Apr 8, 2015 (H) <Haven> 2/7Mythic HM - Wed/Thurs <Haven> is a raiding guild on the Hyjal server looking to recruit mature, like-minded individuals for 2 nights a week of dedicated raid time. Our officer core has previously run successful 25m heroic raiding guilds through 3 expansions and are putting in the time/effort to recruit a solid team of players for WoD rather than simply "filling the ranks." Having returned to raiding after a Firelands break the end of January 2013, we started small with 10m content and have since transitioned into 20m raiding to pursue our ultimate goal of 20m mythic. 6.0 Raid Nights - 2 nights/week (server time): - Wednesday, 6:45-10pm PST - Thursday, 6:45-10pm PST The goal of Haven is to progress through end game content, increasing the fun of its members through relationships founded on mutual respect and teamwork. Although we only raid 2 nights a week, we have a serious raiding orientation with the long-term focus of shifting into hard modes. In order to achieve this end, we also have very high expectations of our raiders. This means you must be self-motivated, knowledgeable of all the important raiding aspects of your character, come on time, and be prepared on raid nights. Since Haven started raiding the beginning of Feb 2013, we have completed 16/16N T14, 1/13H ToT, and 14/14H SoO. In WoD we have cleared heroic highmaul and 2/7 Mythic. We are currently working in BrF and will be continuing our mythic progression there once it opens. We are recruiting skilled raiders to fill the last few core positions in our raid team as we continue to actively push the new Blackrock Foundry content. Currently recruiting: Balance Druid (Preferably with resto offspec) Elemental Shaman (Preferably with resto offspec) Holy Paladin Resto Shaman Shadow Priest Our guild distributes loot using the EP/GP system. You can find out more information about this on our website. To apply, visit our website and review our Guild Policy and Loot Rules under the Forums tab. You may also direct any questions to an officer in game: Officers: GM - Ebonrage Zerakul - Zera#1454 Achaeron - Arios#1774 Website: http://haven-hyjal.wowlaunch.com/ We look forward to hearing from you! :) Regards, Haven LeadershipAchearon37 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Buying WoD herbs in bulk Hi there, I'm looking to buy any of the WoD herbs in large quantities, and will pay a competitive price to a seller that can provide a steady supply. Reply to this post or send mail to this character in game. Thanks in advanceAkkabank0 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 685 prot warrior, 9/10 Heroic Looking for a guild of similar progression with a relaxed, friendly, active atmosphere. Have also gotten Blackhand as low as 2%, so I've seen all phases on him as well. My availability is Monday through Thursday after around 9 server. Feel free to add me, inkedgrrl#1434Inkedgrrl1 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 [H] Death by RNG 8/10H & 10/10N ** This is NOT for bench seats. This recruitment is for CORE players** **Who we are** Death by RNG is a Horde side guild currently on Hyjal-US looking to recruit exceptional and friendly players to join us for our CORE raiding and more. **Progression** 7/7N Highmaul 7/7H Highmaul 10/10N Blackrock Foundry 8/10H Blackrock Foundry **What we have** Dedicated players who strive to be the best they can and learn quickly to progress and have fun. **Raid times/days** Raid nights are Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 7:00 pm-10:00 pm server (PST) **What we need** People who are passionate about being the best they can be at their class. Who want to help the guild progress as a team in a friendly, but focused, environment. **In search of** ~RDPS Mage (Any/Need 2) Warlock (Any/Need 1) Druid (Boomkin) Hunter (Any) Priest (Shadow) ~Tank (need 1) Monk (Brewmaster) Druid (Guardian) Death Knight (Blood) Please note: these are preferred classes but not the only ones we are willing to accept. If you feel that you are exceptional at your class please feel free to msg me and I'm sure we can work something out. **Requirements** * Know your class * Have Vent * Show up on time * Be able to take constructive criticism * Have a positive attitude **How to contact me** Bnet: Lynxabane#1231 Or Our RL Chubester Bnet Chubester#1692 Or you can shoot us a pm in gameZayva3 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 [H] Catalyst Looking for a Guild to Absorb Hyjal has loads of guilds that are all wanting the same thing, Mythics. However there aren't enough players to go around. Why become burnt out doing Heroics over and over while you attempt to recruit well fitting players to enter the true End game? Instead consider merging with one of Hyjal's seasoned guilds, Catalyst. Come have fun with us progressing, rather than struggling or farming heroics. We're a 3/7M 9/10H guild looking to re-enter Mythics. We're short about 2-3 people but are looking for a healthy roster. We raid Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 7:15-10:15pm. If you have any questions you can contact me on Worpig#1610.Worpain2 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 looking for a guild my wife and I are just returning to wow and looking for a casual guild. We both have pretty busy class schedules so probably won't have much time for raiding to start but would be interested when we have the time to dedicate to a raid group. Our old guild fell apart while we were taking a break. We are fairly experienced players and mostly just looking for a guild to make some new friends and chat.Chaoswalker1 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 <Sic Finit Noctem> Horde - 10M <Sic FInit Noctem> "...Thus passes the night." SoO: 13/14 http://sfnguild.net/ About Us Current Guild level: 25 [H] <Sic Finit Noctem> - Hyjal – Is an adult (18+) raiding guild that has recently transferred from Trollbane. We are looking for a few exceptional raiders to help fill our ranks and continue our progression through Heroic Tier 15, 10 Man. If you're reading this, it's because you want the same things out of WoW that we do: we want to kill bosses and stay on the edge of progression while at the same time fostering an environment that's relaxed and focused. We believe that if we are going to spend a large chunk of our free time playing the game, we should do it with people we like and people who have the skill to accomplish great things. Zero drama. Zero elitism. Just a great atmosphere full of excellent raiders who all have a sense of humor and know how to have a good time. Raiding We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 am PST/Server (9:00 pm to 12:00 AM Central Standard Time). We expect all raiders to attend 66% of raid nights. However, we will never ask, nor expect, you to choose a raid before your personal life. All raiding members of SFN must use Ventrilo and have a working microphone. It's expected that every raider has kept up with the latest changes to their class and main spec, such as breakpoints and mechanics changes, etc., and has used the appropriate tools to min/max their toon to the best of their ability. It is expected that all raiders have researched all upcoming fights and have a working understanding of the mechanics and flow of phases in each, including differences between LFR, normal, and Heroic modes. Having a viable offspec is encouraged, but not required, and definitely not at the expense of upgrades for your main spec. Loot is handled through the EPGP loot management system via the EPGP Lootmaster addon.. Recruitment Tanks: NoneMelee DPS: NoneHealers: Restoration DruidRanged DPS: Warlock Shadow Priest Boomkin. All exceptional applicants will be considered We accept all friends and family of our raiding members! To Apply Visit our website at sfnguild.net and follow the instructions. We encourage you to message any officer in-game if you are interested in more information about SFN (Maktruk, Swigidy, Drau, Brutongaster, Pandapwnu, or Extrarare). We hope to hear from you soon!Swigidy10 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 6, 690ilvl raiders LF Guild/Guild Merge!! Hello! My friends and I are currently shopping for a new guild and/or a "guild merge". Our current guild isn't going in the direction we're aiming for and we feel it's time for a change. We're all friends, some IRL and some just in game and we've been raiding together for a while. We work well together would prefer not to separate our team. We're all 9/10H and would like to find a guild who is at least close to getting 10/10H or further. Our ultimate goal is to start in on some Mythic raiding in a guild who has strong leadership and reliable players who can pull their weight and are decent people to hang around with. We're drama free, social, and overall skilled players. Who wouldn't want us, right? Welp, here's the catch, We can ONLY raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30-11:30 PST. (10:30-1:30 CST, 11:30-2:30 EST). We MAY be open to raiding Monday nights at the same time but Tues, Weds, and Friday is much preferred. Also, our group consists of 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 1 DPS. Or 1 tank, 4 healers, and 1 dps. (one of our tanks is an excellent healer and doesn't mind switching to resto if that role would be better suited for a merge). We're open to server transfers if need be. Below are our armory pages if you'd like to find out more. Please add me to realID if you'd like to chat. Deaddolly#1420. Ðeaddolly 690 Disc Priest - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/%C3%90eaddolly/simple Sov 691 Holy Paladin - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Sov/simple Shoddy 690 Resto Druid - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Shoddy/simple Hotstepper 689 Feral Tank/Resto Druid - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Hotstepper/simple Linchborn 685 Blood Death Knight - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Linchborn/simple Aaldarius 686 Beast Mastery Hunter - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Aaldarius/simpleÐeaddolly1 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 (H) <Egalitarian Misanthrope> is recruiting Hello Hyjal! My guildies and I decided to move here from Proudmoore in hopes that we can get back into the swing of raiding. As I'm sure some of you know Proudmoore horde was dying off and that does not really help with finding people to fill our ranks. So here we are! We are in need of range dps and healers to fill our raid ranks! We raid Thurs 5-8pm server and Sunday 3-7pm server. Our progression is not quite that great, but that was due to lack of people and attendance! We also enjoy killing the mage in our raid group :) Currently he is the only one. To get in contact with us leave a post here or whisper Kilhara, Raiuton, Neochaos, or Creyra.Kilhara4 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 8/10 Heroic Guild Group -Hyjal- US Laid back but serious minded Guild group is looking to bolster our ranks as we get closer to mythic blackrock foundry. Applicants needed are DPS and possibly one tank preferably Death Night (but not locked into that class) RDPS we are looking for are Boomkin, & Mage, melee are Enh Shaman and Windwalker Monk and they should have at least a 670 Item level and have excellant raid awareness, dps should be over 33k at time of arrival. Our guild offers raid repairs and consmables. We raid Mon, Tues & Weds for 6:30 - 9:30 server or 9:30 pm - 12:30 am Eastern Standard time. At this time we are getting H blast furnace to the third/last phase Btag me at Lecesse#1287 with any questionsFaso0 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 680 ilvl hunter AND Warrior tank LFGuild :) Ideal raid times would be M/T/W/T not friday S/S. 6-9 PST weekends would be late morning to late afternoon so 10-5 PST Casual / Hardcore / whatever we just want to kill bosses. We do not want to go backwards in progression so please no new guilds or guilds just forming up to raid. We want a guild that doesn't even do normal BRF anymore and that is at least 7/10 H BRF. SuddenChaos#1348 Would prefer no EP,GP or DKP bullsh*tFunucuz0 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 Healer LF Mon/Tues Evening Raids! Hi All! I currently main and raid as an Enhance/Resto Shaman on Wednesday and Thursday nights with my current guild Random Playlist. I'm currently 7/10H with them, and I'm looking to start raiding with a different group on Mon/Tues nights as I have nothing better to do and I'd love to get experience with another character and meet some new people! Thing is, I'm a problematic altoholic, and I have (currently) nine level 100 characters. None of them are entirely quite geared (between 610 and 630) so this would give you, as my future guild/raid leader or comrade to choose which class and spec you'd like me to play, as healer. I have interest in all of them. all of them being a Resto Druid, Holy Pally, Mistweaver Monk, and a Holy/Disc Priest. Again, I'm only interested in raiding on Monday and/or Tuesday nights from around 6pm to 11pm, in a casually progressive environment. My battle tag is Art#1397 if you want to get a hold of me. (:Artikona0 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 Awakened LFM 10/10N, 8/10H BRF is looking for skilled & experienced Non Pally tank, H Pally, RDPS (lock, Spriest, Boom). Must be 670 min ilvl with heroic exp. We raid Wed, Thurs & Sun 7-10 server Hit me up lets talk Riptide#1290Serènity0 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting DPS/Heals Server-Hyjal...Guild-Eighty Sixed currently looking for dps and heals to complete roster currently 8/10N 7/10H Raid times are 10:30pm-130amPST Server time. Wed and Sat pm Dunkindonutz or Executiee for more detailsDunkindonutz1 Apr 1, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 Looking for Guild(A) any out there? Hey all, Looking for a guild on the alliance side. It seems bit quieter and so I thought I would post asking. Looking for just a layed back guild that raids a day or two a week (preferably weeknight). My priest is only 96 but I do have an ilvl roughly 536 100 mage. Know most are looking for 550-560 but after raiding this weekend in LFG will probably go up and easy enough to raise things quickly. Are there any fun loving, mature, active guilds looking for one more? Thanks!Crucatium7 Apr 1, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 Looking for a new home (hopefully on Hyjal!) Greetings Hyjal Occupants! :) Myself and my husband are looking for a new home and are considering Hyjall. I am a guardian/resto druid (Telluras-Tanaris) and he is a windwalker monk (Zhifang-Tanaris.) We are wondering if any guilds here are looking for a good dps and tank/healer. I have been playing since original launch and he has been playing pretty much since he met me which was just before the launch of WoK. So, we are fairly knowledgeable, easy going, enjoy raiding and don't mind helping out guildies where we can!Telluras5 Apr 1, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 Rerolling on new realm, looking for guild I've been playing World of Warcraft going on a year this summer. I played Alliance because all of my friends play it. But I recently found myself getting burned out. Not because the game gets boring to me, but mainly because I was just getting tired of playing Alliance. It seems so bland and boring to me now. I've contemplated switching over to Horde for a while, but I knew none of my friends would join me. I found myself mainly playing alone for the past couple of months. So I was fine with starting over. I do not play on transferring my only level capped monk over to Hyjal just yet. Maybe in the future. Currently I am leveling a hunter. I am looking to join a guild. Preferably small so I can learn and make friends with people on my new realm. I feel like since I got into WoW so late that it's kind of hard to make friends because everyone out there is out there doing their own thing. I have no raiding experience outside of LFR. I honestly love the game, and would just like to experience the game in an active community, and make new friends along the way.Buzzn1 Apr 1, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 [H]Touch of Chaos - 5/7M, 3/10M Recruiting! <A little bit about us> Touch of Chaos (also known as Deal With It from our past realm) is a semi-hardcore Raiding guild who strives on perfection and downing current content/tiers of raiding in a timely fashion. We transferred to Hyjal at the beginning of SoO where we ended with the realm 4th Heroic Garrosh kill (10 man that is) and ended ranked 6th on the realm. The guild has been through 3 and going on 4 expansions starting in Wrath of the Lich King and have been relatively competitive with boss kills throughout every expansion especially considering our 3 days per week raid schedule. We all have real life schedules and commitments so we try our best to conform to everyone's schedule! We have had a bit of a rough road through Mythic Highmaul so far but in preparations for Black Rock Foundry being released soon we are in need of a few classes shown below to smooth out that road and round out our Mythic Raid team. If you play one of the classes below AND are a DEPENDABLE person looking to have a great raiding experience please talk to one of the officers below or visit the website stated below to apply. - Feral Druid - Ret Paladin - Holy Paladin - Holy Priest - Mage - Resto Shaman ***All Exceptional Players*** who have the dedication/raid awareness/class knowledge/and expectations of having fun while raiding -Raid Times- Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday from 8:00 PM server to 11:00 PM server time for a total of 9 hours per week! If you are interested please feel free to contact, Ellphäba, or Icepicku (Icepick#1899) we do not bite and we will be very willing to talk to you about being the next major addition to our guild. OR for more information/applying visit http://toc-us-hyjal.wowlaunch.com/ I would personally like to thank everyone for taking your time in reading the whole post all the way down here and we thank you for considering us as your new home!Fatefire25 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 [H] <Icon> 10/10 Heroic recruiting for Mythic <Icon> (10/10 H, 2/7 M) is led by experienced raiders that have been around since vanilla days. We formed midway through 5.4 and quickly progressed through heroics. We finished as the 3rd ranked 10 man guild on Darkspear. We have recently transferred here from Darkspear-US alliance due to the severe lack of raiding talent on that server (read:Swifty). We have taken our best players from Darkspear and moved to Hyjal. Our hope is that we can fill out the rest of our roster with high-quality players so we can crush mythic Blackrock and whatever else lies ahead. We are looking for like-minded players to fill the last few DPS and Healing spots as we finish up our Mythic roster. Due to the cuts that we made before coming, we have several open spots. Our raids are usually pretty laid back, but we get !@#$ done. We expect players to research fights, understand their class and fight mechanics, and be prepared with food, flasks, enchants, seals, etc. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 6:30 PM-10:30 PM SERVER TIME (Pacific Standard Time). We're looking for a DPS and HEALS! Classes in high-demand are: DPS Hunter Rogue Arms/Fury Warrior Ret Pally Windwalker *Feral *Frost/UH DK *Boomkin *Enhance Shaman (Basically at this point, our comp is ready to take on any DPS class--we have 2 mages, no other duplicates) Heals *Disc/Holy Priest *Resto Druid *Mistweaver Monk Healers, please have a reliable off-spec (preferably DPS) that you are comfortable playing. *=We currently have zero of these specs. While these specs are in high demand, any exceptional player will be considered regardless. Please be around at least 675+ ilvl to be considered., preferably closer to 680+. Logs can be found here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/10691/ Apply here: icon.guildlaunch.com (see Manifesto for more info) -or- Contact myself, or an officer. Grizz#1409 co-GM DeXtreme#1807 co-GM ConcreteOgre#1319 Recruitment OfficerSneakigos1 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 Guild looking to transfer Hello Hyjal, (Icons) current realm Darkspear contains a heavy PVP atmosphere which contradicts our PVE activities; we might as well be looking for members in an unpopulated realm and we hope we would have better luck in Hyjal. We seek progression but do intend to stay to our 2-day raid schedule. As a guild we have a light timetable although we complete our efforts. As well merging is something we could possibly be open to. My question is, Is this server alive and well in the aspect of Pve? Are there plenty of potential raiders on this realm? Yes we are looking to go horde If you would like to discuss with me about a possible merge or express how awesome your realm is please contact my battletag ConcreteOgre#1319 Edit* So far from the responses you guys seem like a bunch of welcoming fellows Also I should mention that we are 2/7M and 9/10H and we can only raid Tues/Wed 6:30-10:30 PSTSealryn10 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 (H) <Death by RNG> 8/10 H Need Tanks and DPS ** This is NOT for bench seats. This recruitment is for CORE players** **Who we are** Death by RNG is a Horde side guild currently on Hyjal-US looking to recruit exceptional and friendly players to join us for our CORE raiding and more. **Progression** 7/7N Highmaul 7/7H Highmaul 10/10N Blackrock Foundry 8/10H Blackrock Foundry **What we have** Dedicated players who strive to be the best they can and learn quickly to progress and have fun. **Raid times/days** Raid nights are Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 7:00 pm-10:00 pm server (PST) **What we need** People who are passionate about being the best they can be at their class. Who want to help the guild progress as a team in a friendly, but focused, environment. **In search of** ~RDPS Mage (Any/Need 2) Warlock (Any/Need 1) Druid (Boomkin) ~Tank (need 1) Monk (Brewmaster) Druid (Guardian) Death Knight (Blood) Please note: these are preferred classes but not the only ones we are willing to accept. If you feel that you are exceptional at your class please feel free to msg me and I'm sure we can work something out. **Requirements** * 660 min ilvl * Know your class * Have Vent * Show up on time * Be able to take constructive criticism * Have a positive attitude **How to contact me** Bnet: Lynxabane#1231 Or Our RL Chubester Bnet Chubester#1692 Or you can shoot us a pm in gameChubester1 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 29, 2015 How is Hyjal? Hey. I have been on Proudmoore since vanilla, but the horde population has been slowly dying. Proudmoore is awesome, it is not that I don't like being outnumbered by the Alliance, there is simply no one on the horde anymore. If you looked at our forums, there isn't even a horde thread in the first 2 pages. I tried Area 52 during BC , it just did not have the west coast feeling. Everyone seemed weird in a way. It's hard to explain, I guess. They seemed kind of lame? Maybe I just didn't get the vibe because they are from a different part of the country? Everyone is so laid back on Proudmoore. I'm considering either going to the Alliance on Proudmoore, or coming here. Hyjal is PST, PvE, and has a sizeable Horde population, which makes it seem perfect for me. Anyone have any thoughts on the overall attitude of the server? Is it jokey, is it laid back, is it real serious? Any hordies from Vegas (that's where I happen to be from). Just thinking about maybe coming here, and seeing about any feedback. I like to tank and heal too! (I'm better at healing though >.>)Jessekin10 Mar 29, 2015
Mar 29, 2015 Any HM/BrF raids looking for Mage? Hi - Due to a recent shakeup at work I can no longer make my guild's raids. I really would like to be able to raid again though but my availability is not in line with my team's and I unfortunately have to look elsewhere. I'm not looking to change guilds, but I would like to find a team. My mage is iLvl 660 arcane/fire. I have some experience with HM Normal and cleared both HM/BrF LFG with the exception of Blackhand. I'm a team player all the way, show up early and BYOB with spec appropriate pots & food. Happy to share any character details/logs/etc. and go through a standard trial period without loot whoring or whining. My availability is Tuesday/Wednesday from 7-10pm server time and 12-3 on Sunday. I can do Thursdays as well on the second/fourth Thursdays of every month (7-10pm) but I can't do 1st and 3rd Sundays because I do trivia night with my IRL friends those nights. I'm not looking to change guilds or anything, just be able to raid again and get out of LFR hell with a modest chance to get t17 sometime in the next 3-6 months. I take feedback, positive or negative with a good attitude, willing to mentor and help others and I'm not a showboat or drama queen. I have a disc/holy priest alt as well (iLvl 656) that I'd be happy to play as needed, just don't want to main healer - I use her mostly to have fun in heroics and do my tailoring and herbing. Anyone interested please reply here or send me in-game email or whispers - thanks in advance for your consideration, I'd be happy just to tag along for experience on a couple of runs to see how it goes.Malthouse0 Mar 29, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 Any Sat/Sun AM raiding guilds here? Hello, I am a 689 Holy Paladin w/ 9/10H BRF experience. I am looking for a Saturday & Sunday morning raiding guild. I am willing to server and/or faction transfer. Post below about your guild, guild's website, or someone's Btag that I can talk to. Thanks :)Andromaxe0 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 PvP 2s carry I am looking for someone to help me cap my conquest, Ill pay you 200g a win, My lvl 100 Spriest.Custard0 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 [H] Livid - Hyjal (3/7M) (9/10H) Hello everyone, Livid is a causal progression raiding guild that puts having fun and enjoying the game over hardcore progression. We expect effort and desire to kill progression bosses by maximizing damage and healing as best as possible. We are recruiting exceptional dps. A healer with a strong dps off spec. Since we are pushing mythic Highmaul/BRF we expect the Ilvl to be higher than 660. We have a strong community that does dungeons, leveling, pvp, and achievement runs with our guildmates. Asides from the members running through own events. The guild also does a 'fun' raid night in which our more casual and more time constraint players can do a normal raid/heroic (if is possible). Fun night: Saturday 7 to 10 server Raid nights: W/F 7 to 10 server If you are interested in raiding with us or want any more information feel free to add me on Bnet (Corrupt#1785)Karaline2 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Reroll guild 60, 70, 80 So ive gotten pretty bored with max level recently and just wanna do something new. My abosolute most fun raiding was at level 60, 70 and 80. I just wanna see if i can maybe spark some interest in get a group to level up and cap out either at 60, 70 or 80 and start raiding all the way through. Or maybe even just stop at 60 do some raiding there, 70 and then 80. I dont care what server or what side, just wanna get this going perhaps Contact me bmd91#1282Aufwar0 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 [H] "Fun Night" Normal BRF all invited Livid Hyjal does a 'fun night' raid on Saturday at 7pm sever (PST) to around 10pm (PST). We normally do an in guild raid only for alts and more casual players that are above 655 ilvl. This invitation is now being extended to the rest of the Hyjal community and their friends (on hyjal or otherwise). The limiting factor is 30 people are possible for the raid and the ilvl being over are very close to 655. There is a possibility that a lower ilvl will be accepted into the group, but only if it is determined by the leadership that it would be possible to carry that player with their low ilvl. Asides from that it will be an ML MS> OS raid roll option. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the group. You can add me on Bnet. Corrupt#1785Karaline4 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 677 DPS DK L/F Wed/Thur Group 7/7H, 6/10H Looking for a good raiding guild that raids on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Been raiding since early Cata and I am currently in a good guild, but they now only have one raid team that raids on nights that I'm unavailable. I'm currently 7/7H and 6/10H. I know my class extensively and research every fight & always come prepared. I'm a good team player, love to raid hard, but have fun too. I also have a 663 Rogue that I can bring as well. If you think I could be a good fit, please reply or send me a Btag request. I'll be happy to chat with you in game. Toon: Dogtoy Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Dogtoy/advanced Btag: Nil#1704 Here are some recent logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zbyJWm9frpvNcBt6#fight=3 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zbyJWm9frpvNcBt6#fight=13 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zbyJWm9frpvNcBt6#fight=17Dogtoy2 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 679 Holy priest looking for H/M guild (EST) 679 with (normal) 2 piece Last top-difficulty progression was 3/7H Firelands before I quit. 9/10 N, 4/10H, 7/7H in current tier; my guild fell apart because the dps were not good and the other healers decided to find better guilds. Looking for nighttime EST (server+3) raiding; can't raid past 9 server before weekdays since I have a 9 AM class. I'd like to find a progressed heroic guild with their eyes set on Mythic. I'm also open to jumping right into Mythic but that's probably less likely to happen. Here's some logs from our last raids before we disbanded: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/57235. I enjoy progression a lot. I'm looking for a guild that doesn't mind wiping on difficult content but instead wipes up and readies up for the next quickly. The attitude matters more to me than the progression; I don't care if we're on Mythic Blackhand if people start whining after three wipes. I'm raid-aware; I led my Firelands raids and was the main person on call-outs during Heroic Highmaul and BRF. I have 100% attendance while raiding in the current tier and don't foresee that changing. Send me an ingame mail, post here, or add me (blastedt#1987). Also, if you happen to be looking for several members: two other people from Based are looking for a new guild together. They are a prot pally, Teniitha, and a mage, Smokeules. They come as a group, and the paladin can only raid on W, Th, F from 5:00 server onwards. They're very nice people with similar dedication and skills but we're having trouble finding a progressed guild as a threesome, especially with Teniitha's restricted schedule. EDIT: I'm willing to respec to Discipline if needed but I've never raided as Disc.Rurius9 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 [H]<Serendipitous> Recruitment Serendipitous is a horde guild located here on Hyjal. We are a laid back guild that likes to have fun during trash and any down time during raids. But tend to be more serious during a boss encounter. Most of our raiders also raid on the alliance side who are 8/10 Heroic BRF and bring the knowledge and experience over to the horde side. Current Progression 7/7 Normal Highmaul 6/7 Heroic Highmaul 7/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry 3/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry Raid Times Tue, Thur, Mon: 7pm – 10pm ST (PST) What we're looking for: DPS - Monk, Rogue, Shadow Priest, Enhance Shaman Heals - Disc and/or Holy priests, Resto druid, Mistweaver monk If your class is not listed above feel free to shoot me a message in game or on ID, we are always looking for experienced players who love to have fun! Invalid#1271Slabic3 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 680 Guardian and 660 R Duid lfg Hello my friend and I are looking for a raiding guild. We are both 5/10 Heroic, we are looking to go back to the horde in a progressive guild. *Cant raid any earlier than 7pm PST and no later than 12 PST and can only raid Monday-Thursday nights. Myself: I have played tanking classes since Wrath. I have a Brewmaster and Paladin both sitting at 660+, a Guardian Druid at 676 and am also capable of playing a warrior but would just need time to gear him up. My Friend: Currently has Mythic level healing experience. Currently mains a Hpal (680) but also has a Mistweaver above 660 and is very capable on a shaman or druid. We both are long term wow players and are very self sufficient. We ask for a guild that raids at least 3 nights a week (Non Weekend) and are at least 5/10 Heroic Progression. We don't mind raiding alt nights, we can handle our own gems/chants/repairs and always come prepared. We are both currently alliance but don't mind transferring for the right guild. If you have any further questions my btag is Rorigin#1522Råwr2 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 Weekend Guild? I am looking for a weekend guild due to my work schedule changing. I can do Fri/Sat nights an Sat/Sun days/mornings. I am 9/10 heroic BRF and 2/7 mythic HM. Battle Tag is Orodreath#1892Orodreath4 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [H] Looking for S/M/T Guild Hey there, I have been in a small guild of real-life friends after SoO. I progressed recently into pug for HM and found Heroics fun. Would like to progress into Mythic. This normally requires a raiding guild. I am proficient in Demo and Destro. I switch depending on encounters. I usually get 20-25 K single target as demo in my 660 gear. Horrible trinks. My only issue is schedule! I am only available on Sun/Mon/Tues. I'm usually around on other nights, but due to my schedule (I work in a hospital surgery ward), my time on will vary on the other days. It doesn't matter if your guild runs all those days, what does matter is that I can be a part of progression on some of those days. I am great in challenge modes as well. I have yet to try WoD ones, but I was getting good at healing them (gold on all with my disc) and min/maxing on this lock, which is now my main. I take criticism very well, and have loved spending a while on one boss. BRF looks like it would be insanely fun on Mythic. Like Ulduar fun. JudeJudiciary1 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [H] <The Disenchanted> Recruitment About Us We are a fairly new guild on Hyjal that was created from the remains of <The Enchanted> guild. We are a casual raiding and character progression guild. Most of us are adults in our early-late 20s. Many of us are from the west coast and we are most active during the evenings (PST). We pride ourselves on the lack of drama within the guild. We love to progress as a guild but ensuring that everyone has a great time raiding is our biggest priority. We have taken many players who are new to raiding (even some who are new to wow) and have helped them become fantastic raiders. We have a guild vent and we provide pots, food, and repairs. Guild Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDisenchantedHyjal/ Contacts: Lurfly#1782, Moats#1244 Progression 6/7 HHM (RLs 7/7) 7/10 NBRF (We are starting on Heroic Blackrock Foundry this week!) Schedule Core Raid: Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Server Time Weekend Raid: Saturday and Sunday 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Server Time Recruitment All raiders are expected to have a great attitude! Blackrock Foundry experience and a 650+ilvl are preferred but are not necessary if you are willing to put in the effort to learn and gear up. Core Raid DPS (Pref: Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, Ranged) DPS with Tank OS to fill in for our tanks as necessary (Option to Main Tank if interested) Weekend Raid Open recruitment for all classes/specs Raid Leader! Currently our RLs lead both the core and weekend raids and we would like to find a suitable replacement to lead on the weekends General We always welcome non-raiders of all classes and specs to hang out, lvl, and be social within the guild. We provide free bags to all members and their alts as well as some starter gold for new players or players who are new to the server. All of our members are very friendly and are eager to help out those who are lvling in the guild.Lorelaii0 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 <Fat Chance> 9/10H is looking for you! Good evening/morning/afternoon/whatever time it happens to be for you at this current moment. <Fat Chance> currently 9/10H,is looking for quality DPS and Heals to complete our team for a push into Mythic Content in Blackrock Foundry. We currently raid Tues-Thurs from 630pm-10pm and an occasional Sunday for !@#$s and giggles. A little bit about our guild: 1. Many of us have been playing this game with each other for a very long time (I myself have been with this guild since Cataclysm). Inasmuch we have a great repore with one another and have friendships that span past the game. 2. This guild has worked to keep a casual feel to the guild while progressing through content with a semi-hardcore speed. 3. All of us in the guild are a very unique bunch of people. 4. We have an awesome guild tabard! ...You know... I'm sorry but honestly I miss the days when we talked about how awesome guild tabards are. I mean back then you'd talk about how awesome you were and then how epic your guild tabard was and how people should totally love the fact you got this badass tabard that anyone could easily replicate. Yeah, I understand that we are looking for great players to come raid with us in BRF but dammit the tabard I feel is a selling point. BUT I DIGRESS If you are interested in seeing what our guild is all about please whisper Muuhawk(Btag Muuhawk#1746), Yieri, Ironsteel, pheonixguns (if that is really your only option),or Hawkke to inquire further. Also leaving a message on here totally works too since I will be checking this semi-regularly. We do plan on running normal BRF on most Sundays(which we have cleared) to get a feel on how you handle raid situations and how you mesh with the rest of us. Hope to meat you (that isn't a typo... rawr) soon!Muuhawk1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Healer/Tank/DPS LF Fun H Raiding Guild Hello!! Been busy with a job switch and other IRL obligations. I'm now looking to get back into the raiding scene with some really fun people. At this point in my WoW career (it's been 6 years), I'm looking for a casual group tackling normal and heroic mode raids. I'd also love to have other folks with whom I can do our Apexis dailies, some PVP, and maybe even some challenge modes. My wife, who is currently not playing much, would also like to join the guild on a non-raiding basis and we'd love it if the guild had a normal mode run she could join occasionally (but not required). She's hoping her schedule clears up in another month or so and she'd like to return to raiding as well. We're a lot of fun, know how to get serious when the pull starts, and are looking for other awesome folks to hang out with. We'd prefer a guild that is more mature, has women on the raid team, and with no sexism/racism/homophobia. Basically a group of fun people who play the game to have a good time. Currently at 100, I have a BM/SV Hunter (my original WoW toon), a Prot/Arms Warrior, and a Disc/Holy Priest. Previous raid experience on all three and more. Also have raided on my mage (currently 95) and paly (heal/tank/dps - but mostly as Holy). Days I'm available to raid (looking for a max of 2 days a week): - Friday OR Sunday evenings (but not both) - Monday, Tuesday Thursday evenings - Weds starting at 8pm server or later Leave a reply here if you're LFM!Yoduhde6 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 [H] <Torn Asunder> 7/7H 2/7M HM, 9/10H BRF Torn Asunder, (7/7H, 2/7M HM) and (9/10H BRF) is a raiding guild located on the Hyjal server that is looking for members to complete our BRF raid team. We are currently on working on BRF Heroics with mythic progression in the near future. We are looking for people who like to have fun, work hard, and can be part of a team. The people in Torn Asunder take raiding serious but also recognize that there is life outside of WoW. The core of this group was 14/14 Mythic SoO. Current Recruitment Needs: - DPS (Shadow Priest, Rogue, Shaman, 1 plate class) Raid Times Tuesday - 7:30PM to 10:30PM PST Wednesday - 7:30PM to 10:30PM PST Thursday - 8:30PM to 10:30PM PST Loot Method Full guild runs are need before greed with Main Spec rolls taking priority. We are always graciously generous with our guild members and passing on loot if we feel another guild member can use a particular item more. Communication Tool We use Mumble as our communications tool and this can be downloaded at www.mumble.com. Normal BRF Alt Group As of right now, we currently have a normal brf alt group that runs on the weekends with the same times as the weekly core raid group. We require all guild alts to be ilvl 645 min. Several core raiders usually attend to help compensate for lower dps. About Us We are a group of friends who enjoy playing the game together. We usually run quite a few things as a group, anything from a quick heroic dungeon to gear lowbies, Garrison invasions, rare farming (who else is tired of camping Gorgrond!), Apexis dailies, and occasionally thumping heads in PvP. We also like to joke a lot on Mumble and sometimes the Mumble sessions are more entertaining than the game itself. Contact Please contact battletag Lestrange (Lestrange#1833) or Ivaldi (Sagely#1305), in-game for more information. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!Valheals7 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 672 Hunter LF Late Night Raiding Guild-Hyjal Have Cleared Norm...and currently 7/10H ...Times around 9-10Server...any days besides Wed-Sat..in game mail me at Dunkindonutz or ExecutieeDunkindonutz0 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 LF Raf Partner, WIll Pay for Your B Chest [H] Hello, I am looking for someone to recruit a friend with. I want to find someone who is already in a decent raiding guild that i can join in on. You must have the boas for the classes you want to level! - I have prior mythic progression xp - i have 2.2k in 3s if you ever need any helpClixter0 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 Apex Gamers 2M/8H/9N Focusing solely on BRF H until we drop BlackHand over the next two weeks. We will then begin a trial mode while we finalize our mythic team which is set to restart in the next month. Trials are expected to show the following qualities: Listen to directions, we lead you follow. We take a group effort to making decisions for strats and what not, just not during the raid. Survive. I don't care how much dps you can do, if you die you're not helping. Pull your SIM numbers. If you are not close to your sim numbers based on item level/spec you are most likely being carried. 95% attendance. Stuff happens but it needs to be rare, too many other people are counting on your to show up and pull your weight. Basically, we are looking for good quality raiders. If you consider yourself one contact us. Raid times/days: Tues/Wed/Thurs 630-1000 Trialing last a week or two but as short as half a night if you are not performing. We use loot council with item upgrade dictating most distribution. Trials can get loot but its usually after mains dont need. Our Current needs: Tank DK/Monk Healers Disc Priest/Rdruid DPS Boomkin/Mage/rogue/Fwarrior/shaman/DK/lock . . basically any dps that is good. Providing logs will speed up the trial process which means loot quicker. alaskaranger#1195Ak3 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 <Raging Raiders> Looking for Raiders! <Raging Raiders> is a newly formed progression guild. We are looking to expand our roster. Primarily wanting hybrid dps classes with either a tank or healer offspec, who would be willing to fill mainspec or offspec role as the group composition requires. We are currently working on Heroic BRF (2/10). Raid times are Friday & Saturday 7-10pm server and Sundays 12-3pm server. Feel free to post here or message in game with whisper/mail for more information.Zarckus0 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 20, 2015 Obliterate Looking For Ranged Dps Hey guys. Obliterate is looking for some ranged DPS for our raid team. We raid Tues and Wed 8-11 server time. We are a pretty relaxed guild that likes to have fun almost as much as we like progressing. We also like to PvP , do old raids and dungeon grind alts together. Even if you aren't looking to raid, we would still love to have you as a casual just to hang out.Etherbunny2 Mar 20, 2015
Mar 20, 2015 MW Looking for Late Night or Weekend raiding Hey guys just came back from a break. As you can see I'm a fresh 100 so I'm not expecting to get put in for progression stuff right away. Gearing is pretty easy this expansion lol. Anyways with my limited free time (new baby will do that to you) I'm looking for a guild that raids Late Night and/or on the weekends. I have been raid healing since BC and have been in a server first guild way back when. post here or message me in game. My tag is Huckleberry#1787. thanks guys.Thirstisreal1 Mar 20, 2015
Mar 20, 2015 [H] The Undying 9/10 Heroic 2/7 Mythic LFM! We are The Undying. A Horde guild on the Hyjal-US Server. We are 2/7 Mythic and are now 9/10 Heroic. We are looking for a few raiders to fill out our team for progression to soon move into Mythic BRF. We're semi -hardcore semi-casual - We like to have fun, but we want to get stuff done! Our raid days and times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 Server Time (PST). Loot Distribution: Loot Council (This is based on effort, attendance and upgrades) Voice: Mumble Hunter: Closed Disc/Holy Priest: Closed Our Contact info Website - theundying.enjin.com BTag -Faolin#1664 Xajind#1827 Vareden#1416 In game - Gajind, Bugor, Faolin, Veraden, Manasnack Streaming on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/faoliinFaolin14 Mar 20, 2015
Mar 19, 2015 [H] <CoK> - Friday/Sunday 8p-12a LFM Mythic Hello! So, I really hate the 10 page guild post explaining every little detail. I'll go into a little bit cause I'm a long-winded guy who could probably talk your ear off for 10 minutes about things, but I'll try to keep it simple. I'll even add a TL;DR right here: Guild Name: Conquerors of Kalimdor Times: Friday & Sunday 8p-12a, Pacific Time ( GMT-8 ) Progression: 8/10H Contact: Easiest to add Eb and your classes lead to get ahold of someone. "Eb" - Ebrithil#1100 (Raid Leader & Head of Recruitment) "Mook" - Mook#1600 (Healer Lead) "Budo" - Cammalese#1758 (Guild Master & Physical DPS Lead) "Dread" - Ryujikaze#1207 (Caster DPS Lead) And before I go into talking about the guild itself, what are we recruiting? We have about 5 open DPS slots on our team, as well as 1 healer, and looking for a tank...slowly. I'll list the specs we'll consider. Tanks: 1 - Non-DK. Would love a Monk, but, a good tank is good tank. Healers: 1, maybe 2 - Druid would be awesome. Monk, Shaman & Holy Priest also open. Physical DPS: 2 - DK, Fury/Arms Warrior, Windwalker, Kitty Caster DPS: 3 - Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Hunter, Boomkin Alright, so now a little about the guild, if you're interested! And I hope you are, considering if you're thinking of joining we want to like you and vica versa.. Our raid team has come from a break off of another guild on Hyjal and since then, we've very easily knocked out a boss we were stuck on with progression and are still gaining momentium. Our goal is to get into Mythic ASAP and get as much done as we can with an 8 hour, 2 day schedule. Many of our raiders have raided for years, many being apart of the 6 day a week 4 hours a night raiding guilds. So we bring that hardcore US top200 raiding experience to CoK, on a lighter schedule. We all have lives, girlfriends, husbands, kids, etc and we're looking for raiders in the same boat. People who have a desire to parse in the top 10% of their class and clear Mythic content, but don't have or don't want to spend the time raiding 5 nights a week. We take our limited raid time seriously, but on the flip side of the same token, we still have wipes because we're all making fun of the Warrior who manages to Heroic Leap into a tiger pit on Kargath, or busy laughing at the idiot Rogue (ahem, not me, of course) who shadowsteps into a pin down on Beastlord. There's a fair amount of the raid team who engages in other things outside raid time as well, we have a group who's done carries of 8/8 Gold CMs, people that PvP, and whatever else people wanna spend their time doing. So! I said I'd try to keep it simple, hopefully I have done that. If you're interested in giving us a run just add one of the people listed above and let's talk!Ebrithil2 Mar 19, 2015
Mar 19, 2015 (H) Altitude - Hyjal is recruiting Altitude is a semi-hardcore Colorado based guild (on a PST server) and in search of a few players to fill our roster as we progress through WoD content. Our raid days are Tues/Wed 730 pm to 11pm server. We usually throw in a Monday raid as we work on new content. Additionally we have a Tue/Wed 530pm to 7pm HM Heroic group dedicated to get our progression group a few items that they need as well as a Sunday HM Heroic casual raid. We are 7/7 Heroic Highmaul AOTC and as of today 7/10 BRF Normal. Once we get a majority of players their T17 2p we'll move to Heroic. Also we stand by the philosophy of gearing tanks first. For progression team, we are looking for 660+ geared: Tank with dps offspec DK Mage Enh Shaman Paladin Healer WW Monk ... any exceptional player of any class is welcome to apply. For regular guild membership we are looking for anyone with a good attitude who likes to have fun. As we are a Colorado based guild, anyone from Colorado gets an automatic /ginvite and we have regular meet ups. Hope to hear from you!Sarpedøn1 Mar 19, 2015
Mar 19, 2015 deleted deletedRuhmpf0 Mar 19, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 4 684+ ilvl players looking for late night Straight to the point, our guild has gone through the mid tier drought and couldn't do the switch from 10 to 20 man mythic. Regardless we love to raid and are still extremely motivated to push content. We all have hardcore raiding experience in past expansion/tiers. We can also bring some more people just talk to me ^^ Our raiding limitation is we cannot start before 9PM PST. Other than that we can raid any day of the week. Any faction/server is fine as long as its in NA Our current guild progression is 2/7M 9/10H. We are looking for a guild in similar progression, up or down a few bosses is fine We wish to take a Disc priest, Shadow Priest, DPS DK, and Prot/DPS warrior(room to talk) Here are the armories. Warrior: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Glycerin/simple DPS DK: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Leny/simple Disc Priest: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Sibylla/simple Shadow Priest: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Illeviate/simple Here are the logs of our guild and you can look up the specific players if you wish. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/20592 I look forward to hearing back from everyone. We will choose the guild by this weekend. My BattleTag is Gly#1901 and I will deal with all incoming offersGlycerin0 Mar 18, 2015