Exsist, we are a newly found guild that is looking to push Nighthold progression for Normal, Heroic and even Mythic if we have the numbers. We are supported by a small community of gamers called, "Trusted Enginners", if you're interested in meeting new people, and having people to play games with like; -Overwatch -Halo 5 -Heroes of the Storm -Doom -World of Warcraft -Hearthstone -BF1 -Starcraft -ESO Then come give us a shout, we accept any and all people into our family. Our goal is to have a successful raid team to clear Nighthold and beyound. Currently we are 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Normal TOV, we are looking to start clearing Nighthold the day of its release and continue to push each week til we have cleared it all. We do have some requirements for Heroic and Mythic Progression; -Gems -Enchants -Food -Flask -Runes We will gladly assist with any of this, but will not do the work for you. We ask for people to have like minds, and want progression as much as we do. Give us 100% and we will give the same! If interested in an invite, hit me up, my battletag is SwordofGeddo#1490Derathenus3 Jan 3
Jan 3 Emerald Dream Saturday Games So, in addition to Foot Balls, Snow Balls, Rum Balls and an assortment of other balls you all will be handling this holiday season, we here on ED have a history of rooting for our favorite college football teams as they attempt to handle the coveted crystal ball. I can't say that I have a favorite different than anyone else, as Bama looks like they'd do better than the LA Rams if they were moved directly into the NFL en masse. If I listed every silly bowl game from here to the end of the season, I'd be yelled at for posting a wall of text repleat with nonsensical language and fantastical leaps of logic. We will avoid the continuing disaster that is the bowls offered to us by the ESPN upper brass. Lets instead focus on the very few games that matter. Orange Bowl Florida State V Michigan Cotton Bowl Western Michigan V Wisconsin Rose Bowl USC V Penn State Sugar Bowl Auburn V Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl Clemson v Ohio State Peach Bowl Washington v Alabama National Championship Fiesta Winner V Peach Winner These are the 12 teams that acually matter (according to polls, and a few East Germans). Why the NCAA can't have a 12 team playoff with these teams is beyond me, and apparently them. Time put your gold where your tusks are and pick the winners. I'm going with Orange Bowl: Michigan Cotton Bowl: Wisconsin Rose Bowl: USC Sugar Bowl: Auburn Fiesta Bowl: Clemson Peach Bowl: Alabama National Championship: Alabama Championship combined total score (tiebreaker - for closest to the number): 66 As much as I wish it weren't so, Alabama looks like they could win and still send some of their players to class that day, a unique and new experience for some. Send 100g to Zigra (or Svendeta if allied) and we'll sign you up for the contest. Zigra, Can you ever really trust a trojan?Zigra9 Jan 3
Jan 3 ANNUAL MASSIVE RP-PVP CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT "Champions rise and champions fall. But a true champion reigns victorious in the arena and rattles through the ages." Come participate and spectate in this massive RP-PVP event at the Gurubashi Arena at 7PM server time this Thursday hosted by Sin'juu. Guilds will send their representatives to come out in to the Arena to battle members of opposing guilds. If you are not in an RP-PVP guild, come represent and bring glory to your own name and have a chance at earning the Champions Reward. Start arriving at 6:45PM Server Time to have a spot for the prize. Directly after the event ends 9PM, come and join us at the after party at Booty Bay in the Salty Sailor Tavern. (PVP is not required to spectate in the stands and join in the after party.)Sinjuu20 Jan 3
Jan 2 A Promise of Blood [RP] ((Hello! It's me that awkward Alitza person again! In commemoration of a new little Horde guild on ED I decided to write up a little piece. As always I'm sensitive so be gentle. I hope you like it! A little preface can be found here for those interested; https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752595916#post-1 )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" *thud* "Oooof! I'm okay!" The sun was barely up as he was awoken suddenly by the commotion and clamor of the morning's events. He turned over on his side to see the small blood elf on her back legs in the air struggling to put her boot on while also attempting to fasten her cloak. "Hmmm where did I -- Oh! There it is!!" She announced an eagerness in her tone he had not heard in far too long, still he rolled over in their bed covering his head with the pillow. "Alitza, what the $@?& are you doing?" He inquired in almost a growl. She knew he wasn't one for mornings but could not sit any longer, her motivation renewed after the night before. "Oh! I woke you! I'm sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry!" She repeated almost as if her apologies were an overly excited chant diving into their bed where his arms were waiting for her. She lifted the pillow tilting her head to an almost comical angle in an attempt to appear innocent and prey on his tender side. "I really am you know. Sorry?" She knew it worked when he cradled her up into his arms before gently placing her back on the bed. She smiled up at him her eyes still somewhat glassy from the night before. Noticing his gaze she turned her face away for a moment before jumping up excitedly placing her hands on her hips as though to announce some heroic feat she had accomplished, her actions some what diminished by her discomposure. "I am going to Silvermoon to speak with the Scout Captain about getting my rank back!" The exclamation punctuated by clip of her belt being tightened around her waist. He nodded. "Except where is my breast plate?" "Very well then little one, if this is what you need," he tenderly places a kiss upon her forehead offering her the piece of leather garb. "It is," she confirmed determination searing into her brow accepting the garment, "I need to do my part. I need to do more than just kill pillagers and soldiers of the Alliance. There is far more that needs to be done." She proceeded to continue dressing while he attempted to fall back asleep to the sound of her chattering and occasional clamor of knocking something over in her feverish excitement. The sun was fully risen when she was ready to depart. Goodbyes were said with the promises of being home soon as she made her way toward Silvermoon.Alitzotica14 Jan 2
Jan 2 Lf alliance pvp guild looking for above a mature guild i want to play a alliance character but i have never been able to find a decent mature pvp guildSàtíva16 Jan 2
Jan 2 <Wardens of Eversong> Transfers to WrA Join Wardens of Eversong on Wyrmrest Accord for a more immersive RP experience with an incredibly active community. Same guild concept however, we're kicking the bar idea and picking up some behind the scenes late night occult RP. (details not hammered out on that yet.) If interested /who Wardens of Eversong on Wyrmrest Accord to get set up with an IC interview. Many of the same old officersNazarah5 Jan 2
Jan 2 (UPDATED 12-24-16) Phoenix Highguard H-RP-PVP (The Second and Third posts will soon be updated with current events and plots We will update them every other week with storys and such as well as Public Events! keep tabs for more!)) A note is tacked onto the message boards of the main cities, lavishly designed and written, and enchanted to protect from the elements. It is obviously Elven in origin and reads thus: ... Who we are: The Phoenix Highguard is a military RP-PvP guild focused in the affairs of the Sin’Dorei; We are over 3 years old and continue to offer a home to veterans and new roleplayers alike! Our roleplay is militaristic in nature, with a rigid chain of Command, several RP-PvP engagements, and several military missions. We accept all races into our guild, but our interview process is much more strict on races outside of Blood Elves. Upon joining this guild, you should be expecting for your character to behave as they would in a military, follow orders, or face the consequences. PvP is expected in the guild, as we respond to many Defense Pings depending on allies and where we are stationed at the time and take part in several RP-PvP battles. RP is first and foremost in our guild, and we host several events throughout the month, which include: Highguard Trials: Hosted every friday night, the Highguard gathers to learn lessons and work on military discipline and tactics, most of the time there is a theme behind each gathering, whether it's learning to discipline yourself or to learn about your enemies! Champion battle: this is an opportunity for the best of the Highguard Soldiers to fight each other for a reward of 3,000 gold, and the rank of ‘Champion’ for a month, along with the title and reward money, the Champion is also given the Honor to carry the Standard of the Phoenix Highguard into battle Icly! Table Tops (Dungeon Masters): Something that has become Staple in many of our plots and events, where we create our own scenarios and fight monsters or deal with situations Icly! (much like Dungeons and Dragons) IC-WPVP: we do multiple times a month and take the fight to the Alliance scum. Usually followed by lots of booze at a bar! Or mender RP. Heheh. Phoenix PVEguard: Has started up again! ATM working on HFC-Normal Guild runs! every monday unless something happens!(All pve raiding is OOC so don't worry) Ranks: High-Commander (GM) Lieutenant-Commander (Co-GM) Lieutenant (Officers) Centurions (Squad leaders) Champion (Monthly 1-man rank for whoever wins the championship battle) Sin'Serrar (Our stealthies/intelligence operatives and tacticians) Sin'Rethore (Our front line soldiers and heavy melee hitters) Dor'ano (Trainees and new recruits) How to apply: Visit our website, phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com, and read up on our rules and codes of conduct before submitting an application. Our recruitment officers will look it over and then contact you for an in-character interview. All applicants must be 18 years or older. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of our officer core for further details. Officers: High Commander Tarenor Swiftdawn (Tarenor) GM Lieutenant-Commander Nossavyara Falthrien (Nossavyara) Co-GM/Recruitment Lieutenant Astilaldan Bloodsinger (Astilaldan) PVP Officer Lieutenant Ophiraeda Alah'Zaram (Ophiraeda) Recruitment Artwork of the Highguard: (Done by our immensely talented artists!!) http://i.imgur.com/gGwVdj8.gif http://i.imgur.com/V4OfxcO.png http://i.imgur.com/9rgPtr6.png http://i.imgur.com/R3D1VcT.png http://i.imgur.com/cuK3aHM.png http://i.imgur.com/4h6r9XR.png https://24.media.tumblr.com/42cd63102e3f5e96e751ca6b7b20226f/tumblr_n2nx3bSYnP1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg https://31.media.tumblr.com/931f2c6df10293ac9b24da3d90c2e284/tumblr_n2pf5h0Jmv1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg Video: Highguard assaults Darnassus and accidentally pulls tyrande. Terrorized screaming and slaughter ensues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WEfv161Bhc NEWS: Raiding continues! We're now 7/7 Normal EN and working on progressing to Heroic! We continue our rp on the Broken Isles! join in for the fun!))Tarenor105 Jan 2
Jan 2 [H] Bloodrite [PvE] !Late Night! --Bloodrite-- Guild Formed:1/1/17 ➡ Raid Times Wednesday/Thursday/Monday Raids will start at 9pm-12am PST/12am-3am EST ➡ Progression None since were brand new ➡ Recruitment needs All Classes and roles~ ➡ The Only Requirement A Willingness to learn. If you have experience great but there is room to grow here so long you wanna learn and progress with us. ➡ Guild Goal Mythic raiding of course! So we need 20 solid active players. We will attempt this after we have 7/7H EN and 3/3 H ToV on farm. If interested in joining leave a message here or add me on Bnet Doomsayer#1625Fénri3 Jan 2
Jan 2 [A]<NTW> Mythic Raiding Guild LFM 9/10M <No Talent Whatsoever> Background: No Talent Whatsoever formed at the beginning of Legion from a group of old friends. Many of us have raided since vanilla and have been in top progression guilds. The name creates the abbreviation NTW which is the name of an internet café that many of us met at. The community at the café was one promoting close friendships that have lasted over the years. This type of community is what we are looking to promote within the guild. We strive to create a place where people can always have someone to tackle content with. From World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, BlazBlue, and other games, we like to come together to explore what many games have to offer as a community. Goals: Our goals include striving to complete all content during its period of relevance at the foundation. From there the sky's the limit. We aim to be the best on our server and eventually claw our way to the coveted number one spot on the server. Outside of raiding we aim to create an atmosphere of comradery that will carry on for years. We encourage people to play games outside of World of Warcraft to seed a long last growth of friendship that transcends the confines of one game. We’d like to achieve this on a minimal 3 day/3 hour raiding schedule and a comfortable atmosphere. We just ask that all raiders and players be comfortable with constructive criticism. Loot Distribution: Guild loot is distributed through RCLootCouncil addon and based on merit. Merit is based on attendance, raid performance and needs for current content, contribution, in and out of raids, current gear being replaced and stat priority/Best in Slot items. Officers maintain an open-door policy on any discrepancies with the system. Raiders in the trial period, while being looked at last, still do well for loot acquirement and are not completely overlooked. Guild Structure: The structure of the guild consists of a Guild Master, Officers, Raider Core, Trial Raiders, and our member base consisting of friends, family, and backup raiders. GM: Putiputi Officers: MrMammal, Aurralynn, Nakkiell Trial period usually consists of about 2 to 4 weeks to assess performance and overall fit with the guild. If this period goes well the trial player will be promoted to a full raider. Should there be any complications the trial may be offered and extension of the trial or a position as a member. GM and Officers reserve the right to terminate a trial to include removal from the guild at any point should they deem necessary. We expect all raiders to come prepared to raid, we do provide raid cauldrons for flasks, however players are responsible for food/runes/potions. If you’re having problem procuring these don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Many players are willing to lend a hand if that hand ends up helping down content. Current Looking For: Ranged Dps (Spriest, Warlock, Mage) Melee DPS(WW Monk, ENH Shaman, Deathknight) Healer (Prefer a flex WW Monk/Enh Shaman) We encourage all highly skilled players to apply regardless of our immediate needs. We take every application seriously. Extra Info: Apply to Website: http://notalentwhatsoever.enjin.com/ Voice: Discord Server: Emerald Dream (CST) Faction: Alliance Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 10:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. CST Optional Raid: Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. CST (Heroic Clear/Sales) Current Progress: 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor Contact Info: MrMammal- MrMammal#1128 Putiputi - Putiputi#1305 Aurralynn - Wallabang#1728Putiputi19 Jan 2
Jan 1 I have returned. And no one cares including me.Phen22 Jan 1
Jan 1 <Resolute> Recruiting 7/7M <Resolute> is a mythic raiding guild on Emerald Dream (Alliance). We are a guild of semi - hardcore raiders who enjoy raiding and doing mythic dungeon runs together. We are very close and enjoy hanging out in Discord. Our goal is to clear as much content as we can while it is still relevant. We are looking for dedicated players who are reliable, can get along with others, and what to be the best they can be. We do not want drama or discord in our guild. A lot of us have been raiding together for long time. We are a multi raid guild, 2 of which are 7/7M. We have many talented players that have shown and mentored players to optimize their spec. Loot: RCLootCouncil Raid Times (CST): Team 1 & 2 (7/7M)- Tuesday 7 PM - 10 PM Wednesday 7 PM - 10 PM Thursday 7 PM - 10 PM Team 3 (7/7H)- Tuesday 7 PM - 10 PM Sunday 7 PM - 10 PM Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: Low Priority DPS: High Priority Will review applications from most players. Logs are always helpful. Current Progression: EN 7/7M ToV 3/3H Please contact IceLvLan#1620 or Selects#1310Amedeoo0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Jugernaut -Hydra- Hi there, over the past month or so I started recording videos of battlegrounds and throwing my name out there in hopes of battle tag invites. Been frustrated with joining this "pvp guilds" advertising help, gear and content only to find out nobody helps, nobody pvps and nobody's willing to do squat. I have played with Hydra before and they are an awesome community that it's for the horde wherever you may be, if they can connect to you they will help. There's a lot of drama and bs with a few of them which I'm not interested in but nevertheless, cool ppl. The guild I command here in emerald dream name "Hydra" it's my own and it's based on how I feel about pvp and what I want to do in pvp. Purely instanced Pvp, battle grounds. I kinda of gave up recruiting because nobody want it to join under that name... I also discovered not everyone feels like that. As of now I have gotten over 400 btag invites and I couldn't be happier knowing I log in, broadcast a msg about doing bgs and in seconds I got a party up. Maybe ppl want to participate but without carrying the tag above their heads? I could leave that guild and make a new one instead... but I won't. I rather be in a guild alone then somewhere I don't want to be. I do want to promote the name Hydra because to me it stands for brotherhood, it stands for community and unity, when the horde got left behind in ashran they formed and helped many horde players gear up and have a good time. Regardless of the behaviors that bothered some of you, Hydra to me stands for help and for loyalty to the horde for the horde players. This is why I am beginning to recruit ppl for my own guild in emerald dream -Hydra- A guild at my command focusing on battle grounds, meeting new ppl, making friends and spreading a msg! "We are the horde, a place of war, community and strength" all welcome to join and help me expand my guild as I have expanded my friends list. Jugernaut#1609. If you still don't want to join you can always add me and we can bg all day no strings attached!!!Jugernutz30 Jan 1
Jan 1 880 Spriest LF Guild -PST PM 880 Ilvl 884 In bag 7/7H 1/7M 2/3H Looking for casual or semi hardcore raiding guild that is stable and active. Available any day of the week 8pm PST or later (10pm central) I am active, know my class, competitive, fun... Contact me Dae#1557Nobananas4 Jan 1
Jan 1 LFM Return to Karazhan Attunement Group I'm sick and tired of the careless and un-trustworthy people in LFG that will quit because of one wipe, so I'm organizing my own group to do the attunement quests. It's 850+, doing this will unlock the Return to Karazhan dungeon, which drops 855-860 loot, and even a mount. I'm a DPS if you're wondering, we'll need 2 more DPS and a healer + tank.Jordrend8 Jan 1
Jan 1 The Horrors that Lie in Stromgarde [RP] And there I was. walking inside the walls of the ruined kingdom. The rain poured and caressed the grass as the clouds darkened the sky. Thunder roarer loudly. I had the bright idea of taking a stroll in the mage quarters, oh yes. I remember it quite clearly now, the rumor was that the Ebon Blade had cleared the blockages local troll invaders made in our absence. Simple huts made of wood, skins and bone littered the urban decay and the former streets of what was once the heart of the Arathi Empire. It didn't take long before I got my hands dirty, after all I needed to know what occurred that day. Their huts remained still, but remained empty. Bags of burlap filled with food and other resources, yet they left? How? "Trolls are so dumb" Or so I told myself that day. I looked for clues everywhere, and at last I found the root of it all. Their grain had been plagued. The Ebon Blade was former scourge, yet something did not add up. If it was plagued grain, where are the corpses? Eh? Not my problem. One scoop. Two scoops, and I was ready to go. "Catch" A bag of burlap. At that moment, curiosity got the best of me-my fingers quickly unwrapped it. A head-No no, not just any head, it was her head-My daughter!? Thunder echoed through the keep, and for a brief moment I saw the silhouette of a large squatting troll, adorned with bone and wooden armor from tip to toe-The flash of the lighting lightened the sky-and it was gone. My fingers began to bloat, little blisters growing in what was once living tissue, look I might be a good apothecary, but I know my limits. That thing was something else. Fel coursed through my hands, an infernal fire cauterized the infection, flesh turned to crisp as only charred bone and a cloud of black smoke remained. Still up to this day, I don't understand what happened said night. There was something I had not felt in decades. Fear. What? don't give me that look, so what if I ran? Look, this isn't a tale of heroism. I asked a local Darkspear voodoo or whatever doctor what that was, and he told me it wrote this in her scalp. "AMANI EMPIRE NEVA GONNA DIE" -Apothecary Plagueghoul Stromburn2 Jan 1
Jan 1 Merry Christmas! (ignore gay OP) [This post has been removed for being !@#$ing gay]Jordrend117 Jan 1
Jan 1 Dear Cowardly Alliance players Jumping a Paladin with a bunch of mobs on them is begging for them to bubble and transfer all those hostile mobs over to you. 20 of my 27 honor kills are from bubbling and stunning someone trying to get a cheap kill.Hamsa253 Jan 1
Dec 31 Considering coming to Emerald Dream. Hello all. I hear you guys are a pretty fun server. One of the few active and balanced PvP servers in the game. The RP is a bonus too, having played on WrA for a couple years. I'm looking to transfer Horde soon and make a fresh start on another server, and I'm considering this one. In particular, I'm looking for a guild before I make a choice. Are there any guilds here, that... -Are community-based, where people talk, help each other out, etc. I want the kind of guild that doesn't stay silent when you ask to do a mythic dungeon. -Does late-night raiding. I'm looking to start no earlier than 9pm PST. Haven't done much besides LFR this expansion so I'm looking primarily for a Normal/Heroic raiding guild. I'll consider an understanding Mythic one as well, as long as they know I'm not quite there yet. All in all I'm just looking for a chill group of friends. :) Any guild here that would have me on the Horde-side? Btag is Icemagic#11708 if you'd like to chat.Shardling51 Dec 31
Dec 31 Happy new year! Happy new year to all of you. Hope 2016 was a good year to y'all and that you keep playing and enjoying this great game in the coming years.Jugernutz2 Dec 31
Dec 31 [H][Rp] Redwood Tribe <Recruitment> ((Edit: Updated for August 2016)) T'shehalo friends. I am Chieftain Tanahrok Redwood of the Redwood Tribe. There are those who know of me. I am here to see out others from the stonetalon region. all of the old tribes have become scattered and we wish to reuinite. My brother and I once lived with the Firetotem tribe of northern stonetalon. after the constant attacks from centaurs and undead from the 3rd war forced the tribe to scatter and flee their home. years later we are seeking to reclaim the land. Though I myself do not encourage combat between horde and alliance. We are currently at war with pink skins who are threatening to take over our lands. (( What we do. Here in the Tribe we focus on tauren based RP and RP events. That we do on Emerald Dream server but also expand to other realms that are semi connected to us. Having such rp allows us to make relations with other RP based guilds on this server and focus on community and individual story telling. Community as we stated before is part of our overall function as tauren culture is focused on community so are we. but not just us. it is the rest of the server as well. as mutual respect is given to those in the RP community and often do we look out for others who are looking to get involved with RP. PvP- With a growing active group PvP is going to happen on a server such as this so active training as well as grouped pvp is encouraged to our members, and not just with us but with friends in other guilds as well so you will always have a partner to kick some butt with. Even with the alliance (death to you all), it is important to show respect to those on the other side. There is nothing wrong with being competitive just as long as you keep it in the battlefield. were all here to have fun. PvE - Still working out days for this. but they will be posted. Legion will be our first time organizing some active times for raiding. so we will update this later. Ranks: While this is not military like other groups. We have ranks to show ones status while traveling through their life. from youth to adulthood and into elder. These ranks are attained by completing rites of passages which there are 3. Each rites quest are done catering to an individuals needs to better them with in the tribe. RP purpose of this series of quests is a passage into adulthood and to know where one sits in the tribe. while this varies from tribes in what is required. we focus on 3 rites of passage. Youngling- Just joining the tribe it is a basic rank to everyone. people who want to try out the guild will do so in this rank. it does not offer much but company and conversation. it allows a person to get used to how things are run. Initiate- You are a youngling who is not quite an adult. though much of your actions are a bit restricted its because they need to be. Not allowed to wear the tabard yet. this rank is achieved after doing an rp meeting with an elder to chieftain of the tribe. Tribesman- After passing the first passage into adulthood you are now a basic adult in the tribe. benefits are given but now you begin to have more say within the tribe as adults we take your voices and concerns more seriously. Allowed to wear Tabard at events Warrior/Mystic - Proving ones self again through the rights of passage. You find yourself elevated over the regular tribesman. Proving you are capable of not only taking care of yourself but others within the tribe or on the bluff. You are valued for all that you give. Can wear tabard regularly, and has access to Elite tabard for events. Elder- A great status indeed. reaching a pinnacle of your life you reach elder. either elder through combat or elder through age. you carry alot of weight with the younglings and it is an important position to teach the young ones all that you have learned. Can use Elite Tabard anytime and can run younglings and tribesmen through their rites of passage. often able to know of notes made by the council and can bring up ideas for events. (Limit: 14) Oshkibi- This is given to those who wish to watch or are ambassadors from other groups or regions. This is great for Non Tauren characters who would like to be more involved in the tauren community as a whole. (limit:10) Champion- Temporary title given to those who prove themselves in the staging grounds of tribal competitions. be it from the great hunt, Brawling Arena, or other events. This tends to last a week before you return to your previous title. But TONS of benefits would be had because of it. (limit: 1)Tanahrok71 Dec 31
Dec 31 [A/H] LF guild with anti-racist/sexist rules I enjoy all three of PvP, PvE, and RP, and I'd like to be able to hit up both raids and RBGs if possible when I'm all the way back in the swing of things and on my feet. But I mostly just want somewhere active and nice to chill with cool people who don't hate other people. I got characters on both sides so hit me up no matter which faction you guys are, I haven't settled down for sure which side I wanna stick with (or maybe I'll just play both who knows).Glexavia21 Dec 31
Dec 31 [A-RP/PVE/PVP] Delvers Inc. Morning guild <Delvers Inc.> New RP Adventuring guild, Recruiting for morning 8-11am server time. Need dedicated players who want to make a fun and dynamic morning guild. Goals are to be available for those who can't raid or pvp during evening and night hours. Contact me for more informationZedthough0 Dec 31
Dec 31 860 plus group looking for pve guild were a group friends looking for a heroic, light mythic progession guild for nighthold. our last guild fell part (poor guild leadership) its an 870+ bear druid 870+ ele sham 864 holy priest 864 prot warrior (can switch to anothre role, not great at dps) 860+ mageRhavz0 Dec 31
Dec 30 Breakthrough Recruiting Yep, need some dps pref. ranged for mythic pushing and Nighthold when it releases. 3/7 Mythic EN 2/3 Heroic TOV atm. Hit me up in game.Demised1 Dec 30
Dec 30 [H][PvE/PvP]Breakthrough recruiting Hey everyone. Just thought I would make a post on here, Breakthrough is currently looking for a holy priest / resto shaman / mistweaver monk for our core raid group. We are currently 5/7 Heroic and plan on being 7/7 this Sunday. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7:00PM-10:00PM CST / Server Time. Would prefer that you come in relatively geared at least 850+ but we are willing to work with you. We use discord for voice chat. Our average age would probably be in the late 20s, we like to joke around and have a good time, not for the weak hearted. If you have any questions or are interested, simply message or mail me in game, my I is alt code 0237. Thank you for your time.Juícebox4 Dec 30
Dec 30 865 Havoc DH and 863 Healer/dps lf guild As the title suggests I'm a 863 ilvl Monk with my bf looking for a new guild. I would prefer to transfer to the Horde, and I would like to join an active guild that does raiding. I'm available any night of the week except Wednesday night. I prefer to raid anywhere from 8pm EST up until 12am EST. Raiding anywhere from one to three nights a week is acceptable to me, but I cannot put in any more time than that. I've been raiding on and off since vanilla, and have always been happy to clear the content presented to me before the next tier becomes available. I currently have 4/7M EN and he has 1/7M experience for Legion, and wish to push further. Thank you all for your time and consideration in reading this post. I look forward to your response on these forums as well as any questions you may have for me.Lunamist3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Runic Synergy Death Knight Runic Synergy Lessons upon harnessing and using Runes and Runic power By Sullin the Kneeslayer (This is my own personal head canon that may or may not be true, but it is how Sullin uses his Runes. Make of it what you will but I think it makes sense based upon the nature of runes and how nothing is really explained on how DK’s use their magic, and I personally think it is pretty cool.) When a Death Knight is reborn they are tattooed with six runes, two of each type. Frost, Unholy and Blood, these runes run along a Death Knight’s arms, one on each. By harnessing the effects of these runes they can manipulate the world around them. Activating a frost rune allows one to generate intense cold, frigid winds, granting them increased brief physical strength and coat oneself in a layer of ice improving defense. Activating an Unholy rune grants the power of unholy origin, allowing one to inflict Necrotic diseases and pestilence, cause life to decay or with enough power grant temporary life to a corpse. Blood runes allow the manipulation and control over a beings very life force; activating a blood rune allows the Death Knight to absorb the life force of another, control the flow of blood, and through rituals of sacrifice even grant blood healing properties. The usage of runes also causes a powerful by product called Runic Power. This is where the relationship between a third generation Death Knight and their Runeblades start. While many Death Knights apply differing runes that grant their blades different properties, all Runeblades start with the base runes that allow the collection of Runic Power. When a Death Knight uses a rune they are granted brief empowerment as stated before, the Runic Power generated from this action can then be used to empower the blade itself in any of the three types. Coating a blade in jagged ice which greatly improves offensive capabilities, tossing a bolt of pure unholy energy at a fleeing target or infusing an enemy’s own blood in healing capabilities as it splatters on the Death Knight are popular examples. Then there is the final stage, the residual energy of large portions of Runic Power can reinvigorate a used rune on a Death Knight which allows them to use the rune once again and thus generate more runic power. The form in which this rune regeneration can take varies upon Death Knight, they can use the power to instantly recharge a spent rune, or have it so that every rune recharges faster, or store the energy to tap into at a later time. It is a continual circle of Runic Synergy and all Death Knights must master it if they wish to use their power to their maximum potential.Sullin4 Dec 30