Sep 27, 2013 [H]<IRON> recruiting Hello KJ! Are you a lost soul wandering around the Goblins slums of Orgrimmar? Is your heavy plate armor starting to catch some rust because you can't find a home?? Do you have a roof to cover your head for those rainy days? Then maybe you can find a place with us! <IRON> is looking for a tank for our casually delicious hm progression. We are 6/13 hm ToT and want to push for more in 5.4. Currently we are looking for a DK, Monk or, Druid tank with past heroic raiding experience and decent gear. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 10pm server. Pst Iscariote or my self in game or reply to this thread for more info.Noctzultul16 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 WTB - JC Leveling kit Please message me with any info! Goldenpants#1837 ThanksFekinkek2 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Mistweaver Monk LF 2k+ RBG group Mistweaver monk looking for a core RBG group that is at least 1900+. I'm 1913 cr (was 1980 yesterday until bads ruined it) and have healed 2100+ MMR RBG's with quite a few well known pvp players. I'm vocal and usually top the healing/dispell charts for my team. Looking to find a group to push 2200+ this season. My realID is: koncept1494Tobeymcguire0 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 School Entering my last leg of it and it's killing me. Does anyone have helpful tips or advice that helped them during their education? I seem to have a problem with procrastination and not going the extra mile..Deer22 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 Leather pirate xmog Need help, chop chop, this is all i could come up with. While I personally don't think it's bad, others seem to think it's too 'plain'.Tobi4 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 Sunday afternoon 10man LF DPS. EDIT 1: People seem to have difficulty showing up, so Im back to recruiting everything. However I'm still being strict and combing over peoples armories with a fine toothed comb. So don't post / add me unless you are serious about your character. So a little background. I used to lead a guild on Kil'Jaeden called iGuild. Because of some scheduling conflicts, we stopped raiding after 3/16H T14. We were 8/8H T13 before that. We were a 3/day raid group that rose in the ranks and slowly started becoming competitive. However, we never got to where we wanted to be due to the loss of some people to Real Life. Through this guild, almost all of us have met in person and formed meaningful lasting friendships with one another and losing that really sucked. So I'm trying to do something about it. Several of us can still manage to get together once a week, and Flex Raiding next tier is the perfect thing for us. So we are getting a good majority of the team back together to get some raiding done. However we are still in need of a few strong DPS. Recruiting: Strong DPS Possibly very strong healers Since flex can use anywhere from 10-25 people, we may take up to 13-14 people into the group as to alleviate some of the absences that will inevitably occur. We will see how it goes. Some stuff about this group. Time - 4:30-8:30PM Eastern on Sunday (1:30-5:30 Pacific) That's it. Just one day a week. Goal - Clear Flex and progress through normal on a very light schedule as a social group trying to just hang out once a week. - Secondary Goal is to maybe get a few bosses on heroic down since this will be a longer than usual tier (Due to final tier) Now don't get me wrong. Yes, we are only raiding one day a week. Yes, we are casual. No, casual =/= bad. I have, personally, cleared all heroic content since ICC as it was current and several of my raiders have been US 100 quality raiders in the past. We expect everyone to know their class well, come prepared with the knowledge needed, and play to the best of their ability. We expect people to be able to do this while still having a good time in mumble. We are hoping to get a solid group that melds well and gets stuff done. If you are interested, please add me to RealID: Subvatio#1198 Thank you. :)Subvatio178 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 544 10/14 (14/14xp) Lock LF Raiding guild Hello KJ, I am looking for a serious progression guild looking to start heroics pretty early into the tier. I can raid from 6+ server time, preferably having the raid end before 12 server. I'm destro/affliction atm, and play both well. If you'd like more info hit me up in game or add me. Pocketdawts#1653Pocketdawts3 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 garfield.hack.exe Coolest most humblest Warlock "Top Tear" Arena Streaming Rank 1 Owner of Gladiator on Blue Ray HDDVD LIVE@ Did I mention how cool I am you should mention how cool I am Last time I streamed I got DDoSed in the last two minutes of my stream by batman. ...So needless to say I am a little emotionally fragile right now. [EDIT] Apparently a staple comp does not really work at all this patch, so I am crying alone. May stream more later tonight. Fun replay though It Got very emotional to say the least.Bloodvizor7 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 <Delirium Trigger> 9/14 SoO Forming Second 10 <Delirium Trigger> is currently looking for more members to fill it's raid spots. While we have a core raid group, we are always looking for exception raiders to help push us to a new level! <Delirium Trigger> has been raiding roughly 4 Months, and in that time we have gone 3/13H ToT, 9/14n SoO. The GM of the guild has heroic experience, and the majority of the raiders were in top 100 guilds in the past, or in heroic/realm first boss killing guilds in current and prior expansions. Our raid times are 7pm PST - 10pm PST on Mon - Thurs. We are currently looking for the following roles and classes: Melee DPS: Excellent Players Ranged DPS: Excellent Players Healer: Excellent Players If your class is not listed, you can always put up an application as we are ALWAYS looking to bolster our roster with exceptional raiders. With Heroics in the near term we are making sure we are prepared to push the content extremely hard and progress exceptionally quick! If you are interested in applying, please go to and register for the website, at which time you can post an application on the forums. If you wish to talk to someone in game, you can talk to our Guild Leader (Battle Tag Aeras#1131) and we will be glad to answer any questions for you!Aelert3 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 531 Rogue Lf Raiding Guild Raided Hardcore in BC and Cata Have Hand of Adal an Legendary Daggers Standing in Fire does not give you buffs -Looking for 2 night/week Raiding Guild with experienced players and good people. Currently 4/14- Looking to xfer from my server.Ochiro2 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 LF People Check this out. I'm looking for some people to do something really amazing together. I have no clue what we'll be doing or when we will be doing it. There's also the possibility of not even doing what we were supposed to do. So, who's in on this? Lets see some enthusiasm. Get hyped!Catdad6 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 @Scorpion How to Dougie Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 Bladesinger Wants You! Starting a new series for my youtube channel, I will be dueling anyone who wants to be a part of this. Although if I don't like you I will reserve the right to refuse you. More than a few people here that I despise and want nothing to do with, nor would I like them on my Real Id. Here's the rules: Healers and Tanks need not apply. The plan is to combine a win and a loss per video. There's no set requirement of duels played, but I'd much rather do a bunch and learn a thing or two, though. The challenger gets to pick one of the two duels that will be shown. I will always post a video if I lose. However, if I am challenged by someone who has absolutely no idea what they're doing, I reserve the right to refuse to publish myself facerolling someone, If you want to get on the channel you need to earn it. I want good clean fights, extreme los and kiting (while allowed) will be frowned upon. Street rules. I encourage you to bring every single item you've got that's banned in arenas. I want to see something new/clever. This is NOT a trollfest. There will be no grudge matches. All duels posted will be in good taste. I am not out to hurt anyone's feelings. (for this project anyways) My battletag is bladesinger#1750 Add me if you're interested so we can set up a date and time. I also need a name for the series. Suggestions would be appreciated.Bladesinger32 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 @people farming Krol the Blade Aw deer lawrd *0*Madcarp4 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 LF good PvP Guild!!! Want to find a good PvP guild that does rbgs, arenas, wpvp and all that good stuff ! Im a spriest! Usually on late at night. yahhhhhh hmu! -Blove420#1563Brandilove29 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 My back hurts... Lifting tiny humans all day takes a lot out of you.. someone hug me. :'(! Just don't touch my back. grrrrrrr...Avánii10 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 A 'Scam' to watch out for. I've recently discovered a new technique that traders are using to minimize their competition on the auction house. By the time I realized, it was too late so I'm already somewhat paying for this, so here it is: if you see someone in trade chat offering a really good deal (almost too good to be true) and they want you to COD the trade for whatever reason; don't do it. They're going to leave your merchandise in their mailbox for the full 3 day duration, hoping you won't compete against them on the auction house during that time.Uselite2 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 Type 1... If you think about me everyday. 1Keylogthis23 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 521 Rogue and WW Monk LFG. Both Monk and Rogue have (H) Raiding back round coming back from a hiatus, looking to get into a 10 man or 25 man raiding guild, Horde only Pref.Barrelroll0 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 [A] Herbalist Selling Herbs Hey there fellow alliance, I am a herbalist LFW. I can supply you with green tea leaf and rain poppy! I just reached 90 and this is my source of income so let me know if you need supplies! We can work out a price. Message me hereMahbnk0 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 Alliance late night raiding Hey guys, Are there any Alliance late night (1am EST- to whenever) raiding guilds around on KJ. As much as I don't want to I plan on faction changing to do some PVP with friends on other realms but would still like to raid. Let me know! Thanks.Døezer3 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 Hey western Montana area people! Travelling next month Gonna have 2+ hour stop overs in Detroit (hold me close) and Minneapolis followed by 7-10 days around western Montana, followed by layovers in Minneapolis again and finally Toronto. I don't have specific dates but its' liking like early next month to the middle of it. If you live in / near the areas and want to talk wow, cats. Let me know. I'm mostly a chill dude. While the layovers would be very tight, I am going to be only about 5 hours from Spokane if anyone lives in western WA / !@#$% Power Idaho. I'd be happy to meet somewhere in the area. Northern Utah (Salt Lake) and Boise are just barely the same situation. If you're willing to travel a bit I'm willing to meet in south east Idaho. If you're willing to let me crash at your place for the night, I can come all the way to you.Contre7 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 @Unth, @Blizzard First off, Blizzard. Which one of you deleted that thread? I expect you to post so I can take your face into paint and do something ridiculous and funny with so I can delete it and make you feel how I feel right now. Hey Unth, that was hilarious. People stared at me when I busted up laughing. I had a few guild members who would call me that. But now it's just Ravi. Well played though.. well played.Ravielle29 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 LFguild or looking to start one up Hello all, Me and a RL friend, monk tank and pally tank, are both looking for a new home. We are 2/14 SoO and 8/14 flex. We can raid late night preferable tues/wed 11Pm till 3am server would be ideal. That or if any one is interested in joining up a guild with those raid times please let me know. We both raided from Vanilla to WoTLk, we were on Sindregosa in WoTLk pre nerf before we quit the game due to losing a lot of our core group. We came back in July and have been raiding since, or at least gearing out to do so. We have led raids/guilds in the past. If we go for making a guild we are looking for raiders that play their classes well, come prepared, take constructive criticism well, and have a progression based attitude. Of course all classes and roles are needed at this point. If this is our route we would like to make a 10 man guild. Also I know is hard if there is a guild interested in picking us up to not already have 2 tanks, I also have a 517 ilvl Mage which is my alt or a 512 ilvl priest holy/disc. I don't mind playing either one. We are willing to join a 10/25 man guild. Sorry for the long some what confusing post. Thanks, MexMexsiah3 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 @Kil'Jaeden Is it me...or are the forums a place to post .jpg and .gif?? I mean I could be wrong, but it seems like everyone only posts those to insult people. Let's see some good juicy ones. I want ones that make me laugh. I'll start it out. Sep 25, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Raid guild recruitment! Hi there 525 Blood dk tank lf ten man raid guild or even if you are making a second ten man team for possible 25s im game. i have tons of tanking experience. Please message me partymuffin#1162Partymuffin2 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 (H) HPal lf consistent RBG guild/team I have 2.2k arena exp and have heals for days. Hit me up.Blackphilip0 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Any one having issues logging in? I can't seem to log in saying Patch required and to restart.. which doesnt do any thing.Hollyforest1 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 <Neuromercury Must Die> Looking for active PvPers who must have a burning desire to kill Neuromercury for abandoning us and going horde side. Must like Bar B q'd Owlbearsteaks with some spicey honey bar b q sauce.Preferably all females(or atleast play a female). We also have the best guild logo in the world as well as ...yeah that's it. Anyhow see you all gameside and remember...."Neuromercury Must Die!" That is all!Hongkongfooy21 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Sha Pride Bar was curious if the was a way to move the immersion an sha boss bar. its behind my action bars.Arthanadys1 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Mistweaver LF raiding guild Hey, I'm recently getting back to WoW. I have a long history of raiding since I started playing in WotLK. My Mistweaver is currently 530 ilvl. I will be getting the legendary cloak this Tuesday (9/24), and I'm doing whatever I can to catch up at the moment. I'm looking for a new home for SoO. I'd like to find a like-minded raid team, where knowledge of fights and classes is not only expected but sought by the members. At the same time, I'd love the raids to be fun and collaborative between the members while raiding with purpose. Let me know if you're recruiting and think I'd fit in with the team. - Zen#1467Zen0 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Archanon hit All too easy.Gargol72 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 [A] <Ginger Snaps> Recruiting Nobody is immune. No one can hide forever. Expect us, or not. We'll be there. Some call what we do "dirty," some admire our tactics. We fight against the odds - we fight for the gold. We are stealthed assassins. We are Gingers. <Ginger Snaps> is looking for like-minded stealthed assassins. Rogues/Druids/Hunters glyphed into Camo. All other classes need not apply. We're a small guild of gankers. We gank for the profit, and the fun. We love your grief. We long for your rage. Stealth-based alts/levelers welcome. Bounties You want someone dead? Give us the name, and a price. We'll give you a screenshot, or a video, depending on your gold, or our mood. Ginger Hit Thread: Examples: Our loyalties lie in nothing but the gold. Alliance or Horde, doesn't matter. We're after your anger. Show us your hate. A few examples of our fine work (warning, some profanity): For an invite, PM this toon, or my alt, Yurself in-game. You may also search for a Ginger and ask to speak with a Boss/Officer/Pro. Your rage is our joy. Join Ginger Snaps today.Ravesden397 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 538 Warlock LF Raid I'm available anytime after 5pm server . I am 5/13 H ToT experienced and 7/14 flex SoO. Please add my battletag Rip#1544 if interested or if you have any questions. I'd like to get something set up ASAP thanks.Rakoraz6 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 The Real Cat Lady Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 knit patterns Working on the patterns I'm going to use for making scarves for Blizzcon. Here's my first try for the Horde knit pattern. Need to keep it at <40 stitches across. This one is about 30. Thoughts? Anyone have a better pattern to work with?ñdma16 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 how i dance infront of my fav people im fabulousBubbaboomkin1 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 LFM All-night RBG Tuesday! [H] Hi guys, I am going to be running RBGs from 830PM-230AM on Tuesday, and am still missing a few people to join in. You do not have to stay the whole time, but it would be nice to find people who are willing to play all night. Requirements: a) Working mic, no exceptions b) Skype c) Ability to do basic things, such as call out incs, and listen to the target caller/bg leader d) Don't rage on a specific player if we lose. If someone specific fails hard more than once, I'll notice and I'll remove them. e) Don't rage in general. It's the beginning of the season, have fun. We have all night :p f) Full Tyrannical or equivalent I am looking for the following: Tank: Open Healer 1: Reserved Healer 2 (Paladin): Open Healer 3 (druid priest or monk): Open Melee dps 1: Reserved Melee dps 2 (DK or WW): Open Ranged dps 1: Reserved Ranged dps 2: Reserved Ranged dps 3: Reserved Ranged dps 4 (mage): Open Depending on how this goes, I would be willing to bring you to more of these later on. I am going to Europe for a few weeks, so I just wanted to build a good base CR before I leave.Syraphim2 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 Monk Tank lf SoO raiding guild tank monk il 530 lf raiding guild pst whit info tyWhitejedi0 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 Batman DDoS Live@11pm Server time Emotionally Superior Arenas I was asked today to do some "rating of battlegrounds". I have no idea what this means and I came to the most obvious conclusion through my infinite wisdom/wizardom and parked myself in front of the couch with a bucket of popcorn and a lovely wraped gift basket of various lotions and cheeses for a marathon on something called the "History Channel" about Battles throughout history. I then got a sext from a pvp buddy that said- "How did you ever get my number never call me again please you scare me and are you getting on for rbgs?" The sext was of such intimacy I didn't even have time to start the marathon, I had already fought a long sweaty battle right then and there and rated it justly. My Battleground Ratings 1- Battle of the Bulge 2- Battle To Save Fiona From The Sexy Prince Dude To the Song I Need a Hero In the Final Climatic Sequence In The Cinematic Masterpiece That Is Shrek 2 3- Battle of the Time I Shot My Babysitter Playing Candyland Apparently due to poor body language communication skills on the parts of my teammates, I was lied to about what Rated Battlegrounds really are. I guess I will be doing them tonight. [ACTUALLY- DOING ARENA] [GOING LIVE RIGHT AT 11PM SERVER TIME] [SHREK420BLZITFGTZ] Come watch live and talk about how great I am in chat and in this thread, I can't watch myself and compliment myself because I am really really humble. I am perfect at everything in life and love and scrapbooking and other- Also its 5.4 so I will like. Stream a lot now I guess. Whatever. Totally. Tubular. radical Spread the glory of my gospel and get me more viewers. And talk to me in chat and stuff because I will pretend to care what you say is important but sometimes I cant read chat over the sound of my own voice. AND COME HANG OUT WITH ME IN SILVERMOON CITY GIVING OUT PRIZES TRADE WITH ME FOR PRIZES AND AUTOGRAPHS AS SOON AS I GO LIVE @11 [DISCLAIMER] I do not condone the actions of the players I am seen playing with in pvp. They are all hooligans in comparison to me and to be honest their hygiene and attitude are lacking on several different levels and they just aren't up to par at playing their class and they are incredibly emotional and constantly make excuses and judge their teammates but who am I to judge but frankly you should all judge them and their frivolous inexcusable mistakes with utmost scrutiny.Bloodvizor11 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 @Warsong Clan Warsong Clan, where to start? I know there are a lot of haters out there who are gonna troll this thread but wgaf. I hope you guys have a great time on BleedingHollow! You guys have done a lot for our server, like help keeping our wpvp alive! Also you provided me my 100k achicev! haha jokes aside. I have had the honor of fighting alongside you and against you. You are honorable in defeat and victory. You guys should feel proud of the things you have accomplished! I enjoy the small scale wpvp you have provided me with at all hours of the night! @Warmane aka Cloudhorn aka Idgafwhathaterssay, You have been a great friend, ally, and foe. Warmane, I know KJ has provided you with good times as well as bad. Reguardless of the outcome of battle, In vent, You are laughing and having a great time. Best of all, your team is having a great time along with you. You are a great dude and I will miss you on KJ. Please be sure to understand that now I have to make a friend or two on BH just to fight against you! Farewell Warsong Clan. May Bleeding Hollow provide you with what you are all seeking, erpvp. Best Wishes - Shaduuken#1Shaduuken152 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 To all the ladies on Kil'Jeadan Sep 23, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 [H] Prot Paladin LF raiding guild Well.. As the title says, I'm a tank looking for a good raiding guild, I'm currently at 506 iLvl (working on getting my legendary cloak, this toon has recently hit 90). I'm willing to be apart of a progression guild or what not. I'm flexible, can raid pretty much any time and change specs if need be. I'm in college at the moment, if that matters, but it shouldnt affect me too much to where I can't raid. I'll give notice if it does but, at the moment it isn't. Just shoot me a message in game if you want to! My battle tag is Virjen#1751.Kumkwat0 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 Transferring Lock Rogue Mage LFGuild CST Myself and two associates of mine are looking for a new home. We will be transferring to either KJ or Tich and it looks like KJ is the winner. We are looking for a server with an active community and especially World PVP. I have heard great things about this server and thought I would test the waters. We are looking for a PVP guild, ideally. We want a home where there is people doing things all the time. We are not looking for a 2k+ guild or group, more so we are just looking for a group that likes to do organized PVP and hopefully some RBGs. I know my pvp set isn't complete but that can be fixed quickly enough, the Lock is much better geared than I am. About us. I started on Bloodhoof in vanilla and played on various servers including Area 52 and Illidan. I am 24 and getting married in a month. I work a full time job and live in the Central Time Zone. I originally played a hunter in vanilla and migrated from hunter to shaman to dk to rogue and druid. I know all the roles, and have a strong working knowledge of every classes major mechanics. The lock and mage are both in the same boat. The warlock has played the same class for several expansion now, and the mage is more like me, playing a variety of classes over the years. We have known each other for years, and all live in the Central Time Zone. Ideal Guild: Central Time Zone friendly guild. PVP frequently, hangs out on Vent/Mumble/TS/Dolby/Razer Comm etc. Doesn't take the game too seriously, and wants to have fun. As a functional RBG group that could take a few tag alongs (once appropriately geared of course) on the weekends. Thanks and have a great day.Cyrìc9 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 mhmm oh yea conditions are perfect Sep 22, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 H<Cyber Bullies>4/14 LFM <Cyber Bullies> of Kil'Jaeden Horde is looking for more! About us: We're a guild that was created by friends who wanted to make our own guild & do our own thing, we recently decided we wanted to get back into raiding & are now trying to build up a core 10m. We have raided "hardcore" in the past & have HM exp. We do troll A LOT! So, if you can't handle trolling, we aren't for you. Progression: 2/13H Tot 4/14 SoO Raid Times: Tuesday 5:00-8:00 ST Thursday 5:00-8:00 ST Sunday 5:00-8:00 ST Recruiting: 1 Tank (Blood DK/Prot pally) 1 Disc Priest 1 Resto Shaman Please be close to legendary meta, at least! Contact: If you have any more questions or want to chat you can whisper Pandamonium or Smoknloud in game or add me on battle tag, pandamonium#1853 Thank you for your interest!Pandamonium11 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 Hi, I'm Aranelle. Press the button. Look@this Updates! =D Since Hellscream is dead. Blood Elves will be redecorating Undercity with pretty reds and golds. I like the new patch. However, there are too many raid options. LFR, Flex, and Normal or Heroic? Too much for 1 week. It also contributes to players gearing faster....meaning everyone will eventually reach the end game content, and be bored like always. If you don't PvE and like PvP or eRP....then I don't know what to say.. My goal is to finish getting those secrets of the empire. I want an orange cloak! 12 out of 20! Also....I'm no longer teaching kindergarten! I'm teaching elementary school, and high school now. I'm also looking for a PvE group to join to run a regular SoO every week. Preferably mornings. Your mornings are my night time. Thanks! Looking forward to: ....The Walking Dead Season 4, Game of Thrones Season 4, expansion preview, and October so I can have 7 days off work! bye bye!Aranelle10 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 For Stragglez and I know I have more somewhere, I took 4 or 5, but I have a LOOOOOOOOOOOT of SS's . _ . Anywho, enjoy.Sneakybiich17 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 21, 2013 Mmmmmmm Another excellent dinner prepared by me. All you ladies are missing out. Also, as an aside, I need some extra help with a discussion topic I started over at the Dota community. Sep 21, 2013
Sep 21, 2013 GingerVision goes live... I am going to 'try' and commit to the same 2 hour window every week. On Saturdays 6 PM to 8 PM server, I will be streaming. This will be my first week, so trial and error and will be likely making some changes next week. But for now, Saturdays start at 6 PM server for 2 hours with a 2 minute delay. Ill add a link when I get everything up and running before the weekend. EDIT: The above posted may still be the regular block of time if I can get this rolling. In the meantime I have to make this first time on Friday, 7 PM server for 2 hours. LIVE STREAM URL: Sep 21, 2013