Emerald Dream

Sep 2 RP guild questions Never really did rping much in this game and been waiting to get into it for a while. Was wondering if there's any guilds that rp a lot on the horde that accept goblins. All the ones I see advertised are undead only.Gazylow5 Sep 2
Sep 2 The Search For A New Home Hello, I'm Leah, and I'm need of spiritual guidance as I'm alone in the darkness shrouding Emerald Dream. My previous guild home was Ironsworn Regiment, but the ones who were supposed to be guiding us through the darkness got lost themselves, twisted by the whispers of the Old Gods. They ended up betraying their followers, and up-and-left us alone in the Emerald Dream to another realm called Tichondrius. Most of the followers abandoned were rescued by Warbound Legion, though, most of us are still lost in the dream searching for the right home. If you find this letter, it means I'm still lost and searching. You may find me weak, but with a guild behind me I pick up my staves and rush to any encounter for my comrades. I like to consider myself the cutest priest in the Emerald Dream, and outside of the Emerald Dream. I'm worth saving! *wink wink* Besides being absolutely ADORABLE, I'm rumored to be 921 item level, and experienced in raiding dungeons and your nearest Hobby Lobby for art supplies. I love slaying paper dragons and slapping around worgen children. I need a warm guild tavern to call home. Please contact me in the Emerald Dream with your guild information by: Discord: Leah#5648 Battle Tag: Aranelle#1708 Thank you, May the stars shine upon you till the end of your journey.Leah13 Sep 2
Sep 2 Guild deleted. ...Siegroth9 Sep 2
Sep 2 WTB Alani mount Title says it all.Kanderus0 Sep 2
Sep 1 Need friends on ED Hello folks, recently a notorious player in my realm transfered to ED looking for a better wpvp realm. Me and my guildies wana give him a welcoming ceremony (endless ganking) just cause he is a great guy (total jerk). If anyone is willing to help, my B.tag is Caio#13999Caiourtiga10 Sep 1
Sep 1 @Resolute Winter is here.Szn1 Sep 1
Sep 1 (H)Defilers of Arathor Recruiting The creak of the warriors leather jerkin beneath the screeching of his plate armor disturbed the silence of Arathi on this cloudy afternoon. Teirvel took deep drags from his pipe, inspecting the Forsaken warrior. "What did you say your name was again, boy?" The warrior did his best to respond but seeing as his lower jaw was gone the only sound that came out was a gurgling noise. Teirvel laughed to himself, he knew the warriors name he simply enjoyed toying with the new recruits. "Ah yes, your name is Gulive" pretending to look down at his chart. The warrior banged his sword against his shield and let out a roar which sent spit, blood and chunks of flesh into Teirvel's face. "That is just... lovely." Teirvel said as he wiped the mess from his face, slightly annoyed. "Go check in with Vizier Sanathein, he will give you a tabard and instruct you on our policies. Have him find someone to equip you with a proper jaw. I do not enjoy being drenched in whatever is coming from your mouth... hole, I don't know what to call it but it needs to be fixed." Gulive nodded and hurriedly ran off to find the Vizier. Muttering to himself Teirvel entered his tent. The forces had nearly doubled in number over the last week, and the new recruits looked eager for combat. They had been coming in such numbers he had volunteered to help with inspection. Sitting at his desk Teirvel began to scribble a note for the bulletin at Undercity. Defilers of Arathor (level 22) now recruiting, we are open to all races and classes. Let it be known that by joining our ranks you will putting yourself in a constant struggle to retake Stromgarde and Arathi Highlands. You will find yourself in combat with many of those who call themselves the Keepers of Stromgarde. ______________________________________________________________________________ Defilers of Arathor is recruiting Forsaken brethren to partake in our Wpvp and rp community. Defilersofarathor.comTeirvel62 Sep 1
Sep 1 9/9H Exp LF Mythic Raiding Hello, After taking quite a break from the mythic scene, since MoP, I find myself wanting to get back into the semi hardcore mythic raiding scene. I have played and raided since Vanilla, with a few game/tier breaks here and there. Currently I have a 921 MW, 915 Arms, and 905 Veng/Havoc. I am open to play one of the three toons, as I very much enjoy all three. Thus said, clearly the warrior and DH need more gear.  I thoroughly enjoy running mythic+s as much as possible, currently I believe 17 is my highest. While not doing those, or raiding, I tend to wpvp because, why Not? As title says, I am 9/9H experienced, with no mythic experience this tier. Being a seasoned raider I am quick to learn, and I love watching PoV kill videos.  Because I am in Nursing school, I am limited to 2, 3 days max. I need a semi late raid schedule during the week. Preferably Tues/Wed/Thurs, or any combo as such. Times need to be no earlier than 9pm CST and no later than 1am CST. Please contact me on here or my Bnet is Zodiac27#1760. Thank you for your timeÇrìt1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Steamy Romance Novel Competiton Begins. Hello everyone, This will be just a quick reminder that the Steamy Romance Novel competition is now beginning! If you have any work that you would like to send in, please refer to my original post about the competition and start sending in your stuff. Turn in's are from now (The 1st), until the 10th.Illdrenoth0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Ironsworn Regiment refugee seeking new home With the disbanding/server hop of Ironsworn Regiment, it left a bunch of us underlings without a place to call home. I don't know about my former brothers in arms, but I love this game and this server and need a place to stay now. Can anyone help an orc out? thanks!Embò22 Sep 1
Sep 1 Doomed Sky (RP) ((Little Late but I wanted to write about when the Highguard first witnessed Argus in the sky! PoV of tare during one of the final battles on the Broken Shore)) Chaos, it was all chaos and panic. Tarenor Swiftdawn walked the streets of Silvermoon City, his armor battered and blood covered his tabard; thankfully not his own though. The blood was green, the fel blood of demons. He didn’t pay it any mind though. He walked slowly, dazed and numb to all that had transpired, through the streets of Silvermoon as her citizens looked up with terror and fear. The same was all over Azeroth most likely, the realization of pure and undeniable dread hung in the sky. Tarenor didn’t need to look up because he knew it was up there, staring at him and all the little ants that scurried across this world. What object was this? Simple to recognize really, simple yet impossible by any mere mortals hand… an entire planet, ruptured and broken, covered with green flames and oceans of fel lava. A planet appearing in the sky, instantly defying the laws of nature. Perhaps the doomsayers during the opening of the War were right. Had the Light truly abandoned us? At the moment when victory was supposed to be ours? Tare shook his head. Doubt was the seed that when planted, would almost never die, and would grow until it chokes out everything. He continued his walk moving past the tightly packed crowds of onlookers, a few curious… most frozen with fear. However it wasn’t here that Tare had first seen the possible herald of their doom. It was on the Broken Shore, right before they retreated through a portal home. The battle was a large one, encompassing the plain before the Tomb of Sargeras. The coalition soldiers of the Legionfall battled with all their might to keep the demons at bay while a strike force led by Velen, Illidan, and Khadgar fought through the Tomb itself. It was here on the plains that the Highguard had come to aid the fight against the Legion, one last time. One by one the Highguard formed wall on one of the outer flanks, working in unison to push the demons back to their portals. To his Right his Lieutenant-Commander, Nossavyara flung her light-infused shield at an oncoming felguard. To his left Velethos swung his weapon down on a felhunter, crushing the demon’s skull with a wet crunch. Each melee fighter of his unit holding the line, not letting a single demon break through their ranks. Behind the shield wall the various magic users and ranged soldiers rained hell down from afar, thinning the demons before they got close. A bolt of green flames shot over his head as Ignitheus ignited a succubus whole. Nearby the Highguard’s Illidari commanded by Vyndoriell Felwalker danced through the legion, using their “gifts” to rip the demons to shreds, at any other moment Tare would have frowned in disgust but there was no time for such trivial thoughts. They were fighting for their lives and Tarenor would use any weapon at his disposal this night. After a few minutes that seemed like hours of fighting the call came in. The Highguard were needed to push through to the ramparts surrounding the now corrupted Temple, to clear the Legion’s Anti-Air fel-cannons to allow the Legionfall to gain the upper hand in the air. So without hesitation Tarenor gave the order. Slowly and methodically the Highguard pushed as one through the sea of demons that charged ever forward, never faltering in their numbers. The Shieldwall held while the illidari watched the flanks with the ranged and menders bringing up the rear, until they reached the rampart and made a dash for it. After securing one section he told the highguard their new orders. While the demonic cannons were volatile to be destroyed, they could be drained of their corrupted energies to make them useless. So he ordered the Illidari to do what they did best, feast on the fel, while the rest of the guard defended them. One by one the cannons were drained and left useless husks of dark metal. The Highguard bringing the fight to the legion on their own front porch. As he parried a blow that would have taken his head, he saw Sivyraithe’s mechanized construct shoot down a handful of fel bats right out of the sky, before moving on to it’s next target. Half way through the mission the Highguard stopped to tend to the wounds, and allow the Demon Hunters a moment of respite. Nynaevve, one of the Highguard’s menders and a good friend to Tarenor, handed Karthuro, what looked like a pill. She said it was a small pain killer. It had made Tare chuckle softly at the idea, of a Illidari taking pain pill from consuming too much fel.Tarenor4 Sep 1
Sep 1 [A] <Praetorian Legion> RP-PvP Upon message boards across the city, a new notice had appeared overnight. Stuck to the board by an arrowhead the page, its message read thus: Greetings, I am Flintshott Captain of the Praetorian Legion; An outfit of mercenaries who carry out some of the deeds that folk find to be beneath them.. With that being said down to business. We are in the business of blood, assassinations, interrogations, beat downs, protection details. You name it, we will find out a way to do it. ..Payments.. Well the most obvious method is gold - you know, that shiny cold currency that greases the palm of every citizen of the alliance. Of late however we have been branching out. Instead of getting the gold to buy supplies, we have been accepting supplies directly. So bring your finest ales, the newest Gnomish technology, or some fresh picked herbs and we will see what kind of deal can be made. Make no mistake... should you short change the Legion it will not be a pleasant experience for you. -Regards Flintshott Captain of the Praetorian LegionFlintshott0 Sep 1
Sep 1 RP on Emerald Dream, any Class RP Guilds? Hi I was looking to get back into WoW and try out an RP (PVP/PVE) realm. I've got a free character boost from Legion but I haven't decided which class to use it on yet. I am very interested in joining a guild composed of one class are there any on here or any interest in making one? I also have a few questions on Emerald Dream itself, what is the ratio of Alliance/Horde and the RP situation on both factions? Thank you!Thylsathas14 Sep 1
Aug 31 How do i get back to Argus? i was in Argus and i hearthed back to dalaran and i dont know how to get back, any help?Zarellil4 Aug 31
Aug 31 Heavy Junk Boxes All I am missing for the Ravenholdt rep for the Insane title. Had a friend lined up to do this but he obviously isn't working at it so I thought I would throw it out there to ED and see if a rogue was looking to cash in. Hit me up here or in game/mail and we can talk pricing. I have a rogue but I really don't want to bother with this part of it.Outbreaks1 Aug 31
Aug 31 Holly Pally lf Guild Holly Pally lf Guild that does RBG's arena and raids 910 ilvl just returning to the game. I have played wow since vanilla. Been in some server first progression guilds. Ground to Lt Commander in vanilla PVP.Former United States Marine. 36 years old. I don't like raiding after about 10 EST. So between 6 and 10 or weekends afternoon. Would be open to faction change.Próphett3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Old wizard LF guild 935 current ilvl warlock. multi glad/r1 looking for a new guild. I world pvp sometimes when I'm in the mood. I would like to casually start pveing again as I am getting rather tired of pvp at this point. I am not a fan of small guilds, but I don't like guilds that are too big and lack community. List your guilds in the comments below and I'll reach out to you if I find something that looks appealing. Thanks.Zìffy6 Aug 31
Aug 31 [RP]7,000 Days (Part 2) During his mediation Caldrice thought of the home he had lost so long ago; of the innocence he never had, for it was stripped from him by the man who had taken him and his brother in as his own that ruled their home with an ironfist; he thought of the forgotten wishes he had made in the foolhardy days of his youth, the days he would never return to; how long he had been far from the earthly realm of humanity, even long after he had been raised into undeath. For the longest time in the near-two decades of undeath he had been subjected to, the Lightslayer was a manifestation of all of the malice and hatred that was beaten into him during the years of his youth in order to craft him into a weapon to exercise his will. He was never allowed to have any hopes or aspirations, but rather was destined to follow the ironpath that had been set out for him. With a fetid fist, the Lightslayer doomed hundreds, if not thousands, to the same fate that had befallen him - acting as a general for the Forsaken as his rotted band of corpses ran free across Arathor, sacking the farmsteads, raising the farmers, and eventually aiding Galen Trollbane in the conquering of Stromgarde. Arguably, he was different from the Executor, and then High Executor, he was under the banner of the Defilers of Arathor, for history has a tendency to repeat itself if one doesn’t keep track of what has happened in the past. She, Jessandra Brookbloom, had brought him back from the brink of extreme sociopathy in life, and similarly in death she seems to have given him new purpose too. He was no longer a conqueror of men, nor a pawn of the Forsaken, but rather he was a product of a long-dead man’s wish; he had no home to return to, no family to welcome him with open arms, but within her he found a purpose renewed, for even if he perished on Argus, he could only hope that it would be to stop a blade from breaching her cuirass. She was now his charge, but this charge was hopeless; though, it was all he had. Eventually during the rapid flight towards Argus aboard the Vindicar, his crimson-hued eyes creaked open; the searing from the beacon subsided to a bearable sting. As his eyes adjusted to the light within the adjacent chambers, he noticed that a figure sat across from him - almost as if keeping vigil, “You… put on quite the show.” The figure murmured, seemingly relieved that he had finally risen from his reverie. He squinted against the bright light that cascaded over the figure, just out of reach of him, before giving a vacant smile, “It wasn’t intended, Jessa.” Caldrice offered, shaking his head slowly; ebon locks shaking gently with the motion, “You know how I hate to be the center of attention.” She seemed to smile at how he didn’t use her full name, a small glimmer of joy flickering within her eyes for a moment before nodding, “Well, they think that you’re quite the idiot.” Her tone was matter-of-fact, “To which you are, but you’ve always had an impossible stubbornness about you.” The Lightslayer closed his eyes, feeling the gentle rocking of the ship as it continued to barrel its way through the nether - an uncomfortable silence in the moments which followed - before he’d let out a reluctant sigh. She was obviously testing the waters, her entire being here was a testament of how she, too, was more stubborn than he ever would be. Opening his eyes, he saw a glimmer of the Hag’s fortune once again - a great crash of a lightforged automaton, the Legion ripping it apart from the ground before dragging two figures away; except, there was one flaw - Xavius wasn’t aboard the Vindicar. He thought to tell her about what he had been told - in hopes of warning her - but if he knows what’s to come, then he could prevent it, “I may not make it off of Argus.” The words finally fell free from his lips, her eyes falling towards the floor immediately before nodding, “Aye, that’s a possibility that I’ve considered myself. None of us may make it off of Argus alive.” Jessa would glance back up at him, head tilted curiously, “You seem troubled, Cal - is there something that’s on your mind?”Caldrice1 Aug 31
Aug 31 2 for 2 it was a little harder then when i killed WSB but i handled it what do you guys want me to kill next???Myis16 Aug 31
Aug 31 [RP]7,000 Days (Part 1) Adorning the streets of Dalaran was something akin to a funeral procession; as the Lightslayer’s crimson-hued eyes gazed at the hopeless faces that had gathered in a perpetual sea, he couldn’t help but agree. He couldn’t help agree, but when Argus first manifested within the skies far above Azeroth, he was one of the first waves of able-bodied warriors seeking to rise to the call of duty, for his journey didn’t end once Arthas perished, no. The path of Caldrice Sullivan couldn’t end until the Legion was beneath his sabatons begging for mercy - pleading for their lives; a chance that he never had as the ghouls of the Scourge ripped his plague-riddled body asunder in Lordaeron so very long ago. The true hope of the Lightslayer, however, was that somewhere within Argus that he’d find some form of hidden Legion secrets which would give him the knowledge in order to reverse his curse - to become whole, to shed this shell of darkness; for him, the wheel of death had spun many times, but perhaps that may come to an end soon. If their mission on Argus failed, or didn’t, he would’ve found what he was looking for in the end. Walking through the sea of faces towards the portal to the Exodar, Caldrice knew deep within himself that he wouldn’t return. The minutes afterwhich would turn into hours, and hours into a perpetual eternity as preparations were made; a foolhardy move based on an impulse decision to charge forth in order to make their lives mean something in the end when they had no value to begin with; though, there was some familiarity that rang within the voice of Velen as he passively listened towards the back. There would always be something familiar about wishing to return to home - to reclaim and restore it to what it was after it had been ravaged by an insidious force. To that end, he understood what drove him and the bulk of the Draenei force there today: Guilt. Guilt for running, and guilt for not doing what they could however long ago it was when they fled. A life of regret is no life at all. Towards his left, he felt a small hand rest upon his shoulder, shaking it gently. He craned his head towards the figure, the familiar sight of golden locks flooding his view - an angelic voice falling from frowning lips, “I… didn’t think you’d come, Cal.” She said, glancing around at the sea of faces, but looking at him coyly as if to expect an outburst. She expected an outburst which would never come as his stoic, dead face remained expressionless - although there was a mixture of fear and anxiety bubbling beneath the surface - he’d remain quiet for a time, glancing at her contemplatively, “It’s more than just me.” He’d finally say, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth once. He didn’t quite know what to say, as he still felt an aura of tension between the two from their last encounter in Dalaran, “I guess we’ll both see what the end of the world holds for us all if we fail.” She offered, removing her hand from his shoulder before walking away. Jessandra neither gave him a goodbye nor looked back, for in these moments one had to live in the moment.Caldrice6 Aug 31
Aug 31 [A]<Last Bastion>WPvP/PvP/PvE Last Bastion is a new guild that does WPvP/PvP/PvE We are a group of players that have battled the Horde together for years and are looking to expand our ranks. With the Horde dominating the WPvP scene on this server it is vital for the Alliance to build its forces to repel them. Come be apart of the Last Bastion, and be feared by all the Horde. Last Bastion is forming teams to do Rated Battlegrounds, having many skilled leaders to host the events and to help others learn strategies and hone their skills. We raid ToS every Tuesday and Sunday with our sister guild Relentless Rage. Last Bastion has a list of events we do through out the week such as; -5v5 1v1 gauntlet style arenas, to help perfect you 1v1 skills against all classes. -In guild wargames, to learn WPvP and RBG strategies. -Small-mid sized WPvP -Mythic keystones -Transmog runs -RBGs We encourage any member regardless of rank to create events they might want to do. If you are looking for a guild with a great community, skilled players, and fun events; Come join the Last Bastion and have a meaningful impact on this Server.Lothfreya126 Aug 31
Aug 30 (UPDATED 7-30-17) Phoenix Highguard H-RP-PVP (The Second and Third posts will soon be updated with current events and plots We will update them every other week with storys and such as well as Public Events! keep tabs for more! ... [/b] A note is tacked onto the message boards of the main cities, lavishly designed and written, and enchanted to protect from the elements. It is obviously Elven in origin and reads thus: ... Who we are: The Phoenix Highguard is a military RP-PvP guild focused in the affairs of the Sin’Dorei; We are over 4 years old and continue to offer a home to veterans and new roleplayers alike! Our roleplay is militaristic in nature, with a rigid chain of Command, several RP-PvP engagements, and several military missions. We accept all races into our guild, but our interview process is much more strict on races outside of Blood Elves. Upon joining this guild, you should be expecting for your character to behave as they would in a military, follow orders, or face the consequences. PvP is expected in the guild, as we respond to many Defense Pings depending on allies and where we are stationed at the time and take part in several RP-PvP battles. RP is first and foremost in our guild, and we host several events throughout the month, which include: Highguard Trials: Hosted every friday night, the Highguard gathers to learn lessons and work on military discipline and tactics, most of the time there is a theme behind each gathering, whether it's learning to discipline yourself or to learn about your enemies! Champion battle: this is an opportunity for the best of the Highguard Soldiers to fight each other for a reward of 3,000 gold, and the rank of ‘Champion’ for a month, along with the title and reward money, the Champion is also given the Honor to carry the Standard of the Phoenix Highguard into battle Icly! Table Tops (Dungeon Masters): Something that has become Staple in many of our plots and events, where we create our own scenarios and fight monsters or deal with situations Icly! (much like Dungeons and Dragons) IC-WPVP: we do multiple times a month and take the fight to the Alliance scum. Usually followed by lots of booze at a bar! Or mender RP. Heheh. Phoenix PVEguard: Progressing through Nighthold Normal! (All pve raiding is OOC so don't worry) Ranks: High-Commander (GM) Lieutenant-Commander (Co-GM) Lieutenant (Officers) Centurions (Squad leaders) Champion (Monthly 1-man rank for whoever wins the championship battle) Sin'Serrar (Our stealthies/intelligence operatives and tacticians) Sin'Rethore (Our front line soldiers and heavy melee hitters) Dor'ano (Trainees and new recruits) How to apply: Visit our website, phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com, and read up on our rules and codes of conduct before submitting an application. Our recruitment officers will look it over and then contact you for an in-character interview. All applicants must be 18 years or older. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of our officer core for further details. Officers: High Commander Tarenor Swiftdawn (Tarenor) GM Lieutenant-Commander Nossavyara Falthrien (Nossavyara) Co-GM/Recruitment Lieutenant Astilaldan Bloodsinger (Astilaldan) PVP Officer Lieutenant Ophiraeda Alah'Zaram (Ophiraeda) Recruitment Artwork of the Highguard: (Done by our immensely talented artists!!) http://i.imgur.com/gGwVdj8.gif http://i.imgur.com/V4OfxcO.png http://i.imgur.com/9rgPtr6.png http://i.imgur.com/R3D1VcT.png http://i.imgur.com/cuK3aHM.png http://i.imgur.com/4h6r9XR.png https://24.media.tumblr.com/42cd63102e3f5e96e751ca6b7b20226f/tumblr_n2nx3bSYnP1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg https://31.media.tumblr.com/931f2c6df10293ac9b24da3d90c2e284/tumblr_n2pf5h0Jmv1rp0u8oo1_500.jpg Video: Highguard assaults Darnassus and accidentally pulls tyrande. Terrorized screaming and slaughter ensues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WEfv161BhcTarenor139 Aug 30
Aug 30 LF guild, 922ilvl Holy Priest, 3/9M 3/9M Holy Priest, 922ilvl looking for an alliance mythic raiding guild. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/illidan/cyllnatosHellaby1 Aug 30
Aug 30 ALL THIS!! Renosh and Shadow have disappeared. But where will Andrew go? Will Ziffy make his own guild again? Was Myis really behind all of this? Is Himanshu really back? And who will assume the Potato Throne? All this and much more will be answered on the next episode of Emerald Dream Game of Thrones!Phatori49 Aug 30
Aug 30 Next the syndicateMyis2 Aug 30
Aug 30 [H] Casual group of players LFG Ello ED, Been a lurker on this server for many years I figure its about time I find a horde guild for myself and a few friends returning to the game. So I turn to the forums curious to see if anyone has good recommendations. -We are all pretty casual -Class wise we have a Warlock, Priest, and DH. I myself haven't decided what to main but I have DH, DK, Shaman & priest at 110 at the moment, with the rest of the classes being at least 100. -We rather enjoy all forms of content, I really want to give mythic+ a proper try myself. We just play a bit to sporadically to commit to a raid schedule. This may change for myself in the future but I am currently the MT/raid leader for a group in FF14 until they line up a replacement. -We all have done and enjoyed RP in the past so a RP guild is a perk. -We tend to like smaller guilds just makes it easier to get to know people then just feeling like a name on a roster. I personal also tend to find enjoyment in joining newer guilds and helping them grow -If you use racial slurs / hate speech or talk about how high or drunk you are all the time we rather pass.Sèlvar4 Aug 30
Aug 29 The Adventures Of The Stone Brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f9ZAENZzLs A while back I posted here about a youtube series that friends and I will be making. The video link above will re-explain what our plans are.Lorteh1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Advantages to Alliance I have struggled with what to waste my lvl 100 boost on. I have played primarily Horde since a couple of weeks after Emerald Dream server came into existence. I have played Alliance on other servers but as all can attest, there is no comparison. I have played every class to 100 already and the only suprise I see at level 110 is how quickly you can die in the world, regardless of who you are or what you are playing. So I thought perhaps I might give the dark side a try. Any recommendations for a life long Hordie? Only serious recommendations need respond.Gutstripper17 Aug 29
Aug 29 Relevance Hello Emerald Dream, this is your professor Monty speaking. Today, I wanted to teach you all a little bit about the term 'relevant.' What is relevance, you ask? Relevance is simply the noun form of the adjective "relevant," which means "important to the matter at hand." Considering none of the 'matters at hand' on these forums are important, none of you are relevant. I myself am not relevant. As your guide and mentor, I would like you to recognize this fact and take it with you throughout your daily forum usage, and use it as a guideline to how much effort you should be putting into your threads and posts. Have a nice day.Monty31 Aug 29
Aug 29 Auto raise and spam pvp? So, was near the dungeon/raid entrance @ Gates of Valor and a horde character "Ømen" was able to spam kill, while I was constantly being auto resurrected, no death panel for release/recap? I'm fairly new and don't know if it's the area ... or what allows this?Tigsuldor17 Aug 29
Aug 29 Who are the villains Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... and my arm... even my fingers. The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past.Myis10 Aug 29
Aug 29 @ D-7 Stop zurging us. Its not fun when its 4-20.Òssirus404 Aug 29
Aug 29 927 aotc bear LF mythic raid guild 9/9 H tos looking for raid group alliance or horde thats raiding mythic tos and going to push progression in argus. im a very dedicated raider with close to 100% attendance. real life stuff does still happen though. my best available days to raid are monday-tuesday-wednesday. 7pm eastern until 11pm eastern. can also raid sunday-8pm eastern until 11pm. I can raid on weekends and thursdays. just would rather not if possible. battletag- Hallucinate#1547Babydaddy0 Aug 29
Aug 28 [H] Warsong Vanguard WPvP/RPvP/PvE/RP Hello everyone, We've branched out on Emerald Dream from our home lands on Tichondrius-US and we're here to have some fun, and make new friends. And without further a due, here is some of our RP backstory. (or at least an attempt to one). I hope you all enjoy and give positive feedback. We look forward to finishing the story within the next few weeks. But here is a bit of it. ...Cydelx95 Aug 28
Aug 28 [H] Big Bad Voodoo (RP-PvE) Trolls! Welcome to another Guild Recruitment thread! What this Guild is: This Guild will be an RP-PvE Troll biased guild. Our goals will be to clear Heroic content, maintain a two day week raiding schedule and RP events coordinated with members. If you're active, friendly and welcoming we'll be happy to have anyone who wishes to dive in. Our home will be the Echo Isles, as it is only natural. Our leader has passed and our new Warchief is an Undead Elf. It's difficult times for our people. My ideal location to RP my Loa worship ceremonies will take place on the Isles as well as possibly new member advancement ceremonies. Guild Info: Roleplay We will be deciding more on how we as a group like to RP once we get enough members to attend scheduled events. I myself would like to host a few Loa worship ceremonies and some RP strings related to Bwonsamdi. Guild chat will not be required IC as we will also accept people who don't RP. Raiding As mentioned, our aim will be a two day schedule with our aim at clearing Heroic content. If need be, we can negotiate an extra day depending on who we have available. I'd like to think a Wednesday and Thursday be our raid nights as weekends are typically unreliable. Leaving Tuesday available for PuG runs and reset day chores. Mythic+ content will be sanctioned if not a daily occurrence as I will do what it takes to make sure people are getting their weekly caches. Ranks Witch Doctor (Guild Master) Shadow Hunter (Raid Leader) Priest (Officer) Hexxer (Recruiter) Berserker (Raider) Headhunter (Member) Jungle Troll (Initiate) These ranks are subject to change depending on feedback. These are the current iteration. More ranks can be added pending on a person's role in the Guild! More Information Members Please, be active. If it's an alt, that's fine but try not to be away for two weeks. Respect everyone, in every situation including out of guild. Lv. 90+ (Unless you level quickly) Members are people aspiring to RP within the Guild. Or friends of members that just want to be here. Raiders Online 15mins or so before scheduled start. Prepared (Raid consumables / Knowledge of fights) Willingness to help others progress outside of raid. In Discord during raid. Deadly Boss Mods AddOn! If you plan on being a raider, I'm keen on folks who take time for others. If you want to focus on 100% yourself, then you're not in a progression Guild. I'm not telling you to carry, but be open to working with less geared people. Officer Ranks Dependability and accountability. Able to be diplomatic and reasonable. Willing to assist and help delegate Guild efforts. Exemplary behavior outside of Guild and towards new members. Raid Leader Vocal on Discord Knowledgeable and Experienced Not Shy Respectful Constructive Criticism Recruitment To be recruited, you must speak with an Officer or Guildmaster. If your name is, "BritneySpearsDK," don't expect to be able to join. If you want an RP introduction after a quick conversation, we're more than happy to oblige. If within the first week of you joining that you're proactive, helpful or contribute to a certain aspect we'll make you a member. From there, proclaim your focus and we'll either facilitate your RP ideas or make you into a raider. I'd like to maintain that low level players have to show some exceedingly good qualities for them to remain within the Guild. I do not like having a roster with a dozen random low level alts from some person on Proudmoore. Please, remain respectful to RP everywhere. Whether or not you like the hair flipping elves, I don't care. This is for fun! Contact Zolanju in-game via whisper or mail. Tell me how you want your introduction, IC or OOC, and whether or not you're an elf.Zolanju8 Aug 28
Aug 28 Hug a Pandaren day Its today so make sure to hug your local Pandaren.Zhii16 Aug 28
Aug 28 All Fishing PvP Guild Is Recruiting The Premier All Fishing PvP Guild has finally arrived on Emerald Dream! Tired of the grind and just feel like grabbing your pole and throwing back a few cold ones with friends? Then Hookers Bait & Tackle might be for you! Our mission is simple. We will protect Horde fishing rights and kill all Alliance fishmongers polluting our waters. We will work on fishing achievements, titles, mounts, etc but mainly we will do a whole lot of fishing and a whole lot more of nothing. No dungeons, no raids, no meetings, no bake sales. We will fish and then we will fish some more. Only rule of Hookers bait and Tackles is..... YOU MUST FISH. noun: hooker; plural noun: hookers a one-masted sailboat of a kind used especially in Ireland for fishing. NAUTICAL informal an old boat.Oakmor1 Aug 28
Aug 28 914 Holy Paladin LF Casual Raid Guild Hey All, I have a number of toons on this server and would like to transfer my hpally. I am currently seeking a casual raid group. ThanksLiteborne1 Aug 28
Aug 27 <EotN> joins <The Guard> Elves of the North's World PVP division has migrated to The Guard in order to provide serious, structured, and organized world pvp to the server. We look forward to the destruction we will implement on the alliance lands. I also look forward to hunting players on my kill list. In conclusion, I look forward to increased world pvp on emerald dream with the decline due to legion. Happy hunting ThalThalawoo34 Aug 27
Aug 27 Where does the Horde RP? Does the Horde have an RP hotspot equivalent to the Alliance's Blue Recluse?Althindor8 Aug 27
Aug 27 hey you Nier Automata is the best game of all time go play itShibbys22 Aug 27
Aug 27 <The Golden Celestials> Is recruiting! Hello everyone, Draxlefizz here. The Golden Celestials is a brand new guild looking for members to join our ranks. We were established August 25th, 2017. We are looking for people eager to help the guild become a big social guild. Future goals include Raid Teams, (10, and 25. Normal and Heroic), RBG teams, World PvP events and most importantly Role Play events! The guild is looking for all players, regardless of level, length of play time, or skill, RP'ers preferred, but not at all required. We have officer positions available for anyone that would like to apply to lead PvE or PvP teams as well as RP events. We are also looking for a web designer. Our officers get bank tab access as well as 300g daily repairs. If you would like any more information about the guild, PST me or comment on this forum. About me (if anyone cares): My name is Connor, i've been playing WoW since Vanilla in 2005. I currently main an Outlaw Rogue as well as a Mistweaver Monk. I do mainly PvP, but i also like to raid, and Roleplay when possible. I'm not always IC role playing, but i do enjoy doing it between PvP and Raids. I'm a Junior in College for Information Systems. I play WoW mainly late night, but also during the day on my work off days. (Wen, Thur, and Sun.) Anything else you want to know? Feel free to ask. :-)Draxlefizz0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Post your favorite song! Here's mine :D https://vimeo.com/180256975Traedrelis9 Aug 27
Aug 27 Forsaken RP-PvP Event: The wolf's howl † Follow up of the Dirge of the Dead † ------------------------------------------------ The banshee cry was heard, the dead came to answer the call. Together they've discussed of the threat, the living was taking advantage of the events on the broken shore to rid themselves of the walking dead. Nearly on all fronts they pushed toward the ruins of Lordaeron.. the Undercity. The feral worgens on the south borders, dwarves from the mountains and the human nations of the eastern kingdom.. both the foolish fanatic and those hoping to restore Arathor or Lordaeron. The Forsakens had to come up with something, and so they did. High Executor Siegroth listened to all that came.. the dead of Ravenheart Vanguard, his own brothers of Blackthorn and as well some banner-less forsaken. A plan was devised and would be executed in the coming days. He and a handful of undead would ride out to the east to find a way to distract the humans while his kin would march down south to claim a vital point. For now, he had to report to the Dark Apostle.. --------------------------------------- RP-PvP Event When: Saturday the 26th Time: At 8 PM Server Time Where: Meet at the Sepulcher Who: All Forsakens.. maybe a few living to serve as meat shield or bait. Enemies: The Pack will be showing up to oppose us ! For invite on calendar or more info, reply here or whisper Siegroth or Lorgar ingame !Siegroth20 Aug 27
Aug 27 Cat. 4 Hurricanes and you People, and for me, any fellow WoW players in Texas, stay safe! I watched that too much last night, and that was some right scary sheeee...iiitt. I hope you all alright, and I hope to see you in game!Loknal1 Aug 27
Aug 26 <A> Raid Guild Recruiting Heya! Roll for Blame on Emerald Dream (Alliance, N/A) is recruiting, We are a top 10 server guild progressing into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and are in need of some quality players to fill some gaps in Mythic, and begin our second team in Heroic. Raid times are approx; Current Progress ( 4/9 Mythic Tomb ) Monday - Mythic Progression - 7:30pm EST Tuesday - Heroic/Mythic Progression - 8:30pm EST Thursday - Normal/Heroic Farm - 8:30pm EST (OPTIONAL) Friday - Normal Alt Raid - 8:30pm EST (OPTIONAL) Sunday - Mythic Progression - 7:30pm EST We do not require you to make 100% raid attendance, we're a semi hardcore guild with some top performers but we also have a life, a 2/3 ratio on Mythic progression is more then adequate. If Mythic is not for you, no problem, we have a Heroic team and run Normals and were always looking for M+ players. Check us out online at www.rollforblame.org for pictures, videos and a daily twitter blog, if your looking to apply there is a quick and easy recruitment form and we will reach out to you asap. Contact directly at; Neberkenezer#11575 or LarGoesMeow#1548 or apply online Thank you!Neberkenezar4 Aug 26
Aug 26 [A]Return With Honor[PvE/PvP] Wants You! <Return With Honor> H7/9 weekday 6pm-8:30p EST raid times. Monk Tank and Druid heals needed. We also have a reward system where you can receive game time & game store items paid for by the guild. If interested pst me. Also visit us at returnwithhonor.shivtr.com Who Are We? Originally established in Tichondrius-US during the WoD expansion, Return With Honor is a guild lead by military veterans who are also veteran players of World of Warcraft. We offer great conversations, crude humor, active environment, and a home for individuals looking to be apart of a tight nit group. We also have a guild point system used by our members to earn great prizes like in-game items(gear, pets, mounts, etc) and game time. These points can be earned by staying active on our guild website, volunteering to assist the guild, and being involved in any guild groups. RAID SCHEDULE Alternating raid weeks (Varying days scheduled a month out)Tues, Friday, Sunday and Wed, Thu, Mon: 6:00PM-8:30PM EST We expect everyone to be prepared and ready to go 15 minutes before raid time (5:45PM EST) to start pulls at 6:00PM EST. We get Saturdays off every week. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Return+With+Honor RATED BATTLEGROUNDS The RBG schedule varies on a week by week basis. Multiple groups will be formed to accommodate mostly everyone. Guild Events Guild Events are held every week with prizes for members to earn like high ilvl BOE gear, gold, pets, and mounts. If interested please contact Hoodxd or myself by in-game message or mail contact me at #ActionJack11202Dreddmourne14 Aug 26
Aug 26 Argus is real! And its blocking the sun!Zhii8 Aug 26
Aug 26 The crusade to end them all. I need 300 raiders, minimum, to storm all their towns at the same time. The banks mainly, I mean that. Stay an hour, there in the middle. You kill only the bankers, and all those who dare defy our raids. I will be in front our bank, guild less. If you master one, talk to me; letterings accepted. In two Fridays, we must start our first raid, before the falls. At sun down (5:30PM), we shall march, united, or disassembled, and against the horde. I hope you love fun.Davidom13 Aug 26
Aug 26 [RP] Return About three weeks ago... The wind howled eerily over ice and grass and through the trees, echoing within the walls of the Westguard Keep. Fitting, Tinian thought, considering the given name of the Fjord. She gazed out across the icy water below the walls, absentmindedly rubbing the splint on the index finger of her left hand against the back of her right, her lips twisting into a grimace once she realized what she was doing. ~ ~ ~ "You're going to make it worse, my lady." In her room at Ravenholdt, the druid had scowled at the hunter. "The itching drives me to distraction." "That's good then for it means it's healing." Maedellyn smiled at the druid. "Here, let's take a look." The druid held her arm out, and Maedellyn unfastened and gently removed the glove to reveal a good amount of gauze wrapped around the hand. "Renn... that is, there is stitching..." Eyebrows raised and a hint of a smile playing across the hunter's face, she nodded. "I'll be careful." Slowly, Maedellyn unwrapped the several layers of gauze to reveal a stitched and obviously healing wound on the back of the druid's hand. "He did a good job. It's coming along nicely." She glanced up at the druid's face, which was paling. "Here." Maedellyn led the druid to a chair. "Sit. I don't need you fainting on me now." "This one does not faint," the druid muttered, closing her eyes as she sat. "Right." Humor touched Maedellyn's tone. "It's not your first wound on this hand, is it? How did this happen?" She traced the faint thin scar near the druid's knuckles before applying a healing ointment to the fresh wound in hopes that she would distract the druid. Eyes still closed, Tinian made a face. "A rogue caused that." Maedellyn raised an eyebrow. "Rogue, huh?" She laughed. "Funny considering you live here among them most of the time." A chuckle escaped. "Perhaps, though that rogue, Kesin, was not right in his head." Smiling, Maedellyn gently re-wrapped the druid's hand with a light layer of gauze. "You have quite the stories to tell, hmm?" She looked up from her work with an interested and almost hopeful look on her face. The druid lifted her left shoulder, purposely keeping her right arm still. "Stories of a life long ago of ones who are no longer here." The hunter tilted her head with a grin. "You're here, aren't you? I shall have to ply you with drink so you'll tell them to me." The druid cracked open one eye. "Fizzy Faire drink with bubbles?" Maedellyn burst out laughing. "Sure, if that's what it'll take." She gave the druid's arm a pat. "All set. Now we have some packing to do, don't we?" ~ ~ ~ Tinian looked back over her shoulder at the Keep. Though the company had returned to Westguard from Felwood, this would be the first that she would be calling it home. Time to learn my way around. The druid transformed and faded into the shadows.Tìnian2 Aug 26