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6h Bozomojo taken out multiple times in Duskwood <Versus> of Kil'Jaeden ALLIANCE is proud to announce that Operation Liberate Duskwood has succeeded. In the past week alone, Bozomojo and Bozososo have been taken out by a solo <Versus> Champion multiple times. <Versus> of Kil'Jaeden ALLIANCE is now recruiting you for Easter. We are the LAST TRUE ALLIANCE guild left on Kil'Jaeden.Rubberbreath7 6h
16h [H] 10/11M <Same> - LF all! [H][US-Kil'Jaeden] <Same> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are always recruiting skilled players; please do not hesitate to apply. Recruitment Needs Tanks: **High** (Any) Healers: **High** (Any) Melee DPS: **Med** (Rogue, Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior) Ranged DPS: **High** (Warlock, Druid, Priest, Mage) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Same> is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild formed at the start of Legion. We have made steady progress through Legion and will continue to push for a higher world rank. Our raid team maintains a fun/friendly raiding atmosphere, but are expected to focus when needed during times of progression. Raid Times: - Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST Expectations: - Raid ready. Consumables, gear, and addons ready to go. - Knowledge of boss fights. Farm and progression. - Consistency and an effort to fix mistakes and to always be improving. - Communication. Goals: - Finish content before any end-tier boss nerfs. - Always pushing towards a higher world ranking. - Looking to increase the competitive nature of our raid team moving forward. Loot: - Distributed via Loot Council utilizing the RCLootcouncil addon. Required addons: - DBM or bigwigs - Weak Auras - Angry Assignments - RC LootCouncil Trials typically take 2-3 weeks to complete, but are always subject to change. Contact info below for more details or visit to submit an application. Discord: chickn#4346 (preferred method of contact) Bnet: Chickn#1249Chicknsoup110 16h
21h [H] Perpetual Motion LF Ranged Dps & Healers [H] <Perpetual Motion> Seeking Ranged Dps and Healers Background: Perpetual Motion is a late night laid back raiding guild that is seeking new members to complete our roster for mythic raiding. Currently we are at 3/11 M-Antorus. We formed during Warlords of Draenor, but hold very close to our members. We run Mythic+'s throughout the week, and from time to time heroics for gearing or alts. Friendly members all doing things throughout the week willing to play with you. Raid Times: T/W 10pm-1am PST (server time) With Optional Monday Raiding.(Same Time) Recruiting: RDPS: all Healers: all Minimum ilvl 950 Artifact 75 Please contact the following: Arcadious#1967 ( Arcadious#5737 (discord) Saripoo#1576 ( 21h
1d [H] <Blacklisted> 11/11M ABT LFM! <Blacklisted> US Kil'jaeden - Horde Current Progression: 9/9M ToS Cutting Edge, 11/11M ABT. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:30 p.m - 1:00 a.m PST *Mondays may be added if a progression kill is in sight.* Recruitment Needs: DPS: Reliable and consistent DPS Healers: None Tanks: Blood DK with strong DPS OSMinimum Requirements: 960+ ilvl 75+ traits in MS. Current Mythic Raiding Experience. Contacts: Raid Leader - Mooky#1933 Officer - ThisVietGuy#1495 Officer - Brec#11721 About us: <Blacklisted> is a semi-hardcore guild residing on US Kil'jaeden. Our guild consists of people of all ages with different raiding backgrounds. Our roots were established back in Siege of Orgrimmar; since then we have become one of the top raiding guilds on the server. <Blacklisted> isn't only just a WoW guild, we are a multi-gaming community with the majority of our members also playing Overwatch, Diablo 3, League of Legends, and CS:GO. We strive on our members' participation, friendliness, and laid-back energy. What we look for in our raiders: Great attendance Dedication and loyalty Friendliness Openness to improvement Knowledge of your class, specs, and gearing choices Enthusiasm about raiding We require an attendance rate of at least 90%. We understand things do come up, but we expect you to respect us enough to post out through the forums! What we provide to our raiders: Discord Repairs Mature and constructive criticism from our Officers A relaxed and social raiding environment Trial period: Trial period will last roughly 3-4 weeks. In this time, we will be analyzing and gauging how you are doing within the group. Based on this information, trial periods may be increased or decreased depending on how the Officers believe you are doing. During your trial period, we expect you to be on at least 15 minutes before raid with your food, flasks, and other consumables all ready to go. The most important thing we look at is your attendance; if you are constantly showing up late or are missing each week, expect your trial to be terminated. Loot: Loot will be distributed based on several factors including Attendance, Performance, and Raid Status (Trial vs. Raider). As a trial, do not expect to be getting every piece you have voted for. It may take a few weeks for you to actually get a piece, depending on whether Raiders need the gear or not. Required Addons and Programs: Discord Exorsus Raid Tools RC Loot Council ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE PLAYERS If you are interested, even if your class is not listed, please apply at: Fill out the application seriously. If we see that you answer each point with no detail/one sentence, expect your application to be instantly denied.Liadryn334 1d
1d Looking for a Guild - Prot Pally/Frost Mage I am just looking for a guild to hang out in and possibly do Mythics/Raids. I usually play late at night anywhere from Midnight - 04:00 server time so it would be cool if there were active players around that time. Just send me a message in game or at my battle tag Jawbreaker#11234Whipcreåm1 1d
2d LF High M+ Static I'm a few weeks out of practice, but I'm looking for a group of people that would like to make a consistent static group for high M+ keys (20+). 3.6k exp. Really only looking to push on my Rogue. battletag: Kensterrr#1159 Can discuss times and days as we go. Monday and Tuesday nights are raids; I work 10-6 CST.Korrain0 2d
3d <Karma> *10yrs* 11/11M Fri-Sat Raiding Guild! Karma is a progressive weekend raiding guild on Horde US-Kil'Jaeden. With 9 Years of Raiding History! Currently 11/11M Karma's core raiders have been together for years. The guild is built around like minded people wanting to progress through heroic modes in a timely, and enjoyable fashion. We do not tolerate Drama or loot whoring. Loot is handled in a very fair loot counsel. We are strictly looking for players with previous and current heroic experience during current raid tiers. It must be stressed that the sole focus of this guild is progression on a limited raid schedule. We also expect attendance to be high, punctuality, and that you not only understand your class but are able to adapt to new boss encounters quickly. We have a 2 day a week raiding schedule. We do NOT add extra days. Raid Times: Friday: 6:00pm - 10:00pm Server Time or 8:00pm - 12:00am Central Time Saturday: 6:00pm - 10:00am Server Time or 8:00pm - 12:00am Central Time Current Roster Spots Open: Accepting All Classes And Roles! **Always accepting applications for exceptional players** Traits we desire in our Raiders: Progression-oriented: You focus on the bosses we have yet to kill, not bosses we have killed but have not gotten the cute achievements for. Experience and Skill: You have a strong knowledge of your class and do your own research in order to perform at the highest level possible, even on your worst of days. Gear: You have all your gear enchanted and gemmed optimally. Punctuality: You show up on raid days 30 minutes early to do your preparation so we can start on time and finish on time. Communication: You are able and willing to speak up loud and clear when the time calls for it. Consistency: You have a solid enough schedule that you can show up to all the raids and also a good enough connection that you can stay online for the full duration. Drive and Dedication: You are always willing to put in that extra attempt following an extremely close wipe. Tolerance and Patience: You do not mind being switched out for progression when your class or spec is not as desirable as another. (I.E Boomkin's and warlocks being traded for Arcane mages or Rogues on Heroic Spine.) Positive Attitude: You are not easily demoralized and can handle long hours of progression and countless wipes. You also step up to your own mistakes (remember, logs do not lie). Traits we simply do not desire: Players with no relevant raiding experience. Players who cannot admit their own mistakes, or learn from them in a timely manner. Players who are more focused on non-progression aspects of the game. Players who whine or quit when the going gets tough (and it will). Please contact us in game with any other questions/concerns. Apply here: GM - Tenkachi (Ice#1884) Officer - Jin (Costigan68#1527) Officer - Sassy (Sassy#11307) Officer - Patrick (Pat#11160)Tenkachi3 3d
3d Whats going on? I'm coming back from a long hiatus (Ive played casually here and there). I remember this server being very busy, and from the 2 weeks that i have been back it seems like it has lost most of its population. Is it worth being here? Where has everyone gone? How difficult is it to find groups or sell things in the AH? Or am i just logging in at the wrong time? Thanks in advance -MMirenna2 3d
3d Returning player looking for a guild. i'm a tad washed up after taking a hiatus for the last 3-4 months. School and work both caught up with me and had to take one. Looking to find a guild that is west coast time zone (Im in AZ), would like times between 730-1130 or like 8-11/12 pm , and between days of Monday-Wednesday, want to raid 2 nights a week. I may occasionally be a tad late from work running a bit late, but shouldn't be something that is very frequent. Also looking for solid progression. About me - I transferred to Zul'jin after Darkspear dying at the end of WOD. I hopped from guild to guild playing a monk, and finally began to raid with one guild. After the guild couldn't get a good mage, I decided to play mine to fill the roll. Guild fell apart after a few months and moved on to a better one. Ended up going 9/10M nighthold with them, in my first teir ever of actually raiding. We were 225ish pulls deep on Guldan and didn't get the kill. At beginning of TOS, I raided with them for a week and ended up g-quitting and casually playing for a while and ended up taking hiatus due to school and work. Finally back, and looking to raid 2 days a week. My main currently is a mage, who has all of my logs from nighthold. I've toyed with the thought of re-rolling if the right guild has specific needs and I fit in. My Focus come BFA will be to raid 2 days a week, getting mythic progression while also achieving a fairly high mythic plus score. Would love to talk to some people! - Shane#13738 I want to stay horde, but am willing to transfer for the right guild. Battle tag is above if anyone wants to talk!Subverting0 3d
3d [H] <Organ Harvesters> 9/11 M LF All Roles <Organ Harvesters> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the server Kil'jaeden [H]. We are a mature, progression-oriented guild looking for experienced raiders for mythic progression through Antorus and Battle for Azeroth. We recently reformed towards the end of ToS to be more hardcore and we are aiming to get Cutting Edge this tier and future tiers. Progression: 9/11M Antorus, the Burning Throne 6/9M Tomb of Sargeras Raid Times: Tuesday (Optional) - 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM PST Friday - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST Saturday - 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM PSTTuesday is an optional raid day usually reserved for farm content. Also, being a weekend guild, we understand that there are going to be various occasions where members will not be able to raid. Missing a raid here and there is fine as long as it doesn't happen often. Core raiders are expected to maintain 90% attendance. Recruitment: We are currently in need of the following roles and classes: Tank Blood DK Brewmaster MonkHealer Resto Druid Disc PriestRange DPS Affliction Lock Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman Balance DruidEven if your class isn't listed above we will consider all exceptional raiders with applicable logs and current Mythic experience. Note that there will be a trial period of 2 weeks upon joining. We are a mature guild and while we want to progress, we also want to maintain a fun, non-toxic environment. Every member is also expected to be prepared prior to each raid which includes watching videos on upcoming bosses, researching their class, and completing a +15 the previous week. To Apply: If you are interested in joining, leave a message here or contact one of our officers on at: Rhinodude#1265 Skyle#1576 Dopher#1748Rhinomayne175 3d
5d [H] <Hostile> 10/11M Weekend Raiding <Hostile> ( is a weekend Mythic guild on Kil'jaeden Horde. We are currently: -10/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne Raid Hours: -Friday/Saturday 7-11 PM PST -We have a Sunday raid for old content/normal modes and it will never be used for progression. This is completely optional. Recruitment Needs: Holy Paladin - High Warrior - Medium Rogue - Medium Windwalker Monk - Medium Shadow Priest - Low Hunter - Medium Demon Hunter - Medium Balance Druid - Medium Even if your class is not listed please apply if you feel that you would be a good fit. We accept all exceptional applicants! We are looking for players who fit our general guidelines: We don't raid a lot during progress so it's crucial that raid members are not only on time but also that they do not miss raid nights. Emergencies can and will happen, but if they prevent you from maintaining 90% attendance then we are probably not the guild for you. Loot is organized by a loot council consisting of the guild's officers. Loot is distributed in the manner that will benefit progression the most. Numerous factors are taken into account, such as personal performance, attendance, and the difference between pieces. The trial period will last 4 weeks. During your trial period you will be given loot only after core raiders. There will be instances where a main raider is passed and the loot will fall to trials so plan your bonus rolls accordingly. If you have any additional questions or you would like something clarified, please feel free to contact any of the players below! Selkat - Andrew#1156 Neray - Sans#1392Shoulders23 5d
5d <Silly Hats Only>[2/16 HM]*25-Man* Late Night Hey everyone, <Silly Hats Only> is a late night 25 man raiding guild where the core are working adults who can not raid at other times. We raid 3 nights a week from Tuesday through Thursday from 10pm to 1am Server (Pacific). We offer a fair, friendly, mature, and progressive raiding environment. If you like to cause drama or have tendencies to go emo, we are probably not for you. Recruitment and What It Means To You We continue to have a relatively open recruitment policy with a heavy emphasis on DPS classes. We are looking for strong individuals that can contribute in raids and socially out of raids. We are interested in folks who: 1. Remain informed and updated about WoW. 2. Continuously self improve to remain competitive with their peers. 3. Are self sufficient and reliant but willing to lend a helping hand. 4. Are self aware and will take accountability to correct their mistakes quickly. 5. Are environment aware and will adapt quickly to situational changes. 6. Are able to take directions and executes them well. 7. Have a good personality and strong moral character. 8. Have a silly inner child that enjoys a good laugh. While we typically cater to our long standing members, our recruits are important to us as well because we were all recruits once. We enjoy keeping a tighter roster vs having a bench large enough for 2 raids. Our aim is for everyone to get playing time, while we sometimes may rotate folks in and out depending on progression needs, we will always try to make things fair for everyone. Most guilds have a pretty big headstart by the time we start raiding, so our Realm Rank on WOW Progress is not going to be super high especially when you mix Raid-10 guilds in. We definitely rank higher as a Raid-25 guild on the Realm. Class Preferences: First and foremost it is important to note that we will recruit ANY exceptional applicants who I feel can compete with or go above what our roster currently offers. These needs are a guide to what would be nice to have right now. Preferred Classes: Monk Heals Holy Priest Feral Druid (DPS) Ret Pally (Fluent in OS tanking) Progression: H Madness of Deathwing- March 7, 2012 We finished US 93rd in 25-Man rankings for the final tier of Cataclysm and expect to continue pushing that to new heights. Currently we run a very strong roster eager to impress in the opening tier of Mists of Pandaria. Mogu'Shan Vaults: HM Stone Guards- October 17th, 2012 HM Feng The Accursed- October 24th, 2012 HM Gara'Jal- To Be Announced... HM Spirit Kings- To Be Announced... HM Elegon- To Be Announced... HM Will of The Emperor- To Be Announced... Loot System: We use a DKP primarily system that relies on each raiders attendance and contribution (afterall if you're not there to contribute you won't be rewarded DKP). We do however loot council Tier Tokens as we feel it allows raiders the freedom to go heavily on offset items with DKP and have tier items evenly distributed. What to do next: If you would like to see the guild in action, feel free to check out my youtube channel at: If you would like to see how you compare with our raiders check our logs at: If you want to check out the guild and see what we're about head to: ***It is important to note that all apps received by <Silly Hats Only> are private and confidential, no one has access to see your app that is not a member of the guild***Dangalee40 5d
6d old school kj shout out to my day 1s who have stuck through the bad times of this game with me since i was 11 years old. miss what kj used to be *cries*Divinesteakx77 6d
6d <Valyrian> 10/11M ABT 2 Night Guild LFM Background We are a recently reformed guild with several friends returning to the game who have previously been in top 15-100 World/US guilds in past expansions. We came together in the middle Nighthold, finished at 8/10M and later achieved 8/9M in Tomb of Sargeras. Majority of our core have been playing games together for years, some of us only 1-2 years but some have been playing together since DAOC and Vanilla for nearly 15+ years. Recruiting Currently recruiting any class/specs looking to progress in Mythic Antorus, give us a message! VERY HIGH DEMAND for Rogue, Holy Paladin, Mage. Schedule Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 PST Optional farm day at some point during the week (typically announced on Tuesday's) Loot Handled via loot council (RC Loot Council) Contact Use this discord code "K2g7V5H" to join our guild discord and post in recruitment channel with your information to get the fastest response. See the pinned messages for a guide on what information to include (click the thumbtack icon in top right corner of channel). You can also add me on btag - Briggsta#1214 but the response may take longerBriggsta185 6d
Apr 13 [H] <Envy> 1/11M Envy is currently recruiting for Heroic and Mythic progression Raid Times: Friday and Saturday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST Current Progression: 1/11M Antorus WowProgress: Recruitment Needs: Rangeds Healers We are always recruiting skilled players even if your class/specializations is not listed in our current needs. About us: A group of friends that have experienced throughout World of Warcraft seeking level minded players to trial for our core, some of our members already experienced most of mythic Antorus. We have reformed our roster recently and thus haven't started Mythic Antorus yet so if you have any questions just send me a message on discord or in-game. Contacts: PanzaGhor#2069 (discord), PanzaGhor#1281 (bnet)Panzaghor27 Apr 13
Apr 13 5/11 Mythic <Climax> Recruiting for Antorus! We are a friendly raiding guild on Kil’jaeden (US) looking to recruit active raiders and casual players to our guild! We are currently 5/11 Mythic Antorus. Raid times are Tues/Thurs at 8:00pm server time. The core members of our guild have just server transferred to KJ from a small server in the hopes of starting our own guild to progress in Antorus and also get ready for next expansion!! We are recruiting for HEALERS & DPS right now to be CORE members of our raid team! Message me in game or add me on, my tag is Odible#1734Odib6 Apr 13
Apr 13 [H] TFH 9/11M LF DPS. T/Tr Only! 9/11 Antorus Mythic Tueaday/Thursday Only! 7:30 PST - 11:00 PST (SERVER TIME) Laid back guild. WE WILL GEAR YOU UP IF YOU ARE A GOOD PLAYER. One of the oldest raiding guilds in the US is recruiting DPS for finishing Mythic Antorus. We need - DPS Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Balance Druid. Basically any competent ranged DPS. Anything with good logs! Send a tell to Theoz or Beefasaurus. Add me at Theo#1181 or Edgewalker#1280Theoz36 Apr 13
Apr 12 ⚔️ [H] <Devoid> 10/11M LFM! ⚔️ General Information: <Devoid> Progression: 10/11M Server: Kil'jaeden Time Zone: PST Immediate class needs (as of 1/17/18): Note: "High" means that there's an immediate position available for the class/spec mentioned. "Low" means that while we’re happy with the class currently on our roster, we would still consider someone who could pull competitive numbers. Our roster is very flexible, so even if your class is listed as "Low” don't let it deter you from submitting an application with us. DPS: Boomkin: VERY HIGH! Elemental: VERY HIGH! Mage: VERY HIGH! Hunter: VERY HIGH! Warlock: VERY HIGH! Heals: Druid: VERY HIGH! Shaman: VERY HIGH! Swing Healers: VERY HIGH! NOTE: Swing Healers are defined as someone who mostly does DPS, but will heal if asked on a needed encounter. About Us: <Devoid> is a Mythic progression guild on Kil'jaeden, a high pop Horde dominated PvP realm. The guild was founded in August of 2017 with the humble desire to be a guild that could completely clear all Mythic content while it was still relevant, and also maintain an environment that was both competitive and friendly. It is comprised of some of the top players across three MMOs who have played together for years. Philosophy: Our definition of hardcore raiding involves making the most out of our collective time together. It is up to each member to come completely prepared for the fights that we'll be working on. This involves high communication and activity on our guild website. Members are expected to be highly self-motivated, and willing to find out the latest theorycraft data on their classes. You should always be pushing yourself to improve with each opportunity to raid, and to never be satisfied with your own performance. Alt Program: Every raider is REQUIRED to have at least one alt that they can play just as proficiently as their main. Your alt must also cover the same role as your main. For example, healer/healer, tank/tank, etc. What we offer you: • A team that can consistently clear all Mythic content. • A fun, competitive, and positive raid environment. • An active community inside and outside of WoW. • Alt raiding • Flasks, potions, repairs, and food buffs provided • Opportunities for high ranked PvP • Gold making opportunities through Heroic/Mythic sales Raid Schedule: Pre-Argus: Tuesday - Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm Realm Time (PST) First 3 Mythic Lockouts: Monday - Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm Realm Time (PST) Rest of Tier: Tuesday - Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm Realm Time (PST) Officer Contacts: Santô – GM • Santo#11753 Vahlexia - Recruitment Officer • Vahlexia#1682 Apply At: In Conclusion: We're always interested in trialing exceptional players, so if you think you could be a solid addition to our guild, please get in contact with us today! Thank you for taking the time to look into us, and we hope to hear from you soon!Santô204 Apr 12
Apr 10 10/11M MW Monk Looking For Guild Currently working on Argus progression, but due to an upcoming schedule change I will no longer be able to meet my current guild's time. I will be available 11PM - 3AM EST Every day except Saturday. Looking for any guild that is working on Mythic Argus progression during those hours! Contact me ingame at Gabraxa#1919 or on discord at Telai#3197Telai0 Apr 10
Apr 9 H/M ABT 11/11 ML;M Guldan;Mythic+15;985 Boe! H/M ABT 11/11 ML;M Guldan;Mythic+15;985 Boe! Hello there:We are selling H/M raid with all loot! BOTH FACTION! We have Herioc raid every day at 8PM/11:30PM EDT, Mythic raid every thuesday/wednesday! We are ready for you anytime! Please check the list: 1: Mythic+15 in time with all loot 2: Herioc ABT 11/11 Herioc Antorus; Master loot; 4 tiers guarantee; at least 8 items; 11/11 Herioc Antorus; Master loot; Full priority; 4 tiers guarantee; at least 10 items. (We will carry you again in the next CD for free if you didn't get 4 tiers in the first run) 3: Mythic ABT 9/11 Mythic Antorus; Master loot; Full priority; 11/11 Mythic Antorus; Master loot; Full priority; without Argus mount 11/11 Mythic Antorus; Master loot; Full priority; with Argus mount 4: Mythic Gul'dan Mount; 5: Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate 930-985 BOE; Interested in a run or have any questions? Please add BTAG: itemsstore#1594 for more info!Findorttok0 Apr 9
Apr 8 8/10M Flying Hellfish 8/10M TWO NIGHTS A WEEK ONLY Pretty laid back guild. Being 8/10 isn't required - Just don't be braindead. One of the oldest raiding guilds in the US is recruiting DPS and Heals for finishing Mythic Nighthold. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 11 PST. Laid back folks just wanting skilled players. We need - DPS Warlock, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman. Basically any competent ranged DPS. Windwalker Monk. Anything with good logs! HEALERS! We need ANY good healer we have a slot to fill immediately+. Send a tell to Theoz or Momrider or post here.Momrider24 Apr 8
Apr 8 FLYING Hellfish RECRUITING! I need the following ok, any level but you gotta be going to 85- 1. Tauren Priest 2. Tauren Hunter 3. Undead Hunter 4. Undead Death Knight 5. Troll Death Knight thank you ok please send tells to me or Orcmoose or Kibs Edgewalker18 Apr 8
Apr 8 [H]Chicken Dinner Fri/Sat 7-11PST 10/11M Chicken Dinner - Semi-Hardcore Raid Guild looking for like minded people Antorus. We are currently 10/11M 11/11 Heroic. About Us: Chicken Dinner comprised of students and working individuals during weekdays. This is a drama free guild. We actively do Mythic Keystones and play a number of other games like LoL, Overwatch, PUBG and Steam Games. We hold a respective channel of communication in our guild. What makes us different is that we are comprised of skilled players, without the stressful atmosphere of a hardcore raiding guild. How we evaluate a trial member or anyone in the guild for that matter are logs, attitude during progression and willingness to do what's best for the guild. Keep in mind, we do care about you. Real-life comes first and we understand. Just give us a heads-up. 950+ ILVL Required. Raid Experience a plus but not required. Raider Expectations: Mythic progression raiders are expected to regularly show up on time for the entire raid night (this is currently Fri/Sat 7-11); maintain a high, competitive level of performance, which includes good numbers and ability to do mechanics properly; maintain a courteous, respectful, and open channel of communication with all other raid members; be willing to sit out or be replaced if necessary; and more generally, act in the best interest of the raid and the guild. New players and casuals welcome! :) High Need for Bold Classes Recruitment Needs: Tank: Death Knight Monk Bear DPS: Druid Elemental Shaman Hunter Sub Rogue Priest Warlock Warrior Healer: Paladin Priest Shaman Monk Come trial in our Heroic Antorus* this weekend If you are interested, even if your class is not listed please contact us. Raid Times: Fri 7-11PM Sat 7-11PM Please add one of our Btags: dwang#1878, Toyola#1486, Lutalo#1490 and Swang#1521,Pikachubs11 Apr 8
Apr 7 <H> Valyrian (9/11) M Antorus recruiting Background Valyrian is a Mythic focused raiding guild with the prime goal of obtaining cutting edge while raiding on a semi-casual raid schedule. We expect individuals to be ready, willing, and attentive in raid when it comes to; knowing encounter mechanics, developing and deploying strategies, responding to criticism, and creating an enjoyable raiding environment for all. Our progression so far in Legion: NH - (8/10) M ToS - (8/9) M Antorus - (11/11) H (first 2 days) Recruiting -Currently we are looking for all outstanding DPS. -Preferance for those with healing/tank OS but not required. Schedule Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 PST Optional farm day at some point during the week (typically announced on Tuesday's) Loot Handled via loot council (RC Loot Council) Contact Feel free to contact me at anytime and I will respond ASAP. Erohw96#1953, Briggsta or Bakehuntz.Nasargiel59 Apr 7
Apr 5 <Devoid> Selling Antorus and Mythic+ Carries! <Devoid> 10/11> is now selling Antorus, the Burning Throne and Mythic+ Carries. Avoid trying to pug and get some AP, gear and achievements today! Our Services : Full Clear Heroic Master Looter -800k Full Clear Heroic -600k Argus Heroic personal loot -200k The Chosen Title -2 Mil Mythic Guldan with Mount -2 Mil Mythic +15 -160k Additional Information • Buyers must pay a 20% of the cost up front to schedule a carry • Please be online at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time • Any loot that is not needed by main raiders will go directly to you • Anything posted here is subject to change Disclaimer : We only accept payments on Kil’jaeden Horde. We will only sell carries within the rules of the Terms of Service. Please add us on Battletag Korialin#1399 , Toxik44#1514 , Santo#11753 or reply to this post if you are interested!Korialen15 Apr 5
Apr 4 973 9/11M exp Frost DK LF Guild 1. Times available & time zone: 8-7 PM PST Weekday starting time or anytime on Weekends, Due to work i cannot do Fridays. 2. Server preference: doesn't matter i'll transfer if i need too 3. Faction preference: horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 7/7 M EN, 9/10 M NH (during progression), 6/9 M Tomb, and 9/11 M Current tier 21 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: Btag - Geros#1379 or Discord - Geros#4907 8. Anything else: I have Amanthuls and looking to Finish out this Current tier (Best Aggramar pull was 18%)Gerosmilak0 Apr 4
Apr 2 (A) Ret/Holy Pala LF PvP Guild Vakvix on very often just try and send me an inv wheneverVaklock0 Apr 2
Mar 30 wtb Vicious Saddle carry Hi, looking to trade in-game gold for a full Vicious Saddle carry or 2, tried talking to someone earlier and he ballparked ~125k but he went offline mid convo can sort of competently play WW monk/havoc DHSindrol0 Mar 30
Mar 30 Looking to buy [M] Gul'Dan Mount Any guilds selling M Gul'Dan mount? Killed it many times, still haven't gotten it, just looking to see price and availability for it. 9/11 M BM/MM Hunter. So I can hold my own and know all the mechanics.Darkruler0 Mar 30
Mar 28 Stream/Discord for weekly antorus clears Greetings all! My name is Tastywindows, aka Seryn/Seryntv on Twitch. While new to the streaming thing, I am slowly building on it and part of that is our weekly runs. We have multiple clears of Normal/Heroic Antorus that we fill. It's a later night run, 10pm pst after we are done with Mythic. However, everyone is welcome so long as you pull your weight and if you are in need of being carried, we only ask that you return the favor once you're done being carried. It's a laid back run, and typically full of joking around {feel free to check out the stream and the older videos of the runs that are saved on the stream itself}. Following the stream is not a must, but definitely greatly appreciated. The typical Schedule is as follows: Tuesday: 10pm PST Heroic Clear Wednesday: 10pm PST Normal Clear Thursday: 10pm PST Heroic Clear Friday: 10pm PST Normal Clear Saturday: Raid Achievements unless everyone wants to just clear again 10pm PST Sunday: Whatever happens, happens. 6:30PM PST Monday: Heroic semi-clear, 6:30pm PST Discord Link: Stream Link: The Discord isn't just there for our runs though. If you are doing a run, and you'd like to invite people from there/fill your run with folks from there, you're more than welcome. As time passes and we skip bosses in Mythic, we will likely start putting together Mythic Raids of Antorus as well. Some do M+, and some just hang out. There are class channels for your questions to be answered, as we have people from different backgrounds and varying experience levels of different classes/specs. If you' d like to join one, or multiple of the runs, join the Discord and feel free to message me or one of the mods to reserve a spot =) Again, this is for fun, if you join and attempt to start drama, the boot is just one click away =DTastywindows0 Mar 28
Mar 28 <A>Firehawk-Proudmoore 5/11M LF Tank [A] Firehawk on Proudmoore 5/11M seeks Main Tank Life reared up and one-shotted our tank with no body to recover! Thus we are in search of a solid tank. Join our team and let's go kill stuff! Contact me in game. Why join Firehawk You are looking for a raiding guild that engenders a no drama atmosphere and are committed to progressing through all current mythic content. You would like to join our competitive atmosphere while keeping things fun. Raid Times Tuesday: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM [Server/PST] Wednesday: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM [Server/PST] Thursday: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM [Server/PST] Server xfer will be required. Contact: Tèren Bnet: Shadowdancer#1115Tèren0 Mar 28
Mar 28 971 9/11M Boomkin LF afternoon raiding guild Title says it all, currently 9/11M with ~120 attempts on aggramar, wiping at 20%. Due to a promotion at work I am being forced to find a new team to raid with. Currently raiding on Mal'ganis and really unable to find a team that fits this schedule. Eyeoin#1255Eyeon0 Mar 28
Mar 26 [H] Continuity - Kil'jaeden 7/11 M LF DPS Continuity is currently looking for ready to mythic raid, outstanding DPS to trial for core raid spots. All classes are welcome to a trial with the exception of warlock. Please have minimum rank 75 for weapon and 960 ilvl along with current mythic progression. Core Raid: Wed/Sun 7-10 PST Heroic Raid (optional): Tues 7-10 PST Please whisper or in game mail Malagician with interest for more information All casuals are also welcome if you are looking for a home!Malagician3 Mar 26
Mar 26 [H] <Tilted by Design> 1/11M SCHEDULE Sun/Tues/Wed 8:30 EST - 11:00 EST RECRUITING Melee DPS Shaman Monk Paladin Rogue Demon HunterRanged DPS Warlock Shaman Hunter PriestHealers Shaman Paladin Monk PriestJust because your class is not listed above does not mean you won't be considered as an applicant. All exceptional applicants are wanted and encouraged to apply. Our core raiders are a versatile group so a worthy recruit could allow someone to switch to another class that we are in need of. About us: Our goal is to form a roster of top parsing players and ready ourselves for progression at the launch of BfA where we hope to compete with the top guilds on Kil'jaeden. We are a newly formed semi-hardcore guild led by 6 players with decades of raiding experience and TOP 100 US kills. Considering Kil'jaedens low population and the inevitable death of current progression we are particularly looking for players who want to raid as soon as possible in BfA. However, we intend to full clear Mythic Antorus once we mange to fill our roster. Requirements: Maintain 90% raid attendence(during progression) Be able to communicate on Discord Have an advanced understanding of your spec or class Acknowledge and fix mistakes quickly and effortlessly Weakauras | Exorsus Raid Tools | RCLoot CouncilRaider Benefits: Supplied feasts/flasks/potions Supplied enchants/gems Guild repairs during raidsGuild Logs Contact Us: Haagendazs#1460 Obrijam#1588 Honk#1189Druën12 Mar 26
Mar 24 [A]<Stormrage-Adventurer 6/11M> LF Raiders Need a core raiding spot? Does smashing pixels, while a priority for you, not mean as much as the people you're smashing them with? Adventurer is the guild for you. ...Serenityz0 Mar 24
Mar 23 960 Hunter LF mythic team for BFA Currently looking for a Mythic guild going into BFA that raids late nights, I just returned a month ago from a break I took during M TOS due to seperating from the military. I have an extensive raiding background going as far back as Ulduar, and have raided in hardcore guilds for nearly a decade. Currently looking for a guild that raids between 9PM - 12am PST any dayBlasty1 Mar 23
Mar 22 HPAL lf weekend raiding guild Good holy paladin lf> weekend raiding guild. Looking for solid players but moreso casual than hardcore progressionKosakî1 Mar 22
Mar 22 969 equip WW monk LF high mythic progress 7/11M early on in Antorus (Cutting edge KJ last tier), however, had scheduling change with work and couldn't make raid times reliably after Kin'garoth so stopped progression. Now that my schedule is open again, I'm looking for a Mythic guild with any open spots for my WW monk thats on this server. Main logs: Monk Logs (geared up recently): Feel free to add and chat, Btag: Bob#13526Axehole1 Mar 22
Mar 22 9/11M 973 Tank/Dps Druid LF Guild Due to my guild recently breaking up I am in search of a guild with similar progression in need of any of the 3 specs. I am looking to raid any day of the week 8-12 est. I am currently on Bleeding Hollow Horde side but would server transfer for the right fit and even consider faction changing. If you would like to know more of my previous tier progression or look at my logs you can reach me through bnet. Monkybizz#1985Lohnwulf1 Mar 22
Mar 21 (H) 936 Holy Pally LF guild Kyler#11461Samadhi0 Mar 21
Mar 18 967 Hpally LF mythic guild Hi there, I'm looking for a mythic guild that is either starting Mythic Antorus, or has some mythic bosses down. I need a guild that raids between the times 10pm - 3am PST (any day of week) or a weekend guild. Unfortunately, I don't have any mythic experience yet as my current guild is struggling to get bodies for a solid roster (lots of people quitting or going away on leave, ect). I'm a quick learner and have been raiding and playing this game since Vanilla. Please feel free to contact me if you're keen on a chat Battletag : Jugs9000#1297 Thanks, KioKiø0 Mar 18
Mar 15 10/11M LF ranged DPS for M argus! <CLUB HOUSE> Kil'Jaeden- recruiting All! 9pm-12am PST. Progression! 10/11 M Antorus 11/11 H Antorus 7/9 M Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 H Tomb of Sargeras 9/10 Mythic NightHold 10/10 H NightHold 2/3 M Trial of Valor 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare RAID TIMES (PST) Tues 9pm-12am Weds 9pm-12am Thurs 9pm-12am Recruiting: Tank: N/A Ranged DPS: Hunter, Mage, Aff warlock Healer: Resto Druid. Melee: Feral druid, Enh shaman, Rogue We expect all of our raiders to be raid ready! Fully gem and Properly enchanted, Food, flasks, pots and runes. Also knowledge of your class and fights. Loot is distributed by RC Loot council. Visit our web site We are a Colorful fun group that likes to progress on mythic raids! Very tight group, need a few Skilled Players for progression. Lots of M+ groups, alt friendly guild. Optional raids on monday for a chance to push content! Join us for a Good time. Contact me any time. Bnet tag is pimpion#1425 OR app @ clubhouse.enjin.comTittanis0 Mar 15
Mar 14 <F O O L S A V A G E> 8/11M LF RDPS/HEALS H-Kil'Jaeden <F O O L S A V A G E> 8/11M Recruiting: Ranged DPS for permenant starting spots (Warlock,Spriest,Boomy,Mage) Raid Times: Tues/Wed 6-10 PST *Pulls on Coven to 14%* Contact: Caketv#1539-BTAG cake#5529-DISCORDCaketv0 Mar 14
Mar 12 F MINUS taking all (Horde)F Minus is a new guild that has started up on Kil'Jaeden we are looking to fill all spots for raiding and pvp we are taking all lvls as well. If you need help leveling or gearing up we will help you with it. If you need anymore info please get in touch with me or in gameRòw0 Mar 12
Mar 10 Priest & Druid/Lock 970+ LF Weekend raids A friend and I are looking for a Weekend mythic guild. Our only fully available days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We're currently 5/11 M. I am a 964 IL Priest that can play all 3 specs. She is a 972 IL Bear or a 950 IL Warlock. +75 Traits in all our weapons, off-specs included. I have all the legendaries for Priest and she has nearly all but a few for resto on her druid, and most of the affliction ones on her warlock. She hasn't played her Warlock a lot this raid tier, but has played it in the past and is comfortable on it. We feel like our current guild isn't going where we want it to in terms of progression and are seeking else where. I've been playing since BC while she has been playing since Vanilla. We both have experience at cutting edge levels of raiding as well as server first and bests. We know what it takes to achieve that final boss achievement. We are open to xfers prefer horde, but ally is also on the table :). We put a lot of time into learning how to become better and will give 110% to the raid team. We're looking for a team that is fun, yet still productive during raids. Links provided. Thank you for your time and consideration. Syan(Priest) Armory: Logs: Psyrina(Bear) Armory: Logs: Psylox(Warlock) Armory: Logs: N/A (you get an idea of her performance by the bear logs) Btag: Syan#1437 or GiGi#1168Psyrina1 Mar 10
Mar 9 <Full Moon> recruiting for Mythic Antorus. We raid Mythic Friday and Saturday night, at 7PM server time. We're looking for active, attentive players with good situational awareness. We are recruiting all classes and roles. We ask that you look up any fights we're progressing on before the raids begin. We supply cauldrons, and food. We ask that you supply your own augment runes and prepots. If you're looking for more information, you can whisper Dreamerlion, Nhyx, Huffinpuffin, Kombo, or Tßtwelve in game. Gear / experience requirements: 940+ ilvl, AotC (we will consider anything lower) Mainly looking for: Tanks: DH, DK, Warrior Healers: Monk, Pally, Priest DPS: DK, DH, Monk, Hunter, Mage, ShamanTßtwelve2 Mar 9
Mar 9 BM/MM Hunter 977 7/11M exp jdog@kil'jaeden (974-976 equipped depending on gearset) is looking for a better home. With the right synergy I am capable of doing very well on a team that means business and works hard with no carries. I favor BM but I play MM when it will offer a competitive advantage . . fights like eonar.Brö1 Mar 9
Mar 9 Starting A Guild So I'm looking to start a guild I just came back into the game after 2 years away due to deployments... I've ran 2 guilds in my past one being Show No Mercy on Draka and Wolves of War on Whisperwind both of which carried on for 3yrs till I handed over rights to my top officers. I'm wondering who would be up for maybe starting one with me and getting ready for BFA we will focus on getting set up and ready for bfa that way we can hit the ground running as soon as it drops. I want to put priority in raiding and pvp as well. So if this sounds like something you'd be up to drop a msg here or hit me up in game I hope to make this happen.Ròw0 Mar 9
Mar 4 963 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Guild Hello all, I am a returning semi-hardcore raider. Achieved top 30 and top 50 US kills in MOP, (top 50 US with stage clear on this server). Looking to start raiding 3-4 days a week. Preferably a guild that has cleared 6/11 M or more. I have logs and references. Current Legendaries are Ilterendi (ring) and Shoulders. Look forward from hearing from you guys.Holiepally1 Mar 4