Jan 18, 2014 Transferring from tich Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am transferring my 518 ele shammy transferring over to this server. I am mostly interested in a guild that is social with arena pushes and rbgs pushing also. If you have a spot for me in your guild just let me know please . I also am being some other friends over so they are also looking for a home. Once again thank you for your time . Happy leveling .grinding.and give everyone you see Rez sickness :)Bombkit1 Jan 18, 2014
Jan 17, 2014 [A] GAL (1/14H) Recruiting for 10/25/WoD Gods Among Legends is one of the fastest growing, fastest progressing guilds on KT, and we are continuing to recruit to add to our community. We started in November as an Ellis Island for disenfranchised raiders looking for a fun, active place to raid. We quickly progressed and killed Garrosh 2 weeks ago on 10M normal, and have recently started heroics. GAL also has a 2nd 10M team that is 13/14 normal, and a 3rd 10 man team is forming. We recently began 25 man raiding and were very successful on our first night going 8/14. However, we are having trouble filling our 25 man and our 3rd 10 man team. We want this guild to be a massive community of raiders working together and having fun. This is a mature, social guild. Elitists beware! We are recruiting players of ALL specs and ALL classes to fill out our 25 man team. Our first 25 man run consisted mostly of our heroic team's alts and new recruits to gain experience. This will be a Tuesday night raid. Our 3rd 10 man team is in need of 1 tank, healers, and DPS classes. This team is planning on running on weekends. To sum up our needs: 25M - ALL classes/Specs (if you are a healer, have a solid dps OS). Raid night will be Tuesday. 10M - 1 plate tank, healers and dps. Weekend raid (times yet to be established). Flasks/Pots provided. Mumble and vent servers. Guild repairs ALL week for raiders. Youtube channel will all 10m progression kills and some 25m kills If you're a player looking for a fun place to play and need a raid spot....GAL is for you. Edit: We are also trying to get a solid 20-25 player core for mythic raiding in WoD as well. Reply to this or hit up myself, Devastor, or Travinsh in-game.Marcús1 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 17, 2014 <ChannelFourNewsTeam> 14/14N Recruiting 10M <ChannelFourNewsTeam> is currently looking for skilled players that can maximize their characters, research boss mechanics on their own time, and blend in with our current raid group as we make the transition into heroic content. We are moving forward with our core roster of "hardcore" style players and looking to add certain classes to our group. Keep in mind we are looking for players with a high skill level. We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00PM ST to 9:00PM ST. iLvL 550+ Current Needs: 1 Tank (Druid/Monk/Paladin) 1 Melee DPS (Rogue, Warrior, Druid, Monk, Shaman) 1 Ranged DPS (Boomkin, EleShaman) Please contact Hexylock or Brumear in game or via in game mail if interested. We'll be glad to bring you along to one of our raids this week and check out your performance/personality.Hexylock13 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 17, 2014 RANGED DPS needed 10m 6/14H Late Night T/W/Th Raids: Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:15pm-1:30am server time (Mountain Standard Time) Need RANGED DPS with ilvl 560+, doing 275k+ consistently, reliable, easy going Raider. Prefer Mage, Moonkin, Warlock. Losing DPS due to conflicting college class schedule so opening is for core spot in heroic progression raid. We are ready to kill Heroic Juggernaut and Heroic Dark Shamans ASAP so hurry and reply! Contact me in game via mail or add battle tag DamagerSnowy#1850. PLEASE include your character name in the friend request or it will not be added. Do NOT reply here. Ever Vigilant has been on Kel'Thuzad over 8 years. We are easy going, nice, sometimes quiet raiders.Snowyvixen0 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 17, 2014 WTB Norm Siege Carries. Full gear selection, clear on heroic or normal idc, its on my fresh lock. Name your price. stormir#1648Kusano0 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 17, 2014 Frost DK LF PvP/RBG Guild (2100+ XP) New to the server. Looking to join a guild that runs frequently, or has players who like to run. I'm east coast, and am available after 8pm many nights a week. I can call strats and target-call.Vainglory1 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 17, 2014 WTB 2's Carry WTB 2's carry to my huge cap since I just came back looking for either a flat rate per win or a bulk price for the cap the character is on kt alliance has like 496 Pvp ilvl leave your btag here if you're interested thanks!Kryptz0 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 16, 2014 565 hunter lf core spot 9/14 heroic xp lf core spot. looking for mon-thurs raiding anywhere fro 730 server -12, PLenty of logs and realm first CM challenge mode on server. wigglesaprk#1828Wigglespark5 Jan 16, 2014
Jan 16, 2014 WTS Gold CM runs Realm best team looking to sell 9/9 Gold runs for achievement, gear, title, and mount. Asking 150k total or 16,666g per run. Willing to sell individual golds as well. Add Bing!@#$Bros#1261 or Mdev#1159 on battletag for more info or send an in game mail to Charity, Lilneyzo or Aphus. -CheersAphus11 Jan 16, 2014
Jan 16, 2014 Want to get into flex raiding I haven't done any non-lfr raiding since Wrath, but I'd really like to start doing some flex raiding with some friendly people. I'm usually available from 9:30pm to 12:00am (server time). If you have a group and room for 1 more dps, let me know in game or on this forum. Thanks =)Trenon0 Jan 16, 2014
Jan 16, 2014 WTS Spectral Tiger Selling a Spectral Tiger on Darkspear - Alliance. I am not willing to transfer realms or recieve gold on a different realm sorry :/ If you are interested add Ahqua#1655Goodvibes2 Jan 16, 2014
Jan 15, 2014 Hordey LF and a New Home - [A] RBG/PvP Guild Hi, I'm a seasoned RBG'er (2100+ xp) that used to be Alliance (2010-2012). I went Horde (on Stormreaver) to play with co-workers, who have all now decided that they're done with the game. I am in search of a new home, preferably where I can be Alliance again. My rating this season isn't high, as I was doing a lot of PUGs and oQ groups, and teaching many first-timers in the guild I'm in how to run RBGs. 1700+ was my peak this season. I know this is one of the heaviest alliance servers in the game. I was wondering if anyone would want to take me in? Also, are there queues to get into this server? I've heard mixed things.Lovemaker0 Jan 15, 2014
Jan 15, 2014 Crusade 1/14H 25m SoO Apply here Crusade is now recruiting to optimize our 25m heroic roster. We are currently looking for: Shadow Priest Warlock skilled at both destruction and affliction Requirements to be considered: At least 560 item level Legendary Cape Weekly attendance, availability Tues,Wed,Thurs,Sun 3 hrs each night 6pm server to 9pm server. Ability to adjust to heroic learning curve Past heroic raiding experience Desire to work with the group and push content If interested apply through the site linked above and contact through in game whisper/in game mail Phys, Avatar, Alterßoy, Semperheal, Astraldrake, or Illogical.Phys0 Jan 15, 2014
Jan 15, 2014 few Q's Hey guys. If I were to play ally here, what should I expect? I've heard this is a very PvP-centric realm, is that true? Hows the ally economy? If it is a very pvp heavy realm, is there still ample opportunity to find raiding guilds/even just PuGs? Thanks in advanceAulie2 Jan 15, 2014
Jan 14, 2014 Lock & Hunter 564+ 14/14 LF HRaid Ally Hey Me & Friend are looking for a Heroic Progression Guild that raids Tues/Wed/Thurs ! Looking to go Ally, We are looking for either 10 or 25m depending on the offers we see we can transfer asap depending on what we get ! I raid lead on Hyjal right now but im pretty tired of it to be honest just want to perfect my craft and work hard and progress same goes with my lock friend ! WE show up everynight at 110% never late and always reliable ! What we are looking for is a guild that is very mature, can have a good time but also like to progress and get things going. We also will be around next expansion btw for WoD! We would love to transfer before Thurs we've gotten a few offers from Stormrage but i would like to see what else we can get ! Heres my BTAG: Shady#1484 for more info pm me im online now !Darkárrow0 Jan 14, 2014
Jan 14, 2014 KT gets the fastest raid ques KT gets the fastest raid ques than all the other realms. Also PVP does not happen that often in KT so if you are a pvper then KT is not your type of realm. I'm a pver so KT is my realm and a lot of people on KT are pveers so that's another reason we get fast ques. It use to be a good realm but everybody left and went to Darkspear.Galstirc9 Jan 14, 2014
Jan 14, 2014 Need pvp/pve guilld I am new to this server. I did raf and i am currently leveling in pandaria right now. When I hit 90 i would like to have a guild that pvp's and pve's. For pve -I can roll any spec you are gonna need me for raiding. -Preferably ret/holy. -5-10 server time everyday but monday's and tuesdays. and weekends. For pvp. Id be ret. Preferably i fairly a big guild with people on alot. -I raided all through cata and late LK -Msv was the only raid i had cleared and i did that on a rogue. My rogue has had over a 1200 rbg rating every season but the last one.(i had taken a break)Rolize3 Jan 14, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 The Journey of Smasharoony Hi everyone! I am Smasharoony, and I came here to learn to do PvP in Warcraft, I was reading that you have good fighters here. Right now I am in Mulgore helping the Tauren. Here is a picture of me at level 1: I am exited to make some friends and get to level 90, I hope to meet you all soon! :)Smasharoony98 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 10/14H 25M on Tich *PAID XFER* 4 healer <Accelerate> on Tichondrius-US 10/14H 25 mans Raid Times Mon-Thurs 6:30 pm pacific - 10 pm pacific (9:30 pm - 1 am eastern) *Core is currently looking for a non-disc priest healer, all other classes considered ilvl 560+ **We currently have 0 pulls on heroic Thok & about 80 pulls on Siegecrafter with best being 49% wipe. Currently waiting for another healer and then we will kill Thok and then continue on Siegecrafter** ------------------------------------------------------------------- - Adult guild, age 18+ only with high preference to mid 20's or higher - Friendly guild, social and always have ppl in vent running things - Guild Vent is free to use for all guildies, including any pug runs you may lead - Free pots, gems, enchants, flasks, 300 food carts for raids - We have yet to extend a lockout this patch (although we may start using this more in the near future for progression bosses) - We have always full cleared this entire patch, killing Garrosh normal on Mondays ... Please apply at or message in-game using btag Mariame#1624 VIEW CORE RAIDS LIVE DURING OUR RAID TIMES ANYTIME: ************************************************** WE HAVE 2 MORE ESTABLISHED RAIDS: ------------------------------------------------------------------- FriRaiders 25M RT's Friday 7 pm - 12 am + possible Sunday pickup clear 7 pm - 10 pm 1/14H 25M + 14/14N *Accepting applications from all roles but tank ilvl 540+ ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gar Raiders 10M RT's Sat-Sun 9 pm - 12 am 14/14N *LF 1 boomkin, preferably with resto offspec ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gar Raiders looking to start heorics upon recruiting of a decent tank, Friday 25m continuing heroics every week going forward. :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------- WE ALSO HAVE A NEW RAID FORMING: Tues/Sunday 8 pm - 12 am, LF ilvl 545+ ------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL DIFFERENT LEVELS OF RAIDERS ACCEPTED, IF YOU WANT TO RAID, WE MAY HAVE A GROUP THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.Mariame0 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Challenge Modes Hey all, Since the beginning of MoP, I've really wanted to do CMs because I love pushing myself and I've always loved 5 man content. I'm looking to form a consistent group to get the gold achievement. If anyone would be interested, please let me know. I'll be on every day usually in the afternoon and evening. Next week I'll be on after 7pm. Add my battletag - onetruepk#1740 WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: A RANGED DPS - Ele, Lock, Hunter Our comp is: Fury War, WW Monk, Bear Druid, Disc, (ranged) Cheers!Naggrund8 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 554 destro lock 554 destro lock lfg to do normal and heroic sooSandelina1 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 WTB siege run WTB a full normal siege of org run or a partial heroic run leave comment on post about a possible price and possible run date etc.Camme0 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 [A] [PvP] <Ultimo Mortem> Seeking All Ultimo Mortem is a new guild to this server, starting up with interest in PvP. We're currently helping our members get geared and providing the environment for them to get into Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. We're close to having a solid core group, but could use some more active members! Our atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, with open TeamSpeak 3 use for communication. The sole purpose for the guild bank is solely for our members, with free use and use by request for gearing or profession leveling. We simply ask you don't sell the items you take, and try to contribute back in some fashion. Repairs will scale with rank, which is earned by simply being active with us. While we are a primarily PvP oriented guild, there is a Raid Leader position available. You may contact the following people for more information, or any member Rank 4 or above: Ðukesemperfi: Guild Master Dahoonjr: Co-Guild Master Bloodpresure: Officer Minty: TreasurerMinty5 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Question for the community! So my friends and I recently came back to the game after a 2 year hiatus. We have been a part of serious raid guilds back from BC, but we are currently having a difficult time on our current battlegroup finding non fail Flex groups in order to gear up for normal/heroic. Right now theres only 5 of us, and without good gear we can't really carry any raids. We are looking at transferring here because we heard people can actually pug a few players for flex/normal mode without sifting through a ton of drool. How is the pugging on this server?Animosity3 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 566 warrior 8/14h Yo, 566 overall warrior 8/14h xp looking for a raiding guild, it may look bad but i really dont feeling like typing a book here so if you would like to talk to me Legend16#1684 thanks!Kohwin0 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 SELLING 553 LW BELT Looking to sell 553 BoE LW belt of your choice, please respond here if not online in-game.Slent1 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Fare well Kel'huzad Sorry I had to leave But I must raid :(Entrôpy2 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Tamed Loque'nahak 4:30 AM Server 9/1/14 :)Kittycatqt1 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 WARNING: Shukulza/Faegan Master Looting issue Shukulza the Death Knight and Faegan his Mage alt have been proven to run raids as Master Looter and ninja gear. Shukulza a tank trinket from Malkrok and Faegan dps trinket from Immerseus. He has been kicked from Ever Vigilant after solid proof was provided about the dps trinket and no longer has any ties with our guild. Unfortunately there was no solid proof about the tank trinket at the time but I am confident it was in fact ninja'd. Be warned. Take it as you will. Happy pugging to all!Snowyvixen2 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 is there a decent amount of horde here Might xfer a hordie. Heard this realm is a big ally realm thoNastic4 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 mmmmm yes... Your tears...your tears, are delectable.Zhayne3 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Normal/Heroic SoO Progression LFM Raids Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:15pm-1:30am Kel'Thuzad server time (Mountain) In need specifically of DPS. High need of Melee DPS. However, do not hesitate to contact me, as all classes will be considered depending on one or more of the following: skill, experience, reliability, gear. This is our Group 2 raid. Group is currently normal mode raiding, however, in the next few weeks will begin attempts on heroics. We have a non-mandatory Sunday night raid to clear SoO (if the group has circumstances preventing a Garrosh kill, or has progressed to Heroics) the rest of the way for those who still want gear from Garrosh (rotated in on basis of gear needs, and choice by raid leaders). Must be reliable and easy going. Contact me in game only via mail or add Sheepisshh#1106 and include your character name and raid spec in comments or you will not receive a reply. DO NOT REPLY HERE. Do not hesitate to contact me about a spot, even if you are unsure of your consideration. We have room for several options including Tanks, Healers so you never know if you might be the one we need. We are also open for back ups too! Ever Vigilant has been on KT for 8 years +. We supply flasks, food, potions, gems, enchants etc. Group 2 loot is currently distributed by a MS>OS, 1 piece per raid system. We are easy going, helpful, funny yet rather quiet at times. No Elitists, jerks etc.Aisellea2 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 The name Xo WTS the name Xo for a reasonable price, message me ingame or add my battletag zaft#1118Jtkx0 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Guilds Any 25 guilds out there that are only people leveling? or alot of the people level in the guild. Id like to have some people to level with in a guild as a come over to kel'thuzadRolize1 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 LF Challenge Mode (GOLD) Team Dylan#1193 is my btag I am looking for players that want to get challenge mode gold Underneath leave your ilvl (i know it scales down) and your class/exp Thank you! You can also give me your btag as well as your class if you want.Rommissar5 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Looking for Raiders Getting straight to the point here.... Raid times will be Thurs 8pm-11/12, Sat (time will depend on peoples wants) Guild already has a main 10M group that raids on these times, and looking for more for 2nd 10M group, I myself will help gear anyone who is in need. This is a casual group but that doesn't mean we wont make progression. Contact: dapiggy#1887 Thanks.Protêct0 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 LF Guild Just transferred back to the one and only KT and am looking for a guild that does Flex and Reg SOO. I am free most days for raiding.Redthirst0 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 WTB Magic Rooster Egg. Hey, I'm looking for a Magic Rooster Egg. I'd like someone willing to xfer or accept gold on another server, but I might xfer a guild or something, just let me know if you're selling/trading one and open for negotiations. btag is zela#1347Vectorius0 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 8, 2014 arena help I am looking for someone to help me cap 17k conquest, and also help me get better as A Warrior. I have arena exp as priest at 1950 brcket brcket. Lookin to cap around 6pm est today 1/ if yu feel like helpin a naga be better hit me upppp !!Qtrpound0 Jan 8, 2014
Jan 8, 2014 549 prot paladin 13/14 exp. LF RaidGuild台灣坦克 I can raid any day during the week EXCEPT Mon / Wed from 6:00-9:30 PST. Will be willing to transfer server. Please add battle tag to talk : KingdomHeart#1626Ageofempire0 Jan 8, 2014
Jan 8, 2014 548 Elemental Sham LF raiding guild Would like to find a guild that raids twice a week. I work a lot but can definitely commit to 2 maybe 3 days a week. I can follow instruction and have been raiding since BC, just don't have time for hardcore anymore. Thanks!Elevader0 Jan 8, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 Looking to buy heroic SoO kills As the title says.. i am looking for a guild willing to sell Heroic SoO kills... at least first 8 bosses. 25 man preferred but will pay for 10m too. I am a 562 ilvl ret paladin, and know the fights so wont hold the group back... just dont have time to join a guild. add me or reply to thread and we will discuss price. -Mike#1932Goshua3 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 LFM Heroic SoO for this week Looking for a geared healer & dps for heroic SoO. Group is 8/14H we raid Tues Wedn Thur 10p-1a realm time. Be geared, experienced, have mumble or be willing to download it. Contact me in game @ Warr#1530 or reply to this threadWarrthorn0 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 Noir Group 2 Recruiting Noir Group 2 is recruiting a 2 dps pref ranged one that has a viable healer or tank offset. This group is 14/14 and have been looking to start heroics for a couple weeks but with peoples holiday schedules and a couple people not being able to make it to raid anymore haven't really got started. Even though we would pref ranged we would consider exceptional melee especially if you have a good tank or heals offspec. Our raid nights are Thurs 8st to 10st and Sun 8st to 10st. Sometimes if peoples schedules work out we might try to start a little early on those nights but very rarely does that work out. Our group is lead by someone who is 5/14 heroic. Please reply on here if you interested or whisper me in game.Pandaenfuego1 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 WTB normal Garrosh Kill title says all, 10 or 25 doesn't matter.send me a in-mail mail or reply here. thanksAlastrom1 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 RAF KT [2.3k, Hustler] I'm currently looking to start a solid account on the US servers due to my recent move to Toronto. I want to be on this high end PvP server, also happy to do Tich either way. What I offer: -2.3k Arena experience -Skype+Mic -Super friendly -Game sense -Fast tanking -Free time -Will buy expansions What I would appreciate: -Not some guy who wont talk at all on skype and clearly is ashamed of himself/lacks confidence -Some $$ for mount training etc... -A friendly vibe -Decent playing times (not 1am till 5am), just normal 7pm-12pm/2am -Decent knowledge of the game Anyway peace, Hit me up through email: award46yo@gmail.comPonylvl5 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 <Fortify> 10 man 2/14 heroic SoO <Fortify> is recruiting a tank (non warrior) and: a rogue, a DK, or a feral druid dps for our 10 man raid group current 2/14 heroic SoO raid times tues/thurs 6-10 pm server. Last tier we went 6/13 heroic before SoO came out. This tier we are looking to push further than that we are currently 2/14 heroic (immerseus and norushen) within the next 2-3 weeks we will be looking to push 4-5/14 heroic. Our website is: the group you would be applying for is The Bee Team (lead by Varral) - Tuesday and Thursday[6:00 pm - 10:00 pm] Server/Mountain Time (10man). If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on Vistala, Soiraz or the raid leader on Varral.Vistala5 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 oh baby, i really need you to.. heal. druids, hit me up. unlike the cruel raid leaders who demanded that you tank.. i require only.. that you heal. know how to dispel, LoS, and help dps a low-hp target. pref same ilvl as me (such as it is) or higher. 2.2k rbg exp on my DK, though that was a couple years ago.. pushing rating soon after we knock off the rough corners, you know the drill. skype etcetc. would also consider priest or shaman. paladin not really my thing. besides, im all the sexy plate the team needs. sorry paladumbs..Planetbuster3 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 Healer and two melee dps looking for guild! We are looking for a casual raiding scene here in KT. Raid time prefer around 8pm starting up to 11 or 12 am server! Any days are good, but prefer weekends. We bring our own consumables and knows our class. For raiding experience, we've been raiding since back in Vanilla in Dragonmaw, and just wants to get into the endgame and preparing for WoD. We've been running flex most of the time. Hard to get into pug normal SoO runs in the server at the moment. For WoD, we are prepared and will be going to get ready to raid asap, this we can promise! About us: Just group of friends that enjoys playing WoW since '06 and D3. Plays LoL also. ME - Shizuma, main resto druid, had some offspec gear but mainly heals. Xeraxes, hunter - - Worgenfrman, main feral kitty, no OS at the current time, PVP time to time. - Arcious, main DPS WAR, OS Prot, can play either dps or tank, full grievous set for pvp - For more info, either mail me ingame (Shizuma in US Dragonmaw) or add me in btag! Don't worry about the transfer lol we will handle that :) Btag - jethjeth#1116Shizuma0 Jan 6, 2014