Sep 29, 2014 wtb 9/9 cm gold right meow it will be this toon carried. 70-90k. pls. Pyroglaciac#1391Pyromonk1 Sep 29, 2014
Sep 29, 2014 Wts 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode 250K! This Multi-9/9 Gold Mode group is here to the provide the service of getting you your Challenge Mode set before they're removed, along with a super awesome mount and a Title. Complete 9/9 Gold Mode are sold for 250K Gold. We are a high performance group of players that have been playing with each for well over a year. Each player involved has well over 100 Challenge Modes completed over multiple toons. We have set strategies that are easy to follow to ensure success. Contact me at Bumble#1331 for scheduling and additional information. Specifics: Time - 2 to 2.5 Hours Consumeables - Flasks and Invisibility Potions (9-10) Dungeons - Have all 9 Dungeons done on Heroic Mode prior. Payment Options: 28k Gold before every Gold Mode. Full payment upfrontBumblebeef2 Sep 29, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 4 or 5 players looking for weekend raid guild Hi, My friends and I are looking for a weekend raiding guild to raid SoO through WoD. We are all 14/14N and from 540-575ilvl. We consist of the following: Warrior Tank / DK Tank / Monk Tank / Pally Tank Mage / Warlock / SPriest Hunter / Resto Druid / Pally Tank Warlock Hunter About Us: We have been playing together for about 3-5 years We are very situation aware, you won't see us stand in fire, do stupid !@#$. What we want: A good place to call home Average to above average raiding guild meet some new friends My btag if you wanna chat is Orax#1732Oräx7 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 LF Guild w/ Glory of the Pandaria Raider Hey, I'm looking for any guild with this achievement. I don't mind if you remove me after I earn the rep/purchase the mount. I also don't mind if you keep me. I'd prefer to find a guild that doesn't have a time limit during which I need to earn the rep and leave, as I am using most of my free time completing CM's on alts. BTag me Akasha#1815. Thanks for your time.Aalyxei0 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 [Closed] Got the kill, thank you.Ritikine4 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 [H]<TMDM>14/14H Recruiting for WOD <Trash Mob Death Machine> is a 13/14HM guild on Illidan recruiting for 25man and Mythic raiding in 6.0. Recruitment needs: Healing: Mistweaver Resto Shaman Tank: Non-Warrior Tank Damage: Enhancement Warlock Mage Who we're looking for: We're looking for like-minded raiders. We need people we can trust and want to spend hours of our week with. That said, anyone who wants to raid heroics with us will need to be able to handle mechanics correctly. About the guild: <Trash Mob Death Machine> has been a raiding guild on Illidan since The Burning Crusade. We've always considered ourselves a casual-hardcore raiding guild that puts fun and friendship above numbers and kills. We strive to keep a comfortable guild and raid environment while simultaneously tackling some of the harder heroic fights each tier. Here's some things about us: Some of us have raided together since WotLK. Guess we're not tired of each other's corny jokes yet. One of those is a girl. We haven't scared her off (yet?). Our guild has its own comic strip: About the raid: We raid 3 nights a week for 3 hours; a total of 9 hours a week. We consider that a small amount of time compared to many guilds with equivalent progression. Our raid nights are: Tuesday 9pm-12am (US/Central) Wednesday 9pm-12am (US/Central) Thursday 9pm-12am (US/Central) In WoD, we will be using a point-based system for distributing loot. Until then, we will be employing a best-upgrade-wins loot system. When a piece of gear drops, you simply link what you are wearing. From there the officers will determine for whom it will be the biggest upgrade. If it is an equivalent upgrade for multiple people, you may be asked to roll for it. Priority may be given to senior raiders in situations regarding specialty trinkets or exceptionally rare items. Attendance will be taken on a regular basis. We expect all raiders to maintain an attendance rating of at least 90%. We require two addons for our raid: DBM (or equivalent) and Angry Assignments. All raiders are expected to have a working microphone and Ventrilo installed. The trial period for our raid is two to three weeks. During that time you are not considered for loot over core members. If no core member needs a piece, it will become available for trials. The loot priority for our raid is as follows: CORE MS > TRIAL MS > BACKUP MS > CORE OS > TRIAL OS > BACKUP OS Raid environment: This is an important section for us. In our raids, our top priority is to enjoy what we're doing. You won't find vent silent or find it filled with people screaming at each other. If you just want to show up, improve upon yourself, carry your own weight and learn heroic bosses, this is the raid for you. We encourage you to be sociable throughout the night, but also to know when to buckle down and focus. Required experience: You must have at least 8/14H experience in order to be eligible for this raid. As usual, special consideration can be made for people who put in extra time with an application and give a good first impression. Who to contact: If you're interested in our raid, please contact any of the following officers directly or fill out an application on our site: Zarillion#1558 - Guild/Raid Leader Seridwyn#1196 - Healing Officer Sigonious#1916 - DPS Officer Viznaz#1280 - DPS Officer Mirko#1453 - DPS Officer Necrotic#1575 - Recruitment OfficerNecronimus26 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 <HPF> 2Day 25man 11/14h LF Dps!! Habitat for Insanity is a semi-hardcore guild looking for a few more people to bolster our roster for WOD. While we don't have a hardcore schedule, we expect our players to have a hardcore mentality when progressing through content. You will be expected to have near perfect attendance, know your class thoroughly and understand each encounter completely. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday from 8:00Pm CST to 11:00Pm CST. Invites go out 15 prior to those times. Be aware that although this rarely happens, we may go past those times if a kill is close (but never more than 30 ). Our recruitment needs are as follows: Shadow Priest Mage Ele Shaman Applicant Expectations: Autonomous - You should be prepared to discuss, and back up , talents, enchants, , and choices. We don't want mindless drones, be an active participant; know why you're a particular spec, etc. Flexibility - Be ready for any situation, this includes the ability to play another spec of your class. Preparation - Know fights and have . All members need to show up with the proper for their role in the raid. No exceptions. Availability - High attendance is a must. We need raiders who are masters of their own schedules. Dedication - Eager to learn, and progress. Being driven to know your character inside and out is extremely important to becoming (and remaining) a successful raider. - Over all intelligence and environmental is a must. If you need to be told that fire is bad, please don't apply. - Should be well geared. While gear is not everything, it is the truest of the effort you put towards your character as well as raiding in general. should be making an honest effort to obtain the best available at their current state. We are not looking for cases.If you are interested, please apply on our website or contact me via real id for more info. Real ID: spesh#1159Abson25 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 WTS HEAVY JUNKBOX!!!!! WTS HEAVY JUNKBOX, FOR RAVENHOLDT REPUTATION ONE OF REQUIREMENTS OF " THE INSANE" ACHIEV! Anyone interessed just pm my toon Cauu, or send a letter, and we can make a deal for any amount of boxes!Cauu0 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 11/14 H Exp Disc Priest LF Guild LF guild with similar progress to finish out the tier and continue on into WoD Mythic. Not on live much because I am playing on beta atm so reach me via in-game mail or here.Thingymabob2 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 ANOMALY- PROUDMOORE Our Guild is composed of real life friends and returning hard core raiders. Filling our rosters to clear content in MoP and be full force in WoD. We are looking to be very competitive and are looking for players of a similar mindset. Gear isn't a must but is a plus, skill is our main concern so we will be recruiting any an all exception players. Our current needs are as follows. Tank- Death Knight- Blood Monk- Brewmaster Druid- Guardian Heals- We have 2 very solid heals so we are looking for someone who has a viable offspec Druid Monk Priest DPS- We are looking for any and all exceptional dps Raid schedule Tuesday- 7- 11 Sever Wednesday- 7-11 Server Thursday- 7-11 Server Sunday- 7-10 Server You may apply to Guild at for any additional information I am available in game Thank youChoirboii0 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 [H] Irrefutable 14/14h - LFM for Mythic! Irrefutable is a raiding guild on Illidan. We are looking for dedicated players for current content and beyond! The core team consists of players who have been playing since Vanilla. Our goal is to maintain a progression oriented roster while creating a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Because of our somewhat limited schedule, we stress the importance of being on time, researching fights before attempting new bosses and bringing enough food, flasks and potions for a three hour raid session. We are currently looking for more players to expand into Mythic raiding. Recruitment All applicants must have a strong understanding of their class and ilvl of 575+ We are currently in need of: DPS -All classes Tank - Prot. Warrior Heals - Resto druid / Holy paly. All classes are encouraged to apply regardless of current recruitment needs. Raid Times (CST) Tuesday - 8pm - 11pm Wednesday - 8pm-11pm Thursday - 8pm - 11pm Sunday - 8pm - 11pm Loot Distribution: We use EPGP. New recruits will have a two week trial period before they are eligible for loot over raiders. Loot is a product of our success as a team and should not be the sole reason for raiding with us. Attendance: Trials who miss more than one raid during their two week trial period will not be considered for a full time raiding position. Commitment is very important to us and we expect all raiders to notify an officer if they won't be able to make a raid night. If interested, please message Mazeppa (Creativek#1669) in game. Thank you and I hope you consider joining Irrefutable!Mazeppa0 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 WTS [Recipe: Thistle Tea] (Vanilla BoE) Hi all, I am interested in selling my Thistle Tea Recipe which I've had since forever. Sorry I cannot link the item directly, not even the wow forums recognize the item number anymore its so old :) This is the BoE version from Vanilla and allows any player to learn the pattern (not just rogues). Hit me up if you are seriously interested in game (jonpaul#1996) or post offers here. Please only serious offers we all know it's worth. Cheers, VutuAsmoline3 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 <FoTM> 14/14H Guild LFM T-TH 8-11pm <FoTM> is a progression oriented guild with a community of members that provide a mature atmosphere and a vast knowledge of all aspects of the game in regards to pve, pvp, and their classes. We are currently recruiting at this time to fill our roster in core and backup positions. Current Progression: * Tier 16 - 14/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Schedule : Tuesday-Thursday 8pm-11pm server (Subject to change depending on progression needs) Immediate Need: *DPS DK 580+ ilvl *Resto/DPS Druid 580+ ilvl *Any exceptional DPS or Healer(non priest) If you think you would be a great addition to our guild and are able to perform to the standards of our raid, please register with our forum using your character's name and follow our application process. If you have any questions regarding recruitment or guild information, please contact any of our officers in game or by private message. Ivey#1200Emmi0 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 The Ironborn (WoD Heroic) is Recruiting!!! About our guild: The Ironborn is looking to recruit new and seasoned players for raiding in WoD. We have currently cleared all raids (except ToES and SOO) with the "Ahead of the Curve" achievements and have been on break for 5.4. Its members are currently made up of a variety of players from former hardcore heroic members to players who have seen and conquered content from Vanilla to Heroic MoP. Each of these players has had excellent past performance from dominating healing numbers to world ranked dps. We’re a close knit group of friends who have been playing together for quite some time and enjoy having fun while playing seriously. As a guild we completed: MSV 3 Heroic and ahead of the curve HOF ahead of the curve TOES TOT ahead of the curve Lowest geared guild to down Horridon in first month in TOT-N (491 avg ilvl) We are rebuilding and need a variety of specs and players: See recruitment board for up to date information. 11 Heroic SoO Raid Leader Flex raid times are currently Tues and Sunday (8:00 PM - 11:00 PM server CST). Our raid times will probably be Mon-Weds 8-11PM when WoD drops. We currently are running flex and getting some basic gear, though we have characters ranging from flex level - heroic geared. Mainly just practicing as a team. The most important aspects we would like to focus on is reliability and performance during fights. Additionally, players should have a good understanding of their class, class mechanics, and encounter mechanics. As this will be a new raiding group forming up there will not be a huge margin for carrying individuals. While we do understand that performance may be a little low at the start we're looking for a group that can come together and work as a team to beat bosses and have fun at the same time. Feel free to in game message Asrodel#1809 or Stamong#1802 for more information. Players should submit applications online Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 <Ascend Gaming>14/14H Recruiting 25 Man WoD Ascend Gaming is currently recruiting for 25 man WoD Mythic raiding and to finish this tier out raiding. Our current goal is to find exceptional players who are looking for a home who mesh well together and have few problems listening and learning new mechanics. We are looking for skilled like minded raiders who work hard to excel at their class. Expectations We run a competitive raiding environment! (you must be able to perform well, listen and have little trouble learning mechanics to earn and hold your core spot) 18 years of age or older Have exceptional understanding of your class Be able to maintain near 100% attendance Be able to learn mechanics quickly Be able to take constructive criticism Requirements Mumble and a working mic Legendary cloak and meta gem required Be a team player Have an item level of at least 580 Raid awareness Recruitment Affliction Lock Hunter Enhancement Shaman Fury Warrior Resto Shaman Holy Paladin If you are not listed here we still encourage you to apply if you believe you can excel in our team. (Again spots are earned based off performance and attendance) Raid Times Tuesday: 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM Server (CST) Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM Server (CST) Thursday: 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM Server (CST) We are also now recruiting for a 2nd 25 man weekend group!! This group is now 6/14H and pushing more every week. Recruitment Warlock Hunter Rogue Ret Pally Shadow Priest Feral Monk Pally Disc All Exceptional raiders who are looking for a place to call home are encouraged to apply Raid Times Friday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Server (CST) Saturday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Server (CST) Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Server (CST) Contact & Application info Futile#1555 Rawries#1512 rokku #1507 Verb#1204 Apply @ http://ascend-gaming.comÜntouchable295 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 571 Holy/Ret or 565 BM/WW LF Raid Hello! I've recently returned to the game and am looking for a 2 or 3 night/week raiding guild to finish MoP and head into WoD. I can raid Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat anywhere from 9:30pm - 1am EST. I am willing to main as Holy or Ret with my Paladin, or I can main BM or WW on my Monk. I can provide logs and offer more information regarding my experience if needed. Leave me your btag if interested. Thanks!Xräted9 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 WTS Heroic SoO Runs -- 11/14H for 200k! <Supernova> is selling 11/14H Heroic SoO. The group runs at 12:00AM CST to 3:30AM CST Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday). We can also sell other PvE related achievements, just inquire. We have been selling 11/14H loot (non-WF) for 200k on Illidan. We accept many forms of payment, gold, mats, TCG, etc! Just contact to discuss non-gold payments. You will receive all non-Warforged items for your spec, and any Warforged/Offspec items that raiders do not need. You are only guaranteed non-Warforged Heroic items. I hope this is claer. Contact: Axel#1527Axl4 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 580 spriest LF Heroic Garrosh before 6.0 580 spriest lf Heroic Garrosh before 6.0 Prefer whisper/mail on Illidan as i have 13 other 90's I run out of boredom... (Need a dps or tank 570+ or OS heals for your main raid group?) I Beta tested all heroic and half mythic bosses so far in Beta (after 4 character wipes I came back to live to get my heroic Garrosh)Pleadsnub0 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 TBT THANKS YOU (Yet again)<3 Thank you for all the honor kills. P.S remember the horde will Dislike your post just because they are butthurt.Jçh2 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 The Decoy 13/14H 10M is LF DPS. [The Decoy] is recruiting an exceptional player with the ability to Tank OR DPS, bonus points for both specs to join our team. We are currently 13/14 Heroic in SoO and will be doing mythic Raiding in WoD. A little history of us as a raid: Our leadership has been playing World of Warcraft since its launch in 2004. Within our raid group we have people who played in top tier guilds through Kael'thas Sunstrider (Pre-Nerf), Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple and Kil'jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, Yogg-Saron 0 Lights, Herald of the Titans, Tribute to Insanity 10 and 25, Light of Dawn and Ruby Sanctum 10 and 25. In Cataclysm, our Guild saw a surge in the execution of our progression through Heroic Modes by earning 15 realm first including Heroic Al'akir (Pre-Acid Rain Nerf), Heroic Nefarian, Heroic Sinestra (earning I Can't Hear You from the Sound of How Awesome I Am in the process), Heroic Ragnaros (Pre-P4 Nerf) and culminating with Deathwing's defeat Heroic Madness of Deathwing at 15% In addition, we take a lot of pride of having completed a total of 32 Legendary Staves and 5 pairs of Legendary Daggers spread across our Roster. [The Decoy] as a crest was born at the beginning of MoP by bringing together one of the most eclectic mix of raiders you could find on US-Illidan. Heroic raiders, PvPers, Alts, people with barely any normal mode experience but wanting to see their gameplay evolve to new heights. Through the first tier of raiding in MoP (T14) our raid group transformed. Set out to be a normal mode group raiding just Friday and Saturday, we actually ended up killing 8/14 heroic modes. A pleasant bonus considering our original expectations. In Throne of Thunder (T15) we really came into our own, through the diversity of having 2 raiders swap their mains character and 2 raiders quit raiding altogether, we killed 11/13 heroic bosses each of which dying in far less pulls than the average guild at the time. Our most notable was 33 pulls on Dark Animus Heroic. We are in SoO (T16), currently 13/14 Heroic with Klaxxi down and only the mighty Garrosh Hellscream left in Heroic Mode until we have completed progression. Our Klaxxi kill took us less than 150 wipes to nab the kill! Our strength is our efficiency. Our Expectations: Consistant raid attendance. Friday: 10PM–1:30AM ST Saturday: 10:15PM–1:45AM ST Advanced Notice (2 weeks) if you are going to be missing a raid. Mature attitude, we are ALL a group of adult raiders. Vocal during raids, usage of Mumble voice chat. Willingness to receive immediate feedback during raids. Be a proactive raider who knows what to expect each coming week. Be involved with the Guild's initiatives and roster while being respectful with the rest of the community in the server. We are in one of the largest servers! What we offer: Consistency. A group of like minded people who have a common goal to perform at the highest level of performance and professionalism. Efficiency in raiding, two nights raid week while clearing the cutting edge content. Strong leadership with a motivated and clear vision. All consumables you may need, repairs for all things raid related. The ability to gear more than one character in current tier. Raffles with an assortment of prizes including (Loot Crate subscriptions, Amazon Gift Card, mounts! All for being part of the team.) If you would like to see videos of our kills feel free to watch us: Youtube: If you would like to talk to us, feel free to message Royals (Royals#1508) or Valpantiel (vittorpia#1163) in game or reach us on Twitter @IllidanDecoyValpantiel11 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 WTB Normal Garrosh Kill. As the title states, I want to buy a normal Garrosh kill. My toons and gold are off server though, on the Zulu/Ursin/Scilia/Andorhal hub. For the inconvenience, I'll pay a bit extra. Contact me. Riverboatsam#1615Stryven0 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 closed CLOSED I don't know how to close the thread myself so if a Mod sees this you can close it for me thanksFlexzo3 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTB Heavy Junkbox Looking to buy 1400. Will buy in any increment. Please send me in game mail with price (per box) and quantity, or whisper me if I am on Tyrico.Tyrico6 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTB 6/9 Challenge Mode Gold Shamdunk#1168 I've added a few people already from the other carry threads, no response yet. I have the SM ones done and Temple of the Jade Serpent.Tyrico0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTS garrosh heroic 6.0 kill 20k Will be doing runs from Thursday - Monday after 830pm EST. I solo tank and it's usually a 1 shot. Add min#1414 if interestedSlifèr0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 SEXY MAGE LF WOD HOME!! Looking to get adopted.. I dont cook or clean but will protect my brother and sista's against monsters! Please adopt me don't want to level alone!Clicka2 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Hunter Looking for a spot for WoD raids I am looking for a guild that plans to raid 20 man for WoD, also wouldn't mind raiding SoO until expansion release. I am currently ilvl 535 survival hunter main and have decent raiding experience. I can transfer to any realm if I find the right guild / raiding team. I am looking for a core spot to progress with, my btag is Bizzrown#1802 Additional info: I am a 21 yr old college student with a working mic, can raid pretty much every night but Wednesday might not be ideal ( don't come home until 9 pm est )Bizzrown1 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 10/14h 580 Ret (Illidan) Looking for raiding guild 8:30pm cent any day's btag is david#1634 pm meKavh1 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTB 9/9 CM Gold 80k WTB 9/9 Challenge Mode Gold for 80k. Whisper me in game. Battletag is FinalPrayer#1832Phazeout0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 WTS LVL25 Guild 8 Tab 1830 Achiev, mounts etc Name: Soul Fire Location currently: Stormrage Members: zero LVL: 25 1830 Achievement points Unlocked reward samples: Stay Classy Achievement completed: yes Battlestandard of Coordination unlocked: yes Heirlooms: yes Reins of the Dark Phoenix: yes My alt Bestbuý is the holder Real ID is: Alex#16392Cineticgrace0 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 LFM Challenge Modes Gold For those who don't wanna pay or can't afford those CM gold carries, please add me @ ricolee#1490. Looking to form a group to try for 9/9 gold. So far i have Temple of the Jade Serpent and Shado-Pan Monastery GOLD and reckon it shouldn't be hard if players can learn fast and know what to do. pst thank you.Demomann2 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 WTB NGarry Kill Looking to buy a Garry Kill Paying 30k You can either reply to this, whisp me in game, or add my btag MikeA#1250 have a good one =)Spartakos0 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Giant Dinosaur Bones LF tank to help farm giant dinosaur bones need 1500 paying 1k just want bones everything else is yoursCheesewheelz0 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 WTS 9/9 Gold Cm's We are selling 9/9 Gold challenge modes The average clear takes anywhere from 2 hours - 2 and a half hours NO account sharing. You play your own toon. The current price is 90k gold The rewards you receive - Gorgeous transmog for your respective class - 1 Out of 4 of the Pandaren Phoenix mounts of your choosing - Title : The Undaunted - 430 achievement points. - full/close to 1,000 valor cap if you haven't done so already this week. Requirements: - You must have Mumble - Have all 9 heroics done on the respective toon you want the challenge modes. - A DPS specialization, You dont have to know how to play it or be an all star by any means just as long as you're not a tank or healer!. Battle tag(Please include your toon's name in request note) Chrislol#1816 or Devildrîver#1918 I have tons of relevant feed back from months of runs on Illidan/Mal'ganis/kil'jaedenùs3 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 WTB 12 or 13/14 HSoO whisper me in-game with prices or add my btag PlagueXYZ#1598Frostyrage0 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 WTB 9/9 CM Gold 80K WTB 9/9 CM Gold looking to pay 80k. Whisper me in game. Battletag is FinalPrayer#1832Phazeout1 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Selling 9/9 cmode carry! We are selling 9/9Gold challenge modes with over 11 months of success Full clear in 1 1/2 to 2 hours! NO account sharing. You play your own toon. The rewards you receive - Gorgeous transmog for your respective class - 1 Out of 4 of the Pandaren Phoenix mounts of your choosing - Title : The Undaunted - 430 achievement points. Requirements: - You must have Mumble - Have all 9 heroics done on the respective toon you want the challenge modes. - Contact me for prices - currently 70k for 9/9 Battle tag- Law#1229 Skype - Elfinricosuave (Please include your toon's name in request note)Elfinn3 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Tailoring and Engineering Kits Looking to sell a complete Tailoring 1-600 kit for 11k or so (open to offers). Also looking to sell an Engineering 1-600 kit for about 18k (again, open to offers). Willing to be very lenient on prices!Templãr2 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 How's your shrine doing? Huh? How is it? Last time I was there there were more corpses than players. Lulz. Illidan, you butthurt yet?Ahnju12 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 WTB Challenge Mode Gold! Hello, I'm looking for a good group that can carry me! I already have 2 challenges done, so it would be amazing if I could get a discount! If not, it's alright as long as I play my own char and get them done. Please message me or add my btag ieatbrains#1247 THANKS (・ω・✿)Nordlys0 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Profession Kit Anyone selling profession kits. I need the engineering one. Please mail me in game to talk about pricing and what not.Bigbearmon8 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 WTB 9/9 gold carry, wow gold only. Eric93#1488 pst with priceZaralth0 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Late Night Heroic Raiding Guild - Midnight ST Hi, I'm the GM of <Supernova> formerly legalize silkweed (for those of you that might remember the guild). We are seeking new trials who play DPS, Healer, and tank classes. Especially interested in those who can play multiple specs or toons to skill cap. Anyone who feels they have what it takes to remain competative amongst our guild players should apply at . Once your app is accepted, we would be interested in discussing the opportunity with you over mumble during your available hours. I believe if we have the right people in place, we can accomplish anything, US top 100 is not out of our reach, even with our semi-hardcore raid schedule. The main thing for us though is that we end each tier killing and farming end of content bosses on heroic / mythic difficulty and have a friendly non-elitest atmosphere. Add squishyheals#1399 and app at www.supernovaguild.comSquishyheal11 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 LFM Old Achieve: You Dont Have an Eternity 25 Tried to solo it a few times. Can't get it in under 6 minutes. Looking for more to help get this. Shouldn't take very many. Whisper in game, or add my battle tag S2005#1297 I'd like to get this done today (Monday) but if not, then sometime in the near future :D **Edit** Also should note, if the mount drops, it is free roll. I'm a 548 RetBrocksamsön0 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 The Alliance are owning us on Illidian Recently for 5 days in a row I logged on and saw like 100 Alliance killing us over and over. They were in the Shrine in Pandora, I saw them at the PVP vendors. Someone said they were even in Olgrimar the last couple days. I have never seen them do this before.Üfùññÿmañ20 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 WTB 10N Garry Kill Hi, looking to buy a 10N Garry Kill. Paying 25k obo. Tues or Thurs Nights would work best or late weekend. You can msg me on this char or add my btag MikeA#1250 Have a good one :)Spartakos0 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 WTB 9/9 CM. Completed.Jasolina0 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 WTT Alliance sargeras gold for illidan gold. I have 15k on sargeras doing nothing from when I played alliance , I would like to transfer it for use.Domrar3 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 WoW funny moments #14 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 21, 2014 LF Guild CM and heroic achievments I'd like to get these rewards for doing them with a guild. I'm 9/9 CMs and have done heroics of all 3 raids.Mabion0 Sep 21, 2014