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3h M+ Dungeon Sale runs M+ dungeon prices are on a per dungeon basis, if you would like to buy a bundle we are more than happy to accommodate and will give a discounted rate. With the release of Patch 7.2.5, and the importance of concordance/new leggos we are going to be selling M+ farming. This entails myself, and 2 other individuals that will farm M+ with you until your heart's content. If interested in this, please message Dreams to set this up. On average we get 120M AP/hour, which can sometimes be as high as 150M AP depending on the affixes of the current week (bolstering). M+ 10 250k - awards a 905 piece in your class hall on tuesday M+11 300k - Awards 910 piece of gear M+12 350k - Awards 915 piece of gear M+13 - 400k - Awards 920 Piece of gear M+14 - 500k - Awards 925 Piece of gear M+15 600k - awards 930 gear, and 250M AP in your weekly chest with max AK. These are prices with OUR keystone, if you bring your own keystone you will get a discount. Along with getting a guaranteed piece of loot from your weekly cache, we will give you any piece of loot that is tradeable at the end of the run. Karazhan - 150k Nightbane WITH mount - 150k Karazhan w/ Nightbane - 250k A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You will pay the remainder prior to the starting of the instance. We like to keep on schedule and tardiness to runs can result in a loss of your spot and deposit. If you would like to purchase an instance run feel free to contact me Drac#11278 Form: Please fill this form out while you wait for us to get back to you, it gives us an idea of what you want in advance and allows us to set up runs ASAP for your convenience.Draconee0 3h
7h 908 mw monk looking for guild to raid with 908 ilvl mw monk 49 traits looking for a guild to progress with. I've only been 110 for 7 days but i have raided since vanilla. Not looking for free handouts I just want to raid and contribute. Currently 6/9 tos N with pugs today. Battle tag : Oreok4#1633Aellas2 7h
7h ~ A G L ~ (A) LF Raiders and Members ~ A G L ~ Amateur Gaming League Progression Check Us out here: Raid Times Tuesday: 8:30 pm EST - 11:00 pm EST Thursday : 8:30 pm EST - 11:00 pm EST Invites start 15 minutes prior to raid time, and trash should be cleared in time for the first pull of the night at the top of the hour. Recruitment All DPS is welcome to apply!! Expectations & General Information -You should be able to maintain at least 95% attendance during progression AND farm (aiming for 100%). This doesn't mean we don't understand real life occurrences ; if you know you will be late or absent to a raid, post in advance (as much as you can) in our designated Discord text Channel. -You should have a very profound knowledge of your class and should be able to communicate said knowledge. -You should have a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. If you consistently disconnect or experience lag issues, do not apply here. -Loot is distributed by a loot council formed of the leadership of the guild. Loot is handed out in a way that increases our guild's progression above all else. Enchants, gems, food, flasks and runes are needed for every raid. Leadership & Contact Information Elpantalones ( Peepants#1837 ) Peedress (Peedress#1720) Barleebe (P0larw1nd#1879) Gemlight (SeanGem#1187)Peedress3 7h
17h < Cloud IX > 10/10M 7/9H TOS LFM < Cloud IX > Kel'Thuzad, Alliance, pvp ➡ Raid Times Thursday, Sunday, 9-12:30PM EST (7-10:30 MST/Server Time) ➡ Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3H Nighthold: 10/10M ➡ Recruitment needs open to all outstanding players looking for solid DPS for TOS. DPS: - Rogue - F/U Death knight - Ret pally - Spriest - warlock - Boomkin Healers: - Resto shammy Cloud IX is currently located on the Alliance side of US-Kel’Thuzad, we are a fresh guild formed in Legion with the goal of clearing all content while it is still relevant on a 2-day schedule (7 hours total weekly). While Cloud IX is freshly formed, our members have been playing World of Warcraft competitively since its release in 2004 and have participated in countless US Top 100 kills. We are looking for top quality and experienced players that are interested in clearing content efficiently in an environment that encourages constructive criticism and consistant performance. If you’re interested in a lighter schedule and you share a similar mind-set, we encourage you to get in contact with us. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of a well-meshed guild with players that have the passion, skill, and drive to be successful. Recruitment Contacts: Notdeadyet @ Fleet#1643 Valintein @ tinman#1948Notdeadyet15 17h
20h 915 Bear Looking For New Home! Hello! Long story short, I am looking for a Mythic guild. I prefer semi-hardcore with a relaxed environment. I am currently 915 Item Level, 57 Traits. Nighthold Experience: 9/10M *60% Gul Dan Wipes* Tomb of Sargeras Exerpience: 9/9N; 7/9H Availabability: M-T-W-TH 7PM-12AM EST Logs : Battletag - MrFreeze007#11642Umphries0 20h
22h [LF] Guild with Voice Chat Looking to join a chill guild w/ vc (pref discord but not required) Hubs and I just want some fun people to play with, not really looking for anything in particular. We are alliance. I do not want to join Alliance Empire. lmk if I need to post this elsewhere. My gamertag is HeyCharlie#1893Daffynewt1 22h
1d [A] <Faith of the Fallen> Recruiting 5/9 ToS <Faith of the Fallen> ALLIANCE Currently 9/9 N ToS & 5/10 H ToS. Faith of the Fallen was a result of 2 raid teams forming together to form a larger and more efficient raid team. Using Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor as a warm up we managed to hit the ground running going into Nighthold and we're now looking to expand our raid core! We will be looking to Progress steadily through ToS with this continued momentum. We do our best to ensure that everyone has a place in our guild. We are consistently active outside raid time running alt raids, casual PvP including arenas/battlegrounds, and running low/high Mythic+. We have a semi-casual outlook on raiding and ask that our raiders meet a simple set of expectations including: 1. Show up to raid. We understand that this is not cutting edge progression but we do ask that you do our best to maintain reasonable attendance if you intent to be part of our core. And at the least let us know if you will not be around in advance. 2. Know your class, and be prepared. Take pride in your character, have your stuff gemmed/enchanted and bring flasks/food/potions to raid. 3. Be kind. We like to enjoy ourselves in raid, it is a game after all, so enjoy it. Our loot is distributed using a loot council system. This system rewards players who consistently show up to raid and are able to do their part. Our officer team decided with a voting system where each piece will be put to the best use in the raid. This is decided based on: largest upgrade, attendance, best stats. Our raid schedule is Tues/Thurs/Mon 8-11 MST with Monday being a non-mandatory clean up/off-raid night for alts. Legion Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold: 10/10 Heroic 3/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Normal 5/9 heroic RECRUITMENT: 1-2 Healers of any class Shadow Priest (High demand) Mage (High demand) Rogue Enhancement/ Elemental Shaman DPS DK Balance Druid Havoc DH DPS Warrior Warlock (High Demand) Regardless of our "needs" we consider all people interested. We do recruit casuals/non-raiders. Officers you can contact: Laddorek (realid: Liberated#1955) Solaren (realid: Idle#1603) Promhair (realid:Monikth#11124)Laddorek6 1d
1d 910 RSham LF ToS Progression .Loligaggin1 1d
2d <The Goofy Goobers> 4/10M 3/9H Recruiting The Goofy Goobers is a weekend raiding guild that is looking for a few more people to solidify our roster for Mythic progression in ToS. We like to have a good time while raiding and pride ourselves on our ability to joke around during raid yet still progress at a steady rate. If you're looking for a more laid back environment but still want to enter the Mythic scene, we may be the guild for you. Our raid times are Fri/Sat 8-11 server time. What we expect from our members: Attendence: Real life emergencies will always be excused, but outside of that we expect consistent attendence. Attitude: We understand progression can get rough, but we ask everyone to keep a positive attitude and remain patient. Drive: We raid to kill !@#$, we're looking for members that want to kill %^-* just as much as we do. This means constantly improving as a player and having dedication to the group. Current Recruitment While we're looking for particular classes and roles, any exceptional player will be considered. Tanks (1) Brewmaster Monk Protection Warrior Protection Paladin Blood Death Knight Healers (1-2) Holy Paladin Restoration Shaman Ranged DPS(3) Hunter (BM or MM) Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Melee DPS(2) Death Knight (Frost or Unholy) Retribution Paladin Once again, any exceptional players will be considered. This is simply what we feel our roster could use the most. If you're interested in joining: Acanti (Recruitment Officer) Nightcharger#1411 Or, if i'm not available Reenox (Guild Master) Reeno#1138 Acanti0 2d
2d The Core - Kel'thuzad - Dps/Heal The Corê is a long term semi-casual guild recruiting Dps and Heal with Offspec for our core raid team to rebuild for Tomb of Sargares Normal moving into Heroic progression. The raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 9pm server (9 to 11 pm EST). We also run mythic+ and older raids for fun and transmog for those into that. Feel free to respond here if interested or message any of our members.Nikisndrs2 2d
2d Rank 1 Players - Selling Mythic+ Dungeons! Rank 1 Players: Now selling carries! We are a group of friends who have been selling 5-man content for years (See bottom of post for previous feedback)! Our group always has a blast and we can't wait to make some new friends! (Multiple players in the current top 10 for Mythic+ Score in the world!) Prices: Level 10 Complete (In Time) : 100k Level 15 In Time (Keystone Master) : 200k (3 Pieces of loot drop per run) Level 0-9 or 11-14 contact us! Specials: If you would like to do a duo carry or want to buy multiple runs please contact me and we can work out a discounted price! Contact Info: Add my battletag: Deathlobsta#1397 Or whisper/mail me in game! Deathlobsta-Kel'thuzad More about us! Our group proudly sold over 2000 challenge mode carries during Warlords of Draenor and Mist of Pandaria expansions here is a link to our previous forum posts where you can see customer feedback in the comments! Disclaimer: We only sell for gold on Kel'thuzad Alliance, the only other payment that would be considered are mounts or expensive in game items! We have and always will sell our carries within the Terms of Service! Thanks for taking the time to read our post see you soon! :)Deathlobsta3 2d
2d semi-hard wkend daytime raid - 5/9H LFM The Pitch - Weekend 6 hr Raid weeks with buddies Schedule Saturday & Sunday -- 2pm - 5pm EST Weekdays -- pick-up / drop in 5m mythic We want chill adults who know how to play wow, know how to play their toons, but aren't crazy. People who don't need constant attention, but enjoy and take pride in their characters progression and being part of a close knit team. If this is you then you should contact me, we should chat. This could be the last guild you ever join. First Kill Boss Vids @ Add me on real ID -- Trinks#1866 What we are about; * Relaxed, stress free raiding * Killing raid bosses using skill and tactics, not slavish commitment * Personal accountability * Bonding with guildies over beers and vent * Bullet points * Canadians (not a requirement though) What we are NOT about * Finger pointing, blame laying * 16 hour raid weeks, marathon wipe sessions * Guilt trips / Attacks on guildies or borderline behavior * Paragraphs History * Formed pre-MoP with the primary goal of making WoW buddies and reliving that old school feeling of knowing the people we play WoW with. * Turns out people looking for a guild like this are actually pretty great players and enjoy serious raiding progression on 6 hour raid weeks. * Progression wise we full clear heroics always and partial clear mythics as time permits Add me on real ID -- Trinks#1866Fitsi35 2d
3d 9/9Heroic ToS World 9th LF LOCK,SPRIEST,HUNT Greetings! <Serendipity> of Korgath, 9/9 Heroic ToS, is looking for skilled players for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression! As mentioned above, we are a 2 day guild. That being said, we expect our raiders to come prepared for each fight, learn fights beforehand and have consumables ready. We offer a very competitive yet non-toxic atmosphere. We don't think it's necessary to insult people but we are looking for players who take constructive criticism well. We have a pretty deep roster which allows us to have the most optimal compositions for each fight. Unlike other guilds, we have no problem filling our mythic roster but like i said earlier, we are always looking for skilled players to join our ranks. We provide a raiding experience that is designed for players who thrive in a competitive environment. Some of our players have been with us since the beginning of WoD but raid spots are EARNED by everyone equally. We do not show favoritism towards our Veteran players or even Officers. If you are not playing well, you will be sat. No excuses. That being said, we offer a fun yet focused raiding atmosphere which I think is our guild's best asset! For a 2-day guild, we get alot of stuff done. We recently got realm first, Gul'dan! If you're looking for a guild that consistently improves each tier and has an active and fun community, then your search is over! Raid Times: Progression Raids: Tuesday-Wednesday 7:30-11:30PM CST Optional Runs: 5pm-6:30pm CST Tuesday-Wednesday: Heroic/Normal ToS Clear 7:30pm CST onwards (Depending on interest) Monday: Guild Sales Runs We also PVP (RBGS) on the weekends. Progression: > 7/7M Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge) > 3/3M Trial of Valor (Cutting Edge) > 10/10M Nighthold (Realm First) > 9/9N ToS (World 2nd KJ Normal) > 9/9H ToS (World 4th KJ Heroic) NOW RECRUITING FOR TOMB! Currently Recruiting: +MELEE DPS WITH TANK OS -Fury/Arms Warrior -Havoc DH -Ret Paladin -Feral +Ranged DPS -Spriest -Warlock -MM Hunter +Healer -Holy Paladin -Resto Shaman Loot System: Council WE ARE ALWAYS RECRUITING EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS. PLEASE CONSIDER APPLYING STILL EVEN IF YOUR CLASS IS NOT LISTED. Mythic +: We have a pretty active M+ community so if you like doing dungeons, you will like it here! Guild Progression Kills: If you're interested please add: Rigby#1872 If you'd like a faster response submit an app here:ìv5 3d
3d Returning Blood/Unholy DK(BrM alt) Returning Blood/Unholy DK(911 ilevel blood/908 ilevel unholy). I will start of by saying I didnt come back to get much experience in NH/EN. I was away for three years. That being said I had a long and established time as a tank and dps in top 20-30 guilds from about t2 to t15. I would have gone back to them however I my timings have changed and prefer to find a guild that starts up after 8PST. I am primarily looking for guilds that are established and have at least 8/10M in T19 going into T20. This is due to my confidence in my abilities. I can give you people to talk to people in the guilds I was part of so that you can check me out if need be. Thanks *I do have a preference for tanking roles as that is what I spent the large majority of 15 years doing but I am still a good solid dps that always parses highly so I will switch back to unholy if need be for a spot. I also have 52 Points into Frost now as well to round things off. On the side of this I am used to spit raiding so I have also leveled 3 alternatives to my tank. Bear, DH, and Monk. The monk is what I have been primarily working on as an alternative and can main switch to him as primary if a BrM tank is preferred. **About guild nature: I can't believe I am going to type this out as well but I from my experience since coming back in some middle of the pack guilds, I am going to say this. I prefer environments that aren't ego-centric. By this I mean I have found from experience that guilds that are supportive about each other and not concerned about flexing their ego with more abuse then ability aren't guilds that actually make it or stay in top spots. I have just left a guild that had some good clearance in NH for this specifically. I am not here to flex my ego. My performance will do that for me 57Points into Blood 53 Points into Unholy ***I am willing to race and server change for the right fitRatzass0 3d
3d 912 BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild Hey everyone! Raid Experience: ToS: 7/9N (Inquisition and Harjatan not down) 7/9H (Maiden/KJ not down). NH: 10/10N 10/10H 6/10M Time Availability: Any day between 4-11 PM CST (2-9 PST, 3-10 Server, 5-12 EST) About Me: Currently working part-time while finishing my last year in college. I have pretty ample free time this year. I'm almost always willing to run +s and help out my fellow guildies. I love alts, leveling, animals, and my pets. I'm willing to put in the work to be an awesome raider and be the best at my spec. Disclaimer: I'm currently working on regearing some of my pieces as I am in great need of more haste. I'm also working on getting Elisande's trinket, but no success for the past few months. Contact: KK545#1717 Kailiak-Kel'thuzad Belahu-Thrall [H]Kailiak0 3d
3d <Depleted> Morning guild Recruiting Depleted!! We're seeking consistent raiders to fill out our roster, We are a relatively new guild currently looking for a strong 20 man core with our eyes set on Mythic progression. Of course casual players and individuals just looking for a place to hang out are also most certainly welcome. if you like to raid semi hardcore and have a bit of fun while doing it this is the place for you. -Currently seeking strong DPS for Tomb. -Currently 9/9 N - 3/9 H We are more than happy to consider interested applicants from any exceptional player. Dual specs are most welcome and are encouraged! Progression and Goals: Dungeons and raids are our primary focus and we'll be gearing accordingly through mythic+ and of course ToS and farming Nighthold. Weekly Raiding Schedule: We raid on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am - 1pm eastern with the possibility of adding thursday , and with such a small schedule, we expect our raiders to know their classes well, and be able to follow directions to maximize our time. On off Nights and Weekends we have implemented guild organized mythic+ and we're also seeking more members to form an alt raid night. Who We Are: We're a small, off the Grid guild with a strong sense of humor consisting of a core group of players who have only started raiding together in Legion, and despite our small raid schedules we've cleared 7/7 M, 3/3 H, and 2/10 M. Community is also very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers. We welcome each and every new raider and aim to make you a member of our core! If Depleted sounds like a good fit for you or if you have any questions please reach out to me in game on Uther7052#1213 or email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!Äzmodan9 3d
3d [A] Pure Insanity - 7/7M 5/10M 3/9H - 2 day Pure Insanity is currently recruiting for 2 raid groups 1st team: 5/10M , 9/9N , 3/9H - Tue/Thurs 8-11 PM server 2nd team: 10/10H , 9/9N - Wed/Sun 8-11 PM server We are an older group, many of us hardcore experienced raiders in the past who have kids and not enough time for that kind of a schedule now. As a result we are only interested in mature players ideally 21+ Our main Mythic raid runs Tue/Thurs 8 PM to 11 PM MST/Server and is recruiting: High Priority for the following: Hunter Frost DK Rogue Shadow Priest Guardian Druid Medium Priority for the following: Mage WW Monk Low Priority for the following: Blood DK Havoc DH Holy Pally Prot Pally Ele Shaman Enhancement Shaman Our 2nd raid is recruiting for a heroic run on Wednesdays 8 PM to 11 PM MST/Server and Sundays 8 PM to 11 PM MST/Server and we are recruiting for all roles. This group requires NO EXPERIENCE and is designed to try to develop players who need experience to eventually be capable of playing as core raiders with the mythic group. You will be able to rotate in on Mythic farm bosses tue/thurs and clear heroic each week with experienced mythic raiders helping you go over logs, improve UI and mechanics, and improve your skills overall. If you are interested in joining us for raiding this expansion please contact one of the following people: GM - Irishowl: Battlenet ID - Irish#11741 or Officer - Kikka: Battlenet ID - Twistdkitteh#1932 or Captain - Jusalah: Battlenet ID - MicFree#1324Irishowl31 3d
4d [A] WTS Mythic Keystone level 15 Keystone is prepared for you, you just have to come get your 930 loot. 500k PST VaxymVaxym0 4d
5d [A] Symbiosis 7/9H ToS 2-night is recruiting! <Symbiosis> [A] is a semi-hardcore, 2-night raiding guild looking to complete Cutting Edge Mythic content. We are currently recruiting 900+ilvl for ToS Progression. We do a lot of mythic+ dungeons and are fairly active outside of raid days. Currently, we are taking DPS to fit into the raid team. Website: Progress: [7/9H ToS] - [6/10M NH, 2/3M ToV, 7/7M EN] Raid nights: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-8:30 Server Time (4:30-7:30 PST) Loot System: Officer based loot council Contacts: Ginyu - Construct#1630 Illidaann - Cronkilla#1910 Myrriel - TheHeck#1101Gìnyu10 5d
5d <Bear Team Six> 7/9H ToS Recruiting We are Bear Team Six, an Alliance guild based on US-Kel'Thuzad. We are currently 7/10 Mythic Nighthold and 7/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and are looking for strong players to fill out our core team for Mythic Progression. If you are interested in joining our core raiding team please provide a link to previous logs showing your performance. Most of our members are in the EST timezone so that is what we base our raid times around. We are a semi-hardcore guild and raid three nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 8:00-11:00pm EST. What we Require for New Recruits: - Desire to raid. - Dedication to show up to raids when it's within your ability. - Know your class. - Read up on the fights and understand what your role should be doing. - High raid attendance. Raid Times: Tuesday 8:00-11:00pm EST, Wednesday 8:00-11:00pm EST, Sunday 8:00-11:00pm EST Below are the roles by priority that we are specifically looking for: Tanks: Low Healers: High Melee DPS: Low Ranged DPS: High Any class/spec not mentioned above is low priority. Reply to this thread, contact Towersconnor#1610 or Crow#13817 if you'd like to inquire about joining Bear Team Six or apply directly at 5d
6d Tao, Late night raiding Late Night KT Raiding Guild LFM quailty players to round out our Mythic roster for ToS. Need an active guild with a bit of sass? We got you. Heavy focus on PvE. We're semi-hardcore raiding guild of friends, many of which have been playing together for several years. We reformed this guild during the NH raid tier and put heroic NH on farm. We are looking to recruit quality players to progress through ToS Normal, then we'll push into ToS Heroic, and our goal is to complete our roster to progress into Mythic ToS. The Deets: *We raid Tuesdays and Thursday 9:30-12:30 server time (10:30-1:30 CST) *We use discord for VOIP. *We have several experienced raiders that are 7/7 Mythic EN & 10/10 Heroic NH *We run Mythic Pluses most nights *Very open to new and returning players *Several of our players play Overwatch and Hearthstone as well. *Applicants will begin as trials. Logs are a plus! Requirements: *iLvl 890 *You need to have concordance on your primary spec. *Be on time and come prepared with food and flasks. *You must be able to handle adult content... this is not a PG guild. Interested? Contact MrRosales#1715, Crunke, or Shinokk on KT for more info.Sinsu0 6d
6d [A] Affinity Recruiting Heroic AOTC NH guild Hello Friends, Affinity of Kel'thuzad is recruiting for raids during Legion. We are a close group of friends who want to raid hard, but not often. I would put us somewhere around the middle of the road between casual and hardcore. The majority of us have been playing since Vanilla. In WOD we managed to clear everything on Heroic. In Legion we are focusing on a Heroic raid size. We are recruiting for all specs/classes. If you have friends or toons on a different server we will gladly accept folks who want to raid with us cross realm to try us out. If you like us, you can come on over. We're looking to raid Tuesdays/Wednesdays 5-9 PST. We do a lot of alt runs and mythic+s on other days. The main things we look for in recruits: Good attitude (no seriously, no jerks, be chill). Good attendance. You should join us if: You want to raid hard, but only 2-3 nights a week. You want to be flexible with classes/specs you want to play. We want you to play what you have fun with. You want friends you can count on to be there during raid times. You want friends to PVP with on off-raid times, and not rage out You want to push the new Mythic Dungeons You want free-repairs and raid mats. You play WOW to have fun over all else! If you want to join: Just PM me here, or send a friend request to B-Tag: Smellybacon#1113. We do not have some in depth recruitment application process. If you hang out in the guild/raids and get along with us, then you will stay. If you rage, are excessively rude, or !@#$%y, then you'll get kicked. Remember we're all here to have fun! -SmellybaconShadowdunk0 6d
Jun 21 <Nation of Light> [A] Recruiting All Classes <Nation of Light> Recruiting All Classes New guild with a lot of experience from multiple expansions. We are currently looking for all classes and specs to round out our raid team. Healers and Ranged DPS are in high priority. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30PM EST. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me in game or leave a comment here.Willarda0 Jun 21
Jun 21 10/10H NH - 3/10M NH - Tomb Recruitment Times available & time zone: Mountain Standard Time 7pm-9pm - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday - 6 Hr Week Faction: Alliance Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore, Currently pushing Mythic Current progression/experience: (7/7H EN-4/7M EN) - (3/3H ToV) - (10/10N NH) - (10/10H NH) - (3/10M NH) Contact info: Etia, Aveharin ( GM ), Zyrania (Recruiting) Jargenel (Officer), Callexis (Officer), Andram (Officer), Sartrah (Officer), Thadazar (Officer) We are a fun guild that focuses on playing with friends and helping new people gear up by running daily mythic + groups and preping them for raids. We are mostly active past 3pm MST all the way past midnight server time. Also looking to fill our roster for Tomb! Logs are ran and reviewed to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Low performance is not punishable, we simply will try and help you and get a better understanding on raid awareness/rotations if need be. If there is no improvement after help is given then we will give corrective action as needed. Personal loot is what we are running currently. Mythic Teir bosses "May" be MasterLoot. This is not set in stone as of yet. Attendance to non Mythic raids will impact who will be able to raid in the core mythic group. Make sure that you are ready to go 10-15mins before raid time and have all necessary flasks and potions. We are looking for 2-4 strong Ranged DPS/Healers. Minimum 897-900 ilvl. Discord is what we use for our raids. High Priority: RDPS 1. Mage 2. Warlock 3. Hunter 4. Druid 5. Shaman 6. Shadow Priest High Priority: Heals 1. Druid 2. Monk 3. Paladin 4. Priest 5. Shaman Zyrania -- Xevaria#1786 - Btag Please feel free to MSG us in game on Kel'Thuzad or in this forum We look forward to raiding with youZyrania9 Jun 21
Jun 21 WARLOCK (Return Raider) I'm an experienced raider returning to the game and looking for a solid mythic mindset guild for progression, not much raiding experience this expack but all AOTC and at least 1/2 mythics before next tier release all throughout last expansion. I understand that my absent raiding experience hinders me but I have strong confidence in my ability to learn, adapt and preform. Willing to trial run with no loot or incentive gain in order to earn my place and home, please let me know, I look forward to finding a strong place for tomb and raids yet to come. Mexicutioner#1825 Main for WOD: Jun 21
Jun 20 [8/10M 7/7M] Nobility is LFM late-night folks <Nobility>, a late-night raiding guild whose core has been raiding together since Wrath times, is recruiting for some fun. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 11pm to 2am server time (which is 10pm - 1am PST or 1am - 4am EST). Current progression is: Nighthold: 8/10M, 10/10H, 10/10N Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M, 7/7H, 7/7N (Cutting Edge) Trial of Valor: 2/3M, 3/3H, 3/3N Past progression (WoD): Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M, 13/13H Highmaul: 5/7M, 7/7H BRF: 3/10M, 10/10H We finished T18 (HFC) 14th on server and 665th in the U.S. What can we offer? We're a semi-hardcore progression guild. We're not striving for server-first, and understand that RL is more important than the game, but are serious about progression, and aim to kill Mythic bosses during the relevant tier. We offer an active, social guild. While we do not require anyone to log in at non-raid times, many of us do, and we enjoy plentiful and successful Mythic+ runs, old raid transmog clears, and Discord chatter nights. Neither the guild chat, nor our voice channels are lonely often. And yes, if you're only interested in M+ but not in raiding, we do also recruit for that. Our style of raid leading sets us apart from many guilds. When someone messes up in a fight causing a wipe, or performs below the expected level, some raid leaders will openly mock them, calling them names more suitable for a frat party. Others will not notice, and will continue pulling in what people like to describe as bashing their heads against the wall. We do neither of these - we won't mock or swear, but we will instead let the person know they need to improve, and if such improvement doesn't happen, we will (politely) replace them. In this way, we maintain progression without causing drama or hurting feelings. We play to have fun, and have a low tolerance toward rude or pretentious people, but at the same time do enforce performance standards in raids, particularly for the progression fights, and our raid spots are competitive. We like to joke around in guild chat and on Discord; profanity is allowed and encouraged, but intentionally abusing others isn't. How to contact us? Choose one of the following: Add Volshebnik#1818. Apply online at: Post here, leaving your battletag. Contact one of Charodey, Ohotnik, Reowen, Fobik or Sentient. Write one of us an in-game mail.Charodey38 Jun 20
Jun 20 Exp Healer Looking for group for ToS *Willing to transfer immediately for a core spot in ToS* Quick About Me: 22 Yrs Old Healing since WotLK Holy Paladin Main Always working on alts to be flexible Prior High end raid exp -Struggled finding a group to keep playing with after friends disbanded game. -Work 2nd shift so I prefer late night or morning group ( START TIME NEEDS TO BE AFTER 11:30 PM Est FOR NIGHT GROUPS) -Always striving to learn my class Will transfer for right group - Horde or alliance I dont care I just want some buddies to kill some bosses with! Reply Here or Add me: Acrylikx#1922Acrylikzy0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Guild Looking for guild. ilvl- 890 Wanting to raid heroic Dps Demon Hunter Battle tag- Foxy#1261 Msg me if interested.Lëry2 Jun 20
Jun 20 [A]Shotgun By Thirty Two 9/10M Wed/Thurs 7-10 <Shotgun By Thirty Two> is a 2 night raiding guild that formed during the middle of Nighthold. We are currently recruiting for Tomb to push normal and heroic, with the aim to get right into mythic when it launches. We also do plenty of Mythic+'s, PvP, and play other games during off nights. If you're looking to get into casual-hardcore raiding or just a guild to be social with, we may be just that. Current Progression: 9/10, getting ready for ToS. Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 7-10 pm server time. Will be pushing normal/heroic on Tuesdays for the start of Tomb. Loot Rules: Officer Loot Council Requirements - 905+ ilvl - Concordance - Discord / working mic - Good attitude / attendance - Logs and experience a plus Raid spots are based on attendance, performance and what classes we need for progression. Current Recruitment Tanks: Low Healers: Low Melee DPS: Low DPS DK: High Range DPS: High Boomkin: High If you are interested or have questions please contact Fireco#1827, Sleepysleepy#1718, Blackout#1706, Greyfox#1951 or BigDwilly#1436, thanks.Fireco9 Jun 20
Jun 19 3 DPS LF 2 Night Guild Hi all, We have 3 DPS looking for a 2 night guild, which has solid heroic progression and clear speed with the potential for mythic difficulty as well. Anytime during the week is fine for us, with hours preferably being after 6PM Server Time. Our 3 DPS: Retribution Paladin - 895 ilvl Elemental Shaman - 908 ilvl Balance Druid - 913 ilvl Our Druid has 10/10M exp, our Shaman has 6/10M exp and I myself have 4/10M exp. Feel free to add my battle tag Lemmings#1615 for any further info.Jeverett2 Jun 19
Jun 19 898 Resto Druid LF fri/sat night guild 7/7M 3/3H 1/10M Resto Druid LF fri and/or sat night guild for ToS. Have been raiding off and on since Wrath. Armory and logs linked below. Armory: Logs: Jun 19
Jun 18 <THE BOYS> ARE BACK IN TOWN Suh dude US WARSONG [A] The boys is a super lit *fire emoji* guild that is looking for top notch lads for raiding casually, pvp and other wow things. We are a group of friends that have stopped raiding hardcore to just do some one night a week stuff. We are only expecting to be a heroic meme guild. Raid times: Wednesday 8pm - 11pm Server time. (times still unofficial) We aren't looking for edge lord masters of the blade to come tryhard in this guild but we want people who can listen up, play their class, and joke around. Bunch of Rando Cali guys in their mid 20s just looking to have fun. (we are like half/mostly canadians right now so thats pretty wacky) If you are interested in joining we are really active right now. Just Wsp Bobbo or Beardski in-game. Valmore#1768 is for bobbo also. Njdubs#1125 is for Beardski. (Token canadian lord) The title of this post is stupid. Now accepting some girls through a rigorous selective processBobbo2 Jun 18
Jun 17 Heavy Junkbox for Insane Hello ! I would like to recruit a Rogue to farm 1,400 Heavy Junckbox ( I will pay 55k gold for this (almost 40g per box). If anyone is interested, you can contact me here or add me: Guewergues#1250 Thank you!Guewergues1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Selling AOTC 40k gold Selling aotc 40k gold, come get it before Tuesday. Just message alelro in game or mail with times you are online.Alelro0 Jun 17
Jun 17 <Forte> Heroic raiding for ToS <Forte> is an Alliance guild on Kel'thuzad (NA) focused on Herioc raiding. We have no intention on doing mythic raiding. We strive to quickly and efficiently clearing herioc raids. We've gotten Atoc well before the next raid for Emerald nightmare, Trials of Valor, and Nighthold. DPS are expected to keep their parse numbers well above 60%. The type of players we're looking for are above average raiders that no longer desire to spend the time and stress of mythic raiding. Everyone completes higher mythic+ dungeons each week and there's a light requirement for keeping up on AP, obviously nothing too serious with the new AP/AK System. Alt runs are ran usually through the week as well but mains are expected to show up to main raids. With the ease of gaining loot right now an item level of 880 or so is expected to show your willingness to at least work on your gear. The raid environment is adult based, NSFW chat is expected to be kept there, drinking and relaxed play especially on farm nights are common. If you think we're a good fit we can talk on discord. Feel free to contact me here or or whatever its called now @ Edrec#1877 Raid times are tuesday/thursday 7 - 10 server time. What we need: Hunters Mages Warlocks Shadow Priest aka Ranged DPSSoifone1 Jun 17
Jun 17 <Red Stag> Recuiting for Tomb of Sargeras <Red Stag> is currently recruiting 900+ ilvl DPS for our progression raid team for Tomb of Sargeras (release date June 20th). Our core raid team is a fun adult group, 18+ only. We like to have fun, but we get sh!t done ;) Raid times: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9-11pm EST (7-9pm realm time). 10/10H NH back in early March. Joining the guild is not necessary for raiding, but we do ask that you are consistent in showing up. Guildies receives guild repairs, pots, and flasks for raiding. If you are interested or have any questions, post here or message me in game TabbyCat#1888.Indygo2 Jun 17
Jun 16 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara0 Jun 16
Jun 16 A<Casually Hardcore> tues/wed 6:30-9:30 ST <Casually Hardcore> is recruiting for Tomb, currently 10/10H NH, looking to fill our roster to get into mythic tomb eventual. will talk to anyone who is interested, preferably mage, shaman, holy priest/pally, warrior, rogue. raid times: tues/wed 6:30-9:30. underkill13#1309Betrayen0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Warrior mastery neck Hello, I'm buying a Raging Furystone Gorget of the Savant, it's a crafted neck made by jewelcrafters. I'm after the pure mastery neck and will pay very well for it. If you or someone you know has this neck and is ready to make some serious gold, feel free to leave a comment or mail me in game.Ragefreaklol0 Jun 16
Jun 15 <Indestructible> Mythic Nighthold Sales Hello! We are selling any boss in NH along with the Gul'dan mount. The prices can be negotiated. With the exception of a few warforged or socketed items, gear is included! 10/10 Mythic Boss + Loot = 2.5 million gold Gul'dan Only (No Mount) = 1.5 Million Gold Gul'dan + Mount = 2.5 million gold 10/10 Mythic + Loot + Mount = 3.5 Million Gold 9/10 Mythic + Loot = 1.5Million Gold Individual Bosses = Message me in game for pricing. Also selling mythic tov, for those interested in getting cutting edge. We also do mythic + carries and heroic sales. Message myself, Swagmilf, or add Roiidtv#1306 for information regarding keystone conquererEmmiee28 Jun 15
Jun 15 Buying Nightbane mount run Looking to buy a Nightbane mount run. Not sure how much they cost right now though. Add me in game, battletag: Hamurai27#1875Lothbrock0 Jun 15
Jun 14 <A>Terror Squad Inc PvP community guild Link to Guild Recruitment forums thread: Terror Squad Incorporated (Terror Squad Inc) Server: Emerald Dream Type: PvP Hello friends! My name is Alatril and I am here to make a small announcement. I have had a vision of a guild format I wish to share and hope people will join in to help build. For too long now I have watched the PvP community dwindle down especially on the North American side of the spectrum. Below will be an outline of what I hope to accomplish (with help) with this community guild. Table of Contents 1) Our (my) goal 2) About Myself 3) Community 4) Development 5) Competitive PvP 6) PvE? 7) My server 8) Closing Our (My) Goal So simply my goal here is to create a community of players who love to pvp, want to improve and contribute to the PvP community in general no matter how big or small the contribution is. I hope to build a guild community that not only wants success when it comes to higher ratings and PvP achievements but success on improving other players in the process and helping them reach goals they want to set for themselves. To often I see disdain for players that want to PvP but don't have the experience in high pressure situations to actually improve and contribute in those situations. I want to build a guild community where players not only have access to other players of the same skill level but players who are also willing to help other players improve by sharing their experience. About Myself This won't be long because this isn't about me. However I feel like a little background is needed. I have been playing WoW since its exception. I have dedicated countless hours to the game and characters. My love for PvP started late Vanilla when a friend of mine dragged me into an AV for quest. I have never been a player that has achieved high ratings nor sought to. However recently I have watched top players on Twitch and love watching WoW esports in general and not only wish to improve myself to learn the game and its mechanics better but also contribute to WoW esports either by playing or otherwise. I just want to be involved. Also this summer I hope to launched a Twitch talked show called NerfCraft as well (follow on Twitter @NerdCraftWoW) Community Community has always been big to me. Community is what made this game a passion and it is what continues me playing. However, as the game has its ups and down I have also seen a decline in community. This has a lot to due with declining player base and server deaths but also some other things. The one I wish to focus on is the PvP community. I see a lot of divide and disdain within the community. What I hope to accomplish is to build a guild community where mutual respect no matter what a person's skill level is. Everyone can learn from everyone in my eyes. Everyone can contribute. Developement Players in general are far more skilled than ever because of how long the game has been around. However I still feel like a lot of players want and have room to improve but don't know where to turn to do so. Also it seems harder and harder to find players to connect with to play with as well. I hope to build a guild community that gives players access to such things.Aliatril2 Jun 14
Jun 13 In search of Warrior crafted neck I'm buying a pure mastery crafted neck that is for warriors.Ragefreaklol0 Jun 13
Jun 13 [A] <Heavy Metal Gaming> 10/10H LF RDPS Good day people of the forums! Heavy Metal Gaming (Kel'thuzad) is a 2 day raid, 7/7 3/3 10/10 Heroic casual raid guild looking to recruit a few players as we head into ToS. Due to RL things, we have lost a couple of our key raiders and are in need of replacing/adding to our roster. Not to mention, from time to time, the dreaded wife-boss lands a massive critical strike. We are a casual guild, that atm doesn't run Mythic. We super don't care about it, and are fine with crushing heroic raids. However, if we get the right group, we definitely would. Although we are casual, the roster is made up of exceptional players, and we are looking for like-minded/skilled players that are vocal in discord, and engage with the rest of the guild. The guild and group is made up of friends that have been gaming together for 10+ years. Many of us previously raiding in Top 50 guilds during TBC, WoTLK, and Cata. For Legion we are AOTC for all raid content and will continue to be. We are looking for: DPS ONLY! Extreme need for a good HUNTER (MM or BM) Ranged: Lock/Mage Ele Shaman Raid Times Tuesday & Wednesday 7-10PM Mountain time If you are interested in a laid back guild, but still want to crush heroic raids please respond to this thread, and feel free to add me: in game: Deadly#1230 Or on discord: Deadly#2239Deadly2 Jun 13
Jun 13 <Divinity> hosted GDKP Hey there Kel'thuzad! I once upon a time hosted many GDKP runs that worked to great success and it was one of my favorite things to do so I am looking to revive them and hopefully find people interested in the runs, below will include some info and I'll link a google doc to the spreadsheets from the old runs as I believe transparency and understanding the history of it all is very important. (History of the runs and how I display cuts and what not) WHAT IS A GDKP? GDKP is a run where everyone enters the raid with however much gold they chose to bring, instead of a normal DKP system where people are alloted points for attending or doing whatever outside of raids your currency for purchasing items is literally gold, we will have a public auction of each item in raid chat following each boss kill, the highest bidder wins the item, they trade me the gold in exchange for the item I document the price of the item and it gets added to the pot that will be evenly distributed at the very end of the run. WHO CAN COME? At this point in time as my number of 'hardcore raider' friends has dwindled there are currently openings for people who are looking to come exclusively to buy gear (I'm open to people of literally ANY ilvl should you supply sufficient proof that you're going to be spending) And at the opposite end of that we obviously need people who are very geared and maybe interested in only one or two things Warforged or just want to come to collect. If you come in garbage gear, contribute minimally and aren't spending any gold I reserve the right to remove you/not invite you back. WHEN IS IT? The plan is for the run to take place on Saturday night at 10:30 EST (8:30 Server time) and go for 3-4 hours depending on how everyone is feeling, hitting brick walls etc. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, at this point in time I am looking to focus mostly on heroic ToS/Mythic Nighthold with the possibility of Mythic ToS should the group be strong enough. If you are interested in attending contact me in game on KT or on @ Sellin#11328Sellins0 Jun 13
Jun 11 914 Prot warrior LF guild I have 4/10m exp and i am available during the week from 7pm-1am server. I have ksm, concordance, aotc, etc. Add me Jordan#11383 to talkGoliik1 Jun 11
Jun 9 [A]Why Am I On Fire 2 Night Raiding Hello all, I am from <Why Am I On Fire> on US-Kel'thuzad, and we are looking to find a new healer and some ranged DPS for our mythic team. We are currently 7/10M and now making good progress on Tichondrius. We raid on Tuesday and Thursday at 8-11EST and just run m+ and old raids on off days while hanging out in Discord. If you're possibly interested, shoot me a message here or on bnet: Zippo#1274 Hope to hear from you! __**Guild:**__ Why am I on Fire __**Faction:**__ **ALLIANCE** __**Raid Times/Days:**__ 8-11 EST Tuesday/Thursday __**Cleared:**__ 7/7M, 2/3M, 7/10 Mythic __**Recruitment Contacts:**__ BTag - Zippo#1274 Discord - Psysham#8869 __**Website:**__ Under Construction __**Wowprogress:**__ __**Needs:**__ Ranged DPSZzips9 Jun 9
Jun 8 5/10M Exp (Early March) LF Home Immediate Contact Discord - Lightpulse#7752 About Me: I started playing this game at the coattails of Vanilla. I started raiding at a decent skill level during Dragon Soul when I Started my own Guild. The Guild would always remain with a few of the early creators; however, the name changed a couple of times. I was the Guild Master and the Raid leader up until end of The Emerald Nightmare when I had to recruit someone to fill the shoes as Real life was getting into the way. I stopped raiding around 5/10M due to those real life issues. Really the only time I've actually taken a break from this game. I came back wanting to play my resto druid(886 39 traits). I am willing to play my paladin(901 40 traits) for the right fit. I am not looking for a bench spot. My paladin is a little behind, but not as behind as my Rdruid. Paid transfer is a massive plus. I am looking for a home, a place with good company and an amazing atmosphere. I do not need to be yelled at, I do my homework for raids and have been for years. I consider myself a high level raider. Raiding Experience: Dragon Soul (Druid): 8/8H Terrace of Endless Spring(Druid): 4/4H Siege of Orgrimmar(Druid, Then paladin): 11/14H (14/14M) Highmaul(Paladin): 7/7H 1/7M Blackrock Foundary(Paladin): 8/10H Hellfire Citadel(Paladin): 13/13M The Emerald Nightmare(Paladin): 7/7M Trial of Valor(Paladin): 2/3M The Nighthold(Paladin): 5/10M (Early March) Preferred Faction: Alliance, open to horde. Available Times: 2 DAYS: However, any variation. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7:00PM - 1AM Arizona Time Preferred Server Alliance Based PVP or any PVE. For serious inquiries only, Lightpulse#11403 Druid 886 - 39 traits, 2 Set Holy Paladin - 901 - 40 traits, 4 SetStarheal0 Jun 8