Sep 10, 2013 [A] Aftermath 25 Man 9/13H Recruitment Guild website Current Recruitment Needs • Tanking: Paladin, Druid • DPS: Any with experience • Healing: Shaman, Druid, Monk If you are a STRONG damage dealer of ANY class please apply as you will be considered. Qualities We Look For • Extremely high attendance, progression raiding on a 3 day/week schedule, while not overloading the bench, requires consistency in the roster. • Equipped with the best gear you have available to you, PvE optimized talent spec(s) and 2 raid beneficial professions. • People who are focused during raid time: this means NOT going randomly AFK, NOT watching TV and NOT always taking your headset off. • Completely willing to be assigned or even volunteer for those "big-numbers-shrinking" utility roles and talent specs in raids. As a player you understand that executing the mechanics of a fight - target switching, interrupting, cool-down management, etc. are the keys to a first kill. • You adapt to new fight mechanics and responsibilities quickly, without hand-holding, and make good on the fly decisions. About Aftermath Aftermath is progression oriented 3-day raiding guild. The guild was founded at the start of The Burning Crusade by a group of friends who have now played and raided together for over 5 years. We pride ourselves on exceptionally stable leadership and guild membership. We strive to maintain a balance of taking our progression raids seriously while keeping farm and mount runs fun and efficient. Basically we're a group of friends who enjoy playing the game with each other and stomping raid bosses into the ground. Our past focus has always been 25 player raids and we continue with large format heroic mode raids in MoP. We like to raid - despite the imminent obsolescence of gear, raiding continued as normal when the 3.0 patch came out until WotLK was released and continued through the release of patch 4.0 to Cataclysm. The raid schedule is: 7:30PM-12:00AM MST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. All of this time is used during progression and less is used during farm periods. We do not extend past our allotted hours except under the most exceptional of circumstances (absolutely positive we'll get that first kill on our next pull) as many of our members cannot afford to be too tired for work or school the next day. • Being able to show a history of progression raiding (especially heroic modes) is not strictly required, it is however a big plus. • Having a good attitude towards the game and adapting to class changes is important. • We consider a stable previous guild history a big plus as well. If you feel that you could be a good fit for us, feel free to contact Naturesgift, Garkim, Zanros, Skwert or Desir about applying or visit the Aftermath website -- http://aftermathkt.dkpsystem.comNagala153 Sep 10, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 Pals for life 11/13 10man Pals for life is a semi-hardcore 10man heroic guild. We raid Tues and Thursdays 6:30-9pm and Sundays 4:30-8pm MST. We are currently seeking a disc priest and a rogue or dps warrior. If you have any questions you can ask anyone in the guild in-gameCarbonaceous5 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 LF Jewelcrafting kit Subject says it all, Im looking for a jewelcrafting kit 1-600. on kt allaince pm in game.Ntek0 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 Seeking a new home. I am seeking a new home for a few of my characters. After keeping to the worlds of PVE since vanilla I am looking in the direction of PVP servers. I am also looking at ones that have a high population. I have been told that this realm is a "good" realm to become a part of but I would like to know what those who reside here think. Yes I know the responses will be bias but I hope they will be honest. How are the wait time for the finders Dungeon, Raid and BG? How are the guilds. I am looking to move over my healer first who is a monk. If that works out then my Mage will be next.Ravenmagus3 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 RDPS lf raid group 521 lock and/or 532 spriest lf a raid group for 5.4. Available for weekdays 7 pm ST or later. Send an in game mail to either Abynormal or Saintgrant if you think you might have something for me. I'm looking for actual progression and not to finally down the last raid boss a week before the next expac.Abynormal4 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 Possible GDKP Hello! at this point in time I am mostly looking to get contacts / find interested people in running a GDKP in Siege of Orgrimmar. (Not at the start of the patch, but most likely several weeks following its release to give people a chance to see the content to make sure I know the encounters so I can properly guide the group and in general make the run as smooth as possible.) Ideally we will clear normals with a quickness and start into some of the easier heroic modes. Progression in the group is something I plan to take seriously and I ask that everyone that attends is able to meet the minimum requirements I have listed below. AN IDEAL GROUP PARTICIPANT - At least a 525 average item level - An alt of someone with experience in the instance - Has gold and isn't afraid to spend it on upgrading your characters gear - Someone who is on time and comes ready with consumables - Someone who regularly makes events. I understand real life happens but I won't save you a spot if you don't give me proper notice. - Knowledgeable about your class and able to perform, if we have consistent issues that are holding the group back because you aren't able to do your job I will probably talk to you about it, give you a fair chance to improve and if things don't work out they don't work out, sorry. - Open to criticisms, people make mistakes and you need to understand that if you murder the raid you are probably going to hear about it, brush it off and don't make the mistake again. - Someone who wants to have fun! It is a game and you should be looking to enjoy yourself, if you are going to be on the edge of your seat pulling your hair out because we are struggling on a boss your main has on farm, this probably isn't the group for you, accept the fact silly wipes will happen and be able to enjoy other people's company. - Those willing to take intiative. I may need someone of your role / class to call something out and I may ask YOU to do it; you should be willing to speak on voice chat / make appropriate macros to do what I ask of you. - Patience, if you give me time to set things up / get it off the ground I promise you this will be an enjoyable experience for all involved. WHAT I DO NOT WANT - Carries. Maybe once the group is a little more settled and I have enough players that I am sure are competent we can carry a person or two. I may look into this, but not right now. - Drama. I can't stand it and neither can the people I want to play with. If this run is just a way for you to project your unstable emotions don't bother. - Comments from the peanut gallery. I will have a strategy planned out for the group ahead of time and if you feel the urge to tell me it is bad, I don't really care if you send me a tell with suggestions but don't clog my voice chat saying 'lol thats not how my guild on stormrage does it.' GENERAL RULES / OUTLINE FOR THE RUN - Obviously as a part of a GDKP there will be gold involved, it will be split 10/25 ways amongst all of the people in the group, if for whatever reason you do not stay for the duration of the run you forfeit your right to any of the share, I will make a googledoc to keep track of everything and how much it ends up selling for and obviously the overall gold earned and pay out for each person. - Attendance is a huge factor as to who gets invited, if you are consistently on time and ready I will more than likely invite you over other people, those who are constantly tardy / just plain don't show up will probably be lower on this list but this is my main deciding factor on who gets to come. If for whatever reason you aren't able to come be it an emergency or just a scheduling conflict I expect you to give me notice / tell me, if you don't give me the time of day I probably will just remove you from the invite list, read above for rules on needing to leave early. - Have mumble and be in chat a few moments before the run starts. - The run will likely be hosted on friday / saturday, possibly both starting sometime early evening, not sure of an exact start time but somewhere close to 7 and likely to go for 3 or so hours. -I will more than likely edit / add more to the post above but this is just a rough draft to get general interest for the run. As stated above, it won't be for a bit but I just want to know if there is interest for this kind of thing on Kel'Thuzad! Thank you for reading and if you have any questions / comments feel free to post them below or contact Sellins or Sellinz in game or on btag at Sellin#1193. And post below with the class/spec you are interested in coming on so I have a rough idea of what I have.Librarian25 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 WTB Frozen Runes WTB frozen runes, whisper me in game, my btag is Fruit#1709Fruit0 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 ratking deception ratking is actually nixon, mindblown.Nervøsa1 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 WTB STORM HELM (this is BC blacksmith) tip! I am looking to get my hands on the Storm Helm . Anybody know someone with the pattern? I can supply mats and tip. Hit me up!Shintalla1 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 cloudIX 11/13 10man lfm lock/ele shammy cloud IX is a fairly new guild on kel'thuzad currently we are 11/13 heroic tot. We are a semi hardcore guild that focuses on end game content while having fun at the same time. We raid sun/mon/tue/wed 8pm pst to 11pm. At this time we are looking to pick up a rng dps of the following to round out our core warlock/ele shammy/spriest. The spot is for our core this is not a bench spot. if you would like to get more info or have a chat add my battle tag (fleet#1643) hope to hear from you soonNotdeadd0 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 LF 2.5k+ Feral or DK Glad Push 4x glad hunter and 2.5k+ disc this season looking to run jungle or phdk on US-Korgath. We're both 2.5k+ players this season and will secure easy glad. MSG me here or on Korgath. -BillymayzlolBillymayzlol0 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Consortium Mantle, Aboriginal Loincloth/Vest In the title. Buying all three of these items. Post on here with a price. Finding them on the AH is tough, and often times they're way overpriced.Frreeze3 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Selling of items... Obvious breaking of the rules and/or scamming... As you can see, he offers to sell a guild..I'm interested, he asks me to skype him so he can sell the guild for real money. I'm not interested, he will do for 30k. I switch over to alt to check out the guild bank and percs....and here is what happens.. Sep 7, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Preeminence LF 1 Warlock Preeminence is looking for one Warlock to start next week in Siege. We raid Friday and Saturday 5:30PM to 9:00PM (possibly an extra 30 minutes) Please be reliable and easy going. We are currently 12/12 1/13 but just transferred from Firetree where progress was further along. Reply in thread or mail me in game. ThanksRespec0 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Jeweled Onyx Panther for sale Hey everyone, i'm selling a Jeweled Onyx Panther on Kel'thuzad Alliance. Feel free to leave a comment below or whisper me in game. Name: Lethal. Thanks!Lethal1 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 [A] 518 Blood Death Knight LF Raiding Guild Looking for an evening raiding guild that runs sometime between 7PM EST-1AM EST. I just recently started playing again after a few year hiatus so I haven't done much of the recent content outside of LFR and a few pugs. I consider myself a fairly good tank, but like anyone else there's always room for improvement. Throughout BC and WOTLK I was a hard core raider so i'm very willing to learn the fights and spend the time to know my class . I'm looking for a guild with a fairly mature atmosphere where people are dedicated not just to themselves but to overall progression. Btag: Darknezz#1834Darknézz1 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 6, 2013 LF weekend raid group Hello, I am hoping to find a weekend raid group during the day on KT. I was hoping to play resto in 5.4, but I am comfortable in all specs. I have a 496 boom set now that I use for resto and my feral set is 492ish. I have been gone during ToT so I am now trying to catch up in lfr. I was in a heroic raiding guild getting 5/6 mv, 3/6 hof, and 4/4 reg toes. Please send tell in game or post here. Thank you. Love bimblesBimbles3 Sep 6, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 I'm looking for someone to do arenas with me Looking for a good arena partner, to help me gear up, my current ilevel is 478 pretty much full male, I'm paying 100g per win PM me or discuss on forums.Saxymoni0 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 [A] <Late Night Crew> 3/13H 10-man ToT <Late Night Crew> 2/13h ToT is looking for a RDPS for it's 10man raid roster. T/W/Th 10pm-1am Server Time. Recruiting Balance Druid, Mage. Have 12/12N, heroic preferred ToT experience and 515+ iLvl. pst visit fill out an app today Can also add Warr#1530 to reach me in gameWarrthorn13 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 [A] Bear Tank LF late night raiding guild 492 ILvL bear tank LF a late night raiding guild (anything past 10 server time) Not much raiding experience this expansion but tanked in past expansions in end game content. Fast learner and takes criticism well. Send me in game mail (or pst if i'm on) or reply to this for any questions. Thank you.Pettingzoo1 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 Glad Push (Ret/Feral/Hpal/Disc) 2400 Hunter (this season) looking for partners for a final push before the season ends. Will play Jungle/PHP, have tried KFC, warriors are just a joke this season. Thug is alright but really depends what you're queueing in to. Anyways HMU (2400+ PLAYERS ONLY) Btag: Zizilio#1431Ziz0 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 LFM Upcoming Sunday Flex raid <The Red Dawn> Will be hosting a Sunday evening flex raid, I'm looking to create a fun positive group where we can practice the new mechanics and push some content. We are a semi casual group of mature raiders. If your 515+ and looking for a flex group, this one will be Sunday starting 6:30pm server. Please send any questions to me, Thanks! ElectryoneElectryone5 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 need help! hey guys. wondering if there is a website or something that would give me every alliance character ever created on kel'thuzad. i can't remember the name of the person i'm looking for but i'm certain i can pick the name out if i saw it somewhere..i can't find him anywhere and i really need to speak with him. thanks!Leffystank0 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 538 MW Monk LF Limited 5.4 Raiding I went 3/13H in ToT before my guild stopped raiding I'm looking for 2-3 Nights / week MAX. Mondays and Wednesdays work best for me, as I don't have class Tues / Thurs. Not looking for late night groups, I'm on the east coast. 9-12EST / 7-10 Realm Time or something around there would be ideal... I know it's pretty specific, but I'm willing to work with your schedule, provided it isn't too far off from what I just listed. Cheers.Geefers0 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 i523 Ele Shaman LF Casual Flex Raiding Guild Recently transferred onto KT to try to find a guild who is looking to do Flex raids in 5.4. I had extensive raiding experience from vanilla and arena (duelist) experience from TBC-WotLK. More recently, I've been looking for a more casual experience and hoping to find a good home.Algamon2 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 Horde on KT Man sure does suck to be horde on KT, would play ali if BE werent so sexy.Valorah1 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 Kel'Thuzad is down again.... After 17 hours of Kel'thuzad being down recently, its down again. Yay! Thats great.Palados1 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 LF a weekend raiding guild 25 man pref HEALZ hey guys i am spacegoat and i am looking for a 25 man raiding group or 10 man. the times i can play is Friday sunday or saturday. I dont care if u have a lv 25 guild or u have been here since baby Jesus was here. I just want to play with some nice people. Message me on my toons Goldrims Madaline Allyjj or just email me at THANK YOU FOR READINGSpácegóát1 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Giving away 5k! Tell me why you deserve it As the title says, I'm going to be trading away 5,000 gold to whoever can convince me that they should have it. Send me messages in Game or add my Btag and talk to me(lit#1316) or post in the comments below.Xt22 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Is KT population declining? We used to have "Full" status on our realm, but I realized now that our status often becomes "medium" during the late night and early morning, and "High" during the day time. Are people transferring to other server? What is happening?Ceasurfer11 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 <Minimal Effort> [6/13hm] LFM late-night fun <Minimal Effort> is a semi-hardcore late-night guild that raids Monday through Thursday from 10pm to 12:30pm server (9pm to 11:30pm PST or midnight to 2:30am EST). Despite having a relatively light raiding schedule of 10 hours, as well as a rather late start to the raiding scene this expansion, we're progressing very comfortably, and are at a 6/13 heroic kills at the moment, ranked 12th 10-man guild on the server. What can we offer you? * A serious, yet fun raiding atmosphere. * Guild-supplied repairs for raids. * A fair looting system, where your contribution and your current gear are evaluated holistically. * Respect to your real life responsibilities. We don't require 100% attendance, and won't expect you to be online all the time. What do we expect from you? * Know your class, and be flame-retardant. * Treat your raid spot fairly - show up on time, be prepared, and let us know if you're going to miss a raid. * Your current gear is far less important than your talents, as evidenced partially by prior raiding history. That means we do not have a ilvl minimum required for an invite, and it also means we'll evaluate your performance according to your gear. However, a minimum gear level is required for a raid spot, particularly for heroics. What now? If you like what you saw, talk to one of the officers - Quasar or Charodey/Kudesnik; or add me on BattleTag as Volshebnik#1818; or reply here, and we'll be in touch. We're normally on during raid times on all days.Charodey5 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 KT is back online wootPeekaboo1 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Kel Thuzad is uP!!!! woot!Zeref0 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Since KT is down.... Time to stream some wow with my SNES controller. Link: Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Rapid Intervention (25) - Now Recruiting We are currently looking for players who are interested in running challenge mode dungeons, 10 man raids, and all aspects of PvP content. The guild has been around for a few years and we have a solid core player base of individuals who have always made having fun and helping others the top priority. We enjoy a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, but when it's time to get serious during guild focused content, we do. We do not tolerate personal attacks on any player of any kind, nor do we tolerate trolls or just fundamentally immature people. We have excellent leadership in the guild and weeding out bad apples is no issue. That being said much has been accomplished over the years and now we are looking for new players to join the ranks and together enjoy the new content in 5.4 We raid 10 man normal difficultly and have full cleared all raids so far in Mists of Pandaria. Our raid days are currently twice a week on Thursday (6-9 pm server time) and Sunday (12-3 pm server time). If you would like to join please contact me or our guild leader (Hopslee) here on the forums via private message or catch either of us in game so we can chat further. Regardless if this post is of interest to you or not I truly hope both your gaming experience and personal life are pleasant.Valcyn3 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Heals LF 5.4 Weekend or Really Late Guild So here's the deal: On my main, (MW monk) I'm currently 10/13H in Throne of Thunder. Since my guild does not currently have alt runs, I'd like to get this character onto a raid team. You don't have to have any heroic kills, or even full cleared normal Throne. I just want a raiding home for my druid. I'm not looking to be carried, nor to do the carrying. My armoury shows that I have a boomkin off-spec.. But it will be guardian once I obtain the gear for it. I refuse to main any spec but resto, but would be open to changing my off-spec. The following times are all listed in EST So, let's talk times now. Can't be between 12pm and 11:59pm Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.. Or between 11am and 3pm Monday. To be clear, I canNOT raid during the following: Monday: 11:00AM-3PM (EST) Tuesday: 12:00PM-11:59PM (EST) Wednesday: 12:00PM-11:59PM (EST) Thursday: 12:00PM-11:59PM (EST) Any times NOT listed above I can raid during. Anywho, hit me up on this thread with guild info. ps: Don't toss me the generic wall of text bull!@#$.. Just post the guild name, raid days/times, size of raid, and b-tag if you wish. I can figure out everything else.Cyrtasik0 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 get it how you live yoloExclusîve1 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 LF 25M Raiding Guild for 5.4 I am looking for a new 25 man raiding guild to raid with on any of my toons. I can adjust my availability for Sunday - Wednesday if needed. I am also willing to transfer to any active server, Horde or Alliance. Whichever toon I play for a new home guild will be my main for the expansion. While having a slightly raunchy sense of humor, I will take raiding seriously once the raid starts. I do not care about gear! I only view gear as a means to down content. Name : Brant Battletag : Downsisfunny#1726 Classes : Death Knight: Hustlebooty-Tichondrius (Blood/Unholy) 505 ilevel Priest: Gonlearntday-Tichondrius (Holy/Shadow) 505 ilevel Mage: Spankins-Zul'Jin (Frost/Fire) 510 ilevel Druid: Chunkyperiod-Zul'Jin (Boomy/Resto) < 500 ilevel Warrior: Klickr-Zul'Jin (Prot/Arms) < 500 ilevel Age: 24 Professions : Mining/Jewelcrafting on DK, Tailoring/Enchanting on Mage, can learn any Addons : Mumble/Vent/Skype/Recount/DBM/Omen Typical Weekly Playtime : 20 hours Raid Experience: 6/8H DS in Cata, 5/12 with PuGs this expansion on Spankins-Zul'Jin Availability: I am night-shift, so I am available at the following times (EST): Sunday: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM Thursday/Friday: Anytime Saturday: Anytime prior to 11:00 PM Location : North Carolina DO YOU HAVE A RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION : Yes Alts in other guilds that may affect raid availability? No UI Screenshot : (not a raid pic, but my UI stays the same)Hustlebooty0 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 2/13H 524 Prot Warr LFGuild LFRaiding guild that raids either extremely early morning (1:00 AM Arizona time) or on fri/sat. 2/13 Heroic Prot warrior. Don't really care which one I get, as long as I get in and start smashing heroics and get ready for 5.4. Send me in-mail or add me to realID Stys06#1793Blitzkriig0 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Male Worgen Druid Seeks Female Arena Partner Hello everyone, I'm a bit of a shy dog when it comes to things like this, but I figured I would put myself out there! My hobbies and interests include: Going on walks Chasing my tail Pooping on the carpet Losing my focus because.. LOOK THERE'S A THING OVER THERE! Rolling over Chewing my nether region and then putting my face really close to yours Not listening when I am called (unless there's food involved) So, if you want a real wolf in your life and you're tired of ending up with pups, then you know where to look. P.S. If you aren't a dog person, I can also take the form of a cat.Digitalwolf2 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Long time Prot warrior LF raiding guild 10/25 Old school warrior returning to raiding do to earning a consistent schedule at work. Only 500ilvl but increasing rapidly. loyal long term raider and guild member current guild raids to late. times-any day of the week 1pm-7pm server. can also do 6 pm - 12 am server. i have extensive amounts of old content achevs with dates to match including Uldar hardmodes! i am also dabble in the art of pvp at high rating , vary raid aware and know all class mechanics. i can use vent mumble or raid call, vocal tank and. personality , fairly talkative dude and charming :D i also take constructive advise with open arms and will admite to my mistakes! add me to b tag for any questions or msg me in games CAPTHENLIFT#1530Ociana1 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 BrianCloud and Spectrum LF core group raiders Brain Cloud and Spectrum are building a raid team for 5.4. Looking for dedicated players willing to show and be ready to play on raid days. Please have an ILVL 510+ The team is lead by 3/13 ToT heroic exp Kel'thuzad Raid Days and Times Brain Cloud Tuesday and Thursday 6 to 9 pm server Spectrum Tuesday and Wed 6 to 9 pm server pst. Frostylager for more info Real ID frostdemon#1661 Needs Resto Shammy, Holy pally Plate Tank DPS: Non clothies and monksFrostylager3 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 1, 2013 Tank LF raiding guild (Heroic EXP) I stopped playing the game in April because my guild ended up disbanding. We cleared 12/12 normal within the first two weeks of ToT being released, and ended up being 2/12H and one of the top 10 man guilds on the server. I recently resubscribed to the game because of the new patch coming out. I'm not a newb by any means, and used to co-raid lead in my other guild, so I come to every raid night with knowledge of every fight that is planned on attempting. I don't care if the guild is a hardcore raiding guild like my last one was, but I'd like to join one that is at least 12/12 normal now, and possibly with a few heroics downed so I can continue where i left off in April. I plan on raiding fully through 5.4, and can be contacted in-game on this character name, Rêlic (my 90 mage), or Hoape (my 90 priest). Thanks a lot.Rëlic0 Sep 1, 2013
Sep 1, 2013 wtb carry through throne of thunder i want to buy a carry through throne of thudner normal and what is the average the price of a run on this server? where i get all lootArcanox27 Sep 1, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 LF somebody to do R-A-F with on Illidan Horde LF somebody to do R-A-F with on Illidan Horde. No looms. Going for level 65-70 or higher today. I will recruit you and provide you with a Battle Chest key at level 60. Please reply here. Mutterz#1750 in game.Padranden0 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Dps / Healer / Tank LF ToT Clear This Week Hey guys So my druid was unable to make our second raid night where we cleared ToT. I'm looking for a group to clear sometime before reset My druid is saved at Megaera, but I have a 505 ish Blood DK that's not saved to any fights, and is looking for a full clear as well. Add me in game if you're interested. Townkiller#1771Townkiller0 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Melee DPS LFG challenge modes. Looking for a challenge mode group that could use a skilled dps. 11/13 ToT HM. 542 ilvl. Can more than carry my own weight, just need to find four other like-minded individuals also interested in Challenge modes. Send me an in game tell if interested.Tilor0 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 World Boss Groups Each week I see people afk their toons on Isle of Giants and others in trade spamming about Oondasta groups when he's not up. Every server has their own channel but it took me a few tries to find ours. There's been a channel for this for a while, but hardly anyone utilizes it. /join worldboss Make it easier to find oon groups. Stop missing out when you're on alts. If it's more widely known, it will make things easier come 5.4 as well. Share this info! An addon I'd recommend people having is RareCoordinator. It tells General chat what rares are alive and what % they're at when people are attacking them, then when it dies. There will be so many more rares in 5.4. This makes it easier to get groups together while most of the playerbase here is dedicated towards PvP content, rather than PvE.Rodaru1 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 druid tank and frost mage LF 5.4 raid group the title says it all, the two of us are looking for a raid group for the new patch, due to work complications we cannot raid with out current group any longer, pst in game or btag me tubesocks#1806 for most infoDatsmytruck1 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 RAF partner If anyone wants to RAF let me know.Renus0 Aug 30, 2013