Emerald Dream

Mar 18 [H] Scarredmaw Tribe [All-Tauren RP-PVP] A manifesto appears on Call Boards across major Horde outposts almost overnight. The letter, hand-stamped into what appears to be kodohide leather, reads: ...The missive ends with a stamped sigil: a great totem, carved in the shape of a tauren's head, with three scars across its snout. For better or worse, it would appear the Scarredmaw have returned. WHO WE ARE: <The Scarredmaw Tribe> was a tauren-centric RP-PvP guild, originally founded by Yorrem in the last stretch of Cataclysm. The guild gained a fair amount of traction midway through Mists of Pandaria, eventually growing into the largest tauren-centric guild of the expansion. Real-life events drew many of us away from the guild for a very long time (officers included), and so the original guild was usurped and lost. The tribe reformed in the Legion pre-patch as <Scarredmaw Tribe>, and after a cycle of real life once again kicking us all down, we're stepping back to the plate with our own flavour of spicy, 100% all-beef tauren RP! WHAT WE DO: /moo. In all seriousness: we roleplay, we do world PvP, and we'll be doing Mythic+ content (maybe even... raids...). One distinct thing we hope to do in this (third?) iteration of Scarredmaw is to continue to improve on what I feel was our strongest point in Mists of Pandaria: aggressive, honourable tauren RP-PVP. That doesn't mean there will be any lack of Rites, rituals, peaceful gatherings, or infamous Scarredmaw peace pipe parties. It just means we'll be striving to always act in accordance to our end goals of protecting & preserving everything tauren. The original Scarredmaw Tribe made much of its name as guardians of Kalimdor: the Stonehoof Warpath & our constant (and incredibly fun) war with Sentinels of the Blade were evidence of this goal. Today's Scarredmaw Tribe are still guardians- not just of Kalimdor, but of tauren and tauren interests across Azeroth. Whether it's pushing back Alliance insurgents in the Barrens or cleaving through drogbar traitors in Highmountain, Scarredmaw will endeavour to have its agents serving tauren interests across this world (and beyond).Matohe21 Mar 18
Mar 17 Summary of RP OOC Disclaimer: ((So, I have been gone for six months or more and I'm planning on coming back soon. This summary is more for me and my RP than anything else, and I plan to expand on it later. Writing this whole RP in great detail would be a short story in and of itself and I just don't have the energy for that right now. This brief summary covers my character, Duncan Lightheart's past six months and why he's going to show up with a Radiant Weapon. **Which is a purely head cannon thing of an Ashbringer/Light's Wrath type of weapon. Not trying to be OP, I just think they are badass.** Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this anyway, even though it is a bit dry.)) It was after the Ebon Blade’s unexpected attack on Light’s Hope Chapel. Most of the senior knights had gone to Netherlight temple to protect the priest’s order against an attack by the Burning Legion. Duncan had fought bravely against the Death Knights of the Ebon Blade, but their numbers were too great and eventually they overwhelmed the Silver Hand. But the Light itself intervened and stopped their insidious plan of resurrecting Tirion into undeath. Back at his home in Old Town, Duncan looked at his blade. It had been shattered by a Death Knight’s Rune Blade. The half-elf frowned at the shards. The great claymore had been given to him for exemplary service as a knight during the third war and he earned it several times over in the years to come. But there was hope yet for an even greater weapon. During the fighting, after Duncan’s blade had been broken, he channeled the full force of the Light against his adversary. It shattered the Death Knight’s blade and forced her to retreat. In those corrupted shards was a crystal filled with evil as dense as a black hole. As powerful in the Light as Duncan was, he wasn’t able to touch it at all. But he was able to magically seal the stone in a box and he took it with him. The rumors of the Ashbringer had long been discussed by scholars of the Light. Where had that original stone come from? Even more disturbing was the rumor floating around that the Scarlet Crusade managed to find a similar object. Was this stone Duncan now had a similar artifact of evil? Could it be purified and used as a catalyst for a Radiant Blade? The Paladin had no idea but with the Legion invading and his own supposed allies attacking, Duncan wasn’t sure who to trust. All he knew is that for the moment, he wanted to keep this dark stone a secret. For weeks he toiled over studying the stone. Like the rumors had suggested, he attempted to purify the stone with the Light. Nothing happened, however, and he figured that this stone either was not the right kind, or he simply wasn’t enough. But could he go to anyone else? Could he trust anyone at the moment? He thought he could trust Arthas, but it was his own prince who laid waste to both his homes. He thought he could trust his fellow Paladins, but they turned against him in their quest for vengeance and formed the Scarlet Crusade. And more recently, he thought he could trust the Ebon Blade, but they turned against the Silver Hand also out of fear and desperation. No, this was a task he must complete himself. The Legion had to be stopped, but their agents were everywhere, sowing fear and doubt. If word of this reached the Legion, Duncan’s plan to create a Radiant Blade would fail. With no other ideas, Duncan finally decided to pray over the stone day and night for fourteen days. In that time he did not eat. He did not drink. He did not sleep. All his attention and focus was purely on the stone as he channeled the Light into it non-stop. No matter how tired he felt or how exhausted, he carried on. A weapon like this could turn the tide of the battle. Finally, at the end of the fourteenth day, he looked up from his prayer and saw the once evil stone gleaming pure Light. He remembered feeling a sense of jubilation right before he fell into a coma. A friend of his and comrade in the 73rd Company, Aydamaris, was growing increasingly worried at Duncan’s disappearance. She went to look for him in his home and found him lying there, mostly dead. She ignored the stone and took Duncan to a healer. For six months, Duncan lay in a coma. Ayda visited him often and tried to talk to him but the noble knight could not be reached. Then one day, he awoke from his seemingly endless sleep. Ayda was at his side at the time and when she saw him wake, she threw her arms around him tightly.Clärk2 Mar 17
Mar 17 Permanent Rp hubs Heya there! I was wondering if there would be anyway we could create a permanent rp hub like we are doing in the campaign. I know we have SMC and Blue recluse. What do you guys think of making cathedrial district a nice little hub as well, we could promote guilds and have guild banners up. ( I know WRA and MG do this) it is nice for new comers from those RP servers to come see our rp. For Horde maybe Orgimmar where the Pandaria portal is in the district? I would love to see it happen in IF instead of SW for alliance if anyone has a preference.Jarthillon72 Mar 17
Mar 17 <Blackrock Clan> Heavy Rp-PvP (2017) "Gone are the days of glory, when orcs drank blood from the skull of their enemy. You have forsaken the Old Horde... I knew this day would come; but my clan will not submit, we will reach up Stormwind's skirt and take her ourself! We will summon deamons of old and spill their blood over cup! So bow down to your new Warchief Sylvanas, bend over and forget you are orc! The Dark Horde will never die, Azeroth is ours! " Warlord Ripgut <Blackrock Clan> www.blackrockclan.co Heavy RpPvP All Orc (War Themed / Chaotic Evil) Blackrock Clan is currently recruiting. We are a group of friends who love Rp and World PvP. Long time loyal fans of Warcraft that love the nostalgia of an old era. We offer a deep experience rich in lore in the life of a Blackrock Orc. We offer a website that our writers fill up with plenty of RP and we look forward to new faces. We are a member of the Rebuilt Dark Horde. Warchief Ripgut leads the united armies of: Blackrock Clan (All Orc) Skullreaver Clan (Orc, Troll, Goblin) Defilers of Arathor (Undead - Multi Race) The Dark Horde (Multi Race) Weekly Events Include: MEETING AT THE KEEP We reside in Stonewatch Keep of the Redridge Mountains. New member initiations, promotions, new reports, and plans of strikes on nearby Alliance cities. Weekly missions assigned to different Ranks. BLACKROCK BURLESQUE The working girls provide a night of entertainment for the clan. The Filthy Animal provides the location for gambling, drinking and dancers, come all guilds of the realm to a Blackrock hosted party and spend a night unwinding after a long week of war... TALES OF BLACKROCK Tales of a proud Orc history. Not all honorable Orcs were Blackrock come sit and listen to the tale of great and heroic lore only at the Tales of Blackrock... SONS OF BLACKROCK Weekly ride of Blackrock Bikers. Fire up your hog and bring your own Ale. Alliance scum are gonna be slaughtered on a path of terror as we crash bars from coast to coast killing and drinking and ridin'... Other events included on a less regular basis include Rituals at the Altar of Storms, Strikes and wpvp raids on Lakeshire and other Alliance cities, and makeshift RP at Stonewatch Keep. If you have further interest in joning Blackrock Clan visit our website then contact Co-GMs Ripgut and Jillah or a Raider (officer) to setup an In Character Interview. Bonekraka, Goretogg, Doggroth, Gromroxxar, Toothgrinn, Omargg, or Asho... Blood and Thunder Blackrock Bastards. May we serve mayhem and murder to all who oppose the glory of old. Long live the Dark Horde!Ripgut90 Mar 17
Mar 17 Beltway 8 Toll: I hate you Houston.Saelindine11 Mar 17
Mar 17 North East Snow Storm To those enduring this brutal snow storm in the north east, best of wishes from CNY. Driving to and from work is like traveling through a warzone, with abandoned cars and tractor trailers all over the place, yet they are nearly a part of the landscape as the snow drifts overtake the smaller vehicles.Tolvashoc29 Mar 17
Mar 17 From The Tales of Biblebro, Vol IV High health provides certainty, however low health provides possibility.Biblebro5 Mar 17
Mar 17 [H]<DOWN WITH THE TYRANTS> - RPPVP recruiting After a long, vicious civil war in the lands of Grom'gal, the two Tyrants Arn and Gigget exiled our glorious leader Facefondler from their lands. A revolution occurred, and many people followed Face, migrating back to Orgrimmar, to request assistance from Vol'jin to put down that Gurubashi TYRANT scum. With many casualties on both sides, Facefondler's band of loyal soldiers, calling themselves, DOWN WITH THE TYRANTS, finally started pushing back Arn's forces, in hope of reclaiming Grom'gal Base Camp, and eventually Stranglethorn. ((We are recruiting RP-PVPers who would like to participate in RP, and PVP, in the Stranglethorn area. If you are interested, shoot Facefondler, Chirs, Zakbrez, Gilaymon, or Varicia for info!))Faceembracer35 Mar 17
Mar 16 From The Tales of Biblebro, Vol V If you're winding up with trouble against Chronomatic Anomaly, a simple time out can do the trick.Biblebro1 Mar 16
Mar 16 Laptop Question for My Dreamers I have narrowed it down to two options: but before i choose may I ask your opinion? The price difference is about $70 Of the two which is better and will each handle wow? Grabbing a New Laptop... will this do? 2 options: 1: ... My other option is This: ...Alashar14 Mar 16
Mar 16 [A] <The Alliance Empire> is recruiting: < The Alliance Empire > is recruiting for those interested in world domination. Large to small scale WPVP; raiding, RBGs, mythic+'s, and other events. Join us as we destroy the Horde and conquer realm after realm. [Currently have an active presence on ED, Tichondrius, and Darkspear. Our calendars are synced, we phase into the same raids, and fight as 1 entity.]Bounties500 Mar 16
Mar 16 Mage Healing Spec. Chronomancy.Losayri9 Mar 16
Mar 16 [H RP-PvP-PvE]<Facehuggers Van>We have candy! <Facehuggers Van> is one of the newest guilds on ED. We are looking to expand and create a good community for RPers PvPer PvEers and in general any one who wants to join the guild. Unlike some guilds on the server who want only 18+ people in their guild to create a mature environment we here are <Facehuggers Van> like to keep the average member age lower but this does not mean just because you are older you will not get an invite you just need to be able to let go and let the kid in you come out. I mean this is a video game after all no need to be mad over it. No matter what you want to do in WoW we at <Facehuggers Van> will support you 100% of the way as you adventure on your journey through RP PvP PvE or even leveling. If you need help improving your skills we have people highly experienced in all aspects of WoW. Don't worry we wont call you a noob every one has to start some where. For and invite message Facehuger (GM) or Dakanor (Co-GM)Facehuger25 Mar 16
Mar 16 Need opinions So I got one of my favorite toys I've ever seen yesterday and I got to thinking. What if, with the new sub spec being immersed in shadow magic, I set this guy or another as having either a magic blade that requires the souls of its victims. Or a rogue who has dabbled too far into the shadow realm. Technically wailen is already a sociopath with a penchant for eating the living.Serothil13 Mar 16
Mar 16 LF GUILD I am a 897 Frost DK Main LF a small close knit Guild that is both focused on PVE Progression and RP. I can be on either Horde or Alliance but Alli would be easier if you have anything interesting let me know please ASAP. Just posting this again since the last one was late. Also if you want an easy way to contact me just find me on twitter @Finryx.Hadryon0 Mar 16
Mar 16 [H] SHAÐOW ORÐER 10/10H need 5-10 raiders. Hello all, SHAÐOW ORÐER is a laid-back guild that enjoys pushing progression 2 nights a week. We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM ST - 10PM ST. We are currently looking to find a small guild, or group of friends, looking to push into Mythic NH. We are currently 5/7M, 3/3H, and 10/10H. At this moment, we have a solid group of 10-15 raiders, but are looking to fill the last 5-10 spots for consistent progression nights on Mythic. On top of progression nights, we do weekly alt runs on Sundays, and many of us push Mythic +'s or PVP in the days between. Essentially, if you are a smaller guild that is having to PUG or 10 man H NH, we would love to join up with you to push some higher level content. Please feel free to message me, or contact me in-game, Brian#12457. Attached is a link to my logs, if you are interested in going through and seeing how the guild fares. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/16193271/latest/#metric=hps Best, LewdtenantLewdtenant4 Mar 16
Mar 16 Hide your precious pets I'm still alive. I bet everyone that knows me just got the chills on their back. Nice short and sweet message like you know what. *Signature Yammi laugh*Yammi65 Mar 16
Mar 16 LF GUILD (RP-PVE) I am a 897 Frost DK Main LF a small close knit Guild that is both focused on PVE Progression and RP. I can be on either Horde or Alliance but Alli would be easier if you have anything interesting let me know please ASAP.Finryx4 Mar 16
Mar 16 Session KDR, An addon to help improve pvp SessionKDR keeps track of your kill to death ratio for the session. It's a light weight program that takes your honorable kills for a session and divides them by your deaths and prints them in the chat whenever you kill someone or die! Notes: This program resets on each logout or login or when you reload your User Interface or UI. These are by honorable kills, so kill that do not yield honor (arena and low level) don't count. This measures honorable kills, not killing blows . This addon was created to help people die less and kill more with stats. https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/sessionkdrMageroyale6 Mar 16
Mar 16 HORSE http://i.imgur.com/skOdI99.mp4Bebbit12 Mar 16
Mar 16 top 5 rp guilds of all time 1.warsong battalion 2. chaos 3. abolition 4. the harrowing 5. resolve discussArashicage50 Mar 16
Mar 15 Massive wpvp event tonight I will not be there but all of the horde and alliance will fight in orgrimmar. Surfing will not fall.Arashicage5 Mar 15
Mar 15 Kaldorei Lore Compendium/RP guide Kaldorei (Night Elf) Roleplay Guidelines *The original post I wrote can be found here: http://rushalloraenudoril.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2354685 **This was written during WoD so some things may not agree with Legion changes i.e Demon Hunters etc. ***This is not a mandatory RP guideline for Kaldorei roleplayers but rather a starting point and/or reference to help the community grow. Disclaimer: This is an exceptionally long post for most people to read, I understand that, but bear with me. In order to enrich an RP community as a whole (Night Elf - centric), we need to teach such community equally. The Kaldorei are a beautiful, rich, diverse, mysterious, and fascinating race. They are one of the oldest races and as a result, have endured through some of the most heroic and horrific events to ever occur on Azeroth. There numbers are dwindling, but with your help (beginner or intermediate Kaldorei lore-seeker, fanatical or casual Night Elf junkie) we can rebuild a prosperous, ever-growing Kaldorei society within the Realm of the <Emerald Dream>. With that being said, grab some popcorn and enjoy! Ande'thoras-ethil! Elune-adore, Kaldorei!Nathirien29 Mar 15
Mar 15 [A] <Nights> is recruiting. <Nights> is recruiting for casual raiding progression. We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays for approximately two hours. We are one of the oldest guilds on Emerald Dream (est. March 2005) with the majority of our core group dating back to the Burning Crusade. No one likes wiping. But we really don't like wiping with !@#$%^-s, so we've got a few basic rules. If you're a person who can get behind these, then we'd be happy to chat! • There's a person behind that avatar. Be nice and have fun. • Skill matters. You show your skills through metrics and understanding of mechanics, not words. • We're adults, but we're not trashy. The occasional off-color topic will come up; however, prolonged outbursts or raging are frowned on. • Your name and personal actions must show respect for the role-playing roots of Emerald Dream. Raid Times: Tuesday -- 8 – 10pm CST Thursday -- 8 – 10pm CST When we are close to killing a progression boss, we will ask our raiders to give a few more tries passed raid time but, if there is not a majority approval we won’t do it. Recruitment Needs: We are primarily looking for DPS but can always make room for a stellar tank or healer. We do expect you should be able to do a sustained 200k DPS on a raid level target dummy or be working toward that goal. That being said, if you are leveling a toon hoping to join a raiding guild and you happen to be a nice person that can contribute to our team, we’d be happy to chat with you as well. Fun Factor: When we’re not progressing we have several mythic+ groups going, we hang out in discord, farm old content, and just generally enjoy each others company. We’re a barrel of laughs and a nice mix of pro-gnome, anti-goat RP, PVP, Raiders with the occasional gnome being used to skill up cooking :P Primary Contacts: If you're interested in raiding with us, send a message in game (mail or whisper) to Totia Treehoney SmunkyTreehoney9 Mar 15
Mar 15 ☾ [A][RP]<Gryphon Feather Accord> ☽ ☾ <Gryphon Feather Accord> ☽ Alliance RP “Inquire within.” ... Mood Music: https://youtu.be/VeZd0WeaXXM http://i.imgur.com/Q0bFNT6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8W1Rinc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vwbZcvi.jpg Guild Leaders: Jaerend "Rend" Spearcrescent (Main Alt: Doddsy), Nyzaara, Rangari Shilavi The trio watched the fallen feather glide gently, to and fro, dancing in the air until it landed softly upon the green grass of Lakeshire. Jaerend inspected the still feather for a time, and felt the silence between Nyzaara and Shilavi meant they were doing the same. “I have a proposition,” he said at last, turning to lead them into the Lakeshire inn. “We have much to discuss.” ----------------------- - What do you provide as a Guild? – ----------------------- - A casual, low-stress environment. We don't expect our members to no-life the game. - Resources for almost nightly walk-up RP, and primarily RP based events on Friday/Saturday nights. - Our favorite activities include Walk-Up RP, Event RP, Guild/Realm Campaigns, d20s, Random BGs, and Wargames (you are not expected to PvP if you don't like to; RPing is our only requirement). - A platform to host your own events and work with many other RP guilds on Emerald Dream. ----------------------- - What is The Accord? – ----------------------- ICly: The <Gryphon Feather Accord> is an organization that enlists individuals who wish to apply their skills, abilities and experiences to help members of The Alliance (along with other neutral factions) with any challenge they may be facing. These agents can use their skillsets both abroad and locally, allowing opportunities for high adventure and the reward of knowing you are making a difference in the world of Azeroth. The Accord is hostile to the Horde and all of its associated forces (at the very least we are not sympathetic to their goals). As such, alongside helping the Alliance, our other goal is to combat the Horde wherever we may be. OOCly: The <Gryphon Feather Accord> is a guild created to act as a platform for roleplayers to roleplay consistently, in as many diverse settings and situations as possible, with as many other RPers as possible. We are looking to network with both Alliance and Horde RP guilds in order to assist in bringing the RP community of Emerald Dream together. Our main focus is RP. The IC angle of The Accord allows for RPers with various IC motivations and character backgrounds to become part of an active collective; able to travel, adventure, and otherwise become an active part of the RP community. --------------- - Recruitment – --------------- Member Requirements 1. RP Name (Covering up a non-RP name with TRP doesn’t count) 2. Total Roleplay 3 (TRP3) or equivalent add on 3. At least a rough backstory; a reason to join The Accord ICly Interested in joining? Whisper one of the guild leaders to begin an OOC interview! Guild Base: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains Guild Mog: None (Tabard used for events/guild representation) Guild Mount: None Voice: Discord Active Times: Evenings-Nights, EST daily (Casual play); Friday/Saturday evenings EST (Events) --------------------------------------- - Currently Planned Events/Activities – --------------------------------------- New member inductions (IC), d20-style adventures, IC/OOC Interactions with any and all guilds in need of our assistance, frequent Impromptu/Walk-Up RP situations, IC Exploration of any and all continents/zones, participation in any and all Emerald Dream realm RP events, etc. Member-created events are also encouraged assuming they fit within the context of your character and the guild. Feel free to speak with an officer to discuss and initiate this.Rend195 Mar 15
Mar 15 Anyone use an Orbweaver? My naga kicked the bucket. I been using my Deathadder which is great for a moba but I find it lacks for wow. Plus my Deathadder needs to be reworked since the mouse wheel is worn. Was thinking about an orbweaver but have never used one. Seems to have good reviews. Anyone like them over the naga and why?Humpfrey4 Mar 15
Mar 15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLE- er Resolve! One year of fun, zergs, graveyard runs, RP and PVP. I love you guys :3 its been a long strange journey but we're here! I still remember our first HK as the guild being Reszo in spires.Slëdgehammer72 Mar 15
Mar 14 Buying the name Taylorswift I'm a fruit cake and I clearly need the name Taylorswift.Mikiu26 Mar 14
Mar 14 Post Limits Since when is 304 the cap for threads?Bebbit16 Mar 14
Mar 14 Demon Hunter: World PVP Check out a little video I made for kicks and giggles. Let me know what you guys think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95obbTO-QrI&t=7sFelcannon63 Mar 14
Mar 14 Raider alt for social, maybe a few raids The disheveled draenei pulled the bedroll closer around her gaunt frame and wiped raindrops off her cheeks. Sure, the solo life was wonderful in some ways: no set schedules, no bureaucracy, no rules, no conflicts, just her beloved weapons, neatly wrapped in the oilskin that could've sheltered her, if she'd been willing to let them rust. She wasn't willing and she had no home, no moorings, no guild hall, so her face ran with rain and her weapons nestled, safely wrapped. She shifted in the wet and thought about stopping into one of the guild halls she passed so often in her travels. ----------------------- And scene. So, I don't usually RP, but I'm gud wit wyrds and not against it. It seemed fitting in this context. Yes, I played fast and loose with the concept of guild halls, since WoW doesn't have them. I'm dangerous like that. I'm looking for an adult guild that has room for an alt that will be mostly social, but could maybe do a raid occasionally. I don't need you to gear me or whatnot, just be fun people. I won't be on 24/7, but I'll probably log in a couple of times a week for short durations. If you world pvp or hang out in voice chat, that's cool too. If you have an actual community feel, that's awesome. This is kind of a stranded alt (no plans to transfer) and while I have limited time and she's not my main, I like this server and chill out here a bit.Fractalocta7 Mar 14
Mar 14 From The Tales of Biblebro, Vol III It takes measurable courage to face ones fears. It is recommended then, that you do not have fears in the first place.Biblebro1 Mar 14
Mar 14 Orcish tales part 2 rp day Once upon a time there was a legendary Orcish warrior named arashicage. Many fell before his axe and some even called him cruel. All Orcish people wanted to cleave and spill the blood of alliance piglets like arashicage did. The end To be continued We are for the rp community.Arashicage5 Mar 14
Mar 14 hey nerds hows it goin nerdsSmokey11 Mar 14
Mar 14 <Final Haven> [A] Looking for Heroic Raiders! Greetings Emerald Dreamers! <Final Haven> (PVE/RP) is currently looking for some new adventures interested in Heroic progression raiding! The Final Haven team has been together since Cataclysm and we always strive to clear the hardest content possible each tier. While we have never been able to fully delve into Mythic content due to numbers, we have managed to secure the Ahead of the Curve achievement for every tier! Due to Legion being a little bit slow at the moment, we had a couple of great raiders and friends move on to bigger and better things outside the game giving us the great opportunity to add some new folks to our growing roster! We are hoping to find some really dedicated raiders, people that are passionate about raiding and progressing and most of all growing as a team. Our current raid times are Tuesday and Thursday (May move to Sunday) Raid Times: Tuesday: 9:00 PM SERVER - 12:00 AM SERVER Thursday: 9:00 PM SERVER - 12:00 AM SERVER Current roster: 11 Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N 7/7H Trial of Valor: 3/3N 3/3H NightHold 10/10N 4/10H Realm Ranking: TBA Openly Recruiting: Currently we are looking for DPS of any kind to help fill our ranks, Pref around ilv 880+ with experience in Nighthold. Thank you for taking the time to read over our recruitment post! All questions can be answered by either Surinya or Jaike in game! Additional guild information will be provided below! FOR THE HAVEN! FOR THE ALLIANCE! FOR AZEROTH! Sincerely, ~Surinya and Jaike~ Guild Website: Finalhavenguild.com Twitter: @finalhavenguild Guild Youtube: (TBA) Guild Age Requirement: 18+ Guild Level Requirement: None Required Voice Program: Discord Guild Masters + Officers: Jaike, Surinya, Dolrok. (Whisper if questions!)Surinya91 Mar 14
Mar 14 [H] 10/10H Spiral Out is recruiting raiders! Hey everyone! Spiral Out of Emerald Dream is seeking out active players! As the game itself is reaching something of a wash-out point and a lot of long term raiders are taking breaks or suffering from burnout, we're looking to complement our community with some fresh blood! Looking for players interested in Mythic +, pick up raids through the week, BGs, and Arenas! The more the merrier. Levelers and casuals are welcome, but if you end up being good be prepared to be peer pressured into joining our more competitive teams in cutting edge content. We're 10/10 H NH right now, and we raid: Tuesdays - 8pm EST - 12a EST Wednesday - 9pm EST - 12a EST Invites to heroic raids dependent on performance in Sunday raids. We run farm content (currently normal NH) Sundays - 8pm EST - 11pm EST Farm content is open to all 865+ Ilvl. We run RBGs Friday nights! Right now its open MMR for !@#$s and giggles but soon to be rostering a team to push rating, we need healers, a FC, and some ranged for that squad. We do what we can to help gear our guildies, we're getting pretty efficient at speed gearing people with serious intentions of being active in the guild. We are a long standing community that has been together as a guild for almost 6 years. We use a karma system for our guild runs on loot that can be explained if needed. We have a few key raid positions available for tryout. We also recognize leaders within the guild by putting them into leadership positions. We use discord for voice chat, and have a guild forum on facebook. We're open to both individuals and large groups of individuals joining. Right now we have room 2 healers and DPS. More tanks are welcome, but you would be on bench or rotation with our current tanks for heroic runs. We can let you get practice main tanking in normal though. Feel free to message/mail Zabeq (me) in game if interested, or add me on my battletag: Zabenjaya#1747 I look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to welcoming you to our WoW home!Zabeq15 Mar 14
Mar 14 @Bunglemustrd Ay, thanks for comin' @ me with that 1/10 gameplay bum as. Don't farm lower levels for fun in your spare time because you lack the ability to hit your 3 buttons trying to pvp against someone the same level. Your corpse is smelly from laying in the mud over and over again, 1luv. Milked.Milkboyx28 Mar 14
Mar 14 LGBT characters Does anyone else have their character or characters fall into the category of LGBT? I have not seen this often other then a few here that do. I always found these types interesting considering WoW has no official characters who are (to my knowledge). My main Zhii and Lahil are both Bi.Zhii304 Mar 14
Mar 14 [A] <The Alliance Empire> Guild Backstory (( As an ongoing effort spearheaded by Bounties and myself to establish a healthy relationship with the Emerald Dream community, we have created a backstory for the guild. )) ... “Just… one… more… hour…” The exhausted orc took long, exasperated breaths between his words. He was desperate to meet his overseer’s hourly goal of Silverweed in order to bring home enough money for dinner. As Durotar’s relentless sun beat down on his near-broken back, he questioned why he labored day in and day out for such little pay. That is when he heard the screams. The orc dropped his shovel, gloves and full bag of herbs and began in a clumsy sprint back to his encampment. He smelled it first; the foul stench of soot and burning cloth. Fearing for the lives of his family, he searched desperately for some sign of them among the chaos. Members of the Alliance with a blue tower emblazoned upon their armor seemed to be the culprits; as Humans pillaged the loot and a small Gnome with bright blue eyes strangulated the remaining fighters, he heard them shout a chilling word: “Empire.” Overcome by bloodlust and the inability to find his family, the orc succumbed to the discord and began to fight. He wailed a piercing cry before charging into the nearest fully-armoured Draenei, and was consequently rewarded with an arrow through his leg. Falling to his knees, he took in the true power of this “Empire.” His only home was on fire, his family and friends had been put to the sword, and he was hopeless to stop them. Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling of relief washed over the orc, as if the camp’s shaman had remained alive long enough. But as he looked up, he saw no member of the Horde. A small dwarf shaman stood above the hopeless orc with a smirk plastered on her face, and he took his last breath before his lungs were filled with ice-cold water. The battle cry “Empire!” could be heard for miles. A small pristine flier is hung on the Stormwind bulletin board. The Alliance banner sparkles lightly next to a blue tower, and the flier sways in the cool breeze. It’s titled, “The Alliance Empire. Join us today, or die fighting.” The Alliance Empire was created one day when Arendell received a letter in the mail. The letter read, "Establish a team. Kill {name redacted}. Your generous reward will come shortly after." Until recently, Arendell did as she was told, contacted by courier, following her orders. After a while, the mastermind invited her to his chambers again via courier. “Come alone. Bring no one. Bring no weapons. I’ll be waiting.” Upon entering, he named himself Cadogan, the head of a new Alliance revolution against the Horde. “No longer will the Alliance fall prey to the nasty tricks of the Horde, or allow them to roam free without restraint. We will slaughter their finest, and plunder all.” Looking to join the Empire? Interested in establishing a contract? Contact Cadogan, Bounties or Arendell. You won’t find them. They’ll find you.Arèndèll12 Mar 14
Mar 14 [A] <Lost in the Sauce> is recruiting! Hello, Lost in the Sauce is a guild that's interested in pushing Mythic content on our raid nights, and RBG's and Mythic + in our free time. We're currently recruiting a few DPS and a healer to fill out our roster. We're 7/7 M 3/3 H and 1/10 M. We raid Sunday, Monday, Wednesday from 7-10 CST (Server TIme). You don't need to have AOTC Guldan or anything, as long as you're a decent player and willing to learn. If you're interested in joining or if you want to ask me some questions, feel free to add me on battlenet. ForgetMeNow#1420.Forgetmeow1 Mar 14
Mar 14 [A] The Pride of Lothar Saviors of the North <The Pride of Lothar> A Lordaeron & Northern Eastern Kingdoms [RPWPvP] Guild <The Pride of Lothar> is currently seeking to branch out more with Alliance and Horde RPPvP guilds to provide our members chances for RP and WPvP activities (both ICly and OOCly). Seeking: RPWPvP campaigns, Walk up RP, RP territorial battles. If you are interested in this, please contact one of our officers. Guild Master: Kagrenac (Ironheart) [BTag Kagrenac#1755] Co GM: Malissa (Brackwell) ----------------- Guild Goals - A tight-knit, social guild with a primary interest in RPWPvP. <PoL> is not ideal for wallflowers or players not looking to actively interact on a frequent basis with guild mates. - Roleplay (Walk-up, scheduled events [guild only and server-wide], WPvP campaigns [with IC interactions/motivations], etc.) - WPvP (IC and OOC, 1v1-~15v15 ideal maximum; smaller to mid-range groups preferred) - Misc. Events proposed and hosted by both officers and members ------------------ Recruitment Race Restrictions: None RP Restrictions: No obviously "evil" characters Level Requirement: 110 Min. iLvl Requirement: None but we want all players to work towards 860+ Voice: Discord Addons: TRP3 or equivalent Recruitment is currently open. New members may be taken through a trial period in order to see if they enjoy PoL, and in order for us to see if the member will be a good fit for the long term. We seek players who understand and want to commit to helping us reach our goals as a community. New members are expected to understand that with Legion we are taking a more casual stance in game meaning there will not be daily events in WoW. Discord is always active with members playing various games together and just hanging out.Kagrenac39 Mar 14
Mar 14 [A] <we have good chemistry> (WPVP, PVP) <we have good chemistry> is looking for like-minded individuals for a PvP oriented guild that focuses on small-scale WPvP and helping members reach the achievements that they can't seem to get without proper partners. We are looking for people who have these qualities: -1750 achievement in any rated arena -Desire to improve arena rating(s) and build upon teamwork with other members -Positive attitude and willingness to learn -Able to take positive criticism from other members -Lighthearted and doesn't take the game too seriously One of the most difficult parts about rated PvP is finding consistent partners to queue with and improve skills with. A lot of this inability to find players stems from the overvaluing of rating, and so you see many PvPers only queueing with people at or above their rating. Many high rated players don't show a willingness to play with the lower rated brackets, and so many people in the 1750-2k range feel stuck as they can't find consistent partners. For me personally, I remember when I couldn't get above 1900 in season 14 of MoP, and I felt a lot of it had to do with never finding partners to work together on a consistent day to day basis in order to climb the ladder together. Heltor inviting me to Project Mayhem, even without a 2k achievement was a godsend, in about a month I had met several players that I still queue with today. Shortly after that month I found what I would call my "main" 3s team that consisted of Ossirus, Skootch and I, and in season 15 we were able to punch out a highest rating of around 2540. The three of us were in the guild <The Wildlings> and the WPvP we had were some of the best WoW moments I can remember. We had several sub 1800 players at the time approach us and ask if they could join our guild, players we had either befriended on Alliance or Horde. The first two people that come to mind when I think of players who fit the criteria of "skilled players with no partners" would be Jonathan and Mortalswag, who had originally come from Warbringer. With our alts and mains, we were able to help both of them reach 2200 in 3s and even further, working off each others' teamwork to improve our synergy in the arena. To think that they were simply written off as "1800 scrubs" by some people is laughable, without the right partners, you would get nowhere in arena. Arena is a team-based place after all. Many of us have just returned to the game, and we have decided to start up a new guild with a new outlook on what we would like to see. We expect a lot of small scale WPvP with coordination and teamwork based upon arenas. Feel free to add me: Monty#1926 if you have any questions. I really feel like a guild with these fundamentals could be a great one, but I need the people to do it, so I hope to hear from many of you soon. Whisper Monty, Ossirus, Skootch, or Phuse for more information and/or a ginvite.Montyx17 Mar 14
Mar 14 Multi-Boxers Why the boxers hate? If you had a group of 5 players vs 1 boxer /w 5 chars, the players would actually have a major advantage. So why the hate? I really do not understand.Bounties110 Mar 14
Mar 13 - <The Justice Society> (A) [RP] - ((UPDATED 2/23/17) The Justice Society Episode II “The Goblin Menace” WAR!.........It is a time of great peril within the ALLIANCE, with most troops off in the Broken Isles fighting against the BURNING LEGION, it has left cities such as STORMWIND with a skeleton guard crew at best. In the half-year passed, reports of vigilantes have increased dramatically, as to fill the boot's of the guards currently away at war, and to take the law into their own hands. Though some have labeled these vigilantes as criminals, others have deemed them as Heroes. THE JUSTICE SOCIETY has fought valiantly in the previous months against a myriad of threats, ever since GREE’JES took to Azeroth to find others willing to join him on his crusade, and aid him in seeking redemption. Though much has changed since, and though the fight against the Legion still wages on, the Society maintains their mission of defending the weak, and protecting the innocent. In the time that has passed since their inception, The Justice Society has taken hold in the abandoned town of SURWICH, within the Blasted Lands. Found to be an ideal place for staying out of sight when need be, but to also house those who were previously wanderers before finding the Society. Surwich has since become a home to many other within the Society, as well as acting as a main base of operations. It is here that newer members, under the training of an assigned mentor, or OVERSEER, are taught how to better control their abilities, and to fine tune their powers for both combat, and every day practical use. While many members seek the Overseers consult in how to control their powers, many have come to Surwich to learn other disciplines, such as crafting, or even philosophy and the arts. Some have come to learn more of the Ancient history of Azeroth, and to study with other like-minded scholars who seek the same within the communes of Surwich. With more threats looming on the horizon, The Justice Society seeks to ready themselves for anything that may come their way. In order to better face these threats, and to better unite the Alliance, Gree’jes and his Overseers have begun making great efforts in the way of diplomacy. Through aligning themselves with other associations within the Alliance, the Society continues to makes valiant strides in becoming a major asset in shaping the future of Azeroth. The Society currently finds themselves within the deserts of TANARIS, after hearing rumors of a great power being held by the association known as THE KABAL. A cult, whom at the moment, is pitted in a dangerous gang war within the desert city of GADGETZAN. With their journey making its way to the southern reaches of Kalimdor, the dangers of this mission never cease to surprise them. While the war against the Burning Legion continues on, The Justice Society pushes forth with their efforts, in hopes to bring balance, and peace to Azeroth............... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (( General Information GM/Founder: Gree'jes (GreeJess) Officers/Overseers: Hothunder, Vengeant, Surinae, Levantus -Officer/Coordinators Spots obtainable, though not always available -Guild Repairs Available -Discord Server Available -Mature & Respectful Community -Super Friendly atmosphere -Creativity supported and encouraged! -Guild Website: JusticeSociety.enjin.com -GM Twitter: @HarleyGreejess *RP Events are generally Scheduled Sunday, Monday, Friday at 930pm Server Time, though times are subject to change.* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ <The Justice Society> is a tight-knit Guild, with a consistent core group of Role-players who are always looking to include new members, and allies in on our events. Our Officers have made it a focus to create a plethora of in-house RP events, where everyone is encouraged to suggest ideas, write stories, and help out however they wish in keeping our community active, while also being active in the servers RP Community. Though we have our own Guild Campaigns and story-lines, many of our members are consistent Blue Recluse patrons, as well as major participants in server wide RP events. We encourage all of our members to branch out to other Role-players on the server, and to include whomever wishes to join us on our adventures. If you're interested in learning more, or would like to join The Justice Society, feel free to message any of our members in-game for an invite, as well as any officers or GM's who would to coordinate future events! <The Justice Society> Though some may call us Vigilantes, we prefer to be called Heroes..... -Gree'jes, The Nightmare Hunter Leader of The Justice Society Alliance - Emerald Dream US ))Asünà29 Mar 13
Mar 13 From The Tales of Biblebro, Vol II Positioning is key. It is therefore essential, that you confiscate all swapblasters from your allies before battle.Biblebro5 Mar 13
Mar 13 [RP-H] Alchemy Workshop Brill - March 13th (Monday) - 8PM Server Time His bony fingers swept through a bookcase, looking for something. Eobard heard about cultists roaming around, which reminded him of an old friend, and old foe that he ordered to execute. A man so emerged by the shadow that it consume his sanity, his soul. The former Dark Priest of Pyrewood. Father Corpse was the name he bore in undeath, he had fought the Twilight cult back at the time of the shattering. It could've been useful to have him around in these dire times, but all he left behind were his ashes and『The Tome of Void』. A empty book emitting an eldritch aura, all of it's pages empty... His face cringed in disgust, but he kept skimming, his bony fingers caressing the old covers of countless librams in said library. A familiar lettering caught his attention. "Eh, this Alchemy 101 book is way more useful. Yup, this one will do." And so, this apothecary decided to gather up friends and comrades for a small peep talk about alchemy. He remembered demons stealing samples of blight in Southshore, so if even the legion understood how precious chemical warfare is to our cause, he was convinced the rest of the Horde needed to do so as well. A parchment was left in Tarren Mill. "All members of the Horde, come to our Alchemy Workshop Casters can drink their potions, raiders will save their flasks, and even those who are not gifted with an attunement with the arcane nor unnatural strength can use deadly brews and brutal cunning alone to dispatch their foes. Everyone is welcome to come, would love to have a witch doctor or skilled apothecary to join us as well. I'll be waiting in Brill. Dark Lady watch over you, -Apothecary Plague"Plaguedrool3 Mar 13
Mar 13 Ragtag Crew of the 6 Taking a drag off my cigarette, the bobber plops into the water. Months of fishing off the pier in Booty Bay has helped offset the hunger and the occasional unfortunate traveler. The goblins don't do anything as long as the gold continues to flow and I keep my tastes to the darker alleys. I took another drag from my cigarette when the smell of another unfortunate traveler caressed my nostrils. At least so I thought.. " Wailen, I hear you are quite the fisherman.."Wailen7 Mar 13
Mar 13 What if Sereven became a undead rogue, how would that make you all feel?Plaguedrool5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Summons Press 1 for summons.Bikkjen12 Mar 13
Mar 13 LF Raid Team Good morning/afternoon/evening! I'm a 895 iLvl Vengeance DH looking for a raid team. I've struggled with finding a team almost primarily because of my schedule; I work Mon-Fri afternoon/evenings from 12pm Server Time and don't get home until roughly 10pm Server Time. I had managed to join a weekend morning raiding guild but it broke up shortly after the new year because a chunk of the core team had gotten new jobs or schedule changes. I've been wandering since then, at first joining growing guilds and attempting to build a new weekend raid group because I absolutely despise the PuG/One-Shot/Link AotC groups that don't communicate properly or even use voice communication. I like raiding because of the feel of progression when you actually progress through something that used to give you difficulties; farm raids are fine but I enjoy the journey to getting something on farm. I've thought about xferring server but honestly ED has been my favourite realm since I started playing WoW during WotLK (been on ED since mid WoD). I do enjoy PvP but mainly playing my tank spec, obviously I'm very light on PvP but due to the realm being an RP-PvP server I've come across some really cool RPs throughout the world while I'm doing my own thing - I don't personally RP a whole lot because it takes a lot of in-game time but seeing others do it adds another layer of immersion to the game (I am however fairly deep into the lore; I've read several of the novels and the Warcraft Chronicle 1) so server xferring isn't an option for me (I'll probably just resub to FFXIV if I have to server xfer). I am willing to xfer to Alliance if there is a guild with the weekend raid times despite wanting to stay Horde for my extra interrupt as a Belf in the event that I start to PvP, but ultimately I just want to have fun progressing on current content again and not getting full clears on old stuff every week. tl;dr I'm looking for a progression guild or static group that raids on the weekend (specific time does not matter but Saturday and Sunday are my days off work) and has room for a tank on either the Horde or Alliance side. Or if there is a large enough amount of players in a similar boat as myself and would like to start a weekend progression raid group (I would want to start on NH, but willing to go back to EN or ToV if it's on Mythic difficulty). Thank you for reading, I know my armory has me set to Havoc at the moment but I'm posting this from my phone so I don't have my game client available - and I've been playing Havoc for PvP since I obviously do not have a raid team.Dillaen2 Mar 13