Apr 6, 2013 505 Rogue LF Raid Guild, Late Night Looking for a guild that raids 10pm pacific at the earliest, Monday through Thursday. Any of those nights will work, doesn't have to be all four nights. Started raiding with Dark Resolve on Kil'jaeden in May 2012. Got 8/8 hmode DS and continued on in MOP with 9/16 hmode. Had to stop raiding in the beginning of December due to work while my guild continued on to get 15/16 hmode, and now I am able to raid again on a regular schedule. I have zero experience for 5.2 (other than LFR, HAHA) but am quick to learn. I've wathced videos on the fights so I have an idea of what is going on. Willing to faction change and realm transfer for the right guild. Would like to start ASAP!!! I need to raid!!! I have a great computer and internet connection, vent or mumble and I know how to use my mic.Flagg2 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 World PvP Domination Enjoy!Snikkers30 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Wushu you hungry? *get to kidnap offline players and bring em to your batcave!!! *no leveling cap at all; it's all profession skill/gearBubbaboomkin3 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 What guild? Would anyone happen to know if there are any guilds that run consistent Rated Battle Grounds? I have yet to find any guilds that actually run them. I find tons of guilds that are "ready" to start running them but never take any action! If you'd be so kind to let me know it would be much appreciated :D!Pandemíc5 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 [H] Rogue LF GUILD with EAST COAST times I'm interested in finding a guild that raids around 4-5pm server. I also pvp a lot and would like to get involved with an rbg team. If you are looking for a rogue or know of another guild that plays more east coast times please post here or find me ingame. Thanks!Wendellgee0 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 WTS Reins of Poseidus WTS Reins of Poseidus. Currently on AH for 65k bid, 70k buyout, so I'm going to sell it for 70k OBO. Post here if interested with offer, or PM me in-game.Ryata8 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Is this a good server. Looking to Transfer. I just wanna know 1. Is the server balanced (also is the horde atleast ok) 2. how is looking for arena teams on the server 3. how is the WPvP Thank you KJ for your time :DMelondew21 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 WTB the name Enjoi Who has it? I want it! :D Please.Enjoi13 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 List of DK's who are #1 1. Darkdk 2. 3. Yes, this list is complete.Stagnetti94 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 <A> Old School Rebels Welcome Kjs ally comunity, and to horde grow some balls and 2v1 us not 5v1 I have resently reapeared to Kj after a small break for family matters and starting a casual tot group, currently we are 3/12 tot with 12% on tortos progrestion. We are looking for two healers with raid experiance and gear (490+). Pst me or anyone of us for an invite by /who Old School Rebels.Írelia1 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Recruit a Friend I am looking to do Recruit a Friend. I will be on to level Friday-Monday for a few plus hours. I would like to level four characters to 80, two Horde Characters on Kil’Jaeden and two Alliance Characters on Emerald Dream. I will provide the battle chest for your account if you don’t have one and a month of game time for that account. If interested please email me at Please let me know if you have heirlooms or not. Thank YouValnaaru5 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Challenge Mode Golds Looking for people interested in challenge mode golds. Add my battle tag Quadstyle#1564Quadstyle2 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 512 Rogue, 12/12N TOT + HM XP LF Guild My guild just broke up, and I am looking for a hardcore raiding guild that is currently progressing through heroic TOT encounters. I have full normal TOT experience, as well as many attempts with parses on heroic Tortos. My old guild was 2/13 heroic; I am looking for a guild with at least the same experience. You may contact me via RealID @ John#11452. I can also provide several references from my old guild, and you may view some of my WOL reports below: Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Rerolling on your server Hi. I'm rerolling. Is it awesome here?Trysk10 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Murzlok 5.2 Unholy Death Knight Guide Been streaming for awhile now, growing on Twitch and had quite a bit of viewers wanting me to start on youtube so here i am :D First vid atm is a pretty lengthy guide on general UH DK stuff for 5.2. Will b releasing a "rotation" and more advanced tips and tricks 2 part video in the near future. Be sure to leave me some constructive feed back and subscribe if you like! -MurzMurzlok5 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Mage LF 1800+ RBG group Greetings! I am looking for an RBG group to play with weekly this season. I have 1900+ experience and my gear is malevolent almost fully upgraded. I play frost currently, but can play fire as well. If need be I am willing to switch guilds if it is a requirement. Thanks guys!Choice6 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 (A) Rogue LF raiding guild Looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild...Saintblade1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 487 Hpally LF weekend raid guild Have a Holy pally main. Had to stop raiding due to work conflicting with my raid schedule. Currently looking for a fri/sat late night (7pm server+).Icypops3 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 April Fools Day thread... Let the fun begin. Post whatever you find on the net that is April Fools day related. Always love the level of quality with Google's April Fools Day gags... Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 (A) Virtus Nex 25 Man Guild LFM 5/12 Located on Kil'jaeden U.S. Server Hello all we of Virtus Nex are looking for experienced and skilled individuals for Thunder King 25 man progression. We have a active 25 man roster that raids weekly from Monday - Thursday 1145pm-3am server time. Main Recruitment needs: Mages Shadow Priests Boomchickens Enhance Shaman Ele Shaman Requirements to join: 1. 495ilvl+ 2. Must be able to make all raid days and have the ability to contact an officer if you are unable to make a certain raid day 3. Come to raid with flasks potions and proper gems and reforges done. We are actively recruiting so feel free to add to real ID or message me ingame for more details.. guild website comeing soonWiztek4 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Finally got green fire on my warlock Interested in the quest line for own lock? Add me on Real ID: Pebbles#1958 and we'll talk.Pèbbles8 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Ruas <3 Ruinous. Thoughts?Momma32 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 A que? A QUE?!?! Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Avanii Your move.Bebbit21 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Early Afternoon/East Coast based Guild? Hey guys, I'm considering coming over to this server with my mage from an oceanic server. I live locally (PST) but with a change in work schedule I'd be looking to raid something like 3 pm - 6 pm, I can do any day of the week with a schedule like that. I know that works better in an EST setting, just curious if anyone on here knows if theres a guild that has those times? Thanks!Sarlacc2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 You don't know me, but I don't care. So I recently took the plunge and bought me a new computer. My old machine was four years old and had never been upgraded in any way. So in the past two weeks I have acquired so many games is almost laughable. And have yet to beat any of them from jumping back and forth between them. Guess I'm just so excited to have a machine that can play recent games. So here's my list of games I'm currently playing. Dead Space 3 The Walking Dead "Telltale's version" Aliens Colonial Marines Devil May Cry Skyrim Game of Thrones RPG The Witcher 2 Guild Wars 2 Path of Exile Diablo 2 Age of Conan "Not recent but I have some Norwegian friends who play" Neverwinter, Had a beta invite for the third beta weekend. Bioshock Infinite Mass Effect 3 Resident Evil 6 Assassins Creed 3 Dead Island Darksiders 2 I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. Basically want I want to ask is simple, Have you played any of these? and what are your thoughts? So far Dead Space 3, Devil May Cry and Diablo 2 are the best of the lot. The Witcher is amazing, but the combat system is kind of hard to get use to. ps, I think I have a problem. lolBladesinger3 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 I'm Quitting Azeroth! "No mas, no mas" like Roberto Duran. Keylog's time is up. Been playing this game since beta. Too long. Met some cool people and had a lot of fun. You all will be missed. P.S. I'll probably come back for World of Warcraft 2.Keylogthis54 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Deleted deletedBìscuits7 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 495 FDK LF New Server to call home (A) Hi Kil'Jaeden, So my current server (Arthas) sucks for raiding and for pvp. Horde outnumber us 4-1 which makes questing/leveling alts/doing anything outside of major cities a huge drag. I used to play on KJ with a Rogue in the guild Reign, which I guess has left the server by now. Basically I'm making this post to ask how the server is now, and to ask if any guilds are recruiting dps for progression into ToT 10/25m, and for PvP.Twip2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 So...who is playing "Defiance" :) ME!!!Tuggspéédman3 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 [A] LF Semi-HC Raiding Guild - Veteran Rdruid I've played since late BC. Raided with two guilds Blue Moon (realm 2nd) and Incarnate (realm 1st) on Ner'zhul. I originally transferred to this realm with some friends, but we all eventually quit mid Cata. After I had enough spare time to play WoW again, my friend Stantons ( and I started leveling some new chars. We have about 19hrs /played at 90 each and are looking for a guild that raids casually, but competently - preferably around 8-12pm PST. Of course, we don't expect to grab spots right away and are very interested in joining as a social/filler until we have enough gear to be viable players for progression. We're looking for a semi-casual schedule (<17 hrs a week) with high expectations of their raiders - if we wanted to stand in fire we would use LFR. The social community is also important to us, we too enjoy screwing around and value the social aspect of MMOs. Raid Expirience: I have a couple kills pre WoWLK, but wasn't in any serious guilds then so I’ll start with my LK raiding experiences. I do not have any achievements pre-firelands as I played on a different account which I let my nephew play on before he did god-knows-what with it. Malygos 5min Sarth 3D Uld 12/13, almost all achievements 10+25 when they were still hard ToC 5/5HM, Madness ICC 12/12HM, never killed HMLK25m, but I still count it since I wiped for weeks repeatedly getting him down to 20%, and of course the awful 14% wipes. Nevertheless I never really caused a wipe, we had some shabby tanks and some tunnel vision dps Hailon 1/1HM, twilight cutters and clickers preventing my achieves... BH- Cleared ToFW -Cleared, Many attempts on H Al Akir BoT-Cleared, 2/6HM, Realm 2nd V&T BWD - Cleared, 4/5HM, Realm 2nd Chimeron Many, Many close attempts on H Nef, know fight inside and out. FL - 7/7 , 3/7HM - this is when I had to cancel my subscription (Rokk was just about to down HMaj :( ) DS - None, wasn't playing during this time, not very disappointed about it. As of MOP, Stantons and I are just starting to join LFR for gear until we cans start doing normal raids - we both have 14/14 and 12/13 knowledge of current raid fights and always come prepared - if we were needed for a fight, no explanation would be necessary. We are both willing to fill out any applications for raid/social/filler spots separately (although, if only one received a spot, we would prefer the other could join purely for social reasons). Once again we are vet raiders that want to start raiding in a semi-HC guild, but are hoping to join now and work our way up the gear-ladder as social/casual/filler members until we could apply for a real core spot. PST Njorde or Stanton#1665 in game if interested.Njorde0 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Bebbit This is an intervention, we are all here for you... Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 I'm back. ***Edit Edition There's a catch though; I'm going to have to leave the horde for good. I have been inspired by Ruinous. They have quickly become my favorite guild on Kil'Jaeden. It's good to see Tryhards taking their true name back. Before I leave if any of you generous Horde want to donate some gold or a raid carry to me before I go I will leave your good word with the great guilds of the alliance.Edit13 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Please adopt Greyhounds Greyhounds are in need of loving homes, especially retired racing hounds. They are truly the most wonderful and loving dogs you could ever own. Most people think they're super hyperactive but they are considered couch potatoes and can adapt to life outside the track very quickly. Also they are one of the oldest breeds (long before pit bulls) and the only dog mentioned by name in the Holy Bible. Please adopt soon, you wont regret it! :)Ammunitions8 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Oh my god. Do you guys even have any female Dwarfs? I want my title.Messorem10 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Bay Area Kil'jaeden players San Mateo over here.Conjurevodka40 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Only on Kj... Could a thread telling people happy easter end up reported and locked... Ok maybe not only on Kj... only on the wow forums... Ok fine, not just the wow forums... the internet... aw who am I kidding, people suck.Lothane38 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 (H) <Attorney at Law> 1/13(H) Rogue, Deathkni <Attorney at Law> Is now in search of an experience Rogue or Deathknight to join our 10man roster. We raid Tuesday and Thursday (maybe a 3rd depending on progression) 6pm-10pm (Pacific). For more info click the site below. Contact Bearsmith, Taorun, Juliagoolea, or myself for more information. Guild Website: http://attorneyatlaw.enjin.comZeròmus5 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Pain Angels Recruiting for RBG teams! Hello, <Pain Angels> is recruiting all active players to help create a high rating RBG team, we accept all classes, If you would like to be recruited an truly get into the RBG team, you must do a Pre-Made BG, Go through a Tryouts with the guild leader to see what you can do, or duel one of our Officers in the guild, If your interested in doing a lot of PvP, whether pushing rating in RBGs, Arenas, to just get Tyrannical Gear as quick as possible, or to just have fun in the activities we do in the guild, PST me in Game, or Pst one of the guild leaders (killerstar), or GM (Krtank)Velorno0 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Any Nathan Barnett fans? Funny guy, way underrated on the YouTubes. Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 List of rogues who should be respected. 1. Kurojin 2. Soulicitor 3. Scorpion If you disagree with this list then we have separate opinions. This list was made on a whim and shouldn't be taken to heart. I just like these guys a lot.Stagnetti40 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 [H/A] The Bounty Hunter 2: Electric Boogaloo Back in Cataclysm there was a bounty hunter thread that brought an element of lighthearted PvP in a friendly manner that the server is, frankly, missing nowadays. Seeing Morgen's recent thread reminded me of it and I thought I'd try resurrecting it to see if we could bring that element back. I will try and keep this thread updated often, but bear in mind that I have a job, go to college, and occasionally flail miserably at raiding, so please bear with me. All credit for this thread goes to Textile, who introduced this to the server way back in days of yore and whose thread I stole pretty much in it's entirety. R.I.P. #1 North American Mage Now without further ado, the KJ bounty hunter thread: What is the Bounty Hunter? Its exactly what it sounds like, a bounty hunter system. Basically you can place a gold reward on a member of the opposing faction whenever you feel like it. Anyone from the opposite faction that kills the bounty target gets to collect the gold you put up. Sounds pretty simple right? Well it is, the bounties can be any number of gold from 10g to 100,000g just remember that whatever the amount, you must pay up if your target is killed according to the rules. Rules of the Bounty Hunter No raid groups, no parties, no double teaming, no staged kills, no kills right after a player finishes a duel, no PVP event kills (TB/WG), and no battleground kills. The only kills that count are one on one, AFK players are free game and will count. If you put a bounty on someone, I expect you to pay up, if you don't have the gold at the time you place the bounty, then don't bother. If you wish to remove a bounty from the board you must do so prior to it being claimed. Players of the same faction are free game if you find a way to kill them (Gurubashi Arena/Darkmoon Faire. Do not stage kills, it is cheap and frankly unfair. You may use Alliance/Horde alts to find someone in order to track them down. Kills must be screenshoted one of two ways: 1. The character is still in his body (hasn't released), and you have your map open showing the date to prevent any backdated kills. 2. The character is not in his body so you have your combat log open showing that you got the killing blow and your map is open showing the date.I will not accept kills without one of the above mentioned screenshots. Now these rules are implemented automatically, but for anyone that is not me posting a bounty you may set your own rules such as "Have to spam /hug prior to release" and that will be followed or the SS will not be accepted. Keep your trash talking out of my thread, keep all nonsense out of my thread in order to prevent a quick cap of said thread. Below on the second and third post you will find all of the current bounties on Alliance and Horde. You will also find all of the past bounties or claimed bounties. Happy Hunting to All. Ishmishmish, totally not a part of the KJ sniper squad.Ishisraging29 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Ginger Nation (H) Recruiting for WPVP Another recruitment thread for an awesome guild. We are an all stealth guild looking for active world pvp members. We only accept rogue/druid/hunter and as an all stealth guild we pvp in a guerrilla warfare style. We don't do open fights of 10v10 where the other side is full of plate and heals. We sneak around and pick people off. It happens to be a ton of fun and we could use more gingers to help out! Please post here if you are interested or pm me in game. Lastly, to all you forum regulars, I know you won't, but please try to keep the trolling to a minimum.Rottenginger1 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Selling level 25 guild I am selling a guild, here is the info: Level: 25 Name: I can not tell you until you give me a serious offer Members: 430 Bank Tabs: 6 There are a lot of rare weapons in the bank, and more. If you want more info then add to The guild showing in my WoW info is not my guild, the guild I am selling is on my alt. From Cash Flow alone, the guild makes about 500 gold a week, but we have members that usually do guild groups for dungeons so it adds up to about 2500-3000g a week. I am looking for at least 85,000 gold.Lovelygoose13 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 T14 Carries I have some alts I want to gear out, anyone know of any guilds doing T14 carries?Thaelenis0 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Selling Lv 25 Guild Name of the Guild is Crimson Knighthood 100+ Members 6 Bank Tabs Send me a message ingame or to my email. Skyér [ALT0233]Skyér0 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Rhinestone Sunglasses if you have the pattern and can make them will pay 30k for them pst me in game tyIarehuntard2 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Everybody Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 A thought for alliance... Now, there are many people that need a good whoopin. I am a busy man and it is only going to get worse for me. On to the point. I dont have time to do heavy devoting to another guild, but some of you might want horde to have to deal with us from time to time. I personally do not like the faction barrier myself. IF I started a sister guild on alliance, call it the same guild but a different faction, would anyone be interested? I am posting this first before I do anything because I just dont have time for full time or maybe even anytime recruitment.Morgen160 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 WARRIOR LF FOR RAIDING GUILD hello im a 494 item lvl warrior im 16/16 5/6 heroic msv befor nerf/tot played warrior for 4 yrs now been on my realms top progression raiding guild low pop server couple friends stop playing the game so im looking for a new home open for weekdays 11:15 pm or later or sat/sunday any time of day dragonslayer#1768 battle tagDrägonslayer7 Apr 1, 2013