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1h [A] <Solar> - 8/8N 5/8H Wed/Sun 8 to 10:30pm <Solar> is a small, friendly guild looking for some more raiders to add to the team! Once we get a full team, we are keen to try our hand at mythic, with a couple ex-mythic raiders itching to get back into it. We love the banter, treat each other with respect and take down bosses. All we ask is that you enjoy our welcoming atmosphere, reduce boss HP to 0 while keeping yours ideally at >0, and help progress the guild through mythic to get cutting edge. We currently have guild repairs, food and feasts supplied and eventually cauldrons and potions supplied in the future. Raid Times: We are currently 8/8N and 5/8H. We raid 8:00pm - 10:30pm server, Wed and Sun. Currently, we are mostly looking for DPS. What we are after: Azeroth Heart atleast level 19 ilvl atleast 340, but willing to help gear any exceptional people. RDPS - Warlock (preferred) - Any outstanding casters! MDPS - Currently open for warrior Extra - A DPS with a useful tank spec, as a backup - An extra healer or two as we gain more DPS Casuals and dungeon runners are more than welcome to join the guild as well. If you are interested in joining, please add one of the officers or GM on Battlenet Mook#11772 - GM Fabreese#1882 - Raid Leader Pepper#12850 - Officer Ven#12781 - OfficerNïklas3 1h
1h <Fates Atrophy> Recruiting for Mythic Fates Atrophy are currently recruiting for mythic progression in Uldir and setting a strong core for the next raid tier, constructing mythic + teams together and push. Our main priority is: Resto Sham (w) OS Aff lock WW W/OS at about 365+ ilvl We are currently 7/8H 1/8M we raid Wed/Fri /(Sunday as an option) 8 - 11pm and mythic+ keys any other night. For more information message me on fullmetal301#1695 or message me in-game, look forward to hearing to you.Nojwons0 1h
2h [A] <Catalyst Elite> Recruiting <Catalyst Elite> 6/8H are currently recruiting for raiding. Raid times are Wed/Mon Night 7:30 to 10:30 ST. PST for a chat, exp not required. Catalyst Elite was formed in vanilla and has raided since. We're looking for all classes save hunters and paladins to expand our roster to move into mythic in the coming weeks. Contact an officer (Damo, Groulder, or Couleur) or any online member to organise a trial.Groulder1 2h
2h <Adaptive> 3/8M Recruiting dps <Adaptive> is a new Alliance raiding guild on Frostmourne, run by raiders with 13+ years of mixed raiding experience, including realm first level raiding. We are a more mature bunch who have become more casual over the years but are still extremely competitive inside the raid environment. Raid times: 8-10:30 AEST Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday We are currently 8/8N, 8/8H, 3/8M and are looking for experienced raiders who are looking for a fresh start in a non-toxic, yet competitive raiding environment to push cutting edge content. New members must be able to take criticism and receive instruction, delivered in a friendly yet matter of fact way, to ensure that the guild forges through current content at a respectable pace. You must be flexible and willing to play the current most powerful spec for your class. Members must be willing to be cycled around on the bench for progress to ensure that the best class composition is attained for progression, however this will be done fairly. We are also looking for members that complete high M+ keys on a regular basis, as these help significantly with awareness and pushing your class to its limits as well as gearing for raids. No previous raiding experience is required; however it is desirable. As long as you have a positive attitude and willingness to learn quickly. We are currently recruiting: Healers: excellent healers only Tanks: any exceptional tank Ranged: 1 x Warlocks, 1 x BM hunter, 1 x Spriest. Melee: 1 x Rogue, 1 x DH All applicants should be 370+ ilvl and have a Heart of Azeroth neck > 23. If you are looking for a new guild, drop an application @: You can contact me in game if you have any questions. Neoshiv/Neofu – Wound#1660Neofu18 2h
3h 370 Blood DK lf sunday raid guild 370 Blood DK lf sunday raid guildIamdeathk0 3h
5h [A] <Ice Cream Truck> [2/8M - 8/8H] [A] <Ice Cream Truck> [2/8M - 8/8H] is primarily recruiting Heals and Ranged DPS! We are looking for dedicated people for Mythic progression in Uldir and raids beyond. If this interests you feel free to apply via the link below on our Website or contact an admin ingame. We're also recruiting those who want to push M+ keys or anyone who just wants to be a social and chill and chat. Our current raid times are: Wednesday 9PM ST Thursday 9PM ST Sunday 9PM ST We are currently considering applicants for all roles! And click on; 'Apply to Guild' in the left column. If you have any further inquiries please don't hesitate to add us on bnet; Vyxe#11516, Tink#1985, Pepsi#1506 Or post your question within the thread. Hope to see you ingame!Vyxe2 5h
7h <Bush Lurkers> 3/8M 2 Night LF Dps/Tank <Bush Lurkers> is a two night a week raiding guild located on Frostmourne server. We aim to do high level mythic raiding without the long hours and are looking for mature dedicated raiders to add to the team for progression in BFA after a break towards the end of legion. Raid Times: 9pm - 12am ST (GMT+10) Wednesday & Thursday with optional gearing runs on Fri/Mon. We also constantly run Mythic+ and carry groups. Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 2/3 Mythic Nighthold: 10/10 Heroic 9/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: -9/9 Heroic -6/9 Mythic Antorus: 11/11H 7/11M (before stopping in Feb) Uldir 7/8H 3/8M Currently recruiting all specs with high priority on the following: Tanks Dk/monk/pala Healers DPS -Mage -Boomkin -Lock -Hunter (Ranged) Contact for further information: Mojoalo#2133 Kye#1247Mojoalo11 7h
11h 4/8M <Cute Traps> LF RDPS & Healers <Cute Traps> is a semi-new Alliance raiding guild on Frostmourne, formed late into the tier of "Antorus, the Burning Throne". Managing to clear the teir quickly in just a little longer than a month of creation. We wish to push hard into mythic content with front page frostmourne goals. Looking for great players to help us do so. Raid times: 8-11:30 Servertime - Wednesday/Sunday/Monday New members must be able to take criticism and receive instruction, to ensure progression through current content. Looking for members that complete high M+ key pushing your class to its limits as well as gearing for raids. As long as you have a positive attitude and willingness to learn quickly. We are currently recruiting: Healers: Disco. Druid. Monk Tanks: Exceptional Players. Ranged: Warlocks, BM hunters. Melee: WW monk, Ret Pally. All applicants should be 360+ ilvl and have a Heart of Azeroth neck > 21. Drop an application: You can contact us here if you have any questions. Sxul/Luxs - Johnojohns#1773 Deidara - Ethvn#11761 Arbaals - Macca#6228Sxul16 11h
16h [A] relax 3/8M 8/8H sat sun 11:30am No officers, no raid attendance tracking, no commitment. Just rock up and kill stuff. Washed up casuals here raiding at Sat Sun 11:30am - 3:30pm but usually start late finish early. Plenty of m+/raid/alt activity outside these times. Some of the best OCE players here. Also the place if you're looking to zoom m+ add isei#1816Bias29 16h
19h [A]<Optymos> Frostmourne GMT+8 MProg Weekdays <Optymos@Frostmourne> is a Alliance, Semi-Hardcore Mythic Progression guild. We are currently looking for raiders with dedication to join our core progression team. ..................Eleter44 19h
23h LF Active RBG/PVP Guild Hi all, I am looking for a RBG , PvP guild on Frostmourne ally. I dont mind doing a bit of mythics here and there but I mainly just pvp. 2.4k In WOD as that was the last xpac I played but im back for BFA. Look forward to hearing from ya.Drizzyy0 23h
1d [A]<Templars Of Blood> Recruiting DPS <Templars Of Blood> are recruiting players on Frostmourne Alliance to bolster our core team for Mythic raiding. We created this guild in October 2017 on Frostmourne coming previously from Horde on Thaurissan-Dreadmaul. Over the course of the year we have grown enough to begin Mythic raiding and cleared 6/11M ABT. Current Progress in Uldir is 7/8H, 2/8M. Our main raid nights are 9pm-11:30pm SVT Wed/Thu/Mon. We are active most nights between 8pm and Midnight. If you are looking for a guild that is a bit more casual but still competitive and wanting to try clear current content then we might be the guild for you. Currently considering applications for: Tank No open spots at the moment. DPS Beast Mastery Hunter (High) Arms Warrior (Medium) Demon Hunter (Low) Other exceptional DPS would be considered. Heals DPS with Heal Off-Spec considered. We also accept casual raiders happy to sit on the bench for Mythic or people interested in pushing high Mythic+ keys. To get in touch for more information, please add my Battletag Hydrax#1831 for a chat.Hydràx4 1d
1d INTERNATIONAL LGBT+ CHAT Welcome all the players that want to be part of this big community with more than 200 people! If you are horde, alliance, man, woman, agender, etc. You are invited! We leave you this link to join us: or write me down to my BattleTag #Bax11224 We have to be clear and say that this is not a community that seeks different privileges or to isolate from the rest of the players. This is like any other community that brings people with the same tastes or like same stuff, we want to chat and hang out to have a better time together, if you feel excluded by our community you are more than welcome to join! Kisses. Miss Vanjie. PS This community is for players that speaks english and spanish!Nacil1 1d
1d [A] <Invíctus> Recruitment <Invictus> SERVER: Frostmourne FACTION: Alliance PROGRESSION: 8/8N 6/8H RAID SCHEDULE: Thu and Fri 9pm - 12am +8GMT (11pm - 2am server time) RECRUITMENT: We are currently looking for healers and DPS. ILVL REQUIREMENT: 350 CONTACT INFO: Ordained#1573, PacketJ#1920You can also post a message in our guild recruitment discord channel: 1d
1d [A] <Trusty Patches> Recruiting! Would you consider yourself a cleric? Is your knowledge and skill of your class so good you fight with a broken straight sword? Are you interested in joining a squad as committed to progression and victory as Kingseeker Frampt? Then this is not the guild for you - there's some treasure over there beyond that cliff. If you are however, looking for a semi-casual progression guild who commits to weekly clearance then <Trusty Patches> is for you! We are a recently formed guild that want to focus on raid progression and filling a raid team. Looking for fun, active and relaxed people who are motivated to raid but don't want the pressure of a hardcore guild. While we will be taking raid seriously we aren't looking for competitive raiding. We accept all who wish to join, even if they don't have previous experience. We at least want you to understand your class and play smart. BFA Raid times are 6:30pm-9:30pm RST on Wed and 6pm-9pm RST on Sun. We are doing progression H 6/8 and M 1/8 currently and require an ilvl of 360. Will be moving forward with Mythic when comfortable and full team. Looking for dedicated Tank and Healers mostly to fill out our team. Also strong RDPS. Contacts: In Game - Surrèal, Hyzael or Aelexe Real ID - SurrealHs#1410, JustPria#1754 or Aelexe#6152Surrèal5 1d
1d <Affixed> 4/8M / NZ / 2 nights / M+ <Affixed> NZ [Wed/Thurs 6:45-9:45PM ST] is recruiting for Cutting Edge Mythic raiding and competitve M+ in BFA. Currently seeking a DH and other exceptional players for our core raid team. 3/8 Mythic experience preferred however all exceptional applications will also be considered. Our guild's mission is to maintain a positive environment to collaborate and share knowledge, improve as players and most importantly have fun. Prerequisites: ilvl370 / AP 25 4/8M exp pref. Apply here: BattleTag: Macropriest GM mbewa#1283Macropriest20 1d
1d 1/8M 8/8H LF Tank 1/8M 8/8H LF Tank <Pictionary> Is looking for a reliable tank to join our ranks, LF new one because our current off tank has been busy with life. We raid: 9-12 SVT wednesday and thrusday. With sunday being a causal night. Youll be tanking with myself ^.^ i currently am a dh 373 ilvl but im gearing up my brewmaster monk to take over. Add Gorjuss#1360 if youre keen :DGorjuss0 1d
1d <Monkey Business> 3/8M Weekend Progression About Us Monkey Business is a guild established in Hellfire Citadel, by a group of individuals looking to raid and kill Mythic bosses, we're a tight-knit, semi-hardcore progression guild made up of friends with like-minded goals of achieving Cutting Edge every tier, and also an open-minded group that always like to meet new players with similar goals as us. As we understand that players have lives, jobs, and hobbies outside of WoW, our main requirement is our raiders be reliable, and inform the guild of any exigencies (No one likes to show up to a gathering that is not going to take place) Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge every tier, while progressing at a reasonable, competitive pace, enjoying each other's company doing it. We will not force extended raid hours to complete the tier. We also enforce a zero tolerance policy on toxic behavior in the guild. Raid Progression Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11M (Cutting Edge) Tomb of Sargeras 7/9M The Nighthold 8/10M Trials of Valor 2/3M Emerald Nightmare 7/7M (Cutting Edge) Raid Schedule: Saturday: 1pm - 5pm Sunday: 1pm - 5pm Above times are Frostmourne Server Time (AEST/AEDT) Sale / Alt runs are optional and scheduled on off days Recruitment Needs: Warlock* (Priority) Elemental Boomkin Demon Hunter We'll consider all applicants of exceptional skill / experience not mentioned above Raider Requirements Attendance: Due to our limited raiding days/hours, we expect >90% attendance on our raiders. If you are unable to make, or will be late for a raid, please inform us via discord. Preparedness & Readyness: We expect our raiders to research encounters, their class in advance and show up prepared so we are able to make full use of our raid hours. Open to Criticism: We understand that everyone is not a god or a machine, mistakes do happen, if one is struggling, such as a mechanic or a role, we will approach you in a respectable manner. All we ask is that you reciprocate in return. Recruitment Details You may approach an Officer in game, add them via btag, apply using our Form below, join our discord, and/or post a message in the #recruitment section for easier visibility. We will liase with you for an interview if we're interested. Officer Btag: Chihao (GM/Recruitment) (Radiantshot#6162) Bluesquare (Co-RL) (Pleaseshoot#1509) Discord: App Form: 1d
1d [A]<SuperStars> (4/8M) 2 Nights LF Mage <SuperStars> (Frostmourne – Alliance Side) are a 2 night mythic raiding guild. We are run by former hardcore raiders who held leadership positions in both <Not Steamboat> and <Tribunal>, guilds who were competing for oceanic firsts in the TBC and Wrath eras. We offer a friendly and mature raiding environment, a supportive community for all of our raiders and strive to achieve maximum content on a much shorter schedule than many progression guilds. Why Choose SuperStars? Here at SuperStars we never stray from our 2 nights a week of progression raiding. This allows us to accommodate a wide array of skilled players that may have 9 – 5 jobs, are currently studying, have families, or do not wish to raid 3 – 4 nights a week. Raid Times: Sunday and Monday 8:00pm – 11:00pm AEST (Server Time) Current Progression: Uldir 8/8H and 4/8M BfA Recruitment needs: 1 x Mage (High Priority) Will also consider exceptional players whose classes are not listed above – we are always willing to make room for the right player. Application Requirements: Have previous mythic experience from at least one full tier of raiding content. Show considerable skill in playing your class and executing boss mechanics. Demonstrate a genuine interest in raiding on a 2 night schedule in a close-knit team. Commitment towards gearing up and actively researching your class outside of raids, as well as applying the most optimal set-up for progression raiding. Consistent attendance. Able to follow direction from the guild leadership and take constructive criticism. Contact Details: If you think that you may be a good fit for our guild, please contact: Chassaria#1553 Deludedj#1410 Or alternatively, fill out an app at: 1d
1d [A] <Arcane Energies> 8/8H 2/8M Recruiting <Arcane Energies> We at Arcane Energies Incorporated are looking for like-minded Semi-casual individuals to join our Raiding and Mythic+ groups to fight against the tyranny of the Horde. We pride ourselves on our commitment to inclusivity and strive to focus our skills and sharpen our minds to counter the oppression forced upon us by the Mistress Sylvanas. We are currently rebuilding our raid team as we have all had a break from the game as it currently is and would like to continue with the group we have into the future and to successfully Raid the Titan Facility of Uldir. We Raid twice a week: Thursday - 7pm to 11pm (ST) Monday - 7pm to 11pm (ST) Roles Needed: Healers - Need a reliable big ol' raid healer Ranged DPS - Where are all the ranged theses days. We need you. We also frequently do Mythic+ to help gear our fellow raiders or to simply push our own skills whenever possible. Feel free to contact any of our Officers at the following Battletags: Blinkarrow#1704 Nodes#1215 Creus#6844 Shadetree#1187 We need your help to crush the enemies of the Horde, and Raid the Titan Facility of Uldir and continue into the future of World Of Warcraft. *gnome kisses*Nodez5 1d
2d [H] <Elite Four> 2/8M 8/8H Casual raid 2 raids per week: Thurs - 845pm ST (745pm after DST ends) Sun - 6pm ST (5pm after DST ends) M+ activities etc. ongoing outside raid times. Whisper me or drop me a mail on a Horde toon if interested.Artofshadow1 2d
2d Selling [Heavy Junkbox] Farming Services Hi there. Selling Heavy Junkbox Farming services for the Ravenholt portion of The Insane achievement. 500g a box. Some prefarmed some farmed on demand. PM me IG or leave a post here with how many you need and the timeframe you need them in. Thanks.Arctusqt6 2d
2d [A]<Einherjar> 2/8M 8/8H is recruiting! <Einherjar> is a semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild run by a group of IRL friends and veteran raiders, with collective raiding experience across all raid tiers. Einherjar’s official raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (Server Time). We started Mythic raiding in May 2018, clearing 9/11 Mythic and reaching 64th server / 157th Oceanic before having to stop progression due to BFA launch. We intend to continue this hot streak into BFA. While we do have a competitive mindset on our official raid nights, we also have an optional Monday night raid from 7:30-10:30pm, with a more relaxed environment for doing farm content or for further progression. We are an active guild out of raid times as well and engage in a wide variety of activities including Mythic+, Island Expeditions and transmog runs. We do the majority of our managerial and social interactions on Discord, so if you’re looking for a guild with a VERY active Discord, you’ve come to the right place. For the strongest application Einherjar is seeking the following traits in raiders: -A community mindset. -Previous mythic experience. -A working microphone and a willingness to use it. -Close to perfect attendance. Updated 11/10/18 Current and Previous Progression: 2/8 Mythic Uldir 8/8 Heroic Uldir 8/8 Normal Uldir 9/11 Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne While all applications will be considered, Einherjar is particularly seeking the following: High Demand: -Restoration Druids -Windwalker Monks -Mistweaver Monks -Frost Death Knights -Affliction Warlocks Moderate Demand: -Balance Druids -Feral Druid -Beastmastery or Marksman Hunters -Elemental Shaman Mythic Raid Times: Wednesday - Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (Server Time) Heroic Raid Times: Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (Server Time) For more information head to and follow the link at the bottom to our Guild Discord or click on the Guild Application link at the top right to fill out an application. Alternatively if you would like to contact an officer through BTag you can find them below. Although Discord will have the fastest response. Moradin - Jasr#1705 Icyhots - TheIcyHot#1240 Hercto - Hercto#1225Moradin48 2d
2d <The Fifth Affix> 7/8H - 4 Hours Very chill guild looking for more like-minded players to join us for heroic raiding and mythic+ spam. Currently prioritizing ranged dps but anyone will be considered. Raid times 6.45-8.45st Monday and Wednesday. NaQi#1406 - Don't be shyLespauly0 2d
2d <CI> M+ Focused/1 Day a Week Heroic Raid ...Hey Guys, The purpose of the guild is to focus on Myhtic + Pushes and Sales as guild groups. We also strive to achieve Ahead of the Curve of each raid tier in Battle of Azeroth in a timely manner. We aim to sell Keystone +10's and above as guild groups and share the in game gold between the team members involved, groups will be formed of competent players from within the guild. ...Our raid plans are to form a flexible raid roster of people that have commitments and can not raid more then 1 day a week but still wish to see content and get upgrades. We aim to raid only 1 day a week for around 3-4 hours, the day and time have yet to be decided. We will put up a poll on our guild discord once we have gathered numbers of interest to work out what day and times work for the majority of the raid roster....People we hope to attract to the guild environment: People wanting to push +10 keys and above People that have Work or Family Commitments Retired Myhtic Raiders (WoW Vets) People that just don't have the time or want to commit to serious raiding People that want to raid 1 day a week and clear content People that enjoy leveling and gearing alts All Socials & Casuals ...Please have a mature attitude and treat others how you wish to be treated, Thank You! Officer Contact if you have more questions or just want to have a chat about the guild please hit up in game out battle-net addresses are below. Farnzy26#1855 - GM Feralistic#1640 - Raid LeaderPalajax0 2d
2d [A]<What a Mare>8/8H 2/8M Wed/Thu <What A Mare> TL;DR version: Currently recruiting: - All exceptional DPS - high demand for a Warlock! Raid times are: Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30 pm ST Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 pm ST Optional - Monday 8:30 - 11:30 pm ST Add me on Bnet Zesial#1907 Long version! Somewhere between semi hardcore and casual raiding guild. We are recruiting skilled, like minded, dedicated players with a view to clearing Mythic content in upcoming raids. We are a close knit group who have been raiding throughout all of Legion and expansions in the past. Had previously obtain 9/11 Mythic ABT prior to taking a break with the release of BFA. Ideally you will be 360+ ilvl with level 20 neck piece with current raid experience and ready to enter mythic content. Please ensure that you also have logs available. What we bring to our guild members: - A friendly and competent raiding environment that strives to progress in Mythic raids - Guild's M+ teams who enjoy pushing Mythic+ keystones each week - Advice on how to play your class/role if needed - Achievement runs In return we ask that you maintain a good attendance with a willingness to learn and improve. Must be able to take advice and keep working towards improving. Must be able to commit to raid schedule and be competent of their class. Raid times are: Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30 pm ST Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 pm ST Optional - Monday 8:30 - 11:30 pm ST All exceptional players encouraged to approach us, and all casuals, PvPer's and mythic+ players welcome. Add me on Bnet Zesial#1907 or Paska#6460, or PST Dmented, Paska, Aerrius, Vakarian or Kudøss ingame! P.S If you do add me on Bnet - please say something don't just add me and not reply sitting on my friend list! TIA!Dmented5 2d
2d Strong casual player/s LF home for keys+ Hey guys, Blood dk w/ resto druid/kin 2nd toon. LF a late night group for keys(mythic prog if limited hours) I havent done much in BFA yet but was looking to get stuck into some harder content. If you are a prog guild and could use a strong casual player/s (ex gm of an american cutting edge guild + keys up to 20) (might have more than myself also) to fill in or crush m+ contact me ingame @ #awak3#6502 (one of my toons from legion)Gripster1 2d
2d Sub rogue + Resto druid LF mythic guild 374 Sub rogue + 372 resto druid LF mythic guild both of us are 2 / 8 mythic & AOTC with experiance on zek'vos (best pull 1% wipe) We prefer raiding 7 - 11 pm SVT on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday Add Example#11285 or Northbastard#1607Examqle4 2d
2d 360 Enhance Shaman LF Raiding guild Im a 360 Enhancement Shaman LF a raiding guild im 7/8N and 3/8H. I was once a mythic Raider so if that what your guild is looking for im up for it. I did mythic raiding in mop for ToT and SoO. Im Looking to raid 8:30pm server time or later.Sukino1 2d
2d [A] <Early Night> 5/8M Recruiting a Tank <Early Night> is a guild aimed at Cutting Edge raiding while being relaxed and enjoying playing the game together. We are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles, we like to keep a healthy roster and don't run a core/bench system but rather decide the team per boss. We are a blend of fun and professional. The raiding environment is largely the reason why this guild has been created, it's something we're extremely proud of. We aim to provide a mature, drama free, relaxed raiding environment while still maintaining great progression as a 3 night raiding guild. Progression: Uldir: 5/8M Antorus: 11/11M Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9M Nighthold: 10/10M Raid Schedule: Wednesday: 8pm-11pm Thursday: 8pm-11pm Monday: 8pm-11pm Recruiting the following geared and experienced players: 1 Tank (DK or Monk) 1 Healer (Monk) If you are interested, please add me on kitty#1264Healokitty0 2d
2d 2/8M AOTC - Vrekt - 3 Nights 7-10pm <Vrekt> of Illidan Vrekt is a newly formed guild that started at the launch of Uldir. We're looking for a few more raiders as well as social MEMEbers, pvpers and derelicts alike. Raid Info: Goal: Mythic Progression / CE Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm - 10pm CST RBGS / Alt Runs on off nights. Vrekt is a team founded by veteran raiders looking build a progression-oriented core roster of players with the common goal of clearing mythic content while it’s still relevant. If you’re a player with current mythic experience, a player that feels they’ve outgrown Heroic content, or a former hardcore raider looking to get back in to progression without the 5 day a week commitment, then Vrekt may be the right home for you. What we require: Knowledge of your Class/ Role Don't be Toxic Be prepared every raid Participation in strategy discussion and encounter research Positive attitude and presence (we want to keep it fun) Patience as we build our roster If you do not see your class or role listed, we still encourage you to apply. Exceptional apps will always be considered. __ Current Needs: Healers: MW, HPriest rDPS: Lock, Mage, Hunter mDPS: Ret __ How to Apply: Go to our discord and fill out an app using the template in the application channel. For more info, please contact us below. Discord: Destructive#1640 Bnet: MasterSK#1789Sämäel1 2d
2d [A] Effect 3/8M Wed/Sun Mythic Raiding <Effect> is a two-night mythic raiding guild that aims to experience mythic content while maintaining an enjoyable and supportive raiding atmosphere. In addition to mythic raiding, we also run an optional weekend raid and have a roster of players that enjoy running high keys, farming mounts, transmog and pet battles. Mythic Raiding Times Wednesday 8:00pm – 11:00pm ST Sunday 7:00pm – 11:00pm ST Optional Raid Saturday 7.30pm After achieving 11/11M in Antorus and now 3/8M in Uldir, we are looking to inject our roster with new players keen to progress in Battle For Azeroth. You will have ~360ilvl as a minimum and preferably some mythic experience either in BFA or Legion. Currently we are not looking to recruit any classes in particular, but if you are an exceptional raider that can only commit to 2 nights because of work, study or otherwise, feel free to apply with the form at this link: Or, if you wish to inquire about upcoming openings, contact either myself Afflatus#11588, or MultiDyls#2404 via Btag.Affray22 2d
2d [A] <Fiction> - 9-11.30 SVT Thurs/Sun/Mon Fiction consists of a strong team of mature, skilled players that have kept the guild going strong for 6+ years, always pushing end content (mythic). We offer an active and friendly gaming environment that lends to our healthy and steady progression. We're currently recruiting Ret, Warlock, Resto druid or shaman. CORE RAID INFO Progression: 2/8M 8/8H 11/11M CE Antorus Raid Nights: Thursday, Sunday, Monday Raid Times: 9:00PM to 11:30PM (Server Time) ilvl: 350+ for Uldir Voice: Discord Logs: Wowprogress: Discord: In Game Contacts: Turbodzel // Brightblood#11683 Slapntickle // Goldie#1497 To join us, please send either Turbodzel or Slapntickle a message in game stating that you wish to apply. ThanksTurbodzel5 2d
2d [A]<Blood and Tears> 8/8H 2/8M LF HEALER/RDPS Quick info: 8/8N 8/8H 2/8M Blood and Tears is an Alliance, Frostmourne guild searching for DPS who are looking to push into mythic. Players who are new to mythic or veterans are all welcome, as long as you are enthusiastic and dedicated, there is a place for you in Blood and Tears! LF 1x Holy/Disc priest/Rdruid Raid Times: Wednesday: 8-11pm (Server time) Monday: 8-11pm (Server time) Nights may either end earlier or later depending on the general consensus of the group if we are close to killing a prog boss or have finished early. History: Blood and Tears formed at the start of legion of players from heroic and mythic raiding background. Since the launch of Legion we have cleared every raid full on heroic and have pushed NH mythic to 4/10 and ToS mythic 3/9 and finally ABT to 3/11. In BfA we are looking to increase our mythic prog to strong levels each tier, with the raid team being reformed to express our dedication, and hopefully yours too. Fine print: You are also expected to read and watch up fights, and know how to play your class :) ````````````````` If you are interested in joining please add Rakruar#1507 or BitterKill#1373 on More info can be discussed and questions can be asked, don't be shy :)Werdera2 2d
2d <Centrelink> 2/8M Mythic raiding LF RANGE DPS <Centrelink> 8/8H 1/8M LF SKILLED RANGED DPS to join our CORE RAID TEAM. Mon/Wed/Fri 9 - 12 pm svt time. highly experienced group pushing for MYTHIC PROG & high level mythics+ Raiding times: Wednesday - 9 - 11pm svt // Heroic Uldir Friday - 9- 11 pm svt // Heroic Uldir clear // Mythic prog Monday - 9 - 12pm svt // Mythic prog Wednesday night is optional, monday and friday are the main nights that require consistentcy. Will be swapping to hard mythic prog in a couple of weeks. LF Range dps to fill the last of the core spots. Min il 360+ MSG ME IF YOUR INTERESTED! add me on bnet sxcwog#1505Sxcwog6 2d
3d [A] Vitare 2/8M | W/Th/Su 8-11 ST | Vitare is a seasoned and active guild which has transferred and first originated from the early days of Barthilas. We are a 20 man Alliance raiding guild focused on progression and hard mode raiding content. You can find us on We currently raid 3 nights per week: ... However, if applying please note that raids will occasionally run over time when we are close to a progression kill. We are currently looking for like-minded raiders to join us for Mythic raids. We're after experienced Mythic raiders who would be willing to pull their weight and commit to progression together and take their attendance and performance seriously. ... We have a pretty tight-knit group of raiders; we play this game to have fun, crack jokes and kill bosses. Our goal of each tier cycle is to clear as much as we possibly can, as well as picking up any achievements, including the meta. Outside of our raids - we smash out M+, have a strong bond over killing horde, host alt runs and occasionally do things out of the World of Warcraft. We are a very chill and welcoming guild; we know the names of eachother's girlfriends (fictional or not) and are friendly enough to even write a Facebook comment on your birthday. Many of us share a stupid kind of ruthless humour and are able to make jokes out of anything. "We aren't just a community, we're a family" ~Roguescreed, 2013. "WE ARE A FAMILY. We are one" ~Caji, 2013. "Gayyyyyyyyyyyy" ~Everyone else, 2013. Feel free to contact Addyluv, Edan, Deathpun or Razzia in game if you have any inquiries. Otherwise, to apply as a raider to our current raiding team, create a new application at :)Addyluv365 3d
3d WTS name - Alchemy If you're interested post here or message me. Battle tag is Flipsnare#1803Alchemy0 3d
3d 374 DK - Looking for Raid Group 374 DK - 1/8M, 8/8H + 50+ wipes on M Zek'Voz all as blood. Looking to raid 2 nights a week, preferably Wed, Mon from 8pm. Battletag: Karshuin#1250 if interested.Karshey2 3d
3d [A]374ilvl 2/8M MW Monk Hi, I am looking for a mythic raiding guild that is making some progression each week and takes each progression pull attempt seriously. I am an experience raider being in hardcore raiding guilds in the past and have mained a healer since vanilla. I am available on any of the following days/nights: Wed - Sun - Mon - Tue I can also do Thursdays if raid starts after 9.30pm st. Currently 8/8H and 2/8M with 374iLvL. I am reliable, have discord, mic, good pc, good connection and all desired addons. I am log on frequently during the off raid nights to do m+ ect. bnet: Destero#1421Phozgene0 3d
4d [A] Sanctuary - Social Raiding 5/8 H Currently looking for Priests, Mages and Warriors Sanctuary We are an Australian guild born from long standing friendships. Sanctuary is looking for more kindhearted people to join us for the journey through Battle for Azeroth. The guild is run by highly experienced Players that have a vast knowledge about all aspects of the game. Raiding will be our main focus but our objective is to have fun and enjoy the game. Raiding Details 5/8 Heroic 1/8 Mythic MAIN Raid Night: Friday (Mandatory) Time: 8 - 11PM SVT (AEST +10GMT) ALT Raid Night: Saturday (Optional) Time: 8 - 11PM SVT (AEST +10GMT) What you can expect from us Planned raids from week to week Relaxed raiding environment Friendly smiles and humourous banter Expert knowledge on raid strategy and class mechanics What we're looking for Even though we promote kindness and love there are a few things we'll require from you to ensure that raids are run smoothly and efficiently. Be online and ready to go by 8PM. If you've committed to attending the raid please make sure you're ready to go by 8. Especially if you're a Healer or Tank. If you're going to be late/away, let us know in advance. Sometimes work, life and family can get in the way and that's okay. Just let us know as soon as you can so we can plan around it. In short, be mindful of others in the group. Not turning up, being late or not improving where needed affects everyone and isn't fair on those that put in the effort. If you're interested in joining feel free to contact me in game via my tag/character. Cheezenonion Merc#1905 Staghorn JRendog#1471 Keltris Keltris#11497Staghorn0 4d
4d <Batas Guild> LFM Mythic progression! About us We are an experienced bunch of raiders, who have raided for quite some time. From the opening of Barthilas Alliance, through to now on Frostmourne Alliance. We have a core with experience currently at 2/8M, 8/8H. Our Philosophy is this We want to do mythic, but first and foremost is we want players who want to play the game, who want to play their class, and have fun doing it. Longevity of the guild is paramount, meaning we want the player to feel welcomed and for the environment to always incite the enjoyment of logging in. Progression is a natural occurrence when the core is in the same boat, so we care more about the players, than we do the class. With the changing of loot system we believe it's vital to make sure players are welcome and enjoy there time thus to share the wealth and to have a flexible roster. What we WANT We are currently looking for 4 DPS. A Lock, Mage or Ele Shaman would be fantastic, however other DPS classes will be considered. We have an active recruitment policy, and as such, we are constantly on the hunt for good players of ALL classes and specs. What we can offer A stable, relaxed, raiding environment. No stress raiding, however, boots to bums for slacking will be a thing for avoidable mistakes. We offer all standard repairs etc etc. We also offer gems, food, and other raid consumables needed for progression. We are not tight when it comes to guild progression so all we expect from our raiders and guild members is to turn up to raids, learn, kill bosses, and have a good laugh, and a drink, often! If any of this sounds like you, or is enticing, message Temeflaps#1455, Glizzle#6462 for more info or a chat about anything else. Alternatively, you can go to: for more info.Daed1 4d
4d (A) <Subpar> Recruiting! <Subpar> Recruiting All We are a newly formed guild built with raid leaders with experience ranging from Burning Crusade raiding to current 8/8 H Uldir! We are looking to continue progressing through Uldir with a goal of mythic raiding with a full team of like minded individuals in Tides of Vengeance (8.1) or earlier when we have a full roster. Our team are always looking for new players to push Mythic+ keys and help new players gear up ready for raiding! Raid Times Wednesday 7:30 - 10:30 ST Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 ST We are also looking for social members who like to have some fun playing other games together as you will often find us in discord having a laugh when we are not on WoW! Any questions add on Battle net or whisper in game: maraakitty#6204 (In game Retádin) Goose#13796 (In game Sempi)Retádin2 4d
4d - -Knm6 4d
5d [A] No Dice 3/8M 6hrs 1x Melee Frostmourne Current progression 3/8M Uldir No Dice is a tight knit group of people comprised of skilled players, many of which have raided in top tier Oceanic guilds in the past but have now developed a more casual approach to the game. I get asked all the time if this is the 'No Dice' from Barthilas, and yes we are! This guild has been around since Vanilla and isn't going away any time soon. We define casual as low amounts of hours and not raging because we're progressing slower than we'd like to or because we have to miss a raid once in a blue moon because some key players had to pick up an extra shift at work. We don't consider people who just do what ever they like, die non stop and do rubbish dps as casual. Rather we consider people such as this as time wasters. During our limited raid hours everyone is expected to do the absolute best they can. That being said we're re-opening recruitment. We're after players with a similar level of ability and approach to the game. We're currently willing to consider ANY Exceptional DPS application however we'd strongly like to recruit 1x Melee We raid Thursday and Sunday from 7:15-10:30 SVT. To apply please contact Alcho - Alcho#1229 Hamurabi, Atolt - fmm#1844 Scharfty, Hitandmist in gameAlcho2 5d
5d <A> Casual Mythic Raiding - Thur/Mon SOAK SQUAD ^_^ 8/8H and 1/8M LF for DPS for Mythic Raiding. Soak Squad is a NZ/AUS based casual Mythic guild. We aim to enjoy ourselves, with an emphasis on relaxing and simply having a good time! We are after both raiders (please see list) and casual players. We do everything from raiding, mythic keystones to mog and achievements runs! Raid times are Thursday 6-9 ST (8 to 11 NZT) and Monday 6-9 ST (8 to 11 NZT) for the mythic team. Contact Bananastazi - Anastazi#1951 5d
5d [A] <Voltage> 6/8H, lf dps and 1 heals! Hey, We're a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild from Frostmourne, reaching aotc in every tier in legion and usually a few mythic bosses too. In BfA we'll be raiding two nights a week once Uldir is released, 8.30-11pm server time Monday and Thursday. We also do regular m+, alt runs and other stuff, happy to welcome those who just want to chill or are new to raiding. If you're interested, add our recruitment officer on bnet Vynistrian#1992, he'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have :)Keianii13 5d
5d [A]<< Analysis >> NZ/Aus 6.30-9.30ST Wed/Thur << Analysis >> NZ/Aus Guild raiding at a more reasonable time 6.30ST - 9.30ST (8.30-11.30 NZT) Wed/Thursday 5/8 H Will be pushing Mythic Recruiting all Classes. 10 + Keys every week. We have just moved as of 01/10/18 to Frostmourne from Khaz where the server was a bit dead. We have 3 raid leaders all cutting edge Mythic players with over 8 years raid leading experience. We raid hard but have fun while doing and like to talk !@#$ and banter while raiding, but when the boss is pulled we get our game faces on. This is a great chance to get in while were building our raid team and secure a core spot. We will trial you in raid and if you are not good enough for a prog spot you can still come to casual raids and farm we will work with you to get better. Contact pocketbacon#1282 , kittykyla#1799 , swordblazer#1431 Contact us now and join the teamPocketbacon15 5d
6d Frostmourne <Ropegang> Recruitment <Ropegang> are a semi hardcore progression guild on Frostmourne run by experienced GM/Officer's with great leadership skills. If your looking for a fresh start in a new guild or transferred from horde we could be your fit! We always like to find the fine line between semi hardcore raiding and still having fun and enjoying each other’s company with mythic+, raids, etc. Progression: We are mainly looking for people who are consistent, committed and willing to learn, possess good class knowledge, mechanical skills and demonstrate a strong dedication towards raiding and desire to push content. Currently gearing up for raid - most players sitting around 340Ilvl. Raid Times: All time is in Server Time - Frostmourne Wednesday: 6:30-9:30pm Sunday: 6:30-9:30pm Contact: Alternatively, get in contact IN-GAME or via BNET. Oganius (GM) - Shigz#1485 Alwayslucky (CM) - brandon92#1794Alwayslucky30 6d
6d OPps! oppsDannetc1 6d