Dec 22, 2013 [H]25M 2-Night 3/14H LF Mage Hi Kil'Jaeden Mages, In search of progression guild with a "light" schedule? <Sovereign> @ Stormreaver-Horde is a 2-night Tue & Thu 25man raiding guild (8-11:30 CST). I know a few will post here about their heroic guilds, but if your preference is a lighter, adult-friendly schedule in an environment where our goal is clearing normal modes and maybe easier heroics instead of banging our heads on all of them, then perhaps our guild would be a good for for your progression and playstyle. We are currently 14/14normals and 3/14H (just started heroics) in our "casual" 2 night schedule, and although we have a fairly full roster, in that mix, we have no mages and are looking to pick a great one up as a high priority recruit for start the New Year off strong. Here's a link to our guild forum post if this interests you: . Our app and website is Thanks for your consideration, Dyson/Charsiewbao (dyson#1418 btag)Charsiewbao0 Dec 22, 2013
Dec 22, 2013 Weekend SoO 10 man Guild , LF Tank (Alts too) <House Cat> Kil'Jaeden (H) is a group of friends that have been playing together for 5+ years, some play in top 10 US guilds (raid with us on alts, others laid off hardcore raiding). We raid Sat/Sun 9-1 EST, and are recruiting : Tank: Of any class but Monk/Warr preferred We are looking for someone who is a competitive player who either wants to do something on the weekends with their alts, are just wants a nice casual schedule. We hold semi high standards for new raiders, as we like to mess around in mumble, but to do that you need to be a competent player, we started heroics last week as our run started going and were able to down 3 (almost 4) without a struggle, we will smash down 4-6 more easily if we can get players that we don't have to pug every week. This guild is for you if: - you want to raid on an alt during the weekends - you like to mess around and joke, but still keep raiding seriously - like to go through content pretty quickly - want an easy schedule that allows you to see all the content. Questions/Interests add me to Battle ID @ Grawpp#1412Ibiza2 Dec 22, 2013
Dec 21, 2013 Forum game! Flirt with the person above you! Ill start, hey forum title you lookin extra BOLD today. *wink*Avánii49 Dec 21, 2013
Dec 21, 2013 Hostile Intent - Recruiting for SoO 10m group Hostile Intent is forming a weekend SoO 10m group, consisting of many vet/retired raiders looking to make rapid progression through Siege. We are recruiting two healers, either a resto druid, holy/disc priest, holy pally, or mw monk. Additionally wanting one plate dps either ret pally, frost/unholy dk, or a fury warr. Raid times are Saturday and Sunday 6pm-10pm server time, we will be progressing through heroics quickly. Please contact me in-game for more info!Coltraine0 Dec 21, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 LF RAF Partner -I'm currently looking for a RAF Partner to recruit to level 5 toons to 80 with -I will pay for your account upto Cataclysm and provide you with basic gold on each toon -You will make the new account -Must be serious and aggressive about the leveling -I have 2400 arena experience in 2s and don't cope very well with novice/noob players so please don't be slow -If you are looking for fast aggressive leveling to 80 on 5 toons HORDE Tichondrius/KJ and are serious about this then Send me a tag request Zuberah#1650Zyclops0 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 WoD Changes & Kil'Jaeden I'm not really sure why people haven't been talking about this after Blizzcon, but I just watched the vods (since I didn't go this year) and there are a few tiny changes that will hugely impact KJ. If you missed any of it, the majority of the useful info came from the PvP portion of the "What's Next" panel: The flood alliance that left the server isn't a bad thing anymore. It means that we will be paired with an equally imbalanced server, that will be a direct opposite to our faction balance. If this did not happen, and KJ was only slightly imbalanced, we would not be paired with any realm. I'm not sure what server we'll be phased with in WoD, but that does mean for the alliance that have not left, you will not be getting owned due to imbalance like what's happening on the timeless isle. The second thing that was NOT mentioned at blizzcon was X-Realm guilds. Everytime you log in now you'll notice it says "Soandso - Kil'Jaeden". This is the only thing that isn't confirmed that I'm going to talk about; After speaking with a few nerds that are familiar with coding, they were talking about the ridiculous amount of work it must of took for such a weird change. Work that without anything to be added onto it at a later time, is seemingly unneeded. For instance right now every time a person in your guild logs on, you don't need confirmation he's from Kil'Jaeden. So who gives a !@#$ right? KJ Alliance should, along with the Horde we will be paired with. This is a logical change, because if you were on the weak end of faction imbalance, and you get paired with "X" realm, it would be useless if you had to transfer to be apart of the its community. The 2 capital "cities" located out in the new world are also not xrealm blocked like Stormwind/Orgrimmar. I always end up plugging Requiem in posts like these, but this will actually be relevant. Requiem and Req is looking to absorb some of the smaller PvP guilds on KJ. I'm sure you see hundreds of recruitment posts from the same damn guilds under different names, posting about how many RBG's they run, when they have 12 members online at any given time. If you are in one of those guilds, please talk to your GM. Requiem and Req has the highest activity on KJ, and we could put your leadership to good use, and make it a lot easier for you to fill RBG teams. Requiem merged with 12 PvP guilds to form what we are today, we know how it's done, and we know how to ensure your community stays intact during the transition. Contact me in-game if you are interested or have questions This recruitment push isn't to solidify Requiem's epeen as #1 on server, but to establish a strong foundation to meet whatever opposition our paired realm offers come WoD. As well as revive the competent RBG teams you used to see on KJ Anyways, I noticed people were a lil gloomy about the situation of Alliance currently. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of said people that it will all change with WoD, as well as get your opinions on the upcoming changes. PS, if you are KJ Alliance and you didn't xfer off already, you're my hero.Ðarkdk24 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 Kil'jaeden Horde/Alliance WPvP Events Welcome to the combined Alliance and Horde World PvP Event Thread! This thread is to showcase events that Alliance/Horde guilds wish to share with not only our Kil’jaeden, but the entire WoW community as well. This will entice even more players to be drawn to our server. We have a lot of amazing videos scattered throughout the web and its time we had a place to put them all. This is a collective effort by all to post these videos, both for easier access and to showcase some of the fun events that happen here on Kil’Jaeden. Every guild is welcome to add new events that take place, but please know we strongly discourage any RBG or Arena videos in this thread as they aren’t really ‘events’. Some of the videos below are great quality, some are not, but they are definitely improving as time goes on. If you see multiple videos for 1 event, it’s just another person’s perspective. This is just the start of how epic this thread is going to become. If you have an event worth showing off be sure to let us know! (If you like this idea please don’t just bump, but rather up-like vote and request for Sticky!) Newest Highlighted Horde Event Requiem vs Requiem Guild Only Event Newest Highlighted Alliance Event SWBRB’s Great Cow Race on Moonguard Event History August 2012 Requiem vs Requiem Guild Only Event @ AV, Blades Edge, Nagrand. SWBRB’s Great Cow Race on Moonguard. SWBRB and Aredone Show down! @ Tol Barad & Stormwind July 2012 Requiem vs Reign and Sch Brb 80v80 @ Battlescar, Theramore Isle Bridge, Diremaul Arena Sch Brb Fighting Aredone Multiboxer @ Stormwind Bank Requiem Raining from sky @ Halaa Road Runners Event feat Requiem, Blasting Off Again, Various other Horde Alliance/Horde Fight Crashes Server Requiem Killing Stormwind King Aredone attacks Stormwind by himself Ruinous vs Requiem @ Tol Barad. Watch the rogue click! June 2012 Sch BRB Fishing for Horde March 2012 Requiem combines 400+ Horde Attacking Ironforge w/ Server Crash Requiems first Pokemon Fight Event February 2012 Requiem attacking Ironforge and Stormwind Requiem attacking Stormwind head on January 2012 Ruinous defeated when attacking Horde @ Orgimmar November 2011 Requiem fighting Ruinous @ Thunder Bluff and knocks them off edge. Requiem then heads out to Iron Forge for a double slap. Requiem & Friends Attacking with Ruinous Defending @ Darnassus Filet Mignome/Vagrants pushing Ruinous Back Requiems first attack on Stormwind Ruinous Defending October 2011 KJ Horde including BOA and VS against Ruinous @ Hellfire Peninsula November 2010 Ruinous fighting horde pug @ Stormwind Victorious Secrets 25v25 Guild Challenge to Ruinous @ Blades Edge Mountains Remember this is the default template so any new events will be added as well as any more older ones we find that are deemed worthy. Enjoy! :)Kalishara101 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 <Real Talk> Selling Runs <Real Talk> is selling normal Garrosh 25 man kills. We clear out the instance on Thursday from 7-11 pm server. How this would end up working is you would need to be online during the 9-11 pm server time frame, depending on if we have raid comp to push heroics, the Garrosh kill would be later on in the night. If not, then we would clear on normal and it would happen earlier. Pricing is as follows: 30k Total. First come, first served. We only plan to bring 2-3 buyers a week to make sure that each of you has a fair chance at what loot you want. Be sure to get in contact with me early about which class and specs have signed up. The 30k gets you Title, Mount, Feat of Strength Achievement, Chance at 561ilvl Bind on Account Weapons(BoA), AND any gear that drops for your class and spec you signed up for. Offspec gear is not included. If no one needs the aforementioned piece of gear, then it can be purchased for 5k gold. In the event of multiple people needing on gear that drops (players that are buying the kill) the item in question will go to the highest bidder. Example: Conq essence tier token drops however there are 2 players that could use it from that spec (Ret pally, Destro Lock). The player that bids the most gold on it receives the loot. Obviously, we will do our best to avoid situations like this though beforehand by not stacking the same token users, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. You are allowed to bring any class/spec you desire, you wont have to do anything essential to the fight. In addition to Garrosh, we also offer previous content carries. These are based on difficulty of the raid. If you are interested in T14 or T15 (or, any of the earlier tiers) feel free to inquire about prices. We also offer Flex carries on Sundays. Feel free to contact me in game (Real Id: rayne#1238) or post on here with any questions you may have. If you do send me a request, please be sure to put which carry you are interested in buying.Kagon2 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 The Waters Are No Longer Safe! For the dolphin has returned!Pretzul3 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 @Lethal & Epochracy Found this last night, made me laugh. I was at least kind enough to blur the email address.. Though I've had ample reason not to, what can I say? I'm just a nice guy. Thanks for the laughs, sorry we had to reject you for lack of age.. :( Oh and wintrading.. Better luck next time!Rãwr5 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 looking for a guild to carry me thru soo reg any guilds selling spots for spare loot and clear?Shadowpuff0 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 Where do i go to leave a comment? Other day i was having problems an the GM was their for me the whole way threw. "Thank You Very Very much Trelladon." Yet now i have another question, how come their isn't a comment post page on the home page? An if there is where is it?Krazytown8 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 [H] <Veterans Club> LF 1 tank for normals Hey, everyone! <Veterans Club> is a 4/14H guild on Kil'jaeden Horde currently stabilizing its roster for group 2 in preparation for Mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor. We currently run normal Siege of Orgrimmar, so it's a great chance to get geared up and meet a nice group of friends. We currently need: -1 tank (Prefer Death Knight with DPS off-spec) Our times: 9 hours a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, at 5:30PM realm time (PST) until 8:30PM realm time. We rarely go over that unless we all agree to give it one more shot and know we're close. What we expect of you: -Know your class and role! This goes without saying. Read guides, be gemmed/enchanted appropriately, practice in LFR/flex if you need. -Come prepared with flasks/potions! Food will be provided. We consider this part of performing your best. -Be able to handle criticism. We don't expect you to be a perfect raider, but part of getting better is learning from your mistakes. -Have a stable internet connection. -Prefer 535+ ilvl, exceptions made for exceptional players. -Be online and in our TeamSpeak channel (with a mic) 15 minutes before raid starts, and have a near 100% attendance rate. If you have any questions or you think our guild is a fit for you, feel free to post here or add: ZinkBomb#1169Seaweedchan1 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 Glorious Fools is Recruiting!! (H) <Glorious Fools> a level 25 horde guild on Kj is recruiting healers and ranged dps for our weekday raiding group. Having and knowing your offspec is a necessity in 10 man raiding and is a requirement for our team. We are a newer guild having only been raiding together for about a month. We started out only raiding 2 days a week but are now raiding 3! Tues, Weds, Thrus 7:30-10:30 pm server time! Our progression is 11/14N. We have a good group with experienced lead! We are also recruiting for our new WEEKEND 10 man raiding team! In need of one tank, one healer, and some ranged dps. Times are Fri and Sat 6-10 pm server time. Some key points about <Glorious Fools> -Although mature and respectful we do know how to have fun while downing bosses. We are friendly and helpful and keep in mind that World of Warcraft is still a game and should be viewed as such. -100% attendance is not humanly doable! But we do expect for our raiders to show up the majority of the time and try to notify us in advance if they can't make raid so the team can be prepared. -We are a guild that strives to be free of drama, sexism, racism, etc. But be warned, swearing happens.... a lot. -We provide flasks, food, repairs, and enchants. What do we want from you? A good attitude, good attendance, and to not stand in stupid! Interested in joining us? Pst me in game or anyone in guild to get pointed to an officer! You can also post here and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible, or add me to battletag! Ruined#1391 Any one in guild can invite and everyone is welcome!Mythotik14 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 LOOKING TO BUY HEAVY JUNKBOXES I'm interested in purchasing 1400 Heavy Junkboxes. If anyone has any for sale or able to farm them I'll pay 10g per box. Feel free to CoD them to me or contact me in game. Thanks a lot.Psylarr4 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 2 Players looking for heroic raiding guild Lucký564 Enhance/ 552 Resto alt0253 Màrkie 560~ Hpal/ 545 Ret alt 0224 Past heroic progression raiders that have semi recently starting playing again looking for new guild that is pushing heroics. Currently 3/14H looking to raid Tuesday-Thursday around 7pst. Prefer to join established guild, that is currently progressing 10 or 25m Mail in game or post.Lucký10 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 Alliance meta chat channel freealliance There is a chat channel called freealliance that has been around for a while originally used to avoid ruinous. There are people who still use it. It is a server wide channel would be nice if people who find themselves as one of the few that are actually online join it at least to communicate with those of us who are online and willing to assist in things that are harder to do as a member of the minority faction. all you have to do is < / join freealliance > Think of it as a meta guild chat. ThanksDruim4 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 Tomorrow is pajama day at my job! I'm wearing a onesie! They have footies too! x3!Avánii0 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 @Keltoi Can you guys get uhh Lawlsadin aka Darnell to calm down? The giant turbo virgin is upset and kind of retarded. He thinks pvp gear is better in wpvp and gets his !@# handed to him by an arms warrior wearing full pvp gear and then wearing mediocore pve gear. He's so upset he's making alts to harass me, and while it's kind of funny I can't even ask him to get mad. He puts me on ignore before whispering me. Thanks! :D Oh forgot, what would the drama be without !@#$ talking. Anyway here was the second alt whispering me, I didnt screenshot the first because I didn't think he was that mad. Dec 20, 2013
Dec 19, 2013 So I am 90 now.... I made a promise a few months ago that the Horde would be shakin in the hooves when I came to town. Unfortunately there was a little set back. I had to take like a two month break because, well, I got hit by a car while I was running and couldn't use a computer during the majority of my recovery. Anyhow, that rage has built up inside of me and I think it is time to start pounding some faces in to the ground. I just thought I would make a public announcement for those with weak stomachs to leave Timeless Isle before I paint the grass with your blood.Mesmorie9 Dec 19, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 [A] - Several lovable rerolls LFGuild HI! Me and several of my friends main horde characters on Tichondrius and decided to make KJ our alliance home. We've all been casually enjoying the change as we level (currently 55-65 range) and are looking for a guild to make our permanent home. Let me point out quickly that some of us might be interested in raiding, but some of us are not. We're looking for a mature place built by people who have fun with the game and have no expectations of PVE or PVP. Again, we're going to do these things but the interests vary among the group. What we can offer is a tight knit group of friends (been playing together for over half a decade) that are mature, still know how to have fun and are not easily offended. We run stuff together all the time and would be thrilled to be contributing members to the guild, as long as its a guild we feel we are welcome and a part of. So if you or your guild is looking to bolster the ranks with several (3-6) new social members, contact me here! The 6 of us most actively playing are currently leveling: -Shaman (Me, enh/rest) -Warlock -Monk/Druid (tank/dps) -Priest/Rogue (heals/dps) -Monk/Warlock -MageCerpîn9 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Level 25 guild prices? -1330 guild achievement points. -7/8 tabs. (8th tab not too far off from being unlocked.) -Guild BoAs unlocked. If more info is needed for pricing, please ask. I am just wondering what price I should be looking to sell my guild for, as I would of course rather not accept a lower price for it than it is worth.Sønyablade1 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Kil'Jaeden Alliance Guild Looking for Players We are a called "Attack on Hordies" and looking for players willing to join our guild, from any realm. We want to change the ratio of the superior Horde number and we can do it by starting a guild dedicated to that. Our main goals are wpvp and pvp, but we will pve as well. We are only lv 2, but with support, we will grow fast. We are 60% of the way to lv 3 after only 10 days of forming! We help and invite all players, new and old. We will help you learn how to pvp or just play the game. New people, alts and other realm toons will be taken care of. Msg for any Q's!Kushweed2 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 2 Players looking for home Hello, myself and my room-mate are looking for a solid guild that is active Wed. Thurs. nights (8pm PST - whenever). We're looking to raid as well as PvP. We're competent players and have been playing since Vanilla days. 2300+ rated PvP experience and are proactive when it comes to raiding. Currently we both play warlock, but have Alts as well (both of us have 5+ 90s). We're trying to main locks, so if a guild is interested in two locks, please post a response. Notes: We are willing to compromise or play an alt (our locks are the most geared, however). Between the two of us we have every profession maxed. Our current item level for PvE is 536+ (and increasing very quickly) Our current item level for PvP is 512+ (and is also increasing very quickly) If you're a guild leader or recruiter that is interested in adding two dedicated, skilled, and enjoyable players to your roster, please post a response here or reach myself or Gundread in game. Thank you, Mack and DreadMackageddon3 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 Thanks, Mcduffy For forming a RBG group.. And leaving in the middle of the actual battleground because we were getting our asses kicked. Thanks.Shieldhart4 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 ★ Limited Liability - 12/14H 25m - DPS/Heals ╔ Limited Liability - Horde - Kil'jaeden ╠ Loot Council - 4 nights, 4 hours a night - 25man Heroic Progression Raiding ╚ Raiding Schedule: Monday through Thursday, 8 to 12 EST About Limited Liability: Limited Liability (aka LL, Limited, or LLC) is a semi-hardcore guild founded in May 2011 on Kil'jaeden during the Firelands tier. After the beginning of Dragon Soul, Limited Liability went dormant for 2 years until being revitalized in May 2013 for Throne of Thunder. Starting late, Limited Liability rose to an impressive US 106th rank and surpassing long tenured guilds around the US. We aim to continue our consistent performance and maintain a US Top 100 rank. Progression (Updated 11/28/13) ╔ 12 of 14 - Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar ╚ 13 of 13 - Heroic Throne of Thunder, US 106th Recruitment (Updated 12/24/13) ╔ Druid - Restoration and Balance ╠ Mage ╠ Paladin - Retribution ╠ Priest ╠ Rogue ╚ Warlock Benefits: ╔ Hardcore Mindset, Semi-Hardcore Schedule ║ ● A highly competitive raid that is focused on clearing content at a fast, progressive level ╠ Strict Four Night or Less Raid Schedule ║ ● Monday through Thursday - 8PM EST - 12AM EST (5PM PST - 9PM PST) ╠ Focused, but Friendly Raid Environment ║ ● We believe that our raid isn't owned or controlled by one person. Everyone contributes. ╠ Drama-free Environment ║ ● We don't tolerate drama. ╠ Respect for Member's Time ║ ● We raid as a competitive hobby - we do not waste time and doing so is frowned upon. ╠ Secure, Fair Loot Council ╚ ● Our leaders are selfless and put the guild before themselves. Weekly rotation of Council members. Expectations: ╔ 90% or greater attendance ╠ Professionalism amongst all players ╠ Open-minded approach to gameplay ╠ Vast game and class knowledge ╠ Focused gameplay and mentality ╠ Competitive and self-motivated attitude ╚ Positive disposition in raid How to Apply: ╔ 1. Go to our website, ╠ 2. Go to our forums ╠ 3. Create a username on our forums ╠ 4. Copy our application form ╠ 5. Create a new topic with your filled out application form ╚ 6. Submit! Contacts: ╔ Deviations [TheJakeLeg#1917] ╚ Fix [Fixd#1191]Deviations8 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 Huge in Japan is selling heroic SoO runs! Hello everyone. Anyone who has been paying attention to trade chat will have noticed me advertising for selling runs. Well, Huge in Japan is now selling Heroic SoO runs! All runs include gear that our main raiders don't need, but we pretty much shard over half our gear anyways so that's not a problem. All SoO runs are in 25 man, so the odds of getting loot are much higher with us. Our last carry got over 10 pieces of loot :) We are selling: T16 Heroic 14/14H runs, which includes the Kor'kron Juggernaut mount and the "Hellscream's Downfall" title :) Garrosh Heroic only for Kor'kron Juggernaut mount and "Hellscream's Downfall" title Garrosh Heroic only for "Hellscream's Downfall" title 12/14 Heroic runs REMEMBER!! All loot not needed by raiders is free for you to take, and Garrosh can give you a heroic Heirloom weapon to make leveling for WOD as easy as possible :) If you have any questions on what we are selling or you want the prices on these carries, contact Babyjace in game or add me to battletag, jacedk#1316Babyjace11 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 New guild recruiting! Hello everyone, I recently started a new guild called Requiem of Souls [1]. The guild will be a weekend raiding guild, Fri/Sat 6-9 pm server. I am recruiting people to begin as our core 10 man for SoO. Since the guild is new, leadership position are available. Please send a message to Beaversteve in game if you would are interested.Beaversteve0 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 560 rogue lf raiding home Hey all, my server sucks. Browsing through 9 million guilds on wowprogress is a pain in the butt. Anyone looking for a rogue? Not afraid to fill out an app.Jameson0 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 Need a new home. Hey I made a new sham here because the server I transfered to doesnt have all. Im in need of a new guild. Laid back, does raiding and pvp, and active chat. If you can help message Pureclass.Nuclearr1 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 Daheq is this He was saying how all hunters are terrible or something, and how they are the top represented class in the game in all PvP right now. I said "_______ Stop spreading misinformation, none of what you're saying is even remotely true." Then he went complete bat!@#$ crazy and started logging all over different toons to harrass me, lol SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP I JUST WANT TO MAKE MY MATS IN HARMONY PLZ FRONDSSplixer1 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 State of wow ingame chat/talk Was a time when people from the same server grouped up and did random bgs wpvp or dungeons. Guild chats were active and vent/mumble/teamspeak were well populated. Now all I seem to be in is oq skype chats for rated bgs and only then. I have multiple toons across servers and factions and seems to be less back and forth all over. Guild chat should not be just a vehicle for achievement spam. Some of best fun in wow was wPvP groups both factions in same vent not zergs but more than 2 and less than 10 per side. Even forums becoming less chatty. Thoughts ?Druim4 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 WTB recruit-a-friends for the pets - 15k gold I can't promise i'd be there for you to make use of the exp bonus lvling, but i want the 4 recruit-a-friend pets and i can offer 15 thousand gold to those who take me up on the offer. alliance kiljaeden.Bingers1 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 <Tryhards> has returned! 2000+ Requirement. The diminishing forces of the Alliance has undoubtedly raised concern through the community of Kil'Jaeden. A community that's attained much of it's character through a devout and enthusiastic faction rivalry. Many see this as the final blow to the Alliance, we see it as an opportunity to reanimate a familier name. It's time to eradicate the feeling of the Alliance being dead, to contest against odds of the Horde. To restore pride to the underdog faction, and to make people question which side deserves their loyalty. <Tryhards> demands to remedy the situation at hand. Returning with a 2000+ Arena or RBG Rating requirement (and an annoyingly tacked on "Z" until we get the name back) we urge Alliance who meet these credentials to stand beside us. Become part of our dynamic environment. A guild connected by an interest of competitive PvP, united through an emphasis on a tightly-woven social atmosphere. Prove yourself in the Arena, then display it for the rest of Kil'Jaeden to see. It's time to keep the drama rolling with narrowed eyes. If you meet the above requirements, whisper one of the following to be considered. - Zujo - Telsa - Jeperty Thanks for your support. Our other thread : Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 [H] <Not the Face> recruiting... Hi friends. We need tanks and heals for raids. We are good. Don't suck, Don't be melee, show up to raids. PST Spun, Buttstuck, Cheezypotato or Packcity ingame. PS Dont be in blues ThanksSpun2 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 [H] Avidity 14/14 normal recruiting Avidity, a 10 man raiding guild on Kil'jaeden, is currently recruiting quality players for 10 man Heroic progression into SoO! We are currently 14/14 normal and pushing into heroic content. We are looking to recruit the following: Shaman - Healing or DPS Priest - Healing or DPS Druid - Boomkin We will accept outside of these requirements, however, a raid spot can not be guaranteed at this time. We ask that potential applicants be a min 550 ilvl, with 14/14 normal clear experience being a plus. Our raid times Tues-Thur 6-10 ST. Please feel free to message myself in game for any details, Btag:Vanitas#1145Vanítas0 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 looking for 60 twinks ali i have 2 60 twinks prot/arms warrior and resto druid, i am looking for people to join for 60 raids or are lookking for a sever with alot of 60 twinks.Phurb0 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 (H) Do You Even Glyph Bro is LF a tank! A little bit about our guild: We're level 25, 13/14 normal and about to start heroics within the next couple weeks. We all outgear normals, but we wanted to do a normal Garrosh kill before moving on. Most of us have been playing on again off again since Vanilla and know the game well. A big chunk of the raid team is made up of IRL friends, and we like to have fun raiding. We raid Tuesday and Thursday night, 5:30-8:30 ST and then we usually will do a third day of raiding on either Friday, Sunday, or Monday, depending on everyone's availability. What we're looking for: We're pretty open on tanks. In a perfect world, a non-warrior, SoO experienced, higher item level would be perfect. However, I would be willing to look at anyone who's willing to learn and be relaxed. Either whisper me in game or respond to this! Ask any questions you want!Tilik0 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 My house is is is....!! Buried in snow!! Halp!!Avánii1 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 [H] Ptoy War LF guild Hey there all I am a 550 prot war and I want to down Heroic mod SoO before the new year. If anyone needs a tank... look me up but I want to come and down stuff!Anadrel0 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 The Mesiah has returned. Vaporizedank- Packetsareus- Nickiminaj has returned. Prepare yourself peasants.Nickiminaj13 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 532 H Pally LF 10 man raiding guild! Like the title says I'm looking for a hardcore 10 man raiding guild. My schedule is completely free, looking mostly for weekday/nights raiding though. Whisper me in game or post on here either one is fine. Thanks!Milkjuicy0 Dec 14, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 563 Arms Warrior LF 10/25 H Prog Guild Hi, 29yo male here from Los Angels County, looking to find a raiding guild on K'J Horde. My preferences; Semi-hard 3/14+hm, main raid days tuesday & wednesday, 8pm -12am server My Exp; 14/14 nm, 1/14 hm (known encounters 3/14hm) About me Down to earth & allergic to bs. Prefer vent or mumble. My goal is to rank my warrior amongst the worlds top in my spec. Want to be mutually beneficial, please chat with me, would prefer an interview. I'm looking for a permanent place, came to this server already invited to a guild, and the officers transferred to Ally about a week ago. Will delete this post once I have found my team. Thank you & best Regards, Autavia#1306Autavia0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 [H] Warrior Tank LF active guild Hello everyone, I am looking for an active guild to raid and have fun with. I have tanked before and am not stupid. I don't have much tanking experience this patch because I have been playing my healer but I learn quickly. I moved to Kil'Jaeden from my dead server and on my first day I was recruited into a guild and promoted to main tank after our first night of raiding. Due to school I had to relinquish my position and have not tanked since MoP's release. I am looking for a guild to run flex's with and grow. I am looking to be a fill in tank and or DPS. I can always bring my disc priest over and fill in for heals as well. Hit me up in the game or leave your info here. CheersDropknee0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Say something mean about the person above! We haven't had a forum game for a while, lets do this, ill start! *clears throat* Pffft, your the worst forum title ever! Jerk!Avánii47 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Guild <Airport Security> PvP and PvE Horde guild looking for people who want to PvP and/or PvE RBGs starting soon and putting together a Raiding group. PST Celthor in game for info or to join. Anyone is welcome.Celthor6 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 [H] <Poseidon> recruiting for 10 m prog!!! Greetings travelers! <Poseidon> is a 10 man Horde guild on the US server Kil'Jaeden looking to progress through heroic SoO and future content. However, until then we will be working on gearing up and progressing through most raids. We currently need 5-7ish members to fill our roster, but more are welcome. The list is as follows: 2 tanks 1 healer 5-7 DPS. But anyone is welcome! We plan on being a close-knit raiding guild. We will encourage members to invite their alts and friends to help us reach 25. The plan is to raid on weeknights, we have no schedule set in stone yet, but we can work that out whenever the time comes. We aren't looking for casuals, we are more interested in those who want to progress in end game. A little bit about our history with this game, we all use to play on various accounts during bc/wotlk. We quit after our guild broke up before cata, but now we are back. We are new to Kil'jaeden and we did progress through end game/heroic. So we have knowledge of what kind of effort is needed to progress. If you have any questions, feel free to message: Me (milkjuicy), Asyriel, or Excelsiioorr/yoloswagfok/uwantsumfuk. If you are seriously interested in joining a guild that will one day be extremely successful consider us! We want to succeed just as much as you if not more!Milkjuicy1 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 [A] <Biggie Smalls> Is Looking For Gnomes! <Biggie Smalls> Is a newly formed guild that comes from small beginnings and is recruiting only gnomes. We are looking for alts, re-rolls, and new toons alike! We will be covering all aspects of the game, most importantly, being gnome. Our goal is to have fun and bring a little spark of diversity to the KJ community. There is a maximum height but no minimum, we take Gnomes of all shapes and sizes! What we offer: Rated PVP on the Short Order! WPVP on the Small Scale! Short Raids! Shortened Leveling! What we require: Must be Gnome! We set the bar high, so that we can walk under it! If you think you have what it takes to measure up (/snicker), whisper an officer in game or reply here on our recruitment post!Amaxastoo33 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Looking for 2s Partner Hello, unholy dk here looking for a 2s partner. I'm semi geared, with 6/15 Grevious and rest are Tyrannical. Would be nice if the other person was similarly geared; classes im interested in doing 2s with are: Mistweaver Monk Feral/Balance/Resto Druid Ret Paladin Arena Current Rating is at 1428 Also I have teamspeakGrabmeapepsi0 Dec 13, 2013