Aug 7, 2014 [A] Looking for casual guild Just rolled a Mage, and will boost it to 90 once I reach 60. I like Draenei, but was bored with Shamans and Hunters, and this race cannot be Warlocks. So Mage it is, because they still fit my style - mass ranged death! I'm after a guild that is casual, somewhat social, and doesn't take raiding too seriously. Level 25 preferred - yes I like the perks. At time of posting I'm leveling, so hit me up and I'll most likely be able to reply to you. :)Aigaion0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 [H] 589 Resto shaman LF H Garrosh Kill 589 Resto shaman looking for a Heroic Garrosh Kill, 10 or 25man. Have killed 25h 14 times and 10h 4 times on an Alt. Just looking for a chance at an heirloom. Also have 580 Elemental offspec. Any day except Friday. This week only.Electricoven0 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 Casual Players Guild "In Hearts Wake" A little about us: The guild aims to be the next best Casual players guild, Having active members who play to just have fun, Run content old and new and just have a great social time. We as a guild run weekly flex raids on a Wednesday [8pm] and Sunday night [7-8pm] Server time Dungeons, Scenarios, Old content, PvP and achievements we do it all. The Big picture: What i want to aim to with this guild is to form a core raid team to run normal Raids with And to have a big following to storm in to Warlords with, Having a guild of friendly people ready to explore the new raids and dungeons with on Release. If you are interested in us Then Contact me via btag Jelly#1388, In game Or just talk to one of our online members :) Hope to see you all soon. BTW this is a Horde Guild ;)Jellypriest0 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 lf weekend raiding guild on frostmourne hi i am looking for a weekend hm progression guild fri/sat on frostmourne for my main who is 575 il disc priest and my partner has a 575 enhance shammy also a mainPreyah0 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 Reminiscing i have just come back after a 5 year hiatus and this game is very different indeed. it has got me thinking about my first guilds, my first raids with them, the people in the guilds etc. oh god, those memories. thinking back on it, it makes me very happy. anyone here have somebody they wish they saw log on everyday?Spaceykevin8 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 <FCNG> 12/14H 25M (Sat/Sun 12-4.30pm SvT) LFM We are the top 25 man weekend raiding guild in the Oceanic Server of Frostmourne, raiding on a tight 2 days - 9 hours raiding schedule. Our raiders mainly come from Australasia, with a handful of people from the state sides (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, United States, Mexico). We come from all walks of life, but we have one thing in common: we prefer a weekend raid schedule due to our commitments during the weekdays. Our goal as a guild is to strive to maintain a healthy reputation as a successful 25 man raiding guild. We want to achieve and sustain end game content progression with a competitive nature, with clearing all normal and heroic content in upcoming content patches and expansions in a timely manner. Our intention is to build a strong team, and be prepared to move into WoD Mystic raid competitively. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Looking to complete our core of raiders for Siege of Ogrimmar (568 iLvl with 8/14h experience): High Priority: - Boomkin Medium Priority: - Mage - Ele Shaman - Warrior - WW - Feral - Resto Druid All other outstanding applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply. Cross Realm Trial is accepted, but no gear nor EPGP will be awarded to Cross Realm Trial. Raid Times SAT 11.45am - 4.30pm Server Time / AEST (or FRI 8.45pm - 1.30am CST) SUN 11.45am - 4.30pm Server Time / AEST (or SAT 8.45pm - 1.30am CST) Progression 25 Man - 12/14H SoO Any questions contact Denots/Uluar/Mcjággèrz/Ekspozed/Naagato in game or head to our website and fill in an application: www.forcritsngiggles.enjin.comUluar20 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 WTB BULK FLASKS AND POTS (AGI) WTB 400 Flask of Spring Blossom 15k and 800 Virmens Bite 3k! PST ingame or add Caloron#2185 in game, horde side.Toxicsmog0 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 NEW! Impact 11/14hm 25m recruiting Impact is a reasonably new guild to Frostmourne, the core of our player base came back to the game roughly 4 months ago and decided to put together a team for WoD. A lot of our players have been in various top US ranking guilds and are now looking for a more casual look at hardcore raiding. We raid 3 nights a week from 7:15-11:30 no more no less. We are aiming to be killing bosses at a reasonably high speed without having to take weeks off work and burn ourself's out 7 days a week. For us forming straight into a 25man was hard and obviously slow to pick up while we were recruiting sitting on boosted characters and not a full team however we have made our way to 11 hardmodes in 25man and will be progressing quickly now that we pretty much have a team. Looking to tweak our raiding team a little here is what we are recruiting 1 x Hunter 1 x Warlock 1 x Frost Death Knight 1 x Elemental Shaman 1 x Fury warrior We will accept all exceptional players also Raids times Wed - 7:15 - 11:30 Thu - 7:15 - 11:30 Sun - 7:15 - 11:30 TO APPLY - register to our forums and put up an application otherwise speak to Morphie / Blixa / Ashdamage / Xabok / Swiftstrike ingame for more informationMorphie1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 577 WW Monk LF Heroic raid team Hello, As the title states, I am a 577 Windwalker/ 556 Mistweaver / 3 tank shamans LF a solid raiding guild with preferably 3 nights per week, can raid any day of the week. I am currently 7/14 Heroic. If you're interested in discussing more you can add me in game at Xdor#1872 (also have the best transmog known to man) Thanks.Exdor1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 LF Guild I have horrible work hours for raiding (4pm-12am) eastern time zone, and have been told to try out a oceanic server to better fit the times I can raid. Im wondering if there are any guilds here who are raiding 12:30am-4:00am or 9:00am-1:00pm (these would be eastern time zone times)Qash1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 565 Mage LF Heroic raiding guild 12/14heroic exp on main.Closuknow1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 LF new home after 6 mths break 3/14 Heroic Hi guys, Me and my wife are looking for a new home on Frostmourne and right now we're looking for a friendly/semi-casual progression raiding guild on Alliance to get back into raiding and looking forward to joining a team that is forming up with the intent of raiding Mythic content in WoD. We stopped raiding 6 months ago due to our new born but have now returned to WoW. Before our break (Jan-2014), we were at 3/14 Heroic. We are looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days a week on weekdays with raid times around 8-11pm (server time). We have been playing and raiding since Vanilla (2005). We are planning on transferring 2 chars each to Frostmourne :- Mine DK (DPS / Tank) (Main) Monk (WW/ MW) (Alt) My wife's Priest (Disc/Holy/Shadow) (Main) Warlock (Destro/Affliction) (Alt) Please post here or add Stubb#1985 Thanks!Stubb1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 572 boomy lf raiding guild hello im a 572 bought my gear in gdkp runs to farm gold now I want to start raiding studying up on fights atm preferably lookin for a guild already doing some heroic fight if not that's fine long as i'm doing something can raid any nights of the week if u would like to talk add my btag global#1923Moonfireqt2 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 572 Mwer LF a new raiding home :) Hi Everyone! I've just recently transferred back to Frostmourne and I am looking for a new home :) A Bit About Me: I'm a social and reliable player from Australia :) My MS is healing and I've been raiding since ICC on a Resto Shaman and switched to a Mwer Monk about 10 months ago. I''m currently 12/12 in norm SoO and left my previous guild due to overseas travel. I have had some experience in HMs in previous expansions, namely ICC, ToTc, BoT and DS, but haven't had much of a chance to get into it in MoP. What I'm Looking For: A social, yet focused raiding guild that is in progressing into HM content. A guild that raids 2 nights a week: any day except Saturday and Fridays from 7:30pm onwards is suitable A place with friendly people and a positive environment. If I sound like someone who could be an addition to your team or there is anything you'd like to know, please send me an in-game whisper or mail :)Citana1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 TCG Mounts WTS White Riding Camel and Savage Raptor Pm Me in game or on here for price.Huzzacane2 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 Topic Is created, you mediocre hacksDripinwet0 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 <Who Pulled> Recruiting <Who Pulled> a Frostmourne Alliance guild is returning guild and is now searching for more players for raiding in MoP and WoD.We are looking to build our roster up For a SoO group and also make the transition to 20man raiding and our Goal is to have strong player's ready to move into Mythic raiding as soon as we can.We are also looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, aren't prone to random AFK's or DC's, don't stand in fire, and are happy to have a bit of a laugh while pushing through content. Recruiting: Tanks- Pref Leather tank . Healers-RShaman, RDruid, Disc Priest,MW Monk Dps- Pref Plate/Caster but all dps will be considered. Current Scheduled raids are (UTC +10): Fri - 7:00pm - 12:00am Sat - 7:00pm - 12:00am Message the GM Blaireez, Boommerz or myself in-game or reply on this post if interested with your spec and raid experience.Thank youFrostripper2 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 [A25]The Amaranthine Order LF Heals+Lok+Warr! The Amaranthine Order is currently recruiting! We are endeavour to maintain a friendly but focused environment in our current 25man (35 player roster) team, with a semi-hardcore approach to progression raiding, with a more casual farm/out-of-raid atmosphere. We are a gaming community currently building a presence in World of Warcraft on the Frostmourne server, focusing on end game play. It is our goal to build a long-term community based on friendship and mutual respect within many MMOs, and all gamers who are looking for a mature and respectful environment are encouraged to apply for a trial membership. The guild originated in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and swiftly returned to WoW for MoP as content began to dither out. We ended up on the Saurfang server, and after lack of capable players became obvious we set off on a journey to Caelestrasz (dark times), and finally ended up here on Frostmourne, half-way through Throne of Thunder, where we regained our strength and ended the tier with a healthy 4/13H progression. Our 10man team reached 8/14 HM before our move to 25man. The short of it: We are currently 7/14 HM SoO. We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. 8:00pm to 11:00pm AEST, with invites at 7:45pm SHARP. We are currently recruiting a HOLY PALADIN, MISTWEAVER MONK, FURY WARRIOR and WARLOCK. For more information please feel free to message myself, Grombrindel (UGhillie#1512), Mistbink (Mordi#1804) or Ellsey (timmaaah#1482), or head to and post an app!Grombrindel18 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 [A] Harakiri - PvE 14/14 NM LFM We are currently looking to recruit players for a second team in preparation for WoD 20 man raiding, we are a fun friendly guild who clears SoO NM in a little over four hours each reset and are also gearing up alts to help with the second team get raiding faster, all positions are open and we do have some requirements A - You will need to be on Teamspeak regardless of if you have a Mic or not, if your a DPS you wont have to talk if you dont want to but tanks and healers will be required to at least call out Boss switching / Dispell orders, remember, we are a friendly bunch so dont worry about being made fun of B - You must be of ilvl at least 540 + by the day of the first raid, this is easily obtainable through upgrading RF items and a few Flex items, also want to be Gemmed / Reforged to fit your current specialization. C - Knowing fights is a must, if you havent done the fight before (which you should have in LFR at some stage) Look up guides on the internet on all fights expected to be encountered that night D - Have fun, we aren't Hardcore raiders who yell over 1 wipe but that doesnt mean to just mess around every pull, there will be others wanting to down the boss ASAP so keep them in mind Thank you for taking to time to read this post if you have any questions feel free to leave them in a comment below or add me on my battle tag - Lexzaar#6199Lexzaah1 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 {H} 10man recruiting for Hm & Wod 10man guild Recruiting for the main focus of WoD. After taking nearly a 2 year break from wow, we are forming a guild for the main focus of WoD. We are after raiders with a raiding history over previous expansions who may have also had a break during but can prove they have the skill for Mythic raiding in Wod & Players who are skilled & have HM progression in SOO, but after a home for Wod We are seeking players who are looking for a home in a group of raiders that are skilled & are willing to put the time in. We are a newly formed group of skilled players but we are not going to do 14/14 hm next week, we are chasing people who are willing to stick it out & progress as a guild now & into further expansions. The main focus of this expansion is to get our core group running smoothly for clean & fast progression into wod. Raid Times: Wed: 8-11pm Thur: 8-11pm Mon: 8-11pm Current recruitment needs: Prot War rogue H pally/Disc Priest Lock/Boomy/Spriest Monk & dk For more info add battletag: Adiou#1954Adiou0 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 WTB Engineering prof kit! Hit me up with prices. ThanksNitrò0 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 LF SG/Msian based Guild (GMT+8) Dear all, Am exploring a move to this realm as it's better fit for my working schedule and am wondering if there's any end game SG/Msian raiding Guild? Main spec: Furry - i585 OS: Prot - 568 (heroic geared but yet to be upgraded) btag: lbs#1249 Am giving myself these few weeks to explore as many options as possible so do hit me up in game or please leave your contact here. Cheers,Dimsim0 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 Wtb 2.2k arena carry in 2's or 3's Pst me either in game or here! (mail) paying for this very well, add my btag - buck0#1321 regards :)Xmogsales3 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 [WTB] Challenge Runs Please leave your Bnet here and I'll give you an add and we can talk.Cincato0 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 [A] Frostmourne - WTB 13/14 SoO clear Hey all, just trying to gear one of my Druid alt's i've got AoTC. Loot pref - All Tank leather. Message me in game #Abstract6371Vflex0 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 [A] WTB 8 tabs guild, paying well Hi all, I am looking to buy a guild that has 8 tabs, or is capable of purchasing the 8th tab. This means the guild needs to have the guild achievement [Stay Classy]. Paying well, please add my b-tag: esto#1499 to discuss price.Estoqt7 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 <Knights of Çhaos> 5/14 Heroic <Knights of Çhaos> We are currently 5/14 Heroic and are looking for a reliable healer for our raid group at least 570+ would prefer a resto shaman but would settle on any other class apart from druid since we already have one druid healer - we are open to anyone else that would like to join our guild for social and or raid purposes. If anymore questions or would like a invite add my Btag - Hogger#14569Çayde0 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 WTB level 25 guild. Buying a level 25 guild, leave me an offer here or pm me in game Lamp#1231 tyNewchemistry1 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 WTB X-51 Nether-Rocket add jaeed#1629 to talk xoKotton1 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 WTB the name Nixee/Nixie Hello, I'd like to buy the name Nixee or another close variation for gold or some other sort of arrangement. If you are the owner of these names or know who they belong to, I'd really appreciate it if you could get in touch with me on Nixee#2231 or Bitsee-Frostmourne or on these forums. Thanks folksNixee26 Aug 1, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 11/14H Prot Pally LFG As the title says, 11/14H Prot Pally LF Guild as my current guild is taking a break until WoD so I am after a new home. I am willing to transfer to Alliance if need be. Leave a reply in this thread or add my btag to talk more :) Leeroy#6284Paperplate0 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 [A] WTB 9/9 Gold CMODE vanadiumz#6507 Hit me up with prices!Vandlil0 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 WTB GUILD lev 11+ Hi all, currently looking to buy any guild, as long as its level 11+, preferably with tabs. Please make offers below or add me ingame: imoneyslice#1497Skeggs0 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 Super long battleground queue times What's going on with the queue times? Frostmourne is one of the most populated servers, and yet I'm in a RBG queue for over an hour, and it's 7 in the evening server time! Other times it's under a minute. I'd like to better understand the queuing system, it's by battlegroup right? Aren't there thousands of people playing at 7pm? What's going on? Thanks! :DÇheckers1 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 <Who Pulled> Pve WOD Team "Who pulled"-frostmourne a returning guild is now searching for more players for raiding in WOD, not planning to do much progress in soO apart from maybe normal runs for trials for players, Raiding times will be Fri/Sat/Sunday from about 7pm-12. Need committed players that are willing to put in the effort to become a top end raider. We are currently searching for a off tank(Pref a monk or druid)/priest healer/mage/dk(dps). All other classes will be considered. Message the gm Blaireez or myself in-game or reply on this post if interested with you spec and current content clear, we do understand if u haven't done much of current content if you are a returning player but if you willing to put in the effort you will be given a chance.Boommerz1 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 WTS Name "Sky" WTS Name "Sky" on frostmourne :)Sky2 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 [H]560+ resto shaman lf heroic SoO (proven) Hi guys, I don't have time to raid 100% so I thought i'd put out some feelers to see if any guilds or pugs need a reliable sub. - Is armory link. Currently in dps spec and gear for dps proving grounds. More than happy to suit up & show you raid gear in game. 24yrs old. Working Mic. Will provide own flasks and food. Patient and polite. Repairs are negotiable. Understands fight mechanics. Able to run logs if needed. Also willing to spend time with your healers if they need tips for raid. 6 years wow healing experience. Proven healer. Available most night on request. Please do not expect/ask me to join your guild :)Daeva0 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 Placeholder. Placeholder.Torcq0 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 Placeholder. Placeholder.Torcq0 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 WTB Gorge stalker legplates whisper/mail in game if you can make these for meThanatha0 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 Recently Returned, looking for a fresh start. Ahoy! I'm looking to join a guild that offers some form of voice communication and raiding/pvp availability. Please no "go to our site and apply" - Prefer Australian/New Zealand player base, just for time flexibility. Undecided on horde or alliance yet. Just kinda cruising around on whatever. -MRanj1 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 Chaotic Winds 10M 11/14HM LFM Hi we're the ex-members of Chaotic Evil, our GM either got hacked or did some stunt and removed everyone from guild. All the original raiders have moved on and create a new guild, looking for more people to join our cause and attempt to clear the content by end of MoP. We're trying to have around 14 people for progression raiding, non of them being a backup, but swapping people in and out depending on mechanics, demands, and loots. We're raiding on the following timing: Wed - 1900-2230 SVT Thurs - 1900-2230 SVT Sun - 1900-2230 SVT We are looking for committed DPS that are min ilvl 565 and have a min of 8/14 HM exp, high priority being a DK with Blood OS & a Hunter. Due to loot distribution, we're not too keen for clothy DPS, but you can try and whisper us for more info. We're looking for casuals that wanna chill & hang out with. :)Rínko1 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 [A] <GOW> 9/14 HM SoO 25man LF DPS <GOW> US-Frostmourne, currently 9/14 HM, is the top casual 25man raiding guild on the realm and we are recruiting exceptional DPS (ranged preferred) with heroic SoO experience as numbers are we are getting closer to WoD. We are also interested in a DPS with a good tank o/s to be a spare tank and a 3rd tank for 3 tank bosses. Raid times (SVT): Wednesday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm Thursday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm Sunday: 8:00pm - 10:30pm Add hibernater on realid (hibs#1798) to discuss recruitment. Thanks!Joemangina0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 <Fiction> Alliance 10/14H SoO - LF Ranged Fiction are a fun, mature Aussie guild with a core who have been together for many years. We are looking for a Ranged dps for an immediate start. You must be of min. 570+ ilvl First 6-7 heroic boss experience would be nice, 10-11 heroic boss experience would better. (current ranged n the group: Boomkin, Hunter, Warlock) Current Progression:10 man SoO (10/14H) Classes: Mage preferred, but any class played well will work... Raid Days: Thursday, Sunday, Mondays Times: 8:30pm - 11pm SVT WoD Mythical Expansion If you are in a holding pattern in a stagnant guild, coming back from a break for WoD, cross realm transfering, etc. and looking for a fairly hardcore raiding guild and want to join a team of raiders with a bit of life in them. Then Fiction could be for you :) Specifically we will be/are looking for Tanks and Heals. But we are recruiting any good players who prefer to raid within the days and times posted above. We are active within the guild and on our website ..... see "apply at" below. Apply at: http://fiction.guildlaunch.comLunaray0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 WTS lvl 25 guild [A] Edit: Guild has been sold. TYLoser7 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 WTB Thistle Tea Looking for the old Thistle Tea recipe which can be learned by anyone (not just rogues). I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has one on a dusty old alt or anything please pst or mail me in-game and we can negotiate a price. Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 562 Tank + 564 Heals LF heroic group. Partner and I are coming back from a break from WoW and looking for a H progression group for SoO, 10 or 25 man. We finished our clear of NM SoO before Christmas and had to break because of RL issues, but now we are looking for a group that wants to progress through heroic content with as little delay as possible. I also have a Brew/WW Monk alt that I am currently gearing that I can sub in to DPS if needed. We are able to make most raid times with the exception of Monday and Wednesdays between 5pm to 9pm AEST. - Tank - Monk DPS/Tank alt - Healer Add Redge#1330 or Neeky#1129, or post here if you want to know anything else.Arcavius0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 WTB high level guild [CLOSED] Link me to your guild and offers FOUND A GUILD, THANKSThwipp0 Jul 29, 2014