May 19 [A] <Farmgirl Has a Horde> 10/10H LF DPS Who We Are: As a guild, we are relatively new to the Kil'Jaeden community, but have quickly become the furthest progressed alliance guild on the server. We're looking for more members to fill out the rest of our core raid team as we look to start mythic raiding. We are very laidback and all have a good sense of humor, raid nights are generally a fun time. We run a lot of mythic+ and PVP as a guild as well and have an active Discord. For those concerned, we are not associated with Farmgirl, the guild name is a joke. What We Need: Currently, we only need a few more consistent DPS for our roster in order to progress into mythic. High priority for ele/enh shamans, WW monks and rogues. Raid Schedule: We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 - 11:30 EST and sometimes on Sundays for progression if everyone is available and interested. Thanks for reading! If interested, feel free to message me in-game or add me on bnet at Arkandos#11590Arkandos2 May 19
May 19 901ilvl 52 Trait Holy Pally looking for home. So a little into my background is I have played my pally for a little over 10 years and have always healed throughout my raiding career. I am currently looking for a good guild that pushes mythic raids rather quickly while not being super hardcore. I got 7/7M EN on my own through running with other guilds that needed an extra healer and im 10/10H NH 1/10M. Ive studied the fights through watching Serenity, Method and Exorsus videos and Im dedicated to the cause for progression. If anyone needs a Holy pally just let me know or add my Battle Tag Cottonginrf#1542Feircebeauty13 May 19
May 18 [8/10M] Silent LFM About Silent Silent is a newly formed guild here on Kil'Jaeden, we've already progressed 4/10M and are looking toward getting as far into mythic Nighthold as possible. Our leadership is consisted of a council based system. When we raid, and what do we need Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 7:30 - 10:30 Pacific standard time (PST or Server time) Needs: Boomkin Rogues Hunter Holy Paladin About our Trial Period Our trial period is 2 weeks long, and during those 2 weeks you are eligible for loot, as much as any other raider. During this trial period you are welcome to ask any questions , including the council is viewing your trial at any moment. Apply at or add panda#13991 for more infoMattÿ13 May 18
May 18 [H] Sharknado 10/10H NH LF DPS/Healers We are a casual friendly guild looking for a variety of Ranged DPS, Melee DPS and Healers for the last few weeks of NH and then ToS once that becomes available. Raid times are: 7-10 server, Tuesday/Thursday. We use discord for chat. We use Loot council to distribute loot. Meaning some nights you might get one piece of loot, some nights you might get pretty much everything. Just depends on your performance, attendance etc. All we ask is be able to make about 90% of raid days. People have lives, we understand. If something happens and you cant make raid for whatever reason just say something in the attendance tab in discord. We are not looking to carry people so know your class, have gear enchanted, bring flasks/pots etc. If your under geared thats ok. Just be atleast 870 ilvl. Well if this interests you then send a whisper to Páiné/Buzzleetgear/Shibbies/ or Hornagraphic in game.Páiné1 May 18
May 17 897 enh shaman 45 traits LF guild I have been playing WoW for 3 years now and have pugged my way through most raids and I would like to push more into mythic. I'm looking for more consistency with raid grouping and leading as well as having fun while pushing into harder content. I'm pretty laid back and always open to feedback and tips. I have a working mic as well as discord installed, although I could always install a new program. Currently have 10/10 experience on H NH. I am available monday and thursday all day, wednesday and friday at 7 pm server time, saturdays and sundays 8-830 server time and tuesdays 930 server time. I do off-spec resto but my ilvl is 886 with only 36 traits. I can provide my own food and flask if necessary. Message me at DeadlyPants#11537 if you think i would be a good fit or you would like to know more about meShmev1 May 17
May 16 TFH 3/10M recruiting DPS and Healers! 3/9 Mythic TOS TWO NIGHTS A WEEK ONLY 7:30 PST - 11:00 CST Laid back guild. One of the oldest raiding guilds in the US is recruiting DPS and Heals for finishing EN and Nighthold. We need - DPS Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Balance Druid. Basically any competent ranged DPS. Anything with good logs! HEALERS! We need ANY good healer currently but druid, paladin, and mistweaver would be pro ++. Send a tell to Theoz or Momrider. Add me at Edgewalker#1280.Edgewalker20 May 16
May 15 908 Fury Warrior Looking for Guild I'm 2/10 M just pugging around KJ. Am I the best fury warrior? NOPE. Do I always pull DPS as high as my ilvl says I should? NOPE again. I am fairly consistent usually and really miss Mythic raiding. My current guild has great people in it and I enjoy raiding with them but we never have enough and are forced to pug most of the time which pretty much leaves us out of doing Mythics. On top of that we only raid on Sunday which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I would like to find a guild that raids during the weekdays (Sun through Thursday). No raiding on Friday and Saturday nights because honestly I got drinking and whoring around to do. Anyway hit me up if you think you could use a fury warrior.Bonsaka1 May 15
May 15 (H) LF Raiding Guild I am looking for a raiding guild, i am returning back to WoW. i left a little after Emerald Nightmare dropped. I am 3/7N on my DK, i have every class ranging from 100-110 so i am very flexible, just tell me what class youd want me to play, i have Horde Characters on Dalaran, Malygos, and Kil'Jaeden. Btag is Proehlster#1328 As far as raid times i am on EST after May 31st my times available are M-F 8pm-12am and then Saturday and Sunday all day and night.Blowmelich3 May 15
May 15 [H] <Team Rocket> 8/10M NH LF RDPS <Team Rocket> a small branch off of <Blasting Off Again>. The majority of us have a lot of raid experience in Heroic/Mythic content. We're a very vulgar, sarcastic bunch that does indeed take things seriously when needed. We are always building our team to progress through Heroic/Mythic content. We are looking to add more to our team to have fun and to continue with a non-toxic raid environment. Read everything below for information. Recruitment: Always looking for exceptional players! - TANKS: CLOSED - HEALERS: RESTO DRUID - WARRIOR: CLOSED - MAGE: CLOSED - HUNTER: OPEN - WARLOCK: OPEN - DEATH KNIGHT: CLOSED - MONK: CLOSED - PALADIN: CLOSED - PRIEST: SHADOW - SHAMAN: ELE - ROGUE: CLOSED - DRUID: CLOSED - DEMON HUNTER: CLOSED Progression: - 8/10 Mythic: The Nighthold - 7/7 Mythic: Emerald Nightmare - 2/3 Mythic: Trial of Valor Raid Times: - Friday, Saturday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM PST. - Sunday: 7:30PM - 10:30PM PST. Contact: - GM: Zelda (Kayla#1539) - Officer: Rueful (Co-GM/Raid Lead) - Officer: Milkmytank (Tank/Raid Lead) - Officer: Casualtea (Tank/Raid Lead) - Officer: Noireu (Ranged Officer) - Officer: Melborn (Melee Officer) - Officer: Moobeezy (Healing Officer) * If you're looking for a fun guild just to even crash in, we're all for it! Casual gamers, PvPers, or anyone that needs a home is welcome. *Zelda68 May 15
May 14 909Prot Pally 5/10m Looking for a guild to progress with into tomb Willing to switch to holy Prefer Evening raid times or late night weekendDachner0 May 14
May 13 [H] Pally Tank LF Guild Hello, everyone. My name is Spartamus, and I'm currently looking for a guild on the Horde side that raids H NH or is about to start M NH and has an open spot for a core tank. Experience (this expansion): N EN/H EN - 7/7 N NH - 10/10 H NH - 9/10 My old guild was just about to down H Gul'dan before our guild died. Availability: Mon - Unavailable Tues - Anytime Wed - Unavailable Thurs - Anytime Fri - Anytime Sat - Anytime Sun - Anytime A little about me: Ideally, I would like to find a guild that is social and likes to run things together like M+, etc. I'm not really too picky about the progression as long as it's somewhere in the last couple of bosses of H NH. I don't currently have my 2nd legendary on this toon because I've had a crappy bad luck streak lately. Very Respectfully, Spartamus Edit: Just got my 2nd legendary! Edit2: Found a guild! :)Spartamus0 May 13
May 13 [H] <Zodiac> 3/10M Recruiting Heals and DPS Hello friends! <Zodiac> is a team of progression-minded individuals looking to steamroll through the current Legion raid content, proceeding to further patches while maintaining a solid raid roster. Our core group has been raiding actively since the beginning of WoD and a lot of our players are vanilla vets' as well! We promote a friendly and non-bland-style raid environment in comms while in thick of raiding. We're in dire need of one healers and competitive DPS, so please read below for more info. Raid Info: Raid times: 6:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M Server time (PST) Tuesday Wednesday (OPTIONAL ALT DAYS) Thursday Requirements: At least 890 iLvl 38+ Weapon Traits Discord with a mic The ability to learn and take criticism Showing up to raid on time with proper raiding supplies We are currently: 3/10M Heroic Nighthold 3/3H ToV 6/7M EN (Irrelevant, but whatevs) Recruitment Needs: Death Knight: Open (DPS) Druid: Closed Hunter: Closed Mage: Open Monk: Open (Heals and DPS) Paladin: Open (DPS) Priest: Open (Heals and DPS) Rogue: Closed Shaman: Closed Warlock: Open Warrior: Open We are open to accepting any closed classes who prove to show experience and are willing to put in the effort in showing up and performing during our raids. If you'd like to become part of our team, contact: - Laviosuh/Ucy (Espo#1210) **Side Note** We recently formed this guild a month ago. The core raiders have been raiding with each other since early WoD.Laviosuh3 May 13
May 12 <H> Four Years Later <Four Years Later> Realm: US – Kil’Jaeden (PVP) Faction: Horde Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, 8:00pm - 11:00PM EST Loot system: Personal Loot Progression: 10/10H. Recruiting: Melee Warrior Ret Paly Ranged DPS Mage Warlock Boomkin Shadow Priest Heals Resto Shaman(High Priority) Mistweaver Monk We are a small casual guild with a consistent flex raid group of 13. we are looking to fill out a full raid team of 25. We are social and use discord, many players also play HoTS and Rocket League in the spare time. We keep things loose and fun as much as possible while still progressing in the end game content. What to expect from us: We're a laid back guild with a good raiding atmosphere. We're creating somewhere that people can raid without being yelled at. At the same time, none of us enjoy wiping so we expect our raiders to perform at a high level. We're a casual group that takes raiding seriously, but can have fun at the same time and are looking for like minded people. Contact: SleepyBear#15309 or Killatino/Lecro/kisersosa in gameKisersosa0 May 12
May 12 [H] <Epoch> 4/10M NH Recruiting <Epoch> is a semi-hardcore guild newly formed for Mythic content. Progression Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 7PM-10PM Server Current Progression: 4/10 M NH Epoch is a guild centered on respectful no-drama raiding. Our focus is Mythic progression. Current High Priority Class Recruitment: Heals Ranged DPS We will consider all skilled players of every class. If interested, please fill out an application at our website: Or contact one of the following officers in the guild: Zeniffdh - Otis#1228 Amazonbasics - Luibang#1281Zeniffdh5 May 12
May 12 897 Warlock/Priest lf guild Hello, My current guild is falling apart and I'm looking to find a new raid team. I'm currently 1/10m, 10/10h, 7/7m last tier. I have two geared characters I am willing to play. 897 Affliction Warlock 888 Priest can play Shadow or Holy I am also happy to play my lesser geared toons if you have mythic + groups that wanna spam runs to get my artifact weapons to high levels: 875 Ret/Holy Paladin 870 Frost Mage 861 Ele Shaman Availability, ideally 2 maybe 3 of the following days Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/ Sunday between 9pm Pst- 2am Pst Can't do earlier and guarantee to be on time to start of said. I've been stuck in neutral in terms of progression for a few weeks now so I won't consider any guilds not yet in mythic or guilds struggling to fill a raid. I prefer a guild with some history as opposed to a newer guild but that will not be a determining factor. Leave b tags below. Fastest way to contact me is to leave a discord idEvaeryn11 May 12
May 12 (H) 886 equipped BM Hunter LFG Seasoned player looking for a semi-casual raiding guild to complete heroic Nighthold as a core player. I'd like to progress even further after completing heroic. I'm not looking to be carried I want to contribute. I take constructive criticism and work to be better. Always willing to help with mythic keystones or WQ to farm AP. - 3/10H Nighthold 7/7H EN - 886 Equipped - Available Weekdays 6pm-1am PST and Weekends are open Please whisper me in game bnet Ella#11755 Thanks! ** Updated 5/10** Guild was found. Thanks!Ellavashot2 May 12
May 12 902 Bear LF new home 10/10h, bear lf a new guild. would like to have a reason to play my druid more if i had a better guild than my old one. dont know what else to say. hit me up if interestedZaodajin2 May 12
May 12 Delete DeleteHashiya1 May 12
May 12 882 holy priest LF weekday raiding hey there. I'm looking for other competent players to play with during week. I have no raid experience outside of LFR for this expansion but was previously apart of a heroic progression guild from T10-T14. I'm a quick learner, I'm proficient at my class, and I show up prepared and ready to go. Looking for other players who are here to have fun and kill bosses.Zenoh6 May 12
May 12 We are not Repaired is recruiting! We are not Repaired is looking for melee dps (rogue), ranged dps (hunters, 1 mage, 1 lockand 1 ele shaman or spriest) and 2 healers hpala and hpriest preferred for the move into mythic 10/10H, with leadership that have 3/10M experience and currently looking to add more friends to our roster. Our raid times are 6:30-9:30 pst wed/thur with an optional/mandatory raid day on Monday once we progress into mythic content. For more information please contact one of our officers. Guild Leader: Adam btag Judgedrek#1914 Raid Lead: Rhymes rhymes#1104 Heal Officer: Matt MCook#1112Multi0 May 12
May 11 P Pally LF M Guild Prot pally 7/10M exp looking to see if any mythic guilds are looking for a tank trying to find something thats 8pm+ "Holy Off-spec"Goldmantle0 May 11
May 10 Do you want to make 300k-600k gold per hour? Active recruitment for Gul'dan Sales group on horde! As long as you are on Horde and US your server doesn't matter, we expect you to be able to speak English though. We want EVERY Class and Spec. Min DPS is 850k We expect healers to be able to reliably 2 heal the 15 of the carriers, you don't have to heal the buyers. We expect tanks to not randomly die. Know how to play your class and be ready to possibly take a 100 scythe or something. Ranged may have to soak bonds so be prepared, and don't be out of position and get knocked off the platform or out of range of the boss. We don't soak buyers. Requirements: 910+ item level (will consider slightly lower if you are a extremely skilled player) 7/10M or better (so that you can get a higher ilvl) AT LEAST a 95th percentile parse for Gul'dan Heroic for all item levels(and the skill to consistently hit this or higher) The endurance to kill Gul'dan 3-4 times an hour for AT LEAST 4 hours at a time. 2-3 times a week. Our current rough schedule Friday-Saturday-Sunday-(Maybe Monday) 6pm EST-10pm EST or later if they want to keep going. We don't expect you to be there every night due to raid schedules, but if you can't make it to at least 2 nights reliably don't sign up. Please go to this discord to post your application, we will be in touch Apllication Format Armory Link: Warcraftlogs Link: Class and spec: Are you familiar with Discord and do you have a working mic and are able to use it: The specific server you intend to look for buyers on (we prefer people who look on servers we don't, so if you want to look on a server that you don't have your main on and just guild transfer the gold at a later time that is most preferred): Your opinion on how good you are at the class and spec you play (Do you think you are the best you can be right now, is there room for improvement, are you doing everything in your power to get as good as you can. Be honest we look at logs extensively and we will judge you, but I want to see how you judge yourself as well): Which days can you come and for how long each day: Current overpopulated servers where we have many people looking for buyers. Stormreaver Updating more in the future. Despite how elitist this post is, we are pretty laid back and avoid drama while doing this. Any drama is squashed as soon as possible and at then end of the day we are all there to make gold, we don't want people who only show up out of the blue, or who only stay until they stop making gold then leave without out warning. Doing these things are a surefire way to earn a bad rep and not be brought back again. We are going to continue sales in Tomb, and you expect the profits to increase significantly for that, so get in now, prove your metal so that when tomb rolls around we like you and bring you into our very limited spots.Draggit1 May 10
May 10 Monsters everywhere! The McHuge Monsters Association is a Gaming Community built on the fundamentals of Fellowship, Accommodation and most importantly, Fun! As Monsters we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain a healthy competitive environment. The originality in our creative events and our boundless capacity for entertainment alone, makes us unquestionably unique. We're always looking forward to our next big event, whether it's smashing faces in Street Fighter 5, downing bosses in World of Warcraft, watching movies/shows together or the unlimited laughter that ensues during the readings of Chuck Tingle. Monsters are always up to something and it's guaranteed fun :P That said, Monsters are returning to World of Warcraft in full swing and we'd love to build our great community even further by adding more Warcrafters to our ranks! We have several great players who've dedicated many years on the WoW front, we'd love to add more and get our own raid team going! Sound good? Then join up! Become a Monster today - via our website, replying here or via the following tags: BruceMcHuge#1541, Zero#16874. :PBossybooty1 May 10
May 9 899 Warrior LF Mythic 3+ Day/Week Hello, returned a few months ago to a dying guild. Rerolled in the last month or so since returning from my Warlock to Warrior. Main was 3/10 before the guild died with 3rd platform wipes on Krosus. Old Main (Was previously Uub on Stormreaver) Willing to discuss details on any questions or concerns upon add/whisper. Looking for an active community where people play outside of raid. I one of each class (except mage, working on it) at 110 and would love a guild that does alt runs. Logs: To contact post here or add me on Battletag: Travis#1688Drbombay3 May 9
May 9 delete please Delete please.Medarivia0 May 9
May 9 <Disorganized Crime> LF Tank! <Disorganized Crime> [10/10H] is a two night a week (Tuesday and Friday 6pm-9pm Server time) casual raiding guild in need of a tank (Preferably 895+ with 40+ traits). We have an active discord that we use to stay connected, make announcements and use for our voice comms. If you are interested in joining our small community of friends, please message me here, or on Bnet (Kallim#1306) and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Thanks for your time.Kallim0 May 9
May 8 <KILL EM ALL> The K.E.A Nation project We currently have about 800 members. We have 3 main Alliance guilds connected through Greenwall addon from curse/twitch. We have discord for voice chat and a website. Visit The K.E.A Nation project is a recruitment to our website along with creating the <KEA Nation> cross server guild. please explore our website to see if we have a guild on one of your realms, if not contact me in game as Beworried on kil'jaeden im on most daysBeworried0 May 8
May 8 [H] <Same> 9/10M NH Recruiting for Tomb We are currently aggressively recruiting for 2 raid teams looking to finish out Nighthold strong and push on to Tomb of Sargeras. One raid team being 8/10M and one yet to hit 20 people. If you want an opportunity to move from heroic to mythic raiding this is a good spot for you. Also a good spot for you if you're wanting to push high level content. Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST(server time) Our Second Raid team does Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST(server time) Starting May 2 both teams will be raiding Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday with only the start time being different. The 8/10 M raid handles Loot Distribution through loot council taking performance (damage/healing done, damage taken, etc.), attendance, and current gear level as the main focus on distribution. The 10/10 heroic raid will be distributing loot through Personal Loot Before applying - keep in mind: this is a Mythic raid team. What that means is that we have to have 2-3 tanks 14-17 dps and 4-5 healers online for every raid night, depending on the encounter we are about to face. And then we have to take into account that not everyone will be able to make 100% of raid nights. That means we have to maintain a roster of more than 20 players. So you must be willing to sit for players who are more fitting for specific content or encounters. And you must be ready at all times when sitting to come in. I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it but it's a necessary evil in the name of progression. Specific Recruitment needs: Ret Paladin Fury/Arms Warrior Balance Druid MM/BM Hunter Warlock Any and all players looking to enter mythic raiding should apply regardless of spec. Please head over to to apply or Add me on BNet: Gpolice#1230 for more info.Pirateswift29 May 8
May 8 Tank lf raiding guild 900 demon hunter tank lf raiding guild , 10/10 heroic ! Battle tag is rocky94511@yahoo.comMosswood1 May 8
May 4 <Penitentiary> 10/10 H lf dps and heals <Penitentiary> is recruiting reliable range dps and a healer to add to our raid team for Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently 10/10 Heroic Nighthold. With a few more team members, we can begin Mythic Nighthold. We raid on Thursdays and Fridays from 7:30-10:30 server time. We have PvPers, raiders, and do weekly mythic +s to ensure that no one misses out on weekly opportunities. If you're a bit undergeared, no worries! We will happily help gear you. Penitentiary is a super fun, friendly, and a little crazy group (must have a sense of humor to join!). If you're looking for an easy going, close-knit team, we are a blast and would love to have you on our team! Add me if you have any questions Marra#1111Marrá3 May 4
May 4 4/10 M Continuity LF Range [H] Continuity 4/10 Mythic Nighthold 2/3 Mythic ToV 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare *Currently looking to fill range damage spots* LF skilled players to join the core raid team. Trials last two weeks. Performance, attendance and attitude are all analyzed during the trial period. You will be notified by an officer at the end of the trial if you will continue to raid with the core team. We use a Loot Council to distribute loot and Exorsus Raid Tools to post notes and strategies on boss fights. Voice: Discord (mic required) Preferred Classes: Warlock, Ele Shaman, Hunter, Balance Druid, Mage Raid Times: Wed/Sun 7 pm-10 pm Server (PST) Addons: RCLootcouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM or BigWigs, Weak Auras2 Whisper/Mail me in game with any questions or add me on BNet at Mal#1855Malagician3 May 4
May 4 Closed ClosedHercology3 May 4
May 2 (H) <Black Widow Company> LFM lack Widow Company [BWC] is now recruiting for our guild Horde-side on Kil’Jaeden. We encourage our members to explore all styles of play, whether exploring old content or end-game PvE and PvP, and there are no class or level requirements to join. We are currently seeking raiders, but our other in-game activities include PvP, world events, and our classic “Intoxication Operations.” If you enjoy playing other games as well, our community is far larger than just our World of Warcraft guild, and does not disappear when content dries up. Black Widow Company [BWC] is an award-winning, international, multi-gaming outfit. We are veteran founded, owned and operated with a solid reputation of integrity, fair play, dedication and team work across many games – Arma 3, MechWarrior Online, PlanetSide 2, Star Citizen, World of Tanks/Warships, Overwatch and more. As a community, we operate under a clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which serves as our charter and code of conduct. The SOP sets the standard of respect, professionalism, and excellence that every BWC member is expected to uphold. If you are seeking more than just an in-game guild, then BWC may be for you. Check us out at Discover what Black Widow Company has to offer you and what you have to offer BWC. /salute Mahrudruss#1822Marud0 May 2
May 2 <Praeterquam Uictoriae> recruiting Hello Kil'jaeden. <PU> is 1/10 M (10/10H) and we are looking for skilled and reliable players to fill out our roster for heroic and mythic progression into ToS. Specifically, we are seeking ranged DPS (SPriest, mage) and a couple melee DPS. Our raid times are 7-10 pm PST Tuesday and Thursday. If you have any questions please contact myself at erohw96#1953 or see us at May 2
May 1 [H] Is Beautiful IRL - Weekend Raiding IBI is looking for competent players to fill out our newly forming raiding roster. Spots for all roles are currently vacant. We place emphasis on recruiting specific players not certain classes/specs. If you're looking for a friendly guild that has goals of content progression, then this is the place you want to be. We are open to PVPers and casuals. Raid Time We are currently raiding on Sundays only (1pm PST), but we are open to adding an additional raiding time. If interested add Silvermidget#1740 on bnet.Tifabane0 May 1
Apr 30 Looking for serious Raiding Guild Resto Shaman 906 7/7M , 6/10M Looking for raiding guild Horde Side.. 48 Traits...looking for a guild raid 3 days a week ...add me Sky#1558 for more infoSkyhill0 Apr 30
Apr 30 6/10M 912 Ele thanksElementálity4 Apr 30
Apr 30 Late night guild LFM Intent - Kil'jaeden Semi-hardcore raiding guild LF dps for mythic team! Kil'Jaeden Horde. <Intent> 7/7 Mythic EN 2/3 Mythic ToV 4/10M NH - FRI/SAT 9:00 PM- 1 AM PST. Looking for more 890+ of all roles. Apply as [] or AquietRiver#1375 to message me directly in game. We are looking for DPS and Healers who are quick learners, aren't afraid to ask questions, are punctual when it comes to raid times, and are committed to the team! RClootcouncil, exorsus raid tools, and discord are required. Apply online but feel free to message me in game with any questions you might have!Adoralel0 Apr 30
Apr 29 Twenty Piece 4/10 late night Twenty Piece is a late night guild on Kil'Jaeden and we are currently recruiting for Nighthold. We raid T, W, Th 10:30-2am PST. We are currently 4/10M and have Tich down to 20%. We will be 5/10 next Tich attempt. Recruitment focus: Tank Any dps (rogue is high priority) Priest Heals All excellent players will be considered Most of the officers have been playing together since BC and our core raiders have similar experience. We are no nonsense during raid times but fun, friendly, sarcastic, and social otherwise. Expect to be called out when you !@#$ up and acknowledged when you perform well. Our tolerance for drama is near 0! This is a game and we want to have fun and progress through content. A fun cooperative drama free environment is the best way to make that happen. All our raiders and even casuals are active and we are always running mythic +, alt runs, and pvp. Casual players and those just wanting to do alt runs with us and mythic + are also welcome!! Pst Aalyy#1243, #bigmacz#1971, Hazmatt#1949, or just pst anyone in guild and ask for an officer. Come play with us! :)Sesamee0 Apr 29
Apr 28 [H]<Too Legit to Crit>Re-forming raid team <Too Legit to Crit> is a recently re-formed guild on Kil'Jaeden looking for players who want to progress while in a fun, laid-back environment. The leadership is made up of ex-hardcore raiders who want to take a far more casual approach to raiding. We are just a bunch of young adults (22+) who want to have a few drinks and kill bosses. As we are just coming back to the game, we don't have any progression as a guild, but we are aiming to get heroic clears on all raids. As such, there is no ilvl requirement. We are recruiting all active players! This might change in the future, but if you are a chill person, looking for a chill group of people to play with both in raid and outside of raid, we might be the right fit for you. Raid times are Tues/Wed 7pm-10pm PST (server) Just to put it in list format; Recruitment Needs: 1 tank 1 healer a balance of range and melee dps. All classes/specs are open. We do have a TS server and it is required that you use TS for raid. We also recommend using it outside of raid in order to interact with your guild members and build a closer knit community. If this sounds like a guild you'd like to be a part of please add myself, or our recruitment officer on btag and we will be more than happy to get you an inv. Gosleepbaby#1877 Smeagols#1980Gosleeppala0 Apr 28
Apr 28 [H] <Zodiac> 3/10M Recruiting Heals and DPS Hello friends! <Zodiac> is a team of progression-minded individuals looking to steamroll through the current Legion raid content, proceeding to further patches while maintaining a solid raid roster. Our core group has been raiding actively since the beginning of WoD and a lot of our players are vanilla vets' as well! We promote a friendly and non-bland-style raid environment in comms while in thick of raiding. We're in dire need of one healers and competitive DPS, so please read below for more info. Raid Info: Raid times: 6:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M Server time (PST) Tuesday Wednesday (OPTIONAL ALT DAYS) Thursday Requirements: At least 890 iLvl 38+ Weapon Traits Discord with a mic The ability to learn and take criticism Showing up to raid on time with proper raiding supplies We are currently: 3/10M Heroic Nighthold 3/3H ToV 6/7M EN (Irrelevant, but whatevs) Recruitment Needs: Death Knight: Open (DPS) Druid: Closed Hunter: Closed Mage: Open Monk: Open (Heals and DPS) Paladin: Open (DPS) Priest: Open (Heals and DPS) Rogue: Closed Shaman: Closed Warlock: Open Warrior: Open We are open to accepting any closed classes who prove to show experience and are willing to put in the effort in showing up and performing during our raids. If you'd like to become part of our team, contact: - Laviosuh/Ucy (Espo#1210) **Side Note** We recently formed this guild a month ago. The core raiders have been raiding with each other since early WoD.Laviosuh0 Apr 28
Apr 27 10/10H <Just Dodge> Is Recruiting Just Dodge is a 2 day based raiding guild on PVP Kil'Jaeden. We're a relatively new guild and are looking for dedicated players to fill our roster. We are focused on starting mythic progression and building the guild. Raiding Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday night 6pm-9pm server time. Currently recruiting: Tank and Ranged DPS Expectations: Raid Attendance and Calendar Sign Up (If you are unable to make raid night please let us know) Quality Performance Be Prepared at Raid Time Contact us if you're interested! Saetron - ShotsNShivs#1966 Fineillheal - TheMagicHobo#1175Saetron0 Apr 27
Apr 27 LF Horde Jewelcrafter Edit: Nevermind. I already found someone very kind willing to help me in my endeavor.Vynathlon0 Apr 27
Apr 26 . .Dreklessness1 Apr 26
Apr 25 <H> Four Years Later Need DPS for raid spot Four Years Later Nighthold 7/7N 3/10H are raiders from WotLK recruiting individuals & small grps for laid back N&H raiding & M+s. LF all skilled dps & a resto sham. Progression Schedule Days: Tuesday and Thursday Hours: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST Contact: SleepyBear#15309 or Killatino/Lecro/kisersosa in game About us We are a small guild with a consistent flex raid group of 13. we are looking to fill out a full raid team of 25. We are social and use discord, many players also play HoTS and Rocket League in the spare time. We keep things loose and fun as much as possible while still progressing in the end game content.Kisersosa0 Apr 25
Apr 25 (7/7M,2/3M,8/10M) Late Night/Weekends LF DPS Mutiny (Last tier 7/7M, 2/3M, currently 8/10M), Raid Team 2 of <Seraph> US-Mal'ganis (Horde) is recruiting experienced, mythic-ready raiders for Nighthold progression! We were 7/10M prior to patch 7.2 and after our First full Night of Mythic Elisande progression and we've seen Phase 3!! Next week, boys, and we'll be looking toward Mythic Guldan!! Our raid times: 11:45pm-3:15am CST 2 Day Raid Week - Every Friday and Saturday night We are currently opening up recruitment for 2-3 Core Raiders Any exceptional, Mythic-Ready players may apply Recruitment needs are as follows -- Must be 905+ with 4pc and 42+ weap traits • 1 Beefy Frost Mage • 1 BM Hunter • 1 Affliction Warlock • Any Exceptional DPS (700k+ on Krosus) Mythic Botanist (4th) - 41 Pulls for prog. Mythic Spellblade (5th) - 30 Pulls for prog. Mythic Krosus (6th) - 42 Pulls for prog. Mythic Tichdrondrius (7th) - 70 Pulls for prog. Mythic Star Auger (8th) - 85 Pulls for prog. (Trial positions are competing to be a part of the Mythic Roster -- must have logs) About Seraph Seraph of US-Ma’ganis is a GIANT mythic progression raiding guild featuring 8 full time raid teams all operating in cohesion under one roof. We are routinely among the top guilds on the server doing so on fairly limited raid schedules. We have been around now for 6+ years and we will be here tomorrow. Seraph very easily could be the last guild you ever join! We currently have 7 Mythic Teams and 1 Casual, Heroic raid team. About Mutiny Mutiny (R2) has been alive and kicking for over 18 months now! As a team, R2 began at the start of the Hellfire Citadel raid tier, getting 13/13M and 22 Mythic Archimonde kills and mounts! As a Two Day team, we're excited to have wiped out Mythic Emerald Nightmare, and look forward to Nighthold progression! Apply @Seraphguild.comSlothytaunts2 Apr 25
Apr 25 6/10M 907 ELE Shaman LF GUILD btag= Dannishh#1337 Hello interwebs, Im looking for a guild that needs a dedicated ELE Shaman. I have great raid attendance and a good sense of humor. I just want to raid! Going to list my raid xp hope to hear from ppl soon. -12/12 HM 10m T10 Resto Shaman -6/12 HM 25m T10 Resto Shaman -4/13HM 25m T11 Ele/resto -6/7HM 25m T12 Ele/Resto Shaman -8/8HM 25m T13 Resto Shaman -11/16 HM 10m T14 Ele Shaman/Disc Priest -13/13 25m HM T15 Resto Shaman -14/14 HM 25m T16 US 50th Garrosh Kill Resto shaman -Casual T17 -13/13M T18 Fury/Arms Warrior ------T19------- -7/7M EN Enhance Shaman -3/3H Hell Yea killed my guild Enhance Shaman -6/10M NH Ele Shaman 47 pts in my ele weapon currently! Looking for better raid times, I dont want to get home from work straight to raid! Looking for pst times prefer 7pm or later start times! -armory- Logs--- Not all of my kills are on public so some are missing!Dannetc0 Apr 25
Apr 25 LF Active Ally guild Hello I'm looking for an ally guild that's active and raids. Wanting to get back to raiding. I prefer something at night do to job.Zeniian4 Apr 25