May 5, 2013 WTB Names: I want to buy the name Potato@Kel'Thuzad for my fabulous friend Blake! 5k And looking to buy Ziggs@Kel'thuzad for my lovely friend Travis! 5k Buying Red@Kel'Thuzad! 7k Buying Blue@Kel'Thuzad! 7k Paying 10k for the name 'Alexis'. Paying 5k each for Suicune and Raikou! Looking for Eevee and Evolutions! Paying 10k for Eevee! 5k for Evolutions! Gym Leader Names: 7K each Misty Brock Surge! Will pay 10k each for Ash/Oak. Looking for any Pokemon name in general, specifically looking for Trios. (Like the birds/beasts) Also still looking for these names: MESSAGE ME, SEND ME MAIL OR ADD ME TO REAL ID: Snuggle#1454 I am willing to negotiate prices on certain names.Yolo8 May 5, 2013
May 5, 2013 WTB Tabard of Flame and Tabard of Void Title says it message Deadsoil,Deadsoilxo,Bloodsimple or Noki in the guild friendship it is my guild if im online ill be in there.Deadsoil0 May 5, 2013
May 5, 2013 Buying GOLD challenge mode completions!!! Would like to buy these from a group who knows exactly how to get them and quickly, I am a very competent hunter. Add me in game and we can talk. nsaine#1932Jäger1 May 5, 2013
May 5, 2013 500 Ivl blood dk I am hoping to raid on the weekend i am 2/12 normal i will only raid on the weened. my os is 489 frostJaquesery0 May 5, 2013
May 4, 2013 501 Disc Priest LF Progression Guild Hello all! As you can see above I'm a discipline priest (ilvl 501) looking for a hardcore/semi-hardcore raiding guild to call my home. I am very reliable and knowledgeable about my class and can carry my own weight. I cleared all of 5.0 content and I'm looking to step up my raiding to the next level. The last two guilds I have been in haven't taken raiding as seriously as I would have liked it, and stunned further progression due to petty BS (not showing up, constantly being late, etc.) I'm looking to go somewhere where progression is taken seriously. I like to consider myself an excellent raider with good raid awareness and I always come prepared. My armory: My experience in this expansion has consisted of: MSV - 3/6H HoF - 6/6N ToES - 4/4 ToT - 2/12 I'm available for raids almost any times/days (I'm very flexible!). I have no preference for 10man vs. 25man raiding. I have no preference for horde vs. alliance - but would like to find a high populated server. If you have any questions for me, please add my battletag: Sylina#1534. Thank you for your time! Have a good one! <3Sylína4 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 500 mage LF a raiding home for ToT :) hit me up in game PloxRdeeps1 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 502ww or 491ret LF raid guild I have personally downed 6/6 4/6 hm 10 man MsV 5/6 HoF 4/4 Toes and currently 3/12 ToT. I am looking for a good group of adults that have fun, communicate and enjoy the challenges of raiding. I know my class....I read all patch notes, I check Noxxic/ask mr. robot icy veins elitistjerks,etc. for gear and rotation advice. I also will study all fights in hard mode/regular. My professions are Jewelcrafting and enchanting. Feel free to add my battle net account Underoåth319#1287 . So shoot me some questions if you like. I’m looking to raid 2-3 nights a week preferably anywhere between 830pm -12am EST. I’d like to get the ball rolling fast so please hit me up on and schedule a verbal chat or something.also have a 491 ret pally if your raid is in need of a plate dps. i will transfer and faction change Gentlefist Monk Blåckfísh PallyGentlefist1 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 510 Prot/Ret & 512 Holy/Shadow LFG The 2 of us are looking for a new server and a new raiding guild. We both have near 100% attendance, great awareness, skill, and take direction well. We are 6/12 this patch, but have HM experience in previous expansions (I was a former guild/raid leader) We are looking for a weeknight raid team that is more progressed than we currently are. Start time from 7-8 pm eastern and end time from 10-11 pm eastern. Either 10 or 25 man is fine. Feel free to contact me on RealID @ Yrok#1680Yrok4 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 (A) 517 Frost DK & 514 Warlock LF 10m LF ToT Progression Guild on the Alliance, Willing to Transfer today. Both have cleared 10/12 Normal ToT.Looking for core spots in a 10m raiding guild with similar or equal progression. Links to logs upon request and open to interviews Available anytime after 6pm PST, any days of the week. 3-5 days a week. Whisper us in game if interested or add us on battletag: Deathgodess#1799 Sixxkitten#1861 Link to the DK:ën1 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 Buying 12/12 Normal Mode ToT Gear Run Howdy Howdy Howdy! Paying well to a guild who will sell my level 90 character a full normal mode Throne of Thunder gear run. Looking to run this weekend or sometime next week. For further details regarding pricing or any concerns reply here or drop a note in my mailbox and I will reply A.S.A.P. Thank You!Bashbelly0 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 WTS ALANI PULL. Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Selling ALANI mount pull for It is 100% drop rate. I invite you to party with ML on and pull her and loot the mount to you. I already own the mount myself. Looking to sell her for 70k! Message me if you would like more details or to speak with me.Hawtpurple0 May 4, 2013
May 3, 2013 Looking for Leatherworker! Looking for a Leather worker with: Pattern: Blastguard Pants Pattern: Blastguard Boots I have the mats for both and will tip 500g per piece. ~cheersTrafficz0 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 [A-25 man] Advent: Recruiting 8/12 ToT Advent is recruiting players to rebuild its 25 raid group. We are a PvE oriented guild , but we do support PvP players as well. We like to maintain a fun and friendly environment in which most raiders should feel at home. Our current progression: 8/12 ToT 25 (10/12 ToT 10) Our past progression (Tier 14) is: 4/16 Heroic,16/16 Normal. Our past progression (Catalclysm): 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul. CURRENT MISTS OF PANDARIA RAIDING SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday @ 7:00 PM server until 11:00 PM, with invites starting @ 6:30 PM server. We are looking for the following recruits: Exceptional applications from all classes are welcome for Mists of Pandaria. Warlocks Mages Shadow Priests Windwalker Monk Feral Druid (DPS) Fill an application on our website: or talk to Rynmoren, Ayrii, Qazzy or Iorverth online!Rynmoren16 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 1700 CR Prot Warrior Looking for a PvP guild 1700cr Prot Warrior looking for a guild to run RBGS with I'm a good player and I'm just looking for a core group to push 2kMacksawce0 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 Is this server still good for PvP Arena/RBGs Etc etc.Enzue2 May 3, 2013
May 2, 2013 Looking for ToT compensation Hi I am looking for a group who can help me obtain the paladin Tier 15 set in Throne of thunder. It can be normal or heroic I just want the tokens for the gear. My ret paladin pumps out great dps but not outstanding. I am even willing to pay someone to help me obtain them, if doing that is legal within wow user conduct. if it is illegal disregard everything. Anyways If you need a ret dps for Tot normal or heroic whichever or just want to carry me through them I will pay or give ur efforts worth in return and would highly appreciate it. Thanks!Peenkay0 May 2, 2013
May 1, 2013 MW monk lf 3s. don't have any high level experience but I look to get some If u r interdasted hit me up in-game or reply to thread BT: Vaadbeb#1469Morbeb1 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 what are the larger active horde guilds in KT what are the larger active horde guilds in KTSmokesmoke1 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Blizzcon 2013, who won the ticket queue? Hey, Kel'thuzad! Which of you lucky sons of !@#$%es won the ticket queue?Yolo29 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Late-night raiding guild LFM for 10man We're <Dead Cell>, a 6/12 in T15 (1/6HM in T14) Alliance late-night 10man raiding guild with two to three available spots on the roster. That's where you come in. Currently, we have two healer spots and potentially one DpS spot. TL;DR part first: We raid Tue-Wed-Thu 11pm - 3am server time, and we are good people. Who are we? We're nice people who like to kill bosses and have fun together. Join us if you're similar. What makes us different from the others? * We're semi-hardcore. That means we're neither casual nor fully hardcore. We won't ever be in top 10 world guilds to kill a boss, but we have a history of being near the top of our server (4th in 25man for Tier 11, 6th overall for Tier 10 [10/12 HM in 25man]), and we intend to improve on that record. * We actually value character in a player, not just performance. We pride ourselves on having a guild full of nice people with no douchebags and we prefer to keep it this way. You will not typically hear NerdRage(TM) yells in our raids, but you will find our guild chat both relaxed and relaxing. If you fail on a boss, we'll explain why but won't yell at you or abuse you. In practical terms, that means we'll take a 110k dps mage that's pleasant to be around over a 130k dps rogue that everyone hates on vent. You know how every guild has one of those? Yeah, we don't. * We like 25mans, and have been doing that historically, but are doing 10s for now, with a possibility to expand to 25s soon. * You know how many guilds talk about "real life coming first", and then have 4 days of raiding with 85% attendance minimum? Yeah - we're not like that either. We claim that real life comes first, and we deliver. We don't have mandatory attendance minimums, and we won't kick someone from the guild for missing a raid. That said, of course we value attendance - it's one of the factors in loot and promotions. We reward those who help the guild succeed, rather than punishing those who can't be on all the time. Like what you see? Apply at, or send a whisper to Charodey. If I'm not available, try Missho, Emistra, or Gutterflower.Charodey50 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Buying all Kyparite/Ghost Iron Ore 50g/20ore Buying all Kyparite 500g/stack and Ghost Iron Ore 50g/stack. Feel free to COD or contact me in-game to meet up and trade.Vexorian0 May 1, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Can anybody top 1,800,000+ honorable kills this is just ridiculousness.Depressed7 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Have you seen me in elwyn forrest before? You've seen the rogue that pops too many cds. The rogue that challenges you if you're in his vicinity. The rogue that uses unfair items in duels. I'm not here to troll... I just wanted to have fun with the game this season so I made a little video. Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 WTS LVL 25 Guild 25 Guild for sale has all boas 200+ members looking to get 30k for it add me in game and pm me or add my battletag wowadin#1990.Wowadín3 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Mystic Warlords (A)(22) Is Recruiting Mystic Warlords, Level 22, is looking for active, friendly members, of all levels and all abilities, to broaden and strengthen its ranks. We are a small, newly transferred guild from the Arygos realm in need of players to help us reach the guild level 25 pinnacle. These players will then form the core of our future PVP/PVE teams. If you are interested in joining a casual guild with a relaxed atmosphere, come give us a try. We have all the guild perks associated with a Level 21 guild. In addition to the normal guild perks, we have obtained all the guild heirloom items (helms, back, and legs). We have a 50 slot Ventrilo server that can be used for questing, PVP teams, dungeons, scenarios, or raids/LFR. There is also a general chat, so you can just come and hang out if you want. We also have included guild repairs for our members. Repairs are based on your guild reputation, so the higher the guild reputation; the more gold you have available for your repairs. As a bonus, each time the guild levels, between our present level, level 21, and level 25, the guild will award one lucky guild member a 60 Day game time key. That's four chances to add some additional game time onto your account. Only one must be ACTIVE in the guild to be eligible (i.e. questing, running dungeons, PVP'ing, doing LFR, etc.). There may also be a pet, or two, or three, from the Warcraft TCG thrown in for good measure, as well, each time the guild levels. We are interested in forming a RBG team and also a 10 man progression team when guild membership levels can sustain both groups. If you would be interested in filling one of our PVE/PVP team slots, as a new small guild we have lots of openings for the right people. We are looking for team members that are willing to work and grow as a team, one unit working for the good of the guild. If you think you're Warcraft's answer to your class, you need not apply. Then again, if you think you are going to be carried, you also need not apply. We want to create a stress free environment for our teams, with no hassles or conflicts, so that means we won't tolerate someone that doesn't pull their own weight or someone raging while everyone learns new content. If you have any questions, please look for me in game, or my Co-GM, Werman, and give us a shout.Shaelle0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Alliance Summary on your realm Can anyone give me a summary of how you like your server? Any que times? Mostly PVP or PVE or Both? W/E you can provide please.Xon2 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 29, 2013 Downward Spiral LFM PvPers! Alright so here's the deal. Downward Spiral, a little known guild on KT, has been bought out by some hardcore PvPers on new accounts. Transfers from Illidan, Tich, and various other servers, the guild leaders are 2.2k+ experienced in both RBGs and arenas. We recently bought out a small PvP guild, level 25, and are looking for more PvPers! We're still recruiting for our core group (inquire within), and want to start up a second group, as well as starting arenas. No experience? That's fine, we'd love to have you! Less bad training to get out of your head, in my opinon. 2k+ experience? Excellent! Just don't think you know everything, since every PvPer still has things to learn. TL;DR, leave a post below or whisper/in-game mail myself, Velosk, Getnaked, or Maugrim for invite! (Ignore how random or scatter-brained this post is.. I was a bit inebriated when I wrote it.)Praylude10 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 29, 2013 1800cr prot war LF dedicated rated bg guild 1800 prot war looking for a dedicated rated bg guild. willing to xfer as soon as possible, but guild must be dedicated to pushing rating.Mooddank0 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 29, 2013 Geared BM Hunter LF ACTIVE PvP Guild inv/pm in-game please! Thank you.Depressed1 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 28, 2013 <This Game is SO Hard> is R: 10M ToT. T/Th/F Greetings denizens of Kel'thuzad. We are forming a raid group scheduled to begin on April 16th. We will be knocking out normal mode and then diving straight into heroics once the roster is full and the participants are confirmed for being good at the game (So around 2-3 weeks tops). Raid times are going to be T/Th/F 8:30 PM ~ 11:30 PM Server time. If you can make these times, consistently, and are interested, here are what we currently need. An Elemental shaman A hunter. If you are any of these things or would like to sign up as a back up raider. Please contact me in game or on this forum. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as well.Playpal12 Apr 28, 2013
Apr 28, 2013 514 ilvl Lock and 509 Enh Shaman LF ToT Runs We are looking for a stable Throne of Thunder group we can run with on our alts over the weekend! Apr 28, 2013
Apr 28, 2013 Considering a Guild Transfer 7-8 (5/12 ToT) raiders considering move to KT. Any 10man guilds looking to become 25? We have tanks/DPS and 1 heal. iLVLs are 510+ Looking for mature raiding teams to grow with, RBGs, really all aspects of the game. Any suggestions? ~neoNeocort2 Apr 28, 2013
Apr 28, 2013 WTB 80 TWINK GEAR WTB 409 Cloth Gloves - Toad-Slime Gloves (3k) WTB 409 Cloth Bracers - Glowing Wind Bracers (2.5k) WTB 409 Caster Trinket - Grakl's Gleaming Talisman (3k) WTB 409 Caster Staff - Matsuba's Breadmaker (5k) PST ME IN GAME OR C.O.D, T H A N K Y O URééséspiécés0 Apr 28, 2013
Apr 27, 2013 70 twink community of KT Do you still exist :(Jtkx3 Apr 27, 2013
Apr 27, 2013 2K CR Warlock looking for PVP Guild. Just transfered here from Wildhammer a few days ago. Looking for a home. Would like to join an organized PVP Guild. I have played since Warcraft launched. Just started playing again 3 months ago after a 2.5 year break. Anyway if anyone out there could use a good warlock and willing to give me a shot, i would appreciate it. Thanks.Trinitey0 Apr 27, 2013
Apr 27, 2013 Core Raider LF New Raiding Guild Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I have recently returned to the game after taking a few months off, and i am looking to get back into serious raiding. I have had plenty of experience in the past expansions, and was part of several core raiding groups. Since MOP came out, my last guild fell apart raiding wise and i was stuck doing PUGS and LFR. Now that I am back into it, i was wondering if there are any guilds out there that need a solid DPS in there group. I know all my classes inside and out, and can quickly adapt to new roles given to me. I can quickly learn new fight mechanics, and usually takes only one attempt to fully understand a pull, unless we wipe in 10secs :). Here are some of my past experiences: Started Serious raiding in WoTLK – Naxx 10man – Tank, Dps VOA all bosses – Tank, Dps Ulduar 10man – Tank, Dps TOC 10 man – Tank, Dps ICC 10/25 – Tank, Dps, Healer New Core Raiding Guild in Cata - BWD 10/25 – Tank, Dps, Healer – some heroics BOT 10/25 – Tank, Dps, Healer – some H ToFW 10/25 – Dps FL 10/25 – DPS – previous guild fell apart DS 10/25 – Tank, DPS – Pugs, LFR BH 10/25 – Tank, DPS, All bosses No Guild in MOP mostly LFR - MV – DPS, Healer HOF – DPS. TES – DPS, TOT - DPS - recently came back after 5.2 I have a pretty open schedule, I do have a full time job and go to school at night, but my schedule is pretty flexible. I would prefer any weekend raiding, but im open to anything at night, 7pm - 12pm server time. Again I am LF an active guild who is needing a DPS on a weekly basis. I dont mind sitting out for a few pulls, cause i know everyone needs exp and gear, but i do not want to gather dust on the shelf lol. Thanks Again and cant wait to hear from you.Bacstabbath5 Apr 27, 2013
Apr 27, 2013 LF Guild My partner and I are looking for a guild. We are looking to make this server our home server as our current one is pretty much troll kingdom... We like to do pvp, dungeons, questing and raids.. we have low level warriors right now but are looking to transfer our high levels in the next few months once our finances are in better shape.. You can add us on battle tag Nid#1703 and mrbono2013#1748 or drop a message here..Tsunamie3 Apr 27, 2013
Apr 27, 2013 Looking to buy a guild! Hey yall! I'm looking to buy a guild! Preferably a higher level guild, not too worried bout bank slots or anything, just a good level. If you're looking to get rid of one, message on here or add me real ID - Kmac#1205. ThanksSkruggles3 Apr 27, 2013
Apr 27, 2013 1800cr hpally looking for rbg guild. Hello, I'm looking to find a guild the faction doesn't matter to me. I can raid any night of the week. Thank's!Olajuwon0 Apr 27, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 Skilled raiders looking for new home. <Reunited> just lost 2 players and the GM decided to take summer leave. The Players that are still raiding are: Prot / Ret Real Id Chemicals#1644 Frost / Blood Real ID MsbDK#1211 Blood / Frost Real ID Tobizaru#1276 Fell free to look us over, were willing to compete for raid spots in existing teams. We are also willing to fill out applications individually. 10-25 man raids are OK, our raid group ran mon-thur 7-11 server time. if you could have some similar raid times that would be greatChemicals1 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 WTB 1-600 BS KIT! KT - US! The title says it all! I'm very interested in buying a 1-600 BS Kit! Just send me a message in game and let me know! I'm open for price options! Thanks!Spotify1 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 lookin for 3s, hit 2630 need new team, hit me up in game , new xfer to here need arenasRedtroz0 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 <A> blood dk lf tues-thurs raiding guild Hello folks of KT, I am seeing if any well progressed raiding guilds on this server would be in need of a 520ilvl blood dk with a 494ilvl os. I'm posting on an alt to avoid potential drama for the time being. I took a break the last few months of 5.1, and came back as 5.2 launched and began raiding again. in 5.1 I was 7/16 heroic exp, but currently made the mistake of moving to a new server for an in game friend and have been stuck at minimal progression (5/12). My real life friend upon returning to the game moved over to this server, so thought I would attempt to come over here and join him. With my current guild I generally top dps meters and healing meters, on Tortos pulled 260k dps as the tortos tank while topping the healing meters at 41 mil heals. I have been playing this game since launch, and like to think I know what I'm doing by this point. Any questions/comments feel free to respond here. Also, would prefer a 25m guild but will consider 10 mans. Thanks for your time. P.S, may also be bringing a geared enhance sham with me so if anyone would have room for him as well let me know.Chucknorriss1 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 Play Like A Champion - 10M - 4/13 H Play Like A Champion is a newly formed 10 man PVE guild on Kel'Thuzad. We are a semi hardcore guild that looks to challenge top guilds on our server as well as world wide for rankings. We are currently 4/13 H and hope to progress to 6/13 next week. Currently Recruiting Balance/Resto Druid (Swing Healer) WarlockIf you're class is not listed but you would still feel like you would be a fit feel free to contact any of the officers. Scheduale We raid M-T-W-TH from 7 to 11 EST. If you are interested in joining please contact one of the following officers in game. Soes- Richis#1995 Jyn- jynlol#1555 Hareu- Hareu#1492 We don't do formal applications but before being accepted we will conduct an informal interview.Soes10 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 <Alwayz Naked> Recruiting for 25m <Alwayz Naked> is a 25man raid guild on Kel'Thuzad currently recruiting for ToT Progression. We dont consider ourselves to be "hardcore" but we take raid time seriously and want to down content at a consistent pace. If you know your class well and want to progress through ToT maybe you can be a help to us, and us to you! Current ToT Progress - 11/12 NM 25man 12/12 NM 10man Raid Times - Tuesday @ 7:30ST - 10:30ST Wednesday @ 7:30ST - 10:30ST Thursday @ 7:30ST - 10:30ST Past Progress - 4/6 HM 25man MSV 2/6 HM 25man HoF 4/4 NM 25man ToES Currently Recruiting - Tanks - Open Main Tank - Closed Off Tank - Low Healers - Open Holy/Disc Priest - Medium HPally - Medium Mistweaver Monk - Medium Resto Sham - Low Resto Druid - Medium DPS - Open Melee - OPEN DK - Low Rogue - Medium Feral Druid - Medium Enhance Shaman - Medium Ret Pally - Medium Monk - Low Warrior - Low Ranged - OPEN Boomkin - High Shadow Priest - Low Ele Sham - High Hunter - Medium Mage - Low Warlock - Low All classes are welcome to apply and talk with an officer. Applicants who are accepted will be placed on a 2 week trial period where they will have the opportunity to prove themselves. If you have any questions feel free to post here, and/or talk with an officer ingame. Contact : Mindtemptress (GM), Tevira, Venuzaur, Johnspartan, Cas, Blackjackz.Shiftymcgee109 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 DPS and Tank lf serious raid guild Dps and a tank looking for a serious raiding guild we are a combo deal the dps can be either a 508 mage or 501 hunter (w.e you need more) and the tank is a 499 prot pally or 505 bear(w.e you need more) we are only interested in serious guilds we are both 3/12 atm exp but have good raid awareness and good at mechanics pm or mail Bowthemdown, Zindrek, Thairek, or Undeáthly (alt 0225) WE ARE A COMBO DEAL BOTH OR NONEUndeáthly1 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 25, 2013 Lfm dps ToT 10 OutBreak is recruiting more dps for our 10 man group we are currently 3/12 and need 3 dps need frost dk, rogue/cat, ele shammy/hunter send mail to Bowthemdown, Zindrek, or Undeáthly (alt 0225 for a) with your ilvl and class/spec. We run Wensday/Thursday and Sunday at 7P.M. server for 3+ hours each night.Undeáthly2 Apr 25, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 <Mens Wearhouse> LF Full time Tank! <Mens Wearhouse> Past high end raiders with many accomplishments that raid for 9-12 hours a week. We raid Monday and Wednesday 8-11pm EST and Sunday 6-11pm EST. Looking for a full time Tank for a fun/casual yet serious(when needed) environment! Currently 10/12 normal! Contact BenzinR#1648 anytime in game.Suspendthis8 Apr 24, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 [A] <Vox Radix> is recruiting for 10M! We are currently starting to recruit for 10M ToT! We are a newly formed raiding guild founded by two players who have experience leading and raiding a guild. We recently transferred here from a dead server and decided to start our own guild just like we did on our old server! Raid times will most likely be Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-11 Server time. If interested feel free to PM Manwitharms or Manwithlegs in game to get more information.Manwitharms1 Apr 24, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 New Raiding Guild LFM "Ul Burz" is currently a new PvE Guild created by Vanilla/BC/WOTLK retired players who just started playing the game again and transferred to Kel'Thuzad server. We are looking for dedicated and exceptional players who would like to form a hardcore 10m group for Normal and Heroic content. 25m groups is as well a goal, however, we will focus on a core 10m who could farm achievement runs and perhaps, with time, obtain in-game unique stuff. At the moment we need every class since we are starting this up from scratch. Most of our members still on gearing up process, so gear wont be a requirement as long as your prove to know how to play your class/role. We will help undergeared people but I have to make emphasis on how we will be giving core spots to those who show skills and responsibility. Raid times are Friday and Saturday starting at 8:00PM Server time.Valkaen4 Apr 24, 2013