Jun 22, 2012 Twitch Fun Dood, these guys are hilarious this evening. Jun 22, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Dearest Orto I am sorry that Aven got grounded and isn't allowed to use the computer for two weeks, but please don't come yelling around Stormwind in the wee hours of the morning. Soon, he'll be back to love you and cuddle you and give you all the attention you deserve for being so good at Feral PvP. Stay tough, big guy. Love, XaverXaver26 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 19, 2012 The Achieved recruiting for Group 2 The Achieved, a level 25 casual raiding guild, is recruiting to fill our second Dragon Soul group and looking to add new members for the next expansion. If you are interested, please contact us in-game: Ozztick, Adramelah, Verill or Stabbymcface. Or visit our website: Raid Times: Friday and Saturday, 9:00pm to 12:00 midnight.Ahrimane3 Jun 19, 2012
Jun 18, 2012 Blackwind Honor Guard - Zakin beware he is a ninja. stole the drake from OS3DMoundette3 Jun 18, 2012
Jun 17, 2012 WTB Tabard of the lightbringer Please Pm me in game if you have one of these and are willing to sell it, willing to pay very well for 1.Pùll1 Jun 17, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 LF A Tailor For Flameheart Vest I'm looking for a tailor that can make the aforementioned item. The acquire the plans it required exalted rep with the Aldor. Please drop a note here or catch me in-game.Varanis1 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 ON LIFE SUPPORT!! i am back on wow after a 4 month vacation to get my priorities together, 17 months I had a life changing accident which humble me and made me appreciate what i took for granted my whole life, GOOD HEALTH AND THE ABILITY TO KEEP BUSY and enjoy mobility, I am paying the price for my insensitive nature. I come to appreciate MMO like WOW for my ability to interact and feel I am out there meeting and playing like I did in real life, But with game fantasy battle and team work. Being a ex-gulf war 1 vet this game gives me the feel of action, unlike battlefield 3 (great game) brings back the bad memories of war. My Concern is, the 4 months i took off from wow, because the guild i was in went belly up, and my friends had moved on to other newer MMO. I asked them why??? they said because wow got boring and it has nothing new in this last add-on( cata), just a do over of old stuff. i left the game, and tried out these so call new boys in town, my friends were bragging about and i found to ta shocking truth, I hate to admit it, My friends were right!. More content, more choices, un-like in WOW, i did not have go into a dungeon, in that game, just to get kicked because my dps was not high enough for the group. my injury keeps from running PVP, or running dungeons super fast and if i don't run a dungeon with the guild, running it as a pug dungeon is a waste of time, and the only way to get good gear is to get your justice points in dungeons or pvp battle grounds. What i found out in this other MMO being solo you can craft or build yourself a great armor or weapons just by farming for it, this was fantastic. Run the zones while a major battle is going on, you still get some rewards for just being there, you don't have to battle, you still get some rewards. this mmo was friendly to PVE-ers like me and have the feel of pvp play. and you can switch between realms (free) to join your friend who play there When you find a bug in the game and report it, they get on it, and fix it within days not months and not ignore it . The Game masters are fast to respond, almost like they could read your mind when you having a problem. What is sad is this mmo is barely over a year old and it has all the features you can only get thru add-ons in WOW I put year commitment to wow back when it 1st was offered, i felt WOW will make a push with its new package to add more content to FOR CRAFTING AND FOR PVE-ERs MORE SINGLE GAME PLAY. i played the beta of its up coming package and found it lacking in all respects, sure you get a new race, but no new lower content, or any more crafting options, i fear wow has not committed enough to this new package, its young competitor has not only double it crafting and mount options, since wow announcement of its new package, they are adding in 2 person an 3 person dungeons runs which make it easier to get into a dungeon that adjusts level according to the number of players, this what i thought wow should have been after almost 7 years in the market. I feel Blizzard sat back and let this game become boring and stagnant, Blizzard should have been the ones, striving for innovation and changes, not letting these up and comers steal there thunder, but when you ignore the players and worry more about the money you can milk, Now Blizzard a scrambling for you to bring friends back to there MMO, i tried to convince my friends to come back, but after seeing what i saw, i am afraid I have no convincing arguments that will help me win them back. i agree some of these up and comers copied or used ideals people drop here in wow forums to to help develop their game's style and i saw similarities to WOW in this game myself ,which made it easy to like some of its game play. i came back to wow because of my commitment to time i promise to support in my 1 year service agreement. i want to be loyal to a game i love, but I see all the people who was kind and helpful are gone and i am sad I have no way to convince them that WOW is making changes, that will bring anyone back to stay. I hope this game does not die, but like myself who took for granted what i had in health and mobility i did not strive to keep it up, and ignored the signs and paid the price. PLEASE BLIZZARD KEEP THIS GREAT MMO ALIVE! and fresh!!Grandrocktom1 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 11, 2012 <Last of a dying Breed> We are currently GL2 On looking for mature players to Fill our Core 10 man group. looking for Druid or Shamy Heels and a off tank with MDPS offspec all other classes are welcome. Raids are tues/Wed 10pm-? Fore more info Or an Invite PST atruby,hotamaya,UraharâAtruby0 Jun 11, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 @Wildtotemtom This is a message for Wildtotemtom of the guild Order of the Stick. I noticed that you posted on the General fourms. From what i gathered from the trolls that where posting after your (since yours where deleted before i got to read them) that you came back into the game not to long ago, Had a stroke and have limited use of one of your arms/hands, and looking for people to run with. Am i correct in this? Not everyone are trolls and bad as much as those people where. I am here, posting on your server forums, that i am willing to help you out, as well as some other people i have on my RealID. If you still are looking for help look me up on my server, Feathermoon, Alliance side and we can talk. Or post something on my Realm's Forums too to get a hold of me. If anyone can relay this message to Wildtotemtom or anyone in his guild, that would be great too! Regards MargerdriaMargerdria0 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Heroic Shoulder and Leg Token Hello, my 3v3 partner Swagïqt is looking for any guild that is willing to sell heroic Hunter tier 13 shoulders and legs. He is offering 50k for the shoulders, and 75k for the legs. Please whisper Swagïqt in game, or reply to this post. Thank you.Souki0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Windward Heart I am interested in this trinket and I was wondering if there were any guilds that would be able to sell it? Please reply in this forum or send me a in game message with the price. Thank you.Souki0 Jun 2, 2012
May 30, 2012 Dark Sun recruiting. Server: Garrosh-Alliance Contact: Grismar, Gimlich, Bebebunny, Xanwood, Jubanne (work in progress) Who we are: We are a small group of fellow players who have known each other for 5+ years. We believe that a guild should be more than a simple bandwagon to get your epic gear. We enjoy gaming as a group and most of us play more than one game (Diablo 3 & Guild Wars 2 being the most played after WoW) at the same time. What we are looking for: We are looking to enjoy gaming with other like-minded players. Some criteria we’re looking for in recruits are as follows: 1. Able to raid around 1 to 2 nights a week tops. Currently, we are aiming at Monday nights from 8PM to 10 or 11PM EST. 2. Not afraid to show up on Ventrilo even if they are playing another game. We like to get to know you! 3. Know when to be mature & respectful. 4. Enjoy teasing and joking when appropriate. 5. Sign up for events and show up. If you can’t attend a guild event let us know! 6. Understand that real life comes first.Grismar0 May 30, 2012
May 24, 2012 Thank you all for playing Diablo :) thanks! :DBulgrim3 May 24, 2012
May 21, 2012 PSA from Bloodylight/Infanticide/Nihilistic In mineralogy Diamond is one of the hardest metals (if not THE hardest metal) known to man. Diamonds are also a dog's best friend. Definitely much harder than anything walls are made of these days. It's also considered the 3rd shape after circles and squares or, according to Tiffany's jewellers in New York, the kite shape. The older the fiancée, the larger and harder the diamond will be. This can be shown by examining the weakest of all diamonds, the sugar crystal. The sugar crystal is purchased under relatively low pressure and fairly low heat (gas mark 3). Thus it remains fragile and easy to pawn. The highest quality sugar mines are situated beneath the Andes in South Africa. This is primarily due to the increased pressure of the Andes mountains. The next step up on the diamond quality scale is glass. This diamond, while brittle, is far harder than sugar. A very high heat (gas mark 5) is used to mould toughened glass to provide bullet proofing, while lower heats are used to mould more mundane, fragile items such as wine glasses. The hardest diamonds used in jewellery and industrial drill bits are produced by geological pressures and events such as Ebay auctions. An eruption will generally lead to an all out bid war. Buyer Beware, these auctions known as "surprise packages" usually consist of a light dusting of poor quality diamonds, commonly called "Castor" or "Icing" sugar, and several high quality diamonds. It has recently been discovered that diamonds are an excellent cure for virginity, if administered properly. Or improperly, whichever suits you best. You will not be judged.Nihilistic7 May 21, 2012
May 17, 2012 396 Disc/Shadow LFG ^ Says it all, pretty much available anytime.Drjuevos0 May 17, 2012
May 16, 2012 Weekend Raiding Guild LFM <Shadows of the Risen> is now recruiting to help fill our core team to further progress into DS. Raid times are limited to Friday and Saturday currently starting at 9 pm EST. We have a few members interested in PvP and run arenas weekly, and are looking for some new people to arena with as well. Interested in recruiting for MoP too, if you are re-rolling and would like a raid spot, let us know What we are looking for: Friendly players who know their classes Punctual players Those who like to have a good time during raids, but still get things done What we need from you: Atleast 95% attendance Have Raidcall installed, or willing to install it, we use it for raids Current Experience: 4/8 Current needs: Tanks - Medium mDPS - Closed rDPS - Medium Healers - Medium Extra: We run old school raids on Sunday nights normally, for Transmog, Achievments, and some good fun Please apply at or leave a response hereHolytrauma0 May 16, 2012
May 13, 2012 LF Raid Leader DOS is currently looking for a Raid Leader to start up a 2nd DS Raid Team. Applicant must have at least 8/8 NM DS raid exp, and have vent (with a working mic). Pleas send in game mail to Silverstarjr to set up a time to discuss the position. Thanks.Youguys0 May 13, 2012
May 11, 2012 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild Hello, I am looking for a raiding guild, on Garrosh, as far as experance, I am 7/8 on Dragon Soul, and 1/8 Heroic This toon is my main toon, I am not interested on working on my warlock anymore, and I prefer to heal, I have a ele off-spec, however, I can't seem to pull more than 20k DPS on it, I dunno if its a rotation thing, but I have been working on reforges, and enchants to work on that. I am sure I will figure it out. I was in "Straight Up Cleveage" but someone reported the name and the guild had to change names. THe new name is "The Addicted" and because of my current line of work, and the fact that my co workers, boss, and my wifes co workers see my facebook, where both myself, and my friends in WOW post picts alot, I would rather them not see that I am in a guild that has a name that might be mistaken in some way. There was no "falling out" or negative drama surrounding the guild, I just choose to move on hopefully to a guild with a name I feel is more suitable. Feel free to wisp me in game if you have any questions, or what not. THank you for your time. -HimiHimi1 May 11, 2012
May 2, 2012 Straight up cleaveage? What happened!?Hottubwater2 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Suur He is a great man.Huntardid1 May 2, 2012
May 1, 2012 Blazing Drakes is now recruiting We are a level 70 twink guild on aerie peak horde. We do all the old Bc raid's and even the classic raid's weekly, we also do lot's of heroic's,bg's,rbg's, and arena's daily. We also do all the Bc quest line's and rep grind's etc our raid progression atm is 3/4 TK Complete Hyjal 4/9 BT Complete Karazhan. Complete AQ40 (10 70's) Complete Bwl40 (10 70's) Complete MC40 (4 70's) 5/6 SSC We are in need of dps and tank's but we Welcome all level 70 twink's with open arms and even if ur not a 70 yet we will help u lvl and when u hit 70 help u get gear. We are a 70 twink only guild but we do take 60 twinks we have a really good player that 60 twink's in our guild and he is in charge of the 60 raids But if u would like more info or thinking of twinking or joining our guild just post some thing about on here or u can whisper me or any one else that is online in gameSices6 May 1, 2012
Apr 30, 2012 Master's Hat Paying at least 100g minimum for this! PST in-game if you have.Thermometer0 Apr 30, 2012
Apr 29, 2012 [A] Team Bill Murray is LFM! Just started back up after being disappointed elsewhere, so we are only level 8 currently. We are looking for more people to create a fun guild environment. Right now, we are just running heroics and old dungeons/raids for achievements and transmogrification gear, but we are interested in pursuing other things as well. Namely DS now that it is very easy to clear with the changes. All officers have been informed to not hesitate to boot people if they find them to be bothersome, so please do not bother joining if you are rude or obnoxious. Contact myself or any guild member for an invite. Thanks for your time and precious forum space.Bahebos0 Apr 29, 2012
Apr 28, 2012 Madness of Deathwing Can someone explain something about this fight for me? So we clear platforms of Deathwing's Arms and Wings, and once we clear a platform of the arm - the dragon - who was busy fighting off the Arm/Wing with us - now no longer helps us. What? Wouldn't he THEN help us because he doesn't have an arm/wing to deal with? Why does Deathwing keep trying to cast a spell - then stop when he knocks his arm/wing. Except he doesn't seemingly need said arm/wing because he starts again, once he's had sufficient time to ... recover from losing an arm he apparently doesn't even need to cast? Wouldn't this fight have made so much more sense if every platform we cleared, we THEN got the Dragon buff? And if his cast time was let's say - 10 minutes on Cataclysm, but every time we killed an arm, the cast time slowed down. So we burn the first arm and let's say it takes 5 minute (or whatever because there's no buffs) and the cast time was 5 minutes left but now the cast speed is 1.3 (or whatever) so while he's half way done with his cast bar - he now has 6 2/3 minutes left. Then the next platform might only take 4 minutes (because you have one buff, probably Yellow or Blue depending on group makeup) leaving you with 2 2/3 minutes remaining (but his cast bar has now slowed to where he's casting at half his initial speed and he's 80% done casting). Next platform might take 3 minutes, but he'd end at 87.5% cast done. 2 minutes on the final and he's 89.58% done! It'd be exciting!Zarrín5 Apr 28, 2012
Apr 26, 2012 Silence [8/8H] 10M LF Mage Silence is a level 25 raiding guild. We are a group of fun-loving people who share the goal of progressing in content. We hold our members to high standards in terms of preparation and dedication, but at the same time try to focus on the fact that ultimately we want to have fun, laugh, and succeed. We do not feel we have to give up one to excel in the other. Currently we have room for three people for our raid group. We're looking for a quality Mage, and a Resto/Boomkin druid. Because of how often we rotate characters, it is imperative that you be relatively competent in both roles. While one of these we feel would best fit our needs, we are always on the look out for high quality players of any class and can effectively rotate one or two players to fill other slots if we find the right player. Please contact Milkywood or myself (the i in my name is alt 0237) in game for more details. For server transfers you can contact me using friend ID my email is Raid Times: Sun-Tues 8-11 PM EST Loot System: EPGP /We're kind of a bunch of jerks. Deal with it.Zarrín63 Apr 26, 2012
Apr 25, 2012 [A] seeks heals/tank for Tues run. 8/8 DS <Edge of Insanity> is looking to add a healer or tank to our Tuesday raid. This group clears normal weekly, no problems; may add a hardmode or 2 in the future. A healer or tank is preferable. Holy paladin, disc priest or shaman for heals. Or bear tank, prot paladin or warrior. This group runs for 3 hours every Tuesday, 7:30-10:30pm EST | 4:30-7:30pm PST, although usually we clear earlier than that. Gear is done with /rolls. No real experience necessary - raid finder or Firelands gear is fine. We use ventrillo. Any questions? Just ask. To express interest, please respond here or let us know in-game. Thanks. :)Cocoa0 Apr 25, 2012
Apr 19, 2012 RBGs with <Splyffindor> We are currently looking to add more people to our roster to field consistent RBG teams. We are currently looking for more healers and a dedicated flag carrier (Blood DK/ Prot Warr preferred), but anyone is welcome to join. We would love to add more members to the guild, but membership is not required to come do some RBGs with us. Send a whisper or in-game mail to Hotfarts or Tinklewinkle to grab your spot. We try to run whenever we can find enough people, with a dedicated run every Friday around 9:30 EST. Vent is required, 3.5k resil minimum.Hotfarts0 Apr 19, 2012
Apr 18, 2012 When in Rome I drink lattes while I raid.Flipflop36 Apr 18, 2012
Apr 12, 2012 Horde seeking female dwarf for bunny achiev. I am an undead female seeking a dwarf female for the shake your bunny maker achievement. If you have a dwarf that can be of use for this, I would love to arrange a place to meet up. Possibly in Dalarian or another neutral zone.Lukatye1 Apr 12, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Question! Who is excited for D3? I'ma play a Wizard. The Beta got boring though. =[Putricide12 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 LF Rogue, Priest for RMP. What the subject says. Send an in game mail if you're interested. Thanks!Dracolis0 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 LF Rogue, Priest for RMP. What subject says. Mail me in game if you're interested.Dracolis0 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 Normal FL Anyone have a Normal Firelands Raid on Sundays that could use a dps?Naturecold1 Apr 7, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 LF Disc Priest for 3s In Need of a good Disc Priest alliance side for 3s. Running Ret / Rogue / Priest. Myself and Beck (the ret) have 2k experience on alts. Leave a reply here or contact in game for more infoSuboptimal0 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 Sash of Ancient Power Looking for a Tailor that can craft this belt Sash of Ancient Power .The pattern is a drop from Ulduar. I have mats. Thank you!Varanis2 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Ex Nihilo Recruiting We are currently looking for a Tank/Dps (Pally preferred but all will be considered) and a Warlock. Tank must be able and willing to play both Tank or Dps depending on the raids need. We have started Heroic mode Dragon Soul and are 3/8 so far. Feel to whisper me if you would like more information. If you are interested in joining us please visit and fill out an application at: Some information about our guild: - We raid three days a week, Tuesdays, Thurs and Sundays. Our raids last 3 or 4 hrs each night, beginning at 9pm (till 12 server) Tuesday and Sunday and 8pm (till 12 server) Thursday server time. Ex Nihilo is a guild dedicated to seeing and conquering the challenges that Warcraft has to offer, while at the same time recognizing that each of its members has a job or is in school. We are not intending to compete with the hardcore guilds and are content to move through raid instances at a slower pace. - Our guild is focused on 10man raiding. All of us have been through the trials of 25 and 40man raiding and the conflicts that arise from large groups. We want to enjoy our time raiding with one another and want to consider members as friends, rather than just raiders. We are here to work together and we realize that the only way we will all enjoy raiding and make progress is to focus on the needs of the guild and our fellow raiders, instead of getting caught up in loot fever. - We are primarily interested in conquering new bosses and gaining achievements that help our guild stand out and to show off what we can do as a team. Though loot is desirable, new drops come with new bosses defeated. We are not here to farm, but to push forward at a steady pace through content.Khana18 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Pagans Refuge is lf2m to fill out casual grp! We are looking for people who don't screw up on simple mechanics and are able to contribute to the group. We need two range dps (need mage, and ele shammy). Or a mage and a resto druid or disc priest. We raid Friday from 6pm-8:30pm, Saturday 6pm-8:30pm, starting sunday raids still makeing up times. Please be able to contribute and know your class like the back of your hand, and able to handle Izoll talking about his girlfriend... alot. You can contact me on this fella. Or talk to Bigdumbface, Drjuevos, Hrafnelfr, Ghost on his many toons, Izoll, and ZaenithonWhürt5 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 2, 2012 @ Deidris Come back to the Light! Bring back the friends who have crossed over. Also, cheesecake. 'Nuff said.Odenknight9 Apr 2, 2012
Apr 1, 2012 @Kolk, Chubbiez and Darken Thank you for the fun we had this afternoon. I really enjoyed playing with your Paladin and your Mage and your Hunter friend at the same time! Despite the fact that you had three as much HP as Alindrea and twice as much HP as me, we still managed to kill you! So again, thanks for the laughs and maybe we can find a place next time where Alindrea isn't being mobbed by 5+ npcs! Toodles. Lorrel. <3 (Edit for spellings.)Lorrel0 Apr 1, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 [A] Guilds for Sale I have two 6-tab guild banks Alliance side that I'd like to sell. No members, just the bank - willing to sell them very cheap. Drop me a PM on the forums or mail in-game on Kalagrim...I don't log in Alliance side anymore.Kalagrim3 Mar 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 Dark Knights want to connect We are a small social guild looking for a sort of big brother guild to have fun with on raids and such. Allot of our members are not returning till the new expansion so we are not strong enough to do raids on our own. Just looking for a Guild that would take a couple of stragglers with them and socialize.Storytella0 Mar 30, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 (H) <Bad> Discontinued <Bad> DiscontinuedAlien21 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 [H] Casual Guild LF Mature Members <Emerald Dawn> is a social family-friendly guild of adults (and the occasional offspring) interested in enjoying the game for all it has to offer: Raids, Heroics, Achievements, Alts, Professions, etc. We don't consider ourselves a "raiding" guild, but we do raid regularly, most often on Friday and Saturday late-evenings, 10pm EST (ST). We are currently 5/8 in DS 10m, and are looking to add a few members to our ranks, especially healers! If you'd like to learn more about us, feel free to ask here, whisper Kaylei in-game, or whisper any of our members. They will gladly help you out! You can also find us online at We look forward to hearing from you!Kaylei1 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 Oblivious "Accepting New Members" We are a social leveling guild looking for all levels to join. So if your tired of questing and running dungons alone join our guild :) wsp me or a member in game for more infoShampôw0 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 24, 2012 LF Raiding Guild, (Horde) Hello everyone, I am looking for a raiding guild, that is in need of a Aff/Demo Warlock. No I am not interested in an alliance guild, as I just transferred back to horde. My Toon's name is Claidie and I have Vent, TS3, Skype, and Mumble. Thanks Everyone!Survive2 Mar 24, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Any decent pug groups? I'm usually out when my guild does our alt-run, anybody running any pugs on the weekends? I rarely see any put together in trade chat, and the one time I joined it was terrible. I've got a few different toons I can run on; tank, melee, ranged and possibly heals. Thanks.Ethgar0 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 [H]<Pagans Refuge> 1/8(H) CORE Recruitment Pagans Refuge is a casual raiding guild, of and for people who share a similar , dedication, and sense of camaraderie. We do not want a handful of core members, carrying the others in a guild. We want a guild full of contributors, socially, organizationally and collaboratively. We will settle for nothing less than your best, and give ours in return. Current Progression: FL 6/7 [H] 7/7 [R] DS 1/8 [H] 8/8 [R] BWD/BoT 1/13 [H] 13/13 [R] We raid Saturday / Sunday 6:00 - 8:00 PM EST. They will ALWAYS be posted on the calendar. Recruitment: We are currently in need of an exceptional Restoration Druid or Disc Priest for our core 10-Man group, you will be trialed in Firelands, so be prepared. Please whisper apply at whisper DrJuevos in game for more information Thanks, Juevos. <code/>Juevos33 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 WTB LFR assistants Looking to get some help grabbing gear from LFR since I can't seem to win any rolls. Recruiting paladins, priests, and warlocks to roll on tier gear. Also looking for plate melee classes to roll on weapons and trinkets. Any roll you win that I need I will buy from you. Leave me a message here or in game if you are interested.Poundette1 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 [H] 390 Rogue LF DS Group 390 combat rogue w/ 8/8 experience and achievement looking for a group to collect shadowy gems. Currently 88/333. Flexible schedule, available after 5pm weekdays EST, any time weekends. Please respond here or whisper me in game. Thanks.Hotfarts0 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 13, 2012 Rated BG's with Splyffindor (H) Garrosh, Come run some rated BG's and arena with Splyffindor. We are all willing to learn together, so those new to RBG's need not worry. All we ask is that you already have most of your honor gear. I apologize that mine is not displayed right now, logged out doing some fishing. Contact me or Painal in game or leave a message below if you are interested.Übah0 Mar 13, 2012