Mar 13 WTB H NH Looking to buy a full 10/10H NH ML. Run would be for a super fresh 110 horde pally. Please respond with price and times. Prefer this reset. Gold only. P.S. May be interested in a normal run if the price is right.Dbonz2 Mar 13
Mar 13 873 Unholy DK LF N/H I recently got back into WoW as of a couple of weeks ago from today. The reason why I left is because I used to main a Warlock during a time the Warlock was the weakest spec upon Legion's release (September-November). I know the Warlock has changed among viability since then, to be one of the best classes to play dps-wise but I decided that I was just overall burnt out playing as a Warlock, and overall a ranged dps in general. I came back to the game and found my true calling is as a Unholy Deathknight as I enjoy it so much more mechanically and gameplay-wise. I have no plans of giving up on this spec and cannot ever foresee quitting as a Unholy DK, I feel very content where I am now. My gear and traits are rapidly increasing. Expect me to be 880+ very soon as I am actively grinding Mythic+ every week and participating in NH pugs on normal that I lead myself for an attempt at better gear. I am highly confident about my DPS, averaging typically within the top 5 in pugs with a general ilvl of 880-890. A small about me: I am a highly motivated college student that loves to play WoW. I do very well in college, majoring in Process Technology and enjoys dedicating time into talents and hobbies (including WoW). I have a very calm and laid back attitude with plenty of patience, I don't mind wiping to bosses many times and will keep trying until It's done. I enjoy contributing to the guild and doing what I can to make my own, and everyone's experience enjoyable. Darkane#1931 With mic (I can use any voice program) Timezone: CST ilvl: 873 Artifact Traits: 38 Build: Midrange "Clawing Shadows" build Very strong AoE, strong single target damage. Schedule: I am a college student. However, I do have plenty of availability that will take barely any time away from the game and guild. Mondays and Wednesdays These are my busiest days in school from 8:00am - 5:00pm, does does not mean I have a preference on raiding times on Monday and Wednesday nights or nights prior. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 1 class from 11:00am - 1:00pm Fridays is 1 class from 8:00am - 10:00am The latest I stay up on weekdays is 1:00am, so i'm sure there will be no conflicts that can interfere with ingame time and raiding times. I am all free on weekends.Malgroth4 Mar 13
Mar 13 885 Prot Paladin Hello :) I'm currently looking for a casual raiding guild. Requirements: Guild must be Horde on Illidan. Raid times can be any day except Friday/Saturday and must be between 6-10 Server time. Reminder i'm not looking for a serious guild i want a casual/laid back environment. Whisper me in game on this character or add my Btag Phayz#1771Phazey1 Mar 13
Mar 13 902 equip / 916 unequip prot warrior lf mythic raiding guild. I can do Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday for raid days. 54 traits in prot 35 in fury and arms - I suck at dps but prot is my main.Soniç0 Mar 13
Mar 13 WTS: Alani -- Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent **This service has been discontinued. Thank you to all the people who bought the mount from me** Hello everyone, I thought it was time that I officially create a thread to have people reference to for those potential buyers who are still weary. I will be selling the mount <a href="/wow/en/item/90655" class="bml-link-item color-q4"><span class="icon-frame frame-10"><img height="10" width="10" src="" alt=""/></span>Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent</a> regularly. The price will be 40k gold firm. Since <a href="/wow/en/item/86546" class="bml-link-item color-q4"><span class="icon-frame frame-10"><img height="10" width="10" src="" alt=""/></span>Sky Crystal</a> disappears on use, you will be required to go first in this exchange—this is nonnegotiable. Why purchase from me? - I've been selling this mount for a couple of years off and on - I have a total of 46 sells here on Illidan with zero negative feedback - Other people do sell it but most of those people are known botters. So caution to you. - My main character is Destroy—formerly of the guild Advantage—which was a top 10 guild here on Illidan. How the trade works: - I show you I already have the mount - I agree to trade my <a href="/wow/en/item/86546" class="bml-link-item color-q4"><span class="icon-frame frame-10"><img height="10" width="10" src="" alt=""/></span>Sky Crystal</a> to you for 40k gold - You agree to the trade in party chat - You trade me the 40k gold - You take a screenshot, if applicable - I use the <a href="/wow/en/item/86546" class="bml-link-item color-q4"><span class="icon-frame frame-10"><img height="10" width="10" src="" alt=""/></span>Sky Crystal</a> - You kill Alani and loot her - I say thanks and hope you vouch for me here on the forums :) How to contact me: You can add my tag: Destroy#1386 You can also post here and I'll get in contact with you. Thank you to all my previous buyers and thank you to all my future buyers~ Have a good one, Destroy/VolaxioVolaxio41 Mar 13
Mar 13 905 mw monk lf raiding guild Hey guys I am a 905 ilvl MW monk looking for a mythic progression guild, I just transferred over here, and I'm looking to find a guild to play with as quickly as I can, I am currently 2/3 m - tov and 3/10 m - nighthold. I am a pretty quiet guy just like to play with some good buds and down some content. I don't have any logs or nothing. I never really tried using logs yet. I probably should, and would be down to give it a try.Lelgalt2 Mar 13
Mar 12 Weekend Raiding Guild Recruiting DPS White Shadow runs Sat/Sun from 6-10 pm CST currently in Heroic Nighthold recruiting DPS to fill our our roster. We have guild repairs donations to the guild bank you can receive from the guild bank ex. Flask, Enchants, and Gems. We are a family that wants to push into Mythic Nighthold we lack the people to help with our goals. If your dream is to push into Mythic Raids check us out at or contact an online member. White Shadow is a multi-gaming community that is laid back and likes to have fun. We have a great atmosphere where there are laughs galore! Some other games we play include G-mod, Heroes, Overwatch and many more. White Shadow is a multi-gaming clan established in 2007 on Starcraft I with the intention of providing an organized, social, honest, and fun community for our members. Bound by a strict code of ethics and driven by a strong sense of loyalty, our clan consists of dedicated members who have been gaming with each other on a daily basis anywhere from one to eight years. We value loyalty and integrity above all else, and do not compromise our values. Do you have what it takes to join our ranks? If you are interested in joining, we would like know you a little better, as well as explain the basics of Clan White Shadow. Visit our clan website click the Newcomers tab read the page and it will explain how to become a full member, apply for teams, and help you locate the information you need with hyperlinks. you will also need to read threads under the Information Center on the Forums. These threads go into detail on clan rules for every game. The Events tab shows all our scheduled events in Eastern time by default, which may be changed to your own time zone once you set it on your profile. Be aware that new members are subject to being removed from our clan by any officer for little or no reasoning at any time, so please be mature!Eternalchaôs2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Hpriest & Boomkin (3/10M) LF M NH Holy priest:â/simple Boomkin:ënthumb/simple This week's logs: We can raid weeknights between 8:30pm-1am CST (6:30pm and 11pm PST // 9:30pm-2am EST). We are looking for a 2- or 3-day guild, up to 10 hours/week. We are 3/10 M Nighthold and are looking for similar or better progression. Horde only, please.Sunnâ6 Mar 12
Mar 12 Closed ClosedCalytrix0 Mar 12
Mar 12 <Booty Pirates> 8/10H LFM RDPS Heroic NH Server: Illidan Raid Times: Friday & Sunday 8pm-11pm PST (10pm-1am Server Time/CT). Progression: 8/10 H NH, 2/3 H ToV, 7/7 H EN Loot Style: EPGP About Us We're a very social semi-casual guild, looking to progress through heroic and eventually mythic raids. We're casual in a sense where we raid two days for three hours and can laugh about a wipe but are still serious about progression. Mythics, Mythic+, PvP, Questing, Leveling, Heroics etc. are done all throughout the week. Flasks, foods, potions, and guild repairs will be provided for raiders. New players are welcomed! We're always on Discord and we joke around a lot, some jokes aren't appropriate so keep that in mind. (Pref. 18+) Currently Recruiting - Boomkin - Mage - Hunter No Demon Hunters please! Trials available immediately for anyone 870+, willing to help gear up slightly for anyone else. Visit our website! ...Sylarii0 Mar 12
Mar 12 ReRoll Frost dk looking for home I recently re-rolled frost DK with 878 ilvl and 4 pc tier. I have experience up to 9/10H NH (Guldan to 3% before re-rolling). Currently at 38 traits in my weapon as I re-rolled approx 3 weeks ago. Im looking for a raiding guild to progress with, not to be carried. I'm looking for 3 nights a week around 7pm - 11pm. Please message me to discuss. End#1931Éndbringer0 Mar 12
Mar 12 [H] <People of the Dragon> 3/10M LFM People of the Dragon is a raid focused guild looking to recruit solid players. We have a focused but relaxed and fun atmosphere. We are also welcoming anyone who would like to join for a social role. Please take a few moments to fill out the application at the bottom of the post. Feel free to message one of the officers if you have any questions! 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3N 3/3H 0/3M Trial of Valor 10/10N 10/10H 3/10M Nighthold Expectations: Sign up for, and show up to raids prepared and on time. Attendance is expected, but we realize that people have lives. Read up on fights before raid. Be kind and friendly to others. Roles: 1 WW Monk 1 DPS War 1 Rogue 1 DPS DK Classes/specs not listed above are still welcome to apply, especially DPS. We will never pass up talent, though we would like applicants with at least 890 ilvl and 45 weapon level! We're also accepting casual/social applicants. Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 - 11:00pm CST (server time). Occasional optional raid on Tuesday. Officer IDs: Drewbie#11615 or Maeric#1550 Application Link: Mar 12
Mar 12 <Convoluted> 4/10 Mythic NH 3 Nights! <Convoluted> 4/10 Mythic NH is currently looking to fill our last few core spots for mythic progression! We are currently looking for : - Hunter - Mage - Shadow/Holy Priest - Balance/Resto Druid - Elemental Shaman - Holy Pally - Any exceptional players! We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-11 Server ( CST ). What we expect from you: - Maintain a 90% attendance rate - Come prepared to raids: flasks, potions, foods - Be ready 15mins before raid time - Know your class and perform well with raid mechanics - Positive attitude Loot distribution awarded via loot council based on: - Attendance - Performance - Upgrades Please contact Evo#1745 or Sybur#1587 for more information! Or apply here:øssbøss166 Mar 12
Mar 12 Ilvl 884 Havoc DH LF Raiding guild Greetings all, I'm Currently looking for a raiding guild to join, that hopefully won't wipe on H Krosus like 12+ times due to people failing mechanics. I have fully cleared Normal Nighthold and am looking to join H NH, I know most of the fight so just let me know my Btag is DreamEater#11984Xendori0 Mar 12
Mar 12 Guild found 904/910 Guardian Druid. 4/10M looking for a mythic guild with the same progression or better. Available from 7pm-12am any day of the week (pref Monday-Thursday) Add me on bnet if you'd like to chat: Adept#1537Adept0 Mar 12
Mar 12 Resto Druid LF H Raiding Guild Hey! 884 equipped (893 average) Resto Druid looking to get into a late night Heroic raiding guild. Would prefer timings from 10pm-1am EST on any days. Been pugging almost all my life and want to get into a nice guild for progression. I'm a prepared person that knows very well about my class and also the boss fights/mechanics. If you have any questions, or feel that I can make a good benefit to your team, please add my btag: Jenok#11854Jenok5 Mar 12
Mar 12 886 spriest looking for a new home As I recently came back to wow after a half year break, starting on a new fresh account. I'm looking for a guild that raids after 1130pm CST and available any day of the week. I can take criticism really well and always try to improve myself. Since I just came back after 7.1.5, now only sitting at 3/10H. Looking for a guild with the same mindset: chill, relax, and progress. Hit me up and looking forward play with u guys. XHW#11683Kynnz3 Mar 12
Mar 12 871 boomy lf guild As title says i'm looking for a guild that raids during the weekdays as I like to spend the weekends with my family any time is fine just needs to be during the week. I have a 869 resto off spec for mythic +. So if anyone is interested message me at ikerui#1225Harutekk8 Mar 12
Mar 12 10/10H Guild, Recruitment Looking for 4 more Solid Bodys to round out our Core Raid Group to jump into Mythic Nighthold. Raiding Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 7-10pm Server Even if your Class is not Listed Below we may still be interested. Fury Warrior Mage S.Priest R.Druid Contact me in-game @ Tipc#1614Frysk0 Mar 12
Mar 12 892 Fury War LF guild 892 Fury Warrior 8/10H exp 10/10N exp LF Progression Guild for M raidingRethien2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Elemental Shaman Looking For Raiding Guild 22 hours ago 44 posts 14 hours ago Hello, I am Psychostep. I am a MS Elemental Shaman and OS Restoration Shaman on Illidan. I am currently 4/7 M EN, 3/3 H TOV, 10/10 H NH, and 1/10 M NH. I am 902 ILVL Equipped and have 50 Artifact Traits. I am able to raid any day after 7 P.M. except for Tuesday, which I am unavailable. I am looking for a stable raiding guild that can satisfy my times and raiding expectations. If you are looking to recruit me you can post below. Thank you for your time. Below are the following links: Mar 12
Mar 12 Group of 4 DPS (10/10H) LF Guild Hey there, We are a group of 4 friends who recently transferred to this server from a pretty unpopulated server. We are looking for a guild where we can raid together that is preferable 5/10H or farther in progression and fairly active as we tend to play a lot as well. Also due to work we are looking for a guild that starts 7:45pm server or later --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 896 equipped Ret Pally (Nyloc) / 880 equipped Boomkin (Oxom) 896 equipped Fury War (Khillik) 892 Equipped Havoc DH (Daruga) 892 equipped Fire Mage (Egoshk) We are all 10/10H experienced, 2 of us with AOTC. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your guild is interested in taking us in please contact me either on here, on bnet (Schwankz#1872), or contact any of us ingame. Thanks!Oxom6 Mar 12
Mar 12 898 equipped BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild 910 ilvl in bags. 898 Equipped. 1/10M - 53 traits Have experience on the first 3 mythic bosses and Krosus. Both guilds I was in over the past couple of weeks have fallen apart. Looking for a 3/10+ Mythic guild. Can raid anytime on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 5-10 Server time. Very reliable, never miss raids. Please add GirlmoreGirl #1722 in game to chat.Tehfattyone2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Aff lock LF weekend raid guild 883 Affliction Warlock LF weekend raid guild. NH XP 9/10 N 1/10HFòòty4 Mar 12
Mar 11 H10/10 900 Mistweaver Monk LF Weekend Guild Logs: Looking for weekend (and Friday) casual raiding guild. 10/10 Heroic experience with 51 points in Mistweaver. I'm willing to start at any level of progression around those times (N/H/M). I would prefer a pretty relaxed atmosphere but I do want to show that I can still be competitive. Let me know if I seem like a good fit kyouri#1217Kyerial2 Mar 11
Mar 11 [H] 883 Prot Paladin - 7/10N needs a home Hi Illidan, just wanted to put myself out there and see if anyone is looking to pick up a protection paladin for Nighthold and future raid progression. Regrettably I'm unable to say 10/10 as my last guild was only doing 1 raid a week. It just was out of reach for us with schedules and people requiring sleep. I recently transferred onto Illidan with the understanding it's one of the bigger raiding realms. I'm looking to find a guild that's doing more than 1 raid a week. This is the first expansion I've been in as a tank so I can't offer any past experience - but I can say that I'm quick to call out if I've messed up and do everything I can to fix it on the next pull. Look forward to getting to meet some new peoples and progress into higher content.Milkchip3 Mar 11
Mar 11 874 Prot Pal lf guild Hello, looking for a guild to get back into raiding with. Currently only 874 but ive been working on catching back up, took a small break after EN due to raid team disbanding. Also have an 860 DK i just recently hit 110 on, willing to level up or gear anything just to get back into raiding. Experienced raider just lacking current kills. Looking for anything after 11:45 pm EST! Add me @Acrylikx#1922Acrylikzy1 Mar 11
Mar 11 <PHRASING> Recruiting for M NH Progression <Phrasing> an adult/mature guild is looking for a few dedicated raiders to start M NH progression. Raids are Fri/Sat at 8:30 PM server. Currently 9/10 H NH, with a few of us 10/10 H NH. We use LC for loot. Reply or add me for more info! bnet id: Amazen#1711Eárthshakér0 Mar 11
Mar 11 <Medication> New Weekend Raiding Guild. <Medication> is a 4/10 M NH, 10/10 H NH Progressed guild looking for members who are social, and active! We're progressing into Mythic NH Raiding and are looking for new members daily! We are a Brand New Guild! Our raid times are Fri-Sun 4:00 PM EST to 8:30 PM EST. Gear Requirement Min: 885ilvl Equipped Traits Requirement Min: 45 pts. All Spots are opened. Need all classes. What you will expect from us: - Drama-Free Environment - Medicating Toxic players - Teaching boss mechanics - Zero Tolerance towards Slackers and Freeloaders What we will expect from you: -Good Attitude -Come prepared Flask, Repaired, and Food cooked ready to go. -Knowledge of your class skills and rotation. -Discord with working Mic. For More Information Message: Btag: Atx#1890 Btag: Chibimarulee#1713Cheebeemaru0 Mar 11
Mar 11 ANY LATE NIGHT GUILDS? I'm looking to Raid between 12AM - 6AM NEW YORK EASTERN TIME Any Where between there would be great Thats about itFalläcy1 Mar 11
Mar 11 <The Crimson Order> 3/10H Recruiting <The Crimson Order> is a Semi-Hardcore Heroic raiding guild looking to progress through Heroic and Mythic raiding. We looking for more like-minded people with good attitudes and patience for progression. We raid Mon/Tues/Thurs 7-10pm server. Make sure you come prepared with proper consumables/enchants/gems as well as knowledge of the fights. We are Currently looking for: DPS: Warrior Rogue Death Knight Shadow Priest Healer: Druid Priest If you're interested in applying to the guild, please contact one of the officers below: Morianor Holÿstrix ZangaiZangai1 Mar 11
Mar 11 907 ilvl HolyPriest/MWMonk LF RAIDING GUILD 900 equipped mw monk / 900 equipped holy priest . I have 10/10 Heroic NH 3/10 Mythic experience as well as high end mythic + experience . I am now trying to get back into mythic progression raiding and want a guild that I can progress with. can raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. would love a guild that also focuses on mythic+ as well. I would prefer to play Holy priest but i have ample experiance in both (holy priest and MW monk).. Please add my battle tag laproyeccion#1210 or post belowButtersstoch0 Mar 11
Mar 11 rogue seeking mythic guild rogue looking to join a mythic raiding guild that runs during weekdays experienced raider looking for serious progression Logs: post your spam or add me on battle net: Clyde#1788Ragindagger1 Mar 11
Mar 11 901 Equipped Guardian/Balance Druid LF Guild Hey all, I am a 901 equipped guardian druid and 900 equipped balance druid. I have 10/10 Heroic NH experience as well as high end mythic + experience (+20). I am now trying to get back into mythic progression raiding and want a guild that I can progress with. I am 3/10 Mythic NH at the moment, strictly from pugs, and know that I can progress even further with an organized raid. I am currently as student and can raid on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I can also raid Tuesday and Thursday nights, but past 10:00pm PST due to a prior commitment I must follow. I would prefer to tank, but I have ample experience both as a ranged dps (balance) and a tank (guardian druid & protection paladin). Tanking is currently my main spec, but if I really enjoy working with a group of people, I may consider swapping to balance as my main spec. I am also interested in mythic+ progression and would love a guild that also focuses on mythic+ as well. Please add my battle tag, Velkro#11176 and I will get back to you as soon as possible!Velkro3 Mar 11
Mar 11 4/10 M 904 Equiped Fire Mage LF Mythic Guild Currently transitioning to frost due to it being way way way better. Here are my logs... I am looking for a guild that is at least 2/7M starts there raid from anytime 5 CST to 730 CST... I also want to be apart of the main raid team. I am not looking to ride the bench unless fight required. #Warbles1439Warblewarble3 Mar 11
Mar 11 904Blood DK LF Mythic Guild, 3/10M exp Hey guys, recently my guild has been on a progression standstill and this has caused many of our raiders to either give up, unsub, or simple split. Its a shame but it is what it is and as humans we move on. Looking for a new guild with a want to progress in content but also has fun, humor, and down to earth people. Overall background Ive played WoW for more than 10 years. I'm 21 years old been raiding since WotLK days. I have only played DK for raiding aside from alts. Specs: Blood (trait 48), Frost OS (trait 36) willing to go frost main, will grind out the AP Current raid exp: I am 3/10M, with Spellblade to 25% and attempts on Krosus LOGS: Contact Info: KingDooz#1491 or ingame at Ultròn (alt 1 4 9)Ultròn3 Mar 11
Mar 10 Looking for a guild willing to merge. Let's talk real for a minute. Guild's are hemorrhaging at the moment I've seen it all over the place and it sucks. We're in the same boat unfortunately. Do you have around 10 players who want to raid around 8-11pm tues-thurs? then lets figure out the logistics and get this ball moving. Detest#1403Snugnug2 Mar 10
Mar 9 890 Enh shammy Hello potential new friends. Before I transfer to your sever, i'd like to find a guild. I am a 4/10 heroic experienced Enhance shammy with a 890 ilvl (885 equip) I have been raiding since bc and playing since vanilla I also have a 893 ilvl hpally gf coming with me. We can raid Monday and Thursdays. real id is McRyan#1582Tonger1 Mar 9
Mar 9 Nepenthium 7/10M Nighthold LF Heals & RDPS <Nepenthium> About Us : <Nepenthium> is a hardcore Mythic progression raiding guild. We assign raid spots by performance alone, guild ranks and those in leadership roles get no preference. We constantly trial new members against our current core in Heroic content, allowing us to bring the best people to Mythic every week. Progress : We are currently 7/10M Nighthold Recruitment : We Are Currently Looking for Fury Warriors(HIGH),Warlock(HIGH), Shadow priest, Restoration Shaman, Restoration Druid Raid Schedule : Mon - Off Tue - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic Wed - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic Thu - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic Fri - Off (optional alt/sale runs) Sat - Off Sun - Off If you are interested in talking about joining feel free to message me in game on Explicit#1832, Tsú#1582, Kalvaran#1169 or put an app on our website at and we can talk further.Kinleyz10 Mar 9
Mar 9 ❇️907 Boomkin 2/10 M LF 9:30 Est+❇️ Who am i ? Available any weekday only after 9:30 EST. Unavailable: Friday/Sat 906 Boomie 7/7M 3/3H 2/10M M+19 LF Active Mythic Guild, will always be on time with pots flasks and consumables, willing to listen and contribute and i will strive to be competitive with the right opportunity. I have all relative legendaries; ED, ON, IFE, Prydaz Plus Jacin's set, 4pc and bis trinkets. 54 traits and 53 in guardian. Logs: What am i looking for? unfortunately my current guild is suffering major attendance issues, to the point where is one raid is getting cancelled weekly and i need a new home. need 2-3 nights a week. looking for progression not looking to digress,Looking for leadership that actually leads, an active guild that doesn't only login to raid and that does mythic+ pushes doesn't waste time between pulls or carry bads, if your guild is made of clicks that don't welcome people please don't even talk to me. Add me: Criticals#1671Griefs2 Mar 9
Mar 9 906 Frost DK 4/10M LF guild foundArtice1 Mar 9
Mar 9 <Not a Dargon> US Illlidan <Not a Dargon> Recently moved over to Illidan from Moon Guard. ( We ARE NOT RPers) We are currently trying to reform our team. Our raid times are Tues/Weds 9:30 PM CST. Semi-hardcore/casual. Everyone here plays their role exceptionally well and we would like you to join us :D Pvpers and casuals are welcome as well! Send me or any of my officers a tell in game or post on here. Thank you and have a nice night :D Btags are as follows: Mine- Dirtnapz187#1143 Jaimi- Ohhiimrob#1644 Grammatica- Mephastus#1131Attîla7 Mar 9
Mar 9 887 Havoc DH 1/10M LF Mythic Guild I decided to switch to my Demon Hunter as a main and am looking for a guild that is at least on the same progression that I am on. My gear is not up to date yet for mythic, but I have two other characters with good logs in my brackets to show that I'm a capable player. I will also consider playing Shadow Priest (875ish)/Frost DK (865ish) if caught up to date with gear. My ideal raid times would be 9:30-12:30 ST with at least 2-3 raid days that fall on M/T/W/TH. 894 Aff Warlock logs: 896 Fury Warrior logs: (Keep in mind that my Warrior has only one legendary on at the moment, so the parses aren't as high as they should be.)Freehentai2 Mar 9
Mar 9 [H]<M I S E R Y> 10/10 H Recruiting Mythic NH <M I S E R Y> is recruiting for Mythic Nighthold raiding as well as heroic Nighthold farm. We are currently looking for a handful of dependable raiders in multiple roles for our Nighthold raid roster. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8-12 server time. We consider ourselves to be a 'casual' guild, but we do ask that you keep attendance high and effort high as we only raid 2 nights per week. Our History: We're mostly RL friends or long time WoW friends/past raiders that have a focus on heroic content, as well as mythic+ and PVP, but we'd also not shy away from mythic progression if we achieve the numbers to get to that point. We're generally between the ages of 25-35. We're a fun group that is very sarcastic and fun to talk to, but can also (and have to) get serious when it comes to progression raiding. Also quick to help with questing/mats/general questions, etc. Our expectations: 1) Each member comes to raid prepared with flasks, food, and gear enhancements. There are members with each profession willing to help with this, but it is your responsibility to ask. 2) Know each fight that could be faced during a given night. 3) Have Curse voice chat, DBM, and will be asked to download RC Loot Council to help streamline loot distribution. 4) Maintain over 85% attendance if you want considered for priority loot. 5) Be willing to accept and/or discuss constructive criticisms or being asked to sit out boss attempts if you're not performing well. Looking for: rDPS: High mDPS: Moderate Tank: None-Low Healer: Low-Moderate We currently have none or low numbers of the following: Mage (0) Warrior (0) Warlock (1) Rogue (1) Shaman (2 - Resto, Enh) Priest (2 - 1 Holy, 1 Shadow) Demon Hunter - 1 (Havoc) We are willing to accept any and all positions, but we will stress flexibility is a must as well as an adult/mature attitude. For instance, we may need you to heal some nights, we may need you to dps some nights. Our main issue is consistent attendance, thus our raid needs change. We have also expanded our numbers recently so may not be able to bring all online players to raid, especially when pushing progression. Raiding Schedule: -Tuesday & Thursday: 8-12 ST (CST) -We may sometimes add optional nights (usually Sunday or Monday evening), but they are exactly as advertised; optional. No negative impact for not attending, not to mention we rarely add them. Current Progression: EN: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic ToV: 3/3 Normal, 2/3 Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic We will most likely be pushing mythic progression going forward. Normal has been phased out to optional/off raid nights only. If you have any questions, or would like to express interest, please contact: -Dosbewbs (dosier#11261) -Valyros (JoeS8705#1289) -Discalceate/Gurgren -Balomir/Penryn -KreamquillValyros0 Mar 9
Mar 9 Afternoon Raiding Guild - Recruitment. [H] <Insømnia> (Area 52) is currently recruiting for our Heroic/Mythic NH progression teams! Do you find your days filled with time that you don't want to spend pugging in group finder? Then <Insømnia> is the group for you. The afternoon EST slot is what we're here to make great. Our team is currently 9/10H NH, with our sights set on becoming the premier high-end content guild for the daytime slot. We raid from 3pm - 6pm EST, Tues/Wed/Thurs. Current needs: Tanks: Not currently recruiting Healers: Need 2 healers (1 with DPS offspec), pref. Shaman or Druid Melee DPS: Not high priority but open to exceptional players Ranged DPS: High priority, all classes considered While we expect you to transfer your character if we bring you on permanently for mythic raiding, cross-realm trials are absolutely fine. Area 52 is an active, highly populated horde server. For more information, please contact myself, Aiko, at my tag: Restless#21182. You can also leave a comment on this post or head toïko0 Mar 9
Mar 9 [H] Epinephrine <Epinephrine> - Horde - Illidan (US) Raid times: Tues/Wed/Thus 7-11pm CST We're a semi-hardcore 20m raiding guild looking to progress through Mythics. Our core group of raiders consist of players who've been playing together for over a decade. Currently we're looking to fill our roster with skilled players who know their class. Must be a team player! We're looking to fill roles for: DH Lock SP Hunter Ele Boomkin *Exceptional Applicants will always be considered no matter current recruitment needs* What we expect from you: - Maintain a 95% attendance rate - Come prepared to raids: flasks, potions, foods - Be ready 15mins before raid time - Ability to preform under pressure & adjust accordingly under any given moment - Doing your due dilligence before raid for boss encounters - Be willing to sit. Progressing on content you may be sat for a better class composition. You should remain available in case you are called upon to reenter the raid. Loot distribution awarded via loot council based on: - Attendance - Performance - Upgrades *This is not a popularity contest, and we pride ourselves on being honest and fair.* If you believe you meet all these requirments, and are STILL interested, then please fill out an application and an officer will be in touch upon review of your submission. Exceptional players will always be considered regardless! Recruiting information In-game please contact: Snugmaster (detest#1403) Heiropower (kyllyr#1984) Sleepyvoid (sleepyhead#1311)Fairuh0 Mar 9
Mar 8 Resto druid LF new home /2 AOTC 896 equipped (54 pts in artifact, 4p and 10/10H) Resto Druid (end game raid exp back to Vanilla and BC) LF ACTTIVE non weekend evening 6pm-11pm EST conducive raid end game raider back to Vanilla and BC (more hardcore in BC)Banthistoo3 Mar 8