Jun 24, 2013 DVII EPIC MEAL TIME We can dish it. Can you? VIDEO INCToroar30 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 My Newest Venture Into Hip Hop I realize its not what you were expecting, but yes, I am going to be spanish hip hop artist :)Glinkgotagun3 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Congrats KJ on Top 5! With all the amazing feats of the horde lately, and all the horde in the Alliance trade chat letting us know how bad our faction is. I'd like to congratulate the Server Kil'Jaden-US on finally reaching the Top 5 in most populated Horde, US servers. (Levels 1-90, and level 90s only, both 5th place.) (all levels.) Here's a pretty little Pie graph of specifics of KJ :). (90's only) (90's only) As you can see, Alliance has about 1/3 of the Pie Graph, while horde has 2/3. That's 33% to 66%, ~double the numbers. So congrats on being the more dominant faction with literally double our numbers, glad to see the horde care about wpvp now though. K, hope you enjoy the pretty little, easy to understand graphs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: Really nice site with the best accurate numbers with Wow realms, great for researching other realms and their balances.Neuromynd28 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 [removed] Sup dnasis, talk to any girls on the internet recently?Nosleepyeahh37 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 WTS Alani mount Selling Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent mount, using Sky Crystal will drop Alani's nimbus shroud pst for priceSimbba0 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Thank you for the Seattle advice! A few months ago I asked the forums on where to visit in Seattle, WA and the help was amazing. My group loved the AFK Tavern so much we went every night. The EMP Museum had a special scifi/fantasy set up and I got my pic taken in a Game of Thrones throne and saw original Tolkien writing (couldn't take pics, that's how precious this stuff was). Got to go through a rain forest too. Got a lot planned if I visit there again! With any luck I'll be moving out there after graduate school now. =) Special thanks to Lothane, Keylogthis, and Keene for the AFK Tavern mention.Evolyn9 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 H wtb 9/9 carry post here with a tag to talk about price.Feddi1 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 hey everyone i love every single one of you <3Justicator8 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Bladesinger & Sempiterna - Episode One So yea, just got done uploading this video.... I honestly believe this is the best video I've ever made. Never been more proud! I hope you broz/sis's enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! ps, wife changed her main, that's why there's a pally with me this week. Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 glink 2013 Nosleepyeahh11 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 9/13hard 534ilvl prot pally lf ptr testing 9/13hard 534ilvl prot pally lf ptr testing Monday/tuesday message me via real id, currently on Anasterian Us. Soulbris#1290 Available every day for testingAntacìd0 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 Possible Raid Group Forming Late Night/Weeken My schedule has changed dramatically so I have been thinking about possibly creating a 10 man or 25 man raid group that will be late-night or weekend mornings. The schedule would look something like 3am-6am EST (12AM ST to 3AM ST) if it was to go during the weekdays. If it was to go weekends it could be anytime from 12AM ST to ending anytime around 12PM ST. I want this to be a semi-hardcore raid group even if it is only a 2 day a week hardcore thing. So if we did the Saturday/Sunday only we would pretty much look at raiding 6-8 hours a day, if that meant doing quick clears first, then hitting the stuff we were stuck on for progression. Anyway this is all an idea in my head right now, but unfortunately I am now SOL for raiding until I figure something out, so anyone that may be interested in a weekend morning, or weekday latenight/early morning raiding guild please feel free to post on the forums here or message me in game. (Smiley#1970) is my battlenet tag.Lafitafii2 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 What are you doing? Dear horde, As the title says, What are you doing? No alliance raid is or was going to attack org. I'm not sure who gave you this info, but it is quite funny. The fact that you gathered 2 raids to combat us is amazing. Bravo to the Ruinous troll who told them this. We are waiting for you. I have eft some pudding outside org. Fell free to help yourself, please take 1 spoonful. :-)Doritopug71 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Halfhill WPVP What's up with all the WPVP at Halfhill lately?Fallingdown2 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 [H] Insurgents LFM 10M Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening As the titles states, we are a brand new guild even the guild it self :) A group of friends (four of us) decided to take a chance and create a home for us to have fun and play the game the way we would like to play it. All four of us have 8/13 Heroic EXP and looking to push further and also start from the ground up again to help people who are interested. Server: Kil'jaeden Faction: For the Horde! Raid Schedule: Tue - Thur Raid Times: 7PM - 11PM PST (Server Time) Our Current Setup: Warlock, Hunter ,Rogue, DPS Warrior What we are looking for at this time: One HealerLet me know if you guys are bored of trying to pug each weak and not going anywhere. I know it takes a lot to start from the ground up especially so late and 5.4 already being talked about. Though let's see how far we can go together. Hit me up on battle tag: EvaUnit01#1774 Thank You for your time and reading this.Oceanlab9 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 What's My Pirate Name? Try it out yaaaar! Mine was: ...Skillswap28 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 500 Tank Seeks Late Night, or weekend Raid G I am looking for a late night raid group, 2-3 nights a week, or weekends early. I am looking for a raid group that I can raid with 2-3 nights a week Midnight PST-3am PST (3am EST-6am EST) I am looking for a group that is progressing as a guild, and is pretty chill-relax but has experience raiding more than just pugs/LFR. I have former hardcore raiding experience 7 nights a week and just can't/don't want to do that again. Anyway I am willing to raid from 10pm-11pm PST Friday/Saturday to 2pm the next day, (well not the whole time but any raids that start between those hours) or the Midnight PST-3am PST server times Mon-Friday (May be able to break in 11:30 pm PST too) Anyway, please let me know if there are any decent Horde guilds (preferred) that are recruiting a tank.Póë0 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 WTB Silver challenge mode full With gold As the title says. I want the pandaren phoenix mount. I'm wiling to pay gold for it. Let me know how much you want and when we can run. Leave your offers here I won't pay no ridiculous amount for it either.Smokeydouble5 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 @Horde Well done lads... Well done. Thank you to the following: Darkdk Requiem Req Spartaxan Division VII Warsong Clan Kittyclysm And the rest of the Horde that took part in tonight! Would love to do more. Thank you, from Ash Legion, Thaladrian (Our GM), and myself, Rotbeef. :) Bravo Horde.Rotbeef7 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 WTB lvl 16+ guild HORDE! Hey guys! In the market for a lvl 16+ guild! I don't really care about the bank tabs or the achievs! Please reply down below with your contact information and i'll be in touch with you soon! The guild must be on horde! I am willing to consider other guild levels below 16 as well!Epiccdemic1 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 @Hertlas It's ok hun. Premature Disconnection happens to everyone at some point in their lives. <3Ivyhoof21 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 didnt think yo uwould believe me bit this is how drunk iamsDimentía1 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 @Division VII I love you guys. :) Especially SpartaxanRotbeef13 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Arena Changes on the PTR Battlegrounds and Arenas Arenas For Arena matches lasting longer than 15 minutes, one of the teams will receive a buff called "The Crowd Chose You" that increases damage, critical strike chance, stealth detection, and reduces damage taken. The buff is awarded based on the following criteria. Team with the largest number of players alive. Team that brought an enemy player closest to death (lowest health). Arena Rating scaling in the 2v2 bracket has been tuned to be consistent with the 3v3 bracket. I like this....... ALOTBladesinger36 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 THIS COULD BE YOU Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 its time, it has been fun This is my goodbye message to all who know me, this is my final goodbyue to all my friends, family, and relatives in the game. I will not be returning and just wanted to say farewell..... packetsareus no more.Getfkdnerdz4 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 It has been fun This is my goodbye letter to WoW i will miss the people i have gotten to know over the years. RL is taking over and its more important to me than the game. Ginger Snaps is in good hands with Gargol leading the way. I will return at some point but for now this is goodbye thank you for all the good times and thank you to all those that hated me or loved me lol, take care Ginger's and keep pissing the horde of KJ off!Irönhide12 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 nothing to see here hey manGetfkdnerdz1 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Horde, just Xfered to KJ and looking to meet active people, who possibly talk in guild chat, have fun, help each other, far the few guilds I have asked about are 90, pvp only and require a pvp rating, and am currently in Average Joes but while they have bodies, no one responds to questions in guild, etc. I heard this server was GREAT for having fun, and so far all I see is a mass of people. Help? Xfered 2 toons here (68 and 90) and not met a soul!Alasandra11 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Glink the Asian? You decide: Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 All hate aside... Today's WPvP was a huge success...not just for my guild, but for everyone who came. We really do love that more guilds have begun to take part in our events and community. Alliance came in and grouped up before-hand to defend us, so thanks to you guys for keeping the PvP active with us. Even a Ruinous GM logged over to thank me, so I appreciate that respect. But to that 10 man group trying to take PvP vendors while we were at Shrine of Seven Stars...I'M GONNA GET CHA!!!! Thank you for the guilds who joined us today--which includes: Warsong Clan Loktar Ogar Division IIV Kittyclysm Wearegooder and more! I hope to see more new faces / new guild tags next time! But really, thank you for turning up. Requiem would love to have more events for Friday--from WPvP to 40v40 AV (field of Strife) War Games or Gurubashi events. Anyone is welcome to attend. If anyone is interested in joining in the Requiem community for the WPvP / Casual PvP aspect, please consider <Req>, our second guild still in progress but holding strong! We'd love to have you in our midst. Again, a big thank you to all! <3Nayadri50 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Representin' KJ At The Top Not trying to bring attention to myself here, but I'm now proud to say that we have accomplished a great feat! Team HOSTG (Hah Ok Sure Thing Guy) has now thoroughly destroyed the RANK 1 5s team from Cyclone battlegroup, on Darkspear server. The epic match contained some of the sickest plays in WoW history, these are the stuff legends are made of. The match can be found here: ^^WATCH THIS EPIC FREAKING MATCH^^ (REFRESH IF THE LENGTH ISNT THE FULL 10 MINUTES) Taken from my stream at We are now 2323, rank 3 on Bloodlust, below the rank 1 koreans and blizzcon champions, whom we have yet to que into. No one believed us at first, "Double priest? Are you insane? Good luck breaking 1700." is what they all said, but little did they know we essentially were the 1992 dream team of KJ. I would like to first and foremost thank everyone that has contributed to and has been apart of this EPIC team. It started out as me and Cooler, the beast DK who goes ham and doesn't give a damn seeking a 5s team for fun in trade one day, when we were blessed with the presence of Lightyo. The BEST disc priest on the server and possibly in game.Poten also joined our ranks, this guy actually eats swag for breakfast, hes a young lad yet the undisputed God of ele. He graced us with his resto skills which brought us out of the gutter and into real ratings, this guy has swag for breakfeast daily. And also that random warrior who we played with at first, although I don't remember who you are, you're pretty decent. I guess? And then there was Dudestorm, the guy is a freaking beast rogue, one of the best on the server. When he dances, you're dead. Simple. And of COURSE I would like to thank Itmurda and Swagmeoutt. The GREATEST SHADOW PRIEST EVER. He raids at the top level and PvPs at the top level, Itmurda is a freaking BALLER and amazing shadow priest, he gets rezes off like no one's business. Swagmeoutt, dude we've been through thick and thin, the best resto shaman I've ever played with and super cool guy, just a straight up G. Honorable mentions: Murzlok, his words of wisdom lead us through tough times and he was always there watching. Darkdk, TheDivine, Archanon, Papaxsmash, Snugglebunny - Had a lot of fun playing you guys, totally amazing players, really kept us on our toes, WE WANTED TO BE LIKE YOU GUYS. And I have to give credit where credit is due; Coastin's former 5v5 team which we farmed up until like 1900, thanks for the points buddy! And last but not least, we'd like to thank the rank 1 cyclone team from Darkspear, THANKS FOR THE POINTS THAT IS. CY@. So what now? Well we certainly plan to maintain our rank 3 status, POTENTIALLY push to rank 1. We like where we're at and hopefully we keep it that way.Glinkgotagun53 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Mistweaver Monk Looking For New Raiding Home Hey everybody. Like the title says I am a 521 Mistweaver Monk looking for a new home. I transferred to this server today from a dead realm after my guild broke up. A little bit on my raiding background MoP: Have completed content up to 12/12 Normal, 1/12 Heroic ToT on Mistweaver Monk WotLK: Completed content through ICC Heroics on an Arcane Mage Vanilla: Completed Naxxramas on a Restoration Druid / Hunter Ideally I would be looking for a 10 man guild, with raid times that start at or after 7 p.m. server. If anyone has any interest or would like to point me in the right direction please feel free to respond here or contact me on Real ID: Cassarole#1462 Thanks!Squishsquash0 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Any guilds willing to take in an old vet? Any guilds that would be willing to take in a level 1 re-roll? I'm an old Vanilla player that remembers the days of Tarren Mill battles, the pure hell that was STV, etc.. I was in Serenity Now on Illidan when the funeral raid happened so if anything and everything PvP-related is right up my alley. Either way, I'd love to get back into the swing of things with a rogue and it would be immensely more enjoyable if I had a guild that would help me out along the way.Ragana18 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 I'm sorry I missed your request :( If you really want me to add you to realid you have to tell me who you are for future reference I'm not just adding anybody jeez! Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 hehehehehe i was like for typhooning and sitting on my lantern perch making owl noises. but then i got btag whispers from the opposing faction and i was like <3<3<3<3<3<3<3Bubbaboomkin4 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Its Friday Night KJ! And if you want to say 'hi' to me you can visit me in Stormwinds Dwarven District tonight :3 Where will you be on this hot summers eve? What will you do? I wanna know so I can shadow you while you're flagged :DStagnetti15 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Anyone playing with 2013 iMac? Considering purchasing a new iMac 2013. What are your thoughts about it over a pc?Keepthehope9 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 [A] <Skynet> 10m Recruiting Ranged Hello all! Skynet is back after a bit of a hiatus (and a realm transfer!) and we're about to resume raiding. We're a casual raid group for people who can only raid one night a week. We are looking for a ranged class to join our team. The ideal player would be a mage, ele shaman, or hunter. We currently raid on Sundays from 6:30-10:00, but we may look into changing the night (based off raider schedules) over the summer. Most members on our team used to raid on an (almost) nightly basis. But it became harder to fit in as our lives became busy. We are experienced raiders, just busy people. Someone who is looking for a casual raid group is a must. Right now we only have 1/12 in ToT, but this is mostly due to a hiatus. We are excited to get back into raiding. Despite the single raiding day, we've been able to make good progress in the other raids.Niphredil1 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 This is what happens when you ddoss Hi guys, My Rank #1 Kj 5's team was playing earlier today and (as usual) decimated every team we we played. They they tried to ddoss me. Well it didn't really work and we ended up playing them. Anyways this is what happens. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: this ddossing needs to stop on wow in general. One of the reason I dont like high rated RBGS (2.1+) anymore is because of all the ddossing that happens. People should just play and have fun :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also check out the rank #1 5's team on KJ right now. Shout out to itmurda, glink, lightyo and swagmeoutCooler26 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 Half Hill Love The group of you from LokTarOgar & Warsong, thanks for the fun last night at Half Hill. It was not the guy from Ruinous that called in SWBRB. My group was having fun with you guys before they showed up. Come back out tonight.Lûnatic9 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 [H] Ghost Iron COD Lf someone I can COD ghost iron ore/bars to on Kil'jaeden horde! Add me in game Vokado#1103Katyperryqt0 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Name no longer in use Hi everyone, the name exo is no longer in use on this realm. There are probably some people out there that would like the name so i thought id give a heads up. First come first serve.Dre2 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 I leave to slay pixels for one stinking night And I miss all this fun!!! Jerks! GJ Rawr and all you who played sorry I missed it.Kittystyle5 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Pink Bunny Rubber Baby Bumpers Took me way to long to do this video. Vegas is giving me some issues. But whatever, heres some epic world pvp. Enjoy! Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 KJ Forum Memes Its time for some more Kil'jaeden forum memes, now some of these are going to be sort of inside jokes, but regardless still funny occurrences that have happened both in-game and on the forums. I didn't cover everything of course, and some of these might be hit or miss, just did it for fun though. You can make your own and post yours too! ALSO keep in mind this is mainly in good fun, and while there is truth to all of these memes, nothing personal is meant...necessarily. Rehabilitation Clinic: Conrad thread: SWBRB: Anky (not sure how many people will get this, but he used to use these words all the time): Coastin: Cooler: Tacodude: Questina: Famine: Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Forum Heroes This my friends is a brand new video series I'm going to be doing on my YouTube channel. Here's the details. One video a week I will do 2s with someone who posts on the forums often and is well known. You will not know who it is until the videos are released. Some of them may shock you. Some of them may make you LOL IRL. We'll just have to wait and see. I'll bump this thread once the first video is released. Keep an eye out and if you post here you just might get a whisper from me in the near future saying GET IN MUH 2S TAEM! Currently have five people on the list. Will YOU make the list? Episode One - Tourettes! Episode Two - Ruas/Dnasis Episode Three - Bebbit Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 possible realm for a transfer a friend suggested this realm as an alternative for finding more arena and rated battleground players above 2k+. my realm has both but everything is 1800 or lower generally. i am having a lot of trouble finding people to play with above 2k often enough to keep practicing and getting better. i have read all of the informational threads about this realm but i am curious, how would anyone who plays/has played on this realm rate 2k+ PvP? is it easy to find arena partners throughout the day? does alliance or horde have a crowd that has what i am looking for more so than the other?Arayderre5 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 I'm sorry Ra-Den but.. But i'm going to my home town Miami and got some very nice seats for the Finals. I'll see you soon. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!! -BestBest30 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 i hope you all remember.. that i love you all.Justicator19 Jun 21, 2013