Nov 7, 2018 364 Surv hunter LF guild Hello, About me - 7/8H Uldir progress on 2 toons - DPS ranges from 12k (zek vos) to 16K (fetid devourer) - previous raid leader, I know what it takes to complete raids. - Legion AOTC & Keystone Master (other toons) What I want - heroic focused guild that is deep into Uldir 5/8 min but will consider less if I like the group - medium size guild (raid size 12-20) - I’m flexible on this - raid times - 2 days a week progression during the weekday evening - ideally tues, wed or Thursday. 6-9PST perfeted willing to go to early as 4:30PST but no later than 9:30 PST. - mythic progression is an extremely low priority, but will do mythic if the guild naturally transitions. Msg me if your guild would be a hood fit Deakarstrife #1520 Thank you,Gameover1 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 <Temerity> is selling Heroic+Mythic Uldir! Do you have a pile of gold and nothing to spend it on? Do you like raid gear, achievements, titles and mounts? <Temerity> is here for your Heroic and Mythic Uldir needs! We sell carry spots in our raids weekly, get in touch with us ASAP to reserve a spot! We are currently offering: Heroic Uldir Full Clear w/ additional loot traded to you - 700k Heroic Uldir Full Clear, kills only - 500k Heroic G'huun AOTC only - 250k Mythic Taloc, MOTHER, Zekvoz, Vectis, Fetid Devourer, Zul - 300k per boss for kill-only, 500k per boss for traded loot Mythic Mythrax - 750k kill, 1M for loot Mythic G'huun - 3M When do we do our runs? Our Heroic run takes place on Tuesday, and starts at 8pm Pacific time (Server Time.) It will last until completed. We normally complete our clear between 1.5 and 2 hours. Our Mythic run typically takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, and starts at 8pm Pacific time (Server time.) Each night will last no longer than 4 hours, we try and complete as fast as humanly possible. We communicate openly with our buyers about our kill plan for the night and when they are expected to be available. Carry Guidelines: 1. You are purchasing a Full carry. We will not rely on you to help us in any way during your run, and on some encounters we may ask for you to die to prevent any difficulties. If possible we will find a place where you can still watch the encounter play out. 2. We require a gold deposit on EVERY sale in order to guarantee your spot ahead of time. The Deposit is 30% on Mythic sales. This is non-negotiable and we will not guarantee your carry spot until a deposit has been paid. This insures we both are committed to the run. The rest of your balance will be due once you are invited to the raid group on your specific sale date! 3. We only accept GOLD, please do not contact us unless you are prepared to pay with in-game currency! The gold can be from any realm, but it must be gold! 4. For those buying loot, all tradeable loot for your respective role will be traded if it is not needed by our raiders. We are not willing to guarantee sale of ALL loot that drops. We do our sales to pay for progression raiding, and selling loot that is needed for progression defeats the whole point of doing the sale! We try to be as transparent as possible with our buyers so they know exactly what to expect when it comes to what will or won't be available from our loot. A Note on Sales Packages involving Mythic Mounts: We only do one kill per week of mythic bosses, and many of those mounts will be spoken for by Temerity raiders. We will have a limited number of mounts to sell because of the nature of the game. There is high demand for these kinds of things, so be prepared to go on a waitlist if you're in the market for a Mythic mount! Contact Info for Sales: Myst#1540 -- Battletag works best, I have it on my mobile and such so you do not need to catch me in-game! It has been brought to our attention that shady individuals have used Myst battletags and linked to official Temerity pages to scam people out of their money. I DO NOT SPAM ON OTHER REALMS, CRZ BUYERS COME TO ME THROUGH BATTLE.NET. DO NOT PAY ANYONE WITHOUT VERIFYING THEIR BATTLETAG. My battletag is Myst#1540, any other Myst soliciting your gold for Temerity should be reported to Blizzard immediately. In order to offer buyers a way to verify their arrangement in real-time, I have begun keeping my buyer calendar as a public document, which can be found at: https://goo.gl/nUfhxv We are looking forward to hearing from you about any possible sales! If you have any questions or would like to arrange a sales run, please contact me on Battle.net at Myst#1540! Thank you!Oathsworn4 Nov 6, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 . Delete.Beefshields7 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 . 373 3/8M Disc/Holy Priest LF Guild Late night would be good. 8PM PST or later, negotiable. Any days are fine. I'd like to stay horde and on Hyjal. LazyTurtle#163819 Currently trialing with a groupJeffx0 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 [H]<Sigh>2/8 Mythic. 3 Night mythic Sigh is a looking for DPS/Heals to help fill out our roster for our mythic team, We're looking for dedicated players to help push for cutting edge in the next raid tier. We raid 3 nights a week Tues-Thurs 7-10PM PST with optional heroic raids usually ran Sunday nights. Currently looking for a tank, any healers and exceptional DPS PM Easy#11742 on Bnet or Easy#1389 on Discord for more informationEasydh0 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 Saturday Mythic + group looking for tank! Who we are We are a group of four individuals that either have raided or are currently raiding in a top 50 US capacity. We have sold gold runs all the way back to MoP challenge modes up until Legion in some capacity. Certain tiers some of us were more active then others as mythic + has progressed into it's current state. We believe that the game is much more enjoyable when shared with people with a like - minded approach and recognize the value of a complete team. What we are looking for - First and foremost a tank. One preferably that feels comfortable playing multiple classes. - With blood being so strong that would be the ideal candidate but by no means is it mandatory. - Must be able to communicate either through mumble or discord effectively without resorting to insults or general poor behavior. Essentially if you're a hothead and don't enjoy working through problems then this won't be a good fit. - This will be streamed on twitch as well so if you can't control your language or often find yourself using racial slurs then once again this won't be a good fit. - Reliability is paramount. If you're prone to or have a history of flakiness then there's no need to waste anyone's time. The group is comprised of people wanting to do this over the course of the expansion. - The current days/nights we are planning is Saturdays from 5 or 6 est - 9 est (roughly). These days could increase depending on the schedules of the group but as of right now that is the mandatory time. Group goals A mixture of running higher keys and also selling keys at certain times. This can be discussed more when we chat in discord. Feel free to add either of us on Bnet! Kalamazi#1983 or Limelight#1246Kalamazi6 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 <Determined> M+ & PVP Guild LFM <Determined> is a group of longtime WoW buddies who are focused on completing all levels of Mythic+ Dungeons and PVP. If you're looking for a regular dedicated group with no time commitments, check us out. Formal guild events are on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. server. However, members are strongly encouraged to chat amongst themselves and organize groups throughout the week. Recruitment needs are wide open. Causal players are especially welcome! Message Doomabelle (Btag: Dotyouris#1691 or Discord: Doomabelle#6782) or any online member for more details.Doomabelle13 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 1/8M 8/8H Blue Raid Shoes LF Ranged Who We Are <Blue Raid Shoes> is a Mythic progression guild on Hyjal-US established towards the end of Legion. We are a close-knit group of long time players who have raided at various levels of competition over the years. We raid 3 nights a week, and pride ourselves on an active community that actively pushes keys, does PvP, or plays other games on off nights. Our goal is nothing short of Cutting Edge in each tier while maintaining an enjoyable raid environment. Current Progression Right now we’re sitting at 1/8Mythic & 8/8 Heroic bosses done, with the server first kills of Taloc and Mother. Raid Times Tuesday: 8-11 Eastern Wednesday: 8-11 Eastern Thursday: 8-11 Eastern Recruitment We are currently looking Ranged Dps of all variety and a Healer for Mythic progression. All players who have a good mindset and want to kill bosses as part of a team are welcome to get in touch Contact: Guild Master: Carrn#1452 (BNet); Carrn#9487 (Discord) Officers: Fretz#1296 (BNet); Muhlbeans#8301 (Discord) Kylisse#1497 (BNet); Kylisse#0197 (Discord)Wrythee4 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 [H] <Underguild> Hyjal (8/8H), LF Ranged Dps Underguild - Hyjal is recruiting for our main raid team! We are an established guild (founded in 2009) with roots that run back to the original Everquest. We're looking for several folks to fill out our raid team and perhaps dip our toes into Mythic content (should the group fill out to 20+). We're focused on progressing through current content in a fun, teamwork based environment. No finger-pointing, voicechat screeching, world first wannabes here... just a group of fun adults, some with limited playtime, that want to slay internet dragons. Our raid nights are currently Tuesday/Thursday @ 7PM server (PST) with an optional (and voluntary) normal clear on Mondays. Note: Our Monday runs are typically where we ask recruits come check us out to see if you we're a good fit for one another. Current Progression: 8/8H Uldir Current Needs: DPS - spots open for ranged What we can offer you: --> Fun (but focused) raid environment with a group of mature adults. --> Reasonable patience with each person's individual learning curve, especially with those willing to put forth the effort to improve their performance. --> Progression at a reasonable pace with the goal being to kill content when current (AoTC achievements). --> Attendance flexibility to allow for real life. We we look for in our raiders: --> Maturity with the ability to receive and act upon constructive feedback. --> Willingness to learn basics of fights before raid night by watching/reading posted strats. --> Responsibility to come to the raid prepared with necessary raid supplies (food, flasks, pots, etc.) If this sounds like the group for you, please visit www.guilded.gg/r/AdwReeeGxR to sign up or reach out to Natie (Natty#1939) for more info!Natie0 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Recruiting for Hardcore Progress Guild (8.2) You looking for a hardcore progress guild? You wanna go for World top 5 and better? Compete with Method, Exorsus and Limit? You are able to raid the hours needed to do it? You are good enough to be part of a guild like that? You can answer all the questions with a yes but money is tight? No problem at all! You can stream everything and core raiders are going to get paid. Did I wake your interest? Then apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1R7ZbrO4TfV-1C83hevDsiV-1uyB0L_ktjwZhJC98ZXs/viewform?edit_requested=trueGremirshta3 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 LF Casual/Social Raiding Guild Straight to business: PST zone Tank Main on Horde 8/8N, 7/8H, 1/8M on Alliance 365 HPriest 331 and climbing daily Veng DH; Will be making a Gaurd/Resto Druid after 8.1 as Zandalari Troll. Battlenet is royalac30#1312 :) If you have a social guild i'd love to join, I enjoy raiding a lot and helping people any chance I get, I mainly am looking for something social but still have dedicated days/times for raiding or other guild events. Look forward to meeting y'all :)Feldancer0 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 <Hive> 4/8M Recruiting for Uldir! <Hive> 4/8M is currently recruiting for both our Mythic Teams. We are on the Hyjal server and are Horde Based Thank you for your time and interest. We are a Min/Max mentality, but without the egos. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players, especially positive, friendly and reliable players. Expectations of leadership: - Devoted officers. - Transparency. - Clear goals. What you can expect from the guild: - Sense of community. - Willingness to help. - Encouragement and support to better yourself, both as your specific class and as a player in general. What we expect from you as a trial and raider: - Prepared with consumables and knowledge of the fights. - Dedicated player that's motivated to do whats needed to down bosses. - The drive to understand and master your class/spec and maintain at least one viable offset, as certain encounters require us to maintain some flexibility in raid composition. Raid days and needs are as follows: <Beehave> 4/8M Tuesday 7:15p to 10:45p PST Wed 7:15p to 10:45p PST Looking at all exceptional ranged classes. High need <Swarm> 4/8M Sun 6:30p to 9:30p PST Mon 6:30p to 9:30p PST Shadow Priest, With the ability to Heal as needed Affliction Lock Mage As always, any exceptional ranged is encouraged to contact one of our recruitment officers if interested. Discord is a requirement for our raiders. Most instructions and shot-calling happen on voice chat. A microphone is very highly recommended, but not required. We run RCLootCouncil, with a bias towards BIS/Stat Priority. Required addons: DBM or Bigwigs RCLC Angry Assignments WeakAuras 2 How to apply: Contact our leadership for more info: Recruitment: Glyalith <Swarm>- Glyalith#1576 Vextor <Beehave>- Vex#11236Vextor2 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Crisis Averted [H-Hyjal-US] <Crisis Averted> Recruiting! We run a day team, Wed/Thur/Mon 10:30am - 12:30pm server 8/8H and a night team, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-9:30 p.m. PST <server> 2/8H - recently formed night team Actively running Mythic + We are looking for players to fill our ranks! All classes are strongly encouraged to contact us. Contact: mindiarogue#1157 Carong#1778 Hakillz#1646 Trav69187#1395Amicia12 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 [8/8H, 3/8M] Darkstar Elite - LF More ;) Hello :)! Darkstar Elite is a three day Mythic Progression guild looking to fill a few roster spots. Namely, we need: 1 Main Healer 1 DPS & Offheals 1 to 2 DPS (depending on how handsome your logs are ;p) Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8 PST to 11 PST (which is 11 est to 2 a.m. est) Feel free to add: GucciUnicorn#11452 Sargø#1514 Britt#1755 Kilkizan#1322 Feene#11222 Denna#1142 or... GucciUnicorns#2850 on Discord, as well as Sargo#9853. If you'd like to know a little bit about the guild: We're a very diverse group of players; mostly working adults, fun-loving and mature people who like to buckle-down and be serious raiders. LGBT-friendly & Family-friendly. Other games we play include: Path of Exile, Overwatch, League, blah blah. :) www.darkstarelite.com https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/hyjal/Darkstar+EliteGucciunicorn11 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 Tank Seeks Heroic Raid Group [H] 7/8H tank looking for steady heroic raid group with start times between 11am and 1pm pst/server. Rageaxeson#1855Rageaxeson6 Nov 1, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 Deicide, recruiting on Hyjal! <Deicide> on Hyjal is looking for new, long term members. You will be noticed, needed and have a spot here as opposed to larger guilds you will be lost in or not needed. Small but growing actively with guild banks stocked, free repairs, discord etc. Raiding, Mythic+ and pvp but also old content, xmogs, chieves, etc. A small, close knit, inclusive virtual family. PST! Contact: Ghoulgotha (if not on then in game mail will suffice) G.Ghoulgotha0 Nov 1, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 4/8M 2day guild recruiting for progression Guild & Server: Leviathan- Hyjal Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Thursday 7-10pm pst (10pm-1am EST) Current Progression: 4/8M 8/8H ( week 2 AOTC) 11/11 CE ABT Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Zayva#1688 btag: Lynxabane#1231 Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/hyjal/Leviathan Requirements: 18+ only. Solid attendance (90% or better is expected). Must be able to perform pre-raid prep on your own(reading/watching strategies, food/flasks, etc). Previous Mythic raiding experience with logs are a must and viable alts are preferred. Needs: Warrior dps and ranged dps. Healers are also welcome to apply.Zayva1 Nov 1, 2018
Oct 31, 2018 [H]<Skeleton Crew>8/8H late night-heroic only Skeleton Crew is looking for few dps to complete our raid team. We raid Tue and Wed from 9-12pm PST We are currently 8/8 H Uldir, and we are looking for few dps. We only plan on raiding the Heroic content with no plans on doing Mythic raiding... Outside of the raid we usually run Mythic+s for the occasional alt raid. Contact Raiden#1732, Gearz#1562 or clobber#1593Zoroastres1 Oct 31, 2018
Oct 30, 2018 LF weekend raiding looking for weekend raiding, have 2 players warlock and hunter both 350+ rkstar#1393Rkstar5 Oct 30, 2018
Oct 29, 2018 [H] <LökTar> (7/8H) Recruiting for Uldir! < LökTar > (8/8N 7/8H) Is recruiting players for Heroic/Mythic Uldir. We're recruiting those that are interested in raiding, be it returning players; those that wanted to raid but never quite got to the point in Legion, or anyone that's looking for a fresh start in a brand new expansion. We are by no means a hardcore guild; if anything we're pretty chilled and laid back, consisting out of a group of veteran (and new!) players who just want to down some bosses and get some fat l00ts in the process! However we do like to continue to push ourselves and always keep progressing if there is more content to progress in to- be it moving forward into mythic or bashing our heads against some high mythic+ keys; that being said, in raids we don't treat players like numbers on a meter or a class having to fill a specific role. Our top priority is to have fun while we move forward into the current content! We are also casual friendly! Raid days: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:00pm to 10:00pm server (Pacific Standard Time). Optional Friday Nights at 7:00pm to 10:00pm or whenever we decide to end the night. Recruitment Needs: 360+ Item Lvl 2 Meele DPS (Death Knight/Druid/Warrior) 1 Range DPS (Hunter/Priest/Boomkin) What we offer:~ -A set raiding scheduled of two nights a week (6 hours). -A chilled, non-toxic raiding environment. -Activities outside of raiding, such as but not limited to mythic +. -Progression through current content with a set goal in mind, either AoTC achievement or moving into mythic. -Understanding and reasonable patience with regards to attendance, we realize that everyone has a life outside the game. -Gems/Enchants/Flasks and accesses to the guild bank/guild repairs. What we are looking for: We like to keep a drama free, non-toxic environment and because of that we value personality first, with raid-awareness following closely behind, with that being said we do however have a few expectations; -Discord, we use this during raids to communicate. You don't have to talk but you do need to listen. -Attendance and the ability to show up on time, with exceptions to those that tell us ahead of time they won't be able to make it. -Be prepared for what boss(es) we will be working on a given night by either watching videos or reading strat guides. -Have appropriate Gems/enchants/Azerite Gear/etc for the spec(s) you will be playing. -Elitism/Racism/Sexism/Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We would like everyone to be respectful to their fellow raiders! How do I apply? There are two ways you can apply, either by filling out our application form (https://form.jotform.com/Hekari/LoktarApply) or by talking to a officer directly! (you can do both!) Our battle tags have been posted down at the bottom of this page for your convenience; feel free to add one or all of us! Note: Although we do consider everyone that's applying; if you're going to go fill out an application we may not get back to you if you are not the class(es) we are advertising for. Generally we try to get back to everyone that's been approved within one to two days! If you want more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me via my battletag: DragonLilly#1245 or by Discord: Hekari#2233 Thanks~ Other Contacts: BigDumbFace#11980 (Scouter) Rasi#1419 (GM) Amuyaa#1723 (Co-GM)Hekari54 Oct 29, 2018
Oct 29, 2018 [H] Vindictive Brotherhood 5/8H Recruiting Vindictive Brotherhood is looking for additional DPS, and possibly other classes for current raid tier. We are 8/8 Normal and 5/8 Heroic, looking to expand the core team with additional players for the current tier and beyond. Vindictive Brotherhood has a heavy PVP interest as well, currently open to all classes. RECRUITING INFO BELOW Currently open to all classes for PVP Raid Recruiting priority open to: Deathknight Warlock Mage Other classes may be accepted at this time as well. If interested or if you have additional questions please post below or feel free to message - Cruelbeans, HolyVortex, Frostworms, BloodVortex, Sparkz in game.Holyvortex2 Oct 29, 2018
Oct 29, 2018 6/8 M exp Resto Druid LF Guild Greetings to all who read, First thank you for taking the time to read and learn a little about me. I am an experienced raider ideally looking for a guild raiding on Tues/Wed for anytime after 10:00pm EST (9:00pm CST, 7:00 PST)[b][/b]. I have 6/8 M exp with previous Mythic raiding exp. and I would like to obtain a full-time healing role. Recently I have unfortunately been apart of a bad guild issue resulting in my departure and causing me to put a little more stock in what kind of Guild environment I want to be a part of. Above all I just want to be part of a community; those who can focus on Mythic progression and still enjoy each other outside of raiding. If this sounds like your guild and your in need of a Resto Druid I may be the healer for you! Feel free to contact me on the thread or via message @ BigSoul#1988. Thanks again!Soulkius2 Oct 29, 2018
Oct 29, 2018 Warlock Lf weekend raiding guild looking for a weekend raiding guildRkstar1 Oct 29, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 Highly Skilled Tank 4 Tank Classes at 370+ As it says in the title currently play 5 out of the 6 tanks. I currently have: 377 Equipped Protection Paladin 376 Equipped Vengeance Demon Hunter 377 Equipped Brewmaster Monk 372 Equipped Guardian Druid 360 Equipped Blood Death Knight I am looking for a raiding guild that has a permanent raiding spot open. Currently I am 8/8 H and 2/8 M with Prog Exp on Zek and Vectus to 30%. I'd prefer to raid two - three nights a week and end by 12 EST. I am available any day. I run a +10 on all 4 tanks and have since M+ came out in BFA. I run mythic plus competitively on the Paladin currently with a raider IO of 1k. I run about 50 - 100 mythic pluses a week. I am willing to transfer servers. Faction change is possible if paid for. What I am looking for in a guild: 1. A strong community - This includes an active discord outside of raid nights, people playing other games together and/or playing WoW together. I am absolutely not looking for a guild in which 75% of the raid team is only on to raid. 2. High End Raid Environment - A group of like minded individuals aimed at getting Cutting Edge each tier and know what getting Cutting Edge entails. 3. High End Mythic+ Environment - I love running mythic plus almost qualified for MDI tournament realms in Legion. I want to continue to push keys as high as possible and test my limits. 4. Commitment From All Raiders - Similar to the community, Every raider should be getting the weekly 10 done, and doing everything possible to improve upon themselves and there characters outside of raiding. 5. No Roster Issues! If you don't have at least 80% of what I am looking for lets not waste each others time. A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I started raiding really hard core in the beginning and all the way through Cataclysm. This being 5 nights a week 5 hours a night. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I was the first one in my guild to clear a +10 and +15 within the time limit in legion and first to clear a +10 in time in BFA. I am always trying to push keys as high as they can go just for the challenge and to better myself. I would like to have a competetive MDI group at some point. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 14 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119 or Discord Ciliegia#7310. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. If you are not at least 2/8 M lets not waste each others time, prefer 3/8 M or 4/8 M guilds. Logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/zuljin/ciliegia#difficulty=4 Raider IO https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/CiliegiaCiliegia9 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 Fri/Sat 8-11pm Pacific Raid Guild Recruiting Hey! <Umbra> is now recruiting for our raid team and looking for anyone in general. We raid Fri/Sat 8-11pm Pacific Standard Time. About us: We were formerly <Highmountain Steakhouse> on Proudmoore, but due to low Horde Population Density, we decided to server transfer to Hyjal. When we left, we were 8/8N, 5/8H Uldir. What's expected: We ask that you be dedicated to raids and bring your A-Game. If you are going to miss a raid day, we ask that you just let us know. If you are interested or would like more information, please comment on the thread or add me on real ID @ Hotbed#1974Lunåra4 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 Selling Heroic Uldir! Look below for details! Are you tired of watching people fail throwing the orb on G'huun? Are you healers just not up to snuff to handle Vectis? Are you grinding achievements and need to finish out Heroic Uldir? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then you're in luck! <Resistance> is fresh on the market looking to sell Heroic Uldir clears and Ahead of the Curve for those lucky players that are interested! All of our Heroic Uldir runs take place on Wednesdays at 7pm PST. Please arrive at 6:45PM PST for invites! Please review the options below to see what fits best for you. AotC - 200k 8/8 Heroic - 600k We offer individual bosses as well, please add me for specifics.What you get out of this: A chance at 370+ loot from personal loot, WF or TF loot is not a guarantee. A chance to use those coins just sitting around collecting dust. Running with a well established guild that has performed numerous sale runs all through Legion. Feat of Strength: Ahead of the Curve, G'huunFor all inquires and concerns please add me! You will find my contact information below! BNet: Elvera#1370 Discord: Elvera#1963Elvera3 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 [H] (Hyjal) {Endeavor} 8/8N 6/8H - LFM [H[ {Endeavor} - 8/8N - 6/8H - Looking to fill spots for our raid team. We are looking for players that want to progress through heroic raiding and move in to mythic. We are also looking for individuals that like to push mythic plus dungeon keys. If Interested in joining please contact: Battle.Net - dequan#1936, Shmeagol#11794 Discord - natedigs#7851, Shmeagol#3307 Server: Hyjal - US Faction: Horde Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday - 8pm to 11pm pacific time Roles Needed: DPS: -Warlock -BM/MM Hunter -Mage -other RDPS classes will be consideredZorandir27 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 24, 2018 Possible Raid Guild XFer Hey, everyone! I’m the GM of <Highmountain Steakhouse> (8/8N 5/8H) on Proudmoore. We are a Horde guild that raids 6-11pm Pacific Standard Time and are thinking of server transferring to Hyjal due to a much higher Horde Population. I was curious to see who all would be interested if we were to transfer. Edit: we are now <Umbra> on Hyjal! Our times have slightly changed to Fri/Sat 8-11pm Pacific Standard Time. We have spots open for all DPS/Healers at the moment.Lunåra8 Oct 24, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 <The Eternal Fire> (7/8H) W/TH 6-8:30PM About Us We've been raiding together since December 2015. We have achieved AOTC with all raids since Hellfire Citadel. Besides progression raiding, we encourage raiders to band together for high Mythic+ keys, raid and dungeon achievement runs, and social activities, like alt runs and events. Raid Times (PST): Progression: Wednesday/Thursday, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM [5 minute break] Alt./Fun Normal Run: Saturday, 6:00 PM - to clear Seeking: High Priority: Shadow Priest, Windwalker Monk, Warrior Medium Priority: Hunter, Mage, Demon Hunter Low Priority: Rogue If you do not see your class listed, please contact us, anyway! We would love to talk to you. If your raiding experience is limited, but you are an exceptional and competent player, we will help you gear! We're in it for the long haul. Our longtime raider retention is high, and we encourage friendships and camaraderie among members. Let us introduce you to a guild the way it's meant to be. We value our time and make every attempt possible to ensure our in game time is spent wisely. Our guild consists of players who do not want to commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of "hardcore” guilds. We are not pushing for realm firsts but we do strive to get the most done while the content is current. Goals are to complete all Heroic raids and do the relevant raid achievements. We may look at some Mythic raid fights, but normally we opt to stick to just clearing Heroic. What we expect from you: We expect that you consistently work on playing your spec (or specs) better to be able to perform well during raid. This includes researching your class on a consistent basis to learn best talent combinations for bosses, best trinkets, and ways to min/max your DPS, HPS, and survivability on specific bosses. We expect you to have DBM or BigWigs and some sort of DPS/HPS meter installed as well. You are expected to come to raid when we have raid, on time, and be dependable. Lack of attendance or punctuality will lead to losing your spot on the team. Focus on raid when it comes time to buckle down. Help others and keep our guild community friendly and helpful. No elitist ideology towards anyone in our guild as it is not helpful. Be kind! Check logs for things to improve on. Be in Discord and be able to speak to call things out when they happen, etc. That's about it! Feel free to contact us in-game or on Battle.net. Rinora (GM) - Rinora#1732 Kellerac (GM) - Hex#1351 Screenlicker (Officer) - Kronga#1974 Lindele (Officer) - lindele#1656Lindele8 Oct 23, 2018
Oct 22, 2018 367 Enhan Shaman (AOTC Uldir) Looking for Cutting Edge Guild 2 -3 nights / week Class/Spec: Shaman/Main Enhancement (Elemental Off spec) Faction: Horde Cleared: 8/8 H Uldir Legion CE: EN, ToV, NH, ABT; ToS 7/8 M Btag: Rigwaltz#11101 Discord: Rigwaltz#0828 Link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/burning-legion/rigwaltzz Link: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/burning-legion/Rigwaltzz Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/burning-legion/Rigwaltzz Link: https://raider.io/characters/us/burning-legion/Rigwaltzz Availability: 9:00 pm - 12:30 am EST Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs ( 2- 3 raid days pre week) Additional Information: I live in CST and would prefer a CST or EST realm. Also interested in PVP and would like to do arena/RBGs with guild/guildmates.Rigwaltzz6 Oct 22, 2018
Oct 22, 2018 Delete DeleteLangoor3 Oct 22, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 3/8 M Weekend Raiding Guild Recruiting! Hi everyone! <Fate> is a weekend raiding guild dedicated to pushing mythic content and having fun while we do it! We are currently recruiting exceptional dps to join our mythic raid group. We do prefer applicants have logs before they apply. We are also looking for any competent players to help fill the roster. Our raid times are Friday/Saturday 8:00pm - 11:30pm PST(Server Time) and our current progression is 8/8 Heroic, 3/8 Mythic. In addition we have multiple active m+ players and occasionally do transmog and rbg groups. We also do random guild runs for fun on Thursdays. We do a heroic Uldir run on Sundays as well for alts, friends and family, and other guildies with mains still looking for some 370 pieces. Please contact Reapuer#1632 for more information.Reapeur15 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 LFM for Community/Guild; Raids Fri/Sat nights I just transferred to Hyjal and will eventually be transferring my guild over here as well. We usually raid Fri/Sat 6-9pm or later Pacific Standard Time; however, when the guild is fully transferred we will be looking at 8-11pm Pacific. We are looking to get Heroic on Farm and start preparations for the next Raid Tier. In order to do this, we will need some solid, dedicated raiders. If you are interested comment on this thread or add me at Hotbed#1974Lunåra0 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 Casual Heroic Raid Fri/Sat 6pm-9pm PST Hold My Flask is a small casual heroic raiding guild that is looking for fun members. If you’re chill AF and know how to laugh at yourself (and others), you’ll fit right in. We are currently looking for DPS and one more healer. Raid times are Fri/Sat 6pm-9pm PST. Contact BNet: Jargo#1111 Ingame: Jargodin Relam: HyjalJargodin3 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 20, 2018 371 Mage LF raiding guild .Dovesoap8 Oct 20, 2018
Oct 20, 2018 [H] <Underguild> Hyjal (8/8N & 7/8H), LF Dps Underguild - Hyjal is recruiting for our main raid team! We are an established guild (founded in 2009) with roots that run back to the original Everquest. We're looking for several folks to fill out our raid team and perhaps dip our toes into Mythic content (should the group fill out to 20+). We're focused on progressing through current content in a fun, teamwork based environment. No finger-pointing, voicechat screeching, world first wannabes here... just a group of fun adults, some with limited playtime, that want to slay internet dragons. Our raid nights are currently Tuesday/Thursday @ 7PM server (PST) with an optional (and voluntary) normal clear on Mondays. Note: Our Monday runs are typically where we ask recruits come check us out to see if you we're a good fit for one another. Current Progression: 8/8N & 7/8H Uldir Current Needs: DPS - spots open for ranged What we can offer you: --> Fun (but focused) raid environment with a group of mature adults. --> Reasonable patience with each person's individual learning curve, especially with those willing to put forth the effort to improve their performance. --> Progression at a reasonable pace with the goal being to kill content when current (AoTC achievements). --> Attendance flexibility to allow for real life. We we look for in our raiders: --> Maturity with the ability to receive and act upon constructive feedback. --> Willingness to learn basics of fights before raid night by watching/reading posted strats. --> Responsibility to come to the raid prepared with necessary raid supplies (food, flasks, pots, etc.) If this sounds like the group for you, please visit www.guilded.gg/r/AdwReeeGxR to sign up or reach out to Natie (Natty#1939) for more info!Natie0 Oct 20, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 372 Disc/Holy Priest LF raiding guild 372 Disc/Holy priest looking for a raiding guild/M+. I raided semi-hardcore from Cata to end of MoP but took a break due to school. I am now back and trying to get into the groove of things. Currently 5/8N, 3/8H, 1/8M with what I can get with pugs. Looking for a stable raiding group. Would prefer a 2-day schedule, and something over the weekend (am available Thursday night-Sunday night), but weeknights is very much doable depending on the time. Please post here, or send me a btag request at Panda#1163. Thanks!Kitchenslave3 Oct 19, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 [H] 348 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild Sup, 348 BM Hunter with deep prior raid experience looking to start raiding again. I'm looking for low hours and decent progression - something in heroics or early mythics would be my preference. Chachki#1484 on bnet. Thanks yall, ChachkiChachki5 Oct 19, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 [H] 377 Blood DK LF 7-11 PST 3/Day Guild Hello everyone, I'm a 377 Blood Dk LF for a 3-day/week (pref) for 9-12 hours/week. Unfortunately i am NOT interested in 2-day raid guilds. Times MUST be in-between 6:30 pm - 11 pm PST, specific days aren't important. My current BFA experience is 8/8 H and 1/8 M Here's my personal link to logs (somewhat limited as my previous guild did not regularly log) : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/user/131460/ Alternatively, you can just look up Liverdeath on Tichondrius. Backstory: I've been playing WOW on/off since Vanilla BETA (31 years old) and have raided almost every tier of content. Have made a few US top 100 kills in my time, have raid leaded (no longer a desire), have been an officer in almost every guild, even have been GM in a few guilds, and have always loved this game. With my experience means I am a fast learner and am usually waiting on the DPS & Heals to get their act together many many wipes before the first kill. Besides obvious scheduling needs, I'm looking for a guild that has STRONG potential for CE kills with PLENTY of time to spare. Current progression isn't as much as a concern for me so long as there's quality players to progress and grow with into 8.1. I'm looking for a relaxed environment with established leadership that has the respect of his/her guild. I'm not only looking for a guild that can progress while having fun, but I'm also looking for a social atmosphere to make new friends. Mythic + junkies is a plus. (Currently 844 io as i only run a few per week, hope to do more!) My realid is Liverdie#11296, alternatively i can be contacted via Discord @ Liverdie#7364 to chat during work hours. - LiverLiverdeath1 Oct 19, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 [H]<Recalcitrant> Seeking Charter Members New Guild <Recalcitrant> Seeking members for original charter signs. Hello! Welcome to the recruitment post for Recalcitrant, a new guild focused solely on personal progression of players. Regardless of your skill level, parses, item level, or any of the usual "requirements" this guild seeks to help teach and cultivate new or returning players for current content raiding. Currently, I am seeking both veteran and high-performing players to be original charter members of the guild to help us get up and running. Ideally, these founders will have enough game experience and patience to handle both old and new players. My intentions for this guild are to branch out and help people enjoy the game for the first time, or fall in love with it all over again. If you share a similar interest in bringing people together in a game we know and love, as well as rekindling that passion you first experienced when you got into wow, this is the place for you. Too often I've noticed that newer players, or even returning players are rejected by progression guilds simply because of their "rusty" skill level or lack of experience. It is my goal to bring together people with the will to teach, and a love of the game. The end goal is to hopefully have both a progression and casual raid team based around a group of people that not only become friends, but family. We help each other grow, fall together, and get back up together as a unit. If this is something that interests you, or you'd like more information on the opportunity please don't be afraid to message me. I'll post both my battle tag and discord user below. I really hope to meet people with the same ambition and goals as I have that can help me create a place where everyone can feel welcome and truly enjoy more than just the game. Recalcitrant is and adjective used to define people who rebel against authority, and challenge the norm. I look forward to meeting people with that kind of mentality, so that maybe even just a little bit we can change the way the game is played and bring it back to a time where a guild was more than just a guild, but a family. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon! Server: Hyjal-US Contact Info: BNET: Edera#11107 DISCORD: Nova#5006 Current Open Positions: Raid Lead DPS Officers Heals Officers New Member OfficersDaedwen0 Oct 19, 2018
Oct 18, 2018 [H] Shadow/Holy Priest LF Late Night Guild [Deleted]Scribbles2 Oct 18, 2018
Oct 18, 2018 [H] <Vivify> of Hyjal [8/8H] Late Night Guild <Vivify> is a newly formed raiding guild created with the goal of pushing Mythic progression and achieving Cutting Edge while having the mentality of Raiding With The Fam. We are currently in the process of building our core team, and are seeking skilled players in order to fill out our roster. We are currently 8/8H in Uldir, and are aiming to hop into Mythics as soon as our core roster is established. Schedule (3 Days) Tuesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM PST Thursday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM PST Monday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM PST Recruitment Ranged DPS -Warlock (High) -Hunter (Medium) Melee DPS -Warrior (High) -Rogue (High) -Demon Hunter (High) -Windwalker (Medium) We are ALWAYS recruiting exceptional applicants of every class, so don't be afraid to apply if you don't see your spec listed. Requirements Our guild is 18+ only We expect that you maintain around 90% attendance and notify us 24 hours before hand if you will be missing or late to raid. Show up to raid prepared. This includes researching fights, having all consumables that you will need for the night, ect. We value raiders who are open to criticism and always be seeking to improve their play.Contact Information If you are interested in joining or have any questions have any questions, feel free to contact an officer below Killuas#1868 Raman#1460 dkun#1521Killuas1 Oct 18, 2018
Oct 18, 2018 [H] Not Ideal - T/F AotC, S/S Mythic ULDIR! Thanks for taking a moment to look us up! Not Ideal is currently recruiting active people for BfA! We host a Mythic raid team on the weekends (Sat/Sun), and a Heroic AotC team that raids Tuesday and Friday. Both teams are looking to fill their ranks for raiding in the Battle for Azeroth! We're also opening our doors for more casual players interested in Mythic + or nerding out over transmogs! For more about us, check the formulaic spam below! Cheers! ---- Not Ideal Horde- US Hyjal , https://notideal.enjin.com Type: Casual, Casual Raiding, Semi-HC Progression raiding About US 'Not Ideal' is primarily a raiding guild, though we are open to casual recruitment as well. We're looking for the right people to join our little community, whether your interest is in our weekend progression raid, casual raiding during the week, mythic +s, nifty transmog contests, or whatever else we have going on. One of our fundamental, driving principles is to provide a fun place for people to play, without the elitism and epeen-stroking of other raiding guilds. However, hand-holding and 'carrying' is also not our play style. If you join, don't ask for hand-outs, don't expect carries. Our members tend to be very offering of their time, so though it's okay to ask for help do not act expectant of it. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of entitlement. As such, harassment and verbal abuse is not tolerated. If you are elitist, overy-brusque, or any sort of hate-monger, we probably won't mesh. Don't belittle your fellows. And just to be clear, HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED. You don't have to agree, you don't have to agree to disagree, but you should agree to mutually shut up. Otherwise, maybe this could be the guild for you! Come on in and try our terrible pun'age, 'dad jokes', and self-depricating humor. Maybe if you're not too ideal, Not Ideal could be ideal for you ^_^ Policies can be summed up as "Don't be a jerk." Raid Times: Casual Heroic: Tuesday/ Friday 7pm PST (10p EST) semi-HC Mythic : Sat/Sun, 7p - 10p PST (10p - 1a EST) More info on our Raid Teams are detailed below. Benefits: Rewarded weekly contests, raid consumables, foodstuffs, gems, enchants, Progression BoE contributions... we have Oregonmonk. Oh right, we have a tabard - people consider that a benefit right? About YOU . Raid Awareness >= Personality > Experience> Gear. . Be open to constructive criticism, and have a desire to strive. While there will not be any hyper-scrutinization of game play, if it is noted that your gear itemization is ill-focused or you have poor uptime on your primary abilities, it will be expected of you to address. . We are not necessarily looking for someone with similar raid Progression, so much as someone with compatible gameplay and personality. If you're a little ahead, if you're a little behind - we can deal. You should at least have experience with the current tier in LFR, or be willing to research. Alt's of mains who raid during the week are welcome. . "Gr'up"s guild, would prefer applicants in their 30's, or mature 20's. Several 40+s in guild. . Have a schedule that allows for consistent weekend raiding. Understand why consistency and reliability gets preferred seating. . Understand with a roster of 20, occasionally people are going to have to sit on a fight. That means me, that means you. All things being equal, that means me more than you. . Comfortable with using PTT if you want to communicate during raid. No one needs to hear you chewing chips, humming, singing, or outburst comments when we wipe. Okay, we might want to hear you singing, but still, no- use PTT. Expectations . VoiceComm: Discord. You don't have to talk, but it is necessary you are able to listen. . Come to raid prepared with whatever consumables are necessary that are not supplied by the guild. This may include Food, Flasks, Potions, Runes, etc. . Be prepared for whatever progression boss we will be facing. Ie, watch videos, read strats, plan your Talents accordingly. . Patience, discipline: as we progress to harder content, there will be wipes. Many, many wipes. . Your time is the raids time, the raid team's time is your time. Be prompt, be early, be undistracted, be ready for minimal downtime between pulls. Children or pets should be put in the closet (or otherwise handled) during raid. Don't waste your teammates' time. . Come to raid with your mind right - no drinking or being high during raid. Avoidable mistakes cause avoidable wipes. . Don't be disruptive. If you have an issue, pocket it until after raid to address.Yeonsuul20 Oct 18, 2018
Oct 17, 2018 Looking for Mythic Weekend Uldir Raid This is not a post looking for a guild, I am searching for some type of Weekend Uldir run that is short people, alt run, structured pug, things like this. Hello all! I am Oregonmonk, I am a WW Monk and I enjoy raiding, it has been a passion of mine for many years and while my real life does not allow me to raid as hard as I use to, the itch of pushing myself remains and I want to scratch that. I have had a very deep raiding history starting from vanilla and going til now for the most part. Some examples of my raiding history look like: Realm First! Death's Demise Realm First! Grand Crusader Realm First! Celestial Defender Ended MoP as US 1st/World 2nd two night guild I also enjoy some PvP here and there, it really helps keep skills sharp, past highlights for PvP look like: 2v2: 2k (WW Monk Legion) 3v3: 2.2k (Feral in WoTLK iirc) RBG: 2.3k (Rogue around same time) these have been my peak scores over time played. If past performance is not what you care about I have logs for Uldir, top ranks are mostly Orange and some Purple for heroic and normal. I have managed to get my Raider IO score to just over 900 and I am still trying to push that higher as well. I want to just have fun with some laid back and skilled players, maybe even pick up some new friends.Oregonmonk1 Oct 17, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 Looking to raid tuesdays Hello, I may xfer to this server to be with friends. I'm looking to raid on tuesday nights, it's my only guaranteed night off. I main hunter but willing to play almost any dps for a fun group.Tommysavage1 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 [H] Heals On Wheels - Illidan [CE][BFA 3day] Hello! Heals On Wheels is recruiting for mythic progression at a high level. We are consisting of Multi-CE members with a high drive for success in the coming tiers. Very active group of chill dudes with halfway decent tudes. We are seeking similar minded and experienced folks to join us. We require immaculate attendance, which will be rewarded well. We take care of our own and establish healthy relationships with all of our members. We are interested in all exceptional candidates, though. Currently our needs are primarily DPS. We are looking for: (All slots are pending change) DPS High Priority Tanks HIGH Healing priority Shaman - Medium Druid - Medium Paladin - Low Monk - Medium Priest - Medium Raid days Tuesday Wednesday Thursday9pm-12am CT We are on Illidan! Here is our application: https://goo.gl/forms/lEM8OIpaENmqZ2y43 Add Spud#11984 to get in touch Or BasedGod#12803Nqt13 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 (H)<Classy> - Recruiting Raiders for BfA! Classy -- Catering to Casuals Since 2010! Hello! Classy is looking to recruit new raiders for Heroic focused casual raiding for Battle for Azeroth. We are currently 6/8 N Uldir. In Legion, we earned Ahead of the Curve on all Legion raids, pre nerfs. For us, that's always been doing content and getting loot in a friendly, helpful environment and relaxed pace; it's intended to be stress-free. Real life matters always come first, so we maintain a reasonable attitude about any work/school/family you may have. RAID INFO Difficulty – We begin with Normal – focusing on having it comfortably on farm. Once we clear Normal we will then advance to Heroic. But not a second before every member is properly geared for said difficulty! Thank you for your understanding! https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/hyjal/Classy Progression Raid Times – Currently, raid times are Wed and Sun 6:30 - 9:30 pm. All times are server time (Pacific Time). Members are encouraged to trade pieces they don't need with other raiders via MS/OS loot rolls. An upgrade for someone on the team is an upgrade for the whole team! **We are currently seeking the following:** -Retribution Paladin -DPS Warrior (Arms or Fury) -Death Knight (Frost or Unholy) -Fire Mage -Hunter (any spec) -Enhancement Shaman -Rogue (any spec) -Resto Druid (prefer Feral o/s) -Holy Paladin (prefer Retribution o/s) -Discipline Priest (prefer Shadow o/s) -Restoration Shaman (prefer Enhancement o/s) We’re not currently seeking healer mains but we’re not opposed to recruiting one IF you have an off spec you’re comfortable using during raid night and is maintained to be viable for current content. Some nights may offer opportunities to swap specs but this will be the exception and not the norm. If you're a non raiding player you're welcome to join us as well. Most of us are experienced raiders and can help even the newest player advance in skill level. We're constantly doing dungeons, pushing Mythic+, and world content as well. There's even some masochists who enjoy PVP, apparently. GUILD EXPECTATIONS Respect. We're (incredibly) LGBTQ+ friendly (proudly (heh) owned and operated) and don't condone sexism/racism/etc. either. Don't bring this !@#$ into our guild or you'll be kicked faster than an Undead at a party at Light's Hope. Sociability. Raiding isn't all we do, and we'd like to build rapport with our members. None of us -- including you -- should feel like you're just here to fill a spot! We want to actually have conversation and fun in guild chat / Discord. Have personality! Seriously, don't be an !@#$%^-, oh my Earth Mother. RAID EXPECTATIONS -Patience. Not everyone is at the same level of experience or has the same learning style/pace. We do not support, condone, or practice elitism. (Though there is some playful banter a lot of the time!) -Good attitudes. No one likes a Debbie Downer. -Punctuality. Be on time with consumables, seals, etc. No one wants to be held up! -Reliability is so, so appreciated. Again, we understand if something comes up, but please let us know in advance if possible. Scrambling to find a replacement is both a waste of time and a hell of a gamble. Please don't sign up for an activity if you don't plan to actually attend! -Personal accountability. Mistakes happen, and being honest if you know you screwed up is much more admirable than staying silent or blaming others. Own up! You'll earn respect if you don't try to shuffle the blame. Please be prepared to research your stats, consumables, basic rotations, and encounters. While we offer more than enough support for players it is up to each individual to ensure they’re contributing as much as possible to the group. -Voice chat. We use Discord (it's free and pretty awesome!) Fight explanations, mechanic call-outs, and loot cues are given vocally. If you can't at least HEAR us, you're going to be clueless. (A working mic is highly preferred, but not required. Unless you're a tank. Then it is required.) WHAT WE DON'T WANT -Elitist attitudes/jerks. Nope. Nuh-uh. GTFO. SERIOUSLY. We are not and have no desire to be a hardcore raiding guild. -Immaturity. Granted, sometimes our jokes border on 12-year-old standards of quality, but we're mostly all adults and expect everybody to act like adults. -People looking to be carried. Experience isn't necessary, because we prefer learning together, but you'd better put some effort into your class/role or you're just wasting everybody's time. We will not put up with players who want to show up when it is convenient for them and expect a free ride through whatever content we're working on! CONTACT Beyoncé in-game, via in-game mail, or btag: ProphetFive[#]1343 (remove the brackets).Beyoncé0 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 15, 2018 Hello All was just wondering how the community is over here.. was thinking about xfering one of my toons maybe my shaman.. looking for a new place to call home.Evilhart3 Oct 15, 2018
Oct 14, 2018 Hello All Date Posted: 10/14/18 Class/Spec: ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN – Faction: horde! could faction change but do not want to if i do not have to. Cleared: 8/8N and 8/8H with limited time to play . Btag: TRUTH#11644 Armory-https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/bleeding-hollow/Evilhart Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/36066753#difficulty=3 Availability: Monday through Thursday – ideal start times are 7pm CST, to Around 11ct LF 2 or 3 nights max at this time. Goals -i’m primarily looking for a guild with the goal Of C.E I’d like to start pushing higher keys weekly and I’ve come to realize that just won’t happen with pugs..Evilhart1 Oct 14, 2018