Jun 12, 2014 562 Rsham LF Guild 562 Resto Shaman LF Guild. Have experience starting in vanilla through current content. Have not done any HM, but would like to start. I am able to raid most nights, but I would prefer something starting around 6ish central. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me in-game.Zaltrex0 Jun 12, 2014
Jun 12, 2014 >Illidari Assassins< LF 70 Raiders Greetings! I am the Guild-Master and MT of Illidari Assassins. We are currently looking to expand our roster to include more 70s. Whether they be wanting to fight in Arenas or Battlegrounds (albeit we have not looked into this sector much). Or assist in killing Kil'Jaden and Illidan. Our current objectives lie in BT,SSC, and TK. Current plans are to attempt BT. Should that fail, we'll go and clear as many bosses in TK as possible.Or perhaps go and clear Hyjal/Magtheridon's, as they should prove easy. And should we get more manpower, we'll attempt SSC. Should our roster get enough, Sunwell would be easily reachable. Requirements/Restrictions regarding join: -Level 70, locked. We're not interested in anyone past 70 for raiding purposes. For PvP, you may be up to level 74. -No DK/Monks for raiding. PvP wise allowed. -We prefer to not take worgens/pandas. -Don't be a rude or arrogant, child. Even if you are not geared, it shouldn't pose much of an issue to get you a couple pieces of gear and get you raiding with us. If you have any questions regarding the Guild or wish to join, please leave a post or message me ingame. btag: Keeven#1900 Note: I will not accept btag requests that are blank. Raids Currently as a guild, we have made the following progress with anywhere from a solo group to a group of 5. Also, due to tech issues, we're lacking 2 main raiders. So as of this time we're considering taking xrealm raiders. Leave a msg/add me and we'll talk if you wish to raid with us and you're on a different server. Kharazhan: 11/11 11/11 (Solo, duo,duo, trio, group [5]) Gruul's Lair: 2/2 1/2 (Gruul downed) (Duo, tank+DPS) 2/2 (Group {5}) Battle for Mount Hyjal: 1/5 1/5 (trio) (Did not go into second set of waves for 2+ boss) Magtheridon's Lair : 1/1 (group 4) Serpent-Shrine Cavern: 0/6 Unattempted Tempest Keep: 0/4 Unattempted Black Temple: 0/9 Unattempted Sunwell Plateau: 06 UnattemptedYverah1 Jun 12, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 [A] Iron Cross (14/14N) Need 2 Tanks for HC Good day, Kel'Thuzad Alliance. I'm Morbus, guildmaster and awesomemaster of Iron Cross. Watching my guild go to 14/14N was one of the most rewarding experiences in my WoW career. I enjoyed the fun, the challenge, and the socializing. Now I see that my guild wants more, and them getting the most out of their $15.00/month is the most important aspect of being a guildleader in my opinion. My guild wants Heroic SoO. I, however, am very content to gear people up in flex and maintain a 14/14N raid. I have no interested in Heroic. Neither does my fiance`. All of this wouldn't be so bad if we weren't the 2 tanks for our guild. So here's your chance, prospective tanks. To join a raid through the struggles, to earn yourself that permanent raidspot. To keep yourself off of the bench forever. We're recruiting to fill our shoes as heroic main tanks. You'll join some of the most fun-loving, talented WoW players I've gotten to meet in my decade of Warcrack addiction. Requirements: I-LVL : 555+ EXP : 14/14N microphone, maturity and the ability to adhere to a TUE/WED/THUR 830PM server raid time. CONTACT ME AT DENOB#1193 (BT)Morbus0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 (A)<Holy Check> Raiding\Pvp Guild Recruiting <Holy Check>Is a lvl 25 guild looking to fill spots for our raids in S00! We currently have only done up to flex 4 in S00 but are actively looking to fill spots to get a core raiding group happening and to have downed Garrosh and get everyone their BoAs before 6.0. We will also be doing pvp in the guild so dont worry if PvE isn't your thing! We like to do do it all. What we offer you here at Holy Check -Learning Experience -Fun and Friendly Environment -Ventrilo Raid Times: Wednesday 7:00-10:00 Eastern Thursday 7:00-10:00: Eastern Sunday 7:00-10:00 Eastern What we are looking for in a raider: Patience (During the raids, and even prior to the raids during the recruitment process) A person who can take constructive criticism Level Headed people W.e the hell attitude you want until raiding comes along and then we kick !@# Recruiting Ilvl520+, but can be flexible if your willing to put in the time to improve. We also help gear individuals as well. Roles that we currently need to full our raid: Every role! But we currently have a tank and dps and 2 healers. If you're interested in joining the guild please do not hesitate to contact myself, #Robstatus1268, in-game for further inquiriesCowcapone0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 LOOKING TO PUSH RATING 2037cr Aff lock LF LSD2, MLD, MLS to push 3's rating Heckadots - The Underbog, Alliance been playing the last 2-3 seasons with warrior and a holy pally add me if intrested Reaper#1209Heckadots0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 challenge mode silver? is there any1 out there that just does challenge mode silver for the mount? that's really all i want, not that interested in the xmog but yea thought id post on here, and no im defiantly not looking to blow 90k for a carry lolßlazëd0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 getting stuck on load screen after bg ends i have tried everything suggested such as deleting addons clearing cache and wtf folder and still this happens 4/5 times i have recently decided to start back pvp and its very annoying to have to alt F4 after every 1Symphy0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 Hpally/Spriest LF Guild PvE/PvP - WOD I recently Transferred to KT. From Laughing skull and Skywall. Previous guilds : Sacred Samophlange (skywall)- Core healer. HBTN (skywall) - Core Healer. Deus Vox (Laughing skull) - Friend (bench raider) etc. 8/14H SoO Completed on Holy Paladin. Truly looking for a guild for current or WoD right now i work with a flexible schedule but by WoD i will have Full time availability to WoW Progression. Preferably EST/MST - PST will be considered. Please Feel Free to leave a msg in game or Via for more information- btag Fluffychung#1663 Leave your guild name or contact info.Conniechung0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 Guardian/rogue LF rbg guild So ive been stuck in the 1900 mmr because i cannot for the love that is all blizzard find a good group to stick with. So im server hoppiing, looking for an rbg guild that as a solid group and actully knows how to play. So does any guild on kt that meets the requirments need a guardian/slash rogue 1900-2k mmr. 1: not !@#$% 2: knows how to play 3: has solid group 4: does rbgs 5: winsYacoubz1 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 Holy Priest LF 2.2k Push So I'm currently struggling to find either a Feral Hunter or Feral Warrior I could push 3's with to 2.2k. If you're at all interested, or have a suggestion of a better comp to run, please either add me on Real ID Bronsolino#1221, send me a tell in-game at Bronsolño-Kel'Thuzad or reply to this topic. Thank you, BronsoliñoBronsoliño0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 569 Fury Warrior LF Raid Group. I'm looking to join a raiding guild on Kel'thuzad. I am 14/14 Normal / 3/14 Heroic as a 569 Fury Warrior. I don't mind helping guilds go threw normal progression. I think of myself as a good raider. I listen, i know mechanics, and i don't stand in crap. Playtime Sunday: 5pm+ Monday: 5:00pm est+ Tuesday: 5:00pm est+ Wednesday: 5:00pm est+ Thursday: 5:00pm est+ Friday: Free Saturday: Random due to work. Battlertag: Robbyodom#1600Robbyodom2 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Buying normal or heroic garrosh kill post here or add me ingame shinanaginz#1284Thrain9 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 LFM for Full 25H ToT clear Monday 830 server Divinity is hosting a full 25H Throne of Thunder clear this Monday at 830 server! If you're interested in coming, please message me in game or send me in game mail with your ilvl/class/spec before we start on Monday. We're aiming to clear in under 2 hours, and this is not a gearing run. Most of us are 578+ ourselves. Most loot will be open roll, however, some loot is reserved since most of us are doing this for the BiS Challenge Mode gear. The full list of items can be found in the link below (I'll fully update it before Monday). If an item is not in the list, you can assume that it will be open roll. Loot on reserve: To come to this run: Have mumble installed. Be able to listen/comprehend strats. Be 550+ ilvl.Impakt7 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 CM Group LF 1 DPS As the title says, we are going to be doing some CMs and are in need of 1 Ranged DPS. We prefer a hunter. This is not a carry or anything. We are just doing it for fun, but need 1 more DPS. We will be running tonight and tomorrow for sure. You must have all consumables with you. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Biiron#1997Beerun4 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Friendship on nights and weekends [A] Hi there, friend. I am a long time player who have recently returned and want you to join our level 25 guild named Alpha Mike Foxtrot. Yup, you. Who are you? I don't know yet, but you can tell me all about you. I will be clear with our intentions, even though that is what every rogue will tell you, but I am different, darn it, they say that too. I need to re-open, ::vanish:: We want to get together and do some old content for guild mounts and achievements. And you can be part of it. Most of us play during the nights and weekends, eastern time, after work even though this server is on the west coast. Join us and I assure you we will have an adventurous time together. Come for the guild perks and repair, but stay for the people and the conversations. I am always with you, just whisper me and I will be there.Surprisenoob1 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Old Raider Seeking New Guild? Hello! We are <At All Costs>, and we are a new guild filled with old raiders. Our raiding experience varies from old school vanilla raiders, to an ex-exodus/vodka member, to a world first emperor in ESO (you can find his interview here: After taking some time away from the game, some of us have decided to reform and strive for excellence on Kel’Thuzad, Alliance. We are searching for people who would like to join us in finishing forming a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Gear at the moment is not of utmost importance, however skill is important as we desire to create one of the top semi-casual raiding guilds in the game come Warlords of Dreanor. We plan to run SoO until WoD is released, and will use the opportunity to attempt to create a roster of mechanically strong and smart players. We currently plan to have our main raid Tue/Wed/Thu between 9:30 and 1:00 EST, as well as having a second group/alt run most likely group during the weekends. If you have interest in applying, please visit our website at, and click apply. Elsewise, please send me a message in game or through mail. Excelsior!Destromage0 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 [A] 12/14H 25man Late Night Crew <Late Night Crew> is now recruiting experienced raiders for Siege of Orgrimmar and beyond! Raid days & times; Tues/Wedn/Thur 11:45pm-3:00am EST Though we have only been around a couple of years, we have made great progress as a guild in that short time. We have on several occasions been a top 20 Guild on KT. We are looking for high quality experienced raiders for Siege of Orgrimmar and beyond. While we are revamping some of our core spots, our guild remains the same. Comprised of a very experienced and qualified core of tanks and healers looking to add to the ranks. Guild/raid leaders have been Leading raids since BC and Vanilla. We are looking for people with a mind for progression that are still able to focus and have fun. Policies: Although we may seem like a laid back guild with no rules, we still have a few policies we want our members to follow, these rules will allow everybody in the guild to get the full enjoyment out of the game: We expect you to behave as adults with maturity, regardless of age. We will not tolerate drama. Members must be open and willing to change, and must approach officers with an open mind and respect when approached about their play. No Raiders will get saved to our current progression raid content outside of our scheduled raids unless given permission. We have a strict attendance policy. All raiders are required to attend all raids. Unless, The ONLY circumstances that will be allowed for absence is 24hrs, of advanced notice. Or a verifiable emergency approved by a GM or officer. Raiders are expected to be on time and prepared for raids. Raiders are required to be make all raid nights(we understand that real life needs to come first at times). In the event that you can't make the raid, GM's will note the absence and if there are any un-requested absences we will find a replacement for the next raid night, and you will be put on probation. No call, no shows are unacceptable. As of this writing we are recruiting any & all ranged DPS & any dedicated, motivated Tank. To learn more info about our guild, and our policies. Or, If you believe you are the right player for this guild: please visit & fill out an app, Contact myself in-game or add Warrthorn Warr#1530 for more details.Warrthorn1 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 LF Pvp / pve guild Im looking for a guild, I mostly pvp but sometimes i like to kick back and raid. Used to raid in Bc, wrath, and cata.Hinates0 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 <Messiahbolical> 2/14HM <Messiahbolical> 2/14HM is looking for 565+ Lock/SPriest to round out our guild, we as a guild are looking to progress into SoO heroics and beyond for Warlords,, Raid times are 7-10 Server Tuesday-Thursday reply if intrestedCutyoankles0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Buying 9/9 CM Gold 100k Hello, I'm looking to purchase 9/9 Challenge mode gold for 100k gold on my hunter. If you are selling, feel free to post here or add me: NaGe#1438. Thanks!Gotreference0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 2400 Exp Rogue LF 3's / 5's Ally Rogue LF 3's / 5's CR around 2k for both Preff Thug and RMDLefty0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 A <Shacos Woodpeckers> - 11/14H 10m - LF RDPS 'Ello mates. Basically we're looking for a decent ranged DPS (pref hunter or boomkin) who knows how to play their class, isn't gemmed/itemized incorrectly, and is willing to do their own research in preparation for progression. Preferably 565+ with at least 9/10H progression, but we are open to less geared players who are highly skilled or with greater heroic experience on other characters. We raid 3 hours, 3 times a week: Wed 3:30PM / Sun 1:30PM / Mon 3:30PM, server time (MST). If you are interested then please contact: Iaia or Gotfraggon ingame on Kel'thuzad. Otherwise add VABEACH#1600 on The marketing spiel is below if you want more information about our guild in order to decide whether we are right for you. <Shacos Woodpeckers> is a relatively new guild on KT, with the entirety of our current roster coming from a small intercontinental clique of internet mates who have known each other for a long time. The majority of our players have recently returned to WoW after a hiatus of several years, and our original plan was to raid 10m without having to recruit from outside our group. This, however, has become impossible to achieve as several of our original members have lost interest in the game - as well as Blizzard forcing us to pick up 10 players for mythic. As such we would currently like to extend our roster with DPS/Healers who play often and are willing to act as backups - hopefully becoming a part of a 20 man mythic roster in WoD. We currently have been raiding heroic for roughly 6 weeks, with roster instability for around 3-4 of those weeks. Despite these problems we have managed to work our way up to 11/14H in respectable time - given our lack of experience and gear at the beginning - which I believe makes us a strong choice as a guild in comparison to other guilds who may have taken far longer to reach this position albeit at a similar date.Teshigahara33 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 [A] 3x Late Night 10/14H 10m LF DPS & Healer Raids Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:30pm-1:30am MST (Mountain Standard Time/Kel'Thuzad server time) This is Heroic 10man raid. We are 10/14H. Heroic Bosses Thok and onward are progression. We have 2 DPS spots avail (2xRANGE or 1xRANGE + 1xMELEE) that we need to fill ASAP! We have been filling these spots with PUGs mainly from cross-realm. Most of them have not met our requirements for us to keep them. We also have HEALER position open. Our REQUIREMENTS: * Heroic SoO exp (preferably 10man) minimum of 8/14H (depending on class & spot filling may accept minimum of 5/14H; if not sure ASK!) * Equipped ilvl of around 570+ (No PVP pieces) * Knowledge of your class & ability to play it in a heroic raiding environment * Mumble and working Mic * Raid awareness; mistakes are allowed to be made but not repeatedly. * Able to be patient on wipes during Heroic progression fights. * Be at least 21 yrs of age ( the older the better) * Positive, easy going, relaxed, mature but fun, non-elitist, non-loot horder * Your Internet connection and Computer must have no issues that would cause delay or issues in our raids. * Must be able to make all three raid nights consistently each week. For DPS we are looking for: RANGED DPS: HUNTER, ELEMENTAL SHAMAN, MOONKIN MELEE DPS: ENHANCED SHAMAN, RET PALADIN. WARRIOR For HEALER we are looking for: RESTO SHAMAN, DISC PRIEST, RESTO DRUID, HOLY PALY Any class not listed will be considered depending in your heroic progression, gear etc. We are willing to try you out before joining our guild! Cross realm tryouts are welcome too! Contact me Snowyvixen in game via mail or battletag: DamagerSnowy#1850 or Nøîr/Dîz battletag: Nøir#1745 (ø=alt0248) Ever Vigilant is mainly a PVE guild that has been on Kel'Thuzad for over 8 years. We provide flasks, food, guild repairs and have opportunities for promotions. Raid Loot is distributed fairly via Loot Council, sometimes random roll if PUGS are involved. Snowyvixen0 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 [A] 3v3 Wargame Tournament 30k gold 1st place Ideally I would like that happen, but as for right now it's just an idea. Basically I would like to host a streamed 3v3 wargame competition that would have a gold entrance fee and the combined amount would be put into the prize pool to be divided by the winning team. Some of the rules would be as such: Best of 3 matches. No more than 1 healer on a team. No tank specs. Debating whether or not to allow triple dps/!@# Only 1 person on the team has to be from KT And so on as the plan evolves. It would be streamed via 5v5 wargame, would just have the 2 extras on each team die before the match and at least 1 person stream and may or may not have a commentator. Depending how many people are interested and the expanse of skill level we may have 2 separate brackets based on skill-level. All thoughts are welcome, I would just like to take some time to see if anyone on the server is interested. so message/mail me in-game if you are Notspackle. Or leave a message here. Thanks.Notspackle0 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 (SEEKING) FMage/RDruid Late Night RBG Group I am looking for a late night RBG group for my Resto Druid and Frost Mage toons. I generally play around 12am - 3 or 4am EST. I am more experienced as a resto druid than I am on my mage but am available on both. I may also be interested in a PvP-oriented guild that is laid back as well. Post here if interested.Stickshìft0 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 9/9 Mage LF gold CM group 2x 9/9 gold LF group on my mage.Certified1 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 1873 CR Boomkin LF RBG Guild Willing to join alt team or main team as long as there is consistent queing. I improve very fast as I have only been playing druid for a month. Don't pay too much attention to my gems as they will change when I am full prideful. I haven't decided between going full crit or second haste cap yet. Reply here or add my b - tag visko#1856 if interested. ThanksCrazylightz0 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 [A] Iron Cross. We'll invest in you. (PVE) Turning 90 sucks. Its the start of an awful process. Gearing. Learning fights. Begging to get into Flex when you're ilvl 510. In this game it's hard to be new and its even harder not to know anyone on your server. A lot of you keep your heads down and run your LFRs weekly, but I know you want more out of this game. Getting there is the hard part. Then there's Iron Cross. I don't care about your ilvl, I'll get you there. I don't care about your skill level, I'll get you there. I will personally lead, assemble, and instruct your Flex runs. I'll gear you up. All I want in return is for you to enjoy your $15.00 a month. I'm Morbus, MT and Guildleader of Iron Cross. Talk to me ingame if you want to know more: denob#1193 14/14F 14/14N SOO N - TUE/WED/THUR 8P server Flex - Fri-Mon 6-10P server edit Recruiting a 2nd 10 man. We'll flex gear you and get you started on Normal ASAP. Just need teh bodies. All are welcome to apply. BT: denob#1193Morbus6 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Looking to buy 9/9 Challenge Mode Gold I'm looking for a good group to run me through 9/9 challenge modes gold. I can buy invis pots and what not. You can add me in game (Diffusion#1635) or add my character. I really don't want to spend 90k so if you can offer cheaper that would be awesome.Prodtko1 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 @WTB 10-25 Man Garrosh kill Looking to buy 10- 25 man garrosh kill for Achievement and mount plus gearVladman2 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Looking for KT old timer (snurb) Hoping you're still around or that someone else might be able to help. Snurb was a horde rogue who released a pvp video way back in the vanilla days. The video was fantastic, but its the soundtrack I'm really interested in. He titled the video simply "Snurb the movie 2" and it was on for awhile. Unfortunately he never added the song list. Does anyone here remember the video or happen to know the song list?Churna1 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 LF rbg guild to push rating looking for a srs rbg guild to push all the way, very dedicated to doing rbgs and tired of losing with OQ willing to faction/server change, currently 1900 if you want more info, add me Nettlevine #1745Restitute1 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 [A] 7/14HM 10 man raid guild Frostmourne! Guild Repairs is a 10 man raiding guild on frostmourne Alliance we are looking for active and keen raiders to fill our team. We are progressing fast and are looking to fill our core spots ASAP. Raid times: Wed-Sun-Mon 7:30-1030 AEST We are in need of: DPS: Moonkin/Mage Heals: Paladin/Shammy Tanks: If your class/spec is not here but your interested on having a trial please contact my real ID Also. Mightadin#1330 Shnoozg#1786Cicatriser0 Jun 1, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 LF a BS who can craft the Icebane Gauntlets! Is there anyone out there who can craft the Icebane Gauntlets please? They are part of the Naxxramas Icebane Plate set. Here's a link for the Icebane Gauntlets:ölf0 Jun 1, 2014
May 31, 2014 Test ErrorSemperheal3 May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014 server just died? anyone else not able to log into kel'thuzad right now?Kayleera6 May 31, 2014
May 30, 2014 [A] 10/14H Late Night Raid Spots Open NOW RAIDS: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:30pm-1:30am MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME Our 10man is 10/14H but all players are at least 10/14H and up. SIGN UP FOR OUR OR EVENT: Although we are able to fill all spots each week via pugs or guildies with geared alts we are looking for permanent replacements. Healer spot just opened up due to losing player to Wildstar. The following are the classes we are looking to chose from: TANK: Prot Paladin, Brewmaster Monk HEALER: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Disc Priest RANGED DPS: Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Moonkin. MELEE DPS: Ret Paladin, Enhanced Shaman Any classes not listed will be considered ONLY if you meet ALL of our requirements. Our requirements are the following: [*]Must be over 21yrs of age [*]Speak English [*]Able to speak in Mumble or Vent as needed. [*]Mature but fun with a good positive, easy going, kind, relaxed attitude. [*]Able to make 100% of the raids consistently and if unable to make a raid able to give prior notice beforehand. [*]Internet & Computer must be good. No disconnects, no high latency or lag cause you live in B.F.E. [*]Gear ilvl must be around 570 +. [*]Heroic experience must be minimum of 8/14H and preferably in 10man. [*]Good knowledge of your class such as gearing, gemming, reforging, enchanting, specing , glyphing. Using raid and person CD's properly. Able to CC, Stun, interrupt, dispel etc. If you are unsure of anything just ASK. WILLING TO TRYOUT BEFORE YOU JOIN OUR GUILD! Contact me Snowyvixen via battletag: DamagerSnowy#1850 or Nøîr/Dîz battletag: Nøir#1745 (ø=alt0248)Snowyvixen0 May 30, 2014
May 30, 2014 LF guild to finish MoP with and start WoD I'm an ex heroic raiding player as a tank, healer, and dps. My guild fell apart very early in MoP and i never put forth the effort to find a new guild until now. I still haven't even full cleared normal SoO because the only time i raid it is when people ask me to raid or if i get bored and see a pug looking for a melee dps which isn't often lol. So if your interested in recruiting a multi class player willing to play and fill any role in your raid group to finish off your MoP raiding experience and then have a solid raider ready to get back into the ranks of top tier heroic raiding in WoD please message me in game or add me to real-id and hit me up.Kzmike1 May 30, 2014
May 29, 2014 <Them Guyz> is recruting (Alliance) NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY MAIN <Them Guyz> is recruting for our core raiding group. We're a close-knit-cluster!@#$ of skilled players getting the gang back together. We have a dps and tank x-fering over here next month, a hybrid druid is leveling right now. We've established our lead and off tank. We need a Disc or Holy Priest, Shaman/Mage, Hpally, Hybrid Monk and rest DPS. No progression yet. We have a scheduled LFR run with what we have on the 1st, hope to see you then :) If interested, send mail, PM or b.t (FilkyFilk#1570) to Randlynn, on KT, Alliance side Thank you for reading, and by the light of Alune - *POOF, DISAPPEARS*Multigrain0 May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 fresh 90 lf home my raid killed died on my main so i rerolled on here. now i need a home. working on gear hope to be raid ready in 1-2weeks. 3/14h on my other hunter hope to improve on that here. contact in game #reason420Elfuu0 May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 <SUPPRESSED> PVP GUILD RECRUITING <Suppressed> is a ally pvp guild on Kel'Thuzad. We are currently recruiting active PVPer's for Arenas (on Tuesday night) and Battlegrounds (on Monday night). We are also filling select spots for RBG group (Friday night); [holy/disc priest, resto druid, guardian druid]. Check out our website at Whisper me or Icemaker for invite. -WesternjeffWesternjeff0 May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 WTB TCG Mounts! Looking to buy TCG mounts for the right price, PM me in game if you have any. Btag is Diffusion#1635.Prodtko0 May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 Looking to buy profession kits Looking to buy Alchemy & Engineering kits, reply with prices or contact me in game Warr#1530Warrthorn0 May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 WTS Tabard of the Lightbriner 75k obo just as the title states. Message me in game or add Recklessqt#1301Certified1 May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 Bara's 2.2k Push Team LF Core Members My Alliance rbg team based on Kel'Thuzad is looking for more members to fill out our core roster. We currently play at 1900CR. Please note that if you're on another server that's ok. Team goal: 2200 CR by end of July Current Rating: 1900CR (~ 60 games played) Schedule: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9PM-12PM EST Selection Criteria (in order of significance): 1-Attitude: no ragers, rambos, elitists, et cetera...willing to give/take feedback 2-Communication: call for peels, call out your cc, call out missing players, et cetera 3-Experience: 2k+ past experience in either arenas or rated battlegrounds Team needs: - Frost Mage - Elemental Shaman - Shadow Priest - Holy Paladin - MW Monk *other classes are welcome to apply Any interested players please add my btag (PFOX621#1587).Baracaid8 May 29, 2014
May 28, 2014 <Suppressed> PVP Guild is Recruiting <Suppressed> is a ally pvp guild on Kel'Thuzad. We are currently recruiting active PVPer's for Arenas (on Tuesday night) and Battlegrounds (on Monday night). We are also filling select spots for RBG group (Friday night); [holy/disc priest, resto druid, guardian druid]. Check out our website at Whisper me or Icemaker for invite. -WesternjeffWesternjeff0 May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014 New to server and LF active PvP/PvE guild Just got my first toon to 90 on KT and I'm looking for an active guild. I mainly pvp but I am open to pve also. Pls someone save me from these spam guild invites EDIT: Battletag is Hokarga#1479Kargala1 May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014 [A] Waffle House| Organized PvP/PvE Raids and RBGs weeknights from 7-11pm pacific. We're looking to pick up enthusiastic, competitive players with a strong sense of teamwork. Core makeup has tons of WoW experience dating back to closed beta, with some top 20 US guilds and Hero of the Horde/Gladiators. Having a working headset is required. Please contact in game or send an in game mail if you're interested. Thanks, see ya in game!Censur4 May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014 Level 80 Twink guild I'm going to be creating a 80 twink guild on Kel'thuzad. any 80 twinks out there want to join we will be doing pvp and raids, or in general and 80 twinks out there add me please.Jetlags1 May 28, 2014