Jan 7, 2014 WTB 1-600 Tailoring Please reply to me in game, Keithw#1867.Liquidmusick0 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 Delete Run complete.Vonky5 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 lvl 17 guild for sale lvl 17 guild for sale make me an offerSânax1 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 564 MW (2/14H) LF Core spot! I am able to raid 4-9PM Server, and any time on the weekends, I also have WW OS that is currently around 548, Mail me or add Stabber#1147 on bnet, thanks!Speed12 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 LFM RBGs and other pvp related content Looking for people to get started into pvp. Low CR acceptable looking for fun and reasonably skilled players please contact ronjeremy in game.Wondercaulk0 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 Bloodlines Recruting (Bloodlines) is looking to fill its roster up for 10m group and to fill backup positions when people are unavailable to raid. We are currently 13/14 normal and are progressing through SoO. We are looking for exceptional players with good attendance and understanding of their toon they play on and how to adapt to the raid environment from boss kill to boss kill. 1 Hunter 540+ 1 Holy Paladin 540+ We provide a focused and friendly atmosphere inside and outside of the raid group. We are drama free and we work hard to achieve success. Our raid times are : Tuesday/Thurs/Monday 730pm invites to 11 pm server If this sounds good for you please respond below or contact yourefired eletide heliacal In game for further questions/inquiresHeliacal5 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 <Wraith> 2/14H 2 nights (Tues/Wed) LF Ranged Intro: We're a casual guild with a tight knit raid team. This means we're all buddy buddy for the most part, and like to !@#$ around with each other and joke a lot. Our end goal is of course progression, but we do it at our own pace, and never extend our raid days (Very rarely have we extended our times). Current Needs: Recruitment is open to all classes, however, what we're currently in need of the most are: Mages - HIGH Warlocks - Medium Ele Sham w/ Resto OS (Must be decently geared) - HIGH Raid Schedule: We only raid on Tuesday / Wednesday from 7-11 server time. The ONLY time our days will be adjusted are on weeks such as Christmas or New Years, where people won't necessarily be around on raid day. What We Expect From You: There's really not much we expect, except for a few things: Show up to raids on time, and be prepared. Have coins, have flasks. Know your class. We aren't here to carry you. Be able to take a joke. If you screw up, you're probably going to get made fun of for awhile, especially if it screws us out of a progression kill. Don't show up to a raid 3 hours late and expect us to drop everything to get you in for a certain boss. That's not how we roll.If you can meet the (relatively undemanding) criteria, feel free to either whisper the following people in game, or drop us an app: Csunforgiven - RL / GM Newfanya - Officer Website: http://wraithillidan.enjin.comCsunforgiven0 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 Heroic Prog.LF Elemental Shaman/Boomkin New raiding core of heroic-minded players seeking Elemental Shaman or Boomkin. Players and core are experienced in current heroic progression and also previous tiers down to BC. Raid Days: Tuesday: 7:30PM to 11:30PM Server Wednesday: 8, 8:30 to 11:30 PM Server Sunday: 7:30 to 11:30 PM Server We appreciate players to be online and ready at least 10 minutes before official start time. Please add Kobelol#1902 for more details or to talk, thanks.Kobelöl0 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 Destro Lock dps no cloak lf raiding guild Hello Illidan! I do 120k single target on a boss. Im working on my cloak but thats going to be awhile. I work 12am-8am can raid anytime outside of 1130pm-9am. I dont stand in fire I can stop dps and not worry about meters to cast a brez. I use to lead a heroic raid group in cata cleared heroics in DS. I have a 519 Ilvl and im working on it. Im not asking to be carried I can pull my weight for normal SoO. If any guilds are out there looking for a decent destro lock plz respond on this forum or send me an in game mail. P.S Im a good raider that doesnt mean I have good grammerLehava1 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 <Safety First> 10 man 13/14N We are currently looking to add 1 healer to our roster, we raid 3 nights a week. Prefer resto shaman but would consider a holy paladin. We are currently 13/14 after only 2 weeks of raiding. Please add me at Kilokai#1263 and raid this week!Kilokee2 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 520 Monk tank Hello everyone looking for a female friendly raiding guild. Flex or normal is fine. 10 or 25 man, Pref 25 man. Open raid times and days.. but would prefer a start time between 7-9pm EST me: 26 female prior military! Looking for a raiding guild, either needing a tank or building up is fine. I am still working on my cloak T_T sigh... Know fights for SoO, Tanked Flex 1 2 and 3. can be reached at Wildkatt#1993Jitalla0 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 <Where is My Mind>14/14 25m LF Spriest, 1heal Hey Illidan server friends, Some of these posts are novels so I'll keep it short. <Where Is My Mind> Horde-Illidan is a 25m team 14/14 looking to start heroics in the next 2 weeks I have a position for a Spriest and a Mist Weaver Monk or Restoration Druid. that needs to be filled ASAP. -We raid Wed & Thurs 8-1130pm -We are closer to a casual atmosphere but we expect everyone knows their class and fights -We have a good time get our loot and get on with our lives If this is what you would be looking for please contact me BlueDemon#1440 we can chat I don't believe in guild apps or that nonsense this is for fun after all and not a second job. Hope to hear from you soon, Sarz Guild Master of Where Is My Mind.Sarzski0 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 Weekend morning raiding? Are there any weekend morning raiding guilds on Illidan horde? Or weekday early evening? please leave details. THANKS!Lunchbox0 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 Raiders Looking For A New Home (5/14 H Exp) Hi guys! I'm here looking for a 25m guild that is in need of a couple of core raiders. I have a group of 5 players who are looking to transfer to find a new home to raid in. We are: -565 Resto/Ele Shaman -565 Ret Pally or WW Monk -566 Holy Pally -571 BM Monk or 566 Blood DK -564 Guardian Druid Like the title says we are 5/14H killed, which are: Immerseus, Fallen Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride and Galakras. We have experience on Iron Jugg but never got a full raid group in to kill it before the holidays hit. I know it's asking a lot to take in two tanks, but we'd like to get into the same guild as possible. Our preferred raid times are any weekday from 11pm-3am ST. If anyone is interested you can contact me at Loveyababe#1262 Thanks for your time! :]Valethia2 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 LF RBG/ARENA GUILD Will possibly transfer here and I am looking for a guild to do arenas and rbgs with. My experience is 2k+rbgs on my holy paladin. I play 2 accounts and with my resto shaman I am 2.2k experienced. Looking forward to hearing back from serious people and the trolls :) Thanks! Edit: Just returned to the game and am gearing asap.Coercìons1 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 567Tank LF home Hello all who am I : guardian druid what am I looking for : a well established guild that has been around for some time and into heroics, and will be looking to be competitive in WOD . Age: 25 Location : eastern raid times : 7:30-12 eastern I started back in 2007 as a warlock , was more of a casual player for about 8 months then stepped into 2-3 hard core guilds. One month before WOLK came out I created this character to tank. I ended up joining a guild who was 9/12 normal ICC never tanked before then became 2nd on realm 12/12 icc heroic and top 300 guild US. I then quit for a few years , came back about 3 1/2 months ago and think I am doing very well for myself in such a short amount of time. I am leaving my guild due to drama, and other set backs . I am 1/14 heroic experience but I know I am more than capable of that and wouldn't slow you down in any way. I am always on time, prepared and ready. I want to enjoy this game, progress and have fun. I am looking for a home, somewhere I can stay... Please feel free to whisper ::: ID : crw21517#1527Roótbear0 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 565 Resto/557 Boomkin LF Raiding Guild I'm currently looking for an active raiding guild (10 or 25 man) that's progressing through SoO HM. I can raid any night except Friday/Saturday. My druid's progression is 1/14 HM, but my overall progression is 11/14 HM. Feel free to add me in-game (Darcarius#1293) to chat.Darcarius2 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 567 Frost DK looking for new home ill be transferring in January and i was hoping to have a raid spot once i make the switch. I'm looking for any night 8-11 maybe till midnight, i have plenty of raiding experience, i don't stand in fire and i am a good reliable player. shadowdog#1715Bûtters4 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 10/14HM Sanctum 10 Man Recruiting Pally Tank Hello, Sanctum 10/14HM is recruiting a Pally Tank for our Raid team. We raid Wednesday/Sunday/Monday 7-10PM on Sun/Mon and 6-10pm ST on Wed. We are currently on Thok with no progress on him yet, with the rest of the bosses on farm. We are looking for a exceptional Pally Tank. Add Davyn#1723 in game if you would like to talk. Thank you.Damon2 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 558 war w/ 556 Lock LF Raid Guild 558 arms/fury war and 556 aff lock friend Both looking for a night time raiding guild any time around 1:am server time. 14/14 Normal, would like to raid with a guild. Eventually want to go into heroics.Nelthàrion1 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Sanctum 10/14HM LF Pally Tank Sunday@7PM ST Looking for Pally Tank for Sunday/Monday raid at 7PM ST. Will be clearing 10/14HM. Thanks.Damon0 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 TCG MOUNT: wts Corrupted Hippogryph Selling Corrupted Hippogryph whisper me in game or contact me by in-game mail. 2 available at the moment Looking to sell them quick 100k each!Bubbléóseven0 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 <Lucid> 25 is recruiting for a new core! A little background on the guild. We formed approx 3 months back and stayed relatively small up until about a month ago. Today we are 360 strong with a great diversity of people. Mostly everyone in the guild is 20+ and super chill. we recently just finished up our guild logo (see link) and soon to have our website back up and running again. Recently Lucid began raiding and within 3 weeks of getting new people in and geared up we are 8/14 normal with a 10mil wipe on malkorok. As you can see we are not obviously super polished raiders. We do however contain a drive to succeed and hopefully emerge as a top 50 guild on Illidan being able to compete with some of the best Illidan has to offer. We are looking forward to Warlords of Draenor and hope to be competitive right at launch. We received a huge influx of people wanting to raid however it wasn't quite the 25 we needed to begin 25 man raiding. Today I am seeking individuals interested in SoO 25 man. Raid times are Fri/Sat @10PM server. We use Vent for all of our raids. Flasks/Repairs are on the house. Soon Gems/Enchants will be taken care of by the guild on all Guild Raid obtained items. The current recruitment needs are as followed -- 1 Mistweaver Monk 1 Hunter (Pref MM or Surv) 1 Mage 1 Boomkin 1 Warlock (Will consider any spec) We will consider all other classes however we are pretty much bursting at the seams with tanks. As of right now we are not looking to carry anyone. I am asking for people who are interested please be at least 535 and able to pull their weight. I am not asking for polished raiders, but if you cannot run enough flex to hit 535 then that shows me you are not committed to raiding. I am pretty easy going, ask anyone in guild, when it comes to raids. Raiding is supposed to be a fun time to sit down and enjoy some not often seen mechanics of the game. If you have any questions please contact anyone online, Andromina, Limpspoon, Prometheuc, Exemplified, or Playzzdruid. Thank you and have a great day!Andromina9 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 565 rogue LF new home 8/14hm killed hey, i am looking for a new weekend raiding guild. i am a great player who is a little under geared because i am rolling against a enh sham, hunter, and a brm monk in a 10 man guild. rolling against several people isn't a problem to me but is not preferred. for more info please add my battle tag mista#1970Stabtoise1 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Mage LF a RBG grp to push 1600-1700+ My current Cr is 1589 with 1700 experience from an alt, but my cr has been fluctuating between 1550-1630ish when I use OQueue to find groups; I have been experiencing groups that demand 1600+ , but the team MMR ends up being in the low 1500's so the loss to gain ratio is currently preventing me from climbing to my goal of 1700+. If there are any groups or guilds out there that are LF a mage or a player willing to dedicate to climbing just post here. Also, I am open to any advice or leads that could help me reach my goal.Luucy0 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Any Guild Selling N/HC 25man SOO Clears/Loot? Looking to gear up an alt as quickly as possible... If your guild sells 25man runs in either Normal or Heroic please add Luke#6299Purrowl0 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 551 tank looking for guild 551 tank looking for a semi earl raid time. preferably between 6 pm server and 10 pm server. I can raid any day of the week but prefer Mon/Thur/Fri. I have been raiding since vanilla and have raid leader experience. I was top 10 when I raid led my guild last expansion. I have tons of experience, and have my legendary cloak. I know all the strats and have done all the flex raids. In normal I have only done up to Shamans but im sure I could have done more with a more competent group and without pugging. I am looking for a group that is at least up to garrosh in normal mode. If you are interested please send me an in game message.Bigaloe0 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 9/14H - NP 10M 3Day Recruiting for Core & WoD Current Recruitment: 8/14H <Nothing Personal> is looking for exceptional players to fill core spots for 5.4 progression through SoO heroics. We are currently looking for: DPS with raid CD Pally, Disc Priest, Monk Healer *Applicants should have legendary meta and cloak, as well as heroic progression experience. We are also recruiting for our WoD 20M Team. We are looking for people who can make our times, have previous Heroic (soon to be Mythic) experience and who are willing to play a backup roll until we switch to 25 man in the new year. We would also be up for talks of a guild merger/absorption for a 2nd 10 man and combining to 20/25 man. Raid Times: We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 7 pm - 10:30 pm CST (Server) depending on how close we are to a new progression kill, we may extend the raid by a half hour. This rarely happens and will only continue if there's a consensus in the guild. About us: Nothing Personal is a 10 man raiding guild. Our intention progress through heroic modes while adhering to a less demanding schedule because of school/work commitments. Our members are from all over but speak English and range from age 20-28. Our core have been playing since bc/wotlk and enjoy progression raiding. We have a very open and fun atmosphere in vent. You need to have thick skin to raid with us because we often joke and poke fun at each other. We are very vocal with our constructive criticism. Expectations: - Know your class. I can't stress this enough. We are not looking to babysit players on how to play their class on each boss. Know how to spec it, gem it, what talents/glyphs you should use for what boss. If you can't do this, this is a deal breaker. - Be proactive. Research fights on off nights, watch videos, etc. We only raid three nights a week. We don't want to spend the first half of the raid teaching people mechanics and basic knowledge. - Have a thick skin. If your feelings get hurt every time we call you out to something, look for another guild. You must be able to take constructive criticism and look for ways to improve. - Adaptability. We are looking for players that have a very short learning curve. You must be able to adapt to certain situations on the fly and learn encounters relatively fast, considering we only raid three nights a week. - Awareness. Be aware of your surroundings. You must be able to multitask and never tunnel. - Team player. You must put the success of the guild before your own. This means not complaining when you're sat for a particular encounter or you did not get the piece of gear you wanted. - Communication. Have ventrilo and a working mic and know when to use it. If you need to call something out, call it out. Note: if you mic causes feedback, we will replace you. Goal: To be one of the premiere raiding guilds on Illidan that only raids three nights a week, and have fun doing it. We constantly push ourselves week after week for faster clears and boss kills. We always look for ways to improve. Visit: to apply! Reply Here or Contact an O if you have any questions. Officers: Kylestyle Battle tag: Kylestyle#1798 Bearygoöd Battle tag: SD4#1541Kylestyle34 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 542 Lock LF raiding guild Hello. I have recently went horde, looking for a change, unfortunately, i can not find a raiding group, nor guild on darkspear horde. That being said, I am looking for a guild that raids any time between 1pm CST and 10 pm cst at the very latest. I do not have my cloak yet because i was going to try to focus on pvp this expac, but then realized, i would like to get into raiding again so i started on my cloak really really late. I play many characters/classes/roles, but my warlock has been my main for quite some time now. I do not want a "carry" so even a chance at an alt group that raids regularly would be fine with me. I am willing to transfer servers OFC. I have ways of getting what i need, food, flask, enchants, gems, etc. If anyone sees this and would be interested in giving me a shot feel free to add my btag dreamreaper#1694 and we can discuss. Look forward to hearing from someone soon :DDreamreaper1 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 WTS: Alani Mount Selling the rare Alani mount for 40k. Contact me in-game or reply to this thread with contact information.Colacow7 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Returning warlock looking for raiding home. Returning player here looking to start raiding again. I am not looking for anything "hardcore", just looking for a cool group of people to run 10 man normal raids with on a regular basis. If anyone is looking for a warlock just drop me the details here and I will contact you.Jaylani4 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 <The Searing Legion> Recruiting for 10man Hello My guild is currently recrutiing the following rolls for a 10 man raiding guild: Blood DK Prot Paladin Resto Shaman Discipline/Shadow OS Priest Hunter Rogue Warlock Applicants must have an ilvl of 540+ and be available for our raid times at 8PM to Midnight server time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Raidcall is required. Anyone interested should send a message to me via Battletag @ Maximilian#1126.Peppêr0 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 <FoTM> - Tues/Wed - 7/14H - LF 1 Healer We are always recruiting, even if your class is not listed here feel free to apply. <FoTM> is a semi-hardcore 2 night a week guild on US Illidan. We're a close-knit group of players with the primary goal of progressing through heroic content as quickly as possible. To do this we need all of our members to be top notch, not just a select few, If you under-preform you will be cut. We are also a very social guild, with lots of former raiders/casuals that are always on. We want raiders that will stick around for the hard times, that means wiping on bosses 100+ times later on in the tier, if the going gets tough, The tough get killing bosses. Raid times Tuesday/Wednesday 7-11PM CST With optional 3rd day that we may do if we're close to killing a boss Currently Recruiting the following: 1 Healer: Pref Paladin/Shaman/Druid. Will consider all classes. How to apply: Apply at we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Contact info You can contact any of the following officers for information Dasturos#1479 Ivey#1200Dasturos0 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 Fresh 90 Shaman LF an active PvE guild So I'm not quite 90 but 5 bars away. I am looking for a fairly well established PvE guild willing to accept a new 90. At this current time I do not know how invested I will be or which spec I will primarily play but I am quite active and I do know all the content except for SoOTixsah1 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 Looking for a PvP/PvE guild Just laidback, shooting the ****, talking it up on some nights. Playing the game and enjoying it.Miyun0 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 <RELOAD> 11/14HM LF HEALER for Core Spot <RELOAD> We are currently 11/14HM SoO and we're recruiting an experienced and geared Healer for our 10 man core. The raid times are Tu/Thu/Sun 9-2 EST (8-1 Server Time). The Raid environment is extremely fun and competitive, and we’re looking to clear SoO as quickly as possible. Multiple sub 10% Siegecrafter pulls. Our core is all 570+ ilvl right now, and we're looking for a raider in that same ballpark. While we're full on dps currently, we're looking to add some more to our roster in prep for WoD. The potential dps would be worked into the core immediately. Feel free to add my battletag Carlo#1682. You can also put an application in on our website at Thanks guys!Montecarlos1 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 560 11/14h alt heal lf H SoO or GDKP Not looking for a guild or anything just a siege of orgrimmar run this week with some heroics, prefer guild run. My main is 11/14h, on this toon I downed the first 3 on heroic and thok on heroic when my guild needed an extra healer. Feel free to contact me - thenexxx#1636 Also would be willing to do GDKP run or something like thatThenexx1 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 Hotfix Illidan 2/14 hm Recruiting 1 Healer <HotFix> lvl 25 2/14 hm 10m is recruiting a geared Healer (not disc priest) for Hm's. Raid @ 7-11p Server Thurs- Fri- Sun. we are a new guild and will do better with our new healer :) If your interested, send me a in game mail or reply to this.Konvic0 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 increased queues? Has anyone else noticed an increase in queues and queue times. I got a queue for 1000 people at like 11pm server time for the first time ever. Is the more people playing or did the servers queue get reduced?Mårdüc19 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 WTB: Swift spectral tiger wtb swift spectral tiger for 300k. Pst in game.Yonbi0 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 1, 2014 Hey guys, back from Vanilla My now ex-bf talked me into coming back into playing but since found out he has been talking to his ex behind my back. He completely lied to me. :( I like the game but would rather have someone to play it with. He took all my gold when he found out we were done and has made it hard for me to continue. Ide like to have someone to grind with lol. Send me just a couple hundred gold in mail just to get me back on the grind again and Ill add your name to my friends list so we can group up, quest, and skype. ThanksLadygrim7 Jan 1, 2014
Jan 1, 2014 WTB The Name "Remix" Title says it all. Add my Btag Remix#1442Lovheals0 Jan 1, 2014
Jan 1, 2014 Anyone else constantly getting disconnected? I know we had issues last night but it seems to be going on today also. Anyone else having problems?Kilus6 Jan 1, 2014
Dec 31, 2013 Darkspear (A) Gold --> Illidan (H) Gold Anyone willing to trade YOUR 35kg Illidan Horde for MY 35kg Darkspear Alliance?Kultahari0 Dec 31, 2013
Dec 31, 2013 [H] HotFix 10 2/14 hm need alts 4 alt runs We would like to have back ups for our 10m and run alt runs.Konvic3 Dec 31, 2013
Dec 31, 2013 Spectral Tiger for sale! Realm: Aegwynn I can sell on either horde or alliance, Booty Bay AH ftw. Taking offers, but the price range I'm looking for is around 400k but I can go a bit lower. My realm is pretty low pop, so no need to be rude. I'm just going realm to realm seeing if anyone is interested.Floofili11 Dec 31, 2013
Dec 31, 2013 Happy new year, Illidan ! Happy new year everybody. Feel free to write resolutions / wishes etc...Tylazil0 Dec 31, 2013
Dec 31, 2013 WTB Glory of thundering and orgrimmar As the title say's Looking to buy both pst with more info Contact Real id ALBY#1351Deathmedic0 Dec 31, 2013
Dec 31, 2013 Tank LF Guild 555 protection paladin looking for raiding guild. I have cleared most bosses in SoO Normal. I am competent. I am available to raid on weekends.Tossren1 Dec 31, 2013