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2h 871 DH Veng LF G Hey guys, looking for a new guild, also bringing my mate's rogue along. looking for a fresh newish guild or something and wanting to get into progression raiding. I know it's a bit late in the xpac but I thought !@#$ it why not try. so hit me up if you guys need someone.Harambàe5 2h
2h [A] <Listen> (7/7M 1/3M) [Wed/Thu/Mon 8->11] Yoyo. We're looking for core raiders that can commit to all three days, immediate spot in the raid team if you're good! Logs: Recruiting: * 1 Ranged DPS (Warlock/Mage/Hunter/Boomkin) * Holy Paladin If you're not one of the above but you can whisper sweet nothings into my ear... I'd consider it. Hit someone up in game, or me at Rampager#1739 Misc info about us: Formed in WoD, relatively happy bunch, fun and progress go hand in hand, "retirement guild" => our members just stop playing once they realise WoW isn't worth their time instead of seeking better guilds, and I couldn't be happier for them :PSamik87 2h
3h [A] <Paramount> 7/7M 2/3M 10/10N wed/sun Paramount (US-Oceanic, Frostmourne) is currently reforming after taking a break in WoD. We're currently looking for reliable candidates to push for Mythic content. If you have raid-awareness, a sense of humour, and the willingness to learn, then you may be the person we're looking for. We encourage all interested applicants to apply regardless of what we currently need Our progression is currently 7/7M EN - 2/3M ToV - 10/10N NH Raid Times Wednesday and Sunday 8pm-11pm AEST (Frostmourne Server Time) (Subject to change during first few weeks of prog) Current needs are: Assassination Rogue, BM/MM Hunter, Shadow Priest. All classes will be considered! Please apply via (Google Form). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Chriswise#1258 or KaspeR#1410Kasperxd24 3h
4h Third Relic Slot - 7/7 M 3/3 H We have established ourselves as a guild that will get through any tough time. We are currently 7/7M EN and 3/3 ToV Heroic. We are looking for players who want to push through the remaining content and continue into next expansion with a strong push. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive, friendly guild environment that is accepting of players with busy lives and families. Beyond this, our number one goal is to have fun with each other. Fun is killing bosses, making progress, and improving each week. Fun is about being the best we can be without having to sacrifice our personal lives. Even though we never prioritize the game over our personal lives, we still take the game very seriously. We are a progression guild. Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge on every raid tier and then work tirelessly to push our progression as far as possible with each content patch. Progression: Legion: The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 M. The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H. 7/7N Trials of Valor - 3/3 Heroic. Raid Schedule Monday - 7:45PM-11:00PM EST Tuesday - 7:45PM-11:00PM EST Thursday - 7:45PM-11:00PM EST Recruitment Needs Paladin - Open Warrior - Arms/Fury Death Knight - Open Shaman - Elemental Hunter - Open Druid - Closed Monk - Mistweaver Rogue - Open Priest - Discipline/Shadow Mage - Open Warlock - Open Demon Hunter - Open Tank- Closed Healer- Closed Dps- Open Bold signifies high demand. We are constantly looking for exceptional players, so please do not hesitate to apply or inquire about our class needs outside of the specified classes above. Contacts Visit our website at: Add us on realid at: Valerant#1592, MrTap#11791, Breeze#12543, Prissina#1979 Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.Místertáp1 4h
9h [A] <Catalyst Elite> is recruiting! G'day friends! <Catalyst Elite> is recruiting again! We're a very old guild that was formed on Frostmourne in 2006 and has been progression raiding ever since! So far, this guild has not missed a raid tier. We're looking at continuing progression in 2017 and filling our ranks with some quality players. Our current progression thus far is: - Mythic 4/7 Emerald Nightmare. - Heroic 3/3 Trial of Valour. Our scheduled Mythic raid times are: - Wednesday 7:30 - 11:30 ST - Monday 7:30 - 11:30 ST We also run unscheduled Raids, Mythic+ (generally +9s and up) and PvP events throughout the week. - Thursday 8:00 - 11:00 ST is a scheduled / unscheduled drunk fun run where we bring our finest beer, cider, spirits and GOOONNN and get smashed while doing Normal / Heroic Raids for Legendaries, loot for alts and Titanforges! At this time, our Mythic Raid Team is looking for quality DPS: - Fire / Frost / Arcane Mage. - Shadow Priest. - Balance Druid. - Retribution Paladin. Players of any other class / role are welcome to apply, however having a spot on the Mythic Raid Team is not guaranteed. - If you're interested in joining, please feel free to send in-game mail to or whisper: Vi, Draull, Lessadria or Flocke! - Discord Raid Comms are essential! - We'll have a chat with applicants on Discord, and do a couple of Heroic Raids as a trial. Hope to see you guys around! - Lessa -Update: Monday 9th, H ToV Cleared!Lessadria9 9h
11h <Dispøsed> 7/7M 2/3M Recruitment <Dispøsed> 7/7M 2/3M are currently recruiting exceptional players of all roles. Special interest in Ranged DPS and Healers. 1x Spriest 1x Boomkin 1x Mistweaver 1x Rdruid We raid Wed/Sun/Mon 7.30-11.30ST. Add Sunde#1512 for a chat. Thanks!Sunde25 11h
11h [A] <Quintessential> LFM Mon/Wed/Thurs. Raid Times: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday. 7:30 to 10:30 Server Time Quintessential is a raiding guild formed during Warlords, by a group of friends of varying experience. Since then we had decent results starting late in HFC and have decided to start recruiting properly for Legion. We're currently 3/7M and looking for DPS. For more information message me here or add on at Indy#1702Legendeery53 11h
13h Looking for a new home I am looking for a new home, I am prefer the 2-3 late night raiding (about 11pm-2am). My main spec is Balance druid.Shäpe1 13h
14h Ruthless 7/7M 2/3M LFM Ruthless on Frostmourne is looking to sure up our mythic progression roster. Current raiding schedule is 8-11.30pm AEST, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday -Monday Optional. Ruthless was reformed towards the end of HFC which we downed 13/13M shortly after reforming. Our current goal is to be as best prepared for Nighthold as possible and to be in the top 20 guilds on Frostmourne. We are currently searching for : Melee DPS Closed Heals HPal Range DPS Ele Sham Hunters All exceptional DPS will be considered regardless of the above list so feel free to reach out and contact us through Dietschy#1719Dietschy3 14h
17h <Mass Destruction> Recruiting for Nighthold <Mass Destruction> is an Australian guild filled with veteran raiders and players who are making the move back into Mythic raiding. We are currently recruiting for Nighthold progression and are looking to fill our ranks. What we are looking for: People able to raid on a 2 day schedule with a total of 6 hours for core raid nights. People able and willing to learn mechanics and help others out who may need it. People who want to be part of a community of like-minded veteran players. Current Raid Progress: 7/7H EN 2/3H ToV Raid Times: Sunday 6:30pm-10pm GMT+10 Monday 7pm-10pm GMT+10 Recruitment: Melee: Rogue, Demon Hunter, Death Knight or Monk Ranged DPS: Shaman Healer: Paladin, Monk, Priest Note: Exceptional candidates who are mechanically aware players will be considered outside of these classes If you are interested and would like to join please feel free to add me via battlenet or comment below. Erik#1895Dedriq3 17h
17h Looking for new home Hows the horde looking on this server? In both PVP and PVE? just moved to japan and looking to find a server with a better sync then my current one. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Fayht1 17h
18h [A] 7/7M 3/3H - Wed/Thurs 7.30-10.30 DPS! Tears of Elune is a progression guild mostly made up of retired hardcore raiders who can no longer commit to 3-4 day a week schedule, but still want to push content on an efficient 2 day a week, 6 hour schedule. About Us We are a reformed guild filled with exceptional players who want to work together and progress as a whole. The vast majority of us have been playing since vanilla (with the odd break here and there), and have experience in hardcore raiding. Our leaders have combined experience through every release of the game, and the raids are serious but we know how to have a laugh and enjoy the game at the same time. Our current progression is - 3/3H 7/7M What we are looking for We are looking for competent and disciplined raiders for mythic progression who are looking to be a part of our core roster on a schedule of 2 nights a week, whilst at the same time enjoying the laughter and banter that gets thrown around from time to time. All our raiders come prepared with flasks/pots/food, and have researched/knowledge of the encounters prior to progression. We use Warcraft Logs and it is expected that raiders know their class and be ranked >70% for their spec and iLVL equivalents. Raid Times Wednesday: 7:30-10:30pm AEDT (server time) Thursday: 7:30-10:30pm AEDT (server time) Optional raids to gear up on farm content are occasionally run based on willingness and availability Recruitment Any role/class will be considered, but we do have a significant interest in the classes listed below. Dps: Spots are limited so we are looking at those who show exceptional skill and are close to 880 ilvl Healers: All - Low Tanks: All - Low Casual Players We regularly run other content (kara, mythic+ etc) and welcome like minded casual players. Please contact the following: Shinyee - Wotsup#1722 Nox - Nox#1350Shinyee16 18h
19h <Monkey Business> 7/7M 2/3M Weekend Raiding <Monkey Business> is a Weekend raiding guild led by a group of friends with extensive mythic experience dating back to WOTLK. With our weekend raiding schedule it caters to working adults and those that wish to have serious progression, while leaving your nights free. We are looking for exceptional players with a great attitude who believe they can fit in nicely with our core group and contribute. Currently recruiting Any exceptional class / role. High Priority Shadow Priest BM / MM Hunter Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Warlock Ret Pally Mistweaver Current Progression EN Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 7/7 ToV Heroic: 3/3 Mythic: 2/3 Raid Times Saturday: 1pm - 5pm AEST Sunday: 1pm - 5pm AEST If you have any questions, find one of us in-game: Chihao, Stormflury, Erebuz, Ekspozed Or Btags: Deadpool#2869, Storm#13982, Ekspozed#1990, radianshot#6162 Or drop an app at 19h
20h <RSVP> 2/3M 7/7M RSVP We are a hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne-US. Our goal is to clear content at a speedy pace, whilst maintaining the fun atmosphere that we all love. We aim to be at the elite level of raiding without the elitist attitude. We believe we can achieve this through making sure raiders maintain a 75 percentile average throughout raid as well as supplying all flasks, food, pots and repairs. Our guild is also one of the largest "carry" guilds on frostmourne, selling runs of kara, m+ and raids. Current Progression EN - 7/7M ToV - 2/3M Requirements for Applicants Applicants are required to have a 75 percentile average in their appropriate sector of logs. This cusp is required to be even considered for a position, however just because you have attained that does not mean that you will be accepted as a trial. Currently Recruiting 1x Holy Paladin 1x Mage & Boomkin All exceptional ranged DPS How to Contact us Purp#1107 Ittalics#1760 Trenbolone#6727Georgeofjung7 20h
21h [A] <Vox> (7/7M 2/3M) Wed/Thur/Sun 7:30-10:30 Vox is a new guild, with only a short amount of time spent so far Mythic raiding. We have progressed fairly quickly while rapidly expanding, and are now looking to consolidate our numbers and roster to be as competitive as possible with our limited raid schedule for Nighthold. Progression: Raiding is Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. 7:30-10:30 Server Time. We are looking for: Excellent Healers and DPS We are a friendly guild that promotes gentle ribbing, subtle elitism, but above all fun. Please Message: Rifled, Elypia, Teasy or Grìmabear in game. Or join our recruitment discord: 21h
22h LFG Horde Frostmourne. 885 hunter LFG for raids, Mythic + and some PvP add me please Tagane#11985 thanks Jason.Tagane0 22h
1d [A] <Halo> 5/7M 华人公会 公会简介: 公会成立大约半年多,从100级末期开始,赶一个末班车地狱火堡垒史诗难度打了个 底层全清。公会主要注重公会内部团结,希望每个会员都会为了公会而努力,付出。公会内部和谐统一为首要,副本进度为次要。 军团回来了,我们在艾泽拉斯又找到了更多的小伙伴一起努力去拼大秘境,团本。史诗翡翠我们也是在短暂的几周时间开荒到了5/7M 公会大部分成员都是随着魔兽慢慢变老的成年玩家。每天白天努力的上班,晚上愉快的游戏。我们不追求服务器首杀,但是我们希望能够通过每个人100%的努力,尽可能的在副本里面走的更远。 7.1.5 公会活动安排: 周三周四晚730pm - 1100pm : 开荒新团本 周五晚: 墨尔本线下活动 狼人杀 线上自由活动 周六周日晚: 小号团 带新人,小号。 周一晚: 蒙面幻化之旅,曾经的M HFC, M BRF, M 奥格,大家一起回顾。 周二晚: 大秘境低保团队 为没有能够拿到低保的同学提供多一次机会。 职业需求: 随着一些休闲玩家逐步离开主力开荒团队,我们需要招募下列一些职业: 治疗: 满 可以有1 替补席位 或者DPS兼修 近战dps:CJQ 增强萨 盗贼 远程dps:2坑 任意职业均可 优良玩家可以无视职业。 新人申请门槛: 1. 这是你的大号 2. 网络稳定,配置达标,能稳定参团 3. 手法意识过关,对当前副本boss有所了解 4. 开荒团要求装等870+,神器有或者靠近巅峰1。 工会使用EPGP制度,包公修,附魔,宝石。 语音系统: Discord 活动时间,周三 周四:服务器 (墨尔本悉尼)时间 730PM-1100PM 要求主力团成员达到95%以上出勤,请假需要提前跟RL 通知。 公会凝聚力强,拒绝drama,如果有心不齐的成员会第一时间清走。公会大部分为已工作的上班人士,活跃时间工作日晚上以及周末。适合各种回归老龄WoWer。 半休闲但是开荒也注重进度。 联系方式: 微信: thejames 战网: thejames#1228Amynizer6 1d
1d [A] <Blazed> NZ raiding, (4/7M) LFM NH! Hello everyone, <Blazed> was originally founded back in 2010 by a group of real life friends and quickly evolved in a competitive 10 man heroic group during WotLK. After a long hiatus, this same core of raiders are back with the goal for focussed progression raiding in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The majority of our roster is New Zealand based and we are generally very active in the evening and weekends. Based on Frostmourne Alliance, we raid two nights a week, 6PM - 9PM ST Wednesday and Thursday, and during these times we are focussed at getting as much content cleared as we can. Raiding a light schedule of 6 hours per week, we have managed to clear through most content in a fairly expedient manner and are now looking for a few extra members to round out our core to progess into Mythic. Current Progress: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N 7/7H 4/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3N 2/3H We are currently recruiting any of the following classes: - Disc Priest - Hunters - Ele Shaman - rDPS (other than Warlock!) Additionally, high priority will be given to any class with heals offspec! We are always keen to hear from skilled players of any class or role! What you can expect on your average raid night; - Quick clear of farm content. During this time we bring along casual members and friends. If any issues with a quick clear are encounted, casuals are benched for the sake of progression. - Progression content (currently H ToV until member count gets us to Mythic levels). - Laid back, friendly atmosphere with good banter. - Voice comms via private mumble What we expect of raiders on raid night; - Be at the instance by 6PM ST, ready to start raiding. - Bring your own consumables (Flasks, Potions, Personal Food, Runes). - Mechanical ability (Don't stand in fire, know movement!). - Prior knowledge of the fights. Even if it's as simple as FatBoss or WoWHead. We realise WoW is a leisure activity for many, so we don't expect significant amount of time outside of raiding dedicated to preparation, but we don't accept everyone turning up green to the nights either. - Solid attendance. We do not expect 100% attendance, but you will be benched if you only turn up to farm content. How can you apply? Message Staunchbeard in game (blz3nvy#1143), check out, or leave a response here! Cheers! -StaunchStaunchbeard54 1d
1d 7/7M 3/3H - Shadow Priest LFG Primarily looking for a Semi-Hardcore Nighthold raiding guild, Preferable 2/3 Nights a week between 6-12 ST. My Current Status: 860 Item Level - Trying to push it higher but finding a Mythic + Group that accepts lower item levels is hard and finding a EN/ToV pug group that isn't utter trash is equally as hard. 34 Traits - Pushing it as hard as I can with hopes of being well over 35 before nighthold comes out. 7/7M & 3/3H - These were on my warrior prior to the changes they made to Protection. Lost a lot of love this expansion for my warrior. Loved the initial changes then just got hit by nerf and nerf then a rotation change. I had started wanting to play my priest and when they announced that I could buy level 20 AK I just couldn't resist. Specs: Only shadow, I can't and refuse to learn how to heal at this stage I prefer DPS specs.Ðeviant3 1d
1d [A] <what have you done> (7/7M 3/3H) Hello! Who we are: <what have you done> is a late-night raiding guild that is currently seeking competitive Healers & DPS to strengthen our current raid roster for further Mythic progression and beyond. Raid Timing: We raid 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Our raid timing: 10.45pm - 1.45am(GMT+8) 12.45am-3.45am(AEST) 1.45am-4.45am(Frostmourne Server Time) What you can expect from us: 1) Raid end-game content at the Mythic level 2) Fun raid environment 3) Equitable treatment 4) Close-knit friendly guild culture Loot System: We use an EPGP system to distribute loot. Vacancy: We are particularly interested in: 1x Spriest 1x Mage 1x Enh 1x Rsham 1x MWmonk Nevertheless, all exceptional applicants will be considered. Interested applicants may apply @ You may also add barry#11573/Legohblocks#6887/Dufas#1859 if you'd like to have a friendly chat to know more about the guild. Thank you!Interse5 1d
1d [A] <Loot The Core Hòund> Looking For DPS Introduction: <Loot The Core Hòund> is a Singapore based guild, running on +8 GMT timezone and we are currently looking for dps to join us for progression in raid. Current Progression: 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 1/3M Trial of Valor Raid Schedule: - Wednesday (2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT) - Thursday (2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT) - Sunday (2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT) Recruitment: - Range Dps ( Shadow Priest & Warlock) - Demon Hunter Dps Interesting Facts: - We also do a lot of Mythic Plus throughout the week including Mythic Plus carry spam! If you're interested and feel like you meet those requirements, feel free to add us via Battle Tag for more of a chat @ Boon#1794 Holyshid#1649Pleo20 1d
1d [A] Gone Casual 7/7M 2/3M 2 Nights Gone Casual: Gone Casual has been formed in response to the desperate need of a home for retired hardcore raiders who still wish to see raiding content. Gone Casual’s main objective as a team is to finish each expansion with the same rewards as if we had participated in hardcore raiding. Why join Gone Casual? Reduced raiding days. Friendly and inviting raid atmosphere. Proven Leadership history (World 89th, Oceanic 4th). Experienced Raiders from high ranking guilds in Warlords of Draenor.Loot: Loot is distributed to the person who will benefit the raid the most. The only time loot distribution is left to chance is when raiders both benefit the same amount. Raid info: Thursday and Sunday 7:00PM -12:00 AM These times are all server time (GMT+10) Discord voice application will be used for all raids. Current Recruitment: Warlocks, WW and any other exceptional dps Current Progression: 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV Applicant Requirements: Be punctual to all scheduled raids and if unable to make a raid provide warning to officers within a suitable time frame. Have the initiative to research fight strategies beforehand. Stay up to date with their class and its optimal play style for each encounter.Interested in joining? If you are interested in joining you can apply via our forums: (no account needed simply follow the template) If you have any questions you can contact either myself (Babh#6497), Boz (Boz#11500), Prozki (Prozki#1820) or Beylar (Sephyr#1703) with any questions. Website: www.GoneCasual.comValaína42 1d
1d Found a Guild .Sevig2 1d
1d 888 Brew/WW Lfg 7/7m guild 888 Brew/WW Lfg 7/7m guild on frostmourne pref not willing to move to horde this late into the expan. 7/7m prog looking for a guild for nighthold! i know its so close to nighthold but looking for a guild thats willing to take on another tank or os tank /ww main Very experienced raiding background including server first and us first kills Logs: WW LOGS: If you would like to know more feel free to message me on blurgie#1233Oktoberfistt4 1d
1d Resto/MK or Hpriest LF Raid Guild Hey all, As the title states, looking for a raid team for (what is now) nighthold and beyond. I was playing my priest at the start of the expansion as my main, however i was MS shadow. It's artifacts are slightly more progressed than my druids. For RL reasons i needed to step away for a few weeks and was therefore sat and told i'd have to re-trial for Nighthold but the guild died in the weeks i was away, so i moved to frostmourne. I am open to dpsing as MS again however i have mostly healed in raiding progression since ICC days. If anyone is out there looking for someone to join their team on one/both of these classes/specs please get in touch: Staele#1310 or in game. A heads up, I wont be available to talk/raid for the next couple of days as i wont have my computer so if i am slow to reply this week that's why.Astryl5 1d
1d [A]<Dunning Kruger> 7/7 M - 3/3 H Dunning Kruger is an Australian guild looking for members to lead into Mythic raiding. Our members are highly skilled and have some really impressive raiding experience dating back to Vanilla. We are a semi hard core guild that prides itself on non elitism, having fun but also enjoying getting stuff done! We're in a good spot leading up to the release of Nighthold, but would like to solidify our numbers with equally minded players :) Raid times are 7-11pm AEST Wednesday and Thursday. We are currently looking to fill our ranks and are recruiting the following classes: Tanks Not currently recruiting Healers - Mistweaver Monk (High Priority) - An amazing Disc Priest that can actually Disc. Melee - Any amazing Melee Ranged - Shadow Priest(High Priority) - MM Hunter (High Priority) - Warlock (High Priority) - Warrior - Ele Shaman All exceptional players will be considered. If you are interested in joining contact us today!! Druvos (guild master)- Ruddaga#2865 Malastare (Senior Officer) - tek#1755 Phantomruin (Officier) - dasman#1678Druvos4 1d
1d [A]<Malayan Warlords> 7/7 Mythic GMT+8 <Malayan Warlords> is a 7/7 Mythic progression raiding guild with experienced and skilled raiders. We have an enjoyable raiding environment, while maintaining performance standards and we value newcomers that are willing to improve. We are on Frostmourne Alliance and we raid on Wednesday and Thursday 9pm-12midnight (MYT/SGT/+8 GMT). After achieving "Cutting Edge: Xavius" and come Nighthold, we are currently looking for the following to join our core team. DPS We are currently looking for ranged DPS. We will accept melee DPS into the roster if proven exceptional Healers We are currently looking for Mistweavers Holy and Disc Priest. We may also consider recruitment for other exceptional raiders whose classes are not mentioned to join our raid team. If you have any questions regarding the guild or looking to apply to our guild you may add the following people on for a chat. Feel free to add us via BattleTag for more of a chat Epyon#1710 No0bLeTz#6912 Our Discord channel is for applicants to chat with us as well.Epyonz6 1d
1d [A] Hodor 7/7M 2/3M Wed/Thu/Sun 8-11pm ST G'day, We are a friendly and mature raiding guild with bunch of great guys and girls. We are currently recruiting mature and dedicated raiders to round out our Mythic roster for Legion. Raid Time (Server Time): Wednesday - 8pm to 11pm Thursday - 8pm to 11pm Sunday - 8pm to 11pm We are currently recruiting the following: - All ranged DPS 875 ilvl + and 35+ Artifact Traits is required and Mythic raiding experience is preferred. Please apply to: Please contact the following in game if you are interested and want a chat! - Merlorr (Merlor#6904) - Bigfatshield (Ragetard#1177) - Raidbreak (Raidbreaks#680)Merlorr177 1d
1d [A]<Pantheon> LFM 7/7M 3/3H <Pantheon> is a guild of old mates from back in WotLK & Cata days reformed to come back for Legion, and we're looking for relaxed, friendly, mature adults to fill out some core raiding spots specifically to advance into Mythic Content & Nighthold. We understand that you have a job and other commitments, that's why we are committing to raiding on Wednesday's and Sunday's from 8.30ST to 11.30ST. Despite this we treat all content seriously and intend on hitting Mythic soon! Progress 7/7 M EN 3/3 H ToV Ideally you are someone who: Has an innate desire to be the best player they can be. Is able to commit to almost every raid time Is willing to take constructive criticism Is relaxed and wants to have a good time with the boys and girls in the Guild Wants to be part of an extremely friendly and fun guild Isn't going to get angry over getting stuck on a boss during progression Isn't afraid to talk on Discord Is able to participate in the banter Is a dog person Raid Times Wednesday: 8.30pm ST - 11.30pm ST - Progression Sunday: 8.30pm ST - 11.30pm ST - Progression Mon or Thur: 9ish, casual farm and alt runs of H/N EN Highest Priority Classes/Specs Resto Shaman Shadow Priest Warlock Enh/Ele Shaman All other classes If you feel like you fulfill most of the criteria above (don't worry cat people are welcome too). Please don't hesitate to post below, with a brief description of yourself and raiding history, as well as your B.Net ID or Discord ID. Or contact me at Pretzel#7460 (Discord) or Shoryueppa#1371 ( Regards, AkirianAkirian53 1d
1d [A] <The Cabal> Wed/Thur/Sun (2/7M 3/3H) <The Cabal> are looking to recruit a few more members to fill out our raid team. The Cabal is the oldest active Alliance guild on Frostmourne with an emphasis on community and progression. We are currently looking for more Ranged DPS to complete our core mythic team in preparation for Nighthold progression. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays from 7:45pm - 11:00pm ST. We are 7/7 H, 3/3H & 2/7M. All classes are encouraged to apply but we are primarily after 2-3 more skilled Ranged DPS. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in game or add me on BNET (Saltz#1468) for a chat or visit and apply!Saltzii10 1d
1d [H] <Build Trumps Wall> 7/7M 2/3M Hi :D Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30-10:30 Server time - Progression Sunday 2:30 Server time / Monday 7:30 Server time - Alt/Farm/Gearing (optional) We have a super big/active community = D We don't mind developing players who are in a less progressed mythic / heroic guild, who have a desire to improve and raid with us. Mic / Discord required. We expect our raiders to educate themselves on upcoming progression fights, account for their own consumables, be cool with being subbed and be responsible for maintaining a decent level of performance as it pertains to their class. Raid spots / Loot dependent upon attendance and performance. Raid spots are always up for grabs, we have a friendly competitive environment to keep everyone honest. add dmac16#1960 to enquireDmaac21 1d
1d [A] <Augmented Reality> now recruiting <Augmented Reality> is a new raiding guild on US-Frostmourne. As a new guild looking beyond The Emerald Nightmare, we need dedicated raiders to join our ranks in steady progression for upcoming content: The Nighthold. ** CURRENT PROGRESSION ** The Emerald Nightmare - 4/7 Mythic Mode The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Normal Mode The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Heroic Mode ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: - Restoration Shaman - Death Knight - Warlock - Hunter - Retribution Paladin - Balance Druid - Shadow Priest - Mistweaver Monk - Demon Hunter - Rogue All other classes will be consider as well. ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00am server time (SVT) Friday 9:00pm - 12:00am (SVT) Monday 9:00pm - 12:00am (SVT) ** CONTACTS: - Akilli [Guild Master] (battle tag: ManaBurner#11466) - Our guild is located on Alliance, Frostmourne (US)Akilli16 1d
1d [A] >>Checkmylogs<< 2/3M RECRUITING Hello We are a raiding guild on Frostmourne who prides itself on having one of the best raiding environments and having fun during progression. We are a group of mature raiders with progression in mind, we aim to provide hype. Progress in WoD when the tiers were current content Highmaul: 7/7M Blackrock Foundary: 10/10M Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M Current Progression: Mythic EN - 7/7M Mythic TOV - 2/3M Time based on Server Time: Wednesday - 7:30pm to 11:00pm Thursday - 7:30pm to 11:00pm Sunday - 7:30pm to 11:00pm Contacts: Mileena (Rehab#1920) Officer Voice: Teamspeak 3! Guild Application: Methods to apply: 1) Pm one of the officers above or 2)Fill out an application by opening the link below: 3) Have logs and teamspeak preparedMileena61 1d
1d Centurion Knights 1/7M 3/3 Centurion Knights: (1/7M) (3/3N) are currently looking for people interested in Heroic raiding with the potential of moving into some Mythic raiding. As a guild we have been established since 2006 with a long tradition of quality casual raiding. We currently have a core of experienced, skilled raiders and are looking to expand our roster to enable some Mythic raiding once Heroic content has been cleared. We are looking specifically for Ranged DPS with a particular desire for the following: Hunter & Warlock 2 x Healers: Pallidan & Shamans Raid times are 8.30 - 11.30 ST Thursday & Sunday. We also run Mythic + Dungeons, Kara groups & alt raids on other nights. If you are interested or want to know more either visit our website and fill out an app, or contact Twoeagles, Inarieals or any of the other leaders as per the WoW Armory guild roster.. Alternatively you can post your interest here and we will contact you.Twoeagles30 1d
1d [A]Epic Gaming 7/7M - Hpally Epic Gaming is a 2-night a week raiding guild that’s been around since late 2014 based in the +8GMT Timezone. We strive to build a friendly community of players/friends who has a 2nd home to look forward to after work/school or any other commitments presented in Real-Life. Schedule Wednesday and Thursday (Progression) - 9PM to 12AM(+8GMT) Monday (Non Compulsory) - 9PM to 12AM (+8GMT) [We do not observe Daylight Savings] - So always do time calculations off +8GMT timezone (Perth/SG/MY/HK Time) ... Expectations Punctuality, if not inform in advance. Mature and Amicable players. Be on Voice for all raids, we use Discord. Read/learn fights prior to attempts Food, Flasks/Pots ,Enchants/Gems Recruitment If you're interested in being a part of the team, please head over to and fill out an application. All applicants are considered carefully and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact any of us at the below battletags. Leong#1902 / diabloo#1724 / linkinpark#11775Venthez14 1d
1d [A]Nice Guys 3/7M LF Healer/DPS Hiya, TL;DR: 3/7 Mythic guild needs a healer and all dps (Esp RDPS) for 7:30-10pm raids on Mon/wed (OCE SVT). <Nice Guys> are a semi casual guild of experienced raiders looking to recruit other relaxed members for raiding. Most of our members have been raiding together since TBC/Wrath on a high level however we're taking a more laid back approach this expansion due to real life commitments and time constraints. We're raiding 7:30 - 10:00 pm (SVT) on Monday and Wednesday, we also do Sunday optional alt raids (3/3N ToV & 7/7H EN) and plenty of M+ dungeons. Currently, we are 3/7M and looking to continue progression through Mythic. We're especially interested in any ranged dps and anybody proficient in their offspec (healing/tanking) however, all applicants will be considered. Lastly, this is a semi-casual mythic progression guild so being able to withstand wipes, keep the atmosphere lighthearted and take criticism is highly valued. Relevant ilvl/exp/logs are considered however, not required. If you were interested in joining the guild or wanted to know more please add my battle tag, reply below or visit the website. Btag: Danrell#6550 Website: *tip fedora*Chickentendy8 1d
2d <A> Deviants 7/7M, 1/3M recruiting for NH! Okay, a brief introduction. We're freshly formed from a bunch of returning raiders, some with 13/13m HFC experience, some not so much. Current progression : 7/7M EN, 1/3M TOV Things we're looking for in a raider: - Commitment (able to turn up on raid nights, give notice if unable. etc) - Willingness to do research on bosses, class, specs - Positive, mature attitude would be nice too! Raid Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sundays: 2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT. Classes we're looking for: People willing to play their off specs We are a Singapore based guild, running on +8 GMT. If you're interested and feel like you meet those requirements, feel free to apply at 2d
2d [A]Last Prodigies, 5/7M, W Th Su 8:30 ST G'day future 69'er(s), Last Prodigies is currently seeking raiders of all calibers to be a part of our fun and semi-competitive raiding experience. We have something for everyone so if you love the number 69 as much as us, read on! Guild info: Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Schedule: W Th Su, 8:30-11pm ST Current recruitment needs: 1. Elemental shaman. 2. Hunter. 3. Mage. What makes Last Prodigies unique? We are a stable guild, been around for 8 years and here to stay. We take raiding with a larger-than-life attitude. Our raids are laid back and fun, and the team is cohesive and respectful. Other activities: 1. Daily mythic+ runs, we have multiple groups that push different levels. 2. Weekend rated battlegrounds, bring booze :) 3. Weekend normal NH, bring more booze. 4. Weekend Karazhan runs, restock on booze. Contacts: Robert#6541Robulous23 2d
2d Recruiting Ranged for Nighthold & Beyond The Amaranthine Order on Frostmourne Alliance side are seeking talented Ranged Damage to fill out our roster as we push through Nighthold and beyond. We are currently rebuilding after a series of unfortunate life events that left our roster a little bare in the RDPS department and as such left our Emerald Nightmare progression lacking, with only 2/7 bosses defeated purely due to roster size. The goal for Nighthold is to maintain a fast pace during Heroic progression to attract more members for Mythic content, and to maintain a strong roster for future patches and expansions comprised of dedicated raiders who fit in with our community. We have decided to take this opportunity to clear our roster of lacking players, and may also be recruiting other roles in the near future. Our guild has a storied history spanning over four years and multiple games, with a core and leadership group with a variety of raiding experience from fresh last expansion to top 25 in the world, all committed to the guild's longevity. Listed below is a short dot-point list of our guild's information, and I encourage any Heroic Nighthold ready ranged damage to get in touch with myself of one of our other officers. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Our raid times are 7:45pm-11:00pm Server time (AEST) We request a minimum of 80% attendance We distribute loot via Loot Council We place emphasis on team cohesion and guild community We do take social members If you have any questions find us at, or add one of our officer's RealID's; UGhillie#1512 (Me!), Misnthropia#1567, Tal#1851Grombrindel6 2d
2d [A] <Mindtrip> 4/7M 3/3H LF Holy Priest <Mindtrip> We are a newly xfered guild to Frostmourne looking to re-establish a Heroic/mythic progression core team. We are looking to recruit the listed classes and specs below for our core team as we head into legion for progression. Must be capable of turning up to all 3 raid nights. Progression: 7/7 Heroic EN 4/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV Classes and specs: Priest - Holy Other classes are welcomed Information about us Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Allaince Timezone: GMT +10 (Sydney, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Personal/Master for mythics Voice Platform: Ventrilo Raiding Times: Wednesday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Thursday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Sunday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Contact Info: To apply add any of the following Btags and send a message or mail MrPolska#11319Catbeär6 2d
2d [A] Top 30 OCE 7/7M 2/3M Recruiting Knights of Frostmourne (on Frostmourne) formed on the first day the server opened up & have a core group that are still playing together to this day! Here in KoF we're trying to develop what some might consider a 'family.' If you're sick of the super hardcore guild(s) you've been a part of in the past that are toxic, and strictly serious about WoW, raiding, and forcing you to give up your first born child for the cause, then KoF might be the perfect place for you.. Mostly because we're only like 3/4 of that. What we want from you! The standard stuff a hardcore raiding guild would request; Attendance to raids... if you can't you MUST let SOMEONE know Potions, the kind you use twice a boss fight that make you go pew pew! Not dying to slow moving raid mechanics like huge blue waves or puddles of fire Best in slot Enchants & Gemming Flasks, unless they decide to bring back the flask tables.. and even then.. ...You get the point by now What we offer! With Knights of Frostmourne you're going to get a really fun group of guys that idle in vent/discord together when not raiding.. we laugh, we have fun, we progress quickly, we send awesome snapchats to each other, we play other games on off nights, we have occasional meet ups IRL, we pay your repairs, we're fair with loot, we're forgiving when you make a mistake and learn from it, we will make fun of you... because we love you. We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life! More importantly KoF really is all about killing pixels and having a laugh while doing so - we always aim to progress as fast as possible, but we understand that there should be a balance. We feel after 11 years, we're pretty close to finding that paradoxical balance between awesome players and comedians. Raid days are Wed: 7:30pm - 11pm+ Thurs: 7:30pm - 11pm+ Sun: 7:30pm - 11pm+ Mon (optional): 7:30pm - 11pm+ Immediate demand for: 1x Resto Druid Also looking for an exceptional: 1x Shadow Priest 1x DH 1x Mage 1x Kitty 1x Hunter Any exceptional applications are always welcomed. ADDITIONALLY we welcome people that are happy to be a part of the guild for mythic+/farm runs/casual/backup positions, aka the backbone of a strong guild![/ul] Applications SHOULD go through: Alternatively hit us up by smoke signal, pager or any of the more modern forms of communication like in game mail or whisper me: Padtyg - tyg#6248Tygzor54 2d
2d [A]Looking for 10m Merger for Mythic Raiding Panty Raid Tonight - Alliance - Frostmourne - Is looking for a 10 man or smaller guild to merge into us for Mythic progression raiding in Nighthold and further on. We raid Wed & Thurs 7pm to 10pm server time. The guild already has solid tanks and heals established we are just in need of dps if said players are willing to fill those roles. How-ever offspec tanks and heals is certainly most welcome as some mythic strats may require a 3rd tank. We are currently 7/7 H EN and 3/3 H ToV with both ahead of the curves way before nerfs. We like to progress with people with the same intent on clearing content efficiently and having a good laugh / gelling in between boss fights. We are due lack of numbers as every one is just looking for mythic cleared content guilds already and squeezed out of the recruits scene. So if you are looking for the same venture in mythic raiding contact me on Bnet! Or an officer :) Crappeddacks - lootzy#1225 Sunbrö - Ragedps#6215 Phozegene - Destero#1421Crappeddacks2 2d
2d [A]Panty Raid Tonight 7/7H 3/3H 7-10pm aest Currently recruiting for Mythic EN progression. We have currently completed heroic Emerald Nightmare and are looking to grow our team to progress through Mythic. Our guild focuses on progressing through current Raiding And mythic+ content We are 7/7 heroic EN most of the guild members get mythic +7-10 runs a week. Our raid times are Wednesdays, Thursdays, 7:00pm- 10:00pm Server time. Cruisy and Mature Guild. Currently we are seeking these classes; - Spriest - Boomkin - Elemental shaman - Mage However we always recruit all exceptional players regardless of class. Contact Either Lootzy#1225 Ragedps#6215Sunbrö4 2d
2d <Scared of the Dark> 7/7M 3/3 LF Heals <Scared of the Dark> is a progression guild which came about with the merger of two long standing progression guilds on frostmourne <Immortal Dream> and <OVER NINE THOUSAND>. How quickly we have burned through content since merging is testament to the level of skill and desire within the guild. Current Progression: 7/7M 2/3/M WoW Progress: Raiding Schedule: 8:00-11:30pm ST, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Guild Website: The type of raiders that we’re looking for are: - Fast learners - People who know both their classes and game mechanics really well - People that can take criticism - People who constantly want to improve - People with a good sense of humour that can take a joke. As of now we’re looking mostly for ranged dps (a Shadow Priest being a priority) and we possibly have a spot for an exceptional healer (a mistweaver being preferred). As always if you aren’t one of the classes listed above but believe you have what it takes to get into the core don’t hesitate to contact either myself on Tinylol#1658 or Jovan.Tinytoo185 2d
3d [A]<Bads> Cutting Edge Guild 3/3 H Recruiting <Bads> Australian Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild We are a small guild with around 20 core members who enjoy the game, the social bantering and 'knuckle down' when it counts to progress. We are currently 4/7M (with a Xavius Lockout kill) and 3/3H. RAID TIMES Wednesday 1930 to 2300 Sunday 1930 to 2300 GUILD INFO. We are looking for talented players to join our roster. We will consider all specs/classes but in particular we are looking for the following: HIGH PRIORITY: Holy Paladin MM Hunter Guardian Druid Protection Warrior Our guild members generally match the following: o Extensive raiding experience in past expansions o Able to play WoW 15 to 30 hours per week o Motivated to do challenging raid content o Enjoy other games on the side Message one of us below for more info! CONTACTS: Apollo#1443 Bacun#1211 Boomoo#1702Boomoò1 3d
3d Frost DK looking for new family [A] 879 Frost / Unholy Death Knight looking for new guild. Previous guild just folded after 6-7 years of raiding. Looking for a new home and raid family with decent prog. Been raiding since WOTLK. Looking new friends, social, friendly people. Happy to chat! McFeast#1339Pheast1 3d
3d Frostmourne <Dishonored> Recruiting Dishonored 是全新建立的澳服公会,公会由各种M翡翠梦魇和勇气试炼老司机组成,团队成员中最高有7/7M 2/3M 经验,最少也有4/7M 经验,平均装等885+,巅峰10+,为备战M暗夜要塞,希望建立稳定的20-25人开荒团队,现招收以下职业, 总的来说就是缺近战和少量远程以及1个治疗 坦克:基本满 (如果你是拯救世界的武僧T,欢迎) 近战:极缺 惩戒骑(缺有披风的大领主) 冰DK(缺) 盗贼(极缺) 战士(极缺) DH(极缺) 武僧(缺) 远程: 还有2-3个位置 法师(极缺) 暗牧(缺) 术士(缺) 猎人(满,如果你是生存猎另说) 治疗:有1个位置,倾向神牧和多修骑士 公会活动时间为周三,周四8:00-12:00 要求:时间稳定,对自身职业有良好的理解,能够有和装等相符合的表现,装等870+,巅峰1,如果你装等和颠覆不够,请尽可能早联系我们,让我们有足够的时间带你刷大米 公会里逗逼众多,心态平和,乐于结交新朋友,有可爱的妹子们帮助新入会的朋友迅速融入团队 公会也有15+成就的大米车队,7-9层保三箱,10层以上2-3箱子,考虑到牧师以及术士的大米就业问题,车队会优先带难以就业的诸如牧师和术士刷大米 公会没有小团队,也没有新人老人之分,装备分配一视同仁,希望新加入的朋友都可以和我们一起保卫艾泽拉斯,劝服萨格拉斯,共同对抗虚空大君 公会虽然只活动两天,(开荒早期有可能增加), 但现有成员都是开荒经验丰富的老手,甚至是WCL的冲榜选手,目标以最少的时间打出尽可能多的进度,目前计划是普通和英雄同时开荒,以最快速度开荒爱丽桑德 暂不招收休闲玩家和PVP玩家 公会分配原则初期坦克=DPS>奶, 后期DPS>坦克=奶, 套装优先出能出效果的玩家 详细请在游戏里联系 Vonos , Destinykun 微信:venomcn, markzidane1992, JamieXie96Vonos1 3d
3d [A] <Speed> 2/3M - Recruiting Healer <Speed> is a raiding guild looking for experienced raiders for our (Mon/Wed/Thu 8.45-11.45 PM ST) Mythic progression team. The team fosters both a good level of competitive drive and sense of humour. Most raiders have been around since Vanilla/BC and thus have a wealth of knowledge for new and veteran players. We are looking for committed raiders who can guarantee their attendance to the raids. Our progression is: We are currently 7/7 M EN and 2/3M TOV Our raid nights are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:45pm - 11:45pm Server Time Priority Recruitment: Currently looking to refill a couple of positions with an experienced healer. We are most open to recruiting the following classes, but considering all options. - Restoration Druid - Mistweaver Monk How to contact us: If you would like to join Speed or have any questions please add Squid#1383 or Falconpunchh#1671, alternatively you can message the characters Squidburst or Böom. Recruitment Process: Once you have made contact with one of our officers we will usually schedule you for a trial in one of our upcoming farm nights. Assuming all goes well players are then invited into the progression team.Squidburst29 3d
3d [A]<Australían Made> 7/7M 3/3H GMT+8 Australían Made on Frostmourne Alliance are recruiting for Mythic Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold progression. We are 7/7M EN and 3/3H ToV. Things we're looking for in a raider: - Reliability (shows up most raid nights and gives notice when unable to) - Ability to research and understand fights before raid time - A good knowledge of your class/spec - Positive attitude Currently looking for: Range DPS: Mage, Warlock, Balance, Shadow, Hunter Other classes/specs will also be considered. Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00PM-10:30PM AWST, 10:00PM-1:30AM AEDT (Server time), 4:00AM-7:30AM PST. We are a WA GMT+8 based guild. For anyone applying from the Eastern states be aware that raid times will change to 9:00PM AEST once daylight saving ends. If you are interested please contact fRieDcHiCkEn#1659.Mòó30 3d