Nov 18 You know the trade chat spam is bad when.... You google for the best addon to block spam and your server comes up on the google search... I literally typed "Block Chinese Spam WoW" into These were my results. Screencapped with gyazo. ^^^ .png of my google search Illidan trade chat is mentioned more than five times on the first page alone, before even scrolling down! I am honestly most likely going to transfer servers. Coming here is a regret of mine. Anyway I still havent decided what addon is best, if anyone has a suggestion please leave a post below.Withdrawls1 Nov 18
Nov 17 Celebration Package Weekend Guild 7/9M <Celebration Package> - [H] Illidan Weekend daytime raiding guild About us We created the guild with the intentions of being a smaller guild to clear Normal & Heroic content. But after around 1 - 2 months into Nighthold we decided after picking up some really cool and good people that we wanted to try our luck in Mythic. To our surprise it went fairly well, we started alot later then most guilds but were able to achieve 8/10 Mythic before the release of Tomb of Sargeras and we're looking to go out strong in Tomb. With a tight schedule of only 6 hours of progression raiding a week we strive to have an effective raiding environment and to have people that want to be the best and push themselves to perform better each try. With that being said we are a pretty fun and chill crowd and we enjoy jokes aswell as being very active on voice comms and the game outside raidtimes. What we're looking for 100% Attendance (We do understand that sometimes life happens but with only 2 progression days a week we expect people to set aside time to attend our raids) 100% Toon upkeep, may that be keeping up with AP, spending some extra time reading up on a mechanic you do not fully understand or on your rotation. People that can own up to their mistakes and can take criticism. People that think that a guild means something more then just killing bosses. We do accept alts ASLONG as you are able to be consistant for our raidtimes AND able to upkeep your toon 100%. Raidtimes (Progression) Saturday 2:00 - 5:00 PM CST (Illidan server time) Sunday 2:00 - 5:00 PM CST (Illidan server time) (Farm) Wednesday 6:30 PM CST (Illidan server time) Current progress for Tomb of Sargeras 9/9H 7/9M Recruitment Currently very interested in Boomkin, Restoration Druid, & Holy Pally If you do not play one of these classes/roles however don't hesitate to get in touch if you think the guild would be a fit for you anyway! Loot distribution RCLootCouncil (Our trial period is around 1 - 2 weeks) Contact information Talyethir#1481 Oblivanotte1#1583Chimychonga0 Nov 17
Nov 17 4/9 M Building Core for Tier 21 Guild: Arcana Faction: Horde Realm: Illidan US Progression: 4/9 M Raid Times: Tues/Wed 8-11 Realm, Thursdays Farm About Us: Arcana started as a semi-casual raiding group at the end of Nighthold. Towards the end of Tomb, we decided to take the guild to the next level in effort to get cutting edge in tier 21! We are a fun guild that tells a lot of jokes, but we still take raid seriously. Goals for Next Tier: Upon Antorus' release, we will be taking anyone above 925 that we can, and pushing normal and heroic as hard as we can. We will form our core based on the performance of raiders during normal and heroic. We intend to do what it takes to get cutting edge without the game feeling like a job. What We Need: -Healers with Viable DPS offspec -Any non-dps class/spec encouraged to apply regardless! Contact: -Becca0833#1875 -Apply: Nov 17
Nov 17 WTB Name: "Daemonic" Just like the title says, WTB my name on Illy or tich, without the Alt codes. If you have it please PM me.Dæmônic0 Nov 17
Nov 17 <Late Shift> 4 / 9 Mythic ToS Recruiting <Late Shift> raid times are Tues from 9pm-12 am (11pm-2 am CST) & Th/Sat from 10:30pm-1:30am PST (12:30-3:30am CST). Currently 9 / 11 heroic Antorus // (Progessing on Coven) Required: - Raiding experience - 930+ ilvl - Minimum 70 Traits. We encourage any player of exceptional skill to contact us by adding real ID Outsider#1546, JanaLee#1381 or Soap#1445. Tanks (Closed) Heals (Closed) DPS (Open) - Ranged - WW Monk - Arms Warrior - Any exceptional DPS LOOT SYSTEM: EPGP We expect raiders to maintain a high raid attendance and to notify an officer if they cannot make a raid.Sôap6 Nov 17
Nov 16 <Stack and Die> 5/9M LFM Antorus - Tues/Thurs Currently 5/9M, which high expectations moving into Antorus. Seeking skillful and dedicated players to progress into clearing Mythic Antorus. Currently Preferred Classes: Exceptional players are encouraged to apply, regardless of openings. Healers: Non-Paladin DPS: Emphasis on ranged, specifically Spriest, Hunter, Moonkin Tanks: Druids/DK - exceptional player Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST Sunday is an optional raid night, used to clear farm content. Currently we're clearing Heroic ToS. Alts are welcomed, however mains will be given priority on gear. Expectations: Attendance. We invite 15 minutes prior to raid time, and expect to be clearing trash. Don't ask for a summon 2 minutes prior to raid Raid ready. Consumables, gear, and addons ready to go Knowledge of boss fights, both farm and progression Ability to not take specific call out personally, but to use it to correct mistakes and always try to improve Don't be an elitist/argumentative jerk to your guild mates. We're in a 2-day semi-casual guild, we understand there are mistakes, scheduling conflicts, etc. Players consistently under performing will be sat Promises: Flasks/Food/Enchants provided for raiders Relaxed environment during non-progression, with a serious tone on progression Emphasis on player performance and knowledge of mechanics, instead meter padding Loot: Distributed via Loot Council utilizing the RCLootcouncil addon Meaningful Upgrade, Attendence, Performance, Positive Attitude Required addons: DBM Weak Auras (we share out boss specific, even if you don't use it for your class) Angry Assignments/EXRT RC LootCouncil GTFO Trials: Trials typically take 2-3 weeks to complete, but are always subject to change Contact Info: Discord: eCakes#2412 Bnet: MAAKSEL#1909Elecakes0 Nov 16
Nov 16 930 Mage LF weekend Raiding guild Looking for a raiding guild that raids on weekends any times on Fri/Sat/Sun work. My Main (this toon) is 5/9M xp. Not looking for exactly a guild that is 5/9M. Would prefer a guild that has cleared at least 9/9H. Also a guild that is planning on raiding antorus on mythic.Easyroad0 Nov 16
Nov 16 WTB Name(s) I am looking for Ryan or Newton If you own these names please contact meFg1 Nov 16
Nov 16 934 Guardian druid LF Raid guild Hi There, I'm a guardian druid Lf semi-casual raiding guild to do normal/heroic raids with. Have other tanks that are over 930+ ilvl. And I'm always willing to do M+. I'm available Weekdays/Weekends 8 CST Deadlybear89#1263. If u wish to ChatZlaray0 Nov 16
Nov 16 <Bush Wookies> recruiting for TBT and more! Horde ~ <Bush Wookies> - is looking for core raiders as well as social, friendly members. We are recruiting Ranged DPS, especially Hunters, Mages and Boomkins, BUT what we are really, really looking for is HEALERS!!! 2-3 Healers (Druids, Priests, Monk, Pally... ask!!!). Even if you are not on our wish list, we are always looking for great people who want to join a fun, active guild, who like doing things together. Our raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30 to 11:30 cst. We are 9/9 heroic ToS. Currently, we are focusing on strengthening our raid roster for Antorus, the Burning Throne, coming on the 28th to a server near you, we are looking for people with 920+ item level for raiding BUT we are willing to work with and accept anybody who is willing to put the effort in. We also do Mythic[+]s, pvp, and on Sunday, we run a normal/heroic [current content] raid for gearing up and learning the fights. We also just hang out in Discord during the week while doing dailys or whatever. Our members are a mixed bag consisting of both ladies and gentlemen, and we are an ethnically diverse group of great people. We are LGBT friendly, with a no drama policy. Two things that set us apart are our great people and our longevity, we have been around for over 13 years with no breaks! You can chat with any member, we are all ready to answer questions and offer an invite if you are interested. HMU - (Guild Lead) Hairymanilow - Btag - kotik1974#1173 or our esteemed Raid Leader, Sister<InsertClassHereHeHasEverything!> - Btag - Teiresias#1739 or myself, Stylepoints#1838.Stylepoint1 Nov 16
Nov 15 940 mage LF laid back raid guild Hiya! I'm looking for a friendly, semi-casual guild to run normal and heroic Antorus and M+ content with. My main is this char, but I have a Priest and Druid alt as well. I'm not super interested in mythic raiding, just looking for a solid group that wants to have fun and clear content. I'm available to raid weeknights any time after 7:00 pm CST, but don't want anything that goes on longer than 11:30 pm CST. Hit me up on if you want to chat! #Maliceva1386Maliceva2 Nov 15
Nov 15 searching for guild gonna be making horde my mainstay now instead of alliance looking for large active raiding guild toons name on illidan is insanone and I will be making other toons to support him west coast player so I'm on pst timeElmerwudd2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Experienced Raider Seeking Guild [H] About me: I have raided everything ranging from top 800 to top 10 world in the past and am looking for a new home. Took a break from early MoP to early Legion and a small one this summer due to a mountain biking injury. (Raiding xp listed at end) Have some catching up on gear to do, wont take long. 29 year old drama free goofball who isn't retarded, knows how to avoid mechanics and has good spatial awareness. What Im looking for: Prefer a med or high pop server as too many guilds go poof and I dont want to be left on some backwater server again. 2 nights per week with potential optional 3rd night. 3rd night not necessary. Would like some mythic prog potentially. Would like the guild to have an active roster outside of raids- 15-20ish people on at peak times other games played too or whatnot Horde or Alliance is fine, slight pref for horde. So an active casualish-hardcoreish guild basically. Nights and hours I am available: Tues, Thurs, Sun, Mon 7pm to 1:30am EST 8pm to 12:30am CST 9pm to 11:30pm MTN 10pm to 10:30pm PST What classes can I play: I would prefer Hpriest, but would consider Aff warlock or Balance druid. May consider others in the future and likely would be willing to play something that fleshes out the guild roster with optimal raid synergy come the new Xpac release. How I would like this to happen: What I would like to have happen is level an alt in your guild for a few days to get the vibe in game and on Discord before I put in for a character transfer or two. I understand that may result in me having to work my way into a spot and have no issues riding a bench for a bit or having to go to any alt raids etc as at this point I'm looking more for a fun and relatively competent community than a super hardcore guild. Btag: Necromantion#1232 Thanks in advance! Edit: Past Exp: Vanilla - Hpriest - up to KT BC - Enh Shaman/Hpriest/Spriest - up to Felmyst WotLK - Hpriest/Spriest- Full clear other than Zero Light and HLK 25 Cata Hpriest/FuryWar - full clear MoP - DK - Guild blew up in first tier in hardmodes due to guild drama so I took a break until Legion just near the end of EN. WoD - MIA. Legion - Hpriest for a tiny bit when first starting then swapped to DK - Attempts up to Myth Ellisande. Contributed to prog on High bot and caused zero trines on Star attempts but missed kill nights due to RL obligations around a huge work project that is now done. Did some ToS until I had to go on hiatus then the guild blew up. Returned recently after 3 or so months away due to a vacation and a mountain biking injury that required surgery.Necromanteon1 Nov 15
Nov 15 H-Illidan-From the Ashes 5:M Need DPS + Heals **[H-US-Illidan]<From the Ashes> Recruiting DPS/Heals for Two Night Mythic Raiding! Core Spots Available!** **About:** From the Ashes has been together since February 2017. Most of us have played games together for years and have cleared end-game content in a plethora of different titles. We are a 2 night a week raiding guild looking for Raiders! 18+ **Progression:** Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9H 5/9M **Raids:** Mythic Raids: Tues/Thur 8pm CST/Server Optional Heroic Raid: Wednesday 8pm CST/Server **Recruiting:** DPS: DH/Ret/Lock/Spriest DPS Heals: Monk *52 traits/910 minimum for an entry level spot* Any exceptional Ranged or Melee DPS should apply. Lower parsing/ilvl applicants will be considered but be willing to work hard to get where you need to be. **Apply @:**Bzra3 Nov 15
Nov 15 3/9M 9/9H DH LF guild prefered raid times mon-thursday past 9pm CST and friday and saturday past 10pmCST(due to work). Do have 3 kills on DH but I do have 4/9M exp, I main swapped from shadow with 4/9M. Orgrain#1860 is my Btag to PST with more infoOrgrain0 Nov 15
Nov 15 942/944 Frost / Unholy, 5/9m Class: Death knight Spec: Frost and Unholy Experience: -Deathknight from wrath launch to current. -Top 10 blood dk in WOD -Started legion half way through TOS and already in the top 10% for heroic and 20% for mythic. Schedule: I would prefer a two night a week guild (may consider 3) with strong attendance and a friendly yet competitive environment. I won't stay in a toxic guild, I don't care what your rank is. I just came back from a long break, and have been playing catch up. I am pretty much caught up with everyone, still working on getting the rest of my leggos. When I am not raiding, I am clearing content and running a lot of sims and perfecting my rotations and understanding my class. I do this mostly by being active in the DK community and sitting on dummies and running current raids more than once. Do it for the parse! Nov 15
Nov 15 939 r druid 5/9m lfg for antorus Times available & time zone: 8:00 EST or later start on weekdays,Could go until 1 am EST at the latest. Semi-hardcore guild preferred - Would prefer a 2-3 night a week schedule (weekdays). Current progression/experience: 5/9 m ToS 10/10 h NH 8/10 m NH 3/3H ToV 4/7M EN. keystone master, 72 traits, 4 h tier piece 939 ilvl equiped with tierShunow2 Nov 15
Nov 15 3/9M 936 Havoc DH LF guild titleNifera1 Nov 15
Nov 15 How is Alliance on this server? I had the crazy idea of using my 100 boost on an Alliance character in Illidan, just for the unique experience of being so extremely outnumbered. Is this a bad idea?Tsinilats2 Nov 15
Nov 14 LF Daytime Raiding Guild I know these types of guilds are rare and I am hoping to find one on Illidan! I'm currently 2/9M on my main (sargeras-alliance) but I'd like to start playing my horde characters some more. I have a hunter, holy paladin (not great with her tbh) and mistweaver monk, as well as some friends who are leveling on the server and will be available to raid for Antorus the Burning Throne. My availability is wide open during the day so days/times shouldn't really be an issue at all. I start raiding on Tues/Weds at 8pm central time for my main guild so any time before that works for me :D Btag - MemeTrash#1161 Discord - Meg#7202Babe0 Nov 14
Nov 14 5/9M Late night 1am-4am EST recruiting! <At Midnight> of Stormrage is currently recruiting exceptional players to improve and fill our roster for Mythic Tomb and for the upcoming Antorus, the Burning Throne! We are a late night Alliance mythic raiding guild on Stormrage. Our guilds focus is on raid progression, we want to clear the content while it is current. We are aiming high for Cutting Edge in Antorus and are looking for other like-minded players. While we are not raiding, the guild does 5 mans, PVP, Transmog runs, we have a very active discord, and play other games with each other (LoL, Heroes, Overwatch, etc.) Raid Schedule: Tues, Wed, Thur 10:00pm - 1:00am(PST) 12:00 am - 3:00am (CST) If you are Eastern Time Zone (Realm Time), times are: Wed, Thur, and Fri 1:00am - 4:00am (EST) Expectations: -Be on time. We pull the boss at 12:00AM, we expect you to be online and ready well before this. Any trial that misses a raid night without letting an officer know beforehand will be declined. -Understand that loot is a tool to help kill more bosses, not the reason we raid. -We expect you to have read up on any bosses that we will fight. Whether it's something we already have on farm, or our next progression bosses. -You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having food, pots, and flasks. -Good knowledge of your spec, and at least one off-spec or alternate character you would be able to swap to if need be. -A drive to always be improving your character and your performance in raids. -A mythic progression mindset and willingness to adapt to new strategies, and determination to get through very difficult raid bosses. -A team attitude. Everyone puts in their time and effort for our kills, and we keep a friendly raiding atmosphere even when things get stressful. Upon Joining the Team: -You will be placed as a Trial Raider. -You will have 2 weeks to show us what you can do when it comes to Mythic raiding, you should be bringing your A Game every night of your trial. -During this time you will be evaluated by the raid leader and the raid officers, any corrections or improvements given to you by them will need to been seen prior to being promoted into Raider or Mythic Raider status. Our current recruiting priorities are as follows: Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Marksmanship Hunter, Elemental Shaman Melee DPS: Subtlety or Assassination Rogue Healers: Discipline Priest and Restoration Druid All exceptional applicants are encouraged to message us even outside of these classes, as we are always looking for good players to join our roster! Our raiding spots are competitive and we all aim to be constantly improving. If you are interested, you can message the tags listed below! Katie#1178 (Squeekerrz - Guild Master) Azula#11142 (Traevyn - Raid Leader) Janklin#1598 (Kungfury - Tank/Raid Officer)Squeekkerz0 Nov 14
Nov 13 Looking for range dps Illidan Guild Looking for Ranged DPS and Hybrid healer/dps. All members 3/9M some 6/9M experience. LATE NIGHT RAID TIMES Tues Thurs 9:30-Midnight PST Mythic Prog nights. Wed. 9:30-Midnight PST Farm NightBìng0 Nov 13
Nov 13 Looking to buy char names on Illidan Wanting to transfer here, looking to buy names for a warrior Will pay up to 100k no alt codes, puns etc. just looking for simple namesJuju5 Nov 13
Nov 13 [H] Ele SHam LF PvP Guild Looking for an active PvP guild interested in RBG and Arena 3v3. currently 924 Ilvl. My time schedule is based off of US-EastShamponz2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Papal Fez for sale on AH. Contact Ffr if you have any questions.Ffr0 Nov 13
Nov 12 ---- 934 warlock 71 traits LF GUILD 6/9M exp on prev main.Rëno0 Nov 12
Nov 12 5/9M Late Night Guild <Hysteria> is a late night raiding guild looking for more skilled players to fill out our mythic roster! We moved to Illidan (US-Horde) fairly recently and want to push mythic content in the current tier, whilst also preparing ourselves to start strong in the upcoming tier. We value attendance and performance improvements when needed, and we are happy to work with people to try and help them in this aspect of the game by going through logs and looking for ways to improve their play, whether it's a numbers issue or a mechanical one. So long as you have a good, positive attitude and you're willing to learn and take critique, you'll always be welcome in our ranks. Raider Requirements: 1) Attendance. Real life happens; we get that. We're not going to hold it against you if you fall ill suddenly. We ask, however, that you give ample notice whenever you can and attempt to aim for 90% attendance. If you know you cannot commit to our mandatory times, find a guild where you can. Absences are a-okay, provided they're not consistent. 2) Decent knowledge of your class/specs. At this level, we'd like to hope you at least know what buttons to press to do a decent job. As mentioned, we are always willing to help - though we also hope you'd like to help yourself by knowing enough about your class to perform to a good standard level. 3) Respect and communication. We're all here to have fun, and we want to promote a positive and constructive raid environment. There's no need to tilt on progress; there's no need to be mean to the people you're playing with because they messed up. We try to promote healthy communication so that we can work towards being better - and we hope that our raiders respect this. TL;DR: don't be a douche. 4) Addons. We require all raiders to install the following: RCLootCouncil; Exorsus Raid Tools; DBM/Bigwigs; Weakauras. Raid times: (Optional) Tuesday - 11:15 PM - 2:30 AM CST Thursday - 11:15 PM - 2:30 AM CST Friday - 11:15 PM - 2:30 AM CST Saturday - 11:15 PM - 2:30 AM CST Loot System: RCLootCouncil (Note: we base our decisions on several factors: attendance, who it may be the best upgrade for, and performance. Trials are slightly lower priority for loot, but you are always encouraged to roll anyway - you are still eligible). Recruiting for: Resto Shaman, Hunter, and Warlock Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we hope to talk to you soon! You can contact any of the officers with the btags below! Any competent player of any class with a good attitude and who considers themselves a good mechanical player is encouraged to inquire - regardless of our current openings. Cynla#1339 MattyAri#1449 Meralonne#1202Lithìum0 Nov 12
Nov 12 ... ...Bruninieks3 Nov 12
Nov 12 941 Ret Pally This is an Alt. I raid mythic on Another toon Sick of finding pugs every week. Just looking for a 1 day a week raiding Guild. About me: my first year raiding semi hard core. in that time i have attained Cutting edge for all raids up to tomb. currently 6/9M I took a 1 month break after invective fell apart and have been playing casually since. About my Toon: 941 Equip, 69 Traits, No off specs Can Holy but not at a mythic Level. What Im looking for: 1 night a week Raiding guild that clears at least heroic i wouldn't mind doing mythic. Times i can raid Server time M Cant Tues-Thurs 7PM till 12AM Fri Cant Sat/Sun Any You can add me for questions at Fubar#1775Slyadin3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Group of 4 need a new home 7/9M we are a group of 4 looking for a new guild to continue progression in. 3 out of the 4 are 7/9 with myself being 6/9. our group consist of: 942 Ret pally (holy offspec) 942 holy priest 940 boomkin 944 frost mage (fire offspec) all equipped ilvls we are trying our best to stick together and we all have a pretty flexible schedule. we are more interested in a 2 day raiding guild but will consider a 3 day if the guild feels right. were free to trial and hope we can find a new home. Please feel free to reply here or add me in game BT: grim181#1528 or the druid at merthur#1126.Demisêd4 Nov 12
Nov 12 941 Spriest LF raiding guild 940 Shadow priest 7/9M exp LF raiding guild for trial parsing 85%+, well knowledgeable, reliable raider (logs are guild private) ingame name Chopperdown alt-Chopperqt Btag-Choppadownn#1900 Currently only looking for 5/9+M progressed guild'sChopperdown6 Nov 12
Nov 12 WTB Heavy Junkbox Add me on bnet @ Wom#1551Elsa4 Nov 12
Nov 11 <Lok Tar Ogar> 6/9M ToS recruiting! <Lok Tar Ogar> 6/9M ToS T,W,TH 7-10pm server. We strive to push content while having fun and keeping a positive atmosphere. We have a high need for healers and dps, but all classes with good logs will be looked at. For more info whisper me. Theory#11742 - Ralfiie or Ralf in game.Syfte4 Nov 11
Nov 11 5/9 M recruiting Reforged is a 2 night mythic minded guild. We were 7/10M in NH after starting mid tier and 5/9M in ToS. We are looking to bolster our ranks as we move into Antorus. We are a Tues/Thurs 9-12 est group. We will run a cross realm heroic trial to get people in our raid to check us out. Shoot me a message Crogarby or add me MykeETykes#1540. Would love to chat with ya!Crogarby1 Nov 11
Nov 11 [H] <Galaxy Quest> (9/9H ToS) on Illidan-US Galaxy Quest - [Horde] - US Illidan Server <Galaxy Quest> is recruiting! Our guild was founded on the premise of creating a casual yet functional social raiding environment that promotes fun and accomplishment. Our focus is Normal and Heroic Legion raids, and through our adventures this expansion we have earned AOTC in every tier thus far. Now we seek to expand our group of nerds in time for the release of Antorus, the Burning Throne! Legion Raid Experience - 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare - 3/3 Normal, 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor - 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic Nighthold - 9/9 Normal, 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras What our Guild Offers - An organized yet relaxed approach to Legion raiding - A fun and friendly atmosphere - Friends who enjoy other games in addition to WoW Raid Schedule (Illidan Server Time [Central]) - Wednesday @ 8:00PM to 10:00PM - Thursday @ 8:00PM to 10:00PM - Friday @ 8:00PM to 10:00PM (Typically used as Farm Night / Normal Alt run) Voice Chat: Discord Recruitment For our raiding roster, we could always use: - Guardian Druid - Balance Druid with Restoration Offspec - Shadow Priest with Holy Offspec - Mage (Pick your Poison) - Arms or Fury Warrior However, ALL friendly faces looking for a guild to call home are encouraged to give us a try. What We Expect from You - Good sense of humor - Capable of having a good time with a great group of people - Ability to take criticism in stride - Interest improving your skills with your class and spec (We are casual, but we do love killing bosses) If <Galaxy Quest> sounds like it might be the guild for you, feel free to contact either of the following players: Guild Leader: Gorignak / Drakthar (Gorignak#1387) Raid Leader: Arkutt (Caezar#1898) Officer: Cowspott (CowSpot#1474) Thanks for reading. We hope to see you in-game!Drakthar7 Nov 11
Nov 11 ilvl 935 Blood Dk LF Guild Hello! Currently on Area 52 looking to move to Illidan for serious raiding and progression moving forward into Antorus. I have BiS Leggos for each spec. and moving into Antorus I am looking to clear all content. I can only raid between 8pm-12pm EST on any given day. I do have logs I am currently 5/9M ToS I am looking for a solid group of players to raid with and do Mythic+ with on the regular and be able to converse on Discord on off days. If you would like to talk more Rez#1881 is my BTag to get a hold of me thank you for your time XDNecròpolis14 Nov 11
Nov 10 <Just A Flesh Wound> 1/9M 9/9H LFM DPS <Just a Flesh Wound> Illidan/Horde is a 1/9M 9/9H guild recruiting for progression raiding. We raid Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:30pm server time ilevel 915 minimum before you step into raid Discord req. We are currently looking for more dedicated players to join our Mythic progression raid team. Our Current recruitment needs: Preference- Ranged DPS: = Warlock, Mage, Druid, Priest, Hunter Melee DPS: = Monk, Paladin, Death Knight, Warrior, Druid All specs and classes are more than welcome to apply but we are trying to get a full roster with a variety of utility for the raid. About the guild: low stress guild with a strong core family like raid team. We are looking for like-minded individuals to join us as we progress further into mythic ToS and into Antorus when it is released in the future. Please feel free to add and message me on bnet with any additional questions you have about the guild. - Keel Btag - Arrow#1177Keelovandron16 Nov 10
Nov 10 9/9H 943 Guardian Druid LF Guild UPDATE: I have found a guild, thanks for your interest. As the title says I'm a 9/9H 943 Guardian Druid looking for a heroic/mythic raiding guild in need of a tank. My preferred raid times are any time after or on 9PM EST. Logs: Contact: Neccta#1648Neccta2 Nov 10
Nov 10 LF tailor with Molten Front completed I need two Luxurious Silk Gem Bags for this dk but doing a month and a half of dailies with my own tailor just isn't feasible. I'll provide the mats for it all and a generous tip for whoever has the pattern.Ârtøriâs0 Nov 10
Nov 10 90 Belf Paladin LF Fun and Social Guild I just came back from a 3+ year hiatus. I've just done some transmog stuff and run a few dungeons. I am looking for a fun and social guild to be apart of while I level. I am currently going to grind it out and am looking for fun and sexy people to be with. You can post here or beter yet contact me in game at Fatheroflies. OK, one love.Fatheroflies9 Nov 10
Nov 9 Blackhole Gaming 5/9M 2-Day LF Warlock Who We Are We’re a group of friends and misfits from the depths of chaos who melded together from various walks of life. We are the conglomeration of multiple entities, a multi-dimensional quasi-structure of hearts and minds. We are the central nexus for desire and pain that exists at the quantum as well as the macro level. We thrive on the blood and pain behind our progression and we revel in the victories over the forces of Argus otherwise known as end-game content. We are the singularity . . . We are Blackhole Gaming In reality we’re just some guys of various experience and knowledge, and with various skill sets and ideas, who’ve come together for one purpose; to experience mythic level content, down bosses, improve our toons and ourselves, and come back bigger and badder than ever. What We're Looking For Skill, passion, personality, cooperation. We’re looking for desire. We’re looking for those who will meld with us to work as a single entity. We’re to assimilate you so resistance is futile….err wait. Let me try that again We’re looking for {cliche comment regarding teamwork, togetherness, and like-mindedness}. In the end, we’re searching for people who want to work toward the goals of the guild which in turn work toward our progression as a group. We’re looking for that beautiful symbiotic relationship that mankind has sought throughout the ages. Synergy, progression……… and umm….dead raid bosses. Recruitment Needs HIGH DEMAND Warlock We encourage all players of high skill to apply in spite of our current needs. Where We Are US-Illidan Horde When We Raid Tuesday - 7pm to 10:30pm (Server Time) Thursday - 7pm to 10:30pm (Server Time) We run an optional Heroic / Alt run on Wednesdays TL:DR Server Information Server: US - Illidan Server Time: Central Server Location: Chicago, IL Guild Information Guild Name: Blackhole Gaming Server: US-Illidan Website: Raid Environment: Semi-Hardcore, Two-Day, Calm Yet Firm Current Progression: 5/9M Tomb of Sargeras Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday, 7-11 EST. Includes a third non-mandatory Monday same times. Loot System: Loot Council via RCLootCouncil Current Needs: Balance Druid, Spriest, DK, Warlock, and Resto Shaman are all in high demand. Voice: Discord Contacts: Isabelli - Isabelli#1577, Kaahzra - FatNinja001#1504, Mystykall - Mystykall#1117, Necroticx - Necrotic#1575Necrotikx3 Nov 9
Nov 9 Infallible 6/9M LFM 2 Nights/Week We're looking to pickup one healer and one mage. Any class may apply - if you're good, raid spots will be available. Schedule Tues: 6:30-9:30p Central Thurs: 6:30-9:30p Central About Us Infallible has been around since early Vanilla raiding on and off throughout WoW's history. The core of our guild has been together through multiple expansions and, as such, have a friendly and laid back atmosphere while maintaining a competitive raid environment. We're looking to incorporate another few good people into the fold so we can consistently push mythic content in ToS. If you feel like you'd fit in and want to get in touch with us, you can reply here or use the our battle tags below. Contact Information Brutalis - Kremlin#1651 Lenux - D3M1SE#1140 Sefki - ajax#1338Brutalis72 Nov 9
Nov 9 935 5/9M exp UH DK LF a chill mythic guild I am looking for a mythic raiding guild that isnt hardcore but focused on progression while at the same time having laughs and fun while doing it. I also prefer a group around my same progress give or take. You can reach me via btag and discord!! Btag: deckardpain#1876 Discord: invictus#1245Ínvìctus3 Nov 9
Nov 9 No longer looking LF Guild that is planning to raid Mythic Antorus and into Battle for Azeroth that raids 1-4 days a week. Raid times of any time shouldn't be an issue and have no problems with 100% attendance. I've played the game since Burning Crusade on and off until Firelands when I actively started raiding up until before HFC came out in Draenor. Started back in Legion in February and went 9/10 M. Can play either Holy or Shadow and have no problem swapping when needed. Have no interest in playing Disc with how it currently is. I'm not looking to server transfer or faction change unless the guild that recruits me wishes to pay for it. I just recently transfered to Illidan and didn't expect the guild to stop raiding so I don't have the funds to do any type of transferring. Have all legendaries for both specs and proficient at playing both specs and keep up-to-date on latest changes and always am working towards minmaxing to get optimal output. I'm always open to constructive criticism and have no issue being called out when I've made a mistake. Logs from Cho'gall: Logs from Illidan: Btag: Perseverance#1267 Discord: Peresverance#0103Peresverancê0 Nov 9
Nov 9 916 monk LFG Hey everyone! I’m returning back after a few month break. I’ve done all of tos up to kj heroic. I’m looking for a guild that isn’t super pushy for mythic and like to have fun in raids and just down some bosses. I am willing to play any of the specs. WW prefer but I can heal. I’ve had raid experience since late nilla through all the expansions. If you are interested at all just hit me up my bnet will be below. Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from y’all soon! Loadsofjuice#1585Ohimember0 Nov 9
Nov 9 918 monk LFG DeleteOhimember2 Nov 9
Nov 9 945 Warlock 7/10M exp lF mythic guild Looking for a late night raiding guild. I have good practice on avatar and some on kj mythic as well. Most of my logs on this recent patch are private but i can look them up need be. Can play affliction and demonogly where needed illidan horde please im not willing to transfer .Theurgistt4 Nov 9
Nov 9 [H] <Archaic Gaming> - 3/9M <Archaic Gaming> is a community that has been around for years, and we are filling the ranks for Nighthold! Many of us have raided in hardcore guilds, and have experienced the toughest content Blizzard has offered. As the years have passed many of us just don't have the time to dedicate 20-30 hours a week to raiding. So what we can offer is a core raid that will complete the toughest content on a short schedule of 6-8 hours a week. What does this mean? That means we need experienced players who learn quick, and work efficiently and effectively so that we can clear the toughest difficulty prior to the nerfs that blizzard will eventually do. Which kind of dives into the goals of Archaic Gaming; we want to clear all of the raiding content on Mythic difficulty prior to patch nerfs. We don't want to be number 1 on the server, but we do want to be relevant with content and clear it as it comes out. (Previous content has been a rough ride trying to fill the last few ranks to push into full guild mythic raids) As a guild, many of our members have varying experiences dating back to Vanilla and some as recent as Warlords of Draenor. We understand that the game paradigm is shifting, and that new players are always coming into the game. So please do not let that discourage you from trying to become apart of our community. With that being said, we are always trying to expand our community with players who do not necessarily want to raid, but just want to enjoy the environment. So that's always an option as well. Raid Schedule: Wednesday: 10pm - 1am Eastern Standard Time Thursday: 10pm - 1am Eastern Standard Time Needs: DPS - Any Exceptional DPS Tanks - None Heals - Possibly one exceptional druid or shaman If this sounds like something that you might want to be apart of, please add (Ribet#1310 or Demigamer#1676) and shoot us a tell.Ribet49 Nov 9
Nov 8 933 Arms Warrior LF Raiding Home! Im willing to consider going Prot if the guild needs it, but would as of now prefer to stay dps. I have a lot of experience with mythic raids and the old school Heroic raids on a variety of classes. If you have any questions for me please whisper me @: Sithres#1270Sithres1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Mage coming over to horde LF guild. Took a few months off and wanting to get back into the game. Mage is only 913 but that will change pretty quick I hear. I've done ToS heroic but not mythic as I left before my guild progressed into it. I've done the whole raiding tryhard thing before, it's nothing new. Anyone interested please let me know.Stepz3 Nov 8