2d Tichondrius Late-Night Raid 10pm to 1am PST <L E G E N D A R Y> -- ><>< 7/7H EN - 3/3H TOV - 6/10 Nighthold ><>< -- Now Recruiting for Late Night Raids. Tuesday and Thursday 10pm to 1am Pacific Standard Time. We are a Dedicated raiding guild looking for more members to add to our roster. Trying to FOCUS on Nighthold and Mythic Nighthold Progression. Two days a week are: Tuesday and Thursday 10pm to 1am In high demand for Classes like: Hunter = High Demand Mage = High Demand Warlock = High Demand Warrior DPS = High Demand DK DPS = High Demand Any Exceptional DPS is always welcome to talk and As a TEAM we can figure something out! Contact me @ Smokeyjacob#1703 or Leave a message here on the Forums. Ill be checking regularly.Yoshtheghost0 2d
2d 884 resto shaman LF mythic raiding guild 884 resto shaman lf mythic raiding guild BT518#1183Sweetmeatt16 2d
2d <Sinful Nature> recruiting for NH! We are a semi-casual guild (7/7 H EN, 2/3 H ToV) recruiting 1 Tank, 1 Heal, and DPS as we progress into H Nighthold and eventually Mythics. We raid T/Th/Fri 8-11 ST (CST) and use Discord. Contact an officer/GM in game or Eupraxia#1463 for more info.Zanastus3 2d
2d Carnage 7/7 M 3/3 H LF HEALER & DPS What do we need? DPS : Mage & Warlock HEALER : Monk Or Priest We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 7pm - 10pm server time. (CST) What can you expect from us? -A fun, laid back environment. Serious time for Progression. -Guild repairs. -Seriously aiming to complete a raid tier before it get nerf. What do we expect from you? -Preparedness and patience during the trial period. -A good attendance record. -880 + ilvl -A sense of humor and willingness to participate in our family banter. -At least know all the fight we killed so we don't need to explain everything. Interested? Contact this guy! Shoda#11903 or zDiver#11635 Or try any other officer that are on !Shodaiwan5 2d
2d <FoTM> 7/7M 3/3H LFM We are currently 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic In ToV FoTM is a community of members that provide a mature atmosphere and a vast knowledge of all aspects of the game in regards to pvp, pve, and their classes. We Raid 3 days a week, run M+ constantly throughout the week, alt runs on weekends, and all other content pertaining to game play. We like to foster the feeling of a family in our guild, and strive to help each other out as much as possible. There is ALWAYS something going on, we are extremely active. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs for M+ dungeons. Current raid recruiting needs: High Desire: Shadow Priest Wind Walker Monk DPS Warrior Enh or Elemental Shaman Balance Druid We will consider any exceptional raiders. Raid Schedule : Tuesday-Thursday 8pm-11pm server (Subject to change depending on progression needs) If you think you would be a great addition to our guild, please register with our forum using your character's name and follow our application process. If you have any questions regarding recruitment or guild information, please contact any of our officers in game or by private message. Officer Battletags: Emmi: Ivey#1200 Evon: Jonson#1872 Rolanor: Rolanor#1859 Kream: Tkach#1448 Zgar: Zgar#1422Emmi13 2d
2d [H] [US] <Xpired> [illidan] recruiting <Xpired> is recruting we are fun casual guild that is lead by a group of friends and veteran players we are looking to run daily mythic + as well as build a solid raid team. Raid times are tues-weds 6pm - 9pm server times. We have all recruitment open to build numbers. Item lvl is not important we will help you get too where you need to be. If your interested just add my bnet and we can discuss the direction of the guild. Thanks hope to talk to y'all in game! Gm - Tydira#1603 Officers - Loadsofjuice#1585 Thryss#1375Loadzofjuice0 2d
2d World quest courtesy Before I get started with the post...I know I am on a PVP server so save me the QQ. We all know how crazy fun it is to do world quests. -_- But imagine doing it on a server that is 90% horde. Now I have no issues with ganking or WPVP but for these world quests we have a common goal can we set aside our difference for like 15 minutes. I say this because every time I go for a world boss there is always like 15 horde waiting. So I know I will never get it unless I tap the boss, but when I go in I don't use any spells that hit y'all, but y'all don't care the moment y'all see me you burn me down. Trying going to a heavy alliance server and see how it feels.Nelrian6 2d
2d <A Bunch of Idiots 3/7m LF more NH <A Bunch of Idiots> is looking to add some players to our ranks for the nighthold push. We are currently looking for skilled players that would like a relaxed atmosphere while still pushing content at good pace. All players who wish to join us will be considered. We have had some troubles with our roster over the last month, Some of our raiders decided to take a break for a while till nighthold comes out and it caused some issues within our current roster. Currently we have about 10-15 active high level raiders that are looking to remake our raid group for the nighthold push. Current progression is 3/7m 2/3h due to stopping raiding in early december (we would be 7/7m at this point). We also do many high level mythic+ runs and farm groups in our free time. Background on our players: We have some very skilled players throughout our guild ranging from Vanilla/Bc raiders to some newer folks that have recently picked up the game. We play multiple games such as wow, diablo, csgo, h1z1, arma, nost, and overwatch. We have some streamers and well known people in the wow community aswell. What we currently need: 1 Tank (non bear) Healers exceptional dps We usually raid Tues/Thurs 8-11pm cst with a clean up raid or alt run on sunday night. If this is something you are intersted in then dont hesitate to send me a message. I am usually on quite a bit, my btag is Bac#1681.Båc0 2d
3d 878 fury/882prot Only have a few parses on mythic, but im currently looking for a late night or weekend raid guild. I'm available 10pm-3am server on weekdays, weekends im available all day. I just want to kill bosses at the highest possible difficulty. My main spec is fury 39points and i have a 35 trait prot spec aswell. I am willing to transfer if any guilds want to give me a shot. Cant raid with current guild due to work schedule.Slurpeebuff3 3d
3d 875 blood Dk lfg I have all heroics cleared. looking for a guild w raid times nearly any day but Thursday evening. I am looking to progress thru mythic raids and dungeons, and begin new content also. Lmk ;)Devolution1 3d
3d <ARES> Illidan Horde Tues/Thurs 10pm-1 CST 1 sec ago <ARES> is recruiting a few more members for Nighthold! We raid 2 days a week: Tuesday and Thursday 9:45pm-1:00am CST We love to do Mythic+!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guild's main focus is to remain casual by only raiding 2 nights a week but down as much content as possible so come to raids prepared! We are recruiting all exceptional players! We are currently full on tanks but DPS and Healers welcome! we have a diverse make up currently so open to pretty much any Spec :) Add Duckies#1156 if this interests you.Duckies3 3d
3d <Apoapsis> Weekend Raiding Guild .Sokkaz3 3d
3d <Divine Council> (9/10M) LFM Healers, Range Hi. We are actively recruiting exceptional healers and ranged DPS for mythic progression. We're a laid back Guild with zero tolerance on drama and long useless chatter between pulls. We strive to be one of the most efficient raid groups on Illidan in terms of progression / hours raided. If you share our mindset and want to kill !@#$, give me a shout. pst: Itakou#1161, lusterlink#1262 or app: Especially In Need: • Healers, any class/spec • Hunters • Warlocks • Boomkins Raid Schedule (-6 GMT) Realm Time • Monday 10PM-1AM • Tuesday 10PM-1AM • Wednesday 10PM-1AM What To Expect From Us • A drama free, mature Guild environment • Like minded teammates with zero tolerance towards slackers or freeloaders • Team mates you can depend on to show up, do their job, and kill stuff What We Expect From You • Good positive, team attitude • Come to raids well prepared; know the fights, etc. • Knowledge of your class mechanics • Mumble with working micItakou21 3d
3d (H) Illidan Healer LF weekend guild. 881 resto druid LF raid on weekends. Cervix#1726. Can also do between 4-9 server time weekedays.Mãssey1 3d
3d [H] TTNB Recruiting for Mythics We are Taco Taco Nacho Burrito-Illidan(US)!!! The vast majority of our members have been regular players since BC. We're filling out our roster with the rest of the people we need to pursue mythics. We are in need of 2 healers and 2 ranged dps that are NOT on the protection token (NO shaman, warrior, hunter, monk). Our raid nights are Tuesday-Thursday. Progression on Tuesday and Thursday, with farm nights being Wednesday. 9pm-12am est. We use a loot council system with an experienced council. You will need the RCLootcouncil add-on, as it is how we distribute loot, if you do not have the add-on you will not receive loot. We have never had any complaints about our loot distribution. 7/7H 3/3H. You may post here, or contact us in game via any of these battletags: Deanscream#1840 - Dean Discmembered#1132 - Gorgruul Gundies#1603 - GundiesViridity4 3d
3d Predominant 8/10M LF DPS & HEALS Guild: Predominant Server: Illidan (Horde) Raid times: Tue, Wed, Thu, Mon 8P to 11P CST Progression: 7/7M Emerald Nightmare - 1/3M Trial of Valor Website: Expectations Predominant is looking for raiders who are reliable and consistent. We understand that real life is a priority and that this is a game, but 19+ people count on you to show up on-time and ready for raid (with the appropriate pots, flasks, and runes). We expect 90% attendance and advance notice of any absences or delays. Predominant uses Discord and we have an #afk channel where raiders can use the phone application to post. Raiders should have a basic understanding of fights and raid mechanics. We will post progression strategies in advance, and raiders are anticipated to familiarize themselves with the basics prior to the beginning of raid. Mechanics and raid awareness will always take precedence over individual parses, but raiders are expected to understand the ins-and-outs of their classes and how to optimize themselves for each boss encounter. We are looking for players self-motivated to improve and who understand that constructive criticism is nothing but an opportunity to become better Predominant uses Loot Council to distribute loot in a way that the officers feel would benefit the raid team the most. RCLootCouncil is a required addon that streamlines voting and viewing how big of an upgrade the piece is for each member. Points taken into consideration by the loot council are; attendance, performance, raid preparation, disparity in ilvl and trial timeline. The Big NO's 1). Don't have an outburst during a raid encounter in either voice chat nor raid chat. If you are upset please message an officer after the raid. 2). Don't blurt out encounter suggestions. If you have a suggestion on the encounter and how we are doing it message the raid leader privately and he may listen at the time depending on time constraints. If not please use the discord channel #strategy and post on the strategy there. 3). Don't complain about loot. 4). Don't insult or provoke conflict with other members of the guild, regardless of rank. We do not deal with drama and if there is an issue that needs to be handled contact an Officer. Failure to uphold any of the above expectations will result in dismissal from the guild. Trial Period All prospective members will be exposed to a challenging four week trial period upon acceptance of their application for trial. During the trial period you will be evaluated on the following: 1) Performance and improvement week by week. 2) Personal merits. 3) How well the Trial follows instructions during the encounters. 4) Attendance of 100% for Trials even if they are rotated in and out of an encounter. 5) Personality! We do not want people who are not open to criticism or have sour attitudes. Open Classes for Core Spots - Any of these classes fit our composition ------------------------------------------------------------------- Shadow Priest - HIGH Restoration Shaman - HIGH Discipline Priest - HIGH Demonology Warlock - HIGH Havoc Demon Hunter - HIGH Unholy Death knight - HIGH Elemental Shaman- MED Arms Warrior - MED Fury Warrior - MED -------------------------------------------------------------------We look forward to hearing from you! Tinylegs - Hulkadellic#1753 Ravizza - thorty30#1551 Almostnoon - Purpledrank#1213 Superchief - Zanven#1623Tinylegs63 3d
3d Late Night Raiding Guild 10pm to 1am PST <L E G E N D A R Y> -- ><>< 7/7H EN and 2/3H TOV ><>< -- Now Recruiting for Late Night Raids. Tuesday and Thursday 10pm to 1am Pacific Standard Time. We are a Dedicated raiding guild looking for more members to add to our roster. Trying to FOCUS on Nighthold and Mythic Nighthold Progression. Two days a week are: Tuesday and Thursday 10pm to 1am In high demand for Classes like: Hunter = High Demand Mage = High Demand Warlock = High Demand Warrior DPS = High Demand DK DPS = High Demand Any Exceptional DPS is always welcome to talk and As a TEAM we can figure something out! Contact me @ Smokeyjacob#1703 or Leave a message here on the Forums. Ill be checking regularly.Yoshtheghost0 3d
3d <Odds and Probabilities> 5/7M 3/3H LF RDPS Hello all, We're mostly a large group of friends that has played this game together for years. We're recruiting for our Mythic core and to add to that close group of friends for years to come. We are on the Illidan server; Horde side. Raid Times: Tuesday- 10PM-12AM EST (9-11PM Server) Thursday- 10PM-12AM EST (9-11PM Server) Friday- 10PM-2AM EST (9PM-1AM Server) Role Needs: Tanks: Currently full on tanks. Warrior-[/i] Paladin-<em/> Druid-<em/> Monk-<em/> DH-<em/> DK-<em/> Healers: Shaman- Paladin- Priest-(either spec) Monk- Druid- DPS: Melee; Rogue-Low Druid-Medium Monk-Low DH-Low Warrior-Medium DK-Low Shaman-Low Paladin-Medium Ranged; Warlock-High Priest-High Mage-High Druid-Medium Hunter-Medium Shaman-[i]Medium Requirements: 1)Class Knowledge- You are expected to understand the ins and outs of your spec(or specs). If you're ever unsure of something, there are many people in the guild willing to help or plenty of guides online to read. 2)Raiding Materials- Have your own Food and Pots. We create a cauldron for raiding through guild effort. Alchemists and cooks are online early and can help you get anything you need. 3)Attendance- Short of real life getting in the way, you are expected to be online for each raid for a core spot in the Mythic group. 4)Criticism- This goes for DPS, Tanks, and Healers. We are a competitive guild. Pull good numbers and understand the fights. You will be called out on it. We are not a carry guild. If you think you are a good fit for our guild, please contact Syplistic#1607 or XavionStar#1819 in game. We'd love to have you.Thelindra23 3d
3d <Irrefutable> 7/7M 2/3M Recruiting for NH <Irrefutable> is a raiding guild on Illidan. We are looking for dedicated players for current content and beyond! The core team consists of players who have been playing since Vanilla. Our goal is to maintain a progression oriented roster while creating a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Because of our somewhat limited schedule, we stress the importance of being on time, researching fights before attempting new bosses and bringing enough food, flasks and potions for a three hour raid session. If you have a solid understanding of your class and experience progressing through Mythic content, you are encouraged to apply! Emerald Nightmare Progression 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor Progression 2/3 Mythic Recruitment All applicants must have a strong understanding of their class. We are currently in need of: Ranged and Melee DPS Holy Pally Raid Times (CST) Tuesday: 7pm - 10pm Wednesday: 7pm - 10pm Thursday: 7pm - 10pm Optional Monday: 7pm - 10pm Logs are strongly encouraged. Loot Distribution Loot council. Loot is a product of our success as a team and should not be the sole reason for raiding with us. Loot drama will not be tolerated. Attendance Trials who miss more than one raid during their two week trial period will not be considered for a full time raiding position. Commitment is very important to us and we expect all raiders to notify an officer if they won't be able to make a raid night. If interested, please message Mazeppa (Creativek#1669), Shortykungfu(Okadante#1713), or Bloodywraith(Bigsecsy#1516) Thank you and I hope you consider joining Irrefutable!Shortykungfu19 3d
3d *CK* 7/7 H EN 4/7M LF Core Raiders Cottonmouth Kings new Late Night raiding guild recruiting fresh raid team! Currently looking for Tank, Healers and competitive DPS. Currently 4/7M 3/3H. PST or add swankypants#112499 for further detailsDémonx11 3d
3d [H] <D N D> 3/7M 3/3H @ Kil'Jaeden Recruiting <Death Not Disgrace> 3/7M 3/3H. We need bodies to fill up core spots for Mythic raiding. We need about 3 or so more people to round out the team. Looking for 860+ ilvl. The major thing we're looking for in our raid members is attendance, so long as we have enough people to run Mythic raids, we'll move along smoothly. Pugging people for Mythic raids slows us down due to pugs always leaving early and us having to replace. I'm sure most of the wow community knows of this problem. Raid Times: Tues / Thurs: 8-11pm PST Wed: 9-11pm PST Preferred Classes / Roles: DPS Boomkin Ele Shaman Warlock Rogue WW Monk Hunter Shadow Priest Healer Holy Paladin Resto Shaman Holy/Disc Priest WoW Progress: Contact info: Pimic#1689 Loxy#1515 You can reach me best by Real ID, otherwise posting here will be fine, but may be delayed responses.Simø0 3d
3d [H] <People of the Dragon> 2/7M 2/3H LFM People of the Dragon is a raid focused guild looking to recruit solid players. We have a focused but relaxed and fun atmosphere. We are also welcoming anyone who would like to join for a social role. Please take a few moments to fill out the application at the bottom of the post. Feel free to message one of the officers if you have any questions! 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3N 3/3H 0/3M Trial of Valor Expectations: Sign up for, and show up to raids prepared and on time. Attendance is expected, but we realize that people have lives. Read up on fights before raid. Be kind and friendly to others. Roles: 1 WW Monk Classes/specs not listed above are still welcome to apply, especially DPS. We will never pass up talent, though we would like applicants with at least 865 ilvl! We're also accepting casual/social applicants. Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 - 11:00pm CST (server time). Occasional optional raid on Tuesday. Officer IDs: Drewbie#11615 or Maeric#1550 Application Link: 3d
3d [H] BattleBjorn 2/7Mythic 3/3Heroic Hey guys! New guild here trying to fully man up for NH! We are a bit short on some core raiders but we are managing. In the month we've been together we have managed to gear up and down 2/7M and 3/3H Bosses! Yay us! BUT do you know what makes us sad?! we don't have you! About us?! We are pretty relaxed and poke fun of each other a tiny bit! There is 0 rage mechanics in our guild! We are also Resilient! probably not the best trait you are looking for but we can grind! Wiping don't bother us as long as we are moving forward. We run mythic pluses and always try and make sure we have everyone trying capped off at a 12 by weeks end, for that emotional roller coaster golden box! I personally don't wanna brag but for the last 4weeks I got Crit/Vers gear! Go worst stats! We Raid on Tuesday and Thursday. 9 Server Time! We are looking for some DPS and Heals! We are open to everyone, but we really trying to polish up a core group of competent raiders! Send me a Msg in game! Hoodwinks.Hoodwinks1 3d
3d WTB H Tich on 1/17/17 WTB H tichondrius kill on Tuesday. Only looking for the BS pattern no other loot. Can pay gold on Illidan/dunemaul cluster or any us-horde side server with enough notice. Add me Gambit#1258Drusk0 3d
4d 870 Hunter LF Guild Im looking for a guild to push NH with. Used to main a Havoc DH and went 1/7m till guild disband. Ive now rerolled a hunter and am currently 7/7hen 3/3htov Id prefer to raid during the week between 7-11 server time but im open to anything. Please leave a comment here or add my Btag skreech#1756 for more infoSkreechzor1 4d
4d [A] 7/7M | 2/3M Now Recruiting! ♥ Current Progression: Emeral Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M - working on Mythic Helya Nighthold: 0/10H Raid Schedule: T | W | Th: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM PST Sat | Sun: 6:30 PM * - 10:00 PM PST * Sat & Sun are for casual alt and achievement runs for those who want to participate. Recruitment Needs: Tank: Low Priority Healer: Medium Priority Melee DPS: Medium Priority Range DPS: High PriorityIf your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. About Us!: <Highly Successful> is a three day progression guild on Kel'Thuzad - a competitive, high population Alliance server located at the Chicago data center. We strive to push progression on a light schedule (10.5 hours per week, 3.5 hours per night), and our goal is to succeed at raiding, thus becoming to a leading guild on KT. To this end, we're in search of like-minded players. We don't expect perfection, but we do expect a high level of class mastery, encounter knowledge, and mechanical execution. This requires preparation through proper itemization, talent choice, consumable use, and encounter research. Furthermore, we like versatile players who can competently play multiple classes and multiple roles; this indicates a well-rounded understanding of the game. Moreover, we value players who are respectful of other raiders' time. Fun times and raiding are not mutually exclusive, but progression requires focus and optimal time management. With 10.5 hours of raiding per week, it's paramount that raiders come to raid with knowledge of progression encounters. When you optimize your own play, you optimize the guild's play. We understand that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, we do not tolerate people continually making the same errors. We need raiders to adapt quickly to situations and learn from the mistakes they and others make. We emphasize teamwork and openness to constructive criticism. Raiders are free to bring issues (with strategy or other players) to the attention of officers. Expectations: Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and potions. If information is available, study current and future progression fights. Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. Respect the time people dedicate to raids. Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes. Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. The ability to communicate is a must: having a working microphone is a requirement. Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs to try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Wowprogress: How to Apply!: Website: Contacts: GM: Kylore (GoblinSmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Lisabel (Nasonia#1313)Kylore8 4d
4d [H]<If Penguins Could Fly> recruiting! <If Penguins Could Fly> is a long time Illidan guild looking to get back into raiding. We are looking for an off tank, a couple dps, and a healer. Our raid times are Thurs/Mon 7pm-10pm EST. (6pm-9pm server). We are a semi - serious guild looking to push content but not spend all week every week in a raid. We would like to have a consistent group of people weekly. We like to have fun and run timewalking as well as older raids and content for achievements and pets/mounts. Feel free to add my battletag SparkGoddess #1806 for more info. Or whisper me in game (alt 161 for the í).Andromedía5 4d
4d 892 (890 equip) MM Hunter LF Specific Guild Just changed servers, 892 (890 equip) MM Hunter LF 7/7 Mythic Guilds who's raid times fall around Friday night, Saturday, Sunday early. Have experience in Heroic, know mythic fights (high learning curve, got heroic tov achieve before nerf)Kapu1 4d
5d Selling character names No special characters: Littlefoote, Grinch, highoctane, talespin, bigfoote, coldfoote, slambag. If interested add my tag Grinch#1383Littlefoote1 5d
5d [H] Not Your BabySitter 7/7M 3/3H LF DPS Guild Info: <Not Your Babysitter> Not Your Babysitter is a semi-hardcore mythic guild. We are new to Illidan as a guild, but several of us have played here in years past. As long as everyone is doing what they're supposed to do, there's no reason we can't just have fun while raiding and progressing. Our current core of players has been together since the middle of HFC. We are confident in our abilities as players, and you should be as well. Progress: 5/7 Mythic EN and 3/3 H TOV Raid times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:30pm to 12:30am EASTERN time. Loot System: We are running a loot council, made up of our five officers. The distribution of loot will be determined by three factors: 1. Attendance. 2. Needs of the guild. 3. Performance Currently Recruiting: Enhance/Elemental Shaman Hunter Warlock If you aren't any of these classes please feel free to apply regardless. Website: For direct questions add Wiggiiles#1973 or Kryanco#1688Wiggiles4 5d
5d <Martyr> (5/7M 3/3H) LF Warlock Hey there! We are in need of DPS and heals for mythic progression. High priority for Warlocks and MM hunters, but will consider any exceptional players. High priority on Resto shamans or MW for heals. We currently have a rotating roster which means we rotate people in and out as the fight requires. We are starting Nighthold this upcoming week and trials are open for these positions. We raid from 7-10pm cst on Tuesday and Wednesday. We like to have fun and joke around but get serious during pulls and put forth our best effort. If we sound like a good fit for you, hit me up on Bnet at Corsus#1720 or whisper me in game.Jarinia8 5d
5d 884 Rogue LF guild Hello I am looking for a 2 or 3 day raiding guild focused in Heroic/Mythic progression. My main was a guardian druid (3/7 M) but I changed again to my rogue (2/7M). I have rainding experience from WoD where I managed to achieve 7/13M or 8/13M (Cant remember) before patch. I am ready to realm transfer. I want a guild with commitment and where we can have fun and good progress. My main spec is subtley with 46 points I can raid at night every day except TuesdayJuandnk0 5d
5d Guild looking for possible merger or absorb <A Bunch of Idiots> is looking to possibly merge with another guild here on US-Illidan. We have had some troubles with our roster over the last month, Some of our raiders decided to take a break for a while till nighthold comes out and it caused some issues within our current roster. Currently we have about 10-15 active high level raiders that are looking to remake our raid group for the nighthold push. Current progression is 3/7m 2/3h due to stopping raiding in early december (we would be 7/7m at this point). We also do many high level mythic+ runs and farm groups in our free time. Background on our players: We have some very skilled players throughout our guild ranging from Vanilla/Bc raiders to some newer folks that have recently picked up the game. We play multiple games such as wow, diablo, csgo, h1z1, arma, nost, and overwatch. We have some streamers and well known people in the wow community aswell. What we currently have: 2 Tanks (1 is willing to switch to dps) About 8 dps 880+ 2-3 healers our players are flexible and wiling to swap roles All players are 880-890+ equipped We usually raid Tues/Thurs 8-11pm cst with a clean up raid or alt run on sunday night. If this is something your guild would be interested in or if you are a player looking for a guild then dont hesitate to send me a message. I am usually on quite a bit, my btag is Bac#1681.Båc4 5d
5d 3/3H ToV 3/7M EN LFM for MYTHIC tu/we 7-11pm Yo we're a close knit multi- gaming guild that's on a first name basis and plays very actively every day of the week. We have heroic EN and ToV on farm - usually clearing the content all tuesday night, and when we have down time we sometimes get into mythic+. We need to hit 20 so we can tear through Mythics - we recently downed the first 3 bosses suppper easily and without a full raid group. Anywayssss we need non-leather DPS that are currently progressing in heroic or are at the same spot we are and would love to push into mythics. We expect serious commitment to the raid times and mythic quality performance. HMU in game @ Giggleblush#1585 or even better apply on our website @ www.clanwhiteshadow.comGiggleblush12 5d
5d 885 R Druid LF weekend raiding I am currently looking for a progression guild focused on Heroic/Mythic content. I am currently at 45 traits and quickly progressing to 54 for Nighthold. Throughout this tier of content I've been a back-up healer on the roster due to my military schedule. I also have 35 traits invested into Boomkin/Guardian and am able to play these specs at a high caliber. Times available & time zone: Currently located in central time zone. Fri: 10:15 PM - 1/2 AM Sat: 5:15 PM - 1/2 AM Sun: 5:15 PM -11 PM Server preference: I can go to any server. Faction preference: Horde Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore Current progression/experience: 7/7M EN - 3/3H ToV (My current guild is 3/3M with whom i have learned and participated in the progression of M-ToV Recent logs: Contact info: You can post in this thread or you can reach me in game as well as my battletag Snarfy#11636Morníngwood0 5d
5d <Last Round> 7/7M LFM [H][US]<Last Round> Illidan Server Progression Raid Times: Mon/Tu/Wed 5-8 PST/8-11 EST (Thursday or Saturday Flex/Alt/Sale Raid) Last Round is recruiting more members for its semi-hardcore core mythic raid team. All core raid spots are competitive. We are currently 7/7M Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Heroic Trials of Valor. Our current group is just a bunch of guys that enjoy talking crap to each other as well as hang out outside of the raids. If you cant handle criticism, general locker room talk, or your mom jokes do not apply. Loot is distributed with a focus on upgrade percentage, attendance, and performance. We use a guild discord server for voice communications. Expectations: Understand progression oriented goals, 85% attendance rate, understanding your role in fights before we get there, solid knowledge of your own class, and finally a healthy level of determination to kill internet dragons. Main recruiting needs: Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Guardian Druid. Any Exceptional DPS. Feel free to apply regardless of class and spec, we do a carry/alt raid every week. Mythic+ Dungeons are ran very often as well. We are interested in starting a 2nd raid team as well, as such we are willing to absorb partial raid teams. All applications should include a link to logs as well. We are focused on becoming a top progression guild. If you cannot put forth the effort and time to advance do not expect a main roster spot. Send all applications to or message Flockashotta in game on Illidan Server. Btag: Flocka#1873 Please use the following Application Template Character Name and Server: Battle tag or best contact method for us to reach you: Class and Spec: Include a link to advanced armory profile: Link to most recent Warcraft Logs: Can you make at least 85% attendance? Mon/Tue/Wed 5-8 PST/8-11pm EST. More than 15mins late will count as absent. (Emergencies are not counted against you) How long have you played your Class and Spec? Where do you find your information about your class? How do you theory craft? Do you frequently have internet issues? List the add-ons you use. Do you have ALTS? Can you play them at a Mythic Level? Tell us about your raiding experience and what guild it was with. Any positions of responsibility? Extra tasks ex. Interrupt Orders. Reason for leaving last guild.Flockashotta0 5d
5d Closed Got our Kill, TY!Kynarreth1 5d
5d <From Chaos> Merger or Absorb <From Chaos> - Illidan We are a 2-3 night raiding guild that raids Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays 8-11 Illidan server time (9-12 EST). We want to either add new members to our core or to be absorbed into a guild that wants to see progression. Add me on bnet for more information Disknee#1385Diskneeonice5 5d
5d Racism from Illidan-Server I'm getting sick of all the racial hate from alot of players that play on Illidan. Stop with all this hate, there is no need to be like that.Throllu8 5d
5d <Few of a Kind> 7/7M 2/3M LF DPS Currently recruiting all roles with a high priority for a WARLOCK, ELEMENTAL, SHAMAN, ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN, ARMS WARRIOR We are currently 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV. We are looking for raiders to have similar experience in current content or at least 5/7M . Please have logs for us to look through if you are interested in a trial/interview. Hello raiders, <Few of a Kind> (Illidan) Leadership is composed of a core group of former top 10 US top 100 world raiders and top Wild Star players who have left the hardcore roll and taken on a casual/semi-hardcore play style. We are looking to clear the content on ALL difficulties including mythic in a casual YET effective play style hence the semi-hardcore. If you are looking for a casual raid environment with competent raiders that can push the content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 3 nights per week we are for you. If you are heavy into raiding and you have friends that are not, they are welcome to join and hang out as well. We are not elitist here, but we do have high expectations for those who do choose to participate in raiding. As in consistently and constantly doing the best you can to improve yourself and your rotation for your specific class, having your consumables for progression fights, gear being fully optimized (enchanted, gemmed, and with the correct stat prioritization)(The guild will help with this just ask). Do your research and know all progression boss fights. Our raid times are as follows: In central standard time Tuesday: 9pm-1230 Wednesday: 9pm-1230 Thursday: 9pm-1230 We will also will be doing "Alt" raids over the weekend on a random day for any who would like to participate for some easy gearing and just have fun enjoying. For more information or to join contact any of the following: Via in game real ID or character message. Real ID- Vampt #1932 Real ID- Dirtyd #1976 Real ID- Pladoh#1124 Real ID- Littfinger#1841 In game: Vâmpt (alt 131), Vamptshot, dîrty (alt 0238), justafurry, domali,Littlefînger (alt 0238).Littlefînger0 5d
5d WTS Chromatic Sword (Unobtainable) Hey guys, I have a Chromatic Sword (Unobtainable) for sale. I am willing to transfer to your server if the price is right. Please post your Battletag if interested and/or leave an offer in the comments.Catchup2 5d
5d 880 MW Monk looking for raid group for NH 880 MW Monk looking for raiding guild. I'm currently 7/7H & 1/7M EN 3/3H ToV. I'm looking for a guild that raids on Tues, Wed, Thurs. Any combination of those days will work. I'm available from 630pm server to 11pm server. I do not want to transfer from Illidan. Please add my btag, candace#1448, to contact me in game or leave a messege here. Thanks!Heavelyn2 5d
5d Recruiting R Sham/ Mist monk +DPS <Ctrl Alt Del> is in search of an exceptional Shaman/Monk healer to join our Mythic EN team as well as for the release of Nighthold. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11 server. The need to solidify our group is crucial and only pieces. Collectively we look tof have fun whilst committing time and effort into our progression. 3/7 M EN, 2/3H ToV. As stated were are also seeking solid DPS. S Priest is a plus, however all are welcome to apply. Message Drezzdan, Jessialyn or myself regarding inquiries. Team Salt #1Gomeras0 5d
5d 882 Bear Tank LF Raiding Guild Looking for a guild that starts raiding around 8-10pm server. I'm 1/7M 2/3H My btag is Fugitive1031#1622 if you want to talk furtherBullythorn1 5d
6d Fatal-2/3M LF PROT PALLY/Resto druid/Dps Fatal- Illidan- Horde Est. Nov 2014 RAID TIMES Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 830-1130pm cst About us: Community, teamwork, progression. 3 core values that we here at fatal have built as our foundation. Our goal every tier is to clear content at a steady pace. We know that each and every member is an asset and brings valuable resources to the team. We have a community in which we pride ourselves on, one where you can find active players who always want always strive to better not only themselves but their team members as well and ultimately the guild. Every tier our goal is to down content well ahead of the curve. PROGRESSION Emerald Nightmare- 7/7M Trials of Valor- 2/3M What you can expect: ● a stable guild with a soild infrastructure that has taken shape from being together for 2 years. This guild will be here long after wow. ● an adult guild. And the humors that go along with it. As well as the maturity and dedication you can expect from adult team mates ●raid spots that are based on merit, not favoritism. Players who work hard and constantly strive to improve will be given opportunity ● friends and family rank. If you have friends that aren't active enough to raid or can't commit to a schedule, but you like playing with them on off nights, we got ya covered. We have lots of friends/family here. It's part of what makes a great community. ●and probably the most important. A guild that will invest in you as much as you have invested in it. Your hard work and dedication will not be ignored. Go that extra mile and we will meet ya there What we are looking for: ●players with a back ground of raiding and a show a willingness to improve day in and day out. We want players who log in on more than just their "raid days". Their are tons of things you can do to improve raid performance outside of the raid. Right now the example is mythic+ dungeons. We are not interested in players who's sole concern is their loot and their item levels, we are a team and the teams success as a whole should be the focus. ●players who are going to be around for a while. Make sure that when you apply that you are not biting off more than you can chew. We want raiders who are looking for a guild to spend the rest of their raid career with, not just flavor of the month guild hoppers. ●players who know what it takes and can buckle down to achieve our goals in mythic raiding. Don't stand in fire, don't soak out of turn, don't take a tail to the face. If you do happen to fail mechanics (which we all do at some point) be able to correct it on the next pull and ensure it will not be a problem again. ●we want adult players 21+ years old. ●we want players who maintain good attendance. 90%+. We realize that real-life things happen and people might need to take small amount of time off. But realize that your team depends on you on raid days. And on raid days you should do your best to be there. Conclusion: If ya are an outgoing, competitive raider who is looking for a solid guild that will help you succeed in a semi-hardcore mythic raiding atmosphere then we encourage you to apply. We are always looking for dedicated players who will improve the foundation and core values that fatal as a guild stands for.  RECRUITING -rogue -Shadow Priest -hunter -boomy -warrior -Death Knight -Demon hunter *RESTO DRUID* *PROT PALLY* *also looking for all high quality players regardless if the class is listed or not HOW TO APPLY   GM- weezyb#1870 Melee officer- smite#1703 tank officer- Wetkitty#1140 Ranged officer- Hedegus#1375 Healing offcer- yelk#1845Lustx131 6d
6d DAYTIME 7/7M EN 3/3H TOV LF Exceptional DPS! Hey all! <Altered Time> Currently recruiting amazing DPS to expand our current roster. We are currently 7/7M EN and 3/3H TOV. We seek both ranged and melee dps! (Mage, Shadow Priest and Rogue are priority). What are we looking for? We are looking for mature and progress minded people who want to be a part of our community. We are looking for someone who is always looking to improve and shows up prepared and ready! Raid times: Currently, we raid 3 days a week ( 4, to be 100% honest but the 4th raid is optional and we only step in to farm content). Tuesday: 1-4pm server time Wednesday: 1-4pm server time Thursday: 1-4pm server time Friday (Optional, no requirement to participate): 1-4pm server time. Feel free to add me on btag if you have any questions! Btag: Rumblemintz#1475Rumblemintz3 6d
6d Three Players LF Mythic Raiding Guild .Sokkaz1 6d
6d Guild looking for possible Merging DKP Minus is our guild name. we are a buncha friends that have mostly all raided since BC or before. We are all very experienced players, but we, like most guilds from time to time, go thru phases where ppl come and go constantly. So, in that spirit we are looking to find a guild willing to talk about merging for Nighthold when it releases. We currently have about 8-12 peeps, all solid raiders, that we are committed with, we just need about the same from another guild out there with the same type of situation we have. If you are one of these guilds, with some solid players just cant seem to get over the hump of inconsistency like us, please send me a friend request and we can talk about making something happen. you can reach me at Sab#1425 on Bnet. We are looking for a guild that raids no earlier than 8:30pm server time, preferably @ 9pm, are there any guilds out there raiding at this time? if so, contact me ps. We were all in Carnage and The Bitterend thanks :DSabopotamus15 6d
6d 7th U.S guild exp lf guild for night hold havent been able to raid due to work expectations. looking to raid hardcore during nighthold. ive raided with paradise on skullcrusher we ended 7th U.S used to raid for hordehound gang and subbed in with blood legion during ToT. CTC on stormreaver. don't have much mythic experience this tier havent had time. changed my schedule around. can provide videos etc of proof. Pref lat night but any time after 8 would suffice. post for more info.Santell0 6d
6d 881 Bear/ 883 MW LF NH Guild Hey gents, as in the title, two of us are looking for a possible new home (current guild 3/7M, but winter break took a toll on the roster). 3/7M on at the time Veng DH (Stelenex), can check my logs on this guy also ( was doing feral/guardian, but switched to boomie for OS for 7.1.5.) MW is Drunkenhogg, pst me in game or at Velenex#1407 if interested.Velenex0 6d