Jul 12, 2013 SELLING ALL PANTHER MOUNTS 90k for jeweled onyx panther 23k for all of the minor ones. PST with what you want or try to haggle a deal with me i can do neutral AH trades to allianceWizzed8 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 [H] Just The Tip....Recruiting!! Just The Tip is a group of RL friends who has been gaming together for about 10 years. We have been together in WoW since Vanilla on a few different servers, with a couple breaks in action. We recently moved from a dying server to KJ and are very pleased. The initial group of 3-4 we found to help fill out our raiding group worked well, but has fizzled with lack of interest and RL on their side. So now our core is looking to recruit a handful of folks to get back into Regular progression and then heroic ToT. Currently the mass of our group is 6/12, with a couple that are 12/12 and limited heroic exp. Most ilvls are 510-525, so we are looking for ilvl 500+ players that can fit right into a ToT raid. ToT experience not required, but encouraged. Only looking for mains. Looking to add 1-2 tanks (currently with DK), 1-2 healers (currently with druid and potentially disc priest), 3-4 dps (ranged needed more...currently with warrior, rogue, DK, potentially enh shaman, occasional shadow priest). Perfect world would net us Prot Warrior or Pally, Holy paly or resto shaman, hunter, mage, lock, or boomkin. Would entertain melee dps. Raid days and times are flexible. Currently Sunday, Thursday, Friday at 5-6 Pacific Time...but looking to move off Sunday. Reply to this or contact me in game with details or questions. Thanks for your time. Tiger#1683Cyanotïc1 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 LF 2200+ Healer To Push Glad LF a 2200+ exp healer to push glad, running beastcleave. Prefer Hpally, will also accept priest or Rdruid. Post here or mail me in-game if interested.Glinkgotagun1 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Any US west coast guilds? heavy pvp guilds? Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new home, everyone i know on my current server vanished and I'm going around trying to find any good realms with west coast guilds or heavy PVP guilds to do fun stuff with, are there any on this server? i was referred here through my realm forums, thanks in advance for any info :-)Cynthêta12 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Looking for... Hello I am looking to join or make a 3's team. I have never tried to get rating only cap. As you can see my only team is for 2's. Witch is at almost 1700, my goal is to hit 1850 then 2k etc. Highest I've been in arena is 1787 on a RShammy. Highest i have been in RBGS is 1894. Msg me in game or on here, and thank you for you time. PS: Come duel me some time I'm always outside of Org.Rämmus0 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 I must find a guild... A good one... Hey Yo! So I am looking for a guild on this Realm. Coming back to WoW after a long break. Making a Death Knight, the good old stuff... Now, I am looking for an incredibly social guild. I hate looking at guild chat and just see the occasional "Grats" when someone hits level 20. I am interested in PvP, though I am only level 55 right now. So if any guild out there. Send me a hollar! My ingame name is : Raandor.Ralvaadar8 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 General Temuja Up today on Kil'jaeden. First time i've ever seen him up. So if he's the last one you need for One Many Army achievement make sure you get him today. 1 min respawn timer i think.Martyr0 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Broken Way to go guys! Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 a cool story that people will tell at parties So I'm sitting at my desk at work and our mail guy walks up and says "Hey I have this box for you and it has an Assassins Creed IV Black Flag sticker on the outside". Like an excited child I knew Ubisoft had sent me some swag items for Black Flag. So I open up the box and look inside and there is an Assassin's Creed branded treasure chest inside. I lift the chest out of the box and flip the lock tab up and slowly open the chest. *queue Zelda open chest music* Oh my goodness. Its a full size Assassin's Creed Black Flag, oh and a personalized scroll from the VP of sales and marketing. So now I have a full size Assassin's Creed Black Flag to go with my full size Assassin's Creed 3 American flag. Running out of wall space for these flags. TLDR: l got flags.Unth5 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 WTS lvl 25 Guild Just as the topic states, WTS lvl 25 guild, with all bank tabs unlocked, and all Gold Challenge Modes completed for pet. All boas unlocked, etc. Contact me in game or via Battletag - ElDiablito#1694Zìon3 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Warsong Clan Crushed So last night, my Sons guild was crushed yet again while trying to attempt a king kill in Stormwind. Im sure mama's largest mistake finds it to be a success since they managed to get him down to approximately 70% before any resistance showed up and crushed them in a matter of moments. This attack was again pathetic because.... 1. Warmane and the Win traders lead it. 2. It was done at 10pm server and not a peak time. 3. Did I mention my son recruits Win traders and claims to have the number 1 ranked guild in the U.S.A and still cant even get a king kill without being wiped by a raid of mostly pugs. Son, I think it is time that you come clean and just admit to everyone on the server what we already know. That is that you recruit Win traders and encourage it. It is one thing to do it so you have the best. It is another to just flat out lie about saying you dont when every person on the server knows the truth. In closing to make my major points again... 1. Warmane is a Joke. 2. His guild is full of Win traders. 3. I like Pizza 4. I could use some beer. 5. Warsong Clan is the biggest Joke on Server. Love, MamaWarmanesmom13 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Parents Don't beat around the bush. Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 [10/13 25HM] (Horde) <Silly Hats Only> LFM Recruitment Needs: Tanks: full Heals: Monk(high) - Shaman - Druid DD: Balance Druid(high) - Warrior(high) - Enhance Shaman <Silly Hats Only> ( is a late night 25 man raiding guild on US-Kil'Jaeden where the core are working adults who can not raid at other times. We offer a fair, friendly, mature, and progressive raiding environment. The majority of our raiders are over 20. We all share the common values of being respectable, responsible and accountable. If you like to cause drama or have tendencies to go emo, easily offended, or can not take criticism in a mature manner, we are probably not for you. Raid Times (Pacific): Tuesday: 10:00pm - 1:00am Wednesday: 10:00pm - 1:00am Thursday: 10:00pm - 1:00am Loot System: DKP (Loot council for tier.) We have been around since 2008 with a strong leadership core that have been raiding together since Ulduar. As part of being raid ready, we expect every raider to pick up information regarding raiding (etiquette, speccing, gemming, glyphing, enchanting, boss encounters, consumables, gear for mainspec, offspec, etc). We raid 9 hours a week and we push to get as much done in that time as possible. We are always looking for strong individuals that can contribute in raids and socially out of raids. We are interested in folks who share these qualities: 1. Remain informed and updated about WoW. 2. Are driven to excel and be competitive with their peers. 3. Are self sufficient and reliant but willing to lend a helping hand. 4. Are self aware and accountable for their actions or lack there of. 5. Are environment aware and will adapt quickly to situational changes. 6. Are able to take directions and executes them well. 7. Have a good personality and strong moral character. 8. Have a silly inner child that enjoys a good laugh. We like to keep our roster at about 30-35. Our aim is for everyone to get playing time, while we sometimes may rotate folks in and out depending on progression needs, we will always try to make things fair for everyone. All applications are private. We prefer applicants who can contribute at or close to our level of progression. We are always open to players who share our values and culture. If you are looking for a long term raiding home, we are looking for good long term folks to raid with. More information can be found on our website: Contacts: Ayleah, Donomito, Darkeststar, Mularos, SonsoSonso8 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Aaaaand Back! That's it for me. I have grown weary of all of the drama. The finger pointing and the mudslinging. The following changes must be made to keep the order of things in my absence. Meepsie will be the new shigglz Novababy shall fill double duty as novababy and meepise simultaneously Rawr shall be replaced by psyxe's newborn baby Dnasis shall be replaced by 3 neurotic gnomes in a trenchcoat DRhoot shall take over as guild procrastinator Faydra shall be in charge of all guild tax returns (for obvious reasons) Kat shall be the new pwny Pwny will be the new kat and take care of all hurt feelings, booboos and mopiness in a tender and caring fashion When it comes to leading wpvp, I am such a dynamic presence all of my wpvp duties will need to be spread across several people Yelling/singing/inane rambling/nonsensical gibberish: Yeezi Stratergimizing: Meepsie Deflating of raid members egos: Novababy Securing, filing, and coalescing of Zoning permits for the various areas we will be occupying: Faydra (Again for obvious reasons) Fielding complaints about general lousiness of wpvp locations: Rawr Lookin' pretty and staring off into the sunset stoically: Keylog These are my wishes. I leave you now my guildies in the hands of very capable people. Boy that nap was really worth it. k lets make sure all is in order!Shigglz27 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 LF allys (lvls 47-53ish) to LFD with... New to the server. I'm looking to meet and group up with others on the server for some random dungeons. I'll be online between the hours of 11a-4p pst the next couple of days and late nights over the weekend. Feel free to add me.Scytheu0 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 LF MAGE LF Mage for 2s pushZiggos3 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 What happened KJ Why does our realm forum suck now?Stagnetti40 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Wind Traders Wind Trader is a title given to certain ethereal merchants. They seem to deal in especially exotic goods from other dimensions. The quote "An order is whispered upon the nether winds and Mah'duun hears." said by Nether-Stalker Mah'duun, seems to hint what the 'wind' refers to. Source: The more you know!Skillswap6 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 This is just silly *redacted*Stackdaddy14 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 iLVL 535 Ret Paladin [2/13 H] exp. Kil’Jaeden iLVL 535 Ret Paladin [2/13 H] exp. Kil’Jaeden Name: Tamien Server: Kil’Jaeden Race: Blood Elf Class: Paladin Professions: Engineering/Enchanting (Have Jeeves, Blingtron, Mailbox, etc.) Main Spec: Retribution Off Spec: Whichever you want me to have. I’m currently looking for a new raiding group as it has come time to say goodbye with my current guild. I perform exceptionally well on the charts and consider my DPS to be above average for my current iLVL of 535. I am not cocky about my DPS, but I am consistently topping Damage charts in my current guild. I work full time so I can only raid in the evenings preferably around 7pm-10pm Pacific Time. Also, I prefer to raid about 3 days per week. My current progression in this tier is [12/12 N] and [2/13 H], but have [13/13 H] knowledge. I’ve been raiding since ’06 so I have a good understanding of raiding, and progressing in general. I have raided with many heroic guilds in the past and believe I can be a good fit for any guild who is looking for a good melee DPS to round out their core. I’d prefer to stay on the Kil’Jaeden server and the Horde faction, but if you have what I’m looking for, maybe we can negotiate. Also, please be respectful and kind to your raiders, as this is what caused me to leave my last guild.Tamien2 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Raiding guilds that raid M, W, TH, or F? Healer and Dps looking for a raiding guild that raids on any of these days. Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays or Fridays If you are a guild master/raid leader who does raid these days please say something here and I will message you in game for more/with informationAoï1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 New thread most frightening Transmogs? This one has my vote! I had to paint you<3Kittystyle14 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 <Warsong Clan> Recruitment Thread WARSONG CLAN - is recruiting all level 90s that want to participate in some very fun activities being held within our guild! We schedule daily RBGs, Arenas, World PVP, Tournaments, Random Battlegrounds, and more! ABOUT US - Warsong Clan is a PVP oriented guild focused on bringing a mature environment. The WSC is very family oriented. We treat each other as a close family. We're a wolf pack. You live with the clan, you die with the clan. I learned that if guild members are not treated like valued members, then the purpose of the guild shouldn't even exist. We have brought players from around the world to transfer over to Kil'jaeden and join our guild, solely by the fact that I take the time to explain our guild to them and provide key aspects of the guild that will peak their interest. We encourage everyone who meets the requirements to join our guild. THE MISSION - The mission is to provide a fun environment for players to socialize and PVP without the competitiveness. Our goal is to create what a guild should essentially be, a guild. A place for players to interact with each other and have a darn good time. On a daily basis, WSC runs RBGs, Arenas, World PVP, and very consistent Battleground groups! It is the unique quality that keeps this guild alive. My philosophy is that if you are not having fun, then you are not going to be happy and successful in this game. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN - In order to join the Warsong Clan, you need to be level 90. Warsong Clan has a sister guild called <Warsong Offensive> for low level players. <Warsong Offensive> is a leveling guild for players to get the opportunity to reach level 90 and join the Warsong Clan. THE WOLF PACK & VOTING SYSTEM - To keep the guild intact, the wolf pack (as we so call it), votes on important decisions that make it strongly democratic. Every Saturday, the Warchief and his Warlords hold a meeting to discuss our progress, promotions, and anything that we need to improve on as a clan. Voting will be used on making decisions that will involve the higher ups. We do this because if one person makes the decision without the opinion of his peers, it ends up causing one big catastrophe. And players start disagreeing with each other because it wasn't voted fairly. We believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and improving themselves after making a mistake. MATURITY - Warsong Clan has a zero tolerance policy on immature behavior. Most of our guild members are consisted of young adults to adults. Being mature means to take responsibility for your actions, contributing in a positive way to the guild, supporting yourself (versus sponging off of your guild members so much) and understanding the meaning of appropriate. We have rules and standards to ensure that guild chat is appropriate and relevant to the game. Irrelevant topics are okay in guild chat, as long as you are being appropriate and not using offensive language. We respect everyone and their right to freedom of speech, until it offends another person. 24/7 WORLD PVP & OUR LARGE, OCEANIC COMMUNITY - We have grown a substantial amount of players in the Oceanic realms that transferred. We have a fantastic community expanding all the way out to Australia, UK, New Zealand, and more! Our Oceanic players is what keeps the guild active during the night time. We do a lot of World PVP during the day and night. This includes occasional city raids, vendors, shrine, goldshire, mage tower, etc. World PVP is about fun. We encourage players to understand that World PVP is about fun and excitement. You should never let competitiveness get in the way of having fun with your friends in the guild. RATED BATTLEGROUNDS - Warsong Clan has a developmental and developed rated battleground department. According to the third party website Guildox,, we are #1 in the Kil'jaeden server and #1 in the US (subject to change). Because of our activity in rated battlegrounds every day, we have worked our way to the top by transitioning our players from 0-1500. We are now pushing our 1500-2200 teams. Our guild is intended to both educate new players and push our current players to the top in rating. Leaders of the developmental rated battlegrounds, are the ones that will put you through a crash course, understand your surroundings in each map, and help you better understand the strategies used in rated battlegrounds. When all of the players in the developmental rated battlegrounds reach 1500, they get successfully transitioned to the developed rated battlegrounds with several end-game leaders. This process is to help new players get the chance to be part of this amazing community. If anyone is interested in doing rated battlegrounds, feel free to leave the GM or any of the Officers a message in-game.Warmane212 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 @Silva Sloppy. Learn some good defense from this guy. Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Blue bait... I made you some cookies. mmm, delicious chocolate chip cookies. Well, not really, but I Googled you pictures of cookies.Aurora5 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 TAW.NET Recruiting [Multi Gaming Platform] : [TAW] The Art of Warfare - Recruiting (PC) Who we are: The Art of Warfare (TAW) is recruiting mature players for our WoW team. TAW is a premier global multi-game organization, founded over 10 years ago, with 1400+ membership and spanning 20+ games on every continent (except Antarctica) we currently reside on the Kil'jaeden, Sargeras, Blackrock, Winterhoof, Fenris realms. Our WoW team is focused on: * Competitiveness * Training and skill enhancement ( In depth Game knowledge and Experience) * Fun and friendly runs (Dungeon Farms or Raid farms depending on the needs of our members) * Heroic runs * Player vs Player What we do: Our WoW team is new and i seeking mature players that want to play and also those that want to lead teams. Our focus is on accountability, training, teamwork, and communication. We treat all gamers with respect and expect our members to uphold these ethics. We also never put gaming above real life with the team, so don’t worry, you’ll still have a job, family and soul even after joining. How to join us: To be a member you need to: * Have a working microphone or headset. (We use Teamspeak 3) * Fill out a member application at our main website * Be generally available 1 night per week for team-play (we don’t mind if members occasionally miss some, we have real lives too) Please visit our main website at In the interim, feel free to grab a TAW member for a game or two so you can see if we're what you're looking for. How to contact us: * Post on this thread or on our WoW Public forums here : *** IMPORTANT: If you do apply, check your e-mail regularly! Whatever e-mail address you register with is where we'll get in touch with you first! *** Thanks and hope to see you on the battlefield soon!Waterbamsen3 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Ele LF late night [H] 10m raiding guild nvm. found oneDalthiann0 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 nothing to see here. edited because I'm scared.Skillswap8 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 LF guild...uhh people actually do this? Been on Thunderlord since release, server died years ago. All my friends quit, transferred, my girl and I just went through a move to a new city and have been working a lot so WoW fell off the radar since December. I have a bunch of raid history, server firsts, etc. on a handful of toons. 100k hk's, conq title, etc. all before patch releases. To be honest feels weird to post such a thing since all of my WoW "life" I've just been playing with people and made my way in and out of guilds.. Anyways, being so long since I've played my gears outdated...I'm honestly looking for good players to play with and get to know on this server. Not even sure if I want to return to the game but hoping to relight the spark if I can find some cool players to hang with. All my friends quit, transferred. I'm a good player and if you play with me I can prove it - Hopefully some of you guys know how it feels to come back to the game and having no one to play with, maybe you can relate. It sucks lol. Maybe not. Anyways, reply here or something or mail me in-game. I have every class I can choose from if you guys care. They'll all need gear, some may need levels... mm, thanks... Michael. :)Ryurik2 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Templars of Azeroth Hello Alliance! I have transferred factions. You all know me as Rotbeef. :) I have come to fight the good fight for King Varian and wipe the Auction House raids! Rydaar, Kartim, Robertplont, Afkautoshawt, Chiefhitab, and I have come to the Alliance to start a progressive guild that dabbles it's fingers in everything. We plan on raiding in the future, we plan on WPvP'ing, and you are welcome to throw us an invite if Horde needs to be slain. Best of all, we are offering ourselves as sell-swords. We have a mix of stealth and brute force classes. You can find us on the /who list and if you need someone dead, let us know. :) This applies to both Alliance, and Horde, as we have Horde toons as well. I can be contacted on Rotbeef, who is now known as Sithese, and is a Worgen. :) We look forward to working with the Alliance. :)Rankonedruid14 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 @You Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 PRISM The U.S. government is watching you, listening to you, and taking money from you. Do you agree or disagree with PRISM? Is it too invasive on Americans privacy? Do you feel the American people fear their government? Please explain your answer.Leah23 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Hail the conquering hero! Jul 9, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Up and coming tank LF Evening Raiding Guild I am currently looking for a raiding guild that runs tues-thrus 7PM-10PM. Yes, I am still gearing and yes I am not very well progressed, but I will get there. I am not looking to be carried, just want to progress content with chill people. Hit me up in game.Diablolos0 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 i quit again. After being gone for an entire week, I realize that I'm still tired of everyone!!! I don't care anymore. Everyone here is annoying and can go suck on my big giant ups package.Donnah11 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 <Is With Stupid> We currently are recruiting active players to take part in our guild. We are currently looking for a Holy Pally or Disc Priest for our core and a couple exceptional dps to fill our rooster. We are a group of friends that started on Area 52 and have progressed very well in the past with our limited schedule. In the end of cata before we took a break we were in the top 20 guilds on Area 52. We run Sat and Sun nights at 7:30 realm time and are currently 9/12 norm. We will be looking to do at least norm clear as fast as possible and moving into heriocs and to build a strong core for next tier. We will even take alts and others to run in core that might just want a spot and might not want to join as long as you can make the times and have good attendance. We expect players to know their class and the fights and to be helpful to others. We play multiply game going from BF3 to League of Legends together. If you have any question fell free to whisp me , Khàotic (alt 0224), Orangesoup, or Fodizzle in game. Thanks.Pureèvel5 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 [H] LF lvl 85-87 twinks for arena/bg [Horde] I'm looking for skilled and mop geared lvl 85 twinks for slaughterfest arena achieves and 85-87 twinks for bg pwnage. my in-bg ilvl is 479, outside is 437. my hp in bg is 410k hp. (spriest)Boonen1 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 3/13H 10m recruiting 1 geared dps or tank Located in Zul'jin horde, paid transfer if you seem like a good fit Needs: a warlock, any melee dps OR a plate tank Progression: 3/13H (jin'rokh, horridon, ji kun), good progression on tortos and iron qon Raid times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 10 pm EST until 1 am. Ocassional monday if we can't raid any of the previous nights due to unforseen circumstances. Add OblivioN#1894 if interestedOblivion1 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 LF2M 10 Man Throne of Thunder [Horde] For any people who are interested, I am attempting at assembling an ALT or EXPERIENCED 10 man normal group to raid ToT. This group will most likely run the duration of this tier, so I will be looking for people interested in maintaining attendance as such. Details are as follows: Time: 7-11 pm PST (server) SUNDAY (Monday 7 pm will serve as an additional date if necessary) Loot: Rolls distributed by Master Looter. MS > OS (will be discussed and set previous to raid) Raider Requirements: Approx. 500 ilvl, consumables, and the full time period available. This raid will take approximately 4 hours of 10 peoples lives, so approach it as such and lets not waste each others' time. THE GROUP SO FAR: Tanks: Monk (need 1 more - would like a Paladin/Warrior) Heals: Shaman (need 1 more- would like a Paladin/Priest) Druid (offspec) DPS: Death Knight Rogue Moonkin Warlock Hunter Positions will be filled in a prioritization of gear and experience. Depending on group competency and gear, heroics may be attempted, however expedience will always be chosen over loot, and the main objective will be clearing as much content as possible during the given Sunday timeframe. Please contact Tipzee in game or post as the character you would like to bring, your main spec, as well link to any other relevant experience. All decisions will be made prior to Friday (6/5). Thank you for your time and I look forward to raiding! [EDIT: needs] [EDIT2: needs/group info] [EDIT3: needs]Tipzee9 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Death Race 2013! WINNERS: 1st place: Barrybones 2nd place: Deathrasah 3rd place: Meepsie Thanks to everyone who came out! It's back! It was never really gone, mind you. It's been lurking in the dark corners of our server. Watching. Waiting. But now its time has come. And you will all die. A lot. When: July 6th, 8pm server time Where: TBA Who: Any level 1 Horde toon! FAQ: What is a Death Race? It's a bunch of level 1s running from a predetermined start, to a predetermined finish. In between many things will kill them over and over. And over. How do I enter? No need to enter, per se. Just show up the day of on your level 1 Horde. No fair! I want to play, but I don't have any room for a new toon. What do? If your character screen is full of super awesome toons already, you can always roll a level one on a different server and be pulled into ours via grouping. You'll need to make sure you have the 10g to level lock, though, as it can't be traded to you from here. Can I bride you to win? No. I'm engaged. Are you sure? I have a lot of money. I just want the glory. I'm sure. Why are you so mean? I blame the schools. Rules: You must stay level 1. It's 10g and money will be provided if you need it. No mounts AKA- bribing someone to carry you on theirs. No flight paths. No spirit rezzing, you must return to your body. No potions or speed buffs. No having friends path clear. You'll be naked! Just to add insult to injury. You must be guildless. It would be unfair for some to have "The Quick and the Dead" while others do not. No Monks.Cheaters will be disqualified. Cheating is bad, mmmk? Prizes! (subject to increase, see below for our FABULOUS contributors) 1st place: 8kg + 62kg (donations) = 70,000g + 1st choice of one of the pets available 2nd place: 4kg + 29kg (donations) = 33,000g + 2nd choice of one of the pets available 3rd place: 2kg + 14kg (donations) = 16,000g + pet AVAILABLE PETS: lvl 25 Disgusting Oozeling lvl 25 Aqua Strider lvl 25 Spectral Porcupette Notes: If you are participating via the different server option let me know beforehand so I can add you to my Bnet friends list and send you an invite at race time. Please note that any race with phasing issues (goblins, pandas) won't be able to be summoned. Choose your level 1 accordingly. Set-up will take some time. Possibly a long time. Please be patient and try to arrive as early as possible. I recommend being on at least 30 minutes prior to the start as giving out invites and organizing groups will consume much time. We can't form a raid with level 1s, so you'll be shifted around into groups a lot until we begin racing. I'll need some moderators. If you don't want to race, but would still like to participate, you can help me by watching over a group and keeping people on track / make sure no one is cheating. Just leave me a note here or mail Lyllian / Nandel. Our vent is small, so we'll be using Raidcall for this event. Download it if you think you'd like to listen in on the chaos and snort laughing at your expense. I'll post the info for it later, mostly because I don't feel like looking it up right now. If you plan to donate money, leave a note here and send it to Lyllian / Nandel. I will put your name up as a contributor in the prize section. Prize money will not be increased until I actually receive the gold in-game. Out of contest testimonials from previous Death Races: ... ... ... ... ... ... Leave questions / comments /concerns below. THANK YOU for the donations: Famìne- 50,000g Aleous- 2,000g Bumfights- lvl25 Disgusting Oozeling Cooler- 3,000g Zurgal & <Azeroth Brewing Company>- 10,000g + lvl25 Aqua Strider <Village Idiot> Hide and Seek Winners: Alasandra, Ishmishmish, CyaNYide, Milkjugs- 4,000g Tom- 10,000g + lvl 25 Spectral Porcupette Hertlas- 20,000g Vorinth- 3,000g Bodyodor- 3,000g "take first or go home"Lyllian223 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 MUST READ! ***IMPORTANT*** If you view my armory, it looks like I have a blue nose. Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Dear Loate, when you retire from the NFL and run for political office, I will change my official residence in the US to be able to vote for you. Love, most of this serverContre13 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 @Wintraders I'm proud to be stuck at my 1800 wall. No shame.Keylogthis22 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Kil'jaeden Bestiary: Volume 1 The Warsong Flan Physical Attributes: Bulbous, flaccid, jelly-like substance covered in small bumps on oily skin. Resistant to physical damage, but slow to respond to unexpected enemy behavior and can be tricked by a cunning adventurer. Behaviors: Congeals in gutters, sewers, and trashcans all over Azeroth. Harmless when few, dangerous in large numbers. Will not attack unless victory is assured due to larger numbers. Specimens can be heard either howling like wolves or gurgling their mating call, 'Erf wnd und fahr heed mai caw!"Drhoot26 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 <Deep Blue>Kil'jadenLF oldGrumpyRaider Alright, well you saw the title and thought, hmmm wtf is this all about? Or you thought, wait a minute! That's me! Raid nights, Tue, Thu, 6pm-9pm PST. 12/12 norm, 2/13 heroic. Trying to avoid TLDR, but we are fairly particular about our group and family. Deep Blue is a guild that was created back in 2006, and has quite a diverse history. It was a 40 man guild, a 25 man guild, a 25/dual 10 man guild, and now finally a single 10 person guild. It has been a top 5 progression guild, and a completely casual guild, depending on the expansion. We have always prided ourselves on the diversity of our players, and traditionally have been a home to adults, and couples especially. We don't tolerate intentional offense toward any race, religion, creed, or sexual preference. That being said, we can be quite crude, crass, and "offensive" in a completely friendly way once everyone is friends. We have an 18 year old minimum age, with the exception for an occasional members child. We are at a point in our wow career, where raiding 2 nights a week for 3 hours each is ideal for our lifestyle. We are pursuing heroic modes, and have normal cleared. We are serious about our raiding. We min/max, we log our fights, we discuss theory, and we fix things when they are broke.(aka, nice call out. What can we do to help you not stand in fire? Stop f'ing up) The ideal candidate would have been playing for a couple years+. Have a strong understanding of the game. Be completely committed to showing up 2 times a week, rain or shine, with the rare occasional absence, with the courtesy to let us know on the forum and ahead of time in game. They would have good situational awareness, and be open to criticism. What we can offer you is; a great group of people. A couple of women (taken sorry!). A great environment for couples, especially frisky ones (gay or straight). A 99% drama free environment. Generally we run daily heroic scenarios, hit most of the current RF throughout the week, have all recipies, free repairs, level 25 guild. A bunch of pet collectors, and sharers. Usually some pvp Friday or Saturday nights. But just generally a great place to call home. At any given time, we rarely have more then 1 or 2 bench players. If they are highly competent, and have a desire to raid, we do our best to rotate them in. At this point a druid healer would be ideal, with a tank offspec, but really our main concern is finding a great fit. Hit me up in game (Pretent(alt-141)ous), Slaybelle, Cairnek, or Mendoza. Or visit our website and apply at As a side note, if you happen to own the level 23 alliance rogue named Pretentious, I will pay good gold for the name!Pretentìous4 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 (H) Psychedelic New Weekend Morn Raid Group We are recruiting for a new Weekend Mornings raid group. The times will be Saturday's and Sunday's anytime after 3am EST going no later than 2pm EST. The exact/specific times will be worked out when the full or near full raid group is gathered. What we are looking for. 1 Off Tank with DPS Off spec (Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Druid) 2 Heals (Pally or Disc Priest + 1 Raid healer Pref.) 1 DPS Heal OS 3 Ranged DPS 2 Melee DPS Raid synergy will be worked out accordingly. We will start as early as MSV if the majority of the group is around that gear level. Be prepared to be Semi-Hardcore 4-5 hours a weekend is what we are most likely looking at. We will work on getting through as fast as possible and into Heroic modes feel free to whisper me in game, send me an ingame mail or post here.Lafitafii1 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Get Ready to Death Race! It's time! There are mages in the starting zones, waiting to summon you to Org. Once you get to Org, go to the top of the the Warrior trainer's building and level lock. If you need the 10g, I am waiting in the room and can trade it to you. If you have a cross-realm character, add Lyllian#1999. Please be patient while we sort groups after that! Thank you! Currently on Nandel. Make sure you have read the rules here: Village Idiot Raid Call: ID: 6197854 Course Maps: Spirit Healers: Jul 8, 2013
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Jul 7, 2013 @Meepsie I like your mask.Keylogthis11 Jul 7, 2013