Nov 13, 2013 561 Warlock LF HM guild. 14/14 1/14HM Hello, I am LF a raid team for my warlock. i am 14/14NM and 1/14HM(Nazgrim Kill)He is my main. I also tank on my paladin and I am the RL of his team, but we are mostly looking to go different directions with our players. So my schedule is being free'd up. I have somewhat of a time schedule I need to follow. I am a very good raider. I dont mean I am decent/okay. I mean really good. As a raid leader and tank mechanics are second nature. Only downfall to me at this very moment is that I cannot pay for my transfer if thats what it takes. My wife quite her job to be home more often and I am the only one paying the bills. I can how ever pay back the transfer when we get back on our feet. You may post here or add me in game. if you add me please leave a note of who you are. Thats all I have. Thank you for your time. :) Sunday - 10am-19pm CST Monday - 6pm-10pm CST Wednesday - 6pm-10pm CST Thursday - 6pm-10pm CST Friday - 6pm-10pm CST Saturday - 10am-10pm CST Raid times must follow somewhere in those time frames. That includes start time and ending time. I have logs for my fights. I just got my cloak this week and I ranking 61 on Protectors.'thuzad/rynedelewis/ Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Taxi service for a fee ill take you anywhere on my nightwing mountKmartdomy6 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Player with Level 16 Alt Druid Brightstar Hello Kel'Thuzad, I am moving my main to this server and have used the name Brightstar since BC. I see that the name is taken on this server by a level 16 Druid that seems to not be an active character, but I was informed by a GM that the account is active and they can not release the name. I would be willing to purchase (in game gold of course) the name from you. Please reply to this or contacted me via realID at Riversong#1101. ThanksNecroticstar0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 564 lock, 4/14H xp looking for guild my job is changing starting next week and i can no longer raid late nights so im looking for a new raiding guild 564 ILEVEL warlock with 4/14H killed (immersus, norushan,sha, and galakras) - logs im in I dont really want to go back in progression you can talk to me in game, or add my btag xandal#1686Incondite2 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 Former H Raiding Holy Paladin LF 10/25m guild LF Semi-hardcore raiding guild. Experience dates back to MC. Pro hpaladin.Anakan1 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 10man 4/14h LF Tank / Healer Noir (4/14H), a 10 man guild residing on US-Kel'Thuzad (Alliance) is looking for dedicated, full-time raiders. Right now our recruitment needs are: Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior/BrM Monk Ranged DPS Holy Paladin/Disc Priest What are our raid times? Currently our raid times are follows: Tuesday: 6:45 - 10:00 PM (MDT) Wednesday 6:45 - 10:00 PM (MDT) Monday: 6:45 - 10:00pm (MDT) What can you expect from us? As a member of Noir, you can expect an exciting raid environment with a very light tone in comparison to other heroic-tier guilds. When we are progressing, we are focused and disciplined. We keep a very tight schedule, and very rarely break our scheduled raid times. Because of this we all try to maximize our output in raid and work together to obtain goals. We all love to raid and are very passionate. We enjoy joking around and trying new things on farm content, such as solo healing encounters, or bringing extremely undergeared alts to get some extra gear. We are a tight-knit raid group who share interest in many other aspects of WoW, as well as outside of Warcraft. We also provide all flasks, potions and food to our full-time raiders. We believe this helps reduce the overall stress of raid preparation. What do we expect from you? As a heroic raiding guild, we expect a very high level of performance from our raiders. We expect you to always be up-to-date on your gear. This includes updated gems, enchants and overall spec choice, as well as an in-depth knowledge of your spec choice. We expect you to have maximized professions for raiding. Most importantly, we expect a passion for the game and raiding in general. We love playing this game, and we want all of our members to have that same passion that we do. What can I expect from the server? Kel'Thuzad is a high-population, Alliance controlled server. Trade chat is always very busy with high level Arena players, pickup group raids and lots of old-world transmog groups. Kel'Thuzad offers an extremely competitive raiding environment, with some top-tier world guilds. Stakes are high and boss pushes are full of adrenaline. We are proud to be highly ranked among the many heroic guilds on Kel'Thuzad. How do I apply? To apply to our guild, jump over to our guild website or add me on Battletag. Website: Zealous#1483Gwenyvar1 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 LF Guild Looking for a raiding guild since my guild is so inactive. Hit me up.Lucilianna2 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 looking for powerlevelling its for my level 60 rogue and a 40 warlockKmartdomy1 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 LF SOCIAL GUILD Hi everyone im looking for a social guild that is recruiting for raiding and fun, including running bg's, dungeon's and raid finder.Heiisenberg1 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 LF Group Runs looking for a good solid group to do dungeons raid 2s 3s and bgs with i need to start levelling all my toons and gearing before the expac comes outMalfosia1 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 Any late night raiding guilds on this server? Considering Faction change since im lf a guild instead of transfering off.. I haven't played since Bc. I was 1/6 Swp exp pre nerf(would of cleared but had rl issues). I'm looking for a guild that has the capability of full clears, since i want to down all current content. Since i didnt get to in bc and haven't played since than. I want to before WoD, as well as raiding in wod aswell. Needs to start No earlier than 10p.m. Cst. What i offer, a Experienced Resto shaman who knows his class and loves it, eventually if needed i can dps as ele. I learn fights the first go around, i research ahead of time i come prepared flasked, repaired etc. My gear is not all enchanted and gemmed properly because i'll have them upgraded within the week from Lfr and flex.Since they're super expensive on my server for gems, i'm only doing it to gear i'll keep longer than week. i hope Soo heroic is somewhat of challenge. My battletag is demonicacid#1611 or you can reply here with your guild info for my apply. Thank you for your consideration. What I'm Looking for: a Guild that has the potential to full clear, and a guild i can call home. Looking for skilled like minded players who like to joke around in off time but when its raid time, serious face comes on.Demonicacid1 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 14/14 559 Tank potentially LF Guild I may be looking for a guild shortly if my guild ends up disbanding their group. Basically there's certain people holding us back and it's starting to get very old as I feel a lot of them are being carried as we starting progressing into heroics. I've done all the fights on normal and was once in one of the top 10 man guilds on the server. I raid lead in my guild so I know all the fights and am prepared for all encounters necessary. I'm also very competent and rarely mess up on any encounter. If anyone is interested please message me on rëlic or add my battle tag which is relic#1845.Rëlic2 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 The Merciless Horde looking for players40-60 We are a new leveling guild looking to start working on guild runs and unlocking perks. We are guild level 1, but we are only 1 day old and we will be growing fast despite the harsh server population. We accept all types of players. Msg for invZijizujibagi1 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 LF PVE or PVP GUILD I've played since Vanilla, quit at WOTLK, came back for Catac and stopped playing after the first 2 season of MoP. I am currently looking for either a RBG guild that pushes around 2.2k rating or a end game semi or hardcore raiding guild. I have good raiding and pvp exp. In Catac I've completed all Heroic Raids. I don't like to waste time, so I won't waste your time. I am a quick learner, willing to sacrifice, and most importantly I do not step on fire. Only problem I have is that my gears are too old. Willing to take in any Role ( healer or DPS) whichever spec is preferred.Jcxcv0 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 <Operation Endgame> 14/14N 3 of us recently left a 25m guild to make our own, it's only level6 atm, but we're working very hard to level. We left because our old GM was a !@#$ head and did bath salts before the raid and the loot system was %^-*ed for everyone except the people that didn't show up every week (epgp). I spoke up about it and they kicked me, 2 of my friends left with me and now we're here. We are looking for players around our ilvl and skill so we can progress through heroic and get !@#$ done. Please don't do %^-*.Galaxy7 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 Tank and DPS LF Raiding guild to call home Me and my buddy are looking for a raiding guild. We are both level 90 with BC to MoP raiding experience. the classes we are using right now are Druid and Warlock. LF easy going people that still want to focus on progression. Please have some kind of voice chat program (like Ventrilo) we are both very social. We also enjoy long walks at night on Darkshore. Add me for any questions Sinderus#1597Korvick0 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 [A] Boomkin LF 1900-2200 Rbgs Boomy LF 1900-2200 rbgs. Seems to be getting harder and harder to find regular groups at that mmr. Hopefully this thread will find a few groups in need of a boomkin. Play most nights around 10est til 12 and weekends whenever. Have a lot of past 2k+ xp Battle tag is Kritzs#1978Dagortx1 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 Blizzcon! Be there or be square! Meet your favorite Divinity stars at the table meetups! Members in attendee: Ryuke Muk Eberle/klefbom leotharius keoke We'll have our Divinity shirts on around the convention center so be sure to say hello if you see us!Ryuke10 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 [A] Pragmatic LF New Members/Raiders! <Pragmatic> Is a newly formed social LVL 25 guild that focuses on all aspects of the game. We are actively recruiting all classes for the purposes of raiding and PVP. If you're looking to get into a fresh guild, make new friends, create your own traditions, <Pragmatic> is for you! Reply or message me or Raynetemplar ingame for more info!Marcús1 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 553 Windwalker LF Raiding Guild Hey just sending a quick post. Been pugging since the patch opened up. Just looking for a regular raiding spot. My current guild's times aren't preferable anymore. I'd prefer something around 7pm ST Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at most. Can't do weekends. I can also do afternoons throughout the week if anyone is doing those but that is certainly rare. Just let me know your needs and I can possibly adjust. You can look up my info and progress. I have xp on every boss. I deliver on dps very well. Started WoW back in Wrath. Send me an in game mail or friend request to follow up.Shalomne2 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 549 Boomkin 13/14N LF Raiding Group I have 13/14N exp in SoO with a 200k wipe on garrosh. I went 6/13H in ToT just because the group I was running with had some problems with recruitment. Preferred Times: Weekday: 6-7pm CST till like 12-1am Weekends: whenever I am looking for a guild with similar progression that I have at the moment. Please let me know in this post or just add me. If you would like to contact me about your guild please post your BTAG: Jesp#1814Nanjas3 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 (A) 543 Mage Looking for a Raiding Guild Hey, Title says it all. Looking for a good group of people who are intelligent and down content but, can also have some fun. What I Bring To The Table: Experience in All T16 content downed on at least flex & normal Experience in heroics in previous tiers on multiple chars Have dps'd as mage and tanked as DK on all current content Know the fights well from different roles I pull exceptional dps Always come prepared and on time I accept any criticism and I'm drama-free I'm currently on the East Coast and can do nights on weekdays as well as Sunday. Send me a request (Mark#1201) in game or post here. Thanks all!Quesorito6 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 547 Holy Paladin LF raiding guild 12/14 N exp Hi i'm a very good healer looking for a raiding guild any times work and I know all fights. I would like to join a semi heroic guild but am open to all options. I just really want to raid and I hate pugs.Usaywot3 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 [A] 10m LFM BOSS DPS/Heals for Heroic Prog. ________________________Volatile__________________________ Alliance | US-Kel'Thuzad | 10 man | Group 2 Group 2 Raid Times - [Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday] PST – 6PM - 10PM CST - 8PM - 12AM EST - 9PM - 1AM MST - 7PM - 11PM (Realm Time) Who is Volatile? We are a 10 man raiding guild with 2 group's pushing Heroic progression. Our core group is 8/14HM while our Group 2 is starting heroic's this week. As a guild we are a tight knit group of individuals who love to progress while having fun. While we are a fairly new guild (a year old), we all are seasoned raiders and are progression minded. As a group as well as individual's we do whatever we can to better ourselves for the raid nights. We supply flasks / pots / most enchants and gems as well as feasts to all of our G2 raider's, though most of our raiders stock some of their own flasks/food regardless, just in case. What are we looking for in G2? A dedicated player who is willing to look up each fight prior to walking in to kill it that night. A player who takes the extra time out of their day to fully understand their class / spec and maximize what they can bring to the fights. A player who has a sense of humor, but knows when to !@#$ and pay attention. :) What we expect from you? ¤ Basic understanding of World of Logs and how to read them ¤ Ability to listen to a Raid Leader ¤ Full understanding of your class and specs and the ability to maximize them ¤ Able to learn raid mechanics swiftly and once learned consistently perform them ¤ Dependability, determination, dedication and consistency in performance What we don't need? ¤ Meter/Number Junkies ¤ Immature members/Children (R18 Raid) ¤ Egomaniacs who feel they have nothing to improve on ¤ Players who feel they are entitled to lead the raid from a back seat role Currently Recruiting for Group 2: - Core Spots - (We are currently taking G2 to a more hardcore atmosphere and as such are interested in all roles/classes to) ---***High Need***--- (Realm Xfer's will be paid for exceptional applicants) MDPS - Non Warrior MDPS. RDPS - All Classes Considered Heals - Pref Druid although exceptional players may apply. ---***Low Need***--- Casual/Reserves - Tank, Heals, MDPS, RDPS Any/All exceptional players will be considered for all core G2 roles. (Even one's already taken!) If you don't have mumble please be ready to install it for the apping process. For more questions you can contact us directly. ----Real ID's---- Torcq (JoshFlash#1470) - Raid Leader 'G2' Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to speak with you in-game soon!Tyrhaell3 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Level 25 guild for sale Hi, I am looking to sell my level 25 guild. 4 bank tabs, 520 achievement points. Looking for 20k gold, but I am open to reasonable offers. reignx#1521 is my B-tag if interestedFlatlìner3 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 541 (Currently) FDK Looking for Raiding Guild Just got back from a couple months break and am looking to get into a raid group. I have decent raiding exp (all of pandaria, half of cata and all of wrath) been working on doing as much flex as possible, but I feel like I am missing having a dedicated group.Scroggdorae3 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 532 Lock LF 10M Guild Hey, been looking to transfer (and faction change) off LB to a fresh server. I raid on a 532 affliction/demo warlock which you can view here: My availability is as follows (PST): Sun - Varies (usually not available during 9pm-11pm) Mon - 7:30pm onwards Tue - 7:30pm onwards Wed - 11pm onwards Thur - 7:30pm onwards Fri - 6:00pm onwards Sat - 6:00pm onwards Feel free to contact me at Exozionn#1451, thanks!Synpoo2 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 [A] 540 Tank Server xfer LF Guild Hello guys, I was looking into transferring to this server and wanted to find a guild to join. I am a 540 Prot Warrior with Full Flex Tanking experience. LF a SoO Normal Raiding guild. I am in the process of continuing to gear up in flex, so I'm down to continue to do it with a guild as well. Reply if interested and I'll shoot you my battletag.Markos1 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Anybody late night? Hey guys, rolled this server to play with some friends, but they haven't been on in quite some time. I'm looking for some people or a guild to roll with who are more of the night owls. Been a pretty hardcore raider the beginning tiers of this expansion. Right now just looking to keep occupied and have some fun with some cool people. 531 ilvl at the moment and I'm into PVP as well with a few grievous pieces. Usually log on around 9 ST and play for a few hours. Hit up my btag or reply in thread. Chridyo#1869Hailtothev0 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Stay Classy Achieve, can make 1k gold LF Dwarf Monk, Rogue, Mage Draenei Monk will pay 1k gold for you to easily join our guild, log out, log in... if youre already exalted with your current guild you will go down to honored... contact ANYONE in Late Night Crew or Warr#1530 for paymentWarrthorn0 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 JC leveling package. Could anyone give me a ballpark estimate as to how much one of these would cost? 1-600 of course. Thanks.Harmonius0 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 3/14h exp holy pally lf weekend guild Currently 3/14h 566 holy pally Looking for a weekend raid guild. Looking to transfer to play with friends but would like to continue pushing content.Orccrush0 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Possible server trasfer LF pvp guild. Hello, I just started playing WoW again and I was thinking of transfering here for pvp. How is this server as far as that goes? I am currently resto and thinking of changing my off spec to feral. I know I have to gear having been gone a few months but once I am geared in a week or two I will be looking for a RBG team and probably a 3's team. Hope there are some decent pvp guilds here. Looking forward to hearing from you.Lorís0 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Alt Soo with some heroics! I will be running a soo full clear with heroic immerse and more depending on how quickly immerseus dies. Raid will take place Friday 11/8 @ 8pm Server. Need one tank and five dps. Must be 545il+ with heroic xp! Realid add KendrickLmr#1751(include il/spec/xp) or contact Sellins ingame to reserve a spot.Ferpa6 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 (A) 10M Pocket Aces 8/14 HM SoO LF Range DPS Pocket Aces, currently ranked 5th in 10 man server progression, is looking for a range DPS (preference towards Mages) for immediate spot in Heroic Siege of Ogrimmar progression. Applicants must have an expert understanding of their class and come prepared for raids which includes bringing their own stat food, flasks, and potions. You will also be required to research boss strategies in advance for all progression. As our goal is to quickly clear heroic content we prefer that you have at least 14/14 normal SoO progression already and have an gear ilvl of at least 560 (or can put out 300k DPS). As of Oct. 28th we are 8/14 Heroic SoO. Our raid times are as follows: Tues: 9:00PM-12:00PM server Wed: 9:00PM-12:00PM server Sun: 9:00PM-12:00PM server Mon: 9:00PM-12:00PM server A high attendance rate is expected (the exception being emergencies) as we run a 12 player rotation for 10 raid spots. That said, do expect to be asked to sit out on certain boss fights from time to time based on gear necessity and/or fight requirements. Loot is distributed via Loot Consul with a main spec > off spec priority. Other than that, we’re a semi–hardcore raiding guild whose main goal is to clear heroic content as fast as possible while it’s still at its most challenging. All the while picking up achievements on the side and just having fun. If that sounds like the type of guild you’re looking to join and you fulfill our requirements, feel free to contact the following members via RealID: Zev#1338 Tilor#1187 If none are available, feel free to contact any member of Pocket Aces instead. Thank you!Tilor9 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 WTS Droplet of Y'shaarj 22.5k, level 1. PST Stoff or post hereYoro5 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 LF RBG Team I want to go on a team that plays allot and caps really fast i have yet to get my first full pvp setKmartdomy0 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 526 iL Disc/Shadow Priest lf 10/25m raiding 526 iL Disc/Shadow Priest lf 10/25man raiding guild. Preffer friendly but competitive atmosphere. Available times: I know it's !@#$ed up but there has to be someone who fits =-) Monday: Unavailable Tuesday:6:00pmMST-9:00pmMST **Every other Tuesday I will be unavailable to raid. Wednesday:Any Time after 6:00pmMST Thursday:6:00pmMST-9:00pmMST Friday:Any Time after 6:00pmMST Saturday:Any Time Sunday: 6:00pmMST*ish*-9:00pmMST History/Experience: I started playing WoW in Vanilla. I was a retarded 10yearold who only leveled through dungeons. My first character was level 46 when Burning Crusade came out, so I had no raiding experience in Vanilla. In Burning Crusade, I was still a retarded little kid, but I was bright enough to be able to make it onto a raid team. My guild was low ranked on US-Muradin server, which says alot to how bad we were. I only raided Karazhan, and Grull once. In WoTLK, I leveled my priest, and actually began to become a genuine raider. I cleared everything excluding Ulduar. I formed a guild during TOC, named Order of the Ancient. I raid led a team all through TOC and ICC Progression. We downed TOC reg and ICC 6/14H. In Cataclysm my guild/raiding hit a highpoint. We cleared T11 reg, though we did not progress to Heroics. We cleared T12 2/7 Heroic. And the absolute highpoint of my entire WoW Career was that I raid led a ragtag group of %^-*heads on !@#$ty %^- Muradin server to kill 8/8HM Dragon Soul at 10%. This was server second (Considering that Muradin was dead last in PVE rankings, this isn't that great an accomplishment, but it was for us). After MoP hit, I went to college, and due to taking on several real-life commitments, I took a break. I came back around 5.2, and have been playing casually since. I am now looking to get back into constructed raiding, rather than being an LFR Hero. There's not quite the same feeling killing LFR Garrosh as there is killing Heroic Garrosh. How to Contact Me: BattleTag: Arradim#1211 - Preferable Email: - If I'm not online This Thread: I will be monitoring/bumping this thread. What I bring to a guild: I am an experienced guild leader and raid leader, and have dealt with most if not all problems that will arise in a guild/raid setting. I am a strong healer and consider myself to be very proficient on my Priest. I also have a Hunter that I am currently gearing, as well as a Resto/Feral druid that I haven't played in months because I suck at feral =-). As far as fight strategies go, I am an avid theorycrafter/stratcrafter, and can often come up with strategies that even the big name guilds don't use. I play to the group's strength. Do I stand in fire: No.Echomire11 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 529 warlock debating transferring! Currently a 529 warlock, looking for a last minute home for 5.4! Later time raiding ( I work until 9 CST ) so anything after that is great! How is this server for pve? Good? Active? Is there going to be a long in que time for this? I am up for switching with no problem as I have a friend willing to help me out ;) Also looking for a guild so post here or add Jackumz#1893Fel3 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 <Late Night Crew> **Recruiting** 4/14H <Late Night Crew> 4/14H SoO is recruiting for Heroic Progression T/W/Th 10p-1a realm time. Recruiting (Warlock, Shadow Priest) Apply at or contact me in game @ Warr#1530Warrthorn2 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 LF Strict Dungeon/PVP Group I'm looking for a dedicated groups to do do dungeon levelling with for my low levels 60 and under and a group to do rbgs 2v2/3v3 with my 90 hunterWolfban0 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 WTB Name If anyone owns/knows who owns the name "Indiglo" here on KT, please let me know here, in-game, or put them in contact with me please. Battle tag is Indiglo#1609 ThanksIlcacciator8 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 LFM for 1800+ rbg's Hey what's up guys I'm gonna be setting up some 1800+ rbg's to try and push to 1900+before Tuesday. If your interested pls add me messymarve#1566 you can also post on here or come whisper me in game. You must have 1800+ rating, skype and at least 5 pieces of grievous gear including weapon. I will start setting up the group in about 2 hours from now, it will be a first come first serve if all the requirements are met. thank you for your time hope to see some of you on the battlefield. No ragers pls=)Cons0 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 WTS [Darkmoon Rabbit] Alliance Uncaged Want to sell Price 80K add: Forbidance#1582Grandnature5 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 decent warrior looking for Would anyone be interested in forming a 3v3 with me? not trying to play with people who are gonna rage/leave team after a bad night. just tryina play arena to try to get 2200 this season for the elite gear. ideally i'm looking for a lock and rdruid. i know how to focus reflect/charge/fear good/use semi-good positioning/pop reck bloodbath bladestorm/reflect hex/ etc. My stats are the following: -In season 6 I got to about 2400 playing war, dpriest, rdruid, (heh) and wld to about 2200 been 2400 in cata with holy pala, and 2200 last season on mage. -tryina get back into warrs cause they're op etc. anyone tryina play hmu. kneewalled#1798 thanks, gl hfNewald2 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 looking to xfer, pvp or pve server? title really says it all, just looking for xfer over and im wondering if kel'thuzad is more of a pvp or a pve server.Sanibad1 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 (A) Restoration Druid LF raid guild Hi there just getting back into the game from an injury I sustained on my right hand awhile back, and I'm looking for a non-elitest but non-scrub raid guild. I raided in BC and WoTLK downing Lady Vashj in SSC and LK in ICC. I'm not a new player to the game by any means, and I am available to raid anytime after 6pm PST weekdays and 1pm PST weekends. If you think I would make a good fit into your raiding guild please send me a message in-game via PST/mailbox and I will get back with you ASAP. Hope to see you in the future, Moobaca out.Moobaca1 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Selling Normal Garrosh 125k Normal Garrosh Monday Night 11:45pm CST. Any Gear our Raiders don't need for their Main specks or Resto off's will be covered by the 125k. In game mail to NalkinNalkin25 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 LF Raid/dungeon group as title says im looking for people that want to make dedicated teamsi have a 90 and the rest are 50 and underWolfban0 Nov 3, 2013