May 18, 2014 LFG recruiting for WoD Just as the title says. I am LFG who has sights set on WoD, I have been playing WoW (off and on) since Vanilla and have now returned after almost a 2 year break (Back a Week now), the guild I played with is gone and I now find myself on a dead server ready to move to anew home. I know WoD is several months away, but I feel so far behind in Mists, that I would rather spend time getting to know guild members and working with them in some raids in Mists but what I am not looking for is a second job. I did Hard Core Raiding in Vanilla and BC, one thing I will not do again. I do not mind putting in my due's, I just want a realistic social guild who understands life happens outside the game. Thanks for reading, seth0194#1132Jarrvick0 May 18, 2014
May 18, 2014 NEW Guild Recruiting for SoO - Preeminent Hey everyone, just made a brand new guild <Preeminent>. Looking to start raiding 10 and 25m SoO. Accepting anyone with atleast 75% of SoO boss experience. ilvl required : 545+, in need of all roles/classes. Looking to raid 3 nights a week, most likely Tues/Thurs/Sun (able to change). If interested please send me in game mail to Eliteagee or reply here, thank you. -Very competent raider -Willing to help any guildies -Guild repairs -Officer position to qualified, new members. PST w/ questions or post here too.Vìctorious1 May 18, 2014
May 17, 2014 [H] WTS 5 guild vault tabs, 5k 8.2k value. You get the entire guild <Mazahaka's Broker> In case there is more than one buyer, vault goes to the highest bidder.Mazahaka0 May 17, 2014
May 16, 2014 [A]<Ten Angry Nerds> 9/1410m hm lf skill!! Current Progression: 9/14 10HM Website: <Ten Angry Nerds> is seeking to add a DPS with a Tank off spec, a healer with a DPS off-spec, and also a healer. If you are looking for a progression raid with fun, intelligent players in a casual-hardcore environment, this might be the place for you! Level 25 Alliance progression guild on Kel'Thuzad(US) Created especially for adults, casual hardcore players, and players that appreciate their fellow raiders. Raids are focused and productive - while having fun. We do not tolerate Drama, Obnoxious elitism, or other times of B.S. A majority of our raiders have been associated with end-game progression raiding since WoW's inception. We are players that love to have fun, harass each other, and enjoy the game. We are comprised of diverse personalities that enjoy each other's company, the culture we've created, and being able to progress without feeling like raiding is a second job. Experience a progression raid and/or knowledgeable guild of players without the elitism, drama, and cliques typical in large progression guilds. We are serious about raiding, and expect our raiders to show up on time, do the proper research for gear, specs, and boss encounters, and give 100%. Comms: we use Mumble for in-game communication. we believe that creating relationships is a critical part of building a strong guild, and many of us can be found here outside of raiding. Raid Times: Main Raid is 6:30 - 10 pm (MT) on Saturday & 5:30 - 10 pm (MT) Sunday. Recruitment: Any exceptional players should apply regardless of role or class. Are also looking for several pro players who may not be able to commit to a weekly raid schedule, but can be available to fill-in on occasion when needed; Also with Warlords of Draenor well on the way we're looking to fill out the guild a bit more in preparation for the new raid sizes. Process: If you are approved to join <Ten Angry Nerds>, you will be considered for new raids we are forming. If there is a spot open in an existing raid, we will "Trial" players we are considering with an initial raid event to see how they perform and fit our culture before offering the official raid position. Due to the current raid being cross realm, if you are on another server we would be happy to "Trial" you before you spend the money to transfer servers. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you. Benefits: All Raiders can enjoy limited access to the guild bank, guild repairs, raiding materials, and raid BoE's as available. (Conditional upon having and authenticator attached to your account. No Exceptions) Guild Contacts Littlespark(Littlespark24(AT), ßattoussai(shingan.ken(AT)gmail.comßattoussai0 May 16, 2014
May 16, 2014 Long time no see Hi there, friend. I am an old player who have recently returned and want you to join our level 25 guild named Alpha Mike Foxtrot. Yup, you. Who are you? I don't know yet, but you can tell me all about you. I will be clear with our intentions, even though that is what every rogue will tell you, but I am different, darn it, they say that too. I need to re-open, ::vanish:: We want to get together and do some old content for guild mounts and achievements. And you can be part of it. Most of us play during the nights and weekends, eastern time, after work even though this server is on the west coast. Join us and I assure you we will have an adventurous time together. Come for the guild perks and repair, but stay for the people and the conversations. I am always with you, just whisper me and I will be there.Surprisenoob0 May 16, 2014
May 16, 2014 <Zodiac Braves> 10m 13/14h LFM Sargeras-US As the title reads we are currently recruiting a ranged dps for instant core spot! About us: We are a 10m guild that has been extending lockouts on H garrosh for a couple weeks now and we're just about there getting to p4 on a consistant basis. Unfortunately due to summer coming up and other real life stuff we are going to have some people out here and there. We raid Tues,Thurs,Sun and sometimes Wed if we're looking to push progression. Raid times are 6:45pm (start on trash) 7pm boss pulls begin 10pm server raid is over. We supply flasks,potions and repairs. We are looking for a 570+ Mage or Warlock with heroic exp. Logs would be greatly appreciated but not required, we will know after a few pulls if you're capable or not. Also if you're interested in WoD raiding or getting a heroic garrosh kill before expansion you may also join our guild as we will be changing to Mythic raiding. Send me an ingame mail or whisper or add Dubs#1269 to realid.Dubshots0 May 16, 2014
May 15, 2014 LF 2k exp resto shaman LF 2k exp resto shaman for LSD2 2k cr wanting to push ratingMiniflare0 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 2.1+ EXP HPAL/RDRUID LF AWESOME PVP GUILD! Exactly what the title says, I'm a new transfer from Tichondrius. I'm looking for a new PVP guild to call home. I'm available most nights for rbgs, and have many years of healing under my belt. I'm experienced in strats, and awareness. I have substantial 3's exp as well. Message me in game BATTLETAG: heffy#1175Smáshx0 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 Spriest 2k+CR 8/14H exp LF Guild. New to KT LF PvP Guild Pushing High rating past 2k and if possible LF Guild For Mythic raiding 550 ilvl PVE/PVPSigrdrifa1 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 Free Character Migration I was told to post this on the forums; this really needs to happen. The amount of Alliance children at each quest hub is ridiculous; and before someone responds "your on a pvp server get over it" i would like to say, i love PVP servers. It just stops being fun when you consistently get jumped on by 3-5 alliance at a time. (some being level 90).The Auction House is non existent, theres nothing on it. Horde basically has 2 guilds. Greetings, Regrettably I was unable to speak with you online about this issue. So I hear from your petition that you wanted to know when your server would get a free server migration? Hey Morthil, thats not something that the Game Master department assists with or has any control over. This is a question you would want to post on your server forums and ask for a server migration investigation to see if we can get devs to look at your population and see if thats something that we can assist with. In the meantime I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. It's been my personal goal and my pleasure to make sure that you feel like the valued customer you truly are, so I do hope that this info helped you out. :D I appreciate you taking the time to read my response even if we did not have the chance to talk one on one. Again, thank you for your patience with the wait tonight, Morthil . I hope you have many wonderful adventurers as you continue your travels. Thanks, Game Master Ketsamuto Blizzard EntertainmentMorthil22 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 Looking for a Populated, Social Guild I transferred to KT about a year ago as the guild leader of a once successful guild fallen on hard times when Azgalor depopulated. My guild has since disintegrated and I've found myself bored with the guild I'm in now. The number one thing I miss about playing this game is the community I used to feel I was a part of. A lot of the people I once played with either quit or transferred to another realm, and I'm looking for another place to hang out. I'm an experienced player and I've raided every tier of content as a shadow priest since Burning Crusade. I'm not actually looking for a raid group at this time because I've had great success pugging (which sounds ridiculous but it works best with my schedule). I'd really love to find a group of active players, and I'm definitely happy to run flex or LFR or old raids with a group. Outside of WoW I'm a fresh college graduate with a BS in industrial design. I play D&D on the weekend with some friends and when I'm not gaming, I'm probably working on something new for my portfolio. I also thoroughly enjoy League of Legends. My battletag is Zet#1782!Zet3 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 (A) Healer/2 hunters LF 10-25 N Garrosh kill Greetings all, We are three competent raiders from a backwater server who has, I believe at least count, less than five guilds who have cleared normal Garrosh. We love our funny little backwards server, but we also would like to see content, and unfortunately that isn’t happening for us right now. With that said, we’re looking for a 10 or 25 normal run who is either working on (and needs help), or can reasonably clear, normal Garrosh. I can’t offer you compensation for this cross-server, so I’m merely hopeful that some kind guild would like to help us out. We’ve looked through oQueue with no luck, and we would all very much like a title/mount (not even any loot!) from Garrosh. We’re not asking for a carry (unless that’s what you’re offering to us). We can pull our own weight. We all have previous normal/heroic raid experiences from past expansions and a little bit of normal from current...things have not worked out in a long time for us to be part of a regular raiding schedule. The healer (me) is a resto sham with a 550 ilvl, the two hunters are ilvl 554 and 559. If you’re interested in helping some good people out, please contact me at indelibleink#1966.Luffi3 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 IVV Wants You Officers! In Vino Veritas is rebuilding for the next expansion as a skill based, semi-casual raid and PvP machine. But we're doing things a little bit out of the norm. In Vino Veritas has a core of players who have been together since vanilla. But we as a guild have been mostly inactive since the end of Cata and haven't actively recruited since Wrath. We want to change that. We know that there are a lot of guilds out there like ours that died for various reasons. We want to poach the best of you. To start, we want to recruit only experienced Guild Leaders, Officers, Raid and PvP leaders who no longer have a functional guild. We have an infrastructure. We have experienced guild leadership. And we have a leadership core that has played together since Molten Core. What we don't have is enough collective time to create functional raiding and PvP. We want to make what we have available to those who can use it well. And we'll make you a few promises. As Officers, Raid Leaders, or PvP Leaders for IVV you will have resources at your disposal. 1. Whatever drama might arise, you can bet the hammer will come down hard and swift. We exist to have fun. We exist as friends. We can happily make room for more. But we will burn everything to the ground and start over rather than deal with ongoing drama. We back our officers. If we can't back them, we don't make them officers. If you want to have that weight behind you, come "work" for us. 2. We have a Web Site. We have Vent. We have DKP systems we can use. We use Skype for PvP. And we have experience with mandatory raid UI. We have the tools you need to do your best work. And we support our Officers in their use. If the raid leader says you need DBM, you raid when you have DBM, no matter how much we like you. 3. We don't send people into a raid without being ready. Minimum item level, boss strats quizzes, basic performance, that's really our thing. With flex raiding we don't have to fill the slot. We can fill from Oqueue or the LFR tool if we have to. We don't saddle our Raid Leaders with people who can't do the job. We'll happily talk to you in guild chat and help you get geared up. But we don't throw people in the grinder unprepared. That goes ditto for alts, even Officer alts. 4. We have established scheduling. It can be modified by Officer vote. But we have reliable, solid activities every week. If we don't have people for a full raid, or we don't have enough people ready, we do achievement runs, get people geared, run LFR, etc. You will never show up for nothing. If you show up and aren't in the raid, we'll have something for you. If you are leading the raid, we'll have something fun to occupy the wait list or the unprepared so you don't have to feel guilty sidelining them. 5. Officers are people too. No rules are bent for Officers. They don't get gear priority, they don't get lower preparedness requirements, they don't get saved raid spots. They can go LFR if they're late like big people. 6. Last but not least, we do group slots by capability first, then attendance records second. If something comes down to a tie, the person who showed up the most reliably gets the spot. We have a long tradition of being dictatorial about that, if you can't trust us, there are bigger problems. But we have no problems implementing attendance tracking if it gets to be a big deal. P.S. Ditto all of this for the PvP crowd, if you need the help. No offence, but PvPers tend to need less hand holding. Take that as you will. Half of our core Officers are PvP only. So if you are an experienced Guild Officer, Raid Leader, or PvP leader, put in an app on our web site and let us know why you want to join IVV. Right now unless you can make a REALLY convincing reason, we're only taking leaders with experience. If you need to bring existing guild members with you, we expect that. Just make sure they're ok with the systems we run. We will be providing a great deal of latitude to our Guild Officers and Leaders. We have an officer level under the core officers. They for the most part can organize their own programs inside the framework we have and we'll support them. We can organize and plan if a Raid Leader can put in the time to implement. We are organizational resources and disciplinarians. If there are problems and you need backup, just yell. http://InVinoVeritas.GuildLaunch.comFrozgloin1 May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 LF cool fun people to level up with Hey Uhmm my friends all bailed on me, so I have none to play wow with so it'd really awesome if one of you guys would be down to play and level up some characters. Raf would be cool, but I dont really care I guess. I just wanna play with someone.Lumaenel1 May 15, 2014
May 14, 2014 LF cool fun people to level up with Hey Uhmm my friends all bailed on me, so I have none to play wow with so it'd really awesome if one of you guys would be down to play and level up some characters. Raf would be cool, but I dont really care I guess. I just wanna play with someone.Lumaenel0 May 14, 2014
May 14, 2014 Vote for random pally you dont kno but love! Vote for Alphonce here! Show your love and help me out!Alphönce1 May 14, 2014
May 14, 2014 WTT Gold On ED for Gold on KT! Like title says...i need to swap some gold (50-60k however much is good for you) from Emerald Dream to Kel Thuzad...I trade you gold on emerald dream you trade me gold on kelthuzad! Sucks how i xfered off ED to KT on my 70 twink and could only bring 5k... PST IN GAME Can also give you a 25 Darkmoon Rabbit or Spectral Cub for 50k! Nacht#1673Morowins0 May 14, 2014
May 12, 2014 (A) 25m 12/14H Beaver Dam Join Our Crazy Come join our cast! 12/14H Beaver Dam Alliance 25m Guild Kel'Thuzad Every other guild you're in, just log on to kill bosses? Where is the fun in that right? Not In Beaver Dam, cause just like a real beaver's dam we are packed with all sorts of things. Come and meet our resident chef, nice and calm as can be, until she's not then watch her rage as she talks about the "cook." Is your vent quiet? Only used to ask questions about a boss kill? Well not here, Beaver Dam holds some of the angriest voices on the server, always "Angry" no matter what is said! Then there's the guy who used to be the "stuff" but has been away soooo long that all he say's in vent is how great he used to be while messing up common mechanics, causing hilarious raid leader outbursts, that will make you laugh for weeks. But in all seriousness, we kill bosses and have fun doing it, if you are just as wild and zany as some of here and can take constructive criticism, show up for every raid, are 560+ and understand that just because you're a fire mage standing in fire doesn't buff your powers...then come trial with us! Tue, Thurs, Sun 6:50 St invites go out. Contact Monachetti, or Gnomejo ingame or apply at Seeking range dps with healing OS as a priority now but will take any exceptional player.Venelope0 May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 [A] <Balance of Power> RBG Guild Recruiting! <Balance of Power> is looking to finish filling out our roster for competitive RBG play! All members of the group have at least 2k+ experience in arenas and rbgs. Some members are 2.2k+ in arena and have played with RBG Hero groups! Our guild will be a smaller (10-20 players), tight-knit group of players who know each other well. Schedule: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 7 p.m. Server Time While we finish out our roster, we are very open to altering our schedule to incorporate good players. If you are interested but have a scheduling conflict, still express your interest as we may be able to work it out! *All of our players are very active in arena and normal battlegrounds, so there will usually be some sort of competitive PvP activity every night. Also, we are seeking great players to join our team to take place in some of the exciting PvP aspects being developed with Warlords of Draenor! In-game contact if interested: Max#1506 Voice Communication Method: Mumble Current RBG CR requirement: 1800+ Current Group MMR: 1850 Past XP Requirement: 2k+ Arena OR 2.2k+ RBG Classes open for consideration: Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk DPS: Mage, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Rogue What are we looking for in our players? #1. Attitude This is arguably the most important characteristic we are looking for in our future members. For those who have played WoW for a long time especially, there is something unique about finding a group of players to grow close with and progress together in the game. Having that group of players ultimately is what brings out the best of WoW. This is easily achieved when all members of a tight-knit group are respectful and understanding. Being able to receive criticism in a professional manner and politely suggest things to others is a major and necessary characteristic to get better and bond as a team! Positivity is a must! Negativity and raging have no place in our group. #2. Competency While WoW is a video game, there is a competitive aspect to it that many players (like us) thoroughly enjoy. All our members strive to play their classes to the best of their ability by practicing, reading guides, and watching videos. Those who are putting in the time to make sure they are pulling their weight in RBGs and arena expect others to do the same! We expect all players to be very knowledgeable about all aspects of their class and execute their role at the highest level possible. In order to ensure that new members are up to par with current members in regards to skill, we require 2k+ xp in Arenas or 2.2k+ xp in RBGs. As it says above, some of our players have played past the 2.2k bracket in arena and with Hero groups in RBGs. Surrounding yourself with players that will make you better is key in the formula to success. #3. Communication BoP puts a high value on the effect that great communication can have throughout the course of a game. With that being said, we require our members to have various voice programs installed as well as being able to listen and use your mic on that program so we can coordinate our group at a high level. On another note, communication outside of competitive play is also highly encouraged. This is a zero drama guild with very level headed players. All problems should be brought up in a professional manner so a resolution can be reached as soon as possible. #4. Attendance Sure, there are lots of high rated PuG opportunities, especially on populated servers like KT. However, there is definitely something to said for the synergy certain groups and players have from consistently playing with each other. We expect our members to be able make every scheduled RBG possible with little absences. With that being said, we do understand that many things in life are more important, and we will do our best to work around absences without hindering the skill level of the group. #5. Dedication Success is not instant nor easy. Our group understands the process of moving up the ladder requires hard work and persistence. <Balance of Power> places a very high emphasis on recruiting players who will be dedicated members of the guild and positively contribute to our community we are trying to build. Thanks for reading! If you are interested, please reply either by leaving a reply to this post or contacting me in game by battletag: Max#1506.Vedak2 May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 Looking for a core Rbg group The title pretty much says it all I'm 1700 cr right now in Rbgs and am looking for a core group. either reply here or message me cfrey#1810Thias0 May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 Rerolling & LF Guild Hi there, Myself and a friend will be rerolling on KT this week. We are hoping to find a guild that has members who PVP throughout all of the levels while leveling up. We are looking to level up with a group of people and then continue to PVP with them once we hit 90. Right now, we are horde on Icecrown and there is just not much opportunity available for us. As of right now, we are planning to roll a warrior and holy paladin. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!Cheyo0 May 12, 2014
May 11, 2014 [A] 544 hunter LF guild with 10/14heroic exp WILL NOT TRASNFER!!! SOO IS NOW CROSS SERVER!! Hello i'm looking for a guild for my alt hunter, i cannot raid wednesday / monday but can raid any other day. i would love a raid 7+ for i am 2hours behind server. i'm not looking for any special type of guild that can carry for i can pull my own weight. i'm currently working on secrets for my legendary so i could be done in a few weeks :). please give me a try for i will not disappoint.. that is my main character in case you don't believe me and my exp in raids :) Battle tag is bloodbash3r#1184 if ur interested in meVelesticus0 May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014 Alliance be Warned! The skies darken overhead and thunder roars. A voice that seems to come from the endless Void crashes within your skull. After a moment you make out the words coming to you... "Creatures of the Realm Kel'Thuzad, for far too long this realm has been overrun by the scum of the Alliance. Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and other lesser races! This will be NO MORE! From this day forth the Guild Angry Snowstorm will always be watching and waiting to strike. No longer will you be able to quickly adventure your way through the beginning stages of life without paying a sacrifice of blood. Where ever you quest we will be there to destroy you! No longer will your advantage of numbers cause this realm such trouble. The Horde will rise up against you and the Angry Snowstorm will lead the way! Prepare for a war the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine!" As the voice fades from you mind with a final mocking laugh, the skies once again clear but you are left with a sense of foreboding that is not so easily shaken...Grraarrgh23 May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014 [A] <Late Night Crew> LF Tank for SoO 7/14H website: Server: US Kel'Thuzad Progression: -Tier 16(10): 14/14N 7/14H -Tier 15(10): 12/12N 6/13H -Tier 14(10): 16/16N 6/16H Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:45p-3a east. Start times are exact, end times are approximate Looking for players: That are going to have exceptional raid attendance Positive & respectful attitude knowledgeable about his class and fights Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Brewmaster Monk, Guardian Druid Our loot system is loot council. Loot is distributed by performance, attendance, and overall attitude We use Mumble for voice chat. All applicants will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours of application. Any questions feel free to reply to this thread.Warrthorn10 May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014 delete deleteMishira0 May 11, 2014
May 10, 2014 Prot War/Disc P LF active guild for WOD Hello, I have been playing world of warcraft on and off since BC. I have never played currently when an expansion was released. Since I finally have more time on my hands I am looking for a very active guild that has been well established for progression when WOD hits. I currently play an Arms warrior named Lansey, and a Shadow/Disc priest named Blâsphemer. (I will moving my priest to KT alliance with my warrior) Come xpac I will be gearing my warrior to tank, and my priest to heal. I am a cool laid back guy who has recently turned into a hardcore wow fanatic. If anyone is interested in recruiting me please send Lansey in game mail with info or you can add me on at Eric#13793. I am about to go to work so I will be online tonight and check mail. Hopefully I hear from someone! Cheers!Blâsphemer0 May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 LF challenge mode gold group LF a cm gold group to complete 9/9 on disc priest (5/9 currently) and destro lock (4/9 gold). Already have 9/9 gold on 2 characters. My btag: Yulio#1184Yulio0 May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 Buying Level 25 Guild (alliance) Hello, I am trying to buy a level 25 guild (Kel'thuzad), not too picky about achievements or bank tabs but I wouldnt mind paying a bit more for some quality stuff. Post here with what you got, thanks.Vìctorious2 May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 Looking to buy a Level 25 Guild Do not care much about achievements, would like to have people in it looking to offer around 20-25k depending on the guild itself.Krodos0 May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 Looking for WPVP guild looking to xfer from current server and im looking for a wpvp guild that does raids on citys and what not! hit me up and give me some details!Decàÿ0 May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 LF WPVP Guild Interested in doing Undercity, Thunderbluff, orgrimmar, and other capital city raids. Add my real ID TastyPants#1515 or whisper "Bromance" in gameBromance1 May 10, 2014
May 9, 2014 Experienced SPriest LF semi-hardcore guild. A little bit about myself: I do not have the most raiding experience that most semi-hardcore raiding guilds would be looking for in a raider.I have been playing WoW on and off since the middle of Wrath. I mostly just did a little bit of PvP and PvE basically just heroics, BGs, and some older pug raids but never taking anything too seriously. When cata launched I told myself I was going to take PvP seriously which I did. I managed to get numerous classes to relatively high ratings of 2400-2200. I have also hit max level on every single class in the game except monk and rogue. I also have 2 90's of 4 different classes Mage, Hunter, Shaman, and Priest. PvP experience: What I lack in PvE experience I pick it up in PvP experience. Most people don't understand how being a decent/good PvPer helps out in PvE. It helps in more ways than you can imagine. I've learned how to line up trinket/profession procs with my cooldowns so much better than I would have if I would have been straight up PvEing, and on top of that since I'm more of a PvP healer my raid awareness is a lot better than one would expect. Being on a disc priest and being able to tell when a mage/pally is about to block/bubble to mass dispell it while keeping your 2 arena partners alive and cleansed is not as easy as it sounds. The highest ratings I have achieved have been holy paladin at 2438. The hunter and DK I was playing with at the time managed to get gladiator that season without me because they wanted to play with a priest instead of a paladin. I also managed to get numerous classes to 2.2k such as Disc Priest, Resto druid, and mage. And a couple other classes to 2k such as hunter, dk, and feral druid. I can play basically any class in the game at a high level of play. My Raiding Experience: I didn't do any current content during wrath, but I managed to down BWD, BOT, Firelands, and up to the ship in Dragon Soul all pre-nerf during cata as 10m. I quit shortly after that and came back at the beginning of MoP. I managed to down MSV pre-nerf but then quit until now because I was going to college and didn't want to fail any of my classes due to my WoW addiction. (Me wanting to do dailys and stuff before doing my homework just isn't good when I'm the one paying for my classes). The classes that I have done raiding with have been mage, holy pally, ele shaman, and Spriest. I have done pug raids on basically every other class in the game. I have full 14/14 SoO experience I have full cleared SoO on my Shaman and I am current 11/14 normal on my Priest. What I'm looking for in a guild: I am looking for a guild that raids anywhere from 12-20 hours a week. With an atmosphere that seems casual outside of raids, but as soon as you step foot into the instance !@#$ gets real. My main goal is to be one of the top guilds on the server if not the top. Basically I want to down normals within the first week or so that they come out then start progression on Heroic bosses. Prefered raid times are 6 or 7 to 10 or 11 CST. I would also prefer a 25m. I am not expecting a core spot right away I would be more than glad to earn my spot when my time comes. I also want a guild that is going to be pushing WoD really hard. As you can see from my armory I am a little under geared, and I do not currently have my legendary cloak. I am currently 5 secrets away from getting my meta gem. The reason that I am currently looking for a new raiding guild is because in my current guild there is probably about 10-15 people who do not have the computer to fully handle 25 mans so it is going to be a lot harder to progress when 10-15 people don't have control of their characters during graphic intensive fights, and I really want to progress into heroics before the expansion ends. If you have any other questions my battletag is Brent#1718 or you are more than welcome to post here on the forums and I will try my best to keep an eye on it, but your best bet is to add my battletag.Cytrus1 May 9, 2014
May 8, 2014 wts alani mount selling alani mount kill taking offersFlightelf0 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 [A] 10m 9/14 Heroic SoO LF 570+ dps <Requiem of the Fallen> is recruiting ranged and melee dps for trials and progression through the end of the instance. We are pushing progression on H spoils H Thok H Blackfuse and H garrosh. We raid two nights a week ( Tues / Wed 8:30PM-12 EST) and expect to kill a boss per 1-2 weeks moving forward. We may extend lockouts and kill some bosses on normal to give us time to work on heroic bosses. This is not the guild to gear up your 565 toon. If you are 570+ with a cloak and you want to down and farm heroic garrosh before 6.0, look no more. 9/14 heroic exp or more is preferred. We are close to downing H Thok and H spoils (technically both levers in second rooms on spoils were hit before berserk last night). We will make adjustments and rotate in for progression, but we will be fair on rotation for farm. Please add Endorphins#1445 on battletag to learn more.Dromio0 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 [A] Late Night 10m Heroic raid spots open Raids: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:30pm-1:30am KT server time/Mountain Time. If these days and times work for you and you have SoO experience similar to our official progression of 8/14H, minimally of 5/14H then keep reading.The following are our immediate needs: TANK: PROT PALLY, BREWMASTER, or PROT WARRIOR. HEALER: DISC PRIEST, RESTO SHAMAN, RESTO DRUID, HOLY PALLY. RANGED DPS: ELEMENTAL SHAMAN, MOONKIN, HUNTER. All other HEALER and DPS classes for will be considered but only if you are at least 8/14H! Willing to tryout! No app and no pressure to join our guild. Must be easy going, mature but fun, yet semi-casual to hardcore raider, stable internet and computer, must be able to make all three raid nights, be decent at your class and heroic boss mechanics. Contact me in game or add my battletag:DamagerSnowy#1850 OR Nøîr/Dîz/Noîr's: Nøir#1745 (ø=alt0248)Snowyvixen0 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 Guild recruitment tracker addon? I am looking for some way to that I can track who in my guild invites players or how many player's they have invited. This way I can pay people to recruit, and pay them based on the # of members recruited, and give a weekly reward to the highest recruiter. Any help would be awesome, thanks!Bayllz1 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 uhDK LF permanent 2's / 3's Partners I'm currently 1760cr in 2's and 1850 in 3;s (will likely change). I started my DK last season near then end and my XP is 1800 in 2's and 1900 in 3's so far. I'm on most of the day and am interested in any viable comps. My b-tag is Meyoshi#1501Lìch0 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 Lvl 25 guild for sale Level 25 guild for sale with 6 tabs and no members. Make an offer.Cattnipp4 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 LF Leather Worker with Stormshroud Gloves Hello Leather Workers of World Of Warcraft. I've been looking for a leather worker with Stormshroud Gloves for hours, maybe the forums can help a little. Stormshroud Gloves was once in the game, and now sadly is not. I need the gloves to go for my Monks set. The Pattern is not in the game any more, so I must find a leather worker who has been playing long enough to have this pattern. I've got the mats, and i'm tipping very well. (= You can respond to me in the Game or shoot me a mail saying you have the pattern. Thank you Leather Workers of World Of Warcraft.Notae3 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 WTB 10/25man Normal Garrosh Kill Just need the wolf mount for a transmog set, but all I do is pvp. My schedule is pretty flexible, will pay, ect ect. Any Takers?Scaarryclown1 May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 [A] Rogue & Hunter LF Raid Hello, a friend and I are looking for a casual raiding group. On any server. We are on KT but with the cross realm changes we would like to expand to any realm that fits our raid schedule. We wouldn't xfer, but we would be dedicated to your raid. A little bit about us. This is a link to our main(s) so you can check progression. To simplify, we are both 11/14H 10 & 25man. We would like to get into a group with my rogue, & his hunter Item levels are a bit low but with our experience we could be valuable assets to your raid group. We take raiding seriously and we improve on a week to week basis. This is our raid schedule. Tues/Wedn/Thur 11:45p-3a EST. We would like to find something earlier on those raid days. Something along the line of 2-3 of those days preferably around 5-7 EST start time ending by 11pm EST. Honestly it may be best to get into a chat program and discuss it. Simply respond to this forum post or contact me in game Warr#1530Warrthorn2 May 8, 2014
May 7, 2014 Seven Sages 8/14H LF Heroic Raiders 2 Nights <Seven Sages> 8/14H is a 25m guild on Sargeras that has been raiding since The Burning Crusade. We are recruiting EXCEPTIONAL 560+ players of most types. We raid 2 nights a week, Tues & Thurs Time Zone Breakdown 6-9:30 PST 7-10:30 MST 8-11:30 CST 9-12:30 EST If you're interested add Noble#1510 or Atheistastic#1116 or apply at Current Needs Mistweaver Boomkin Warrior Ele/Resto shaman Mage - We have zero Rogue Shadow PriestAnyone amazing! If your class isn't listed and you are interested let us know. We always have room for an exceptional player.Nobletron0 May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014 WTT 5k here for 5k on Korgath anyone?Cybrok0 May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014 (A) Guild LFM 1800+ Core RBG players Just moved my guild over to KT. Am looking to fill my core group. We are currently 1800+. Also will be doing low mmr rbgs throughout the week for practice. Any PvPers interested please reply to this tread and I will contact you in game. Thank youXfredro4 May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014 [A] 562 DLock lf Heroic Guild. Well, I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of useless information, so I'm just gonna get straight into it. 562 DLock looking for a guild 14/14 on farm, progressing through heroics, don't care how far in you are, I just want to progress from where I'm at right now. I can play Demo if for some reason it's needed, or if it becomes awesome again in WoD or whatever. My availability is as follows: Sun-Thurs - Noon - 4pm server, or 10pm-4am server. Fri-Sat - Noon - 4pm server, or midnight-4am server. Pre-MoP I was an active raider, clearing everything at top content while it was still relevant before it was nerfed TOO much, and I'm looking to do the same in WoD again. I kinda fell off raiding when MoP launched due to military stuff (no longer in, wont be an issue) and was barely able to clear what I have thus far. Lastly, I do want to state that I am looking for a guild that will PROGRESS. I don't wanna be in one of those guilds who kills like 7 bosses on mythic and then stays stuck there for the next year. I'm looking for a guild that will be getting 16/16mythic within the first few months or so of WoD. I'm a quick learner, and a reliable raider, you can ask anyone who's ever raided with me, I can count on my hands how many times since I started raiding (in TBC) that I've been solely responsible for a raid wipe. Message me here or in game Afflictd#1648 if you want to get ahold of me.Afflictdlol3 May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014 (A) Resto/Ele Shaman 547 LF Raiding Home Old guild broke up during ToT Heroic Progression and I would love to find a new home before WoD drops. I have the legendary and enough gear to hang in SoO (just been doing flex here and there). Experienced raider from back in TBC. Also have a semi geared mage alt with cloak that I am willing to main. Flexible with class/role/raid time for a good group. Thanks!Stashfu0 May 7, 2014
May 6, 2014 trade wts 8k on stormreaver for 8k on KEL THUZAD u pay me on kt i pay u on stormreaverStabess0 May 6, 2014
May 6, 2014 A <Paradox> 11/14H 25 LF DPS & Heals for Core <Paradox> Kel'Thuzad-US is looking to add a few people for the upcoming Warlord of Dreanor and beyond! Because of the recent demand of new needs please refer to our wowprogress page Please note that we are looking for people around 365 ilvl. Wow Progress Page: if you don't see your class listed please don't hesitate to apply, we welcome any and all exceptional players! <Paradox> is a tight knit adult gaming guild founded roughly 5 years ago, we are focused on beating the best and being the best. We currently are focused on progression in World of Warcraft, but also play Starcraft 2 occasionally. We are a community of like minded adults that all share the same passion, PC gaming. We pride ourselves on being a well established, drama free guild that is very well respected. We have a wonderful, diverse crowd among our ranks, with players from all across the globe. We strongly believe in a family first atmosphere here, and it has proven throughout the years to produce and promote success and; most of the founding members of Paradox still actively play today. Paradox takes a lot of pride in our gaming, so if you desire a well established, well respected gaming community to call home, then please continue to read. If you are reading this, then chances are you are at the very least considering joining Paradox. Let's be honest, picking a guild now a days requires a bit of effort, and I applaud you for taking the time to research us to ensure we are the right fit for you. Below is a small list of requirements and standards we expect from our membership -You must be at least 18 years. -You must have Ventrillo installed, and have a working microphone. When gaming, we expect you to be present in a Vent channel (not AFK). -Be active on the forums. We have forums, USE THEM, let us know what's going on, if you're going to miss a raid or be late PLEASE LET US KNOW!. -You must speak English fluently. Grammar and spelling are important as a mature community. -You must have an above average computer and reliable Internet connection. -You must leave your drama out of the game. -You must treat fellow guild members with respect. -You must have thick skin. We are all adults here, things can be said in the heat of the moment and mistakes do happen, but at the end of the day this is a game and we're all here to have fun. Times 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST Tues, Weds, Thurs Logs Progression 12/12 N ToT 4/13 H ToT- Jinrok, Horridon, Tortos, and Jikun 11/14 H SoO Achievements Realm first Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings- Skullcrusher Realm First normal Trials of the Crusader- Skullcrusher Realm First H Twin Valks- Skullcrusher Loot Loot is distributed through RClooter. Potential recruits need to have this installed Applications Contact Info Tamlus (Guild Master) - Tamlus#1664 Site- If there's any questions please don't hesitate to contact myself, Tamlus, or any member online Again thank you for taking the time and consider joining <Paradox>. Hope to hear from all potential recruits soon!Seriousface4 May 6, 2014
May 6, 2014 [A] Disc Priest LFG N&H SoO Hello KT players, I am currently looking for a guild who is progressing though either 10 or 25 man N SoO. I took most of Mists off so right now I have been back for about 3 weeks and I am currently trying to gear myself as best as possible through LFR and valor, also grinding through my legendary cloak quests. I am looking for a guild that I can raid with that is progressing through either normal 10 or 25 man SoO with hopes of eventually starting H 10 or 25 SoO. I have been playing WoW for a little under 9 years now and have raiding experience on various toons through various expansions. My last bit of organized raiding was Heroic Firelands on my mage, after which I graduated college and began working at my current employer. Now that I have settled into my job I am able to begin raiding again and am looking forward to gearing up for WoD. I have no problem starting as a trial or flex fill in until I earn a raiding spot. My schedule for play time is usually Mon-Thurs 6:30-11:00 pm est and Fri-Sun could vary depending on my mood or if I am needed for raiding/ i need to farm mats/play alts. Here is a link to my armory. Feel free to contact me in game my B.Net is QuartzTheOG.994 Thanks!Velwing1 May 6, 2014