Feb 18, 2014 Null and Void Recruiting Range DPS <Null and Void> (10 Man Heroic, 5/14) is recruting ranged dps, mandatory ilevel 555+ (MAGE pref) for its core raid group. Would have an immediate position. If serious about progression, whisper me for more information or go to nullandvoid.enjin.co You can Whisper me in gameAnabnana0 Feb 18, 2014
Feb 18, 2014 [H] <Sleight of Hand> 14/14N LF Heal SoO-H <Sleight of Hand> 14/14N is a new guild of mostly RL friends. We are a casual guild but have already full-cleared SoO on normal and will be starting heroic progression this week. We are looking for: - 1 Healer (preferable Paladin/Priest, but all qualified applicants will be considered) - possibly 1 DPS (preferably hunter/warlock/rogue/enhance shaman; but all qualified persons will be considered) This week (2/18-2/24) we will be raiding Thursday & Saturday 8 p.m. - 11:45 p.m. CST (server time)-- --there is a small chance we will raid Sunday if we decided to spend extra time on some other heroics the previous 2 days, but it is not likely-- and we will be in need of a healer for Immerseus and Norushen Heroic. You are expected to know the heroic Immerseus encounter (norushen is the same as heroic) as well as all of the other encounters up through Garrosh on normal mode. At least 14/14 N experience is preferred, but I may consider those highly geared (560+) who do not yet have [Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream] For serious inquiries: send me an in game message/mail or send btag request to comyodanzo#1352 with your character's name (so i can armory) and a brief summary of anything else I should know that I can't find out by simply looking at your wowarmory page. Thank you, Convergent GM of <Sleight of Hand>Convergent1 Feb 18, 2014
Feb 18, 2014 Looking for Guild Signatures, Paying 100g. Talking about it in General Chats aren't going good. Two people took the gold and left before I completed the Charter. So if anyone would be kind enough to help me out? Once the Charter is done and Guild is made I will mail the 100g, and I'm good on my word. Character I'm on is ÉchøRebelation0 Feb 18, 2014
Feb 18, 2014 <Identity Disorder> Is recruiting! We are a newly formed guild looking for active players to get into SoO heroics soon. Looking for players around 540+ ilvl for raiding(cloak prefered). We will raid on Tuesday and Fridays 7-11 PM Server time. If you are interested message/send in-game mail to Beefdown on your class/ilvl and current siege experience. Also accepting casual players so just send me a whisper!Beefdown0 Feb 18, 2014
Feb 18, 2014 RBGs? Just wondering where are the RBG players are on Korgath? I usually only see people building YOLO groups, even during peak hours. I figured with so many Darkspear xfers, such as myself, that there would be a bit more PVP activity. Anyways, if anyone is looking for a Disc priest 1600+ rating, please let me know.Meiva3 Feb 18, 2014
Feb 17, 2014 WTB Garrosh kill Looking to buy a Garrosh kill any time from 8am-4pm server time. add Tanann#1702Tànànn0 Feb 17, 2014
Feb 17, 2014 WTB Elemental Raiment It's a cloth chest piece from the low-level Scholomance. I'm offering 2.5k-3k gold for this thing. I have both horde and alliance gold.Kitchenwife0 Feb 17, 2014
Feb 17, 2014 LF miner LF miner to farm me ghost iron ore. Paying 40g/stack if i am not on you can COD it to me. I am alliance.Antwoniqwa0 Feb 17, 2014
Feb 17, 2014 539 Rogue LF Raid Group! (10/14NM exp) Hey! I currently have 10/14 SoO normal exp. on this rogue but on my main I am 11/14H experience. I am just looking to find a friendly group that is looking to full clear normals and possibly move into heroics. Times: M: after 6pm ST W: after 6pm ST Fri: after 6pm ST Sat: Anytime Sun: Anytime Post on this thread or add my BTAG: Jesp#1814Nanjas0 Feb 17, 2014
Feb 16, 2014 Starter Intra-Server Challenge Mode Group Hello All, I'm looking to create an intra-server group to work on Challenge Modes. No experience required outside of the typical preparation taken for gear, watching videos, and all useful consumables. The only other requirement is that you not be a jerk - I'm not expecting to get all gold right away. The plan will be to do each level (full bronze, silver, and gold) as we go. However, I'd like to keep the same group to learn and progress as runs move forward. If interested, feel free to whisper me and add my battletag to let me know you'd like to be part of the group - Istorvir#1767. I am currently looking for a tank and three DPS who have relevant sets of Challenge Mode gear (hit/exp cap, etc.) and some knowledge of the modes to start this week, if possible. I will be fulfilling the healing role. The faction for this run will be Alliance. Thanks! OlvimOlvim0 Feb 16, 2014
Feb 16, 2014 550+ Members(4) LF Weekend Raiding Guild List of Characters: 557 Disc Priest, with cloak(Also have 549 WW Alt I can join with, almost legendary cloak) 559 Blood DK, with cloak 555 Warlock, with cloak 550 Resto Druid, almost has cloak Looking for a 25 man or 10 man raiding group that is starting heroics soon. All have a plethora of experience with Siege, Garrosh downs, etc. Also considering merging with a 10 Man guild in order to make a raid team. Not accepting partial invites, all four must come. Looking for raid times on Friday/Sat/Sun, night time preferred, around 7-11 Server on F/Sat and 5-9 Server Sun. Want to join groups with experience that know the fights and will not stand in fire or get chomped by thok. Add me or the dk in game if you want to chat, RealId: BigRig#1740 or TurnPikeMike#1883Morality1 Feb 16, 2014
Feb 16, 2014 Experienced raider needs guild! [HORDE] Hi everyone, I've been away from the game since the end of Wrath, and I came back about two weeks ago to experience MoP. Since I've been enjoying my time in WoW yet again, I'm looking to find a casual raiding guild in order to have some of my PvE goodness fix. I have 3 character : Malderak - 90 Destro Lock - 502 iLvl Kalderak - 80 Warrior Abbra - 80 Mage Now, I know my iLvl isn't all that good. However, that can be fixed with more LFR and item upgrading. What I bring to the table is many years of experience in raiding (semi-casual / 3-4 days week, been raiding in Vanilla, BC, Wrath). I read up on fights, watch videos, and am always knowledgeable and ready for fights and progression. I don't mind wiping 50 times on the same boss, I've done it in the past, and will be doing it again. My raiding schedule would work from Sunday to Thursday, anytime between 6pm-10pm. I'd love to have 2 (maybe 3) days / week of raiding. I'm a chatty, nice, helpful player. If any of you think that your guild would be a suitable home for me, please do not hesitate to either reply here or get in touch in-game. Thanks!~ MalderakAbbra0 Feb 16, 2014
Feb 16, 2014 Selling Alani Mount & More Alani mount sold, See below for more items.Chibbun1 Feb 16, 2014
Feb 16, 2014 <Dracula> 10m Horde guild on korgath 14/14exp Dracula is a dedicated 10-man raiding guild. We’re currently 14/14N, starting Heroics soon. We raid 7:30 to midnight server time on Fridays and Saturdays. We’re looking for: Healers – Resto Shaman, Priest DPS – Mage, Ele Shaman, Spriest Requirements: -555 item level -12/14 Normal experience Having your legendary cloak isn’t required, but it helps. We’re willing to consider any and all exceptional players, so apply away! How to apply: Contact Shannox, Runikk, or Feralstar in-game. Visit our website to apply: http://draculaguild.enjin.com/home Check out our first Garrosh kill as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et0ClaNeB9A Hope to see you in-game ~Shannox~Shannox2 Feb 16, 2014
Feb 15, 2014 Didactic 25 11/14 heroic recruiting now! Didactic is a 25 man raid team that runs heroic SoO Tues-Thurs 7-11 server. We are currently putting in progression on siegecrafter and have opened our recruitment up to anyone who believes they can successfully do belt time and time again. 565+ itemlevel and cape required. Current DPS recruitment is as follows: Deathknight-medium Druid-low(except boomkin) Hunter-low Mage-high Monk-high Paladin-low Priest-low Rogue-low Shaman-low Warlock-high Warrior-low Heals and tanks full at the moment but feel free to contact us if you believe you will be an asset! If you would like a chance in an active 25man guild come speak to one of our officers ingame. Piè-Jester#1375 Praystation Polishprince Catiline-Goldmtrx#1287 Timka-Lisa#1760Piè9 Feb 15, 2014
Feb 14, 2014 <Inhibitor> 9/14 Is recruiting! Hello Korgath, Inhibitor is a tight knit 10 man heroic late night raiding guild. One of the few on Korgath alliance. Our raid days and times are mon-thurs 11pm server- 1:30am server. Most of our team has been raiding since vanilla/late tbc. We are a semi hardcore raiding guild that is progression driven but also enjoy our time with one another. We are currently looking for a geared and experienced ranged dps for a core spot on our 10 man team. Strong preference for hunters. Either contact me on this forum post, or pst/mail Sancio in game. Thank you for your time!Däro1 Feb 14, 2014
Feb 14, 2014 Engineer Leveling Kit (A) Looking for someone on alliance side who is selling an engineer leveling kit for around 15k give or take. If you are interested add Riddle#1272 and I will get to you as soon as possible. ThanksDeskitty0 Feb 14, 2014
Feb 14, 2014 [H] <Dark Skies> is recruiting! <Dark Skies> is recruiting for Flex raiding and 10s after the holidays. Our main raid time is Tuesday night from 9pm to 1am server (CST) with another usually happening Saturday morning/afternoon depending on availability. We're on the more casual side but will be going for progression. We're currently looking for: For 10s: -1 Tank (Plate preferred) -1-2 Ranged dps (any really but we have an Ele shaman and Spriest already) -1 (tops) Melee dps (Enhancement Shaman would be perfect) -1 Healer For flex: We're usually good on heals and have room for a tank and good dps. The most important thing for us is a good attitude. We do our best to foster a positive and friendly environment in guild and will maintain that. Trash talk and joking/teasing is acceptable and welcome, but people who are consistently jerks to their guildies will be confronted and removed if toxic behavior continues. Contact Thorison, Ihsahn, or Kataia via PM or in-game mail if you're interested in joining to raid! (Or reply here. That works too.)Thorison11 Feb 14, 2014
Feb 13, 2014 Late Night 10m 10/14H LFM Group 1 and 2 <Graveyard Shìft> is an Alliance, 10man progression guild on Korgath (US-PvP) Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30pm - 2:30am CST (server time). We're looking only for exceptional, reliable, and progression-minded raiders for core spots. High raid attendance is a MUST. About Us <Graveyard Shìft> is a 10m guild that runs a roster of exactly 10 people, only possible due to our dedicated players and high raid attendance. We don't recruit for back up positions, and likely never will. We, like many other progression minded guilds, thrive on competition and downing new content. We are a very relaxed group of adults in both our raids and mumble, where you will find that we like to indulge ourselves in conversations with one another. Most of us have a pretty sick and twisted sense of humor, so if don't have thick skin, and cannot take a joke, then we may not be the right place for you. A lot of folks around these parts are very close (both in game and out), and because of that we tend to talk to each other like one big family. Some of us in the guild are also very PvP oriented, with a few of us being 2200+ players on multiple classes. Server Korgath (US-PvP) is a long term server that has hosted some memorable guilds in the past, at the peek of world progression. Since the recent advent of guilds that came here with FCM's from Darkspear and Bleeding Hollow, Korgath has regained all the hustle and bustle of a high pop realm, but without the que times. It is an Alliance dominated realm, but there are still plenty of horde to see WPvP action in your adventures outside of Stormwind or Shrine of the Seven Stars! We have a very good economy here, with an active auction house and trade chat. The PuG scene on Korgath is pretty good one, with groups that regularly clear normals and heroics, and there are plenty of weekend Flex/Alt runs from many guilds, some of which are also heroic content. PvP is also fairly good on this server, with RBG's/Arena's being formed at all times of the day and night. Recruitment At this time, we only need to fill one spot in our main raid; however, we are actively recruiting for our second 10m group that raids Friday and Saturday (11:30pm - 2:30am CST) in hopes to match our main raids progression and skill level. The second group is what will become part of our 20m Mythic team in WoD! Candidates for group 1 are preferred to have heroic SoO experience, 565+ ilvl and your legendary cloak. For group 2, we are looking for at minimum 14/14N cleared on the character you wish to play, 555+ ilvl and your legendary cloak. Group 1 (T/W/Th 11:30pm - 2:30am CST) 1 Restoration Shaman Group 2 (Fri/Sat 11:30am - 2:30am CST) 1 Warlock 1 Exceptional DPS (Ranged preferred) Questions? Interested? Contact me via Btag at Concepts#1971, or log over to Korgath and ask anyone from <Graveyard Shìft> to direct you to someone who can help you out.Concepts0 Feb 13, 2014
Feb 13, 2014 A<Bad Karma> LF guild to merge with Hello! I'm currently looking for a up and going 10 or 25 man raiding guild to merge my raid group with. I have about 5-8 quality people in our group that wants to raid but we are struggling with attendance and having the people to do raids. If you are interested in us or have more questions please PM me in game, or add me to real ID (megatron81#1655) ,and I'll give you more info about us! Thanks!Megatrôn0 Feb 13, 2014
Feb 13, 2014 [A]<efeX>25M Recruiting 13/14 HM RECRUITING Dps or Healers, SIGNUP TODAY! Tues/Thurs/Sun 8:30-11:30 CST http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/korgath/efeX Battle-tag: wilmfred#1901 add me if you are interested or submit an app at: http://efex.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=341850 Recruiting for 2nd Group 25 Man SoO. 2/14 Heroics down so join today!. Wed/Sat 8:30-11:30 CSTWillyho21 Feb 13, 2014
Feb 13, 2014 LF Tailor on Ally with Shadoweave Mask Tipping 1500g love uBaytie1 Feb 13, 2014
Feb 12, 2014 Korgath Opinions? [Transfer] Hey players of Korgath - I'm looking for a new home with a few friends. We will be transferring over as Alliance. Not so concerned with AH - want to know how active the pop is, how well raiding guilds are doing, and how prevalent world PvP is. I would appreciate any info you could provide. Thanks!Awto4 Feb 12, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 We are coming. Exhilaration Pvp/Rbg guild. with great excitement I can say as soon as blizzard fixes their free character migrations we will all be moving over. Exhilaration's core has been together 6 years we rbg/we flex and we love world pvp. Looking forward to meeting all the established folks on Korgath. We host 4 nights of Rated bgs, and a few nights flex and world pvp. We use a 500 person teamspeak3 server. Low latency and great voice quality. We are social mature and experienced. If you are looking for a guild that matches these qualities please contact myself at Pissedjedi#1639. IF you have any questions!Pissedjedi63 Feb 11, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 [A] <Aku Soku Zan> 10man 4/14hm core. We are a Semi Hardcore raiding guild working to see as much content as possible. We are looking for skilled friendly players. We are formed by some long time friends and family, some who have been raiding together since beginning of Wrath. Raid schedule is: Tue/Thur/Sun 10pm-1am server. We do Challenge Modes every Sat night and Old content Monday night, same as raid time. Our requirements are 13/14 normal with Garrosh kill on Flex, a 550+ ilvl and your cloak or at least very close to it. Must have a positive attitude and play well with others. A great track record of past raiding experience can be looked into if you do not fit what were asking for, players can always get more gear. Currently in need of a tank, pref a Blood Dk or Bear. Always taking pvpers too, we have a few that run the 1700+ bracket. PST for more info. Rh3v#1138 is my btag.Ludix6 Feb 11, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 [A] 9/14 Heroic raid group recruiting hunter Inhibitor is a late night heroic raiding guild, and we are looking for a geared and experienced hunter. Please have experience atleast up to H Nazgrim Our raid times and days: Monday-Thurs 11:00pm-1:30am For more info, and to apply please contact myself, or Sancio in game, Please feel free to add my Bnet: Flux#1695Losing0 Feb 11, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 Brewmaster Tank looking for PT raiding... Hi all, 524 Brewmaster Tank looking for part time raiding spot. I work 3 weeks on 3 weeks off at a time and I'm looking for an alternate spot in a 10 man (probably normal) raiding guild. I have heroic experience (8/8H DS, 11/12H ICC, h-Anub, up to M'uru in SWP, all of vanilla except for half of Naxx.) I realize none of that is important anymore, just wanted to point out I have raided before. I quit in Cata after I got this new job and I have just been doing unimportant things since then. Please let me know if my proposition will work for any of your raiding teams!Auganarahn6 Feb 11, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 [A] Die Trying is recruiting Ranged DPS Die Trying is a level 25 guild on US- Korgath 9/14 Heroic. We are a progression minded guild looking to see and experience as much content as possible. Already planning for the new expansion, we expect to continue to be an active guild on the server. We are always recruiting back up raiders and exceptional players. Our current need is for a solid ranged DPS for heroic progression through Garrosh and onto WoD. Prefer Warlock, Mage, Hunter Raid Times - Wed/Thu/Sun 8:00-11:00 server PST in game any officer or add me to real id ellie#1233Mitty0 Feb 11, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 <Violet Tragan> alliance recruiting <Violet Tragan> is looking for a healer and dps for SoO. Prefer players with flex or normal mode experience. Raid days and times: Tuesday, Wednesday 7:45pm-11 server Any questions or to join contact me in-game on Antibody or add my battletag: Antibody999#1189Antibody1 Feb 11, 2014
Feb 10, 2014 [A] LF Raid Officers <Dynasty> Hey community of the fabulous Korgath! I will be looking for Raid Officers who have been leading raids for a great amount of time. However, I'm not just looking for the boring officers that don't really talk unless it's to argue or explain a fight and then kai-go. I would appreciate Raid Officers who are extremely social and knowledgeable with each fight and can correct any and all issues inside a raid. Also, you must be able to control a raid if certain individuals get out of control. I don't want anyone acting a fool in this guild. You must be capable of working under stressful times inside a raid. Your only as good of a leader as you are a follower. You can't get hotheaded just because you're leading a raid. You must be willing to listen and work with YOUR team. Yes, you will be responsible of members in your group every time you raid. I will have no say with what happens inside your groups. I will step in if I have to, however, clean up issues in the guild. Depending on the size of the raid, you may be working with other Raid Leaders. You will have some responsibility recruiting members that you want in your team. If If all of this sounds like something any of you would like to do, then please feel free to contact me in game. You will be the first impression of our new guild <Dynasty> (Level 25). You will not be considered Guild Masters, obviously, but you will have the powers of one. I will be the only other rank above you, but you will be my right-hand men and women. You will have much say in how this guild will work as far as raiding is concerned in the future. If I ever step down in time to come, one of you will be elected to take control of the guild so that we can continue to conquer raids for as long as the game stands. Be ready to help me create a guild that will be known by Korgath for the rest of its time! Do understand that you will need to be patient and have work ethic. If you do not, you will know that you were never right for the guild in the first place and will miss out on being part of its history. There is no such thing as instant gratification! I look forward to talking with you all soon!Apotheosìs0 Feb 10, 2014
Feb 10, 2014 Tets bank guild 11/14h is not recruiting thanksTetsbanktoon3 Feb 10, 2014
Feb 10, 2014 Selling Garrosh Kills / Heroics * AT THIS TIME NOW LONGER SCHEDULING RUNS FOR NORMAL GARROSH* - We have spots reserved for the next couple of weeks but Heroic Garrosh hopefully will die soon enough, you are still welcome to add me on battle.net in case someone no shows. Silent(10m) is still selling a spot in our raids during our Garrosh kills. Price: 20k paid upfront What does the 20k gold cost cover? Title: [name], Conqueror of Orgrimmar Mount: Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf Feat of Strength: [Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player)] Loot: -Chance for an heirloom to drop for your current spec -Chance to use a Warforged Seal -Chance at Garrosh's actual loot in the event that no raiders need the piece -The ability to toggle normal/heroic Siege of Orgrimmar raid difficulties! No restriction on spec / gear! Garrosh kill will take place Monday evenings at the end of our usual raid night (~11 Server time) Contact one of our officers: Shins#1613 //// We also sell heroic kill carries up to Malk, price is on a per kill basis as we have no control over loot dropsShins24 Feb 10, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 (A) Twisted Serenity recruiting Twisted Serenity is a social guild/achievement guild. We mostly do old world raids, help with leveling when we can, and run older tier raids. Our guild has transferred from Darkspear last year. We are currently wanting to recruit more like minded players who love running old raids, or need help completing them. We are not raiding the current tier and do no have any plans to. We are more about enjoying the older content and helping others get achievements with them. please feel free to send a in game mail to Hlector or Nahlla. thanks for reading.Hlector0 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 Looking to transfer. Feedback needed A&H Plz. So I once called Korgath home ages ago; you know, when the opened up server transfers from Stormreaver at the end of Vanilla? I'm sure someone from DnT is still around that remembers those long nights in Naxx when it was current content. I'm sure someone from GC can chime in about why they left the horrible BG queue's on SR for what they thought were greener pastures, or were they just trying to escape Impervious? That being said I have since moved and explored my options with the horde for years and never looked back. Sadly I'm finding that most of the people I work with are alliance and while I'd love to transfer to their servers, long term commitment to Moon Guard and Tich are just not that appealing. So I took some time to do some basic research and narrowed it down to a few servers and Korgath seems to be the most appealing ATM. I plan on bringing my Hunter and Shaman to the Alliance here and am not looking for guild information just yet, but more so how the server is in general. I might bring my warrior as well just cause something about a pink haired gnome chick is pretty fun. Either way, I'd really appreciate getting some input from the people that play on the server about the economy, the people, raiding, timeless isle farming? Alright. Thanks all for your opinions and I look forward to reading some responses.Whodo1 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 WTB swift spectral tiger 250k gold Looking to buy the epic version NOT BLUE. Paying 250k gold for swift spectral tiger post or contact me in game on Bulma,Curse, or Fantasy.Fantasy8 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 Ex Inferno Raid Group 4 recruiting! Ex Inferno is searching for a few more people to get its 4th raid group up and going. We are searching for the following: Hunter Warlock Druid(Resto/Boomy[OS]) or Disc Priest Looking for ilvl of 535+ our raid days are Saturday/Sunday from 8:00 to 11:30 PM. If interested get a hold of me in game, post here or go to www.exinferno.com and apply. Ex Inferno's 3 other raid groups are: 8/14 Heroic, 10/14 N and 5/14 Heroic. I am looking for people willing to put time in and progress with us.Hezzy7 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 [H] <Ex Inferno> is recruiting for SoO! Hey there! Thanks for taking time to read this post. :) Let me first tell you a bit about our community and what it is we are trying to do. We have 5 raids across both factions, Horde & Alliance. Our goal is to ultimately be at the top of the list on WoW Progress as well as GuildOX. We intend to do this by having multiple raids with lots of great skilled players. We do want a large community, but at the same time we are interested in Quality over Quantity. Effectively, we want to be a Little Big Guild. What do we need? As far as what we need right now? We need a core Tank, Healer, and Ranged DPS for Raid Group 4 (RG4). We are interested in: Tanks- Guardian Druid/Brewmaster, Heals- Disc. Priest/Holy Pally/Shaman, RDPS- Mage/Balance/Shadow Priest. Effectively, we are looking at every application, but would appreciate ilv515(+)! Raid times Tuesday, Thursday- 7:30 to 10:30 server time Why should you consider us? With over 100+ active members and growing, we have a great brand, forums, a HUGE mumble server along with folks that play other games in addition to WoW. The people you find here are going to be friendly, helpful as well as skilled. Five active raid groups with very knowledgeable people! How can I apply? Swing over to our website: exinferno.com and click on the Apply link. Follow the instructions and find me "Ravnus" or "Berdclaw" on our Mumble server to talk about possibilities. I'll look over the application and we'll get our Officers together for an interview. Cheers, I hope to hear from you! -RavnusRavnus2 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 564 resto shammy lf heroic raiding guild 14/14 exp on reg hoping to get into heroics.Ampvolt1 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 9, 2014 Disc Priest LF CModes gold (H) Experienced disc priest LF group for gold challenge modes. I have close to full BIS CMode gearset, Rocko#1823Disperselol0 Feb 9, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 WTS My Name (for gold) Hello Korgath, Any Hobbit fans out there? I currently own the name "Azog", as in Azog the Defiler, the main orc villain in the Hobbit movies. Im wondering if anybody is interested in buying the name from me using in-game currency only! (i.e. gold) Post here or message me in game with any offers and we can discuss how the transaction will take place.Azog0 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 LF 3's and 5's for multiple characters New to the server and looking for arenas or rbgs on the following characters, feel free to reply here or pst in-game =) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Centur%c3%afon/simple - Arms Warrior http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Str%c3%a4x/simple - UH DK http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Doct%c3%b2r/simple - Ret Pally http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Richi/simple - WW MonkIamabanktoon2 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 [A] 1/14H 25m Guild A Bear Hey, We at Guild A Bear are a bunch of friendly players looking for some new members to help push progression. We are a guild looking to progress through heroic content. We are in need of some great healers and a few more dps that are looking to also progress. We are a 25-man that just moved to Korgath from Darkspear hoping to pick up some talented raiders. We raid progression Tuesday, Wednesday 8 to 12 eastern, 7 to 11 server. Monks- high Mages- High Holy Pally - High Resto Druid - High Any Great DPS We have listed what we really need but if you are not listed and are an exceptional raided try and contact on of our officers or myself. You can put up and app at www.guildabear.com in the recruitment thread or try and talk to someone listed below which they may also require you to put up and app. My Bnet tag is Shoturass#1533 Giddle#1981 - Raid Leader lesbro#1482 - Officer Fox#1733 - GMShotyouras3 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 wtb reins of the spectral tiger buying reins of the spectral tiger, pst / in-game mail to Kaedehx tyHybz0 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 New Tank LF Home in Korgath LF raiding guild, pretty flexible on times. Tanked every boss in LFR, iLevel around 530 or so and looking to progress. Would love to get in a guild that is fun, laid back, but set on progression. msg me in game with any questions!Slutsie0 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 6, 2014 538 prot warr LF Normal SoO Guild Coming back to WoW, i have been raiding for 3 years and im looking to get back into things. I'm a little under geared at 538 iLVL but im looking for a guild to start raiding regular SoO with. Add Stizark#1724 w/ any questions.Wooshinibaba1 Feb 6, 2014
Feb 6, 2014 567 4/14H Hunter LF 10/25 H & New Home [[[BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER!]]] ( Im willing to go to any Horde guild and call it home and for next expansion i dont care if your still on normals aslong as i can get a paid transfer and faction change) Downed Heroics Bosses: Immer Protectors Nourshen Galakras Name: Julian or you can call me Jay Age:22 Mature and can be funny as well Love playing video games especially Xbox One Im always perfecting my craft and pushing myself to max potential Battletag: Shady#1484 Email: Defyshady123@hotmail.com About me: I am currently looking for a new home for my main raiding toon. I am unhappy in my current guild right now due to multiple reasons, and am exploring other options. Currently I am a Survival/BM Hunter My heart has always been with Survival with some BM mixed in. I am Looking for a new guild that i can finally call it home/family. Unfortunately the guild i transferred and spent my money on faction changing are not serious about raiding and are not realible. I like to go hard everynight and perfect my craft everynight or day depending on what i find haha! :) What I'm looking for: 10/25m raiding guild thats atleast downed 3/14H min (I believe I am fully capable of 14/14 HC currently) But if i have to prove it i will. 2-3 nights per week raiding Tues/Wed/Thurs anytime of the day im always online 24/7 Fun, friendly, mature atmosphere. I prefer (Horde Only) i want to go back to my regular enviroment! Also what im looking for since i spend 50$ for nothing on the recent guild that was a complete fail, Btw i live alone and pay my bills so i barely make alot to be spending like this so (If i can get a paid Xfer/Faction Change to the guild i get recruited to i wouldn't mind at all) ill be happy to call you guys my new home and wont dissapoint you guys! What you can expect from me: On time/early for raids. Self-sufficient for consumables and repairs (unless offered by guild). Perfect raid attendance always one 2 hours before raid ! I learn from my mistakes. If I die, I figure out why, and take steps to ensure it does not happen again. While I love being the top DPS just as much as anybody else, I'm also a team player. Sometimes, you gotta take one for the team and sacrifice your DPS for the greater good of the group. I look for ways to improve, often working with other hunters within the guild to improve everyone.Krometics2 Feb 6, 2014
Feb 6, 2014 562 Fury warr 555 WW Monk me and my girlfriend are looking for a simple SoO norm perm group(would prefer 25m but 10m is fine!) for rest of this expansion and into WoD. We don't really have specific needs on raid times because we work during the daytime, we get off around 3-4pm EST which is like 2-3pm ST so really anything after that works. We're looking for a raid group that's about halfway done with SoO, casual i guess you would say, kinda tired of the 3-4 day a week 3-4 hours each day face smashing bosses nonstop. she is 10/14 and I'm 12/14, but we know all the 14/14 fights. The old raid fell apart so that's why were looking for something more casual I guess pst me in game or add thundercatz#1875 or respond to this post Thanks!Murkablo0 Feb 6, 2014
Feb 6, 2014 LF PVP Guild! Hey guys i just moved to this server and looking for a PvP guild! :D Any alliance pvp guilds out there? :oFluffycake6 Feb 6, 2014