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40m Fatal- LF Mythic Raiders for BFA Fatal- Illidan- Horde Est. Nov 2014 RAID TIMES Tuesday & Thursday 830-1130pm cst About Us We are a mythic raiding guild with the goal of achieving Cutting Edge every tier in BFA. With only a 6 hour raiding schedule we are looking for talented players who can quickly and efficiently down bosses in mythic raiding. We have a great adult social atmosphere with lots of humor. If you are looking to push yourself in BFA and want a guild who can provide the atmosphere and players that will match your efforts then you have come to the right place. RETURNING MYTHIC EXPERIENCED RAIDERS ARE WELCOME! COME GET GEARED AND PREPPED FOR BFA! PROGRESSION Hellfire Citadel- 10/13M Emerald Nightmare- 7/7M Trials of Valor- 3/3M Nighthold- 10/10M Tomb of Sargeras- 5/9M Antorus- 6/11M What you can expect: ● our goal will always be to get cutting edge every tier! ● players who know what to do in raid, come prepared, and can clear the content easily ● players that will match your efforts and a guild that will provide you the opportunity to succeed ● a great place for not only wow, but other games as well. ● we like running mythic+ on off nights ● competitive raid spots! What we are looking for: ● Adult players 21+ years or older ONLY! ● have a working Mic and actually use it ● Make sure our raid schedule fits your lifestyle. we expect good attendance. Must maintain 85% or higher ● don't get offended easily. There is a lot of adult humor and language here. ●Know your class! Make sure you are up to date on the meta of your class so you can maximize your through put. ● you MUST know how to utilize Warcraftlogs to make sure you are always improving ● positive attitude in and out of raid ●you need to be somewhat active on off nights. ●MUST HAVE PAST OR CURRENT RAID EXPERIENCE RECRUITING Big need resto sham, resto druid, warrior dps, shadow priest -OPEN RECRUITMENT except for tanks APPLY ONLINE AT (Make sure to check your Application for approval and updates. it should send ya an email as well)Gluttonyx23 40m
42m 962 rdruid LF mythic guild Looking for a new home for BFA. I've played wow since Vanilla; Looking for an active guild in mythic+ and raids. Having chums to PvP with would be a plus too. Legion exp ABT 7/11M. 42m
1h [H] Predominant LF DPS/Heals for BFA Guild: Predominant Server: Illidan (Horde) Raid times: Wed & Thu 9PM - 12A EST / Wed & Thur 8PM - 11PM CST Progression: 2/11M Website: History - Predominant was top 10 guild on Illidan server (#6) on Legion Launch all the way through Mythic Night Hold. We took a break after Night Hold until we decided to form again 4/22/18. Our core is currently 5/11M-9/11M and we have a core of 17 members that have been playing together since 2011. We are reforming for the remainder of Legion and BFA expansion. Feel free to visit our website WWW.PREDOM.NET which is currently content is being added daily. We run Mythic+ daily and get 15's for everyone weekly. We raid Wednesday / Thursday 8-11CST for and for BFA will be raiding about an hour more a week. Expectations - Predominant is looking for raiders who are reliable and consistent. We understand that real life is a priority and that this is a game, but 19+ people count on you to show up on-time and ready for raid (with the appropriate pots, flasks, and runes). We expect 90% attendance and advance notice of any absences or delays. Predominant uses Discord and we have an #raidattendance channel where raiders can use the phone application to post. Raiders should have a basic understanding of fights and raid mechanics. We will post progression strategies in advance, and raiders are anticipated to familiarize themselves with the basics prior to the beginning of raid. Mechanics and raid awareness will always take precedence over individual parses, but raiders are expected to understand the ins-and-outs of their classes and how to optimize themselves for each boss encounter. We are looking for players self-motivated to improve and who understand that constructive criticism is nothing but an opportunity to become better. Rules 1). Don't have an outburst during a raid encounter in either voice chat nor raid chat. If you are upset please message an officer after the raid. 2). Don't blurt out encounter suggestions. If you have a suggestion on the encounter and how we are doing it message the raid leader privately and he may listen at the time depending on time constraints. If not please use the discord channel #strategy and post on the strategy there. 3). Don't complain about loot. 4). Don't insult or provoke conflict with other members of the guild, regardless of rank. We do not deal with drama and if there is an issue that needs to be handled contact an Officer. Failure to uphold any of the above expectations will result in dismissal from the guild. Trial Period - All prospective members will be exposed to a challenging four week trial period upon acceptance of their application for trial. During the trial period you will be evaluated on the following: 1) Performance and improvement week by week. 2) Personal merits. 3) How well the Trial follows instructions during the encounters. 4) Attendance of 100% for Trials even if they are rotated in and out of an encounter. 5) Personality! We do not want people who are not open to criticism or have sour attitudes. We look forward to hearing from you! Turdslug - Tinyturd#11434 Autzen - thorty30#1551 Thank you, Turdslug, Autzen GM’s of PredominantAutzen14 1h
1h [H] <Devnull> wed/thurs 7-10 cst 11/11H [H]<Devnull> is now recruiting! ABOUT US: We are a new community of like-minded adults currently growing our core in preparation for BFA. We expect our raiders to know their class and always be looking to find ways to improve their own performance. Outside of our main raids, we will be running alt raids, M+, Timewalking, and BG. Currently 11/11H AOTC experienced. RAID SCHEDULE: Wednesday/Thursday evenings from 7-10pm CST (server time). Normal Antorus (Optional Alt Run) on Saturday 7:30-10p CST 920+ We are currently only running heroic/normal but intend on pushing mythics in BFA. CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Age: 25+ (some exceptions are possible) Discord Ilvl 940+, 75 artifact DPS: ALL Heals: just need the 1. mw would be ideal Tank: 1; have a warrior. Thanks for your time and we hope you will join us! Casual players are welcomed! Apply directly @ Contact: Horum#1559 Melicious#1794Horum36 1h
2h <Pickle Palace> Mythic Guild LFM for BFA <Pickle Palace> is a guild made up of veteran players who aim and will achieve cutting edge progression in BFA. We will be focused on forming and maintaining a roster built on dps, solid mechanics, and dedication. We will take the semi-hardcore approach with loyal players and have fun pushing content. Expectations: - Have a great attitude every night. - Maintain solid attendance in raid. (95%+ required for core/mythic raiders) - Be prepared for every raid; this includes purchasing consumables and studying encounter strategies. - Avoid toxicity while providing a competitive environment for yourself as well as the players around you. This includes giving AND receiving constructive criticism in an adult manner. - Be critical of your performance and take time outside of raiding hours to analyze warcraftlogs for personal improvement. - Have fun. We love playing with each other in a friendly, team-oriented, boss-crushing atmosphere -- and you should too! Recruitment: - OPEN to all CLASSES & ROLES If you are interested in joining <Pickle Palace> please contact: Codesta#1454 (Codestâ) - GM FrostyDog#155103 (Riotzen) - RL Ducky#1870 (Ducc) - RL Nathan#1753 (BigSaxy) - OfficerRiotzén1 2h
3h [H] <Snowfall> Recruiting for Mythic BFA <Snowfall> is a newly formed guild of former top 20 US raiders on the server Illidan. Our current recruitment is for BFA and we are not actively attempting Antorus content and our primary focus is Mythic raiding in BFA. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7:30pm to 11pm CST (Illidan Server Time) We do not have any intentions of adding raid days during each tier, alt nights or off nights will be based on interest of members. We will be requiring at least a 90% attendance from our raiders, this is due to us wanting to have a smaller more efficient core as to avoid having a large rolling bench. About Us: The leadership of Snowfall are all raiders who have been playing since Vanilla and have raided at the top level during multiple expansions. The leadership core have raiding together since Cataclysm and completed all content in a timely fashion. As for the guild, the purpose of Snowfall is to complete a tier before the cut off point. Our goal is to ensure enough time between tiers to give raiders the option to take small breaks as to avoid burn outs. Most of the main core are active players who are constantly seeking content, running M+ and other things, as well as playing games outside of WoW together. Expectations: In Snowfall we have expectations that we require our raiders to maintain. These are not overbearing and all play a part in maintaining a strong core roster. • Raiders will be expected to have a high attendance for raids as well as give some form of advanced notice on days you will not be available. • You will be expected to have a deep understanding of raid encounters and your role/class in those encounters. • This includes using all resources to be in a constant state of improvement and always seeking to better your play. • Also, the simple things. Have a working microphone, stable internet connection, and a good attitude. Recruitment: We are currently in the building phase for BFA and are seeking any skilled players who are looking for Mythic focused progression. Below are our current needs moving forward into BFA, all exceptional players should apply even if you do not see your role or class listed below. DPS Death Knight - High Demon Hunter - High Druid - High (Balance) Hunter - High Mage - High Monk - High Paladin - Low Priest - High Rogue - High Shaman - Med (Elemental) Warlock - Low Warrior - High Tanks We are currently not seeking tanks. If you are a dps will a tanking off spec who is interested in being a backup, please list so in the application. Healers We are currently only seeking a Shaman with a good DPS off spec who is willing to spend time between both specs. If you are any other class who is willing to fulfill this role, please list so in the application. Application ... Above is the link to our application, this allows us to keep ourselves slightly more organized. If you have any questions or concerns, below will be the BattleTags of our officer core. Snow#1374 - Guild Master Gallien#1926 - Raid Lead, Healing Lead Razorback#1384 - Officer Icide#1339 - OfficerNivoso9 3h
4h <Narcosis>11/11M LF Healers/DPS <Narcosis> 11/11 Mythic Antorus is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth. Who we are: We are a 3 night mythic raiding guild who stress having strong performance and consistent attendance. Leadership is ran through our officers and raid leader "Mikeiceberg". Log reviews happen nightly and are closely monitored after wipes to find where improvements must be made. We have a zero tolerance policy to players who make repetitive mistakes and bring a negative attitude to the raid. Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-10 central and we occasionally push Mondays for kills. We also have a WEEKEND Raid TEAM Friday (Heroic Antorus) Saturday Mythic. Gear: Narcosis uses RCLoot Council and gear is prioritize to dps then healer and tanks. What goes into consideration is class/spec, skill, attitude, attendance, and the overall impact towards the guild. Expectation: We expect our raiders to come on time, and well prepared. This includes going over logs, checking VODs, revamping strategies, bringing pots and food, as well as min/maxing your character Requirements: 970 iLvl, 75 weapon traits, WCL, and at least 9/11M experience. Apply: Please use our website to fill out an application KILL VODs You can also reach us on bnet. Mikeiceberg#1936 and dilemma#11889 Please READ: 4h
4h 969 Ret Pally/Prot Pally looking for Mythic I main a Ret pally. Working on Prot offspec. Looking to main Holy or Prot in BfA. Please whisper in game R3PT1L3#11569 if interested. Happy to trial, server change, or faction change.île5 4h
5h [Illidan][H]Recursion|2 Day|LFM RDPS! [Illidan][H]<Recursion> is now recruiting! ABOUT US: We are a close-knit group of adults currently looking to expand our core. As we do not recruit for the bench, we're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. We expect all raiders to maintain a high raid attendance rate. Our schedule is casual compared with many guilds, and we expect you to be prepared to raid the entire time without going AFK. We do not add extra days or hours during progression. Our raiders have significant experience in gaming competitively and raiding previous/current content, and because of this we expect our raiders to know their class and always be looking to find ways to improve their own performance. Outside of our main raids, we run alt raids on the weekends, M+, Timewalking, and BG. Many people play other games as well on off-nights. We like to have a good time, but also know when to get things done. Currently 11/11H AOTC, with plans of pushing Mythic in BFA. EXPECTATIONS: - Must be at least 25 years of age. - Able to communicate over Discord with working microphone if necessary. - Previous raiding experience. - Ilvl 940+, 75 artifact - High attendance (80%+). - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role. - Work collaboratively. - Willingness to take/give constructive criticism. - Don’t be a toxic douche. Nobody wants to spend raid night with the guy who cries about parses or the guy who blames everyone but themselves. RAID SCHEDULE: Wednesday/Thursday evenings from 7-10pm CST (server time). Normal Antorus (Optional Alt Run) on Saturday 7:30-10p CST CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Melee DPS: Druid, DK, Warrior, Monk Ranged DPS: Priest, Druid, Shaman, Mage Heals: CLOSED Tank: CLOSED Thanks for your time and we hope you will join us! All exceptional applicants will be considered. CONTACT INFO: Apply Directly @ Tyrenzi (Starscream89#1767) Kinksi (Dilemma#1281) Bakua (Nuka#11152)Bakua27 5h
8h <H> 10/11M Raider LF Guild INTRODUCTION Hey all, I'm currently looking for a guild that raids and takes Mythic progression seriously (for BFA). I was previously the recruitment officer for the guild <Onyx> on Proudmoore Alliance, and had to leave due to work circumstances. Currently, I've only cleared 8/11M with my previous guild but have familiarized myself with Coven and Aggramar to help/lead our team to 10/11M as I chose to sit myself on the sidelines due to those work circumstances. ROLES Currently, I'm primarily interested in playing a Mage for BFA but I'm open to discussion on what's needed for a team. Optional choices would be either my Warrior, Paladin, Deathknight or Monk (Main for Antorus). Again, we can discuss but these four are what I am most comfortable with. I can tank if it's last resort but I would primarily love to DPS. Here are some of my logs: Main 7.3.5 Please look through old logs for these three toons as I did not raid ABT seriously with these toons. Main 1 - ToS Main 2 - ToS Alt (Want to Main for BFA or play Mage BFA) AVAILABILITY Friday - Monday 8pm - 12am PST (11PM - 3AM EST) Will raid all four, three, or even two days whatever the guild schedule is. Will also raid over extended periods of time after raid time is over. CONTACT Caeden#1965 Discord: Caeden#9185 PREVIOUS GUILD (Got realm 3rd Garothi :D)Brewingfists1 8h
8h <Currently Online> Multiple Raid/RBG teams <Currently Online> is the game’s largest and fastest growing gaming community in WoW! With PVE and PVP teams expanding on Illidan Horde, stretching over 6 guilds, (not to mention our 6 Alliance- Sargeras guilds) and more to come, we are the premier destination for anyone looking for active Legion gaming. Our number one priority is to create an incredible atmosphere, conducive to the experience of all gamers from all walks of life. Bringing these players together, while providing a means for them to create lasting memories, as well as meaningful relationships is all part of our mission. As long as we are doing our jobs right, none of our members should have to say “there’s nothing to do…” Currently Online creates an atmosphere so full of activity, that it will surely provide a means for any player to enjoy the game how they like it... RAIDING TEAMS Antorus, Burning Throne Progression 1. Just Pixels-HEROIC ONLY- 11/11H (Wednesdays 8-11pm CDT) 2. PB & J Sandwiches-HEROIC ONLY- 11/11H (Tuesdays 7-10pm CDT) BFA RAIDING TEAMS 1. Salt: NEW TEAM (W/TH 8-11pm CDT) 2. Don’t Kill Puppies: NEW TEAM (T/TH 8pm-12am CDT) 3. Mixed Signals: 9/11M (Sundays 7-11pm CDT) 4. Ragnarok: NEW TEAM (Tues-Thurs 10:30pm-1amCDT) RBG TEAMS 1. Project Delta - Thursdays 9-11pm CDT See if your class is what we need and APPLY TODAY! Want to start a new team in our horde guild?é14 8h
9h ✨ MAD 11/11M✨LF Heals and DPS MAD is currently looking for a few new players to fill the ranks. TOS :9/9H 7/9M ABT: 11/11H 11/11M Warlock - High Boomkin - High Mage - High SPriest - High Hunter - Med Disc Priest - High Resto Druid - Med Fury Warrior - Med Rogue - Med We are looking for motivated players that know the meaning of progress, and that know their class inside and out. We want social, active, and long term members that we can count on to be responsible, punctual, and driven. Our Raids: We raid 3 days a week. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 7:00pm to 10:00pm EST What we expect from you: - You are a mature player - You have a good computer and a stable connection - You are willing to wipe on new encounters and are interested in progression - You know your class inside and out, and consider yourself to be knowledgeable of every aspect of your spec - You have a high raid attendance - Discord and a working mic is required What we offer: - A stable raiding atmosphere, with a drive to progress and be the best - The chance to explore end-game raiding content at a respectable pace - A group of dedicated players with a friendly community Apply at add War#12812Båby82 9h
18h LF fri/sat raiding guild 940ilv tank/resto druid OJAY#1349 BNETOjaý1 18h
18h Recruiting Raid Leader & RBG Shot Caller Average Waifu Squad is recruiting a Raid Leader for eventual BFA Mythic raiding. We're a newly formed guild looking to get into high end content. Raid schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10pm-1am EST. Loot Council. Prefer previous raid leading experience. We're also recruiting a shot caller for weekend RBG's for BFA. Hours to be determined. You can contact Deanscream#1840 or Discmembered#1132 in game for more infoDeanscream1 18h
18h LF Guild for BFA raiding hpally LF guild to play with in BFA I have been playing casually since BC but i would like to raid with an active guild that has voice comms that they use regularly outside of raiding. I am willing to fill whatever role you need but i would prefer either BM hunter or Holy pally.Idontsap2 18h
21h Spearmint Rhino 8/11M recruiting DPS/Heals <Spearmint Rhino LV> is a new, four week old 8/11M semi-hardcore raiding guild that is seeking exceptional candidates to fill our roster for Mythic Antorus and upcoming BFA. About us: We are comprised of raiders who have played the game with each other since Vanilla and most recently had raided separately the past couple tiers. Many of us know each other IRL and enjoy playing other games outside of WoW. We've prided ourselves on raiding at a top tier and would like to extend an invitation to those who would like to be a part of our community. OUR GOAL Is to build a solid roster going into BFA. We will raid Mythic Antorus on a light schedule but we ultimately will be striving for CE within the hours we raid. Schedule: Tuesday 7-11pm Wednesday 8-11pm (All times are CST and will remain until BFA) We are very alt and mythic+ friendly if that is something you are interested in. Expectations: *Have a strong understanding of your class/spec as well as all raid encounters *Optimistic and open to critism *Have a mic and be able and willing to communicate *Punctual and ready for raid, including a high attendance rate Immediate spots for: Melee: Paladin Ranged: Warlock Priest Druid Healers: Druid Monk Shaman All exceptional applicants of classes/roles not listed are welcome. If you have any questions, concerns or are interested in joining, please contact us @ scklights#1163 doze#1867Sck65 21h
22h Committed Player LF Guild Greetings Illidan Server! I'm a vet player, started back in 04. I've raided extensively in the past and played a little at the beginning of Legion. I have no experience in the current raiding scene beyond LFR. I am, however, very committed to joining a guild long term due to my life allowing for it now. What I can offer as a player: Dedication towards guild member improvement A well defined schedule; I work 8-5 and can play nightly for as much as 5-7 hours. Time Zone - Pacific (California) A sharp mind - I can learn and adapt very quickly. I pride myself on this professionally :) Dedication towards self-improvement - I made this toon two days ago and I'm already up to ilvl 914 (and growing!) Research - I look up EVERYTHING and am an apt guide for unknown encounters Confidence - I fully capable of leading and directing a raid team - as long as as I have everything I need (I know the fights, I have players that know their classes, etc). I'm looking for an established guild with *active* members. Raid times should be in the evening *No earlier* than 6PM Pacific (8PM server). I don't want to be just another member - I want to be useful, valued because of my contributions and most of all build some friendships.Chadfi2 22h
22h 942 Mage LF Guild I am a 944 ilevel. I want to get back into raiding. I can raid late nights during the week. PM or reply to this forums my Bnet is sofie#1788Tabmasterz3 22h
22h Social/Casual Guilds Hello :). My name is Gnarusrogue. I am curious if there are any social/casual guilds recruiting on this server. I hope to hit 110 in a few weeks and get some gear before BFA. I hope to get into PVE and PVP in BFA.Gnarusrogue3 22h
22h Ally switching to Horde Originally a Horde player but went Alliance to play with some RL friends who no longer play, feel like going back to Horde side again and have heard good and bad things about Illidan. Can any longtime residents of the server give me an idea of what it’s like here, and is it easy to find a raiding guild, interested in Mythic at some point but never had a group for it. 970 MW here. Thanks to anyone who helps out!Smithenstein4 22h
22h LFG Hunter BM Main Character Info: Troll Hunter, I play BM and SV. Don't enjoy playing MM but can play that spec too. Armory Profile: LF raiding guild, Ive never had a guild to raid mythic with but Ive cleared every heroic raid with ease. Just trying to take the next step is all. I can raid Tues/Wedn/ThursVulgan2 22h
23h former mythic raider LF guild Hello, i recently re-rolled and faction swapped back to horde in hope of finding a mythic level guild. I used to play a enhancement Shaman before my guild died due to burnout. we made it 7/11 mythic, i decided to roll rogue because I am very dedicated to my role and willing to play the best spec. Since this is a new hero ive been playing my gear is not amazing but i do know every fight and with gear will be ready to hop into anything. for any questions please feel free to add me at ztabisz#1249 thanks. final note here is a link to my old shaman logs 23h
23h CriticalError New to Illidan is Recruiting CriticalError [Illidan - H] is an Adult Guild built by online friends who game together and are looking to increase our community and raid team. We are all 21+, friendly and looking for like minded people to join our community and our raids. We have a solid group of players who have families and other commitments that can take them away from the game every now and then, so we understand when Real Life happens. We are actively trying to build for BfA so please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have... Our Raid Teams: We are a casual - but progression focused - raiding guild on Illidan - H. A good description of our raid mindset is that we are seriously casual. We like to have fun, but when it's time to down a boss - it's time to down a boss. Current Progression 11/11 N Antorus 11/11 H Antorus 2/11 M Antorus We're actively recruiting for our raid teams. Dps Healer w/ DPS OS Current raid times were: Main Raid - 8:00pm to 11:00pm CST (Server Time) Wednesday and Thursday PVP We have some small groups of players that run Battlegrounds and do some World PvP throughout the week... If you think are looking for a new home and think we would fit well with you or you with us, please msg anyone online and they will put you in contact with Prepi, Kikaginger or Gorac... Thank you for taking the time to read about us and I hope to hear from you in game. Prepi#1372Phibarundian3 23h
23h [H] Team Salt - Starting for BFA [2 Days] Team Salt Part of Currently Online US - Illidan - Horde Wednesdays & Thursdays 8 PM - 11 PM CT RAIDING BEGINS JULY 18TH We are a new team comprised of dedicated raiders with two goals in mind; Having fun, and Cutting Edge. Come join a fast moving but relaxing raiding environment where the only yelling you'll hear is when we kill a boss. We focus on not only building a cohesive group of players with like-minded goals but also character development for our raiders. ACCOUNTABILITY You’ll be expected to admit to mistakes and make proactive changes to prevent them. KNOWLEDGE Done are the days where you only know your part of the fight. We’ll learn all the mechanics together so nobody is uninformed. ENTERTAINMENT We’re here to have fun. We’ll work through any challenges and have fun in the process, together. _________________________________________________________________ CURRENT NEEDS Death Knight DPS Demon Hunter DPS Discipline Priest HEALSRegardless of our needs, feel free to apply if you’re ready to progress as an individual, have fun raiding, and kill some bosses. _________________________________________________________________ LEARN MORE AND APPLY AT: _________________________________________________________________ You can also contact me on Discord: Swampage#4173Occupied4 23h
1d 939 Fury Warrior lf Mythic Progression Guild Hi, I'm Basedfajita, and I main Fury Warrior. I've been dipping in and out of the game after my guild fell apart at Heroic Guldan during progression due to drama, but I'm ready to find a guild that I can grow with. I take time to read up on my class, figuring out the most optimal way to play, as well as taking the time out to search up on raid encounters. I also want to start pushing keystones, and doing activities with the guild. I'm available Monday - Thurday, 7-12 EST. Thanks for hearing me out, BasedfajitaBasedfajita2 1d
1d 971 ele shaman LF late night guild. LF guild that starts at 12 pm cst. currently 5/11 mythic in ATB. have previous raiding exp in other expansions on different realms. Ventus#12448Sorà3 1d
1d 950 Boomkin LF Raiding Guild Hi Everyone. Seems with BFA around the corner it's hard to find a guild that's still raiding or even still around.I have a long history of raiding and have been around since vanilla. I still would like to tackle a few more bosses in Antorus, but I do want to find that perfect home before BFA rolls out. Here is some previous experience: 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3H TOV 5/10M Nighthold 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras 11/11H and 2/11M Antorus I am available all 7 days around 5pm up to midnight EST. Look forward to hearing from you. Contact me anytime at Ibby#11931Ibby8 1d
1d Sunday 9/11M Raid LFM for BFA! ONE NIGHT RAID TEAM COMING TO HORDE ON JULY 8TH, LFM FOR BFA! <Mixed Signals> is a one night a week raid group out of Currently Online- Sargeras (Pre-patch raiding in July and BFA raiding will be in Currently Online-Illidan, an already established guild with multiple teams!). We are a progression oriented group that appeals to players with co-mains and/or raiders with a lot of real life time restrictions. This is most definitely a progression oriented group- we will do as much as we can in our short raid times and we will never go over raid time. We do not recruit for a bench, but we do aim for a 25+ man roster. Knowledge of your spec and willingness to research encounters for your specific class is a must. We set the bar high for everyone in our raid, but still have a great raid atmosphere and enjoy poking fun at each other! If this is a group that you would like to join, check below to see if your class is needed. Thank you and best of luck to everyone! Previous/ Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3H Nighthold: 7/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9M Antorus, Burning Throne: 9/11M Times: Sundays 7-11pm CST (8pm-12am EST) *Optional normal/non-progression & sale runs offered on Monday nights 9-11pm CST (10pm-12am EST) Recruitment Tank Closed Healer Closed DPS (3) Rogue Warrior Shaman Boomkin any and all exceptional dps please apply! Player> class Things to Know: - Must have the ability to successfully and repeatedly perform boss mechanics and adapt quickly to new fights - We don’t tip toe around your sensitive nature or thin skin. Be prepared for the team leads to lead and progress in a direct, but respectful manner. - Must download and use Discord voicechat, RC Loot Council, Exorsus Raid Tools and Weakauras. - Must have 90%+ attendance (one night a week doesn’t give us a lot of wiggle room) - We are looking for personalities as well as players. One night a week, 4 hours long, tempers flare. We are looking for level headed and mechanic aware players to allow us to progress as quickly as possible within our raid times. Contact us directly for Team Mixed Signals: Contact us via Discord (Bree#7256) or apply atéy4 1d
1d any morning raiding guilds on illidan? raiding time falling in between 6:30 am and 1:30pm server timePìkachu0 1d
1d LF guild / am play PVP/raid/RGB/ hello guys, I am returing WoW I want LF guild I am play PVP,Raids,Mythic+, gold farming I hope there are many people in the guild who enjoy various contents. But My Disadvantages is korean I believe you like Koreans. I like making friends. i played korean server I have experienced Antorus M I hope you will have a nice and kind guild. TY for reading! Have nice day!Gonek2 1d
2d LF Social/Casual Guild I'm looking to make friends and people to play with! I have 6 110's( 3 tanks, 2 DPS, and a healer) item-levels ranging from 930~962. I'm 11/11 Heroic. I'm looking to find an active guild that isn't super serious about raiding on Illidan-US. I do work so I can't be on all the time.Legaiilus3 2d
2d LF Active Guild (H) Looking for a guild for BFA. I play a Hunter and a Druid. I have an ally Hunter and Druid, which is what i have played to date, but with BFA right around the corner, i want to play the same classes on Horde too for lore reasons. Looking for an active guild that does PvE, possibly some raiding too and potentially some PvP with guildmates. Flatts#11570Kalbris3 2d
2d 10/11M Fire Mage 977 LFG I'm looking for a guild that raids 3 hours on any day other than Friday and Saturday. I've been raiding on my mage since vanilla and have been a part of high end raiding with multiple guilds over the years. 10/11M Fire Mage 977 LFG Battletag : Payam#1261Payam2 2d
2d 5/11M Brm and Hpal LF Guild Me and my friend are currently looking for an active raiding guild as a tank and healer. I (BrM) am willing to play other tank specs, though I am already comfortable and geared on my Brewmaster, and very comfortable but only 950 on my Blood DK. My Hpal friend is currently wanting to play Hpal, but has an Hpriest as an option. We are both currently 5/11M, with 7/11M Exp. Willing to make nearly all raid times, can shape around the guild, have missed ~3 raids in the last six years of semi-hardcore raiding including pushing to multiple cutting edges. Battle tag is on my profile, but incase, add me at Ducky#1870 or Dare(Hpal) at BlobDog#1696 . We are willing to server transfer, though not faction just need serious offers ahead of time. Below will be links to our WCL profiles as well as a link to my UI in the case any serious offers come along. WCL Brewmaster: WCL Hpal: WCL Alternate - Hpriest: UI screenshot, in a raid environment (BrM): (Old but hasn't changed, can take more recent if anyone cares.) UI screenshot, in a raid environment (HPal): Quick mention on to why we're both looking for a guild. Our previous guild fell apart due to attendance issues, sadly faster than we could recruit to bandaid the problem. We were/are both good friends with everyone from the guild still, but looking for somewhere we can call a home/push CE level content for the end of legion and through into BfA. Tl;dr - We're looking for a guild. Neither of us are dickheads. We parse well especially in a guild where we can thrive. Contact either of us at Ducky#1870, or BlobDog#1696.Ducc4 2d
2d 10/11M 976 BDK LF Mythic Guild Barewoods - Tichondrius 10/11M Looking for a raiding guild that's at least 10/11M (will consider guilds with lesser progress if things fit well), I can make practically any raid times but prefer a 2 day schedule, 6-8 hour raid. Wanting a guild with raiders that want to raid for the sole purpose of getting cutting edge and having fun while doing it without the toxicity. Looking for both in a guild not either or. (M agg was private logs, 93/95 rank, can send screenshots if wanted) Contact: KingDooz#1491Barewoods3 2d
3d H kil'jaeden anyone selling H kil'jaedenTahala0 3d
3d Buying H Antorus Clear Hey guys, I’m looking for a guild that is willing to sell a h ant for a fresh alt of mine to gear up in hopes of downing mage tower stuff. Willing to pay 450k for a full clear (or atleast up to Agg) with any and all DH/leather/agi gear (Master Loot/Non-Personal) Due to my work schedule I can only purchase a potential run on weekends (any time) or possibly very late on weekdays. Any guilds interested should add me - Eck#1507Eckbok0 3d
3d <What A Gamer> LF raiders for BFA <What a Gamer> 11/11M is currently recruiting reliable players for BFA! WaG is a guild comprised of close friends and long-time WoW players, many of which have previously raided Top 50 US. We strive to have as much fun as possible while simultaneously clearing current mythic content well before the next patch. As a guild, we provide enchants, gems, flasks, potions, food and repairs for our raiders. We ask you do your part to help by contributing any loose mats to the guild bank. We run Mythic+ multiple days per week and work to complete everyones keys while frequently pushing high Mythic+ keys above 20. If you are interested in pushing high keys in addition to raiding, we have a group for you! We also run multiple sale groups and consistently find buyers with 400+ sales done by our main team. Raiding Times 8 - 11 PM server time (Central Standard Time) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Currently Recruiting DPS - Ranged DPS and exceptional melee Heals - Priest (Must play both specs) - Holy Paladin - Resto Shaman Tanks - DK - Paladin - or other exceptional applicants may apply Guild Information Haikuu (GM) - Alarand#1905 Hardy (Officer) - Hardy#11628Haikuu0 3d
3d 974 10/11M Ret Paladin LFG 974 10/11M Ret Paladin looking for a guild on Argus hoping to find a guild making good progression on Argus and to go into BFA with Bnet:Chris#110632Tyniel3 3d
3d <EndGame> 11/11M Recruiting! EndGame - 11/11M Illidan [H] is a semi-hardcore guild actively working on Mythic progression 2 nights a week. Now that we've killed Argus, we'll be going back for reclears in preparation for Battle for Azeroth. We are recruiting skilled players who are interested in getting in on reclears or starting fresh in BFA. Raid Times: Monday/Tuesday 8:30-11:30 CST, with Thursdays and Fridays serving as an optional nights for Heroic/Normal Clears/alts or additional progression. This guild is ideal for a raider who wants to clear mythic content quickly, but isn't going for world firsts. We will still clear the content with plenty of time left in each patch, for mount farming, etc. Our core consists of long term mythic raiders who wanted to cut back on their required schedule and still want to clear content. Current Recruitment Needs (With Immediate Raid Openings): DPS: Hunter Shadow Priest Balance Druid Windwalker Monk Rogue Tanks: Blood DK Brewmaster Monk Heals: Holy Paladin Holy/Disc Priest All other exceptional applicants are also encouraged to apply, even if class isn't listed. Off Nights: Wednesdays/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (optional) are all used for Mythic + dungeons with the guild. Loot Distribution: Loot is determined by a council of officers, with a focus on level of upgrade, attendance, and performance. This will change in BFA Contact Us: Interest and questions can be directed in-game to Zixxel or via btag: Zixel#1554 Apply at: 3d
3d CRYPTIC – ILLIDAN – HORDE <CRYPTIC> 5/11 MYTHIC ANTORUS IS RECRUITING FOR OUR MAIN RAIDER ROASTER Est. December 2016 WHO ARE THE CRYPTIC? We are a progressing guild that started in the early parts of Legion. We have tackled and overcome many achievements and we plan to do it once again with Cutting Edge before the new expansion of Battle for Azeroth is released. Moshi as our Raid Leader and Malon as Guild Leader. We do run Logs every time we do raid and Moshi will look over how everyone performs and where to improve. We raid 3 nights a week, giving Friday is an optional raid night for Heroic to gear those that are new or selling runs to. Saturday and Sunday are our progression nights. Attendance is key to success, even if we fail to take down a boss, we expect our members to be on and ready to go and to improve. Even if we seem harsh, we also enjoy laughs and a comfortable non-drama guild, which makes the experience and overall performance top of the game! We also accept just Social players as well. RAID TIMES Friday (Optional / Heroic Runs): 9 PM to 12 AM server time. Saturday: 9 PM to 12 AM server time Sunday: 9 PM to 12 AM server time OTHER SCHEDULE EVENTS Mythic Plus 15 Keys after raids for those that need them done. There is always a group of us on at night, so M+ is always an option but best chances is after raids. Me and a few others also stream during and between raiding if you ever want to see first hand what we are about. PROGRESSION Emerald Nightmare- 6/7M Trials of Valor- 3/3H Nighthold- 4/10M Tomb of Sargeras- 9/9H Antorus- 4/11M WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT FROM US • On time for every raid and end of raid time • Those that been around the block and know how to handle things • Serious but good time attitude • Helpful inside and out of raid periods WHAT WE EXPECT OF YOU The will and the determination for progress and to grow. Social players are welcome as well with the laughs. We do use Discord and spend most of our time on it with a mic. We are mature adults and joke like adults, so this might not be the place for children to be. GEAR We have switched over to Personal Loot system to use in BFA since Master Loot is being removed REQUIREMENTS Social Rank: Just come join us, easy enough right? Trial: Those interested wanting to raid and make progress. Raider: 75 Weapon Traits, 950+ ilvl, active and on time, know mech for at least all bosses of Heroic. Core: Cut above the average Joe Officer: Not easy attainable, would need a spot open for such position. RECRUITING OPEN POSITIONS Tanks: Healers: DPS: • Druid (Boomkin) • Rogue • Hunter Open to any one looking for a home as well! To apply, please visit our site at: Or contact us in game at: Cototheburn#1923 JimmyWolf7#1568 Ridiruled#1706Cototheburn35 3d
3d Taco Truck - Recruiting Who we are: Taco Truck is a guild formed to get players together who love playing the game. We are competitive and always challenge each other. We all raided Mythic difficulty, but with life we decided to settle with clearing Heroic for now. Our future goal is to recruit players and begin Mythic raiding in BFA! What we expect from people: We expect our raiders to always be prepared. One thing that is in high demand is that you cannot be dragging us down with constant deaths or lack of performance. Even though we are clearing Heroic, our current goal is to make sure we continue doing so in one night and have competent players. You should be able to handle constructive criticism when it's directed at you and have the self-motivation to continue with improving your overall performance. During progression raids, we are raiding two days a week and want to be able to clear Mythic content at an effective rate; therefore, being able to execute boss mechanics will also help you become successful here. We run a lighter schedule than most guilds so your attendance is important to us. Please keep in mind we understand that we can't control when a serious issue occurs, so when you are missing a raid let an officer know. Outside of Raid: Generally we like to run M+ or casually do PvP . Some members will play other games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc. Recruitment: Ranged DPS - High Tank (with DPS OS and have experience in clearing heroic as a tank) Melee DPS - Medium Raid Times: Tuesday : 9pm to Midnight - Central Thursday: 9pm to Midnight - Central If Taco Truck seems like a good fit for you, please apply online at or contact one of the following officers through Discord: GM - Tacofajita - fatalphoenixx#8250 Officer - Tacobean - Tacobeanie#5887 Officer - Sihkh - TheForce#7892Tacobean0 3d
4d [H]<Rochambeau> 8/11M is Recruiting DPS! <Rochambeau> is seeking raiders that are strong mechanically, communicate openly, and want to maximize their character's effectiveness. Our goal as a guild is to achieve Cutting Edge early enough in the tier such that ample time remains for raiders to roll on the end-raid mount and we can conduct sale and farm runs for fun. In our first tier as a guild, we achieved 8/11 M and have learned a lot that will help us prepare and make improvements moving forward into Battle for Azeroth. We are looking for DPS, all classes. All applicants with exceptional experience and/or recorded performance will be considered. Our raid schedule: Tues, Wed and Thur 8-11pm CST; invites start 15 minutes early. (Until BfA launch, we have scaled down our schedule to just Tues, Wed) Loot is handled via loot council. Trials are eligble for loot, but long-standing raiders will have precedence in loot priority. We vote in council with the objective to place each piece of gear where we believe it will provide maximum benefit to the raid group. To apply, please visit our website Guild Master: Mizu#1160 Officers: Olongjohnson#1271, Noona#1771, Fletchy#1459 and our pretty warrior Xenoe#1763 Thanks for checking us out; if you have any questions, feel free to add and message one of the officers or go ahead and apply on our website!Kahome37 4d
4d [H] Magog Cartel - 8-10 server t/w/th Looking for DPS, heals for raiding in BFA. Always in need of casuals and friends for keystones. Two hour raids, no attendance policy. Currently only clearing heroic until BFA. Hit up brandy#1599 to talk. About Us: We're a laid back group, though we do get as far into mythic as we reasonably can each tier without sacrificing the casual attitude. WoW isn't the only game we play, and we're looking for friends more than we're looking for parses. That being said, if you don't care about your own toon we aren't here to carry you. Progression: At the time of relevance: 4/7m - EN 3/3h - ToV 4/10m - Nighthold 3/9m - Tomb 3/11m - Antorus We are looking to take mythic progression a bit more seriously next expansion. In the past we've switched to mythic only when we have exactly 20 people, so our time spent progressing was limited to a few weeks each tier. What we're looking for: Friends!! Before parses, before class/spec, before anything really we just want friends. As far as raid spots go, we need DPS and possibly a healer or two. We aren't nearly good enough to care what class you are, as long as you're having fun that's all that matters. Talk to me bb: brandy#1599 would be the easiest. If you're already on Illidan, you can /w epe. If it's what you want, you can also just join the discord server Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!Epe1 4d
4d Selling Xillious Naxt Victim Achievement As the title suggests, I have the Portal Stone: Force Commander Xillious needed for the atrocious Naxt Victim Achievement. Also known as the "Red Boss", willing to negotiate prices, just add Tribe#1617 in game or Ghostpaw#2345 on discord. For Reference: 4d
4d 966 MM hunter LF Mythic raid Title pretty much explains it Looking for a raid team that is starting or is currently progressing Mythic. Competent with my class just looking to kill pixel bosses and have a good time doing it. Currently maining alliance but willing to make the switch to horde for the right group of people. Spec: MM/BM Prog:11/11H Time: 5pm-12pm PST would be a good window Days: 2-4 Contact info: Btag: Flintshot#1766 Discord: Flintshot#6158Flintshot6 4d
4d Former US Top 100 Raider LF Guild BFA 14 year Warcraft/raiding veteran looking for a raiding guild for BFA. Preferably a two day/three day guild that does at least somewhat competitive mythic raiding. I have been playing World of Warcraft since week two of launch, have raided in every expansion that has come out, as well as competed in US top 40-100 progression. I raided mythic with a competitive team for the beginning of Legion but had unfortunate internet issues in my area for months and when I came back the guild was dead. I have spent the rest of Legion pugging Heroic and doing M+ Looking to return to competitive raiding so if you're interested in getting a hold of me my btag is #brandonkr3w#1427 Raid Experience Vanilla: Cleared BC: Cleared WotLK: Heroic content cleared Cata: Heroic content cleared MoP: Heroic content cleared WoD: Mythic content cleared Legion: Emerald Nightmare Mythic cleared at progression Everything else - cleared after progression aside from Antorus Currently playing an Affliction Warlock for the end of Legion. Logs to whatever has been recorded in Heroic Antorus is here: Mythic + content is here: Some logs from past progressions Shadow Priest - Was my main for US 100 HFC progression All mythic kills were prior to the Archimonde nerfs Shadow Priest logs from the ones I played in HFC/BRF *will keep adding logs when I find them buried in warcraft logs Mage logs from Mythic HFC farming 4d
4d (H) Looking for PvP/Raiding Guild hey everyone, i’m looking for an active, talkative guild that doesn’t just send out mass invites. i’m trying to get into 2s and 3s as well as mythic+ and some raidingSvhman3 4d
4d 10/11m Holy Paladin 970ilvl equipped Looking for guild to finish off M Antorus. I have over 350 attempts on M argus with 23% being the best attempt. My availability is any day of the week as long as it is past 8pm EST. Best Attempt/Most Recent Logs: Overall Log: Looking forward to responses! Btag: CatatonicCat#1277Velyssae3 4d