Oct 26 [A] Recruiting for Raids We good.Sÿll10 Oct 26
Oct 23 873 Veng DH LF mythic+ guild 873 Tank DH LF guild that does mythic+ progression. Pst in-game taix#1265Traix0 Oct 23
Oct 23 [A] 865 Fire mage 7/7H LFG Hi! Im currently looking for a raiding guild that can raid at NIGHT. any days starting 8pst to whenever! I stay up late. A little about me: Im 26 and get along with everyone! Im someone you can always count on to show up on time and be ready. I'm always looking to improve and CAN TAKE CRITICISM. Really laid back and person who will actually be an active member to the guild community. Been playing since vanilla. Cleared everything in vanilla except all 40 man naxx. Everything in BC as well. Didnt play wrath. Played cata cleared all content. MoP didnt play. WoD I didnt play much at all either. Looking to get back on the grind Im really liking this expansion! If possible I really am looking for a private guild. One that doesnt just invite anyone with a pulse. Main reasoning is because I want a guild that helps each other and KNOWS each other. battle tag sizzurp#11182Szzrp1 Oct 23
Oct 23 [A] Three of us are looking for a new guild. Three of us are looking for a new guild. Arms/Fury Warrior Restro Druid Enhancement shamanRubberducky2 Oct 23
Oct 22 [H] ilevel 862 Resto Shaman LF raiding guild Available on :Mon/Tues/Thurs 5:30pm - 11pm EST :Friday/Saturday/Sunday 10am - 11pm EST ilevel 862 Have voice commChack0 Oct 22
Oct 21 [H] <Sleight of Hand> 7/7H LFM Mythic Sleight of Hand (7/7H) is looking for additional mythic-ready raiders to begin progression in Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Date of first mythic night: As soon as we have 20 players available. Raid Times: Typically 8:30-11:00 PM CST (server time) Raid Nights: Thursdays every week Wednesday/Thursday some weeks Thursday thru Sunday other weeks How to sign up: http://openraid.zergid.com/search/more/.103570... (include the ...ellipses when pasting URL) -If interested you may apply to the raid using the link provided. -Those meeting our expectations will be contacted and placed on the Approved roster for the mythic raid event. -Those place on Reserves roster may still secure a raid spot if anyone on the Approved roster fails to show up on time. For those interested in joining our guild, you may contact me via: -in-game mail or whisper -this forum -forums (private message) on openraid.us About us: Leader: -Convergent-Korgath; -13/13M HFC exp pre-nerf -100+ Blackhand Mythic kills -Experience leading "mythic"-type content since Ulduar hard modes in WOTLK Group Progression: -7/7 Heroic -we full clear 7/7 heroic one one night (less than 2.5 hours) -Up to now we have cleared raids with about 10 guild members and 15-20 cross realm friends -Since mythic raids are unavailable to cross-realm players, we are providing an opportunity for players on server to join us in mythic progression in the Emerald Nightmare raid. Recruitment: -You are not necessarily required to join our guild to join us in Mythic content, but you must be on Korgath-US. -Mythic spots may be available to players who are mythic-ready and find themselves currently unable to raid mythic in their current guild. -Those interested in joining our guild can feel free to contact me. Game Plan: We will start raiding Mythic only 1 night a week. Depending on progression we may do additional nights as Heroic EN will soon be obsolete for us. The focus of the first raid will be on Nythendra Mythic. Sign ups should meet all of the following expectations: -Fully enchanted gear -Flasks/potions/food buff (note: we will not burn potions until a kill is in reach and we have the mechanics of a boss perfected) -have Exorsus Raid Tools add-on installed -have DBM or BigWigs installed -Knowledge in all encounters -Good attitude -Discord (for voice) installed (mic is not required, but helpful) Disclaimer: If you mess up on a mechanics, cause a wipe, or die repeatedly, you will get called out by me. Be a good sport, and correct your mistakes. If you are unable to perform, you will need to be replaced. Repeated mistakes => Fewer bosses killed => Less loot for the attendees who committed their time. Respect your time and the time of others: Admitting your mistake allows us to progress quicker. If you did a bad, say, "It was me, [insert your name here] who did the bad. What can I do to fix it?" And I will gladly teach you. Video Guides (Mythic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_JE7WZaTYcConvergent1 Oct 21
Oct 21 <Serendipity> 4/7M 2-day LFM GREETINGS! We are <Serendipity> of Korgath! We are currently seeking more players for our core group! We are always looking to improve our roster. Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm CST Currently we're seeking skilled: Mages MM Hunters WW Monk Arms Warriors Ret Paladins If you're interested please apply on our website: http://serendipitykorgath.enjin.com/recruitment You can also add: rigby#1872 -Guild Master lup#11167 -Recruitment Officer Thanks and have a nice day!Rigby0 Oct 21
Oct 21 [A] Krack Pipe 7/7H LF ALL Krack Pipe is currently a 10 man semi-casual raiding focused guild that is looking for more exceptional players to fill our 20 man mythic Emerald Nightmare team. 7/7N Emerald Nightmare 7/7H Emerald Nightmare We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10:30 PM PST Current Recruitment Needs- Tank: Bear Druid Protection Paladin Damage: Warlock Balance Druid Enhancement Shaman Retribution Paladin Healer: Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Holy Priest However we encourage all exceptional players to contact us. What we expect from you: - 850 item level - We expect you to be a dedicated member - Sufficient knowledge of your class - Survivability and Adaptability to on the fly situations - Positive attitude - Have an open mind and a sense of humor Outside of Raid - Outside of raid we are a very busy bunch of friends doing dailies, world quests, mythic +, transmog runs, and arenas. We also play a lot of other games together. Please contact our Main Tank, Credit (Groovy#11875), our GM, Batter (Elevate#11944), or our Officer Huntingbrad (Bread #11580) in game if you have any questions, want any additional information, or just want to join the squadron.Credit5 Oct 21
Oct 20 [A] <Can't Stop, Won't Stop> 7/7 Heroic Hey there. We are a small guild on Korgath. Every slot is available. We have varying levels of gear, so we're trying to build a normal raid and a heroic raid. Raid times are tues/thurs 7-10, and a flexible third day depending on if we need it. May add another day if we get enough serious peeps. Right now we're pugging like half a raid, but we'd rather not do that, obviously. Hmu in game or here for more info. Thank you for your consideration.Holyfrijole0 Oct 20
Oct 20 865 Disc Priest LF PvP/Heroic Spot Greetings all, looking for a new guild home. Was debating a server swap but I figured I could look here first. I have two toons, 865 Disc and 840 and climbing feral/bear. My main interest is finding a group to PvP with, however I currently pug my EN H and Normal each week, and would love a spot on a raid team if available on the weekends. Willing to raid as shadow if needed, but I'm not as experienced as in disc. Currently 1650 in 2s, but I've ranked highly in other MMOs(my best was top 50 eu in my class in Blade and Soul) and would like to expand past regular BGs. Weekends are best for me, as I play in Europe at the moment, but I could swing a weekday a week depending on the times. Bonus points for fun group and an elitist play style without the attitude.Physh1 Oct 20
Oct 19 {A}Blue Moose Inc - LF just a Few Blue Moose Inc ( formerly Trismegistus), is looking for raiders with Mythic experience. If you are self motivated and team oriented, you're one of our kind! Ranged DPS have priority. 7/7 N - 6/7 Heroic as a team w/pugs Raid nights: Tuesday and Wednesdays 7-10pm CST ( ST). We like to get a lot done on a limited schedule! Always open to exceptional players regardless of class. Socials, casuals, Military are more than welcome! We run heroic & mythic dungeons daily and have plenty of tanks and healers to help those that need gear. If you want to be part of a kick@$$ team of veteran Raiders, please get in touch! The Moose live streams our Raids , World PvP and Bg's. Come join the fun! Contact Cinque#1659 or any online member.Jezi6 Oct 19
Oct 18 LF Healer & Ranged DPS - Wed / Sun 7-10pm EST Hello Korgath, ... Schedule We raid Wed / Sun from 7pm to 10pm EST. That means we raid around 6 hours a week. Class Needs Tanks - Closed Melee DPS - Closed Holy Priest - HIGH Other Heals - HIGH Hunter - HIGH Warlock - HIGH Other Ranged - LOW Our current goal is to push the Mythic content this expansion, to do that we have opened recruitment for select Roles to the public. Go to http://vlmguild.com to apply. Currently ALL classes are open recruitment. We also welcome Cross Realm Raiders to apply. If you have any questions please contact Daax#21228 / UnSeeN#1102 We look forward to hearing from you. Daax0 Oct 18
Oct 18 [A] 850 Hunter and 844 Holy priest LF guild I'm the hunter, and my friend is the priest. Looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week, no later than 10 PM server time. We are interested in any level of guild. We raided heavily in Wrath and Mists.Derschwanz1 Oct 18
Oct 18 5 Mythic ready raiders looking for a new home Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RpP8Krgz7xACwvZ4#fight=10&type=damage-done Most of us have been playing wow since vanilla some since BC. We are all veterans and have been raiding every expansion since. We came into this expansion with the thought of casual play and decided we want something a little more hardcore. We are looking for a guild that is around 5/7 heroic and needs a few pieces to fill in there final roster for mythics. Available raid times: M-F After 8 (est) Sat/sun ANY classes BM MONK http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Kurbdizzle/simple MM HUNTER http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Vashiok/simple SP PRIEST http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Nerji/simple HAVOK DEMON HUNTER http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Wravian/simple ARMS WARRIOR/RESTO DRUID http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Kilowood/simple You can contact me in game Btag Vash#1977Vashiok0 Oct 18
Oct 18 <Uneventful> 1/7M US-Sargeras 2 DAYS/6 HOURS Who We Are: Our guild is comprised of raiders old and new from successful guilds (Vigil, Exodus, Death and Taxes, Supermassive, Might and more) spanning all expansions. We have limited raid times each week and strive to utilize that short time frame to complete and exceed our own expectations. Our atmosphere is casual and social except during raid times; we keep a strict raiding environment because we like to get things done. What We're Looking For: Healers. Our focus is on Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, and Holy Priest. When Do We Raid: Wednesday/Thursday from 6pm-9pm ST (CST). All interested players are asked to apply @ http://www.uneventful.gg. For more information, contact Fredex, Phillyqueso, or myself (BillyBravo#1393) in-game. We look forward to speaking with youHempo3 Oct 18
Oct 18 [A] <VoA> Recruiting for progression Guild: VoA Server: Korgath Faction: Alliance Group 1: Tues/(Wed or Thurs up for vote) 8 - 11PM CST (6 - 9 pm PST) Ran by Fingenn#1179 Group 2: Fri/Sat 9 - 12PM CST (7 - 10 pm PST) Ran by Majestic#1751 <VoA> is currently looking for competitive players for Heroic and Mythic progression for Legion! We are a group of players that have been playing together for years. We are casual-hardcore players; we like to accomplish as much as possible with the time we have. The guild itself has been around since vanilla and into wrath. Most players were still playing spread out among other guilds but we have come back together to experience Legion together. We are all older now, so we get that life happens, but while we are in there for the raid we are focused on the content at hand! Have questions about your class? need help on certain boss mechanics? feel free to ask we are all here to help each other! In raid, or out in the world! We also do alt runs and other guild activities! Recruitment: Tank spots are currently FULL in both groups. We are in heavy need of caster DPS, though all healers, MDPS, and RDPS will be considered. What we look for in raiders: Good attendance Knowledge of class/spec Willingness to improve Positive attitudeLoot: Loot rules are TBD; with the new changes to personal loot, is it a viable option. However if a different method is chosen there will be a poll, more than likely a Loot Council/Attendance reward system. Contact: Fingenn#1179 - Guild Leader and Group 1 Raid Leader Majestic#1751 - Officer and Group 2 Raid LeaderIf you prefer questionnaires/applications, simply fill out the quick questionnaire at: http://voa-korgath.enjin.com/recruitment Thanks for your time!Lade4 Oct 18
Oct 17 [A] Hybris 7/7N 1/7H - Recruiting [A] Hybris 7/7N 1/7H - Recruiting Dedicated Raiders Raid time : Sat Mornings 8AM CST(server time) - 12PM We are currently looking for a strong MM hunter for core Heroic progression, Also looking for dedicated non Pally healers. Our goal is to clear Heroic and push mythics. add Keithz15#1616 for more info :DLadren4 Oct 17
Oct 16 DK tank and a few friends looking for a guild Hey all, Me and a few friends are looking for a guild that plays late night around 11pm-3am PST for raiding and mythic dungeon content we have myself (DK blood) Dics/Holy Priest and Arms/Prot Warr. Thank you!Sølidsteak0 Oct 16
Oct 16 856 Prot looking for Casual Guild I am currently looking for a casual raiding guild that is attempting heroic raiding content. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla and have cleared at least normal from all content up until legion. I have started a new job fairly recently and now with shift work, can't dedicate a day to specifically raid. I am looking for a guild that If I am on, will run normal or attempt heroic any time with people they can swap in and out. Cheers TalôkTalôk0 Oct 16
Oct 16 <No Pants No Shame>[A] Recruiting all! We are a small guild of PvPers who took a long vacation from the PvE scene but are looking to get our Raid on again. We are looking for dedicated healers and DPS to fill out our core raid team to 20 members. But we will take any solid players. We are currently 7/7N, looking to push Heroics and then Mythics once our roster is full. Raid times are Sun, Mon 5pm Server - 9pm server. We may add Saturdays to push progression depending on member availability. Regular mythic+ runs are done throughout the week. We also PvP lots with most of our core members being 2200+, and are looking to form a stable RBG group, or for those simply wishing to run arenas with a guild. We're also looking for Social/Casual players to flesh out the guild roster and keep things lively during off times or for casual fun/bgs/dungeons/world pvp If any of this fits your needs or wants please contact in game. Mesiphidon#1242 Jbjonez#1156 Throatclap#1957 Muddypickle#1698Mesiphidon3 Oct 16
Oct 15 A <Hybris> Recruiting (Weekend Raiding Guild) <Hybris> is recruiting reliable dps for our core raiding group! Our raid times are Saturday's 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. We're currently 7/7 norm and 2/7 Heroic in Emerald Nightmare. We are in search of dedicated dps for our core raid group. Please message Sloppy, Ladren, Dankpurp to inquire about a possible spot on our crew. (battletag: Crove#1276) Recruiting: Druid-High Mage-Medium Warlock-Medium Rogue-High sPriest-High Shaman-High Hunter-MediumSloppy0 Oct 15
Oct 15 2/7 Mythic 2day Core spots open! GREETINGS! We are <Serendipity> of Korgath! We are currently seeking more players for our core group! We are always looking to improve our roster. Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm CST Currently we're seeking: Hpally Resto Druid Mage Shadow Priest If you're interested please apply on our website: http://serendipitykorgath.enjin.com/recruitment You can also add: rigby#1872 -Guild Master lup#11167 -Recruitment Officer Thanks and have a nice day!Rigby0 Oct 15
Oct 15 [H] <Provoked> 1/7M recruiting Provoked is a Zul'jin based guild looking for reliable and mythic minded raiders to join our team in order to progress and be as competitive as we can. Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs 0830 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST Communication: Discord Loot: Loot Council Additional: We have a 100% optional donation program to stock the guild bank to provide flasks and food to the raid. Top contributor receives a sky golem mount (sell it if you don't need it) and the next 5 get to roll for 50000 gold. Currently need: RDPS (Hunter, Shaman, balance, Spriest, mage) - _________________________________________________________________________ About the server: Zul'jin is a high pop server that is mostly populated by Horde, there are many raiding guilds on the server so if this one does not work out for you then there are plenty to reach out to. * If you are on another server you will trial with us in heroic to see if we are the right fit for you and if you are the right fit for us. At the current moment we are unable to cross realm for mythic. If you decide to xfer then we will pay via gold for wow tokens for 30 days of game time. What we expect: 1) be mythic minded, you are doing the hardest content the game currently has to offer for raids 2) be able to study your logs and compare to how your peers are doing at the same ilvl in the same content 3) we are here to have fun and expect everyone to have fun and joke around but at the same time, take raiding seriously and just know that there is a time and place for everything Website: http://provokedzuljin.enjin.com. In game contact: Bubbleototem; Real ID: bubbleosevin#1157 Email: anthonyy0921@yahoo.com Add me to Btag and we can chat in discord, take 5 mins and app on our website and Ill reach you, or email meBubbleototem0 Oct 15
Oct 15 <Serendipity> 2/7M 2day LFM GREETINGS! We are <Serendipity> of Korgath! We are currently seeking more players for our core group! We are always looking to improve our roster. Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm CST Currently we're seeking Holy Paladins, Resto Druid, Mage, Spriest If you're interested please apply on our website: http://serendipitykorgath.enjin.com/recruitment You can also add: rigby#1872 -Guild Master lup#11167 -Recruitment Officer Thanks and have a nice day!Rigby0 Oct 15
Oct 12 Slime for Ret pally hidden artifact Just an FYI for people and timers the slime just spawned at 4:20pm server time 10/12/160 Oct 12
Oct 12 Anti-Anarchism I am posting to inform you all that there is a horde guild on this server named Anarchism. Unfortunately, whoever thought up that name is slightly incompetent and their core group must have severe neural impairment by willingly continuing to propagate the oxymoron. Let's explore why: Well, put simply, being a member of a guild with a centralized power structure is opposite those ideals and values posited by anarchist theory. I know you all want to be edgy and cool, but I don't think this is the way to do it. Every time I see a member of this guild, I face palm and sometimes - rather quite frequently - I just close my eyes in complete frustration hoping when I open them my video card has burnt up so I don't have to see such moronic realities. Please stop these horrific apparitions from traversing my screen. As a Horde player on a server severely dominated by alliance, I am considering transferring over to alliance, whom I hate, just to camp these little boys. That's all from your beautiful boy. Follow me on twitch and subscribe <3 https://www.twitch.tv/asalatinoSociopathy12 Oct 12
Oct 12 Artum Inritus [A] 7/7H LF Strong RDPS <Artum Inritus> [A] is currently 7/7H* with our eyes set on Mythic Progression in the coming weeks. We are looking for strong Ranged DPS for heroic/mythic raiding. Our raid nights are Tues/Saturday from 8-10 Server Time on Korgath-US. Sure our Guild leader is more edgy and out of place than Linkin Park at Blizzcon, sure our tanks couldn't handle threat on a squirrel, and sure our crappy Latin name may or may not translate to a wrestling move, but you do get to raid with me and that has to be worth something. We raid semi-casually 2 nights a week but have the drive to see all Mythic content in Legion and still have time for real life to spare. We recognize our hours are short and thus raid efficiently and don't waste any time. When not in the current raid content you can find us running M+ to our hearts content and !@#$ talking each other in discord. Currently Recruiting: All Competent RDPS (Boomkin/Mages are our top priority) Exceptional talent will be considered regardless of class. Current Progress: 7/7N Emerald Nightmare 7/7H Emerald Nightmare * Planning on entering Mythic in the coming week. Important Takeaways: Guild: Artum Inritus Server: Korgath-US Faction: Alliance Voice: Discord Raid Times: Tuesday, Saturday 8pm-10pm Server Time Expectations: Come to raid with Flasks and Potions and runes if you're so inclined. We have 3 guild alchemists and plenty of herbs to supplement if needed, and we always supply food. Come 15 minutes early to raid because we start pulling early most nights. We only raid for 2 hours a night so we have no time for fight explanations, you should be prepped and understand the fights you're going into. You should be able to parse in 60-75 percentile minimum on a regular basis if not better, but more importantly we want you to have a passion for improvement. We expect some form of logs to be provided for us to look at when expressing interest. You should be on top of current class theory crafting and updates. We want to interact with you outside raid, we're not just recruiting for a slot in the raid roster, we want members who can be available to enjoy the rest of the content with us too - which means we expect you to be around completing world quests and doing M+ to gear outside of raid. Contact: Message myself or another officer in game or through battle tag. If you prefer to chat in voice we can send over our discord info. Valkaya - Lawson#1432 Kanyerest - KingRagnar#1732 Andesha - Andesha#1253Valkaya1 Oct 12
Oct 10 <Alliance> Holy Paladin LF Guild I am looking for an active, established group of raiders to play with that are currently progressing through H EN. A little about me: I have been an active raider since vanilla WoW, and have experience raiding both hardcore and on the more casual side. I prefer a guild that is on the more serious and competitive side, but also doesn't take themselves TOO seriously and are fun to play with. I have played mainly as a tank since classic, but am now maining a Paladin. My main spec is Holy (854ish), which I am solid on and can put out ~235k HPS depending on the encounter/group comp. I have a decent tanking set and playstyle, and I am working on improving my Ret, but it's my weakest spec at the moment. I'm available 7 days a week but would prefer a schedule where most raid nights fall on weeknights/Sunday. I am available from 6 PM - 2 AM Central. Thanks!Granidor1 Oct 10
Oct 9 [A] <TheSafetyWordIsBearMount 7/7H LF Ranged Progression: 7/7H TheSafetyWordIsBearMount had been raiding since WoTLK and are looking to progress in the current expansion since taking WoD off(since you know it's bad). We are currently looking for ranged dps to help push Mythic content. Raid Times Sunday 7-11 PST Tuesday 7-11 PST Wednesday 7-11 PST Currently looking for: Shaman Elemental Mage Druid Balance Priest Shadow Marks Hunter Feel free to apply at http://swbm.forumotion.net/ or reach out to one of the officers though bnet JPlocher#1794 Lespaul#1553 Shotime#1120Mochila1 Oct 9
Oct 7 What's going in here, guys? My goodness, things have changed. How many original Korgath(ers) are still around from the Stormreaver / Shattered Hand transfer days (Vanilla and BC, et cetera)? And, any folks that I would remember? Looking for old friends to play and smear Horde with.Sherìff10 Oct 7
Oct 6 [A] NaCl - 3/7N EN LFM - rDPS and Holy Priest <NaCl> is a casual adult raiding guild that is currently looking for ranged DPS and a Holy Priest to continue our progression through Emerald Nightmare. Raid Times Wed - 6pm-10pm server time Sun - 6pm-10pm server time Requirements 835+ iLvl Great attitude Know your class Be on time and ready to raid (flasks, food, etc) What We Want Holy Priest Ranged Hunter (we have none) Warlock (we have none) If you are interested in joining our guild you can contact me via Battle.net ID: Mairek #1724 You can also feel free to message me in game or send an in game email.Adaos0 Oct 6
Oct 5 [A] <The Unsullied> 6/7N LFM - Heroic soon Our guild is composed of mostly real life friends. We are looking for a few consistent raiders to join us so we no longer have to worry about pugging when one of us can't attend a raid. There is no intention of becoming a 'super guild' with tons of members - if you are in the guild and want to raid, you will receive a raid invite. We are a casual group, but focused on progression when we do raid. We are currently 6/7 N EN, but progressing quickly given our casual schedule. Raiding Monday and Wednesday from 7:30-10:30EST. We may end up moving days, however raid times and raid frequency will remain the same. Additionally, we run Mythic+ dungeons fairly frequently. Feel free to reach out with a PM in game, through battletag cglowe#1169, or join our discord https://discord.gg/3wFk9kz .Likkin0 Oct 5
Oct 5 [A] <Tims Tuxedo> 4/7N Semi-Casual Guild LFM Who Are We: Tims Tuxedos is a semi-casual adult guild consisted of real life friends looking for social and experienced players for raiding and mythic plus. We have been playing since BC with breaks here and there for real life things, but now we're back looking to raid again. Schedule: We only raid on Tuesdays from 7pm-10pm CST because of real life obligations. Also, we run mythics/mythic+ dungeons throughout the week. What We Need: Raiding Core Wants: Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, however, we really just need more people in general to help grow. We have a Discord server for the guild to hangout and raid with. So if you are interested in a chill and laid back environment please reply, or whisper one of officers the in game in for more information. Caducius <Mindz#1921> Bloodbornê Kayjin PahdnaCaducius2 Oct 5
Oct 5 <A> Undecided Recruiting Undecided [Alliance] is seeking exceptional players to fill out our core raid group. We are mostly made-up of working professionals that enjoy progressing through raid content. We are currently in need of an additional healer and a ranged DPS. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday from 8-11PM server time. Requirements: 21+ years or older sense of humor thick-skinned (able to receive constructive criticism and progress as a team) punctual and ready to raid, on-time good understanding of role and class good knowledge of game mechanics (does not stand in fire) Please contact myself, Thdeldar, or Brewbers if interested.Droodgesus1 Oct 5
Oct 5 LF Rank 3 Int Flask/Deadly Grace Alch just what the title says....looking for someone to make me the int flasks and deadly graces that has rank 3. tipping wellSuperj0 Oct 5
Oct 3 Semi-casual adult raiding guild LF Ranged! <Satire> is now recruiting for Legion! This brand new guild is being led by members who have experience in every expansion since Vanilla. The guild was founded and is looking for members who want to get in on the ground floor of this new raiding guild. Our guild has a unique goal- We want to be made up of adult members who are balancing real life responsibilities and still want to successfully raid and progress. The guild will provide guild repairs, flasks and food for guild raids. Outside of raid we are recruiting like-minded individuals who want to play the game in a social environment. The current raid progression for Legion is 6/7 N, and we should get 7/7 on Monday night! The guild utilizes discord as its primary voice chat. We do have a vent server that we keep as a backup. We also have a subreddit we will use to keep our raid roster up to date- or to share strategies or important/relevant information. What are we looking for? We want skilled players who are able to commit to a raid schedule. Previous raid experience is a plus, however if you are willing to do the work- then it is not a requirement! Although all classes and roles will be considered, our current needs are for a strong ranged dps. We will still take melee dps with a strong progression mindset. The core raid group is not looking for a tank or healer- but if you have a strong dps spec for raids, we can use your off spec to tank and heal mythics. Guild raid nights for legion will be: Wednesday and Thursday- 7pm CST- 10pm CST and a clean-up raid night on Monday’s from 7pm-10pm. GM’s Btag-Mysticlily#1856 Co-GM’s Btag- Tombad87#1241Mysticlily4 Oct 3
Oct 3 [A] Mage LF Guild to Raid Hello, I have been playing WoW on and off ever since its release. I used to have a lot of online friends that I met in wow, and that is what I miss the most, Most my my friends either left the game of server transferred. I am looking for an active guild that has an average age of 25+, family oriented, and/or in real life friends. My priority is to meet mature people who happen to have a passion for the same game, if we do well in raids/pvp, that's great, but that is not all that I am looking for. I like to hang out in voice chat while we do random things...chat about the game and and whatever else that we may find interesting, but most importantly...have fun together. My favorite voice chat is Discord...but I don't mind using others. WoW is great, but I remember it being incredible when I used to play with a lot of friends, no matter what it was we were doing in game. I miss that. I don't check these forums regularly...an in game /w would be best. My battletage is Teosdad#1293. Cheers,Wozzeck2 Oct 3
Oct 3 Mature Raiding Guild - LF Healer <Satire> is recruiting! This brand new guild is being led by members who have experience in every expansion since Vanilla. The guild was founded and is looking for members who want to get in on the ground floor of this new raiding guild. Who are we? Our guild has a unique goal -- We want to be made up of adult members who are balancing real life responsibilities and still want to successfully raid and progress. The guild will provide guild repairs, flasks, and food for guild raids. Outside of raid we are recruiting like-minded individuals who want to play the game in a social environment. This includes mythic plus, world questing, etc. The guild utilizes discord as its primary voice chat. We do have a vent server that we keep as a backup. We also have a subreddit we will use to keep our raid roster up to date- or to share strategies or important/relevant information. How far have we progressed so far? The current raid progression for Legion is 7/7n and 1/7H. When do we raid? Guild raid nights are: Wednesday and Thursday 7pm CST to 10:15pm CST and a clean-up raid night on Monday’s from 7pm to 10:15pm. What are we looking for? We want skilled players who are able to commit to a raid schedule. Previous raid experience is a plus, however if you are willing to do the work then it is not a requirement! Although all classes and roles will be considered and are welcome as casual players, our current needs are for healers. We would prefer for the healer to have a back up dps that they do not mind switching between. We are currently eager to recruit a monk healer, a holy priest, and resto druid. All other roles will be considered down the line for a core spot, but are more than welcome to join as a more casual member. How do you contact us? Recruiter: Quiggle#1221 GM: Mysticlily#1856 Co-GM: Tombad87#1241 You'll want to add your btag to that and let me know your btag so I can add it to mine as well.Quiggles0 Oct 3
Oct 2 LF Alch w/Rank 3 deadly grace/int flasks LF Alch with Rank 3 deadly grace and int flasks, just as the title says, will tip wellSuperj0 Oct 2
Oct 2 LF Alch with Rank 3 deadly grace/int flasks LF Alch with Rank 3 deadly grace and int flasks, just as the title says, will tip wellSuperj0 Oct 2
Oct 2 LF BS with Fiery Plate Gauntlets plans The quest that gave it was rendered unavailable by Cataclysm. I'll tip well if you can craft it.Akhlys0 Oct 2
Oct 2 [A] H DH LF Serious raiding guild Hello, my name is Matt. I've been playing this game since around release. I've been in top US guilds in Vanilla (Sons of Gabriel) And (Makaveli) On shadowsong and on Norgannon servers (Clearing up to Sap in 40man nax) I was in server first from Karazhan- Sunwell) Wotlk I raided till the end of nax(Rank 1 on the server alliance side) I raided with Sions of Destiny on Eredar for Cata and we were top 2 Alliance guild on the server up to ICC. I did not play in WOD. I'm looking for a serious guild for mythic raids. I'm open 7 days a week. However I work till late nights. So would have to be after 11 EST. So from 11-5AM EST I am free. I fully understand the commitment to serious raiding. I have no issues supplying my own flask and pots.Serefìn5 Oct 2
Oct 1 WTB Thundering ruby cloud serpent(alani) add me on battle.net RedClaw#1970 and we can talk.Lcancel0 Oct 1
Oct 1 (H) <Ataraxia> coming back for legion Myself, a few IRL friends and previous raiding buddies are coming back to WoW for Legion and are looking to raid in the new expansion. We aren't crazy content pushers or anything, most likely looking at normal and heroic modes. Basically just looking for people who want to chill, play WoW, and raid when we get to that point. Message here or whisper me in game!Bullstench10 Oct 1
Sep 30 [H] LF People to Join our Raiding Guild CSI Undercity on Korgath is looking for people that want to join a smaller relaxed guild that is filled with a bunch of people that know each other IRL. We are all just a bunch of hateful idiots that sometimes get along. BTAG is AdminJensen#1679, and we are trying to set down a consistent raid schedule which is something we are trying to do.Isea1 Sep 30
Sep 29 LF guild raiding on weekends My character is a demon hunter named Petezaroll-Korgath. I have been raiding since Wrath and now that my work schedule is weird, finding a guild that fits my schedule is difficult. I would like to join you on Friday nights after 11pm EST or during the day Saturday/Sunday. Please respond here or whisper me in game.Stendaarr0 Sep 29
Sep 29 LF [A] Guild Recently the guild I have been raiding with has had very high attendence which has forced certain players to sit. Since my schedule is a little tight I am unable to make it to both their raid nights forcing me to be a benched player. I am hoping to find a guild that better suites my raiding schedule. I have been an active player since BC and have raided hardcore and semi-casual in the numerous expansions. I am currently playing my druid as resto or balance but I also have a hpally that I am working on. I would prefer to fill a healing spot in a raid but am open to whatever. I am also a graduate student so my schedule is limited on T/TH nights but I am free almost any other time. Feel free to contact me in game on either my druid Vistaria, or my hpally Sivil!Vistaria1 Sep 29
Sep 28 [A-Korgath][Rampant Fronting][Need All] Who we are? We are a guild who has been around for awhile. We are transplants for Shattered Hand. We've lost a good portion of our core group to real life & disinterest. A few of use stragglers are looking to bolster our ranks & start a super casual raid group. Ideally we'd start with 10 man normals, eventually progress in heroic & beyond. As a group we also enjoy PVP & all other aspects the game has to offer. What kind of players we're looking for? Not going to be picky about who. Don't have great gear yet? Who cares, we'll run heroics, mythics, and mythic+ to help you. Not comfortable in raids? That's ok, everyone has to start somewhere. We are a funny bunch so most of all bring your sense of humor! What can you expect from us? A fun group of people to enjoy the game with! What we expect from you? When we eventually raid, please show up. Be open to suggestions in regards to improving game play. Spending a small amount of time to research fights before hand. What are our raiding days? TBD Will depend on how quickly we gather members. We'll vote on days and time that work for everyone. What are we recruiting at the moment? We are recruiting all classes/specs Contact Info? StephyJaye#1849Provera4 Sep 28
Sep 28 Holy pally am guild 845 holy pally looking for an am (9a-4p latest) raiding guild. Started in bc but haven't played since cata till now. Looking for more serious raiding. Not a fan of pvp. Not available on weekends. Willing to tank but I have always healed.Rouxshoux0 Sep 28
Sep 27 [A] LF PvP Guild Hey Friends, I'm looking for an active pvp guild. Check my achieves if you care. I generally play after 8 cst.Nüllpointer0 Sep 27