Nov 8 SP LFG Weekend Raiding 934 Shadow priest with all legion tier aotc.. Looking for weekend raiding. Saturday and sunday preferred. Open to transfer/faction change. Wangdangle#11968Xannahh0 Nov 8
Nov 7 <Dispøsed> 9/9M LF Ranged DPS <Dispøsed> We have a LONG history, spanning back to TBC release! over this time we have had many great accomplishments, rivalries and developed great friendships. The core vision of Disposed is to kill sh!t and have fun doing it. We always push for progression and are serious when it comes to that. We are fair with our members and welcoming to new people. We want to be on the top of the 3 night raiding guild scene. Dispøsed pride ourselves on quality players and good attitudes. We focus on the task ahead, but on farm have a lot of fun. This is a game at the end of the day, enjoy it. We 9/9M are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles. Must have relevant experience/gear/mythic logs. Special interest in the following: 1x Mage 1x Warlock 1x RANGED DPS SPECIAL INTEREST IN A WARLOCK AND MAGE RECRUITING FOR ANTORUS!!!! ALL CLASSES CONSIDERED • Wednesday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEDT(server time). • Sunday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEDT(server time). • Monday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEDT (server time). Apply by following this link, and we will get back to you asap. VipR#11332Vipr12 Nov 7
Nov 6 [A] <Halcyon Chapter> 7/9M GMT+8 LF DPS/TANK Halcyon Chapter We are a Singapore based guild looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, competent of their class, know fights and mechanics and have fun while we progress through Tomb of Sargeras. Currently looking for exceptional DPS for Antorus. Current Progression 7/9(M) Tomb Of Sargeras 10/10(M) Nighthold (Cutting Edge) Raid Timings Monday (2100-0000 GMT GMT+8) (2300-0200 Server Time)* Wednesday (2100-0000 GMT+8) (2300-0200 Server Time)* Thursday (2100-0000 GMT+8) (2300-0200 Server Time)* *Please note that we do not observe DST, any adjustments made to the server time due to DST will not be reflected here. Raid timings will always be from 9pm to 12am GMT+8. Recruitment <DPS> ALL <Heals> Full <Tanks> Any except DH Any other exceptional DPS may apply. Must have relevant experience, gears and logs. Perks of Joining Us ✓ We have a very fair loot council system ✓ We have a guild mascot that you can laugh at every raid ✓ Unique and sexy Voice-DBM that calls out every single mechanics ✓ Multi-Racial Guild :D APPLY HERE CONTACT US For more enquiries, contact us via or whisper us in game: Karangi#1156 (IGN: Karangi) Octopulse#1860 (IGN: Octopulse) Leraxus#6818 (IGN: Privacy)Octopulse14 Nov 6
Nov 6 Blackvenom blade WTS If anyone is interested in purchasing this then whisper me in game thanks!Skarwik0 Nov 6
Nov 5 Rukhmar Spawn Timer Hey guys, Sorry if this has been done before, if so could someone direct me to the relevant info, but what is the spawn timer on Rukhmar in Spires of Arak? Also can it be killed multiple times or only once per reset per alt? CheersMansdog4 Nov 5
Nov 4 [A] LoP 9/9H AotC only guild Guild Name: <Legends of Poker> We are a tight knit group of players, most of us have been playing together for the last few years, some even longer. We are a niche guild which runs a raid group consisting of member across many different servers. There are no requirements to realm transfer, you can raid from the comfort of your own realm/guild! Server: US-Staghelm (PVE) Central Time Faction: Alliance Raid Times: 11:30pm - 1:30am Server Time (CT) on Tuesday, Thursday and Monday. Loot System: Personal Loot Website: Atmosphere: Mature Information about us: We are a mature progression and fun oriented raiding guild. We have been playing together for years and look to continue to do so for years to come! Our raid environment is consistently stable and enjoyable for all members which critical to our primary goal. We perform the research necessary to clear content and we expect all raid members to be prepared not only with the knowledge of the fights but with consumables (including flasks, potions, runes and food buffs - though often our raid members are kind enough to provide feasts for everyone). Being prepared does not preclude having fun though, this isn't your second job, this is your opportunity to have fun with a mature group doing what we all enjoy! Goal/Objective: Our objective has always been to reach and defeat the last boss of current heroic content prior to the release of a new tier of content (obtaining the Ahead of the Curve achievement). Guild Activity: We do our best to accomplish our goals on a 2 hours/night (6 hours weekly) raid schedule. This allows a lot of us who have families/intense work schedules to still participate in raiding activities. Raid Times (all raid times are 11:30pm - 1:30am Server Time (CT)): - Tuesday - Thursday - Monday Class/Role Recruitment Priority: Range DPS: - Druid: High - Priest: High - Mage: Low Melee DPS: - Rogue: High - Death Knight: Medium - Demon Hunter: Medium - Druid: Low - Monk: Low - Warrior: Low Healers: - Discipline Priest: High - Druid: High - Monk: Medium - Paladin: Medium - Holy Priest: Low - Shaman: Low Tanks: - Paladin: Medium - Warrior: Medium - Demon Hunter: Low We aim to be flexible! Often we have tanks/dps/healers utilize their off-specs if group composition necessitates it or if the fight becomes easier as a result of certain classes being healers/dps. Off specs must be geared enough for current content if they are to be utilized. Because our goal is the AotC achievement for all raid members, we are open to accepting applications from other servers and have no requirements on transferring. We would prefer to accept a minimum of 930 ilvl and 60+ artifact. Exceptional applications for any class/role will be considered. Guild Perks: - Guild Repairs - Friendly Environment - Very Experienced Raid Leader - Experienced Raid Members - Loot Distribution: Personal Loot If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us in-game (information provided below) and I will be happy to assist! Regards, Ruthe. Contact Information: Ruthe - Recruitment Admin (Allorah#1838) Bitterman - Raid Leader (Contact in-game) Remote - GM (Contact in-game) Scooper - Officer (Contact in-game)Ruthê0 Nov 4
Nov 4 (H) frostmourne SP LFG weekend raiding 934 sp with all legion tier aotc. I also have a Dh and a mage. can tank or dps. Looking for weekend raiding. Wangdangle#11968Xannahh1 Nov 4
Nov 3 [A] Mage LF mythic raiding guild. Logs outdated, by outdated I mean they're all parses without my legendary bracers (BiS). I play fire currently rank 68, have bis leggos now. I can make all raid times, active throughout the week, can do m+ all day. If you like to RP, stay away from me because I can get pretty erotic. My btag is: Pezy#11852Pezy7 Nov 3
Nov 2 [A] Shaman Looking for a guild Shaman Looking for a guild to get into some raiding happy to just come along on alt runs will play as either resto or elemental. I work thursday/friday/saturday night which leaves me open to do sundays mondays and wednesdays. ilvl 910 Also have a holy paladin at 920 that i could use but would rather play the shaman :P Thank you!Shamarang0 Nov 2
Nov 2 Bear/Cat LF Mythic Prog Guild Main spec bear (also have a brewmaster at 940) Just moved to frostmourne, tried mythic on khaz'goroth but the lack of numbers made it nigh impossible. Fast learner, good shot caller. good raid mindset. Looking for 8pm-12am server time raiding timesMeteorpanda6 Nov 2
Nov 2 935 resto LF Mythic raiding guild Hey, im after a australian raiding guild. somthing that starts around 7-8pm server time.Hotcity1 Nov 2
Nov 2 LF Mythic guild 930+ Rogue Hey! So as the topic suggests I'm looking for a mythic prog guild. My current team completed AOTC KJ then the group fell apart. Personally I don't want to stop the prog so I am looking for a guild that currently raids Mythic and looking to add a rogue to their group. Yes I have shoulders, yes I have specter, yes I have CoF (890 not equipped as it sims lower than my current setup, waiting for a better leggo). UPDATE: I currently have Sisters and Host Mythic kills. Thanks, PapaG P.S I'll link my prog and log pages to save time Nov 2
Nov 2 [A] 933 Fury Warrior just transferred to frostmourne from jubei'thos looking for mythic progression. 9/9 heroic. can do 3 hour raids / 3 days a week raids. Jappy #11118 on battletagàverick3 Nov 2
Oct 31 [A] Vivid 3/9M Recruiting - Wed/Sun <Vivid> - Frostmourne Alliance H9/9 M3/9 We're recruiting! Do you enjoy terrible puns and worse banter? Well look no further! Raid nights are Wednesday & Sunday from 7:30 - 10:30 server time (6.30 - 9.30 QLD Time). We use RClootcouncil for loot distribution. We are looking for people who can consistently raid with us as TOS ends and Antorus begins. Currently focused on finding consistent RDPS but will consider any applicants. If that sounds good pm me over discord: (Tickdickler#4451) or on Bnet: (GrandAutismo#1509)Grandâutismo0 Oct 31
Oct 30 [A] DK LF MYTHIC + GUILD Hey everyone, former 5/9 Mythic ToS GM and RL, returning after a few months break - looking for a guild with a focus on Mythic + and pushing high keys, as well as some casual normal and heroic raiding. 922 (currently, have yet to step foot in 7.3 at all) Unholy MS , with a very capable Blood OS. Returning after being burned out by M ToS progression a few months ago over on Barthilas Horde and hoping for a new start with a slightly more relaxed approach. I am a very competent player, with many high parses in my more serious time playing over the passed 8 years. Have many AotC's etc etc. Also very well versed in Mythic +, racking up many 15+ - 20+s as both DPS and Tank on my DK over Legion. Am available every night at any time for the time being, hoping to join an active community with a lot of key groups going, as well as an occasional raid! Please feel free to add my Battle Tag Bewm#11753Exactam1 Oct 30
Oct 30 [H]<Happy Ending PH>Frostmourne Pinoy Guild <Happy Ending PH> a newly formed pinoy guild, still at the recruitment/laid back stage. We will be seriously raiding and pvp premades when Legion arrives. Anyone is welcome to join but we prefer filipinos or with Philippine Time GMT+8. PM me if interested. Sali na! :) Details: Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +8 (Philippine Time) Contact: joeyp#6612 - joeyp (in-game name) bertdgreat89#1460 -bertdgreat (in-game name) david#6561 - deybid (in-game name) bukojoe#1650 - bukojoe (in-game name) altroxx(in-game name)Joeyp10 Oct 30
Oct 30 <Mass Destruction> 4/9M LF DPS - SUN/MON <Mass Destruction> is an Australian guild filled with experienced and mature raiders looking to expand our team for Mythic progression in ToS. What we are looking for: People able to raid on a 2 day schedule with a total of 6 hours for core raid nights. People able and willing to learn mechanics and help others out who may need it. People who want to be part of a community of like-minded players. Raid Times: Sunday 6.30pm-9.30pm ST Monday 7pm-10pm ST We are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS Note: Exceptional candidates outside of these roles will be considered If you are interested or have any questions feel free to leave a message below or contact in-game Holychopper, Fritzmix or Dedriq.Dedriq5 Oct 30
Oct 29 [A] LFG Looking for a casual, social guild that's very user-friendly and active. Returning player, after a year or so break.Ceptence1 Oct 29
Oct 27 Glory of the Legion Raider Achieves Will be attempting to host a Glory of the Legion Raider achieve run Saturday night at about 11pm server. Will depend on how many people I can get for the group as a few achieves require 10+ people. If you are interested please pst me in game or add me to Btag Rzsupra#1565. Will be using a discord channel to make things smooth. If all goes well I will host other events to help people get achieves they need to finish off metas for their mounts :) Thank you for your time.Rzsupra0 Oct 27
Oct 26 Honestly Pump, Nibren, Meod , Dorfie and Warler , You guys made us all proud during the DMI ! Keep it up . Cheers DjboboDjbobo8 Oct 26
Oct 26 [A] LF New mythic raiding home. (Don't judge me for not padding on our progression kill coz it's a grey parse <3, I know you'll judge me anyway <3 <3) Mage LF an established mythic raiding guild. Frostmourne Alliance only please... - 940 ilvl, fire rank 70 with BiS legendary I can make all raid times, please add my btag for a chat! Pezy#11852 ***Edit, those logs says I'm on BARTH HORDE, don't stress... I'm on FM ALLIANCE now.Tukla2 Oct 26
Oct 26 3/9M hunter LF guild (4/9 exp) Hello, I am Zakain. I am currently looking for a raiding guild. I am looking for a guild that is very active in the game and is social. My previous raiding experience is not very big, since I only started raiding in legion, I managed to get cutting-edge EN (7/7M) on my resto shaman at the time. I did not play during NH, and in ToS I managed to get 3/9M, the reason why my progress is low in ToS is due to my guild having attendance issues. My guild is no longer raiding and I am looking for a new guild to call home and raid with. I would like to aim for cutting edge in Antorus. I currently main BM hunter, I will play MM if the guild requires me to. My logs are decent and I will include it. What you can expect from me. Near 100% attendance. Be there before the raid starts. Have a working mic. Will not create drama. Easy/ friendly person to get along with. Research boss encounters before hand. Will have food/flasks/vaunts runes. Could play alts for split runs.Leave your guild details/ server and how i can contact you below. will be open to server/ faction change for the right guild. ( currently on Barthilas horde)Zakain8 Oct 26
Oct 25 The !@#$ is wrong with frostmourne i !@#$ing saw headless horseman reins go in my bag and servers went offline now there is no pumpkin and the LFG says i havent complete the daily loot bag. This better not be the one time the mount %^-*ing drops and i lose itZawkon2 Oct 25
Oct 25 7/9m 940ilvl h paly LF guild As mentioned in a holy paladin with 940 equip ilvl and 71 traits in my holy weapon. 7/9 m, with some avatar prog looking for a raiding guild with similar experience. I also have the gear/skill to play the other 2 specs. Logs - Also have a 3/9m 930 holy priest If you have any questions let me know or add Lan3r#6681 ThanksShiniquaqt4 Oct 25
Oct 25 (ALLIANCE) 922 DK LF MYTHIC + GUILD Hey guys, (ignore the Character avatar, am posting for my DK) Recently transferred over from Barth Horde to Alliance Frost and am looking for a guild that has solid mythic + runs. Was a former GM of a 4/9 M guild in early ToS but decided to have a break and start fresh on a new server. Am very experienced in high mythic +s with plenty of 15+s under my belt as DPS and Tank. Would prefer to come in as Unholy DPS but can tank the occasional group! Also available for very casual normal/heroic raiding. Please add my Btag: Bewm#11753Dewmguard0 Oct 25
Oct 24 Power Leveling 101 Twink Power leveling. Balance druid/Bm hunter. 100-110 boosts. 3k a run of DHT Add Jizzle#11264 on Bnet for more info. Alliance only, gold accepted on multiple servers.Arex5 Oct 24
Oct 24 [H]<Spotless> BARTHILAS SG GMT+8 5/9M 9/10M <Spotless> - Barthilas Hi, we are a late night GMT+8 raiding guild made up of mainly working Singaporeans/Australians/Japanese adults. We are currently looking for dedicated players for Mythic progression. If you are looking for a social, friendly and efficient raiding guild, look no further! Progression: 7/7M 2/3M 9/10M 5/9M Raid times: 9-1130pm SGT (GMT+8)/ 12am to 230 am SVT on Wed, Thurs and Sun/Mon. Optional casual raid on Sun/Mon Expectations Commitment Preparedness Respectful Recruitment All exceptional and dedicated raiders with good mechanics. In particular we are looking at, but are not limited to the following: Melee Dps - War Range Dps - Mage, Boomkin, MM hunter Tanks - OT with a DPS OS/MS Healer - Druid Loot System EPGP Communication Discord Whatsapp Casuals are also welcomed. We do frequent mythic+ and normal/heroic raid clears. Please feel free to contact either myself (Ewnsha) ewnair#1890 or anyone in the guild really. You will be pointed to the correct channels. Alternatively leave a message here and we will contact you. Thanks for reading!Ewnbankone0 Oct 24
Oct 23 [A] The Alliance Empire The Alliance Empire LF all to join the Empire in total domination of Warcraft. Be a part of the Largest and most Active growing community to date. Current list of realms and growing: • Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Warsong (CR) • Bleeding Hollow • Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, Nazjatar (CR) • Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Bunemaul, Maiev, Stonemaul (CR) • Bonechewer, Aegwynn, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, Hakkar (CR) • Darkspear • Dalaran • Emerald Dream • Firetree, Drak’Tharon, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, Stormscale (CR) • Frostmourne (Oceanic) • Kel’Thuzad • Korgath • Lethon, Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Shadowmoon (CR) • Nemesis (Brazil) • Proudmoore • Ragnaros (Latin America) • Sargeras • Stormrage • Tichondrius What should you expect from The Alliance Empire?  Daily slaughter of the Horde in Small to Large scale World PvP  Daily runs of BGs and Arenas for gearing  Dungeons for gearing and transmog  Random FUN events such as tournaments, prescheduled World PvP, Wargames, Races, Transmog contest, Battle Royale, and much more!  Very social and non-toxic environment for you to join the game with others  Very organized community structure with amazing leadership  Other games for you to play when you don’t feel like playing WoW  Chill music to listen to while playing  Amazing perks for being an Officer if you choose to go that route Interesting in joining us? Direct Message us in Discord, our server: - Cadigan (Owner) - Deathology (Owner) - Ceneria (Director) - Sinjarah (Director)Cadogans1 Oct 23
Oct 23 Tedious 5/9M LFM Tedious is a newly formed mythic raiding focused guild on Horde Barthilas. The founder, Scargrim, has built up a team of hard working raiders, committed to downing the final boss of each new raid and earning Cutting Edge. Our members range from entering the raiding community only recently, to those who have been actively involved since the dawn of World of Warcraft. A lot of our members share the same values and goals; they strive to be the best they can be whilst following a healthy schedule to have a life outside of the game. Website for applying: Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Fri and Sun. Alt Runs: 7-10pm Thursday, Saturday, Monday (these are optional raids) Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Open Range Dps - Open to Tanks - Open Healer - Open We are Currently in a rebuild state for Antorus! We are also Recruiting a Raid Officer and a Healing officer! What else we offer: Raiding; Substitute and casual raiding Positions where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Mythic Dungeons; We have created a Mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through Warcraft to be better and to hit harder! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up 15 mins prior to set raid time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of members that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism contact: Guild Master- Skargrim#1387 Guild Officer-Flameimp#1752 Recruitment Officer-Zoopy#6576 You can also apply at We look forward to hearing from you!Scargrim46 Oct 23
Oct 22 [A] <Cube> 7/9M - recruiting! <Cube> is an alliance guild based out of US-Frostmourne whom are currently seeking new members to join our friendly, stable & mature guild for: - Tomb of Sargeras Progression Our core is made up of experienced mature raiders dating back to Vanilla WoW and been part of Oceanic 1st kills back in the day. We've now transferred over to Frostmorne together and formed together as <Cube>. Our Raiding Schedule is as follows: Thursday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM Sunday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM Monday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM We are currently recruiting the following: - Melee DPS: 0 - Ranged DPS: 0 - Healers: 0 - Tanks: 1 (w/off-spec dps tank) Exceptional Players welcome to apply. If you've got the determination, ability and attitude, we're willing to give you a fair trial to show just how great you are :) We also like to run daily M+ dungeons pushing high keys just for a nice challenge. Always interested helping our guildies out and generally having a good time playing WoW together. As we've done so ever since Vanilla 13 years ago. For more information please contact: DarkStar#1678 PrimeTime#6333 yelnac#1491Primezor18 Oct 22
Oct 22 Queensland, Brisbane players Hi all, I'm looking for active players to join in both raiding/pvp and general playing from Brisbane. Currently my RL friends aren't active enough lol. Look forward to speaking to you soon regardsChantellio19 Oct 22
Oct 22 Wpvp help on jubei I'm looking for a pvp guild, RBG group or just a group of people that enjoy world pvp to add to bnet friends list to call in reinforcements when needed. I enjoy world pvp, but i find that the horde on my server quickly call in their friends to help them, and I get overwhelmed. I would do the same but alliance is pretty much dead on jubei. No one responds to world pvp except to run from it. Jubei realm pop = Horde: 4367 Alliance: 796 Alliance on jubei are pretty much whipped dogs at this point, and since the horde on FM are basically the same, FM is the logical choice to ask for help.Seraphie1 Oct 22
Oct 21 933 Feral/resto OS LF guild NZT/weekend pref Hi Seeking friendly semi-casual guild to raid for Antorus prefer NZ times (6 -9pm) (10 pm at latest if Sat and Friday) and preferably not Sunday or Wednesday nights as it clashes with my mages guild. Though I will consider changing guilds/make it work if I really like raiding with said guild Both specs are near equal geared (69 ap feral/66 Ap resto) with approriate leggos. i would prefer to play Feral. Happy to help sub your absent healers or if content really requires more healers. Not too much exp this tier other than downing the first three mythic TOS bosses on my mage. Got the pretty easy Cutting Edge Xavius at start of EN, 2/3 M TOV and 4-5 bosses of Mythic NHKitteykat0 Oct 21
Oct 20 [A] <Linguine> - 6/9M (two nights a week) Linguine (US - Oceanic - Frostmourne) We take a relaxed and semi-hardcore approach to raiding. A solid bond has drawn a bunch of veteran players together to start slapping dragons and provide good times & strong banter along the way. Ideally, we offer a home for the retired hardcore raiders. First and foremost, we're looking for strong and competent players with a positive attitude to finalise our progression roster for ToS. What is otherwise a relatively small number of hours that we have for progression raiding we expect trails to be prepared for progression. This includes fight knowledge prior to progression, consumables, and all gear, including enchants and gems to be properly accounted for, but most importantly the correct attitude coming into the raid. Overall, we're generally laid back, but this does not mean effort is not being put into the content being cleared, and we hope that all applicants will share this ideology. All our spots are very competitive, currently we're only recruiting exceptional players to replace a few positions we lost due to our extended break. We hold preference to the following classes in order: • Frost Mage • Sub Rogue • Affliction Warlock We currently have one ranged and one melee DPS positions available. Current Raid Times: • Wednesday & Thursday 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT Current Progression: 7/7M EN (cutting edge) 3/3M ToS (cutting edge) 10/10M NH (cutting edge) 6/9M ToS Unfortunately, excluding exceptional circumstances, we are not prepared to accept applicants without the necessary Legion gear and experience to start Mythic progression. In-game Contact: Niles (Biggilleh#1646) Frimpy (Slaytt#1554)Niles61 Oct 20
Oct 20 [A] <Desire> 7/9M Looking for ALL clothies!! <Desire> is a 7/9M mature-aged raiding guild on the lookout for more ranged dps, more specifically, mages, priests or warlocks! We raid Wed-Sun-Mon 8:45pm to 12am Svt. We are a tight knit group that aim to keep raiding fun and enjoyable whilst still progressing and killing bosses. We do not like to spend all night reprogressing on bosses so farm night we buckle down and kick some butts. We have some laughs and slight banter but when it is time to listen everyone does. On non-raid nights several members run through m+ doing high keys and sale runs, anyone in the guild is invited to join in and get in on some challenging dungeons. What We Want From You We are looking for reliable, punctual, mature and friendly players to become a part of our team. We are very passive and can be quiet at times so any toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. You must be able to maintain a 90% attendance and give us notice if you can't make it. We are looking for people with an average of 60-70 percentile logs. If you are a clothie and are interested in becoming a part of our mythic team please message me over battlenet or through the in-game mail system. Contacts orangejuicec#11951 juicywiggles#11183Wimplash1 Oct 20
Oct 19 7/9M Recruiting DPS <The Last Pull> Horde Illidan, 7/9 M 9/9H is recruiting a 920+ (Priority for ranged) DPS (must have logs) for ToS progression. Raid times: Mon-Wed 9PM-12PM EST. Apply at: For more information Contact Raeya Btag: Raeya#1889 Discord: Ræya#7807 (alt 0230)Ræÿa0 Oct 19
Oct 19 NZ <Imperious> 8/9M 2nights p/w recruiting! <Imperious> 8/9M 9/9H @Frostmourne-[A] is a 2 nights a week semi - hardcore raiding guild. We are currently looking for skilled players to bolster our ranks for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. We raid two nights a week with a third optional night for cleanup/H clear, and we also we have a very active and friendly membership with groups forming daily for M+/alt raids etc. Raid times: Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm - 9pm ST/AEST. - NZ FRIENDLY TIMES! (With an optional raid Sunday for cleanup/Heroic farm.) We are looking for reliable, awesome and mature people to add to our roster for the push through mythic Tomb of Sargeras and into Antorus. We are currently recruiting Exceptional DPS players, however all applicants will be considered regardless of spec/class/role. Currently we are the #1 ranked 2 night a week guild on the server and we are looking for people to continue that trend in to Antorus. Any exceptional players are welcomed to apply, however you must provide logs to show they can raid at our level of progression. Anybody else is welcome to join us as a casual member to prepare for the next raid tier and join us for other social content! If this sounds like something you want to be a part of feel free to have a chat with us! GM: Anthraxcake#2112 Officers: McNutty#11181 Adzer#2380Àshling12 Oct 19
Oct 19 [A] Blood and Tears 9/9H Blood and Tears is a friendly easy going weekend raiding guild who are looking for DPS to fill our ranks. We raid Friday and Saturday nights 8-11pm (server time) We are laid back and are a guild who is looking to clear content while having lots of fun :) If you are interested or would like to know more please reply to this post or ask me on my battle tag Rakruar#1507. Take care :)Zylina5 Oct 19
Oct 18 Multiguild Out There? Or Sat/Sun Raid Nights? Multiguild Out There? Or Sat/Sun Raid Nights? Because of my work schedule I play every Friday and Saturday night from 5-930pm aedt. Is there a multiguild out on this server? I would be rerolling as a DK. Really looking to find a new home with people online running mythic+ and raids.Charlíe0 Oct 18
Oct 18 [A] Fire Mage LFG HM/M guild Hey there returning player left wow due to work commitments at the end of EN/TOV after having cleared mythic EN and HM Tov looking for a heroic/low mythic relaxed guild which raids 2 or 3 raids a week Wed/Thur/Monday. btag Fao#6687Manaburnz2 Oct 18
Oct 18 LF horde raid guild hey i just returned to wow previously raided a little here and there cleared emerald dream content and nighthold havent played since clearing nighthold did do mythic progression a bit but not too much ill be maining a elemental shaman for the remaining of the expac currently gearing but would love to join a guild to do mythics with and then possibly trial forMustangxo3 Oct 18
Oct 17 [A] <Voltage> Frostmourne. 1/9M ToS ~ DPS Hey, We're a Frostmourne guild raiding Mon and Wed nights 8.30-11pm server time.  Optional H ToS night Sun 8-10.30pm, alts and scrubs welcome.  Current progress 1/9M, recruiting for mythic progression and antorus in the future. History:  NH- 3/10M, 10/10H (AOTC) ToV- 3/3H (AOTC in EN gear) EN- 7/7H (AOTC) Primarily would like DPS, all classes welcome. Casuals are welcome too, we m+ and casual pvp on the side and are pretty chill.  Add me on btag iolanthe#1961 if you're interested, happy to answer any questions :)Elyssaelina2 Oct 17
Oct 17 3/9 M 1 RET and 1 HPAL w/ dps spec LF GUILD Any raiding time after 5pm server is fine by us, we are xp and looking to prog mythic antorus and chill with some gcs, contact me through this forum or btag JonTargaryen#1394Ãngel3 Oct 17
Oct 15 [A] <Speed> 7/9M - Recruiting Core DPS <Speed> is an established raiding guild looking for experienced raiders for our (Mon/Wed/Thu 8.30-11.30 PM Server Time) Mythic progression team. The team fosters both a good level of competitive drive and sense of humour. Most raiders have been around since Vanilla/BC and thus have a wealth of knowledge for new and veteran players. We are looking for committed raiders who can guarantee their attendance to the raids. Our progression is: We are currently 7/7 M EN, 3/3M TOV, 10/10M NH, 7/9M TOS Our raid nights are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Server Time Priority Recruitment: Looking to fill a couple of core DPS positions within our roster as we continue to push Tomb: Arms Warrior Mage Boomkin Warlock Shadow Priest Ele ShamanHowever if you are thinking of applying on a class not mentioned in the above "priority" list, please keep in mind that because we operate a performance roster we are always interested in hearing from strong players. Our Achievements: Xavius (Cutting Edge) Helya (Cutting Edge) Guldan (Cutting Edge) How to contact us: If you would like to join Speed or have any questions please add Squid#1383 or Boom#12275, alternatively you can message the characters Squidburst or Böom. Guild Website: How to apply: Please visit our guild website above, click apply and then begin your application. Should you have any questions about the application process or guild in general, then feel free to message us directly.Squidburst83 Oct 15
Oct 15 <The Wooly Mammoth> PvP recruitment Hey guys, <The Wooly Mammoth> is now looking to focus on PvP as we want to establish a core PvP group within the guild and also push ratings in Arena's and RBG's. Right now we are in recruitment phase so accepting anyone who is interested and has some experience and wanting to push :) We are on Barthilas Horde and are a big guild already, we are heavily focusing on PvP as we have been out of action for awhile but now want to get our foot back in the door! We have our own discord and are always happy to answer any questions or have a chat :)Korfang0 Oct 15
Oct 15 [A] <Centurion Knights> 3/9M 9/9H LF DPS Centurion Knights About Us As a guild we have been established since 2006 and have a long tradition of quality semi-casual raiding. We currently have a core of experienced, skilled raiders and are looking to expand our roster as we press into mythic Tomb and prepare for Antorus. Our main goal is to have fun killing raid bosses together while still having a life outside of Azeroth. If you are looking for a great bunch of people to raid with and to enjoy a steady progression, join us! What we need We are currently looking for DPS, specifically; Rogue Warrior Ret Pally All exceptional players will be considered, and we are always happy to welcome new social members. Raid Times Wednesday 8.30pm – 11.00pm ST (Currently H ToS clear) Thursday 8.30pm – 11.00pm ST (Currently M ToS prog) We also have an optional fun run on Sunday nights and an optional prog group on Monday for those those wanting to push further. We have plenty of players running mythic+ and other activities throughout the week. Interested? Hit me up for a chat in discord (Sarkai#7853), in-game (Sarkai-Frostmourne) or apply via our guild application form ( :DSarkai2 Oct 15
Oct 14 920 Holy pally lf late night raiding guild Returning player wanting to get back into raiding. Looking for a guild that runs at a time after 9:30pm server time due to work commitments.Dromard0 Oct 14
Oct 14 [A] <Loot The Core Hound> 7/9M GMT +8 <Loot The Core Hound> has been present on Frostmourne since the server’s inception with the goal of clearing current raid content. Members range from ex-hardcore competitive raiders to fresh 110’s and from students to parents that have also been playing a variety of games together for 10+ years. LTCH is a GMT+8 guild of predominantly Singaporeans and Malaysians (due to timezone preferable raiding times) but include and welcomes raiders of all Nationalities and Ethnic backgrounds. Encouraging a family-friendly environment with regular IRL meetups, many members have become real-life friends as well. LTCH is always happy to welcome more friendly faces to it’s big family. Head over to to find out more. ( The Guild is currently recruiting for a few positions to help us through Tomb of Sargeras. Current Progression: 7/7 (M) Emerald Nightmare 2/3 (M) Trial of Valor 10/10 (M) Nighthold 7/9 (M) Tomb of Sargeras Raid Schedule: - Wednesday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) - Thursday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) - Sunday (2100hrs - 0000hrs GMT +8 GMT) Recruitment: - 1x Holy Paladin - 1x Retribution Paladin - 1x Restoration Shaman - 1x Warlock - 1x Rogue - 1x Shadow Priest - Will consider geared and experienced Tanks! (Recruitment is not limited to the above and we always welcome exceptional players to join our ranks) Lachesiz#1463Lachesizqt85 Oct 14
Oct 13 936+il druid all specs Hey my name's bubble! I currently am looking for a guild that starts raid @ 9.30+ server time any days. Druid. Boomkin 937 equipped Feral 936 equipped Bear 934 equipped Resto 933 equipped. Currently 3/9 M With some sub 5% wipes on sister. I have many alts around 15 all @ or over 925il ish. I'm really a big fan of mythic+ aswellBubblehealzz2 Oct 13