Emerald Dream

Aug 19 LF BS to craft Steelbound Harness mount My mats +20K tip for bloodsGokublack0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Gnome Problems Being a gnome I feel like no one takes me seriously. People take advantage of me and are always rude to me. However when I post on my other characters that are different races I'm taken seriously and people don't walk over me. Could being a gnome really cause this? Serious question. I get treated like crap when I post on my gnome. Like?Puntress22 Aug 19
Aug 18 [RP Discussion]The Cathedral of Light? Many Believe this conspiracy to be true for some believe its not. For that reason some believe there is a Dungeon under the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind was used for strange worshiping activities some believe its a evil, some believe to punish wicked female gnomes who have done naughty things to the Stormwind guard which I don't know what they're talking about can someone please explain to me?Buttscratch8 Aug 18
Aug 18 Just switched to ED! Hows the realm? I'm Curious on your experience on this realm. I was stuck between this and tich I came from Stormrage, had enough of alliance and pve.Tukla25 Aug 18
Aug 18 [A] Magetank Industries (RP/PvE) (9/9H) Nestled deep in the foothills of the northern Eastern Kingdoms is a bunker locked tight. Its concrete walls and spires rise with the mountain it is built into and are guarded day and night by well-equipped sentries, their eyes scanning as far as they can with the scopes and binoculars in their posts. The enormous blast door creaks loudly when it occasionally raises, the noise often accompanied by the roar of an engine as a golem, gyrocopter, or motorcycle flies free of its hangar. Those who come and go as the hours pass are tight-lipped about the goings-on inside, and they appear on the surface to come from every walk of life imaginable. From paladins to felcasters, from the most eccentric magi to simple warriors, and from the most unassuming professional-looking individuals to the most combat-ready, its denizens are many. Each is as unique as the next. They fought for their place in these hills. Encounter after encounter, they battled the encroaching Forsaken, packs of rabid worgen, and the Syndicate. Each time, their ground was held. Each time, their enemies were routed. Even when the Legion’s third invasion began with attacks that included Tarren Mill, the bunker stood fast as its denizens swam in oceans of spent brass and demon blood. Now, these groups do not venture close -- they have long since learned the hard way that the technological advantage held by those in the bunker outweighs any strength they may have in superior numbers. Still, this does not stop the occasional enterprising villain from trying to claim the bunker’s treasures for themselves. In this region far from the bureaucracy of the Alliance, this bunker has become one of legend. The company within, known as Magetank Industries, has garnered a reputation for its highly-advanced weaponry, vehicles, and its trademark use of magic within its engineering. Through fierce battles and arduous labor, they have carved themselves a home in the tumultuous bluffs of Hillsbrad, giving themselves room to work without the heavy hand of governance immediately on their doorstep. Despite the reclusive and antisocial reputation earned by its individual members, they are quick to heed the call of a worthy cause. Of course, gaining access to such a place is a sign of trust. It is no easy task to draw the attention of those that the bunker houses, but perhaps with the right invention or in a streak of luck on the battlefield, they may notice your prowess. Whether you’re looking for adventure, seeking the cutting edge of technology, or simply after a paycheck, there is a place for all who stand out from the crowd in their craft in that bunker hidden in the northern foothills.     Is that you? <Magetank Industries> is a heavy-RP guild that also dabbles in heroic raiding (currently 8/9H) and occasionally does some PvP. We emphasize quality roleplay and host weekly, story-heavy DnD-styled events. We also do smaller-scale roleplay spontaneously and place particular importance upon supporting the community by doing our best to attend (and hopefully in the future, create) community events. In addition to all of this, we often play other games outside of WoW with each other and typically have an active Discord! RP+++ PvE++ PvP+ Alignment: Neutral-good (rebel-moral if you’re down with the 5x5) Themes: Magic, technology, business, faction-neutral RP, moral dilemmas, Ron Swanson Raid times: Tues/Thurs, 7-10 server D20: Saturday, 7-10+ server If you’re looking for an Alliance-side heavy-RP guild with a bit more of a taste for endgame than what many other RP guilds offer, MTI might be for you! Contact Sachiel or Gerhan in-game for more information or take a look at our application (http://bit.ly/2taNBzT). You can also get a hold of me on battletag (Sachiel#1375) or on Twitter (@MagetankED). We build guns and get in fights.Sachiel18 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H-RP/PVP-Troll] Broken Tusk Tribe ... ... Welcome to Broken Tusk Tribe's guild recruitment! If you have any questions feel free to ask here or contact us in game! Basic Guild Information. What is Broken Tusk Tribe? A tribal warband composed primarily of Horde associated trolls, Broken Tusk prides itself on maintaining the tribal traditions and strong communal foundations of the trolls. Spiritual ceremonies, tests of worthiness, strong community bonds and a true desire to maintain traditions are the driving force of the guild. Firmly building on the tradition each troll has a duty to encourage the future of the tribe, we not only take seasoned war veterans but encourage those who aspire to help their tribe flourish to enlist where we will perform full training with elders and masters of their field, as well as encourage young members to take various tests of strength, spiritual and voodoo to show they are capable of defending their people and carry the tribes forward as their ancestors have before them. Whilst primarily trolls, the war band accepts ‘friends’ or Kaharu from other races, who wish to provide aid, advice or skill to further the cause. However, these are few and far between and those who choose to join would be expected to adhere to the rules and regulations, customs and traditions of the tribe. It should be noted as trolls we are brutal, ruthless and in some instances savage and this may not be a life to suit everyone. What does The Guild Offer? Here at Broken Tusk we pride ourselves on being able to offer the following and more! 1. A strong tribal community that focuses heavily on troll culture and tradition 2. A natural progression curve for your character. For example if your character comes to us a novice, they would be expected to earn the right to participate in combat, until then they must help the tribe through other means which are usually less glorious. 3. A guild where traditions are important, elders are respected, certain tribal roles affect natural status and where savagery and brutality is encouraged within context. 4. A mixture of stories, one off events, casual community RP and a lot of character development! We also aim to have regular weekly meetings where everyone comes together. When can I expect events? Tribal Gatherings Day held: Friday These are the equivalent of our guild meeting. Here the tribe comes together to discuss upcoming plans, important information or air grievances and concerns in a controlled environment. Presided over by the council, the tradition of an open environment is encouraged and constructive input into the tribe's future. Main RP Events<em/> Days held: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 20.30 Server time. These are when we put most of our main events together. This could either be story progression, one of events or something where we provide structured DMing and chances to go out and do things. Other Rp We are a role-playing guild and even though we do not have events everyday, we actively encourage and strongly support casual, social or spontaneous RP around these events. As the tribe functions as a community, the RP outside the events is the most important for forming long-lasting relationships and getting the most character progression. Recruitment How do I apply to join the guild? Broken Tusk Tribe runs an initiation that involves a small OOC discussion before an IC meeting. In order to join you can simply contact one of the officers or if we are unavailable send us an in-game mail or poke another member who will make sure we get in touch with you! At present you can contact: Rejingi and umm... RejingiRejingi18 Aug 18
Aug 18 LF Guild [A] I am just returning to wow (2 weeks) and would like to concentrate on pvp this time around vs pve as I have no desire to do any raiding beyond normal/ possibly heroic. I am looking for an alliance unicorn guild that is competent in pve but focuses on pvp, does rgbs, wpvp, fairly large and active, friendly and mainly of older players (30s and up range). I made this toon at the tail end of my WoD playing when my love for the game was definitely waning. I really enjoyed what I could see of the community as it seemed very tight knit compared to other servers. Not quite vanilla days but as close as I have found. I realize wpvp has changed with this expansion but I enjoy small skirmishes so hopefully that is still going on. I would however prefer to be doing things with a guild this time around vs just sight seeing. I did a tiny bit of RP while here and respect it just not had a lot of experience or know if it is my cup of tea. Most of my toons are Horde due to a faction change during WoD to play with friends no longer into the game so I will need to transfer and would prefer to get to know the guild a bit with an alt or chat before doing so. Can link my toons to you as well during this process. I plan on maining my mage (895) this exp but I play a priest (888) and am leveling a pally via bgs slowly as well. edit: Hmm I guess a lot has changed since I played on the server seems most of the threads you guys are pretty hostile to anyone not professing your love for RP these days. Too bad was a pretty chill server before not sure how much they represent the server as a whole but seems to be quite a few on the posts at least.Montai12 Aug 18
Aug 18 Looking for guild. 925 fury warrior tired of not having any decent PvE guild on my low pop realm i'm gonna transfer my main to ED . I'm looking for a 6-8 hour a week core to do Heroic. I don't have the time and the will for mythic raiding for now altough it might be nice to give it a shot in the future. i'm willing to switch specs and transfer my healer priest alt in future months if needed. please reply on this thread an i'll get in touch.Riejman8 Aug 18
Aug 18 Opinions? I've been wanting to start over horde on a different realm I was thinking emerald dream. I heard it's the most balanced pvp realm but to go horde to keep the balance since alliance is ahead only by a little which I intend on doing. I heard the world pvp is great which I want to do. The only reason I don't want to go bleeding hollow is because I'm bleeding hollow no alliance exist at all so it's boring being the dominant faction.Puntress4 Aug 18
Aug 17 [A] Healer in need of home Casual player returning back to legion after a short lived hiatus. Last tier cleared nighthold on my druid healer just on normal tho. Gearing shaman healer currently. (Low ilevel I know but nothing 200 bloods and 400k gold can't fix) I'm looking for a home where I can gear myself through mythic dungeons/crafted gear/LFR. Eventually once I am geared enough I would like the opportunity to come raid normal ToS/Argus raid. I'm not looking for a carry. Just looking for a home with fellow adults wanting to get together in the evenings to do some content. Available time is any week day 7server-10server. Can either reach out to me here or mail me in game. Thank you.Boomslangg6 Aug 17
Aug 17 [H] <Unending> RP/PvP Guild recruiting! The world is in turmoil - it has been since Deathwing cracked it open. We thought it was ending. We thought we were ending. When our homes were consumed in dragonfire and every ounce of hope was seemingly obliterated, we found each other in the Cataclysm. We came from the far flung broken corners of Azeroth, and all of our differences - in faith, profession, and combat ability - have only made us stronger. We have survived the world ending once, and we will again. Dragons or demons, we care not. All we care for is fortifying those of us we call "clan," and laughing in the face of the chaos that is life. <Unending> is an (light/moderate) RP/PVP guild that is looking for new members! We're a post-apocalyptic band of adventurers from all walks of life who enjoy our small community, and will defend it fiercely if need be, be it threatened by flaming infernals or zealous dwarves. BGs, WPVP, Arenas - you name it, we'll do it! We've plans to do rated BG's eventually, but we need some interested and dedicated folks for that! Raiding isn't our primary focus, but if we have people interested in a casual raid here and there we'll go kick some teeth in. The GM and I are new to Emerald Dream, so if you want a fresh start with some fun folks, we might just be for you! We've got a Discord, a Gnome-killing lust, and bottles of whiskey, so hit myself (Jobags#1177) or Zakaeri up in game if you are looking for a new home!Laellaps1 Aug 17
Aug 17 Rebirth of Stromgarde Galen, the traitor, is dead. Sylvanas is the most hated leader of the horde. From this day forward, Stromgarde is, once again, under the protection of LIVING humans. The Trollbane line will return. The Trollbane line will eradicate all pretenders, and all usurpers. Stromgarde is the beacon of life, north of the Thandol Span. Stromgarde will not bow to the Horde, or Stormwind. Honor to all those who defend the ancient name of Stromgarde. Vengeance upon all those who would seek to destroy her. Honor and Vengeance Belaal Keeper of StromgardeBelaal12 Aug 17
Aug 17 [RP] Ian, Warrior and protector This will be a series about Ian, my In-game character. I have discussed this earlier tonight during the RP Introduction event which had a bigger turn out than I thought. Thank you everyone who showed up tonight! Here is just the beginning of the story of Ian: Ian Kilmister was one of Protectors of the Grand Marshal in a time when there was more peace to be had. But today, today there was a war raging on between The Alliance leaders of Stormshield and The Horde Warcheifs of Warspear. Ian Kilmister was once a peaceful, and noble child. He was born and raised near Elwynn by The Holy Order of Northshire Clerics. They have tried to train him as a priest in his early ages and perhaps would become a Brotherhood of Northshire Paladin.. But he would go in his own direction. Ian was a stubborn huamn, he did not like to be Disciplined in the arts of Holy, whether it be from the Clerics (Priests), or the Brotherhoods (Paladins), Ian would not be so easily trained in the ways of the Light, it bored him. Instead, Ian would pick up a simple Iron sword, and shield. He would build his strength, learn how to efficiently wield and use a sword and shield. He would grow up in the ways of the Warrior. Ian respected the ways of the Clerics and Brotherhood of Northshire, but he must go his own direction. The clerics and Brotherhood of Northshire respected Ian's decision and gave him their blessing to continue with his training. Naturally, Ian would become older, have more experience as a Warrior and would later be recruited ino the ranks of an Alliance army who were named "The Avengers." The Avengers goal's were quite simple, Avenge any oppressing members of The Alliance who were under siege against the ferocious Horde. As strong as Ian had became, he was just one, of many in The Avengers Alliance Army. Many wars and fights Ian had experienced, which just made him an even stronger, expertised, warrior. The Avengers leader Worene was stationed near Stormwind City, when a bird would fly threw a window. "Who goes there?" Worene said. The bird would show her true form and transform into a Night Elf. "I have come to deliver a message to you by The Grand Marshal Tremblade of Stormshield, Ashran." Worene was a bit shaken up, but instead of yeling at the top of his lungs, he would bite his lip and then mutter "okay, go on! What is the message? and What is your name?" The druid would respond "My name is Kyndria, and our Marshal's message is this: WE ARE UNDER SIEGE BY HORDE FORCES AND NEED PROTECTORS OF THE ALLIANCE." It was only Worene and Kyndria who were speaking with each other and Worene may have had a sweat roll from brow.. Never has he felt this nervous about a message. He has been in hundreds of wars and sieges, but never has he had the opprotunity to join the Stormshield forces of Ashran. Worene responded "Alright! Tell your Marshal that i will send reinforcements to Avenge the Alliance!" Kyndria nodded at him, went back into Flight form, and fly back out without another word. Ian was sleeping at the time, he had been tired from today's training. A few seconds later, a guard would rush to where Ian lived, knocked heavily on his front door, and wake up Ian from his deep sleep. "What is the problem now?!" Ian yelled as he opened his door. The Guard who woke him simply said "Worene needs you to report to him immediately!" Ian would gather his belongings and report to Worene's Headquarters near Stormwind city. When Ian got to the headquarters, Worene whistled to the guards and would rush Ian right to him. "What in Elunes name is going on now?!" Ian yelled at Worene. "We have been summoned by a Grand Marshal from Ashran who needs our immediate attention. "Ian, this is not a simple fight with troggs or goblins, this is a siege from The Horde, and we dont know how many there are." With a grin on Ian's face, he would respond "Then lets go out and avenge the Alliance!" Worene smiled, he knew Ian would be up for the cause, he just needed to summon his remaining army, and ultimatelyy head into Ashran. Whether Worene or Ian knew it or not, they would not return to their beloved homeland.. to be continued.Mötorhead9 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A] <Sworn Enemy> WPVP-PVP-PVE "We're creepy and we're kooky, mysterious and spooky, we're altogether ooky, so join <Sworn Enemy>, we kill Horde when we see them, make them run and scream, if this sounds fun then PM, and join <Sworn Enemy>." We are a semi-casual guild featuring: WPVP- Ganking, faction leader kills, etc. PVP- BG's, drunk bg's and hopefully some casual RBG's soon PVE- ToS Normal and then Heroic, mythic keystone dungeons. Discord, repairs, all levels welcome !Charfang3 Aug 17
Aug 17 <Timeless> Recruiting to fill Mythic Roster We are an Alliance PvE guild in need of a few exceptional players to refill our mythic team after losing a few core members. We have previously cleared 7/7M EN (CE), 3/3M ToV (CE), and 10/10M NH (CE). Currently 4/9 M ToS. We are in need of one tank, a few ranged DPS, and one healer (Rdruid preferred). Contact an officer in-game if you are interested, and for more information about the guild. Casual players who don't want to raid mythic are also welcome! Officer Contacts - Kaeva (Kaeva#11816) (GM) Nyrona (m4tth4x#1247) Czero (Zero#110483) Arnogar (Noren#1108) Coffee (Coffeepot#1382)Nyrona1 Aug 17
Aug 17 Returning player, Returning player here looking for a active guild. I'm not a fan of cesspool guilds (Auto-invite stuff) as I've had toxic experiences. I used to raid back in LK and quit when Cata came out. I started a fresh account and will be freezing exp taking things slowly enjoying all the changes. I would love some company along the way because I'm getting a tad lonesome. Whisper me in-game and we'll see if it's a fit! Thanks :)Fraymor6 Aug 17
Aug 16 [RP] The Coming of the Tide Arendelle Aquagaze sat quietly in her tent, contemplating the bloodbath to come. Battle had become a common occurrence as of late for the self-proclaimed “Alliance Empire”, a crew of battle hardened mercenaries with a vendetta against the treacherous Horde. This day was little different than any other, and yet Arendelle felt restless. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, she missed her home. It had been years since she’d sat out on this journey, and after many of them were spent living among the humans even her dwarven accent had lost some of its flavor. She missed her mother and father, and the quiet simplicity of life among the wilds of the Hinterlands. Such comforts were beyond her reach these days, as an entire regiment of Horde soldiers made their camp across the narrow valley from their own. In the morning their armies would clash, and death would fall over the valley like a shroud as men and women from both sides laid down their lives for a never ending conflict between red and blue. For now, Arendelle laid back on her fur-lined cot and tried to calm her thoughts. She began to look back on her life; all of the events and decisions that had led to this moment. As she closed her eyes in a vain attempt at sleep, she replayed the memories in her mind and drifted back to those earlier times in the hills near Aerie Peak. ******************************************************************* The young dwarven girl stood sheepishly before a small crowd of friends and family who’d gathered before her cottage. Casually brushing her scarlet hair to the side, the dwarven youth’s ocean-blue eyes flashed with excitement as her father emerged from the group with a small basket under his arm. Kardrin Aquagaze smiled warmly as he gently placed the basket before his daughter and backed away, and watched as the girl rush forward to claim her prize. Peeking inside, Arendelle gazed into the eyes of the small gryphon hatchling within. The infant creature cooed in response, and Arendelle lifted her new avian companion for the onlooking crowd and hugged it firmly. Cheers and applause followed, and the girl had never felt so alive. The gryphon in her arms would be her closest ally for the rest of her life, and as her mother and father stood watching proudly, she couldn’t help but feel as though this day was the beginning of something very important that she had yet to fully understand. “What’re ye gonna name it, lass?” The girl’s mother, Aedrea, asked softly. “Aye! Tha’s a fine gryphon ye got there. She needs a name, lassie. Take yer time, and listen t’ what yer heart tells ye.” Her father added. Arendelle’s eyes cut skyward as she pondered. Gazing out over the landscape of the surrounding Hinterlands, a small gleam through the trees caught her eye. It was the unmistakable shimmering of sunlight on the water, as the last light of day sat over Valorwind Lake in the distance. The girl had spent many an afternoon splashing through the crystal clear water of that lake, and lounging lazily on its shores with her uncle Halven, the village shaman. She felt an unmistakable connection to the place, and she was always happiest when near the water. Looking at her newly hatched gryphon, the girl spoke. “Valorwind. ‘Er name is Valorwind.” The girl said confidently. “Like th’ lake?” Her father asked, slightly confused. Arendelle nodded in reply, and the baby gryphon squawked softly in apparent approval of her newly chosen title. The celebration, however, didn’t last for long. Cries rang out in the distance as the rumble of hundreds of marching feet thundered beyond the treeline. “Attackers! We’re bein’ attacked! Arms yerselves laddies!” The cry came from further up the hill toward Aerie Peak. When the encroaching army came into view, Arendelle gasped. She had heard the stories, as many had, of otherworldly invaders that had ransacked a human kingdom to the south and battled their cousins in the Highlands, but she never could have imagined what she gazed upon now. Hulking, green brutes with eyes glowing red with fury burst forth with axes and mauls the size of any two dwarves. On this day, the Horde had come to the Hinterlands.Arèndèll2 Aug 16
Aug 16 2/9 Mythic TOS Needs MW MONK <The Syndicate> is 2/9 Mythic TOS and looking for a quality Mistweaver Monk to join our team!! We raid Tues and Wed 7pm-10pmish server time. Please send in game mail to Feminísta ( í = alt 161) or Femnizzle for more information to try out! Must have logs on warcraftlogs.com for heroic and normal runs; AOTC preferred, but will consider anyone with excellent logs to show skill. We will also consider high quality dps Hunters and Shamans to join our raid team. Must have good logs that can be seen on warcraftlogs.comFeminísta0 Aug 16
Aug 16 [H]<Transcend> 8/10M NH, 3/9M ToS <Transcend> Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 3/9M 9/9 H We are a social and friendly 2 day weekday raiding guild two-night a week guild. Raid times are 10pm-1am CST Wednesday-Thursday (11pm-2am EST, 8pm-11pm PST). We are currently looking for resto shaman, rogue, and any healer/dps players. We expect such players to have mastery of both specs and be willing to switch when needed on a per boss basis in mythic. Exceptional players of any class or roles will always be given consideration. If you're interested in applying please visit our website: http://transcendemeralddream.enjin.com/forum/m/30883462/viewforum/8559945 Don't hesitate to contact one or more of our officers listed below through Battle.net with any questions. Officer Btags: Val#12996 Barwan#1278 Kura#1606 GM/RL: Nexhawk#1988Natascha7 Aug 16
Aug 16 <global warming> LF savage pvpers Small group of homies looking for people to pvp it up with, anything from instanced to wpvp and we're mostly a late night guild. Feel free to btag me Griz#11232 REAL SAVAGES ONLYGríz19 Aug 16
Aug 15 ED Horde MONK LF GUILD Hello, I'm interested in joining a Horde PVE raiding guild. I'm a 916 MW / 916 WW Monk. I prefer to play MW and am looking to join a guild that raids on FRI/Sat if at all possible however, I don't mind switching to WW for certain fights here and there. I lost my spot in the guild I was currently in because, quite frankly I couldn't make the times. I'm not interested in RP at all, that being said if there's a raiding guild out there that needs me I would be able to tolerate it as I'm sure you don't do it whilst raiding. I can do very very light RP. Thank you, BreathableBreathable3 Aug 15
Aug 15 bucket list for live shows Neither gf or I have ever been frequent concert go-ers, but before she stops performing we'd kill to go see Sia live. We live in NY and I think we'll eventually have to travel half way across the world to see a show live. Anyone else have a band / artist on their list they don't want to miss out on?Tolvashoc14 Aug 15
Aug 15 [RP] Clarity in Madness Cold. Dark. Buried deep beneath Azjol-Nerub, neither the light of day nor the warmth of life could be found in such a forsaken place. Quiet. Still. The cave carved out of frozen earth and stone was a practically a tomb. Frozen gore was scattered across the dark stone, and in the center of the room was a throne made of frozen blood. Dark magic seeped from the throne, and beneath the frozen exterior, it seemed as though the blood within was flickering madly like a mirage. On the throne sat the Darkfallen Lord, Galthuin Palewind, his eyes closed as he sat slumped in the seat with his hands folded in front of his mouth. A couple feet in front of him, a small, black crystal sat on the ground, propped up by three needles of ice. Slowly, what looked a faint, purple mist seemed to creep across the ground towards the crystal. The energies grew darker and stronger as more power was drawn into the crystal, a vortex of void magic forming on the ground. Galthuin’s eyes snapped open. He stood up from his throne and reached out towards the crystal with dark magic. A tendril of magic whipped out at Galthuin and struck him in the face, splitting his cheek open. Galthuin snarled as the dark blood seeped from the wound. He reached back with his off hand and turned the throne back into liquid. The blood danced around him before being wreathing around his arms and hands. With a surge of power, Galthuin poured into the crystal, with each step he took, the screaming energies flew about more violently. “I must know… I must…” Galthuin reached out with both hands. “…see!” From all around the room, shadow fiends crawled out of the ground and started slithering towards Galthuin and crystal. Galthuin muttered a dark incantation and several soul fragments flew out of the crystal and shot in all directions, obliterating the shadow fiends. Galthuin roared over the tormented wails of the crystal, before finally collapsing down upon it, both of his hands shattering the ice needles that it had been propped up on. Everything grew quiet, but not like before. Now, there was a distinct hum in the air, as all the void energies that had been summoned simply stopped, as if frozen in time. The crystal slowly floated into the air in front of Galthuin. He looked up at it, the wonder of a child lighting his face. “I see…” Galthuin mumbled. “I see!” He reached out and touched a single clawed finger on the crystal, and suddenly his vision went black. His mind tumbled endlessly, until suddenly his vision was filled with the glory of the cosmos. The nature of the divine flashed before his eyes, all the secrets of the void dashing into and then out of his vision as if shot out of a cannon. It vanished from his mind as fast as it entered, like a waterfall endlessly refilling a cup. 
“I… can’t…” Galthuin thought. “I can’t… hold on.” Despair, briefly made it’s way into Galthuin’s mind, followed by anger and frustration. Summoning all of his will, he brought the visions to a halt. Everything went black again. Then, he felt a presence. Far and distant, a presence that loomed far above the old gods, one that made them look like hapless children. Horror gripped Galthuin, as he felt in his mind something far beyond the cosmos and the depths of reality. His mind writhed in panic. Desperation took him. He felt as though a million giant eyes had turned towards him. He felt small, and powerless. Drowning in the vast sea of the presence, Galthuin could feel only one thing now. Not despair. Not fear. Something that eluded both. Insignificance. In a sickening flash, Galthuin found his mind back in his body. His eyes focused on the icy ceiling above him. He sat up and looked forward. The crystal was sitting on the ground, quiet and still. He stared at it for several minutes, not moving. Finally, he stood up and walked over towards it. He bent down and picked it up. It felt wrong to put it back in his pocket. It felt as though it was an individual now, one that had seen his darkest secrets. He realized now, this crystal wasn’t merely a weapon to be wielded, or a trinket of the old gods. It was a means of communion. A means of divine insight. After a moment, he put the crystal in his pocket at his belt. This didn’t change his plans for the Vanguard, but it certainly changed his perspective. The happenings of mortals meant nothing. Ascension was paramount now. True immortality would mean growing far stronger than the Old Gods… Galthuin had a tall ladder to climb.Galthuin1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Returning RPer looking for home [A] Evening all, I have been RPing in WoW off and on (more on than off) since Vanilla. My gaming community shifted to ESO shortly after Legion's launch, and is still happily RPing there but I'm just not getting into the immersion of that world. So I am back, looking for some RPers to connect with! Ideally, I would like to find a Kalimdor based guild (that general aesthetic at least), while not being restricted to a specific race. But from a brief browsing of the forums and what seem to be active guilds, the only ones over there are nelf only. =( Is there anything out there that is active and would fit those criteria? If not, I'm open to any friendly and active RP community. I do have an interest in PVE and PVP, but with a limited time constraint (toddler, one on the way, and frequent Overwatch) I'm realistically just in it for the RP. Thanks!Dasha2 Aug 15
Aug 14 Level 70 twink guild (horde) <Kakorraphiaphobia> is a brand new 70 twink guild now recruiting all types of twinks for PvP/PvE action! No real requirements besides being level 70! We are very new and very small atm but all of our players are really active! If you are interested stop by the server and whisper either Aqillos/Arríètty/VêndetoMacedonian80 Aug 14
Aug 13 No more sharding in old zones. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758556541?page=9#post-165Cortech35 Aug 13
Aug 12 The Walking Dead Are there any TWD fans left out there? When season 7 aired, I speculated that the only thing left for season 8 was for Rick to die. That would be the only way to top the season 7 opener. http://us.blastingnews.com/showbiz-tv/2017/05/walking-dead-season-8-spoilers-major-character-death-speculated-001726343.html You just never know.Boadicea19 Aug 12
Aug 12 [H] <Funky Fresh Boyz> 8/9H Recruitment Hey guys! :) The <Funky Fresh Boyz> is a guild on Emerald Dream seeking to recruit players to join us for current content raiding or just to hang out with! In terms of raiding, we mainly need Heals and DPS but all are welcome to join. No server hop required. After we full clear heroic, we have the intention of proceeding into mythic, which will require a transfer. Our raid times are: - 7pm server (8pm EST) to 10pm server (11pm EST) - For heroic: Tuesday and Wednesday - Normal difficulty raids will be held on the weekend and will be used for gearing alts or trials Here is our current progress for this tier: Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 N 7/9 H We also run old content raids weekly for legendaries, AP farm, or just for fun! In addition to this, we run past expansion content for transmogs, achievements, or mounts. If you are interested in joining us, even if you are on a different server, please reply to this forum post or add one of our battletags: Rissa#1375/Mei#1133/Bryan#11316 Feel free to ask any questions below! ^_^Mandîngo0 Aug 12
Aug 12 Anyone know of any undead rp guilds? titleGríz16 Aug 12
Aug 12 [H] LF 'evil' based RP guild PVP/PVE Just wondering if there are any guilds that RP like this. Most of them lean towards the side of good and light. Are there any evil based or potentially evil based horde RP guilds?Kuja6 Aug 12
Aug 12 ED-Ally 9/9N, 2/9H LF Heals/Range Tues/Sun Greetings All! Go Team on Emerald Dream-Alliance-US is looking to recruit both healers and ranged to our guild. All ranged are welcome and we are currently looking to pick up a rsham or rdruid to add to our healer team. As mentioned above, we raid Tuesday/Sundays at 9pm server time, with usually a casual spirited Friday night raid! Guild age range consists of 20-30 something's, with players residing in the US and Canada. We generally don't tolerate poor spirited folks or drama-queens regardless of skill level. Our discord channel is quite active and majority of folks are down for running the weekly m+ 12-15 for them sweet (lol) weekly chests. If interested, please message this thread! Linking warcraftlogs always helps and feel free to review my own logs to get an idea of our current pace! (mogwyn-ed-us-a). Mogwyn out!Mogwyn16 Aug 12
Aug 12 The Syndicate Mythic TOS Recruitment The Syndicate Raid Team 2 is 9/9 heroic and looking to fill up a 20 man raid for Mythic Progression on the Emerald Dream realm. 1 tank spot 2-3 heal spots 4-6 DPS spots Raid times are 7-10 pm Thursday and Friday Server time Raid team 1 is 2/9 Mythic, and all Raid team 2 members are encouraged to sign up as substitutes for Raid team 1 Mythic Progression. Send in-game mail to Femnizzle-Emerald Dream for more information or to be invited to try out for the Mythic Progression team Thurs/FridayFemnizzle0 Aug 12
Aug 12 Looking for Night Guild Hey guys. Looking to join a guild thats active during the night time hours (preferably social) like 12am to 8am server. Right now im a 879 BM (Gearing). Interested in all things PVE and PVP. Hit me upFatalscroll6 Aug 12
Aug 11 @brontar, @ithaca, @roxey I miss all of you.Satisfacshün1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Resolve 2.0 Everyone knows that Resolve has been housing more and more TYRANTS over the past couple months. - A good 90% of their members are tyrants. - The tendency to favor tank style in wpvp. - Allowing their members to be tyrants and terrorize the community. But, now they are sealing the deal with a complete disregard for ERP by hitting Goldshire. Our guild has seen an influx of TYRANTS ever since Princess Meeps went into hiatus. This leaves a few to fight the tyrants and we are overwhelmed. We are not afraid of a fight, but to be mid ERP and have a raid of Resolve members, who abuse their tyrannical powers interrupt my ERP is a shame. It's truly sad that a once non tyrannical guild has decided to carry Joseph Stalin's torch into the future.Madàlu34 Aug 11
Aug 11 Hosting RP event for new-comers 10 P.M Server tonight, I would like whoever is interested to show up and perhaps introduce those of you who would like to get involved with RP. We will start with a basic introduction. I have only dabbled in Role-play a few times since ive joined the great Emerald Dream two years ago. This will be my first time hosting an event of its kind, so any help would be appreciative. I would like for it to be in Orgrimmar near the Valley of wisdom. For those who are interested or have questions feel free to add this character, or my battletag: Blacksabbath#11187Mötorhead11 Aug 11
Aug 11 <Purple Snakes> Recruiting H ToS <Purple Snakes> Is recruiting for our core raid team! Long time players who recently came back to Legion, looking for members for our progression team. We are laid back in the sense that we wont rage over wipes but expect mistakes to be acknowledged and fixed, if you are looking to progress through H ToS with us add my battletag Gillian#1355Uhtar0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Grizzly Hills Information Post ((General Information regarding the ongoing rp-pvp campaign, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Arn/sledgehammer or tarenor Hordeside, Raikino, Jalen, Tholdrim, alliance side! 1. Grizzly Hills is a no fly zone! period! it's understandable if you're flying to base, or watching a fight ooc, but if you are IC or pvping, YOU ARE ON THE GROUND! 2. The two main bases are Westfall Brigade Encampment (A) and Conquest Hold (H) though ally have a small presence at the Amberpine Lodge, and horde has some at Camp One'Qwah. 3. Spontaneous rp-pvp is always encouraged and enjoyed! via patrols, going to the contested zones and such. but always please try to even the numbers at one point so both sides can enjoy it! remember this is RP-PVP not pvpbro-time, so please refrain from camping/griefing. 4. Suggested Contested Zones are Blue Sky Logging Grounds, the mill between Conquest Hold and Amberpine, and of course VENTURE BAY! but remember, it can happen anywhere! 5. you may on occasion attack conquest hold/westfall brigade camp, but keep in mind these places for RP, so if you are going to attack with a large group, please try to contact the other side ooc first to make sure there is not an event going on! 6. Majority of events, and planning will be done via the RP-PVP campaign discord, so if your guild has not yet joined it, please contact the contacts above for an invite to it! 7. A one last reminder, This is ED, and it is a RP-PVP server, so expect pvp. while we're not condoning camping, please remember there is a difference between "pvp happened" and camping, we encourage everyone to RP in the zone, but don't expect to be safe, you want that leave the zone. Below posts will be Links to the IC propaganda posts that started this campaign as well as stories written by people in the campaign! I will also be adding some IC information. I will try to keep this updated but please have your rp guild join the discord to keep up with more fast developments! thanks!))Tarenor49 Aug 11
Aug 10 Be a Dreamer, not a Nightmare posting cause Thread got dropped: RP, and ED Community Member Here, I honestly just don't care who started all of the RP channel drama, and at this point I just wish both sides would drop it and move on. The entirety of the RP community is caught up in the cross fire of this, and that channel is actually used, both by the Experienced RPers and the those new to RP and looking to learn more, or meet others. The break down here is a simple apology on both side for some overreacting and being crappy to another human being. The channel was created with some simple rules and intentions. For those new to RP there is a post somewhere in this forum about those few rules that the RP community would appreciate that you use. New RPers, it always slide cause the community wants to help you with that, not hinder. If GM, and officers of ALL guilds hear of abuse of the channel or other gamers by griefing, those GMs should act and stop their members and/or remove them. On ED almost ALL major guilds respect that and fix them problem, and we RPers appreciate you for that, probably more than you know. Treat people with a little kindness and allow them enjoy the game, in their own way, (Unless its ERP lol, then report all you want, this is a game with children playing) To the RPers, if you have allowed all of this to suck you in and be petty or respond/overreact, shame on you. We are trying to build a thriving community and, no matter how "bad" it gets, you can be an adult and ignore and be the better person. We need non RPers cooperation as much as we need RPers to make it thrive and make it a heck of an experience for all. To the GMs of all involved. I hope that you get your people in check that are just going back and forth. To the RPers, in ANY guild, or those interested, even if you are "The Syndicate", if you honestly want to RP, and you are curious about the ins and outs, or want help to fix things. You can whisper me, I dont have a vast set of knowledge like some of the GM/Officers of guilds like Phoenix highaurd, Speedbarge, Redwood, Blackrock, or Resolve (to name a few). I will do my best to help you, and point you to who or where that will help you with your RP experience. ...But this "RP Channel" and this server are the reason why I revived how I play and my enjoyment for WoW over a 11 year span, and I would see it go back to his intended purpose. and shout outs to those on both sides that are taking whispers, and actually acting like humans and trying to get it all worked out. I appreciate you, and you willingness to talk. An Emerald DreamerSunlerinas8 Aug 10
Aug 9 A Call for War (Alliance Propaganda) ((This is the Alliance intro for the upcoming RP-PvP campaign in Northrend. Here's to the start of a wonderful campaign! Here's a link to the Horde version: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757628107 )) [Posters are nailed to call boards across Alliance territory, and rumors begin to stir of a conflict brewing far to the North.} Citizens of the Alliance, I call upon you in our most dire hour of need. While many of you fight boldly in the face of the Burning Legion’s invasion, those of us who remain behind face difficulties of our own. Here, in the frozen wastes of Northrend, sons and daughters of the Alliance still linger to secure our holdings from a war long since finished. Through correspondence with my superiors in the Eastern Kingdoms, I received word of the Horde’s abandonment of our king upon the Broken Shore, and memories of the Horde’s treachery at the Broken Front and the events at the Wrathgate immediately came to mind. Though many have moved on over the years, my men and I cannot. Every day I look out across this Light-forsaken continent and remember the faces of my fallen comrades. Today, I write to you with this warning: The Horde aggression from days gone by is no mere memory. Just yesterday, a scouting group on route to Grizzly Hills from Valgarde was savagely attacked; the crude warspears of the local Horde-affiliated taunka still firmly planted in their corpses. Last week, the guards on duty beyond the walls were drug away screaming into the nearby treeline, and few escaped with their lives. Supplies run short as our trade routes are hit daily, with no survivors to speak of. Our scouts report that the Horde are gathering in Conquest Hold, and it appears they are preparing for war. Grizzly Hills itself, and the wealth of lumber and resources found within its confines, are invaluable to Alliance interests. If we allow the orcish wretches to gain full control of the area, our presence on this continent would soon be at an end. Hear me now, brothers and sisters. Though the battle on the Broken Isles rages on, the honorless curs of the Horde still seek to undermine us even in the face of global extinction. With the bulk of the Alliance military occupied elsewhere, our fortresses would not withstand a direct assault from the gathered Horde and taunka tribes. We need your help! Any forces you can spare should be sent northward at once, before all we’ve fought and bled for here is lost. Make no mistake friends, war is soon coming to Northrend. When that day comes, will you answer the call? For the Alliance! Sincerely, Commander Conrad Wilhelm Krohgin56 Aug 9
Aug 9 Ask your spirit guide (In rp fashion I've decided to use my dead character former chieftain Tanahrok of the Redwood Tribe for this sort of rp question thread. How it works: Your character will setup the situation that they would either look for direct guidance; or the are in Kilgore, thunder bluff or stone talon where a general question would be asked. Context is important so you do just need to setup the entire setting. My spirit will answer in one form or another)Tanahrok26 Aug 9
Aug 9 <Knights of Wrynn>, returned. The <Knights of Wrynn> is one of Emerald Dream's oldest and most storied role-playing guilds. We were members of the original AEC, and have existed since WOTLK. We've been gone far too long, and it's time for a re-opening. Our story is simple. Originally led by Grand Marshall Dreadmane, we were an order sworn to the Alliance, Stormwind, and the Wrynn bloodline. Members would dedicate themselves to the cause with the ultimate goal of achieving their own Knighthood within our order. With Dreadmane missing, and the death of King Varian Wrynn, Myis Valestrider has decided to dust off his old black cloak and bring the order back. We are not a regular rank and file military guild, as every member's goal is to achieve his or her own Knighthood through their own personal trials and quests. Knights are their own free agents, and the order serves as a brotherhood. As the Alliance, and Azeroth as a whole is shaken and battle-worn, so is the resurgence of the Knights of Wrynn. With a less formal foundation, our core structure stands: Page - A page is a brand new recruit, with a short probation period. They earn their place after a few days. Squire - The squire is the bulk member and where everyone begins their journey. As a squire you are full-fledged member. Errant - Once you've become an Errant, you begin your journey. Every Errant will eventually begin their personal Knighthood quest, and receive a public Knighting ceremony once they have made their way. Knight - The ultimate goal of each member, and a title they can say they've earned. Knights are the pillars of our guild. (We do not intend to conflict with lore and do not imply our members are Knights of Stormwind. We knight on our own accords). Knight Captain - Knight Captains are Knights who wish to become mentors and leaders, and assist with the structuring of the guild and its members. Knight Lord - Knight Lords are the highest achievable officer rank, with some exceptions. Knight Lords will assist in decision making and be absolute representations of the Knights of Wyrnn. Field Marshal - Field Marshals exist outside the regular rank structure and are normally held by only a few members. Grand Marshal - Grand Marshal Dreadmane is our guild master. Personal Knight quest: Each members goal is to ultimately become a Knight, and conquer their own trials and tribulation based on their character and their strengths and weaknesses. They will be tested and recognized for their achievements. They will have their own quest and goals to achieve to become a Knight within the order. Every member of our guild is a member of a fraternity, rather than a military styled guild, and we stand for and with the entire Alliance, and for our king Anduin Wrynn. We want to bring out role-play presence back to Emerald Dream, and offer an experience that was around in the height of World of Warcraft. If you're interested in helping the reformation of one of Emerald Dreams oldest guilds, please message Myis in game.Myis2 Aug 9
Aug 9 [RP] Cactus The hot sun beat down upon the lone adventurer as she stood gazing out across the desolate region known as the Badlands. She turned to her left noticing a cactus amid the barren wasteland's backdrop. "Did she see me!", the cactus pondered. "Of course she did, she is here to save me and take me to far away lands and we shall be together forever!" The adventurer strode towards the cactus patch, observing for a moment the menacing needles adorning the majestic plant. The cactus, if it had eyes, would have peered longingly at draenei, but cacti don't, so it had to be content with imagining that such a thing actually occurred. The draenei reached out a hand as if to caress a patch of needleless rugged skin of the cactus. The draenei smiled and the cactus felt a surge of emotion well up within it. She was its savior, the time had come! The draenei swiftly drew her sword and chopped the cactus in half, lowered a flask and retrieved a bit of water, took a sip, and wandered off into the sunset. The cactus lay in pieces, its heart torn asunder, its dreams crushed under the unforgiving sun, doomed to forever be a cactus.Stiletto56 Aug 9
Aug 8 DH lfg RBGs (horde) 1900cr DH fc/dps looking to do a bunch of games these last weeks before the season ends. I'm free most nights so add me if you need an fc or dps. Bacon#11597Nekomamushi2 Aug 8
Aug 8 [H] <The Sunwing> Blood Elf RPPvE DPS & Heals A Call for Action Evaelrie Sunspell sat at her desk, quietly jotting down the day’s entries. From the corner of her eye, a familiar silhouette approached from the entrance of the study - Rhaiv Savvaren, her trusted advisor and dearest friend. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, “You should take a look at this, Eva. We have followers who continue to believe in our cause and wish us to raise our banner once more.” She lifted her quill as he slid a document under it. She sat back in her chair slightly as she read the heading. “Reinstatement of... The Sunwing?” she said slowly. She leaned forward to scanned over the details. “The request of our followers is clear,” Rhaiv explained. “They search for the hope and community The Sunwing once brought them.” “By the Light of the Sunwell,” she said quietly, half to herself. After reading over the document more thoroughly, and with a reassuring nod of agreement from her advisor, she signed it. “As they wish. Let The Sunwing rise from the ashes once more!” “However, Rhaiv, my dearest friend,” she continued. “This time… let the journey be one we share together. This time, I would like you to stand by side not as my advisor, but as my equal.” She passed him the quill and turned the paper towards him. “Please accept.” He took the quill from her and bowed slightly. “As you wish,” he said before signing his name next to hers. ((We are ecstatic that our return has been met with such interest and enthusiasm! We truly thank you, Emerald Dream, for the warm welcome back! For those of you who are not familiar with us, The Sunwing was very active during Mists of Pandaria and may be remembered by members of WPvP guilds that were around at that time as the first line of defense in Silvermoon City. We coordinated many events with guilds such as The Sunsworn, Phoenix Highguard and Division VII (when they were still Horde) just to name a few. We set out to create a guild atmosphere where people from all play styles can join and feel at home with us. We are a guild for players who just want to simply have fun doing whatever content they enjoy most whether it is RP, WPvP, or PvE. We are here to have fun and hope you will join us!)) RP Our guild story, ranks and roles (both IC and OOC) can now be found on our website! PvE The Sunwing Raid Team has begun its progression journey! If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you! Raid: Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Server Time (Central) Currently recruiting: DPS (any spec/class) Healers (any spec/class) Restoration Druid Restoration Shaman PvP We are first and foremost an RPPvE guild. However, we do try to maintain some line of defense for Silvermoon City and its surrounding forests. To apply or for more information: www.TheSunwing.ca Or please contact: Evaelrie#1783 (BTag) / Evaelrie#6559 (Discord) Rhaiv#1453 (BTag) / Rhaiv#8349 (Discord)Evaelrie31 Aug 8
Aug 8 Any Guilds here doing legacy content? I recently rerolled a new toon to try and get some of the older raids done as close to the recommended level as possible as I missed out on a lot of content since i only started near the end of MoP. any guilds out there that do this kind of stuff some what regularly?Enyx0 Aug 8
Aug 8 Death Knight WPvP Something I have been interested for a little bit was getting some DK's together and doing some WPvP. To add, would even be better we if we could some Horde DK's to go up against. If anybody would be interested let me know and we will throw a date and time together.Deàthchàrge2 Aug 8
Aug 8 Grizzly Hills War Stories Submit an In Character account of any battles, skirmishes, mission or any encounter that your character has experienced in the Grizz. Please try to keep it short and In Character. Go!Jimmirus34 Aug 8
Aug 8 <Bolvars Vanguard> RP/WPvP <Bolvars Vanguard> Who are we? We are a RP World PvP guild that operates on both the Horde and Alliance side to accommodate for similar interests under one banner. What's the theme? As the name indicates we will be a Scourge based military organization working for the greatest of Kings, Bolvar! That's right, under the new Lich King we shall unite all of Azeroth under one banner and finally put an end to suffering, to senseless wars, under the Scourge we shall all be made equals and defend Azeroth from the perils of the Burning Legion. So is it DK only? Absolutely not! We welcome all who would worship Bolvar as their savior. Be ye a Priest, a Warlock, or even a filthy paladin, we welcome you into our fold. We will have 2 branches that will work in union with each other to carry out the will of the Lich King. The neo Cult of the Damned, and the Lichborne. EDIT: WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWING DEMON HUNTERS! Warlocks are hard enough to explain, but they at least use necromancy. Demon Hunters are Fel specific and due to their masters attacks on our Throne in the past we have not forgotten, and we will not forgive. Ok but what are the requirements? We're accepting of most playstyles. If you have a backstory or any RP questions to see how you'd fit in we would be happy to do a background check! All we ask for everyone to be respectful of each other and be willing to learn what we're about. EDIT: To reiterate, we are RP first and foremost! Do not join just for the PvP, come with an interest to RP and a desire to learn more about the new Scourge that Bolvar is raising. Ok we get it, you RP, but what about PvP? If you want to do RBGs, random BGs, Premades, Rated Arenas, then come on in! The hope and dream is that we foster an environment that is focused on building each other up, learn to lead others, and most importantly we will be focused on WPVP. That's right folks, picture it now! A battalion of DK's backed with healers, spellcasters, and soldiers of the Scourge, it will be glorious. Sounds pretty scummy. Zerg guild confirmed? Not at all, the dream I have is to have 32 DKs and 8 healers all in one group to BREAK zergs. Think of it as an Anti Zerg Battalion! Most of our WPvP will be broken down into groups of 2,5, and 10. We like it small to medium sized (wink wink, nudge nudge). Interesting, so how do I join? Shoot me or one of our officers a message! You'll be looking for Dremirin, Tylissius, Connlan, or Tinken. "In Death, all will serve."Dremirin418 Aug 8
Aug 8 [H] Mistweaver Monk LF Guild (Non-RP) Hello, Im currently LF a guild to hang around with. My goal is to raid, but my time is kind of limited. Most times I would only be able to raid on the weekend. Im looking for something that is laid back but is able to get the job done (whatever that job might be). I keep my roleplaying to D&D so I dont do any of that here and I dont really pvp, although I dont mind the occasional BG or Alliance hunt. Ilvl 909, MW Monk. Thanks for your time! PS: If youre curious about my experience, I was a resto shaman from BC-MoP, and resto druid in Legion up until recently, I decided that MW is much more my style of healing.Drojja1 Aug 8