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17h Hyjal guild Listing Post your guild name and info only 1 post per guild please. my guild listing follows as an example. Remember to STICKY this topic. Name: Legion of The Axe (25) (H) Info: Adult guild we raid, PvP, do it all.looking for dedicated raiders and players of all types for core group and pvp team. We are a strong guild with lots of long time members looking to expand and fill raiding slots . Guild is 5 years old and has many members with great experience. self sustaining guild we do gem chants everything in house. Raid type: man casual progression. Contact: thrallsgrunt, soulesswitch, entizingingeyes, or any other member for an invite.Thrallsgrunt194 17h
3h <Multipass> Sales <Multipass> is selling Mythic and Heroic Antorus in addition to the Mythic Gul’dan mount! Antorus sale runs typically occur on Tuesday at 7:15 pm (PST). If you need a different time or day, we are more than willing to accommodate your schedule once a deposit has been made. Heroic Antorus and the Mythic Gul’dan mount can be done on ANY of the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Monday. Again, whatever is most convenient for you! Our loot policy for Antorus sales is as follows: All base mythic gear and warforges applicable to your class will go to you. Titanforges are reserved to the guild, but may be available for 500k gold. This is not guaranteed and the guild may reserve the right to keep an item. One tier token per boss is included in the price of the run. Additional tokens that drop for your class will be available for 500k gold. We do require a 25% gold deposit for every sale to reserve and guarantee your spot. Once you’re in the raid, the remaining 75% will be due. To reiterate, gold is the only currency we accept. Hyjal gold is the preferred method of payment but if you’re on a different realm - no worries! Mythic Antorus: First 9 bosses on Mythic = 500k per boss (or 4.5 million for 9/11). A full 9/11 purchase is not required, you may choose the boss (or bosses) you want. Mythic Aggramar: 1 million gold Mythic Argus (Cutting Edge & Titanslayer Title): 4 million gold Mythic Gul’dan Mount: 1.2 million gold Heroic Antorus: H Argus (AOTC) = 250k 11/11H (Personal Loot) = 450k. (Master Loot is available upon request) Please contact Thrashspirit (Thrashspirit#1388) or Pappaslop (Pappaslop#1831) with inquiries regarding sales. You can also ask anyone in the guild and you’ll be referred to a member of leadership!Kainek6 3h
9h 974 RDruid 971 DK LF Raid Group Pair of brothers looking for a solid guild looking to raid mythic in BFA. Both of us have plenty of raid experience across the expansions and we'll both be great pick-ups for any group. Logs can be provided on request. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/hyjal/nemestrinas https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/hyjal/davlen Primarily what we're both looking for in the group: -Two day raid guild, days don't matter. -Prefer that the raid time starts no earlier than 5 P.M. (pst), have no real preference just don't think we'd make it on time if its earlier than that. The Death Knight: -The Death Knight primarily has been tanking this expansion and would prefer to do so but is accustomed to either sharing the tank slots (one guild earlier the expansion we rotated between three tanks) or needing to offspec dps. He is however open to only a dps role if that is what is available and the group fits us personality wise. The Druid: -The Druid primarily is a healer, has experience needing to shift roles depending on the needs of the night (occasionally tanked when someone was absent, dpsed on occasions when we trialed new healers or didn't need the full team). Things that aren't deal breakers: -We'd prefer that the raid not be longer than 4 hours. (not including breaks) Edit: heeeey be great if I left anyway to get ahold of us other than the forum! bnet Glormon#1538Nemestrinas0 9h
16h [H] <LökTar> Recruiting for BFA! < LökTar > (11/11H - 1/11M) Is recruiting those that are interested in raiding in BFA, be it returning players; those that wanted to raid but never quite got to the point in legion, or anyone that's looking for a fresh start in a brand new expansion. We are by no means a hardcore guild; if anything we're pretty chilled and laid back, consisting out of a group of veteran (and new!) players who just want to down some bosses and get some fat l00ts in the process! However we do like to continue to push ourselves and always keep progressing if there is more content to progress in to- be it moving forward into mythic or bashing our heads against some high mythic+ keys; that being said, in raids we don't treat players like numbers on a meter or a class having to fill a specific role. Our top priority is to have fun while we move forward into the current content! We are also casual friendly! Raid days: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:00pm to 10:00pm server (Pacific Standard Time). Optional Friday Nights at 7:00pm to 10:00pm or whenever we decide to end the night. What we offer: -A set raiding scheduled of two nights a week (6 hours). -A chilled, non-toxic raiding environment. -Activities outside of raiding, such as but not limited to mythic +. -Progression through current content with a set goal in mind, either AoTC achievement or moving into mythic. -Understanding and reasonable patience with regards to attendance, we realize that everyone has a life outside the game. -Gems/Enchants/Flasks and accesses to the guild bank/guild repairs. What we are looking for: With legion coming to an end and a new expansion on the horizon, we are putting in the effort to rebuild our raiding team and so we're opening our doors to anyone that is interested in raiding, old or new players alike. Until BFA is released we will be running normal/heroic Antorus for those that need the gear or are hoping to switch mains, and also to see how well everyone fits together. We do have a few expectations however; -Discord, we use this during raids to communicate. You don't have to talk but you do need to listen. -Attendance and the ability to show up on time, with exceptions to those that tell us ahead of time they won't be able to make it. -Be prepared for what boss(es) we will be working on a given night by either watching videos or reading strat guides. -Elitism/Racism/Sexism/Harassment will not be tolerated. Please be respectful to your fellow raiders! If you want more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me via battlenet: Dragonlilly#1245 or on discord: Hekari#2233 Thanks~ Other Contacts: Rasi#1419 (GM) Amuyaa#1723 (Co-GM)Hekari4 16h
1d LF fri/sat raiding guild 940 ilvl tank/resto druid looking for raiding guild.Ojaý0 1d
1d [H] (Mile Hyjal Club) LFM for Antorus and BFA <Mile Hyjal Club> on the Hyjal server is looking to recruit new blood for end game progression for the upcoming expansion. We are a very fun loving guild that likes to have fun while progressing through end game content. Our main focus is Raiding and Mythic+ but we also take casual players who need a place to call home and/or can not make all raids due to limited schedules. We also run Mythic+ dungeons A LOT on off nights and weekends. We are also saving up for an airplane that we absolutely plan to use for legitimate reasons... Server Info: Name: Hyjal Region: US Time Zone: US-Pacific Time Population: High - Majority Horde Raid Days/Times: Tuesdays: 7pm - 10pm server Thursdays: 7pm -10pm server -We also do alt runs on off nights and the most often day for this Monday. Needed Classes: 1 Tank 1 Healer (Holy Pally Preferred) Melee DPS (Ret Paladin, Demon Hunter, Rogue preferred) Ranged DPS (Boomkin, Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest, Mage preferred) What we look for in a player: We are a (im)mature guild and have a lot of fun and look for candidates that can roll with the punches. If you can dish them out too than that is even better! We try to provide food for everyone but you will be expected to be able to provide your own flasks and pots. Contributing to the guild bank is appreciated but not a necessity. Contact Info: Please message one of the following characters in-game or reply in this thread if you are interested in joining or have additional questions. You can also contact me via realID at Shmeagol#11794. Mavrek Kogarasu Shmeagol Zorandir Oktavia Cantmilkthose JardoMavrek20 1d
1d 970 Prot Paladin and Mage looking for guild Shoener and Rogerjarad are looking for a laid back guild but one that also is looking to progress through raid content for the end of Antorus and the expansion of BFA to join. Raiding days are not a problem but we are looking for a guild that raids around 6:30 PM PST. We both have 7/11 mythic Antrous experience and would like to use that of value till the end of the expansion atleast. Both of us are very active players, always looking to run keys and other guild based activities. To get in contact with us you can either post on the forum or message me at shoener#1415. Shoener https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/hyjal/shoener Rogerjarad https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/hyjal/rogerjaradShoener0 1d
2d (H)<Renewed by Fire> We transferred to Hyjal back in 2012 and have gone through a lot of members. People take breaks or quit and it's that time of the expansion to refill our roster for BFA. We need all roles. Between our current members, off-server friends and random pugs, we clear H ABT every week. We raid Mon, Tue & Wed @ 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time. We would prefer our raids only be filled with guildies and off-server friends. Do you want to be a guildie and get phat loot? Whisper any online guild member and ask for Gormosh. If you have 0 raid experience, but want to level and raid Uldir with us in BFA, that is more than fine, too.Gormosh1 2d
2d Returning player looking for new players Whats up guys. I'm coming back to Wow after eight years off and I might as well be new. Things have changed since then, and even then, I wasn't aware of many aspects and details of the game. So, I'd like to put together a group of brand new players or returning players, or veterans and your ok with newbs and you wanna reroll a toon, to roll around the world with. Im on the west coast and on average I can play from 6pm to 9pm(pacific time), mon-fri and on and off on the weekends. I'd recommend setting a time of play for the characters we would play together on to keep us on the same page. Wow is awesome when you play together. Horde preferred. 18+ preferred. Discord preferred tmfcharlie#1180 battle tag tmfcharlie#0147 discord Get in touchTmfcharlie0 2d
3d <Darkness Ascended> 2/11M Looking for DPS! <Darkness Ascended> a guild who wants to have fun while downing content at a decent pace. Staying super focused during boss pulls but not afraid to have fun while doing so. We are active in and out of guild. Guildies love their mythic plus dungeons and their alt runs for ap/legendary drops. We are extremely helpful and inviting. We also play games outside of WoW such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Diablo III, Path of Exile, Starcraft, Hearthstone and more so there is never a dull moment with us! Also, if you come to the darkside we have in game cupcakes! Since they don't have cookies... Disclaimer: Before you continue reading our recruitment post, if you have an elitist mentality, don't get along easily with people, cannot respect others, try and tell other's what or how to play their toon and have a bad attitude.. we do not want you in our guild. We strive to have a good, fun atmosphere. If you are someone who used to be this way and is working on it, we do want you. We want to help you grow as a person and with our team. We do not mind having a little work. We also do NOT bully in any form or fashion, we work together to become better. If this is not how you play then do not bother reading any further. About us - Socials (In guild they are called Dark Militia) are more then welcome! We have a super casual raid Monday nights! - We reside on Hyjal server(PvE) which is well populated without wait queues - Very active discord server with Raidbots skip-the-queue feature for all guildies to run sims, top gear, stat weights, etc along with a music bot to share your taste with friends - Fun guild events held throughout the week including older Legion raid clears for leggos and M+ Fridays (consistent high keys!) - We have a PvP team that does BGs, 2v2s, 3v3s etc. We are currently recruiting for this so if you are not a raider type person and you love PvP, we totally can make that happen! - We maintain a focused and calm atmosphere throughout the raid in order to be effective with the 6 hours a week we are given together - Our goal is to get into mythic and down as much as possible, we don't care about "Cutting Edge" or "Server Firsts" Raid Schedule - Wed & Sat 7:00pm - 10:00pm (PST) Raid Progress - WoW Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/hyjal/Darkness+Ascended - Raider.io: https://raider.io/guilds/us/hyjal/Darkness%20Ascended - 11/11 (H) 2/11 (M) BT What We Expect - Mature, dedicated individuals who are able to take jokes, have a great attitude, work well as a team & enjoy playing the game - Show up prepared with gems/enchants/consumables - Can dedicate to the raid schedule & give notice when absent - Have raid awareness. They know not to stand in the fire! - Those who can be objective and want to learn and grow with us as a team - People who are not afraid to have constructive criticism, people in this guild have been raiding/have played multiple toons and know what they are talking about. Recruitment Wishlist Will make exceptions for the right fit! - Demon Hunter DPS (Very High) - Druid DPS (Very High) - Druid Heals (Very High) - Death Knight DPS (Very High) - Monk DPS (Very High) - Paladin DPS (Very High) - Rogue (High) - Warlock DPS (High) - Warrior DPS (High) *Any swing dps that can go heals/tank have a higher chance of working out.* When joining <Darkness Ascended> you should know - We would like you to be at least the item level of 960+ (at least 1.3-1.5m DPS) - We do make exceptions for the right individual* - We will try to have a conversations/try and get to know you a bit before even jumping into guild stuff, be prepared for this. If you are going to be part of this guild we may as well get familiar. - As a trial you will be given equal loot priority after attending 2 consecutive raids (having to leave early during your first trial or not being able to make it etc. makes your trial longer.) *What we mean by the right individual is we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. We do not rude or negative vibes spread around the guild nor do we want the elitist mentality. We are all very capable of finding other guilds that may be farther progressed but we choose to stay for the environment and the people here. The guild contains of a special kind of WoW player, we are not causal but we are not hardcore either. It is a game, we treat it as such. If you feel you are one of these special WoW gamers do not be afraid to contact us despite our needs. We love and want like minded individuals, social or raider. Thank you for your interest! Recruiter Contacts Darkness Guild Master/Recruiter/Raid Lead: Oreiya - Battle.net: Astirrays#1997 - Discord: @Oreiya#7838Oreiya16 3d
3d The Forbidden Rising is recruiting! The Forbidden Rising is looking to expand its ranks. Most of us have been playing together on WoW for over 9 years. We transferred from a nearly dead server to Hyjal in hopes of meeting new people with similar interests. We are a social, easy going and fun loving guild with a little touch of crazy looking for more active players who enjoy running dungeons, mythics+ , old raids etc. We like to keep our guild drama free but alas you cannot get rid of it all, however we deal with it asap. Our raid days and times are friday/saturday 6-8:30 pm (server). Currently we are 11/11N, 11/11H Antorus. We do not discriminate on content cleared and let your actions speak for you. For our raid we are open to anything, class/spec. You play what you want. All others casual players and non raiders are welcome, including alts and low levels!! Add Hera#1937 (GM) Azra#1919 (guild officer) Kieran676#1960 (guild officer) If you wish to chat!~ Happy gaming!Chaotiqua82 3d
3d [H] <Fun is For Casuals> LF more for BfA Server: Hyjal - US Faction: Horde Raid Days: Tuesday and Thursday. 5pm - 8pm PST. Progression: 11/11 Heroic Antorus Recruiting: Tank and Ranged DPS. Are you tired of the PuG scene? Are you looking for a more casual raiding atmospere without having to raid with incompetent players? Do you miss the days of smaller tight knit groups? We might have a home for you. <Fun is For Casuals> is comprised of a small group of friends who have gamed together beginning with Vanilla WoW through Warlords of Draenor. We have also dabbled in such games and Aion, Rift, Tera, Neverwinter, Blade and Soul, Guild Wars II, and Wildstar during long content droughts in Warcraft. We are all over the age of 25 and at a point in our lives (family, work, etc.) where Mythic progression raiding does not interest us. However, this does not mean that we are lacking in skill. We will clear through and farm Heroic raid content each tier as well as casually farming Mythic+ dungeons during the weekend. Our only requirements are that you show up as consistently and perform at a passable level. Lets face it, Heroic content isn't exactly back breaking. With this being said, we also don't expect you to treat our raids like it is LFR. We have pride in our abilities as players and we expect you to have the same. If you would like to join or have any questions about our guild please feel free to get in contact with myself at DbD#1309.Doberhuahua29 3d
4d [H] Morning / Daytime Guild 8/11M (21+) ... We are a mature group of friendly players (21-50+) from all over the world due to our timeslot with the majority of people working 3rd shift in the US/Canada and some playing with us from overseas making it a very unique atmosphere. Censorship of adult content is not something we worry about since we are all adults, in fact it is indeed common and maybe even a little encouraged. Currently we are recruiting additional DPS and a HEALER for our mythic raid, but are also accepting socials that play during our active timeslot. That being said, we are only accepting people who are additionally willing to join our guild on Hyjal, even if that might require a server transfer. ... Tues: 08:00am - 10:30am (PST); 10:00am - 12:30pm (CST); 11:00am - 1:30pm (EST) Wed: 07:30am - 10:30am (PST); 9:30am-12:30pm (CST); 10:30am - 1:30pm (EST) Thurs: 07:30am - 10:30am (PST); 9:30am-12:30pm (CST); 10:30am - 1:30pm (EST) ... Besides our mythic raid (where all food, flasks, gems and enchants are provided by the guild), we have an active and helpful community that runs casual alt raids and mythic+ on a weekly basis. We also provide a full guild bank with an exclusive Member and Raider tab that gets restocked daily. Our very active discord is used outside of raid times for competitive mythic+ runs, casual banter and also other games that our player base enjoys. ... ... If you are looking for a close-knitted community with people that care about each other and enjoys having a fun time but can also focus during our progression raid, we might be the one for you! ... Please don’t hesitate to add one of us! on bnet Christina#11562; on discord christina#1469 on bnet Freckles#1163 on bnet Flayful#1719Christiina15 4d
4d New Player LF Guild 4 BFA Hello, I have managed to clear up to Heroic Antorus. I'm looking for a guild to start my raiding career with. I would love to tank the new raids that come out during Battle For Azzeroth. HIt me up if interested, thanks Battletag: Pharm#11607.Raa2 4d
4d [H]Schema[4/11M] - T/W/Th 8:30 - 11:30PM ST Schema is a 6 hour a week semi-hardcore raiding guild on Hyjal-US. We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30 - 11:30 PST as well as running an optional farm/alt raid on Wednesday and M+ throughout the week. We are looking for a couple new members to fill our ranks and continue progression in Antorus as well as building for BfA. Our current needs are: Ranged DPS: medium Melee DPS: low Heals: high Tank: low Any exceptional candidates would certainly be considered, so please feel free to reach out regardless of our recruiting status for your class/spec if you think we would be a good fit. About Schema Schema was formed out of a merger of a couple of guilds near the end of Nighthold and consists of members who have been raiding together for most of this expansion and who have a history of high end raiding dating back to vanilla. Our membership consists of those looking for efficient progression with a WoW/life balance - a number of our members have families and are only looking to commit to a 6 hour raid schedule. Raid Expectations We expect players to take pride in their class and play. Reviewing your logs, and understanding the intricacies of your rotation to maximize output. That said we also prioritize guild progression over personal parses - no one cares if you were parsing orange if the mechanics aren't getting done, and people are more likely to recognize a player for executing raid mechanics rather than an exceptional parse. We provide flasks and food and repairs. We distribute loot using guild masterloot and RCLootCouncil, prioritizing loot towards improving the output of the raid as a whole. We run Angry Assignments for encounter notes, and WeakAuras for some encounter specifics. Logs/Progress raider.io - https://raider.io/guilds/us/hyjal/Schema warcraftlogs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/reportslist/328227/ Website: https://schema.enjin.com/ Contact Senzza#11409 Environment#1524 Nerkul#1657 Zangheili#1931Senzza19 4d
4d Group of friends looking for Horde Guild Group of friends (4-6 people) looking for Horde guild. Some of us casuals, some of us interested in fri/sat/sunday servertime raiding/pvp. Most of us have raided in the past, but a couple are more social/casual small group players. We're all semi responsible adults looking for a fun laid back guild that likes to have a good time. The larger the guild the better, but obviously willing to join something smaller with active members with like mindsets wanting to expand.Iverac1 4d
4d <Identity Crisis> Hyjal-Horde <Identity Crisis> - Hyjal Horde is recruiting for BFA! We strongly believe in bringing Guild members before PuGs and thus, We are looking for extraordinary players to fill our ranks for BFA. We have two raid teams: Day Team = Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PST (server) Night Team = Tuesday, and Thursday 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. PST (server) Both teams are in need of more battle buddies Day Team Healer Mistweaver Monk Resto Druid Boomkin Rogue Night Team Rogue DK Warrior Spriest Holy/Disc Priest Boomkin But all classes are strongly encouraged to contact us We also do alt runs on Saturday 7:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. PST (server) We actively run Mythic + dungeons almost every day of the week Contact: Day Cathoir#1901 Hakillz#1646 Trav69187#1395 Sturz#21301 Night Justsomeguy#11441 mindiarogue#1157Amicia22 4d
5d 964 Frost/Blood DK LFG Hey guys, looking to come back to this server and in need of a guild. I am currently raiding with DEFIANT, but raid times are not going to work when my work schedule changes. They raid late late night. 11/11 Heroic, looking to get into Mythic Raiding! I am unavailable Fri and Sat, all other days work ok. Prefer raid time at night no earlier then 7PM PST, but I am flexible on time. OG Raider since BC I will likely be playing my hunter in BFA. Thanks,Nytroz2 5d
5d [H] Underguild - Hyjal - 11/11 H tBT Underguild - Hyjal is recruiting for our main raid team! We are an established guild (founded in 2009) with roots that run back to the original Everquest. We're looking for several folks to fill out our raid team and perhaps dip our toes into Mythic content (should the group fill out to 20+). We're focused on progressing through current content in a fun, teamwork based environment. No finger-pointing, voicechat screeching, world first wannabes here... just a group of fun adults, some with limited playtime, that want to slay internet dragons. Current Progression: AoTC EN, AoTC ToV, AoTC Nighthold, AoTC ToS, 11/11N & 11/11H tBT Our raid nights are currently Tuesday/Thursday @ 7PM server (PST) with an optional (and voluntary) normal clear on Mondays. Note: Our Monday runs are typically where we ask recruits come check us out to see if you we're a good fit for one another. Current Needs: DPS - spots open for ranged & melee What we can offer you: --> Fun (but focused) raid environment with a group of mature adults. --> Reasonable patience with each person's individual learning curve, especially with those willing to put forth the effort to improve their performance. --> Progression at a reasonable pace with the goal being to kill content when current (AoTC achievements). --> Attendance flexibility to allow for real life. We we look for in our raiders: --> Maturity with the ability to receive and act upon constructive feedback. --> Willingness to learn basics of fights before raid night by watching/reading posted strats. --> Responsibility to come to the raid prepared with necessary raid supplies (food, flasks, pots, etc.) If this sounds like the group for you, please reach out to Natie (Natty#1939) for more info!Natie0 5d
5d Herioc Sales Forgotten Aspects is a 11/11 Mythic Guild selling Heroic runs every Thursday at 6:30 PM server time. 500k for full 11/11 H, 200k for Argus only. Buyers must be online at least 20 min prior to start and have prepaid. We will gem and enchant all gear for buyers that bring a toon on Hyjal. So come get your loot, mount, and achievement! Contact Gewbee or add my btag goobbee5688#1739Gewbee0 5d
5d [H] NI- Morituri (5/11M) lfm RANGED Looking for strong RDPS for our Saturday/ Sunday Mythic raid team. We're currently sitting at 5/11M Antorus and looking for more people passionate about finishing out Legion with as many Mythic kills under their belt as possible, and pushing in to tBFA. Server xfer compensation available for a solid candidate. Add me bnet mael8675#1365, or discord y*on#3465, or check out at notideal.enjin.com Cheers, and spam below. --- Not Ideal Horde- US Hyjal , https://notideal.enjin.com Type: Casual, Casual Raiding, Semi-HC Progression raiding Raid Times: Casual Heroic: Tuesday/ Friday 7pm PST (10p EST) semi-HC Progression: Sat/Sun, 7p - 10p PST (10p - 1a EST) Current Progression: ANT [5/11M], ToS {1/9M, 9/9H}, NH {3/10M, 10/10H}, ToV {3/3H} VoiceComm: Discoball Sat/ Sun - Team Morituri semi-HC Recruitment: iLvl Req: 960 Transmog: DaF rDps : Shadow priest, Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman!! mDps : Warrior Tank: n/a Heal: Paladin Contact: mael8675#1365 Tuesday/Friday - Non Massa Casual Progression Recruitment: iLvl req: 930 rDps: open mDps: open Heals: open Tanks: n/a Contact: Breakpoint#11502 Benefits: Rewarded weekly contests, raid consumables, foodstuffs, gems, enchants, Progression BoE contributions Policies can be summed up as "Don't be a jerk." About US 'Not Ideal' is primarily a weekend-oriented progression raiding guild, though we are open to casual recruitment as well. We're looking for the right people to join our little community, whether your interest is in our weekend progression raid, casual raiding during the week, mythic +s, nifty transmog contests, or whatever else we have going on. One of our fundamental, driving principles is to provide a fun place for people to play, without the elitism and epeen-stroking of other raiding guilds. However, hand-holding and 'carrying' is also not our play style. If you join, don't ask for hand-outs, don't expect carries. Our members tend to be very offering of their time, so though it's okay to ask for help do not act expectant of it. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of entitlement. As such, harassment and verbal abuse is not tolerated. If you are elitist, overy-brusque, or any sort of hate-monger, we probably won't mesh. Don't belittle your fellows. And just to be clear, HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED. You don't have to agree, you don't have to agree to disagree, but you should agree to mutually shut up. Otherwise, maybe this could be the guild for you! Come on in and try our terrible pun'age, 'dad jokes', and self-depricating humor. Maybe if you're not too ideal, Not Ideal could be ideal for you ^_^ About YOU . Raid Awareness >= Personality > Experience> Gear. . Be open to constructive criticism, and have a desire to strive. While there will not be any hyper-scrutinization of game play, if it is noted that your gear itemization is ill-focused or you have poor uptime on your primary abilities, it will be expected of you to address. . We are not necessarily looking for someone with similar raid Progression, so much as someone with compatible gameplay and personality. If you're a little ahead, if you're a little behind - we can deal. You should at least have experience with the current tier in LFR, or be willing to research. Alt's of mains who raid during the week are welcome. . "Gr'up"s guild, would prefer applicants in their 30's, or mature 20's. Several 40+s in guild. . Have a schedule that allows for consistent weekend raiding. Understand why consistency and reliability gets preferred seating. . Understand with a roster of 20, occasionally people are going to have to sit on a fight. That means me, that means you. All things being equal, that means me more than you. . Comfortable with using PTT if you want to communicate during raid. No one needs to hear you chewing chips, humming, singing, or outburst comments when we wipe. Okay, we might want to hear you singing, but still, no- use PTT. Expectations . VoiceComm: Discord. You don't have to talk, but it is necessary you are able to listen. . Come to raid prepared with whatever consumables are necessary that are not supplied by the guild. This may include Food, Flasks, Potions, Runes, etc. . Be prepared for whatever progression boss we will be facing. Ie, watch videos, read strats, plan your Talents accordingly. . Patience, discipline: as we progress to harder content, there will be wipes. Many, many wipes. . Your time is the raids time, the raid team's time is your time. Be prompt, be early, be undistracted, be ready for minimal downtime between pulls. Children or pets should be put in the closet (or otherwise handled) during raid. Don't waste your teammates' time. . Come to raid with your mind right - no drinking or being high during raid. Avoidable mistakes cause avoidable wipes. . Don't be disruptive. If you have an issue, pocket it until after raid to address.Yeonsuul0 5d
Jun 13 [H]<Stronger Than Death> Looking for Raiders Stronger Than Death is a late night Horde guild on Hyjal looking for more members for a recently new guild. Were hoping to start some raids in the next week or two. We especially plan to when BFA comes around. 1. Guild Information: Guild was formed in the winter of 2017 by real life friends. While the guild is currently small we do have a few more that plan to join closer to BFA as well as others not in the guild that would join us for events such as raids. While we do have a couple that are new to WoW, a few of us do have years of experience in WoW including raiding, all the way back to Vanilla. 2. Raid and times active: The current plans for raids are 1-3 AM CST Tu/W/Th but subject to change based on availabilities. Mostly active at around midnight CST. Some activity during the day on weekends as well. 3. Who we are Looking for: While we would prefer 110's we are open to inviting people who aren't there yet, whether you are brand new to the game or just looking for a fresh start as long as you plan on getting to max level and being active. All classes and specs welcome. We need at least one more tank, another healer, and a couple DPS. Willing to take more than our immediate needs. 4. Contact Information: Pernach is my main, Szythe, Utar, and Rondache are my alts. Officers are Orthaku and Geengar. If we're not online, just send an in game mail or post in this forum thread.Pernach6 Jun 13
Jun 13 WTB Heavy Junkboxes As the title says im looking to buy roughly 1400 heavy junkboxes… really as many as I can get to make my life easier. I'm willing to pay 75g per box if you C.O.D. this character. Or if you feel your time is worth more message me / send ingame mail and we can discuss thanks team.Missymoo5 Jun 13
Jun 13 [H] Determined LFM BfA. T/W 7-9:30 p.m. PST Determined is an Horde raiding guild on Hyjal-US. Our mission is to provide a small group of dedicated and experienced players with a fun, mature, and focused place to do what we love––raid. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. PST (invites go out at 6:50 p.m.) Recruitment needs are wide open. This is a great opportunity for groups to stick together, for you to switch mains, or for you to start fresh. Discord: Doomabelle#6782 Battletag: Dotyouris#1691 Site: determinedguild.wordpress.comDoomiana2 Jun 13
Jun 11 LF a Guild to call home. I am a returning player and currently in need of an alliance for the upcoming expansion. I am located on the east coast but am almost always playing late night anyways. Leave me a message on here or contact me in game. Thanks!Mandragaran2 Jun 11
Jun 10 Ret Pally LF Raiding guild LF Guild! Looking for semi hardcore guild 3-4 raid days. Must be finished raiding by 8pm PST. My playing hours can be anytime before that. SuddenChaos#1348Fanacuz5 Jun 10
Jun 10 (Want) Fresh Talbuk Meat (Have) Gold My last two tame attempts bugged. Hoping a third will go well. Farmed the life out of me. If any have Talbuk meat available for sale. Please ding me.Daedelus0 Jun 10
Jun 9 [H]Not Ideal M&H Teams Looking for Raiders Not Ideal Horde- US Hyjal Type: Casual Raiding, Semi-HC Progression raiding Raid Times Mythic Progression: Sat/Sun, 7p - 10p PST (10p - 1a EST) Heroic Progression: Tues 7p - 9p PST (10p - 12a EST), Fri 7p-10p PST (10p - 1a EST) Current Mythic Progression: ANT [5/11M], ToS {1/9M}, NH {3/10M}, ToV {3/3H} Current Heroic Progression: ANT [11/11H] Loot: Personal VoiceComm: Discoball https://notideal.enjin.com Mythic Progression Recruitment: iLvl Req: 960 Transmog: DaF rDps : Open mDps : Warrior Tank: n/a Heal: Holy Paladin Contact: mael8675#1365 Heroic Progression Recruitment: iLvl req: 930 rDps: Open mDps: Warrior, DH Heals: Shaman, Disc Priest Tanks: n/a Contact: Breakpoint#11502 Benefits: Rewarded weekly contests, raid consumables, foodstuffs, gems, enchants, Progression BoE contributions Policies can be summed up as "Don't be a jerk." About US Not Ideal is a re-formed transfer guild from a smaller population server. 'Paradigm Redux' enjoyed a healthy raiding atmosphere from Wrath of the Lich King to Mist of Pandaria, However, family medical crisis called away leadership and the guild fell to quiet in Warlords. We are a Horde-side, progression-oriented raiding guild. Beginning a little after the start of Nighthold, we were able to push 3 bosses in to Mythic content, and we're looking to go further in to the Throne of Antorus. Our raiders vary from veterans from previous expacs' Mythic content, to new friends we've made who have fled raid toxic raid environments. Harassment/ verbal abuse is not tolerated. If you are elitist, overly-brusque, or any sort of hate-monger, we probably won't mesh. Don't belittle your fellows. And just to be clear, HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED. About YOU . Raid Awareness >= Personality > Experience> Gear. . Be open to constructive criticism, and have a desire to strive. While there will not be any hyper-scrutinization of game play, if it is noted that your gear itemization is ill-focused or you have poor uptime on your primary abilities, it will be expected of you to address. . We are not necessarily looking for someone with similar raid Progression, so much as someone with compatible gameplay and personality. If you're a little ahead, if you're a little behind - we can deal. You should at least have experience with the current tier in LFR, or be willing to research. Alt's of mains who raid during the week are welcome. . "Gr'up"s guild, would prefer applicants in their 30's, or mature 20's. Several 40+s in guild. . Have a schedule that allows for consistent weekend raiding. Understand why consistency and reliability gets preferred seating. . (Mythic Only) Understand with a roster of 20, occasionally people are going to have to sit on a fight. That means me, that means you. All things being equal, that means me more than you. . Comfortable with using PTT if you want to communicate during raid. No one needs to hear you chewing chips, humming, singing, or outburst comments when we wipe. Okay, we might want to hear you singing, but still, no- use PTT. Expectations . VoiceComm: Discord. You don't have to talk, but it is necessary you are able to listen. . Come to raid prepared with whatever consumables are necessary that are not supplied by the guild. This may include Food, Flasks, Potions, Runes, etc. . Be prepared for whatever progression boss we will be facing. Ie, watch videos, read strats, plan your Talents accordingly. . Patience, discipline: as we progress to harder content, there will be wipes. Many, many wipes. . Your time is the raids time, the raid team's time is your time. Be prompt, be early, be undistracted, be ready for minimal downtime between pulls. Children or pets should be put in the closet (or otherwise handled) during raid. Don't waste your teammates' time. . Come to raid with your mind right - no drinking or being high during raid. Avoidable mistakes cause avoidable wipes. . Don't be disruptive. If you have an issue, pocket it until after raid to address. If you're interested in applying, contact us as you will bnet: mael8675#1365 for mythic team bnet: breakpoint#11502 for heroic team discord: Y*on#3465 discord: Breakpoint#4622 And fill out the lengthy application questionnaire of: "Tell us a bit more about yourself."Breakpoint11 Jun 9
Jun 9 (H) Looking for a Casual Guild... I am new to this realm. My main and most of my alts are on a realm that is predominantly EST. Since I live in PST, I thought I would give this realm a try. If I find the right guild, I would be interested in transferring my main and few alts. Just looking for the right fit. If any guild is interested, please feel free to add my B-Tag, LonsonIC#1899. I miss raiding. I seriously hate the Pug scene. Just looking for a reasonably active guild.Lonson3 Jun 9
Jun 8 Looking for a Normal/Heroic Raid Guild I am looking for a new guild for BFA , here is what I'm looking for: Normal and the occasional heroic raid Raids during the week in the evening (game time) Very Active (at least 10 people on, at any given time)Feel free to mail me in game so we can talk further. Xysaerv1 Jun 8
Jun 7 (H) 950 Warlock and Resto Shaman LFG Husband and Wife duo looking for a new home. Recently rerolled to Horde and have Heroic Antorus experience on Alliance. Currently on Frostwolf server, but looking to move as population is super low. Play times are normally between 6pm to 10pm weekdays and whenever weekends.Ploxxi1 Jun 7
Jun 7 933 Mage and 930 Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild We are recent transfers to this server after our last raiding guild fell apart, hoping to jump back into heroic progression/content. We can raid Sat/Sun/Tues/Wed after 7pm Central time.Basoli6 Jun 7
Jun 7 Returning player looking for raiding guild Context: I was guild/raid leader at the beginning of the expansion went 7/7H EN and then had to start recruiting for Mythic. Dealing with the joys of recruiting and running raids aand running the guild aaaand RL getting absurdly hectic, I didn't have the mental capacity to handle all of it. Unfortunately I couldn't sacrifice anything in RL (yay being an adult) so WoW and I had to part ways. With RL calming down I'm back baby! Resume: Wrath- Resto Druid Cata- Prot Pally & Resto Shammy Mists- Enh Shammy Warlords- Didnt play and I'm not upset about it Legion- Lazer Turkey/Resto Druid & Prot Pally Heals or Tanks is my proffered role but I'm looking to fill your needs as to what role and class because, I haven't decided what to play coming back to the game. I have a Druid, Pally, Disc Priest, Shammy in EN content lvl gear and a Mistweaver Monk with the most current gear, but thats probably not saying much because I don' t know what a respectable ilvl is these days. I know I'm behind and I'm not looking to be boosted (though I wont say no) but if you give me a hot minute I'll catch up and I wont expect you to put me into game until I know I'm ready coach. Raid Time Availability: Sun-Thur 5-10pm PST If your interest is peaked HMU on here or in game Akhandi#1554Akhandee5 Jun 7
Jun 7 Returning holy priest seeking guild I am a returning player that moved my character to hyjal to try and find a guild that matches my play times. I have a 934 holy priest that I am currently running through antorus to learn the fights. I am usually on by 8pm PST and play until 11pm to midnight. I cleared heroic tomb and started trying mythic before leaving and I am willing to do mythic progression. I am wanting to join an active guild to have fun now and into thr next expansion.Cazna3 Jun 7
Jun 7 [LFG][Horde] 934 Resto Druid/940 Mistweaver -NOT INTERESTED IN FACTION OR SERVER TRANSFERS- Hey there! I'm a 934 Resto Druid/940 Mistweaver looking for a guild to call home for now and for BfA! I spend more time doing M+ than raiding, but still raid for gear. I've also got a 110 Mage on Hyjal as well as an upcoming 110 Shaman, in addition to having 3 110s and a slew of 100s on the Alliance side on a different server (Vengeance DH, Disc Priest, Elemental Shaman). RAIDING AVAILABILITY: Monday, Tuesday, Friday after 5pm PST. Not available any other dates, available for any configuration of those dates. Feel free to message me here, in game, or contact me on discord: discord: studumpling[hashtag]8938Luvaria1 Jun 7
Jun 7 969 disc/holy &970 resto sh LF raiding guild Hello just posting here looking for a raiding guild. im in pacific standard time but have toons in EST and CST servers. I have a full time job that ends at 5 pm PST i usually pug heroics and have AOTC. i don't have any mythic raiding experience but i am willing to learn and its something i want to get into especially for BFA. i usually heal but i am willing to be ranged dps if need be. willing to transfer servers or factions to a PST server bnet...Humano#1728 discord... Cascada#1322 my logs my resto shaman https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/whisperwind/cascadevip my disc/holy priest (recently switched to maining priest for the time being) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/thrall/cascadavegan thank you!Cascadavegan1 Jun 7
Jun 7 Looking for casual guild Hi all I am coming back to the game after some time away. I am re-rolling on Hyjal to go back to playing horde. I prefer to tank and am still debating what class to use my 110 boost on but will decide soon, likely it’ll be a DK, Monk or Druid. Anyway I have played this game since launch with a few breaks over the years. The main thing I’m looking for is a core community of sorts much like it was during BC and Wrath. My typical play times are around 830 server till midnight daily mostly due to having to put my kiddos to bed prior to logging in. Feel free to contact me on this three or in game my tag is Mistabo#1970Failyer2 Jun 7
Jun 7 (H) LF Casual Raid Guild Hello! Former semi-hardcore raider here, looking for a home for BfA. I'm hoping to find a group of good, fun people who don't take themselves too seriously, yet have enough skill to be successful at killing things. I have zero interest, nor the time or energy, to raid hardcore or do mythic progression. However, I still understand that raiding requires certain skill sets to be successful, like situational awareness, understanding which buttons to press, and following instructions. I'm passable dps and really good at not dying. I know fire isn't a buff and that tanks don't need my help out front. I understand the words stack and peel. I know the guy with the skull on his head is a really bad dude and deserves punishment first and that the color markers on the ground do not mean disco time. I've raided on a feral/guardian druid since Wrath, though my last serious raiding was in Pandaland. My guild went boom and since then I've sort of drifted around, raiding casually here and there when I could. I've since retired the druid to pvp only and started learning how to be a shaman. I prefer enhancement, because let's be honest, melee is an exciting adventure in how not to die each pull. Elemental is cool too, I don't mind it. Throwing lava at people is therapeutic. And healing? Well, it's probably best we just forget I have that option available. I'd really love to find a fun loving group of people who show up a couple nights a week to punch things in the face and have some laughs while doing so. I don't mind slow progression, but I'm really not interested in weekly wipefests with no progression either. I'm incredibly patient, but I like to win too within a reasonable amount of time. Dying while learning a new boss happens, but if it's taking weeks for people to learn the mechanics, that just becomes frustrating and tiresome. So playing with folks who have a decent grasp of game mechanics is important to me. I feel like I'm searching for a unicorn sometimes, but I'm sure there's a place for casual raiders who just want to enjoy progression at a leisurely pace while being successful and having a great time. Anyway, if you feel like there's a place for me in your guild, you can reach me in game or leave me your contact info here and we'll have a chat. Take care! :)Nahala4 Jun 7
Jun 7 [H] KnB LF tanks/raiders for norm/heroic Ant [H] Kami no Bushido – Hyjal [US] We’re a close nit, chill, Heroic raiding guild. We recently rerolled Horde and transfered to Hyjal and are LF more raiders! Roles Needed: Permanent tanks going into BfA (any class) Always open to any other classes interested in raiding. We only ask that you put in the effort to know your class, we can teach raid mechanics. Raid Times: Tues & Wed 7-10pm pst We’ve gotten Ahead of the Curve for every raid tier since we started in Warlords. Our avg raid size is 15ish players and we’re hoping to grow in BfA. If we can get a steady roster of 20+ we will step into Mythic, but our priority will always be clearing Heroic. Kami has been 11/11H Antorus for a couple months now, however since the reroll on Hyjal we will be starting back out in Normal for a few weeks due to a lot of guildies rerolling instead of transferring. This makes it a great time to join up whether you have experience in Antorus or not. Since it won't be our first time in the raid it shouldn’t take us long to get back into the swing of things and full clearing Heroic again. Interested or have questions leave a comment or add Musashi#1594 on the BattleSwags or look for musashiden@hyjal / kathesara@hyjal ^_^Musashiden1 Jun 7
Jun 6 <AK> Guild Sales Hey there, we are looking to start selling a variety of mythic kills and mounts. Standard Loot Policy: -All gear at base ilvl or warforged belongs to the buyer, but not Titanforged gear. Titanforged gear costs 500k per item, and the guild may decline to sell. -Mounts are only given to buyers if negotiated beforehand. -Only 1 tier is included per boss. If two for your class drop and you want it, the second one costs 500k. We typically do these sales on Tuesday or Thursday at 10:30pm EST, but the day is negotiable depending on the size of the order. Prices are negotiable to an extent, and we try to be as flexible as possible so both get what we want. However, we only deal with gold sales, absolutely no other forms of payment are accepted. These funds directly go towards funding our guild's progression in Battle for Azeroth, so we need the gold on Hyjal for orders less than 6 million gold. Larger than that, we can accept the cost of transferring a guild with tokens in order to have the gold be useful to us. Any further questions or booking, please add my realid (veyloris#1897). Price List: 10/11m Antorus - 5 million gold 11/11m Antorus - 10 million gold (no mount, add 3m for mount (13m)) Per boss first 9/11 - 500k per boss Just Argus+Mount - 8 million gold Only Argus, no mount - 5 million gold Gul'dan Mount - 1.5 million goldBubblerific14 Jun 6
Jun 6 955 Fury Warrior looking for guild Hey, i am very easygoing, and eager to improve. I am currently 8/11 H ABT (pugging coven is the worst) hoping to get AOTC, i would like to go into mythic but it's not a deal breaker. My schedule is very flexible. Let's have some fun.Eggzz3 Jun 6
Jun 6 950 Tank/Heal LF Tues/Thur 7-10pm Server Time I have been a part of my current guild since BC (Playing off and on). I am looking for a new home due to my current guild raiding on times that I cannot consistently make. I love tanking Mythic + and would like a guild that provides a somewhat consistent player base to do these as with a family I do not get much time to play and want to make the most of it. I love to tank and have been a main tank for my current guild NH Prot Paladin Normal/Heroic 4-10, ToS Prot Paladin/BM Monk Normal/Heroic full clear, Antorus Veng DH Normal/ Heroic 4/10. Don't mind raid Healing/Tanking whatever is needed. Raid times would be 8-11 MST or 7-10 Server time (PST) Ollevak 951 BM 951 MW Olevak 950 Veng DH Ollevak - Area 51 931 Guard Druid Olevac 937 Prot Paladin/ 935 Holy Paladin Please send me a message if interested. Ollevak#4635Ollevak4 Jun 6
Jun 6 DPS and tank with 6/11 mythic experience lfg DPS and tank with 6/11 mythic experience looking for mythic guild to raid withRogerjarad1 Jun 6
Jun 6 [H] Mage LF Tuesday/Wednesday raiding guild Recently started playing horde again and wanted to start some raiding on my (ilvl 924) mage but at my ilvl and with my dps role getting accepted into a pug group is next to impossible! So I am in need of some new friends to play with :D with my current schedule I am available to raid on tues/wed/thurs preferably around 5-9pm PT (Hyjal time) I'm also looking for a group to do m+ with aswell I have 11/11H exp in ABT as a disc priest contact me via B-tag @ Gyaa#11148Pepé2 Jun 6
Jun 6 [H]Returning veteran raider Hey! First off, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'm a returning player who has raided since vanilla through Legion on and off. I currently main a rogue, but am proficient with other roles and classes. I'm 940ilvl, but willing to run some mythic+ and heroic raids to get where I need to be. I'm looking for a laid-back Guild, who's also efficient at starting on time and downing current content. My raid days are flexible, but I'd like a 6:30-7pm start time. I'd also be live streaming our raids on Twitch, so hopefully you'd be okay with that. If you have any questions, feel free to reply here, or send me a message at my btag at Chodybromo#1719. Thanks!Brochachoz3 Jun 6
Jun 6 Returning player LF raiding guild for BFA I've come back to WoW for BFA after a hiatus. I play monk and warlock I prefer dps but I can do any spec if needed. I'm east coast so I'd like raid times that aren't too late for me maybe around 6-11 eastern time. I'm not geared right now and I'm not the most experienced raider but everyone needs a place to start.Ryylar1 Jun 6
Jun 6 [H] Druid & Monk looking for a raid team *** Update: Thanks for all the interest and contacts. We have found a guild. *** Hey there, My significant other and I are moving to Hyjal and the Horde and in search of a new home in preparation for BFA. We have both played the same toon for many years and are both consistant and active players. Both of us have past experience with mythic raiding and have raided as all roles and all specs of our respective class. Most important to us is the guild atmosphere though. We are somewhat flexible with raid times and filling needed roles, but the main thing we are looking for is like-minded players who want to push tough content, but without the toxic environment. Currently, we are leveling characters on Hyjal and will be transferring our mains once the time is right. We aren't in any rush, but we are able to transfer whenever. We just want to find a solid group to play with when BFA hits. Again, I am a Druid, he is a Monk, and we are searching for a guild for BFA. Feel free to leave any comments here. Thanks!Kyx5 Jun 6
Jun 6 [H] B/UH DK Main LF guild I'm currently looking for a guild to start playing with leading into BFA. I like to dabble in most things (M+, Casual PvP, and Raids). I have all classes at 110 and am willing to fill rolls (preffered Tank/DPS). Lastly I'm hoping to find a guild that ends raid around 10 p.m. EST. Message me on Bnet @ Rogue301#1259 Thanks!Brockon2 Jun 6
Jun 6 LF Badass Guild Returning player LF guild that focuses on heroic content only. Looking to main DH DPS or Druid. Raided in every bit of content and every level. Been playing since vanilla, seen it all. Looking for crude !@#$%^-s, non drama good player base able to kill and bull*!@# at the same time guildAleighna4 Jun 6