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2h ⚔️ [H] <Devoid> 7/9M LFM DPS / Healers ⚔️ General Information: <Devoid> Progression: 7/9M Server: Kil'jaeden Time Zone: PST Immediate class needs (as of 9/18/17): Note: "High" means that there's an immediate position available for the class/spec mentioned. "Low" means that while we’re happy with the class currently on our roster, we would still consider someone who could pull competitive numbers. Our roster is very flexible, so even if your class is listed as "Low” don't let it deter you from submitting an application with us. DPS: Mage: High Monk: Low Paladin: Low Rogue: VERY HIGH! Shaman: VERY HIGH! Warrior: VERY HIGH! Heals: Monk: VERY HIGH! Priest: VERY HIGH! Shaman: VERY HIGH! Swing Healers: VERY HIGH! NOTE: Swing Healers are defined as someone who mostly does DPS, but will heal if asked on a needed encounter. About Us: <Devoid> is a Mythic progression guild on Kil'jaeden, a high pop Horde dominated PvP realm. The guild was founded in August of 2017 with the humble desire to be a guild that could completely clear all Mythic content while it was still relevant, and also maintain an environment that was both competitive and friendly. It is comprised of some of the top players across three MMOs who have played together for years. Philosophy: Our definition of hardcore raiding involves making the most out of our collective time together. It is up to each member to come completely prepared for the fights that we'll be working on. This involves high communication and activity on our guild website. Members are expected to be highly self-motivated, and willing to find out the latest theorycraft data on their classes. You should always be pushing yourself to improve with each opportunity to raid, and to never be satisfied with your own performance. What we offer you: • A team that can consistently clear all Mythic content. • A fun, competitive, and positive raid environment. • An active community inside and outside of WoW. • Alt raiding • Flasks, potions, repairs, and food buffs provided • Opportunities for high ranked PvP • Gold making opportunities through Heroic/Mythic sales Raid Schedule: Pre-Argus: Tuesday - Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm Realm Time (PST) First 3 Mythic Lockouts: Monday - Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm Realm Time (PST) Rest of Tier: Tuesday - Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm Realm Time (PST) Officer Contacts: Santô – GM • Santo#11753 Apply At: In Conclusion: We're always interested in trialing exceptional players, so if you think you could be a solid addition to our guild, please get in contact with us today! Thank you for taking the time to look into us, and we hope to hear from you soon!Santô81 2h
2h [H]<Inspect Me> 9/9H Looking for DPS/Healer. [H] <Inspect Me> is a newly formed guild focused around Raiding and /M+ in between raids. If you have a general interest in raiding then we could be a fit for you. Looking to recruit players for our active Mythic roster. Actively progressing from Heroic into Mythic ToS on a casual raiding schedule. Current raiding time are Friday/Saturday 6-9 ST -- 8-11CST. As of right now we are recruiting all DPS/Healer classes. On off nights we will be doing old raids and Mythic+ to gear/farm legendaries. Any questions message ConSerVe#1202 or Remórse in game.Remórse18 2h
14h [H] <Muh Parse> 4/9M Mon/Tue/Wed <Muh Parse> is currently recruiting! We raid Mon-Wed 5-8 PST, We are currently looking for: Healers: High Priority On A Resto Druid And Any Exceptional DPS We are a very laid back semi-hardcore raiding guild. We put priority on having fun however we put a focus on getting things done. Raiders are expected to understand how to play their class and do their own research to keep up, and come to raid prepared. For Any Questions or Interest Add: Fortunate: Vanseabar#1680 Dorijin: OldKingCole#1503 Rob: SameerRules#1775Fortunatè7 14h
18h <Anti Social> LF DPS 8/9 H ToS <Anti Social> Is recruiting DPS, all forms, Ranged and Melee DPS. We're currently 8/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We raid Wednesday & Friday 8-10 EST (5-7 server) With a saturday optional fun run (or alt) raid. Currently our voice chat method is mumble. We're somewhat of a smaller guild, but were always running Mythic +,some members do 2's, 3's and random BG's. If you are looking to join or have any questions about the guild please message Áldana-Kil’Jaeden (Alt code 0193) Or Battle tag: Emober#1648Kristiè1 18h
22h <H> Symphony of Light [SoL] is Recruiting! Symphony of Light wants you! SoL is recruiting members of all levels, play styles and experiences! We are a brand spanking new guild, help us create a strong and timeless guild. Be part of making SoL a great place to be! SoL was created to bring back the fun, enjoyable and respectable guild environment that i and the officers experienced back in Burning Crusade. I also wanted to create a guild that could be a place for singles and families alike. We want people to have the option of the casual play style and still leave room for people who want to be competitive. Like i said, families are welcome; my wife plays the game with me and is a member of our guild. Since we are so new and have only a few members, we dont have much in the way of guild progression. We have just started doing LFR and will be doing Mythic's. Once we gain enough members we can run a full guild group (Raid and Mythic), which is what we are looking forward to doing. I am a fan of PvP and look forward into setting up events and RBGs. Sky's the LIMIT! You can message any of us IG for more info: Judícator Arineas FoggybearJudícator0 22h
23h <H> Valyrian (6/9) M recruiting Background We are a Mythic raiding guild with members experienced in overcoming the hardest content in WoW dating back to Vanilla. The Majority of our core have been playing games together for years, some of us only 1-2 years, some have been playing together since DAOC and Vanilla for nearly 15+ years. Recruiting -Currently looking for rogues, any ranged DPS, or DPS with healing offspec. -Potentially looking for an outstanding tank for a core spot. Schedule Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 PST Optional farm day at some point during the week (typically announced on Tuesday's) Loot Handled via loot council (RC Loot Council) Contact Feel free to contact me at anytime and I will respond ASAP. Erohw96#1953, Briggsta or Bakehuntz.Nasargiel1 23h
1d [H] <Infinity> 6/9M T/W/T LF DPS! Hello, We're Infinity. [H] <Infinity> of Kil'Jaeden. Tues/Wed/Thurs 7pm - 10pm PST Currently recruiting: DPS Classes in high need: Shadow Priest, Hunter, Mage. Legion Progress: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M. Trial of Valor - 3/3M. The Nighthold - 9/10M. Tomb of Sargeras - 6/9M. Apply if: a. You have good attendance. b. You're able to play your class at exceptional levels. c. You're able to study and learn from logs. d. You can follow instructions from the guild management. Don't Apply if: a. You have any questionable obstacles that could interfere with our days/times. (once and awhile is acceptable) b. You have a poor attitude or not able to take constructive criticism. c. You can't handle or don't fully agree with how a loot council system works in hardcore raiding environments. We use loot council for loot, Discord for voice. Visit our website to review our policies & to apply. Guild Website: We also live stream! Come visit & follow us at the following channels... GM (Healer) - Raider (Tank) - Raider (Healer) - Raider (Healer) -ßuhhbbles100 1d
1d [H] <RIP SAR> 2/9M recruiting Sup KJ! <RIP SAR> is a semi casual group in the sense that we usually raid 4 hours a week. However, like most groups, we do have fair expectations toward raid performance. Outside of raids, we push highest weekly mythic+ cache keys (10+ in current patch) unless it's a crap affix week and some/most of us are like, "f*** nah!" RAID SCHEDULE Tuesday and Thursday 10PM-12AM server. Optional Sunday progression raid same time (if we have the peeps). RECRUITMENT NEEDS: (920ilvl+ with 60 traits required). AOTC KJ preferred. Immediate Need (1) DPS DK, DPS War, Sub Rogue, or Feral Druid Not looking for alts. Casuals not looking for raiding are also always welcomed! If interested please apply at or get in contact with myself or a guild officer. Thanks for checking us out!Drwìly2 1d
1d [H] <Ginyu Force> Late Night 7/9M LF DPS! <Ginyu Force> (Horde - Kil'Jaeden) [7/9 Mythic ToS, 9/9 Heroic ToS, 10/10 Mythic NH] is looking for members to add to our ranks as we dive into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. We currently offer a late night raid schedule (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30PM-12:30AM PST). We offer a stable, progression minded, but very personable, enjoyable, laid back raid. We make sure we down content but at the same time having an fun atmosphere. We are currently looking for exceptional players that have extensive knowledge in their class. We have an immediate opening for one healer that has: - Comprehensive understanding of their class. - Concordance in mainspec is REQUIRED. - Experience (Mythic experience is required). - Excellent communication. - High situational awareness. - Logs of current tier of raiding. Current Openings: Healer - N/A Tanks - N/A DPS - Unholy Death Knight, Shadow Priest, Marksman Hunter Any and all of those classes with decent experience (2/9M and logs to back it up) and a moderate ilvl (nothing below 915), are strongly encouraged to message our recruiters. Real IDs are below. If you have any questions at all please message us personally. Thank you for considering us as a choice for your new guild and hope to hear from you soon! Message YungPiccolo#1885, Frieza#1349, or Opressor#1396.Juneys43 1d
1d (A) <Nights End> LFM Hello Kil'jaeden, A little About Us We just came back to Kil'jaeden after a short stay on Emerald Dream. We really have a passion for PvP as a whole and would like to find more like minded people. We are a laid back bunch of PvPers with some new players and vets that are all part of the teams we have going. We are looking to get into action on the Alliance side. What we want to do We are looking for members for RBG's such as low MMR and even high MMR RBG's we do have to pug at times due to the low Alliance population which is why we are trying to fill these ranks. We are also looking to add more Arena players to the roster as we want to be able to have people to meet all MMR's that's available. Wpvp, yes I know Wpvp is rather shattered on Alliance side but we are trying to put up a fight with so many Horde on Kil'jaeden. We find it to be a lot of fun and a challenge as we try to do this event as a guild group. <3 So, if you're looking for that PvP community come and join <Nights End> the only thing we are missing is YOU. Contact: Leonious or add my btag Dreadious#1236 Also follow us @ 1d
1d 5/9 M [H] Continuity LF Healer <Continuity> 5/9 M ToS Currently looking for a healer (preferably restoration druid) Raids are Wed/Sun 7-10 pm ST We also run a heroic ToS farm on Tues 7-10 pm ST Addons: RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM/Big Wigs, WA2 You can also whisper or send in game mail to Malagician with questions and interest.Malagician4 1d
1d [H]Chicken Dinner Fri/Sat 7-11PST 5/9M Chicken Dinner - Semi-Hardcore Raid Guild looking for skilled like minded people for Mythic Progression. About Us: Chicken Dinner comprised of students and working individuals during weekdays. This is a drama free guild. We actively do Mythic Keystones and play a number of other games LoL, Overwatch, PUBG and Steam Games. We hold a respective channel of communication in our guild. What makes us different is that we are comprised of skilled players, without the stressful atmosphere of a hardcore raiding guild. How we evaluate a trial member or anyone in the guild for that matter are logs, attitude during progression and willingness to do what's best for the guild. Keep in mind, we do care about you. Real-life comes first and we understand. Just give us a heads-up. :) 920+ ILVL Required. Raid Experience a plus but not required. Raider Expectations: Mythic progression raiders are expected to regularly show up on time for the entire raid night (this is currently Fri/Sat 7-11); maintain a high, competitive level of performance, which includes good numbers and ability to do mechanics properly; maintain a courteous, respectful, and open channel of communication with all other raid members; be willing to sit out or be replaced if necessary; and more generally, act in the best interest of the raid and the guild. New players and casuals welcome! :) High Need for Bold Classes Recruitment Needs: Tank: DPS: Druid Elemental Shaman Warrior Sub Rogue Warlock Priest Healer: Paladin Priest Shaman Monk Come trial in our Heroic ToS this weekend If you are interested, even if your class is not listed please contact us. Raid Times: Fri 7-11PM Sat 7-11PM Sunday Funday 7-10 Optional (Usually a heroic/normal clear for alts or people needing gear!) Please add one of our Btags: Maxterpad#1724(Mine), Swang#1521, Lutalo#1490 and dwang#1878, Toyola#1486Kaledin55 1d
2d <Bedlam> 9/9 H ToS LFM! A Little About Us: <Bedlam> (9/9H) is a Semi-Core Horde guild on Kil'Jaeden with an old soul. We are a group of experienced Heroic/Mythic raiders, eager to push progression. Our members are adults with real life responsibilities and our lax raid schedule reflects that, though we still take raids seriously! The Important Stuff: Our progression raid times are Tuesday & Wednesday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm server (9:00pm - 12:00am EST). We expect our raiders to show up on time, repaired and prepared. Wowprogress: What you’ll find at <Bedlam>: Discord Buff food, flasks and guild-funded repairs on raid nights. A serious, borderline hardcore attitude for raiding. A good, solid group of people who are always willing to push 10+ mythic keystones. A casual social atmosphere when not raiding. A fun, friendly and drama-free environment for you to hide from your family and/or spouse. Did we mention the drama-free part? We are all adults here at <Bedlam>, and though some of us could be crazy, we all act like adults (most of the time).Who we are looking for: We are currently in need of a healer and some dps (both ranged and melee). On our wishlist are mages, priests, and warlocks, but all applicants will be considered, especially those with the gear and ability to run as a tank/healer offspec. Quality members, good people. We spend a good chunk of our free time with each other, so we like to surround ourselves with like-minded people. Non-elitist attitudes. We are not a top 100 guild and we do not intend to be.What we offer is a balance between progression and having fun in the game. Interested? Bemused? Titillated? Contact me at Shatril#1607 or apply here 2d
2d [H] 928 Boomy/931 Aff Lock LF Guild Skyle #1576 Availability: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun after 8:00pm server Experience: 3/9 M Logs: - Boomy - Aff lock Looking for a guild with similar experience. Only other requirement is a good environment with no raging/toxicity. Reply here or contact me on ThanksVëldt1 2d
2d [H] <Blacklisted> 7/9M ToS LFM! <Blacklisted> US Kil'jaeden - Horde Current Progression: 9/9H 7/9M ToS. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:30 p.m - 1:00 a.m PST *Mondays may be added if a progression kill is in sight.* Recruitment Needs: DPS: Boomkin Hunter WW Monk Shadow Priest Rogue Ele Shaman Warlock WarriorHealers: MW Monk Resto Druid Disc/Holy Priest Resto ShamanMinimum Requirements: 925+ ilvl 60+ traits in MS. Current Mythic Raiding Experience. Contacts: Raid Leader - Mooky#1933 Officer - ThisVietGuy#1495 Officer - Brec#11721 Officer - Alphos#11313 About us: <Blacklisted> is a semi-hardcore guild residing on US Kil'jaeden. Our guild consists of people of all ages with different raiding backgrounds. Our roots were established back in Siege of Orgrimmar; since then we have become one of the top raiding guilds on the server. <Blacklisted> isn't only just a WoW guild, we are a multi-gaming community with the majority of our members also playing Overwatch, Diablo 3, League of Legends, and CS:GO. We strive on our members' participation, friendliness, and laid-back energy. Those who are consistent in showing and have a positive attitude towards raid, it's progression, and all other members is ideal and what we look for. What we look for in our raiders: Great attendance Dedication and loyalty Friendliness Openness to improvement Knowledge of your class, specs, and gearing choices Enthusiasm about raiding We require an attendance rate of at least 90%. We understand things do come up, but we expect you to respect us enough to post out through the forums! What we provide to our raiders: Teamspeak 3 Repairs Mature and constructive criticism from our Officers A relaxed and social raiding environment Trial period: Trial period will last roughly 3-4 weeks. In this time, we will be analyzing and gauging how you are doing within the group. Based on this information, trial periods may be increased or decreased depending on how the Officers believe you are doing. During your trial period, we expect you to be on at least 15 minutes before raid with your food, flasks, and other consumables all ready to go. The most important thing we look at is your attendance; if you are constantly showing up late or are missing each week, expect your trial to be terminated. Loot: Loot will be distributed based on several factors including Attendance, Performance, and Raid Status (Trial vs. Raider). As a trial, do not expect to be getting every piece you have voted for. It may take a few weeks for you to actually get a piece, depending on whether Raiders need the gear or not. Required Addons and Programs: Teamspeak 3/Discord Exorsus Raid Tools RC Loot Council ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE PLAYERS If you are interested, even if your class is not listed, please apply at our website: Fill out the application seriously. If we see that you answer each point with no detail/one sentence, expect your application to be instantly denied.Liadryn299 2d
2d [H] 927 MM Hunter LF Mythic Guild 927 MM Hunter LF Mythic Progression Guild 7PM PST OR LATERBigfatgochu7 2d
2d [H] 901 Holy Priest LF Guild Holy priest looking for laid back guild that raids twice a week preferably from 8-11 CST. I have raiding experience from the past. Please respond to this post or reach out to me in game if interested.Gove3 2d
2d 910 spriest LFG Hello and welcome to me. Former semi-core raider looking for a casual raiding environment. I haven't really raided anything in Legion on any sort of competitive basis, clearing normal/heroic raids as a carry mostly and occasionally LFR. I would love to get into ToS for a little and see ABT when it releases. I know guilds aren't always looking to take on a project raider but I can pull my own weight. Heroic is as high as I want to go, and I'd even be okay with just running normals. One or two nights a week would be ideal, and preferably a guild that raids no later than 8PM PST. I know...harsh demands. I'm sure someone out there's got a spot for me, though. Hit me up if I match your needs and you match mine!Theyas2 2d
3d [H] <Same> 7/9M - Need heals/DPS! [H][US-Kil'Jaeden] <Same> Progression Team 1: 7/9M Team 2: 9/9H ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are always recruiting skilled players; please do not hesitate to apply. Team 1 Recruitment Needs Tanks: Low Healers: **High** (Shaman, Druid) Melee DPS: Low (Druid) Ranged DPS: **High** (Mage, Druid, Priest, Warlock) Team 2 Recruitment Needs Tanks: **High** (monk, druid) Healers: **Med** Melee DPS: **High** (paladin, warrior, shaman, rogue) Ranged DPS: **High** (warlock, hunter, shaman, druid) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Same> is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild formed at the start of Legion. We have made steady progress through Legion to achieve top 250 US in NH and will continue to push for a higher world rank. Our raid team maintains a fun/friendly raiding atmosphere, but are expected to focus when needed during times of progression. Raid Times: - Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday - Team 1: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST - Team 2: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST Expectations: - Raid ready. Consumables, gear, and addons ready to go. - Knowledge of boss fights. Farm and progression. - Consistency and an effort to fix mistakes and to always be improving. - Communication. Goals: - Finish content before any end-tier boss nerfs. - Always pushing towards a higher world ranking. - Looking to increase the competitive nature of our raid team moving forward. Loot: - Distributed via Loot Council utilizing the RCLootcouncil addon. Required addons: - DBM or bigwigs - Weak Auras - Angry Assignments - RC LootCouncil Trials typically take 2-3 weeks to complete, but are always subject to change. Contact info below for more details or visit to submit an application. Discord: Chickn#4346 (preferred method of contact) Bnet: Chickn#1249Chicknsoup49 3d
3d (H) <Organ Harvesters>Weekends 2/9 M LFM <Organ Harversters> 4/7 M 3/3 H are now recruiting to finish roster spots for Nighthold!! Currently looking for dps and 1 resto druid. Raid times are Friday and Saturday 5:30 - 9pm server time. All skilled/serious players should inquire. My B-tag Rhinodude#1265Rhinomayne115 3d
4d (H) <Horizon> Recruiting for M ToS Horizon - Kil'jaeden is recruiting for Legion Progression in Tomb of Sargeras ╔═══════════════╗ CURRENT PROGRESSION ╚═══════════════╝ Guild formed: 07/06/2017 Current Progress: ToS Heroic 9/9 Apply: Officer Battle Tags: Esrptlol: Selekt#1403 Dice: Dice#12665 Alazure: Guts#1679 Kigermonk: Kiger#1358 ╔══════╗ RAID TIMES ╚══════╝ Progression Raid: 8pm - 11:00pm EST on Tuesday and Thursday. Alt Raids: 8pm - 11:00pm EST on Wednesday, again tentatively on Weekends Scheduled M+ Groups: Sundays afternoon/evening ╔════════════════════╗ CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS ╚════════════════════╝ Updated: 09/02/17 A few Melee/Range DPS competent with mechanics. If you still require gearing, but perform your class well we can work with that. **Note on Tanks- while we do have 2 dedicated main tanks currently, there is flexibility to bring in a new tank if they perform well. ╔═════╗ ABOUT US ╚═════╝ Horizon, though newly formed as of 07/06/2017, is a conglomerate of progression Legion raiders from different servers and guilds that have cleared both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold content together. That experience amounts to players with cutting edge achievements and mythic progression to help lead both new and old raiders as we continue to clear the Tomb of Sargeras. Despite the varied backgrounds of our playerbase, we've all come together with one goal: clear H and rapidly build our M ToS core group with quality, like minded players. Being a fresh start for many veteran raiders, the guild is well organized and council led. Our players are made up of professional working adults (average ages 25-35) with a love for the game and clearing the latest content. Our raiders emphasize solid communication, competitive play, and not only to have the most enjoyable experience as we clear but for the guild to thrive as a whole. If you enjoy playing with other competent players, a sense of community in various games, and are eager to clear the most difficult content- we encourage you to join us. ╔════╗ TO APPLY ╚════╝ Please go to in discord for application information. You can also reach out to any of the above officer tags with your interest/questions that you may have. *Casuals: if you're not looking to progressively raid, you do not need to put in an application. Please just reach out directly to an officer to chat.Alazure48 4d
4d [H]Arctos 3/9M 9/9H 5/10M 7/7M LF DPS/Heal Hi there. Arctos is a PVE progression oriented guild that is relaxed in nature and community. LF few dps/heals for progression. Server ==== Kil'Jaeden Time ==== We raid on Tuesday from 9:30-11:30pm PST Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30-12:30pm PST Progress ====== ToS: 3/9M, 9/9H NH: 5/10M, 10/10H EM: 7/7M, 7/7H ToV: 2/3M, 3/3H If this schedule suits you and you are interested please contact Poly#1289 or Shal#1343 or lonewolf#1325. Best of luck and happy hunting.Trinitykong221 4d
5d <Deranged Raiders> 7/9H Tues/Thurs 615-915PM Hello! I'm Austarz one of the members of <Deranged Raiders> We are a close knit community and have around 14 regular raiders. We are looking to expand our team! ***RAID TIMES*** Tuesday: 6:15PM - 9:15PM Thursday: 6:15 PM - 9:15PM We are all friends and frequent our discord channel. We want YOU to be our friend too! Recruiting ALL specs/classes. Preferably looking for heals/dps. If you are under geared we will gear you! We only expect loyalty in return! Message on WoW or respond here to apply! We look forward to raiding with you!Austarz0 5d
5d <Dungeons and Giraffes> 9/9H LF DPS! <Dungeons and Giraffes> 9/9H. We raid Weds/Thurs 7pm-10 server with a Tues optional norm alt clear. We are currently looking for some strong/competent DPS to fill out our 20 man group, so we can move into mythic progression! We are a fairly laid back guild with some STRONG/INTRESTING personalities, but like to get bosses down! Casuals always welcome! If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please feel free to add me on battle tag. Vomitory#1138 or leave a msg here and I will get in contact with you. is the link for our logs, We are under <A Tier Behind> as DnG is a new name.Vómlet8 5d
5d [H] <Alternative Strats> 9/9N 9/9H LFM Alternative Strats is currently recruiting experienced DPS as we fill out our roster for the beginning of ToS. Other roles would be considered as well if you are a good fit for the guild. We are 9/9 N 3/9 H ToS. For ToS, our goal is Cutting Edge. In addition we are recruiting casuals as well as raiders who are only interested in doing heroic as we will always have heroic raids as well as mythic when we move into mythic. Guild type: semi-hardcore Requirements: 900+ equipped ilvl and 52+ on artifact weapon. And most importantly, a good attitude. Expectations: We expect individuals to be self-motivation to improve your gear and game play. A general knowledge of the new fight mechanics is expected. Also, being open to positive and negative feedback given in a constructive manner. Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 6-830 server time (PST). We will be doing farm activity on Wednesday nights and there will be guild activities every night that are not required but offered. Environment: We are all here to kill digital monsters and we have tried to cultivate a friendly environment where everyone is welcome and have a good time. We desire players who take ownership for their game play. Everyone makes mistakes and we want people to be comfortable asking questions. We desire players who are welcoming of constructive feedback. Bonus points if you can give feedback in a constructive manner as well. Leadership: The officers have been raiding since Vanilla and BC. We know what is necessary to succeed and are looking to get it done. If the above sounds good and if you would like to speak personally to our GM or an officer, please add CaptainJack#1822, Frostbite#1981, Fluke#11297 or Kippo#1334 to and message us in game.Vortegh18 5d
Sep 16 923 mage LF M guild 923 frost mage lf mythic guild for end of tos and argus progression. i am looking for a guild that can get things done, i wanna learn the bosses and how to play my class at the highest level. i wanna be there for late progression, i want that sweet relief of finally downing a boss. iv'e done my time in cesspool guilds in the past. looking for a guild that wont just trial and bench me for 3 months. 9/9 H tos 7/10M NH fri/sat nights are best but can raid any night after 6:45 pst other than sun/mon will consider transfers but would prefer to stay on KJ Msg Goldmantle#1659 if you have any questionsAnastian5 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H] <Hostile> 6/9M Weekend Raiding <Hostile> ( is a weekend Mythic guild on Kil'jaeden Horde. We are currently: -6/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Raid Hours: -Friday/Saturday 7-11 PM PST -We have a Sunday raid for old content/normal modes and it will never be used for progression. This is completely optional. Recruitment Needs: Holy/Disc Priest - High Holy Paladin - High Resto Druid - High Mistweaver Monk - Medium Warlock - High Mage - Medium Rogue - High Even if your class is not listed please apply if you feel that you would be a good fit. We accept all exceptional applicants! We are looking for players who fit our general guidelines: -We don't raid a lot during progress so it's crucial that raid members are not only on time but also that they do not miss raid nights. Emergencies can and will happen, but if they prevent you from maintaining 90% attendance then we are probably not the guild for you. -Because we are in the middle of progression, we are unable to consider applicants who aren't immediately ready to step into Mythic. Please be reasonably geared and have current tier logs before applying! Loot is organized by a loot council consisting of the guild's officers. Loot is distributed in the manner that will benefit progression the most. Numerous factors are taken into account, such as personal performance, attendance, and the difference between pieces. The trial period will last 2 weeks. During your trial period you will be given loot only after core raiders. There will be instances where a main raider is passed and the loot will fall to trials so plan your bonus rolls accordingly. If you have any additional questions or you would like something clarified, please feel free to contact any of the officers below! Selkat- Andrew#1156 -Recruitment Officer Cícero - Mike1290#1858 - Guild LeaderShoulders18 Sep 16
Sep 16 Delete Found a place, thank you!Hashiya1 Sep 16
Sep 13 [Area-52] <ReClear> 8/9m is recruiting! For more info go to:índred0 Sep 13
Sep 13 TFH 3/10 M LF Healers / DPS. T/Tr Only! 3/9 Mythic TOS Tueaday/Thursday Only! 7:30 PST - 11:00 PST (SERVER TIME) Laid back guild. WE WILL GEAR YOU UP IF YOU ARE A GOOD PLAYER. One of the oldest raiding guilds in the US is recruiting DPS and Heals for finishing Mythic TOS. We need - DPS Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Balance Druid. Basically any competent ranged DPS. Anything with good logs! HEALERS! We need ANY good healer currently but druid, paladin, and mistweaver would be pro ++. Send a tell to Theoz or Momrider. Add me at Edgewalker#1280.Momrider25 Sep 13
Sep 12 Recruiting for Argus Heroic Raid Sales Hello everyone! Recruiting players for Heroic 'Antorus the Burning Throne' Full Clears and Heroic 'Argus the Unmaker' AoTC kills. (Horde Sales Group) Who are we? We’re an active sales community composed of the top US raiders looking. We’re an explicit gold-only group with a mission to have as much fun while making a lot of gold. Under recent events we are recruiting for 1 Tank and DPS for our Horde Sales group. We do Sales every day of the week and as such we require reliable team members on whom we can count to show up. We will consider any application regardless of your class and specc. Our experience? We have been one of the top US Horde Sales group since HFC. With some of our core being part of the original HFC Sales group and obtaining over 1300+ Heroic Archimonde Kills. Last tier our Sales group averaged 371 Heroic Gul’dan kills with the highest member obtaining exactly 500 Heroic Gul’dan kills. For Tomb of Sargeras we are close to reaching 200+ Heroic Kil’jaeden kills and a group average of 146 Heroic Kil’jaeden kills. Next tier we are looking to go hardcore with Sales and we need reliable, dedicated members so our vision comes true. What services are we providing? We provide HORDE services only. Next tier we will have fixed schedules for Full Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne Clears and Argus the Unmaker Heroic AoTC Sales. We will have a fix schedule for said clears/kills and a plan to efficiently carry the services within our limits. If you’re interested in being part of our group I highly recommend you to reach out to us. We're looking for consistent, reliable players. CONTACT US AND APPLY For fast response add us through Discord. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered at our earliest convinience. Discord: Venditore#6456 (Make sure the V is capitalized) Battletag: Absalom#1531 Want to purchase a carry from us? If you’re looking to get a gold price quote for the realm of your choice we have a Sales Discord where we use it to post when we’re available or currently selling a service. We are best reachable through there and respond quickly to any questions you may have. We only deal with gold. Copy and Paste the following link Sales Discord link: Sep 12
Sep 11 [H] 9/9H LFM Going into Mythics 1 Day a week Hit Gun Squad is 9/9H and looking to move into doing mythics. We raid one day a week from 7-10PM PT. We also will likely do heroic clears on Wednesday or Friday around the same time. We are looking for 4 more DPS players who would like to take a somewhat serious Mythic raiding but only have to dedicate one day a week towards raiding. Please leave a message here if you are interested.Pairate3 Sep 11
Sep 9 908 Rogue LF Raiding Guild Recently have just come back to WoW after a couple years off. Prior to that I have always raided in top tier guilds and pushing the hardest content. I'm just behind the curve as far as gear goes and would love to get into a newer established that is progressing into ToS. If there are any guilds out there, hit me up!! Thanks!Klynks2 Sep 9
Sep 9 920 Equipped Boomy LF heroic guild->mythic Competent raider looking to push further into heroic and mythic tomb. Raid days Tuesday-Thursday or Mondays would be ideal. Raid times 7-10 server time is ideal.Murdyy6 Sep 9
Sep 9 914 Ret Paladin LF Semi-Casual Guild Hi all, I have been raiding since MoP and my latest guild fell apart during the Nighthold so looking to get back into it! Are any guilds recruiting that raid weekdays around 2:30-7:30 PM server time? I'm in EST so the usual 7-10 PM server time I'm seeing everywhere is too late for me. I'd be ok with being in a second-string/non-main group and I'd prefer a guild that only raids 2 days/week. Thank you! :)Sorithin1 Sep 9
Sep 9 920 Shadow Priest looking for new home As my curent guild has made a choise to move to a new server (bad idea) I am now looking for a new guild to join up with. been a Mythic rader for many years, WOW player since BC . I al so have many toons that are raid ready 901 Destro Lock and 890ish fire mage as well as many othersDixiebubbles6 Sep 9
Sep 9 908 Sub rogue + 915 fury war LF raiding mythic xp raiders seeking a good guild to progress heroic ToS and further.Ez6 Sep 9
Sep 8 IL 900|Vengeance-DH|Skilled Raider Hey all. I am a very dedicated player returning after a long break and hoping to find a guild that reminds me of the BC days. I mostly have excelled in PVE although still very skilled at PVP as well. I took a break at the start of legion just due to time allocations but am ready to return to the life of a semi-hardcore, or even hardcore raider. I realize my item level may need some work as well as stat weighting and all that but I am a very smart, self motivated, and punctual raider that I believe would add a lot to any raid team. I don't care what your progression is, I don't care what your average item level is, I only care about the guild itself. Are people active on non raid days? Does the guild raid week in and week out no matter the outcome? How is loot done? Things like that are what matter most to me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may contact me in game @ - - - - - - - TanksYouMuch#1525 Hope to hear from you and best of luck to all.Stalpootin0 Sep 8
Sep 8 5/9 M exp mage lfg Hello, i'm currently seeking a mythic guild that raids more eastern USA time friendly times. Currently I'm on illidan and wishing to leave to a more time zone friendly server if the opportunity presents itself. I'm currently around 930 item lvl and almost 62 points in my frost weapon. I'm an older player that's been playing since bc launch and want a guild that actually does more then raid log. I also would like to join a guild that's at least 3/9 mythic and close to 4 if possible. I have many pulls of Host Mythic with low % wipes. I'm a very active player and hoping to find a guild that offers a good raiding environment and guild experience. If you have room for a dedicated mage add me real id, must be at least 3/9 mythic and raid no later then 1130 eastern, no earlier then 730. Add me or respond here quieren#1193Alusair1 Sep 8
Sep 8 917 Havoc DH - 10/10M LF M Raid Guild. Nighthold - 10/10m Emerald Nightmare - 7/7m Was running with top 100 US guild (status pro) up until recently, however will be looking to relocate for TOS to a less hardcore raiding guild. (does not have to be competitively ranked) What I'm looking for: Serious progression guild looking to push mythic content in a competitive fashion and timely manner. Late night would be preferably although I'm flexible. Weekends are also a plus, but again still not mandatory. Would prefer to join a 10/10M guild of current progression to go into TOS with. What I can provide: Reliable attendance and top end DPS with quick uptake on fight mechanics. Well coordinated, follows instruction, provides utility to guild in and outside of raid. Characters: Serros (main)- Kil'Jaeden - 917 Havoc DH (914 Veng offspec) Atica (alt) - Kil'jaeden - 909 Holy priest Replies via post will be checked up on daily. You can also contact me via Battletag @ Lacerslove#1143 Thank you for your time.Serros4 Sep 8
Sep 7 <XiT> 5/9 M Recruiting <XiT @ Kiljaeden(US)> Casual/Semi-Hardcore group of people that are wanting to progress through Legion content. We are looking for a couple more people to fill our roster with the possibility of bench roles as well. Current Progression: 5/9M Recruitment: LOOKING FOR EXCEPTIONAL DPS AND A HEALER Rogue Warrior Holy Priest Must provide logs for a trial opportunity. Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30-12:30 PST (12:30-3:30 EST) With an optional alt run on Thursday(same times as raid). Requirements: Strong knowledge of your class and role. A strong background in progression raiding. Ability to accept criticism. Loot: All loot is handled via officer based loot council. Officer Contact Info: Rohzay#1540 - GM SUFFER#1450 - OfficerRohzay0 Sep 7
Sep 7 WTT Cloth Legendary for Leather Boots Got wrong legendary. Looking to make exchange for the leather legendary. Will also give 10k gold.Reddeckwins0 Sep 7
Sep 7 4 Long-Time IRL Friends LF New Home! Hey All, A group of friends and I just recently Transferred to Kil'jaeden, and we are looking for a new home! the group will consist of a Priest (911 ilevel), Pally (902 ilevel), Shaman (900 ilevel), Rogue. we all have AOTC Guldan, although nothing serious, mainly pug groups or groups that we have created ourselves. Some of us have 2k+ in multiple PvP brackets. We are looking for a semi-hardcore/casual raiding guild that wants to progress into heroic Tomb, we have no problem pushing in to mythics, just not a requirement. We also want the guild to be active on off raid nights, that do Mythic + and PvP, and just like to hang out. We are looking for raid times that are 630 pm PST to 11 pm PST any day off the week (we are flexible)Xudd6 Sep 7
Sep 7 10 raiders looking for a home Hey all we have about ten raiders with 1/2 tanks. 2/3 healers and 6/7 dps that are looking for a home We are mostly 8/9 H. With lots of previous raid experience Looking for EST raid times pref 5-8 or 6-9 server on weekdays tue/wed/thu preferred but there is wiggle room If interested add my btag. Burlapsack#1196 and well talkVraskka3 Sep 7
Sep 7 4/9 M Hunter LFG currently US TOP 350 4/9 M Hunter LFG with similar progression (or better progression). Wants: 1. Fun group that buckles down during raid time. 2. Raid needs to end at or before Midnight CST. (Willing to go a little later for otherwise perfect fit) 3. Competitive raid for roster spots. Prefer Horde Two sets of logs, just server xferred to a new guild and the guild died after a few weeks: I know MM is the better spec right now, working on my legendaries. add me at cronis#1604Slicktech3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Guild died. About Silent Silent is a newer guild to Kil'Jaeden, we've only been around for a few months, during this time we managed to finish front page during NH (Unfortunately no Gul'dan kill) and are continuing that tradition during ToS. Our guild is a Semi-Competitive progression guild with a friendly environment that is more focused on the enjoyment of the game over the stress of raiding. With that being said we still take time to do research, prep, and overall keep ourselves focused during progression raids. When do we raid? Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 PST to 10:30 PST. (8:30-11:30 MST, 9:30-12:30 CST, 10:30 - 1:30AM EST) What are we looking for Our current needs are not just limited to the following, however, these are our highest needs: Any healer x1 Any Exceptional DPS! What is the trial process? 2 week trial where you're watched for: -Attitude -Attendance -Performance -And your overall ability to mesh with our team. Where to apply You can apply for a trial at . Or pm Panda#13991 in-game for further inquiries. Best of luck to everyone in their searches, hope to hear back from some of you soon.Rea11 Sep 7
Sep 6 3 Players LF Mythic Progression Guild As the title says, we're a group of 3 looking for a Mythic guild to progress and play together with. Currently our group consists of a Warlock (924), HPriest (926), and Hunter (932) which we all have Mythic experience. We are looking for a Mythic Progression Guild (Preferably at least 3/9M). In addition, below are what we prefer as well: Raid times anywhere between (9pm-1:30am CST) Can't do Mondays or Weekends Would prefer 2 days a week, but may consider 3 days If you are interested, please add Bnet Tylerion#1134 or TacoBean#1227Tacochurro1 Sep 6
Sep 6 931 AoTC Bear Tank LF Morning/Daytime Guild As the title says, 931 equipped Guardian Druid looking for morning/daytime raids and active guild to go along with it. As it stands, I'm 9/9H and looking for Heroic clears and wanting to step into mythic progress. And would like to keep the same flow going when Antorus opens up. 60 Traits in Artifact, BiS legendaries. As of yet, I've not had the opportunity to have any mythic pulls, but I've familiarized myself with the content as much as possible. Ideal times would be 9am EST until around 2pm EST. Might be able to stretch to 3pm EST, but that's really as late as I could make it. Any interest? Questions? Hit me up. BTag: BigDaddy#13995 Discord: Monsta!#9577 Server/faction change is possible for the right group.Dahmonsta0 Sep 6
Sep 6 H Bedlam LFM (dps mostly) 8/9 H A Little About Us: <Bedlam> (8/9H) is a guild with an old soul. We are a group of experienced Heroic/Mythic raiders, eager to push progression. Our members are adults with real life responsibilities and our lax raid schedule reflects that. However, this does not mean we tackle our raids any less seriously. We are a dedicated bunch of misfits keen on pushing end game content. The Important Stuff: Our progression raid times are Tuesday & Wednesday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm server (9:00pm - 12:00am EST). We expect our raiders to show up on time, repaired and prepared. Wowprogress: What you’ll find at <Bedlam>: Discord Buff food, flasks and guild-funded repairs on raid nights. A serious, borderline hardcore attitude for raiding. A good, solid group of people who are always willing to push 10+ mythic keystones. A casual social atmosphere when not raiding. A fun, friendly and drama-free environment for you to hide from your family and/or spouse. Did we mention the drama-free part? We are all adults here at <Bedlam>, and though some of us could be crazy, we all act like adults (most of the time). Who we are looking for: We are currently in need of Healing, and some DPS (both range and melee) All applicants will be considered. Especially those with the gear and ability to run as a tank/healer offspec Quality members, good people. We spend a good chunk of our free time with each other, so we like to surround ourselves with like-minded people. Players who are interested in progressing from Heroic to Mythic content, while still raiding at a casual pace. Non-elitist attitudes. We are not a top 100 guild and we do not intend to be. What we offer is a balance between progression and having fun in the game. Interested? Bemused? Titillated? Contact me at wandanar#1858 or apply here Sep 6