Dec 2 [H][Frostmourne] <ArmyofdarknesS> 9/9H About us: <ArmyofdarknesS> is an Australian/New Zealand based raiding/pvp guild looking to expand its raiding roster for Antorus raid content. The guild has been formed in the early stages of legion as a PVP/RBG guild, however as more and more members expressed interest in raiding we decided to start tackling raid content with the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras. With a small core raid group we have managed to achieve Ahead of the Curve for the Tomb of Sargeras raid tier. However due to the lack of numbers we have been unable to progress through mythic content. As such, with the opening of Antorus coming up we have decided to recruit more people who enjoys slicing and dicing through legions of demons as well as the abundance of Alliance on this server in the hopes of continuing the guilds success as a raid team and progress through mythic raid content for Antorus. Goals 1. Achieving Ahead of the Curve for Antorus 2. Progress through mythic raid content 3. Establish a friendly but efficient raiding atmosphere to achieve the above two goals. 4. Slice and dice through millions of demons and alliance and bathe in their tears like true members of the Horde. Raid Member Expectations 1. Punctuality and Attendance. Although we don't expect you to make it to every single raid night as real life situations arise where absences are unavoidable, however we do expect you to be punctual to the events you have signed up for or to let one of the officers or other raid members know 2. Feasts and Flasks. Consumables for raid are provided, however we do expect our raid members to contribute to the making of these feasts and flasks by providing the materials necessary when they can. We don't expect you to be farming 24/7 but a little help from everybody makes things smoother. 3. We expect you to know the intricacies of your class and its relation to the current raid tier. We don't expect god like mechanics, however you need to know what your class and spec does and what the mechanics are for the current raid tier. 4. Maturity. We understand that everybody can have a bad day and that raiding can be stressful sometimes. However being civil, friendly and mature can go a long way towards making a raid team successful. Recruiting Tank - High Priority - Need a skilled tank pref class Blood DK/Guardian Healers - Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, H Priest (Priority) Ranged DPS - Hunter/Mage/Boomkin/Spriest (Priority) Melee DPS - Plate DPS (Priority) Other classes considered but those skilled in the above will have priority in obtaining places. Raid Times Progression Raid Night - Thursday, Friday 8 P.M - 10:30 P.M (AEST) Alt/Relaxed Raid Night - Saturday 8 P.M Contact If this sounds like the raid team and guild for you please don't hesitate to message V0rt3x#1755 Raid Lead Smushie#1713 GMIncubüs3 Dec 2
Dec 2 <Remorse> 8/9M LF 1x heals for Antorus. Remorse is a 3 day a week progression guild that was formed with multiple talented and mechanically well versed players that host extensive game knowledge whom want to progress on a more laid back schedule. Raid Times: Wednesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT (Invites @ 7:45pm) Thursday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT (Invites @ 7:45pm) Monday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT (Invites @ 7:45pm) Current Progression: 10/10M EN & ToV 10/10M NH 8/9 M ToS Currently recruiting H pala / priest and strong dps for Antorus. If you have logs, believe you’re good at your class, and have excellent game knowledge, please apply through our website, or get in touch with one of the officers below if you have any questions prior to applying. Website: Ishy#1805 - Ishyy Ubi#1504 - ùbi MauiWowie#1402 - PharmaÙbi2 Dec 2
Dec 2 [A] 936 VDH LF guild Veng DH coming back to the game after an extended break. LF preferably 2/3 night raid guild to push mythic in Antorus. Prior XP T10 12/12H Pre Cata (highly nerfed 20-25%?) T11 9/13H T12 6/7H T13 6/8H T14,15,16 No real raid XP T17 10/10 M pre T18 release T18 no real XP T19 4/7M EN - till now. Not to brag but i did get rank 1 world for who can pad the most for illyganoth heroic so im a pretty big deal. Logs : gubon#1948 Please someone i need a guild will send pictures of my dog as payment. Also rip Checkmylogs forever in our heartsGubonjajadil4 Dec 2
Dec 2 Remove removedRepazive0 Dec 2
Dec 2 948/949 Brewmaster LF weekend raiding guild I'm 9/9H ToS, 2/9M ToS, Cutting Edge: Xav, looking for a raiding guild on weekend nights, as that's when I'm 100% availableViolêntsoho1 Dec 2
Dec 1 940+ Resto Shaman 940 plus resto shaman looking for a new home that raids after 12am server time. 6/9 mythic kills Please hit me up Absey#1173Absey0 Dec 1
Dec 1 940 HPriest LF late night raiding guild Hey there Currently looking for preferably a two night per week, late night raiding guild I'm a 940 Holy Priest with 72 traits and mythic raiding experience Looking for a guild that can do clean clears of heroic and has the roster to push mythic each week Legion Experience: 7/7M EN 7/10M NH 3/9M ToS Logs: Due to work I cannot raid before 11pm server time or 8pm GMT+8 If interested leave a message here or add me on battlenet, HamGeorge#6157 CheersBarelydead0 Dec 1
Dec 1 LF RAID GUILD any raid guilds looking to recruit a holy priest whos only recently dinged looking to gear up with a new bunch of friends and eventually raid someday able to raid 7-11:30 st when gearedDrakedogx0 Dec 1
Dec 1 5/9M LF possible Guild Merge <Betrayal> is looking for a group of capable players to raid with coming up to Antorus. We have a very strong core team at the moment but lack the numbers to continue mythic progression. Our raid times have been wed,thurs sunday 8-11 svt. Message us at Ninjja101#1981ßlinkx1 Dec 1
Dec 1 946 8/9 M ARMS (or fury) / LEGENDARY PARSES 946 8/9 M ARMS (or fury) / LEGENDARY PARSES Hello, I am searching for a new home due to my current raid times conflicting with a new job. I am leaving a great team that emphasizes a non toxic, non tilting environment and would like to find something similar. Ideally my new guild would be 8/9 M + , starting after 6 PM EST ending before 12 EST , any days of the week or weekend. Below are my logs for your consideration: I also have 3 Fully maintained alts that I can play on any given encounter, split runs, or reroll to if they suprass warrior in overall effectiveness. All alts have all leggos for there primary spec. Feral Druid: MM HUNTER: SUB Rogue: Please reach out on BT for any questions or chats :D BT: J I G G L E S # 1 3 5 0 ( NO SPACES)Jigells1 Dec 1
Dec 1 940 dh lf perm raid spot. 940 havoc dh looking for perm raiding slot for new raid. Raid exp since vanilla , 75 weapon traits and flexible raid times are ok. Looking for a perminant raid slot where I do not have to worry if my guild will show up or not or run it at all if they can’t be bothered. I like to log on , be prepared and begin. Not looking to take 30 mins summoning , 20 minutes for afks and another 20 for the afks to ask what the raid leader already said. I’m 28 , from Melb , play alliance and wanna chill/raid without people draining it. Jabajawz#1991Bicroorblaze2 Dec 1
Dec 1 3/9M hunter LF guild (4/9 exp) Hello, I am Zakain. I am currently looking for a raiding guild. I am looking for a guild that is very active in the game and is social. My previous raiding experience is not very big, since I only started raiding in legion, I managed to get cutting-edge EN (7/7M) on my resto shaman at the time. I did not play during NH, and in ToS I managed to get 3/9M, the reason why my progress is low in ToS is due to my guild having attendance issues. My guild is no longer raiding and I am looking for a new guild to call home and raid with. I would like to aim for cutting edge in Antorus. I currently main BM hunter, I will play MM if the guild requires me to. My logs are decent and I will include it. What you can expect from me. Near 100% attendance. Be there before the raid starts. Have a working mic. Will not create drama. Easy/ friendly person to get along with. Research boss encounters before hand. Will have food/flasks/vaunts runes. Could play alts for split runs.Leave your guild details/ server and how i can contact you below. will be open to server/ faction change for the right guild. ( currently on Barthilas horde)Zakain10 Dec 1
Dec 1 930 Destr lock LF GMT+8 raiding guild Hey guys, just recently returned from a break! Looking for a GMT+8 raiding guild, preferably one that does mythic! Im 4/7M EN 6/10M NH and just 9/9H ToS as that's when I had a break Cheers!Thruin2 Dec 1
Dec 1 937 Frost DK LF +8 Guild 937 Frost DK looking for raiding guild that raids any day but thursday, must be 830pm server time or later. Looking at pushing forward into Antorus with a strong group to clear heroic quickly and move into mythic at a steady pace. In saying that i am an ex high tier raider so i am reliable and know my class and my role in a group and as an ex guild leader and raid leader i can happily pull my weight. If you wish to ask anything further please feel free to pm me in game at Dkaer#1950.Dkaèr1 Dec 1
Dec 1 New hardcore team recruiting Frostmourne Frostmourne raiding team recruiting. Insomnia is a new forming raiding team with leaders from old and current top tier teams recruiting for our core mythic squad. We are currently in the build up process but are looking to compete with top teams on Frostmourne for realm firsts. We aim higher with wanting to push into atleast top 25 world ranked, so this does mean applicants MUST commit to times listed below. Raid nights: (AEDT) ~ Realm times Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 Monday: 19:00 - 23:00 Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 We do ask you have at least 9/9H minimum as we will be pushing into Antorus hard with our first raid schedule being the 13th of December. Any interest hit me up @ #fustix1448 Happy huntingSlìpstrèam0 Dec 1
Nov 29 LF hard core raiding guild 937 ele shaman NO mythic history but i can learn well looking for active raiding guild for progression in Burning throne my available times are Fri 6pm to Sat 6am MMT Sat 4pm to Sun 6am MMT Sun 6am to Sun 6pm MMT since i'm a studentSkadei0 Nov 29
Nov 28 Just curious, any daytime raiding guilds? I work mostly night times so I was curious if there was any raiding guilds that operated during the day around? CheersRelodis0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Tedious Looking for More Tedious is a mythic raiding focused guild on Horde Barthilas. The team is built upon working raiders, committed to downing the final boss of each new raid tier. Our members range from entering the raiding community only recently, to those who have been actively involved since the dawn of World of Warcraft. A lot of our members share the same values and goals; they strive to be the best they can be whilst following a healthy schedule to have a life outside of the game. We are a good looking for valuable players whom can share the same goals and ambitions with us. Raid Tier Progression; Nighthold; 5/10M Tomb of Sargeras; 5/9M Website for applying: Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Fri and Sun. Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Open Range Dps - Open to exceptional players Tanks - Closed Healer - Open We are currently recruiting a Raid Leader and Healing Officer. What else we offer: Raiding; Substitute and casual raiding Positions where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Mythic Dungeons; We have created a Mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through Warcraft to be better and to hit harder! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up 15 mins prior to set raid time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of members that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism - BANTER contact: Guild Master - Skargrim#1387 Guild Officer -Flameimp#1752 Guild Officer -Zoopy#6576 Recruitment Officer - Aaronsixx#1510 You can also apply at We look forward to hearing from you!Scargrim0 Nov 28
Nov 28 delete plz delete plzDannoi0 Nov 28
Nov 27 [A] Civilian 6/9M - Recruiting Progression: All heroics cleared 6/10M NH 6/9M TOS Schedule: Mon/Thur 8pm - 11pm (7pm - 10pm QLD ) Needs: Ranged DPS About Us: We formed towards the end of vanilla. We maintained a consistent roster up to SOO and we cleared most of the heroic/mythic content but with the removal of 10 man raids being able to do mythic content, the social aspect of our small team fell apart while trying to grow to support 20 members and a lot of our long term members quit the game. We got back into clearing mythic content but have stagnated with TOS mythic due to RL boss halting our mythic progression. We are looking to fill the team with people who can consistently make both raid nights. Civilian has always been a casual guild with a serious attitude to raid progress. We are all adults and there is banter and some filthy conversations but its in good fun. Oh, and all the bad dad jokes you can handle. add Ezmoad#1804 or Eagle#1797 or Dows#11890 for a chat.Ezmoad26 Nov 27
Nov 27 3s Team Hello! I'm looking for 2 other like minded players to learn Arena with. I've not played arena in quite sometime and would like to play again. Most important quality I'm looking for is patients in understanding the requirements of climbing. If losing all night long is too difficult to stomach, then this team wouldn't be for you. I don't have an expectation of what the rating we would be wanting to push, or a goal to achieve. I think if the team did walk away from the grind, I would want to walk away with knowing I at least knew how to pvp. If this is what you're interested in, hit me up.? Ragers need not apply! :PStuttastep0 Nov 27
Nov 27 [A] <F I L T H> 9/9M TOS Recruiting <F I L T H> is a Semi-Hardcore guild looking to further our mythic progression in legion and are looking for a few more ranged dps to Bolster our core team. We will consider all other melee dps. We are currently 9/9M TOS. We take progression seriously and when it's time to get down to serious business we get things done. But we know when to relax and make fun of the guy who ate the cleave/breath/fell off the platform. We're aiming for constant, and swift improvement from our members and it shows in our performance, every night we see a noticeable increase in the quality of play from the team. We want excellent people to raid with, both in execution/skill and as quality people to spend our time with. If you're looking for a guild who will get things done quickly in a fun environment and is always striving to improve then < F I L T H > is the place for you. Willing to give any skilled dps a trial. Recruiting: Exceptional Dps Healers - RDruid Raid Times Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 8:30 - 11:30 Server Time Apply at - Contact Angryzz - Angryzz#1710 Sixbeast - Sixbeast#1472Angryzz4 Nov 27
Nov 27 (A) 932 Resto LF MON/WED raiding Hi all, Recently returned a few months ago, I am looking for a guild that raids on Monday’s and Wednesday’s (or alternatively late night (1am+ ST) On sundays) I have mythic raiding experience from raiding previous tiers (EN, NH) and expansions. 932 Resto MS with Balance OS. Let me know :)Crillak3 Nov 27
Nov 27 [A] 931 Elem Sham LF +8 GMT raiding guild Hi, just came back to WoW 3 weeks ago after taking a break in NH.Looking for a friendly guild to m+/raids at +8 GMT(Days doesn't really matter) 7/7M EN 3/7M NH (Guild Fell apart, took a break) 9/9H ToS (Just came back 3 weeks ago) 931 Elem/Enh Sham 75 traits done Add Hostagefour#1703 for a chat Thanks for reading :)Scammerjimmy4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Looking for RAF Partner (OC) Hi, i am looking for a RAF partner. I live in Perth Western Australia. (GMT+8 Timezone) Id like to RAF a few Chars maybe more. I have a free battle chest key for you. (first month is free included with the battle chest). I am thinking horde on barthilas server or ally frostmourne. Add me on skype (qqbot88)Rigigi0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Frostmourne pvp guild! :D LF frostmourne active pvp guild (arenas, rbgs) want to start taking my pvp seriously, cant seem to find any guilds on my server or many players @all really... anyone recruiting?Fromthegrave1 Nov 27
Nov 26 8/9M 940 Mage lf raiding guild As the title says I'm looking for a new raiding guild that has 19 other people who want to push for cutting edge before the tier ends. My old guild disbanded. Link to my and logs below. Send me ingame mail, whisper if you're looking for a reliable mage.Jreida2 Nov 26
Nov 25 The best Legacy option for OCE Hey guys, In need of hunters, rogue and shamans for our "Legacy" guild on Frostmourne Alliance, and a guild on horde as well but our main focus is on the "WOTLK" content for the Alliance side as to not split the guild at this time, I've been doing Twinks and Legacy for years way before the Sodapoppin/Bajheera hype brought into it and provide a more relaxed and flexable guild we will also be touching into all xpacs from "Classic to Pandaria" for fun, achievements, tabards, mounts, titles and those Legendaries you don't have your hands on quite yet the fun way! We have plenty of room for everyone on any class and have only cleared Naxx 10 as of this time, so plenty of time to level and come relax. Maybe you're over the AP grind or reached your goals for legion until 7.3.5 aye? Come give it a go! And no we're not full of DK's so if you want a quick 80 ;D Discord: Nov 25
Nov 25 938 R Druid LF Mythic Guild Hey, Mythic player and previous raid leader throughout legion , took a break for last 8 weeks looking for a Heavily prog focused guild for cutting edge. Logs from 7.2.5(as i took a break) 3/9 M Tos 7/10 M NH etc etc Available any night from around 8:30pm ST on-wards till whenever Btag:Azoras#6540Felthard0 Nov 25
Nov 24 <Betrayal> is RECRUITING! 5/9M <Betrayal> is currently a 5/9M,9/9H ToS guild welcoming all to join us! We are currently looking for more reliable players to strengthen to our raid roster and rebuild. We are a semi-hardcore friendly group of players with a high focus on consistent progression. We have eager members running weekly Mythic+'s who are looking for extra members to help our runs! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Core raid: nights Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm-11 SVT *Alt/trial raid: Friday-Saturday 8pm SVT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [B]Welcoming all!:[/B] *Healers! *All classes as we are rebuilding the roster after several players taking a break till new xpac. All reliable players will be considered regardless of list.(Usable Offspec highly regarded) Feel free to add me on battletag as [b]Ensondria#1441 or msg in game KnoctriusKnoctrius0 Nov 24
Nov 24 [A] 932 Prot Pally LF Raid Guild 932 Prot Pally with 4/9 M ToS experience looking for raiding guild for Antrous! Not looking for a HC guild but people raiding 2 times a week. Hit me up Roardizzle#1646Ballgrum0 Nov 24
Nov 23 [A] 7 Toons LF Casual Norm/Heroic Guild LF Casual (2 Nights/Week, maybe 3 depending on days) Normal or Heroic Guild. Currently at 7 Capped Ally Toons with no specific main. Willing to take on DPS/Healer role of Guild's choice. Available toons: Priest, Druid, DH, Shammy, Rogue, Warrior, Pally. If possible, I would prefer Spriest>Hpally>Rogue, however I don't really care, I just want to raid. I'm a returning raider from WoD (Mostly Casual Heroic, all 3 AotC achievements with some minor mythic prog). Not really interested in mythic prog due to busy schedule outside of WoW. Most of these toons are insanely undergeared however argus has made getting 910+ insanely ez and I have enough experience at nolifing this game to get there in a week or two. M+ carries much appreciated tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also willing to bring cancer bants to comms and engage in hypocrisy and denial-ism in relation to meters ggez ty. Contact me at Tommytronic#6690 for more deetsFatherdaddy5 Nov 23
Nov 23 Seeking Antorus Prog Guild - +8GMT Hi All Currntly seeking a more active guild for Antorus prog - 7/7M, 2/3M, 9/9H exp 931 Arms/Prot Warrior however I can swap classes, you choose my class, i like them all, but would like to stay on warrior. Monday-Thursday raid days, any time after 9PM ST (8PM ST non DLS) will be perfect. Chakkie#11894Blinkked1 Nov 23
Nov 23 937 holy paladin lf raid/mythic + team So i've left this extremely late to be looking for a guild especially after this tier, I was unsure if I was going to server swap to Frostmourne or not. I guess tdlr; 935-937 (depending on my gear) main spec holy looking for a guild that's 110% serious about mythic. I was in a 7/9m guild on Cael, (missing out on the mistress kill but getting her to 20%) 70 traits in weapon, however hoping to grind out another trait or two before resets. Days/times I'm available Sun-thursday 8pm-12pm AEST at the latest (those are my preference however i'm flexible). What I can bring; A pretty terrible sense of humour. I bring my own mats/flasks food etc. Mythic + If you're after a healer for mythic + runs, I'm also keen for you guys to add me, and we can get something sorted :) If this terrible post peaks your interest, send me a friend request and we'll chat some more. Alae#6631Alaae1 Nov 23
Nov 22 Just bought Legion. LF H Guild. Just returned to WoW after being away 3 years. Got Legion today and looking for a leveling and PvP Horde guild. PST in game or post here thanks.Tweets0 Nov 22
Nov 22 [Quen] Recruitment <Quen> Formally a social guild we have now decided to take the step into raiding. We are now looking for players to help us progress through ToS! Progress: 4/9 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic Leadership 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Raid Days: Wednesday - 22:00-00:30 ST Sunday - 22:00-00:30 ST Currently Recruiting more players to start our progress through Mythic Dps: Boomkin Warlock Rogue Hunter Ele Healer: Resto Druid Resto Shaman Also recruiting all classes for casual game play. What we can offer you: *Raiding in a relaxed but progressive atmosphere *An active player-base where people are always willing to help and run Mythic+ as well as levelling alts etc. *Friendly players who hang out on Discord and always welcome you online. What we ask of you: *Know your class! We expect you to keep on top of your class' changes and updates and put effort into getting the best you can out of it. *Showing up prepared for raids - repaired, flasks, food etc. *Know tactics and make sure you have the correct addons. On progress we expect wipes, everyone makes mistakes but we expect people to learn from them. The raid leaders have the say on which tactics we go with for each fight - suggestions are always welcome before or after a pull (not during a fight). We do enjoy having fun and joking in raid, but on boss fights (especially progression) we expect people to be serious and pay attention. All applications will be considered even if your class is not listed above. To apply to our guild please contact us over b-net: Kaepool#1932, Ouxi#11558 Socials always welcome!Ouxii9 Nov 22
Nov 22 920 Blood DK looking for a raiding guild Hi there :) I am looking to join a guild which either just finished progression through heroic TOS, or which is still in the process of doing so and one which is looking to raid Antorus and beyond! The reason for this is because i want to grow and learn with the guild :D Am keen to get started as soon as possible! Thanks.Vergho1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Looking for PvE Guild [A] Hi there I'm Disciplinemé, Fresh 110 Priest looking for a guild that is mainly into Mythic Dungeons, Mythic plus with the possiblity of doing some Heroic/Mythic raids when I'm ready! I'm generally playing Discipline but also can play Shadow however I've only gotten to my Legionfall trait on that, mainly investing my AP on the Disc wep. I'm really open to putting in the work to become a great part of the team. I haven't really raided much the past few expacs but it's something I'm growing more interested in. I've played priest since Wotlk with my Horde priest (also 110). I'm not just looking for a raid team but I guess a cohesive team that hopefully I can be apart of! Please reply here and or message me in game and we can exchange details to discuss further! Happy Raiding!Disciplinemé1 Nov 22
Nov 22 [A] LFG Looking for a casual, social guild that's very user-friendly and active. Returning player, after a year or so break.Ceptence2 Nov 22
Nov 22 Shaman LF possible new home I noticed that frostmourne has a very high alliance population and is an australlian server. Currently all my characters are based of stormrage but since I live in japan its hard for me to really play with anyone. Id be very interested in switching to this realm if I could find a nice active guild, with plenty of fun guild chat and content running. I like to do pve and pvp. Raiding, Mythic +, Transmogs, Arena, Casual BGs, and all the such. If I might be a good fit for you, let me know (PS FOR THE ALLIANCE I have no interest in betraying them :P)Tasle2 Nov 22
Nov 22 (H) frostmourne SP LFG weekend raiding 934 sp with all legion tier aotc. I also have a Dh and a mage. can tank or dps. Looking for weekend raiding. Wangdangle#11968Xannahh3 Nov 22
Nov 22 Rezira the Seer Hey I'm doing the rare elite checklist achievement on Argus and I need someone with access to the Intact Eye (I think its called) the item that allows you to open a portal to kill Rezira The Seer, please add me / pst Thanks very muchSnobhelpme0 Nov 22
Nov 22 LF NZ Time Guild (Resto/Balance Druid) Hi, Looking to join a New Zealand Time raiding guild for Antorus. Currently progressing Mythic Tomb would be ideal. I would prefer one night to be Friday or Saturday but not necessary. Willing to consider any guild that finishes up at or before 10pm GMT+10 (server time). Available weekends too. I'm a chill guy who is happy to deal with all of the factors of progression raiding, while contributing to the guild culture and environment. I am happy to sit for bosses where required in order for the guild to progress. I would also be looking to be part of a regular Mythic + dungeon team, that pushes keys. Willing to realm/faction change for the right guild. Also willing to reroll Mistweaver Monk if the guild needs this/is willing to gear it up, if this is preferred to Resto Druid. Please contact me on either of the below if this sounds like something your guild would be looking for. Pilch#11179 DIscord: Pilch#3063 Thanks.Hazelmend1 Nov 22
Nov 22 [A] <RPM> 6/9M Recruiting RPM is a new guild made up of 6/9 Mythic Raiders. We are preparing for Antoras and are looking to finish our raiding roster by adding a few like minded friends who enjoy playing World of Warcraft as much as we do. We are currently looking for; M DPS Rogue Warrior R DPS Balance Druid Shadow Priest Warlock Healer Paladin Shaman Tank Guardian Druid Raid Schedule Monday 21:30 ~ 0:30 Server Time Wednesday 21:30 ~ 0:30 Server Time Thursday 21:30 ~ 0:30 Server Time We also run alt raids and mythic + dungeons on off nights. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact rammo#1766Kibii13 Nov 22
Nov 21 LF horde raid guild hey i just returned to wow previously raided a little here and there cleared emerald dream content and nighthold havent played since clearing nighthold did do mythic progression a bit but not too much ill be maining a elemental shaman for the remaining of the expac currently gearing but would love to join a guild to do mythics with and then possibly trial forMustangxo4 Nov 21
Nov 21 Mortal (7/9M) Thurs/Sun 7-10pm MORTAL Mortal is a 2 night Mythic Guild, we raid Thurs/Sun 645-10pm Server Time, with an optional Wends Heroic clear. Always on the lookout for strong players with a focus on Ranged DPS Raid Times: Wed 7-10pm (Heroic) Thurs 7-10pm (Mythic) Sunday 7-10pm (Mythic) Currently we are looking for: All Ranged DPS All Healers If you have any questions regarding the guild make sure to contact one of our officers in game. Youmadbro#1794 (Rindrian) Mockingjay#1305 (Eoniclight)Eoniclight3 Nov 21
Nov 21 Looking for Guild M+/Raid Hi All, I am currently looking for a 1-2 day raiding guild, however primarily i like to attend to Mythic +. Holy Paladin. I also have a Resto druid. I have years experience as a raider, however did not raid this tier. Thank you!Sábër3 Nov 21
Nov 20 Horde Raiding - Normal and Heroic Intro- Who we are “Horde raiding” is a group of RL friends looking to bolster our ranks in the upcoming raid Antorus, we have members on Frostmourne and Barthilus. Our members are long time Wow players aging between 18-26, in New Zealand and Australia. We are not a hardcore progression guild, Raids will not involve hours of wiping on bosses. Raid times & Days We raid 2 nights a week starting at 7pm NZ time, Wednesday & Sunday What we looking for We are looking for players that can turn up twice a week and learn the fights. We are currently looking for Mdps, Rdps & 1 healer, Raid times are currently not locked down but raiding will probably start 6-8pm (NZ time), twice a week. What difficulty Normal-Heroic raiding. How to apply Just fill out these details, Look forward to hearing from you!Manaz0 Nov 20
Nov 20 PvP wtf happened to frostmournes massive pvp @#!!*#!%, we used to have the highest rated rbg group and now I can't even find a proper pvp guild lf active no noob pvp guild pls tyDeanlul0 Nov 20
Nov 19 SELLING MYTHIC <Cute anime girls> selling mythic KJ cutting edge achievement & mythic guldan mount Cutting edge - 5 million gold Mythic guldan mount - 2 million gold Pst decless frostmourne for infoDecless4 Nov 19