Jul 25, 2013 ... I found a guild. wall of text deleted. carry on.Alythas0 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 @Alliance Seems alliance are getting a little too "Comfy" on my turf. I've been itching for another stormwind raid. You will be held accountable for your actions very soon. Happy Hunting SpartaxanSpartaxan90 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 WTB Storms End, Fearless, & Glory I cant devote a lot of time to this, looking for a group to include me on the run. I am not looking for a carry, dont need to be carried so I hope that affects the price. I am simply wanting to buy a spot in a capable group.Narsys2 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 532 Shadow Priest & 536 Rouge 3/13H Looking for a casual but progressive raiding group. 8:30pm server is about the time we can start and we are only looking for 25m. Looking to xfer from Arthas, our 25m there recently broke up. We left off at Heroic Jin, Horridon, and Tortos. We are a package deal :) Norallyne#1181Noralyne0 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 LF raid guild I am looking for a guild for my hunter. I will consider switching to alliance for the right fit. I work a job which affords me the opportunity to raid from work, and I am looking for things to do. my available nights are W, Th, Sat/Mon. Prefer not to go over 3 days, and I heavily prefer those days. I am a very experienced raider, been playing since vanilla, and have pre nerf kills on almost all raid bosses this game has seen. shoot me friend request, and we can go from there rokkar#1706Toxix2 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 527 fury war LF hardcore 10/25 raiding guild I am looking for a guild that's at least 2/13H and raids at least 3 days a week between the hours of 6pm and 11pm PST. Will go either horde or alliance! Currently 1/13H with exp on heroic Jin-Kun. About me... I have raided in a top US 50 guild back during cataclysm and I later raided with Month's Behind on the US-Eredar up until the end of Firelands before I was injured and forced to take a break from gaming. I am raid aware and very skilled at the fury warrior spec. I dabble in arms a bit, but I don't play arms much during a raid. You can reach me in-game at: Tookee#1343 Thanks for looking and good luck in 5.4!!Jackball0 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 Very wealthy player looking for a reason... spend. Thats right folks. Not only am I very good looking, I have ALOT of gold. If you have a great deal for me. Exotic items and even services, post it here. I may get back to you and share some of my wealth. Even if I am not interested, someone else reading this might be.Daenon190 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 i hav a question lols hw do they mak penut butter lol haha xD do they liek mix penuts and butter but ware did the penuts go lol!!!? Thank YouDre8 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 Mors Certa going Horde, LF Healers+DPS As of this Monday, 7/22, we will be joining the exodus of Alliance and faction changing to Horde. Because of this, we will be looking to add some people to our raid roster. ╔════════════════════════════════╗ ABOUT US ╚════════════════════════════════╝ We are a 25-man guild, located on the server Kil'jaeden, which is a PVP, high population server. We are a progression oriented guild with members that all share the same goal ... to down end tier bosses and do so in a competitive manner. We have been around for well over 5 years, so we're not a guild that will be dead once you transfer or has some uncertain future ahead of it. This is not a casual guild and we have high standards for all our members. We are here to be the best we can be while being on a shortened raid schedule. Past progression includes pre-patch kills of Mu'ru, Kil'jaeden, Yogg-Saron (0 Light), Algalon, Anub'arak, Lich King, Cho'gall, Sinestra, and Deathwing. We killed Ragnaros post patch because at the time the guild was going through a transition period. We expect to continue this same track record well into Mists of Pandaria. ╔════════════════════════════════╗ RAID TIMES ╚════════════════════════════════╝ Monday - Thursday, 8pm - 11pm PST ╔════════════════════════════════╗ CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS ╚════════════════════════════════╝ Druid (boomkin) ***HUGE NEED*** Druid (resto) ***HUGE NEED*** Hunter Priest (holy/disc) Shaman (resto) Warlock **exceptional players of any class will always be considered** ╔════════════════════════════════╗ PROGRESSION (25-man) ╚════════════════════════════════╝ Throne of Thunder (11/13 Heroic - 12/12 Normal) Jin'rokh the Breaker Horridon Council of Elders Tortos Megaera Ji-Kun Durumu the Forgotten Primordius Dark Animus Iron Qon Twin Consorts Mogu'shan Vaults (5/6 Heroic) Stone Guard Feng the Accursed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder Spirit Kings Elegon Heart of Fear (3/6 Heroic) Blade Lord Ta'yak Garalon Wind Lord Mel'jarak Terrace of Endless Spring (4/4 normal) Protectors of the Endless Tsulong Lei Shi Sha of Fear ╔════════════════════════════════╗ CONTACT INFO ╚════════════════════════════════╝ If interested, you can find our website at to fill out an application or if you have further questions, you can contact me on my Battle ID at Chimi#1777.Chimii21 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 Admit it ya'll do it Refresh the realm status page over and over, waiting for them to turn green.Hollyforest19 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 OldCore Raiders (recruitment) OldCore Raiders is a transfer guild and looks to be more active in raiding. We will be building a raid group and are looking for active, skilled and open minded individuals who would like to push content before the next patch and hopefully be geared enough to step right into new content. We are currently accepting all applicants (490) Ilvl and above. Our raid times will be (group 1) Tuesday, wednesday and Thursday evening's 10-1 server time. (Group 2) raid on Saturday and Sunday's at 6 server time. On august 11th there will be another group for raiding at 7 server time. Please feel free to apply at: Jul 25, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 WTS: Super Rare Plans: Persuader so i killed nef today and got this to drop looking to sell it, feel free to pst me on Undekayed or post here only serious offers pleaseUndekayed1 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Division VII Recruiting For WPVP Efforts DIVISION VII, Kil'Jaeden - US Table Of contents - Guild introduction - Opening Recruitment For Following - Requirement Needs - Special information - Website Application RATED BATTLEGROUND MAIN PROGRESSION CORE Guardian Druid (HIGH) Frost/Fire Mage (HIGH) ROGUE (HIGH) Frost DK - Must have experience in TK and can do it well (HIGH) Disc Priests (MEDIUM) Destro Warlock (MEDIUM) Hunters (MEDIUM) We are looking to recruit several players for a 100% rbg spot. Due to a bloated roster we will not be recruiting Casuals. MAIN PROGRESSION CORE INFORMATION: Main RBG Schedule: (Tues & Weds 8:45PM ST - 11:45PMST). Our best members are passionate about their classes and roles. They are constantly looking for ways to improve, take constructive criticism objectively, and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. They are prepared to adapt to random situations they may encounter and have no issues with being aware of their surroundings. If you think you have the talent and attitude to belong in a stable progression-focused guild, we would love to see an application from you. We are looking to recruit players with the following exceptional attributes: rbg experience 1700+, guild history, commitment to quality and improving themselves, willingness to put in long hours, and up to date gear, enchants, gems, and raiding professions. Serious applicants can apply @ or pm Spartaxan for a teamspeak interview. Guild introduction Division VII was created by me Spartaxan and Fiancee Nitetress along with some old members from Disciples of Disorder on Kel'thuzad. Division VII was founded on February 1st 2013, with a vision of creating a solid guild environment for arena, rated battlegrounds and world pvp with an outstanding reputation. We want to build around a core of active, experienced players with a shared interest in pvp. We now have around 500+ active members and more are expected. The guild consists of players with high arena and rated battleground experience, and a lot of our members are already competing towards high ratings this season as well. We are opening recruitment for the following: - Main Core 1 Progression RBG Team (Tues & Weds 8:45PM ST - 1145PM ST) - World PVP/City Raids/City Defense - Housing Arena Groups/RBG Groups - Weekend Casual RBG Group There will be a 10m RBG alt group (Maybe bumped up to two depending on how many players are interested). If you are interested in this feel free to PM Spartaxan, Nitetress, Shamwich, Hotshot, Candydots for more information. Again we are not recruiting mediocre players for our RBG positions. Gear, Experience, Achiev Logs will be required before acceptance. WORLD PVP RECRUITMENT Players interested in our daily wpvp operations are welcomed to join. You must be full malv and 90 to be accepted into our guild. See any officer for more information. Previous Locked Recruitment Threads Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 LFG west coast raiding schedule Will main a tank/priest/plate dps/leather dps whatever. Just looking for the guild 8-11 pm pst Kneecaps7 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 I am ready to start smashing some cows around Hello Kil'Jaeden Community, I am new to the server, and the game actually. I know I am a no body, and a low level, but that is certainly going to change. I am looking for a level 25 guild willing to take me in. In all honesty, I dont care about your guild charter, I just want the bonus exp and some of the other perks associated with a higher ranked guild. I know it shows I am currently in one, but that was just a desparate measure and I will disband immediately. OK, so about me: I played Everquest for many many years and that is the extent of my MMO experience. Outside of gaming, I am a 22 yr old instructor (online university, and editor) so I will probably troll this forum and correct half the garbage the majority of you dimwits leave here. You can just call me the grammar policewoman if you'd like :) Outside of gaming I run track, work hard, and love Golden Retrievers. I collect gas station travel mugs, and enjoy reading/watching the Game of Thrones series. I have met Jack Black. I am probably cooler than you are. And I had a black cat named Macey Grey, who was hit by a car two weeks ago, and who is still on the side of the road. I bring a small amount of food/milk to her about every other day. I am not looking for an internet boyfriend so let's put that out there first. We will never meet. We will not click. And your mom's basement isn't big enough for the both of us. I was born with physical mutism so I am not open for vent/mumble massaging either. My goals in this game are pretty simple. I will smear your face across every continent this game offers to me. I will reach the rank of Gladiator and High Warlord, and the Horde will learn to hate me. I don't keyboard turn. That means I already win against most of you Horde turds. Camp me now while you can, because once I hit 90 I am going to make your 14.99/month a living nightmare. Get comfy in your graves, you'll be there a while. Especially Tauren. Love Burgers, hate the cows. You fat, hairy, excuses of a race will be the first to die. So, please shoot me a message in game if you are a level 25 alliance guild willing to let me level a bit faster with your perks! Bloody Kisses, -MesMesmorie152 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 (H) Intuition [10] weekend PvE LFM Intuition a weekend 10 man raid guild is currently recruiting more competent players for our core 10 man team. The majority of the guild has competed in world ranked raiding over the past expansions including vanilla wow. We are currently in search of another healer, DPS, and a tank. We are looking for any competent players that would enjoy end game content along with pressing into HM's. Our raid times are 5-8pm server Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to inquire! :)Garmel0 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 huh I thought these forums were bad, you post the slightest hint of an opinion on General Forums and god for bid, you might as well have opened pandoras box..... I'm sorry I ever said KJ forums were childish, I love you all <3 stay you!Tobi15 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 You get that feeling? That someone is watching you? Like, I've been keeping this to myself the whole time because I don't want anyone thinking I'm crazy but for some reason, around the same time everyday, I lose control of myself. It's like someone is controlling me and I can't do nothing about it. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?Catdad5 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 LokTarOgar's Recruitment Thread Greetings Kil'Jaeden Horde! Our mission in LokTarOgar is to have fun by effectively dominating the alliance whether it be in Ogrimmar, Stormwind, or anywhere in Azeroth. As a lot of you have already heard, LokTarOgar has been sponsering WPVP events for the past several months. Members of LokTarOgar enjoy a very active community where there is always something to do. They are also free to participate in organized large scale WPVP groups, smaller scale WPvP ganking squads, RBGS, BGS, or any other of the miscellaneous events that we have planned. The guild uses Teamspeak 3 as a means to communicate for RBGs and WPvP events. It is not required as an admission to the guild but it is highly recommended to get the most out of what we have to offer. RBG Details: TEAMSPEAK Communicative, Social, Friendly* *Not a douchebag. Addon Requirements: Battleground Targets (mandatory) All Healers Must Die (or replaced with an Addon that functions similarly) Tidy Plates (optional) Credentials: We all have a huge OPness* *None ******ALSO IN NEED OF SUCCESSFUL RBG LEADER**** (We will go over your strats, history, and preferred teamcomp during discussion.) DPS Needed (All Classes May Apply) HEALERS (All Classes May Apply) FC (All Classes May Apply, Keep in mind upcoming 5.3 Changes, as we are keeping them in mind.) PST to Imhunttarded or any of our leadership. Lok'Tar Ogar!Pokeypanda199 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Dalaran Pronunciation Alright, I have a question for all of you. How do you personally pronounce Dalaran? Is it: 1) d al - uh - ran or 2) Duh - lair - an (I separated the "d" and the "al" in the first one to make sure you pronounced that one like the name "Al")Pretzul21 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Pug healer for ToT Hi, I just came back from a hiatus. Missed all of tier 15. With my rotating schedule at work it's hard for me to commit certain nights to raiding so I'm forced to pug everything. I was wondering anyone needs a healer this week for ToT? I've researched all the fights, I'm an extremely fast learner and can more than pull my weight in healing. I would really like to get the FoS before SoO comes out. 504 resto set ( hopefully higher after today's lfr). Comment or mail me in game if you have any questions.Droodhealz0 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Who does this little snowflake belong to? <removed> I actually had more ss's up here but after thinking on it further and seeing how many homophobic slurs and foul language was used I cut it down to just this one sorry to disappoint. Sorry if I offended anybody by posting ss's of this guys rants to me and the three others of us who were in group. It is being handled in game now :)Kittystyle35 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 -.- Forums are boring now. WTB new drama thread or WSC recruitment post claiming to be #1 please!Ahrim25 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 12/12 Guild LF More DPS Hello, we are <Something Novel>, a freshly formed guild in the market for some skilled raiders. Currently we are 12/12 Normal ToT. We plan to begin pushing heroic content very soon. Our raid times are Friday-Saturday-Sunday 7-11pm server time. Our group is very tight knit and friendly. We offer an inviting atmosphere, a stable raid spot, feasts, and guild repairs. While we would love a Rogue or Hunter, all exceptional players are urged to apply. We stress all applicants have at least a 520 item level and reasonable experience in the current tier. If you're interested in finding out more about us add my battletag: Dioxx#1398, to speak with me in-game. If you wish to fill out an application please visit our website Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 LF Rogue for RLS in 5.4 Any rogues looking for a team for 5.4? I keep hearing it's supposed to be making a comeback again and I much prefer playing mele/caster/healer over caster cleaves. I'm looking for teams both ally and horde side.Nopk2 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Looking for a Singer IF ANYTHING STATED IN THIS POST IS AGAINST BLIZZARD POLICY PLEASE NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED: 7/11/2013 Paying 10k gold for a player to sing for a guild video. I need someone to create a song and sing it, song must be guild related. Then, we build a video around your voice. I will request a 20-30 second vocal sample to review. Only voice, NO video, NO music. Doesn't matter if you're Male or Female. The final song will need to be 3:15min - 4:00min. For hard work, I will not only offer 10k , I'll reward with extra gifts. If you're interested please post in this thread and throw any questions you have at me. I want this project to be public from start to end. When I find what I need, I'll post saying "I found a singer" or so in this thread. Then, I'll post the Guild's Website (which is currently under construction) before the project starts. My main interest is a singer that follows an Alternative, Classical, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, or Rock like style. The song must not be copyrighted by another party, and will be tested. Guild level is 25. <Development> It all starts here. *Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes with respect. NEVER USE CONTACT INFORMATION USED IN BLIZZARD ACCOUNTS As noted by Blizzard "Posts containing personal information about other players. This includes physical addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and inappropriate photos and/or videos." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF ANYTHING STATED IN THIS POST IS AGAINST BLIZZARD POLICY PLEASE NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY.Theristina13 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Oh look at me! I am alliance I !@#$%^-*!e to lions I also like WyrnnBullockobama3 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Lock Looking for a New Home I recently graduated college and moved to LA for my job, and I now have the time for a serious raid schedule (LFR also gets boring). I've been playing since Vanilla, switching between Warlock, Shadow Priest, and Boomkin depending on which is performing the best. I'm looking to get into some serious progression still before the end of the expansion. I would prefer a schedule that starts at either 8PM or later on weekdays or anytime on weekends. My main priority is finding a solid, progression-oriented group that raids consistently each week. If you have any questions, want logs, want to talk in vent, etc. please let me know. In general, reach out to me if you're looking for a lock! Thanks!Kalym2 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Just a reminder Dis pear. So delicious.Stagnetti6 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 [Alliance] Monday Night Call to Arms Hello all :) I'm going to be starting a faction wide event, not because I want 100s of people, because I want to involve more than just swbrb. So I figured screw it, I know tons of people who used to play with me and aren't in SWBRB anymore...So instead of just in-guild Im inviting anyone who wants to pvp in some fashion Monday night to come hang out. Call to arms was an event I created in cata, what it is in a nutshell is pvp is going to happen in one form or another...That may be Premade BGs or WPvP, depending on turn out, what the group feels like doing, and whether or not the horde are amassing. Time: 7pm pacific Date: 7/22/2013 I'll be recruiting in trade heavy that night so it shouldn't be an issue to find me, you can add me as a friend and whisper me if you have any questions. I lead large scale wpvp for months on KJ alliance and was the only reason the alliance fought back at the end of Cata when Requiem was so dominant. Message to alliance wpvp guilds: You are all welcome to come, Ruinous, Ginger Snaps, Legion of Boom, guys need to put the ego's away and come have some fun with the rest of your faction...These kinds of events helped saved the Alliance from crumbling in Cata, and they will help now! Message to horde wpvp guilds: You are more than welcome to make counter events, but if it looks un-winnable we will end up entering a bg or something...Your best bet would be to give me a week or so to gauge interest, then I may be interested in setting up wpvp events in the world, or even some wargames. Message to naysayers: This event will boost faction pride, faction pride will boost moral, moral will boost fun wpvp encounters on our realm....This realm is infamous for guilds clashing with each other, even on the same faction...This will help people come together.... Sorry for grammar/spelling errors. Thanks for reading Kil'Jaeden VENT INFORMATION: This is PublicVent a free vent with over 2000 slots! ( Host: Port: 4135Skillswap42 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 <KILL EM ALL> Want to know more? visit or join Kil'jaeden Alliance !Beworried0 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Buying [Grim Boots of the..] Anything! I'm buying Grim Boots for my set and would pay... 1,000g for them. If you happen to see a pair around, please let me know. :(Ravielle9 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Trade Chat Patricians Keep being ballers and singing praise about Dalaran! ╔══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╗ If you are a beautiful strong King of Dalaran, Put this in your signature so everyone knows who is the crowning royalty. ╚══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╝Famìne6 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Get this So, I was in a group with a priest whom I emote slapped, just because. Well, she didn't like that and decided not to heal me. So, I called her some names of course, and the funny thing happened I was hoping for. I started up the votekick process hoping people wouldn't read it (probably thinking it was me being kicked), but I got her kicked instead! I was going to leave, but instead of getting the 30 minute deserter, I dissolved the whole group. It's the small things in life you gotta enjoy. The small things.Ralavik23 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 [H] Sufficiently Slippery 10/13HC Recruiting! <Sufficiently Slippery> is a 10man guild that has been on this server for almost two months and in that time we have gone from no heroics to 10 heroics down. We have been progressing at almost 2 progression bosses a week which is no small feat. We are very much a progression oriented guild where loot comes second. We got a late start this teir, but come patch 5.4 we will be hitting the ground running, gunning for the top spot. This is not a casual guild and all raiders are held to a very high standard. We are currently in need of a Warlock, Boomkin, or Spriest. Need to be AT LEAST 530 iLevel as we are at final bosses in the teir and cannot take people undergeared. You MUST either have or be CLOSE to getting your legendary cloak. All exceptional players are welcome to apply as well. We raid Tue/Wed/Thurs from 9pm to Midnight, sometimes going maybe a half hour to an hour longer if we are close to a kill or almost at a goal. Please visit: to apply or contact me by my Battletag: Neil4Real#1512 with any questions.Slyñk4 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Hey, Kil'jaeden! Let's have a chat... Being new to this server, and relatively bored at the moment, I'd love to take this chance to better know some of you lovely KJ denizens! A quick blurb about me: I'm a recently retired gm/raider and I've suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I'm a full-time student majoring in psychology and minoring in English (no, I have no interest in challenging your reigning Queen of Grammar). I'm madly in love with transmog; I make outfits on request, I've placed in multiple mogging competitions, I've been featured on a transmog blog, and I'm always looking for people to swap ideas and designs with. Eventually, however, I intend to use my free time to improve my PvP skills, seeing as they're very sorely lacking atm. ANYWAYS! Now you know me, I hope you take some time to answer these few questions! :) ABOUT YOU: IN GAME 1. What do you love most: PvE or PvP? 2. What was the first character you ever made? 3. If you could go back in time and tell your noob-self one piece of advice, what would it be? 4. What moment in your WoW past would you love to relive? 5. If you had the choice to play a completely neutral faction, would you? 6. If you could eliminate one race in WoW, what race would it be? 7. What's the first things you do when you log in? 8. What is your favorite way to pass time in game? 9. What have you most/least enjoyed about Mists of Pandaria so far? ABOUT YOU: IRL 1. Favorite band/artist to listen to while farming/grinding? 2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 3. If you could have any job in the world, what would you choose? 4. Other than WoW, what games do you play? 5. Favorite snack to eat while gaming? 6. Most exotic place you've ever been? 7. Best movie of all-time? 8. Fortune or fame? 9. Cake or pie?Ayslyn26 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Rate the Transmog Above! That's right. Its 1:42 AM and I created an xmog thread for our realm. Horde! Alliance! Show me your gear! And yeah. Mine's bad. But I know some of you have to have SOMETHING to show off. Mine would be better if Armory didn't make me bald, and shave my beard down to fuzz.Jadeblitz227 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Thoughts? What is your thoughts on the idea of an entire Zone/Island (Timeless Isle/Isle of Thunder kind of thing) that marks players for Arena type PvP >:) I honestly think it would be absolutely marvelous! A huge, gigantic, massacre! It would actually be a FANTASTIC place for WPvP.....thoughts?Tobi23 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Streaming High MMR Arena 2300+ 3s Follow to see next time Im onGlinkgotagun18 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 [H][A] Pyløs' Transmog Store! Putting together various BOE transmog sets from Vanilla through to MoP items. These items can be made available to both Horde and Alliance sides. I'll be editing this thread over time with links to the different sets so you can see what they look like and also updates on what I've got in stock. If you have any requests for specific sets feel free to message me in game. On horde side I can usually be found on Pyløs, Shadeslayer and/or Four. On alliance side I'll be on Eragon. Also, you can add my battletag Pylos#1906 if you want an easier way to get a hold of me. Patch 5.2 Items: Tarnished Fanatic Set: Several Pieces Available Primordial Bloodsoaked Set: Several Pieces Available Forgotten Peacekeeper Set: Complete Set Available Brittle Flamereaver Set: Several Pieces Available Timeworn Shadowtooth Set: Several Pieces Available Faded Spirit-Wrencher Set: Complete Set Available Forlorn Loa-Binder Set: Complete Set AvailablePyløs2 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 me vs RAWRlOCKS @ shrine <removed>Carbon5 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Trade Chat Losers Im so tired of trade chat lately . People really dont have anything inteligant to say.Chicknasty20 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Who Here Golfs? After discovering a little more about the community by asking the question of who plays musical instruments, I have decided to go one further. Who here enjoys to play Golf, or any other sport? I personally enjoy golf quite a bit, and try to go out as regularly as possible. My GHIN number is 7706075 if anyone wants to look me up to possibly see if you play any of the same courses as me. So who enjoys sports and/or outdoor activities, and which ones do you partake in?Pretzul19 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Had no Power for the last two days. I HAVE POWER TODAY! >:D! Felt like a straight up cave cow after my gameboys, 3DS, ipod, ipad, and crummy laptop died. So i read a book. Then it got dark. Used a flashlight. Then that died. So I tried to sleep early instead. Too hot. It was horrible! Someone hold me! *crys in a corner hysterically*Avánii9 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 How many remember How many of you even remember: - When there were only about 1 to 2 Flight paths per zone? - Getting your epic mount took level 60 and around 900 gold - When 15 man UBRS was considered end game content - Sets like Lightforge, Dreadmist, and Valor etc. were considered good - You could get around the system and cross faction chat with 'leet' speak - When doing dungeons took effort (including getting there) - When Alterac Valley had the elite troll in the middle of the field (and people actually fought each other in huge battles) instead of zerg to the generals. - When SS vs TM battles raged a mighty malestrom of awesomeness. How many of those things do YOU remember?Ralavik62 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 The GuildOx Wintrading Nerf is live. Updating character profiles as we speak. All 2600+ players with under 150 games played all excluded from rankings.Dnasis448 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 @ Andrew You know, I said Hi to you in another thread and you ignore me.... You too busy taunting horde to say hello to your old compadre in arms?Skillswap3 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Sage Advice From Zujo My Question: His Reply: That's the kind of advice I can get behind.Pretzul18 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Why I enjoy playing Roguelikes Because yolo trying to get that swag.Stackdaddy4 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Having a bad day? Here's a compliment! :) Ive sensed a lot of tension as of late on these forums, and I'd like to try and bring a little joy. Are you having a bad day? Feel better guys =DSkillswap36 Jul 20, 2013