Mar 12, 2014 <Breakfast with Hobos>9/14H 10M Weekend Guild Breakfast with Hobos is recruiting a 565+ Tank, For Heroic SoO Progression.Our Raid times are Sat/Sun 10am - 2pm. *Currently 9/14H* must have atleast 4/14H exp. Also considering 560+ backup/alternative players with experience. Add, Broydie#1189 to B-tag if interested.Broydiè0 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 LFM ICC25 HEROIC shards reserved everything else freeroll add DevonLutz#1147Freedom3 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Question about "The Lich King's Last Stand" I am about to be on the last part of the Shadowmourne quest. Do I have to use Shadowmourne to kill the LK? Is that the only way the box will drop? I tried looking this up, but all I can find is older posts. Some of my friends think you might not need to use it on the kill anymore.Eomar1 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 <BANGBUS> 9/14H 10m Recruiting <BANGBUS> Is a newly transfered guild looking to find a new start on Illidan. We're looking for 2 more raiders to round out the roster. Immediate core spots open for: -1 Holy Paladin / Mistweaver Monk / Disc Priest -1 ranged dps with a competent healing OS (prefer a Boomkin but will consider others). What do we require from you before joining? - Ilvl 560+ with cloak. -At least 14/14 Normal mode Garrosh with 4/14H experience -Able to play one of your other specs in your class well. -We expect you to log on early, about 15 minutes, to pull trash and have the boss pulled by 8. -To have good communication and to have a working Headset/Mic, we use mumble. Our goal for the long term is to clear as much as possible before 6.0 hits and to build a Mythic raiding group for Warlords. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8-11PM CST(Server time) Wednseday 8-11PM CST Thursday 8-11PM CST Officers: -Atomicfelony. Adam#11870 -Cryscho. Cryscho#11121 -Bootaysweat. Snooki#1220Atomicfelony2 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 WTB 25 (N) SoO Carry. I'm looking for a 25(N) SoO carry, seeing as I'll never be able to do this with my current gear this expansion. I'm willing to pay something that seems fair. If your carry is just for the boss kills and achievement with no chance at drops, I will pay less than if I can roll on items that your raid does not need. I'm thinking somewhere around 30k for the clear (no items), and upwards of 100k if given the chance to roll on items. Reply here or talk to me in game. I'm online nightly from 6pm-12am EST.Aaro0 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Trading Illidan Horde gold for Stormrage Alli Looking to trade around 100k to Stormrage alliance for 100k on Illidan Horde I have many sources to vouch for a smooth transaction if you are in need of clarification. contact: Push#1424Pùshi0 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 [H] Challenge mode 9/9 Sale What do you get when you buy our Challenge Mode package?: You play your character through all 9 Challenge Modes. When you complete 9/9G in Challenge Modes, you also get Silver/Bronze. - 430 Achievement points - "The Undaunted" Title (Bronze) (Account Wide) - One of four mounts (Silver) (Character Specific) Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix Reins of the Ashen Pandaren Phoenix Reins of the Emerald Pandaren Phoenix Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix All mounts require Artisan Riding to learn. - Unique transmog set (Gold) Here is a link to preview all the challenge mode sets. *Prices* Contact me in game. - B-tag: Blamemebro#1909 - Skype: xKaleus Requirements: - Have all 9/9 Heroics done on the toon you are running on. We charge half price of each individual heroic. - Must play a DPS spec. We understand if you main a healer or tank, but while we are doing these roll a DPS spec :~) We use Skype or Mumble when are doing the Challenge Mode boost. We keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere while still getting the job done. Along with the dungeon run-through, we run through all tactics/tricks specific to the dungeon we are doing. If you have any questions concerning payments, requirements or whatever it should be, add me and I will answer everything you need to know Team- Disc priest - Ele sham - (One of the two following tanks) Blood DK - BM monk - Mar 11, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 WTB 2400 RBG Boost (in game gold only!) Title says it all I'm looking to buy a boost on a character for in game gold only and I play my character. I keep getting stagnated at 1800ish every season. So if there is any team out there looking to make some gold let me know. I'm not looking for anything illegal...just me playing my account and paying your team for it's services with IN GAME GOLD. Leave a post here or send an ingame mail to this character thank you.Mucklebones1 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 LF PowerLeveling Looking for someone with experience power leveling to power level my monk from 85-90, price is negotiable, location can be whatever you want as long as its decent, you can keep loot depending on price. add my btag erobert#1194 or reply to this. Thanks!Jhollin1 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Celestial Tournament - Tradeable Team Hey everyone! I have one final Celestial Tournament kit that I'm selling. The kit contains 25 pets, all rare quality & level 25. It also includes a very detailed guide for defeating each trainer (a total of 9, plus the four celestials). The strategies are working and yield results each and every week. The only catch is you need one (1) level 25 pet to learn the pets in the kit. There are no other requirements. Get your cute mini Celestial pets before you know it! If you're interested, either reply here or add my BattleTag, Kynlee#1486. It's not cheap like many expect, but if you are an achievement/pet collector who is very lazy you will know that this is a valuable offer (not having to level your own horde of pets and find a strategy that works consistently). Thanks for your time!Alieha1 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 <Edge of Night> 4/14H Weekends LF Healer Hello Guild Seekers! Thank you for looking at our recruitment post. We are currently looking for a healer – druid or pally. Raid Times Fri-Sun 10:30 server New Raiders Requirements: *Item Level of 555 or better preferred. *The ability and the will to make a commitment to your fellow raiders. *An understanding of your class and spec. *A good attitude and a sense of the ridiculous. Thank you and good luck in your search.Hanoria0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Looking for a new home I have a 564 WW monk i just recently xfered to illidan and i'm looking for a raiding guild. I am 13/14 on Normal I Kmow the garrosh fight but never killed him closest i have gotten is 2%. I am available to Raid Tues, Thurs and sun 730 -11 CST. If you would like to contact me ingame by BT is Odie#1534 Thanks OdieOdië0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Be My Frand I has toons dat need to raids. Will you be my Fran? We could raid together. I help my frands with their raids and my frands help me. Fill out this Application if you want to be my frand. Thank you in advance for your applications. Name: Class: Role: Favorite Color: 3 Reasons why Bears are Cool: 2 Reasons why you would be a good Frand: 1 Reason why we should be Frands:Testermonk5 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 530 Fury LF Flex/Normal Raiding Guild name - jonathan character name - aaro specialization - fury item level - 530 age - 28 availability - 6pm to 12am EST weekdays, flexible times on weekend computer - asus maximus vi 1150 formula, 16gb ddr3, i7 4470k, 780gtx, 1440p setup internet - verizon FiOS communication - vent/mummble/teamspeak/skype i have been playing this game on & off again since patch 1.11 (nax 40 vanilla). i have always been a progression focused raider. i will always bring my own food, flasks and potions. i know most guilds are looking for heroic progression, but if you are a guild that needs a solid member to add to your rosters that is just hitting flex and might start normals soon, i'm your guy.Aaro0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 561 warlock LF Raiding guild Hey guys because of issues on my realm and the lack of people on it Ill be transferring to illidan within the next week or so, im looking for a raiding guild preferably 10 man but can do 25 and a guild that I can have a foot in for WoD, hours im available pretty much whenever except late late nights but can be flexible with most times my experience is up to nazgrim (but have researched the !@#$ out of the other fights ) so explaining is not a issue just depends on which strat we are using looking for a guild that is serious about raiding because well, that's what I play the game for and that's what I want but still able to sit back and laugh and have a good time about things. I am 19 about to turn 20 just so you know that, I know some guilds are big on what age and maturity level I have played the game since late BC early wotlk, skipped cata and came back in patch 5.3 and was raid leading my guilds second group until some issues came up but that doesnt matter anyways for some odd reason armory hasn't updated my gear yet (still says im ilvl 561 with meta gem legendary cape etc. 558 even though I just got a couple more items) if anyone's interested in having me my battle id is CHRISAHHH#1631 and my email is (no not satanic just as a joke) pretty much on throughout the day and if im not on just email me and ill get back to you, dps wise I usually pull anywhere from 270-310kish average dependiing on fight and movement/AoE can make it get waaaay up there. Anyways thanks for your time in reading this and hope to hear from you guys! Thanks again -MiusxMiusx0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Banished Souls 10 man 12/14N LFM Banished Souls is currently looking for certain classes with varying priorities as seen below: Disc Priest (HIGH) Holy Paladin (HIGH) Mage (Low) Resto Druid (Med) Shadow Priest (High) Boomkin (Med) (Prefer min ilvl of 540+) However, we encourage applications from skilled players of any class/spec! Current Progression: US - Illidan 12/14n SoO We are looking for motivated players that know the meaning of progress, and that know their class inside and out. We want social, active, and long term members that we can count on to be responsible, punctual, and driven. About us: Banished Souls was founded after Siege of Orgrimmar has came out, but many of the members have been around the raiding scene and WoW community since the beginning. Many of our members have been raiding with each other for the past year, and our core group ranges from veterans to Cata-babies, but all of us have a common focus of progressing through heroic content while it is current. Our Raids: We raid 2 days a week during progression, Tuesday and Thursday 4:00pm to 7:00pm Server Time What we expect from you: - You are a mature player - You have a good computer and a stable connection - You are willing to wipe on new encounters and are interested in progression - You know your class inside and out, and consider yourself to be knowledgeable of every aspect of your spec - You have a high raid attendance - Mumble and a working mic is required What we offer: - A stable raiding atmosphere, with a drive to progress and be the best - The chance to explore end-game raiding content at a respectable pace - A group of dedicated players with a friendly community How to apply: If you are interested in joining our guild please add RealID blend071@gmail.comWårtrain6 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 SALE: Level 25 guild "Intravenous" for sale This guild has produced decent gold weekly and has over 500 members at the moment, and I have a crew working towards player cap (1000) with all heirlooms unlocked. Pst Sanfew or Kylehubble#1131 if you're interested in a serious offer. Look up the average price of high populated guilds with the heirlooms before you make an offer, Thanks look forward to making some buisiness with you! :DSanfew0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Delete DeleteDiesël4 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 New Lock looking for odd hours pvp guild Hey, new lock gearing up for pvp right now, looking for a PVP guild that works odd hours, i have a little pvp experience but i still have a lot to learn. anyway if you're interested send me a msg in game and ill get back to ya.Katatonik0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 5th Alani mount still for sale 25k or pet! Price is 25k or pet offer (spectral tiger cub, dragon kite, ethereal soul trader, etc. pets of value) Message me in game ty!Ujellybra1 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Looking for a home! My guild recently just broke up. I'm 12/14N exp and looking for a raiding with that raids 6 server or later. 552 resto druid, and 548 warlock. Whisper me in game shredda#1887Ackbarr1 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 wtb shield from Heroic Lei Shen! Willing to pay 20k for the shield from Heroic Lei Shen. If I can get the 5 piece regular set and heroic Lei Shen shield I'll pay 50k.Shokks0 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Sat. Afternoon Raiding Rainbows Hosted GDKP First run cleared 13/14n and had a split of 46,862g per person! Second run cleared 14/14n and had a split of 41,185g per person! When? The first GDKP starts on Saturday, February 1st, at 2pm CST (server). They will run until 7pm CST or Garrosh is dead, whichever is sooner. At that point, the pot will be distributed and the group will disband. Players are then of course free to attempt to continue in a 10m if they wish. Runs will occur each week at the same time. What? We will be raiding a GDKP-style 25 man Siege of Orgrimmar. The first week, we will likely run all normal modes, though if the group is particularly strong we may attempt Heroic Immerseus. Several players will likely be alts of Raiding Rainbows members. However, they will receive no special treatment. Gold will be split into no more than 27 equal cuts and distributed exclusively to players who stay until the end of the scheduled run. Why GDKP? It allows geared players a chance to earn a decent chunk of gold, and undergeared players a convenient method of gearing alts or mains. When? Saturday from 2:00 P.M. CST (Server time) until 7:00 P.M. CST. One fifteen minute break will be taken midway through the raid, at which time people can enchant/gem/upgrade new gear, use the restroom, or anything else. How do I join? Send an in-game mail to Harleym with the name of the toon or toons you would be interested in bringing, the ilvl, the spec, how much gold you have available, and your Battletag. Feel free to whisper me if I am online. By Thursday evening, calendar invites will be sent out to the toon you asked to bring. All things equal, players who have set their status to accept by Friday evening will be given priority. This timeline will likely shift to earlier in the week after a few weeks of running. Keep in mind that people sometimes do not show up for whatever reason, and thus we will likely have a few spots open that we bring people in from backup. So do not get discouraged if you are slotted as backup. If you are brought in off of the bench in the middle of the run and finish it, you will still receive a full cut. Loot Rules All loot will be distributed to the highest bidder. If no player bids, and the item is an upgrade for a player in the raid, that player will be forced to bid the minimum. If the item is an upgrade for multiple players, a /roll will determine who is forced to bid. Refusal will result in removal. Why? Because if people don't bid on upgrades, we won't be able to kill harder bosses subsequent weeks. Minimum bids may be lowered for off-spec gear, sidegrades, or transmog, at my sole discretion. For any questions on the system, please don't hesitate to ask. Favorites will not be played. Rules of the GDKP - Help clear trash. - Be on Mumble for the entirety of the raid. Notify the raid leader if you need to go AFK for any reason. - Absent emergencies, save AFK time for the scheduled break - Do not be abusive, rude, or obnoxious to anyone in the raid. This includes talking over the raid leader(s) during tactics, or speaking throughout the bidding process. This also means don't bash players for playing poorly, as some players will be accepted despite poorer performance because they will be spending more gold than average. - Perform at an acceptable level, as judged by the raid leader(s). This includes (but is not limited to) listening to the raid leader’s instructions, performing acceptable DPS for your level of gear, staying alive, and following tactics. - Do not attempt to make deals in private or to keep bids low. In the interest of maximizing the efficiency of the GDKP, a 3 strike system will be used. An individual found to be violating any of the rules, as determined by the raid leader(s), will receive a warning. If an individual receives three warnings, the offending individual will be removed from the raid and they will not receive their gold for participation. Particularly egregious offenses may result in immediate removal.Harleym29 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Heroic ToT 10 man 3/8/14 UPDATED Saturday March 8th 9:30 server 10:30 est I plan on doing a heroic ToT full clear to get Storm's End as well as a Ra-den kill. If you're interested you must meet the following requirements: You NEED mumble. "Oh but a voip that uses .05% of my bandwidth is making me lag." K, I'll find somebody else. You NEED to have a microphone. The only mechanic that exists in World of Warcraft is communication. With a nerf all damage can and will be tolerable through any CD or healing in the game the majority of this can now be zerged with the exception of a select few bosses. You NEED patience, I'm not god as much as I claim to be I don't ask that everybody is 13/13 hm from when it was current, I'm not myself, but you need to be able to listen and cooperate so this can be a fun experience for everybody. You NEED a 565 ilvl+. I want this run to be seemingly fool-proof and quick. I cannot, I will not, under any circumstances carry anybody there's plenty of people who want to kill Lei Shen on heroic, unfortunately like many things in real life, there's not that "plenty of people" who deserve it. You NEED to have done at least half of last tiers hardmodes when they were current. If you just started playing WoW, nerf or not chances are you're not mentally prepared for anything on hard mode whether it be new or old. That will be all for requirements. I'm currently seeking all roles, I will postpone the date of this run as I see fit if the group does not meet a standard of quality in order to have a painless and fun run through ToT. RULES 1. Be respectful to everybody in the raid group, I can tolerate racism, sexism, gross humor in moderation. But I will not tolerate targeting and singling out somebody. Regardless of our cyber-fantasy adventures with demons, dragons and more we're all human behind our PCs. 2. Keep an open mind, if we wipe once or twice don't look to blame anyone or anything off the bat. This content is now relatively easy if there's a problem, be constructive with our over-capable DPS fights shouldn't last too long enough for things to go down the poop shoot. 3. Don't rage if loot doesn't go to you, whether it's mounts, transmog, theorycrafting with old trinkets(sorry this isn't wrath or cata anymore people don't use old !@#$ unless you're a prot pally min/maxing). The loot is free roll. Accept it or not, our focus here is to kill bosses and get some achievements and a title. 4. If you're unsure of anything, always ask prior to a fight. You're not any less of an adult if you need to ask a question. btag/realid-weewooyin#1752/harry.kelminson@gmail.comHehehehoohoo17 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 WTS solo kills for mounts Al'akir - 2.5k (can do 8 weekly) each kill. Ultraxion - 8k (can do 3 weekly) each kill. Lich King - 5k (can probably do 3 weekly) each kill. Mounts are yours. I have lockouts. The best time for me is 4 A.M. on Thursdays, but if you contact me, we can work something out.Skytip3 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Disc priest LF CM carry group. Only 2 at once I currently run a carry group on horde Korgath. I also have an alliance priest w/ near BiS. My teams times make it so we only get 3-4 in a week. So I'd like to have another set of people to run these with on either, or both horde and alliance. You can message me in-game via Btag (Blamemebro#1909) and we will move from there, thank you :DLifegripahoy0 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 LF Casual Guild Searching for a permanent home guild with some new BFFs! Looking for a mature, super active, friendly, casual guild that does old content, achievements, PvP, questing, dungeons, leveling...and all that fun stuff. BattleTag: Sugar#1650Marcelíne1 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 LFM weekly 10m SoO Alt run Recruiting solid players for a weekly 4 hr alt run every Friday @ 6:00pm server time. Looking for 14/14 people with multiple Garrosh kills, must be able to show up on time and know what you're doing. The goal here is to create a stress free environment in which we can have fun and gear our alts. With that being said if your performance is at least average, I'm willing to work with you, if its below average you will not be a part of this group. For elitists, please close this page. For drama queens, if you can't take constructive criticism you can't get better at this game. Loot Rules: MS > OS > D/E = Transmog For current needs refer to our roster If you are around 545ilvl and interested please post here or contact me in game bubbleordie#1490Bubbleordie1 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 New guild <Something Better> LFM 540+ 10m SoO <Something Better> is a guild that has just been established by myself and a former guild leader of mine from Cataclysm expansion. We lead a raid team together and we were 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul before the pre expansion patch went live. Now we want to start over and try do the same for Siege of Orgrimmar. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: Midnight to 3am server time (CST) I have 10/14H SoO experience (25 man) from my main character who is a 574 Shadow Priest, so this warlock is my alt but I like to treat it as my alternate main =) Achievement link: We could use anyone who is over 540 ilvl and is at least on the Titan Runestone part of the Legendary quest chain or has their cloak. If you want fast clears and get some loot join us today, you can either whisper myself or Labinac for an invite. We will be pugging spots when we don't have enough to raidVezzx1 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 551 Brewmaster Cutting Edge Ra-Den 1/14h 7/14 Looking for a guild on illidan, i have cutting edge experience and ive fought 4/14 this tier heroic, just recently came back after a few months off, looking to start raiding and killing stuff. add Glovery#1771 for any questions or comments. I'm a hardcore caliber raider, I take the game very seriously and i do all i can to maximize my performance. I raided with RELOAD us top 10 man guild the past two tiers. I can play most tank classes with some proficiency and would be willing to gear/level up whatever is needed.Hrothjab0 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Hunter looking for guild [H' just moved to the server im 13/14 normal 560 ilvl. Looking for a 10man guild hit me up on here or catch me in game.Pathing0 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 WTS glorious legplates WTS glorious legplates, item's in illidan horde side B-TAG: Cedricw0n#1448Grummycookie0 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 LF BS to craft [Steelgrip Gauntlets] Tipping well. Please message me in-game, or add me. Immortal#1419Ruthgar0 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Is Illidan a good server to transfer to? I am looking to get back in to raiding and organized pvp. Does Illidan have a good community of both PVErs and PVPers and does it have a healthy economy?Ronaconda3 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Ararats beard 11/14 25m heroic! Currently, our members are 14/14N and 11/14 25heroic SoO, and now recruiting for Mists of pandaria SoO Heroic Progression. Requirements: Substantial raid exp(At least 5/14 heroic) full enchants correct reforging Correct gemming Recent World of Logs Paladin--------- x Shaman---------- x Druid-----------boomkin (Very very very!!!! High x 2 ). Priest---------- 1 shadow (low) Death Knight---- X Rogue----------- x Warrior--------- x Mage ----------- x Monk----------- x Warlock--------- x Hunter----------x Raid Times: 8-11:00 Tuesday 8-11:00 Wednesday 8-11:00Thursday What we expect from our raiders: 1) Preparation - Show up with enough consumables for the entire raid. We'll try to provide cauldrons & feasts, but we can't promise that they'll be dropped. 2) Raid awareness- If you like to camp out in fire (or any other puddle of bad stuff, for that matter), this isn't the place for you. Show up as familiar as can be with the fights. Less explaining equals less down-time equals more bosses dead. 3) Raid experience- We require extensive Raid experience. Please be atleast 5/14 Heroic SoO. and have high knowledge of future raids. 4) Selflessness- We will, at times, have to sit players to adjust our raid comp from time to time. If you can't handle sitting for that reason, this probably isn't the place for you. 5) Competitiveness- Friendly competition among the roles is encouraged, to a point. Once that level of competition crosses from healthy to unhealthy, its time to back it off. 6) Seriousness - We are pushing hard, we will not accept any slacking off. Please be serious or you will be replaced. All in all, the goal here is to create a fun and laid-back environment while still progressing through content at a reasonable pace. Any other questions, contact zyniker ,Carp or myself (Deity#1685)Ñecrosis28 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Dps warrior Lf LateNight raiding guild. 525 Ilevel fury warrior looking for Any late Night raiding guilds. 11pm Server time or later I recently came back into the game and Have only been 90 for a short period. I've raided Progression all throughout Tbc, progression kills On: Sunwell: Kalecgos, Brutallus, Felmyst Hyjal Summit: Full Black Temple: Full Serpent ShrineCavern: Full Tempest Keep: Full Also raided throughout Wotlk, Progression Kills On: Ulduar 25man:Full Ulduar 25man "hard mode": Flame Lev, Xt, Iron council, Hodir, Thorim, 1 light yogg. Ulduar 10man: Full, Including algalon. Nax 25man: Full nax 10man: Full (including Undying) Sarth3D: Full Malygos;Full I realize my Ilvl is low, But I am starting late into the expansion, I'm willing to be a sub for those guilds not currently open. I have experience leading successful raids, Also always show up on time raid ready (flasks, pots, Consumables, Knowledge of fights). Thank you for your consideration! Whisper Wolkryre#1216 Edit: forgot availabilityFuryien0 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Anybody selling Garrosh loot? Anybody selling some of Garrosh loot? Idc if it's normal or heroic. I'm looking for looks and not what it can do for me. Anyway wondering if someone is selling loot from him and not the crazy 600-800k that I've seen. Not worth it.Koaladinn2 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Glorious legs for sale wts Glorious Legplates 100kobo ! Message Manapawed - US Thunderlord Very rare transmog itemManapawed2 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Is Illidan a good server to transfer to? I am looking to get back in to raiding and organized pvp. Does Illidan have a good community of both PVErs and PVPers and does it have a healthy economy?Ronaconda0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 He Man Woman Haters 25M Illidan 8/14h Currently 8/14 Heroic 25m 5 weeks old! Looking for more solid dps and healers! Needs/Wants below. Ele shaman:medium Resto shaman:high Holy paladin:medium Warlocks:high Mages:high Just because the class isn't listed here doesn't mean we don't want you! please apply! Our goal is to strive for the fastest paced progression through heroic content as possible while keeping the raiding schedule more reasonable.We expect that you come prepared to raids from a strategy and consumable perspective.We do run World of Logs and we do monitor them weekly to study player performance. Currently our raid times are: Friday- 8:00-12:00 PM CST Saturday- 8:00-12:00 PM CST Monday- 8:00-12:00 PM CST Apply at or contact any officer in game. Drekkta- Linnux#1831 Jacobbunday- Impulsive#1668 Clutch- cluutch#1775Drekkta1 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 WTB Ethereal soul trader Want to buy Ethereal soul trader on US-Aerie Peak 60,000g PM at Zarrd#1509Zarrd0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 old, delete please. Delete pleasePyrodrop3 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 565 Holy 558 Ret lf 25m(HM) progression guild Currently 4/14h with exp on Sha. I'm looking for an evening/night time raiding guild that raids 2-3 nights a week, but I'm willing to raid more. Can raid from 6pm-3am PST, or 8pm-5am server time. I'm more than happy to join as a trial, as long as it isn't an extensive period longer than a few weeks. If you would like more information or simply talk to me, my battletag is Ballsy#1148 ~Thank you!Hôrus3 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 <Bench Squad> 12/14N Recruiting DPS Hello! Bench Squad is a relatively new guild that has only been raiding a couple of weeks now. We are currently 12/14 normal mode SoO. Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday 9PM-12AM server time. Currently looking to fill two dps positions, one being melee and one ranged. Melee warrior/dk/enhance shaman preferred and for range mage/ele shaman. Minimum 545+ ilvl with at least a decent chunk of the content cleared. 100% raid attendance is required and we use Mumble. If interested feel free to send me an in game mail or hit me up in the game. Will always consider great players of another spec as well. Thanks!!Morgóth2 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Returning fury warrior lf raiding guild Hey everyone. I just returned from a break that lasted 5ish months I believe. When I resubbed I noticed my guild had fallen apart, so now I'm searching again. Raiding experience: I raided all through TBC and cleared everything but sunwell when it was current. I took a break for Wotlk and came back late in cata. I started raiding again slightly before 5.2 dropped, so I completed MSV and ToES right as ToT dropped. My guild was on durumu when I had to leave due to my class schedule (I'm a college student) in my fall semester. So, most of my experience comes from TBC with a decent amount from MoP too. I'd consider myself a relatively experienced raider. Times: The times that wont work are late Fri/Sat/Sun nights and very early during the week (I'm in the US). Raid times are unlikely to interfere with my classes during the week, so pretty much any time Monday through Thursday will work, along with early afternoon to early evening on Fri-Sun. As I had to leave during my guild's ToT progression, I'm still playing catch up (as you can see my ilvl is 524), so I can't fill a core spot at this moment, so if the guild did flex runs to help out, that'd be nice but not necessary. If you have any questions, leave a reply here or message me in-game. I'll be on in a little bit and should be on for a good amount of tonight. Thanks!Mcgoblins0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 LFM Heroic Paragons Progression Tuesday <Crits or GTFO> needs 2 dps for Heroic Paragons progression this Tuesday 3/11/14 we raid from 6-10 Server Time. We need any type of dps, doesn't matter, already have all buffs. PST for more details at Fabio#1456 or leave a post here. Thank you! *2 of our group members can't show up because of midtermsPechi0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Friday Golf So I was playing golf on Friday. There was this cute blonde standing behind me and I hammered the golf ball and I mean just ripped that thing. I turned around pointed the end of the club her way, I winked and said "That was for you pretty lady." Needless to say she smiled back and said "Thank you" in an ever so flattered voice. And that's how you pull chicks at golf guys. Funny enough this actually happened.Hehehehoohoo10 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 568 Ret Paladin LF HM Raid Team Hi, My names Nick and I'm a very skilled Paladin. Early in the tier, I was a top parsing Holy/Ret Paladin when I was in the Core team of Reload (Whom is currently 14/14HM). I had to resign my position as healing coordinator during progression on Heroic Thok months ago when I had changes in my work schedule that have been fixed now; making all days of the week available to raid again. I have knowledge of everyone heroic encounter this tier for all 3 roles, Tank, Healer and DPS. As well as knowing how to optimally heal and maximize DPS at a top parsing level. I have Raid lead in my previous years in Dragon Soul leading my team to 8/8 Heroic when there was just a 5% nerf to the instance. Although, I did step up to the Raid leader position in ToT, as well as bounce between all three specializations as a Paladin to clear 13/13H as Main tank, Healer and DPS. I'm looking for a serious Heroic Progression mentality group, as well as other skilled players to compete with. (In a friendly matter of course). Serious inquiries only please. Much appreciated. Thanks! -------------- (Side notes) Ret ilvl= 568 . Missing 4 piece which really boosts DPS single target and AoE. Prot ilvl= 567. Missing 4 piece. Built for max damage and survivability. (haste build). Holy ilvl 564. Has 4 piece. But has quite a few BiS heroic off pieces already.Squishynick6 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 An epic tale of war.. Ah the forums... A place where a constance of warcraft ideologies collide with passion and a temperament for debate. The digital template of a suggestion box in which we hurl our wildest imagined ideas at Blizzard in hopes that the light of a bluely written post will shine amongst the darkness of our tenacity!... Many have took up arms, many have fallen... The Warlords are coming.. and our day of reckoning is once again coming to pass. ...DRAENOR!!!! Come heroes! The Era of Pro is here! We are now recruiting and preparing for the upcoming conflict on Draenor and need all the bodies we can get! <Pro Era> -Illidan US * level 25 * 6 usable bank tabs * weekly events * repairs upon entry (increases with rank) * friendly/helpful community -Guild Guidelines- *We accept new and returning players *No discrimination *No racism *Have fun! We are mostly casual at the moment but in Warlords plan to PvE as well as PvP and need some dedicated officers to help keep the guild in line when I cannot! Yes, I am the GM :) Id like to thank anyone who took the time to read this glorified guild recruitment post, I really appreciate it and if you interested in joining go ahead and post or add me in game or send a request on the guild search page, thanks again ! Btag - Omen12#1385Jsnipes2 Mar 5, 2014