Dec 15, 2014 LF Raiding Guild 639 ilvl rogue looking for a raiding guild, im not looking for anything special I just want a normal progression guild. My available times are 4:30pm - 11:00pm if you are interested in me raiding for you, add my btag Mike#15214Getdownonit3 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 [H] Priest and pally/lock LF raiding guild. Me and my brother came back to the game after a break. We're looking for a progression-oriented, drama-free guild that is just jumping into raids, we understand that we're about 4 weeks late to the party but we can adapt. We can raid past 5 pm server to 11pm ish server almost any day, we're punctual, dedicated people, sometimes life kicks in but we generally let raid leaders know ahead of time if we'll be MIA for a day or two. We've raid-lead before so we know what it's like to leave a raid group hanging cause 1 or 2 guys didn't show up, and are no-where to be found. This is the toon I'd like to raid with, altough, if needed I can get my old warlock raid-ready in a week or so (currently using him as a profession mule). I can play any of the 6 possible specs at the same level. Reference: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Sepulcra/simple Brother's toon is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Todes/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Todesrittr/simple (old account, lost access) Both toon's not enchanted cause we want to know what we'll be raiding as before dumping gold. We've both had previous mythic raiding experience so we know what's like to push content. If you got any questions or are instered, feel free to drop a line. Our Btags: Ignatius#1621 Sepulcra#1353.Sepulcri2 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 [H] 2 Players LFGuild We both have raid experience, know our class(s) and are punctual and reliable. We are looking for evening raids on any nights except Fri, Sat and Sun. Characters are not fully enchanted because we are waiting to see which toons we will be raiding with before burning up matts. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Holth/simple and http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Naxar/simple are our mains. We are also willing concentrate on gearing are alts to help out the raid group. My alts are http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Dynasty/simple and http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Spearson/simple. Naxar's alt is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Zarakano/simpleHolth4 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 638 Prot Pally LF Guild 638 ilvl prot paladin LF Guild. Tons of raid tanking experience looking for semi-serious raid guild looking to run Mythics in near future. Prefer late night raiding guild, anything starting at 9pm CST or later. Im a mature player that has been playing since mid - Cata. Im a team-oriented player that likes a team environment while making consistent to quick progression. I was 12/14H MoP pre-6.0 nerf to provide an example of recent history. I look forward to talking to potential homes. My btag is Caddirly#1497. Serious interest only pls.Caddirly1 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 639 Disc Priest LF Semi Hardcore Guild Hello Everyone I've been very indecisive on which toon I was going to raid in this xpac and have finally decided on my priest. I have an extensive raiding background focusing primarily on healing. The last 2 xpacs I raided as a HPally and truly enjoyed the versatility and plate armor. I decided to switch my focus this time and instead be the Healer sniping all the heals with my awesome shields! The last several years I've raided in a Heroic progression guild but due to some timing issues will not be moving forward with them in this xpac. I am slightly obsessive about showing to a raid prepared. My time is very valuable to me and I find it a disservice to not come fully prepared w/ enchants, knowledge of fights, flasks/potions etc... I do have a few stipulations w/ any guild I raid with. -Must start no earlier than 7pm server time and end no later than midnight -Must have some kind of fair loot system -Must be ok with the occasional F Bomb when I roll on the same boss 10x and never see a drop Also have a Holy Paladin that will have viable gear by the end of this weekend (12/13/14) but would still prefer to raid with Priest. I will make an exception if there is a guild that is only looking for that toon and matches my guild preferences exactly. I have nothing against my Pally just raided with her for several expansions and looking to play a new class.Xisst3 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 <Sleeping Knights> New levelling up guild! Server: Hyjal Faction: Alliance Guild: <Sleeping Knights> Most guilds on here are raid guilds. Well not all of us are at the required level to be able to raid. This is was Sleeping knights are for! We are a new leveling up guild looking for anyone to join! We are mostly from level 40-60 but we accept any levels and any specs! We are currently trying to start having scheduled dungeons (Every Friday at 6:30PM EST) but that is still in the process. We may be a new guild but we can guarantee you fun. If you are interested feel free to add my ingame character: RailoozeWelmon0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Resto druid LF Challenge modes. ^ Like the titles says I have exp in all CM's I know most strats and I'm rdy to get a x-mog weapon.Drscar0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 ally hunter LF raid team. hunter looking for raid team that raids on Friday and sat preferred.Sithisjr0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 WTB Profession leveling kit. Looking for two Profession Leveling kits: Engineer Leatherwork Blacksmith Alchemy Inscript Perfer something already in stock or not a long wait.Majeo2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 (H) <Psychedelic> Recruiting for Morning Raid Hello, <Psychedelic> is recruiting for Morning Raiding on Hyjal server (PST). We are looking at starting up a 10 man morning weekday raiding guild. Raid times are 9:30am (PST) to 12:30 pm (PST), Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Since a big chunk of WoD in the beginning is going to be 5 man dungeons we our focusing on getting two 5 man groups off the ground. We our recruiting all classes and specs. Kiddies need not apply thank you. We are all in our 30s. Please contact to get questions answered PropaiN#1782 or my good friend and GM Billywilson#1727Lovage7 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 640 Prot warrior & 635 rogue looking for home My friend and I are xferring here for PDT time zone due to our late night schedule on the east cost. We are looking for a semi- hardcore guild, that raids starting at 9pm server time. My btag is muddyboot#1832Phyrixon0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 (H) <Hyjals Pinnacle> raiding guild 9pm ST AS of now we are recruiting all for our mythic/heroic raid team. Just transferred to this realm and looking to make the best of it. For all new recruits there will be trial raids. We raid 9pm - 12am server time. Please leave a comment below if you are interested and want more info, or add my btag Muddyboot#1832.Phyrixon2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 <Final> 6/7N 1/7H Looking for more Raid Times; 8:00-11:00PM Tues/Weds/Sun Looking For: -Skilled DPS that can play a healing offspec when needed. We're pretty flexible on the class as long as you know how to play at a high level. About us: Tight knit raid group composed of friends all native to Hyjal for the past decade. We decided to raid together in WoD but just missing a few pieces Contact and officer in game for more details or at the battle tag below. BT: Hunter#1186Offwhite1 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Third String LF Recruits Third String #1 Guild from Aggy through BC and CATA recently migrated to Hyjal (Previously Second String). 1/7 Heroic (Server 1st on kargath), 6/7 Normal. LF more members to fill core positions. PST in game to SikhPlays, KippyD, Grk, Edbtz for more info Use Vent for communications. Looking for mechanically skilled players with a small learning curve that know their class well. http://thirdstring.guildportal.com/Sikhplays0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 [H] Rebirth is looking for a Holy Paladin! Server: Hyjal (West Coast, PvE, PST Server) Guild Name: Rebirth Website: http://rebirth.guildlaunch.com/ Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM ST (PST) Faction: Horde Who we are: We have been on Hyjal since about February, 2014. In that short amount of time, we have recruited some amazing individuals, and are looking to find more to push Mythic content in WoD. What our Guild can offer you: A stable ,fun and mature environment. As much as we all love to raid and take down bosses and get epic phat lootz, its a game first and foremost. We are all here to have fun, and we will provide that environment for you. We have a mumble server and website that we are active on. Having a microphone is required, not only for raid communications, but so that we can get to know you! We are excited to enjoy all the new content that Warlords of Draenor will offer. You will have plenty of groups running heroic dungeons, raids, and even pvp with arenas and Ashran. What we are looking for from you: Don't be shy. This is an MMO! If we wanted to play a single player game we'd all go play Skyrim. Being active in guild chat and voice comms is something we love. We understand computer problems happen from time to time , but please have a computer and connection capable of running add-ons and being able to raid. Do a little research. We understand people have jobs and lives outside of WoW (GASP! HOW DARE THEY!?) , but a little research goes a long way. Read up and watch videos of not only your class but the encounter we are about to do. Our website will do a great job in assisting and giving you the resources you need. Everyone, including established raiders, are always in "prove it" mode. Prove you can be consistent, prove you have good attendance, prove you dont stand in fire 24/7 and most importantly prove that you are not a jerk! :) Raiders: Guild will provide necessary consumables. (flasks, potions, food) for guild activities. Loot: Loot council. Recruitment: We are currently focused on recruiting for Warlords of Draenor in mind. We are also taking exceptional apps to help If your class is not listed please feel free to contact us if you feel like we are a good fit. Healers: Holy Paladin Tanks: Exceptional tank players considered. Ranged DPS Exceptional ranged players considered. Melee DPS Exceptional melee players considered. Visit rebirth.guildlaunch.com for more information including the guild charter and forums. Contact: http://rebirth.guildlaunch.com/ to apply Contact: Stomp#1130, Pharmacital#1747, Nekkrom#1828Stompasaurus98 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Mod delete Mod deleteXaere0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 WTB Seer's Padded Armor Sick of running Shadowfang Keep myself to get all the other pieces of the set to drop, so if anyone has one stowed away on an alt (or you just happen to find one), add me in game. Paying well, lemme know what you want for it :D fakes#1432Faeks1 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Guild found, thanks we have found a new guild!Vardenfell3 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Any Horde Morning Raiders? I'm curious into joining a guild the plays during the morning since I work evenings. I'm also not looking for a hardcore guild, but a small competent group that want to make progress, but not at the sake of making the game not fun. You can message me at Dakroll #1852 if I sound like a member you would like to have, but make sure you preface it that you saw my forum post as I get a lot of random invites.Dakunder2 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Toys for Tots Stream 12/11 at 2est Hey guys, My husband and I are going to be doing a stream today starting at 2pm EST going to whenever. We'll most likely just be playing league, but we're going to be raising money for Toys for Tots. We'll take any donations we get and make a video of us going to buy the toys and donating them so you all can see what you contributed to! You don't have to donate but every view helps us been seen by others who may want to. You can check it out here tomorrow at 2 http://www.twitch.tv/mekotsu Pass the word on so we can maybe raise some money!Yuèha0 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 LF Weekend Raiding Fri/Sat Topic says it all. After 6P server is best. Experienced raiding almost every tier since BC.Menjay0 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 (H) Altitude is recruiting YOU! [H] Altitude is a Colorado based guild that is looking for key healers and dps as we progress through WoD content. We are currently 4/7 (N) and 1/7 (H) Raid Times: Wed and Friday: 7-10 for progression, Sunday is to help other guild members get some gear. We are mostly an 18+ guild of rl friends, most of whom have been playing since Vanilla. We don't have drama, we do PvP (both arena and BGs), help each other out and run CMs / Heroics etc... We do it all. If you're interested, please contact Sandboxer (BT: Asher07#1121) Redeath, Rylam, or Shimmerie in game and we'll answer any questions you might have. Also for smaller guilds looking to raid but not having enough members, get in touch with us and we can discuss co-raiding. Cheers and enjoy WoD!Sandboxer7 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 [A] Acheron Recruiting 1 Healer Title says it all. We need a third healer for our weekly Raid group. We are NOT planning on doing Mythic content. Our plan is to focus Normal and Heroic modes only. Schedule: Tues, Wed 6-9 Server Time Please get in touch with me if you are interested in learning more about our group.Conosour0 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Returning Player - Considering Hyjal Hello Hyjal! I returned to WoW a couple weeks ago and am looking to find a new realm to call home. I have read good things about this realm and would like to ask a few general questions so that I am able to make a more informed decision :) Interested in data for H O R D E. Is there a healthy selection of raiding guilds here, including a selection of the "hardcore" variety? What are the Battleground Queues like? Are there ever log-in issues for the realm? (ie, queue wait time) What is the overall community feel like? (More "lol u mad bro?" or "Anal [...]" than usual?) Thanks for any info, and I look forward to hearing back!Extremus2 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 [H] <Monolith> for PvE! 5-8 Tues/Thurs Monolith is a PvE guild with a chill atmosphere. We're looking to expand our roster to tackle raids as a team and eliminate some of the roulette you get with pugs. Raid times are 5pm-8pm PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The only parameters for joining and raiding with us are - Know your spec - Be willing to learn the fights - Be able to take criticism if you're doing something wrong - Keep race/gender/sexuality jokes and slurs out of chat We know how to enjoy ourselves and be competent at the same time. Send Faldanil in-game mail if interested!Faldanil0 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 [H] <Hoc Eritis> 5/7N, 1/7H, LFM <Hoc Eritis>, currently 5/7N, 1/7H in Highmaul, is recruiting RDPS (preferred Boomkin, Warlock, and Spriest), 1 Enh Shaman, and 1 rogue for their raids. Our raid times are Wednesday/Thursday 7:00-10:00PM PST (10:00PM-1:00AM EST), with an optional Sunday Cleanup time of 7:00-9:00PM. The voice program of choice we use is Ventrilo. We are a close-knit, like-minded group of people who want to progress through the raids. We will eventually move into heroics with the possibility of further progression depending on numbers! If you have any question please feel free to post here, send me a private message, or find me on WoW at: Helmarocking#1450. If I'm not on, also feel free to check if Darrelle or Yummymangos is online.Jigari5 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 Holy Pally Looking for Weeking Raids (Horde) Recently transferred to this server and looking to start raiding again as I had to stop raiding right after Throne of Thunder came out last expansion. Looking for a weekend group as I am unable to do the traditional Tues, Weds and Thurs schedule due to being back in school in the evenings. I would prefer to raid solely as holy simply because I have never raided as ret and only maintain a ret spec so I can function day to day. Currently sitting at roughly a 635 ilvl and trying to replace my back piece but haven't had much luck with drops and now that finals are over, I can spend a little more time during the week in heroics attempting to get one (or hopefully pull one out of LFR next week). Also trying to change out pieces that I already have for more ideal stats.Manndragorra3 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 [A] |>Zowaa>| Casual raiding guild I'm going to make this short and simple. Don't need to glamour this post. Are you busy in life? Do you have a family? Does work tie you down? No problem here. Zowaa is a casual raiding guild built on your time. The guild was formed on December 14, 2014. I am the only member in the guild at the moment. Looking for all types of classes to fill the spots. 30-35 man guild and our #1 goal is to have fun. The days of hardcore raiding is out of my system. The guild is looking for players that like to run heroics and do 10-25 man raids. Do we want to achieve the highest goal possible in the game? Sure. Do we want to kill ourselves and neglect real life because of it? No. This guild is will be a friendly environment for gaming and socializing. My #1 thing is, have fun winning. My resume is short and sweet: I've been here since Beta Vanilla and recorded 11 years. Raided all content except Panda crap. Wasn't into the panda stuff. I've had my own guild for many years since Vanilla and made a lot of friends and had lots of fun. I was in a guild that got the IMMORTAL title and it wasn't easy to do. I love strategy and love to get the job done. Everything should be taken in moderation including wow. Let's have fun winning!!!Ghostness5 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Totally new to wow and looking for friends Hi......so are there any guilds out there who help new people get started. In the years that I knew this game existed I never played it once and I decided to try it and well..........I like it. I am what you call in this community a "casual" so I won't be on as much as I want soooooo contact me however you contact people in this game. :DLilithgreen1 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 LF PvPers to play with! (where are you Churp) Hi, I am a former rank 1 arena player. My team was rank 1 in the BG for arena season 3 and 4. I recently just returned to the game for WoD after 6 years. I am looking for some good solid PvPers with experience to play with. I am still relearning the game since a lot has changed. But, I am at least aiming for gladiator this season. I am particularly interested in playing with a good druid and/or hunter but am willing to play with any good player. Message/add me in game if you are interested! - HankkHankk0 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 <H> - BASED - 2/7 HM Recruiting Heals/Ranged Based is a small casual raiding guild. While progressing in MoP we started off with a strong and focused 10 man group that cleared Throne of Thunder with ease. Heading into Siege of Orgrimmar we had the same success leading to full clearing and farming, thus giving us the power to level in Warlords ready with the most heirloom gear possible. We are looking for raiders that want a casual two night raiding schedule while maintaining a focus for hardcore progression. Because we are limited to a 2 day raid schedule, we want dedicated raiders that can show up consistently to raids with proper gear, consumables, and the ability to listen to & execute boss strats efficiently. We aren't looking for the most experienced raiders, just those that are looking to experience content with a small team of like minded people. We raid: Wednesday and Thursday. with pending Friday nights if Mythic deems it necessary. Invites go out @ 6:00pm(server-Pacific) raid ends at 9pm. We are looking for: - Non Druid Healers - Variety of Ranged DPS Please respond below or add Krzythugnutz#1510 to Real ID for more info.Shirtpants2 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Trading my Sargeras Alliance gold for Hyjal H Hi all, trading about 7k Alliance Sargeras Gold for Gold on Horde Hyjal Add my battle tag Romerican#1590 I'll go first if you have any sort of reference here on the forums Thanks!Vydo0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 WTT 640 plate piece for Mail Please pst me in game if you want to trade. I can buy whatever recipe you want.Slapface0 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 (H) Lf pvp guild Hello all, Well like the title says im looking for a horde pvp guild. I have 2k exp in Rbgs and roughly 1900 in arenas. My two mains are a disc priest and a ret paladin. Please message me in game for more details Berglary#1588Berglary0 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 ... Please delete this post.Sunamun0 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 [H] <Final> Seeking Healers and DPS <Final> is a group of close friends that has come together to complete Normal and eventually Hardmode PVE content. We have currently have downed a few bosses in Highmaul on opening night and are looking for a few more to complete our raid team. Looking for: Resto Sham or Holy Pally Mage, Monk, Ele Sham, Shadow Priest, or Boomkin All competent raiders are encouraged to contact myself or an officer in game. Thank you!Offwhite3 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Realm change mess up I recently changed my Character (gandls) to this realm. I recently have found 2 copies of my characters one named Gandls and the other Gandls299FBA. I cannot log onto either one, and when I try to delete them the game crashes. Please Help S.O.SGandls299FBA3 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 ---Inquiry resolved. -resolvedTulips0 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 (A) <Driven> seeking Healer <Driven> is a mature (most of the time) guild, comprised of raiders from throughout the ages. Our core team has raided since Vanilla WoW and are currently enjoying the content. We are currently in the process of recruiting a healer (would prefer a resto-shaman but willing to talk to anyone). Prefer 630 iLvL to start, but willing to discuss this. We raid 2 nights per week with optional content offered at other times. We are an active guild of raiders, many of whom remember and often fondly discuss the past glory days of raiding. Raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday Raid Times are 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm server Please send tell to Miltaides#1405 in game or drop a message in a mailbox if you are looking for more information. MiltMiltaides0 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Looking for a good raiding guild on alliance Hiya all. Looking for a good alliance raiding guild. Prot/gladiator stance main spec, Arms off spec. I've raided through cataclysm and mists, also some during wrath of the lich king. Raided hardcore as a healer in vanilla on a friend's account as well. Just looking for a guild that will raid 2-3 nights a week. More than happy to tank a lot, I love warrior tanking.Antodara0 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Did Hyjal melt? Trying to log in and Hyjal isn't even on the server list at all, not even listed as offline, wtf?Vazula3 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 whered my characters go i log in and hyjal and all my other servers with toons are goneLoia1 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 WHY IS HYJAL STILL DOWN? why is Hyjal still down, we have gotten no updates, they pushed back the times by 4 hours, we are over an hour past that with no update, other servers are up, and nothing for Hyjal. No update, nothing. what is your problem blizz? HOW RUDE!!!!Guarantor0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Alliance PvP Guilds? Any active Alliance PvP Guilds on Hyjal at all?Shale2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Recruiting Healers and DPS for Weekend Raids Hey Hyjal,The Deja Vudoo guild is recruiting for our weekend raid team. We raid Sat/Sun from 6-10PM server time, and we are in need of 2 healers(would prefer a disc priest and a druid but we aren't that picky). We are also looking for a couple non hunter ranged dps and non warrior melee dps. We have an awesome friendly core group of players and would love your addition to the guild and raid roster. Only requirements 80% attendance, vent, and a good attitude. For more info or to request an invitation send mail to myself(Trazlok-Hyjal) or to the raid leader Karren-Hyjal. Thanks, and have a great day.Trazlok0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Recruiting Healers and DPS for Weekend Raids Hey Hyjal, The Deja Vudoo guild is recruiting for our weekend raid team. We raid Sat/Sun from 6-10PM server time, and we are in need of 2 healers(would prefer a disc priest and a druid but we aren't that picky). We are also looking for a couple non hunter ranged dps and non warrior melee dps. We have an awesome friendly core group of players and would love your addition to the guild and raid roster. Only requirements 80% attendance, vent, and a good attitude. For more info or to request an invitation send mail to myself(Trazlok-Hyjal) or to the raid leader Karren-Hyjal. Thanks, Trazlok Guild Master of Deja VudooTrazlok0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Recruiting Healers and DPS for Weekend Raids Hey Hyjal, The Deja Vudoo guild is recruiting for our weekend raid team. We raid Sat/Sun from 6-10PM server time, and we are in need of 2 healers(would prefer a disc priest and a druid but we aren't that picky). We are also looking for a couple non hunter ranged dps and non warrior melee dps. We have an awesome friendly core group of players and would love your addition to the guild and raid roster. Only requirements 80% attendance, vent, and a good attitude. For more info or to request an invitation send mail to myself(Trazlok-Hyjal) or to the raid leader Karren-Hyjal. Thanks and have a great daTrazlok0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 LF guild, and considering transfer Hey wazzup Hyjal! I was considering transferring here as a horde player. What's it like? I was also wondering if there were any guilds that raid on the weekend. Thanks in advance Hyjal! Peace!Teksranger6 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Dedicated MW Monk LF Progression Guild. 632il BC/Wotlk vetren raider here. Looking for a soild team to progress threw Wod. Raid times 7:00-11:00 st pst BigieTuurok2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Nakk and Silthide Camping reports: Nakk killed on 11/30/2014 @ 08:03 EST Silthide killed on 11/30/2014 @ 11:29 EST That is all and good hunting!Mylea5 Dec 2, 2014