May 12 906+ Enh Shaman LFG Hi, as title states I am looking for a guild on Illidan to possibly Mythic raid with. I've never stepped foot out of Heroic and have roughly 47 traits. I main two characters, this character and a sin rogue which is on another server. They both have same number of traits but have been enjoying shaman more and Illidan has a lot more players. I do not have elemental legendaries so playing ele is not in question unless absolutely required. These are my logs for what they are worth but I think I qualify to get into a decent guild. This is my first Wow expansion I am playing but have been playing other mmos for a decade. (my rogue for those who care) (my fflogs when I raided in FFXIV) I am a serious mmo player/raider but have not taken the plunge to raid in this game outside of heroic. With that being said I am not looking for a casual raid group but a serious group that has kills under it's belt with a decent raid hours and or cst/est timezone. At this point in time, I've hit that wall where I would like to see more results in terms of my class and can only do that by acquiring more gear or getting lucky with titanforging in Heroic. I am a very loyal comrade and never late to raid times. Thanks for reading.Aìúr8 May 12
May 12 Odd. For some reason logging on illidan makes my screen glitch lag like mad. None of my other toons or servers have this issue. Any thoughts?Lafs0 May 12
May 12 <Tilted> 9/10m 3/3m 7/7m LF Hunter + More <Tilted> 9/10m with a P2 20% wipe on Gul'dan is looking for the following specs/classes for our raid team... BM Hunter (Very High) MM Hunter (Very High) Shadow Priest (Very High) Arcane Mage (High) Fury/Arms Warrior (High) Survival Hunter (High) If you do not see your class/spec do not be discouraged we accept exceptional applicants regardless of roster needs! Spots are competitive! We raid Tues and Thurs 7-11 pm CST! If interested or want more info you can add me via BTAG: ChaddizBack#11223 DISCORD: chaddizback#3491 or apply via website which has other roster needs and a short 10 question app for you to fill out... I look forward to hearing from you!Throwmevodka0 May 12
May 12 3/10M Spriest and Boomkin LF Guild Hi all, My boomkin friend and I are looking to transfer horde onto Illidan. We are looking to join a casual raiding guild - prefer night a night time raiding guild (EST). I have linked the boomkin's armory below: I have recently rerolled to my shadow priest, but was originally a rogue and have linked the armory for him as well: I will check the forum post regularly - please just post below if you would like to speak to us. Thanks!Semiradical7 May 12
May 12 LF PVP guild Hey all, 110 assassination rogue playing since 2nd week of vanilla looking for Horde guild that specializing in PVP. Looking to make a new home :) Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks.Pmoree1 May 12
May 12 <Limit> 10/10M Selling Heroic/Mythic NH, ToV Add my btag: Rhobe#1139 if interested! Prices are as follows: The Nighthold Heroic 10/10 Heroic with Personal loot: 700k 10/10 Heroic with Master loot: 2500k Gul'dan with Personal loot: 350k Mythic 3/10 Mythic with Master loot: 2750k 8/10 Mythic with Master loot: 8250k 10/10 Mythic with Master loot: 12250k Gul'dan with Master loot: 7000k Trial of Valor Mythic 3/3 Mythic with Master loot: 3500k Helya with Master loot: 1975k During Heroic Master loot runs, 905+ titanforged gear is reserved for the guild. During Mythic Master loot runs, 915+ titanforged gear is reserved for the guild. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You will pay the remainder prior to the first boss being pulled. We like to keep on schedule and tardiness to runs can result in a loss of your spot. If you would like to purchase single bosses, only tier bosses, or have any questions feel free to contact myself, Rhobe (Rhobe#1139). A large majority of our services are streamed, you can come watch @,, May 12
May 12 6/10m looking for a rogue We raid wed/thurs 8-11. If you haven't been in mythic or are undergeared, but have skill, we can teach you and gear you. Reply here or hit me up drewbie#11615 Cheers,Geralde0 May 12
May 12 Selling Mythic+ Carries! Our Mythic+ team is selling Legion dungeon carries. Most of our team is 10/10M, has completed up to at least a +20 (post-patch), and has completed more than 1000 M+ dungeons in time. We provide our own keystones for all of our listed services. If you have your own keystone that you would like us to carry, we are more than willing to negotiate a lower price depending on what dungeon it is. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices: +10 completion* - 130k - A guarenteed 905+ item and a large chunk of Artifact Power from your weekly cache. +10 in time** - 150k - You will receive all of the above, plus whatever loot out of chests we are able to trade you. +15 in time** - 750k - You will receive all of the above, plus the Keystone Master Achievement, and a color variation on your "Balance of Power" artifact skin. *This will likely be with a depleted keystone. **You will be able to choose which dungeon out of our available keystones. This is on a first come first serve basis and we cannot guarantee any specific keystone. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as payment, we only take gold. In order to schedule a run, we require a 20% down-payment for your selected service. If you do not show up at the scheduled time you will not be refunded your down-payment. In the unlikely event that our team must cancel, we will either refund your down-payment or re-schedule at a more convenient time. We currently accept payment on Arthas, Thrall, Illidan, and Bleeding Hollow. If you would like to pay with gold from another server, we may be willing to accept it at a higher price. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a run you can contact us through the channels below: Myself: - Atomos#1839 Discord - Atomos#5693 In Game: Atomosx, Benchlord Ctopha: - Ctopha#1824 Discord - Ctopha#6270 In Game: Ctopha, Imlowkeybad * * * * * An Addendum: our team is looking for another person - mostly with the intention of pushing keys, but also for sales. If you are a tank or dps who is generally available after 4:00PM CST and would be interested, don't hesitate to yell at us.Atomosx0 May 12
May 12 Don't Rage Ataxus... Kind of looked up to him, For his achieves, Feats of strength and Blizzcon winning and !@#$... But apparently everyone get's a little mad in 1400 MMR games when they get 1v1ed Mage (100%) Warrior 25% and out of cooldowns... May 12
May 11 <Lok Tar Ogar> 5/10 M Illidan - US Semi Hardcore guild pushing mythic Nighthold is recruiting, Immediately looking for a geared holy paladin with mythic Nighthold experience to help push progression! Also looking for any and all DPS! Recruiting for Trials, Standbys, Core Raiders, as well as individuals interested in leading a second raid group as well! Casuals are accepted as well. Feel free to message me in game or apply on the website! (Please understand our website is strictly for recruitment purposes and we have no interest at this time in turning it into a "social media" guild website)\ Have a great day!Rabies4 May 11
May 11 905ilvl Ele Shaman 7/10 M NH LF Raiding Guild Looking for a hardcore raiding guild. I am 905ilvl equipped. I am 7/7M EN / 2/3M TOV / 7/10M NH. I currently have 43 Artifact Traits. I am available any days except Friday and Sunday. Feel free to post below and I will get in contact with you in a timely manner. Thank you.Psychostep5 May 11
May 11 8/10 M fury warrior LFG Looking for a twice a week raid schedule. willing to transfer servers. guild must be atleast 8/10 M feel free to add your guilds information belowWarpaint1 May 11
May 11 <Afterdawn> Recruiting <Afterdawn-Illidan> US/Horde AM Team Raid Times:[Mythic] 7/7M - 2/3M - 3/10M Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30am - 11:30am CST (Server Time) PM Team Raid Times:[Heroic] Sunday, Monday 9:00pm-11:00pm CST (Server Time) AM is Currently Recruiting: Tank - All Tanks will be Considered. Healer - Resto Shaman preferred DPS- All classes/specs will be considered, Preference to RDPS PM is Currently Recruiting: Tank - All Tanks will be Considered Preference to Paladin/Monk DPS - All roles will be considered. Healers - LF Resto Druid, Holy Pally. Please contact one of the following with any questions or visit our website to apply. Izy#1699 - AM Raid Team Armyofnova#1529 - PM Raid TeamIzzybells1 May 11
May 11 887/893 Multiclass Healer Transplant LF Guild Hi all! Recently returned to the game, and looking for a community with interests that fit my own. I'm in search of a guild that is interested in Mythic+ dungeon progression and Arena/RBGs. I have played (mained) every healer at one point or another throughout WoW, but currently I am maintaining a Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Sham, and Resto Druid. All are between 880-890 ilvl currently. Have 2k+ arena experience and 1900+ RBG experience in previous expansions, but have never engaged PvE progression fully. Currently trying to gear up for Mythic+ progression, and have been enjoying the new challenge. My schedule is not flexible enough for me to reliably commit to raids multiple times per week, but I am online frequently. Really just looking for a good group of people that enjoy the PvP and mythic+ challenges, and do them often. Feel free to add my Battletag, and see you in game! Contact: Shmoob#1700Shmoob0 May 11
May 11 Selling Nightbane/Kara carries! Hey there! Me and a group of friends have been farming kara and the nightbane mount since the new kara hit live and are now looking to sell. We usually do our runs on Friday night but times can be adjusted for the buyer. If you are just interested in the mount we will always summon you right in front of Nightbane for a quick and easy kill. Prices: Nightbane Mount: 200k Gold Karazhan Full Clear w/ Mount: 300k Gold If you have any questions or wish to make a purchase, feel free to message me in-game @ Pip-Illidan or on @ Piptooth#1430.Pip5 May 11
May 11 [H] Lok Tar Ogar 6/10 M Recruiting Please apply on the guild website Guild: Lok Tar Ogar Server: Illidan WoWProgress: Guild Website: Our Mindset: Lok Tar Ogar is a semi-hardcore WoW raiding guild that pushes for current content while maintaining a reasonable raid schedule that consists of 3 hours per day and only 3 days per week. Raiders are expected to treat each other with respect, be competitive with their performance, and always be prepared for raid. As well as communicate with officers when required/needed. The officers will provide information for boss strategies, be open to suggestions, examine combatlogs to enhance raid performance and identify raider weaknesses, as well as being informed on all stat priorities and attendance for loot distribution. We are currently recruiting the following classes: Priest(Shadow) Hunter Druid(Balance) Shaman(Elemental) Paladin(Holy) If you are not one of those classes, but are an exceptional player, please apply! We are always looking for exceptional players to fill our roster. Casual players who are looking for a home, are also welcome to join the guild. We are a friendly community willing to help out and include casual players as well. Expectation of raiders: As a raider you are required to know these things to maintain a spot on the core raid team: - Know optimal stat priority and spell rotation - Come prepared with potions. We provide the flasks and feast for the raid week. If you use a different stat food, you are required to be fully stocked with that specific food for the raid week. - Be at the raid and ready to pull at raid start time. - Be willing to take constructive criticism, as well as being able to give help constructive criticism in a respectful manner to other raiders. - Be able to consistently make raid times. Also able to contact the officers 4 hours before raid time to notify them if you are going to be late. - Be able to evaluate your own performance using warcraftlogs. During the raid you as a raider will be required to do the following: - Be able to stay at your computer for the full raid time, besides the 10 minute break that is held during the raid. - If you have a real life emergency you are to notify the Raid Leader of the emergency before leaving. We are people and we understand real life things happen. - Keep Discord clear during strategy discussions and boss fights. - You are not allowed to leave the raid for any reason, unless told by the Raid Leader. This means you must come fully prepared to each raid. Loot Distribution: Loot Council is used to distribute gear. Loot is distributed in a way that increases the overall output of the raid group to help us achieve the goal of downing progression bosses. In distributing gear, we take into account of the bosses we are currently looking at for progression, stat priority of each individual player in the raid group, and also we look at each individual's attendance. If you have any further questions, please send me an in game mail, or a PM.Iamshammies4 May 11
May 10 Do you want to make 300k-600k gold per hour? Active recruitment for Gul'dan Sales group on horde! As long as you are on Horde and US your server doesn't matter, we expect you to be able to speak English though. We want EVERY Class and Spec. Min DPS is 850k We expect healers to be able to reliably 2 heal the 15 of the carriers, you don't have to heal the buyers. We expect tanks to not randomly die. Know how to play your class and be ready to possibly take a 100 scythe or something. Ranged may have to soak bonds so be prepared, and don't be out of position and get knocked off the platform or out of range of the boss. We don't soak buyers. Requirements: 910+ item level (will consider slightly lower if you are a extremely skilled player) 7/10M or better (so that you can get a higher ilvl) AT LEAST a 95th percentile parse for Gul'dan Heroic for all item levels(and the skill to consistently hit this or higher) The endurance to kill Gul'dan 3-4 times an hour for AT LEAST 4 hours at a time. 2-3 times a week. Our current rough schedule Friday-Saturday-Sunday-(Maybe Monday) 6pm EST-10pm EST or later if they want to keep going. We don't expect you to be there every night due to raid schedules, but if you can't make it to at least 2 nights reliably don't sign up. Please go to this discord to post your application, we will be in touch Apllication Format Armory Link: Warcraftlogs Link: Class and spec: Are you familiar with Discord and do you have a working mic and are able to use it: The specific server you intend to look for buyers on (we prefer people who look on servers we don't, so if you want to look on a server that you don't have your main on and just guild transfer the gold at a later time that is most preferred): Your opinion on how good you are at the class and spec you play (Do you think you are the best you can be right now, is there room for improvement, are you doing everything in your power to get as good as you can. Be honest we look at logs extensively and we will judge you, but I want to see how you judge yourself as well): Which days can you come and for how long each day: Current overpopulated servers where we have many people looking for buyers. Stormreaver Updating more in the future. Despite how elitist this post is, we are pretty laid back and avoid drama while doing this. Any drama is squashed as soon as possible and at then end of the day we are all there to make gold, we don't want people who only show up out of the blue, or who only stay until they stop making gold then leave without out warning. Doing these things are a surefire way to earn a bad rep and not be brought back again. We are going to continue sales in Tomb, and you expect the profits to increase significantly for that, so get in now, prove your metal so that when tomb rolls around we like you and bring you into our very limited spots.Draggit1 May 10
May 10 902 HPally/906 RDruid LF Mythic Raiding Guild Can't raid the times I currently raid, need something more for my schedule. I have mythic experience from WoD, MoP, and M EN and 1/10M atm. I can play either my HPally ilvl 902 oy my RDruid ilvl 906. If you have any more questions, my btag is GandalfthePo#1449. Yes I am willing to transferBrightside13 May 10
May 10 4/10 Mythic Hpal & Rsham LF Raiding Guild Hi! My wife and I are looking for an equally progressed raiding guild or more to call home. We're both 2 very capable healers and would like to see as much mythic content as possible this expac. Raid times must be between 7pm-11pm EST. We work during the day. We're willing to transfer to find a stable raiding environment if needed. Check our logs out :) Resto Shaman Logs: Hpally Logs: Hit me up on bnet @ Seathasky#11486 if interested! Thanks!Cton3 May 10
May 10 <Tilt> 5/10 mythic NH recruitment Tilt is a guild that was established back in Wrath and has reformed in January to raid together again. GM and officers have leadership experience ranging all the way back to BC and are lead by an older crowd of experienced raiders. We recently started mythic NH and immediately went 3/10 and plan on pushing further and harder into content. If you're seeking to finish off heroic, or even get started into mythic, contact us. Times: M,T,W 730-1030 ST Requirements: 1.) Must be able to make all 3 raid days and maintain 90% attendance. 2.) Performance is expected, elitism is not tolerated (don't be a jerk) 3.) Raid logging is not tolerated 4.) Come to raid prepared in advance 5.) 900 item level 6.) A working mic and headset Current Requirement Needs: Prot War: Open Guardian Druid: Open Brew Master Monk: Open Fury War - open Frost / Unholy DK: - open Rogue - open Enhance / Ele Sham: open DH: open Feral Druid DPS: open WW Monk: open Mage: Open Warlock: open Boomkin: Open Spriest: Open Hunter: Open Holy Pally: open Resto Sham: open Resto Druid: open MW Monk: closed Holy / Disc Priest: open Even if your class is closed, skilled players will always be considered. If interested contact myself Quieren#1193 to set up an interview via discord.Quelenn16 May 10
May 10 926 Spriest LF Mythic Raiding Guild Looking to get into raiding, currently the highest ilvl in the world through rated battlegrounds. Hoping to optimize gear before next tier. m0nty#11944Monty2 May 10
May 9 [H] [US] <Xpired> [illidan] recruiting Delete threadOhimember16 May 9
May 9 912/913 Mistweaver LF Late Night Raiding Logs: Looking for a guild who start raids around 10pm server (8pm pst) any day though Friday/Saturday preferred. Willing to join a guild on heroic farm or early mythic progression on a two day a week schedule. Looking for a Hardcasual or SemiHC atmosphere. Let me know if I'm a good fit kyouri#1217Kyerial1 May 9
May 9 887 Frost Mage LF raiding guild Hello! I am an ilvl 887 Frost Mage looking for a casual raiding guild. I've been playing on and off since vanilla with a bulk majority of my raiding experience in Vanilla to Wrath. I've played casually after that but I want to get back into the groove of things and start raiding. I am AP lvl 37 with 28AK. I am looking for a guild that raids Tuesdays and Thursdays after 8PM server time and for people to run M+s with on off nights. I also have an 895 Fury Warrior if that suits your needs better. Logs provided upon request. noobcannonn#1134Sheepstick4 May 9
May 9 3/10M 900il Warlock LF Guild Hello! I recently took a bit of a break from wow but I am wanting to start raiding again and therefore am looing for a semi-casual mythic guild! :) I am available Monday to Friday - from 7:00pm to 11:00pm EST. EXPERIENCE Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic, 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic TOV: 3/3 Normal, Heroic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal, Heroic, Mythic I have been Mythic level raiding since Pandaria. I have fully cleared Mythic, with Cutting Edge: TOT, SOO, HFC, and EN. With some mythic bosses in Highmaul and BRF. WEAPON Destro - 39 Affl - 37 Demo - 36 I am looking for a guild to push mythic bosses with. I am also looking for a guild who is active in and outside of raid. #Khromah1755Khromah2 May 9
May 9 [H]<Afterdawn> Morning Raiding Guild <Afterdawn-Illidan> US/Horde AM Team Raid Times:[Mythic] 7/7M - 2/3M - 3/10M Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30am - 11:30am CST (Server Time) PM Team Raid Times:[Heroic] Sunday, Monday 9:00pm-11:00pm CST (Server Time) AM is Currently Recruiting: Tank - All Tanks will be Considered. DPS- All classes/specs will be considered, Preference to RDPS PM is Currently Recruiting: Tank - All Tanks will be Considered Preference to Paladin/Monk DPS - All roles will be considered. Healers - LF Resto Druid, Holy Pally. Please contact one of the following with any questions or visit our website to apply. Izy#1699 - AM Raid Team Armyofnova#1529 - PM Raid TeamIzzybells7 May 9
May 8 898 FDK/Tank lf late night raiding guild Looking for a T/W/T guild starting around 10:30 server time. 10/10H exp this tier after coming back from a long break, plenty of Mythic and Old heroic raiding exp. add me and let's talk mattyice#1826Nanaki2 May 8
May 8 LfG morning, casual Lf a casual morning raiding guild.Sajo1 May 8
May 8 <Indecisive> H - 7/10 Mythic Recruiting Hello friends, I am reaching out on the forums today in hopes of looking for like minded individuals who are interested in a two-day a week format for raiding and hope to push your abilities to the fullest as we finish up Nighthold and move onto Tomb of Sargeras. While we will consider an exceptional player we are currently in search of strong range dps and healers with dps offspecs. Our schedule goes as follows - Tuesday: 8 PM - Midnight server time (or CST if you will) Wednesday: 8 PM - Midnight server time (or CST if you are still uncertain) OPTIONAL ALT RAID - Sunday: 8 PM - Midnight CST (I am lazy) For our VOIP we use Discord and we would like to encourage people to not only just raid, but to join our community and enjoy activities that could be occurring outside of raid. Our mission, is to become a cutting edge of two-day guilds in progression of Mythic content while still maintaining a more casual atmosphere than other guilds and helping you develop as a player and to have you help us develop as a guild. Not to mention, foster a community that is just as strong as it is on WoW off of WoW. Should you be interested in trialing to see if we are the right fit for you feel free to message me at: ARCtic#1669 or you can message: Neverr#1192Kircheis0 May 8
May 8 [WTS] Mythic+10 for GOLD Hi! Our group can help you with completing Mythic+10 for weekly chest(905item+tons of AP). Our team long time sell Challenge Mode in WOD for gold. Now we can help you with new Mythic Dungeons! ... Price Complete Mythic+10 you key - 180K Complete Mythic+10 our key - 200KSo what do you need for your run? -Level 110 character -No gear requirementsYou get: -You will get 890-925 items(we trade for you if we dont need it)Contact with me! gromfrost#2176We take gold on Illidan or Stormrage servers.Solocarryx2 May 8
May 8 Regression 7/10M 8pm-11pm CST TH/SUN R> <Regression> 7/7M 2/3M 7/10M is recruiting players for mythic progression. Raid times Thursday/Sunday 8pm-11pm CST with an optional/heroic raid night on Tuesday. Mythic roster recruitment needs: Tanks: Any exceptional tank player DPS: ALL classes/specs Healers: Potential opening for druid All roles/classes/specs are welcome for joining the guild for Mythic+'s or off time/alt runs. If your class/spec isn't listed, don't hesitate to contact us as we are always looking for quality players. This includes tanks and healers! Also, if you are a group and are interested in joining the core raid team, that may be a possibility depending on performance of your members vs performance of our members. Exceptional players WILL earn their raid spot very quickly. Loot is distributed via loot council with priority going to players with the best attendance and performance while keeping in mind the overall upgrade to the raid team. We want to have competitive progression with minimal raid hours. Our raiding goal is to achieve the cutting edge achievement on each raid tier. Since our raid hours are so low, we focus on short and efficient raids to progress through mythic content in a reasonable time frame. We clear tons of heroic content on our alts as well that anyone is welcome to if you are more content in just raiding heroic only! If interested: Apply at Or contact Taengoo#1990 or Sinfonia#1568Taem29 May 8
May 8 Crit Pro Quo Daytime/EU Guild Crit Pro Quo is a Horde DAYTIME guild on Illidan Us PvP Server. Currently 10/10H looking to start mythic progression and get ready for ToS Quick Information Server: Illidan(US) Raid days: Tuesday/Thursday Raid times: U.S. Eastern - 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM U.S. Central - 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM U.S. Mountain - 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM U.S. Pacific - 11.00 AM - 2:00 PM Berlin, Rome, Stockholm - 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM Dublin, Edinburgh, London - 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Attendance Requirement: 90% minimum About us We are a core group of EU/US off-time people focused on tackling endgame content. Our members range in age from 20-40 with a variety of personalities and backgrounds. Note: We prefer to recruit people on a permanent basis -- this means mature, stable people living in Europe, or longtime Nightshift people living in the US. Attendance Since we are a tight knit roster, reliable attendance from all raiders is important. Raiders are not penalized for occasional absences, however they are expected to post any scheduled absences ahead of time. Expectations Applicants should have a focus on continual improvement at the individual and raid level, and be able to use appropriate resources to research their class and raid role If interested add me to btag Multan#11144Multan0 May 8
May 8 915 8/10M Fury warrior LFG Looking for twice a week raids. Must be atleast 8/10M. Feel free to add your guilds information belowWarpaint2 May 8
May 8 899 Outlaw Rogue Looking for a mature pvp guild.Gball2 May 8
May 7 Looking for Late Night Mythic Raiding Guild Looking for a raiding guild that starts around 10 PM and raids about 3 days a week, preferably Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but any days do work. Currently I am 3/10 M NH and I want to progress further into nighthold before ToS comes out. I want to be part of a guild that seriously wants to progress by the time ToS comes out. Reply below and I'll add you and we can talk more.Nazur1 May 7
May 6 Avoid Gladiatordh-Illidan He is a troll and a generally bad player. I'd remove him from any PvP, PvE, or ERP (As I've heard he does so much of) groups.Tyrothen2 May 6
May 6 <Hijinx> Mythic Raiding Guild Who we are: We are laid back adults who want to spend as little time as possible fooling around in raids. We want to maximize our time there and progress as a team. We like to have fun but not at the expense of raid time. We WILL sit under-performers if the bench permits, and we will replace them if they continue to lack the qualities we need. We are a Semi-Hardcore guild and we will not bend over backwards, tweak our strat 900 times, sit ppl for petty things, or penalize people for choosing not to play 24/7. That being said, we do have minimum requirements, expectations, and reasonable standards. If you are a raid logger, you are looking at the wrong guild. If you are an elitist, in it for the loot, or want to be the best of the best top dog US #1 - this is not us. We are here to get !@#$ done without making this a full-time job. If you are looking for a mature, adult guild with respectable people and have the time and drive to raid and accomplish goals then we might be a good fit. However, we will not tolerate underperformers or poor attitudes and such people will not be kept around for long. Previous Achievements: 13/13Mythic HFC Pre-Patch (US 568th) Current Xpack Mythic Achievements: Ursoc US 491 Dragons US 523 Il'gynoth US 495 Xavius US 555 Odyn US 461 Guarm US 414 Skorpyron US 351 Chrono US 418 Krosus US 557 Recruitment Needs: PURPLE TEAM: Weekdays T/W/TH 7-10pm EST 8/10M NH 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV NEEDS: Ranged DPS 1 Healer (Holy Pally pref.) BLUE TEAM: Weekends Sat/Sun 7-11pm EST 6/10M NH 7/7M EN 3/3H ToV NEEDS: Ranged DPS Melee DPS 1 Healer We welcome all exceptional players to apply. Additional Information: You can read all of our information here Guild Website: Recruitment Contact: Bryi - Jinx#11876Bryi2 May 6
May 6 AOTC 3/10 mythic is recruiting Hi All, <AOTC> is a core group of friends that is currently 7/7m, 3/3h, 3/10m. We are looking to recruit more members for our guild and raid. We are a adult progression guild that looks to maximize our time in raids, we do not tolerate drama or nonsense. Currently need: Rogues Druids boomkins/guardians/feral Resto Shaman w/ elemental offspec preferably Mages all other welcome to apply Raid Times Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am server. We are a very active guild that runs mythic+ and older raids quite often. Casual Players Welcome! whisper me or any other officers in game for information Jitté Lasrei WhytmageJitté4 May 6
May 5 bbbb bbbbbRoxxic0 May 5
May 5 Looking For Recruit-A-Friend Partner! Looking for someone that is interested in doing Recruit-A-Friend! I'll make new account if u get games.. Can play anytime and be willing to level at least 4 characters 1-100. Leveling is very fast 1-100 in few hours, you get free month, mount, granted levels and pet & 2 seater flyer mount!! If interested give me a holler! :)Sayvyn1 May 5
May 5 Jade Legplates Mog Available For Sale Jade Legplates Mog Available For Sale 120k o.b.o Illidan U.S Server B Tag - Dreadnaught#1416Dómm0 May 5
May 4 <Epic Force>Recruiting exceptional ranged DPS <Epic Force> is currently recruiting exceptional RANGED DPS. We have the experience and patience that comes from pushing bleeding edge content since Vanilla. From that experience a few very valuable lessons were learned. The first is that you can't take this game that seriously if you want to have fun, and the second is that raiding is the most fun with like minded individuals. We are awful pun making, fart joke telling, internet existing, imgur browsing, raid boss killers. Our goal is to have a good laugh and get good results. We are currently recruiting exceptional [Ranged-DPS] Raid Times: Wednesday/Sunday 10:30 pm - 1:30 am EST / 9:30 pm - 12:30 am (Server Time) Requirements: -Don't need a safe space -Only be triggered by awful puns Raid Requirements: - Skills - Gems - Enchants - Maximum Effort Get in touch: GM: Kel (kel#1355 for bnet) Raid Leader: Magnopus (Magnopus #1254) Officers: Kainek (doomv #1180) Tyler (dadbanger #1720) Vimy Dethros GrahamramTwop4 May 4
May 3 LF to transfer to a new home 895 frost mage, 874 resto shaman (same person) Looking to transfer to find a new home. Have heroic NH exp, no mythic unfortunately (current guild isn't mythic ready) Just got back into the game, hoping my ilvl is enough to convince to let me try mythic NH, if not at least a heroic team to help me get my ilvl up. Message me in game at Doublebub#1741Crypcicle1 May 3
May 3 905 Holy Priest looking for a guild Yo, I am Spelebrimbor, a 905 holy priest with 45 in the weapon looking for a guild, as my recent guild went belly up. I also have a mistweaver who is 900 with 40 in the weapon. I am an all around pretty decent healer, or so I like to think :). Old guild did not have many mythic kills because of the roster boss, but I am 3/10. Logs: Priest - Monk - Hit me up on bnet if you wanna talk. BastionMain#1308Spelebrimbor2 May 3
May 3 Looking for serious Raiding Guild Resto Shaman 906 7/7M , 6/10M Looking for raiding guild Horde Side.. 48 Traits...looking for a guild raid 3 days a week ...add me Sky#1558 for more infoSkyhill2 May 3
May 3 897 RSham LF for Weekend Raiding Guild 897 Resto Sham in need of Weekend Raiding guild that is just entering M NH. May 3
May 3 ✨ Floor Inspectors 8/10M 3/3M LF DPS Floor Inspectors Illidan (Horde US); Raid times: T/W/Th 7:30 - 10:30 CST forum replies will not be returned. forum replies will not be returned. forum replies will not be returned. 8/10M NH 3/3M ToV 7/7M EN Objectives FI is a semi-hardcore WoW raiding guild with the primary goal of pushing for the most difficult boss kills on a relevant time scale. Raiders are expected to treat each other with civility, show respect where due, and meet a certain level of preparedness and performance. Officers are expected to provide information on boss strategies, examine combat logs to identify weaknesses in raid performance, be open to suggestions, and be informed on all stat priorities and attendance for loot distribution. Recruitment We are looking for the following: Paladin (Holy) Rogue Priest (Shadow) Warlock (Affliction) Always interested in exceptional DPS, don't hestitate to ask questions! Contact Darksyde#1618 for further info, forum replies will not be returned. Raider Expectations Understanding and meeting the following is a good start for maintaining a raiding spot within FI: Outside Raids - Know optimal artifact path, stat priorities, and spell rotations - Maintain full augmentations on gear including enchantments, gems, and other - Always have a full raids worth of consumables including flasks, potions, and food - Read and watch current boss fight strategies - Be at the raid instance portal and pull-ready by the advertised starting raid time - Consistently make raids on time, perform adequately, have the ability to hear criticism and improve, and be willing to offer constructive advice to fellow raiders - Evaluate own performance using, pursue latest theorycrafting for all assigned specs, and maintain all guild-required addons During Raids - Stay at the computer for the entire duration of a raid besides breaks - Inform the raid leader before going emergency afk - Avoid leaving the raid instance to get repairs, get consumables, or otherwise - Be receptive and considerate to the boss strategy and assignments being employed and provide alternatives or adjustments only where appropriate - Keep voice communications clear and coherent Loot Council System In FI, loot is considered a tool that provides a higher probability of meeting our mission of achieving boss kills. A council decides where each piece of loot goes based on itemization, attendance, performance, and more to help optimize that effort. We thank you for taking the time to read through, and hope to hear from you in-game!Drkside82 May 3
May 3 Booty Pirates - Semi Casual Late Night LFM Booty Pirates - Semi Casual and Social Raid Team 10/10 Normal Nighthold, 10/10 heroic - Very social guild looking for DPS forNighthold and Tomb of Sargeras Friday & Sunday 8pm - 11pm PST raid time. 10pm-1am Server Time. Lots of Mythics and Mythics+ run daily with a bit of PvP, Questing, Leveling alts, Heroics and etc all through out the week. Flasks, foods, potions, and guild repairs will be provided for raiders. We're casual in a sense where we raid two days for three hours each day and can laugh about a wipe but we are still serious about progression. We're always on Discord and we joke around a lot, some jokes aren't appropriate so keep that in mind. Overall, we're very social with guild members that actually talk to each other. 18+ only **HAVE ROOM FOR** - Warrior - Hunter - Shaman (Ele or Enhance) - WW Monk - Boomkin Groups Welcomed. If other person in your group class is not listed, we can probably work something out New players welcomed. Trials available immediately for anyone 875+, willing to help gear up slightly for anyone else. Irisfare#1178 btag or israfela#7689 discord - guild and raid leaderBearbun4 May 3
May 3 LF Mythic Progression 905 Holy Priest I have a bad work schedule. I can only raid from 10:00pm- on in some cases a 9:30pm PST. Every night except Tues. I raid on my mage that night. Willing to xfer to Illidan from Thrall if the guild meets my needs.Holygrim0 May 3
May 3 LF Mythic Progression 905 Holy Priest I have a bad work schedule. I can only raid from 10:00pm- on in some cases a 9:30pm PST. Every night except Tues. I raid on my mage that night. Willing to xfer from Thrall if guild meets my needs.Holygrim0 May 3