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44m [B] [LF] Rare Name(s) - 2,3,4,5 Characters Title says all. Gold in hand ready to go, post what ya got. - On Illidan obviously.Çhillidan8 44m
1h <Pickle Palace> Mythic Guild LFM for BFA <Pickle Palace> is a progression focused guild made up of veteran players who aim and will achieve cutting edge progression in BFA. We will be focused on forming and maintaining a roster built on dps, solid mechanics, and dedication. We will take the semi-hardcore approach with loyal players and have fun pushing content. Raid Days/Times: Tue/Wed/Thur 8-11 ST (9-12 ET) Expectations: - Have a great attitude every night. - Maintain solid attendance in raid. (95%+ required for core/mythic raiders) - Be prepared for every raid; this includes purchasing consumables and studying encounter strategies. - Avoid toxicity while providing a competitive environment for yourself as well as the players around you. This includes giving AND receiving constructive criticism in an adult manner. - Be critical of your performance and take time outside of raiding hours to analyze warcraftlogs for personal improvement. - Have fun. We love playing with each other in a friendly, team-oriented, boss-crushing atmosphere -- and you should too! Recruitment: -Warrior (DPS) -Shaman (Enhance) -Demon Hunter (DPS) -Death Knight (DPS) - Any exceptional DPS If you are interested in joining <Pickle Palace> please contact: BNET: FrostyDog#155103 / In-Game: Riøtzén / Discord: Riotzen#6813 BNET: Ducky#1870 / In-Game: Ducc / Discord: Duck#7459Bigsaxy3 1h
2h [H] Tues/Thurs 7:30p-11p CST Mythic Guild [H] <Arrogance> T/Th 7:30p-11p CST Mythic Raiding guild welcomes returning players and raiders that are new to wow. About: Arrogance is the perfect home for returning wow raiders who have played at the highest level. We are a new WoW guild currently playing Horde side on the US-Illidan server. We are a group of players that have been raiding together in MMOs for 5+ years. In the past we have pushed ourselves in raid content and have always gone for those World First titles (and have a few under our belt). As we ready for the release of Battle for Azeroth we are taking a similar approach to how we operate. We expect our members to work hard to succeed in this game. You are expected to do your part, come prepared and be focused during raid times. As a guild our goals will be to complete all of the raid content on the hardest difficulty while maintaining our 2 night a week schedule. Right now we are small but we will work our way up to doing mythic raids. Potential Recruits: You have a hardcore mentality but want to raid on a casual schedule, research your class and min/max you character, and you are able to maintain +90% attendance. We expect you as a raider to have thick skin and be able to handle constructive criticism and will always look for ways to improve as a player. Last and most importantly if you join our guild you need to not be an a-hole. If everyone hates you because you’re a jerk, you will be removed :D Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30p - 11p CST (8:30p - 12a EST) Recruitment: Looking for exceptional players. Recruiting for all roles. Progression/Experience: The majority of our member have extensive raid experience in WoW. As a guild we have achieved the following raid ranks: Wildstar World 5th - Experiment X-89 (GA) - World 5th - Kuralak the Defiler (GA) - World 5th - Phagetech Prototypes (GA) - World 5th - Phagemaw (GA) - World 5th - Phageborn Convergence (GA) - SWTOR World 11th - NiM Eternity Vault - World 10th - NiM Karagga’s Palace - World 8th - The Infernal Title (Timed run) - World 8th - The Unyielding Title (Timed run) - World 7th - HM Explosive Conflict - World 5th - HM The Writhing Horror (TFB) - World 2nd - HM The Dread Guards (TFB) - World 1st - HM Operator IX (TFB) - World 1st - HM Kephess the Undying (TFB) - World 1st - HM Terror From Beyond (TFB) - Contact: Cali [GM] Battletag - Cali#1522 Discord Cali#2821 Sang [Officer] Battletag - Sang#1425 Discord - Sang#8520 Join our Community to chat and see what we're like: 2h
4h <Currently Online> Multiple Raid/RBG teams <Currently Online> is the game’s largest and fastest growing gaming community in WoW! With PVE and PVP teams expanding on Illidan Horde, stretching over 6 guilds, (not to mention our 7 Alliance- Sargeras guilds) and more to come, we are the premier destination for anyone looking for active Legion gaming. Our number one priority is to create an incredible atmosphere, conducive to the experience of all gamers from all walks of life. Bringing these players together, while providing a means for them to create lasting memories, as well as meaningful relationships is all part of our mission. As long as we are doing our jobs right, none of our members should have to say “there’s nothing to do…” Currently Online creates an atmosphere so full of activity, that it will surely provide a means for any player to enjoy the game how they like it... RAIDING TEAMS Uldir Progression Mythic Teams 1. Mixed Signals: (Sundays 7-11pm CT) 2. Salt: (W/TH 8-11pm CT) 3. Don’t Kill Puppies: (T/TH 8pm-12am CT) 4. Ragnarok: (Tues-Thurs 10:30pm-1amCT) 5. Waffles- (W/TH 5-8pm CT) 6. Sometimes Awesome- (FRI*/SAT 9pm-12am CT) *Friday nights, team runs until 1am CT 7. Hellscreamers: (Saturdays 7-11pm CT) Heroic Teams 1. Just Pixels-HEROIC ONLY- (Wednesdays 8-11pm CT) 2. PB & J Sandwiches-HEROIC ONLY- 11/11H (Tuesdays 7-10pm CT) 3. Backcappers- HEROIC ONLY- (Saturdays 8-11pm CT) 4. Warpath- HEROIC ONLY- (TBA) RBG TEAMS 1. Project Delta - Thursdays 9-11pm CT 2. Hots, Dots, & Kidney Shots - Saturdays 8:45-10:45pm CT See if your class is what we need and APPLY TODAY! Want to start a new team in our horde guild?é176 4h
4h Fatal | 2day mythic | LF BFA Raiders Fatal- Illidan- Horde Est. Nov 2014 RAID TIMES Tuesday & Thursday 830-1130pm cst About Us We are a mythic raiding guild with the goal of achieving Cutting Edge every tier in BFA. With only a 6 hour raiding schedule we are looking for talented players who can quickly and efficiently down bosses in mythic raiding. We have a great adult social atmosphere with lots of humor. If you are looking to push yourself in BFA and want a guild who can provide the atmosphere and players that will match your efforts then you have come to the right place. RETURNING MYTHIC EXPERIENCED RAIDERS ARE WELCOME! COME GET GEARED AND PREPPED FOR BFA! PROGRESSION Hellfire Citadel- 10/13M Emerald Nightmare- 7/7M Trials of Valor- 3/3M Nighthold- 10/10M Tomb of Sargeras- 5/9M Antorus- 6/11M What you can expect: ● our goal will always be to get cutting edge every tier! ● players who know what to do in raid, come prepared, and can clear the content easily ● players that will match your efforts and a guild that will provide you the opportunity to succeed ● a great place for not only wow, but other games as well. ● we like running mythic+ on off nights ● competitive raid spots! What we are looking for: ● Adult players 21+ years or older ONLY! ● have a working Mic and actually use it ● Make sure our raid schedule fits your lifestyle. we expect good attendance. Must maintain 85% or higher ● don't get offended easily. There is a lot of adult humor and language here. ●Know your class! Make sure you are up to date on the meta of your class so you can maximize your through put. ● you MUST know how to utilize Warcraftlogs to make sure you are always improving ● positive attitude in and out of raid ●you need to be somewhat active on off nights. ●MUST HAVE PAST OR CURRENT RAID EXPERIENCE RECRUITING Boomy Spriest Disc priest APPLY ONLINE AT (Make sure to check your Application for approval and updates. it should send ya an email as well)Gluttonyx99 4h
5h [H] <Snowfall> Uldir Mythic Recruitment <Snowfall> is a guild of former top 20 US raiders on the server Illidan. We are currently recruiting for Mythic Uldir Progression. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7:30pm to 11pm CST (Illidan Server Time) We do not have any intentions of adding raid days during each tier, alt nights or off nights will be based on interest of members. We will be requiring at least a 90% attendance from our raiders, this is due to us wanting to have a smaller more efficient core as to avoid having a large rolling bench. About Us: The leadership of Snowfall are all raiders who have been playing since Vanilla and have raided at the top level during multiple expansions. The leadership core has been raiding together since Cataclysm and completed all content in a timely fashion. As for the guild, the purpose of Snowfall is to complete a tier before the cut off point. Our goal is to ensure enough time between tiers to give raiders the option to take small breaks as to avoid burn outs. Most of the main core are active players who are constantly seeking content, running M+ and other things, as well as playing games outside of WoW together. Expectations: In Snowfall we have expectations that we require our raiders to maintain. These are not overbearing and all play a part in maintaining a strong core roster. • Raiders will be expected to have a high attendance for raids as well as give some form of advanced notice on days you will not be available. • You will be expected to have a deep understanding of raid encounters and your role/class in those encounters. • This includes using all resources to be in a constant state of improvement and always seeking to better your play. • Also, the simple things. Have a working microphone, stable internet connection, and a good attitude. Recruitment: We are currently in the building phase for BFA and are seeking any skilled players who are looking for Mythic focused progression. Below are our current needs moving forward into BFA, all exceptional players should apply even if you do not see your role or class listed below. DPS Death Knight - Low Demon Hunter - Low Druid - Med (Balance) Hunter - High Mage - Low Monk - Very High Paladin - Low Priest - Low Rogue - Low Shaman - Med (Elemental) Warlock - High Warrior - Low Tanks Tank positions are closed, but we always consider DPS who have interest in maintaining a tanking off spec. Healers Resto Shaman - Low Resto Druid - Closed Holy Priest - Low Holy Pally - Low Mistweaver - Low Disc Priest - Very High! Application ... Above is the link to our application, this allows us to keep ourselves slightly more organized. If you have any questions or concerns, below will be the BattleTags of our officer core. Snow#1374 - Guild Master Gallien#1926 - Raid Lead, Healing Lead Razorback#1384 - OfficerNivoso61 5h
5h ⋆ <Quality Content> ⋆ LFM for BFA Raiding ⋆ WE ARE ON ILLIDAN Hello ALL! Welcome to <Quality Content>. We're a bunch of old sk00l l33t players from way back yonder, who now have careers and still manage to find time to play this game. A lot of us are originals, you might see a few turds floating in this bowl who managed to be in guilds you read about when you were a young gun, that's just how we roll. Quality Content is a guild focused on firstly, enjoying the game. We don't take things personally, like joking, making funny noises, listening to Mado get bagged on by everyone (he's one of them) and listening to Simulate scream like an Italian idiot. But that's what sets us apart. In Quality Content, you get personalities that have adapted to the game, each other, and personal lives. We're all friends who look out for each other. Even though we may joke, we take raiding seriously - so here's the serious stuff: Requirements: - Hold a conversation - Follow directions - Receive criticism & not cry about people telling you you're doing something wrong But, if you do it right, we will commend you - HELLO CAREERS! - Speak English - Have Discord (and a microphone, no fans near mics allowed) - Ability to focus when we need to focus, joke when we joke Determination & confidence, we're probably the only guild on this server with people who have real personalities. We're not old, so we don't want old - 21-35 preferred, must be able to joke in disgusting ways. Our raid times: 8pm-11pm EST Tuesday Wednesday Do we have your attention? So again, be smart, play with smart people, and enjoy the game - that's why we play. Add me: Mado#11428 Currently Looking For EVERYTHINGMadlol26 5h
5h [H] <Devnull>Recruiting for BFA! ABOUT US: Progression with a casual atmosphere. We are a newer community of experienced raiders currently growing our core in preparation for BFA. Outside of our main raids; we are also running alt raids, M+, Timewalking, and BG. RAID SCHEDULE: All events start @7cst and wrap up around 10cst. We only track attendance on wed/thurs. We will be raiding until xpac launch. Monday: Off Tuesday: Normal Antorus + Heroic Wednesday: Mythic Antorus Thursday: Mythic Antorus Friday: Off Saturday: Normal Alts Sunday: Off CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Toxic personalities and high maintenance types; need not apply. Age: 25+ (some exceptions are possible) Discord (required) Know your class. Possess the ability to follow directions. DPS: Most (full on rogue & lock). Heals: Ret Paladin with viable holy spec would be ideal. Tanks: FULL Thanks for your time and we hope you will join us! Apply directly @ or add one of our officers from below to bnet. Contact: Horum#1559 Melicious#1794 Poseidon#1211 Dirtpig#11826Horum163 5h
7h 331 BM/WW Monk LF M Guild Hi there, i've played the game since about the time it released and have raided since WoTLK. I have usually played caster dps such as much and warlock but have decided that this expansion I would play monk as all the specs feel satisfying to play. I prefer WW and BM, but can also play Mistweaver with no issue. I'm looking for a guild with relatively tame hours, but also relatively high progression. Something along the lines of less than 9 hours a week, but shooting for Cutting Edge. As a player I've gotten very close to cutting edge on multiple occasions especially in WoD. In Mists I cleared roughly 75% of all the raids on what was then Heroic before the next raid came out. In WoD I was 7/8M HM before BRF released, and 9/10M BRF before HFC released, and I would've had Cutting Edge with Baddies-Stormreaver but I quit just before we killed Tyrant Velhari due to time constraints., and ended up clearing up to Mannoroth with them as the pre-patch closed in for Legion. In Legion I cleared Mythic Emerald Nightmare fairly quickly, but decided to be more laid back and raid with some old friends for ToS and Antorus. I love to play all the different classes. I completed MoP/WoD CMs on Gold for every class, and completed every spec's Mage Tower challenge - all 36 of them. If interested you can reply here or message me at Kri-Illidan or Syphox#1835Kri0 7h
11h Resto Shaman LFG Mythic Raiding Hey all, I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, but didn't really get into raiding until TBC. I have always played Resto Shaman, and know the class inside and out. During the end of Wrath and the first half of Cata I was in a top 25 US guild, trying to push for server firsts, etc. It got to be too much with more and more real life responsibilities taking over, so I had to take a break. I have played off and on since then, but never in a guild who wanted to work on the hardest level of content. I am looking for a guild who raids late night, as I live in PST. Ideally start time between 7-8 PST. Ideally I would only want to raid max three nights per week (Monday-Thursday). If this fits your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! In game: zancorr#1185Zancore3 11h
11h [H] Lock, LF Mythic Guild Times available & time zone, very strict (work): Mon-Thurs 7:30pm PST - 1:00am PST (9:30pm - 3:00am Server) Fri any time after 5:30pm PST (7:30 Server) Sat-Sun all day Semi-hardcore/hardcore Professions: Herb/Tailor for now Current progression/experience: I've raided since Vanilla, and anywhere from casual and hardcore in all expansions. I know what I'm doing as far as mechanics and dps go, I sim my gear, I research all fights, etc. used to be strategist and come up with plays for new fights in my old guild, any more details you're welcome to ask Contact info: Please post here, i don't catch whispers too often :P Anything else: 326ilvl now, but only because pugging is cringe worthy, getting into a legit one as a dps is very rare. I'll knock out the other lockouts later or preferably in the new guild. Working on rep grinds for now, I'll do them before reset. Currently in <Narcosis> as it's my rl friend's guild (bad raid times for me).Gakuun3 11h
12h [H]<Cuckworks> Recruiting for BFA Guild Name: Cuckworks Server: Illidan Faction: Horde Raid Days: Wednesday and Thursday Raid Times: 8:30 PM EST – 11 PM EST Expansion Goals: Clear Heroic Raids before next one releases We’re a group of tightknit friends that want to do our own thing in BfA and want to discover other like-minded individuals to accompany us throughout this expansion. Our primary goal will be focused around raiding, but that’s not to dismiss the other aspects available. PVP, mythic dungeons, etc. will all be partaken in at some point and to varying degrees. While raiding, we do plan on taking it seriously, but not to the point of sapping the fun out of it. At the end of the day, we all play this game to have fun. And that’s what we want to emphasize. FUN! If it’s not fun, then what is the point. Raiding: Mythic raiding isn’t something that we are planning for. Clearing Heroic content is currently what we want to shoot for. Ideally, this would happen in a timely manor and not taking the entire time until a new raid is released. With that in mind, we are planning to maintain a smaller sized roster. We’re initially expecting to start raiding with 12 – 15 players. We’d love to add more, but that’s going to be more up to interest in the guild and fielding quality raiders. Expectations for raiders are as follows. People will be expected to pull their own weight. No one will be asking that you parse in the top percentile for your class each fight, but don’t be scraping the bottom portion of the barrel either. Not standing in the bad is highly encouraged too. Raid attendance, while we ideally would like to be kept high, understand real life happens. Just communicate before hand and no big deal. Unless you’re a tank or healer. Then you’re never allowed to miss /S. Raid consumables should be brought. Make sure your gear has enchants/gems/whatever. Don’t be lazy. Ask for help! We’re big on helping people be prepared. That should cover most of the important points. Community: Part of the reason for starting this guild is to find people whom are looking for a bit more than just guildmates. We want to cultivate lasting friendships that bleed into other games. Many of us play a wide variety of games with each other. And gaming is always more enjoyable with people you know. That’s what we believe in. We want this guild to be something that endures the entire expansion and into future ones. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of what your motives are. Whether you want to raid, pvp, or just be casual, it doesn’t matter to us. We’d be happy to have you join our group and find where you fit in. We’re all laid back people who love to joke around and have a good time. Most days you can find a handful of us on Discord chatting. That’s quite a common occurrence. We appreciate you taking your time to read this wall of text and hope to play with you all soon! Bnet[i][/i] Loadsofjuice#1585 Thryss#1375Ohimember18 12h
13h Team Warpath- LFM Late Night Heroic Raiding Team Warpath (H) is a new extremely late night team looking to fill positions for Heroic BFA content. We are a semi-casual team on Horde on Illidan and are a part of the Currently Online community. We raid only ONE day a week for 3 hours, so we expect our raiders to have good attendance, be ready to go at start time and focus to optimize progress. We do have the possibility of delving in some Mythic content depending on the teams wants. We are seeking individuals dedicated who have a positive attitude and are seeking a group to progress and have fun with. We expect you to put as much effort as possible into researching and optimizing your class. Prior raiding experience is required. Raid Time: Mon 11PM-2AM CST (Central Server Time) Our Community: Currently Online is a large community guild based on Sargeras for Alliance and Illidan for Horde with 12k+ Members and counting. To Apply go to: If you have questions you can find us on Currently Online's discord at Or Bnet: Branded#1156 or Drewnation#1856Enderen6 13h
13h <Ascend> Former top 30 World Leadership! <Ascend> Ascend is a reforming guild lead by former top world 30 players (While in Ascend). Currently we are aiming for a 25 man set roster going into mythic Uldir. We have two difficulties to form a core team prior to mythic. We are back in the race and looking for a few more players to fill our roster. As a guild we cleared Cutting Edge Garrosh 25-Man, and went in the race for Heroic/Mythic HM. Cleared 5/7M w/ Kargath US 100 with others not far behind. Members in the guild continued to excel through other tiers prior to reforming our community. Current Recruitment Needs Tank - Any (Besides DK) Healer - Holy Paladin or Mistweaver DPS - Boomkin/Mage/Lock/Hunter/Enh Shaman We are always looking for any qualifying exceptional players to add to the roster. If you feel you meet the requirements, we encourage you to apply regardless of our needs. We run a competitive raiding environment - all raid spots are earned! Server: Illidan Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm-8pm PST 7pm-10pm Server (Central) 8pm-11pm EST There are times when we discuss extending raid times depending on our progression on a boss Loot System: Loot Council (During Mythic) Voice Service: Discord Expectations We expect the very best from our raiders. It is important to us that you become a long term member when joining our core team! Here are a few things that are expected of you: - Loyalty - Attendance (Expected attendance rate near 100%) - Mastery of your Class and Spec - Always look for ways to improve - Ability to look over your own and other player's logs - Never make the same mistake twice - Learn from others mistakes - The ability to take criticism with a good attitude - Participate in the community! How to Apply? Contact any of the Leadership Team via battletag: Verb#1204 (Recruitment Officer) Rigena#1810 Futile#1555Verb0 13h
15h WTB all Tidespray linen for 6g each COD WTB all tidespray linen for 6g each and Deep Sea Satin for 50g each!Odranous10 15h
16h Hpally 344 Lf serious raiding guild! Hey my name is Julian ive been playing wow since late cata! I am returning from Warlords of Draenor. I took a break after Mythic Kromog had some life issues and change of jobs etc, but now im available 24/7 and able to raid 7 days a week! I am looking for a serious raiding guild that wants to progress but also has great personality and great people. I cant seem to find any of my logs since its been about 3 years since I took a break, but im already commiting hardcore I have a hpally 344 atm always grinding hard to hit higher ilvl and prep myself for the raids. if you guys have anymore question I will provide all my achieves from draenor and mop as I cannot find my logs atm since its been 3 years add me Jay#12817Billyjean4 16h
16h <fun> looking for exceptional players We’re here to have “fun”, and we’re only allowed to have it if we’re fully applying ourselves and excelling in everything we do. Our roster may be freshly formed, but our leadership are all top 10 NA exp’d from past tiers - and we’re holding ourselves to that standard by day-raiding for the first 8 days of the tier. We’re all happy to take vacation and sick days off from work for the first week of mythic release each tier, to put in the hours, and to skip out on a night out with the boys every once in a while just to farm more m+ to get ahead during progression. We highly value group cohesion and synergy amongst our roster, making it a point not to alienate anyone(unless you just have thin skin) simply for having less seniority than others. Progression: First week will be day raiding with at least two five-hour blocks each day and we’ll continue to do that until we reclear the next Tuesday. We then switch to a 20-hour raid week of 8pm-1am EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday until we finish the tier. Farm: Once we’re on farm we’ll swap to a 12-hour raid week 9pm-1am EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday. Alt Requirements: The majority of the roster will only need to maintain one alt. Goals: To simply do as well as we are humanly capable of as efficiently as possible. Who we’re looking for: Highly competent, ambitious, SOCIABLE individuals who are not just willing but motivated to put in the time and have a vested interest in the success of any guild they’re a part of. We don’t want arrogant rats with sick logs, we want confident team players with sick logs. Truly noteworthy players with strong logs for any class/spec are welcome to trial and earn a core spot. 16h
18h Illidan - Horde Raiding Guild <The Garden> <The Garden> Is recruiting on Illidan - Horde for Mythic Raiding - Mythic + Keystones and PvP. I used to raid in a Top 10 US/World 10 man raiding guild called Nightmare Asylum back in MoP. I am getting back into the game with a friend who also raided in the top US guild. We are looking for another Tank - Healers - and DPS to trial and fill raid roles. I would love to chat on Discord if you are interested in joining the guild or have any questions about raid progression. Currently our raid times are going to be Tues-Thurs 7pm Server time. (We are still working around hours and days.) -ThrungThrung0 18h
18h Veng DH LF Raiding Guild <Title> Looking for guild that raids any day between 8-1 EST Can add me at Zekoku#1628Zekoku1 18h
20h <Rapture> Mythic raiders Recruiting for BFA <Rapture> is a group of like minded mythic raiders who are coming back for BFA mythic raid progression. Raid times are 7-11PM Server time Tues/Thurs. Recruiting: DAMAGE- Boomkin, Warlock, Rogue, Monk, Spriest. HEALER - Monk, Druid... (Also Recruiting Members To Farm Mythics)! Add Blacklisted#1175 or Kerf#1458 for more details.Kerf7 20h
20h CE sub rogue LF 2 day mythic prog Looking for a skilled team to clear content, preferably 2 daysWooksauce1 20h
20h 335 Hpal Lf raiding guild -Raid times mon-fri 7pm-1am server -Btag Roxgg#1202 previous expansion got 9/11m befor quitingOutspacedn0 20h
21h <Duress> 1 Night Mythic Guild LFM Hey all, About Us: We are just a few friends that are working professionals who are looking to build a strong community that wants to enjoy the aspects of a guild but not be wrapped down to multiple long hours/days of raiding a week. We are still figuring out exactly when we want to raid and how long, but we're probably only looking for 1 or 2 nights a week and then just casually when we have enough members on to do another raid. We want to have as many options possible from anything such as PvPing, PvE or even just casual farming. We want to build a community of mature members who understand that we're here to have fun and not a second job. The core of the guild is made up of ex-top 100 world raiders that spent many hours and days raiding in the past, but we're not looking to do that anymore. We have intelligence, and a level head, which is exactly what we're looking for. What we're looking for: We are looking for mature players. We joke around and have a good time, but the childish acts aren't in this guild. The point of a mature guild in our eyes, is to have a drama free guild to just enjoy gaming, what we're all here to do. We joke around a ton, but that doesn't mean we're immature about things. We just want professional people in our guild. Someone who wants to interact with a community. We understand some guilds come on, raid for 5 or 6 hours a night and grind it out weekly. We used to do that, and we just want an enjoyable culture to hangout with others. Come online, talk with people, make friends, and go to the root of gaming.... enjoyment. That's pretty much it, maturity and growth. We understand that there are many people out there who want to play WoW with other professional people, but can't find a good guild to enjoy that time with. We have tried to implement that here, and hopefully you guys can join the adventure. Current Raid Schedule: Tuesdays - 7:00-11:00pm CST Feel free to message us in game: Slayrides - illidan - battletag Sweeetman#1882 Swaffy - illidan - battletag Swaffy#1245Slayrides13 21h
21h H Hunter LF 10+ PM EST M Raiding Guild Hunter here, looking for a Mythic raiding guild. I would like to find a guild that starts around 10 PM EST or later. I can raid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I quit after Nighthold but was 8/10 in M Nighthold. My Battlenet: PossiblTango#1370Performe0 21h
22h 337 Frost DK LF Tues/Thurs Mythic Raid Guild Looking to raid anytime from 6pm-11pm server time Tuesdays and Thursdays. I raided mythic all of legion, now just trying to find a decent guild with the mindset of downing content with only 2 days a week. Thanks.Midnightz1 22h
22h [H] <Disbelief> Uldir Mythic Recruitment [H] Disbelief located on Illidan-US is a recently transferred guild to a much larger population to better suit raiding needs. Disbelief has a core of steady values and places the community we create in high regard. We as a guild ask that you respect all others while still exercising your freedom of expression. All life styles are welcome as well as this is a place of civil raiding. We are currently seeking new trials to join the guild into cutting edge progression for the entirety of Battle for Azeroth. The goal of Disbelief is to make cutting edge progress every raid tier, the guild in the late half of Legion suffered serious roster issues. New standards and requirements have been placed on all raiders, no one is an exception from the rules. Please read the information provided and if we are a good fit for you we would love to hear from you! Schedule Tuesday: 9pm-12am CST (Server Time) Thursday: 9pm-12am CST (Server Time) *Important Notice: The first four weeks of any new raid tier require Wednesday: 9pm-12am as well. It is also the optional day later into the raid tier. This is subject to change late in the expansion. Attendance All absences must be given in advance in the proper discord channel to avoid raiding conflict. There are 19 other people who want to raid we ask that you always consider your team mates. If you experience an emergency and can not make a scheduled raid time please use the discord channel, we understand things do happen. Performance First and foremost, you must know your class to perform properly. We expect all raiders to understand their class mechanics and understand how to gauge what you need to improve. Parsing is for farm content, if you are found to be sabotaging raid progression to parse you will be asked to sit. A raidbots channel is included in the guild discord with all the commands in the pins, however that is based on the armory, so we do ask you sim yourself time to time. We understand people like to parse everyone does, we do not expect everyone to be perfect all the time. *Mythic raiding experience is desirable however sometimes you can find gems with no experience so do not be intimidated. Loot distribution in Battle for Azeroth This is a progression minded guild and all loot, if tradable, belongs to the guild to be awarded by the loot council. We understand if you cannot trade an item as it will happen. However, if an individual is caught not looting bosses to avoid giving up an item, or lying about tradability of an item, whomever they are will be subject to removal of guild privileges (consumables/repairs/etc.), benching, and/or removal from the guild. If you mistakenly just forget to not loot a boss, we understand. Everyone has done it, just do not make it a habit. Gear is not the goal, it is simply the means to an end. All BoE items that are dropped from a raid instance belong to the guild. These items will be sold to stock the guild bank, if you wish to buy the item you can do so for half price. Expectations • Research all boss encounters before pulling the boss. • Always have consumables (Runes, Flasks, Food) just in case it is not prepared for some reason. • If you do not understand something, please ask for help. • You are required to finish a mythic+ every week for the maximum award. • You are responsible for knowing your BiS items and improving yourself. • Your Heart of Azeroth will expected to be at certain levels at new raid tiers. • You must be 15mins early and are late for any reason must notify someone. Recruitment Needs Are always posted on the website and is updated properly. If you do not see your spec on the website for recruitment it does not mean you should not apply if you wish to raid with us. All exceptional players are always up for recruitment. Contact Information Guild Master: Tanec Discord: Astaras#2592 Battlenet: Astaras#1596 Recruitment: Chriswilson Discord: Chrono#0997 Battlenet: Chrono#11323 Dracarys Discord: Dracarys#3062 Battlenet: Dracarys#1643 Website 22h
1d --LIVE EVIL-- T/W/TH LF raiders for BFA **(TL:DR)** We are a guild on Horde side on Illidan. We raid T/W/Th 9:00 - 12:00 (est) Looking to fill our roster for BFA! **Recruitment Needs:** Open to all good players. :) **Contact Us:** * BNET: Fragile#11955 DISCORD: Fragile#9328 * BNET: Aggro#11198 DISCORD: J a k e#3303 Here is a little more detailed description if you would like it: **About us:** live evil is a version of a guild that has been around since BC. Some of us have raided all content since launch together, others joined us as recently as Legion. We have been a successful raiding guild ever since our first team was created. We recently decided now was the right time to faction change and return home to Horde on Illidan. People are currently in the process of transferring/re-rolling/re-leveling before Battle for Azeroth hits. We have a strong foundation with our primary focus on completing mythic content while it is current. Outside of raiding we are a friendly bunch of people that like to hang out on voice chat and shoot the !@#$ and play other games. We have not competitively pvp’d in previous expansions, but it is something we hope to add during BFA. **What we are looking for:** * Progression driven players that want to down current content. * Reliable members. Consistent attendance is key. How fast can we progress if we’re changing out members to learn the fights every raid night. * Tough skin- be able to handle constructive criticism and not rage quit. * People who put time into the game outside of logging on for raid times. (This can include researching your class, researching bosses, running dungeons, farming mats, etc) * Be able to communicate. This means both in voice chat and effectively handling conflict that arises. * Leaders: We have officer positions available to those that would like to help make this guild awesome. * 18+ - Although we realize that video games are for people of all ages the raiding of the environment of this guild is for adults only. We do welcome non-raiding casual members (like family members) that do not meet this requirement. * Casual members - If this sounds like a good environment but you don’t feel you have the time to commit full-time we do welcome casual/ fill-in members to enjoy the community and help out when available. **Raid Times:** TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY - 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM (EST) (Pulls start at 9:00 you are expected to be on by 8:45pm) Optional SUNDAY 9:00 for Normal/Heroic/Previous raid content depending on current progression.Frâgile38 1d
1d [H] <Good Vibes Only Squad> Hey guys! Thanks for clicking the post; Hopefully the title got your attention. I’ve created a guild for BFA with eyes set on a major in PvE and a minor in PvP. I want to create a community of players wanting to spread a message of positivity. My guild will aim its values towards the joyous experience of gaming. Encouraging and teaching others instead of bashing and shaming. Praising and coaching as opposed to it. I want people patient, willing to develop a chemistry as a guild a move forward. We need all roles as of now and just want reiterate that good or bad we want positive vibes only. Thanks. Send me in game mail to Bankbatch or bnet Gooselord#11747Bankbatch0 1d
1d Medieval recruiting for our core mythic team About us Medieval is a new guild with a goal of cutting edge. We are looking for more like minded individuals that will strive to be the best they can be. We try to maintain a laid back atmosphere but to do so everyone needs to be doing everything they can to down bosses, as that is our goal. Recruitment needs: We encourage all exceptional players to apply for all roles. Schedule: Tues: 7-11 cst Thurs: 7-11 cst Fri: 7-11 cst For more information please contact me Sno#11807Snô4 1d
1d [H][Illidan][The Eye] LATE NIGHT (MELEE) <The Eye> The late night/early morning NA guild you have been looking for! About us: We are a group of highly skilled players who have been raiding together as a guild since WOD (achieved top 5 server after 1 tier of content), some of us have been raiding together longer than that. We have cleared content on the highest difficulty in most expansions. Recently we have had a huge overhaul and changed servers to Illidan. With that we also changed our times to a late night/early morning schedule. Because of this drastic change we are opening recruiting again. We are dedicated to clearing Mythic content in BFA and we are looking for like minded players to help fill our 20 man roster. Raid Times: Wednesday – 0300-0600 AM CENTRAL (Mandatory) Thursday – 0300-0600 AM CENTRAL (Mandatory) ((1 AM - 4AM PST))((4AM to 7AM EST)) *We also raid on an alternate day for those dedicated to getting more gear, that day is usually Sunday. NOT MANDATORY* Currently Recruiting: (Subject to change) RECRUITMENT CLOSED TIL FURTHER NOTICE How to Join: *Disclaimer*: Make sure that you can make our raid times; we require a 90% attendance ratio. Our times are very late night/early morning, DO NOT ATTEMPT A SLEEP SCHEDULE YOU CANNOT MAINTAIN. Applications are open at the moment, therefore you can message the raid leader directly if you are interested. RealID – Emutep#1745 Discord - Emutep#8229 (Personal) *Preferred* Discord: /gqY5Xnf (Raid Discord) If you have any questions about our style of raiding you can go to our discord and check out the RULES section. This is explains in depth what addons/skill level/commitment we require.Bezerg75 1d
1d [H] [LFG] Group of 5+ MYTHIC/M+ Hello! We are a semi-hardcore group of friends looking to find the right guild to call home. Evening/late night raid times preferred. Days available to raid are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. We pride ourselves on playing our classes/roles to their fullest potential and hope to find ourselves among players who are the same. We are looking for a progression raiding atmosphere with hopes of achieving CE and a strong emphasis on pushing M+ content. Hõlysmokes - 332 Prot Pal/Holy OS Deadwalleye - 334 BM Hunter Topango - 334+ Rsham Tokuto - 315+ Disc Priest Nawraka - 300+ Enh Sham Feel free to contact me if you think we may be a good fit. Thanks! IGN - Hõlysmokes Btag - BattleLToad#1927Hõlysmokes0 1d
1d <Pessimistic> T/Th/Sun 7:30 - 10:30 Server <Pessimistic> is a returning guild looking to rebuild for Heroic Progression geared towards downing mythic bosses. We raid Tues, Thurs, and Sun 7:30 - 10:30 PM Server Time. We are recruiting players of all roles, as well as socials. We have guild repairs and discord. Add Rommet#1196 or TitanW01f#1695 for more information or an invite!Zarfall0 1d
1d LFG Friday/Saturday Night CST Looking for guild for Heroic Raiding/push into Mythic raiding for Friday and Saturday nights (6pm or later to whenever CST). I'm an experienced raider and have good attendance. If I am going to miss days, I will let the group know, but generally, I will be available at these times. My other character for Legion: Switching to Hunter because Shaman lost a lot in BFA. I also like doing M+ and PvP. I play pretty often. PST me - my handle is ROFLCOPTORS#1401.Elros3 1d
1d <Sinister Six> Weekend Raiding Guild! Our guild is currently recruiting for our core raid team as we progress through BFA. We are trying to fill out our 20 man group for our push into Mythic progression. My goal is too push normal & heroic if we move into mythic we move into it don't want anyone to feel like they have to be hardcore. Raid Times: Midnight-2am server Friday Midnight-2am server Saturday We Need: Melee|Ranged DPS - Pref Hunter, Boomy, Mage, Ele Sham, Frost Dk, ect. Tanks - Druid|DK Healer - Druid|Sham|Priest We are seeking all capable players who are dedicated and eager to progress through Battle for Azeroth. Expectations: -We expect all raiders to have voice chat and a working mic. We use Discord chat. -Show up for raid, have good attendance, and let an officer or the guild leader know if you will be late or can't attend. Must Have! DBM GTFO - If you have a hard time moving out of crap. We can help get you gear and teach you fights. What we're really looking for is dedicated people who are capable of following directions. Kara - Guild Leader|Raid Leader|Pure#12310 Eudaemon - |CO GM|Eske#11268 Takerofsoull - |Officer|Takerofsouls#1942 Wizzles - |Officer| Dasboots#1575 We look forward to seeing you on our raid team. Thank youKara5 1d
1d <No Refunds> LFM for Mythic Prog - Tues/Weds No Refunds is a reformed, 2-day mythic raiding guild looking for dedicated players to achieve Cutting Edge; we aspire for Top 150 US in BFA. We have a strong player base with varying degrees of Mythic experience, all of which are also heavily interested in pushing mythic+ About us: Our ultimate goal in No Refunds is to provide a structured environment for our members to achieve the play our members desire. We are a progression minded team that also loves to have fun . We encourage pushing Mythic+ and improving your skills. What we require: Discord and Working Mic Excellent raid awareness Must be active and keep up with azurite levels and other raid necessities Team Player; guild-minded Constantly looking to improve and ability to take constructive criticism Mythic experience/logs are beneficial but not required Returning players are welcome, but they will be held to the same expectations as everyone else Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7:00pm-11:00pm CST Wednesday 7:00pm-11:00pm CST Raid times reduced to 3 hours or less after progression; optional farm content clears on Mondays Recruitment: We're mainly looking for the following at this time Druid (boomkin) -- High Hunter (ranged) -- High Mage -- Medium Monk -- (WW) -- Medium Priest (dps/heals) -- High Shaman (rdps) -- Medium Warlock -- Low If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jsewell#1387 or one of my officers at the following Btags: Whammer#1941 Bubbles#1199 Heyzuice#1233Zlurp7 1d
1d [H] Heals On Wheels [CE][BFA 3day] Hello! Heals On Wheels is recruiting for BFA. We are consisting of Multi-CE members with a high drive for success in the coming tiers. Very active group of chill dudes with halfway decent tudes. We are active in Pre-Patch as well. With two weeks left we are seeking high skill Cutting Edge players to join our team and push for topping the charts. We prefer at least 9/11m (OR SIMILAR). We are interested in all exceptional candidates, though. Currently our needs are primarily DPS. We are looking for: (All slots are pending change) DPS A few spots open, seeking many more, apply within Tanks One or two spots still, left up for when prog resumes for Uldir(8/01/18) Healing priority Shaman - Medium Druid - Medium Paladin - Low Monk - Low Priest - High Raid days Tuesday Wednesday Thursday9pm-12am CT Here is our application: If for any reason you absolutely need to get in touch, add Farr93#7709 on DISCORDRvl8 1d
1d <Dont Invite Me> Guild Chat is DISABLED. <Dont Invite Me> Is a unique niche guild for people who just want to enjoy the game by themselves but want to gain the perks of being in a guild or stop pesky recruiters from pestering you. Nothing is required of you at all, stay as long as you'd like. Guild chat has been disabled. Guild repairs are active. If you'd like an invite feel free to add me on at [Helenek#1180] or mail me in game at [Helenek]. Thank you, enjoy!Helenek0 1d
1d <Gambling Problem> TWR 7-10est LF DPS! Heyo. We're looking for some thicc bois and nonbois to punch some stuff and heal some stuff in BFA. Recruiting for heroic and mythic difficulties. Requirements: - Push your buttons well - Push them enough Nice to have: - Enjoy pictures of my dogs Currently we are actively recruiting the following classes: - Shadow Priest - Warlock - Ret Paladin Exceptions will be made for exceptional players of any class. Reach out to me in-game @ Bluff#1114Tosviolation0 1d
1d Name for SALE! Selling the name "Dignity" on US-Illidan. PM me for details Btag: Thicc#11797 Discord: Varrstoen#4790Varrstoen0 1d
1d [H]<Booty Pirates>2/11M LF Tank Server: Illidan Raid Times: Friday & Sunday 10pm - 1am Server Time (CT) Legion Progression: 2/11M at the end, started Mythic on every other raid tier. Currently Recruiting - Tank About Us Now recruiting for BFA! Currently looking for a skilled and laid back Tank for the upcoming expansion. We're semi-casual in terms of the time we spend raiding, but are serious about progression, attendance, and performance. Booty Pirates is a close-knit late night guild that hangs out in Discord frequently. We enjoy joking around, playing alts, doing Mythic+, playing other games, or just hanging out. Fun guild events are scheduled often! Overall, we're very social with guild members that actually talk to each other. (18+ required, we talk like pirates!) Goals for BFA In Battle for Azeroth we plan to push Mythic more than we did previously in Legion, and not spend nearly as much time on Heroic. This means we will jump into Mythic/Heroic weekends as soon as the majority of the Heroic gear is done. (Mythic Friday and Heroic Sunday, for example, until we phase Heroic out completely.) Schedule Until Uldir* We are currently on a hiatus until BFA hits, so most of our members are highly active in Discord as opposed to on WoW. Below are our events the beginning weeks of BfA! All events start at 10pm CT. Week 1 August 13th (Mon) - BfA Weekday Leveling Party! August 17th (Fri) - Leveling up in BfA Drinking Party August 19th (Sun) - Leveling up in BfA Non-Drinking Party Week 2 August 24th & 26th (Fri/Sun) - Mandatory Mythic 0 to prep for Tier 1 *Schedule subject to changes. ...Daeneri17 1d
1d BFA Leveling Buddy Looking for 1 or 2 folks to level multiple toons as quickly as possible. Completed 1 on Monday, and want to get 3 more by EoW. Using addon to auto pick up/complete quests and following it pretty much to the letter.Yonbi6 1d
1d lf fun lf someone fun to lvl with :)Bambï0 1d
2d [H](Grip of Reality)Mythic raiding Grip of Reality is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth progression raiding, We are a group of veteran wow players whom have raided together for well over a year, we recently moved servers and are looking to be among the top raiding guilds on the server, prior to this we cleared 3/11M Antorus (1/10/18) Shortly after the guild split up. We are looking for like minded mature individuals that want to progress as much as we can. We require Discord and BigWigs for all raids and ask that you come to raids with all consumables that you will need for the raid. This is a team effort so we expect everyone to pull their weight. Melee - High Ranged - High Healers - low *1-2*) 90% raid attendance is required Raid Times Tuesday - 6pm pacific-9pm pacific // 9pm eastern - 12am eastern Wednesday - 6pm pacific-9pm pacific // 9pm eastern - 12am eastern We are currently accepting applications for all roles please follow the link to submit an application. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Ddaydrasin#11244 Dancingknife#1134Ddaydemon5 2d
2d Bear looking for heroic raiding guild Experienced tank looking for a week night raiding guild. Hoping to casually clear content and possibly push into mythic progression paste guild spam below.Raginbear0 2d
2d Late Night Guild Looking For Raiders! "Wingin it" Late night raiding guild Looking for Dedicated DPS & Healer for BFA raid content 1030 pm ST - 130 am ST Tuesday and Thursday PST for more infoHemíngway0 2d
2d Hpally 340 Lf Mythic/Heroic Guild Anyday! Hello my name is jay 26 male Chill great personality I took a break after draenor mythic blackrock use to raid hardcore unfortunately I cant find any of my logs since its been about 3 years but I can show you my achievements and anything you like. I am looking for a new raiding guild since unfortunately the one im currently in there days wont work. I am able to raid at anytime or any day since my schedule I always open im dedicated to this game full time. I work for coca cola but usually I start at 4 am est and finish by 2pm est or earlier depending how fast I work those days. Im looking for a hardcore raiding guild since im open full time I would like to progress and look forward to future expansion and raids. I am not looking for guilds to take gear or weapons or any type of loot just want to progress have fun and enjoy myself. if you have any questions pm me jay#12817 im always onlineKromatics8 2d
2d latenight /daytime 1. Times available & time zone: i live on the west coast of the usa so my time zone is PST im available for raids on M/T/W/T/F/S/S the only time im not able to raid is during PRIME time witch is 6PM PST - 12am PST i can start raid meaning logged in ready to go at 12:15AM pst / 3:15am EST and my end time has to be at 6PM PST 2. Server preference: i'm down for any server that is a North american based server i can make a server hop ASAP 3. Faction preference: HORDE ONLY DO NOT APPLY ALLIANCE SCUM!! 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: LF Mythic raiding and Guild RBGS/ARENAS 5. Current progression/experience: will be 320+ilvl by sunday 7. Contact info: eleda Shattered HandEleda0 2d
2d [H] <Disbelief> Recruiting for BfA Mythic/CE <Disbelief> About Disbelief: Disbelief was originally founded at the beginning of Legion on [A] Sargeras. Through numerous trials testing our abilities to progress we’ve come to the conclusion that Sargeras wasn’t a proper home for numerous reasons and are beginning anew on Illidan bringing over only our core. Throughout BfA we’ll be looking to push Cutting Edge content at a high degree through our 2 night progression schedule. We’re now actively recruiting dedicated players who can commit to six hours a week and are open to the numerous difficulties that come with pushing for Cutting Edge. Previous Progression: - Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 (Mythic) - The Nighthold: 8/10 (Mythic) - Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9 (Mythic) - Antorus, the Burning Throne: 10/11 (Mythic) A majority of our struggles throughout progression came with revamping rosters midway-late into the tier as we dealt with player burnout and an increasing lack of dedication as wipes began piling up on true progression bosses (ex: Argus). Our plan to remedy this is a change of scenery and building off of our devoted core who are aware of the time that Mythic progression takes with like-minded individuals. This leads on to our next point. Our Expectations With our transfer to Illidan we’re looking to put the past behind us without forgetting our original intentions - to become a progressive Cutting Edge guild. From all applicants and future members we expect first and foremost dedication. This will involve: - Arriving to raids 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start times. - Farming or purchasing the necessary materials for flasks, pots and runes. - Knowing your class both inside and out and involving yourself in what BfA offers in regards to Mythic +’s, Azerite Armor and all other grindable aspects (Legion equivalent of at least one level cap Mythic plus weekly, realistic artifact trait levels for progression, and BiS legendaries/actively farming for BiS if you haven’t already obtained them). - Attendance and the understanding that wipes are unavoidable while progressing are also necessary qualities that we look for in our roster. We do understand that life does happen however in saying that we expect that this won’t be abused and you will attend a vast (95%), if not all scheduled mandatory progression raids. Raid Schedule: Progression - Tuesday/Thursday - 10PM - 1AM EST // 7PM - 10 PM PST Heroic (Optional) - Wednesday - 10PM - 1AM EST // 7PM - 10 PM PST Currently Recruiting: High - Tanks, Healers & Melee DPS Medium - Ranged DPS Low - Currently None Closed - Currently None Contact us: - Via discord @ Astaras#2592, Schwanck#6018, DC_9X#4014 - Via @ Astaras#1596, JBanker#1240, Sekhferal#1436 Additional Information and Applications: - Via 2d
2d <Kindred> recruiting semi-casual players. Hello everyone, We are a guild that currently consists of roughly 10 real life friends who will all be ready to raid on September 4th. We are looking to expand our roster so that we can later progress into mythic. We will be raiding Wed/Thurs each week from 8:30-11PM+ CST with a tentative and optional third raid time being set up between Friday and Monday for those who would like to progress further without fear of surpassing the core raid group. We already have 2 dedicated tanks, and 2 dedicated healers. We need any DPS, but are willing to take anyone who would like to be a back up tank/healer in case needed. We are a casual friendly guild willing to welcome anyone regardless of raiding experience as long as they are willing to educate themselves on the fights, and what needs to be done to succeed in them. Please add akhen#1556 if interested. Thank you friends.Akhen0 2d