Nov 25, 2014 [A] Plutonium Looking for Healer! Plutonium is looking for a talented healer to add to our team. Our team raids on Wed/Thur from 7:00 server time until 11:00 server time. We are going to be progressing through heroic and mythic modes during progression which starts on December 3rd. We have all the other core raiders in place to succeed! If you are interested please contact me: Packetstorm#1885 Our website is plutoniumgarona.comPacketstorm0 Nov 25, 2014
Nov 23, 2014 Guild-Horde "UCB" is full of pricks. Had the unfortunate luck to be grouped with these !@#$%^-s. They were a bunch of elitist pricks the whole time. Blamed me for pulling mobs that I didn't pull. Got mad when they whispered "time warp" to me and I didn't see it immediately, cast it slightly later and we killed the boss anyway. What a sack of dicks.Bacura0 Nov 23, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 Rogue only guild I'm thinking about creating a new guild for only rogues on this realm. Anyone else in?Xonitar0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 for some reason it wont let me post in here NevermindNightchild0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Sky crystal Mount Anyone willing to sell the skycrystal mount?Furlough0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Edge...where did they go? Was wondering...used to play on the same realm until they left and it went dead. I put a toon on their new realm but deleted it later. Anyone remember? Speak, you still check the forums? :)Leggómyaggró4 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Goodbye Garona Had some good times here. I'm sure a lot of people on timeless isle will be very happy that I'm going.Alcance12 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Late Nighters? Are there any left? Back in the day we had about 3 guilds going. Curious if any 12am -3am / 4am - cst guilds are still around.Xuvia4 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Lords of Eternity There was a post on this already but I do want to verify. Lords of Eternity will no longer be raiding competitively as of the Warlords xpac. However, that does not mean that the guild will cease to exist. I want to take a moment and address this part to all the current and former LoE members. LoE was always a great little family unit and every single one of our raiders left a mark on our raid team. Be it loud, quiet, large or small, strong personality or just wanting to be a member of the team. All of you strived to create a strong raid environment and helped us be one of the most consistent and longest serving raiding guilds on Garona. Every single one of you left an impression on the guild and helped shape a little bit of the personality that was LoE. I (and I'm sure all the guild leaders of LoE) thank you for your time with us and wish you all the best of luck wherever your paths take you both in and out of the game. To Garona, don't let anyone ever tell you that Garona can not raid, does not have raiders or ability. Every single raider on this server has the potential to be exceptional all you need is focus and desire. I hope that every single raiding guild still active goes out and kicks some serious WoD tail just to let the world know that our little corner of it still has that fighting spirit. It's been a wonderful ride folks, keep being you! PS: Sev - now we've gone beyond nearly lolAtave3 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 How is this server? A good friend and I are considering starting a Draenei Warrior and Draenei Hunter on this realm, and I'd like to know your point of view on this realm since you live in it. I'm currently in Alexstrasza on my Horde and I also have an alliance on Undermine, all info will be appreciated. what's the pvp scene like? what about the raiding scene? heck how is the AH? thanks for your time.Xyyz6 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 LFG Horde Anyone willing to help get me off a full server to do some quests add me please Tehkyur#1500.Tehkyur0 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 10, 2014 People for 3v3 Want to get ideas and maybe a group together for 3v3 in the first Dreanor seasonMaxarina2 Nov 10, 2014
Nov 9, 2014 no updated horde guild recruitment? Less than a week to go and not much forum activity on horde recruitment. Thought i might find a raiding guild for my feral/guardian druid Stormbrother. Moola has not even been lurking about, though I prefer pvp as a resto which is even more annoying to others than playing my hunter! heh. Any suggestions?Feral0 Nov 9, 2014
Oct 25, 2014 Looking for Guild I am looking for a smaller guild, not one with 100+ people. Looking for a guild to raid with and sometimes go for older dungeons and get achievements and stuff. I am looking to raid on Wednesday and Thursday evening. I enjoy playing Restro Shaman and Priest. Also my Warrior I enjoy tanking on. Other then those I have a mage and rogue I will gladly dps with. Also I am alliance. I raided a lot in WotLK and was my 10man raid leader. I raided a little before I stopped playing. Just started back up and looking for a guild before WoDMardöll1 Oct 25, 2014
Oct 24, 2014 Garona Active Guild List - 2014 Since everyone is kinda wondering if Garona is indeed 'dead' or not, I've decided to create a list for the currently active guilds, their websites (if any), what contacts there are for said guild in-game and their play styles (Hardcore raiding, casual leveling, etc). The reason for this is to give new people to Garona something to go from, and to maybe let people who otherwise had no idea a certain guild existed a chance to join. I will be updating this list either monthly (double checking the info I've been given) or whenever a guild gives me their information. Please reply below or contact me in-game (PMs and mail are fine) with the following: Guild Name: (Obvious) Side: (Horde or Alliance) Type: (Hardcore Raiding, PvP, Casual, Leveling, 10m, 25m, etc) Website: (If any) Contacts: (Anyone you would like for people to contact in-game with any questions) I realize there is the guild find function in-game, but this gives people a chance to give a little more refined info than a few check boxes and a small blurb about their guild. Also to prove that Garona is in fact NOT dead. Just quiet ;)Distant135 Oct 24, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 (A) Recruiting Late Night Raiders Hello! We are a longstanding laid back adult guild. We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs 10:30pm-12:30 and occasionally on Friday or Monday. We plan to farm heirlooms while experiencing the current content and prepare for the expansion. If your guild has stopped raiding, or you are a solo player and are interested in raiding we could be a fit for you.Girdy4 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Way Too Much Time on my Hands Oct 21, 2014
Oct 18, 2014 Age of your guild!! Who is still around?? Hey Peeps, So.... we have a web designer that is intent on calling us the oldest guild on Garona still active. However, without actual proof of this I am reticent to use this title. I remember the Grey Wolves stating a few years back that they were the second oldest? When was your guild created? Do a /ginfo and it will give you the creation date of the guild. Please post a link to a screen shot of the info as well. I am sure many just wont care enough, but like I mentioned, people get butt hurt over this type of thing so I need to make sure we aren't stepping on toes. CSB was started on Nov. 24th 2004 - Screeny to follow (if anyone knows of a guild census too that would be awesome)Ravoss15 Oct 18, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 [A]<Dark Raiders>Day 1 Guild Recruiting We are recruiting all levels, all types for the upcoming expansion. Currently mainly running mainly SOO LFR and UBRS to help gear new 90s/boosts to better gear to prepare for WoD. New players are welcomed as well as people who have children hat play. NOTE: we would prefer both of you play in guild but we do monitor some things like topics, language and involve and help everything as they level and with other end game content. We are looking for people with small guilds that have little to no activity to join us. Keep that guild on one of your characters and use it for banking and storage. Join us so all of us have more opportunities. thanks, Agnot aka Kraloth, Egad, Noesir, Nadari, Ubix Other contacts for invite include Mori, Tirigin, Traeori, Moriquendi, Alawen, Mcgriddle, DannitilioAgnot0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Not really about much at all the forums are.. dead who will be around to read this anyway? ok maybe someone will read it but nobody will comment cause they enjoy being edgy and not posting just lurking, reading and leaving. Thanks for the view. So im playing on Horde Garona right, just minding my own business & pvping, doing Av today an wow what a crapfest its like Horde does bad on purpose in there, everyone tryna troll each other by doing terrible. A 40v40 yet its the bg that gives the fewest HKs? Make the map smaller maybe? Force PvP? No no no wouldnt be fair to casual pvpers that like to join a bg to run around & tell people how they pvp and how cool it is or broken it is cause they ran into a tower for a recap & got killed by a group of noobs that were defending, yea theyre the noobs for defending and they made you run into them & die riiiiiight. Tool. People like that are just asking to be called stupid and when you call them stupid they get offended and call you a baddie, its the typical fall back response for someone thats not very smart or good i dont blame them for not being good but when theyre to busy inflating there stats by killing a random NPC, yea nice 1m damage over 39 other people but how come you have 12 hks compared to number 2 thats got 35? Idiot. Its ok though as long as you outshine everyone else on the meter you have your higher powers right to act like a *##!!*@@ & go full retard on everyone else, enjoy a lonely gaming experience if your going to act like a Douchebag. Whatever happen to the relaxed gamers the good people ya know that go in to have fun & win the game if they can, they dont care about damage or healing charts and they dont brag about it either if theyre top damage/healing they go in for HKs and a victory maybe. Brandon(Eetthangs) i miss you! You and i would go into a WSG in WoTLK and tear it up with your Hunter and id be Prot Spec with Holy gear playing a great support role controlling middle with you killing anything that moved and slow them down when your concussion shot was on cd, letting nothing get past us then 20minutes later be like hey lets go return the flag and do it just like that no problems as if we were hacking and we could return a flag at will. Remember when Horde were Horde and we did Horde things with other Horde like sacking Stormwind and fighting in Elwynn as an organized group yea we were in vent but most of us were drunk, high or both and still holding it down 7,10,15 or however many we could grab vs Stormwind, Killadelphia went afk in the middle of SW square to go get another beer came back and we were still fighting from every which way thats the kinda group make up we had for going to attack Stormwind. The days we would work together to take Wintergrasp or repel the occasional For The Alliance! I feel as if Blizzard doesnt want people to make friends the way we use to do it especially the pvp community, you roll with some random from your server in one of the world pvp spots, either Wintergrasp or Tol'Barad and see them in action either by healing them or fighting with them and you realize this guy knows his way around, maybe make small talk find out its a nice person to be around & youve made a friend. I feel as if making friends in the pvp community is rather easier then the PvE community cause anyone can move out fire/ice read up on a fight & know the mechanics but it makes a moment when you and that random player fight a 2v5 and win or even take out a few of them it makes the game that much more enjoyable. The making of a PvP environment, any Music some type of Liquor and maybe some Smokes, i prefer a Cigar when i drink it just feels right an Original Black and Mild, for Liquor Wild Turkey American Honey and Musical choice, i put on Pandora radio & leave the Classic Rock station on. I dont do drugs, but if thats your thing then maybe it makes you better at what is your doing in game. Horde..Trade sucks nothing ever going on in Trade chat anymore its complete crap, no drama, nobpdy even selling anything, trying to find someone to make something better off dropping your current profession and picking up the one your looking for, by the time you find someone to make said item your profession level will be able to make it already, want a port to wherever? Hah better start taking the Zepplin. This can be avoided most liklely by joining a high populated guild i dont know what guidls are high populated considering there is maybe a 100 horde online at a time, maybe 101.Reker63 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 7, 2014 LW with Gloves of Immortal Dusk Pattern Hello, I am searching for a leather worker with the TBC Sunwell Pattern: Gloves of Immortal Dusk. I would greatly appreciate your crafting services and will reward handsomely for your time. The mats have been rotting in my bag for the better part of MoP while I fruitlessly farm the pattern and even the lookalike piece from M'uru to complete my favorite game of dress up. I ran a quick search on the Garona forums and clearly this is a rare find. Thanks in advance - if you're out there... ScoxScox0 Oct 7, 2014
Oct 6, 2014 577 HPally 5/14H LF social guild 2n/week Hi there, I'm looking for a not too big, friendly and social guild that will raid in WoD 2 nights a week maximum. Raiding time needs to be anywhere between 8pm CST (9pm EST) to midnight. Finding a small-mid guild with talented players but with a "medium" gap for playtime, that would probably switch to mythic mid-late into WoD would be perfect and would means we probably have the same playtime. I can switch to Alliance also. About me : Stop playing WoW around the long Cata end, and then rerolled pretty much when SoO patch 5.4 hitted. I play a Holy Pally since WOTLK. I was on a casual raiding guild. I know well my class and im a good and friendly player above all. I read a lot on holy pally theorycrfating, so Im always ready even if I have a short playtime. I managed to get to 5/14 H only by puggin here and there. Had a lot of guild invites after usually 1 run since I was a good healer, but they were always raiding 3 nights/week. The reason I pug is because almost all my old WOTLK friends arent playing anymore... and I start to miss the community that WoW used to bring me. I have a good leadership background from being PvP officer, RBG leader and then Guildmaster during Cataclysm. But for now, I do not seek to do any PvP content. My playtime is 100% PvE. I can play a support role for the GM and officers if the guild is small. Thanks! Xhor#1198 Edit : Would also love to find a guild that would like to run CMs Silver since I want the mount and tittle.Xhor1 Oct 6, 2014
Oct 6, 2014 Deranged wants you! Deranged is a guild of alt-o-holics on Garona looking to hit up WoD with a purpose. We are currently seeking players that want to level together through the upcoming expansion and get deep into end game content. We need all classes at the moment, so please feel free to enroll. The goal is to get 2 quality 10m groups, and then progress into mythic raiding by merging the two. Raid times will be Friday, Sunday, and Monday nights from 6:00pm CST to 9:00pm CST. It would be nice if you could make 2/3 of these events. We are typically all working adults that enjoy unloading steam in a digital realm when time allows. Come on by and lets do this. Hit me up if you would like to hear more: Ubetcha#1881Nahmean0 Oct 6, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion For Sale I would like to sell this very rare item to any Warlock who has not completed the Green Fire Quest before patch 6.0 hits. This item begins the Green Fire Quest Chain. Once the new expansion starts, you will no longer be able to earn the achievement title <of the Black Harvest>. Please message me in game if you are interested in the item and I am sure we can negotiate a price. My Battle Tag is: VanGaldor22#1823 Here is the wowhead link which has more in depth information about the item: Oct 5, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Selling TCG Mounts I'm selling almost all of the TCG mounts for gold on both horde and alliance side. You can get in touch with me via my Battletag: Jollyrancher#1540. The mounts themselves are already redeemed on the realm. i.e. this is for the actual mount not a codeOoey0 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Rozenwyn and Skyanna? Where are you?Tizzlebock2 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTB bulk Mats or pets.. whisper in game with your offer on w/e it is that u have to trade..Camdre0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTB spectral tiger mount looking to buy a spectral tiger mount. rare or epic version. whisper me in game or post here. i will mostlikly reply a lot faster in game.Camdre0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Poejack Sends his love Greetings Garona. Sending love to all my friends over on Garona. It's been far too long. Back in Vanilla/BC/Wrath. Ahh the days! Some might remember me as Varamina, Iconoclast, Casmavara.Airthana14 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 20, 2014 knock knock... Mostly just a little feeler being thrown out Horde side for anyone who might remember me. On a whim I came back to the game after a 4 year absence and just curious if anyone I know or who knows me is still around and active. Very different mechanics to relearn apparently, but enjoying it so far. Cheers.Mitsko2 Sep 20, 2014
Sep 20, 2014 vodka They were here.Torreya2 Sep 20, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 <Evileye> LFM Heroic SoO 25 (Currently 9/14) Hello again Garona! Aku loves you. Now on to business. <Evileye> has recently made the switch from two Siege of Orgrimmar 10 man raid groups to one 25m, and are looking for a few skilled players to fill in our ranks with intentions of progressing through the heroic content in a 25m raid leading into the launch of Warlords of Draenor. Quick Info 9/14 Heroic SoO (25 man) 9/14 Heroic SoO (10 man) Tuesday & Wednesday 8 p.m server to 11 p.m server Rolling for LootWe are currently seeking skilled ranged DPS classes particularly an Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, and Shadow Priest. Applicants who believe they would be an asset to the raid groups success are encouraged to apply regardless of role. Are you an individual who... Is a loyal guy/gal who is looking for a long-term home? Is a competent and competitive player, who not only has a full understanding of his/her class, but also keeps up with the latest changes to his/her class? Is an analytical player, who consistently assesses his/her performance to constantly improve? Is a self-starter, and doesn't need people to hold his/her hand to get things done?Well some of us might be convinced to do more than hold your hand; do you have pics? Is not only able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it, but expects it from his/her guild-mates as a stepping stone to improve? Has an outrageously good sense of humor? Is also outrageously good-looking? This is important, especially if you're a man Is comfortable with his/her sexuality? Is comfortable with our sexuality? Is a furry or Asian, or a furry Asian? Look, I don't make the rules around here, so don't ask me; we have some weirdos here. Are you interested in a guild that... Recruits intelligently? We don't recruit too many bench spots, and personality is as important a factor as is skill/experience! Has a diverse and interesting group of people, real people you can actually get to know, instead of voices and pixels? Is able to convey things in fully coherent English? Tends to appeal to older players as opposed to younger college/high school kids? Most of our members are late 20's-30's, and we have more people in the 40-50 age range than we do in the early 20s. Is able to have fun during raids? We joke, make fun of each other, have karaoke, have full conversations in vent text-to-speech bindings, and still get bosses down effortlessly. We know how to have fun, but we also focus when it counts. Has an annual bro down at the Darkmoon Faire? It is also worth noting that our guild is quite active on non raid days with alt runs, dungeons, pvp, pet battles, and everything in between. Almost all of us enjoy playing the game beyond our scheduled raid days. If it all sounds good to you check us out! Feel free to apply on our website Or whisper any of our officers Turbine Battletag Lowline#1189 Ylnevaeh Battletag Heavenly#1883 Thebigdirty Battletag Bigdummy#1210 Or whisper myself, Akudama. We look forward to hearing from you Garona! =) - <Evileye>Akudama10 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 [A] LVL 25 Guild Dark Raiders LFM Day 1 guild Dark Raiders on Garona is looking for more to join our guild. We are an EST-Evening and Weekends mainly guild. We do not require you to be in that time zone or play time frames but most of our activity occurs then. Most of us started in beta or day 1 with kids who now play. Having this caused us to want to keep our guild family and kid friendly. We accept anyone but expect that our members understand we want to keep things friendly, fun and clean. We have a fair amount of chat and guild activity. We have players at almost all levels of the game and are actively recruiting. Rules of the guild are simple... respect other members and have fun. Parents are welcomed to bring kids in with them. We do expect parents to make sure the child acts acceptably too. Help others when you can. Ask for help when you need it but remember that help is not always available. Our eventual goal would be to offer everyone access to end game content so that even our younger members feel a sense of accomplishment and get to be involved in epic things. While we are primarily a leveling/social guild, we have 90 activity in running dungeons, scenarios, some pvp/arena and some Raiding but most raiding is LFR. Any of these could be expanded on depending on recruiting and desires of members. We are looking to maintain a drama free, fun guild. If you are looking for this type of activity in game, please contact me in game. Agnot [Founder and GM] AKA Noesir, Egad, Ubix, Nadari, Morrak and KralothAgnot0 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Lords of Eternity? Did LoE break up? Stop raiding? I saw Kaze post somthing along those lines in another thread...Beâr6 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Could use some Horde Side Assistance I am on the Alliance side, I am looking for someone whom has Mankrik a part of their daily quest The Protectors of Hyjal!. I have been trying to wave at him since Cataclysm. I need him for Have... Have We Met? and ultimately the only reason why I haven't collected Veteran of the Molten Front as well. So I'll check in on this Topic every few hours today and see if has him, I sure would really appreciate it. Thank you.Doomsnipes1 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Death Knight Boost I have a question. I know that when you boost a character thats level 60 or over, they get a profession boost also. Does this apply to death knights as well, seeing as they start out level 55? I love my dk's and was wondering if this is possible. thanks guysFhujinn1 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 7, 2014 LF Love and BFFs!!! Hi (waves) I just started playing WoW again after a long hiatus and I am extremely lonely. All these happy pandas been giving me the stink eye and I need some homies to back me up. Anyway, I am looking for an active raiding guild that has a few members that enjoy Bgs/Arenas as well. Semi hardcore with an emphasis on having fun would be ideal. Nothing too crazy! I realized i enjoy natural light and plan on leaving my PC every now and then. I don't mind missing the rest of MoP raids due to full raid groups, as long as I have a shot at a core group in the next xpac. I main a druid with past experience raiding as resto and feral along with a little tanking. I also have a rogue and hunter on this server. My other 90s are located on Blackrock horde and I plan on moving them over eventually. This includes a DK, Mage and Priest. If anyone is interested in having this super duper shmexy druid giving you the HoTs, please message me in game! ... Or here!Restochango4 Sep 7, 2014
Aug 31, 2014 Armory not updating My armory has not been updating for about 3 days. Anyone else have this problem ?Titanseeker1 Aug 31, 2014
Aug 31, 2014 Looking for a raid enviroment My 4 raider toons are all 574 2 mele 2 ranged. I have laid off raiding for some time and will be looking to return to the fights and getting back into the swing of things. I have not started heroic modes yet. Now that the summer activities are slowing down I am more able to play wow. I have all profs.and mats for raiding on my own. gold is not an issue. I have comm progs and a vent server. I am not sure my system will do well in a 25 man raid due to lag or such mebe disabling some or all addons would suffice. IDK. I am a raider. Been in the game for 10 years. I am a lil leary about online guild aps as to it always seems that my email gets spamed and such from those sites but will furnish info as requested through chat or ingame mail. If your guild is in need of a good wow player for raiding Hollar we can talk :DLyndacarter2 Aug 31, 2014
Aug 30, 2014 RAIDING FOR REACH!!!! :) HI, Reach is looking for the BEST players on Garona to help finish Heroic SoO 25 MAN content. I am only looking for ppl who are confident they can do competitive DPS in a higher end raiding guild with near 100% perfect attendance. -be progression minded not gear minded -be on time and be mentally present -be VERY skilled -know how to play ALL specs for you class -DONT BE AN A$$HOLE :) Contact: Ileff, Historyx, or Amawyn ingame on garona thanks!Ileff1 Aug 30, 2014
Aug 30, 2014 Selling 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode runs Hi, Reach is currently selling CM gold runs for 120k. - Clear the instances with gold medal in 3-4hours hassle free. - Get X-mog gear - On 6.0 Launch recieve 4 unique mounts - Recieve Title for Cm runs When 6.0 drops to live content these will NO LONGER be obtainable. Atm i believe we are the only group that is still selling runs if anyone is interested in getting these done before 6.0 is live contact me ASAP as we have ppl filling the last weeks worth of runs (very quickly) that we will be able to do before 6.0. limited availability left. REACH ME AT PRENOOB#1637Ileff0 Aug 30, 2014
Aug 30, 2014 CM Dungs Any guilds on garona selling CM carrys?Lockmádness2 Aug 30, 2014
Aug 30, 2014 Hello It's me again.Xuvia4 Aug 30, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 WTS Profession Lvling Kits This is a level kit 0-600, Everything you'll need to start a new profession - start to finish. You can opt for me assist you with the leveling process or provide a guide for your leveling experience. Leveling usually takes 45 minute - 1 hour. Engineering - 17k Blacksmithing - 17k Jewelcrafting - 17k Leatherworking - 17k Enchanting - 15k Alchemy - 14k Inscription - 14k Tailoring - 14k First come first serve. 0-300 half the price 300-600 the other half. Any mistakes will be taken care of. Extra mats are no problem. Contact me in game or thread. Nubsicle/FiberoneNubsicle4 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 I want to know how to level EXTREMELY fast. I see a lot of level 90s on WoW; I ask them how long it took them to get to that level. They say about a day. I've had this character for almost three days and am only level 23, any good tips on how to grind fast?Tyghar7 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 {H} ZUG ZUG Recruiting Looking for raiders to even out our 10 man raid composition.Looking for OffTank (Feral or DK preferably) Shaman (dps/resto) Rogue and Mage...possibly Hunter.Contact me ingame for more info.Kellathas2 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 <zug zug> Recruiting for 25 Due to RL events <Zug Zug> has had their numbers dwindled into forcing us to do 10mans. We loath 10mans. WE LOATH THEM SO MUCH!!!!1 What's worse then a 10man raiding is raiding 10mans with a rotating player base because half of a 25man raid shows. We need consistent raiders. We need 25+ of them! <Zug Zug> distributes loot with loot council. We take into concideration the player, attendance, who got most recent drop and class/spec. We dont gear our buddies. Schedule: Our raid times are sun-thursday from 6:45 till 10pm. What we want :) We expect you to show to raid... duh! We expect that you know your class. One of the first things any guild notices with an app is "wtf gems". Know how to gear your junk. Know your rotations. Know when to move. Read up on your bosses. You know... raid standards. That being said we would like hunters, demo lock, holy priest and a dps shaman. We are recruiting any class/spec currently but those would be ideal. 353+ gear please If you are interested you can post an app at and/or send a tell to Verolish or Tinkerbellee. Thank you and good day! GrimmyGrimmessiah20 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Garona Appreciation Thread - 2012 Edition Go on boys, everyone give yourselves a pat on the back. And the !@# while we're at it. Ya done good Garona, ya done good. I appreciate all of Debriatus' hard work going to reddit and personally dj'ing some fine pictures of cats and gifs for me on these forums. Garona, what are you appreciative for this year?Wazuka7 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Anyone want to start out and do CM dungeons? Hi, Im currently a 570 ilev warlock (destruction/ affliction) on Garona. I'm looking for people who want to get to Challenge Mode: Gold with me before the new expansion hits, so that we could get the transmog set before it becomes unavailable! I have very little experience with CMs and am down to start a group from scratch. We might be a little frustrated at the beginning but I think it would be a fun opportunity to achieve something in-game that is different from just gearing up - I'm honestly a bit sick of gearing up at this point and don't really see the point of raiding anymore, and would like to do something different for once. If you're interested, send me a post in the mail or comment on this post with the times you are available at! We would most likely be using Skype, so having that available would probably help a lot too. I'm looking for everyone at this point. Looking forward to all of you who want to start doing CMs!Illarion4 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 WTB challenge modes I am looking to buy my challenge modes plz feel free to whisper me on this toon or pervymonk (both on garona) and also feel free to add me as a real id friend ( drlegend#1953) I will be taking the first offer that is reasonable so contact me fastDrlegend0 Aug 26, 2014