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2h 911 enhancement shaman 911 enhancement shaman looking for late night guild i am friendly hopefully looking for mythic progression if its possible have raid mythic in all tiers so far only reason why not in a guild atm the last one i was in disbanded feel free to message me on here or on bnet serininja#1560Dagaraa1 2h
2h {Immersed} 7/9 H ToS gmt+8 (IMMERSED) is a tight-knit Perth based group on Frostmourne looking to push progression on a relaxed schedule whilst still having a laugh at the same time. We have been together since ICC in various forms. We are recruiting like-minded individuals who are eager to progress seriously in ToS. We raid two days with an optional third. Progression: 8/10M NH 9/9N ToS 7/9H ToS Raid Times: Server Time Wed/Thurs 10:30pm - 1:30am Sunday is optional but may be required for the first couple of weeks for ToS Raid forms 15mins early. Recruitment: Healer: Paladin, Druid Ranged DPS: Lock, Hunter Melee DPS: Rogue All exceptional players will be considered. To be considered you must have: - Reliable raid attendance - Impressive mythic/heroic logs - Prior raiding experience - Ability to take criticism and a willingness to better yourself - A sense of humour and a good attitude If interested whisper: Baddie#1555 Drakenhax#1489Drakenpwnini1 2h
3h Ministry of Death <A> Recruiting for ToS About us: We are semi casual raiding guild on Frostmourne. Currently 2/9H ToS Ministry of Death guild has been together for over 10 years. We are currently looking to recruit 2-3 more people for ToS Mythic progression. Recruiting: All players will be considered, but the following classes would fit in nicely: Ranged DPS: Warlock, Priest Melee DPS: Rogue, Warrior, Paladin, Shaman All players will be considered:) If you are a great player we would love to hear from you. Raiding times: Thursdays: 8pm start to 10pm Sydney time (EAST) Mondays: 8pm start to 10pm Sydney time (EAST) Requirements: Min ilvll900 Good attendance Mature and fun :) If interested whisper: wild#6823Wildence1 3h
4h [A] <Paramount> 10/10M 8/9H Wed/Sun Paramount Formed Sept 2016 We're a guild that prides ourselves in being able to clear relevant content in a limited time frame while still maintaining a fun and semi-hardcore atmosphere. We're currently looking for reliable candidates for Heroic/Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. If you have relevant mythic experience, a sense of humour, and the willingness to always improve, then you may be the person we're looking for. We expect all applicants to be 905+ ilvl with relevant traits in your main spec weapon, please do not apply if this is not you. We encourage all interested applicants to apply regardless of what we currently need as we run a competitive roster. Our progression is currently 7/7M EN - 3/3M ToV - 10/10M NH Raid Times Wednesday and Sunday 8pm-11pm AEST (Frostmourne Server Time) (Subject to change during first few weeks of prog) Current needs are: Havoc Demon hunter - Very High Shaman/Druid/Monk Heals - Very High Boomkin - High Elemental Shaman - High Mage - Very High Rogue - Very High All classes will be considered, as we are looking to maintain a 25+ man roster, also recruiting for our bench! Please apply via (Google Form). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Chriswise#1258 or KaspeR#1410Kasperxd151 4h
6h [A] <Deviants> 8/9H GMT+8 Deviants is a Singapore based (GMT+8) guild. We are looking to recruit to bolster our roster. Raid progression: 7/7M, 2/3M, 9/10M, 8/9H Raid schedule: Wednesday: 2100 - 0000 GMT+8 (2300 - 0200 ST) Thursday: 2100 - 0000 GMT+8 (2300 - 0200 ST) Sunday: 2100 - 0000 GMT+8 (2300 - 0200 ST) *We do not observe daylight saving time Recruitment: - Everyone To apply, submit an application on our website: Should you have any questions, please contact any one of us for a chat - Inkion#1571 (Inkion) - Haylia#1105 (Haylia)Inkion101 6h
9h [A] <Chaotic Serenity> G2 8/9H ToS, 10/10M NH [A] <Chaotic Serenity> Current progression : 9/9 NM ToS 8/9 H ToS 10/10 Nighthold Mythic . Raid times : Monday : 9 pm - 12 am GMT+8 ( 11pm - 2 am Server time ) Wednesday : 9 pm - 12 am GMT+8 ( 11pm - 2 am Server time ) Thursday: 9 pm - 12 am GMT+8 ( 11pm - 2 am Server time ) What classes are we after ? Any ranged dps classes (no hunters or mages please) About us : Chaotic Serenity Group 2 , primarily consist of Australian and Malaysian/SG players within our raid group . We raid two nights a week for mythic and an optional Thursday for heroic, The group is quite laid back and friendly bunch and would love to get input from other players to help with progression or just throw one out there! . If you are interested, please feel free to submit an application : Thanks !Shaftéd28 9h
9h [A] <Linguine> - 10/10M Linguine (US - Oceanic - Frostmourne) We take a relaxed and semi-hardcore approach to raiding. A solid bond has drawn a bunch of veteran players together to start slapping dragons and provide good times & strong banter along the way. Ideally, we offer a home for the retired hardcore raiders. First and foremost, we're looking for strong and competent players with a positive attitude to finalise our progression roster for ToS. What is otherwise a relatively small number of hours that we have for progression raiding we expect trails to be prepared for progression. This includes fight knowledge prior to progression, consumables, and all gear, including enchants and gems to be properly accounted for, but most importantly the correct attitude coming into the raid. Overall, we're generally laid back, but this does not mean effort is not being put into the content being cleared, and we hope that all applicants will share this ideology. All our spots are very competitive, currently we're only recruiting exceptional players with considerable mythic experience. We hold preference to the following classes: • Frost Mage • Unholy Death Knight • Arms or Fury Warrior Current Raid Times: • Wednesday & Thursday 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT Current Progression: 10/10M NH 8/9H ToS Unfortunately, excluding exceptional circumstances, we are not prepared to accept applicants without the necessary Legion gear and experience to start M NH. In-game Contact: Niles (biggilleh#1646) Faraway (snakey#6456)Niles52 9h
16h [A] <Loot The Core Hound> 10/10M GMT +8 <Loot The Core Hòund> is a GMT+8 Mythic Raiding Guild based on the Frostmourne Server. The guild has been raiding since Frostmourne's inception and have made it a point to clear all current content raids. We are made up pre-dominantly of Singaporeans and Malaysians but welcome raiders of all Nationalities and Ethnic backgrounds. We encourage a family-friendly environment with regular IRL meet ups. Most of us have been playing together for 10+ years at the highest level of raiding and are always happy to welcome more friendly faces to our big family. The Guild is currently recruiting for a few positions to help us close off Mythic Nighthold Progression as well as to help us push on towards Tomb of Sargeras. Current Progression: 7/7 (M) Emerald Nightmare 2/3 (M) Trial of Valor 10/10 (M) Nighthold Raid Schedule: - Monday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) - Thursday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) - Sunday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) Recruitment: - 1x Frost Death Knight - 1x Marksmanship Hunter - 1x Fury Warrior - 1x Warlock - 1x Resto Shaman - 1x Rogue (Recruitment is not limited to the above and we always welcome exceptional players to join our ranks) Lachesiz#1463 Boon#1794Lachesizqt33 16h
18h [A] <Pixel> 7/9 H ToS Recruiting DPS! Hi folks, Pixel is recruiting! We’re a GMT+8 (Perth, WA) based 2 night raiding guild, raiding 7:30pm-10:30pm (currently 9:30-12:30am ST) Wednesdays and Sundays. We tend to keep a relatively tight roster with as small a bench as we can get away with, so if you like reliably showing up to raids, this may well be the guild for you! With a strong showing on the first night of the patch, our goal as a guild is to get into mythic as soon as possible and push up the ladders. As such, we emphasise taking personal responsibility for your own role. Raiders should be familiar with fights, know how to optimise their gear/talents per fight, etc. Those without mythic kills to their name but with a strong play history (Cutting Edges, Herald of the Titans, Show Me Your Movers and Seekers of Knowledge ;) ) are definitely encouraged to apply. We run with a fairly sturdy tank/healer lineup, so we’re primarily after strong dps at this point in the patch cycle. Solid ranged are preferred, but we’d never say no to a swing healer/dps or solid melee either. Do note that if you (like me) live on the east coast and have to deal with daylight savings, raid times change from 10:30pm-1:30am in the summer months. If interested, feel free to add my battletag and I’d be happy to give more details: Trellia#1695Trelliya4 18h
20h 912 Rogue LF Guild. Raided early in xpack, got heroic Xav down pretty quick, quit due to conflicting roster of a new job. Looking for Heroic / Mythic prog. Pref GMT+10.Jackyjack2 20h
23h [A] <Gaytime> 8/9H Late Night 9pm-12:30ST Gaytime is a late night Mythic raiding guild. We're a relatively new guild (just formed at the start of Legion) who value our steady mythic progression while maintaining a positive and friendly atmosphere. In prior tiers we were able to clear 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 2/3M Trial of Valor and 9/10 Nighthold. Our members are mature, prepared, friendly and considerate and we desire these qualities in all of our trials. Raid nights: Thursday 9:00pm - 12:30am ST Sunday 9:00pm - 12:30am ST Monday 9:00pm - 12:30am ST (Optional) Wednedsay 9:00pm - 12:30am ST We are currently searching for: 1x Ranged DPS 1x Melee DPS If you are interested or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact myself on BattleTag at Marsha#11318 or Beyonce (Co-GM) at Flottz#1131Tronsi13 23h
1d [A]LP, 7/9H LF healer & DPS! G'day future 69'er(s), Last Prodigies is currently seeking raiders of all calibers to be a part of our fun and semi-competitive raiding experience. We have something for everyone so if you love the number 69 as much as us, read on! Guild info: Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Schedule: W Th, 8:30-11pm ST. Current recruitment needs: Holy pally Shadow Priest Doomkin 1 DPS with healing/tanking OS.What makes Last Prodigies unique? We are a stable guild, been around for 8 years and here to stay. We take raiding with a larger-than-life attitude. Our raids are laid back and fun, and the team is cohesive and respectful. Mature-minded guild, we stay 69 miles away from drama. Other activities: 1. Daily mythic+ runs, we have multiple groups that push different levels. 2. Weekend heroic NH, bring booze. 3. Weekend battleground brawls, restock on booze. Contacts: Robert#6541 Sathom#1860Robulous121 1d
1d [A] <Tempo> 8/9H Recruitment! <Tempo> 8/9 Heroic Wed / Thur 7:30 - 11:00 GMT+10 ( Frostmourne STV) Tempo is a newly formed guild consisting of a group of high skilled players who want to clear high end content, while having an enjoyable yet progression orientated raid environment. When we are not slaying dragons we enjoy to do alt runs and host many activities on optional nights were all members are welcome to participate. Despite our end goal of mythic progression we are a very laid back and friendly guild that understands the value of friendship in an MMO. Currently we are building our core dragon slaying crew so we may continue to progress in Nighthold and beyond! Currently we are Recruiting: RANGED Exceptional Applicants All exceptional players or ex-raiders will be considered. Note: A Minimum of 52 Artifact level is required in order to be accepted for a trial. Any other player will be considered if they agree to put in the effort. If this interests you, then your search for a positive yet stern raid environment may be over! Our officers are listed below. Feel free to contact them in game if you have any inquiries or are interested in joining the guild. You may also apply to <Tempo> online. Just fill in a simple application at. Attaching logs and relevant experience to these applications is ideal! Come and have a friendly chat with one of our officers! [Citrus#1376 (Zhu)] [Lava#1597(Seriousnes)]Ilyndrathyl14 1d
1d [A] <One> Mythic 10/10 Nighthold Recruiting <One> has a long history stretching back to Vanilla, but reached its peak throughout Cataclysm finishing top 3 Oceanic 25m. After the first tier of Mists of Pandaria the guild took a break from the competitive raiding scene but are back and looking to get into it again. New Raid times currently: (Australian Eastern Standard Time aka Server Time) We are currently on farm for NH and only raid Wednesdays for 10/10. Tomb of Sargeras raid schedule: Wednesday 7pm - 11pm Thursday 7pm - 11pm Sunday 7pm - 11pm Currently we have high priority for ALL strong raiders. If you would like anymore information or to speak to one of the Officers please contact Baltxo, Beargoniaks, Equibus or Motelf. To apply go straight to our new website: 1d
1d 902 fire mage lfg mythic runs or heroic 902 fire mage, lfg and lf mythic progression preferably. Am easy to adapt and like following a set of instructions. Hit me up if need, have completed normal and heroic EN and NH.Ineffablee0 1d
1d 910Bm Hunter LFG in Frostmourne(Horde) Hi looking for mythic raiding guild in frostmorne(Horde). Apart for Tue I can raid every other day. add me Tagane#11985Tagane6 1d
1d 908 Holy Priest LF Guild Hi! I'm a 908 Holy Priest who's done 4/10M. I off-spec shadow which is 902. I am comfortable playing both specs. I'm looking for a mythic raiding guild for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras. I'm available to raid any time, any day. I would prefer a guild with similar progression to my own. I'm happy to faction or server transfer if I find the right guild. I'm a nice person who enjoys joking around but I can be serious when needed. I'm always researching and looking to improve myself as a player. Add Lilly#11113 if you'd like to have a chat. :)Lillý4 1d
1d 912 eq MM Hunter LF raiding guild for TOS! Hi there, I am looking for a mature raiding guild that is aiming to clear mythic content in ToS. Preferably an established guild that is looking to fill an empty spot but more importantly where I am a good fit with the guild's members. Fully immersed in my spec, I love raiding and all it entails. Almost enjoy optimizing my toon as much as playing it in game :) I also am an active contributor to the MM hunter discord and willing to help. Killing bosses comes before parses and I bring stacks of my own consumables! ... ... ... ... ... ...Absöul9 1d
1d Holy pally LF raiding guild As the name suggests I am looking for a raiding guild alliance side on Frostmourne, I'm looking at server/faction swapping this coming Saturday which i'm well aware leaves me in a bit of bind considering tomb is released on Wednesday. I've left my current guild due to people not wanting to put the effort into progressing mythic (been stuck at 3/10 for a few months now). Basically what i'm looking for is a guild who wants to push mythic progression while it's still current content. Days/times aren't an issue for me as I am super flexible with my schedule, however I do have some preference on it being around 7-10, but again time is flexible for me. Days don't matter at all. What I can bring your raid team and guild. I'm always on time, I provide my own flasks/foods/enchants etc and I always research the fights beforehand. I also have no issue sitting if you feel i'm not performing up to the par that I should be or taking criticism, however in saying that if for some reason there is an issue with my healing I will figure out what I am doing wrong and correct it. I am also a half decent mythic + healer, in a week I can run anywhere up to 50-100 mythic dungeons for my previous guild, that was pushing anywhere up to a 14 before the patch. (haven't healed anything above an 11 this week). If you want to chat some more, feel free to send me a btag request Alae#6631 I will also say, I can play my offspecs, but not to a raiding level for them to be competent.Alaae4 1d
1d 911 rogue lfg 10/10m exp Just looking for a change of raiding timeArarine6 1d
1d Returning Blood/Unholy DK(BrM Alt) Returning Blood/Unholy DK(911 ilevel blood/908 ilevel unholy). I will start of by saying I didnt come back to get much experience in NH/EN. I was away for three years. That being said I had a long and established time as a tank and dps in top 20-30 guilds from about t2 to t15. I would have gone back to them however I my timings have changed and prefer to find a guild that starts up after 8PST. I am primarily looking for guilds that are established and have at least 8/10M in T19 going into T20. This is due to my confidence in my abilities. I can give you people to talk to people in the guilds I was part of so that you can check me out if need be. Thanks *I do have a preference for tanking roles as that is what I spent the large majority of 15 years doing but I am still a good solid dps that always parses highly so I will switch back to unholy if need be for a spot. I also have 52 Points into Frost now as well to round things off. On the side of this I am used to spit raiding so I have also leveled 3 alternatives to my tank. Bear, DH, and Monk. The monk is what I have been primarily working on as an alternative and can main switch to him as primary if a BrM tank is preferred. **About guild nature: I can't believe I am going to type this out as well but I from my experience since coming back in some middle of the pack guilds, I am going to say this. I prefer environments that aren't ego-centric. By this I mean I have found from experience that guilds that are supportive about each other and not concerned about flexing their ego with more abuse then ability aren't guilds that actually make it or stay in top spots. I have just left a guild that had some good clearance in NH for this specifically. I am not here to flex my ego. My performance will do that for me 57Points into Blood 53 Points into Unholy ***I am willing to race and server change for the right fitRatzass6 1d
1d 10/10M 920 fury lf 4-6 day raid guild Hello, So with my current irl situation i am not working and will not be for awhile, This leaves me free to play wow pretty much all day everyday if i please, 3 Alts are being geared for split runs currently sitting around 900 ilvl 51 traits. Ilvl - 920 Traits - 59 Class/Spec - Fury warrior OS - Arms My most recent raiding prog is 13/13M HFC - 7/7M EN - 10/10M NH With Tomb i am currently only 9/9N and 5/9H due to such a small raid schedule, I am really really looking to push content fast and consistently with a group of like minded players. I am a very quick learner, Tell me something once and i will understand. I sim my dps and gear, I read up on my class and watch fatboss guides for boss mechanics upon video release. I love this game, Here are some links to personal logs (went straight into heroic so heroic logs are a bit crap lol) If you would like a chat or require additional info on myself or wow commitments etc feel free to add my btag #Shenfu11201Aeryyn0 1d
1d <Vicious Intent> 8/9H <Vicious Intent> Frostmourne (Alliance) 8/9H ToS We're a mature and relaxed guild with a focus on timely mythic progression. With an active player base we often hang out in our guild Discord and run a lot of Mythic +'s within guild. We're recruiting exceptional players, with high interest in the following classes/specs: - Tanks (Monk, DK or Druid) - Healers (Resto Druid or Resto Shaman) - Balance Druid - Shadow Priest Raid times: Wednesday 7.30pm - 10pm SVT (+10GMT) Thursday 7.30pm - 10pm SVT (+10GMT) Sunday 7.30pm - 10pm SVT (+10GMT) - OPTIONAL RAID Required for raid: Discord, DBM, RC Loot Council, Weakauras Applicant requirements: Mature adult with a sense of humour Active player with progression-focus 52+ artifact level (preferred) 910+ ilvl (preferred) For more info, or to organise a trial, message: Taliah#1174 Hero#6374 Moredotzbro#1680Taliah9 1d
1d 905+ Guardian/Resto Druid LF Weekend Guild 905+ Guardian/Resto Druid. Have Concordance on both. I am really interested in a weekend only guild due to my work schedule. Please send me an ingame mail if you are interested in having me.Mellonbun0 1d
1d Impûlse Alliance Weekend Raiding Hi all. We at Impûlse are remaking our raid team going into ToS. We are a close group of friends who have raided together for the last few expansions. Our aim at this point is to rebuild the core group up to a solid enough number to push into Mythic. Our tentative raid times are Friday and Saturday 830pm-1130pm server time. We took a break through Nighthold and ToV and raided seperately as a lot of the group took a hiatus from wow but are back now to get back into ToS and beyond. At the moment we are seeking RDPS for our heroic team. 1 healer and RDPS for our mythic team eventually. Feel free to PM myself Dkaèr (e is alt +138) or Dkaer#1950 , Mcderperson or anyone in the guild. The u in Impûlse is alt +150.Dkaèr2 1d
1d [A] <Jims Raiding> LF DPS Jim's Raiding is a Sydney based newly formed raiding guild looking for reliable players for Heroic/Mythic ToS prog. Raid Info 4/9H ToS Raid days: Wed, Thurs, Sun Raid Times: 7:30pm to 10:30pm - server time ilvl: 890+ (can make exceptions) What we're looking for: 1x Mage 1x Hunter (will also consider any dps not mentioned above) Contact: bloodritualz#1433 / IGN: Kirassi kamz#1500 / IGN: Kamzz Hope to hear from you soon.Kirassi5 1d
2d PvP guild scene Hi Who are the main PvP guilds on Frostmourne? Alliance & Horde best RBG guild? thxHenslowe3 2d
2d <Mass Destruction> 4/10M Sun/Mon Mass Destruction is an Australian guild filled with veteran raiders looking to bolster our ranks for end-game content. We are seeking players of all calibres to be a part of our raiding experience. Information/Requirements • We raid two nights a week: Sunday 6.30pm-9.30pm ST and Monday 7pm-10pm ST. Please don't apply unless you can consistently make both nights: • Discord is required • We use EPGP for our loot distribution • Must be willing to learn and follow instructions • A desire to be part of a community of like-minded players Actively Recruiting We are actively recruiting the following: • Monk – Windwalker/Mistweaver • Priest – Holy • Rogue – Any • Demon Hunter – Havoc • Any DPS with off-spec heal If your class/spec wasn’t listed above, but feel you are an exceptional player feel free to contact us. Contact Information If you are interested or have any questions there are several ways to contact us: • In game message to Fritzmix or Holychopper • In game mail to either of the above • Or reply to this post as it will be checked frequentlyDedriq12 2d
2d [A] <Troupe> 8/10 M 7/9 H Wed/Sun <Troupe> is a newly formed guild, forming from scratch several weeks into 7.1.5. Having only 2 raid nights per week, we expect people to show up fully prepared, and to perform at a very high level. We are recruiting to continue to solidify our core for ToS. Our raid times are Wed/Sun 7:30PM ST - 10:30 ST. We push plenty of keystones weekly, and do alt runs etc. on our nights off. Current recruiting needs: - ALL exceptional applicant At this stage, applicants will have to have relevant experience and provide logs to trial. We've got a great atmosphere in our guild, with a healthy mix of fun and serious E-sports. - Feel free to add myself: Triza#1379 Another officer: Barbs#1744 Or our GM: Futhermocka#1417 Alternatively just give someone a whisper in game, and they'll point you in the right direction. CheersTreeza33 2d
2d [H] <Zero Empathy> 9/10M 9/9N 8/9H LFM <Zero Empathy> is about being efficient and getting down to business in raids while maintaining a nontoxic raiding environment. We have a community of different players who are social, respectful, friendly and always aim to challenge/improve each other. If you want more information look at the information below: Progression: 7/7M 2/3M 10/10H 9/10M 9/9N 8/9H Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Thurs and Mon. Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Ww Monk, Rogue, Surv hunter Range Dps - All Tanks - Closed Healer - Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, Resto Druid, MW monk Exceptional players are always welcome to get in touch. If you cannot make 3 nights or commit to a raiding schedule all the time we offer raiding roles where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Also your welcome to join us on our weekend runs. As a raider we require from you: -Discord -Working headset and mic (you don’t need to speak) -Pots, flasks, food -A good attitude -An understanding of progression fights Addons we require: -RCLootCouncil -ExorsusRaidTools -WeakAuras -DBM/BigWigs Rules: - We dislike drama in the guild environment and our raid teams. - We try to maintain a friendly and focused raid environment and keep toxicity to a minimum. - Progression focused raiding with minimal downtime and focused raiders (pots, flasks, food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research fights - We value interclass interaction and members who love to talk and theorycraft. - We encourage every member to carry their own weight in raid and to perform to the best of their ability. - Encourage asking for help, be that rotation or gearing or mechanics. - Be able to take constructive criticism and listen to other perspectives. - We maintain a respectful environment between both our teams. Want more options: We are also have another team in the guild called <Infinite Apathy> 5/10M 9/9N that raids Wed, Fri, Sun 7pmST-10pmST and are always looking for new recruits What do we do when we’re not in core raids: Raids: -On Friday night we run fast heroic clears for core members and suitable alts -We also run Occasional Mythic EN and Tov runs -Normal raids on Saturday nights A active mythic plus community So, if you cannot commit to raid times but love mythic+, also come have a chat with me! All of our members love to push their keys to +15 and above. Also with Tos coming up we are excited for the challenges ahead! There’s always something going on here at Zero Empathy. Want to join us: Apply on our website: Kill videos: Contact: Guild Master / Raid Leader of Zero Empathy- Shara#1861 Raid Leader of Infinite Apathy- Skargrim#1387 If you’d like to see us in action here are our streamers in the guild: Glaceon- Guild officer of Zero Empathy team: Scargrim- Raid leader of Infinite Apathy: Sundree- Core member of Infinite Apathy: Thanks, have a nice day :)Sharayice16 2d
2d <Hideout GMT+8> 7/9H LF Healers & Range dps [Hideout] is a casual raiding group, recruiting committed, experienced and skilled raiders, looking to expand our roster for Mythic raiding team towards ToS. We are currently 7/9H, our players are mainly from SG, MY and couple AUS. Raid times GMT +8 Wednesday & Thursday 9pm-12pm (Main progression) Sunday 9pm-12pm ( Alt run ) Monday 9pm-12pm ( Occasionally ) We are currently recruiting strong range DPS and 1 core spot healers, pref Holy priest but others are always welcome If you have work and want to raid casually but also have fun at the same time you have come to the right place, we are the right guild for you. So come join us and drop us a in game msg or mail or what ever.... and we will see if the guild is right for you. Feel free msg us and add us on Battle Tag to know more about us. Reveri#6525 Eldest#1271 Landris#1388Reveriix5 2d
2d [A] <Halcyon Chapter> 9/9H GMT+8 LF Heal/DPS Halcyon Chapter We are a Singapore based guild looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, competent of their class, know fights and mechanics and have fun while we progress through TOMB OF SARGERAS. Currently looking for exceptional HEALER/DPS to fill our core slots. Current Progression 9/9(H) Tomb Of Sargeras 10/10(M) Nighthold Raid Timings Wednesday (2100-0000 GMT+8) (0000-0300 ST) Thursday (2100-0000 GMT+8) (0000-0300 ST) Sunday (2100-0000 GMT GMT+8) (0000-0300 ST) Recruitment Resto Shaman Elemental Shaman MM Hunter Other exceptional class may also apply. Apply Here Contacting Us For more enquiries, contact us via or whisper us in game: Octopulse#1860 (IGN: Zenorina) Leraxus#6818 (IGN: Privacy / Leraxy) Karangi#1156 (IGN: Karangi)Zenorina72 2d
2d [A] Vehemence - 9/9H | 9:30-12:30 Vehemence is a tight-knit group of friends looking to push progression on a relaxed schedule whilst still having a laugh at the same time. We have been around since the beginning of MoP but was reformed at the start of ToV after splitting off from another guild. Since then we have had a very low attrition rate and have formed friendships that extend beyond the game. We are recruiting like-minded individuals who are eager to progress seriously in ToS and desire the stability of a solid guild. Progression: 10/10M NH, 9/9H ToS Raid Times: Server Time Wed/Thurs/Sun 9:30pm - 12:30am Monday will be added for the first couple weeks of progression. Raid forms 15mins early. Recruitment: All Healers Rogue, Lock, Mage, Hunter Potential opening for very talented healer also. All exceptional players will be considered. To be considered you must have: - Impressive mythic/heroic logs - Prior raiding experience - Ability to take criticism and a willingness to better yourself - A sense of humour and a good attitude If interested whisper: Venamonk: Ven#1149 Sadghetti: Tomlol#1216Venamonk118 2d
3d <Dispøsed> #9 FM Recruiting <Dispøsed> 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles. Must have relevant experience/gear/mythic logs. Special interest in the following: 1x Warlock 1x Mage We raid Wed/Sun/Mon 7.30-11.30ST. Add Sunde#1512 for a chat. Thanks!Sunde90 3d
3d Infinite Apathy 5/10M 5/9H LFM ZE's Infinite Apathy is a Raid Team looking to be efficient and getting down to business in raids while still maintaining a nontoxic raiding Community. We have a range of different players who are social, respectful, friendly and who are aiming to challenge/improve each other. Infinite Apathy has a variety of players who like to not only have a laugh but also get into the end game and smash some bosses out to improve not only themselves but the entire team! If you want more information look at the information below: Progression: 5/10M Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Fri and Sun. Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Open for all exceptional classes Range Dps - Open for all exceptional classes Tanks - Closed Healer - Shaman/Paladin Exceptional players are always welcome to get in touch. What else we offer: sub and casual raiding roles where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Mythic+ We have created a mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through warcraft to be better and to hit harder! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up on time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of memebers that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism So, if you would like to learn more about us or join the guild, please feel free to check our website: (New Site) or to contact: GM/RL- Shara#1861 Raid Leader- Skargrim#1387 We look forward to hearing from you! We are also recruiting for our Core team that raids Wed, Thurs, Mon 7pmST-10pmST (6/10M) Recruitment: Melee Dps- Open for all exceptional classes Range Dps - Open for all exceptional classes Tanks - Closed Healer - Rsham/RdruidScargrim20 3d
3d Need a change? Evoke-Saurfang is a 2 nights a week raiding guild looking for more raiders to join our ranks to help us push further to ToS. We are a bunch of misfits whose goal is push end game content. We are currently 7/9N and planning to push heroic then mythic. Our current raid times are 7.30-10.30 wed & sunday aest server time. What we will provide • A fun raiding environment w/ a bunch of misfit who is not scared to get down a dirty • Mythic + runs during off nights to help you get your weekly cap • Guild repairs for raid nights. We are currently looking for • Balance druid • DK(frost or UH) • Warlock (any spec) But all exceptional class are welcome Logs: If interested contact Unsettled#1638, Lions#1143Draerukw2 3d
3d Any alliance guilds with early raid times? Hey, Im looking for a semi casual alliance guild that start raids around 5-6 server time. Due to work commitments the standard later raid times dont suit me. ThanksPhayn0 3d
4d [A] <Bastion> 7/10M LF DPS <Bastion> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild formed in legion looking to fill our roster in preparation for pushing content in Tomb of Sargeras. We’re a guild of laid-back and mature players looking for likeminded people to join us. Casuals are also welcome to join. Fun and progression go hand in hand! We have achieved 7/7M, and 2/3M in the past tiers this expansion, and we are looking to push as far as that after having rostering issues in Nighthold. Raid times (Server time): Wednesday 7:30pm -11pm Thursday 7:30pm -11pm *Sunday 8pm - 11pm *Sunday raid nights are currently not running until Tomb of Sargeras. Alt/Casual raid: Saturday 8pm - 11pm Looking for: -Holy Paladin -Warlock -Shadow Priest -Holy Priest -Frost or Unholy Death Knight -Marksmanship or Beast Mastery Hunter -Balance Druid -Rogue Exceptional players will always be considered regardless of class. If you think you’re good at what you do, do not hesitate to apply! If you would like to apply, fill out this google form or contact one of our officers ingame or through Discord. Google Form: Battletag / Discord tag: Retributoo: Retribution#1962 / Retributives#4520 Subduce: Subjugates#1357 / Sub#1591 Chooky: Chooky#1212 / Chooky#9830 Under: Dartz#2473 / Dartz#0702Underperform12 4d
4d [A] <Desire> LF Heals & Ranged DPS ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Shootnloot17 4d
4d <Unlimited> 9/9 NM 5/9 HM TOS Msia/Singapore Unlimited Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Unlimited are primarily Malaysian and Singaporean players (GMT +8). We are a guild that focusing on progression and are not interested in committing the excessive hours required to achieve progression kills. Instead we stick strictly to a raiding schedule that allows for and encourages a balanced and sustainable approach to high end progression raiding. We've been achieved a few top tier end boss raiding experiences in all patches. •Recruitment (will pay xfer free by gold(100k)) for commitment player only. >We are currently recruiting players to progress TOS mythic bosses with a solid team/players. >Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month. >Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. >Welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. Example only can raid 1 or 2 days per week • What do we expect from you? ★Commitment- We require you to be committed and able to put in the work required for the guild to maintain its rank and its competitiveness. You're required to maintain focus a positive attitude during raids and to be able maximize and perform at a high level in all your characters. We will also expect you to match our requirements when it comes to alts or mixed raids. ★Attendance- Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We are available to deal with the occasional sign out providing we have the time to prepare for it. Once progress is finished and we can deal with it, attendance requirements will usually lighten up. ★Communication- Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. We expect you to be able to write, speak and understand fluent sing English and we will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids and use our Facebook page or Whatsapp for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. •RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thurs, Mon (Mythic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Fri/Sat (heroic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Mon (normal) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) TOS incentive -progression boss awards -30k ( base of attendance on the boss 100%) -full repairs (officers or core) -free feast and flask (when raid) Do not hesitate to contact us in game or Via Bnet ID Honey#1274 VeronicaV#1206Kiabo10 4d
5d 884 Destruction Warlock. New Player New player learning the game. Looking for a casual guild so I can start experiencing mythic dungeons and normal raids.Motgutrak0 5d
5d <Spoodermen> 10/10M 2 Nights About Us <Spoodermen> is a semi-hardcore 2-night raiding guild. The focus of the guild is to provide skilled players with enjoyable mythic endgame content and progression while not being too demanding on RL. Formed in MoP we have consistently been amongst the most successful 2 night guilds on Frostmourne while boasting better and faster progression than many 3 or more night guilds. Raid times Wednesday – 6:30 - 9:30 PM SVT Sunday – 6:30 - 9:30 PM SVT 6 Hours per week (GMT+10) Off night/Alt H NH/M+/EN is common so there is always something to do outside of official raid times. There are always members online every night (and day) who are ready to run content. Progression Current Progression NH 10/10M ToV 3/3M EN 7/7M Prior WoD Progression HFC 13/13M BRH 10/10M Recruiting Tanks: Closed Heals: 1 Healer Pref MW/Priest/Druid (Will consider Rsham/Hpal) DPS: Closed (Although we won't hesitate to trial players) Interested applicants please send an in-game message or mail to any of the following to express your interest to raid. Be prepared to provide logs and any other information pertinent to show your experience and skill. Aviska#1170/Sanguinaire Flacid#1533/BrakatakRatviska4 5d
5d 904 Resto Shaman LF Heroic Raiding Guild I'm and experienced raid Healer/DPS looking for a guild that raids 10:30 SVT on Frostmourne US (Oceanic) Preferably Alliance I Have the two latest AOTC achievements (Helya & Gul'Dan) Looking for a guild that enjoys a bit of banter, is mature, and gets the job done when it comes to raidingTriasse3 5d
5d 910 Rogue LF Guild +8 GMT Looking for relax semi-casual guild due duty in real life. So I can't afford much in mythic progession. Prefer 11 P.M. server time (9 P.M. +8 GMT).Croxis1 5d
5d [A] <Gummybears> 9/9N Friday Gummybears are a Friday night (1930-1030 SVT) raid guild currently seeking skilled players who can raid one night a week. We are mostly comprised of mythic and heroic raiders who no longer are able to commit to raiding 2-4 nights a week but still seek to clear content on normal and heroic without the pressures of mythic difficulty. Our goals are at the opening of each raid to have it cleared on heroic and on farm as fast as possible. We require Dps Whitegummy#6744Whitegummy31 5d
5d Centurion Knights 10/10H Centurion Knights: (10/10H) are currently looking for people interested in Heroic raiding. Our main goal is to have fun together while killing raid bosses while still having a life outside of Azeroth. So if you are looking for a great bunch of people to raid with and to enjoy a steady progression, join us :) . As a guild we have been established since 2006 with a long tradition of quality casual raiding. We currently have a core of experienced, skilled raiders and are looking to expand our roster to enable some Mythic raiding once Heroic content has been cleared. We are looking for all dps except hunters. Raid times are 8.20 - 11.00 ST Wednesday & Thursday. We also run Mythic + Dungeons, Mythic groups & alt raids on other nights. If you are interested or want to know more either visit our website and fill out an app; or contact Twoeagles, Inarieals or Lilsia in-gameInarieals18 5d
6d Not the Average Recruitment Post Its a fact of life as you get older your responsibilities grow and ample free time to yourself becomes a thing of the past. Its balancing act between doing just enough wife dailies to drop that wife aggro, knowing in your heart you'll never truly become exalted with her no matter how hard you try. Other things become more important then grinding out that raid progression early on in a tier, like making sure your kids have their well fed buff before logging them out in their bedrooms for the night. If you can relate to this you're the person we are looking for. Core of our guild has been together for years and over those years we've all gotten old and we all have these things they call responsibilities getting in the way of us slaying internet dragons at our will. Once upon a time raiding 2 or 3 times a week was the norm. Along the way we've lost a couple of good players and as a result of this we decided to become a 1 night a week raid guild in MoP. We've always had a small tight-knit roster who up until flex raiding was released only ran 10 man heroic content, at one stage being top ten guild in Cataclysmic on your beloved server. Since flex and mythic raids were made available we've struggled with maintaining a reliable roster. We've always wanted to keep that small guild feel so along the way we've lost a few here and there to pursue mythic content or larger more robust guilds, this has been our biggest issue. As a guild our aim is to raid once a week and do all Heroic content before new content is released. Currently 10/10 H NH. Seeking those with similar circumstances outside of Wow to join us on Thursday nights to take it to the Legion. One Night Stand - Khaz/Dath Alliance - Thursday 8pm- 11:30pm Add one of us if ya wanna talk more. Grim#1230 Valnum#1297Grimstein13 6d
6d [A] Fiction - 7/9 H (7/10M) Fiction consists of a strong team of skilled players have kept the guild going strong for 6+ years, always pushing end content (mythic). We're currently recruiting exceptional players for Tomb of Sargeras. CORE RAID INFO Progression: 4/9 Heroic ToS - 7/10 Mythic NH Raid Nights: Thursday, Sunday, Monday Raid Times: 9:00PM to 11:30PM (Server Time) ilvl: 870 Voice: TS3 and Discord Logs: Site: What we're interested in: Druid (Balance, Feral) Priest (Shadow) Death Knight (DPS) In Game Contacts: Liysa // Shakingpie#1525 Staghorn // JRendog#1471 To join us, please send either Liysa or Staghorn a message in game stating that you wish to apply. ThanksStaghorn53 6d
6d Power Leveling 101 Twink Power leveling. Balance druid/Bm hunter. 100-110 boosts. 3k a run of DHT Add Jizzle#11264 on Bnet for more info. Alliance only, gold accepted on multiple servers.Arex3 6d