Feb 4, 2014 LF 3v3 Mount Buy - 60 more wins My 2s partner (resto druid) and I (ret paladin) have 40 wins in 3v3, looking to buy the last 60 in 3v3. Paying 12K total (6K each 100G per win each). If thats too low, we are willing to negotiate more, as we aren't sure what the average costs are. Sitting at 1700cr, we both are average at best. We want to get it done fairly quick as the season resets soon. We don't care which class as long as you have high rated arena experience and do all the heavy lifting. Please send an in game mail to myself or Loucetius. Thanks!Treviathon0 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 [H] Shaman LF Guild About Me: 1. I've been playing WoW on and off since its inception (thoe most amazing spell in the game to me at age 12 was slow falling around Dun Morough's hilly clefts). 2.The largest break I took from the game stemmed from starting my college education-- 6 weeks and I was back on the WarCrack. 3.I love my shaman through the worst and best of its iterations and am often to vocalize my thoughts on both. 4. I have a plethora of alts that I constantly level and play none too seriously. 5. I'm a Senior Electrical and Computer Engineering Student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 6. It's highly doubtful that I will truly ever quit WoW until WoW2 comes out or I am stricken with massive onset carpal tunnel syndrome. I am looking for a guild to call home with friends I enjoy chatting with on mumble as we overcome obstacles presented in WoW, as well as other games of common interest. This is the main thing I am looking for in a guild. I come from a raiding background and have done at LEAST 70% of all hardmodes while they were current all the way back to ToGC. I am currently 9/14H in SoO with no immediate plans to continue that progression save I find a good guild who also wants to do so. I would enjoy raiding with new friends, but it is not a necessity for anyone wishing to add me to their ranks to be world beaters by any means. I have very little experience in pvp, my most current endeavors coming at the end of Cataclysm when the new talent system had balance thrown out the window at level 85. Prior to that, I haven't done serious pvp progression since vanilla grinding to marshall and later taking some interest in season 2 and 3 of arena during BC. That said, I'm curious to start getting back into pvp a bit more just to see what it offers. Since people seem to fap over gear I'll share that my ele set is 571 (pve) and my resto set is 567 (pve). I know how to perform both specs reasonably well, although I might be a bit rusty on resto as I only used it on a few fights per week when raiding SoO. I have literally NO pvp gear and will probably farm a set of honor gear once the new season starts. Sorry for the wall of text so TL:DR--I am a 22 yo nerd who has loved WoW for way too long and am now looking for a new guild full of fun people. If you read the whole thing, thanks a ton. Cheers, Xèphyr (è is alt+0232 on a Windows box) battletag Xephyr#1288Xèphyr1 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 WTB Lerain, pst. Pst w/ offer.Rsblitzkrieg2 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Warsong Battalion Hello everyone <Warsong Battalion> is recruiting more Horde members to join our ranks. We are mostly recent transfers from Bleeding Hollow. We are mainly interested in PvP (both world and BG’s). We have over 185 members and the guild is level 19 after only 1 week. We would be open to raiding should there be enough member interest to do so. If you would like to join or would like more information please contact Mengela, Holybuff, or Awax for more information. We offer guild repairs and use of our Ventrilo server to our members.Holybuff3 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 come back to me bawk! There ain't no mistaking It's true love we're making Something to last for all time It's never changing Can't you hear me, I'm saying I want you for the rest of my life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5mtaPJ3EH8Bubbaboomkin30 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Exhilaration still looking for raiders. We have a few members who are done with flex. and only need normals. WE are looking for players who are in the same position. Tanks/heals/dps . We are setting up our schedule for sunday/monday 730-1030pm est. This is a ten man group. As much as I love 25mans.. we just don't have the numbers at this time to do that. So if you are interested please whisper myself Pissedjedi or any member if you match our needs. IF you also enjoy rbgs .. we rbg 5 nights a week as well. WE are 5/14 in normal. Thank you, Pissedjedi Guild leader of EXhilaration.Pissedjedi4 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 [A] <Aku Soku Zan> 10man 4/14hm. We are a Semi Hardcore raiding guild working to see as much content as possible. We are looking for skilled friendly players. We are formed by some long time friends and family, some who have been raiding together since beginning of Wrath. Raid schedule is: Tue/Thur/Sun 10pm-1am server. We do Challenge Modes every Sat night and Old Content every Monday nights, same as raid times. Our requirements are 14/14 normal, a 550+ ilvl and your cloak or at least very close to it. Must have a positive attitude and play well with others. A great track record of past raiding experience can be looked into if you do not fit what were asking for, players can always get more gear. Currently in need of a Prot Warrior. Always taking pvpers too, we have a few that run the 1700+ bracket. PST for more info. Rh3v#1138 is my btag.Ludix7 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [A]<Spicy> 14/14N 10M LFM <Spicy> [Alliance] is a 10-man raiding guild that raids on Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12 EST (8-11 Server Time). We are 14/14N to begin progression on heroic modes. We are not HARDCORE, but we do run scheduled raids every week and are progressing. We expect out of others what we expect from ourselves (showing up on time, etc.). If you are not going to be able to show up to a raid please let someone know we understand things come up and there is life outside of World of Warcraft. All we ask is that you commit and work towards a group goal of seeing as much content as possible before the expansion ends, if you cannot do that we are not the group for you. We are currently looking for: 1 Tank and 1 Healer We would prefer: 1 - Mistweaver Monk 1 - Blood DK We would also consider: 1 - Restoration Druid or Shaman 1- Protection Paladin or Brewmaster Monk Requirements: -13/14N Experience with some attempts on Hellscream -Legendary Cloak -540 itemLevel -Have a team-attitude -Most of all, be "Spicy" Contact Information: Tempusbane BT: Cryogenix#1778 Ishvee's BT: Aariin#1665 Naphtali's BT: Schiffer#1686Tempusbane7 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Selling Mounts & Mog See below Mail me ingame for any offers! Save on AH prices.Landrange1 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Hunter LF Raiding (& casual PvP) guild Hello there, 559 hunter here (BM) looking for a spot on a raiding team (and I'll be satisfied with raiding with an alt team until I prove myself, or when a spot opens, whichever happens first). I also don't mind some casual RBG, random, or WPvP action as well. As far as current content goes, I have completed all of flex Siege (thanks oqueue!), and have completed up to the Dark Shamans in normal Siege in a PuG that I lead on my current server, and this is after 2 weeks of trying (4 down in the first week, in 3 hours of work, and this past week 6 down in 2 1/2 hours of work, unable to down Shamans after 3 hours of work on the second night). Don't know what it was that caused us to fail on Shamans, since its pretty much repetition, but we would get them to around 40-45 percent an wipe, using the 3 tank, 2 heal method. If interested, just reply here on the forums for the time being, since I'm not on your server just yet. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a good day. Would also like to add that I'm looking for a guild that is active, above all. Would also like for said guild to be a mostly mature audience (18+).Arluss0 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [H] WTS LvL 25 Guild Guild Name: All Eyes On Me 4 Bank Tabs <5 Active members Willing to sell relatively cheap.. Post offers here or msg 'Delidan' or 'Bagginz' in game. Thank you.Delidan1 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [A] 557 Warlock + 559 Bear looking for a home Bleeding Hollow player since BC looking to transfer some time this evening. I would like to find a home for myself and a few friends in a fairly active PvE guild. I am usually available ~7:00pm - ~10:00pm EST Mon-Fri with open availability on weekends. The only problem is my work leaves me with an unpredictable schedule so this could change for the better or worse any given weekday. Currently I sit 13/14N but this is due to me not being in a raiding guild this expansion and mostly lending my characters out as mercenaries to friends in need. In the past I have earned heroic raiding achievements while it was current content, so needless to say I know how to play my classes well and I am used to out performing others with better gear than myself. Because of my schedule I am perfectly comfortable filling a "Bench" spot in a guild for when people don't show or when others aren't pulling their weight. If I am online generally I am more than happy to come raid with you. See you in the Shrine!Dyermakn3 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [A] Dark Tendencies 9/14 SoO LFM raiders Dark Tendencies (lvl 25) is looking for 3 more raiders to fill our 9/14 SoO progression roster. Raid times are Thursday and Friday 7-10 server Looking for the following roles (one from each bracket) to be filled: Preferences Tanks: Blood DK Guardian Druid Prot Warrior DPS: Mage Feral Druid Boomkin Heals (with or without OS) Disc priest Resto Druid Holy Paladin Those are preferred but we will not ignore anyone with gear and able to pull decent numbers. Message or mail in game Teddyroksbin (real id: DJdekes27#1955) Thank YOU!!!Teddyroksbin1 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Lost Chapter is recruiting for pve/pvp rbgs Lost Chapter is recruiting a solid holy pally/mistweaver and or a solid tank for our core group , we are 10 man guild. Our raid times are at 7 server time Monday-Wednesday .We are also a strong pvp guild we a lot of 2200+ players and a few gladiators so add my btag Dagosto#1219 or mail me ingame at Dagosto!Dagosto4 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 ilvl548 rogue lf raiding guild ilvl548 rogue lf raiding guild 14/14 flex 2/14 normal I haven't been in a raiding guild for this content therefore lf guild.Tybee0 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Best priest WORLD-must read http://imgur.com/fxdjkWGJstwo1 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 [A] <Wired> <Wired> 6/14h (6/14h after 2 hours now..) Been stuck at heroic naz/malk last 3 weeks due to some ahem attendance issues. Anyway Lf2m Hunter 564+/Mage 564+ and a hybrid dps with heals os 560+. G1 raids tues/wed/sun 7-10 st. Also G2 starting up again will be going 14/14 next week and thus will be need more "able" bodies pref 560 or thereabouts to progress the following week with heroics. G2 currently lf2m lock/mage/spriest and a mdps frost dk/warr/paly. Any questions or concerns my btag=Demonicpiggy#1976.Tantilis0 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 < Haze> PVP. Now recruiting. We are currently in the stages of recruiting for our Main RBG team. We are looking for mature players with RBG experience looking to compete for spots on the team. Our main RBG team will be competing at a high lvl learning from our mistakes and celebrating our wins. My goal is to push rating as high as possible. Players must link at least Sergeant Major or a 1550 Arena rating for invite. The guild has recently hit level 25 and removed all inactive players taking us to a smaller roster of approx 50 players. Try outs and practice will be held in regular BGS in the near future. If interested please message/inbox Medik for more details/ Application.Medik0 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 564 spriest/558 frost dk LF guild I have recently had some scheduling changes in my daily life that do not allow for me to raid with my current guild and am in the process of finding a new home somewhere. Preferably I am looking for a Tues/Wed/Thurs group around the hours of 7/8-10/11 but am open to other nights as well. As you can tell from my armory profile, I am currently 14/14 normal with some experience on H Immerseus and H Norushen (soon after killing Garrosh, Ambition lost 4-5 people over the course of 3-4 weeks, bringing any work on heroics to a stand still). I am not picky on whether 10 or 25m and do not expect to be carried (Since I am shadow, at least not carried more than to be expected for shadow lol). If you would like to chat in game, it's best if you have my battle tag as I am on alts more than my priest as of late. My btag is Drdiabeetus#1785 Edit: Will consider faction change.Drdiabeetus1 Feb 1, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 WTB Lvl 16+ Guild LF lvl 16+ Guild, we can talk about pricePraness0 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 What is my guild worth? It's level 25, has 6 tabs, and has 164 accounts but 171members. What is it worth?Xaalâ1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Arcturis Spawn Just a quick heads up for any hunters looking to tame Arcturis in Grizzly Hills: Spawned and tamed at 2:30 PM server time 1/25/14. no competition. so check his spawn about 10-12 hours from then (10-12 hour spawn timer is what is widely accepted for Arc). Good hunting!Laredan1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 <We are Murloc> Recruiting PvP/PvE (Alliance) A Guild built from veteran WoW players now recruiting people interested in weekly RBGs, Low & High MMR, weekly flex raids with Random Battlegrounds and much more in preperation Warlords of Draenor. About Us: We Are Murloc is a new guild to Korgath – Alliance built from veteran WoW players with experience in all aspects of the game a lot of our members have been playing since 2005 and some alongside each other for 2-6 years. We are a laid back guild that strives to be the best at what we do in the game while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Warlords of Draenor and the Murlocs: Until the expansion the guild will be running rated battlegrounds, random battlegrounds, arena and some flex raids. We are seeking patient, mature and fun players interested in helping the guild build in preparation for the expansion. The guild is still new and at times quiet. In the expansion we will be running the following: One Low MMR group One Medium –High MMR group Two High MMR groups (Roster Only) And one raid team – view below for details. Rated Battlegrounds: We Are Murloc have many different players ranging from 0-2400 rating and we are always seeking more to join our ranks. Our guild currently has an 1800 RBG Team that runs multiple times a week with very experienced leadership. What makes us special? We are always trying to help players accomplish their goals and reach the highest rating possible. At this time we are seeking experienced/mature leaders to help build our other RBG groups in preparation for Warlords of Draenor. Raid Teams: The We Are Murloc raid team will be continuing in Warlords of Draenor. Our raid team’s core focus is to progress through content as quickly as possible while having a good time and maintaining a fun environment for players to have a laugh in. The raid team will be running on Fridays / Saturdays 7-11pm PST to join the team a two week trial will be required and 100% attendance once accepted. Our raid team is a close knit group with a raid leader that has experience since 2005. For more info visit www.themurloc.comRobin7 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 WTS Gloaming Blade wts The Gloaming Blade 8kYes0 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 When you're able to log back in - Join W.E. We're a level 25 guild LF casual players and raiders! Join today! Well.... as soon as you're able to log on. WARENSEMBLE-KORGATH.COMKorryn1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Log in issues and character not found Anyone having issues logging into Korgath? I can log into other servers fine, but when ever I try and log into korgath I get a character not found error. anyone else experiencing this?Arcadía3 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Lf pvp guild 522 enh shaman lf pvp guild to join. Alittle about my pvp experence. I started pvping in bc. On multiple charaters. I ran a arms warrior a stun spec rogue and a resto shaman. ran with premades through to wrath. I did arena's on my warrior moslty, I ended up quiting in cata for a bit, I gave the warrior to a friend for him to use in pvp. I came back and decided to try hardmode raiding. I never really gave up on pvp as a whole but it kinda took the back burner till about 3 months ago. I have been running 2's to cap out every week and honing my skills in bgs as well. I relearned the enhance spec and the changes I would need to run a ele spec if I ever decided to go that route. The reason I'm looking around is the fact that pve is burning me out. Staying up 3 work nights a week is affecting me and it is starting to show in irl so I need to back away from it. Wiping 200 times on a boss to kill it once is fine but having done it for so long I am starting to feel its time to move to a part of the game that isnt easier but different. I would like to find a new home that is mostly about pvp. Be it world pvp rated bg's or arenas. A place were I can have fun with the game again, I can change specs if needed. Ive done it before and can do it again. If your guild is looking for a person who knows pvp and can learn pvp strats quickly, feel free to post. Thank you for your time VenetiaVenetiâ2 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Being DC'ed after one min ok so I keep getting DC'ed but have not internet problems or anything i long on for a min and my game freeze's and tells me i have DC'ed and i cant log in after that but i close wow and re open it and i have a nothere min before the game freeze, DC'ed any one else have the same problem with this ?Kiofin2 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 Ex Inferno RBG Recruitment! Hello! Ex Inferno is currently recruiting members to fill as well as lead our PvP Roster, We currently have a 1800 MMR group that is rebuilding, and need more competent leaders to get more groups up and running! as a leader you are allowed to set your own time, build your own roster, and set the expectations of your group! We're also accepting applications for casual members! Apply @ www.exinferno.com if you are interested! Thanks!Ossiferhat0 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 [H] <Sequentia> 10m LF Tank for H progression Sequentia is recruiting one tank for a newly reformed 10 man group. The group was 14/14 before disbanding for a break. Members currently have up to 9/14 H experience. Apply here, or contact myself or Baankin in game for more information.Wazy3 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 Resto Druid LFG Hi! I'm a 539 resto druid LFG!! Don't let the 539 fool you, put me to the test and I will out heal plenty of 550 scrubs out there. My availability starts at 930pm ST all nights except Mondays and Wednesdays. I will soon have my legendary meta and continue to work towards my cloak. Whisper me in game!!Brehthaldiir2 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 LF Guild or Raid 538 Mage LF guild clearing normal and flex mode SoO prefer 25 man. I expect there are many guilds/raids clearing this content so I created this post to find the right one. PST @ Asator#1678Dreamweavax0 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 Recently came back. Have a few questions Hello there. How are you? Great now that I have your attention as you are alt tabbed waiting for that que to pop, I have a few questions regarding the server. THIS IS A LONG POST. TLDR AT BOTTOM ALTHOUGH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU SKIM. Firstly, I'd like to say that I am just returning back to WoW after being gone since the start of the Expansion. So anything that I say in here is more then likely (as I'll reiterate) pertains mainly to two categories. 1) A Project 2) For the upcoming Expansion Okay, now that, that is out of the way on to the actual question, which is more or less a statement. I'm currently seeking to get back into Raiding, and was wondering if there are any guilds on the server that are currently looking for specific classes/to bolster their roster for WoD Mythic raiding. Now some of you may say; "Why not put up applications?" Which is a very good question. And my answer to you is; Because this is a more broader approach. I'm new to this server, and besides WoW Progress which isn't always up to date this is easier to see who is in the looking and who isn't. By no means do I not feel the need to put in any applications, so please do not think that. Once I get some responses (If I even get any) I will be more then happy to throw my application up to those particular guild(s). Now for some who may be confused by what I mean by project. What I mean is taking someone not necessarily for their gear, but more so for their skill, and past raiding experience. As most of you I'm sure are already aware this Expansion has been the WORST for playing catch up for multiple reasons: ~ Legendary questline and it being gated. Now I'm all for gating and attunements, I feel like it makes players work more for their character instead of instant gratification. Although lets face it, the legendary has become a bit too much relied on. Having a character with neither the cloak, or even much less meta gem (which can still take upwards of a month to a month and a half depending on RNG) means that you aren't really doing much past LFR. On the rare occasion you'll find a halfway decent group that knows you don't need a 550+ ILevel/Legendary cloak for Flex/Normal Modes. Which severely limits you on what you can do thus limiting on the gear you can obtain. ~ This Expansion has had the biggest jump in ILevel from start to finish. Starting the Expansion with 463 blues and ending with 566 (? Pardon if i'm off slightly) that's a HUGE jump compared to the other expansions. Take Cata for example. Started with 346, ended with 410. Almost double this expansion. ~ It's almost as if players have forgotten what it was like to value skill > gear. Back before ICC nobody really even knew what an ILevel was, and you were known for skill/guild. Anyway, enough of that rant. Next a little about me: I've been playing WoW since Beta of Vanilla. I played a Holy Paladin every minute of it up until DS where I switched to Ret to better suit the guild. During that time I raided consistently at a top ranking rate. I raided with such guilds as No Chicks Allowed (Yes, they took that name seriously), Modest (Currently Number 2 10 man US/16th world), Swims in Lava, Death and Taxes, Conquest, and several others as times went on and mergers occurred. What I bring to the table is a player who is dedicated to raiding at an above level rate. Yes, I get angry when people die to stupid mistakes. Yes, I'll raid 12 hours a day if needed, I did for 3 years 6 days a week during progression. And yes, I know the difference between I and Team. TLDR: I'm looking for a home, one that's looking to take a project on that I can assure you will be a top player in the roster. Almost all my feats are on my paladin which you can follow the character via I posted on. Recently I have main swapped to a Warrior http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Emaias/advanced But I also have a lock http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Emyus/advanced These are the characters, plus my paladin I am looking to raid with in WOD. Now, I've gave my best sales pitch. It's time to see if I get anything in response. Feel free to respond on here, ingame mail, or whatever you see fit. I look forward to the responses. And thank you for taking the time to read.Emaias0 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 [A] <Ultimam Vindictum> Recruiting <Ultimam Vindictum> is a new guild that just started up on US-Korgath. First off, let me fill you in on my background. I have been a raid leader guilds on Aegwynn/Proudmoore/Lightbringer/Darkspear and now aspiring to on Korgath. I haven't really raided since Wrath and I wanted to get started back up again. As the Raid Leader/Recruitment Officer of <Ultimam Vindictum>, I want to have a good raiding experience along with a good group of people. So with that said, the available positions right now are : 520+ Considered -Resto Shaman -Frost DK -Mage -Shadow Priest / Warlock We look forward to having you! Sixtyninin <Ultimam Vindictum> Raid Leader / Recruitment OfficerSixtyninin0 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 [H] <Ex Inferno> LF Druid Raid Group 4 Ex Inferno is currently recruiting a druid for its 4th raid group. We will be raiding from 8:00 to 11:30 CST time on Saturday and Sunday. I am looking for a druid that has a solid dps and heal spec and someone that does not mind doing both. If you are interested please go to www.exinferno.com and submit an app. (Looking for 535+ ilvl. Prefer both specs to be around that) Ex Inferno's 3 other raid groups are currently: RG1- 8/14 Heroic RG2- 12/14 RG3- 6/14 Heroic Our first run together as a 4th group is scheduled for this Sat/Sun, Feb. 1st and 2nd. Again pls submit an app at exinfero.com if you are interested. Thank you!Hezzy1 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 ilvl510 Prot Pally LF 25 Guild PVE Horde US. pls contact =(Ijayceonly0 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 [A] 8/14HM Recruiting for Late Night <Inhibitor> US-Korgath is a level 25 guild currently progressing through current content. We are a guild of like minded individuals with very strong raiding backgrounds; most of us have been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla and have been active raiders in most or to all content presented within the game. We are a group of laid back guys & girls that love to have a good time joking around with one another, because after all it’s a game that we all play to have fun but at the same time we don’t want to waste our time. We are currently recruiting raiders to fill our remaining slots for our Group 2 core; with intent to expand to Mythic raiding come WoD. Progression: ... Raid Times: ... Requirements: ... Current Recruitment Needs: ... Contact: ...Aeroscythe5 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 Selling Tabard of Light Bringer also have the Crimson Deathcharger, Jaina's Locket and Sylvannas Music Box , wiling to take wow time if gold is an issue msg me in game or post hereSnappleapple1 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 [H] <Ex Inferno> 6/14H - ISO Tank or Hunter Greetings, Thanks for taking the time to look over this topic. <Ex Inferno> is a cross faction based guild on the Korgath server, with a current progression high of 8/14 heroic in the Siege of Orgrimmar. I am the raid leader of one of our 10 man groups on the horde side, and we have a current progression of 6/14 heroic. Unfortunately, we are losing one of our tanks due to the member receiving a new job. This puts us mainly in search of a tank. I am really aiming for said to have heroic mode experience during MoP relevant content. I'm also strictly searching for 550+. We are a strong group of skilled players and we expect the same from any applicant. Also looking at the possibility of a hunter. Once again, the same conditions apply. If you feel we may be the right fit for you, please message me in game (Shortys#1406) or apply @ http://www.exinferno.com Thanks for your time, and good luck!Stullah1 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 [A] LF LW w/ Knightbane Carapace 2k+Tip My mats. Willing to pay 2k+ tip for this piece. Add my battletag Jaqenhghar#1109 or pst brokebad in game if you have the patternBrokebad0 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 Looking for new guild. Hey Korgath! I am an experienced raider ( I raided a lot in BC, WotLK, and Cata) I was even back up raid leader for when the guild master couldn't make it. I quit playing shortly before MoP came out and just started up again a couple months ago. For obvious reasons my guild replaced me for their core group and I no longer have a place to raid with them. Even worse is how anti social the members of my guild have become. They can't seem to answer a simple question much less help with anything. Anyways I would like to find a new active and social, raiding guild that needs a Mage for a core or alt raiding group ( I would be willing to work my way up to core). Also, with the changes coming to raiding in WoD I know most guilds would have open slots to fill. Send me a message in game. Thanks!Rorric1 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 Looking for an Alliance LW W/ Pattern Knightbane Carapace. Old pattern wotlk drop from ToGC 25. If you have it, pst me in game battletag Jaqenhghar#1109 my mats + 2k tip Thank youBrokebad0 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 WTB Felsteel longblade Like the title says, I want to find a BS with the plans for a felsteel longblade. Please mail me in game if you want to sell one.Volidyr0 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 [A] <Aesir> New to the server! <Aesir> is a brand new guild formed on korgath looking to start raiding in the next few weeks on tuesday and thursday nights. We are looking for all classes and roles and are willing to help with gearing and leveling. Anyone interested in joining can reply to this thread or just send me a tell in game.Aedren5 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 Female LF pvp and raid guild :D I have a mic. I'm on a lot and am wanting to do raids and rated battlegrounds. :D PLEASE HALPYouwatmate14 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 [A] Alani mount for sale i am selling the alani mount - reins of the thundering ruby cloud serpent - i have the sky crystal and i already have the mount which i will gladly link and/or show to you directly in game. i am selling this from my main - 577ilvl mage so there are no gimmicks or shady dealings involved. please contact me in game via mail, tell or add my battletag aythuus#1613 i am currently considering all offers.Aythuus0 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014 [H] <Much PvP So Doge WoW> Recruiting! <Much PvP So Doge WoW> is a new pvp guild recruiting laid back and mature PVPers with 2k+ exp, pst in-game for more info.Hovah2 Jan 29, 2014
Jan 28, 2014 LF PvP Guild (Horde) I'm just looking for a pvp guild for my 2 Horde toons (Boomkin and Ele Sham). I do casually RBG once a week, run BGs and sometimes arenas for cap. Just post on here with your guild information and i'll contact you in game. Thanks!Bawkasaur2 Jan 28, 2014
Jan 28, 2014 [A] Nocturnum LF DPS & Heal for Normals Hey guys Our group current consists of Tank - Warrior, DK DPS- Warlock, Hunter, Warrior Heals - Shaman Shaman What we are looking for right now is a healer, and two solid, RELIABLE DPS willing to fill the spots for our progression 10 man group. While gear is not necessary, we hope that people considering joining are around 530+ ilvl, and are working on their legendary cloak as well. Current needs: Mage Priest (Shadow or Disc) Pally heals Druid (Boomy, or Resto) Raid times are 8:00-11:00 Server Raid days are Tuesday, Sunday, Monday but may change depending on if days work better for the group as a whole. If you are a DPS or Healer and want to get right in to Siege of Orgrimmar, please don't hesitate to contact me in game on my Warlock or add me by real-id Greintime#1227. Thanks all, VaydotVaydot0 Jan 28, 2014
Jan 28, 2014 LF New Realm Hi everyone, I am looking to start an Alliance character soon and am looking for what realm to start on. I have a few questions before I make my decision, and would greatly appreciate any answers to help me decide. Again, I am looking on the Alliance side of things 1) What is the community like? I can only play casually due to school and other commitments so a friendly community will be key to my decision. 2) How hard is it to find pugs? Like I said I don't really have time to commit to a full raiding guild, but I do like to raid. I know this is a pvp server, but is it still possible to get into flex groups and whatnot? 3) While I mostly enjoy raids, I do have an interest in World PVP. How is the Wpvp here? 4) What are the queue times like? Thanks in advance for answering my questions.Urtharuk0 Jan 28, 2014