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4h [A] Intemperate 6/9H Wed/Sun 8-11pm ST If your looking for a casual laid back environment to clear heroic content, then Intemperate may be for you. Our raiders have come from previous successful high-end guilds and have a wide variety of experience in endgame raiding. We are mostly older, or less interested in hardcore raiding and now raid much more socially. Current Recruitment - 1x Healer (Priest or Monk) - Cloth DPS Raid Days (SVT GMT+10) - Wed: 8:00pm-11:00pm - Sun: 8:00pm-11:00pm Our expectations - Have a basic understanding of fight mechanics. - Appropriately geared character. - Have sound understanding of your class. - Have access to discord for communication What we offer you - Assistance in gearing and preparing your character - Pots and other consumables - Fun & social environment. We do things together outside of raiding. - Planned and Structured raiding environment Interested in Applying? We do not use a formal application system, instead we prefer you to contact us in game. We generally will trial you for 1-2 raid nights and ensure you are a good fit with our guild. Contact Us You can speak with any guild member in game, drop a reply here, or contact me on Battletag @ Argantis#1524Thundathighs0 4h
5h [A] Hodor 10/10M 4/9M Wed/Thu/Sun 8-11pm ST G'day, Formed since 2015, we are an Australian casual raiding guild comprised of mature guys and girls who want to push top-end raid progression at a healthy pace. We strive to provide our guild members with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our raid times are as follows: Wed- 8pm to 11pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT) Thu- 8pm to 11pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT) Sun- 8pm to 11pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT) What we provide to our raiders - Fun, mature and relaxed raiding atmosphere - End-game progression at a healthy and efficient pace - Transparent and favoritism free guild leadership and loot structure (loot council) - Consumables and repairs provided to our raiders - Fun guild atmosphere where raiders can always hang out to do Mythic + and other WoW activities together What we expect from our raiders - Proficiency in their role and specs - Solid attendance - Handle constructive feedback and be ok with sitting out for certain progression fights depending on class composition and other requirements - Research progression boss fights in advance - Actively participate in Mythic + runs and not just raid log - Most importantly - be respectful to others Our Recruitment is currently open for: - All skilled DPS preferred Rogues and Hunters but excluding Warriors and Mages. But all exceptional players will be considered so please feel free to speak to us! ilvl 920+ and 55+ Artifact Traits (7.2) is required and Mythic raiding experience is preferred. Please apply to: Please contact the following in game if you are interested and want a chat! - Merlorr (Merlor#6904) - Raidbreak (Raidbreaks#6380) - Dibidan - Silenius - ManorfinMerlorr234 5h
7h [A] <Vivid> 8/9H ToS recruiting for MYTHIC! <Vivid> (Frostmourne) 7/7M EN | 2/3M TOV | 6/10M NH | 8/9H TOS Hey guys! Social/Semi casual raiding guild on Frostmourne Alliance currently recruiting competent DPS and HEALERS for mythic progression! 900ilvl+ ilvl with at least concordance required! H/M ToS progression: Weds/Sun - 7:30pm - 10:30pm ST. N ToS clear: Thurs - 7:30pm - 10:30pm ST. During down time we also like to push mythic+ keys for weekly 15 clears and run casual raids. We have an active Discord (with music bot!), FB group and we like to play games outside of WoW together too! Social members are also welcome! If you are interested in joining us or you have any questions please get in contact! Alternatively, you can message anyone online in the guild for an invite! /who Vivid. Guildmaster contact - Ign: Eveya | Btag: Liz#12782Êver24 7h
7h [A] <Loot The Core Hound> 3/9M GMT +8 <Loot The Core Hound> has been present on Frostmourne since the server’s inception with the goal of clearing current raid content. Members range from ex-hardcore competitive raiders to fresh 110’s and from students to parents that have also been playing a variety of games together for 10+ years. LTCH is a GMT+8 guild of predominantly Singaporeans and Malaysians (due to timezone preferable raiding times) but include and welcomes raiders of all Nationalities and Ethnic backgrounds. Encouraging a family-friendly environment with regular IRL meetups, many members have become real-life friends as well. LTCH is always happy to welcome more friendly faces to it’s big family. Head over to to find out more. ( The Guild is currently recruiting for a few positions to help us through Tomb of Sargeras. Current Progression: 7/7 (M) Emerald Nightmare 2/3 (M) Trial of Valor 10/10 (M) Nighthold 3/9 (M) Tomb of Sargeras Raid Schedule: - Wednesday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) - Thursday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) - Sunday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) Recruitment: - 1x Marksmanship Hunter - 1x Fury Warrior - 1x Warlock - 1x Rogue (Recruitment is not limited to the above and we always welcome exceptional players to join our ranks) Lachesiz#1463Lachesizqt50 7h
8h [A] Cube 9/10M NH - 3/9 M ToS <Cube> is an alliance guild based out of US-Frostmourne whom are currently seeking new members to join our friendly, mature guild and fill out our Core roster for: - Tomb of Sargeras progression. Our core is made up of experienced mature raiders dating back to Vanilla WoW and been part of Oceanic 1st kills back in the day. We've now transferred over to Frostmorne together and formed a new beginning <Cube>. Our Raiding Schedule is as follows: Thursday - 7:30PM to 10:30PM Sunday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM (Optional) Monday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM We are currently recruiting the following: - Melee DPS: None. - Ranged DPS: Shadowpriest. - Healers: Shaman. Exceptional Players welcome to apply regardless! Generally, if you've got the determination and ability, we're willing to get you geared to be great! We also like to run daily M+ dungeons pushing high keys just for a nice challenge. Always interested helping our guildies out and generally having a good time playing WoW together. As we've done so ever since Vanilla 13 years ago. For more information please contact: yelnac#1491 DarkStar#1678 PrimeTime#6333Primetime9 8h
8h [A] <SuperStars> 2/9M - 2 Nights <SuperStars> (Frostmourne - Oceanic) are a 2 day per week mythic raiding guild, with a mature and friendly raid environment. We pride ourselves on completing maximum content with a reduced raiding schedule. Our raid times are Sunday & Monday 7:30 to 11:30 AEST (Server Time) M ToS - 2/9 What we are recruiting: 1 X DK 1 X Hunter 1 X Rogue 1 X Mage 1 X Tank Please don't hesitate to contact us if you spec isn't listed above, we can always make room for the right player. 915+ ilvl, with concordance in main spec artifact weapon and mythic experience is a minimum expectation. For inquiries, please contact: Boodizz#1424, Frozen#1828, Deludedj#1410Boodizz24 8h
9h [A] <Augmented Reality> 8/9H now recruiting <Augmented Reality> is a progression raiding guild on US-Frostmourne seeking dedicated raiders to join our ranks in steady progression in The Nighthold. ** CURRENT PROGRESSION ** The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Mythic Mode The Nighthold - 7/10 Mythic Mode Tomb of Sargeras - 8/9 Heroic Mode ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: - Mistweaver Monk - Restoration Shaman - Balance Druid - Warlock - Hunter - Death Knight - Rogue All other classes will be considered as well. Updated 10/06/2017 ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00am server time (SVT) Sunday 9:00pm - 12:00am (SVT) Monday 9:00pm - 12:00am (SVT) ** CONTACTS: - Akilli [Guild Master] (battle tag: Akilli#11995) - Our guild is located on Alliance, Frostmourne (US)Akilli38 9h
11h [H] Mjau Mjau M ToS 3/9 Recruiting Horde guild Mjau Mjau recruiting trials for mythic Tomb of Sargaras. Transfers welcome. Current Legion Prog: 8/10 M NH, 3/9 M ToS Guild requirements: - Trial * - Discord - ilvl 910+ (feel free to apply regardless) - pots/flasks/food etc (Feasts/Cauldrons often supplied) Raid Times: -Wensday 6:15pm AST -Thursday 6:15pm AST -Sunday 5:00pm AST Casuals/alts/normal Raids happen sporadically often on a saturday or monday evening. Addons: - Deadly Boss Mods - BigDumbLootCouncil Come chat with us to find out more info: Mercielago/Murss Pedarh#1946 Aeilish Aeilish#1535 Torbiz PlacerTaster#6251 Hannahunt Chewbacca90#1395 Garrii Volta#1492 *What we look for during a trial period: Players who are aware of raid mechanics, parsing well without tunnelling or failing mechanics repeatedly, know their class but are capable of having an open discussion about their playstyle/choices, are sociable and respectful to others within reason, and show up on time. Torbiz14 11h
12h [A] 9/9H 4/9M <Head Office> Frostmourne <Head Office> is a semi-hardcore 3 night 9 hour raiding guild, We're a guild that has raided together for a while and reformed from core raiders that enjoy playing with each other. We have a decent roster of skilled players that enjoy pushing high M+ and is always looking to improve our skills individually. Raid Times Wednesday 7:30-10:30ST Sunday 7:30-10:30ST Monday 7:30-10:30ST Progression 10/10M NH (Cutting Edge) 4/9M ToS Recruitment At the end of the day we're looking for people who are willing to join an active guild looking to clear content in a timely fashion and ready to put in the time to do so. We expect a 90% attendance rate from all raiders. Currently recruiting all exceptional players, with a strong preference for Strong healers and Ranged DPS. If your interested please get in contact with Kyefong#1107 Theo#1945 Nuro#1140Kyefongx0 12h
14h [A] <Tempo> 1/9M 9/9H Recruitment! <Tempo> 1/9 Mythic 9/9 Heroic Wed / Thur 7:30 - 11:00 GMT+10 ( Frostmourne STV) Tempo is a newly formed guild consisting of a group of high skilled players who want to clear high end content, while having an enjoyable yet progression orientated raid environment. When we are not slaying dragons we enjoy to do alt runs and host many activities on optional nights were all members are welcome to participate. Despite our end goal of mythic progression we are a very laid back and friendly guild that understands the value of friendship in an MMO. Currently we are building our core dragon slaying crew so we may continue to progress in Nighthold and beyond! Currently we are Recruiting: MELEE 1-2 DK 1 Rogue RANGED 1 Warlock 1-2 Hunter 1 Balance Druid HEALERS 1 Resto Druid 1 Resto Shaman Exceptional Applicants All exceptional players or ex-raiders will be considered. Note: A Minimum of 52 Artifact level is required in order to be accepted for a trial. Any other player will be considered if they agree to put in the effort. If this interests you, then your search for a positive yet stern raid environment may be over! Our officers are listed below. Feel free to contact them in game if you have any inquiries or are interested in joining the guild. You may also apply to <Tempo> online. Just fill in a simple application at . Attaching logs and relevant experience to these applications is ideal! Come and have a friendly chat with one of our officers! [Citrus#1376 (Zhu)] [Lava#1597(Seriousnes)]Ilyndrathyl21 14h
16h <Desire> A Frostmourne <Desire> Is a mature aged raiding guild. We are a fun group of people and always love to make new people welcome. Our raid times are as follows; Wed/Sun/Mon 8:45pm Svt - 12am Svt. We are currently recruiting one melee dps to fill a 20 man core roster so we can start beating down on those mythic bosses. We are 8/9H and soon to be 9/9!! What we look for in you! We look for like-minded people who want to progress and do well. People who are driven to learn and improve on themselves to better the team as a whole. When you are a part of our team we want people who will represent us in a positive manner to the WoW community by being nice to others and keeping toxicity to a minimum. We do not tolerate sexism/racism/whatever-ism and always promise to stick up for our team and deal with any disputes in a mature way. We are trying to build a close “family-like” raid guild and want to have people who will fit in well. What we are also looking for! We are also looking to boost the activity of the guild during the day on non raid days, due to this we are looking for someone who is very PvP orientated and would be interested in getting together an RBG team. Contacts If this sounds like the place for you, add us on Bnet and message us in game! orangejuicec#11951 Mishkro#1142 Aquariun#1861Wildhéart4 16h
16h [A] <Chaotic Serenity> G2 3/9M ToS, 10/10M NH [A] <Chaotic Serenity> Current progression : 3/9 ToS Mythic 10/10 Nighthold Mythic . 9/9 NM ToS 9/9 H ToS Raid times : Monday : 9 pm - 12 am GMT+8 ( 11pm - 2 am Server time ) Wednesday : 9 pm - 12 am GMT+8 ( 11pm - 2 am Server time ) Thursday(optional day): 9 pm - 12 am GMT+8 ( 11pm - 2 am Server time ) What classes are we after ? Tanks (pref a vocal tank that can communicate ) DPS About us : Chaotic Serenity Group 2 , primarily consist of Australian and Malaysian/SG players within our raid group . We raid two nights a week for mythic and an optional Thursday for heroic, The group is quite laid back and friendly bunch and would love to get input from other players to help with progression or just throw one out there! . If you are interested, please feel free to submit an application : Thanks !Shaftéd41 16h
17h <Dispøsed> 5/9 FM Recruiting <Dispøsed> 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M 5/9M are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles. Must have relevant experience/gear/mythic logs. Special interest in the following: 1x Warlock 1x Mage 1x Hunter/Spriest 1x Hpriest 1x Hpal/Rdruid We raid Wed/Sun/Mon 7.30-11.30ST. Add Sunde#1512 for a chat. Thanks!Sunde101 17h
17h 925+ group LF Tank H KJ kill tonight 11pm ST Group of geared mythic raiders just looking for a second tank for a Heroic KJ kill tonight personal loot. Tank please be 915 equip +. Also looking for some DPS classes with immunities Btag:Azoras#6540Felthard0 17h
19h <Troupe> 9/9H Wed/Sun 730ST <Troupe> is a newly formed guild, forming from scratch several weeks into 7.1.5, we pushed well in Mythic NH, coming within 1 boss of clearing. Having only 2 raid nights per week, we expect people to show up fully prepared, and to perform at a very high level. We are recruiting to continue to solidify our core for MYTHIC ToS. Our raid times are Wed/Sun 7:30PM ST - 10:30 ST. We push plenty of keystones weekly, and do alt runs etc. on our nights off. Current recruiting needs: - ALL exceptional applicants At this stage, applicants will have to have relevant experience and provide logs to trial. We've got a great atmosphere in our guild, with a healthy mix of fun and serious E-sports. - Feel free to add : Barbs#1744 Or our GM: Futhermocka#1417 Alternatively just give someone a whisper in game, and they'll point you in the right direction. CheersBrìck2 19h
1d <A> <Chaotic Serenity> G1 4/9M LF DPS Chaotic Serenity is now recruiting for our legion mythic roster, we are a pretty casual guild in terms of atmosphere but we also aim at getting !@#$ done. <insert cliche here>. Chaotic Serenity was formed over 5 years ago at the beginning of patch 4.1 with Firelands. We are a long term stable guild with many years of experience. We provide a good steady raid team with steady progression whilst only raiding 9 hours a week. This allows our raiders the ability to easily mix real life responsibilities with the commitment of raiding. With an experienced leadership team; which has been the same for many years now, CS is a great place for someone looking for a long term home. Previous Achievements. Cataclysm Firelands: 7/7H Dragon Soul: 8/8H MoP MSV: 4/6H HoF: 2/6H ToES: 2/4H ToT: 4/13H SoO 11/14H WoD HM: 3/7M pre BRF BRF: 8/10M pre HFC, 10/10M post HFC HFC: 13/13M Legion EN: 7/7M ToV: 2/3M pre NH, 3/3M pre Gul'Dan NH: 10/10M We have also opened up a 2nd raid group for the +8GMT Timezone, please contact Xymora for more infomation. Current Progression is 3/9M. Currently we're looking to solidify our roster as we continue into Legion. RECRUITING: 1 x Hunter 1 x Rogue 1 x Boomkin AND ANY exceptional raider that believes they can outperform our current raiders. RAIDING SCHEDULE LEGION PROGRESSION During Progression, we maintain a 3 day, 3 hour per raid schedule. (Excluding the first week of heroic and mythic, which includes a 3 hour Sunday raid.) WEDNESDAY 7:30 to 10:30 ST THURSDAY 7:30 to 10:30 ST MONDAY 7:30 to 10:30 ST As with many guilds, their are optional alt runs etc on weekends as well, which include the heroic bosses of the current tier once the majority of the raid has what it needs from heroic. These runs are usually done on Sunday at 6:30ST but are optional. LOOT SYSTEM Our loot is handled via RC loot council using a loot council system. Our first priority is to pass loot to which class/player will best help us with the upcoming bosses. After that, we will prioritize on ability as well as a players history with our guild. Requirements We are looking for recruits to at minimum be of 920ilvl and 55+ Artifact Traits with 4 piece preferable. We have the aim of improving throughout the tiers beyond, and thus we won't hesitate to deny a trial if We believe they will be detrimental to the atmosphere or our progression. Interested? Please register on our website here: and follow the prompts. OR add myself on btag faelaelae#1679, Judico on hunta#1768, Primelegend on nismo350z#1892, Exoblade on Exoblade#1307 or Rodwartharks on squirrelbear#1689 Alternatively, you may contact me on Jackowin or Faelaelae ingame or faelaelae#2201 on discord.Faelaelae14 1d
1d [A] Tactical Pause - 7/9H ToS - Casual Guild Looking to take a step back in WoW but still want to progress through raiding content? Tactical Pause is a newly formed guild at the start of legion. Created by friends from ex semi-hardcore and hardcore guilds. Relaxed guild environment and raid team with constant banter during raids. Currently looking for new members (predominately DPS classes) to step into mythic raiding and further content. Schedule Sunday - 8:00pm - 12:00pm (AEDT // GMT+10) Contact If you wish to join the team or any questions, contact me on Bnet. Btag: Twig#1232Xtwigg4 1d
1d A <Pop Culture> 2 Nights, LF Mythic buddies Howdy, <Pop Culture> is a pretty small, relaxed group who basically just play to raid and have fun. We're currently 8/9H and looking to strengthen our roster to start bashing Mythic ToS. As a result we are on the lookout for good players (with a good sense of humour preferably). We raid two nights a week, 8-11 GMT+10 (9-12 DST) on Wed and Sun, with a catch up/alt night on Mon. At the moment we are particularly keen for: *DPS with Strong Healer or Tank OS, or vice versa *Sweet DPS, extra points for ranged *All specs will be considered if the player is right So, if the times look agreeable, and you want to lend your sword, your axe, or your bow, give us a yell. We are looking for those with experience and knowledge of raiding, and a decent ilvl (910+), but will happily make exceptions for the right person. Also, if you're not looking to raid but just want a sweet guild to hang out in, maybe to do some Mythic dungeons or achievement runs, feel free to come on over, baby. Please contact one of these lovely fellows for more information: *Sarreness (Sarreness#6696) *Wildtime (Bowie#1176)Wildtime4 1d
1d [A] Frostmourne <Pathfinder> 9/9H | 8-11pm Pathfinder Pathfinder is an Australian based guild that are mostly friends and veteran raiders who have raided together for numerous expansions. We strive to maintain a mature, friendly and civil atmosphere within our guild. We see ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild and prioritize efficient raiding to maximize our 9h/wk raiding schedule. Current Progression 9/9 H ToS Raid Timings Wednesday (2000 - 2300 AEDT/Server Time) Thursday (2000 - 2300 AEDT/Server Time) Monday (2000 - 2300 AEDT/Server Time) Current Recruitment Players who are aware of raid mechanics, parse well without tunnelling, know their class and are sociable and respectful to others. Parse consistently in 75+ percentile Aware of raid mechanics Come prepared for raids Ability to follow raid leader instructions Have access to discord (voice chat app) Are not one to cause conflict/drama etc. Currently open Core Spots Resto Shaman Any Dps class with a viable Tank offspec Ranged DPS Pref Warlock Get in Touch Yuwe (Rookie#1265) Redmicrowave (Redmicrowave#2739) Badmedic HairyprunesYuwe4 1d
1d [A] Vehemence - 5/9M | 9:30-12:30 Vehemence is a tight-knit group of friends looking to push progression on a relaxed schedule whilst still having a laugh at the same time. We have been around since the beginning of MoP but was reformed at the start of ToV after splitting off from another guild. Since then we have had a very low attrition rate and have formed friendships that extend beyond the game. We are recruiting like-minded individuals who are eager to progress seriously in ToS and desire the stability of a solid guild. Progression: 10/10M NH, 5/9M ToS Raid Times: Server Time Wed/Thurs/Sun 9:30pm - 12:30am Monday will be added for the first couple weeks of progression. Raid forms 15mins early. Recruitment: Rogue, Lock, Mage Rsham, Hpriest Potential opening for very talented healer also. All exceptional players will be considered. To be considered you must have: - Impressive mythic/heroic logs - Prior raiding experience - Ability to take criticism and a willingness to better yourself - A sense of humour and a good attitude If interested whisper: Venamonk: Ven#1149 Sadghetti: Tomlol#1216Venamonk130 1d
1d [A] <Gummybears> 9/9N 4/9H Friday Gummybears are a Friday night (1930-1030 SVT) raid guild currently seeking skilled players who can raid one night a week. We are mostly comprised of mythic and heroic raiders who no longer are able to commit to raiding 2-4 nights a week but still seek to clear content on normal and heroic without the pressures of mythic difficulty. Our goals are at the opening of each raid to have it cleared on heroic and on farm as fast as possible. We require Dps Whitegummy#6744Whitegummy34 1d
1d [A] Frostmourne <Early Night> 3/3M 10/10M Early Night is a new guild formed during the Nighthold raid tier by players that are looking to enjoy our time playing this game and the people we play with, yet progress through content at a steady pace. We are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles but have a keen interest in the following classes: -1x Ele Shaman -1x Healer (Druid/Shaman/Priest/Monk Preferred) Our scheduled Mythic raid times are: - Wednesday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST - Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST - Monday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST We also do other unscheduled raids and Mythic+ all throughout the week. What is it like to raid with Early Night? A very rare blend of fun and professional. We have a lot of fun and banter on and off the field, but when it comes time to knuckle down, we are able to do so. The 'raiding environment' is largely the reason why this guild has been created, and something we're extremely proud of. What we want from you? Aside from the cookie cutter things guilds are looking for in members like; being fully gemmed & enchanted, always looking to improve, punctuality, etc. We want our members to actively participate in the guild! By this we mean not just logging in for raids, but getting to know your fellow guildies outside of raid times, and becoming a part of our culture. What we offer? More than what's quite apparent above, you can expect; Gbank repairs, farming runs so you can make money, a relaxed 3 day raid schedule, a tightly run ship and fairness (both in loot and raid positions). If you've been sat or have been in a rut performance wise, you will be given a chance to earn a spot back and continue to be geared up on farm content. We have a mechanics come first mindset - meaning on progress we don't care about damage/healing nearly as much as we do mechanics and there's a level of comfort that our members take in this. If you're interested add one of our officers Dmags (on Dmags#1627) or Qwazinator (on tattlebag#6705). Alternatively contact us in game. If we're not online the other guildies are pretty helpful.Dmags15 1d
1d Heals/DPS 3/9M exp LF Mythic prog Hey guys, As the title states, 928 ilvl HPriest looking for a new home for mythic progression for ToS and into Argus/Next xpac. I've done 3/9 M ToS, 8/10 M NH, 3/3 M ToV this expansion and similar progression through most of the previous expansions during which i have raided. Not really interested in Heroic progression guilds as i don't find it personally interesting enough or challenging enough to be something that is *my* goal. I want to clear the content while it's current, not necessarily at a server first level but within a decent time frame. Have previous experience in positions of leadership within guilds (though not actively seeking such positions, more out of necessity). The sooner the better in terms of finding a decent and STABLE team that is ideally not recovering from a fractured roster and holding on by a thread would be nice... If any of this sounds like what you may be looking for please feel free to post here and/or add my battle tage: staele#1310. OCEANIC REALMS/TIMES ONLY PLEASE!! Thanks.Acuria3 1d
2d (A)CK Frostmourne 4/9 H Centurion Knights: (4/9 H and 9/9/ N) are currently looking for people interested in Heroic raiding. Our main goal is to have fun together while killing raid bosses while still having a life outside of Azeroth. So if you are looking for a great bunch of people to raid with and to enjoy a steady progression, join us :) . As a guild we have been established since 2006 with a long tradition of quality casual raiding. We currently have a core of experienced, skilled raiders and are looking to expand our roster to enable some Mythic raiding once Heroic content has been cleared. Raid times are 8.20 - 11.00 ST Wednesday & Thursday. We also run Mythic + Dungeons, Mythic groups & alt raids on other nights. If you are interested or want to know more either visit our website and fill out an app; https://centurionknights.comInarieals9 2d
2d [A]LP, 9/9H LF Rsham/HPally! G'day future 69'er(s), Last Prodigies is currently seeking raiders of all calibers to be a part of our fun and semi-competitive raiding experience. We have something for everyone so if you love the number 69 as much as us, read on! Guild info: Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Schedule: W Th, 8:30-11pm ST. Current recruitment needs: Hunter Shadow Priest 1 DPS with healing/tanking OS.What makes Last Prodigies unique? We are a stable guild, been around for 8 years and here to stay. We take raiding with a larger-than-life attitude. Our raids are laid back and fun, and the team is cohesive and respectful. Mature-minded guild, we stay 69 miles away from drama. Other activities: 1. Daily mythic+ runs, we have multiple groups that push different levels. 2. Weekend heroic NH, bring booze. 3. Weekend battleground brawls, restock on booze. Contacts: Robert#6541 Sathom#1860Robulous130 2d
2d Army warrior looking for guild 904 Arms warrior with Tombs heroic experience, also have a shaman on this server looking for guild that raids up to about 10 pm server time,Balthyzaar0 2d
2d [A] DXM Recruiting <Deus ex Machina> currently 9/9N & 7/9H ToS, is a recently transferred guild looking for more players to bring our numbers up to complete heroic and move onto mythic content. We're looking for potential raiders who have an ilvl of 900+, but we will accept lower players and actively help them gear to the required level if they are willing to put in the time. Raids: Wed/Thur/Sun 8:30-11:30 SvT (Sunday raids are usually only when content is new, otherwise farm content is completed on Wed/Thur) Recruiting: RDPS - All (especially hunter & spriest) General info: Voice: Discord Loot: Loot Council Addon requirements: - DBM / BigWigs (or similar addon) - RCLootCouncil - Weak Auras (not compulsory but highly recommended) What we desire in a raider: - Shows up on time and prepared - Can follow instructions & learn from mistakes - Have thoroughly researched and know their class & spec - Is a team player About us: DXM is a long standing guild who has recently transferred looking for better recruitment opportunities. We love downing bosses, enjoy a stable guild environment, and also like a good laugh. Casual players: Casual players have historically been valuable assets to the guild. We accept casual players at max level who are looking for a home and supportive environment. Contacts: I can be contacted through bnet @ jozzams#1319 or message me directly in-game on Tyvona Alternatively try: Erythro#6149 You can also leave a message here if you have questions (but there may be some delay in me answering)Tyvona5 2d
2d 10/10 M Hpriest LF guild Hi there! 925 Hpriest here looking for a GMT +8 mythic raiding guild! Current ToS prog 9/9 HC 1/9 M Past tier progressions: 7/7 M EN 3/3 M ToV 10/10 M NH Looking for a change in raid environment where everyone comes prepared to raid and that raid starts on time. I'll be more than happy to add you on Bnet for a chat (:Lentilsoup5 2d
2d Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild I am Ilvl890 - have done all the LFR raides and really want to start doing normal or heroic of any raid in legion. I am free every night except Tuesday / Sunday. Please let me know if you have any offers or tips on how to find a guild. Very keen to start properly raiding.Rupes1 2d
2d 914 Enh/912 Resto (Conc x 2) Exp Raider LFG Hi All, Capable, reliable player returning after short break and looking at Heroic/Early Mythic prog raiding Wed/Thurs nights minimum. Have mostly raided as Enhancement, however can transition to Resto/Ele if the right guild comes along (Ledg gods have been kind). I also maintain a 912 Aff lock, if needed. My battletag is pcn01#1464 if you wish to discuss further. ThanksHinds6 2d
2d looikung for raid LF progression raiding ToS N/H 923 frost mageMagesareeasy3 2d
2d Old school wow players require social guild! Hello, Myself and a friend are looking for a social and active guild to be a part of. We are 2 guys in our 30's (been playing wow since closed beta) who enjoy a laugh and are somewhat casual. We can raid mostly on weekends and ideally would like a guild to do mythic+, pvp, raid and mostly just sit in teamspeak / discord and chat about "stuff" whilst making friends. We both have a number of alts also, there is also possibility of 3-4 other friends joining us if the environment is right. If anyone can recommend a fairly populated and active guild please let me know! Thank you :)Clappsy5 2d
3d [A] <Malayan Warlords> recruiting all roles Welcome to Malayan Warlords @ US Frostmourne Alliance Being bored grouping with unfamiliar players? Looking forward to logging in frequent to chat with a fun-loving bunch of guildies and progress in most recent content? Come join us! We are seeking casuals/alts from South East Asia who shares the personalities being • Modest • Courteous • Empathetic Kindly contact any Admin/@Cisar in Discord to know more about us or to gain additional access in our Discord server. Region & Time Zone South East Asia, GMT+8 Activity PVE > PVP Language English, Singlish, Manglish, 中文, Cantonese, Malay Raid Progression Heroic raids. May proceed to Mythic when performance exceeds expectations but if it induces too much stress or behaviour of raiders turned aggressive, the raid shall refocus back to our guild principles and enjoy some team building activities instead. Raid Progression Schedule Every Wed & Thu, 9pm ~ 12am GMT+8 Website Email Edited on 16 Jun 2017 Malayan Warlords Malayan Warlords @ US Frostmourne Alliance Being bored grouping with unfamiliar players? Looking forward to logging in frequent to chat with a fun-loving bunch of guildies from SEA and progress in most recent content? We are a casual progression guild that embrace the personalities being • Modest • Courteous • Empathetic i supposed everyone please go read up a little on our guild's direction • Modest • Courteous • Empathetic Malayan Warlords Malayan Warlords @ US Frostmourne Alliance Being bored grouping with unfamiliar players? Looking forward to logging in frequent to chat with a fun-loving bunch of guildies from SEA and progress in most recent content? We are a casual progression guild that embrace the personalities being • Modest • Courteous • Empathetic Feel free to ask a guildie or post a reply here. :)Mahreret1 3d
3d [A]<Illicit> 1/9 M ToS + 7/10 M NH GMT+8 <Illicit> 1/9 M ToS + 7/10M We are a semi-hardcore raiding which will be focusing on mythic progression for ToS. We are aiming for cutting edge for ToS and are looking to recruit members for our core team who have similar goals. What we expect from our mythic raid team: Being prepared before raid We expect our raiders to show up on time, prepared with pots/consumables and knowledge of the upcoming bosses. You should also know your class and rotation that you will be trialing on Attendance We do consider ourselves to be a semi-hardcore guild so we understand that people have real life commitments. If you are unable to attend raid or will be late please notify a roster in discord or in game mail. Continued missing or late attendance of raid may cause you to lose your spot. What we bring to our guild members: A friendly raiding environment that still drives for mythic progression A number of our raiders also enjoy pushing Mythic+ keystones each week Advice on how to play your class/role if needed During progression we will supply our team with cauldrons/feasts and guild repairs. Recruitment: We have a high priority on the classes below but if you believe yourself to be an exceptional player on a class not listed below feel free to apply Range DPS: Shadow Priest Warlock Mage Melee DPS: WW Monk Rogue Survival Hunter DK Healer: Holy Paladin with a Ret Off spec Raid Times for Mythic progression: Wednesday 11:00pm-2:00am Server Time (9:00pm-12:00am GMT+8) Thursday 11:00pm-2:00am Server Time (9:00pm-12:00am GMT+8) Monday 11:00pm-2:00am Server Time (9:00pm-12:00am GMT+8) If <Illicit> seems like it could be the right guild for you or you would like to know more contact any of our officers in game or add us on battlenet: Feel free to add us Epyon#1710Epyonz6 3d
3d LFG - Disc, Hunter, Prot Warrior/Spriest We are currently 7/9 Heroic ToS, got to 3/10 Mythic NH. Looking to join a guild who's at about were we are in ToS and looking to push into Mythic. We enjoy the banter and fun whilst putting on our game face for prog. If you'd like to check us out we're all from Frostmourne: Disc Priest: Amilyia Hunter: Helindra Prot Warrior: Craigwarrior (has a spriest Sorryiforted too) Available Raid Times Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 6pm-11:30pm GMT+8 Preferred contact would be via Discord otherwise my BTag Amilyia#1703Amilyia2 3d
3d [A] <Bastion> 2/9M LF DPS <Bastion> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild formed in legion looking to fill our roster in preparation for pushing content in Tomb of Sargeras. We’re a guild of laid-back and mature players looking for like-minded people to join us. Casuals are also welcome to join. Fun and progression go hand in hand! We have achieved 7/7M, 2/3M and 7/10M in the past tiers this expansion, and we are looking to push as far as that, or further, in future tiers. Raid times (Server time): Wednesday 7:30pm -11pm Thursday 7:30pm -11pm Sunday 8pm - 11pm Alt/Casual raid: Saturday 8pm - 11pm Looking for -Rogue -Warlock -Elemental or Enhancement Shaman -Frost or Unholy Death Knight -Marksmanship or Beast Mastery Hunter -Feral Druid -Windwalker Monk Exceptional players will always be considered regardless of class. If you think you’re good at what you do, do not hesitate to apply! If you would like to apply, visit our website or contact one of our officers in game or through Discord. Website: Battletag / Discord tag Retributoo: Retribution#1962 / Retributives#4520 Subduce: Subjugates#1357 / Sub#1591 Chooky: Chooky#1212 / Chooky#9830 Under: Dartz#2473 / Dartz#0702Underperform18 3d
3d [A] <Grandeur> - 8/9H LF Assortment of DPS Grandeur is a newly formed heroic guild looking to clear content in limited time while keeping the future in mind with a goal to work towards a mythic progression mindset and team. If you are interested in joining there is currently no application process just contact an officer for a mini interview and logs review. Looking for all types of players to fill out the roster and community! Emphasizing M+ as well. Current Raid Times: Wednesday - 9pm > 12am ST (AEST) Thursday - 9pm > 12am ST (AEST) Future Raid Times (Mythic): Thursday - 8pm > 12am ST (AEST) Sunday - 8pm > 12am ST (AEST) Optional Night: Wednesday - 9pm > 12am ST (AEST) Note: Wednesday will be used as a compulsory night for the first 2-3 weeks of a tier to allow time for Mythic Progression. Currently Recruiting: MDPS: - Sub Rogue - Arms Warrior RDPS: - Hunter MM/BM - Warlock (All Specs) - Priest - Druid Healers with OS DPS: - Druid - Shaman Contact B-tags: Shamed#11724 Marvel#1300Shaymed2 3d
3d [A] <Halcyon Chapter> 3/9M GMT+8 DPS/HEAL Halcyon Chapter We are a Singapore based guild looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, competent of their class, know fights and mechanics and have fun while we progress through TOMB OF SARGERAS. Currently looking for exceptional HEALER and DPS. Current Progression 3/9(M) Tomb Of Sargeras 9/9(H) Tomb Of Sargeras (AOTC) 10/10(M) Nighthold (AOTC) Raid Timings Wednesday (2100-0000 GMT+8) (0000-0300 ST) Thursday (2100-0000 GMT+8) (0000-0300 ST) Sunday (2100-0000 GMT GMT+8) (0000-0300 ST) Recruitment Resto Shaman Discipline Priest Any Strong DPS Apply Here Contacting Us For more enquiries, contact us via or whisper us in game: Karangi#1156 (IGN: Karangi) Octopulse#1860 (IGN: Zenorina) Leraxus#6818 (IGN: Privacy / Leraxy)Zenorina87 3d
3d [A] <Troupe> 8/10 M 8/9 H Wed/Sun <Troupe> is a newly formed guild, forming from scratch several weeks into 7.1.5. Having only 2 raid nights per week, we expect people to show up fully prepared, and to perform at a very high level. We are recruiting to continue to solidify our core for ToS. Our raid times are Wed/Sun 7:30PM ST - 10:30 ST. We push plenty of keystones weekly, and do alt runs etc. on our nights off. Current recruiting needs: - ALL exceptional applicants At this stage, applicants will have to have relevant experience and provide logs to trial. We've got a great atmosphere in our guild, with a healthy mix of fun and serious E-sports. - Feel free to add myself: Triza#1379 Another officer: Barbs#1744 Or our GM: Futhermocka#1417 Alternatively just give someone a whisper in game, and they'll point you in the right direction. CheersTreeza42 3d
3d <Potassium Intensifies> 3/9H Recruiting! Hello forum people! We're a casual raiding guild looking for healers and dps for ToS Heroic progression, 9/9 normal ToS and 3/9 Heroic. We run every Wednesday and Sunday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm ST Come along for some sick banter and good laughs while we plow through normal and progress on heroic! Casuals always welcome! come fill our ranks with the sick banter we all love and deserve! Whisper me, or just reply here!Gnomedromeda0 3d
3d NZ <Imperious> 3/9M 2nights p/w recruiting! <Imperious> 3/9M 9/9H @Frostmourne-[A] is a 2 nights/week raiding guild. We are currently looking for skilled players to bolster our ranks for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. We raid two nights a week with a third optional night for cleanup/H clear, and we also we have a very active and friendly membership with groups forming daily for M+/alt raids etc. Raid times: Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm - 9pm AEST. - NZ FRIENDLY TIMES! (With an optional raid Sunday for cleanup/Heroic farm.) We are looking to add a couple more reliable, awesome and mature people to our roster for the push through mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Currently recruiting ranged DPS, Mage or Lock specifically, however all outstanding applicants will be considered regardless of spec/class/role. If interested feel free to contact: Gerbosaurus - PjamesH#6311 Starquake - Anthraxcake#2112Starquake3 3d
3d Tedious 8/9H LFM Tedious a guild that prides itself in completing content whilst also having some fun and banding together as not only a team but a community inside of the guild not only to help others but to also enjoy the game, we strive to exceed our limits in our performance both in raiding and M+ Progression: 5/10M (Night Hold) 8/9H (Tomb of Sargeras Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Fri and Sun. Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Closed Range Dps - Open to Exceptional players Tanks - Closed Healer - Open to Exceptional players (Prefer a Holy Paladin!) Exceptional players are always welcome to get in touch. What else we offer: sub and casual raiding roles where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Mythic+ We have created a mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through warcraft to be better and to hit harder! We also have a Friday and Saturday late night casual team! feel free to whisper either one of the battletags below to get some more info on the team! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up on time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of memebers that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism contact: Guild Master/Raid Leader- Skargrim#1387 We look forward to hearing from you!Scargrim28 3d
3d [A] <Asgard> 1/9M 9/9H Recruiting Asgard 1/9M 9/9 (H) is a new semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of mostly 10/10M NH experienced players that strive to clear content efficiently while maintaining a lively and lighthearted atmosphere. Current members of Asgard have the ambition to push for upper server rankings and we welcome like-minded players to apply. Raid Times (AEST/Server Time) Wednesday 7pm - 10pm Thursday 7pm - 10pm Monday 7pm - 10pm Now Recruiting High in Demand: Main Spec Tank (Dps OS) druid (balance) mage monk (healer) priest (healer) (Dps OS) shaman (restoration) Ranged DPS DPS capable of playing healing or tanking Offspecs in mythic progression (M+ players) Always recruiting strong players to bolster our team. Apply even if your role is not listed. Contact Battle-tags Stiix#11103 Sutekh#1386 We're also very competitive when it comes to Mythic Plus. We welcome all Pvpers & casuals.Ripstiix14 3d
3d [A]<Gaytime> 2/9M ToS - Recruiting <Gaytime> of Frostmourne, Alliance are currently recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras. We are a reasonably new guild that formed at the beginning of Legion who have progressed steadily through Tier 19 and into Tier 20 while maintaining a positive and friendly raiding experience. Our guild members are friendly, mature, considerate and prepared. Such qualities we desire in our new recruits and trials. Our raid times are (in AEST): Thursday: 9pm-12:30am Sunday: 9pm-12:30am Monday: 9pm-12:30am Our progression is as follows: Tier 19 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3M Trial of Valor 9/10M Nighthold Tier 20 9/9N Tomb of Sargeras 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras 2/9M Tomb of Sargeras All exceptional players are welcome to apply, but we desire the following roles: - Ranged DPS (excluding hunters) - Melee DPS As a trial for Tomb of Sargeras, we expect you to have, at the bare minimum, 52 traits in your Main Spec weapon and have an item level of 910. If you have any questions or are interested in trialing with us, please contact myself through at Ginny#1333 (Tank and Recruitment Officer) or the Guild Master Tronsi at Marsha#11318 and Co-GM Beyonce at Flottz#1131.Ginnyweasley5 3d
4d Raid server lag? Any other raiders getting massive spikey lag during combat in ToS at the moment? Seems like instance server lag since everyone in the group is getting it but ping is fine.Skaoi0 4d
4d <Honestly> Mythic Emerald Nightmare Sales Hello Friends, With Mythic EN being over and an overwhelming amount of interest, we are opening up sales earlier than expected. The only downfall of this is that we still require quite a few pieces of gear and loot is Raider > Buyer for us with next tier progression in mind. Next Available Sale Week - Sunday January 8th ---------------------------------------------------------------- Price List Darkbough Nythendra - 100K Elerethe Renferal - 100K Il'gynoth, the Heart of Corruption - 250K Tormented Guardians Dragons of Nightmare - 150K Ursoc - 150K Cenarius - 250K Rift of Aln Xavius - 400K Packages 7/7M - 1M Prices are subject to change, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required to be payed a few days before raid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs Can i pay with (insert any realm that isn't Frostmourne) gold? No, sorry we only take gold on US - Frostmourne. What are the loot rules? The loot rules will be Raider > Buyer. You will receive any items that are not wanted by Raiders in the group. Our main raid's average iLevel is 875, so there are a large number of mythic items (ilvl880) still needed by our raid at this time. BOEs from trash or bosses will be looted to you if they are not an upgrade for a raider in the instance. This includes BOEs outside of your main stat & armor class. If you are interested in a specific piece of loot, please let me know and I can look into its availability. What time do you guys usually run Emerald Nightmare? Honestly's farm nights are on Wednesday/Thursday nights at 7:30PM server time. We usually expect to finish before 11:30PM. How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Horseriderx#1841 ( is). Alternatively, please reach out to Dorfie, Tekniqzs, Warler or Meod. As we have a large amount of casual members in guild, it is recommended that you should only deal with the aforementioned people when organizing a sales run. I have more questions! Leave your question here in this thread, and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Alternatively add my btag Horseriderx#1841. Thanks for reading friends.Pumps15 4d
4d [A] <Jims Raiding> 8/9H LF DPS Jim's Raiding is a Sydney based newly formed raiding guild looking for reliable players for Heroic/Mythic ToS prog. Raid Info 9/9N 8/9H ToS Raid days: Wed, Thurs, Sun Raid Times: 7:30pm to 10:30pm - server time ilvl: 890+ (can make exceptions) What we're looking for: any ranged dps Contact: bloodritualz#1433 / IGN: Kirassi kamz#1500 / IGN: Kamzz Hope to hear from you soon.Kirassi12 4d
4d [A] <Listen> (4/9M) LF DPS Yoyo. Raid times: Wed / Thu / Mon 8 -> 11 ST. Misc info about us: Formed in WoD, relatively happy bunch, fun and progress go hand in hand, ex-hardcore roam our streets, "retirement guild" => our members just stop playing once they realise WoW isn't worth their time instead of seeking better guilds, and I couldn't be happier for them :P Relevant info: We're looking for core raiders that can commit to all three days, if I'm recruiting there is an immediate spot in the raid team if you're good! We only run with 23 raiders at any time, minimal bench. Website: Logs: Recruiting: * 1 DPS (High Prio) - Hunter / Mage / Warrior / Rogue / Shaman (Medium Prio) - SPriest / Warlock If you're not one of the above but you can whisper sweet nothings into my ear... I'd consider it. Hit someone up in game, or me at Rampager#1739Samik199 4d
4d [A] Epitaph - Frostmourne LF Serious Casuals Welcome! We are Epitaph, a home for serious casuals who want a warm, laid back atmosphere with great banter. Having been dormant for several years, the core group wants to re-establish itself and its commitment to the community. Enjoying the game is of paramount importance. Being skilled in your class and being able to laugh at yourself (and your guildies) for silly mistakes here or there is a very close second. You don't need X hours to be pro, you just need to be passionate and committed to your game. We consider serious casuals as highly skilled, committed players to the game, but could not commit a definite playing schedule (but will always log-in several times for a couple of hours a week). To put it another way, serious casuals love to play the game, are committed with their mains, alts, and other things they would like to do, and would log-in whenever they have the opportunity. You can: Expect a tight group with a firm commitment to help its guildies, and have fun. Expect for some events to be arranged (Raids, Mythic dungeon runs, WQ runs, PvP, etc.) that will not require so much time away from your real life. We can: Expect you to log-in several times a week, and commit some hours in the game. We also expect maturity (and immaturity with humor) and patience. Guild involvement and your commitment to grow is key. Oh, and Discord and your voice too. Interested in starting small and being part of something great? Fire us up an application then! Good luck!Scherbätsky0 4d