Dec 8, 2012 Looking to buy a Swift Spectral Tiger (TCG) I have not had much luck with my contacts in the game but I am looking to buy this mount. I am willing to negotiate price.Atem5 Dec 8, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Lords of Eternity 25m (A) Recruiting for MoP Founded: 12/25/2005 on US-Garona(PvE-CST) Alliance side Website: Progression: 8/8 HM LoE is a guild for players who are serious about raiding, but don't have the time to meet the heavy schedule requirements of most progression guilds. We raid 25-mans 3 nights a week, 3 hours a night. Our raids are highly focused, efficient, and successful to meet our raid goals. Loot is given out using a bid based DKP system. We are looking for players with the skill and drive to beat hard-mode encounters. Our schedule is Tuesday through Thursday night from 8pm to 11pm CST. An ideal applicant is serious about progression and pushes the limits of their abilities. Above all else, we're looking for players with a 'team first' mentality. Contact our recruitment officers Nessaja or Dunric or visit our website for more information about applying. It is important to note that we are no longer running official raids in Dragon Soul. We are accepting applications for MoP only. As of right now we are in need of ranged DPS other than hunters. However, we are always recruiting extremely talented players of any class/spec.Dunric20 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Hotdogcart Dear HDC.... COME BACK TO USLunkel2 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Someone is recruiting Or so I hear.Skiptomaloo1 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 <VoW>(25) 4/6MV Looking for a raid group? <Veterans of Wrathgate> is the Level 25 late night guild. Right now we've got a solid core of players who are progressing in Vaults at a steady progressive rate. For being under-geared we're doing quite well. It's merely getting mechanics of fights down, and not getting a !@#$ty group for the dogs each week (Jasper Cobalt Jade sucks, btw). Since we're not looking for more players for THAT group, I thought I would mention we DO have several other members itching to raid. Unfortnately we don't have enough currently to make a second group. That's where you might come in! We have need for: 1-2 Tanks (We have a standby tank, but he may wish to raid on his rogue, this is entirely up to him however). With at least one of those tanks having a strong DPS off-spec. Preference given to Warrior tanks. 2-3 Healers. AoE healing is a must, and we'd prefer Druids, Shamans and Paladins. We have at least one Shaman healer who knows what she's doing, but a Druid for Innervate, Tranquility and Battle Rez is a MUST. We currently have a member who has a hunter and a druid healer and is working on gearing them both, and may bring one or the other to the raids. 3-5 DPS. All DPS Classes. No real need here aside from covering all buffs. A mix of melee and ranged preferred (don't want one side too heavy for some fights). We're trying to make the composition work for the fights as well, but we're not going to force someone into a specific spec or kick someone from a raid for being the wrong class. As for raid times, that is TBD simply because we could keep with a late night theme for the second group, but it really matters what would work best for the most members of that group. What are we NOT looking for? Divas, Drama Mongers, and people who are so obsessed with loot they refuse to run with anyone of the same class. We're all adults here, and we're all mature enough to not get bent out of shape if someone rolls against us on a piece of gear. About us: We're a fun loving group of people who have been raiding together in various ways for about a year now. We were part of another guild but splintered off to focus more on what we viewed as a more progressive and aggressive format of playing. We're not a hardcore group of individuals, but we do get the job done. We all have thick skin, and we're all adults, so our raids can be fun and hectic, and we're not afraid to tell someone when they've screwed up, or when they've done an awesome job. Respect is key. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Send myself, Rowdee, or Cerinne a tell in game and hash it out! We have no website currently, but that is pretty much our application process. We won't give you the 3rd degree, but we do want to get to know potential members. The usually raiding perks apply. Free repairs for all your characters up to 400g daily (even when not raiding, but for new members it is limited to 100g daily until they pass the probation period of two weeks or sooner at officer discretion). We also supply all flasks, applicable potions and food buffs for free during raids. This applies to ALL members. EDIT: Still looking! We've got a few nice prospects, but we really want to round out the second group and make it its own thing, instead of a group reliant on alts, etc. If you're curious come on and give us a try! We're currently 4/6 in Vaults and going for a full clear this Friday/Saturday.Disinfection13 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Hello! My name is Healcannon. I've been on Garona for a little while. I moved here from Shadow Council at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, and moved back off of it to Area 52 at the end. At the beginning of Cataclysm I came back. It's nice to see all the people still here, it's always been a friendly server. People like Coeptis, Untrax, and other PVP friends with too many alts to name. This post is just a re-hello to all the people I used to raid with and pvp with, and a hello to all the new faces I see. ( '-')b -HCHealcannon7 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 GDKP Thread My chums and I currently run a 10 man alt raid that is 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HOF that we have been considering turning into a GDKP. In order to gauge interest, I am making this post. Important stuff about this particular GDKP: I. Legendary items: If and when this becomes an issue, the Legendary will be assigned, not bid on. II. Dead weight: If you suck and don't spend gold, do not expect to be invited the next week. I also reserve the right to remove you from the raid if your level of awfulness exceeds that of Rooftdigger III. Preparation: You will read about fights beforehand. You don't have to be an expert, but please don't be dumb. IV. When and Where: Saturday @ 8:00 PM Server V. Signups: Respond to this post with the following information: 1. Character name 2. Armory link 3. Main spec / ilvl 4. Off spec / ilvl 5. Willing to spend this amount of gold EXAMPLE: 1. Kaeps 2. 3. Tank / 478 4. N/A 5. 30kSpeak15 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Facerolling's All R8 Rare Brawler Kills Video The purpose was to give some footage for aspiring melee as to what is being asked of them to complete the achievement [Now You're Just Showing Off]. I believe this is a realm first and hope you guys enjoy the content if not so much the crappy editing. Feel free to ask any questions (preferably In-Game) if you are struggling with a strategy/execution! Dec 4, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Hey guys!!!!...... I want everyone on Garona to have a wonderful December and a great holiday season, except for the following list of people.... Debriatus That is all. Happy Dec guys.Untrax1 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Is anyone else having trouble connecting? I started out lagging realy bad so i figured i'd restart the game. Now i cnat even connect to it. It freezes on the loading screen. Everything else works just fine on the enternet but wowBalrog3 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 A Story About Good, Evil, And Stupid. My wife (on Bloodhoof) has been trying to get her Pilgrim's Bounty title. She was on her last achievement which was the one where she had to "turkey" various races of rogues. Since Garona and Bloodhoof are linked, she headed up to the courtyard at Undercity and I rolled as many rogues as I could, and she shot me. The most difficult rogue to find -- naturally -- was the goblin. All the forum posts say you can't summon a goblin until the goblin character has finished all the quests. I didn't have the time, or the patience to do that, so we searched for a friendly goblin... and we found one. Garona, you have good people. He came to Undercity to save us some very dangerous commuting, came to her "hiding spot" (which wasn't very hidden, just "out of the way") and she got her achievement. No gold changed hands. I'll say it again... Garona, you have good people. After several hours of canvassing rogues and witnessing how the inhabitants of the courtyard completely ignored my wife's 86 priest as she stood at the edge of the courtyard, I wanted to pay it forward. I was thankful for the helpfulness of the Horde and from the traffic coming and going from the Pilgrim's Bounty tables, I knew that Hordies on our realms were also working on the same achievement my wife was. I announced (from my troll alt "Turkeylips") that I was bringing my dwarf rogue up to the Undercity and was going to park him UNARMED and VIRTUALLY NAKED in the middle of the courtyard as a token of thanks for the goodwill that had been extended to us. I died about seven times in fifteen minutes. I was provoked to self-defense by VERY low level toons. And when I came and PUNCHED the moron (again in self-defense) I was plowed into the ground. i went BACK to Turkeylips and confronted the toon that was griefing my rogue. The only words he seemed to know was "duel" and "group" and used them randomly in three word sentences. I tried to be helpful Garona (and it's other linked servers). I tried to repay your kindness. But your noobs wouldn't let me. Thank you for your help in our Pilgrim's Bounty achievement. Gweedo @ Bloodhoof Alastrine The Pilgrim @ BloodhoofGweedo4 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Looking for MoP level 80 blues. Simply put, I'm looking to buy the following 2 level 80 409 Ilvl MoP blues. The item names are Grekl's Gleaming Talisman Glowing Wind Bracers If you have these, or come across them as a drop and are looking to sell them, find me in game at any time on this character or Verar and let me know a price.Icemage0 Dec 1, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 <Los Burritos Banditos> is recruiting!! <Los Burritos Banditos> is currently recruiting for our 10 man raiding. We're current 10/16 looking for dedicated healers and dps for two groups. One running tues-thrus 6:30-10:30. The other on sat/sun 6:30-10:30. Interested players can contact me in game and we can talk. In-game mail is normally the best way. An alternative is to contact Lealion if I'm not available.Illian0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 Warlock(H) Looking to return from hiatus Just checking how pvp is on horde garona, has it improved any?Deadwick2 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 Extended Maintenance Fun The General forums are burning. I haven't laughed this hard at a forum in a long time. Extended maintenance should happen more often. What do you do to entertain yourself?Sojelly3 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 23, 2012 LF arena partners [H] i'm looking for 3v3 and 5v5 arena partners. i have a rogue buddy that i 2s with and we are going to continue with that. we want to find a healer for 3s, preferably in the mornings, and we are looking for more geared players for a 5s team. we have plenty of experience with PMR but havnt tried it this season. i'm not 100% sure what stats to mention so i can show i have gear/know what i'm doing with it, but me and my rogue buddy are pushing for more conquest gear and just got our weapons this week. if you're interested message me ingame or send me a mail.Blackcarnage7 Nov 23, 2012
Nov 23, 2012 The Resurgence Fun group of individuals, however, as soon as you go above and beyond you're kicked from the group. The guild leader Hoax of the Resurgence kicked me from his 25m Ulduar achievement run. Reason: because I was going to fast and was pissing people off. While a mob was glitched everyone hearthed out (I chose to die and get back in and clear trash). While they waited at the door for everyone I cleared the rest of the trash in Freya's room for them to continue. After the boss fight I was kicked for reason(s) shown above. I'd think twice before joining this group of individuals whether it be for a fun raid or progression raid. Regards, MacstallionMacstallion28 Nov 23, 2012
Nov 22, 2012 Conrad's announcer review (again)... The grand championships this year were fun to watch no doubt. Happy to see Snutz take home 1st after being so close for so long. His video's is part of how i learned to play affliction well, so I'm definitely a fan. Seeing the decisive match end in the damage meter check was sh!t, but whatever. I thought you did a particularly nice job this time Conrad, especially day 1 when the streams first went up. Reck was very awkward and silent for much of the first couple of hours, which was rough during times where EG was arguing and you guys had to fill a lot of time. I figured Reck would do a bit better considering he streams to almost that many people daily anyways... It was a lot more pronounced and fluid when you announced with Vhell who obviously has more experience, and it worked well with you two. When you threw up your corny jokes, Reck wasn't playing off them too well. But as such I noticed you try pretty hard to pick up the slack in the early going at least, and you made the horrendous amount of early downtime better. Cheers. P.S. - You got lucky... because I flew to China and went to the 29th floor of EVERY godd@mned hotel and didn't find you. (great slip up you had there)Untrax1 Nov 22, 2012
Nov 21, 2012 <Shõgun> is recruiting! <Shõgun> Currently 8/16 in MoP content. We are a raiding & RBG guild recruiting more people. We have a Primetime Raid Group that raids from 6-9pm Central and a Late Night Raid Group that raids 11p-4a Central.Both groups raid Tues, Wed, Thurs. with weekends being an optional clean up day. Our 2k+ MMR RBG group runs Fri-Sun 10pm-Quit Central time. We encourage all exceptional players to apply at or Contact any officer in game: Heatherss, Dawnah, ArgetArget9 Nov 21, 2012
Nov 21, 2012 Wouldnt you? If someone says they are receiving phone calls during the zombie apocalypse, you should... 16875 people have voted so far Tranquilize them - (21%) Run away quickly - (9%) Hide the phone - (24%) Order a pizza - (44%) You bet your !@# id tell him call dominoes while he's at it & get me a Large extra cheese w/ sausage.Reker1 Nov 21, 2012
Nov 19, 2012 The Fevered Plague Recruiting (A). Raid Recruiting Priorities: Healers (x2), DPS, Tanks. Raiding times (server time): Monday - 6:30pm to 9:30pm Friday - 6:30pm to 9:30pm Saturday - 6:30pm to 9:30pm Rated Battleground: All classes 90 The Fevered Plague was founded a few years ago, based on local members wanting a guild to play on together. Some of us had mains in raiding guilds, keeping Fevered Plague as a place for alts / mains. Throughout the years we have remained a local guild, doing social events and enjoying the game. At this point; The Fevered Plague is looking to put together a small mature core team for raiding. We are looking to clear out the current content within the coming of months. As a new raiding guild, we do have officer positions for members who are deserving. The loot system will be based on Officer Loot Council. At the current state of our raiding career all of the our raiding members currently have looking for raid experience and previous expansions 10m/25m raiding experience. The Fevered Plague will also run lfr weekly in group, as well as pugs 10m in order to bring in traffic until we have our core raiding group. We are a focused team who will get to where we want. If you want to be a part of this mature, fun, group of people. Message Omanah, Tiralyn, Finicky, or Maladox in game.Omanah0 Nov 19, 2012
Nov 19, 2012 WTB lvl 20+ guild, reasonable price Looking for a level 20 or more guild...tabs not important...can have members or not...doesn't matter...price matters. Will not pay ridiculous amounts for what will basically be an alt guild. Pst or in game mail a price, level of guild and guild name plz. Be serious, plz...Normally0 Nov 19, 2012
Nov 17, 2012 (A) 10/16 Progression 1/16 Heroics LF DPS 10 man Semi Hardcore 3/6 HoF Progression 1/16 Heroics Sold Out @ GARONA (PVE-CST) 3 years old guild focused on endgame with many server firsts. We don't recruit to bench. Looking to fill 2 DPS core slots for our team, Warrior, Lock, Rogue, Monk, Mage. As always, we encourage all exceptional raiders to apply. Our PROGRESSION raiding schedule (CST) is : Tuesday 6:30 PM to 10 PM Thursday 6:30 PM to 10 PM Saturdays 6 PM to 10 PM or later (Optional Night) Sundays 6 PM to 9 PM We rally 15 mins earlier fully prepared. Times can be extended or reduced depending on progression/farm. Applicants have to know their class well, have a team mind set and be willing to give their best. Sold Out is an Endgame Guild, a group of adults willing to down ALL WoW bosses, and we don't mind laughing, enjoying play time together and specially focusing while doing it. So if you are looking for a guild that works well together and is into progression...well, the answer is simple my friend, Apply Now ! For more information look for Kryall, Koremic or myself (alt Mamaocllo or Kimaera). Can have a vent meeting.Tarasbulba0 Nov 17, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 [A] Council of Force recruiting 1 healer Council of force is a casual guild that is recruiting all classes, spec and levels. We are also recruiting motivated individuals who want to progress. We are currently recruiting 1 healer with dps off spec (Preferably Monk, pally or druid) for our new 10 man group. Raid Times: Fri & Sat 8-10 pm. Must have ilvl 460+ Min age 17, plz. We’re looking for players who are committed to success. Loot raiding system: EPGP Raid times will be Friday and Saturday, 8 pm - 10:30 pm server time.. Apply at or if you have any questions please feel free to find me Doomcazter in game and I will answer any questions I can.. Please only age 17 plus.Doomcazter2 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 13, 2012 <Origins> LF1 Ranged DPS for Raid [A] Origins - Alliance - 10 Man PvE Raiding ----------- Raid Schedule: 3 Night Raiding Tuesday - 8:30pm to 11:30pm CST/Server Wednesday - 8:30pm to 11:30pm CST/Server Thursday - 8:30pm to 11:30pm CST/Server Website: -------------- Actively Recruiting: Hunter Shaman (Elemental) -------------- We're pushing for MoP Raid content, 5/16 Bosses as of November 11th. As a 10man Raiding Guild, Full-time Raid slots are limited if you do not fit the current above recruitment criteria but if you have strong raiding experience and performance then we'd love for you to submit an application. -------------- History: <Origins> was formed after Patch 3.2 (ToGC) by a core of old friends & raiders who wanted to really finish off WoTLK with some great raid progression. We completed Heroic ToGC with 48 Attempts left and went on to complete our ICC 10man Lich King Meta months before Cataclysm's launch. I believe we were top 15 then realm wise (I'm kicking myself now for not making a note of it...). After Cataclysm was launched, we lacked a few key raid spots/roles thanks to Rift and various 'real-life' changes for some members. Thus merged with Apex, who at the time, was reviving itself with the help of some of it's old guild members (prior to Cataclysm's release). The players of Origins joined Apex to stay in-guild with known friends and raid in the casual Apex raid setting. Thanks for having us, Apex. It was decided toward the end of Cataclysm to reboot the guild and here we are with a full roster ready to go, minus the above mentioned slot/s that need filled. For more information and/or to apply, please view the About The Guild Section on the website, thank you! --------------- In-game Contacts: Vitus, Uriahworld --------------- Nov 13, 2012
Nov 13, 2012 [A] LF for mature, social guild w/ raiding Hi everyone, I'm currently a member of a friend's guild, and while the perks have been great, it's not the guild environment that I would love to have. I'm considering xferring back to my old server, but would like to find a decent guild here before I consider it more. I'm looking for a social, communicative guild with mature players. A raiding guild isn't a must, but I would like opportunities to raid in the future. I can't commit to a specific raid team right now, but would love to join in when I can. I've been on several end content guilds on my old server, and miss those days. I've not been able to find a guild to make home on this one after my friend's guild disbanded. Reply here or send me a tell in game.Deekar2 Nov 13, 2012
Nov 13, 2012 [H] CRO THREADSTRONGS LEGION Recruiting Cro Threadstrongs Legion is a 10 man progression focused raiding guild interested in the smashing of apples, pointless voyages to Ratchet, and the rapid slaying of raid bosses. We are looking for motivated individuals who want to push progression. Currently we are recruiting for our 10 man progression team. We’re looking for talented players who are knowledgeable about their class, have previous raiding experience, and who are committed to success. Raid times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 7:30pm-11:00pm server time. We currently have One full time raid spot open for a Healer or a DPS. Apply at or talk to an Officer in game.Zushakon2 Nov 13, 2012
Nov 13, 2012 Back from hiatus, or new to the game? Are you new to WoW, or a returning player who has come back after a long hiatus? If you are, <Blizzard Mentor Alliance> is here for you! We are the official Alliance mentoring guild on Garona, and we are here to help you discover the mysteries of Azeroth and beyond! <Blizzard Mentor Alliance> was previously known as <Fair Enough> and at our core, we are a casual, adult and social guild. We are primarily PvE, but have been known to kill a few Horde. We are level 25 and have heirloom legs, and tailored guild shirts unlocked, which are perks new to Mists of Pandaria. Many of our core members have been playing since Vanilla, and are here to answer any and all questions you may have about your class, your role, or even the lore! Here are some other things you can enjoy if you join us 1. Extra XP and reputation boost. 2. Guild repairs. 3. Bags! 4. Lively/random guild chat 5. Glyphs! 6. Casual, but successful raiding. 7. All guild dungeon/scenario runs 8. Ventrilo! 9. Being treated like a "real life" person, and not an avatar. 10. Every day is a new adventure! Feel free to PST any member for more information or for a guild invite. All levels and classes are welcome! We look forward to adventuring the world with you soon!Pheffie7 Nov 13, 2012
Nov 12, 2012 +++++WTB LVL 25 GUILD+++++ Feel free to send me an in game mail or PM me with offers and details! Willing to pay more for active guilds! Thanks so much =]Boyaredee0 Nov 12, 2012
Nov 11, 2012 Dear journal... I got started playing World of Warcraft about 3-4months prior to Wotlk courtesy of my roomate, i started a Draeni Alliance Hunter cause he told me hunters are easy to level, at about level35 (The same time i learned about Specs) i started to play the auction house and make gold. I was told the expansion would be coming & i should hurry to level55 so i can level a Deathknight so i did the night of release i hit 55 was also the very 1st time i saw PvP <Random Acts of Violence> storm the Alliance keep to kill the king, sure they failed cause the npcs had been buffed but wow that looked cool. The next morning after installing Wotlk i started a NightElf Deathknight named Jaktheripper & so the quest was on to hit level80 after about 2weeks (i was a very slow leveler) i hit level80 after being dragged & carried through instance after instance by my roomate & his friends i was fully PvE geared, i tried my hand at Tanking but no dice just wasnt into it did some of Naxx but i couldnt understand why people thought this PvE was so fun. I moved on to PvP doing battlegrounds with the few friends i had made while playing without my roomate, i loved it everything about it even dying wasnt so bad cause you rez & go back at it, AV 40v40 how is this possible 40 people vs 40people!! Quickly following that i started to participate in the Defense raids against the For The Horde raids which were being led by Coeptis for the most part oh the PvP in a city just out of nowhere this game is awesome! Wintergrasp oh how i loved you i played a few games noticed how the Horde would win what Strategy worked for them, why the Alliance lost & how uncoordinated they were so i would sit & wait for Wintergrasp 15min timer & announce in trade chat start of Wintergrasp in X amount of time making the raid groups. I became sort of a constant RL that people would pst me before id do my announcement and get invited to my group cause they knew i wanted to win & would make call outs after awhile of coordinating Wintergrasp & many wins later. I wanted to know what it was like being on Horde even though they lost in Wintergrasp which was due to the number advantage we had and a little coordination they seemed to be more active in pvp with them always being the attackers in other World PvP. I Started Reker on the very same night Horde trade chat was all broken up over the disbanding or fall out of <Random Acts of Violence> i knew RAoV only from them crashing SW every now & again. Seemed like a fun group to try & get to know but they were no more, i didnt know who was who and made a comment in defense of Rev that turned into a guild invite. After awhile of being in there and getting to know most of them i decided to ask them if it was ok i bring my main over, Who is your main? An alliance dk jaktheripper. the responses varied but Rev was very outspoken about the idea, he thought it was great that the guy that was making WG raids & Counter FTH raids was me he was all for me bringing my deathknight. After a few months Rev and most of the guild moved servers. I decided it was time to shelf the Dk & play Reker cause it seemed like more fun after awhile of Ret and showing up at Crossroads numerous times to fight the Alliance i noticed Eetthangs and Roguethangs were always there to, after a bit i was invited to join the guild they were in. Seeing as they were all about PvP to i figured why not go Holy so we can keep the fun going. I bought some healing gear off the Auction House and hit a bg as a 1st time healer, i ran into Emmadnav in an Eots and i noobed it rather well like any 1st timer, we hit DR i remember he went on a 5-0 run with me healing, we died as we rezzed he pstd me ty for the juggernaught run, from then on i realized how much a healer can make a difference in a battleground. Later on i became alot better & learned alot more about PvP hanging out with Eetthangs,Killadelphia & Cochina(Loveless) after we departed there guild we formed We PvP IRL and were known for attacking & camping the Stormwind Auction House. During our runs we noticed a Gnome with Green hair that would sit on bear mount naked & just watch us never attacking us when were dying like some would, his name was Sza. Many an attack later we invited Sza to vent and would talk with him as we would be attacking SW, The very same day we read a wall of QQ from someone about our attacks on the Auction House Griefing was born. One day in a Strand of the Ancients all alone i open the boards to see who is on my team & see a lock named Untrax from Garona, meh i was feeling cocky so i pst him Your from my server you get heals, going bout my usual routine i dispel a Strangulate off him bg ends we talk about doing arena & i never hear from him again til way down the road. I ended up grinding 2s with Rametep to 1800 i got weps a month before Cata & i had to take some time off. The Semi Story of my character & WoW meetings of other people.Reker20 Nov 11, 2012
Nov 9, 2012 <Chaoseffect>(25) We are currently looking for members to fill our raids spots for our core and reserve groups. We are accepting all classes and specs, we are in most need of healers and DPS, but all are welcome, even if you don't want to raid and are just a person who likes heroics, check us out. We are currently 2/6 MV10 and looking to progress further. We raid Saturday and Sundays from 3pm server time until we feel like stopping. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me ingame by whisper or ingame mail. Have a great day and have fun playing.Juliuscaesar0 Nov 9, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Th/M night 10m raid guild LFM Vodka, Spartacus, Kittens, Sex, Thursday Night any of those interest you on a weekly basis? Well then you could have at least one thing in common with members of Bloodbath N Beyond! And isn't a good thing made even better when enjoyed with friends or even strangers? If you think so, consider joining Bloodbath N Beyond. Although I can't guarantee that you'll find a guild enthusiast for ALL of those listed interests, I know there is at least one you can do with 9 other BnB guildies at once! Thursday night 10m raids from 8pm-11pm server. We've added Monday night raids at 8pm server as well. We started our first MoP 10 man raid on November 8, 2012. Currently we are 6/6 MSV & 2/6 HoF. Go beyond your comfort zone with Bloodbath N Beyond! Interested peeps contact us: Dohzer, Pyxee, or Tinytiny.Tinytiny4 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 <Fatal Union> Seeking dps for core 10man We are in search of a dps Warrior, DK or an Ele Shaman for a core 10 man spot. We would have started raiding two weeks ago, but as we all know real life happens, and we lost a couple of our main raiders due to real life commitments. We raid from 10pm est till around 1am est. Friday and Saturday nights. Fatal Union is a place for casual players who want to achieve end game progress, without the serious attitude that almost always comes with it. Owned by a small group of friends, most of whom have a lot of raiding experience going back to the TBC and even Vanilla days, we understand that a lot of players like our selves, have busy schedules, therefore cant or simply don't want to commit all their spare evenings to the game, however, still want to see end game content and progress. Some quick facts/requirements: - Put the time and effort into your character, to improve performance - Mature attitude towards the game - Can knuckle down and get the job done when needed - Friendly and social - Not easily offended In short, a guild for skilled and willing players who want a tight knit team with a casual and mature attitude towards the game. Sound like something your after? Add me in game Sub#1957, So we can chat.Esmerée3 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 471 rogue looking for early raid Grown married man former us marine with an ilvl 471 rogue looking for early evening raid group. Also have a 451 monk healer upcoming. Have to get up at 4am every weekday for work so I can't be up late at night. Would like to find a 7pm-930pm kind of thing a few nights a week. I know the fights in vaults and have completed them all. Achievement in profile. Played since vanilla, seen all raids and most hard modes and beaten the ones I've attempted. Took a break in cata when the tornados ripped my house apart, so i missed firelands. All togc hard mode with dedicated insanity achieve 12/12 icc hm with bane, 5/13 teir 11 hard mode and only 2/8 ds hard modes. Guild left garona when I couldn't play anymore. Been pretty casual since. Im a good player but ive settled down a lot. Real life demands more of me now. I am Not looking for leet hard mode must clear everything guild or people only interested in how high I parse. I've been in top guilds and done top parses. Those numbers are very relative to the raid group and tactics an it doesn't make you a better player to sacrifice team progression for personal dps records. Send message in game or mail box me. I'm online most days by 430 pmSloberknockr0 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 @ Serious Business Enjoy 2/6 normal. Hahahahaha Ztop. <3Shortstop8 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 These forums.... Are really boring as of late.... Anyone want to buy a mount from <The Empire>???Hellsent8 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild Hello, I am a 477il Holy Paladin looking for a progression raiding guild that has the mind set to really push heroic content. Due to changes with my career I am unable to raid on a PST realm which is a two hour difference for me being that I live in a central time zone area. The guild that I would be leaving behind has been a great group of people to raid with and I have made many new friends there. It’s a hard decision but I really enjoy raiding and with their current raid schedule I am unable to make the raid times. Feel free to check out my profile on wow-heroes it has several logs there just type in US Cenarius zyìon (alt 141 for the i)Zyìon0 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Hunter looking for Raiding guild Hi all, Rôcman here looking for a raiding guild. Preferably that raid weekdays at least twice a week around 7pm est. Please post all guilds who are recruiting that might be interested in having me. ThanksRôcman0 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 late night weekend raid Im looking for a late night weekend guild. Does any guild on this server raid from fri-sun around 11-12 sever time.Elimaster0 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 =Coalition= 1/6 MSV Looking for new members We ran 8/8 normal in 10man DS and 6/8 Heroic and are raiding 2 days a week Mondays and Tuesdays 7:00pm server to 9:30pm server. Specifially looking for Tanks with a DPS offspec to fill that slot. We’re a close knit level 25 Alliance guild which will always concentrate on a small group of quality players. We started late in FL with a new guild and have worked our way to here. If you prefer to be part of a casual guild where real life takes precedence over WoW. Then we are the place you need to be. We enjoy PvP, raiding new content, 5 mans and the such. We have members that come from all different play styles. Like most other guilds we have very similar expectations: * Attendance. We understand if things come up IRL that prevent you from attending but always like to have a heads up so we can be able to continue without holding everyone up. We try hard to work our raids around the lives of our raiders but we can't do that without a little bit of time before hand. * Dedication. Content won’t always be a walk in the park and we’re not ones who just give up after a few wipes. We expect our raiders to read up on strategies and come to raid mentally prepared (we provide flasks/food/repairs). * Respect. Raiding can make tempers soar and frustrations can arise from anyone. So we try to keep a fun filled atmosphere where you can enjoy yourselves * Willingness to learn. Not everyone who plays WoW is amazing at their class, and we understand this but we still expect our raiders to be researching the class they play and constantly trying to improve. If you have the mentality that you’re amazing and don’t need to do anything to change, quite bluntly, we do not want you. If you can’t take advice of others or at least keep an open mind when people say stuff, then this isn’t the guild for you. We are currently searching for: * Any class that is appropriately geared and wants to see new content, or just level a toon, PvP, or 5man dungeon and the like. Looking for tanks to fill in a slot we're light on, If your appropriately geared please send a message in game to myself, Nierte or Sinidar. If you are interested in joining, have any questions, or just want to know a little bit more about us… please visit and leave a message for myself. Thanks for the read and hope to hear from you soon!Thiban2 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Sold Out Wants You!... Sold Out recruiting 1 DPS. Preference for warlock but any exceptional applicants will be considered. Raid Schedule (CST/Realm) Tues 6pm-10pm Thurs 6pm-10pm Friday 10pm-12:30am Sat 6-10pm (Most likely subject to extension depending) Sunday 6-9pm (Till Clean up) We understand the schedule is quite demanding in terms of attendance there will be flexibility. This is for a rotational raid spot. Fillers and bench players will be used to cover holes in the schedule.Koremic5 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Debriatus is one classy mofo I love that guy.Debriatus9 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Unsealed chest items (Shadowmourne). What are the average going prices for the unsealed chest rewards from the Shadowmourne questline? These include; Muradin's Favor: Crimson Deathcharger: Jaina's Locket: Tabard of the Lightbringer: Sylvanas' Music Box: Nov 1, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 WTB Three of Cranes Need a Three of Cranes card to complete my set. Post offers here or add my real id Twigz#1641Twigz0 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 WoW Gold for D3 Gold Does anyone here have extra D3 gold laying around? I've read that some people trade off their wow gold for d3 gold. If this is not against blizzards TOS would there be anyone interested in doing a 3m=1k trade? Softcore only.Skeetr0 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 27, 2012 Onslaught LF ranged for raiding. We are in need of one ranged dps, for 10 man raiding. We are a pretty casual group, our times are 8:30 PM server to 12:30 server, for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any ranged will work, besides hunter pretty much. Trying to avoid double classing it as much as possible. If interested, whisper me in-game! :DGøld0 Oct 27, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Fury warrior LF a late night weekend guild Im a 475 fury warrior looking for a late night weekend raiding guild. I do come prepred with food flasks potions and repair. I have cleared everything from all old content.Zuzuitani0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Apex Recruiting Need Shadow Priest or Mage. Ilvl 463 min please. Raid nights Mon, Wed, Sun 7-10.Pawclone0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Aff lock LF Late Night guild 11pm-3am preferred I was a founding father of The Sillyhood, was and Officer in the Grey Wolves, I just want a place where I can run 5 mans/10 mans and the occasional 25 man. I don't need mandatory attendance, I don't need WoW to become my 2nd job. Used to raid in Vanilla and BC, took a more laid back role in WotLK and Cata.Torynduron6 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 LF for raiding guild I know this may be far fetched but willing to try. Is there a guild on this server that raid Mon-Weds only and LF a Healer? I can play both Holy and Disc, I have the shadow right now so I can go through the 900 dailies quickly. I have the worst work schedule and those are the days am available. BTW, I don't mind changing factions.Delson1 Oct 25, 2012