Sep 12, 2014 WTS Heroic 25 SoO Kills (Garrosh Mount Avail) <Encore> is selling a variety of Heroic Siege clear packages right here on Illidan! All available packages include all non-warforged loot that drops for your main spec, as well as warforged/offspec loots that drops and is not needed for our raiders' main specs. The current prices are as follows: 14/14 Heroic Clear + Heroic Mount = 675k Heroic Garrosh + Heroic Mount = 375k 13/14 Heroic Clear = 400k To purchase a run, you need to be available both Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11pm server time, with raid invites going out at 7:30 (you must be on by this time). The full run amount will be paid prior to pulling the first raid boss of the instance (or prior to pulling Garrosh if you are purchasing the singular kill). If you are interested in purchasing a run, please add us (and leave a message signifying your intent to purchase a run) in game at: Merrosextius#1154 Drilago#1460 Feel free to check us out at http://encoreraiding.enjin.comMerrosextius22 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 <Fantastic> 10M 7/14H Who we are: We are a small group of laid back friends that have been raiding since vanilla. We enjoy raiding, PVP and general goofing off. We try not to take the game too seriously while still having an attitude of getting things done. No one will ever rage or yell at you in vent for sub par dps or not understanding a mechanic that is new to you. That being said if you are someone that likes to stand in the fire or can't take constructive criticism you would not be finding a spot in the core raid group. Most of our core group is 12/14 heroic and we recently broke off from a larger guild to raid in a more laid back environment. Our current focus is getting a heroic SoO clear before WoD comes out. Raid Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8PM-11PM Server time Who we are looking for: 18+ Similar minded raiders, pvpers and casuals that enjoy the game, understand how to play their toon(gemming, enchanting, reforging, rotation and all that jazz). If you are seeking to be in the core raid group we expect 90% attendance and a heads up if you can't make it. We are currently recruiting everything in preparation for 6.0 and WoD. Who we don't want: The guy who never shows up, always late, habitual akfer, the guy who expects the raid to wait while he gets tokens, drama queens, elitist jerks and people with negative attitudes. Contact: You can apply on the guild website at You can add my battletag of Bandejo#1548 You can talk to any officer in the guild that is on You can reply to this thread -Hope to hear from you, come have more fun in a raid and make some new friends.Zanzzibarr19 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 ~~ Selling Alani Cloud Serpent Mount 10K ~~ I usually don't make threads as it invites trolls, but I don't want to sit in trade spamming a sale macro, which also invites trolls :( You must be exalted with The August Celestials & Order of the Cloud Serpent to learn the mount on a character, after that any character you want to use it on must be exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent. Yes, the mount can be sold, as long as the person tagging Alani (removing the shield) is in a group then anyone in the group can roll on the mount. Yes, the Skyshards themselves are BoA and can be mailed crossrealm, but the Sky Crystal itself is BoP, I simply don't form the crystal on a server until I have a buyer. Price = 10k. I get paid first, no exceptions (assuming Alani is alive) Having just said that, I am open to slight negotiations about the price. I will record every kill/sale/payment for the protection of everyone @ a level of detail that doesn't resemble a potato (so you can see the person looting it and the payment of gold). I accept payment on Illidan HordeShizzänk6 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Fused Selling Heroic SoO and Normal SoO Fused is selling Heroic SoO 25 man and Normal 10 man SoO clears. 25 Heroic Rules - All regular heroic loot for your class and spec is yours - Heroic Warforged loot not needed by raiders for your spec is yours - You are required to be in mumble - Payment is due in full at the start of the run. I don't want to chase you around after every boss - We have the right to remove you from group if you are trolling or harassing the group 10 Normal Rules - All loot is yours no matter what drops - You are required to be in mumble - Payment is due in full at the start of the run - If you are trolling we hold the right to refund you and remove you from the raid We offer 25 man heroic in 10/14H 13/14H 14/14H with mount 14/14H with no mount We only offer full 14/14N in the 10 man clear. Go to and click buy a carry to sign up.Warångel25 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 11x9/9 Gold Player lf CM group Got my first gold in early 2013, proven healer, defender and assailant. Looking to go on a resto druid, this'll be my 2nd time doing 9/9 as resto. Prefer experienced groups but willing to help others trying to get gold PM me in game Eck#1507 if interested ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)Eckbok0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Selling a H ToT run this Sunday (9/14) Hey, <Summit> is doing a H ToT run this Sunday (September 14th) at 7pm server time (8pm EST). We have ONE spot for sell at the price of 135k. So, if you're looking to get those heroic achievements out of the way, or some specific transmog items, then let me know and we'll knock them out this Sunday! Note: We got the [I thought he was supposed to be hard] Feat of Strength for our buyer last time we did this. It isn't guaranteed, but very likely. If you're interested then contact me through my btag: Blizzhoof#1716. The run should take about an hour and a half.Blizzecute0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Old School Raider seeks Guild Returning Raider seeks Guild for WoD progression and beyond. After taking a long hiatus for basically all of Mists of Pandaria due to the birth of my child, I have returned to the game with a spark for raiding like no other, having dedicated as much time to date to it as I have it's not hard to understand why. Basically, I'm looking for a very progression oriented (with the kills to show it) kind of guild who is willing to take a bet on the long shot. I am the most prepared person you will ever meet, you'll not find me unprepared to gem/enchant a new piece of gear or be without food/flask. I'm always early and as far as I can remember I've only missed one day of raiding. I can guarantee a geared, gemmed and enchanted (to the extent achievable a new launch provides) raider within a fairly short amount of time once WoD launches. I'm looking for a guild that raids from 7pm-1am EST, but I cannot raid on Sundays. If you want more information about my raiding history, personality or have any other questions please feel free to whisper me in-game. Thank you for your time.Dipdot0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 LF pvp guild I am looking for a guild that primarily does bgs/arena. I am a fresh level 90 disc priest on the horde side. I have done arena and rated bgs on my holy pally back in cata but decided to finish out leveling my priest now that MoP is free. I am not looking for a carry (unless that is what you prefer) im just looking for a place to grind my conquest points and practice 2s and 3s arena.Kippysmith1 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 WTB Norm SoO Run [H] Horde side. Willing to negotiate. Add me Havro#1100Blackskuul0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 550 Rogue LF Home Came back to the game a couple months ago and trying to get my feet wet with some endgame content before WoD comes out. Basically looking for a semi hardcore if not hardcore atmosphere. Have an alt tank and priest as well. (will be server xferring)Scarekro2 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Returning Healer Seeks Daytime Raiding Guild Hello Illidan! As the title says I'm a returning healer looking for a guild to raid with in WoD. I work 3rd shift so I'm seeking a morning or afternoon guild. The days don't matter I'll raid as much as you want :D I'm looking to play a Holy Priest or a Restoration Shaman, but I have all the healers and will gladly swap if it would help the guild. Hope to hear from some folks, and any questions I'm usually on Tevare or Nevarre feel free to ask. Have a good day!Tevare1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 LF FEW CORE RAIDERS <Seven Knights LvL25> is Currently Seeking a few Core Raiders for our 10mN Team.we are accepting the following classes 550+ FeralDruid,Mage,Warrior,Rogue, Dk/warrior Tank , Rshammy/Hpally/Preist Healer (any non druid healer). We Raid Tues/Weds4pmServer if you are not geared 550 yet but would still like to join and think you would make a good core raider feel free to message me in game and we can discuss getting you geared for 10mKarmazalezzi0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 LF alliance for Halaa pvp tokens foundDeathztrap0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 WTB CM Gold for 20k Please?Lunagray0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Recruiting for late night heroics <Dead of Night> is a level 25 horde guild on Stormreaver currently recruiting for a 25-man late night raid team. Raid times: Friday: 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM CST (server) Saturday: 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM CST (server) We are a guild that enjoys all aspects of the game and are looking for similar players with that same passion. Our goal is to provide a fun raiding environment that also strives to clear hard mode content as fast as possible. DoN's leadership is formed by people with current and previous heroic experience who have raided together for several tiers and decided to create a heroic guild. Our raid lead has 14/14 heroic experience. We provide food, flasks, potions and guild repairs to our raiders, as well as gems and enchants for raid gear. What we expect from raiders: Show up to raids on time, prepared to kill stuff. A positive attitude toward raiding and progression. It's not always a 1-shot boss kill. Strong awareness for raid mechanics and the ability to adapt to them. Ventrilo with a working mic. Respect for your teammates and a sense of humor is a must. We do this for fun. Current recruitment needs: All strong applicants are considered. *Must have around a 565 item level (complete with legendary cloak), a strong grasp of your class (not just your spec) and at least 14/14 normal experience. If you are interested in any open positions, have any questions please contact us: Raid Lead: Priestly#1921 Guild Master: Van#1878 Website: Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Needing a small gold transfer [H]->[A]. Hello! I am seeking to get a few thousand gold from [H] to [A] to help with bags, glyphs, etc. I am fine with either a simple gold trade such as my [H] to your [H] and your [A] to my [A] or utilizing the neutral AH. I am offering a 50% compensation to the gold moved.Gròòt0 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 WTB 9/9 CM Golds 100k As the title states I'm looking to buy 9/9 CMs on my feral druid. I have experience on multiple toons doing gold runs and my feral ilvl is 562ish. Just want to get it done hence the slightly higher offering price. Seems like they are really difficult to get scheduled these days and I'm tired of chasing people around. My schedule looks like this: Tuesday - All day Wednesday - Anytime before 6:45pm server time Thursday - All day Friday - unavailable Saturday - Would have to be scheduled Sunday - Would have to be scheduled Monday - Anytime before 6:45pm server time BTAG is Rorq#1391 or you can respond to this thread. Also don't bother replying if you can't reliably do it in 2-3 hours.Rhaitheshift0 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 <Emerald ProgCore> Hardcore 20MYTH Recruiting [H] <Emerald ProgCore> [20 Mythic] - [Illidan-US] Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thu 7:00pm - 10:00pm (ST/CST) About Us: There currently seems to be a large number of serious, committed, and progression-oriented raiders on Illidan that far outweighs the number of available raiding guilds that hold up to these players standards, and as has always been the case in WoW, the injection of new blood into a server's raiding scene often comes as a breath of fresh air for many players. <Emerald ProgCore> is a group of hardcore, progression minded players who have been raiding since the game was released who have transferred to Illidan together to find like-minded individuals to not only show that even new guilds, when composed of serious, skilled players, can do well and keep up with the best, but also to better serve our goals of being the best we can possibly be at the highest level of raiding that is offered by WoW at any given time. Our name represents all that we are about. Emerald as a reminder of our history over the years on Emerald Dream-US, Prog as our key tenant which is valuing Progression, and Core as a representation of our Hardcore outlook on raiding. Also, Progression is at our Core. We have one goal as a raid group: Do the best progression that can possibly be done within our 3-day schedule. Everything outside of WoW is left at the door when raid starts, we give it everything we have, and when raid ends we strive to understand and better learn how to optimize on that night's performance, even on the days when we are not raiding. How to tell if <Emerald ProgCore> is for you: We have fun in WoW by being the absolute best we can possibly be, and raid night is a time to push the limits of what can we can achieve as a unit. Raiding for us is a legitimate way to spend our time, and is taken as seriously as anything else we strive to accomplish outside of World of Warcraft. Applicants should strive to be professional, to understand all aspects of gameplay, to enjoy doing outside research, and employ all means of outside metrics analysis to better understand the nuances of the numbers inside of logs. Applicants should enjoy the fact that raiding with our group is a time when any drama in the outside world can be paused, if only briefly, while we push to better ourselves as gamers, which we wear as a badge of pride. Loot Policy: The Raid Group is always more than the individual player. Using a mere rolling system allows for all of our eggs to be put into potentially one basket if a single player wins more often than others, and if something happens to this player, then the entire raid is affected negatively by the loss of gear score. We use a Loot Council system that, in addition to distributing loot in the most optimal way for the raid group, is also influenced by factors such as attitude and commitment. Attendance Policy: We have a 100% attendance policy. We are looking for players who have the life skills to manage and schedule their time on the highest of levels, and are able to schedule in this raid group just as they would work, school, or any other real world commitment. Accidents do happen, and we do honor legitimate doctor's notes or deaths in the family as the only reasons to miss a raid without being removed. HOW TO APPLY (2 steps): Step 1) Mail Emeralddream in-game with your character name, realm, and battletag. Step2) Send a message to requesting an interview. Unlike the current day model of using websites and filling out extended applications while never even knowing if your app has ever been read, we value personal contact on facebook to offer a pre-interview questionairre, and potentially set up interviews should that go well. We look forward to raiding on Illidan Horde, and pushing the limits of what can be achieved in the World of Warcraft. Thanks, EmeralddreamEmeralddream0 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 582 Ele shaman/resto shaman LF raiding guild I main a 562 Ele shaman with resto off spec and I'm currently looking for 10/25m that is around 12/14H.Zangai3 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 Looking For A Late Night Raiding Guild!!! I'm a ilvl 548 WW Monk LF a late night raiding guild 10pm st and up I'm good so anytime from then I can make.Mdmpain0 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 Looking for Heroic Thok 25 Carry Trying to get my rogue the Dagger from thok as well as the other pieces that drop, willing to pay 15k for the single boss, if you can fit me in between other carries I'd really appreciate it, main is 587 14/14h so I wont die, but it's not like it will matter much at 540 IL. Hit me up in game at Kuja-Illidan or Tuskk-Dragonblight (alliance) or add me at bjjones13#1677 Looking for this week, next week, and the week after depending on loot luck. pst!Tuskk0 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 7, 2014 Guild Experiance. Babe Legion Good evening Everyone!. im posting this due to huge misunderstanding. to start ive been a member of Babe Legion for roughly 6 Months now and in that time ive heard vulgar and disrespectful rascist comment on so many level's i have 3 young children who play in my living room all the time and they hear these comments almost everyday just about. ive had to mute my mic so many times during there raid encounter as such. the guild master himself proceeded to address me as a casual memeber and to tell me that and i quote ( we consider you a casual and you are !@#$ at this game. nobody likes you etc. never in the time have i heard such disrespectful comments from any child in my life. when i first joined i had hopes to be apart of a growing respecful family. but im sorry to report that i was mistaken. after being apart of this guild i feel that no man or woman should be apart of this guild. .i advised if you have kids to stay away from this guild aswell. in my 10 year wow carreer ive never come across such disrepect in my life. ive had my fair share of guilds but none this rascist or disrespectful. thank you for your time have a great week/weekendDêvastation39 Sep 7, 2014
Sep 7, 2014 Looking to join a raiding Guild Hello, I am looking to join a guild that is focused on raiding and gearing there characters for the release of WoD. If you are looking for an extra player please send me a message. you can add my ID, proTOMAHAWK#1791 or send me a message in game @ Tomahawkpro Thanks.Tomahawkpro0 Sep 7, 2014
Sep 7, 2014 [MW Monk / Resto Druid] LF Raiding Guild Hey Everyone, Remember the days when guilds had an application process or even a full on website with forums and raid signups through the guild calendar via there website as well? What ever happened to all that? Now a days i just get spammed with Guild invites or i join a guild untill i find one that someone actually cares about. Anyways, Im Looking for a Raiding Guild, i Used to be very seious about raiding and the progress of the group as a whole and overtime i slowly went to Diablo 3 ans became a fulltime streamer. I Am looking to start streaming again, and instead of pvp (witch is what im heavy into right now) Im looking to get some progression raiding done. If You are or Know of a Progression Raiding guild In Need Of a healer MW Monk or Resto Druid, Please post the name of the Guild or who i can talk to about joining.Oxycôntin1 Sep 7, 2014
Sep 7, 2014 For the Horde Achievement: Need Team 20+ So far I've gotten all required except Darnassus and am looking for people tonight to get the mount. I never realized how much I loved the bear mount until i used one in the beta the black polar bear to be exact. Shoot me a whisper if youre interested, everyone will get the mount as long as you stay close where all the other dots. I narrowly missed a darnassus boss kill earlier cause I got lost..havent played alliance since my first account in bc XDGanniqus0 Sep 7, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 WTB 9/9 CM RUNS 80K Willing to pay 80k for all the runs. add me panda#1174Æstral0 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 <Casual By Association> Looking for Players! Casuals By Association was recently put together to start a new casual raiding guild for Warlords of Draenor. What is the philosophy of this guild? This guild was made to be tailored to casual players that have lives outside of the game that want to play it on their schedule and to not make WoW into a second job. I am also interested in taking on future/would be raiders and teaching them how to be more proficient at their class/spec through dungeon runs, flex raids, and by just answering questions that arise. What are the raid times/days for this guild? The raid days would be Tuesday& Thursday The raid times would begin at 6:30 or 7:00 server time and last around 3 hours. Once a full group is formed I will put that to a vote to finalize these times and dates. The way the raids would work is first come first serve and participants that were on the previous raid would get priority for subsequent raid days for the week (if they are not late). I fully intend on expanding to 25 man once I have enough individuals and individuals will not be penalized for missing a previous week due to IRL commitments. What classes are you looking for? Every Class. This guild was just founded this week and you can never have enough people. Why Should I Join this Start-up Guild? To have fun. You have seen it and I have seen it ever since vanilla. You have been in guilds that take themselves too seriously. You log after work to raid 4 days a week and find yourself leaving your job to do another job at home instead of having fun. This guild is themed around the flexibility of the player and to make serious attempts at raid bosses, but to not take itself too seriously. This is a guild welcoming of new players who wish to learn more about the game and will be filled with mature and level headed individuals because those who are abusive or immature will be kicked. I hope to see you apart of this guild. Please pst me in game for an invite or for more information. Thanks,Robification5 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 575 lock LF morning raiding guild 3/14H lock LF guild for WoD my bnet is Bune#1980Mohn0 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 LF CM group and GDKP runs Multiple 9/9 experienced healer looking for a challenge mode group that sells carries to join on my disc priest or resto druid. Also looking for SOO GDKP runs to join on my 579 MW monk as a carry which I'll be able to do each week.Thébankér0 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 Good raiding guild I'm a holy paladin and have several Horde alts that are close to lvl 90 on Illidan. I am looking for an active guild that is planning on raiding A TON during the release of WoD. I just started playing WoW after a pretty long break toward the end of MoP. A guild that is gracious toward people getting back into WoW would be great as well! If ya want to talk add my real ID is FunkyPants#1910 (I randomized my real ID, don't judge me)Holycrït1 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 WTB CM gold runs I would be interested in buying CM gold runs, i have done only Jade Serpent, and i'm willing to pay 10k each. (80k gold total for all 8) The problem is about my play times (these are in server time): monday 1pm - 5pm friday 1pm - 8pm saturday morning - 8pm sunday morning - 5pm I can bring proper gear, pots and have vent/mumble/skype If there is any group able to run these times, pls contact me Lcbagna#1170 ThanksChicos1 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 UNEMPLOYED - New guild recruiting First off, Hello. I'm a long time WoW player returning from a lengthy hiatus on a new account. <UNEMPLOYED> will be my third raid guild spanning 10 years of playing. The plan is level the guild to 25 before the xpac launch in December. The focus will be PvE, but I've always given officers positions in the guild to lead PvP related activities. I know with the perk systems it's difficult to join a new guild in the early stages, but if you're looking to join a community more like "the good old days", then the work will pay off. I welcome all races/classes, and varying skill/knowledge levels. This would be a great guild to join if you're new to server like myself - and want to get in on the ground floor with a forming core unit. Thanks everyone.Palodyne0 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 5, 2014 <Slash Cry> is Recruiting for Warlords <Slash Cry> is a horde, Mythic focused progression guild on Illidan (US-PvP) Raid times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:30-10:30 CST (server time). Raids "may" also be scheduled Sunday during progression. We're looking for exceptional, reliable, progression-minded raiders. We are currently beta testing the Warlords of Draenor Raids and are looking to recruit players that have beta access and can make ALL the testing times. RECRUITMENT -Ranged- Elemental Shaman - medium Hunter - medium Mage - high Shadow Priest - high Warlock - medium -Melee- Enhancement Shaman - high Warrior (damage dealer) - medium If interested, please visit to apply. Contact any officer in game if you have questions (Akromä, Azpek *Inferno#1100*, Bigler, Blutarski, Djhots, Harratokk/Myrokos *Harratokk#1625*)Harratokk11 Sep 5, 2014
Sep 5, 2014 LF1M CMG TANK!!!!! Our current challenge mode group consists of the following: Destrolock BM Hunter Ret Pally Resto Druid ?????? We currently are looking for an experienced tank that can lead the group properly. The aim is towards 9/9 in one day;however we will figure out the time once we have the group fully formed. The plan is to use skype.Willfire0 Sep 5, 2014
Sep 5, 2014 [H] WORST 2/14HM Hi everyone! Guild: WORST Server: Illidan-US (PVP) Raids: 10 Man HM Prog. Schedule: Tues/Weds 930pm-1230am ST About: Our main goal is to form not only a core raiding team to do Mythics but also to create an awesome kick !@# community going into WoD. The guild has a laid back atmosphere and casual people and levelers are always welcome! We are currently forming our 10 man progression to get into heroics SoO. We are one of the newer guild who recently got into raiding and is currentyly 14/14N completed. Also, we are recruiting any players who are currently gearing their characters through lfrs/flex. Atm we're recruiting tons of awesome people to gear up so when Patch 6.0 comes out the guild has enough people to tackle Mythics. Recruitment Needs: Normal/Heroic Progression -1 RDps (pref hunter) -1 Heals w/ DPS Off-spec What we expect: -Min ilvl 560+ w/ Legendary cloak or runestones -Know the ins and outs of your class -95% Attendance -Must be comfortable playing an off-spec -Must have ventrilo and working mic -Must also be ACTIVE outside of raid times Flex's/LFRs: -Recruiting for all roles! -Min 520+ ilvl -Flex's and LFRs will be run daily Any questions feel free to contact: Ruckaz#1494 Zac#1542 Molnarian#1265Osmoose11 Sep 5, 2014
Sep 5, 2014 Looking for Heroic Progression Hello and welcome! I've been playing since Vanilla & have been a wow fanatic ever since. I played a Hunter on Bonechewer for Vanilla, a Mage on Cho'gall for BC, Guardian Druid for WoTLK & again a Guardian druid for DS For MoP I still played my Guardian druid but shortly before ToT came out I created this rogue & have been smitten ever since. I got back into wow about 8 or 9 weeks ago & I leveled a Warlock - 2 weeks after reaching 90 I decided spell casters aren't my style & focused on my rogue. Ever since I read up on SoO then Led & Formed all my own SoO groups. on my second week running SoO I led a successful Garrosh kill & have done so for 4 weeks now. I attempted creating a (H) SoO group but the dedication isn't there with the pugs or the motivations imo. So I would greatly appreciate an opportunity for a trial run with any guild in Heroic SoO. I am not looking for a 14/14H guild or anything remotely close. I want to feel the struggle ;) Thank you :)Morbidsnake2 Sep 5, 2014
Sep 5, 2014 566 Rdruid Looking for Raiding Guild! Hello Illidan Just transferred here, 566 Resto Druid looking for a solid raiding guild. Anytime after 4pm CST anyday works fine for me. Only 14/14 currently, got H Immerseus down to 3%. Know all heroic fights, studied up on 13/14 H and watched tons of videos as well as read topics about them. Looking for a good professional guild that cares about downing bosses and getting gear. Not looking to join a bunch of young teenagers who BS all the time while wiping. Please send me an ingame mail or pm me on here. I realize my armory does not work yet, but it shall soon. Thanks for the interest.Lovehappyzer2 Sep 5, 2014
Sep 5, 2014 560 mage + 567 boomkin looking for HC guild. Together her and I seek a HC guild that has a fun atmosphere, while maintaining seriousness of killing bosses. Any number of days/hours a week, I am 11/14h (on 1/7/14) and she is 12/14h (on 5/16/14). What we are looking for. 10man guild Atleast 8/14h A guild confident in getting 14/14H Mature behavior Illidan server only If you think we are the people to fit your guild, please consider us. I am a top parsing disc (2healed all fights in heroic, even thok) add me mitch#1697 if you wish to contact or leave a reply, all will be considered if they meet the requirements.Schwayzey0 Sep 5, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 [H] Apocalyptica needs you! Hello my friends from illidan. Apocalyptica (Lv 25) is a new guild that just Xfer to illidan and is seeking a Mage and/or a Ele Shammy for its core 10 man team. Raid days/times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-10 PM server time. As of now we are going straight into heroic since most of the team is 14/14N with some heroic kills. We will consider any range that is above average in performance. As we move into WoD we will expand our 10 man team to 20 man for mythic raiding and we will be recruiting for WoD mythic raiding. In closing, if you are looking for a good guild that raids (with some pvp as well) with GM's that care about it's players look no further. Add my Btag to discuss a immediate raid spot or a spot for mythic raiding. Casuals and PvPers are welcome to join the guild as well. Deathstar#1608 - hope to hear from you soon!Xërxes2 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Former Heroic raider - LF hardcore casual gui I'm a former hardcore raider back in the Vanilla/TBC/WoLTK, and a willing hardcore bench player during Cataclysm. I'm looking for a guild that is mostly casual but plays hard when they do play. To give you background on me, I prefer 14/14 N across several classes than struggling across Heroic on one class. Twitch gaming was fun but I'm 30 now and don't really have the time, or motivation. Let me know if you think I'm a good fit for your guild. I have just about every class at 90 at different levels of gearing. Any class that can heal is geared as a healer, and any tank as a tank. Let me know if your guild falls into that criteria. If you want to look at my credentials more carefully you can look at the dates of my achievements for the old expansions.Yonbi0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 [H] 566 WW Monk LF H SoO Progression Guild 566 WW Monk with plenty of Normal SoO experience and looking for a highly active raiding guild that regularly does Heroic Progression. I am new to Heroics and would like to join a guild that is also progressing in them.Peonii0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 WTB 14/14 Normal Carry with loot ASAP For myself and husband. Needs to happen before we go back to work on Sunday 9/7 because we will be out of town for a month. Btag Pennylane#1747Pennylane1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 WTB Normal SoO Run and or Garrosh Kill. Hi there. I am willing to pay 80k or so for a full Normal run, or just 15-20k for a normal Garrosh kill. Please add me WORKHORSE#1499 Thanks!Rystia0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 WTS name: Amazing 150k obo. pst me on FoxxyGranma#1442.Amazing0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 (Horde) <Decadron> New guild recruiting PvPer Decadron is a new guild with a bunch of oldschool raiders (used to be known as Pandemic legion), I am sure they are looking for people to raid with in WoD, but atm I am looking for people to do RBGS with, and some arenas. Any rating, just looking for fun people to play with.Prettycat0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Experienced raider returning for WoD. Hello all, I began raiding in WoW a couple months before tBC was released and consistently raided through it as well as WotLK. Then life took over and I took multiple hiatuses from the game. I'm looking for a casual raiding guild because my work schedule as a firefighter (24 hrs on duty/48 hrs off) and family take precedence. I'm extremely under geared at the current point in time but my iLvl is steadily increasing weekly. Primarily looking to raid WoD but if your guild has a rDPS slot currently available, I'd be more than welcome to hop in. My work schedule causes quite a problem for me to attend every raid of a set schedule so please take that into consideration. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with y'all. (And man how things have changed!)Dantris2 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Anyone selling heroic Garrosh kill? As the subject line says, I am looking for anyone or a group / guild that might be selling heroic Garrosh kills on either 10 or 25 man (interested in both just for the achievement). Not sure what the cost is these days but I’ll just be trading WoW gold if possible. Just reply here, send me game mail, or post your battletag if you are offering this and I’ll get back to you soon so that we can discuss it further.Deathtroll3 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 LF Weekend (fri/sat) raiding guild The husband and I are a tank/heal pair have been playing for 10 years with a few breaks now and again. We have recently come back to WoW after our longest break of 1-1/2 years and we're looking for a mature, content-clearing guild ready to move into WoD. Due to work schedules, we can only raid on friday/saturdays, but we are dedicated, self motivated, skilled players who know our classes and who are looking for a guild of like-minded people. We are also willing to join a guild that does consistent alt runs on weekends. Battletag Pennylane#1747Pennylane0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 LF guild I'm a 554 guardian druid looking for a fun guild to raid with. i also have a 557 enhance shaman friend looking to join aswell. we are both 14/14 xp and are looking to do some heroics before WoD hitsVkfharute0 Sep 4, 2014