Aug 28, 2015 <Hard In The Paint> 11/13H | T/Th/Sun About Hard In The Paint: Formed in mid 2014 and halfway through Tier 16. Despite lack of time was able to clear 3/14 HC (now called Mythic) in one week. Continued to progress through WoD and are in need of skilled players to grow our roster. Current Status <Hard In The Paint> is 11/13 in Hellfire Citadel and 10/10H through Blackrock Foundry and is need of several classes and roles to continue progression as a guild. Our main goal is to clear Heroic content and focus on Mythic content once we beef up the roster with talented dedicated players. Current raid days and times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8:30pm-11:30pm server time (CST). Attitude: We take raiding seriously and have fun doing it. We look for players that are willing to take advice from other players when they see something they are doing can be fixed to help them and the raid out as a whole. Players that approach others about ways to improve are expected to do so in a respectful manner. Players need to understand that we plan on having over 20 raiders on our main raiding team. This ensures that we have the necessary components to rework strategies in a way that facilitates the boss kill. Current Needs Tank: -Paladin, Monk, Druid, DK Ranged DPS: -Warlock -Mage -Druid -Priest Melee DPS: -Monk Healers: -Priest -Shaman Please contact any member for more information.Slaymode52 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 [2/13M EXP] 713 MW Monk w/ RDruid LF M Guild Monk capable of playing Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver, (prefer to heal). Coming from Top 50 US guilds in previous expansions, I have had to go casual in the beginning of WoD with the addition of having a son added to the family, yet alone being a single father. I have played every healing class to a percentile of 90%+ in most tiers and happened to main monk this tier, but am very flexible. In addition I also have a very talented Resto Druid-Boomkin that can and would like to come with me if a guild happened to be ineterested. We have had 6+ years of healing chemistry together. I believe my logs are capable of proving my worth, but by no means do I mind proving myself against other capable healers. I would prefer a 3-4 day schedule, 1-2 being even better with the same progression or better. Skrillex#1912 is my btag and would more than glad be able to answer questions, concerns, or take comments a far as what you and I can offer eachother. We arent carries. Whether Alliance or Horde. (Alliance Preferred) for money reasons, but if the fit seems worth faction changing that wouldnt be an issueShaquilohëal0 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Looking to buy I'm looking to buy 16 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/52985 or 2 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/58087Phurr1 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 25, 2015 LF BS with Fiery Plate Gauntlets plans The quest that gave it was rendered unavailable by Cataclysm. I'll tip well if you still have it.Akhlys0 Aug 25, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 WTB 8/8 CM Gold Hello all, I am wanting to buy a carry through all 8/8 of the WoD Cmode dungeons. My btag is highwind#1131 or you can message me through skype (my skype name is "thewanderingartichoke". Add/message me and we can talk pricing (gold). Thanks!Lionhart1 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 <Perspective> Recruiting All Members! Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this post. We are a brand new guild on Korgath which is looking to grow our numbers to experience all sorts of WoW content together. Whether you be interested in raiding, pvp, transmog gear runs, alt gearing, battle pet collecting, etc...we are after it all! Our main focus is currently to build our roster for the upcoming WoW expansion, "Legion". If you are looking for a guild that is about building friendships and experiencing WoW content together for much time to come, please message Azriath or battle.net tag Perspective#1230 for an invite or more details - all are welcome! Cheers, PhilAzriath0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 <Wired> Recruiting Healers/Dps (5/13Mythic) Wired --- established originally on Skullcrusher in 2010. Moved to Korgath where end game mythic Garrosh was our outcome in Mist of Pandaria. We are currently starting back up after a few months of a break and are recruiting any and ALL classes for Hellfire! Wired Reborn! Experienced leadership Vent Guild Bank Friendly Atmosphere An active Facebook group (www.facebook.com/wiredkorgath) End came competitive gaming is what we aim for again Our current progression is 5/13 Mythic and 13/13 Heroic Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8pm - 11pm (EST) Minimum ilv to raid is 725+ (fully enchanted and max gems) Currently recruiting: Healers / DPS Reply to post with questions or whisper me in game or add me on battle tag at Divader#1585 Our plan is to recruit the newish players and veteran alike. We will give anyone a chance to prove themselves to be a part of the raid group. We will start off with normal then to heroics so we can get the more under geared (680ish) new players geared so they can join in on heroic then eventually again Mythic raiding as Wired once was. We do prefer for raiding 725ilv + Happy Hunting ~DavidDavid0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Xemirkol Spawn (8/21/15) Hi Xermikol was killed at 10:56PM PST. His spawn will be 24 hours from now, so if you are looking for your title and feat of strength plan accordingly!Mezx0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 LF Pre-Cata Blacksmith with Enchanted Thorium Breastplate plans. Will tip very well plz message/mail me in game.Fåythe1 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 Korgath the realm of mediocrity http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/korgath lol <Dread> struggles so hard. !@#$ing bads. and the rest of you? you would %^-* on a great player because you coddle !@#$%es ^-*! thugs. THE KINGS IS BACK. BUT YA'LL AINT GORDON GUND YOU ARE NOT VISIONARIES, STUPID @#$%SJoegrizly6 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 RIP THE GAME JEFF KAPLAN MADE this goes out to <Dread> and all the lamers that spend 6-7 nights a week no life this game only to realize its a shell of what TBC used to be when it required skill. lol. mythic raiding LMAO, yall rig the game and think you're elite but can't even hit top wowprogress........... i'll !@#$ on you %^-*!@s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylkOAtifuJ0 snitch on me all you want idc, blizzard ban me forever #$%^ this game its wack dude, putting illy in the microwave doesn't mean anything to someone who killed him current content 2007Joegrizly0 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 [A] Sonic Death Monkeys recruiting for rbg Hey guys I'm Yeezi or you can call me Kevin. :) SDM is recruiting new members for RBG. Don't get me wrong, but I am no where near 2k or anything. But I want to form a group to help you and I to improve. Pugging can be difficult and saddening. New players are welcomed to join and learn. I do not expect anyone to be "gods" or 2k+. However, I do expect everyone to be in AT LEAST full blues, and trying each week to get the two gold boxes to get BIS gear. We are currently recruiting all specs and classes but classes with higher priority would be UA locks, Spriest, MW, Hpal, rogue. SDM also have a raid team that is going to tackle HFC in the upcoming week. We invite all specs and we can help you get your hands into raiding! New raiders are invited as well! If you think you want to give this a try feel free to contact me at kevan#1585 or leave a comment below. Trust me I know it is hard to be in 1500 and climb via pugging. And all we want to do is find a core group in a raid to do so. Being in Korgath we only have a hand full of PvP guilds. And a majority of them only recruit 2k+, leaving us in the dark; meanwhile, in other PvP gear you have to fight for your seat. So seriously, give us a try! :) Thank you for reading! Hope to hear from you soon!!Yeezi1 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 [Jade Legplates of the Bear] FS Ally AH Jade Legplates available on Alliance AH for 165k. Only for those who know their value, rarity and are preparing the set for Legions when xmog tab is introduced!! Or contact Iriial in gameAnnasterian2 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 WTB GOLD CMs As it states, I'm trying to find a group that sells Gold Challenge Mode runs. Get up with me in game, via PST or in-game mail. If you respond to this, all I need to know is when and how much.Gridsquare0 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 6:30 -10 EST [A] <Deliverancé> Recruiting DPS Deliverance Progression Guild www.deliverancewow.com Raid Days Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 5:30-9 Server Time (6:30-10 EST) Progression 12/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel 13/13 Normal Blackrock Foundry 3/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 3/7 Mythic Highmaul We are a mature and laid back group having fun through the progression of new content. The guild is always looking for likeminded people to join our ranks. Below are the current class needs of our ideal progression group. Regardless of class, any qualified player will be taken into consideration. Preferred DPS classes would include: Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman Warlock Boomkin Shadow Priest Expectations - 95%+ Raid attendance - Respect for guild and other members at all time - Ability to both take and give constructive criticism - Desire to have fun! Interested applicants can apply through our website which is listed above. If you would like more information contact either Shelonis or myself in game. Thanks for your consideration, Relma Mique#1315Relma2 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 The Silence is now recruiting! Howdy! My name is Didymos, and I'm the GM of The SIlence, a new guild on Korgath. I'm a long time guild owner from Darkspear. I stopped playing for a few months after the birth of my son to get the hang of being a first time mom, but now I'm back. The guild I owned on Darkspear was awesome, but after I found out I was pregnant, I just didn't have the time I wanted to devote to WoW. Now that he's older, I have that free time again, so I created the guild! About The Silence: The Silence is a community style, "geek chic" guild that is a close knit group of friends. The goal of The Silence is to have a place for people to play together, and to create and maintain friendships. We're focused on a myriad of things. The founders were all hardcore raiders at one point, so we do plan on raiding, but not hardcore. We do realize that people have lives outside of WoW, and we don't expect 5+ hours a night to raid. We also love PvP, so there will be something for everyone! I've already been thinking of fun guild events to plan, and they are currently in the works of being put together What We're looking for: We're between the ages of 21-30, and we love anything geeky from Star Wars to Doctor Who ect. Most of us love to joke around, and are extremely sarcastic. We all have families and lives outside of WoW, so we aren't a hardcore raiding team. So if you're looking for a community style, hilariously fun guild, then we are right for you! This is just a little taste of who we are. If you have any further questions, or want more information, feel free to contact me in game or check out the website. Btag: happyfeet#18919 Website: www.thesilence-korgath.enjin.comDidymos4 Aug 17, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 WTB Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpen Hello fellow Korgathians!! I am looking to buy the Alani mount- Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Add my btag and we'll talk price :) Runningbear#1196Padfootprong0 Aug 17, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 <Ambition> (A) Korgath is recruiting! <Ambition>12/13n 3/13H HFC is recruiting for is core raid group. We are filling spots in preparation for further Heroic/Mythic content and are looking for a exceptional and dedicated ranged dps/Healer (resto shaman/druid is a great plus) willing to help those who need little gearing but we ask that you please be 685+ w/ 690 ring at least for our core group. All other class roles welcome to inquire with the only exception being hunters. Raid Times : Tues/Wed 9:30pmCST-12:30am CST, Sunday 8:30pmCST-11:30pmCST Feel Free to add me on Bnet with any questions or concerns Rockxs#1244Soulsurge0 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 3 Raiders looking for raid team What we have to offer: Raider #1: 707 Druid: Can play all specs but dislikes feral. Has 4 piece tier set and leg ring. Has been raiding for 5 years. AOTC since ToT. 13/13 NHFC 6/13HHFC Raider #2: 710 Hunter: MM, Has 2 set bonus and ring, knows how to prioritize adds. Has been raiding since vanilla. 13/13 NHFC 12/13HHFC Raider #3: 706 Priest: Holy/Disc can play both equally well, Has 2 set bonus and ring. raid led for the past 3 years. AoTC since MSV. 13/13 NHFC 7/13HHFC. Were looking for 3+ nights a week not on the weekend. Preferably after 8:30EST. Please add me Holly85#1451 to discuss further. Look forward to hearing from you soon.Holycurves1 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 [A] 672 Experienced Hunter LF Casual Guild Greetings fellow raiders, I'm looking for a casual, perhaps progressing guild that is mature and willing to take on an experienced hunter with a busy schedule that can fill in when available. I don't have the schedule to lock down any specific raid times but I do have the gear and play time necessary to help out if I am online which is mostly in the evenings. Really just looking for a good group to shoot the !@#$ with and maybe stab some %^-*!es. Comment or IM In game. Thanks,Remingtøn0 Aug 13, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 700 ilvl resto druid LF raid team I currently pug heroic HFC out of the LFG tool. Any raid teams need a resto druid for heroic hfc progression?Cindylòuwho2 Aug 13, 2015
Aug 12, 2015 LF NAXX40 Tailor with Glacial Mantle Please add me if you happen to have grabbed this pattern from Grob in Naxx40. Scramz#1518Scramz0 Aug 12, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 Looking for weekday 7-10pm EST raiding guild. 13/13N 12/13H experienced HFC raider looking for an early raiding guild. This is for an alt. My main is a horde that's no longer played. Will be running normals until I hit the 690 mark for heroics. Just looking for that guild that I can start running with when it happens.Raxan0 Aug 10, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 [A] <The Revolutionaries> 6/13H LFM <The Revolutionaries> are recruiting. We are looking for dedicated raider to join us in HC for Heroic and future Mythic progression. We are currently 6/13H and in need of DPS to fill spots for our raids every week at 8pm - 11pm server Tuesday and Thursday. Please be serious about showing up every week. Accepting all DPS but we could use Melee more than ranged and we have enough Hunters, Mages, Warriors and Druids. Leave a comment on the character you want me to contact or contact Rorric in game for questions.Briana0 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 {Society of the Shadow} recruiting for RBGs Sup, We're looking for people who are willing to enjoy the game in a social environment and step out of their garrison to interact with others. Although we are a brand new guild just a few days old, Team 1 is now full and we are recruiting for RBG Team 2, as well as anyone else who wishes to join for the fun of the game and of course our awesome company. We offer PVP in the form of World PVP, arenas, and guild PVP events. Beyond that, we run legacy raids for achievements, mounts, titles, xmog gear as well as garrison jukebox music rolls, and more. Schedule: Tu/Thu - 10:30 PM ST Voice Chat: Curse Voice Add-Ons: BG Targets, Healers Have to Die Feel free to seek me out in-game or reply here with any questions. Sincerely, Leoprecordia#1110Kirikaze1 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 <A> (US-Sargeras) LF DPS 4 Semi-HC FNF Guild! Greeting prospective members! Tired of Mythic? Can't get into a guild? Your Guild collapsed? Need a fun place to raid? Come see us! My name is Marcus. I am the Co-GM and raid-leader of Legends Anonymous (US-Sargeras). LA was formed last September as an alternative to the typical Warcraft Guild. It was started by my brother and some RL friends that just wanted a relaxed, fun place to enjoy Normal/Heroic content with the added ease of the new flexible scaling. We are a true friends/family guild that enjoys the complexity of the game without the stringent requirements of a hardcore guild. We are strictly a Normal/Heroic guild. We do not do Mythic whatsoever. Most of our members have been raiding together for years in a more hardcore environment but have flocked to LA to enjoy the content without too much stress. In fact, 80% of our members have returned to WoW from a long-absence to raid with their friends that referred them to us. Although we never kept track of our guild ranking, we soon found out that on a highly competitive and active PvE server, LA is currently in the Top 5 on the server against guilds that have NEVER killed a Mythic boss. We have achieved "Ahead of the Curve" on both Imperator and Blackhand. ***We are currently 12/13 NHFC and 7/13H HFC.*** In WoW, the community has defined guilds into two types: Hardcore – Pushing Mythic content, strenuous schedule and attendance requirement, strict demands on performance. Casual – Raids occasionally with minimal requirements and decent to minimal progression. We do not identify ourselves as either. We are first and foremost a community of WoW players that enjoys the content but cannot go through another Mythic/Hardcore environment. We have flexible attendance requirements but most of our raiders have 90% attendance due to our relaxed and fun-loving atmosphere. We want our members to enjoy their experience rather than force them into certain DPS/HPS requirements. SCHEDULE Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 7:30 PM Server (Central) to 10:30 PM Server (Central). We always encourage our members to try to attend as much as they can. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Speakers and a working microphone. Good attitude and love of the game! Ability to learn with a team to tackle Normal/Heroic raiding mechanics. Nerd Screams during progression boss kills (Optional but encouraged). LOOT SYSTEM We are currently using EPGP for Heroic Tier/Trinkets/Weapons and a simple /roll for all other items. This will ensure that all members that attend more often are able to have the tools they need to progress while giving our more flexible players a chance at some loot. We closed recruitment early into Highmaul due to our high raid attendance. As they always do, real-life commitments (which are more important than WoW raiding) have left us with a couple of holes to fill on our heroic raid team. While we usually leave recruitment on a referral system, I had great success recruiting on Reddit and WoW forums and meeting new friends who wanted to enjoy the game with a community. To get a good idea as to what kind of guild we are, check out the following videos that show both our progression and the off-night events we run. https://www.youtube.com/user/legendsguild1 Check out these kill videos and events! Heroic Imp Kill Blackhand Kill Leggie Awards Roast of Marcus We usually have a raid composition of around 20-25 raiders that are free to come and go as they please during the night to meet any RL commitments. But we have some classes that aren’t represented well that we’d like to fill with new friends to add to the community. Therefore, we have opened recruitment to the following classes. We prefer the person over the class/skill, but we do need these classes currently. If you do not have much experience in this tier, we have always been a guild that helps our members learn the fights. HIGH Windwalker Monk Boomkin Due to the nature of our current progression, we are looking for semi-geared players. With the new apexis/baleful gearing system, most people can gear up to around 680 in a matter of days. That being said, we will only be accepting trial applications for those at least 685 item level. If you are interested, please visit www.legendsanonymous.com , create an account, and fill out an application on our forums. If you’d like to contact me directly, hit me up via Btag Marcus#11985.Márcús0 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Ambition 12/13n 3/13 H Recruiting <Ambition>12/13n 3/13H HFC is recruiting for is core raid group. We are filling spots in preparation for further Heroic/Mythic content and are looking for a exceptional and dedicated ranged dps willing to help those who need little gearing but we ask that you please be 685+ w/ 690 ring at least for our core group. All other class roles welcome to inquire with the only exception being hunters (sorry hunters :( ) Raid Times : Tues/Wed 9:30pmCST-12:30am CST, Sunday 8:30pmCST-11:30pmCST Feel Free to add me on Bnet with any questions or concerns Rockxs#1244Sinsere0 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 [A] Five Sunders 9/13 N HFC recruiting! Hey guys, <Five Sunders> is looking for an awesome holy paladin and a ranged dps (preferably warlock/ele shaman/boomkin/spriest) for normal Hellfire Citadel progression. We're a raid team of about 18 members and have hit this new tier pretty strong (for a bunch of filthy casuals). We're a semi-casual raid team with dedicated mindsets and great attitude. We're laid back when we need to be... headstrong when it's time to focus. Current Progression: 9/13 N HFC 7/10 H BRF Raid Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday @ 7:30pm - 10:00pm CST Raiding Needs: Holy Paladin x 1 Ranged DPS x 1 (Boomkin / Warlock / Ele Shaman / Spriest) If this seems like something you'd be interested in, you can contact us by one of the following: - Whisper an officer (Khekk, Ryuxo, Tadrax, Grayce, Kariellan, Barelazer) - Add me to btag @ sparkdud#1979 - Visit our webpage and post on our forum @ 5sunders.enjin.com. Thanks for your time! ~KhekkKhekk2 Aug 4, 2015
Aug 3, 2015 WTB Dragonstrike, Reborn As title says wtb http://www.wowhead.com/item=94585 pst in game!Bluebomber0 Aug 3, 2015
Aug 3, 2015 Looking for late night (PST) raiding guild I'm looking for a guild that raids starting around 10PM PST (I believe that's midnight server time). Any weeknight will work. I have many alts 670-690. I will main any class/spec you need, although I prefer tanking. I have crafting mats + apexis to gear up any class to around 700. Reply here or add me: steps #1230Wigglewumpus0 Aug 3, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 LF Late night or early morning raiding guild Hello, I currently came back after a few months break due to my work schedule conflicting with my gaming time. When I came back, my guild had disbanded and went onto other things. I'm looking for a guild that raids mainly in the early morning, or late night as my schedule is generally 2-10 EST and similar. I came from a guild that was focusing mainly on clearing heroics, to which we did in Highmaul and were going to start shortly in Blackrock Foundry once we killed Blackhand, yet my schedule prevented me from continuing on once we started working on him. I want a guild that is serious about raiding and wants to clear Heroics(atleast) but can also have a few good laughs as we progress on a boss. Thank you for your time in reading this. Hope to hear from some of you. P.S. I am a well experienced raider. I have been playing since '06 and know my class inside and out. This expansion, I am 7/7(H) Highmaul, and 11/12(N) Blackrock Foundry. I have not stepped into HFC yet but I have watched all the fights to prepare myself.Zugtor0 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 SPriest & RSHam LF Heroic/Mythic Raid Team Hello! I am a 703 shadow priest (Disarraye - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Disarraye/simple ) & my husband is a 707 resto sham (Snowbaal - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Snowbaal/simple ). We are looking for a new raid team & would like to stay Alliance Korgath. Our reason for leaving our current raid team is they have decided not to progress into Mythic content any more. He has been playing since vanilla, and we have been raiding together since MSV progression in MoP. We were previously Horde and had transferred to the prettier side during BRF. We would like to stay on the same raid team. We did 10/12 H SoO before it was Mythic. This expac we have done 3/7M HM, 6/10M BRF, & 9/13H HFC. We do have current logs on Warcraft Logs which you can browse. We're very competitive with our roles have parsed very well so far this expac (as an example, he is still ranked top heals for his ilvl bracket on M Hans&Franz in BRF https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/7#boss=1693&class=Shaman&spec=Restoration&metric=hps&bracket=6 ) We would like a raiding guild on this server looking for our roles/specs, raids somewhere between 7 to 11:30 CST any nights except Fri/Sat, has current heroic progression similar to or greater than ours, a history of strong mythic progression, stable with an active roster & friendly people. Semi-hardcore - we like people that can joke around but still buckle down for pulls. I hope we're not asking for too much, but if your guild would like to get in touch with us you can add me at Dis#1656. Anyone recruiting from another server/faction is welcome to contact us as well, if you think we would be a good fit.Disarraye5 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 LF Raiding Guild Basically, I'm looking for an opportunity to earn a spot on a raid team that is planning on attempting mythic progression. I'd like to raid 2 or 3 nights per week and I'm available most nights, except Friday and Saturday, starting around 8:30 server until around 12:00 server. I'm willing to put in the time and effort to learn the fights before attempting them. So if you are interested in a reliable hunter please contact me in game (Sicknote47#1114) or post a response and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, thanks.Ravensblüd1 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 699 Blood dk lf raiding guild Currently unhappy with current guilds progression. Also have a bear (those are op right?). Currently available 7days a week after 11pm eastern (thats when I get off work and the !@#$ is sleep right?). When school starts wtf is school? Good grades, high gpas and lots of loot. When school starts again in September I'll be leaving my job when I go back to university. I will be available more much then. Currently 6/13H (its been a month I know its trash). Stuck on a small server, I mean like my garrison is as dead as stormwind small. Hard to field to a strong 20 man roster on this server and want to leave. Lf a guild around 10/13H+ already. I have logs to demonstrate my ability to click blood boil and not stand in fire. Down to not server transfer and just run with you like a member till we get to mythic or I'm comfortable enough to throw 25$ at blizz and not be stranded. I can also dps. Git gud or gtfo Here is my battletag krazyfox#1430Snowpatrol0 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 <A> Didactic, 6/7 M hm 7/10M brf Hello! Thank you for your interest in our guild. Didactic is a pve-focused guild working solely on end-game progression. We do everything we can to get the most out of our weekly raid days. I, as raid leader, take pride in my own ability to keep our group pulling. No waiting around for loot to be passed out, no extended breaks. We discuss strategy changes on our runs back after a wipe and we pull again. If you're looking for a focused, determined raiding guild to call home come take a look at our website, www.didacticguild.com and put up an application. Core spots are always open. We promote competition within our raid group and are not afraid to replace players with those that perform better and have a better attitude. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 server to 10:30 server. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Specific Needs: (we are always recruiting) If your class isn't listed, feel free to apply anyway! DPS DK Rogue Boomkin Shadow Priest Healers Shaman (dps OS req.) Monk (dps OS req.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Foodeater70 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 25, 2015 this server is the worst lfm stonecore drake run, drake on res, pst if interestedFichallenged0 Jul 25, 2015
Jul 25, 2015 4 100's looking for horde guild Okay, as a brief history I played from Vanilla through WoTLK as a hunter in a very competitive raiding guild on Skywall. I was an officer and managed a lot of the guilds interworkings. Now I had a friend of mine get me back into the game this xpac. Shortly after reaching 100 the guild he was in took a big hit due to the bans. The remaining few left servers and my friend quit. I then continued to level alts and told myself I would find a home on Korgath to get into raiding and such once again. However, by all appearances our server appears dead. So here I am. I have a 100 hunter, warrior, dk, and mage. I've taken a liking to my mage although I could main either him or my hunter depending on guild needs. I can bring a very competitive gear/dps ratio. I'm looking for a guild that raids during the evenings and needs a solid ranged dps added to their ranks. This can be either in the core raid group or an alt raid group as I do not currently have dedicated raid gear. I can easily farm gear to meet requirements if need be. I haven't as of yet because I haven't had a real reason to. I am also willing to play any of my other toons or level another alt to guilds needs but would like to maintain a ranged dps as my main.Xindric2 Jul 25, 2015
Jul 23, 2015 [A] Re Lapse US#104 [3/13M] Rec. Heals Hi there everyone. Re Lapse @ Korgath is currently recruiting exceptional players for Mythic raiding. What kind of a guild is Re Lapse? We consider ourselves to be a Part-Time Hardcore guild. What does that mean exactly? It means that while we don't raid very much while we do raid we are VERY serious about getting the most out of our time as we possibly can. While we won't be a part of the bleeding-edge progression, we certainly plan on following it not all too soon after. Recruiting, what type of player are we looking for? Quite simply, we are looking for exceptional players. Our goal is to always be one of the top 2-Day guilds in US. Being a two night guild, we expect all raiders to have flawless attendance during progression. If Friday + Saturday are sometimes going to be days you may not want to raid, don't bother applying. Our guild is the home of many people who simply do not have time to raid on weekdays, however, we still expect raiders be doing everything they can to progress, and further themselves as a raider outside of raid days. This includes spending time researching your class, becoming prepared to raid with potions, flasks, as well as proper gems and enchants. Because we have limited time we can spend on encounters each week, you also need to come prepared to raid with knowledge and understanding of the boss fight and mechanics that we are going to attempt. You also, need to research how best your class functions on that attempt to maximize your potential. If you promise to fulfill these requirements, we can promise that you will be part of a guild that is a top contender for US-2Day raiding, as well as be an asset to our raiding team. Recruitment Needs: At the moment we are looking to recruit exceptional Ranged DPS for next Tier. We like to maintain a roster of 25 members, to allow us to cover for an occasional missing member, as well as allowing us to optimizing our roster on a fight per fight basis. Please realize this is NOT a bench. What's important to us is killing the boss in front of us as fast and optimally as possible. Once we have the first kill we rotate other members in to get kills if it was required they sit. (Low) DPS: Mage and Hunter (Closed) Tank (High) Heals: Resto Shaman and/or Resto Druid We will always recruiting exceptional players of any role. Loot System: To distribute loot, we use Loot Council. Loot is a necessary tool that controls how well your raid can progress, as so we treat it like such. We hand out loot based on a couple of factors. How big of an upgrade it is, what the persons attendance is like, and whether the item is BiS or not. We then weigh all of these factors and hand out loot to who we feel will receive the greatest benefit for our raid. Raid Schedule: Main Raids: Friday: 9pm-1am EST Saturday: 9pm-1am EST Optional Raids: Tuesday: 9pm-Whenever EST (This is the night we do "old content" and any raider can show up if they still need those few couple pieces from those bosses that won't drop, this night is not mandatory) Note: This day turns into "sell runs" for Heroic once we no longer need gear for guild members. Alt Raid: Sunday: 8:30pm-Whenever EST (This again is not mandatory, simply a night of alt runs we do with friends and family) Guild Achievements: T16 - Siege of Orgimmar - US#155 (Starting Two Months Late) T17 - Highmaul - US#149 (#2 2-Day Guild) T17 - Blackrock Foundry - US#129 (#2 2-Day Guild) _____ If any of this interests you, please do not hesitate to fill out an application @ http://re-lapse.enjin.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me via Cloud#1578. Happy hunting everyone!Assessments8 Jul 23, 2015
Jul 23, 2015 Molotov- 8/13H 12/13N LF Progression Raiders Guild - Molotov Server - Korgath Faction - Alliance Website - http://molotov-korgath.enjin.com/ Current Progression: 8/13H, 12/13N HFC Past Tier: 6/10M BRF ABOUT US: Molotov consists of a collection of raiders from a range of end game guilds from Vanilla to Mists who have come together to progress in a drama free environment. We are a group of progression orientated, like-minded raiders that seek to remain in a competitive guild with our sights focused in the top raiding scene while managing to maintain our real lives under a semi-hardcore raiding schedule. We started low in ranks 2 years ago as a 10man but have come along way and are now looking to recruit better talent as we focus on moving up the ladder in Hellfire Citadel. *We believe that success requires minimal drama, equal dedication from every member, and effective loot distribution via loot council. To us, excellent raid attendance, comprehensive knowledge of your class, and being motivated to play the best of your ability day in and day out are not optional, but required.* RAID DAYS/TIMES: We raid 3 nights a week, Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:30pm-12:30am CST (7:30-10:30pm PST) (10:30-1:30am EST) and optional Sundays for extra progression or alt raids. EXPECTATIONS: * We want to kill bosses quickly and efficiently and have fun doing it. We're looking for top quality raiders who want to play more casually than they used to. * We expect all raiders to maintain near 100% attendance (80% minimum). We understand real life issues occur but expect attendance to be as close to perfect as we need reliable raiders to count on. * You must be able to think on your own. We want competitive raiders who strive to be the best at their class and are always looking for ways to improve. You must be able to realize when you make mistakes and ensure that they are not repeated. * We want active members who not only log on for scheduled raids, but also socialize in the guild. We are very active and have a great community of people in the guild. Off nights include CM's, Mythic Dungeons, Timewalking, PvP, Metas, Sunday night normal/heroic HFC, etc. * All raiders must have a working Mic and use it. Especially if you play a critical role in raids. CURRENTLY RECRUITING: If you think you're an exceptional raider & not listed below, add me on btag and we can talk. Not seeing your role listed below doesn't mean you won't be considered. ***We are currently looking for a Raid Leader to help lead the team as we are focusing on moving up the ladder! Ours would like to retire.. (Please contact me to further discuss)*** Tank Healer Holy or Disc Priest Holy Pally (High Priority) Ranged DPS Warlock Mage Hunter Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Melee Warrior Ret Pally Frost DK All expectations and other information is listed on the guild website so please stop by and post an app if interested. Need to contact us? If you have any questions you can contact Kierianá (GM) at Kamilah#1531 and if interested in joining go to http://molotov-korgath.enjin.com/ to fill out an app.Kierianá20 Jul 23, 2015
Jul 22, 2015 BG queue times? I just came back after 6 months of not playing and now ally bg queue times are 10 min? Are horde insta now?Sween1 Jul 22, 2015
Jul 19, 2015 Are there any RP guilds on this server? Preferably eRPXm0 Jul 19, 2015
Jul 17, 2015 Looking for Mythic groups Hey all, as the the subject says I'm looking for some mythic groups. Send me an in game message or leave one here... I'm always on.Moffett0 Jul 17, 2015
Jul 15, 2015 Looking for Guild - recent transfer (A/H) Hi guys, Recent transfer to this server willing to faction change to Alliance, will be making druid my main now. Looking for raiding guild as resto or dps. Most past raiding has been resto the past expansions. Add me on JeffBentoTFC#1720 Looking forward to talk with everyoneEdhardy0 Jul 15, 2015
Jul 15, 2015 <Wired> is reborn and are recruiting! Wired --- established originally on Skullcrusher in 2010. Moved to Korgath where end game mythic Garrosh was our outcome in Mist of Pandaria. We are currently starting back up after a few months of a break and are recruiting any and ALL classes for 6.2 Hellfire! Wired Reborn! Experienced leadership Vent Guild Bank Friendly Atmosphere An active Facebook group (www.facebook.com/wiredkorgath) End came competitive gaming is what we aim for again Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8pm - 11pm (EST) Minimum ilv to raid is 680ilv+ until we move back into Mythic Currently recruiting: ALL classes. Reply to post with questions or whisper me in game or add me on battle tag at Divader#1585 Our plan is to recruit the newish players and veteran alike. We will give anyone a chance to prove themselves to be a part of the raid group. We will start off with normal then to heroics so we can get the more under geared (660ish) new players geared so they can join in on heroic then eventually again Mythic raiding as Wired once was. Best of luck to all in 6.2! Happy Hunting ~DavidDavid1 Jul 15, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 [A] <Draconic Savant> HFC Recruitment <Super Draconic Savant Remastered Special Edition: The Movie: The Guild: HD> Hi, we're Draconic Savant, an Alliance Mythic raiding guild here on Korgath that raids Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7pm CST to 10pm CST (8-11 EST). Maybe you've heard of us, but maybe you haven't! Nearly 9 years ago I took over a little guild called Darkness Descending to form Draconic Savant with only a vague idea of what I was getting myself into. Now in WoW's 5th expansion we're still going strong, but we've gotten a bit off course along the way. That's where you come in! The ideal goal for the guild is a raiding team that is both effective and enjoys each others' company on a daily basis. Our players range from age 18 to mid-30s from a wide variety of backgrounds, meaning there's almost always someone to connect with here. While guild conversation is frequently R-Rated, we also pride ourselves on being a welcoming community without discrimination. Effective immediately, I'm looking to restructure Draconic Savant into the guild it was always meant to be when it was first formed. A guild that's progression-focused, but community-minded. My experience in leadership over the past decade (and earlier as an officer/management in RO, EQ, CoH, SWG, IRL, etc.) has taught me that a progression team works best when everybody's on the same wavelength. As such, our roster will be going through some pretty significant changes and here's what I'm looking for: Recruitment Openings DPS 2 slots preferring the following: Pretty much any class, non-Hunter (we have 4). Healers 1 slot preferring the following: Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Tanks No specific openings at this time. Exceptional applicants of all classes are always welcome, regardless of openings posted. The above posted openings are primarily a means of balancing out class representation. Raiders are expected to come prepared with Flasks, Potions, and their own Food, though we will typically put down feasts/carts when applicable. We run a Loot Council system that's tracked publicly (along with attendance on our repurposed DKP site) with the goal of a fair, yet progression-oriented, distribution of loot. Show up, perform well, don't be a jerk, and you will be rewarded! Those interested in applying should head to http://www.draconicsavant.net and fill out the supplied application on our forums. If you have further questions or concerns about recruitment or the guild, feel free to get in touch with our recruitment staff: Recruitment Staff: Kattii in game and on our forums (or by BattleTag: Kattii#1786) Additionally, feel free to contact me in-game or on our boards, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about the guild. Thanks for reading! We hope to hear from you!Nahela62 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 To all Guilds: Study on Text Chat in WoW Hi all, I’m reaching out to guilds to see if any are interested in donating text chat logs for a study by Penn State researchers on communication in WoW — specifically, on similarities/differences between the language of mainstream players and roleplayers. The study is the first of several we hope to do in order to shed light on the unique forms of social interaction in MMORPGs that are often overlooked by non-gamers. We have already collected chat logs from roleplay guilds, and are seeking logs from guilds focused on PvE, PvP, raiding, etc. for comparison. We realize that most raiding guilds use voice chat, but any and all text chat logs you might have are appreciated. The logs can be from any channels, scenarios, or timeframes so long as they are not roleplay. **The chat logs will not be shared or reproduced in any form, and any personally identifying information in them will be removed prior to analysis if you have not already done so. (IRL references will be deleted and character names will be replaced with codes.) Please feel free to delete any IRL identifiers and/or search and replace names with codes yourself before submitting the chat logs.** Chat logs should be submitted in .txt format (your-guild-name-or-alias.txt) to this secure Box at Penn State link: sites.psu.edu/narratingplay/chat-log-submissions/ Your guild’s contributions will be acknowledged in any publications that result from the study, if you wish it. For confirmation from other WoW players that this study is connected to the Pennsylvania State University and is not a scam, please visit this thread on the Ravenholdt forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18300410432 Feel free to ask any questions on this thread, on our own forums (sites.psu.edu/narratingplay/forums), or via email (bednardigitalhumanities@psu.edu), and to check out our list of FAQs (sites.psu.edu/narratingplay/FAQs). Thank you for your consideration! Benwick The Bednar Digital Humanities Research Team The Pennsylvania State University bednardigitalhumanities@psu.edu sites.psu.edu/narratingplayBenwick0 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 <The Asylum> A sociable sanctuary This is an open invite to everyone on Korgath who is seeking out an actual factual social guild experience. We have been working toward building such a guild that can be home to those players who may not fit the "normal" wow player description. Are you a returning player? Are you new to the realm or game? Are you on your way to level 100? Are you level 100 but don't want to be expected to raid or pvp all the time? Are you leveling multiple characters? Do you simply want to play wow, have fun in your way and be part of a guild that supports that? That is what <The Asylum> is. It's not easy of course and some times our events fall short of being awe inspiring and yes some times people don't show up to them and we have to "wing it" but that is perfectly fine and it's to be expected from time to time. Just like life, things don't' all ways go to plan. Do you have a raid group? -> http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17084930058#1 What are a few of the events you guys/gals do? Well normally each week we have scheduled things like achievement runs for old instances or raids. I'm currently setting up times for the Weekly Pandaren world boss tour + Elegon for dem mounts. BT: Weirwood#1646Masoner20 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 11, 2015 <EVENT HORIZON> 5/13H LF Heals for HFC prog! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GiXK5beNO4&feature=youtu.be We even made a video to support our cause. Apply at http://www.eventhorizonwow.com/ or whisper one of us in-game!Bonbonbon1 Jul 11, 2015
Jul 11, 2015 [A] <Sonic Death Monkeys> New Raid Group Sonic Death Monkeys is a friends and family guild started during Burning Crusade and we are looking to expand our raiding roster. Raid Days - Sat and Sun: 10 server time (open to change with group input) Raid Difficulty - Starting at Normal and working our way up (we are not shooting for mythic, our goal is to have fun and see content - need a good progression guild check out: Experiment IV) Recruiting - ALL CLASSES We are looking for raiders that have a great attitude and enjoy a smaller family type guild. First time raiders are welcome. Attitude and personality are what we look for first in our members. If you are looking for a hard core raiding environment we are not the place for you and recommend the other great progression guilds on this server. While we expect raiders to be focused and ready on game night we recognize real life commitments and family come first. Any questions feel free to send me mail or whisper me in game.Leadingfox0 Jul 11, 2015
Jul 10, 2015 706 Mage LF Guild - 7/13 Heroic HFC Experience. - Looking for a Guild in need of a Mage for progression, not for standby. I bring experience from the days of Vanilla throughout every expansion and would love to find a home that brings the same. - Avid theorycrafter - Preferably Alliance, but not opposed to switching for the right guild - Not looking for drama, elitists, favoritism - Looking to raid anytime from 8:30PM EST - Midnight, Monday through Friday. Due to my current schedule, 8:30PM EST is a fixed time, as it is the time that I actually get home. I am working on changing my schedule around to better suit earlier raid times, but as of right now I am only able to login as early as 8:30 PM EST.Azræil0 Jul 10, 2015